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Saving Sight is a nonprofit organization that changes lives through the gift of sight and charitable vision services. We were founded in 1960 as an eye bank in central Missouri, and today, our vision programs serve more than 100,000 people in local communities around the world. We strive to be the global partnership model for how eye banking and charitable vision services can most effectively serve people and communities.

Great things can be achieved when dedicated, passionate people approach the work of changing lives in a strategic way. We knew that when we worked with our stakeholders to develop Saving Sight’s first strategic plan in February of 2013. But when we completed that strategic plan this past year, 12 months ahead of schedule, we were amazed at the growth our 55-year-old organization had made in the past year. In the pages that follow, you’ll read about some of the major accomplishments Saving Sight realized in 2014-2015. You’ll read about how we: • Formalized a volunteer program, establishing a full-time volunteer coordinator and training 57 volunteers to aid in our work; • Enhanced follow-up efforts for children referred for an eye exam through our KidSight program; • Partnered with nonprofit ReSpectacle to expand distribution of glasses through our Eyeglass Recycling Program; • Grew our international tissue distribution network to bring the gift of sight to more people. The result of this strategic growth? Together, we changed more lives by saving sight in local communities and around the world over the past year than any other year in our history. While we have a talented staff that embrace the difference they can make in the communities we serve each day, the work of Saving Sight is collaborative. We are only able to change lives because of our generous donors, partners, volunteers and financial contributors who believe in our mission to save sight. Join us in celebrating the success of our work together this past year, but then renew your commitment to our mission. There are more lives to change, and with your help, we’re poised to save the sight of more than ever before in 2015-2016.


PCC Al Blumenberg President, Board of Directors

Tony Bavuso Chief Executive Officer

Planning Success

PLANNING SUCCESS During the 2014-2015 fiscal year, Saving Sight completed its first strategic plan, accomplishing objectives tied to the organization’s goal, “to successfully anticipate and respond to changes in the health care environment, serving larger numbers of people across the Midwest and around the world.”

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Planning Success





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Planning Success

GROW HIGH-IMPACT CHARITABLE PROGRAMS Completed year two of a grant with the Missouri Foundation for Health to enhance the impact of our KidSight vision screening program, increasing the percentage of parents taking their child to an eye care professional after a screening from 24% to 67%.

Formed a partnership with nonprofit ReSpectacle to process recycled eyeglasses for their online database, saving sight for potentially thousands more on an annual basis.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 6

Assisted in coordinating a mission trip of local volunteers traveling to Toluca City, Mexico to distribute recycled eyeglasses.

Planning Success

GENERATE ADDITIONAL REVENUE Expanded our ocular tissue services to offer corneal tissue prepared for Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) to surgeons, providing more opportunities to connect patients to the gift of sight.

Held an inaugural fundraising event, Shoot for Sight, raising over $10,000 in support of Saving Sight’s charitable vision programs.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 7

Continued to expand Saving Sight’s Autologous Serum Eye Drop program to fulfill 159 requests for patients in Missouri.

Planning Success

RAISE AWARENESS OF OUR ORGANIZATION AMONG KEY STAKEHOLDER GROUPS Formalized an organization volunteer program led by a volunteer coordinator, training 57 individuals to carry out essential volunteer duties in our charitable vision programs.

Developed and began carrying out a partner relations plan to improve relationships and optimize collaboration opportunities with partners in the eye donation process.

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Planning Success

BUILD A HIGH-PERFORMANCE, HIGH-SATISFACTION ORGANIZATION Carried out a leadership rounding project to gain feedback from staff at all levels on how to improve organizational processes.

Worked as a managerial leadership team to define Saving Sight’s existing and ideal corporate culture, and began mapping out a process to move toward ideal culture.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 9

Completed a training program to introduce and implement the Carver Model of policy governance for our board of directors.

Cornea Donation & Transplantation

CORNEA DISTRIBUTION Since 1960, Saving Sight has coordinated cornea donation and the distribution of corneas for transplant. In 2014-2015 we distributed:

3,078 corneas for transplant to help people receive the precious gift of sight.

36.2% in our Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois communities, 21.3% across the rest of the United States and 42.5% internationally.

