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UBC Sauder by the Numbers

Why UBC Sauder?

Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre

Overview of Programs

Hire a Bachelor of Commerce Co-op 10

Hire a Bachelor of Commerce Summer Intern 11

Hire a Bachelor of Commerce Grad 12

Hire a Master of Management Grad 14

Hire a Master of Business Analytics Intern 16

Hire a Master of Business Analytics Grad 18

Hire an Master of Business Administration Intern 20

Hire an Master of Business Administration Grad 22

Hire a Professional Master of Business Administration Grad 24

Partner With a Student Club 26

Mentor a Student

When Should You Start to Recruit?

4 Connect 6 Recruit 7
27 1
UBC Sauder by the Numbers Best Business Program in Canada Maclean's University Rankings 2022 4,600 + current students alumni in 96 countries 47,000 Over 1 in Canada for Business and Economics Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 2## 2

Why UBC Sauder?

UBC Sauder’s Vision

“To build a more just, sustainable and prosperous world through innovation and responsible leadership.”

As we prepare our outstanding and diverse students for the world of work, we impart the values of rigor, respect and responsibility from day one. We highlight these values through transformative learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, to help students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through this, and an innovative focus on emotional intelligence development, we encourage our students to consider the wider impact of their actions and to find proactive ways to empower others on their journeys as responsible leaders.

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

At UBC Sauder, inclusion is a commitment to creating a welcoming community where those who have been historically, persistently, or systemically marginalized are treated equitably, feel respected, and have a sense of belonging. Inclusion is built by individual and institutional responsibility through continuous engagement with diversity to inspire people, ideas, and actions for a better world.

The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre is dedicated to providing career development services, resources, and programming, as well as access to experiential learning and employment opportunities that enable all students to thrive. Our EDI efforts are an ongoing journey and a work in progress and we look forward to working with the business community as we continue on this path.

Connect with our Business Development Team to get an update on the School’s plans, and to discuss how we can support your EDI recruitment programs.

Learn more about the School’s commitment and EDI initiatives.


Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre

Getting students career and life ready

As innovative career educators, we support our students to create meaningful personal and professional lives and prepare them for the future of work. We achieve this through customized services focused on personal and professional development and engagement with business communities.

Personal Development

Our services are designed to empower students to build self-awareness and understand their strengths, values and goals. This foundation helps prepare students to forge careers meaningul to them. With this, they will understand how their values align with future employers and how they can add to an organization's culture.

These services include 1:1 career coaching and emotional intelligence (EQ) development opportunities, among others. We provide students with tools to grow as empathetic, responsible leaders to help them thrive today and in their future careers.

18 staff certified in EQ coaching (2022/23)

900+ EQ debriefs with students (2021/22)

Professional Development

We provide students with the tools to successfully transition from the classroom to the workplace. Considering our employers’ needs, the market, and our students’ professional goals, we offer work experience opportunities for students to gain the hard skills and human skills essential for current and future success.

Through our Co-op work terms, internships, community business projects, mentorship programs and more, we prepare students to add value to organizations as soon as they walk in the door.

213 UBC Sauder students participated in mentorship programs (2021/22)

778 Co-op work terms, internships and volunteer consulting projects facilitated by the Business Career Centre (2021/22)


Career Centre’s Vision

Connecting with Business Communities

Employers like you are vital to our students’ career development, which is why we foster a rich network between our students and business communities.

Through informational interviews, networking events, mock interviews, company information and networking sessions, case competitions and live cases in the classroom, we facilitate student connections to business communities. Connect with UBC Sauder students to get front-line access to new, high-achieving talent.

500 connections facilitated between students and the business community (2021/22)

222 employers participated in our networking events to meet and engage with our students (2021/22)

117 companies hosted information sessions (2021/22)

“Students are ready for their unique career journeys as responsible leaders, both today and tomorrow.”


Whether you’re a large organization, non-profit, or startup, here are ways you can connect with UBC Sauder students. Find and help develop new talent for your organization. In-person and virtual options are available.

Informational Interviews

Connect 1:1 with UBC Sauder students interested in your industry or company and help them explore career paths.

