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elcome to this edition of Savvy Women! A publication designed to celebrate and promote women in business. Our intention is to assist dynamic local women in business and help increase their profile and brand awareness. This is done through being able to share the expertise they have gained over many years in a publication dedicated to “Savvy Women” We would like to let you know what you can expect going forward with this exciting initiative!


Each edition will bring you a tapestry of stories that outline the journeys and success stories from women in business, in and around the East Midlands. We are passionate fans of championing and supporting those individuals who are trying to make a difference in their lives, but just need the right support and guidance in how best to do things for their PR whilst increasing brand awareness and raising their profiles. “ENJOY”


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y name is Maria Hanson, I am 65, I have two daughters, son in laws and 4 amazing children – my grandchildren from age 3 to 16. I now have the initials MBE added to my name. Five years on, that still feels surreal. How did that happen you may ask, how did I become awarded with such a huge achievement, the pinnacle of my success? In 2005, I established my registered charity – me&dee. Why? As with many people, they set up a charity when they, their partner or child have been failed by the system. When the support they needed was not forthcoming and they decide to come back from extreme adversity, kick ass, and look to make changes to ensure that others may benefit

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from that experience. For me this has been a case of ‘what didn’t kill me, made me stronger’. Following multiple life saving and body altering surgeries, I ended up going through a divorce and needing rehoming with my two young daughters. My cousin Delia had cancer, and we found the situation I was in through being so very ill abysmal, along with the long winded and tick box process to find support. We decided to set up a charity to break the mould, working without a salary and a phone on 24 hours a day with no tick boxes on forms. Delia died as the dream became a reality and I have carried her in my heart and the charity name through these 13 years. In 2014, working through my own adversity and reaching my 2000th family supported saw me presented by Prince Charles with an MBE at Buckingham Palace. Looking for a speaker? A charity to support? Contact me on maria@meanddee.co.uk



e&dee charity, based in Derby in the East Midlands offer holidays to both adults and children of any age, with life threatening, life limiting and terminal medical conditions. me&dee charity is a registered charity that arranges memory holidays at the seaside in Mablethorpe on the beautiful Lincolnshire coast in two lovely spacious caravans based on the Grange Leisure Park, giving families a chance to make memories together when time is very precious. The charity was formed to create special moments and memories to both children and adults who have a life threatening, life shortening or a terminal condition. So, imagine, you receive news that a loved one has been diagnosed with a condition that will change not only their life but the lives of the whole family, in one short sentence everything changes, your whole routine alters to focus on that one person that needs the support and treatment that the diagnosis requires. Maria Hanson Receiving Her MBE from Prince Charles

The Moonlight & Mistletoe Ball - 2nd Nov 2019

Every effort is made, that if necessary, we can accommodate respirators, kidney dialysis, carers and nurses and an exhaustive list to ensure this potentially last holiday has a high impact for our families. Our holiday homes are fully equipped with everything that people need for the week they will spend at the seaside. The caravans have quilts, pillows, mattress covers and bedding the kitchen is fully equipped, the families bring their own food and drink me&dee charity, making memories by the sea when time is short, and life is precious.

Maria Hanson MBE, our founder and CEO, wanted to prove that a simple seaside holiday could provide a place where the families could get back together as a family, away from the hospital ward, needles, doctors and nurses, for just one week, be a family again, a family that could make precious memories together.

“If you had a loved one who was living with a life limiting condition, if your family was facing a short and uncertain future together, you would want to make the time they had left together as special as possible, wouldn’t you?�. 18A Castle Lane, Melbourne, Derby

@MeandDeeCharity @MeandDeeUK

www.meanddee.co.uk info@meanddee.co.uk


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A FINAL NOTE FOR 2019! from Susan & Buckso


Hello, This year has gone so quickly as I am sure it has for all of us! Having spent 31 years in a corporate world which seemed like an eternity, taking on a new role, helping develop and grow the Savvy Women Initiative, has been somewhat challenging but extremely enjoyable. The time has flown and I have met some really inspiring women in Business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the ladies that have supported us in the early days of Savvy Women in 2019. So, here’s what to expect in the coming months in 2020…………… Due to the vast interest from a variety of Business Women, and maybe some of you are already aware, we have created a platform for local Business Women to share their success stories, advice and expertise in their field of work by becoming a guest or resident columnist in the publication. The columnist will create great editorial, providing tips, advice, success stories and more from a variety of interesting vocations. We have also decided to expand the publication to other areas of the East Midlands. This will give you more exposure and reach whilst increasing your brand awareness and raising your profile across a broader area. My role will be dedicated to help and support the Business Women that are part of Savvy. If you would like to become a Savvy Woman Columnist then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Have a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2020.


8 - SAVVY WOMEN ISSUE 2 - savvysocial.org

If you read our first issue, you’ll notice slight changes within this one, as we evolve and morph into the publication we aspire to be, giving PR for the people, by the people that are experts in their own field as we drive the initiative across the East Midlands. You see, when you become a part of Savvy Women, you’re guided to promote your business and you! Never written a press release? Fear not, we are here to help you with this. As some of you may know, the other hat I wear is that of an Actor, so a bit of my time in between these 2 issues was spent going back and forth to Amsterdam, filming my scenes for a Dutch film called Soof 3. It really was an amazing experience, as I’d never filmed abroad before not even when I did Aladdin! (yes, the Disney film). As we head into the festive period I’m looking forward to a relaxed month and time with my gorgeous family, ready to hit 2020 with renewed vigour! So, whatever youre doing as the year draws in, I hope it’s a time of peace, reflection and restoration that brings a new flow of energy for the beginning of the next decade in your business. Get in touch if you’re looking to raise your game in the new year, we at Savvy HQ would love to help.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!






o here i am at a wonderful little haven, tucked away on Ashby’s High street. As you climb the stairs, its evident from all the personal pics adorning the walls this business belongs to a woman who is all about love, from her honeymoon in Italy to the grandchildren, children and stepson. I had a little chat with Sam, to find out a little more on why she decided to set up this business, whilst also working a full time job. Good Morning Sam! Tell me, why do we have all these personal pics of yours on the walls and not generic waterfall spa type ones? Also, what a fabulous name for your business! how did it come to be? Morning Buckso! Well, I decided I wanted to create an environment that wasn’t typical of that which you’d find in every other salon/retreat space because to me, this is what is most important in my life and I wanted it to show through in all that I do here. It’s all about family. As to the name Samskara, it’s a combination of mine (Sam) and my granddaughters name (Cara) but, it’s also Sanskrit for, “repeated actions create memory”, so when a beautiful friend of mine suggested it, giving the meaning behind, I just totally fell in love with the idea of it! So how long have you been in this industry and what brought you to set up, knowing you were still going to be working full time? I set this business up 4 months ago September 2019, because I’d discovered the world of complementary therapies myself and loved what it had done for me through my journey having breast cancer and I wanted to give that feeling, and help, to others going through tough times. For 32 years I’ve worked within the learning disabilities and mental health field, still do to this day, but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in March 2017 I had a wakeup call. I felt the need to prioritise all the things that were important to me and my latent interest in all things complimentary was ignited. I’d had Reiki done, massages here and there and started to read up on things complimentary which made me realise, this was actually something I wanted to pursue for myself. So I trained at Infinity Academy in Melbourne, Derbyshire, finding my passion actually lay in Aromatherapy. So after feeling the healing benefits of the therapies you were having yourself, you realised that this was something you should do for others in similar situations, leading you to creating Samskara Wellbeing. Tell me, what is the difference in what you do here to any other salon style place?

