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Vol 22 • September 2016

Focus on the consumer

SA Treads on major consumer drive

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Contents One-On-One with Vulindlela – paving the way to superior breakdown service.........2

Focus on the Consumer, iWantTyres is launched................................................9

Manufacturing Continental Tire West Africa opens its first Distribution Warehouse in Ghana............................................... 14 Dunlop’s Fourth Win in National Survey ........................................... 18

Industry News Vipal Rubber to expand retreading solutions in African market......... 20 Atlas rates highly in recent European Tyre Test................................. 22

Distribution News Hi-Q voted South Africa’s No.1 Tyre Retailer for the 7th year running........................................................ 24

Talking Tyres Tyre Forum: The missing link............................................................. 27

World News New dandelion Research centre for Continental............................... 31 New All Season light commercial pattern from Pirelli........................ 31 Goodyear Develops OTR Tyres for Volvo´s Biggest ADT................... 32 Michelin Invests $3.1 Billion in North America Growth Strategy...... 32

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The next time you find yourself killing time in one SA’s premier airport lounges, be sure to look out for the latest edition of SA TREADS which now graces their shelves. The magazine’s presence in these prestigious passenger points could not have come at a better time, what with SA TREADS about to extend its circulation beyond the industry to the consumer. A new dedicated drive into the consumer segment is an exciting development for us. A joint agreement between SA TREADS and the TDAFA on the launch and marketing of a new website app – iWantTyres – kicks off this month, aimed directly at the consumer. More important, where the industry is concerned, this new development is guaranteed to bring new customers to its doors, without too much effort on your part. The world as we know it is changing at an unprecedented rate, and if we are to keep abreast of these changes, we need to move with the times. Enter iWantTyres, this one-stop-tyre quote and purchasing system that will now be available to the South African motorist at the click of a button. Keen to check it out? Visit and click on the iWantTyres feature on the homepage….it’s quick, easy and effective. Want to know more? Read all about it on page 9. Everyone likes a ‘feel good’ story and our exclusive interview with a family-run concern in this issue is just that. The tale of how one man with an entrepreneurial mind seized on an opportunity and turned it into a successful business venture is inspiring. Other stories include a hotly contested debate on the unavailability of certain tyre sizes in the replacement market by our resident columnist, Colin Mileman, as well as accolades being awarded to various players in the market. That’s all for now and remember your one-stop-tyre quote and fitment feature is here for your convenience. If you’re a dealer, be sure to sign up to be part of our exciting evolution!

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PAVING THE WAY TO SUPERIOR BREAKDOWN SERVICE With so much of the focus centring on the sale and distribution of tyres in this quarter, the spotlight falls on players in the industry that help us to enhance our service offering to the end user. And by sheer coincidence we happened to stumble across an operation that does just that. This is a humble, heart-warming story of a family-run business that began a decade ago, quite by accident and against

seemingly impossible odds. Ten years later, Vulindlela is about to celebrate an important anniversary. More important, the company is celebrating their growth from one small storage unit in 2006 to five satellite depots across Gauteng, Mpumulanga and Limpopo. Owners Danie (father) and Niel Roodt (son) met with us at their home base in Ruimsig to tell their story.



Why the name Vulindlela?

When did you begin expanding outside of Gauteng?

Vulindlela means ‘open the way’ in Zulu, a word that struck a chord

Niel who came from an IT background, joined the business in 2008,

with us ten years ago when the business was founded, initially quite

working virtually 24/7 managing breakdowns and implementing systems

by accident.

into the business to make it more streamlined.

Our story begins in 2006 when I spotted a broken down Imperial truck standing outside our premises at around 9am. By 3pm the truck was still there! Puzzled, I went across and asked the driver why. He told me that they did not carry spares and that he was still waiting for their service provider to come out and assist. Disturbed by the downtime this incident was incurring for the company, and being fully aware of the cost implications I took it upon myself to call the service provider only to be told that ‘breakdowns in that area were much like being in the Bermuda Triangle, in other words broken down vehicles were not always attended to. Moreover they were limited in what they could do with only one breakdown bakkie at their disposal in such a large area. A veteran in the transport sector, (I have dabbled in a number of businesses over the years, among them, a truck rental company), I guess you could say that my eye had become attuned to identifying potential opportunities in the market.

We were beginning to notice a significant increase in the number of calls we were getting from the Secunda/Sasol area so we entered into discussions with an acquaintance who owned a Wash Bay just outside Secunda to discuss the possibility of renting some space from him. And so, in 2009 we opened our first satellite depot in Kinross. The first six months were touch and go, so much so that we began questioning this particular business decision, but then thanks to the Durban Reef pipeline that was under construction and increased demand for fuel bridging we started getting more work in the area. In our seventh month of trading breakdowns increased sufficiently and the business grew from there. What transpired next? Our next port of call and largely due to a call we received from Thomas Tyres who had just secured a large contract in Pretoria but could not

Suffice to say that the opportunity presented

find a breakdown service provider in Pretoria, we

itself. I borrowed R20 000.00 from a reliable

located another storage unit in Pretoria West with

source, secured a small storage unit behind the Honeydew Police Station, allocated one of my own vehicles with a driver to my new project, furnished the vehicle with a mobile compressor and the rest, as they say, is history. We began operating solely as a back-up to this particular service provider, eventually taking over this function and working exclusively for them.