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05-06 2,030

06-07 2,296

07-08 2 ,1 9 7

08-09 2,567

09-10 2,869

10-11 2,905

11-12 2,375

12-13 2,578

13-14 2 ,7 7 1

14-15 3 ,0 7 8

Cornea Donation & Transplantation


Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 12

Cornea Donation & Transplantation

ANNE As a teacher and artist, Anne was diagnosed with Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy, which, if left untreated, would have blinded her left eye. Her vision deteriorated to the extent that she required the transplantation of corneal tissue from a generous eye donor. Today, Anne’s vision has significantly improved, allowing her to create artwork for her friends and acquaintances and remain active in her community as the planning commissioner. Scan the QR code to watch Anne tell how the gift of sight through eye donation has changed her life.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 13

Cornea Donation & Transplantation

RESEARCH TISSUE SAVING SIGHT Eye donors give the gift of sight through cornea transplants, but also have the opportunity to change the lives of those affected by eye conditions by providing tissue for research and education. Saving Sight distributed 963 corneas and eye tissues to 32 research teams investigating the eye and eye conditions.

443 corneas and eye tissues were distributed to 26 educational and training facilities to train eye care and vision professionals.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 14

Cornea Donation & Transplantation

UNDERSTANDING DISEASES FOR BETTER TREATMENT OPTIONS Researchers at the University of California, Davis receive research tissue from Saving Sight to better understand how different qualities of the cornea might connect to blinding eye diseases. Specifically, they study the stiffness of the cornea and how it relates to the onset and progression of diseases like glaucoma and Fuch’s corneal dystrophy. These studies are designed to help the medical community understand how to better treat patients with these diseases to save sight.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 15

KidSight Vision Screening Program

KIDSIGHT Using a photoscreening device, we quickly and noninvasively screen children ages 6 months to 6 years old for common causes of childhood vision loss and follow up with parents to ensure children get the eye care they need.

Our trained technicians and volunteers have screened more than 392,353 Missouri Children since 1995. This year, we screened a record of 59,426 children. We referred 3,831 at-risk children to eye care professionals after a screening, with 67% receiving follow-up care.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 16


05-06 1 4 ,7 0 5

06-07 1 6 ,1 4 1

07-08 1 9, 2 2 7

08-09 21,569

09-10 33,839

10-11 38,363

11-12 42,650

12-13 43,213

13-14 45,668

14-15 59,426

KidSight Vision Screening Program

FOLLOW-UP EFFORTS SEE BIG RESULTS In 2015, Saving Sight completed the second year of a three year grant awarded by the Missouri Foundation for Health to expand and improve the post-screening referral component of the KidSight vision screening program. The grant has supported a full-time impact coordinator who has developed relationships with eye care professionals and followed up individually with families of referred children to find eye care providers, navigate financial aid opportunities when necessary and ultimately ensure kids get the eye care they need. Support from the William J. Brace Charitable Trust allowed KidSight to extend follow-up efforts to 4 counties in the Kansas City metropolitan area in 2014-2015. In total, follow-up efforts reached 3 out of every 4 children referred by KidSight. During 2014-2015, 91% of responding parents took their child to see an eye doctor.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 18

KidSight Vision Screening Program

HEALTHY VISION DAY KidSight offers a preventive health service, but we also recognize that prevention of childhood vision loss begins with education. Beginning with support from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis, Healthy Vision Day added an interactive educational component to KidSight screenings. The program provided materials to the children we screen – as well as their parents and teachers – about childhood vision health best practices. Generous support from The Columbia Foundation and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks allowed us to expand the program to Boone County and metropolitan Springfield, Missouri.

The Columbia Foundation also granted support to provide these materials online and introduce the world to our KidSight mascot, Seymour the Lion, who guides families through eye exams and healthy practices for childhood vision.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 19

KidSight Vision Screening Program


Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 20

KidSight Vision Screening Program

COLTON Like most children with vision problems, 4-year-old Colton adapted without any complaints. But thanks to a KidSight vision screening, Colton’s parents were able to get him the eye care he needed. Today, with his vision improving, Colton is active with children his age enjoying school, baseball, and his family. Scan the QR code to watch his mother, Kristina, recount how the KidSight screening helped change Colton’s life for the better.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 21

Eyeglass Recycling Program


Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 22

Eyeglass Recycling Program

EYEGLASS RECYCLING With the help of local Lions and volunteers, Saving Sight collects and processes used eyeglasses and distributes them to people in need through its Eyeglass Recycling Program. Scan the QR code to learn how the program changes lives.

