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Expansion is major focus for CTSA – an exclusive with Shaun Uys SATMC puts worn tyres to the test Tubestone to market Pirelli truck tyres iWantTyres now open to industry at large

Vol 22 • December 2016

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Franchising in the spotlight – is retail sector under threat?

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The holiday season is upon us, time to unwind, relax and spend time with friends and family. With many headed down to the coast, this is also the busiest time of the year for the retail sector, the very segment upon which our fourth and final edition for the year is focussed. Tyre promotions and special deals abound, all aimed at enticing the consumer to the retailers’ doors, and competition has never been greater. Eroding margins coupled with shrinking disposal income pose a serious threat to the retailer. And then there is the issue of unscrupulous traders selling part-worn and substandard tyres at absurdly low prices. How does one remain competitive? And more importantly perhaps, how does one effectively relay the message to the consumer that buying cheap could place their lives in danger? Alliances formed with their tyre manufacturing partners have helped the dealers by way of enhancing their buying power but what if, as some are suggesting, the benefits of being locked into an official agreement are outweighed by the manufacturers’ pursuit of volumes, sometimes at the expense of their own distribution channels? We pose these questions to their manufacturing partners in our feature story on page 9. Also in this issue, we bring you an exclusive interview with Shaun Uys, the man at the helm of Continental Tyre SA where he outlines his vision for the company, the rationale behind the launch of the BestDrive franchise concept and their new exciting initiatives aimed at educating the consumer on tyre safety. And speaking of tyre safety, the SATMC recently hosted an important event at the Gerotek testing facility in a bid to demonstrate the dangers of driving on worn tyres, the results of which you can read about on page 16. Test tracks are the flavour of the month it would seem as we also cover a story on the launch of a brand new world class test circuit in China – the Applus IDIADA , (video coverage of this impressive facility is also available on www. And last but not least we bring you an exciting update on the recently launched online tyre platform – iWantTyres. This incredible new medium is now open to the industry at large plus the motorist can now apply for finance to fund their tyre purchase online! Read all about it on page 20. That’s all for now….safe travels and farewell to 2016!




EXPANSION IS A MAJOR FOCUS FOR CTSA The man currently at the helm of Continental Tyre SA (CTSA) not only bears a wealth of experience in the tyre trade, he is South African born and bred, unlike many of his predecessors. Shaun Uys assumed the MD position in May 2015 from ex-pat Dieter Horni.

Having worked his way up in the company by virtue of his exposure to various divisions and areas of responsibilities, Uys, a Mechanical Engineer by trade, has represented Continental across the globe, courtesy of a six-month internal International Management Programme





with Continental HQ in Germany, and his appointment to International Sales for the tyre maker. More than a year after his South African appointment we managed to pin him down for an exclusive dialogue during which he shared his vision for the South-African arm of the company.

convince our ContiPartner loyalty programme partners by means of a mutual collaborative approach, to move over to our new franchise offering. We hoped for an 80% conversion ratio but ended up with 95%, a great success! This programme has exceeded my expectations thus far and we are far from complete. Continental is the only tyre company with a common retail brand approach worldwide. Today, the BestDrive brand operates on six continents including Africa. We have rolled out into three Africa markets so far and will be in a further four next year, taking us to seven

Tell us about your early beginnings with CTSA.


I began my career in tyres and at Continental in 2000, based in the factory where I was responsible for the production of the mixing and

We have a far bigger demand for our BestDrive franchise offer than

extrusion department. This was followed by a two-year stint with the

we can manage to convert and have had to carefully manage the

building and curing department before stepping into the marketing and

expectations of new and potential members. Of course, this is a great

sales arena in 2004 in the capacity of International Sales for all tyre

problem to have, which only reconfirms that our offer has been well

groups. During this period I also furthered my studies at UNISA with a

received and clearly adds value. As I mentioned earlier, we are about

qualification in BCom General Management.

to enter stage 2 of the Programme, with a BestDrive commercial offer designed for the truck market which will be launched next year with test

The six-month International Programme I was fortunate to attend opened

pilots already running in our company owned stores.

up new doors to me with the secondment to Germany in 2006 where I was responsible for the truck tyre business pricing management. This

So stage 3 will mark the completion of your roll-out?

was originally for Europe, Middle East and Africa and after 12 months,

Our commitment to continuously invest and add value to the Programme

growing this responsibility into a worldwide role until mid-2008 when I

essentially means that that our focus on the distribution arm of the

was relocated to the USA to assume responsibility for NAFTA marketing

business will never reach completion. The day you claim the offer is

and sales for the truck tyre business. Next, I returned to SA at the end

complete is the day you start to slide backwards.

of 2010 to establish a retail business in Africa to ensure a secure route to market for CTSA.

Would you care to comment on allegations in the market that rival groups are receiving preferential pricing deals over your own network?

The Business Plan and concept which was built during the course of

We have various channels to market and have a competitive offer in

2011, finally obtained approval in early 2012, the result of which can

each of our channels, BestDrive and Tiger Wheel & Tyre for example,

be seen today in our ContiTrade Africa business unit and the BestDrive

which are both strategic and ensure healthy competition between the

Franchise retail chain. Our first franchise store opened in November

respective channels. We believe that Continental is the most responsible

2012 together with our company owned stores with the process being

in the market with respect to our conditions, so the dealers always know

completed in 2013. Today, I am proud to say we have over 130 BestDrive

that they can rely on their inventory values.

franchise stores in three countries, focusing on PLT business. Stage 2 of the project – focusing on the truck tyre side of our business – will be

Do you believe the SA retail sector is reaching saturation levels?

going into implementation in 2017 and will then conclude the complete

I do not see the tyre retail sector growing. We will and have already

franchise offer, prior to us accelerating the roll-out, which forms stage 3.

started in a consolidation period and this will only accelerate in the years ahead. The small corner retailer will have few options but to join

What were your immediate areas of focus following your appointment

one of the network programmes or they will not survive.

to MD in 2015? Building organisational human capacity, ensuring manufacturing

What about sub-standard imports? How do we combat this threat?

excellence and reliability into our projects and plans and delivering on

Before we get to sub-standard imports we have to deal with the growing

what we promised.

number of second-hand tyres being sold in the market and this is where we need government to formulate a part-worn standard for second-

The roll-out of the BestDrive franchise concept also took precedence

hand tyres. This is a far bigger threat than sub-standard imports and

with the biggest change coming in mid-2015 when we managed to

should be dealt with as a matter of urgency.


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How should we address the threat of the rising number of unscrupulous

We hope to continue to engage with industry leaders and government


institutions to develop the existing road infrastructure in order to improve

CTSA supports the SATMC formal application to ITAC for formula duties

overall driving conditions.

to be applied to all tyre imports. The Formula duty allows for tariffs on imported tyres to be valued on weight rather than unit price. This is a much

In addition CTSA is stepping up its efforts towards achieving an accident-

more accurate way of controlling the value of imports and it mitigates the

free future by appointing two high-profile brand ambassadors for its Vision

likelihood of under declaring at the point of import.

