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Diablo Watch FALL/WINTER 2017 | No. 64


The Campaign for Diablo's Wild Lands

Brad Heckman

Community Conservation Defending Open Space in Antioch Leaving a Legacy

Stephen Joseph

Letter from the Executive Director

Staff Ted Clement Executive Director Seth Adams Land Conservation Director Meredith Hendricks Land Programs Director Monica Oei Finance & Administration Director Deborah Toll White Development Director Jim Cartan Stewardship & Outreach Manager Caleb Castle Communications Manager Hidemi Crosse Bookkeeper Karen Ferriere Assistant Development Director Juan Pablo Galván Land Use Manager Shannon Grover Development Administrative Assistant Dana Halpin General Office Manager Katie Lopez Accounting & Administration Associate Roxana Lucero Stewardship & Outreach Associate Joanne McCluhan Executive Assistant Kristen Noe Development Associate

Dear Friend of the Mountain,

I have a very big announcement for you!


e proudly announce the start of the public phase of F o r e v e r W i l d , our $15 million capital campaign which will provide Save Mount Diablo the financial resources to respond to strategic land acquisition opportunities as they arise while also ensuring our organization has adequate funds to steward and defend our conserved lands in perpetuity.

F o r e v e r W i l d is Save Mount Diablo’s first capital campaign, and recently we arrived close to the $10 million mark in terms of funds raised to date, enabling us to confidently go public with the campaign.

Jessamyn Photography

Board of Directors Scott Hein, President Burt Bassler, Treasurer Amara Morrison, Secretary Heath Bartosh Joe Canciamilla Jim Felton John Gallagher Liz Harvey Claudia Hein Bob Marx Sue Ohanian Malcolm Sproul Jeff Stone

W ith

about $5 million left to raise, this capital campaign will provide Save Mount Diablo with a Revolving Land Acquisition Opportunity Fund, a Stewardship Endowment Fund and a Legal Defense Fund enabling our organization to transform and go to the next level.

Dave & Dana Dornsife enjoying the evening together at Save Mount Diablo's Moonlight on the Mountain gala this past September.

At this year’s Moonlight on the Mountain on September 9th, in front of hundreds of Save Mount Diablo supporters, Dave and Dana Dornsife, one of California’s leading philanthropic couples, stated why they stepped up to support F o r e v e r W i l d :

“We have been inspired by all the accomplishments and growth of Save Mount Diablo these last couple of years, so we were pleased to stand up and support Save Mount Diablo’s F o r e v e r W i l d campaign with a $1 million gift this year. The Mount Diablo area is our community’s nourishing, natural foundation contributing directly to our community’s quality of life–and it takes a community to steward and take care of this incredible natural resource. So please join us tonight in supporting the ongoing work of Save Mount Diablo to protect our beloved mountain and its associated natural lands, many of which are still at risk of development. This work is for our community now and for our children and their children in the future.”

We are grateful for you, our community. You have enabled us to succeed in our time-sensitive land

conservation mission for the Mount Diablo area and you will enable us to succeed in completing our F o r e v e r W i l d campaign—because of your love of the Mount Diablo area, your long-term vision, generosity, and leadership.

With gratitude,

Edward Sortwell Clement, Jr. Executive Director Save Mount Diablo Save Mount Diablo

Diablo Watch is published twice yearly for friends of Save Mount Diablo, a nationally accredited land trust and 501(3)(c) organization.

Al Johnson

Community Conservation


t takes a community to succeed with the mission of permanently protecting Mount Diablo and its associated open space lands in a densely developed and competitive real estate market like the Bay Area.

at: Mount Diablo Resource Recovery, a Garaventa Company; Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling; California State University, East Bay; and Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School;

U nderstanding that this reality is also applicable at the

• Our new free public hike program, Discover Diablo, which is sponsored by Shell Martinez Refinery; and

national level, the Land Trust Alliance, the umbrella organization for our nation’s nearly 1,700 non-profit land trusts like Save Mount Diablo, is promoting the new concept of community conservation.

Community conservation is a critical long-term sustainability

strategy that builds meaningful connections and relationships between a land trust, the community in which the land trust works, and nature. You need all three legs of this stool to be strong and engaged for things to stand long-term.

• Our new program for real estate professionals and their clients which Paragon Real Estate Group has stepped up to help us launch.