30,200 pairs of recycled glasses were distributed to people in need through 9 humanitarian groups in 2014-2015. Saving Sight also coordinated volunteers for a Lions eyeglass mission clinic which brought recycled glasses to 1,197 people in Toluca City, Mexico in May, 2015. “Every few minutes you would observe or hear another person see for the first time, whether it was a 3 year old or an 88 year old, and I wondered what took me so long to help,” said Doris, a Lion who volunteered on the trip. “I’m already packed and ready for the next trip . . . places to go and people ‘to see!’”

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 23

Volunteer Program


On A Mission

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 24

Volunteer Program

VOLUNTEERS Our volunteers dedicated nearly 4,500 hours to bring additional scope, depth, knowledge, and personal experience to our sight-saving programs. Volunteers & KidSight technicians screened 2,076 adults for glaucoma at Healthy Vision Screenings throughout Missouri.

The second annual Lions L.E.A.D. Weekend brought together 57 volunteers from across Missouri to learn about Saving Sight’s programs.

Lions and volunteers in Kansas helped carry out Saving Sight’s largest donor designation booth of the year at the 2014 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson. Overall, 28 volunteers provided 143 hours of volunteer service to educate Kansans about organ, eye and tissue donation.

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 25


FINANCIALS INCOME AND EXPENSES Total Income: $9,404,903.00 Expenses: Program $6,621,388.00 Fundraising $156,173.00 Administrative $3,410,478.00 Ending Net Assets:


Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 26




KidSight 6% Eye Bank 79%

OPERATING REVENUES Contributions 5% Donor Services


Eye Bank 89%

FUNDRAISING Bequests 5% Corporations 3% Events 3% Grants 29% Individuals 10% Lions Clubs 50%

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 27

Your Gift Changes Lives By Saving Sight | Gifts July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

YOUR GIFT CHANGES LIVES BY SAVING SIGHT While the largest portion of Saving Sight’s revenue comes as a result of our eye bank operations, our community charitable vision programs operate thanks to generous financial donations. Our KidSight and Eyeglass Recycling programs – with budgets totaling over $350,000 – are made possible by individuals, organizations and institutions that support our mission to change lives by saving sight.


Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 28

Your Gift Changes Lives By Saving Sight | Gifts July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015



Lion Sight Saver

Lion Patron

Gifts of $2000 and more

Gifts of $1000-$1999

Cape Girardeau Lions Columbia 20/20 Lions Concord Village Lions First Capitol Lions Hermann Lions Jefferson City Host Lions Jonesburg Lions Lions All-Star Basketball Classic, District 26-M6 Lions Eye Foundation of District 26-M2 Maryville Host Lions

Millersburg Lions Missouri Lions District 26-M3 Missouri Lions Multiple District 26 Owensville Lions Past District Governor’s Association, District 26-M5 St. Ferdinand Township Lions St. Louis South Side Lions Sight Foundation of District 26-M3 Wardsville Lions Webster Groves Lions West St. Louis County Lions

Boonville Lions Bowling Green Lions Columbia Rockbridge Lions Creve Coeur Lions Ellisville Lions Hamilton Lions Harvester Lions Independence Noland Road Lions Jefferson City Evening Lions Lake Winnebago Lions Lemay Jefferson Barracks Lions Long Lane Lions

Maryville Pride Lions Monett Lions Paris Lions Prairie Home Lions Rolla Lions Sainte Genevieve Lions Sedalia Lions Sedalia State Fair Lions Sikeston Lions St. Charles Lions St. Joseph East Side Lions Washington Lions