Zero safety initiative.

It could be argued that a more informed consumer on the risks of

Top racing driver and drifting ace Clare Vale, along with road safety advocate

part-worn or sub-standard tyres might go a long way towards the

Vuyi Mpofu have been appointed as the local faces of Continental’s efforts

elimination of these unscrupulous dealers and practices. How important

towards raising awareness for its global campaign to reduce and ultimately

is promoting tyre safety to the consumer, in your view?

eliminate vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities.

CTSA has adopted an innovative and comprehensive approach to automotive safety with the aim of reducing and ultimately eliminating vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities.

regarding the importance of tyre selection, care and maintenance. These factors are often overlooked despite being among the leading causes of road accidents, particularly in South Africa.

Dubbed ‘Vision Zero’, the pioneering initiative is driven by the Continental Group’s leading status as one of the world’s

largest tyre and automotive safety systems manufacturers

Finally, what is your vision for CTSA?

To remain

In the short-term, to consolidate the recent investments in

competitive, always

and it is our aim to make Vision Zero a reality for every

the factory as a means to derive maximum benefits from

optimise your

driver. We have a well-earned, highly respected reputation for

The main objectives of these ambassadors are to educate the public

manufacturing environment

producing tyres with industry-best braking performance. By integrating this with Continental’s cutting-edge advanced driver assistance systems and its car-to-car communications technologies, we believe that an accident-

with continuous

this spend. We will also continue to customer benefits to our BestDrive franchise programme that includes a truck element and retread offer.

improvements and adopt a collaborative approach with all stakeholders.

free future is attainable. The road to automated driving is an evolutionary one and will not happen overnight. But Continental has already deployed a wide range of assisted systems that are playing a significant role in reducing the number and severity of accidents. In the short term the automated driving aspect is focused on the European markets whereas in Africa, our focus has been on driver education and tyre safety. Continental is constantly developing and testing new materials and technologies on the tyre front, and bringing products to market that deliver

Our medium-term goals are focussed on increasing our presence in the sub-Sahara market using the SA organisation as a gateway, and finding ways to become closer to our customers and our people in these regions.

We recently opened Continental Tyre West Africa where we have positioned personnel to assist our customers directly. As for our long-term objectives, we hope to benefit from these new markets, customers and segments How, in your view, do retailers remain market competitive? In order to remain competitive, always optimise your manufacturing

the highest levels of safety performance -- particularly in braking terms,

environment with continuous improvements and adopt a collaborative

where it is already the class leader.

approach to all stakeholders. Talk, and more importantly, listen. Never say the process is complete, always strive to improve.

Vision Zero provides insight into a future without collisions and resulting death or injury. However the process cannot be achieved by the Continental

Speaking of improvements, are any factory upgrades in the pipeline?

Group alone. Therefore, the company regularly joins forces with partners,

We have invested close to R1 billion within the last five to six years into

dealers and motorists around the world to strive towards a common target

efficiency and quality measures within our passenger plant, the most recent

of accident-free driving. We recently participated in a safety event hosted

investment being in the OTR and underground mining segment to build a

by the SATMC in which we demonstrate the importance of tread depth and

complete new range of improved mining tyres and increase capacity to

the resultant stopping distance to government and industry bodies. I would

meet market demands. We will have to continue with the efficiency and

say this was an eye opener to many involved.

market specific technology investments going forward. If we continue to




WHEEL SERVICE EQUIPMENT deliver on our promises I am convinced that we will continue to receive our investments streams needed. Is your plant consolidating on sizes and are you therefore obliged to import greater quantities to meet market demands?

Fitment Centres Need Diagnostics...

The intention is always to balance complexity in the factory and market requirements and we have a strategy to produce locally what we need. There are always some instances when this changes to meet single events or to overcome market saturation, but in the long term closer to the market is always better. Also, some of our markets and customers in sub-Sahara Africa have specific requirements which are different from other developed


markets so we have invested over the last few years to establish specific factory competence to meet these market conditions. We now have products and brands that are extremely well suited to local conditions. What, in your view, are the biggest challenges facing the SA tyre manufacturing sector? Manufacturing cost management, in short, the improvement of efficiency versus cost increases. We need to become world class in efficiency and to justify investments to become more effective and efficient in a volatile environment. We are further required to embrace and implement the challenge of meeting the new BBBEE codes in order to align with government’s transformation programme. Further to this we need to engage with stakeholders (labour, suppliers, customers, government) in a bid to create a more collaborative approach and work together towards a common goal.

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Ask your Dealer for the TRADE-IN value... of your diagnostic unit

What impact, if any, did the weakening of the Rand have on your company early in the year? A fluctuating Rand is now a way of life. It can change by 30c to 50c between breakfast and dinner. We have, for a number of years now, built into our approach a strategy to offset and mitigate risk of FX fluctuations. The effects of this are different in each tyre business segment and so with a well balanced approach between our segments and market, we have managed







to minimise these impacts. It is a clear focus that always forms part of our long range planning.

Shaun Uys is very much a family man. He is married and has two children, a 14-year old son and a 10-year old daughter. He enjoys spending time with family and friends



He describes himself as a weekend bike warrior and has just completed

109km tour this year, on a tandem bicycle with his son. LEVEL


 ���� ­��

his 3rd mountain bike stage race, the Wine2Whales, (a 3-day race from Lourensford to Hermanus) together with completing his 10th Argus Cycle

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Focus on the Retail Sector



FRANCHISING IN THE SPOTLIGHT The majority of retailers have formed alliances with South Africa’s four

tyre makers in a bid to ensure supply and enhance their buying power. In turn, manufacturers expect a return of between 60-70% of their total sales to favour their respective brands. On the face of it, the business model works, except for the growing perception in the market that despite these official alliances, manufacturing companies are simultaneously backing opposition stores which enables them to flaunt a full stable of brands, sometimes at the expense of their own distribution networks. In response, Sean Harrison, Director of Hi-Q Automotive said: “I can understand that such a perception may exist in our industry, however, I am not in total agreement with it. We operate in a complex environment and being part of a formalised network with an aligned supply partner offers So-called bucket shops are openly competing, alongside reputable retailers.