As the great conservationist Aldo Leopold observed many years ago,

A cultural realignment with nature at the center, which land

trusts can assist with through community conservation work, will ensure our great legal and scientific tools used to protect nature are not dismissed by a modern, wired society largely disconnected from the natural world.

Save Mount Diablo has been recognized as a national leader on community conservation efforts:

• Our community conser vation work has been highlighted and applauded by the President of the Land Trust Alliance, Andrew Bowman. Andrew recently visited Save Mount Diablo and delivered this message to our organization and supporters;

Deborah Toll White

• We played a leadership role in getting community conservation concepts included in the national Standards and Practices for land trusts; and • We were selected to help educate other land trusts about aspects of community conservation at this year’s national land conservation conference in Denver.

Because of you, our great community, we have been able to

start a number of community conservation initiatives that are building deeper connections between our community, nature and Save Mount Diablo. For example: • Our new Conservation Collaboration Agreement program for local schools and businesses which has been supported by educational and corporate leaders

Land Trust Alliance President Andrew Bowman (right) with Save Mount Diablo Executive Director, Ted Clement (left). The Land Trust Alliance President visited Save Mount Diablo this summer to praise the community conservation work we have been doing.

By Caleb Castle Communications Manager Save Mount Diablo Preserve Defend Restore Enjoy


Cooper Ogden

Defend i ng O p en Spa ce i n A nt ioch Wit h Gr a s sro ot s Ac t ion


ne of Save Mount Diablo’s (SMD) highest land use priorities recently has been defending four square miles of open space in south Antioch from massive development. Since early 2015, when a 1,600+ house subdivision called ‘The Ranch’ was proposed in the Sand Creek area, we’ve been informing residents about the issues and how to get involved. Now, we’re stepping up our grassroots work in the city to organize residents to protect one of the most beautiful and biologically rich areas in Contra Costa County.

The action is taking place in the Sand Creek Focus Area

(map below), which runs from Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve east all the way to Brentwood. This approximately 2,800 acre area is crossed north-south by Empire Mine Road (closed to vehicle traffic) in the west and Deer Valley Road further east, right by Kaiser Hospital. The main road in this region is Lone Tree Way, which lies north of the Focus Area and existing residential subdivisions.

‘The Ranch’ development proposal within the Focus Area includes 1,600 units on 550 acres stretching a mile and a half between Empire Mine Road and Deer Valley Road. It’s currently going through environmental review. Specific projects like ‘The Ranch’ would be easier to approve if the Sand Creek Plan is approved.

While going to the meetings on these various projects, we

understood that although a few residents knew what was happening and were very interested in protecting the land, most of their neighbors and the general population were still in the dark. So in September of 2016, SMD, Sierra Club, Greenbelt Alliance and the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay organized a candidates’ forum for the November 2016 election season to ask City Council candidates what they thought about environmental issues, including all this proposed development.

Great volunteers, staff, and residents, some who had never heard of SMD before, helped us drop flyers around neighborhoods to spread awareness. We managed to achieve the biggest turnout (more than 120 people) of any of the forums that election season. With that much demand for information on

how to stop rampant development, this past February Save Mount Diablo helped sponsor a forum focused on the impacts ‘The Ranch’ and thousands of houses in the proposed development area would have. More than 200 people attended to talk about the Sand Creek area and learn how SMD and allies have successfully protected large areas of open space through voter initiatives at the ballot.

N ow we’re stepping The area shown outlined in black is the Sand Creek Focus Area, within the Antioch city limits. Developers are proposing thousands of housing units (red area) south of Lone Tree Way. This is just the start. The proposed land use plan shows development of one kind or another over most of the Sand Creek Focus Area. MAP LEGEND: Red=Developments (proposed, planned or approved), White=Existing Main Streets, Green=Protected Land, Blue=Sand Creek.

The City of

Antioch may be moving forward with a plan that allows for more than 4,000 houses throughout the whole Sand Creek Focus Area (decision to be made Oct. 24). About 1,200 houses are already approved east of Deer Valley Road. 4

Save Mount Diablo

things up even more. We're sending mass emails, dropping flyers and identifying passionate individuals in the community who can help us organize others— so we can take more direct grassroots actions to protect the land. A lot is going to happen in the next six months, so stay tuned!

