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Fight to restrict sub-standard imports continues Continental unveils the new SportContact 6 How to sell up while cutting costs Continental Vision Zero aims for accident-free future

Vol 22 • June 2016

Focus on Tyrexpo Africa

Tyrexpo Africa – future hangs in the balance

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Half way through the year and talk turns to shows and exhibitions. The final instalment of the Reifen show as we know it concluded in Essen last week. Closer to home, Tyrexpo Africa graced our shores for the sixth time in March of this year. Suffice it to say that the importance and support for an international show such as Reifen speaks for itself. The global tyre industry and the tyre manufacturing companies in particular, utilise the platform to launch new designs, compounds and technology, whereas visitors from across the world converge on this tiny town in Germany to keep abreast of new products and developments and to network with key people from different parts of the world. The venue for this popular be-ennial show might be set to change, but its future in terms of the value it is seen to provide is well secured. Regrettably the same cannot necessarily be said for our own local show – currently the only tyre expo on the continent. With apparent support from the local industry steadily declining, as can be seen from this year’s exhibitor and visitor numbers, we take a microscopic view of the event in this issue, by way of a post-show review on page 7. And as the primary reason behind the local industry’s reluctance to back the show allegedly is the number of Chinese trading companies that are regularly exhibiting, we pinned down two of TIASA’s key executives to ascertain the extent of the problem these exhibitors are seen to be posing, not only to local tyre producers, but to well established imported brands too. Turn to page 2 for this interview. The second quarter has been a busy time for Continental Tyre SA. The company has just launched the brand new SportContact 6 which boasts Black Chilli technology for maximum grip in all directions, Force Vectoring for maximum control (a new era in tread pattern development) as well as Aralon350 new Adaptive Hybrid Cape Ply for maximum stability at high speeds of up to 350km/h. And that’s not all. CTSA is also adopting an innovative and comprehensive approach to automotive safety under the Vision Zero banner, in a bid to reduce and ultimately eliminate vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities; a global initiative, but one that is especially welcomed in South Africa given the high death toll on our roads. All this and much more in this, our winter edition. Wrap up warm and happy reading. Until we meet again in the spring.




Our feature story on Tyrexpo Africa raises some important concerns around the topic of substandard tyres, otherwise known as ‘cheapies’, being circulated in the market. According to current statistics imported tyres account for more than 50% of total sales in South Africa, but how many of these tyres undergo the right checks and balances befoer entering the country? And what assurance does the consumer have that these tyres are in fact roadworthy? We caught up with TIASA (Tyre Importers Association of South Africa), executives Pieter Kruger (Chairman) and Alida Mouton for their thoughts on this highly controversial issue.


What is the status quo currently of sub-standard tyres being imported, especially those coming in from China? PK: It is difficult to say as all tyres need to go through a homologation process. How do you believe tyres of dubious quality are able to infiltrate our market given the homologation

❝I strongly believe we need an Independent Testing Facility to conduct the relevant tests on random tyre samples❞


How big a threat do tyres of inferior quality pose to local manufacturers and importers of reputable products alike? PK: I believe that the dealer trade should be taking greater responsibility for the products it is selling. Granted, a lot of this is being driven by the consumer asking for the cheapest product, but that said, the dealer should be educating their customers on the


perils of buying some of these tyres which simply do

PK: It is my opinion that many of these tyres are

not perform in terms of mileage and more importantly,

homologated with the paperwork already supplied. But that does not


necessarily mean that the tyres arriving are of the same quality as those

AM: These cheap no-name brands are a big threat to the market as

tested and furnished with an ‘E’ mark of approval. More worrying still,

typically, there is no long-term commitment or after-sales service.

scores of tyres arrive in South Africa marked as something else, in order to avoid paying the import duty.

What can be done to educate the general public on the dangers of fitting inferior quality tyres to their vehicles?

Do you believe there are sufficient measures in place to limit their

PK: As I’ve just mentioned, dealers need to take responsibility for the

entry into the country?

products they sell. Their customers rely on them to supply them with

PK: No, not when tyres are being declared as something completely

a quality product at a reasonable price, but it has become the market

different. Which begs the question; ‘how does one control this’? The

norm to flaunt the cheapest price, just to get the business.

only way would be to scan each and every container at the arrival port, but resources are scarce.

In turn the consumer should also be asking some pertinent questions, such as: ‘Does the tyre carry a full guarantee? Is the local

AM: Thankfully, the NRCS is working hard to structure and put in place

supplier large enough to assist in the event of a tyre fault/claim?

the necessary procedures in order to protect the brands that do follow

Why is this tyre so cheap, and will it last for 40 000kilometres?

the rules and regulations.