As far back as I can remember retailers have been grousing over dwindling margins thanks to a hard pressed consumer in an economically declining market. With South Africa now on the brink of recession, the consumer is being compelled to tighten the belt even further as disposable income shrinks to an all-time low. To make matters worse, it is widely accepted that the retail market is saturated, not that this is necessarily evident by the growing number of new stores that continue to crop up.

access to other value propositions. These propositions come at a cost and we need to recognise this when addressing our perceptions.” Echoed Kevin Slabbert, Head of Conti Trade: “I cannot comment on the specifics around this in terms of other channels but certainly within the Continental BestDrive franchise network, the franchisee enjoys a number of substantial benefits, including economic benefits, by belonging to the programme, benefits that would not be available if they were not part of the network. Failure to create an environment where belonging to a group delivers tangible financial benefits is simply not sustainable and will only result in ongoing internal conflict and growing distrust.” Added Riaz Haffejee, CEO Sumitomo Rubber South Africa: “Winners like to associate with winners and this works for us in our franchise development. Pricing can play a big role in being part of a franchise chain, but aside from this, there are other factors that can translate into key distinguishing traits and can represent incredible value to store owners such as advertising, trade marketing and brand support, access to consumer insights, and above all, product and technical support with respect to training.” Despite all of this some retailers are suggesting that current expectations


Focus on the Retail Sector

surrounding desired volumes favouring their respective tyre maker are not altogether realistic in this multi-brand market.

have neither the commitment to any particular tyre

❝ We

believe that

the targets set are

brand, local or international, nor the integrity to honour tyre claims.

In turn, when questioned, the tyre makers claimed

an expression of our

Which begs the question, who is actively supplying

that targets set are agreed upon with all parties

partnership. It is not

these back-yard operations and what measures, if

involved and that as part of the process, they take

left for the stores to

any, are currently in place to police and enforce

into account factors such as history, size of the store,

achieve these targets

unsavoury elements in the trade?

catchment, target market and Car Parc analysis to project all figures. “And lest we forget, ample marketing support from our

on their own. We support our dealers to

achieve sales.

end is provided to assist in achieving these targets,”

“I do not believe the so-called ‘bucket shops’ will ever disappear. They exist because they service a need in the market place. The only way to combat this growing problem and this is part of Continental’s focus with

said Haffejee. “We believe that the targets set are an

respect to BestDrive, is to deliver a desirable retail

expression of our partnership. It is not left for the stores to achieve these

solution that is appealing to a large segment of the market based on the

targets on their own. We support our dealers to achieve sales.”

principles of great price, best advice and genuine care for the consumer,” argued Slabbert.

Added Harrison: “As franchisor, it is our responsibility to ensure that our sell in targets in respect to all product lines are achievable, realistic and

Added Christo Jansen van Rensburg, Divisional Head, Bridgestone SA

challenging and we work closely with our suppliers and network in jointly

Retail: “The impact these unscrupulous dealers are posing to the consumer

agreeing to sell in targets.”

are serious in that they will have sub-standard and inferior products fitted to their vehicle and similar services rendered. In return, this damages the

Conversely, Slabbert acknowledged that some of these targets set within

fitment industry as a whole. This is why it is crucial for the consumer to

some of the franchised networks are often a source of friction.

have safety first and foremost in their purchasing decision as tyres, brakes and shocks are safety critical components on their vehicle and can be the

He said: “On the one hand, the manufacturer invests large sums of money

difference between life and death.”

into the franchise network and has a realistic expectation to recover that investment through the sales of its product via that network. The franchisee,

Haffejee concurred: “Effectively, these stores play a big role in promulgating

on the other hand, is facing a competitive retail environment where different

second-hand tyres, and it is important here to create awareness that while

consumers expect to be offered an array of brands at different price points.

these stores aim to make a living, the negative impact of their products in the safety of the South African motorist is huge. This is perhaps a

“That being said much can be done to find (and influence) the natural

broader societal concern that requires more awareness on the part of the

balance between the manufacturer achieving the volume and mix required

consumer, who is often unknowingly investing in tyres that they may view

to justify their investment whilst still giving the franchisee a competitive

as cost-effective, but which are in fact more of a risk to their lives and that

advantage and offering in the market,” he said.

of other motorists.”

To add fuel to the fire, a growing number of back-yard operators, commonly

“In my opinion we as a retail industry are apathetic when it comes to

being referred to in the market as ‘bucket shops’ are vying for business in

addressing this challenge,” offered Harrison. “The TDAFA – our industry

what is being described as an uneven playing field. It is being alleged that

body dedicated to ensure minimum standards are being maintained – is

these unscrupulous operators may have an economic advantage by way

currently poorly supported by the very same industry it serves. Less than

of tax evasion, false import duty declarations, staff that are not registered,

50% of ‘branded’ retail outlets are members of the organisation.”

the absence of franchise fees and basic if not downright crude equipment being used to carry out the work. This poses a grave danger to the motorist

Added Jansen van Rensburg: “The TDAFA is currently working with key

who might not be aware of the old adage that ‘goedkoop is duur koop’ .

stakeholders to formalise the fitment industry and create a standard to

Often they sell tyres of dubious quality. Some have even been known to sell

ensure that the minimum required standards are being met.”

snow tyres into the market, which are totally unsuitable for South African conditions. More disturbing still, in the event of a claim, motorists could

“It is perceived in the industry that some retail centres do not adhere to the

well find themselves out of pocket as most of these unscrupulous dealers

integrated industry waste tyre plan regulations, particularly by not mutilating


Focus on the Retail Sector

end of life tyres. These find their way back into the market, impacting on price points, achievement of sell out/in targets and the manufacturers’ ability to meet production targets which can ultimately impact on industry viability and employment levels throughout the value chain,” continued Harrison. Continental’s Slabbert further stated: “I am not aware of a national body that ensures that standards are set and adhered to within our industry. We work in a safety critical environment where mistakes and poor workmanship can have dire consequences. We would

minimum overheads. And to compound the situation


urge retailers

from all franchises to effectively mutilate all

further, these unscrupulous dealers are able to purchase tyres from a wholesaler and sell them at a much cheaper price.

tyres prior to collection

To quote one source located outside the major

so that the tyres

metropolitan areas, “the tyre market needs to be

can never find their

better controlled and franchise stores need to be

way into the informal market or a bucket shop again. Any tyre

protected at all costs. It’s war out there. We have a gun, but no bullets!” So what are we to deduce from this? Are the

support any initiative that sets national standards for

that is scrapped in a

our industry.

retail store should be

partners, failing their respective networks? Or, is this

disposed of responsibly

a case of the franchisees failing to acknowledge the

“The SA tyre and related fitment market is a much contested space in the retail segment,” he added. “Although there are a number of ‘independents’ who run very strong and successful retail operations, they

ensuring that the future safety of all consumers is


franchisors, in conjunction with their manufacturing

alleged benefits being meted out to them? It became clear during our investigation that for the most part, franchisors genuinely believed that they

represent the exception to the rule. Belonging to a

were delivering on their promises to their distribution

franchised group helps spread the load to a degree


and allows the operator to focus on those areas of their business where they are the experts. The South African consumer places strong value

So where does the buck stop? More concerning still, what are the

on a strong retail brand and the importance of supporting this with a

implications for the motorist if in the event of an accident and when

professional environment covering product offerings, technical abilities

attempting to claim on their vehicle insurance they find their claim being

and consumer service offerings. A franchise network takes care of many

rejected due to an incorrect or sub-standard tyre fitted to their vehicle.

of these elements.” South Africa’s big four said that they had recognised the importance of Haffejee, who is currently the outgoing Chairperson of the South African Tyre

educating the consumer on tyre safety and have pledged to focus heavily

Manufacturers Conference (SATMC), expressed that measures were being

on this in the months and years to come.

made by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), for the specification of a part-worn tyre standard. “The development and

With knowledge comes understanding. In the end, only the consumer can

institution of such measures will made strides to mitigate such practices,

drive the process to effect change. Only they can bring about the welcome

which will ultimately benefit the broader road safety cause at large,” he said.

demise of the shady operator by refusing to support him.