Mock Interviewers

Get to know our students and help set them up for success by taking part in student mock interviews.

Networking Events

Attend our networking events to get a sneak peek at emerging talent or connect with potential hires.

Company Information & Networking Sessions

Showcase your company’s culture, vision and job opportunities to current students. Host a session on campus, off campus or virtually.

Student Clubs

Build awareness of your recruitment activities and connect with targeted groups of candidates. Learn more about undergraduate student clubs at and MBA clubs at

Case Competitions

Prepare a real-life business challenge for students to get a first-hand view of their critical thinking skills. Sponsorship recognition opportunities available.

Mentorship Programs

Enrich the educational experience of our students by sharing your knowledge and industry expertise through one of our mentorship programs.

Live Cases in the Classroom

Gain a fresh perspective by having students work in class on a real-life business case challenge related to your organization.

Connect with our students



Hire UBC Sauder Interns and Co-op students for short-term initiatives during their academic programs, or recent graduates for full-time roles. Save time and money by promoting job opportunities to our diverse groups of students at no cost.

Post an internship, Co-op role or summer project

Hire candidates throughout the year. Promote opportunities on our online recruitment platform COOL and reach up to 4,600+ current students.

Learn More


We make it easy for you to interview UBC Sauder candidates. We can provide the facilities, schedule interviews, and take care of all the logistical details.

Post full-time roles

Hire new graduates and recent alumni for entry-level to more senior management roles. Promote opportunities on our online recruitment platform COOL.

Learn More

View Profile Books (graduate programs only)

Preview profiles of new talent looking for internships and full-time roles. We can connect you directly with candidates who have appropriate experience, knowledge, and career interests.

Develop a campus recruitment strategy

We can help you navigate your options and target student groups you want to reach to meet your just-intime or long-term hiring needs.

Get in touch to connect and recruit UBC Sauder students:


Recruit our students

77 Tel
822-6479 Toll-free 1-877-777-6479

Overview of Programs

Years of experience

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom):

0-2 years

Master of Management (MM):


Master of Business Analytics (MBAN):

4 years average

Master of Business Administration (MBA):

6.5 years average

Professional MBA (PMBA):

7.5 years average

UBC Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) & BCom Co-op

The UBC BCom program equips high-achieving, top talent with a broad foundation in business theory and in-depth experience in 11 specializations, making them ideal candidates for junior and intermediate roles across any industry.

Experience: 0-2 years Students enrolled: 4,025 Co-op Students enrolled: 550

Program length: 4 years


• Summer internship: May – August

• Co-op work terms: September/January/May

• Part-time positions: throughout the year

• New graduates: May and January

Pg. 10

UBC Master of Management (MM)

MM candidates are highachieving, entry-level talent with in-depth business expertise. They offer diverse, multidisciplinary persepctives that blend thier nonbusiness undergraduate degrees with Master's-level business training.

Experience: 0-2 years Students enrolled: 136 Program length: 6-9 months*

*Varies for some MM students, depending on their undergraduate program


• Community Business Project: September - November or January - March

• New graduates: January and June

Pg. 14


UBC Master of Business Analytics (MBAN)

MBAN candidates have the most sought-after analytical competencies to make strategic decisions within a broader business context. They deeply understand business challenges and can uncover data insights that lead to meaningful recommendations for your leadership team.

Experience: 4 years average Students enrolled: 83

Program length: 12 months Availability:

• Internship: May - August

• New graduates: September

Pg. 16

UBC Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Selected for their diverse perspectives and backgrounds, MBA candidates are poised to impact organizations in today’s competitive international business environment. These experienced candidates gain a holistic understanding of business and learn to make strategic decisions to maximize success.

Experience: 6.5 years average Students enrolled: 191

Program length: 16 months Availability:

• Summer Internship: May-August

• New graduates: January

Pg. 20

UBC Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA)

PMBA candidates are working professionals looking to advance their careers. They are strategic thinkers with exceptional people, project, and time management skills and are in leadership roles across a range of industries in the Canadian market.