Oh now that is different! What are the workshops about? We have a “Six Steps to Wellness”, held weekly on a Tuesday evening, which gives groups of women the tools and tips to cope with any overwhelm, stress, anxiety and mental health issues they may be feeling in life, along with a safe space to speak their truth. Recently we’ve been gifted the use of a Yurt over in Packington by the Children’s Phoenix Trust Charity and we will use it to host our One Day “silent retreat”, where you do not speak from the time you arrive at 10am, until you go at 4pm, leaving phones and watches etc at the door. Activities you bring can include reading, nail painting, mehndi applications, sewing etc, which aids in the process of remaining silent. This will be held 5th January 2020. The mental health services are very much under pressure, do you see yourselves working towards preventing people from needing their services, rather than them going down the prescriptive route? Absolutely! We are very much about prevention rather than cure if we can get in early enough, as we’ve had such amazing results already with people we’ve seen consistently. We are definitely wanting to get our message out there, so that more folks come to us first rather than the NHS, which really should only ever be a last resort thing. Just to clarify my point, I’m not saying medication isn’t the answer, some individuals most definitely are at a place where they need it, we just want to help those we can, to avoid it. Join us in the next issue when we pick up on the future visions for Samskara Wellbeing. Buckso Dhillon-Woolley Contact Samskara samantha@samskarawellbeing.co.uk www.samskarawellbeing.co.uk

A boutique style treatment room was what we were wanting to create from the hustle and bustle of the high street below, one could climb the stairs and be transported somewhere else once we closed the doors behind them, totally forgetting the world, for the time they were in here. Solo and couple treatments are also on offer as well as our signature workshops, which are proving to be very popular, so we don’t just work on healing the body but also the mind as well.

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ove it or hate it alcohol is a toxic substance in the body and it is the job of our liver and kidneys to detox and filter out the toxins. Periods of heavy drinking will put these 2 vital organs under a lot of stress which can lead to chronic liver disease and compromised immunity making you more prone to illnesses and longer recovery periods. Alcohol also changes our brain chemistry by altering the chemical messengers which transmit signals from our brain to the body resulting in physiological changes such a slowing down speech, movement and impaired decision making. We are all born with a set number of brain cells called neurons which decline with age effecting memory. Research also shows that prolonged periods of drinking speeds up this process causing irreversible damage to the brain. The high sugar content of alcohol causes blood sugar levels to fluctuate increasing the risk of overeating which leads to weight gain. My advice is to always drink with caution - “It’s the dose that makes the poison” it’s ok to have the occasional drink but excessive regular drinking has a negative effect on the body. Here are some of my top tips on how to survive the festive season: 1. Drink plenty of water, before and in between drinks to avoid dehydration and speed up the detox process. This will reduce the symptoms of a hangover. 2. Eat before you drink: To slow down some of the adverse effects of alcohol and balance electrolytes. Avoid certain foods such as salty and refined carbs which will trigger bloating, indigestion and heart burn. Instead opt for some good fats and protein rich foods e.g. Salmon, avocado, eggs, yogurt and banana. 3. Avoid mixing alcohol with high sugar caffeinated energy drinks to avoid drinking more as you experience the feeling of “wide awake drunkenness”. 4. Dilute alcohol: Try a white wine spritzer with soda water or a gin and tonic, and avoid drinking through a straw. 5. Offer to drive: To avoid peer pressure to drink and save those extra calories for some delicious food or that extra mince pie. 6. Drink Mocktail’s: Ask the barman to make your favourite cocktail without the alcohol. Have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year! By: Kam Parker (Naturopathic Health Coach) Kam@k-fitnessandnutrition.com

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i everyone, I’m Heather Atkinson and have been passionate about Health fitness and Nutrition for 35 years plus! Having spent most of my adult years in Australia as a Gym owner and Personal trainer I have come to understand the power of Nutrition and the role it plays in long term health. Really looking forward to sharing more with you over the coming months. There is Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Diabetes. Intermittent Fasting Can Reduce Insulin Resistance and lower the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes has become incredibly common in recent decades. Its main feature is high blood sugar levels in the context of insulin resistance. Anything that reduces insulin resistance should help lower blood sugar levels and protect against type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, intermittent fasting has been shown to have major benefits for insulin resistance and lead to an impressive reduction in blood sugar levels In human studies on intermittent fasting, fasting blood sugar has been reduced by 3-6%, while fasting insulin has been reduced by 20-31%. One study in diabetic rats also showed that intermittent fasting protected against kidney damage, one of the most severe complications of diabetes. What this implies, is that intermittent fasting may be highly protective for people who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Bottom Line: Intermittent fasting can reduce insulin resistance and lower blood sugar levels. Researchers believe that the practice of “cleansing”—a combination of intermittent fasting with herbs and vitamins that support detoxification—provides surprising health benefits. FOR MORE CONTACT HEATHER ON 07507493299 OR E-MAIL HER AT: resultstraining15@googlemail.com





ellness in the Workplace is fast becoming a choice with both employers and employees in helping to maintain a happy and healthy workplace. As an employer, whether it be as part of your Health and Wellbeing policy for your staff, considering implementation of a wellbeing initiative such as massage at work (also known as corporate massage or on-sight massage) on a regular basis, or you wish to simply present employees with a one-off treat, you have come to the right place! Employees often suffer with back, neck and shoulder muscular issues, general aches and pains, tension headaches and repetitive strain injuries which can be caused by bad posture, desk working, manual work, irregular breaks and even the daily stresses of being at work itself. According to the latest statistics in 2018/19 from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in Great Britain: 28.2 million working days were lost at work due to work-related illness and workplace injury. 595,000 workers were recorded as suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, resulting in 15.4 million lost working-days. 469,000 workers were recorded as suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders. This resulted in 6.6 million lost working days. Onsite massage has many benefits and can include the following: • Improves overall wellbeing in the workplace • Increases employee engagement, performance and productivity • Improves staff retention, focus and concentration • Prevents problems from escalating • Improves resilience and innovation • Reduces stress levels and work-related injuries • Relieves tension headaches and migraines • Prevents repetitive strain injuries (RSI) • Releases muscle tension in back, neck and shoulders • Boosts moral and teamwork in the workplace • Acts as a preventative treatment for musculoskeletal problems • Reduces absenteeism