“I urge retailers from all franchises to effectively mutilate all tyres prior to

“The consumer needs to have safety first and foremost in their purchasing

collection so that the tyres can never find their way into the informal market

decision, especially because tyres, brakes and shocks are safety critical

or a bucket shop again. Any tyre that is scrapped in a retail store should be

components on their vehicle, and can be the difference between life and

disposed of responsibly ensuring that the future safety of all consumers is

death,” cautioned Jansen van Rensburg.

protected,” cautioned Haffejee. “There is currently a sea of sameness in the retail fitment sector,” he And yet, according to our sources, even those who currently belong to

suggested. “There is no unique offer to the consumer whereby they

a particular franchise group are finding it ever more difficult to compete.

can interact and engage with the brand rather than just purchasing the products. Tyres have become a mere commodity and these current

Whilst the obvious benefits of being part of a larger group of traders cannot

shortcomings are the main driver with consumers who will consider a

be disputed, some claimed that their affiliation comes at an added cost

price offering only. In turn, this means that margins are eroding past the

by way of branded signage, equipment, training, franchise fees and the

point of sustainability and currently, this is the biggest factor for failure

like, unlike many of the dubious traders around them who operate with

in the fitment industry.”

E N G I N E E R E D TO G O T H E D I S TA N C E Truck and Bus | Dump Trucks | Scrapers | Loaders | Compactors | Graders Official Distributors in South Africa:


Johannesburg tel: +27 11 974 7732 | email: Cape Town tel: +27 82 337 8699 | email:



One million injury-free hours for tyre giant’s Ladysmith expansion project Sumitomo Rubber South Africa (SRSA) – parent company to the Dunlop brand

R2bn. At present, the project has employed 15 subcontractors, with an excess

– has recently achieved one million lost time injury-free hours on their current

of 350 combined workers on site.

expansion projects underway at their production plant in the industrial hub of Danskraal, Ladysmith. This is equates to 713 days - and counting - without a

SRSA’s CEO, Riaz Haffejee, said that this achievement was a reflection of the

lost time accident.

commitment by all contractors to one of SRSA’s key priorities – safety. “At SRSA, safety comes first, last and always - and this achievement is a wonderful

Joint-venture contractors on the project, Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN/

proof point which resonates with our people at all levels that the importance of

Ladysmith Construction are pleased with the milestone, citing safety as a big

safety should not be underestimated,” said Haffejee.

priority for not only themselves, but for the tyre manufacturer as well. “These lost time injury-free (LTI) hours is a notable safety milestone to have achieved,

Inherent in the project were several factors that contributed to safety risks.

especially when one considers that we commenced construction at the site back in 2014,” said Mark Stewart, Alternate Director of Stefanutti Stocks

Among these risks were:

Building KZN. “During this two year period, we have had less than 10 minor

• Excavations of up to 8.5 metres deep.

first aid cases, most of which required little more than plaster treatment,” he

• Blasting of shale rock for foundations, floors and roads.


• High scaffolding structures of up to 20m high, with workmen at heights to erect steelwork and sheet the roof.

Dunlop’s existing manufacturing plant was established in 1973. Shortly after

• Tilt-up construction. This involves heavy concrete lifts done by crane, where

being acquired by Japan-based investors Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the

12mx 6m x200mm thick walls sections are hoisted up.

company took the decision to modernise and expand the manufacturing facility.

• Working at heights of up to 30 metres high with mixing equipment

Construction commenced in October 2014, with phase one of the project

• Heavy construction, with designs catering for 2 ton per square metre

(known as Project Sunrise), valued at a mammoth R1.1 billion. The company

loadings, using heavy scaffolding at high levels

then announced a further R970 million in March this year (Project Southern

• 100,000 cubic metres of earth removal, which involved a lot of heavy vehicle

Cross), taking their total investment in the factory upgrade and expansion to

movement to get factory levels



View of the expansions that have commenced at SRSA’s manufacturing plant in Ladysmith.

• Operation of two tower cranes working overhead

safety standards, right down to rigorous training programmes that are aimed

• Operation of nine mobile cranes erecting steel, pouring concrete and moving

at upskilling fitment experts at our retail Dunlop franchises like Dunlop Zone

equipment overhead

and Dunlop Express. We hope that through such measures, that safer roads, fewer fatalities and the interests of the motorists across SA will be preserved,”

According to Haffejee, to have zero major incidents given the magnitude of

concluded Haffejee.

this project is worthy of commendation, given the company’s values. “It underscores a quality project team who resonate with our company’s ethos,”

The Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN/Ladysmith Construction JV project team

said Haffejee. “Safety permeates our organization at all levels, with consumers

was also recently awarded the 2016 Master Builders Association Award

in mind. This extends from our manufacturing and operational practices, to

for Safety for their work on Project Sunrise. The final phase of the project,

the engineering of durable, quality products that adhere to the highest global

Southern Cross, is scheduled for completion July 2018.


The best just got better AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator

NEW bigger viewing window

NEW piston & seal design

NEW biomorphic body shape

NEW 2 stage valve arrangement




PCL are proud to be exclusively distributed by


Automotive Equipment International (PTY) Ltd 134 Shaft Street, Stormill, Maraisburg T 011 474 7480

F 011 474 3104




SATMC demonstrates importance of tyre safety, a critical facet of vehicle safety

The South African Tyre Manufacturing Conference (SATMC), in its continued

modular tests were undertaken at the Tyre Safety Conference today

endeavour to achieve greater policy and regulatory harmonisation for the

each showcasing the potential impact of driving Tyres that do not have

greater purpose of ensuring consumer safety hosted its inaugural Tyre

sufficient tread on them to ensure driver and passenger safety. We

safety conference.

allowed participants to drive identical vehicles with new Tyres that have a tread depth of 8mm, and then with a tread depth of 1.6mm.” says SATMC

The aim of the conference is to demonstrate the imperativeness of safety to

Executive Manager Nobuzwe Mangcu.

key stakeholders, particularly government stakeholders who have a key role to play in ensuring that the policy and regulatory drivers to safety are in place.

