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Breathe in fresh air, walk among our pure nature, feel the sereneity of our ancient forests, swim in our thousands of lakes, find out the secret of our sacred sauna. See the cycle of the year, discover every season.

Find your own piece of Lake and peace of mind.

Welcome to Northern Savo







1 hour flight. Seven daily flights. 4 hours by train


Kuopio: 4100 pcs Tahko: 8600 pcs Region North Savo (Pohjois-Savo): 1500 pcs

Airport Trainstation



FINLAND Northern Savo is a unique, easy to reach destination during all seasons. Our region is known for its joyful activities, vibrant events, rich culture and friendly hospitality. Here you can experience nature and city life - all spiced with savonian humor and lively attitude.




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AnyaProductions Boutique Hotel Sawohouse Break Sokos Hotel Tahko Haapaniemen Matkailu Hotel Golden Dome IsoValkeinen Jokiniemen Matkailu Jyrkän Ruukki KalajaRetkeily Kasasen Loma-asunnot Lakeland Lines Lapland Hotels Kuopio Lohimaa Metsäkartano Niemilomat Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi Panorama Bar Pehku-Baari Puijo Peak Rauhalahti Saana Sahala Health Scandic / Atlas Sininen Helmi - Blue Pearl Spa Hotel Runni Tahko Chalet Tahkonrinteet Tahko Spa Hotel Törmälä Vanha Maamies Vesileppis

Anya Productions Minna Canthin katu 24

AnyaPro, www +358405383823 CONTACT PERSON: Anja Lappi

Anya Productions offers • Art management, training and consultation • Art & culture events for all ages Places to visit & things to do in Kuopio 1.Kanttila A guided tour of Minna Canth’s culturally significant home in Kanttila and the history of Minna Canth. 2. Minna Canth`s Puijo Guided hiking in the footsteps of Minna Canth to Puijo. 3. Art Market 6.-9.8.2020 The whole family culture festival in the center of Kuopio offers circus, theater and workshops. Guided tours: FIN/ENG/RUS

Boutique Hotel Sawohouse Tarhakuja 1 , 70780 KUOPIO Finland +358 10 3389490 CONTACT PERSON: Minna Sairberg, Service Manager

You are warmly welcome to step in to our tranquil hotel in Kuopio! Beautiful wooden houses create a unique environment for our individually and thoughtfully decorated hotel rooms. Our peaceful and yet central location gives you an opportunity to explore the nature or the city. Our restaurant offers you immersion to Finnish, local and seasonal food. You will experience food not only through the taste but also beautifully detailed dishes. You can relax in our beautiful sauna and enjoy wellness treatments offered in the hotel.

Break Sokos Hotel Tahko Sääskiniementie 560 73310 Tahkovuori +358 (0)10 7629 550 CONTACT PERSON: Päivi Hartikainen Joy, time and energy for all year round! Break Sokos Hotel Tahko is a cosy holiday hotel in the centre of the Tahko tourist area, close to all services and activities. Versatile services and facilities of our hotel are available daily - in the hotel you’ll find á la carte restaurant Hillside, Pizzeria Pizza Breikki, Hesburger. Sale-store and meeting and banquet facilities are for varied needs. We promise that as our guest you’ll always get plenty of energy!

Haapaniemi Travel Haapaniemen Matkailu Oy (Haapaniemi Travel Ltd) Haapaniementie 173, 74150 Iisalmi +358 440 207 701 CONTACT PERSON: Sanna-Riikka Nissinen Haapaniemi is located at the shore of Lake Haapajärvi, 80km (1 hour) from Kuopio airport. Haapaniemi offers various accommodation options: two cottages for 4-6 people, villa for 12 people and 6 rooms for two in the mansion. Our commodious smoke sauna is made of massive aspen logs, located on a private beach for swimming. Haapaniemi restaurant offers locally grown and self-prepared food. Fishful lake gives you possibility for enjoyable fishing moment, winter or summer. Have a relaxing holiday surrounded by the Finnish nature, with quality service and exceptional hospitality.