❝ We

prefer to

operate within reach of the areas we service (within a 2 to 2.5hour radius), so that we are available to assist in a

crisis situation.

We became fairly established in the area so we were able to extend our services to other service

additional rooms at the rear which was later to become the first BTS franchise in Pretoria in 2010. And in the interests of ensuring economies of scale, we alerted everyone in the area to our presence and our ability to ‘fill in the gaps’ whenever required. So would it be true to say that your business dictated its own growth curve? Very much so. We decided early on that our approach would be to grow in bite-size chunks,

providers in that market.

thereby minimising our risk.

In the beginning, we worked long hours, undertaking all aspects of

This very same business model came into play two years later in 2012

the business ourselves, from the breakdowns to the invoicing. Despite

when calls from the Rustenburg area soared to the point where we were

this, the business remained on the brink with us often questioning its

compelled to open the next satellite depot. This was followed with the


fourth satellite depot in Witbank in 2013 and the fifth in Burgersfort in

This all changed in 2007 when we broadened our customer base and

2016. These depots are all registered BTS’s which makes us one of the

started doing work for most of the major tyre companies and playing in the gaps.

larger BTS network players. And in the meantime, we upgraded premises from our small storage unit in Honeydew to our current premises in Ruimsig.

What do you mean by ‘playing in the gaps’? Essentially, and this is true of all the customers we service, we are their

Did you have any failures along the way?

number 2 port of call. In short, if their in-house/dedicated service

We had one failed attempt in Ermelo, mostly due to our own naivety in

providers cannot attend to the breakdown, they call us. There are now

deciding to depart from our prescribed business model in favour of the

areas where we are their first call.

‘owner-manager’ route, a business venture which ultimately failed.


Maximum control. The New SportContact™ 6 The challenge: to transmit the full power of modern high-performance models to the road safely and efficiently. The response: Continental SportContact 6. › Maximum grip: Black Chili compound for maximum grip in all conditions, ensuring a supreme driving experience and superior traction › Maximum control: Innovative force vectoring controls lateral forces — a new era in tread pattern development

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› Maximum stability: Advanced Aralon350™ Adaptive Hybrid Cap Ply for superior strength › Maximum approval: Approved for original fitment by leading vehicle makers globally AVAILABLE AT:




The Vulindlela team now numbers 15.

So where to from here? Are you looking to expand nationally?

subsidiary companies, Mammoth Tyres, provides a fully equipped mobile

We are not necessarily looking to expand our footprint nationally. We

wheel alignment service.

prefer to operate within reach of the areas we service (within a 2 to 2.5hour radius), so that we are available to assist in a crisis situation. In short, we have no set plans. We will let the business dictate where it takes us, at the same time capitalising on opportunities along the way provided that they fit in with our business model and values. What do you believe differentiates you from your competitors? We measure ourselves on our reaction time. Our goal is for us to arrive at the breakdown in an under an hour and to have the truck mobile under

I see that your warehouse carries a fair amount of stock. What brands do you carry? We shy away from premium brands as they are not popular on breakdowns because of price but we do carry two popular local brands as well as two imported brands and retreads. We are largely guided by our customers in this respect. One or two of the bigger companies we do work for have asked us to carry consignment stock on their behalf for which we charge a handling fee.

two hours. This is what we ultimately strive for, although this is not always

We are hesitant to deviate from this formula and will only provide

possible depending on the location of the vehicle. The Rustenburg area

alternative brands upon request as we believe in sticking with brands that

for example is extremely busy at the moment and we are assessing the

honour claims. In a breakdown situation, the customer is already being

viability of adding a second vehicle to the fleet as we cannot afford for our

inconvenienced. The last thing he needs is for another tyre to fail en route.

service levels to drop.

We are extremely grateful to our customers and our loyal motivated team

Our in-house systems provide us with reports and data on a monthly

of exceptional staff for their tremendous contributions to the success and

basis, highlighting everything from tyre brand, to our reaction time and

growth of Vulindlela over the past 10 years – THANK YOU!

the name of the technician who attended to the breakdown. This also helps us to keep abreast of the growing needs of the company. Further to this, we have an app that enables us to take photographs of our paperwork, convert them into a pdf file and instantly send to our offices for processing via smart phone and this has seen us turning out invoices faster than the industry norm. And as an additional service to our customer base, another one of our

Vulindlela is certainly on the path to greater things. It would seem, this small operation is doing a sterling job when it comes to playing in those important service gaps en-route. Its unique business model coupled with attention to detail has seen this family-run business which now employs 15 people, mushroom beyond expectation. We have little doubt that there are new and exciting milestones ahead for this dynamic service provider.

Superior performance Total Trust

Focus on the Consumer




SA TREADS magazine and online portal, now more than 22 years in circulation, is about to embark on a major drive targeting the consumer. The magazine has served the industry for more than two decades, tackling important issues and showcasing new products and developments, and will continue to do so, hopefully for many years to come. Notwithstanding, the birth of the International Online Tyre Portal – – in 2012 has prompted an interesting evolution which can no longer be ignored. The continuous stream of enquiries is receiving from consumers who are searching for advice on tyre pricing and dealers to buy from and are looking for the best tyre prices on Google, convinced the SA Treads to expand the reach of the magazine and online portal to simultaneously service both the consumer and the industry.