Lion Benefactor Gifts up to $999 Alma Lions Auxvasse Lions Beaufort Lions Belton Bel Ray Sunrise Lions Bonhomme Lions Branson-Hollister Lions Braymer Lions Brazito-Honey Creek Lions Brentwood Lions Brookfield Lions Bunceton Lions Cairo-Jacksonville Lions Cape Girardeau Evening Lions Carl Junction Lions Charleston Lions Chesterfield Lions Christian County Lions Clarksdale Lions Columbia Community Lions Columbia Host Lions Cosby Lions Cuba Lions Diamond Lions District 14R Lions East Perry County Lions El Dorado Springs Lions Eldon Lions Elkland Lions Fairport Lions Faucett Lions Ferguson Lions Forsyth Lions Fort Leonard Wood Lions Freistatt Lions

Fulton Host Lions Gainesville Lions Gallatin Lake Viking Lions Gallatin Lions Gentry Lions Golden City Lions Green City Lions Harrisonville Lions Higginsville Lions Higginsville-Lafayette Lions High Hill Lions Hopkins Lions House Springs Lions Houston Lions Hurricane Deck Lions Independence Host Lions Jefferson City Breakfast Lions Jefferson City Capital Lions Jonesburg Lionesses Joplin Host Lions Kahoka Lions Kansas City Red Bridge Lionesses Kearney Lions Kennett Lions Kimberling City Lions Knob Noster Lions La Plata Lions Lake St. Louis Lions Laredo Lions Lebanon Host Lions Lee’s Summit Lions Leeton Lions Lexington Lions

Lions of Wyoming - District 15 Lockwood Lions Lohman Lions Louisburg Lions Louisiana Lions Macon Lions Madison Lioness Madison Lions Malden Lions Maplewood Lions Marceline Lions Marionville Lions Marshall Lions Mayview Lions Mendon Lions Meramec Heights Lions Mexico Host Lions Mexico Noon Lions Miller Lions Missouri Lions District 26-M1 Missouri Lions District 26-M2 Missouri Lions District 26-M4 Missouri Lions District 26-M5 Missouri Lions District 26-M7 Moscow Mills Lions Nelson Lions Nevada Lions New Florence Lions Norborne Lions Northwest Texas County Lions O’Fallon Lions Old Monroe Lions Past District Governors of District 26 M2

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 29

Patton Lions Pickering Lions Platte City Lions Pleasant Hill Lions Raymore Lions Republic Lions Richwoods Lions Salisbury Lions Savannah Lions Seymour Lions Smithville Lions Springfield Evening Lions Springfield Host Lions Springfield Queen City Lions St. Joseph South Side Lions St. Louis Downtown Lions St. Louis Harmony Lions St. Louis University Lions Club Stockton Lions Stover Lions Tipton Lions Trenton Lions Unionville Lions Wappapello Lions Warrensburg Lions Waverly Lions Wellington Lions Wentzville Lions West Plains Lions Weston Lions Wildwood Area Lions Willow Springs Lions Woodson Terrace Lions

Your Gift Changes Lives By Saving Sight | Gifts July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

Circle of Sight Giving Champion


Gifts of $2500 or more

Gifts of $1000-$2499

William J. Brace Charitable Trust The Columbia Foundation Community Foundation of the Ozarks Darr Family Foundation The Missouri Foundation for Health Stafford Family Charitable Trust Bess Spiva Timmons Foundation

Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories PCC Al & PDG Debbie Blumenberg Boone County National Bank & Central Trust & Investment Mr. Wayne & PDG Jene Crook Ruth A. Dvorak Charitable Trust Mr. David Frech The Kerr Foundation, Inc. Machens Automotive Group Ms. Myrtle Meyer MFA Foundation PDG Stuart & Lion Marlene Payne PDG & Lion John & Kathy Reese



Gifts of $500-$999

Gifts of $250-$499

Alabama Eye Bank Ms. Bobbi Bash Mr. Douglas Black Mrs. Eleanor Goodwin Mr. Robert Haupt Dr. Michael & Lynn Korenfeld Lion & Mrs. Allen & Ruth Lohsandt Mrs. Geraldine Nelson Mrs. Sharon Nicholls Mr. & Mrs. John & Theresa Ollinger Ms. Jane Phillips Dr. Dan & Mrs. Rhonda Schoenleber Mrs. Jean Sippy Mr. Lewis Southerland PDG Jerry & Lion Judy Young