We can offer a variety of treatments including Seated Acupressure Massage (Tension Buster), Heated Seated Acupressure Massage (Hot Bamboo) Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and we can even provide pampering beauty treatments such as Facials, Manicures and Pedicures. Our most popular treatment is the seated acupressure massage which is a fully clothed back, neck and shoulder treatment without the use of oils. All we need is a dedicated area, for example, the corner of a large room, small office or even the staff room. We provide our own specialist ergonomically designed chairs and couches and we can even treat several employees at a time. We ask all employees involved to fill out a simple consultation form to ensure that there are no conflicts with existing treatments or ailments. The average time out from work required for the consultation, treatment and aftercare is 30 minutes. We can however, tailor packages to suit the requirements of the employees and the business with various treatments. We offer Wellness in the Workplace bespoke packages to small, medium and large companies and can work with all levels of staff and can provide Practitioners for all types work environments, local events, shows and exhibitions. We have access to a large team of therapists working with us at Serenity Station with a wide range of clients across the East Midlands in a variety of workplaces including several schools, NHS Trusts, educational establishments and corporate offices. We also provide our services at health and wellbeing events. Contact us for more information and to discuss further at info@serenitystation.co.uk

3 Woods Meadow, Derby, DE72 3UX Tel: 01332 588141 serenitystation.co.uk FACEBOOK: @SerenityStationUK INSTAGRAM: serenity_station TWITTER: @StationSerenity

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ello, I’m Kathy Maslowski, owner and Director of Bright Flower Therapies Ltd.

I have been a therapist for nearly two decades. I’m a heart centred difference maker and the specialist in my own trademarked 5th Dimensional Healing® technique. I have 2 grown up children and am actively responsible for two of my 4 grandchildren as their full time ‘carer’. As a therapist I really care about people. I will ‘tune in’ to you, listen to what you have to say and then show you how and help you to heal and nurture yourself. I am a lifelong student who is growing continually; and as I grow this enables me to help others to grow. I believe in walking the talk and leading by example. I love making a difference in others’ lives and helping them to manifest their dreams. I would love to make the world a better place by living my purpose as a therapist, speaker, teacher and coach. I work with a Cancer Self Help Group as a 5th Dimensional Healer®, which is effective in reducing the effects of chemotherapy, helping people to feel there is a life after diagnosis and that they are not alone. I have helped many people through educating them on the Spirit, Mind, and Body equation. I help people feel great and whole on the inside through healing, and I also use Bach Flower Remedies to help in this process. As a Life Mastery Institute certified ‘DreamBuilder’ Coach I also help people identify and turn their dreams or visions into reality through this proven and highly successful personal and group coaching programme.

Kathy with Bob Proctor - Best Selling Author & Life Mentor

Specialising in in 5th Dimensional Healing®, Holistic Therapies, Beauty, Life Coaching, Teaching and Mediumship; my certifications include the Diploma for Holistic Therapies, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Beauty (NVQ), different modalities of coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy®. I am a Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists and a Founder Member of Life Mastery UK.

TEL: 07429 996201

E-MAIL: kathybrightflower@gmail.com

12 - SAVVY WOMEN ISSUE 2 - savvysocial.org

Kathy with Curtis Matthew, MD from Iconic, nominees at The Community Awards

WEBSITE: www.brightflower.co.uk

FACEBOOK: @brightflowertherapies




ithout a doubt I am going into 2020 with the most clarity and focus I have ever had.

was the case for me when I found myself with a oneyear old living on £70 a week, a fare bit of debt and having to send the keys back for the house I owned.

Over the last year I have created a home studio in a lovely idyllic location for ladies to visit where I offer a fabulous “Fashion Experience” and from January I will be introducing lingerie and a bra fitting service.

Fast forward twenty-three years, quite a few ups and downs, plenty of resilience, determination and some time out, I have several businesses, a few properties and I am creating the life I want. This year I moved into my forever home!

My business is all about providing a relaxed, informal, no pressure and enjoyable experience for women. It is based on my personal likes and dislikes of shopping. A service level that I would expect myself and developing long lasting client relationships. My clients range from seventeen to seventy, ladies that love shopping but dislike shops, ladies that have lost their love or like of clothes, ladies that are looking to rediscover their own personal style and ladies with busy lives and careers. We are all unique individuals and we all deserve an enjoyable experience, no matter what our circumstances, status or financial position. It has taken some years for me to get to this point in life. I choose how my days, weeks and months will look. I run my businesses to suit me, not my life to suit my businesses. Choices we make can lead to circumstances that we had never anticipated for ourselves. That certainly

07814 518170

I have experienced different lifestyles, including over thirteen years in the Middle East where I worked with some amazing individuals on some very special projects including the Qatar 2022 Bid to host The FIFA World Cup and subsequently with The Secretary General for five and half years. When I was counting the pennies, budgeting my money between food, utilities and debt collectors I never thought I would be able to own my own home again. I certainly never envisaged working for such high-profile individuals on a project that would make history! The Seeds of My Success come from many different people, places and experiences planted at different times throughout my life. They have allowed me to accept, reject and make decisions that have been right for me at that point in my life. I am happy with who I am, what I have achieved and where I am in life. I haven’t finished yet. There are a lot more seeds to grow!


FACEBOOK: Seeds of Success

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ello I am Debbie Goodlip and have been in the hair industry over 40 years. I help people feel the most confident they can with their hair. Over my time in the industry I have trained in and perfected so many areas of haircare. I was a salon owner for many years and an NVQ accessor and trainer. People now come to me to find out how to get the best from their hair with the right styling products and the perfect base products from pre -wash treatments through to the right conditioning mask. I trained in Derby at a leading salon followed by managing a salon in Burton and eventually owned my own salons. I covered hair and beauty in my salons but my skill and passion is hair. The things I believe are important to remember in haircare are, find a good stylist who listens to you, takes into account your lifestyle and always offers a consultation prior to shampooing your hair. Use the best products you can afford and look for products without silicones, sulphates, parabens harsh colours and so on. The reason I always stress this is because once the follicles become blocked particularly with silicones your hair will not grow properly, your colour will fade faster and your hair will be less manageable. As you age steer away from colours that are to dark or to light. A good colourist will advise on this. A total myth is that hairdressers always have perfect hair, in truth, we never have time to get our own hair done, we often cut our own fringes, driving home from the salon with a developing colour on our hair is not unusual. My tip for last minute emergency hair care is always keep a good quality dry shampoo in your bag.