Focus on the Consumer

From, 1 September 2016, SA TREADS will enter into an exciting marketing initiative alongside the TDAFA (Tyres Dealers and Fitment Association) when a


developed web site and application will provide: • Much needed assistance to the dealer trade by rendering fitment centre compliance a quick and

Customer loyalty is as good as the last sale made.

painless task and • Assist the consumer in obtaining tyre quotes via the ‘’ application. The TDAFA’s new online initiative will serve to enhance its offering to the Dealer Member, via a new online feature that will be able to provide them with assurance that their businesses are operating in compliance with prescribed Statutory and Fitment centre guidelines and standards. The benefit will be to differentiate the TDAFA Members in the market. According to Hedley Judd, Associational Director – TDAFA (member association of the RMI), the face of the tyre business has changed significantly from years gone by. More important, so has the consumer.

in fact there and ready for fitment, will undoubtedly

The advent of the global village is a reality and it needs to be embraced

alleviate much of the inconvenience associated with

or it will race ahead without you.

what is commonly referred to as a grudge purchase.

“When last did you hear: “I have known John from John’s Tyres my

For the dealer trade of course, this new development presents a

whole life. My father did business with him and so will I. He gives me

multitude of new opportunities with today’s tech-savvy customers,

the best prices and I will never buy from anybody else,” argued Judd.

who will now have a quick and viable alternative to searching ‘best tyre

“With rising costs, tight budgets, access to the internet and social media

prices in my area’ on google, at their fingertips. Best of all this exciting

(on anything from a computer to a cell phone), today’s customer shops

new service is being offered to the consumer free of charge.

around for the best price and then for service.” In this day and age Customer loyalty is as good as the last sale made.

All that is required is for dealers to ensure their membership to the TDAFA is current as the system was exclusively written

This is where the all important aspect of follow-up is so crucial.

for TDAFA registered fitment centres. Existing members of the TDAFA

Internet enquiries not followed through cost many businesses valuable

are preloaded, however all dealers will be required to register online

opportunities. The issue of service begins from the first email to the

to confirm details and pay very reasonable access fee, whereafter they

final after sales call to confirm satisfaction in the consumers’ choice of

will be able to respond with quotations for the requests they will begin

product and dealer.

receiving from this system as we speak.

With the internet that is rapidly taking over every facet of our lives and

How it works

changing the way we go about our daily lives, tyre replacement is no

By clicking onto the icon – either directly from www.

different. The ability to obtain relevant quotes online, pre-order ones’ or via the customer is immediately

tyres and receive confirmation from the tyre dealer that the tyres are

transported to a simple registration screen. This is also the zone where is proud to announce that as of 1 September, consumers can now request tyre price quotes in their geographic location, via the new iWantTyres feature on the site, (a joint initiative between SA TREADS and the TDAFA). This new service is part of a current expansion drive that will see both SA TREADS magazine and not only catering to the tyre industry, but to the CONSUMER SEGMENT as well! This new initiative is being supported by an extensive marketing campaign that will include google Adwords, and a wide spectrum of social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, and LinkedIn. BE PART OF OUR EVOLUTION…




Focus on the Consumer

they provide the geographic location for the purchase, which in turn, directs the alerts to dealers in that specific area, that a prospective customer is looking for a tyre quote. Next, the consumer is taken to the ‘Request tyres’ feature where they are asked to provide their tyre size, preferred make and quantity,, this feature further provides the consumer with the opportunity to book their tyre fitment, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment and in some cases, possibly arrange for personal delivery of their vehicle to them, all on a particular day that suits them. The customer is then sent confirmation that their request has been sent to the relevant fitment centres. Once the respective fitment centres have sent their quotes, the customer is immediately alerted via email. This email gives a summary of the latest quote and provides a direct link to www. to view alongside all other quotes received. (No need to collate quotes manually) Then once a quote is approved, when it comes to making a booking the customer has two options: they can either call the fitment centre directly with the numbers supplied on screen, or make an online booking by clicking on the “Make Booking” link. They will be re-directed to the “Make a booking” form where they will be asked to select an appropriate date and send an optional comment to the fitment centre. Once this form is submitted the fitment centre and the customer will both receive a booking confirmation via email, containing all the fitment centre’s details, the order details as well as the customer’s details.

MARKETING Clearly a major breakthrough such as this deserves extensive publicity and what better way to achieve this than via the multitude of social media platforms available to us. Through mediums such as SA TREADS whose footprint has now extended into the VIP airport lounges

We will be able to provide the industry with accurate, detailed information on how our investment has ultimately translated into sales for YOU!

around the country, and of course, the online facility, the publishers have committed to invest in a variety of social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Linkedin, not forgetting google Adwords which will now be able to further attract, filter and process thousands of online requests for tyre prices from the South African consumer.

What’s more, the customer, via a link, will be provided with directions to the dealer’s premises.

What could be easier?

Better yet, we will be able to provide the industry with accurate, detailed information on how our investment has ultimately translated into sales for YOU! The face of business has changed significantly in the 22 years that we have been in business, serving the tyre industry. Over the years we’ve achieved our aims, reached new milestones and celebrated being part of this dynamic industry. This exciting new development might just prove to be the most memorable of them all!