Mr. & Mrs. John & Kim Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Julie Bavuso PCC Dan & Lion Sally Bernskoetter Ms. Ann Carney Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sheila Fields Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Sandra Gough Dr. Susan Holley Mrs. Jane Hood Kiwanis Club of Hays Inc Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Annie Kuhl Mr. & Mrs. Lance & Tina Livesay Mr. Mirna Mora Lion Dr. Daniel Obermark/Obermark Eye Health Care Mrs. Eleanor Ramsey Mrs. Madonna Riesenmy RSH & Associates, LLC Mr. Joseph Stockbauer Walmart Foundation Mrs. Ila Watts

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Your Gift Changes Lives By Saving Sight | Gifts July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

Protector Gifts of $100-$249 Mrs. Paula Amos Ms. Eva Andres Ms. Virginia Antweiler Mr. Karl Arnold Mr. Victor Arnold ATG Labs, Inc Mr. Gary Bachus Bach-Yager Funeral Chapel Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jenifer Banks Mr. & Mrs. Peter Beckers Mrs. Hilda Benge Mr. & Mrs. Maurice & Mary Benskin Mr. Carl Blunck Bob’s Grading Mrs. Shirley Boren Ms. Elizabeth Boyce Mrs. Sharon Bryson Ms. Donna Burkemper Mrs. Jonina Buterbaugh Mr. Fredrick Caldwell Mr. Billy Campbell Cheryl Kelly - State Farm Insurance Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chiles Mr. William Clarkson Mr. William Frazier Conner Ms. Frances Cooper Dr. James Crockett Cunningham Construction Co. Mrs. Carol Dammerman Mr. Jerry Davis Mr. George Davis Ms. Mae Davis Mr. Richard Davis Mr. Robert Duddy Mr. & Mrs. Terry Dunscombe Ms. Aprill Edgeworth Elite Barber Shop Ms. Marlene Ennis Mrs. Barbara Eschenheimer Eskew Mechanical Contractors Ms. Teresa Farmer Mr. Thomas Feiman Mrs. Rosaetta Fields Ms. Charlene Friedman Mr. Donald Garner Mrs. Mary Ann Gerdes Mrs. Patricia Gerstenkorn Mr. Ray Giesler

Mrs. Lois Gilham Mr. Laurence Graham Lions Walter & Kay Green Mr. & Mrs. Rex Gump Mr. & Mrs. Lavell & Linda Hale PDG Walt & Lion Karen Hamer Mr. & Mrs. John Harper Mr. Ronald Heinz Ms. Leona Henschen Ms. Georgia High Mr. Larry Hill Mrs. Nancy Hoglund Holman Howe Funeral Homes Mr. Michael Horton Huber & Associates, Inc. Ms. Rosann Huninghake JB Plumbing LLC Mr. David Jeffrey Ms. Jerri Knight Mr. Lyle Krohn Mr. Leslie Lafon Mr. Patrick Leach Mr. Bernard Lee Ms. Alline Leise Dr. & Mrs. Alan & Vilma Levi Mr. Dan Lewis Mrs. Norma Lockwood Ms. Theda Loehr Mr. Steven Lucas Mr. Joe Mahan Mr. Bruce Maier Mrs. Jackie Malling Mr. & Mrs. John & Kathleen Manion PCC Ron & Sharol McMullin Mr. John Meiners Ms. Dorothy Merrill Mr. & Mrs. James Miller Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Joy Morgan Ms. Reta Nicholson PCC Don & Lion Betty Noland Ms. Tamara Oberbeck Ms. Donnette Oehmke Mrs. Orma Offill Mr. Joseph Oldham Ms. Caroline Overton Penman & Winton Consulting Ms. Martha Petersen Mr. Robert Pirmantgen