If you'd like to help protect the Sand Creek area, please contact Juan Pablo Galván by email at jpgalvan@savemountdiablo.org or call (925) 947-3535.

By Juan Pablo Galván Land Use Manager Save Mount Diablo

Stephen Joseph


t is the rallying cry that inspired our founding in 1971 and it’s still the reason we exist today. Contrary to what many think, Mount Diablo is not saved, its lands not fully protected, and there is still much more we need to do to save these wild lands in our own backyard.

W hile nearly two-thirds of the mountain is protected as parks, watershed lands, and preser ves, about 70,000 acres are still at risk for development. Once the land is lost, it is gone forever. So we launched Forever Wild, our $15 million capital campaign which will provide Save Mount Diablo the financial resources to respond to strategic land acquisition opportunities as they arise while also ensuring our organization has adequate funds to steward and defend our conserved lands in perpetuity. .

Over time, these wild lands have been carved into pieces, creating a checkerboard of developed and natural lands, some publicly and some privately owned. These fragmented lands hinder wildlife survival, increase pollutants in our creeks and streams, and severely limit public enjoyment.

Dirk Muehlner


With community help, Save Mount Diablo can stem the rapidly accelerating pace of development and sprawl that I magine a Mount Diablo that was threaten the last remaining open lands once 180,000 acres of wild lands: more at risk—land that could be developed than 280 square miles of canyons, over the next ten years. We can preserve cliffs, woodlands, meadows, streams, the remaining acres of unprotected land microclimates and unique habitats through strategic land acquisitions and sheltering 900 species of plants stewardship that will counter the threat and animals, 14 only found on the of habitat loss, restore connections mountain, dozens rare or endangered. between existing natural areas, and


provide the possibility of new trails and recreation areas.

Protecting the remaining Diablo wild lands is an extraordinary undertaking that will serve as a testament to our long term vision. It’s our mission to continue the legacy of conservation started by generations of residents of the Mount Diablo area who had a fierce love of the mountain. Now, together, we can further protect and restore one of the most important natural areas in California.


T he economic recession reduced public funds for land acquisition and maintenance but it also slowed the pace of development—temporarily. Now, development is surging back while our park agencies begin the slow process of recovering from depleted budgets. Our business model of assisting agencies to acquire land and transferring lands we own to them can no longer be our only tool for land preservation. In order to keep pace with increasing threats, we must raise our own funding for acquisition and long-term management, both of which require substantial capital resources. Continued on page 6... Preserve Defend Restore Enjoy



T he Ca mpa i g n for D i a blo's Wi ld L a nd s Continued from page 5 ...

preserves will offer the entire Bay exceptional outdoor experiences. Meanwhile, the threats to these lands continue to add up Area Moreover, an intact, protected network at alarming speed. With 2 million more people predicted of wild lands includes watershed lands to move into the Bay Area by 2045 and the sizzling real that ensure local water reserves are estate market, the value of undeveloped and unconserved safeguarded, providing healthy and safe land on and around Mount Diablo will soon climb to a drinking water. rarified premium.

According to At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt, the 2017 study $9.7 MILLION RAISED released from the Greenbelt Alliance, S ave Mount Diablo

Ted Clement

Scott Hein

launched F o r e v e r W i l d in 2012 with a “Across the [nine] Bay Area counties... Contra Costa County has campaign target of $15 million. With the most total land at risk; about one out of every five acres of that momentum, we were able to threatened land in the region is in Contra Costa. Contra Costa also acquire the extraordinary 1,080-acre has the most land at high risk, land that could be developed in the Curry Canyon Ranch in 2013, and by near term.” the end of 2015, our generous donors contributed $6.6 million to the O ur window for saving this land is still open, but it is Fhad o r e v e r W i l d campaign. closing fast.