“We’ve chosen to simulate common road conditions and showcasing the performance of both entry-level and luxury vehicles on a Wet Braking Test,

Industry stakeholders along with government and regulatory bodies joined

Aquaplaning on a circular Track, a Wet Slalom Test as well as a Wet Handling

the SATMC at the Gerotek Test Facilities in Pretoria in modular Track

Track. All four tests show the dangers of driving a vehicle using unsafe

demonstrations designed to accentuate the criticalness of ensuring Tyre

Tyres. Our audience is key in assisting the SATMC to ensure that we have

safety on the road.

the best possible policies and regulations to protect consumers on South African roads. We sell over 11 million tyres locally and we take consumer

“Our relentless passion for Tyre safety drives everything we do. Four

safety very seriously.”



Riaz Haffejee, Chairman of the SATMC Board provided an in-depth presentation at the conference focusing on the importance of the SATMC’s key focus areas and the enabling role that government can play in protecting those on South African roads. The conference aligns strategically with Transport Month and further highlights the collaboration and important role tyres play in ensuring safety on all South African roles — an integral component in ensuring a stable economy. The SATMC which comprises of all four of South Africa’s tyre manufactures Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear and Sumitomo Rubber Industries has vested a collective investment of R4-billion into the South African economy in the last three years. In the context of job creation the industry collectively employs over 7000 people through direct employment and an additional 4000 people indirectly through the industry value chain. About South African Tyre Manufacturers Conference – SATMC The SATMC is the representative of the four SA tyre manufacturers comprising of Bridgestone, Continental, Good Year and Sumitomo Rubber. SATMC aims to become the voice of South African tyre manufacturers and an industry thought leader within the minds of all South Africans. It represents the interests of the manufacturers and lobbies with various organisations on non-competitive issues of common concern to the South African tyre manufacturers.

AN ECONOMY CREATED ENTIRELY FROM WASTE REDISA continually creates positive futures for businesses, people and the environment by driving a circular economy that will help redesign, reinvent and reuse the products we consume. Our first-of-its-kind plan and revolutionary systems are making meaningful contributions to our society – creating jobs, opportunities and brighter futures for all. The potential for our future? Endless.


/wasteintoworth |

@wasteintoworth | +27 87 35-REUSE (73873)



Industry News

iWantTyres NOW OPEN TO INDUSTRY AT LARGE! New sales are but a click away! We are excited to announce that the iWantTyres online tyre quote and buyingTo date: platform having concluded its exclusivity period to the TDAFA, is now open to consumers • 463 the South African tyre industry at large!

across the country

have registered on

Since its inception on September 1st, this revolutionary online initiative has met

the system with wide acceptance from the South African consumer who is actively seeking a quick, easy and most of all, cost-effective solution to tyre replacement• online. 398 tyre quote To date: requests received • 463 consumers across the country have registered on the system • 398 tyre quote requests received

• 2 129 tyres sold

• 2 129 tyres sold • 799 quotes submitted • Potential value estimated at R3 903 234.00

• 799 quotes submitted • Potential value

With the holiday period fast approaching there has never been a more important time to take advantage of this exciting new resource.

estimated at R3 903 234.00

Don’t miss out! Register now to ensure that you begin receiving quotes from consumers by geographical location. The system has been designed to target specific locations around the country by radius. (visit for more info). More exciting still, as of 1 November, the consumer is now able to apply for

apply seamlessly for a personal loan to various lenders. With the assistance

finance to fund their tyre purchase online! With endorsement from South

of the Seriti Call Centre, the process is streamlined and the customer has

Africa’s major financial institutions and the backing and expertise of Seriti

one point of call. Moreover, the merchant is kept in the loop on a continuous

Business Solutions, (providers of the call centre), finance approval is swift and

basis and advised if the application for finance has been successful, thereby

painless. Best of all, dealers will no longer be compelled to wait weeks or even

providing an easy solution to the customer whilst also enabling the merchant to

months to be reimbursed. The transaction is instant!

close that all important sale,” she added.

To assist the consumer further, as of November 1, the iWantTyres website will

The client will have two Action options. Action 1 will direct them to an ‘Apply

now also offer the consumer the option of applying for finance to fund their

for Finance’ form where they are required to submit their personal details and

tyre replacement.

complete a set of finance-related questions. Next, Seriti’s call centre will contact the client to conclude the finance application after which Seriti will submit the

“In today’s tough economic climate, customers are constantly coming under

client’s application via the Seriti portal to a variety of banking institutions. Seriti

financial pressure and are not always able to meet the requirements of those

will receive notification as to whether the finance was approved and will notify

unforeseen costs that crop up and usually all at the same time. Seriti Business

the respective fitment centre of the outcome.

Solutions, in conjunction with iWantTyres, have identified an opportunity to alleviate some of that strain for merchants who rely on those customers being

Action 2 will remain the same whereby the customer can make a booking

able to pay for those unforeseen grudge purchases,” said Candy Perry, General

without applying for finance.

Manager. This new feature looks set to revolutionise tyre buying for the consumer, “By hosting an application on the merchants’ website, a customer can now

simultaneously reducing the percentage of business lost to fitment centres.

BE A PART OF THE ONLINE REVOLUTION – SIGN UP TODAY! is proud to announce that as of 1 September, consumers can now request tyre price quotes in their geographic location, via the new iWantTyres feature on the site, (a joint initiative between SA TREADS and the TDAFA). This new service is part of a current expansion drive that will see both SA TREADS magazine and not only catering to the tyre industry, but to the CONSUMER SEGMENT as well! This new initiative is being supported by an extensive marketing campaign that will include google Adwords, and a wide spectrum of social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, and LinkedIn. BE PART OF OUR EVOLUTION…




Industry News

STATE-OF-THE-ART TESTING CIRCUIT TO OPEN IN CHINA A brand new, state-of-the-art tyre testing circuit has been developed in

which will feature a number of high-tech features and elements, is expected

China. Development began in 2013 under the auspices of the Shandong

to be fully operational by the end of this year.

Ling Long brand which manufactures four of China’s leading tyre labels; Atlas, Linglong, Infinity and Leao. And whereas this notable group of

The Applus IDIADA will offer a myriad of testing platforms, among them, a

Chinese brands will also be managing the project, the new Applus IDIADA

high speed circuit, straight line braking, off-road capabilities, dry handling,

proving ground complex will be open to all companies in the automotive

wet handling, drift and pull, durability and fatigue, general road conditions

sector this year.

and test hills.

Shandong Ling Long is contributing to the design of this new proving

An ambitious project undertaken by the Shandong Ling Long group of

ground which exhibits the same level of track quality and follows the same

companies, and a welcome addition to the Asian continent, now responsible

rules and standards of safety and confidentiality that apply in Applus in

for the manufacture of countless tyre makes being marketed globally.

Applus IDIADA’s proving ground in Spain. The Linglong and Atlas brands are available in South Africa, with Atlas in Construction of the new test circuit began in October 2013 and the facility,

particular, securing an important niche in the mining and agric sectors.

