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This is the new darling bag of many Swedish fashionistas. Simple and sophisticated Scandinavian silhouettes incorporated with Italian craftsmanship and very approachable price tags. If you're tired of all the "IT-bags", then Little Liffner is an option worth checking out.

by ANQI My name is Anqi. As a typical Stockholm teen, I have a special attachment to fashion and beauty products. Good food and music are two things I cannot live without. Poring over blogs and magazines from all over the world, ideally while enjoying a big cup of fresh coffee, is what I love to do.

This danish brand has lowkey developed a loyal clientele in the Scandinavian region. It has the Scandinavian unisex look, yet with a little unique twist, infusing some Rock and Roll into minimalistic designs. What’s also worth mentioning is that Won Hundred believes in their social responsibilities and actively works in various areas to create a more sustainable fashion label.


Sudio is a Swedish earphone brand that’s still fairly new to the market. Whether it’s the brand’s aesthetic or the quality of their headphones, it all screams Scandinavian. Sudio's latest headphones is not only exquisitely designed but also provides impeccable studio sound quality. Another cool detail is the fact that it allows personalisation with custom interchangeable caps.


Moonsun is a Swedish organic skincare company that produces all their products locally in Stockholm. The concept is to create holistic and environmentally friendly cosmetics with its aromatherapy that many swear by. Their unique unisex products are created with all natural ingredients, providing beautiful skin in the most ecological way.


When the craze for sneakers just never seems to die out, you simply can't resist adding a new pair to your collection in the summer. Swedish shoe brand Gram combines sneakers and dress shoes, truly merging street style with sophistication. The brand is centered around the concept of weight, each model from their line has the weight in gram carved on one side of the shoe. This cool detail is one of many factors that has gained Gram shoes global popularity over the past few years.


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