Hotel Golden Dome Kirkkopuistonkatu 28, 74100 IISALMI +358 (0)17 812 244 / +358 (0) 44 752 9196 CONTACT PERSON: Anne Hirvonen Boutique Hotel Golden Dome is located in central Iisalmi, just an hour´s drive from Kuopio Airport. It offers high quality accommodation and a unique experience with its Byzantine style. After a restful night´s sleep, a generous local food-focused breakfast is enjoyed in our Byzantine hall, with its large window painting and murals that take your thoughts to the Orthodox world. We also serve our customers individually and with full heart in the White Hall à la carte restaurant and the downstairs meeting and sauna facilities.

Hotelli IsoValkeinen Kuopio Majaniementie 2, 70420 KUOPIO FINLAND +358 17 5396100 CONTACT PERSON: Kirsi Moisander

Enjoy hotel accommodation by the nature - near the town of Kuopio Hotel IsoValkeinen Kuopio is situated beside a small lake IsoValkeinen, only 5 km from the city center of Kuopio. Hotel´s 100 hotel rooms are in 4 row houses. Rooms are spacious, non-smoking and well-equipped. Our restaurant is a cosy and atmospheric place for enjoying good food. In cooking, we always prefer clean, fresh and domestic ingredients. Hotel has also a Finnish sauna with private swimming beach. Feel free to take a dip in the lake - all year round. Welcome!

Jokiniemen Matkailu Jokiniementie 58, FIN-71910 Alapitkä +358 400 811 266 CONTACT PERSON: Ms Marita Lähdesmäki

Jokiniemen Matkailu is a family owned rural tourism destination by lake Onkivesi about 50 km north from Kuopio. We offer accomodation in 7 familysize- cottages (from 2 to 5+3 beds in each) and 6 cosy guesthouserooms. Guesthouse is recommended for individuals as well as small groups (with extrabeds max 20 pax). We also serve meals for groups by order. Cottages are located on a private peninsula apart from each other and have good basic facilities and sauna, of course. All kind of nature activities – hiking, berry- and mushroompicking, fishing, aurora watching – are close and give one the chance to experience all four seasons and slow down. Have a holiday far from rush, close to the nature!

JJ-Service Oy / Ruukin Tupa Jyrkäntie 1891, 74380 Jyrkkä +358 50 353 1897 CONTACT PERSON: Henri Jauhiainen

JJ-Service Oy / Ruukin Tupa offers a large selection of services for the traveller and outdoor enthusiastic. Situated in northern Savo, just outside the small village of Jyrkkä and in between two lakes, we are surrounded by silent wilderness. Nearest railway station Sukeva (25km) and the nearest airport can be found in Kuopio (119km). Our two spacious and modern Scandinavian-style log cabins were built in 2019 and offer a wonderful setting for an active, revigorating holiday. We offer a wide range of outdoor activities ia fishing, canoeing, hiking and hunting. Catering services can be provided all year around. In summer, from May until September, within the historical ironworks of Jyrkkä, you can enjoy our cafeteria, pub and museum, all located just beside the rapids. We support and encourage sustainable travelling. Welcome to Jyrkkä!

KalajaRetkeily Satamatie 143, 77700 Rautalampi +35840 5535975 CONTACT PERSON: Markku Utriainen

Join us on a paddling trip in the gorgeous scenery of Southern Konnevesi National Park. You can learn the basics of paddling safely under the guidance of our trained paddling instructor, see the most memorable scenes of the national park, experience the peace of nature and enjoy delicious food made of local produce and prepared by the guide. The key values of KalajaRetkeily are safety, experiences, locality, sustainable development and working alongside nature. We use only trained paddling instructors, safe and easy-to-use gears and plan our trips so that everyone can take part in them. We serve both in Finnish and English. Paddling instructor Markku Utriainen

Kasanen Holiday Cottages Kasanen Holiday Cottages Taipaleentie 525, 79330 Näädänmaa, Finland +358 50 362 0047 CONTACT PERSON: Virpi Kasanen

High-quality accommodation for individuals and small groups (4-12 persons) in Eastern Finland, Leppävirta, at the Lake Suvasvesi – a part of inland waterways of Saimaa Lake. Nearest airports are in Kuopio (111 km) and Joensuu (100 km) and can easily be reached by car. Clear-watered lake, numerous islands, neighbouring woods, and unbuilt environment, offer an excellent setting for activities like fishing, rowing and walks. Skilfully crafted log cottages come with fully fitted kitchen, spacious lounge and sauna amongst the many facilities.