The World at your reach


Industry News

sold in South Africa. The funds raised will go towards better equipping our game rangers, and most importantly, educating communities, so as to win the WAR and save our precious wildlife. Andrea Nel, owner of Tandem Tyres puts it succinctly: “We are doing this because we care, about today, about tomorrow, about our partners, because it’s right. Tandem means together and with us, partnership is the cornerstone of successful, sustainable business.”


The company further claims that this level of caring is carried through to its product range. “Quality, value and safety are key


at Tandem Tyres, and all distributed

Rhino Tyres – interestingly one of the only international tyre brands

Moreover, all imported tyres have been

to be born through joint collaboration with a South African company,

internationally certified in the USA,

in this case Tandem Tyres – is growing into a powerful mid-tier brand

Europe, Brazil and China.

that can now be found in South America, Europe, Asia as well as South

Proudly South African, Tandem






approved and conform to ISO9000.

Tyres now offers an extensive

With its headquarters in Qingdao China, from humble beginnings in

range to market including OTR,

2005, the Rhino Tyre range has since evolved from quality bias truck


tyres into OTR, TBR, AGR and PCR tyre offerings. Sold under two

Industrial tyres in keeping with

distinct labels, Rhino and Rhino King, the range is being met with global

its mission to provide the South

acceptance due to its tough, long lasting quality features.

African market with high-tech,

When asked about the name, Rhino Tyres founder William Yi explains that it stemmed from his fascination with and admiration for the African Rhino. Representing strength and lasting rugged beauty, the African Rhino compelled him to manufacture tyres that are built tough to last long. And of course, the province of Kwazulu-Natal is renowned for its conservation efforts to repopulate and save the Rhino species, yet another reason for the name choice. As a result of the ongoing battle against poaching, and the need to pool resources and collaborate, Rhino Tyres have committed themselves to supporting the Project Rhino KZN foundation in its cause to save our rhino. Both the owners of Tandem Tyres and Rhino Tyres felt compelled to act and have jointly committed to donating R10 for every Rhino tyre

Euro-star rated designs that offer superior resilience and reliability in any terrain.


OTR Truck Taxi

For years, Rhino Tyres has delivered a range of high quality tyres at great value across the globe for OTR, TBR and PCR vehicles. Distributed exclusively throughout South Africa and Africa by Tandem Tyres, Rhino’s high-tech, and Euro-star rated design offers superior resilience and reliability for any need, in any terrain.

By purchasing any Rhino Tyre, you help give the endangered Rhino a fighting chance. For every tyre purchased we will donate R10 per tyre to the Project Rhino KZN fund. Tel. 031 765 2650 | Fax. 031 765 2695 |


Industry News

PIRELLI TRUCK AND TUBESTONE ENTER INTO PARTNERSHIP Tubestone and Pirelli Truck and Industrial Division have formed a partnership with the vision of bringing better quality tyres to roads all over South Africa. With this partnership, Tubestone becomes the sole importer and distributor of all Pirelli Truck and Industrial tyres in Southern Africa, with particular focus on the Pirelli 01 Series product range that is said to provide not only a good quality tyre but also reduced fuel consumption, increased safety on wet or dry surfaces and reduced noise emissions. “Assuming responsibility for the Pirelli Truck division is not a small task and comes with inheriting all the problems of previous suppliers of the product, the

the faith with our dealers as well as end users that stock is available throughout South Africa, Botswana and Namibia,” confirmed MD Pieter Kruger. “This is a major investment for Tubestone, driven by our desire to operate in a market where quality remains something that serious transporters are looking for,” he added. The Pirelli 01 Series is an extensive range of tyres that are specifically designed for every need, application and vehicle. H – Highway: Designed especially for long haul transport vehicles with very low tread wear conditions. FH:01 Energy is designed with a specific tread that helps with exceptional road holding, reduced braking resistance, steering and response precision. The tyres are very durable with central grooves that prevent stone trapping for less damage and better retread ability. Pirelli’s patent shoulder tread compound ensures that the pressure is correctly distributed to ensure higher mileage and even wear of the tyre

major problem being with consistency in availability of the product. Thankfully,

TH:01 Energy is equipped with directional tread which promotes better grip on

Tubestone has addressed this problem and we will soon stock the full range of

both wet and dry surfaces. The close tread blocks ensures higher tread life and

TBR tyres across the country via our dedicated branches. Our aim is to restore

even wear as well as low rolling






Industry News

R – Regional: Designed for medium and/or long-haul

of the vehicle. The tread compound consists of an external as well as an

transportation vehicles that make use of winding, mountainous

internal compound. The external compound promotes excellent mileage and

roads that have a slight abrasive surface.

grip on wet surfaces. The internal compound reduces heat production during

FR:01 is equipped with sidewall protection ribs which helps with resistance

operational times and improves the life of the tyre.

against lateral impacts and abrasions. The reinforced bead also helps better the resistance against impact and load. The tread is designed with four ZigZag shaped grooves and strong ribs that run over the length of the tyre which reduce braking resistance and enhances driving safety.

G – On/Off road use: Designed for mixed use vehicles that make use of roads that tend to have more aggressive tread wear conditions and/or construction sites. FG:01 has an increased land to sea ratio that promotes better performance on

TR:01 is also equipped with the reinforced bead which helps with better

gravel roads and provides better mileage. The dual layered tread compound

resistance to impact and loaf. A deeper grooved tread design helps maintain

consists of an external layer and an internal layer. The external layer ensures

traction and betters performance for the full tyre life. The specific groove and

higher mileage, excellent road holding and reduces the braking distance while

siping design promotes exceptional handling on wet and dry surfaces, ensures

the internal layer ensures structural integrity and reduces the rolling resistance.

even wear of the tyre and eases stone ejection.

The lateral and central grooves are designed to reduce stone trapping and

FR85 AMARANTO has a dual tread compound which consists of an external

stone ejection which provides better protection against damages.

and internal compound. The external compound promotes excellent mileage

TG:01 is designed with excellent groove geometry for optimised self-cleaning

and grip on wet surfaces. The internal compound reduces heat production

properties which then ensures better traction and even wear of the tread.

during operational times and improves the life of the tyre. The external grooves

Extra protection is added to the bottom of the grooves to help minimize stone

on the tyre ensure directional stability and a reinforced rib on the sidewalls

trapping and give better resistance. The dual layered tread compound consists

creates higher resistance to impact and damage.

of an external layer and an internal layer. The external layer ensures higher

TR85 AMARANTO is equipped with a lateral tread block design which ensures traction in all weather conditions. The central tread design provides the driver with even wear, excellent lateral traction and reduced noise during operation

mileage, excellent road holding and reduces the braking distance while the internal layer ensures structural integrity and reduces the rolling resistance. FG88 has a special formulated tread compound that improves mileage in on-

Industry News


road application and increased resistance against tears, lacerations and other

grooves that reduce compound movement and rolling resistance. Equipped

damages. The specific tread compound also reduces temperatures that are

with the Pirelli Patented low shoulder design (RSR) the distribution of the

produced during operation and this betters the tyres retreadability.

footprint pressure is optimised which promotes even wear and mileage.