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 31

Ms. Mary Pogson Powder Horn Guns & Archery Mr. Jack Powell Mr. Dan Raterman Lion Shirley Re Mr. & Mrs. David & Susan Reith Mrs. Barbara Reno Riback DKB Ms. Virginia Riley Mr. Thomas Rocco Capt. Jerome Roppel, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Elias & Margaret Ross Ms. Elda Ruckrigel PDG Ken & Olivia Schimel Bishop Stanley Schlarman Mr. Steven Schobert Mrs. Marilyn Sheffield Show-Me Heating Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Miriam Sieve Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Caroline Signor Ms. Effie Simmons Mr. Bruce Simpson Mr. Don Smith Mrs. Kay Smith Socket Telecom LLC Spicewine Ironworks Mr. John Staats Ms. Hannelore Stegenga Ms. Shirley Steinmeyer Mr. Dale Swindler Mrs. Mary Tersinar Mrs. Elaine Thomason Ms. Helen L. Thompson Ms. Laurel Veazey Mr. & Mrs. John & Christa Vizner Mrs. Denise Voyles Mr. David Walker Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Anne Walton Mrs. Margaret Watson Mrs. Toni Webb Mr. Casey Williamson Mrs. Alice Wisdom Mrs. Mary Witt Ms. Madonna Wolff Mr. Edmond Wolfram Worldwide ERC, Inc. Mr. Robert Zakon

Your Gift Changes Lives By Saving Sight | Gifts July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

Friends Gifts up to $99 Ms. Annie Adams Mrs. Nancy Alford Mr. Henry W. Allhoff Ms. Linda Amick Ms. Virginia Antweiler Ms. Sylvia Armstrong Ms. Vida Ashley Mrs. Barbara Azzam Mr. & Mrs. Brad & Dorothy Baker Ms. Brenda Barber Mr. Albert Barnett Mr. Donald Barr Ms. Jane Barry Ms. Lucy Bednekoff Ms. Dorothy Beesley Mr. & Mrs. William & Shirley Beneke Mr. Garrett Benskin Ms. Phyllis Birtles Mrs. Mary Blake Mr. & Mrs. Archie & Judy Blocher Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City Mr. & Mrs. John & Linda Bober Mr. David Borlin Bugs Fear Us LLC Mr. & Mrs. Warren & Marjorie Bunck Ms. Marcella Burford Mrs. Gloria Burt Mr. & Mrs. James & Anne Campbell Ms. Miriam Carroll Mrs. Carol Chapman Ms. Ruth Chiodini Mrs. Janice Church Mr. Kenneth Clark Mr. Clayton Clark Mrs. Joanna Clemence Mrs. Beverly Cockrell Mr. Jay Cohn Mr. Brian Coleman Mr. Paul Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Josh & Whitney Conard Mrs. Mary Ann Coulter Mr. & Mrs. James & Gayle Cox Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Mary Creason Mr. & Mrs. Michael Darby Mrs. Luella Davin Mrs. Susan Dean Mrs. Ann Dechant Ms. Mary Deill Mr. Byron Delamatre Mr. Stu Devone Mr. D. Dean Doitchinoff Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Karen Doorack Ms. Helen Duerksen Mr. James Duitsman Mr. John Dunbar Mrs. Gaberella Dunn Ms. Betty Duschl

Ms. Tish Dwiggins Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Judith Dyke Mrs. Susan Echterling Mr. Jeff Eckert Mrs. Jo Ellen Elam Ms. Shirley Elskamp Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Joyce Embree Mrs. Sandra Eppinger Mr. George Estabrook Mrs. Aubrey Farris Mr. Richard Fede Ms. Judy Fehling Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Ann Felkel Ms. Trish Fetters Ms. Margaret Finke Mrs. Sue Fisher Mr. & Mrs. David & Lisa Fitzler Mr. Gene Foley Mr. William Forbis Mr. John Forderhase Mrs. Betty Fraley Mrs. Christine Franks Ms. Syble Fry Mrs. Constance Fryatt Mrs. Sondra Gabriel Ms. Carla Galloway Mr. Alvin Gerstner Mr. & Mrs. Ray Goings Mrs. Joan Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Stanley & Carla Grant Mr. George Griswell Ms. Mary Guest Mrs. Marguerite Guthrie Ms. Melissa Hale Mrs. Patsy Hall Mrs. Ella Harbaugh Ms. Donna Harden Mrs. Alita Harrington Ms. Bonnie Harty Mrs. Eleanore Haughton Ms. Darlene Haynes Heartland 24/7 Shooting Supplies LLC Ms. Stephanie Heater Ms. Edith Hegg Ms. Mary Heide Ms. Amy Henry Mrs. Mary A. Hill Mr. Roy Garey Hodge Mr. William Hoffman Mrs. Sue Hoffman Ms. Dorlene House Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Kathleen Huber Mrs. June Huelsmann Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer & Jo Ann Huffman Ms. Essie Hurt Independence National Education Association