Advanced tyre technology

Enhanced silica compounds

Innovative tread design & structure





Continental Tire West Africa opens its first Distribution Warehouse in Ghana Middle left: Shaun Uys, MD of Continental Tyre Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle right: Ahmed Fattal owner of Rainbow Motor Workshop and Engineering Limited.

Continental Tire officially opened its first warehouse for West Africa

equipment and replacement market. The opening of the warehouse follows

on the 20th of July in Ghana. The warehouse will be situated in the

on the successful launch of the company’s new legal entity Continental Tire

Tema Harbour with flexible storage capacity to accommodate our

West Africa (CTWA) on the 20th of April 2016. The event took place at the

development in the region.

Lambadi Beach Hotel in Accra Ghana.

As a part of Bolloré Africa Logistics the warehousing facility situated in Tema

CTWA believes that the market holds enormous potential for all its brands

is part of the organisations top-quality bonded logistics platforms situated

including the fast growing General Tire range. “We wish to have our

a few kilometres from the port terminal. Bolloré Africa logistics in Ghana

products close at hand and we will keep stock for the PLT, TT and CST

provides over 90,000m² of warehouses and storage areas.

segments of the market” adds Liebenberg. “This is an integral part of the success of our legal entity the premier levels of service we wish to offer.”

“The capacity of the facility allows us the opportunity and flexibility to expand as the market dictates”, says Johann Liebenberg, Market Manager

The West African market is estimated to be in the region of over 8 million

Continental Tire West Africa.

potential tyres in 2016, growing to over 12 million in 2025. CTWA ambitiously wishes to target a fair share of this market.

Driven by the need to provide superior products and service to the West African market, the new facility in Tema will allow ease of access and

Tyres will be supplied via our plants in Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, and

increased capacity for quick and efficient distribution.

America, to only mention the main supplying areas. The Tema warehouse will be seen as the distribution hub for Ghana and surrounding countries,

“We expect delivery within 24-48 hours in Ghana and also a significant reduction in time to service the rest of the West African countries,” says Liebenberg. Continental Tire is one of the leading manufacturers of PLT tyres in Europe and the world’s fourth largest passenger tire manufacturer in the original

where smaller volumes are required.

“The capacity of the facility allows us the opportunity and flexibility to expand as the market dictates”

– Johann Liebenberg, Market Manager Continental Tire West Africa


AN ECONOMY CREATED ENTIRELY FROM WASTE REDISA continually creates positive futures for businesses, people and the environment by driving a circular economy that will help redesign, reinvent and reuse the products we consume. Our first-of-its-kind plan and revolutionary systems are making meaningful contributions to our society – creating jobs, opportunities and brighter futures for all. The potential for our future? Endless.


/wasteintoworth |

@wasteintoworth | +27 87 35-REUSE (73873)






Fitment Centres Need Diagnostics...

Dunlop’s Fourth Win in National Survey Reflects SA Consumer’s Trust Dunlop has once again been heralded as the leading name in the Tyre Brands Category in the 2016/17 Target Group Index (TGI) Icon Brands Survey, published on Sunday, 31 July 2016. This win comes as the fourth triumph since 2011 and is testimony to the trust inherent in the South African market in


Dunlop as a brand of choice. This achievement represents yet another significant win for Dunlop’s parent company, Sumitomo Rubber South Africa (SRSA), who has embarked on a

   Â  Â?Â?   Â? Â?    

            ­       € €  ‚ Â?  ‚Â?     ƒ„€  Â?€   Â? Â? Â?       

series of investments over the past two years in enhancing its operating capacities and revitalising its brand. According to Yvette Govender, acting Marketing Director for the SRSA group, the most notable attribute of the survey is that it does not measure “softer� brand attributes, but looks at actual product usage. “Achieving this status is encouraging - reflection that Dunlop is indeed the brand of choice. Product usage is a solid proof point that demonstrates that users trust our product and its performance, especially when we consider that this is a repeat accolade we have enjoyed over several years,� said Govender. The TGI survey, from where the Icon Brands results are sourced, is the largest of its kind in South African with 19 sectors and 163 product categories. Dunlop ranked number one in the category dedicated to tyre brands. An enumerated

Ask your Dealer for the TRADE-IN value... of your diagnostic unit

area sampling design was employed and 15,107 consumers were surveyed, representing over 24 million adult South African consumers. The data was weighted using the Statistics South Africa’s population mid-year estimates. The company hopes to retain this status in the years to come through the support of its retailers - Dunlop Zones and independent distributors alike. They continue to act as the custodians of the brand and drive its success in the marketplace. Earlier this month, Dunlop launched its new positioning, “Take the Road.� “Through consistent delivery





of quality tyre products and services to the market, we believe that we will continue to enable consumers to quite literally “take the road� with this solid trust and confidence in our brand,� concluded Govender.



 ���� ­��





Yvette Govender, acting Marketing Director for the SRSA group.