TG:88 is equipped with solid shoulder blocks, large central ribs and improved sectional transversal grooves that ensure optimum resistance against any tears. The sectional transversal grooves improve traction on slippery

The lateral enforced kerbing ensures more resistance against impact and rubbing. With dual layered tread compound mileage is advanced and heat generation during operation is limited.

surfaces. Increased under tread reduces the possibility of accidental casing

ST:01 BASE has an optimised tread design which ensures even wear,

damage. Increased mileage on both on and off road terrain is ensured the

durability and increased beneficial mileage, whether used on regional

specially formulated tread compound.

routes and/or highways. A zig-zag design in the tread improves stone

F – Multipurpose: Designed for difficult off-road situations and a range of surfaces such as sandy, grassy and muddy terrain. PS22 (PISTA) is especially designed with strong and very solid blocks

ejection which enhances the resistance to lateral sliding. With dual layered tread compound mileage is advanced and heat generation during operation is limited.

which are alternated with deep grooves. The specific tread design ensures

ST:01 17” – 19.5” is designed with an optimised tread profile that includes

maximum traction on inconsistent terrain such as sand or soft terrain such

increased tread width and groove depth which improves the footprint

as grass. Excellent protection against chunking and tearing is provided by the

contact area, ensures even wear and higher mileage. The zig-zag groove

though ties between the strong tread blocks. It is available in both tube and

design helps with improved lateral holding while the 4 solid ribs and

tubeless. The tubeless option allows the use of the “run flat” system inside

reinforced bead guarantees better tear and laceration resistance. The

the tyre.

dual layered tread compound ensures advanced mileage and limited heat

Trailer/Semi-Trailer: Designed for Highway and Regions use.

generation during operation.

Suitable for medium and long haul vehicles and can perform

Tubestone Pty Ltd is a proud partner of the Pirelli Truck Team and distributor

on motorways as well as abrasive road surfaces.

of the Pirelli 01 Series. The full Pirelli Truck and Industrial range can be

ST:01 NEVERENDING has an optimised tread design with specific central

viewed on our website .




Industry News


Tyremart Strike a South African distribution deal with Davanti Peter Cross (Right) with Wilson Zhang (Davanti Vice General Manager – Left) and Paul Bosman, Managing Director and CEO of Autowiel (Member of Tyremart Network) outside their Pretoria centre

Tyremart, one of South Africa’s largest and most successful tyre fitment

We’re very excited about being able to provide a quality tyre like this as

franchises has captured an exclusive distribution deal with European

our exclusive Tyremart house-brand.”

based private brand Davanti and with immediate effect will promote and sell the complete Davanti range of PCR, UHP, 4x4/SUV and Light

It has been an eventful and successful year for Davanti as they have consistently

Commercial Vehicle tyres.

launched new products across the PCR, 4x4/SUV and van tyre markets. The brand has recorded sector leading EU tyre labeling grades through independent

Tyremart’s business vision is to be the leading independent tyre and

testing at IDIADA in Spain and is now becoming well established and respected

parts fitment chain in South Africa and the addition of the Davanti tyre

in the UK and Europe as a leading competitively priced premium tyre option in

range is a massive leap towards this aim. Gavin Kockott, Managing

a growing number of sectors.

Director of Tyremart explains “Tyremart’s current brand strategy is weighted towards locally manufactured premium brands, supplemented

Peter Cross, Davanti’s General Manager says, “Since meeting Tyremart at the

by a number of imported premium brands all of which compete in the

Tyrexpo Africa Show in March we have been working together on homologation

‘top-end’ end segment of the replacement market at ‘top-end’ prices.

and import licences to permit Davanti tyres to be imported into the South African market. Now the whole range will be available through Tyremart’s

“Davanti is a premium quality tyre manufactured to exacting E-mark

network of more than 80 retail and fitment outlets throughout the country.

standards that can be fitted to a full range of vehicles from Mom and Dad’s ‘run-about’ to luxury and high performance top-end vehicles but

For additional information on the growing Davanti tyre product portfolio and

at considerably more attractive prices.” David Harrington, Tyremart’s

services visit

Marketing Director adds, “Davanti fills the gap in the ‘value brand’ sector in our product line-up therefore contributing significantly to our

For further information about offering Davanti Tyre distribution through

multi-branded value policy of offering the ‘Right Tyre at the Right Price’.

Tyremart in South Africa visit


Ta l k i n g Ty r e s


For as long as I’ve been writing this column, I have been advocating the need to educate motorists about tyres. It seems the industry has finally stepped up – but now it’s time to take the message to the people …

By Colin Mileman

Take it to the people! Educating motorists about tyres has to be one of the main priorities if we’re ever to see a reduction in the number of road accidents and fatalities. Over the past seven years that I’ve been writing this column for SA Treads, one overriding message has remained true – and it’s that the general motoring public has little or no clue as to significance of tyres in the overriding concept of driving safety. As I’ve stated before, you can take a stroll through any shopping centre parking lot examining the smorgasbord of tyres – and odds are you will be shocked to see a staggering number that are illegal and downright dangerous. The issues are vast and varied, whether it’s threadbare and worn well past the legal limit, showing clear signs of impact damage with golf ball-sized bulges or running on such low pressures for an extended period that the sidewall has been all but completely obliterated. The problem is dire, and evident on at least four interrelated fronts. First, it’s clear that not enough emphasis is being place on tyre care and maintenance. And indeed, this is probably true about car ownership in general – although modern maintenance and service indicator systems address this, to some extent. Unfortunately, for a significant proportion of motorists, the only time they pay any attention to their tyres is when


Ta l k i n g Ty r e s

they suffer a blowout or puncture, find they have almost no grip in an

The final element comes down to tread depth. Recent tests and

emergency manoeuvre or someone points out (to their surprise) that a

demonstrations to media, government, regulatory and industry bodies by

set of new rubber is desperately required.

the South African Tyre Manufacturer’s Conference (SATMC) revealed in stark terms what we knew all along – that worn tyres pose a massive safety

Yes, a cursory tyre inspection is required as part of the laborious K53

risk for all road users.

driver’s license testing procedure. But in all likelihood, it’s dispensed with as quickly as possible, never to be repeated.

A series of four tests were done at the Gerotek Vehicle Proving Ground with identical cars using the same tyres. The only difference was that one

Premature wear resulting from factors such as poor wheel alignment

car was equipped with new rubber with 8 mm tread, while the other used

often go unnoticed, as does seemingly minor damage. This not only

skimmed tyres relying on just 1.6 mm remaining tread depth (even though

hurts your pocket, but costs lives too!

SA’s legal limit is a deplorable 1 mm).