AM: I believe a more targeted advertising drive aimed at the consumer would go a long way towards educating the motorist, however, most

What would you like to see being done to combat this problem?

imported brands do not have a sufficient marketing budget to run

PK: I strongly believe we need an Independent Testing Facility to conduct

proper educational advertising campaigns.

the relevant tests on random tyre samples, as opposed to checking the samples ahead of arrival. Only then, will you have a real chance of

How informed is the South African consumer on the differences

identifying and catching offending plants and unscrupulous importers.

between reputable brands and sub-standard ones, in your view? PK: Some are extremely brand-driven but the average person has no

Would you say that the number of imported ‘cheapies’ has grown in

clue and relies solely on what he is told by the dealer, or worse still,

recent years?

insists on buying the cheapest product as that is all they can afford.

PK: Yes, up until twelve months ago this was definitely the case. Currently there are around 449 tyre importers in South Africa (this

AM: I don’t believe the South African consumer is suitably informed.

number includes the local manufacturers who also import product to

For example, all Chinese brands are placed inside the ‘Chinese’ box. It

supplement their range), but the past few months have seen a sizeable

takes years for a good quality brand to step outside of this box and to

decrease in the numbers of tyres being imported, mainly due to the

be seen as a reputable imported brand.

exchange rate, which at this point, greatly favours the local producers and makes it extremely difficult for imported products to compete.

Do you believe the consumer would be prepared to pay more for a

But the biggest challenge in my opinion, remains the downward trend in

reputable brand if properly informed?

sales worldwide. In a bid to remain sustainable, this has forced factories

PK: The irony here is that by buying a sub-standard tyre, the consumer

to cut prices in order to dispose of surplus stock.

could in fact be paying double in that if the tyre only delivers 30 percent



of its intended tyre life, he will need to replace it much sooner than if he had purchased a quality brand. The cost of replacing twice or even three times during the cycle of a branded tyre works out a lot higher. And of course, the consumer also needs to be made to realise that he may well be gambling with his life and

❝I don’t believe the South African consumer is suitably informed. ❞

that of his family.

to the importation of tyres. As you can imagine, this process is ongoing. In addition, our members (importers of reputable products) sign a Code of Conduct with us to ensure that no illicit practices are taking place. Is government receptive to addressing this issue, and if so, what suggestions are being put forward? PK: Government is looking to make changes in the

Do you believe the industry as a whole is doing enough to address this?

homologation process with which we agree for the most part, however, over and above these measures,

PK: Unfortunately, no. Dealers need to start considering the safety

we believe that imported tyres should be tested on a random basis, and

of their customers ahead of selling them a dubious product. Plus, as

not along the lines of what is currently being done.

mentioned earlier, government needs to set up an Independent Testing Facility for quality control purposes. What is TIASA currently doing to protect its members and the reputation of credible imported products? PK: TIASA is working closely with the SATMC and SARS with regard


Maximum control. The New SportContact™ 6 The challenge: to transmit the full power of modern high-performance models to the road safely and efficiently. The response: Continental SportContact 6. › Maximum grip: Black Chili compound for maximum grip in all conditions, ensuring a supreme driving experience and superior traction › Maximum control: Innovative force vectoring controls lateral forces — a new era in tread pattern development

When braking counts

› Maximum stability: Advanced Aralon350™ Adaptive Hybrid Cap Ply for superior strength › Maximum approval: Approved for original fitment by leading vehicle makers globally AVAILABLE AT:


Advanced tyre technology

Enhanced silica compounds

Innovative tread design & structure



Fo c u s o n Ty r e x p o A f r i c a



– FUTURE HANGS IN THE BALANCE The poor level of support for this year’s Tyrexpo Africa on the part of local industry begs the question, ‘how much value is this bi-ennial show being seen to provide’. With the sixth instalment of the Tyrexpo Africa series now behind us, debate over the merits and objectives of the show for our market is ongoing with some questioning the validity and effectiveness of the event and others further suggesting that the investment does not justify the end result.

Of rising concern for the local sector is the increasing presence of unknown Chinese traders at the show, all hoping to ply their trade to a market that is already being dubbed as a dumping ground for streams of poor quality brands from other parts of the world and China in particular. Chinese traders are seen as a serious risk as they often cannot provide that essential after-sales service that industry and the South African consumer, has come to expect of premium brands. In their defence, show organisers, Singex, a Singapore based company that is also the host of Tyrexpo Asia, Tyrexpo India and Tyrexpo UK, claims to have taken the industry’s concerns to heart by limiting the number of Chinese trader exhibits this time around. Moreover the organisers say that in a bid to ignite interest in the show and generate additional traffic, they brought something extra into the mix this year, with the inclusion of a number of value-add services such as the


Fo c u s o n Ty r e x p o A f r i c a


Top 10 African Countries South Africa • Zimbabwe • Botswana • Mozambique • Zambia • Namibia • Swaziland • Nigeria • Tanzania • Kenya

Top 10 Participating Countries

South Africa • P.R. China • India • Singapore • United Arab Emirates • Zimbabwe • Italy • Botswana • Mozambique TechTalk Seminar and Tyrexpo Technical Workshop.

for our product and service offering to the few clients who made it to show, and were able to benefit from the media coverage on hand, we believe the

What is more, they managed to secure support from local government with

investment we made in securing exhibition space could have been used a lot

a presence from the Gauteng Growth & Development Agency (GGDA), in

more productively in other advertising streams and promotions.”

a bid to show their commitment to creating an environment conducive for investment in the country.

