Saturated Space

London, GB

SaturatedSpace is a platform for the exploration & celebration of colour in Architecture, Design & Urbanism. Depth in these fields is idolised as pure, abstract, white, difficult to grasp, serious & linguistic, while whatever is sensual, eloquent, colourful & essentially non‐linguistic is ridiculed as superficial, cosmetic, vulgar, indecent, & even pornographic. Colour, operating directly on the senses is demonised & feared, with its legitimacy -although never its power- in perpetual doubt. SaturatedSpace begins the process of re‐evaluating the frame of this artificial contradiction, instigating a ceasefire & bringing the 2 sides together. At an epoch-making moment of material and technological fecundity, and paradigm-shattering political & social change, in which the potentials for polychromatic design & fabrication and its consequent symbolic and aesthetic charge are multiplying in ways never witnessed before, Saturated Space will provide the space to let go and run into the rainbow