Experience: 7.5 years average Students enrolled: 104

Program length: 24 months Availability:

• Year-round

Pg. 24


Hire a Bachelor of Commerce Co-op

Pre-screened talent selected for leadership, teamwork and strong transferable skills.

More than 1/2 of our Co-ops convert into full-time positions, saving you time and recruitment costs.

Work areas include finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, business technology management, and more.

Receive added support from the Co-op Program via site visits and student check-ins.

Availability: January, May & September 4- or 8-month work terms

BComs are currently participating in the program Average monthly salaries in 2021-22 Statistics: 550 $ 3,465 Recent Co-op employers: App Growth Network Teck Resources Limited British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) Arc'teryx Equipment Trulioo Bosa Properties RE Royalties Canusa Wood 10 Area of specialization 23 % Marketing 30 % Finance 20 % 4 % Business Technology Management 9 % 3 % Real Estate Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources 2 % Global Supply Chain & Logistics 1 % Operations & Logistics 8 % Combined Major in Business & Computer Science Accounting Visier Inc. Microserve


Hire a Bachelor
Commerce Summer Intern 11 students available for summer internships recommended monthly salary range 4,025 $ 3,000- $ 3,500 Recent Internship employers: JA British Columbia (JABC) KPMG CloudAdvisors Solution Financial Replay Destinations Highly motivated talent eager to grow their experience and make an impact. Help shape potential future candidates by engaging with current BCom students. Opportunities include: • Summer internships from May to August. • Part-time work experiences throughout the year. • Start recruiting BCom summer interns February to April. Post your summer internship or part-time job on our online recruitment platform, COOL.

Hire a Bachelor of Commerce Grad

Diverse and high-achieving students ready for junior and intermediate roles across any industry.

In-demand talent with specialized business knowledge and essential management skills.

Broad foundation in business theory and workplace skills such as communication, organization and leadership.

Availability: January & May Recruit year-round

candidates average salaryaverage age years work experience Statistics – Class of 2022 (4th Year) 838 $ 57,00023 0-2 Class of 2021 career outcomes
13 Areas of specialization 22 % Marketing 21 % Accounting 28 % Finance 8 % Business Technology Management Organizational Behavior & Human Resources2 % 3 % Real Estate 2 % Combined Major in Business and Computer Science Entrepreneurship 7 % Global Supply Chain and Logistics1 % • Staff Accountant • Business Analyst • Software Engineer • Financial Analyst • Investment Analyst • Marketing Coordinator Employers: Job titles: Operations and Logistics5 % Microsoft Aritzia Deloitte Electronic Arts KPMG Procter & Gamble Provincial Health Services Authority Quadreal Property Group PepsiCo BDO Canada General Business Management1 % Telus

Hire a Master of Management Grad

High achieving and diverse entry-level talent with in-depth business expertise.

Adaptable, with a multidisciplinary approach to business.

communicators experienced in research, writing and critical thinking.

Availability: June & January

Begin recruiting in March & October


• Project Coordinator • Sales Development Representative • Business Analyst • Marketing Coordinator • Associate Recruiter • Product Manager
Job titles: 14
Academic Undergraduate Background 22 % Science 31 % Social Sciences 17 % Economics Humanities5 % Computer Science9 % Engineering4 % Amazon City of Vancouver Bench Accounting Deloitte KPMG Provincial Health Services Authority Nestlé STEMCELL Technologies Fine Arts4 % Architecture1 % Interdisciplinary Study7 % Design1 %

Community Business Project gives not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises and corporations

initiatives access to free consulting

of bright, creative, and highly motivated Master of Management

business feasibility studies, fundraising plans, recruitment and retention strategies,


Community Business Project: 15 candidates average salaryaverage age countries represented Statistics: 136 $ 54,47523 19 Class of 2021/22 career outcomes The
with CSR
projects from teams
students. Typical projects include:
corporate partnership strategies, and
plans. Learn More years experience 0-2