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 32

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin & Leslie Ingles Mrs. Darlene Isaacs Ms. Joan Jendras Mrs. Eleanor Jones Ms. Lynn Kerrigan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kile Mr. Tommy Kinsch Ms. Mary Kirby Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick Mr. Ron Knoop Mr. Roger Kohl Mrs. Rebecca Kravitz Mr. Ben Kutz Mrs. Betty LaJaunie Ms. Linda Landel Mr. David Laplante Mr. Michael Lauer Mrs. Ernestine Lawrence Mr. Dave Lene Mrs. Dorothy Levy Mrs. Dolores Lewis Mr. William Lewis SA Lodewyck Ms. Cindy Lucas Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Sharon Lybarger Ms. Barbara Maclean Mr. & Mrs. Leo & Gail Madden Mr. Aaron Madrid Mr. James Maendele Mr. & Mrs. Dave & Jean Manning Mr. Norman Martin Mrs. Susan Mayes Mr. & Mrs. Harold & Linda McCampbell Ms. Juanita McCreight Mrs. Diane McCullough Ms. Ione McIntyre Mrs. Virginia Medic Medical-Surgical Eye Care, P.A. Mrs. Juanita Meeks Mr. & Mrs. John & Kay Meyer Mr. Lawrence Meyr Ms. Sandra Mikulich Mrs. Patricia Miller Mrs. Kay Miller Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Linda Miller Mr. Donald Mischke Mr. Eugene Mitchell Mr. H.W. Moehle Mr. James J. Moran II Mrs. Maxine Morin Mr. Jason Mott Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Arletta Nelson Ms. Patty Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Wanda Nickles Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Kimberly Noland Mrs. Vivian Norton Mr. James Orwig

Your Gift Changes Lives By Saving Sight | Gifts July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

Gifts in Memory Ms. Jo Ann Osborn Mr. Wilbur Osbourne Mrs. Leta Mae Owen Mr. William Oyler Mrs. Patty Palmer Mr. Shawn Parent Dr. & Mrs. K.A. & Elizabeth Parry Mr. Vernon Pauley Ms. Helen Pearl Mr. Tim Peery Ms. Elfriede Pence Mrs. Janet Penrose Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Connie Pentz Mr. Anthony Petrullo Mrs. Oleta Pieratt Mr. James Pitman Mr. Sammy Porter Mr. Joe Powers Mr. Arsenio Quanguey Mr. Bill Quinley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Marleen Ramsey Mrs. Shelly Rasley Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Sondra Retherford Mr. Shawn Ripley Mr. David Rochester Mrs. Fortunata Rodillas Mr. Bobbie Ross Mr. & Mrs. David & Joann Ross Mrs. Alice Ruble Mr. & Mrs. David & Anne Rudder Mrs. Mary Russell Mrs. Norma Russell Ms. Madalyn Schnieders Ms. Ann Schonhoff Mrs. Marilyn Schoonover Mr. Marvin Scott Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Karen Shaw Mrs. Mary Shoudel Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Betty Sieckmann Mr. & Mrs. David & Mary Skiles Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Joyce Smith Ms. Ava Nell Smith Ms. Beverly Snider Mr. Emmet Spearing Mr. Wilson Speer Ms. Carolyn Spier Ms. Marguerite Spurling Lion Wesley Stemme Mr. & Mrs. Chad & Melissa Stephenson Mrs. Charlene Stewart Mrs. Cheryl Stolte Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Janice Stotler Ms. Teresa Stromer Ms. Betty Swanson Ms. Wilma Tabor Mr. Regis Tanking Mr. & Mrs. Don & Linda Terdin

Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Paula Terrell Ms. Leona Thomas Ms. Millie Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Nancy Tiedt Ms. Nancy Todd Mrs. Winona Townsend Ms. Magdalena Trick Mr. Eldon Troth Mr. William Vance Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Janie Veach Ms. Leonor Venegas Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Joyce Virtue Mrs. Barbara Walden Lion Dr. Ron & Lion Deanna Walkenbach Ms. Wilma Walker Ms. Christine Webber Mr. Hubert Weikart Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Martha Weldon Mrs. Shirley Westerman Ms. Louise White Mr. Ron Whittaker Ms. Crystal Wicks Mr. & Mrs. Brent & Carol Wilhelm Mr. Lawrence Will Ms. Jo Williams Ms. Donna Wilson Ms. Cora Winfrey Mr. Andrew Woodward Mr. & Mrs. John & Julia Wright Mr. & Mrs. James & Nancy Wright Mr. Deane Wylie Mr. & Mrs. William Yeager Ms. Ellen Yurk