Individuals, families, businesses and government agencies of

C u r r y C a n yo n R a n ch , w i t h i t s spectacular views and critical wildlife corridors, had topped Save Mount Diablo’s acquisition priority list since its founding in 1971. Now, thanks to F o r e v e r W i l d supporters and grants from the Coastal Conservancy and the Gordon and Betty Moore Fo u n d a t i o n , o n e o f t h e m o s t important and spectacular properties remaining in Contra Costa County has been protected forever. Campaign donors made it possible to

purchase additional properties as well, the East Bay have developed a model partnership to protect including Big Bend, Hanson Hills, Mount Diablo, beginning in 1921 when Mount Diablo State and North Peak Ranch in the Marsh Park was founded. Totaling 6,788 acres, it was the only Creek area—key links in the ring of protected land on the mountain when Save Mount Diablo protected land on the mountain. In was founded in 1971. Today, as a result of Save Mount addition, we expanded our critical Diablo and our dedicated partners and supporters, there are stewardship program with muchmore than 40 parks and preserves around the mountain and needed staff and equipment. This investment by our early and generous its foothills totaling over 110,000 conserved acres. donors allowed Save Mount Diablo to Protecting Diablo’s remaining open space will create benefits preserve key, strategic properties, and for all. Wildlife will have the opportunity to thrive as large, to strengthen and grow the capacity protected swaths of land are pieced together creating of our stewardship program, thereby natural wildlife corridors. Recreational trails, parks, and positioning the org anization for further growth. 6

Save Mount Diablo

Scott Hein

Now, our goal is to raise the remaining

$5 million of the $15 million required to meet our objectives by 2019. With community support, we will permanently conserve, defend and steward key vulnerable portions of the Diablo wild lands, transfer these properties to the public trust where appropriate, and stand ready to protect the threatened land that remains.

keep the land healthy and safe. The bulk of stewardship funds raised by F o r e v e r W i l d will be used to create the $3 million Stewardship Endowment Fund to ensure we have a sustainable source of funding to properly manage our conserved lands for perpetuity, especially Curry Canyon Ranch. Contributions to this fund will enable our donors to leave a lasting green legacy for the Mount Diablo area, and certain irrevocable planned gifts can be accepted as part of Forever Wild.

Mount Diablo needs readily available funds to compete successfully against developers and others vying for the Mount Diablo region’s last remaining u n p r o t e c t e d o p e n s p a c e. M a n y conser vation opportunities move rapidly, and without sufficient funds to secure a property via purchase or option agreement, the land can be lost to development pressures, resulting in habitat loss, and a diminished quality of life for all who call this area home.


Fo r e v e r

Stephen Joseph

W i l d ’s $2+ Million Land Acquisition Opportunity Fund will position Save Mount Diablo as a highly competitive bidder in strategic land acquisition opportunities. It will serve as the organization’s acquisition reserve for time-sensitive option payments, real estate due diligence, and smaller purchases. In some cases, it will allow us to quickly secure a property until we can raise all the funds needed for the full purchase.

Caleb Castle

To protect prioritized properties, Save

Legal Defense Funds will ensure that Save Mount Diablo

has the financial resources, when necessary, to legally defend its conservation easements and fee simple owned lands.

T his campaign, to be completed by 2019, will give Save

Mount Diablo the wherewithal to respond to strategic land acquisition opportunities as they arise while also ensuring the organization has adequate resources to steward and defend its conserved lands in perpetuity.

To honor leadership gifts, Save Mount Diablo is offering significant naming opportunities that will allow donors to link their support directly to the critical funds that will transform the organization, as well as on-site donor recognition. If

you have any questions or need more information about F o r e v e r W i l d , please contact Deborah Toll White, Director, at dwhite@SaveMountDiablo.org T he Stewardship Endowment Development or (925) 949-4513, or Ted Clement, Executive Director, at Fund will suppor t Save Mount tclement@SaveMountDiablo.org or (925) 947-3535. Diablo’s ongoing care of the land it preserves. It will pay for woodland and By Deborah Toll White stream restoration, property cleanup, Development Director volunteer engagement, fire abatement Save Mount Diablo and the many other activities that Preserve Defend Restore Enjoy


Quality of Place


T he

Jessamyn Photography

aragon Real Estate Group and Save Mount Diablo are pleased to announce a creative new partnership to further the protection of the Mount Diablo area as the real estate industry depends on quality of place.