Lakeland Lines Kuopio Passenger Harbour +358 440 266330 CONTACT PERSON: Noora Kivi

See the city of Kuopio from the lake Lake cruises are an excellent way to admire the views of Kuopio and the spectacular scenery of the Finnish Lakeland. You can just walk to the Kuopio passenger port in a sunny day – or why not in rainy day too – and choose your depart from various choices. There are many nice routes on the Lake Kallavesi. Saaristokaupunki route gives you a glimpse of the Capital of Lakeland’s new and old architecture – and of course diverse nature. On the Vaajasalo route you have a chance to visit the Alahovi berry wine farm. You can also enjoy drinks, meals and summer snacks on the boats. The best program onboard is to just enjoy the summer and lakeland environment. The cruises also have several events and themes during summer with a variety from musical performances to comedy.

Lapland Hotels Kuopio Puijonkatu 32, 70110 Kuopio +358 (0)17 5528800 CONTACT PERSON: Elena Chiksoeva

Lapland Hotels Kuopio draws its strength from the crisp clear northern winters and the summer’s warmth among the fells. The ambiance in our rooms is a tribute to the cosy atmosphere and top-notch quality that are characteristic of the North. Our six meeting venues on the hotel’s conference floor tell our story to groups and conference guests as well. In our magnificent setting, visitors can take a seat by the fireplace and take a tour of the vast open landscape of the North.

Lohimaa Lohitie 701, 72210 Tervo +358 (0)29 193 5070 CONTACT PERSON: Aki Siren +358 (0)400 573 564

Lohimaa Fish & Travel center located about an hour’s drive from Kuopio is well-known for its tasty fish products as well as fishing activities. Lohimaa offers fly fishing, lake fishing together with easier option of catching salmon from the ponds. Lohimaa equals high quality facilities and service, and it is concidered to be a very popular venue for weddings, birthday parties and other functions. The facilities include hotel rooms for ca. 50 persons and cabin lodging for ca. 40 persons. The great restaurant and conference facilities cater for the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Metsäkartano Metsäkartanontie 700, 73900 Rautavaara +358 (0)40 839 6352 CONTACT PERSON: Mari Kokolahti

Come and join an adventure in the deep shades of the forest in Metsäkartano Youth and Nature Centre, where the air is as clean as it can get and where you really can hear the sound of silence. Go on a guided nature expedition snowshoeing or hiking on forest trails, and have a rest by a campfire after a relaxing sauna bath. Feel the life rushing in your veins after dipping in a lake, or have the gentle waves carry your canoe on a warm summer day. Five holiday apartments, two guesthouses and a restaurant as well as plenty of facilities for activities. Metsäkartano is located only 1,5 hours from Kuopio airport and it is suitable for groups (10-80pax) and FITs.


Niemilomat Niemeläntie 248, 78200 Varkaus +358407159568 CONTACT PERSON: Reeta Halonen

Niemilomat offers both cottages and bed and breakfast style accommodation in the middle of a beautiful and idyllic countryside setting. Niemilomat is also an ideal venue for various private and corporate events, such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, conferences and company recreation events. Our restaurant serves guests by prior arrangement and has a licence to serve alcoholic drinks. At Niemilomat you can enjoy the heat of a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, take a walk along nature paths or play frisbee golf. Niemilomat is situated by Lake Unnukka, only 13 kilometres from the town of Varkaus.

Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta Savonkatu 18, 74100 IISALMI +358 10 7856 100 CONTACT PERSON: Markku Puustinen/ Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta is a warm and cosy hotel right in the centre of Iisalmi, in the heart of Upper Savo. We take such good care of our guests that they feel right at home. All our services, including the conference facilities, restaurants, and evening entertainment, are conveniently accessible, all within the same building. Also, city services, shopping and cultural attractions are within a handy walking distance. Our varied breakfast table offers a rich selection of local delicacies, such as smoked vendace or cured ham. It’s all delicious, by the way! Welcome to Iisalmi!

Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi Minna Canthin katu 16, 70100 Kuopio +358 10 7629 500 CONTACT PERSON: Jukka Hyttinen The beauty of Kuopio shines as diamonds in nature, at the market place as well as in the Savonian people. Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi is the largest hotel in Eastern Finland and yet its atmosphere is warm, homelike and jovial. Puijonsarvi is close to the heart of Savonia’s market place events and near the most beautiful green nature, just by the bluish Kallavesi Lake. You are warmly welcome as our guest on business trips, celebrations and vacations and in one trip you can combine both a vacation and work in Kuopio! Warmly welcome to the heart of Savonia Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi!

Panorama Bar Tahkomäentie 333, 73310 TAHKOVUORI +358 440 493 462 CONTACT PERSON: Harri Jokela

A RESTAURANT WITH THE BEST VIEWS IN TAHKO On top of the Tahko mountain you can find Panorama bar restaurant that has the best views and is overlooking the Syväri lake. Panorama is the best place for someone who loves a good view. When the evening gets darker, Panorama is transformed to a dinner restaurant where you are transported via a Kabiini ride. You can choose from our dinner menus: Robber’s roast, blazed salmon or fondue. You can also arrive to the restaurant by your own car via the scenic road. This season we bring to you the new scenic sauna!

J&J Liinamaa Palvelut Oy Klubitie 12, 73310 TAHKOVUORI +358 440 671808 CONTACT PERSON: Jaana Sahlman

Pehku is an unique slope restaurant on the top of Tahko. Endowed with a breathtaking scenery and relaxed atmosphere, it serves guests year-round. Slope restaurant, after ski, fondue and other delights together with sauna and a hot tub is a memorable combination for all kind of moments. Tahko´s new observation tower is located just few steps from Pehku, so feel free to enjoy the changing landscapes! In winter, the Pehku is mostly famous as an afterski place, but have you ever been there during the evening? Have fun in after ski, dance on tables, stay for relaxing, wood-heated Finnish sauna and suite. The feeling of an authentic fondue restaurant that serves with a big heart. Pehku has a really unique atmosphere that leads you back in time. Open daily and reachable by skis (during ski lift hours), by car and via winter outdoor trails. Pehku´s after ski is at its best on weekend afternoons.

Puijo Peak Oy Puijontie 135, 70300 Kuopio tel. +358 41 317 9719 CONTACT PERSON: Merja Syrjänen

PUIJO – NATURALLY Welcome to Puijo – where forest, fun and locally-grown food come together to create unforgettable experiences. Exciting year-round activities, world-class cuisine and stunning panoramic Lakeland views from Puijo Tower. Puijo Tower and restaurants are open all year round. Top activities: scenic private lunch for groups, virtual ski jump experience, visit at Puijo HS127 Ski jumping tower, guided tour on Puijo and Puijo Tower, guided tour with snowshoes, husky sledge ride.

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti Katiskaniementie 8, 70700 KUOPIO +358-3060830 CONTACT PERSON: Liisa Koponen

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti located 5 kms south from Kuopio. Spa hotel rooms and apartments (36-67 m²). Spa area with pools and saunas, treatments. Variety of leisure programmes (also guided activities for groups), equipment hire, buffet & à la carte services as well dance/karaoke evenings. 600 m from the hotel there is unique lumberjack’s lodge Jätkänkämppä which offers traditional, public smoke sauna evenings for individuals with delicious traditional buffet, live accordion music and the visit in the real smoke sauna. Jätkänkämppä is available for groups on request.

Matkailukeskus Kuopion Saana Oy Siikaranta 12, 70620 Kuopio +358 44 724 09 40 CONTACT PERSON: Karoliina Rnjak

Kuopion Saana combines Finnish sauna experience, excellent restaurant services as well as numerous events and activities in one location. These services together with the exceptional architecture and unique location right by the Kallavesi lake, makes the Saana one of the most interesting place to visit in Lakeland area. You can relax in our spa, that has a 30-seat mixed-gender sauna, an indoor hot tub, an experience shower and heated loungers. The outdoor area of the spa has a smoke sauna and two heated pools. After 2 hours sauna experience it´s time to taste the great dishes of the Saana restaurant. The tasty food is generated from high-quality raw materials, which have been provided by local producers always when possible. Beside the local food, Saana offers also a wide range of local drinks. The RPS Brewery and Lingnell & Piispanen distillery are situated under 1 km from Saana.