Hire a Master of



cover the full range of

• Predictive analytics • Simulation modeling • Text analytics • Machine learning • Supply chain analytics • Customer portfolio • Analytics • Process analytics • Marketing analytics • New product development • Optimization MBAN Internship areas include: Summer
Duration: May - August 8-16 weeks based on full-time hours Begin recruiting in February
Intern During the 12-month program, students learn analytical competencies relevant to strategy, finance, operations, supply chain, marketing, HR and more. Average years of work experience Statistics: 4 Students
advanced analytics work: • Descriptive analytics: understand and visualize what has happened. • Diagnostic and predictive analytics: identify drivers and forecast outcomes. • Prescriptive analytics: find optimal solutions to complex problems. 16 Monthly salary range $ 3,500- $ 5,000
Recent Internship Employers: A&W Food Services Artizia B.C. Ministry of Health DeloitteCity of Vancouver 17 Interfor Loblaws Companies RBC WestJetUnited Nations Academic Undergraduate Background: 23 % 45 % 7 % 3 % Engineering Science Business Economics Computer Science 2 % Social Sciences 13 % Pre-MBAN experience: 23 % 35 % 8 % 4 % 4 %Technology Professional Services Financial Services Retail Health Care Manufacturing/ Construction 4 % 4 % Natural Resources Government/ Not-for-Profit 14 % 4 % Computer Services

Hire a Master of Business Analytics Grad

uncovering meaningful data insights

with the most sought-after analytical competencies to make strategic

both technical and management

and effective communicators

Experts at
and proposing compelling recommendations for your business. Equipped
decisions. Versatile
stakeholders. candidates average age speak two or more languages Statistics: 83 26 99% Availability: September Begin recruiting in June MBAN students are eligible for the Skills Immigration (SI) stream of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) 18 average salary $ 73,743 Class of 2021 career outcomes countries represented 13
Employers:Job titles: • Analytics Consultant • Associate Financial Analyst • Business Data Analyst • Business Intelligence Analyst • Data Analyst • Data Scientist • Investment Banking Analyst • Manager Analytics & Operations Lead Amazon Aritizia 19 Academic Undergraduate Background: 23 % 45 % 7 % 3 % Engineering Science Business Economics Computer Science 2 % Social Sciences 13 % Pre-MBAN experience: 23 % 35 % 8 % 4 % 4 %Technology Professional Services Financial Services Retail Health Care Manufacturing/ Construction 4 % 4 % Natural Resources Government/ Not-for-Profit 14 % Boston Consulting Group Deloitte Electronic Arts Lowblaw Companies Provincial Health Services Authority RBC WestJet 4 % Computer Services

Hire a Master of Business Administration Intern

Experienced candidates selected for their diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Jumpstart a new project or gain a fresh perspective on existing processes.

Get strategic guidance on generating new revenue, product/service development & marketing solutions.

Summer Internship

Duration: May - August 8-16 weeks based on full-time hours

Begin recruiting in February



20 Statistics: Job titles: • Business Analysis & Sales Forecasting • Corporate
&Financial Analysis • Product & Project Management • Supply Chain & Operations Management • Market Research & Competitive Intelligence • Marketing and Brand Management $3,000 - $6,000 average
of work experience 6 monthly average salary
21 Employers: Academic Undergraduate Background: Pre-MBA experience: 28 % 37 % 8 % 7 % 5 %Business Computer Science Engineering Science Economics Social Sciences 3 % 2 % Humanities Law 10 % Deloitte Electronic Arts Lululemon AthleticaBC Hydro Bosa Properties Rick Hansen Foundation Vancouver Coastal Health Vancouver Fraser Port Authority McKinsey & Company RBC 12 % 26 % 7 % 7 % 4 % Manufacturing/ Construction Financial Services Technology Professional Services Real Estate Communications 4 % Education 10 % 4 % 2 % 2 % 1 % Government/ Not-for-Profit Healthcare Hospitality & Tourism Entertainment Natural Resources Computer Services 1 % Transportation 3 % 4 %

Hire a Master of Business Administration Grad

talent ready to make an impact in the


decision makers with a holistic understanding of business.