Industry News

VIPAL RUBBER TO EXPAND RETREADING SOLUTIONS IN AFRICAN MARKET Brazilian based Vipal Rubber is planning to expand and strengthen its

temperatures above 420deg C and is five times more resistant than steel

presence in the African market via its range of tyre retreading repairs

thereby guaranteeing less interference with respect to tyre balance.

and accessories. The brand already has a sales and marketing structure in the region courtesy of its partnership with Tyre & Retread Supplies

Another important product for Vipal is the company’s inner tube

which was initiated in 2004.

patches which are available in different shapes and sizes, with an extrafine thickness capable of matching the inner tube’s elasticity so as to

With a presence in 19 African countries: Morocco; Algeria; Tunisia;

prevent any hard lumps from forming. Vipal claimed that they employ a

Egypt; Nigeria; Sudan; Ethiopia; Kenya; Uganda; Tanzania; Angola;

cold chemical (cold) vulcanisation in their manufacturing process which

Zambia; Malawi, Mozambique; Namibia; Botswana; Zimbabwe,

does not subject inner tubes to any type of heat, thereby extending

Swaziland and South Africa respectively, Vipal Rubber assigns special

service life.

importance to the South African market as the gateway to the African continent.

And that’s not all. Vipal also produces the ECO Patch product line which is made from 70% of raw materials originating from renewable sources

“We remain alert to the movements and opportunities that arise within

(plants), thereby replacing the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

each market, and especially in South Africa, because we believe that Africa will play an important role in the future global scenario,” said

Now a Latin American leading company, Vipal was created more than

Dijan Rigo, Commercial Coordinator Overseas.

40 years ago, in 1973, by entrepreneur Vicencio Paludo. It began as a small tyre repair shop but today, operating in more than 90 countries,

Vipal Rubber offers a full assortment of repair products, such as the

the company employees 3 000 people and boasts two manufacturing

‘Manchao’ patch, an important component in the retreading process for

plants with a production capacity of 18 000 tons per month.

any tyre that has suffered any type of damage to be retreaded without losing its original characteristics.

Furthermore, the company’s expansion plans include a new manufacturing plant in Argentina, (the first production line outside

What is more, Vipal’s line of Aramid patches, which were specially

Brazilian territory), as well as a joint venture signed with Mezla Caucho,

developed after Vipal’s field team noticed a higher-than-usual volume

(part of Grupo Soledad), in Spain. Starting in the second half of 2016,

of sidewall damages in tyres used on highways resulting in tyres being

hot tyre retreading products with the Vipal Rubber brand will also be

prematurely discarded during retreading. Aramid patches are said to be

produced in Europe, at the Mezla Caucho manufacturing plant in the

highly resistant to impact whilst simultaneously lighter and more flexible

city of Aspe, in Alicante, an important milestone for Vipal which intends

than traditional patches, thereby preventing creases from appearing in

achieving significant sales growth for these products in Europe before

the repaired region. What is more, aramid fibre is able to withstand

the end of the year.



The World at your reach

Treadzone offers tried and tested high quality products across all segments for the Southern African tyre market.

Tel: +27 (0) 21 905 1111 • Fax: 086 443 2916 •

Industry News


ATLAS RATES HIGHLY IN RECENT EUROPEAN TYRE TEST The Atlas tyre make, currently ranked the third largest manufactured brand in

we will continuously strive to offer quality environmentally friendly products

China and the 20th largest in the world, recently rated under the top seven high

at affordable and market related prices whilst operating the benchmark

performance passenger brands out of a total of 50 brands taking part in the

distribution network in the industry, thereby ensuring that we become the

independent test in Germany.

partner of choice and a key contributor to our customers’ growth.”

Tests of a 225/50R17Y/W size ranged from aquaplaning in a straight line,

In addition to the Atlas brand, Treadzone are stockists of the Mirage brand,

braking in dry and wet conditions, best value per 1000km, noise levels emitted

manufactured by the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in China with an annual

at 60 & 80km/h, to mention but a few.

turnover of more than $1.62billion, making it the 21st biggest player on the international stage.

More impressive still, Atlas ranked the best performer of all brands in the aquaplaning test in a straight line as well as best value for money per 1000km,

Again, Mirage services the mud terrain, commercial, PCR and radial truck tyre

proof in itself that not all Chinese manufactured tyres are equal and that Atlas,

markets and according to Charl, early tests indicate that Mirage truck tyres are

in particular, is not just another brand out there.

outperforming certain local makes on a cpk basis and total mileage achieved.

Moreover, in the noise emission test, Atlas was the second quietest tyre tested.

Camso – originating from the joining of two companies – Camoplast and Solideal, and specially designed for off-the-road applications, is also being

In South Africa, Atlas – available to the passenger, commercial, agricultural

distributed by Treadzone to service the material handling, construction,

radial, earthmover radial and bias industrial segments - is being distributed via

agriculture and powersport industries.

the newly-established company, Treadzone in 2015, a joint venture between Charl and Louis de Villiers in Cape Town.

And that’s not all. Their Tianli brand – especially designed for the forestry sector – and currently being exported to more than 70 countries worldwide in 300

“Our goal is to become a respected, independent importer and distributor of

different sizes, is also part of their portfolio.

tyres and related products in southern Africa,” said Charl. “And with this in mind “Treadzone was initially appointed as the sole distributor for Tainli Forestry products due to the recent demand and success being experienced, which has compelled us to enter into discussions with Tianli to expand their range in SA,” added Charl. Farm Master – a bias tyre brand that is competitively priced for the agricultural tyre market and Nexen tubes completes the mix on offer by this dynamic new company that certainly seems to be going places in a short space of time. “All our products are backed by world class manufacturing facilities. This together with a dedicated and well trained sales force offering first class service and professional advice to our ever growing customer base, ensures that we will remain a valuable contributor to the southern African tyre industry,” concluded Charl.