Sahala Health Sahalantie 41,77700 Rautalampi +358 40 8385599 CONTACT PERSON: Jaana Jauhiainen

SAHALA HEALTH is a unique mixture of peace of nature, adventures and rare moments in the nature connected with deep understanding of physical and social health. Our expertise includes also SAUNA health and enjoyment with treatments, healthy and genuine natural food, preventive health information, health measurements and treatments and nature hiking in many ways like paddling, rowing and walking. We are also experts in forest camping by open fires and firewood stove heated tents. Where: Rautalampi municipality is 330 km from Helsinki How: Nearest airport is in Kuopio (70 km), train station is Suonenjoki (20 km). Group size: 4 - 30 Accommondation: Sahala Estate offers farm style rooms, or local modern cabins, or nearby town hotels.

Scandic Kuopio Satamakatu 1, 70100 Kuopio, Finland +358 17 195 111 Hotel reception: Group sales:

Scandic Atlas Haapaniemenkatu 22, 70110 Kuopio +358 300 8704 23 Hotel reception: Group sales:

Enjoy best locations of Kuopio by staying at Scandic hotels. Friendly service, large buffet breakfast and fast wifi are always included. Scandic Kuopio by the lake Kallavesi near the centre of Kuopio offers elegant rooms, relax area with gym, swimming pool and sauna, Scandinavian restaurant Bord and meeting rooms up to 500 people. Scandic Atlas is elegant city centre hotel in the heart of Kuopio market place and offers Grillsson steak house restaurant, meeting rooms up to 100 people and sauna.

Blue Pearl

Sininen Helmi - Blue Pearl Hankaniementie 110, 74700 Kiuruvesi +358 40 705 0428 CONTACT PERSON: Jaana Saastamoinen

Come and enjoy of the unique 19th century atmosphere of Sininen Helmi (Blue Pearl). Blue Pearl is located in Kiuruvesi, on the shore of Lake Kiuru in Northern Savo, about 1,5- hour drive from Kuopio. Hotel-restaurant Sininen Helmi is suitable for individual guests and groups. The Blue Pearl has a 200-year-old mansion as its main building. The mansion accommodates about 100 people. The mansion has a hall with reception / bar, cooking- and catering facilities. The premises have licensing rights and we serve as an on-request restaurant. In the yard there is a hotel with 10 allergy-free double rooms and accommodation with breakfast and a normal sauna. Smoke sauna upon request. The wood-fired beach sauna features a fireplace, seating area with dining facilities, and dining. There is a smoke sauna next to the lakeside sauna. Winter activities; ice swimming, skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Summer activities; swimming, hiking, boating and angling. We also provide various beauty services; Peat sauna, foot- and hand treatments and facials on request, yoga, sound cup treatments and guided exercises. Welcome to the atmosphere of the country manor Blue Pearl.

Spa Hotel Runni oy Runnintie 407. 74595 Runni Sales Office tel +358 17 768 751

Renewed Runni Spa Hotel is located in Iisalmi in the middle of Finland. We offer wellness treatments, comfortable air-conditioned rooms, cosy meeting rooms, a gorgeous smoke sauna house and relaxing spa department. Hotel has entertaining happenings and activities from dance to karaoke around the year. Runni Spa has roots all the way to the 1700 century; We are famous of our special fountain and healthy miracle water. Welcome to Northern Savo!

PNT Active Oy/Tahko Chalet Kultapallo 1, 73310 Tahkovuori +358 17 483 200 CONTACT PERSON: Jaana Holopainen

In the heart of the largest lake district in Europe, Finnish Lakeland and Tahko Chalet invites you to come and enjoy the purest air and water in the world, nightless summer nights, wild nature with fresh berries, mushrooms, northern lights and white, clean snow. Bring your family, friends or business partners to enjoy golf, fishing, skiing, e-biking or hiking in our beautiful Kuopio-Tahko region. Tahko Chalet is a Finnish, family-owned hospitality company providing quality accommodation, superb villas and apartments, unique restaurants, banqueting and conference services. Tahko holiday resort is easily accessible from Kuopio airport with 7 daily flights, public transport and taxis. Join us in the middle of nowhere!