“At Paragon, we believe in the value of open spaces. Even with the enormous pressure for housing in the bay area, it’s important that we focus as a business on what we can do to contribute to the overall quality of life for all of our residents. Among the many reasons people choose to live here are the love of the mountain’s natural beauty, and the many places it provides us to enjoy outdoor recreation with our friends and family. We know the mission of Save Mount Diablo contributes greatly to all of our residents in this regard, and we choose to support it.”

beautiful natural open lands of the Mount Diablo area ser ve as the nourishing and distinguishing foundation for the East Bay’s communities— Hank Perry (left), President of Paragon Real Estate Group of Contra from affording us with outdoor Costa poses with colleagues from Paragon's Danville office at Save Mount Diablo's Moonlight on the Mountain gala in September. recreational and educational opportunities, stunning scenic vistas, critical wildlife habitat, water resources, and local agriculture to making our area a The Save Mount Diablo membership gift package menu that desirable place to live, work and visit. real estate professionals can choose from in putting together a gift for their clients at closings follows: With this partnership Paragon Real Estate Group and Save Mount Diablo are putting into action the recognition that PACKAGE CONTENTS COST we cannot take our natural foundation and competitive economic advantage for granted.

Further, it is projected that about 2 million more people

will move to the Bay Area by 2045 which will put further pressures on the natural resources of the Mount Diablo area.

Paragon Real Estate Group is the first real estate company

to join Save Mount Diablo’s new program for real estate professionals. Under this program, Paragon will provide Save Mount Diablo membership gift packages to all its clients at closings and other special occasions. This will provide a unique and meaningful way to welcome someone to their new community and get them involved with the local nonprofit organization that is helping protect their recent real estate investment and quality of life through its efforts to conserve the lands of the Mount Diablo area. “We are grateful for Paragon’s leadership and long-term vision in stepping up to join Save Mount Diablo’s new program for real estate professionals. The real estate industry can do much to help us protect the natural beauty of the Mount Diablo area for the benefit of all,”

said Ted Clement, Save Mount Diablo Executive Director. Hank Perry, President of Paragon Real Estate Group of Contra Costa, added this, 8

Save Mount Diablo

1. Welcome Letter to Client from Save Mount Diablo Acknowledging Leadership Gift from real estate company, Save Mount Diablo Annual Membership Certificate, and Mount Diablo Trail Map


(annual entry level membership cost for Save Mount Diablo)

2. "Mount Diablo: The Extraordinary Life and Landscapes of a California Treasure" by Stephen Joseph and Linda Rimac Colberg. This large hardcover book captures the beauty of the Mount Diablo area through stunning photos and text. *OPTIONAL ADD-ONS: a. 2 Tickets to Save Mount Diablo’s Annual Moonlight on the Mountain Gala b. Northern California State Parks Pass c. Mount Diablo Hikers Guidebook


(plus shipping)

a. $700

(or $350/ticket)

b. $125 c. $15

(plus shipping)

By Karen Ferriere Assistant Development Director Save Mount Diablo To find out more about this creative and meaningful opportunity, contact Karen Ferriere, Assistant Development Director, by phone at (925) 949-4518 or by email at kferriere@savemountdiablo.org.

Richard Usinger

My Mount Diablo

George Phillips is the outgoing Land Conservation Manager who worked for Save Mount Diablo for over 8 years. Thank you, George!


ot knowing what I was getting myself into, I drove clockwise around the mountain in May of 2009 to Diablo’s ‘Morning Side’, where I was due to report for a day-long volunteer shift at Save Mount Diablo’s (SMD’s) annual Bio-Blitz. When I arrived, biologists were scurrying around with binoculars, hand lenses, and butterfly nets, counting any species they could find. It was the pinnacle of naturalist nerdom and I was taken aback by how cool the event was.

our foundation in science. This combination has manifested into in an effective tactical approach to land preservation in the East Bay Area, a region with ever-present development pressure.

It was also clear to me from my first day as a volunteer, and

every day since, that our staff alone could never accomplish everything that needs to be done. Volunteers are truly our lifeblood (donations are too!). We are so fortunate to have such amazing ambassadors, many of whom effectively function as part-time staff.

elationships are essential to our success. The respect we Witnessing their palpable excitement during the tour of the R have in the community has been built by consistently sticking study area that I was volunteering at demonstrated to me the breadth of Diablo’s ecological diversity and catalyzed my love of the mountain. Little did I know that only a few months later, I would be offered a job with SMD—a role in which I would have the opportunity to help build the organization’s stewardship program over the following eight years.