CONTACT DEBBIE GOODLIP W: www.welovehair.mymonat.com T: 07866514864

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Mii time is all about quality time for you. Necessity pampering and indulgence every now and then.

Why did you choose the industry?

I’ve always been intrigued in how the body works feels, reacts, looks and so over the years learning that there is so much out there in the way of wellbeing for us all, it never gets boring.

What makes you the expert?

I feel I have a lot of knowledge and experience to pass onto others. Knowledge is power. I’m still learning now and it’s key in this industry because things change so much.

Who would come to you for advice?



eing fashionable can be expensive, I mean really who has the budget for Prada, Chanel or Vuitton? Looking good doesn’t mean costing the earth. So, before you break the bank trying to be stylish check out a few items below that will serve you this fall and into spring with Ell Boutique... Invest in a handful of essential pieces, get mixing and matching and don’t forget to accessorise your outfit for different occasions. Did I mention accessories? Even the simplest tees can be stylish with the right garnish. Try clashing your jewellery with your outfit. Wear a statement piece with casual ensembles and more relaxed accessories with dressy looks. You don’t have to invest in a whole new wardrobe to look #OnPoint. Check out my jewellery collection for those eye-catching pieces! Also when you shop local you’re supporting the local economy, so Ell Boutique needs your custom. I would love to hear from you so please reach out to me for a truly personal shopping experience, excellent bespoke service, and to find something unique. Here at Ell Boutique we would like to wish you seasonal greetings. See you on my site soon xxx Don’t miss the next edition of Savvy Women when I will be taking a closer look at fashion and trends to see you looking Savvy into the spring!

- Herbie Kaur, Ell Boutique TEL: 07966 916456 VISIT: ellboutique.co.uk FACEBOOK: @ellboutique.co.uk

All kinds of people. Some for advice on why they have a problem related to skin nails brows for example, some come to talk and some come to enjoy company. Trust is a major part in this. Clients can’t always open up to family or friends so I do feel like a councillor just listening, not judging and keeping it professional.

What’s your background?

I qualified from college straight from school in city and guilds level 3 Beauty therapy and set up a business with my mum and sister doing hair and beauty. I’ve worked in Australia whilst travelling and gained experience in products / treatments. I went into the pub industry for 8 years and went on to gaining a husband and two beautiful boys. I came back to what I love and work around my family life maintaining a balance between the two. Wedding/ party makeup, gel nails, classic lashes, brows, waxing, manicure pedicure and facials are my main things now.

Facial hair is a tough topic. How do you get folks to open up?

Trust is key. Ask what the clients concerns are. Using your knowledge. Show you know what you’re talking about. Reassuring that they are not alone in this fight.

Bust a common myth in the industry.

White marks on your nails are not a calcium or vitamin deficiency

Advice for someone caught short i.e. no preparation for sudden occurrences. Always keep an essential pack in your bag! Toothbrush, mascara, lip-gloss perfume and your favourite nail varnish in case you ever get caught short.


07854 506537




Mii Time By Yolande

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Button Blue Crafts BUY ONLINE NOW: buttonbluecrafts.com

Craft Essentials • Embelishments • Papercraft & Scrapbooking Jewellery Making • Craft Kits • Kids Crafts • Knitting & Crochet Sewing • Ribbons & Trims • Home & Decor • Seasonal Crafts 16 - SAVVY WOMEN ISSUE 2 - savvysocial.org






was a watercolour painter at age 14, have a BA Hons Degree in printed textiles, business management skills from a long career in personnel and retail management and over 6 years experience working in the kitchen and bathroom industry. Our Independent interiors business was founded in 2017 and directed by myself Claire Lacey based from Ashby de la Zouch and covering the East Midlands area. We offer a home consultation service and design the interiors of home owners looking for advice on colour, layout, window treatments, furnishings and accessories.

Claire R. Zwozny-Bestwick Alternative Bespoke Bouquets, Accessories & Jewellery: Creating Handcrafted Tiny Sculptures in Kiln Fired Sterling Silver, Copper and Bronze Precious Metal Clay, combined with Swarovski Crystals & Semi-Precious Stones, Especially for You!



We also pride ourselves on supporting clients either extending or renovating their properties, offering advice and guidance from planning stage, project management and installation.

M I’ve always loved interiors and after a home extension and renovation of my own, I got the bug and knew I needed to change my career. I get a huge buzz from using my creativity turning an ordinary space in to something wow! Space and flow are really important to me, so before even thinking about colour schemes and the styling stage, I work closely with my clients to spatially plan their homes to suit their needs using computer software to create 2D floorplans and 3D renders to visualise the rooms. We work with home owners looking for quality custom made soft furnishings and window treatments, or with sizeable interior design projects, Bespoke Builders of luxury homes, and architects wishing to collaborate. It’s becoming more important and widespread by many to create a desirable, spacious and well designed environment of their homes. People are opting to extend over moving house where they can to create additional space, often open plan and in most cases to create a fabulous living/kitchen/diner. This creates challenges that need overcoming, for example creating the right layout vs storage where walls have been removed. So most of our clients reach out to us for help faced with difficult and sometimes overwhelming decisions to make firstly where there is a genuine design problem to overcome. We offer a personalised and bespoke service to each of our clients and put the heart of their dream vision into the love of what we do, so please get in touch. www.clairelaceydesign.co.uk Email: clairelaceydesign@gmail.com 01530 654620

aking our world happy is really important to lots of people; so, when creating CRZyBest designs I try my best to look after our planet too, which is why I always make every effort to source my energy, tools and materials from sustainable and ethical sources. I make CRZyBest creations to be as environmentally friendly as possible: The precious metal clay that I use for my handcrafted sculptures, whether sterling silver, copper or bronze is derived from recycled metals, combined with an organic binder that burns away during firing. When I fire up my pink kiln it is using electricity provided by a company passionate about renewable energies including wind and solar power. A CRZyBest alternative bouquet is created to last, it can be kept and displayed for years to come. A buttonhole made by CRZyBest can be used for other occasions too, wear it as a brooch for brightening up an outfit or have one created in colours reflecting your business branding to add extra memorability when at work or connecting with other businesses. Swarovski crystals are the sparkly element of my creations, because they are committed to respecting people and the environment, including sponsoring waterschools around the globe and running their factory using hydroelectric power. I have also taken the Ethical Moves pledge to be transparent with my pricing and respect my customers, to create a sustainable business that empowers consumers with trust and honesty. For more information, check out my website and my CRZyBest Eco ethical collaborative styled shoot from Donington Park Farmhouse, which has been published by both Green Union and Unconventional Wedding, of which you will find links to, at www.crzybest.co.uk