He added: “With the Chinese trading companies pushing for more business in an already over supplied and saturated market, it only makes it harder for

Sadly however, visitor numbers which were reported to be 1 800 people from

those that are established to compete on the face of impossibly low margins.”

58 countries, did not necessarily translate into the desired outcome. The organisers confirmed that the ratio of Chinese exhibitors to ‘Others’ was at “We were hoping for more international clients as well as clients from

55%, but they added that they made a concerted effort to keep Chinese trading

neighbouring states, but unfortunately, they did not materialise,” claimed Glen

companies to a minimum in light of the local industry’s concerns.

Brothers of O’Green Metaforge. With over 100-million’s worth of tyres and rims held across a network of five warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape

Notwithstanding, out of a total of 99 exhibiting companies, only 10 were South

Town, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, coupled with R35-million ploughed

African based, a statistic that clearly demonstrates that the show is losing

into the construction of their Gauteng warehouse, Brothers said that O’Green

ground with domestic players.

Metaforge is certainly no ‘knock and drop’ tyre importer, and that their offering ranks highly on the international market. He said: “Chinese tyre offerings have come a long way by way of polishing their credentials, with independently owned O’Green in particular, relying totally on its own resources to grow and develop its brand, thereby avoiding cut-throat pricing trends. It’s a Chinese tyre, but it’s not a cheap Chinese tyre,” he observed. Founded a decade ago, the operation supplies a comprehensive range of rims and tyres for the agricultural, industrial, OTR, commercial and passenger sectors. Brothers further stated: “Whilst we did manage to raise brand awareness

Offered Hedley Judd, Association Director of the TDAFA: “The concern from



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a local business perspective would be the plethora of brands already available and to further dilute this with additional offerings in a market the size of ours does not seem a logical approach, based upon the singular premise of ‘scale of economy’, wherein with our local production, we need every unit possible to keep our plants efficient and economical. “Furthermore, the aspect of homologation of tyres remains a factor of concern for any ‘new importer’ of tyres or importer of ‘new tyres’ for that matter,” he said, “where any new pattern, size, or brand requires full accreditation from NRCS before being allowed into South Africa for commercial purposes, and import permit to be issued by ITAC.” He added: “The point of interest is that there is no provision for the importation of used tyres (passenger) for resale, the only import permit allowance being for the purposes of retreading alone. ITAC have issued

Judd further questioned the location of the show, suggesting an alternative

a stern warning that any abuse of import permits as far as tyres are

venue could well result in greater support for the event.

concerned will be followed up on from every angle, to bring perpetrators to book. The penalty for importing used tyres and selling them directly would

“The show location is not ideally suited to inbound travellers from around South

be a breach of an import permit and can attract a fine of R500 000 or ten

Africa, being located in Sandton. A venue closer to OR Tambo International

years in prison, or both, if convicted. This complements the ‘Road Safety’

Airport would be more conducive to attendance, in my opinion, with arterial

concerns in South Africa.”

roads feeding into the general area.”



Fo c u s o n Ty r e x p o A f r i c a


Conversely, and despite some of the concerns being raised, certain

private label – Novex – which is manufactured by Maxxis (see more on vdBan

international exhibitors who supported the show for the first time offered a

on page 26)

different take on the event. Peter Cross, Commercial Manager for Oak Tyres in the UK agreed, stating that Cyril Versteeg, van den Ban’s Commercial Manager – one of the leading

the show was useful for their company and that they were confident that they

and most successful tyre wholesaling companies in Europe said: “Following

would be able to forge new and long-lasting partnerships in Africa as a result

the show we are now in advanced negotiations with various South African

of attending.

companies with our long term objective being to appoint distributors throughout the entire African tyre market.

“It was useful for us to make new contacts in a new market and to spread the message of our product. Davanti has been meticulously planned to enable our

“Undoubtedly, Tyrexpo Africa is the right show for us to tap into for our new

partners to yield exceptional returns on the brand, and so finding the right

plans,” he claimed.

partner to fit the brand is essential in the roll-out of our global sales, strategy,” he said.