TAHKOcom Tahkolaaksontie 4A 73310 Tahkovuori, Finland



TAHKOcom is the central booking agency for all travel services in Tahko holiday resort. Our selection of different accommodations include over 800 different choices from hotel rooms to cottages. Tahko is situated just 45 minutes from the Kuopio airport. It’s a great place to spend a holiday with your family, friends or by yourself, enjoying the peacefulness of Finnish nature. Snow-covered hills and green valleys, untouched forests with berries & mushrooms and clean lakes full of fish – this is not a dream, this is Tahko! Majoituspalvelut Syvärinkaari 12 C&D, 73310 Tahkovuori +358 20 7343590 CONTACT PERSON: Markku Toivanen Majoituspalvelut ( 50 km from Kuopio Airport. Cozy apartments for groups locate heart of Tahko holiday area, near by all services and activities. Apartments Anna; Alpine style apartments for up to 72 people. Apartments Huili; for active vacationers, up to 40 people. All apartments have a well-equipped kitchen and sauna. Free wifi. Spacious parking. We have a local family business and therefore we have a good knowledge on the Tahko area. We will be happy to help you organize transportation, activities, meals and other travel programs.

Tahkonrinteet Tahkolaaksontie 1, 73310 Tahkovuori +358 29 170 7030 CONTACT PERSON: Pasi Martikainen

Tahko ski resort is famous for its perfectly-groomed slopes which you can enjoy from December to April. The slopes range from the easy ones suitable for beginners to those where international competitions are held. If you prefer freestyle, Tahko Freestyle Park and Tahko Kids Slopestyle have rails and boxes for you to test your skills. Tahko Ski School organizes courses and private lessons for people of all ages. Kuopio airport is located about 50 km from Tahko. The nearest railway stations are located in Siilinjärvi (about 40 km) and in Kuopio (about 60 km). In the winter season you can use the service of our free SkiBus around the Tahko area. In the summer time you can enjoy the nine downhill tracks and several other mountain bike routes around the slope area. The chairlift operates in three days a week and makes it easy to reach the top – whether you are just going to enjoy the scenery or having fun with a bike. The famous Tahko stairs are at your free disposal. 1054 steps of wooden stairs to run from the bottom to top. Tahko’s newest year-round attraction, the observation tower, rises almost 200 meters above lake Syväri and offers great views.


Tahko Spa Hotel is a year-round holiday destination offering high-quality accommodation and a wide choice of sport and leisure services, including pool area, bowling alley, restaurants, meeting facilities, multifunction arena, chapel and gym. Suites and apartments with private saunas, a fully-equipped kitchen, free WIFI and spacious, glassed balconies. Apartments are all about quality. Here, everything is in its place and designed keeping the customer in mind. The apartments come in five different sizes.

Törmälän loma- ja kurssikeskus Oy Konnekoskentie 552, 77700 Rautalampi +358 40 558 2439 CONTACT PERSON: Matti Varis

Törmälä is a place for peace and quiet, integration and growth. An ideal destination for nature lovers, hikers, campers and fishing enthusiasts. Our delicious meals are cooked and baked at the premises. We serve home-cooked meals that are prepared with pure, mostly domestic ingredients produced in the local area. Whether you stay for one night or several days, you’ll be sure to have a great time!

Vanha Maamies Oy Jalkalantie 160, 77600 Suonenjoki +358 40 515 1313 CONTACT PERSON: Linda Immonen

In the middle of peaceful nature in Suonenjoki is something that can not be explaned with words. Something you need to experience yourself. The place is called Vanha Maamies. Vanha Maamies offers you various possibilities for relaxing or being active. For example in winter you can skate and ski on a lake or in the forest. In summer you can walk in beautiful nature and paddle with SUP board on a lake. Sauna will be warm every evening. We welcome you as our guest! Let´s make your visit unforgettable!

Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis Oy Vokkolantie 1, 79100 Leppävirta 029 170 0170 CONTACT PERSON: Anne Lantto

Vesileppis is an active super center located in the Lakeland area with just an hour’s drive from the Kuopio airport. We quite literally have everything: Moomin ice sculpture exhibition, spa hotel, underground cross-country skiing slope, ice-hockey rink, bowling alley, adventure park, gyms, sports training groups, multipurpose arena, climbing wall, disc golf, minigolf, restaurants and so on. Vesileppis organizes tons of concerts, business meetings, field trips and other events. We make everything as smooth and easy as possible for our customers. Welcome!


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