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Winter Sale starts 27th Dec

Collins & Hayes Miller sofa in Liberty Midnight velvet

A Derbyshire family business, our knowledgeable team are on-hand to advise on everything for your home, in-store & online

Furniture & Home Interiors Est. 1928 living | dining | sleeping | kitchens | flooring | accessories | design service Hunters, Babington Lane, Derby. DE1 1SY t. 01332 349285 huntersfurniture.co.uk @huntersofderby

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THREE BEARS COOKERY CLUB My name is Ruth and I’m the founder of the Three Bears Cookery Club. I live in Derby with my hubby and 3 girls. The idea of offering Cookery Clubs for children came to me when my second daughter was about two years old, it was difficult to cook with them in our old house as it had such a small kitchen there just wasn’t enough surface space for them both to help. I thought how wonderful it would be able to take them to a cookery club, at the time there wasn’t really anything out there like this…. the idea was born! I didn’t actually start the business until a year after we had moved back to Derby, I was desperate to get out of my corporate job and to spend some quality time with my youngest daughter before she started school like I had done with my other two daughters. So, I started Three Bears Cookery Club in July 2016 from my kitchen at first offering cookery clubs to pre-school aged children during the week and a mix of ages on a Sunday. Having 3 children I realised the importance of them learning how to cook as they grow into young adults, like I had done with my mum and felt there wasn’t enough out there to teach children

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how to cook. My passion for cooking and baking all started when I was a child, I would always help my mum in the kitchen and loved it, I then went on to catering college after my GCSE’s which I absolutely loved! “it’s so important for children to learn how to cook, it’s an important life skill that all children should have the opportunity to learn to give them the confidence in the kitchen” Three years on I now have a small team of cookery club teachers, we run after school clubs in primary schools across Derby, holiday workshops and children’s birthday parties. I create all the recipes myself for the club, which my children love to help me with, in fact its probably one of my favourite things to do! Over the years I have developed the recipes and the structure of the clubs to support the cooking & nutrition curriculum. The future plan for the business is to continue to grow and run more after school clubs in primary schools across Derbyshire and then to franchise the business so we can develop the brand nationally…. Watch this space!



AFTER SCHOOL AT THREE BEARS Here at Three Bears Cookery Club we are passionate about all things baking and teaching children how to cook, giving them the opportunity to learn life skills in a fun and novel way. Three Bears Cookery Club support the cooking & nutrition curriculum in EYFS, KS1 & KS2.



am a self-taught cake maker based in Hilton, Derbyshire and very passionate about all things cake and have had a keen interest in baking since I was young. I remember how excited I was when my aunty bought me a Home Pride - Fred Baking Set at the age of 9. Any opportunity to bake, be it for family or work colleagues, always gets me excited and four years ago I created a Facebook page and uploaded cakes I had made (now, when I look back, I cannot believe how far I have come) Choosing my name didn’t take long either (being a common phrase I use!! Hence, I couldn’t go on Bake Off – there would be too much beeping!

We work in primary schools delivering our After School Clubs & themed workshops. We also run Holiday workshops and can host your child’s birthday party. In each club children will learn how to make a variety of sweet & savoury dishes using different techniques. We talk about where the ingredients come from and how we use them. At the end of each club they will take home their creation plus the recipe card. Our After School Clubs are a perfect activity to keep the kids entertained for those parents who need some extended childcare and a different activity to the sports clubs currently on offer. At Three Bears we believe that children should have the opportunity to learn how to cook and to be able to try new foods. In our club the children will learn how to weigh and measure their own ingredients, we talk about the ingredients and how we are going to use them and where they come from. The children will learn the different techniques we use for baking and cooking. We make a mixture of sweet and savoury recipes on each club and there are different recipes each term so the children learn to make a variety of dishes. We run a Star Baker award for each week, at the start of each club the Star Baker is announced from last week and if they want to they can wear our Star Baker Crown. At the end of each club the children will take home their recipe which will be baked at home along with the recipe card so they can make it again. We do accommodate children with allergies and all our recipes are nut free. Our after school sessions are an hour long and we provide everything they need for the club. All we need is an area with a table they can sit or stand around.

“life skills in a fun and novel way” Contact Ruth on 07973193362 or email ruth@threebearscookery club.com www.threebearscookeryclub.com

There’s something very relaxing about baking and my favourite part is decorating them. My clients are awesome and trust me to get on with it which helps those creative juices flow. Cake is not just a cake; a lot of love goes into creating every cake and i even surprise myself at times on how far I have come and the cakes I have created. No one goes without cake on my watch! I now supply to coffee shops on a weekly basis and these opportunities have only come to me because I have been recommended by amazing friends who have my back. One thing I don’t have is the confidence to shout about what I do, but when you have amazing family, friends and clients, I let the cakes do the talking. If you like what you have read, and your taste buds are screaming out for cake then check me out as follows: Facebook - @4heavenscakesrosy Instagram – Banwaitr LinkedIn – Rosy-Banwait Twitter - @BanwaitRosy Email – rosybanwait@gmail.com Mobile – 07852117209

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eet Annabel Ward founder and Director of Fancy Entertainment which, in a nutshell, pretty much does what it says on the tin! A company that brings your events to LIFE, with a vast array of acts and theatrical productions that are guaranteed to make any get together a true delight and lots of fun! The company provides a range of entertainment from theme parks wanting performers, launch parties needing acts to the kids who need occupying with some theatre magic. Maybe youre looking for some fire eating welcome hosts, or stilt walking waiters? Whatever your event needs, they can find it. Based in Nottinghamshire, Annabel is keen to stress they can cater to any area of the UK as well as having big plans to spread their wings internationally. The company has been running for 5 years going from strength to strength. Annabel, who is herself a performer and features in a couple of performances, has a keen eye for potential staff and always strives for perfection ensuring anyone she takes on, is a professional with a portfolio of experience. Being able to run a business whilst also flexing the performer muscle within oneself truly is a gift for Annabel as she knows, this is what brings fulfilment in life and is what one should strive to achieve when working for oneself. Mum to a little one, Annabel continues to forge ahead and refuses to allow the difficult act of balancing motherhood with her passion to get in the way. She feels this is an important message to relay to all those out there, also balancing motherhood with marriage and running your own business saying, “its important to keep lines of communication open at all times, with both your staff and your partner. This gives you the inner peace knowing your door is always open even though it may not come across as so�. Find out whats new for 2020 with Fancy Entertainment and what challenges, if any, that Annabel intends to or has, overcome.