Lion Dale Alexander Lion Chris Anderson Delores Austin PDG Jesse Ballew Lion Wayne Barlow Charlie Benge PDG Leo Bergeron Lion Barbra Blackwell Lion Geraldine Buckley Lion Kenneth Bud Burnham McKenna Campbell Edith Anna Clark Hawk PDG Melvin Dale Betty Lou DeLuce Lion Kenneth Engelbrecht Dr. Bernie Esser Fr. John Ganly Lion Phyllis Gibbens Elizabeth Grimes Minnie Ruth Gola Lion Don Hegeman PCC Bob Hendrix Betty Hodgman The Honorable PDG Patrick Horner Beth Huber Edward Hurst Lion George Kemp PDG Carroll LaJaunie Donald Laxson Lion Donald Limback Lion Chester Loesing Lion Allan Mahnken Mark Malott Tillie Marshall Ethel Millard Jachin Misko Dale Nicholls Lion Martha Reuter Donna Straub Frances Swartz Lion Archie Thomas John Thurman Ashton Twibell John E. Weiss Jesse Westerman

Gifts in Honor PCC Al Blumenberg Parker Calbreath Concord Baptist Church Dr. Lawrence Gans IPID Donal & Lion Betty Knipp Stan Peery Dorothy Reid Ronald Lee Thomason Joyce Virtue

Saving Sight Annual Report | Page 33

Board of Directors District 26 M-1 Lion Dr. Cassidy Obermark District 26 M-2 PCC Al Blumenberg President District 26 M-3 VCC John Deters Council of Governors District 26 M-3 PDG Sandy McCann District 26 M-4 PDG John Reese District 26 M-5 Lion Allen Lohsandt Secretary District 26 M-5 CC Gary Curtis Council of Governors

Executive Leadership District 26 M-6 PDG Stuart Payne Treasurer District 26 M-7 CC Jeff Hilke Council of Governors District 26 M-7 PCC Dan Bernskoetter Vice President Community Member Mr. Tom Rocco

Tony Bavuso Chief Executive Officer Donna Bradford, MBA Chief Financial Officer Patrick Gore, RN Senior Director of Business Development Annie Kuhl, MA Chief Communications Officer Tina Livesay, CEBT Chief Operating Officer

Community Member Dr. Dan Schoenleber

Jackie Malling, RN, CEBT Chief Strategy Officer

Community Member Mr. John Bailey Community Member Dr. Michael Korenfeld

Shelly Rasley, CEBT Chief Technical Officer Michala Stoker, RN, BSN Director of Partner Relations Michael Titus, CEBT Chief Clinical Officer

Department Leadership

Branch Leadership

Tish Dwiggins, PHR Human Resources Manager

Kenny Kovacs Director of Donor Services

Sheila Fields Volunteer Coordinator

Jason Noland, CFRE Director of Development

Lynn Forest-Smith Assoc. Director of Business Development

Tamara Oberbeck, RN, M.Ed. Vision Screening Program Manager

Josie Foster Tissue Distribution Manager

Christopher Polley, MA Director of Communications

Kathy Gray Accounting Manager

Pamela Simpson, CEBT Operations Manager

Michelle Haider Quality Improvement Manager

Jenni Thomas Laboratory Manager

Tim Knarr Information Technology Manager

Amanda Bisher Recovery Manager Springfield, MO Linda Conyac, MS, CEBT Recovery Manager Hutchinson, KS Gary DeLamatre Recovery Manager Columbia, MO & St. Louis, MO Dana Pedigo, CEBT Recovery Manager Springfield, IL Melissa Williams, MSW, CEBT Recovery Manager Kansas City, MO


Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID St. Louis MO Permit #4400

Saving Sight | Annual Report 2014-2015  
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