Atlas ranked the best performer of all brands in the aquaplaning test in a straight line as well as best value for money per 1000km



Lucky No.7 for South Africa’s No.1.

Hi-Q voted South Africa’s No.1 Tyre Retailer for the 7th year running To achieve this remarkable recognition in one of the country’s most acclaimed

From left - Jaco vd Merwe the owner of Hi-Q Croydon, Maria Petousis Director of TGI handing over the award to Sean Harrison MD Hi-Q Automotive and Dominic Mphasa Hi-Q Retail Marketing Co-ordinator.

and rigorous brand surveys for 7 years running is something to be admired. The Icon Brands Survey by Ask Africa, in association with City Press and Rapport, is the largest of its kind in South Africa with 19 sectors, hundreds of products and thousands of brands included in the measurement. This year, over 15 000 individuals were surveyed representing over 24 million adult South African consumers.

“Hi-Q has been around for almost 20 years, and in that time we have put everything into providing the best possible service and quality products for our customers. We have built a strong relationship with South African consumers and they know that our Hi-Q franchisees can always be trusted to give of their best. I believe that is why they choose us as their No.1 tyre

The survey accurately identifies brands that do more than just satisfy

retailer year after year. On behalf of our entire network, we are honoured to

consumers’ wants and needs - and this, according to Hi-Q Managing Director

receive this title yet again, and we will keep giving South Africans our all,”

Sean Harrison, is exactly what Hi-Q is all about.

says Harrison.


The best just got better E

NEW piston & seal design

NEW 2 stage valve arrangement




AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator

NEW bigger viewing window

NEW biomorphic body shape

Pneumatic Components Ltd +44 (0)114 248 2712




Pa, ek soek graag ‘n teleskoop asseblief… This was a request Tommy van Zyl of BTS Cape Town received from his now 12 year old son Cobus. He had been on a camping trip where he had learnt about the stars and planets. Now, all this young man wanted was a telescope to explore the ‘heavens’! While Cobus does complete his home chores, Tommy saw this an opportunity to teach Cobus about the value of money! To instill in him the rewards of working for what you want!

For six Saturdays, Cobus assisted his dad with Fleet Tyre Inspections using Bandag’s ProApp and Electronic Tyre Inspection Probe. He earned the money he needed for his telescope and in the process, showed us something worth sharing… Using Bandag’s ProApp is as easy as child’s play! You are able to complete more accurate tyre pressure and tread depth readings through electronic inspections. The hassle and finger errors of manual capturing are a thing of the past! As early adopters of this technology BTS Cape Town do almost all of their customers’ fleet tyre inspections using Bandag’s ProApp. Like them, a large number of Bandag Franchisees are using this technology to better service their fleet customers! Are you getting the same commitment from your tyre supplier? In the end, the good news for Cobus was that his dad bought him the telescope and allowed him to keep his ‘hard earned’ money. It’s his little boy after all!!!

With Bandag, you don’t have to be a tyre expert. You just have to know one! Bandag specialises in the manufacture of retreads and best-in-class after sales service. That’s what we do! For more information please contact Bandag on 011 439 6000 or visit the website at

With the reliability you get from Bandag, your fleet can take on anything. 8182 Bandag Strip Ad.indd 3 5/15/08 4:39:38 PM

ONE STAGE REPAIR SYSTEM Electrical Panel Functions and Safety Factors: ä Consistent airbag pressure (Outer & Inner) ä Consistent curing temperatures (Outer & Inner) ä Consistent curing times as required ä Safety factors on over & under air pressures ä Safety factors on over & under temperatures ä Safety factors on thermocouple faults ä Monitoring of heat pads currents ä Self deflating air pressure system after curing ä Emergency stop button with lockout facility ä Lights for easy monitoring ä On board siren if any faults occur


REPAIR PATCH M-RCF Repair patches for the cement-free repair of injuries on radial tube-type and tubeless tyres for one-step vulcanizing systems. PIONEERING / ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY / 40% TIME SAVING

NEW AUTOMOTIVE ONLINE WEBSTORE We are proud to be launching our new webstore in September, go to for further info.

TPMS Available on order

Ken-Tool is the leading manufacturer of tire service tools in the world. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive after market with quality products for over 90 years. Rema Tip Top Automotive manufacturers products to the highest international standards and is a proud agent for Ken-Tool.

Tel: 011 741 2611/12/16 Email: Website:

Physical Address: 22-24 Lincoln Road, Industrial Site, Benoni


Ta l k i n g Ty r e s


In a world where so many things are designed to make our lives easier, there’s also an added level of sophistication and specialisation. This is particularly true of the car and tyre business – but often the customer loses out!

By Colin Mileman

The missing link It’s almost impossible not to be mesmerised by the simply breathtaking

The core ingredients of power, performance and grin-inducing handling

array of new cars launched on our shores every month.

that send your pulse racing was to be obliterated from the recipe, and car enthusiasts would be left longing for a petrol-fuelled hedonistic past.