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www.fancyentertainment.co.uk tel: 07814 661968




Based on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. I am extremely passionate about travel and love nothing more than planning tailormade adventures. 1) Who are travel counsellors?

5) What’s your background?

Travel Counsellors is a connected community of travel professionals providing the very best personalised, hasslefree advice on any travel arrangements, anywhere in the world. Our values are centred around providing the best customer service, on a daily basis.

I have worked in various senior Marketing roles in the IT industry and more recently in the Education Sector as an Assistant Principal of a College.

2) Why did you choose this industry? Because I love everything about travel and who doesn’t want to talk about going on holiday! 3) What makes you the expert? I have travelled extensively myself as have many of my fellow travel counsellor community. I will be able to advise you on the best locations, tours and hotels to suit you. Our connections with airlines, tourist boards, cruise lines and destination management companies around the world allows us to stay well connected, in the know and always bringing out the latest and greatest rates for our customers. 4) Who would come to you? Anybody that is looking for my help in making their travel a seamless experience from start to finish. It’s not always somebody that is really busy, many of my customers just don’t enjoy trawling websites and prefer for me to do it for them.

6) Bust a common myth in your industry Some people still think that booking last minute will bring the cost down but this is rarely true. It’s a huge gamble and you may end up paying more and not getting exactly what you wanted in the first place. 7) Advice for anyone “caught short” i.e. no preparation for sudden occurrences (and how common is that?) Sometimes inevitably problems will happen. Things such as flight cancellations, natural disasters, political unrest all can occur at any time and are completely out of our control. With me you benefit not only from your very own go-to person to call in emergencies but I also have the head office team who monitor situations around the globe and immediately act in times of crisis. I go that extra mile to make sure firstly that problems don’t occur by checking with your hotel, airline and tour guides etc. that your booking is correct and they are expecting your arrival. However, if a problem does arise then I will do everything possible to resolve the issue without you having to lift a finger.

www.travelcounsellors.com/janet.tomblin email: janet.tomblin@travelcounsellors.com tel: 07816 914651

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witter is one of those social media channels that most people will say that you need a strong presence on for your small business to be successful. So, you sit down, and you create a profile and follow a few people… and nothing happens. You follow a few more, write a few tweets about what you do and wait some more… still no results. Many of my clients have turned to me in frustration at not being able to make Twitter ‘work’ for them. There are a few reasons why this might be the case: • not understanding how Twitter works • not setting up their profile correctly • not interacting and engaging with other Twitter users • using Twitter to ‘sell’ rather than to connect with people • simply not having the time to sit down and master the art of using Twitter And it is something of an art. While you need a strategy and marketing plan in place to make the most out of your Twitter account, sometimes it’s the strangest and most unlikely of tweets that will go viral! I can run your Twitter to get you the social proof, exposure and award-winning opportunities that my current clients enjoy. Did you know that I’ve won 37 Twitter awards for 14 clients so far? I’ve also personally won Jacqueline Gold’s #WOW award on twitter, here’s what she had to say about me: ‘Saxton Marketing helps businesses shatter their marketing barriers and reach their full potential. Claire’s experience in the marketing industry puts her in good stead and her honest and professional manner makes her the prime person to help fellow businesses realise their opportunities for growth and further development. I wish her every success in the future.’

To discover more on how my Twitter support can help you, contact me on 07973 924589 or email claire@saxtonmarketing.co.uk

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Sue Cheixo

Commercial Director Multiple Prime Solutions Ltd

Who are MPS? MPS was founded by Miguel and Sue Cheixo. We supply the 3 Core Areas of Telecoms, which are Voice (fixed wire, landline & IP) Data (Internet Services) and Mobile Telecoms. We can evaluate your current telecoms setup and offer a free no obligation analysis of your bill.. Our technical support are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. As we grow we are looking to integrate other solutions within our portfolio, ie. Gas, Electric. Why did we choose this industry? We understand that “One Size Does Not Fit All” when it comes to telecoms and we want to offer our clients a bespoke service based on their own requirements, through initial investigations to proposal, agreement, supply and after sales. We take our business to the people. We appreciate and understand that Telecoms is very important to both business and residential clients. What makes us the expert? We have extensive knowledge and qualifications within the Telecoms Industry, Project Management, Revenue Assurance, coupled with Solution Selling to B2B and B2C. Who would come to us for advice? Predominantly it would be SME’s with 5-50 Users of Voice/Data/ Mobile, but we also offer advice to residential clients. We are going to be piloting a scheme to assist the Elderly, Disabled, Disadvantaged and Minority Communities to ensure they have the right products/services that offer the best performance and value for money. What is our background? Sue has 30 years experience within Sales, Customer Service, Public Sector and Construction Miguel has 21 years experience with the Telecoms, Project Management and Revenue Assurance Wifi and Broadband are common issues for businesses and residential, What can we do for them? We look at the following, How They Conduct Their Business? How Do They Use Their Telecoms? Are they quite Savvy or Wary of Technology? Generally businesses and residential clients shy away from assessing their Telecoms packages as it appears to be daunting and problematic. Myth: If it is not broken, then why fix it? Reality: Ongoing upgrades, maintenance and new equipment expenses associated with your current onsite phone system might end up costing you more than switching to a cloudhosted unified communication platform. Even if your costs are the same or lower with your existing phone system, consider the opportunity costs of not supporting your existing workforce with features, flexibility, and mobility that this can offer and that helps improve your team’s efficiency. The work environment has shifted into a fast-paced, technologydriven space that requires more than just voice communications (making and receiving calls). To stay competitive, companies need a voice solution that extends, integrates and connects a variety of scenarios. These scenarios include multiple offices, a mobile workforce, field employees, remote workers, call centre support and more. Advice for anyone with contract issues We would assess each individual case and advise accordingly to Ofcom Regulations. Also any Telecom Provider requires access to an ADR Scheme (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Website and contact info: www.mprimes.co.uk Sue Cheixo – sales@mprimes.co.uk 0330 128 1441,