After all this time, there are a few things stand out to me

about SMD and the work we do. We are not afraid to fight for Mount Diablo. Our deep roots in advocacy are backed by

to our core principles for 46 years. We have occasionally ruffled feathers, but by keeping ’the mountain first’ as our guiding mission, we can continue to protect the landscape we love. We are the watchers of Diablo. Though my watch has come to an end, our important work will continue on. By George Phillips Land Conservation Manager Save Mount Diablo



oday, Mount Diablo State Park and over 50 other The past decade has been important for land conservation in preserves make up a regional open space system of the Mount Diablo area. Major gaps in a broad, sweeping loop nearly 160 square miles that are traversed by about 700 miles of open space have been protected, stretching from Round of public trails. Valley to Black Diamond Mines and back to Mt. Diablo State Park. It is our hope that one day a 60-70 mile Grand Diablo F eaturing the Diablo Trail, our third edition regional Loop Trail will be completed. Wouldn’t it be fabulous for recreation map covers Mount Diablo and all surrounding the Diablo Trail to pass south through the Altamont Pass parks and preserves. With more than 5,000 acres of newly and into the rest of the Diablo Range, helping give another preserved lands since our last printing in 2012, you can lose reason to protect land along the way? yourself in the beauty of the mountain for an hour, a day or a week. We thank our partners for helping to create this updated map and for their continued efforts to ensure an abundance H elping to popularize the Diablo Trail was one of the of wild open spaces so close to home. reasons for the creation of the regional recreation map. We believe the 30-mile multi-use Diablo Trail perfectly By Meredith Hendricks Land Programs Director showcases not only our stunning landscape but also the Save Mount Diablo regional cooperation that allowed for preserved lands across Mount Diablo from Walnut Creek to Brentwood To receive a free copy of the map, please visit us at an and Livermore. event or email smdinfo@savemountdiablo.org. Preserve Defend Restore Enjoy


Al Johnson

Giving Thanks for Mount Diablo


Al Johnson

n honor of Thanksgiving 2017, Save Mount Diablo funds so that its participating students can become members (“SMD”), Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School (“JM”), and of SMD through SMD’s youth membership program. Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLC (“Bedell Frazier”) will be signing a Conservation Collaboration Agreement on "Today more than ever, students learn about global environmental November 6th to give thanks for the Mount Diablo area, our issues which are daunting and can leave them feeling small and powerless. It is vital that we bring students' learning to the outdoors in beautiful natural bounty. a way that allows them to take action and be a part of local solutions and Save Mount Diablo’s Conservation Collaboration Agreement “The parties to this Agreement will be demonstrating that we do program gives the students that opportunity," not take for granted our beautiful Mount Diablo. To expedite our time-sensitive land said JM teacher conservation work for Dawn Lezak. the Mount Diablo area, Save Mount R e g a r d i n g w hy Diablo is reaching his company will out to students and be giving thanks other leaders to join for Mount Diablo, the cause. We all Michael G. Frazier, have a major stake President of Bedell in what our future Frazier, stated, environment will be like, especially young Cal State East Bay student on her mini-solo, reflecting on the meaning of nature. Participants in the “As a Moraga resident Collaboration Agreement included students from CSUEB’s Environmental Field Course, SMD and a Walnut Creek people. We are grateful Conservation staff & volunteers, and staff from Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery, a Garaventa Company. for the leadership, small business owner, I long-term vision and philanthropy demonstrated by Joaquin Moraga am proud to help support the kids of JM and Save Mount Diablo Intermediate School and Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLC and give thanks to this unique landscape we call home. Bringing my for agreeing to enter this Conservation Collaboration Agreement with staff with the students to Mount Diablo will increase awareness and Save Mount Diablo this Thanksgiving season,” trigger a new appreciation for its relevance and natural beauty.” said Ted Clement, Save Mount Diablo’s Executive Director.

The Conservation Collaboration Agreement has three basic

parts. First, the staff of SMD will provide in-class educational presentations regarding land conservation of the Mount Diablo area to the participating students of JM at their school and also to the employees of Bedell Frazier at their office on November 7th.

Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School has a mission to prepare students for the future, to develop a life-long love of learning, to provide a positive and safe environment for learning, to provide positive development of self and to provide opportunities for students to be constructive and contributing members of the community and society. Learn more at http://jms-msd-ca.schoolloop.com.

Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLC is a local will teach and lead investment counselling business that focuses on investment the participating students of JM and the employees of Bedell management, financial planning, smart money and giving back Frazier in an outdoor, experiential environmental service to the community. Learn more at http://bedellinvest.com. project at one of SMD’s conserved properties which will also include a mini solo on the land for each participant where they By Jim Cartan will do a contemplative journal writing exercise about why Stewardship & Outreach Manager they are thankful for nature.

Second, on November 9th, SMD staff

Save Mount Diablo

F inally,

in an act of educational and participator y philanthropy, Bedell Frazier will generously provide SMD memberships for all of its employees while JM will raise


Save Mount Diablo

To learn more about SMD’s Conservation Collaboration Agreement program and how to participate, please contact Jim at jcartan@savemountdiablo.org or call the Save Mount Diablo office at (925) 947-3535.

Scott Hein


ike many of you, we were fortunate enough to be a part of Save Mount Diablo's Moonlight on the Mountain fundraising gala this year. Seeing the property at China Wall transfor m into a robust event with good music, great people, and spectacular views made us proud to be a partner of this great organization.

W hat many of

us do not consider is the cost and time it takes to maintain, preserve, and restore the properties acquired over the years. As planned giving consultants, we tip our hats to Save Mount Diablo’s newly-created Stewardship Endowment Fund as gifts, endowments, and bequests to this fund will generate interest in perpetuity to specifically meet the everpresent annual financial obligations of stewarding current and future properties.

I magine the impact that Save Mount

Diablo can have in the coming years if the organization no longer needs to worry about raising funds simply to meet the current financial obligations for land stewardship, but allows all funds raised annually to go toward Save Mount Diablo’s education and outreach, land acquisition, and advocacy initiatives to protect the mountain’s natural beauty. Save Mount Diablo is committed to the Stewardship Endowment Fund to ensure the sustainability of the organization and the splendor that is “our mountain.”

There are some great ways to participate

L e av i ng a L e ga c y come. These strategies, among many other unique planning tools, can help you create a meaningful and lasting contribution toward the organization’s goals, all the while allowing for tax efficient and intentional estate planning.

R each out to Deborah White, Save

Mount Diablo’s Development Director, by calling (925) 949-4513, or write to her at dwhite@SaveMountDiablo.org to learn the next steps to incorporate Save Mount Diablo into your Estate Plans and current philanthropic initiatives. The Stewardship Endowment Fund is a great way to establish an everlasting green legacy for you and your family, knowing that your bequest will help make Save Mount Diablo an organization that is sustainable.

By Brendan Noonan, CFP® Financial Advisor Summit Financial Group, LLC

Brendan lives in Alamo with his wife, Lindsay, and has been a dedicated supporter of Save Mount Diablo for many years. He and his business partner, Steve Wilcox, help clients make good financial decisions and create meaningful and smart estate plans, including planned gifts and endowments. As active members of the East Bay community, Brendan and Steve are passionate about protecting the natural beauty of the Mount Diablo area for the benefit of all.

Scott Hein

in the Stewardship Endowment Fund. Providing a gift specifically for this Brendan is a registered representative and fund allows individuals and families to investment advisor representative of Securian see the impact and watch their legacy Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Summit Financial Group is independently grow. Incorporating the Stewardship owned and operated – 2000 Crow Canyon Endowment Fund into an estate plan Place, Suite 450, San Ramon, CA 94583. will enable families to coordinate Neither Summit Financial nor Securian philanthropic efforts, making the Financial Services are affiliated with Save mountain enjoyable for generations to Mount Diablo. TR# 1911447 DOFU 1017

Preserve Defend Restore Enjoy


George Phillips

Stephen Joseph

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Caleb Castle

Caleb Castle



Save Mount Diablo

Scott Hein

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DIABLO Save Mount Diablo Free Public Hike Series

Scott Hein

Scott Hein

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Save Mount Diablo

Stephen Joseph

Tributes Tribute gifts and donations made in honor or in memory of loved ones between January 1–June 30, 2017 are listed below.

Thank you to all of our supporters. Your generosity preserves, defends and restores the mountain for all of us to enjoy!