From all manner of compact cars to every interpretation of sport utility vehicle imaginable, pick-ups that have crossed the threshold to become

Clearly, this hasn’t happened. Yes, there has been a shift towards more fuel

leisure vehicles, sports cars and everything in between – we’ve never had

efficient automotive solutions, but this has been countered with staggering

it better.

technological advancements. This incorporates conventional internal combustion engines reborn smaller than ever, now boosted by ultra-

Yet not too long ago, with the focus shifting towards fuel economy,

sophisticated seamless turbochargers and multi-phase injection systems

emissions and the green-loving intentions of ‘saving the planet’, lots of

that defy the whole concept of engine capacity versus performance.

people – so-called industry experts included – predicted that the supercar as we knew it would be relegated to glossy hardcover coffee table books

Increasingly, these engines are being linked to innovative energy recovery


and transmission systems, as well as hybrid battery and electric drivetrains that unleash staggering acceleration with no penalty at the pumps.

Similarly, the intense horsepower war waged between the German luxury and performance car brands, comprising Audi with its S, RS and R models,

Equally, driven by the demands of vehicle manufacturers aiming to eke out

BMW’s legendary M cars, and the off-the-charts Mercedes-Benz AMG

every ounce of efficiency, tyres have followed suit. So-called ‘eco’ tyres

models, was expected to end with a flurry of waved white flags.

with reduced rolling resistance are now commonplace. And even top-end high-performance tyres boast efficiency credentials seemingly at odds with

Instead of the prevailing automotive nirvana – albeit aspirational for most

their dynamic prowess.

real-world buyers – we were led to believe that it would all come to an abrupt end. The outlook seemed decidedly bleak, as we were all destined

Whether we like it or not, it’s all about current and impending legislation.

for an automotive future of fuel-efficient econoboxes that would simply get

Car manufacturers (and ultimately the consumers) are being burdened with

you from A to B in the most cost-effective and planet-friendly manner.

ever more stringent fuel consumption and emissions targets by first-world


Ta l k i n g Ty r e s

governments, and tyres play a critical role in meeting these objectives.

Alternative rubber was available from other tyre companies, but the car brand’s strict OE rules eliminated that option.

For as long as the automobile has been around, car and tyre companies have been intimate bedfellows, sharing a mutual development path.

And it’s not just cars from the sporty end of the spectrum. I’ve seen this often over the years with numerous variations of tyre brand, width, profile,

But this trend is now more prevalent than ever, with uniquely engineered

speed rating or a unique tread pattern.

tyres developed to suit a single vehicle application. Irate drivers of run-of-the-mill cars are then forced to incur additional costs A recent spate of new cars launched in SA have come with bespoke tyres

by having to swap more than just the damaged rubber, and typically for

specifically developed for that model, and carrying exclusive original

another brand, simply because a single OE replacement tyre isn’t available.

equipment (OE) status. In the ideal world this is fantastic, as you’re

And that throws the intricate car/tyre balance theory out the window

guaranteed to experience the intricacies of the handling, braking and


chassis balance, and the delicate poise engineered into the car to achieve optimal performance.

Usually the tyre retailers and manufacturers get blamed, but often it’s due to the missing link between the car guys preplanning stock availability with

But unless your daily commute is the Nürburgring’s notorious 20.8

the tyre industry.

km Nordschleife with its 73 corners, is it really that critical? Some car manufacturers believe so, and hence only one tyre from a specific brand is

In the past, we’ve noted drivers of certain entry-level cars having to wait

approved for selected cars.

a month or more because that particular size is only produced by a single tyre company, and there’s simply no stock in the country. Once again, the

Now imagine the disappointment and sheer frustration when you spend

customer loses out.

a whole lot of money on your dream set of wheels, only to damage or punctured a tyre – and then find out that sourcing a replacement anywhere

Surely it’s not that difficult? You would think that regular two-way

in the country is as unlikely as finding a pot of gold at the end of your

communication takes place between the car industry and the main players

nearest rainbow.

in the tyre game, sharing local launch timelines well in advance, planning to have most areas covered when the car hits the market, and updating this

Obviously, this is more common straight after a new car has been

information regularly based on the number of vehicles sold. But alas, often

launched, as sufficient replacement tyres probably haven’t been produced

it appears not to be the case.

or imported in sufficient numbers to coincide with the local release. Granted, you’re never going to have every tyre option available immediately A recent hot hatch unleashed in SA suffered exactly that fate, resulting

countrywide, especially with the more specialised, exclusive and expensive

in almost the entire fleet of launch cars being parked indefinitely after a

variations on the theme – but it’s essential to have most of the basis suitably

spirited performance-oriented event left the original tyres in tatters.

covered. Or at least you would think so!

Colin Mileman is a freelance motoring journalist, photographer and advanced driving specialist with over 17 years of experience in this field. As a former editor of Topcar and Topbike magazines, he’s as enthusiastic about cars and bikes as they come, and has extensive knowledge of all motoring-related matters, including the topic of tyres, having run the annual and highly regarded Topcar tyre tests for several years.