Linked to the first point but worth emphasising on its own, is the

In every comparative exercise, which included wet handling, braking and

importance of maintaining the correct tyre pressures. Whenever I

aquaplaning, the cars with worn tyres required excessively long stopping

conduct advanced driving courses, one of the questions I ask is when

distances, were far more prone to aquaplaning at much lower speeds, and

last the participants checked their car’s tyre pressures.

made negotiating the handling tests extremely difficult – even with all the modern safety features such as ABS and ESP working overtime!

Off the top of my head, I would estimate that less than 20-percent indicate that they do so regularly – ranging from every fill-up to weekly

Suffice to say, if those in attendance weren’t shocked at the results, then

or monthly. However most simply don’t have an answer, as it’s an

they are completely ignorant and shouldn’t have any role to play in creating

exercise they rarely or never do. Accordingly, tyres in various states

a culture of road safety and awareness.

of deflation will generally go unnoticed, possibly leading to tragic consequences.

The problem is that this direct, undiluted message needs to hit motorists straight between the eyes, but it doesn’t. The authorities can preach

There’s also very little accounting for adjusting tyre pressures according

endlessly about ‘Arrive Alive’, ‘Speed Kills’ and all the other catch phrases.

to the vehicle load, regardless of whether you’re simply doing the city

But that’s as effective as the health warnings on alcohol and cigarette labels.

commute, or packing the vehicle to the hilt for the family’s annual holiday. So how do we take this tyre safety messaging to the people in a high-impact Third is the matter of getting what you pay for. In most cases, price

and meaningful way? I believe that the most effective method is to replicate

dictates purchasing decisions, and the trade-off in performance and

these demonstrations with a countrywide roadshow that is primed for the

safety carries far less weight than it should.

run-up to the holiday seasons.

However, as we’ve seen on recent tyre tests conducted locally and

The industry organisations, tyre manufacturers and authorities (supported

around the world, budget tyres are built to price, and lack the advanced

by the car companies) should join forces and pool resources to put bums in

compounds along with the rigorous research, development and testing

seats and show people first-hand what happens when your tyres are worn,

that sets a premium tyre apart.

or price is prioritised over performance.

Without exception, budget tyres have been shown to be woefully

And it doesn’t have to be limited to tyres alone. Driving while drunk, using

inadequate, particularly in wet braking and handling tests. This proves

your cellphone, speeding, following distances and all the other factors can

that saving a bit of money short-term could cost you a whole lot more

easily be brought into the mix to make people wake up to the realities of

in the long run!

road safety.

Colin Mileman is a freelance motoring journalist, photographer and advanced driving specialist with over 17 years of experience in this field. As a former editor of Topcar and Topbike magazines, he’s as enthusiastic about cars and bikes as they come, and has extensive knowledge of all motoring-related matters, including the topic of tyres, having run the annual and highly regarded Topcar tyre tests for several years.


World News

ChemChina shows interest in bidding for Kumho Tire Chinese government-owned China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) has joined the list of bidders for South Korea’s Kumho Tire Co reports the Korean media. Maeil Business News Korea paper ‘Pulse’, citing industry sources, stated that ChemChina has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with creditors of Kumho Tire recently and preparing for an official bid. ChemChina has appointed Boston Consulting Group to advise

New truck production facility for Continental in Europe Continental has announced the opening of their recently rebuilt truck tyre production hall at their manufacturing

on the deal. In a latest report, Creditors of Kumho Tire Co. has finally decided to embark

facility in Otrokovice, Czech Republic.

on the sale of their combined 42.01 percent stake in the country’s second

The new facility cost around Euros 140 million and has enabled

largest tyre company that could be valued at around 1 trillion won ($892.9

it to become a further production hub for markets in America


The creditors, including Korea Development Bank, officially

and the Asia Pacific region in addition to existing markets in

announced about a fortnight ago that they will start accepting bids through sale

Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

advisor Credit Suisse. The Chinese chemical company is on a buying spree as it bought majority stakes in Italian tyre brand Pirelli earlier in May and now also owns Aeolus.

Interestingly, Continental AG of Germany and French tyre major Michelin are

BFGoodrich launches on/ off line for Middle East & Africa market

also showing interest in buying stakes in the Korean tyre company.

BFGoodrich Tires has announced the launch of a tyre product line

Pirelli is the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. The sales process is likely to be concluded in the first half of 2017.

for the commercial truck/bus market that covers highway, regional and on/off road application for the Middle East and Africa markets.

BestDrive expands south with acquisition BestDrive, a subsidiary of Continental the Americas, has acquired the commercial tire dealer and retreader Hill Tire Company, marking its first acquisition since its 2010 formation.

Michelin owned BFGoodrich will be offering its first truck tyre patterns in the MENA region – ‘Route Control’ in 14 sizes & ‘Cross Control’ in 5 sizes September. “BFGoodrich is delighted to bring its Truck & Bus tyre range to the Middle East and Africa markets, which play an important part in our global growth story” said Shantanu Deshpande, Marketing Director Truck & Bus Tyres for Michelin Africa, India & the Middle East (AIM).

“Hill Tire has built a strong reputation for quality service and

“We are confident to meet the growing needs of local truck and bus

people and this provides a solid foundation on which BestDrive

customers demanding international quality, reliable and robust tyres at

will work to build,” said Clif Armstrong, managing director of

an affordable price.”

BestDrive. “Our goal at BestDrive is to be the leading commercial

The Route Control pattern is designed for regional and highway use,

tire and service provider delivering the lowest overall driving cost

offering even tread wear for in and out of the city drive. It fights irregular

for our customers. The addition of Hill Tire helps BestDrive work

wear by optimizing the contact patch and pressure distribution. It

toward this goal by providing the ability to meet the new tire and

minimizes sidewall damage and abrasion, especially on dual fitment

retread demands of our customers in the southeast.”

and protect from road hazard damage with a reinforced crown, while

Hill Tire will still continue business as Hill Tire, but will have the

the Cross Control pattern is designed for both on-road and off-road

same support and tools as BestDrive locations.

use, offering a durable and cut-resistant product performance for the

Hill Tire has more than 100 employees at five locations in

most demanding usage conditions thereby ensuring high grip from new

Georgia and Alabama, with the capacity to produce more than

to worn-out stage with an aggressive block tread pattern. It is further

100,000 retreads per year. With the acquisition, BestDrive

said to maximise the casing life with the help of an additional protective

will add two retread locations as it expands its presence in the

crown ply and reduces the risk of damage and downtime with a special

southeastern U.S.

anti-cut and chip tread.


CONTINUE LEARNING For over 40 years, Vipal has been offering the best products and solutions to the rubber and tyre industry. Nowadays, we are present in over 90 countries. This is prove that all roads speak the same language, and there are many lessons to be learned. | | +55 51 3205 3050

SA Treads December 2016  

SA Treads tyre industry magazine

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