We’ve all heard the statistic; 1 in 4 of us will suffer with a mental health issue in the NEXT 12 MONTHS (not a lifetime). And it’s easy to understand why when you consider that stress, burnout, overwhelm and insomnia count as a mental health issue. And yet still people don’t want to own up as to what’s happening for them and ask for help/support when things get too much for fear of recrimination and/or judgement. Ask yourself, how often have you felt stressed? Overwhelmed? Like you can’t cope? Can’t switch off or sleep because there’s too many demands and dependencies on you as a business owner? Do you need a drink at the end of (most) days to ‘relax?’ If you’ve ever felt any of these you are part of what I call the ‘functioning unwell’ population. Usually highly functional professionals who are absolutely starting to suffer with their mental health. How do I know? Because I’ve been there. As a pharmacist who held a senior national role at the age of 30 based in central London, I had it all. And from the outside that’s what it looked like. But on the inside I was in turmoil. I knew I wasn’t happy but I couldn’t leave my job so I just stuck it out. I put up with chronic insomnia and stress, drinking, eating and socialising to numb the feelings of unhappiness. But, it got me in the end. Like it does with most people. And I told no one, I suffered in silence. Fast forward 4 years and having eventually sought help I transformed my own life by working with a coach. I then qualified as a certified professional coach myself and set up the Mental Wealth Academy. I now help others to build essential life and leadership skills so that they can challenge and change their own negative inner thinking /inner critic and not succumb to mental illness. I’m living proof that investing in your mental ‘wealth’ works and it is something everyone should be taught. As well as speaking on mental health prevention, we also work with companies and individuals 1-2-1, offering training, workshops, coaching, self-study programs and a Forbes® recommend attitudinal assessment that tells you how you ‘show up’ day to day and then how you respond under stress. Understanding and recognising this is the first step towards changing it so that you are no longer at the mercy of your own mind or feeling at the ‘effect’ of life. We help people to overcome stress and take back control of their lives, feeling happier and more resilient as a result. It’s our mission to reduce mental illness on a global scale by empowering people to realise that they CAN control their thoughts and that they always have a choice in how they respond – come join the mission and eradicate needless suffering. www.thementalwealthacademy.com hello@thementalwealthacademy.com

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ames and I own Babbl, a social media management company, looking after social media accounts for over 30 businesses across the UK. For this issue of Savvy Women I thought I would share with you some tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn. Many people avoid this platform, for a number of reasons, but when it’s used well it can be a great shop window for you and your business. After all, the professionals on there are also all consumers too. So the first tip is to be you! Sounds simple enough but we mean really show your personality, it is possible to do this whilst remaining professional. Don’t be afraid to share your views and have opinions, it will help people get to know you and it is ‘you’ they will decide whether to work with or not. Our next LinkedIn tip is to use hashtags on your posts, but no more than three and wherever possible don’t include URL’s in your posts as LinkedIn restricts them, a LOT! Like most social networking, don’t constantly post salesy posts about your business, people will checkout. Instead tell them what you’re upto that day, share a video of something you’re working on, ask for advice, share your expertise. When people start to engage with you they will check out your profile and what you do anyway.

01332 899409


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Remember to build your network full of people who are your ideal clients. The search facility on LinkedIn is really strong and you can narrow people down by job title and area too. Use it and help your network grow. Another way to grow your network is get in on the conversations. Don’t just put content out there regularly and hope for the best. You need to comment on people’s status, engage in conversation, get to know people and get seen. If you’re doing this the connection requests will start pinging through. Finally, a great analogy we heard recently is this; social media is all noise and you have to make yourself heard. If you’re in a busy pub and the crowd is rowdy sometimes you can barely hear the people you are with, but if you dropped a pint glass the place would immediately stop, fall silent and look around. You need to be the pint glass!


FACEBOOK: @BabblSocial


K R FINANCIAL PLANNING AN INSIGHT INTO REANU VASDEV DipPFS CertII Tell us about Reanu. I’m Reanu Vasdev (also known as Ren) a wife and mother of two lovely children. I own my own practice which I named after them, K R Financial Planning. After graduating in 2001, I steadily built my experience across the financial services sector before focusing on wealth management. Prior to joining St. James’s Place in 2011, I worked primarily as an adviser for well-established financial service providers, offering specialist advice to corporate executives, business owners and families. Having the benefit of both a degree in accountancy and a diploma in financial planning, I am fully qualified to work with both individuals and businesses. Outside of my business, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching movies and exploring world music.


is a safe space to talk about death and plan your perfect send-off.

t’s a place to come and learn about all the options available to you for your end-of-life celebration so that you are not simply channelled into having 20 minutes up the crem because you don’t know there are any other choices available to you. It is also somewhere to address funeral poverty by clearly examining the costs behind the funeral industry. It’s a six week course of talks from industry experts with the option to buy and decorate your own flat pack coffin if you want. We also have special events which we advertise on our facebook page @CoffinClubDerby Our objective is to empower people to take control of their final send off. By providing safe spaces for free discussion about something that can be a taboo subject we aim to demystify funerals, enable people to think creatively and ask questions and change the face of end-of-life celebrations in the UK

What made you choose this industry? Whilst growing up in the 80’s recession, my family and I suffered financially. The apprehensive feeling of not knowing where the money would come from to pay for bills, food and school activities is a place I never want to go again! Thankfully, I learnt from a financial adviser at the age of 17 on how to save for a certain event and this thereafter created my mindset to understand money management and planning for my future. What makes you the expert in your field? I have a degree in Accountancy, a Diploma to provide financial advice and over 18 years of experience working in the financial services industry. I am passionate about building an ongoing relationship with my clients and listening to their hopes and aspirations in order to offer smart money management solutions. Who would be your client? Someone who wants to anticipate their financial future, by creating a structure to their finances. What’s your background? I am one of six siblings from the West Midlands and moved to Derby after meeting my husband 16 years ago. I work, live and breathe for my children and focus on giving them a strong foundation for their future. This also means educating them about saving their acorns but also enjoying life. Bust a common myth in your industry I need “wealth” before I can speak to you. Financial planning is about being smart with the finances that you have. Advice for anyone “caught short ‘ i.e. no preparation for sudden occurrences (and how common is that?) Unfortunately, I have worked with a few widows with young children. I am grateful that I have been able to guide them, but it breaks my heart to see them worry about their financial future. So all I can say is, whilst health should be your first priority, wealth also needs your attention. Too often we think about the here and now and don’t plan for the future for our loved ones in our absence. www.krfinancialplanning.co.uk

It’s a common myth that you have to have a funeral director to hold a funeral. You don’t! Coffin Club is open to everyone and anyone. Those who attend may include elderly people or those living with a terminal diagnosis, families or carers and others who simply don’t want to leave their last hurrah to chance. Whilst it is the ambition of Coffin Club that everyone has discussed their end of life wishes by the time they die, when someone dies suddenly people can find themselves in a world they know nothing about. My advice would be never be afraid to question things. Find someone with experience, a funeral director, a celebrant, a faith leader, a Coffin Club and talk to them about your options. Don’t tackle it alone. In the two years I’ve been running Unique To You Celebrancy I have worked with over 200 families, crafting personalised ceremonies. I’ve held ceremonies in pubs, gardens, crematorium all over Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and no ceremony has ever been the same. Coffin Club helps people tell their own story. For more information on Coffin Club Derby, like us on Facebook @CoffinClubDerby, go to coffinclub.co.uk or e-mail: coffinclubderby@gmail.com.