E N G I N E E R E D TO G O T H E D I S TA N C E Truck and Bus | Dump Trucks | Scrapers | Loaders | Compactors | Graders Official Distributors in South Africa:


Johannesburg tel: +27 11 974 7732 | email: Cape Town tel: +27 82 337 8699 | email:

2016 , 3 0 1 HINA Dec. 0 AI · C H G N SHA

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World News

New dandelion Research centre for Continental The next stage of Continental’s plan to bring tyres containing


New All Season light commercial pattern from Pirelli

dandelion rubber from Russia to market has recently taken place

Pirelli’s global headquarters in Milan, Italy has announced the recent

with the opening of a new Research facility for industrialising

launch of its all-new Carrier All Season pattern for light commercial

and processing in Germany.

vehicles therefore adding to a popular summer tyre range.

Continental will operate the new Taraxagum Lab in Anklam in

The Pirelli Carrier All Season tyre incorporates the company’s ‘Seal Inside’

partnership with the IME Fraunhofer Institute and it represents

self-cleaning technology along with a unique tread design, innovative

the next encouraging step forward since first developing the

profile geometry and advanced all-season compound. At present the tyre

revolutionary project five years ago.

is available in size 195/70R15C 104R in 15 to 17 inch rim diameters and

eleven further sizes are scheduled for introduction by the end of November.

OTR RADIALS es ll OTR Machin a r fo le b a it u lS 25” to 35” in e g n ra e iz s l Full e Radials ‘E’ and ‘L’ typ ial el Belted Rad te S t s u b o R l construction sistant tread l Abrasion re compound ed tread area rc fo in re lt e l Steelb ad patterns l Modern tre lity standard l Global qua rer Warranty l Manufactu Hour


= Low Cost P


FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION Contact: Ken Martin or Marlin Pillay Tel: 031 764 6451 | Ken: 083 387 8403 | Marlin: 071 880 9247 | Fax: 086 558 8382 Email: or OnLy AvAILABLE fROm

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World News


Goodyear Develops OTR Tyres for Volvo´s Biggest ADT Goodyear introduces new OTR tyres to maximize load capacity Port Elizabeth, June 2016 - Goodyear has developed the new Off-The-Road (OTR) tyre TL-4A in size 33.25R29 specifically for the new Volvo A60H articulated dump truck - the largest Volvo articulated dump truck. The two companies have worked together to develop and produce OTR tyres specifically for the brand new 60-ton class articulated dump truck, which meets the growing customer demand for higher capacity vehicles. Volvo’s experience of the outstanding traction offered by the

Michelin Invests $3.1 Billion in North America Growth Strategy

Goodyear TL-3A+ OTR tyres, led to a request for a new OTR tyre

Michelin North America announced it has invested more than $3.1

being suitable for Volvo’s new high capacity articulated dump

billion since 2011 to support its sustainable growth strategies.

truck. The result is the brand new Goodyear TL-4A in size

“Michelin has invested billions of dollars and created tens of thousands

33.25R29. The basis for the newly developed OTR tyre was

of jobs since arriving in North America more than 40 years ago,” said

the company’s successful TL-3A+. The Goodyear engineers

Pete Selleck, chairman and president of Michelin North America.

ensured that the TL-4A offers optimized forward and lateral

“Michelin North America’s long-term business priorities will remain

traction while at the same time provides superior ride comfort.

focused on investments in manufacturing and operations infrastructure, as well as the people of Michelin who drive innovation. Their ingenuity

Its non-directional tread design has a wide footprint for

and work ethic are responsible for many of the technology innovations

maximum contact with the surface and excellent stability

that have transformed the tire industry, resulting in better mobility for

along with exceptional self-cleaning characteristics. The most


important features of the new OTR tyre is the optimized cost per hour ratio being suitable for the new Volvo 60-ton class

The tiremaker employs nearly 23,000 people at its 20 major

articulated dump truck with 55-tonne capacity and it´s high level

manufacturing facilities, with 16 in the U.S., three in Canada and one

of non-skid with E-4 level.

in Mexico. Additionally, Michelin spent approximately $2.8 billion on growth and expansion in the U.S., with $2.1 billion spent in

“The development of the new TL-4A in size 33.25R29 for

South Carolina – the home of Michelin’s North America HQ and 10

Volvo’s new A60H Articulated Dump Truck is a perfect example

manufacturing sites.

of innovative collaboration to achieve the common goal of satisfying customer needs in the OTR industry and helping

In Canada, Michelin invested more than $302.8 million across three

them to reduce their operating costs,” said Octavian Velcan,

manufacturing sites and in Mexico, the tiremaker invested nearly $43

Managing Director OTR tyres Goodyear Europe, Middle East

million at its co-located facilities in Queretaro.

and Africa. “This new class of articulated dump truck meets the needs of operators who require maximum load capacity. Our new, specifically developed Goodyear TL-4A OTR tyres allow the performance of those vehicles to be maximized.” The new Off-The-Road (OTR) tyre TL-4A in size 33.25R29 is now available as OE fitment for the new Volvo A60H articulated dump truck with 55-tonne capacity.

Sa Treads September 2016  

SA Treads Tyre Industry magazine distributed throughout South Africa

Sa Treads September 2016  

SA Treads Tyre Industry magazine distributed throughout South Africa