collaborative management techniques

innovate and transform



Availability: January Begin
in September candidates countries represented speak two or more languages average years of work experience Statistics: 101 17 83 % 7 average salary $ 83,194 FTMBA Class of 2021 career outcomes 22 average age 30
23 Employers: Job titles: • Senior Consultant • Senior Talent Manager • Customer Success Account Manager • Growth & Marketing Manager • Pathways Operation Manager • Product Owner • Senior Analyst (Strategy & Operations) Academic Undergraduate Background: 25 % 39 % 10 % 6 % 5 %Business Computer Science Engineering Science Economics Humanities 4 % 1 % Social Sciences Law 10 % Pre-MBA experience:Deloitte EYAmazon Aritzia RBC WorkSafeBCKPMG Lululemon Athletica 13 % 28 % 7 % 7 % 5 % Financial Services Manufacturing/ Construction Technology Retail Professional Services Hospitality & Tourism 4 % Natural Resources 10 % 4 % 1 % 1 % 1 % Computer Services Education Government/ Not-for-Profit Entertainment Communications Healthcare 1 % Real Estate 3 % 4 %


Hire a Professional Master
Business Administration Grad Working professionals looking to advance their careers. Strategic thinkers with exceptional people, project, and time management skills. Leaders and managers across a diverse range of industries in the Canadian market. Availability: Year-round candidates Age range Speak two or more languages Average years of work experience Statistics: 104 26-54 74% 7.5 Pre-PMBA experience: 16 % 10 % Financial Services Healthcare 25 % Technology 11 % Manufacturing/ Constructions Professional Services7 % Government/ Not-for-profit9 % Retail6 % 24 Natural Resources5 %
• 23% Senior Management (Director or more senior) • 45% Management Level • 32% Individual Contributor (Engineer, Specialist, Auditor, etc.) Employers: Post-MBA career levels: • Director, Real Estate Financing • Senior Consultant • Manager, Infrastructure Advisory • Production Systems Manager • Business Analytics Manager • Digital Marketing Manager • Product Marketing Manager • Senior Relationship Manager –Commercial Banking Job titles: 25 Amazon RBC Samsung Electronics Deloitte McKinsey & Company Shopify STEMCELL Technologies TELUS

Partner With a S tudent C lub

Our students participate in a range of clubs related to their varied career interests. Connect with targeted groups of candidates through student clubs and participate in their events, such as networking socials and case competitions.

Student Societies

Commerce Undergraduate Society:

MBA Society:

Alma Mater Society (AMS):

Undergraduate Business Technology Network (BizTech)

UBC BizChina

CUS Sustainability Enactus UBC Entrepreneurship Projects (eProjects)

UBC Finance Association (UBCFA)

Human Resource Management Club (HRMC) Marketing Association (UBCMA)

UBC Real Estate Club

Social Enterprise Club (SEC)

Supply Chain Management Club (SCMC)

UBC Accounting Club (UBCAC)

UBC Trading Group (UBCTG)

Mentor a S tudent


Product & Service Management Club

MBA Finance Club Innovation and Entrepreneurship Net Impact

EDI CUS Equity in EDI CUS Pride

Young Black Professionals (YBP) Young Women in Business (UBCYWIB)


Strategy Consulting Initiative (SCI) Sauder Management Consulting Club (SMCC) 180 Degrees Consulting (180DC)

Take part in one of our mentorship programs to help unlock potential and guide students as they explore their career goals:

• Brand Management Mentorship

• Finance Mentorship



Mentor Program • Real
Mentorship Program 26

When Should You Start to Recruit?

Hire Co-op students

When should I start recruiting Co-op students?

Students are available for 4- or 8-month Co-op work terms.

Hire interns


Available to Start

June to August September October to December January January to April May

When should I start recruiting interns?

Candidate Recruit

Available to Start

BCom February to April May

MBAN February to April May

MBA February to April May

Hire for full-time

When should I start recruiting for full-time roles?

Candidate Recruit

Available to Start

BCom 0-2 yrs experience Year-round January May

MM 0-2


MBA 6.5

PMBA 7.5

experience October to December & March to May January & June

experience June to August September

experience September to December January

experience Year-round Year-round

Access tools created by our team to guide you through the hiring process.



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