Ted S. Clement, Jr. Elise Clement Cutler Marilyn Day Mildred Day Jaime Escalante Terrie Arnold Dave Farabee Rita Breaux Abigail Fateman Martha & Richard Fateman The Marriage of Trudi Boskin & David Gill Vivian Clayton

Melissa Madrigal Geoff & Valerie Meredith Thomas Meredith George Phillips Law Offices of James J. Phillips Lucy “Lu” Schiffman Noah Simcoff Jeanne Thomas’s Birthday Don & Ann Jones Douglas Jones Hilary & Danny Kirk Mary & Bud Lembke Karen Wetherell Jeanne Thomas John Whitehead Anonymous

Linda M. Andersson Bruce Fogel Michael Benkly Jody & George Benkly Alex Brumbaugh Nancy A. Gibbons Eugene Callahan Marianne Callahan* Gene S. Coburn, M.D. Schuetze-Coburn Family Billy Docherty Sara Kennedy John Dodge Graydon & Holly Eliot Scott Dowd Jane Dubitzky Werner Einstadter Anonymous Michael “Mike” T. Elliott Cara & Bill Beston Andrea Brennen Jane & Bob Daniels

Gus & Isabel Haro Joe & Susan Ryan* Dan Henry Carol Henry Pearl Harbor Survivor Wm. Marlow Hicks Mary P. Hicks Brian Kruse Betty Koski Margaret Kruse* Jim Lane Beverly Lane Barbara Langlois Shirley Langlois Miler Magrath Lescure Foundation Karen Martens van Duinen Robert van Duinen Debbie McKeown Shelley McAlister Barbara Moller Joan Cole Janet Montes Terry & Glenn Gonzalez* Mary Gardner Nelson Mary Louise & Bruce Wilson Woody Ogden Shirley McPheeters David Ogden & Sandy Biagi Jeanne Thomas

Ann Ryan Joe & Susan Ryan* Edward & Renato Simone Sabine von Glinski Maury Smith Lisa Hopkins John Sproul Scott & Claudia Hein Joe Godfrey Stadum Mary Alice Stadum Vivian Sweigart Terry & Glenn Gonzalez* Howard Thomas Judy Canright Noeleen Tyrrell Michael Tyrrell Richard Waldo Charles Henry Susan Watson Sarah Watson Keller Charles Zill Anonymous

Scott Hein

Seth Adams Cindy Spring & Charles Garfield Marty & Jen Ambacher Clyde & Lois Ambacher Ron Brown Steve Kaplan* Josephine Casto’s Birthday Amanda Casto Edward S. Clement Anonymous


Kevin & Jenny Elliott Ben Etling Janice Flanzbaum Terry Graham Jeffrey Knollmiller & Andrew Harker Chris, Suzy, Carol, & Barbara Kunz Brian & Deb Sharpe Harry Todd Wallack Somers & Haas, P.C. Susan Weakley The Werhel Family Dr. Epstein JoAnn Riener John J. Farley Paul Farley Anna Louise Ferri Lawrence E. Ferri Eugene Gill The Hayworth Family James Giller Mary Louise & Bruce Wilson Beatrice Gordon Gaynel Wilhoyte Jim Green Harlan & Gayl Hirschfeld Susan Hackett Brent Briggs

Scott Hein


John Ginochio David Ogden & Sandy Biagi Mike & Sandy Gunning’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Carol Fisher Mark Johnke’s Birthday Beth Johnke Roxana Lucero David Ogden Bobbie Lytle’s 100 Years Joan M. Allen Nico Madrigal

Scott Hein

Al Johnson

An asterisk (*) denotes donors who make monthly tribute gifts.

Michael Warwick

 We have made every effort to accurately spell names. If your name or donation has not been recorded correctly or was mistakenly omitted, we offer our apologies. Please contact us so that we can amend our records by emailing Kristen Noe, Development Associate, at knoe@savemountdiablo.org or by calling the office at (925) 947-3535. Preserve Defend Restore Enjoy


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Concord, CA Permit No. 525

Thanks for being a friend. As a Friend of the Mountain, Whether you enjoy Mount Diablo when you are hiking, cycling, horseback riding, trail running, birding, painting, photographing, looking at it from your kitchen window, or taking in its breathtaking beauty at the end of a long commute home... This is your mountain. Become a member to protect it today.

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“My dream is that the whole of Mount Diablo, including its foothills, will remain open space… that the visual and natural integrity will be sustained.” Why We Care

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- Dr. Mary L. Bowerman, Co-Founder of Save Mount Diablo