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Caroline Micallef Wragg MARKETING TODAY FOR SAVVY WOMEN Strategic Marketing, Sales and Communications


’m so excited and happy to be sharing with you as author of the marketing section for Savvy Women.

When I started my marketing career in the late 1980s, little did we know how vastly things would change. From paste up artwork, wining and dining editors and journalists to digital production and now digital social marketing. But I’m not going to talk to you about that, my work as a marketing strategist is pivotal to the success of any business growth strategy. I’m sure other marketers would agree… Add to that almost 30 years experience in different core sectors of industry, we have much to share. Every business needs a strategy, just like every football team, sports person, teacher, student, mum, dad, relationship expert HR professionals, CEO and even a funeral director. What’s the common denominator? People! With outcome, expectations to win, achieve and to deliver. Whatever the industry, product or service you are providing, ultimately it’s how you make people feel and the benefits they receive from you. To succeed needs a strategic approach that is planned and then well executed. Practice and preparation is key and then learning constantly to improve tactics and benefits to get those profitable outcomes. So what happens then when you treat marketing holistically? No, we don’t fall in to a melt down voodoo, woo woo session… well, we can if you want to hahaha…. It’s about looking deep down to the core and your values of what is important to you and then aligning that with your values and the clients that want to buy from you. How do we do that? You can find out more next time, but in the meantime, we’ll give you a snippet of what to expect. Building business relationships that last is the focus and holistic marketing looks at the whole concept. Including business development, planning, Sales functionality, cash flow, mapping techniques and very important, having a lifestyle to enjoy and be healthy. Marketing supports sales and your brand comes before that. Sales will flow when all marketing elements work together. The problem today is the rise of so many marketers driving people down the black hole of social media and calling themselves marketing experts. I

have nothing against social media, in fact support it thoroughly in the context of marketing strategies and activities that lead you to those income producing activities you desire. At this time of year, it’s important to review and renew your marketing activities and plans. Getting ready to start a new year with vigour and with positive stuff in your diary. Map it out, look to who your clients are and who you want to be working with. Create a message that speaks to your audience and work out your signature offers, products and services. Then create the right strategy that will help you win more business, without overwhelm and without wasting your precious time. Marketing with a holistic twist, enables you to incorporate everything and focus on those key factors that will get business in for you quickly and effectively and with long term sustainability. If you are in it for the quick fix, look away now! Strategic marketing with an holistic twist works, no aggressive advertising, messages or harsh tactics needed. Being serious about your business and having the passion is important, but you need a plan and a focused activity schedule that will lead you to growth and future income potential. Professionals plan, strategize, practice, fail, get up, start again and above all, keep going and never give up! Treat your business seriously, be congruent with your plans, actions and what your expectations are. Be realistic and make sure you have those building blocks and solid foundations in place, because after all, it is what is going to ultimately help you to win the right clients that buy from you, grow your income and expand your reputation in a positive way. Helping you to Shine out Loud and be Seen and Heard. How realistic are your business plans? Ready to fire up your marketing in 2020? Working holistically, we know there is no quick fix to building a successful and sustainable business. Sadly there are pressures on business owners today to operate at maximum speed and work all hours to compete for business. Why? It blocks creativity, reduces the chance to meet with your prospective clients and brings missed opportunities, not to mention, the affects it has on family life and your health. (How do we manage to keep growing our businesses with these pressures of overwhelm?) In our next edition we are going to share with you how you can grow your business using key marketing strategies that are aligned with your core values, giving you a sense of control and building momentum!

T:07970 830423 | Email: caroline@starflowercompany.co.uk | www.starflowercompany.co.uk

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ts always interesting and very thought-provoking when you have to write a little piece on yourself. Where do you start? Well lets start from when this became my business and my focus. Social media platforms allow us to ‘click and connect’. But do we really connect? Genuine business connections take time to build and nurture and the human approach to connecting allows for listening. Listening to the other party, being interested in each other and allowing the conversation to flow naturally. I have always connected people, whether its for business or in a personal capacity and have always enjoyed networking and socialising with people, again in both business and on a personal level. The human approach to connecting allows for listening. We learn about each others values and there’s no doubt that personal values always translate into business. You may think it sounds clichéd but the infamous quote of ‘people buy from people’ should never leave a business or its team. In this world of quick connections - a face-toface connection will always yield better results. There’s something unique about being able to read people, read their emotions, their values and understand what drives them. I understand and know how to listen. It is key to any business, I listen and I listen completely. Since 2017 I have been heavily involved with the Love Ladies Business Group® where we currently operate with 12 area groups across the East and West Midlands, supporting and empowering women in business. I host business events every month within my area groups of Leicester, Derby and Loughborough and regularly speak to over 150 women in business. I promote and fully support the benefits of networking with like-minded business women and supporting them on the challenges they may face. Providing stimulating business events for our members and guests is key. We invite key speakers to share their knowledge and business tips so our attendees always leave learning something new and having connected with a diverse array of businesses. Our Derby group meets on the last Monday of the month and we welcome all women in business. We do not lock out sectors as we firmly believe that life is not lock out. You choose who you work with based on the relationship you have and the trust you’ve gained. Exciting times next year as I launch our London group at The Ivy, London with my business partner together with the launch of mastermindset™. An executive mastermind group in London and Manchester. Contact me and learn how I can help you connect with more businesses and confidently network;

www.businessmatchmaker.co.uk www.linkedin.com/in/payalwalker payal@loveladiesbusinessgroup.co.uk | connect | communicate | collaborate |

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“Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.” Ginni Rometty CEO of IBM


Would you like to share your expertise in this publication in print and online? Designed to celebrate and promote women in business Increase your brand awareness and raise YOUR PROFILE Become a savvy woman Columnist in the following sectors: Health and Wellbeing Beauty and Style Creative and Home Food and Drink Entertainment and Leisure Business and Money WE’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU ON BOARD

Contact us: info@savvysocial.org

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we wear our heart on our sleeve 

Profile for savvywomen

Savvy Women  

Issue 2-Sharing Stories, Tips, Advice and more, from women in business

Savvy Women  

Issue 2-Sharing Stories, Tips, Advice and more, from women in business


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