Van den Ban are a multi-brand distributor offering an extensive range of major and quality brands for all segments of the market and also produce their own

He added that the show offered them the ability to meet a wide range of different types of customers from different countries in a relatively short space of time and afforded them the opportunity to conduct in-depth discussions with these players ahead of making that all-important decision of ‘who to partner with’. Recently introduced into market in 2015, Davanti is being described as a new premium tyre brand especially aimed at a growing SUV market. Developed using a combination of 3D computerised simulation, track testing and the company’s in-house testing laboratory, the UK-based brand has already amassed impressive EU label results in light of its wet-grip performance and low noise ratings. Singapore based Global Tap Pte Ltd was yet another progressive international

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Only one company can give you Total Tyre Management

Fo c u s o n Ty r e x p o A f r i c a


tyre wholesaler making their first appearance at the show, their primary

As far as the way forward is concerned Hedley Judd went on to suggest that

objective being to introduce and promote their private brand, Gremax, in

as an expo the show could be better used as a platform for the education

South Africa and the African continent and in the hopes of appointing suitable

and improvement of processes and the facilitation of efficiencies in the tyre

distributors in as many African countries as possible.

fitment arena.

“The show was highly successful for us in furthering our profile in South Africa.

“Although this would take time to gain traction (pun intended), I believe this

Global Tap is still in its infancy stage, so for us, attendance at the show was well

type of format would be far more beneficial to the “local” attendees in the

worth the effort,” said Daniel Eng, Export Director.

future,” he concluded.

Conson Sia, MD of Stamford Tyres South Africa concurred: “The show was

And according to Alida Mouton of CFP Tyres and Executive Member of

an essential development in Stamford’s growing presence within the South

TIASA, if compared to other international shows, the only way Tyrexpo

African tyre and wheel market,” he said.

Africa will be successful in the long run will be if the local manufacturers come to recognise and support it.

But Pieter Kruger, TIASA Chairman, did not share their enthusiasm. He said: “As to whether Tyrexpo Africa can add real value is difficult to say as some of

She said: “This will definitely provide the show with greater substance whilst

our members might agree that it has. Personally, I do not think so. The show

also attracting the support and participation of larger imported brands.”

has never achieved what it was intended to achieve.”



Industry News

Revolutionary technologies sets the trend-setting Continental SportContact 6 apart from the rest

The South African motoring press recently converged on Zwartkops Raceway in Gauteng to experience the purported advantages of the new SportContact 6 over its predecessor. Motoring journalists put the new tyre to the test via a gruelling series of activities that test wet weather performance, drive comfort and above all, road safety. SA TREADS was there.

As the new range-topper in Continental’s ultra-high performance (UHP) passenger car tyre range, the SportContact 6 boasts an array of advanced technologies that deliver maximum handling, grip, control and stability in all types of driving conditions. Rated to a maximum speed of 350 km/h, the SportContact 6 employs three key technologies that push the performance boundaries of the UHP segment, and represent significant gains over its predecessor – the highly rated ContiSportContact 5P. Black Chili Compound The innovative Black Chili tyre compound was originally introduced in conjunction with the ContiSportContact 5P, and achieved exceptional all-round grip in all directions. This technology uses an ingeniously engineered micro-flexibility compound that allows the microscopic roughness and irregularities of the road surface to penetrate the rubber and mesh with the tyre, generating micro-level interlocking between the road and the tyre. This ensures exceptional all-round grip with short braking distances, optimal acceleration and safe cornering – on both wet and dry roads. New to the SportContact 6, the structures of Black Chili compound now employ fleeting atomic bonds, known as the Atomic Force Compatabilisers, in the contact area between the tyre and asphalt. These serve as strong adhesive forces, acting like nanoscopic suction pads that connect the tyre to the road surface with functional quick-release, resulting in maximum grip at all times.

Industry News


Force Vectoring

UHP Tread Wear Indicator

The Continental SportContact 6 introduces a new era in tread pattern

Incorporated in the advanced design of the SportContact 6 is an

development. The pioneering Force Vectoring technology features different

innovative new multi-stage ultra-high performance tread wear indicator

tread elements on the inside, centre and outside of the tyre to deliver

(TWI), specifically developed for Continental’s latest offering.

maximum transmission and control of the tyre’s lateral forces.

The new UHP TWI makes it easy for the driver to identify when the

The solid Centre Responsive Rib Design uses reinforced shaped centre

remaining tyre tread depth reaches 3,0 mm. Continental recommends

ribs and an inner shoulder that allow for maximised stress resistance when

replacing tyres at this point in order to provide continued safety in wet

cornering, where the lateral forces from the outside of the tyre are larger

conditions, especially in terms of aquaplaning resistance.

than from the inside. To enhance the transmission of these forces, the centre rib design incorporates improved bracing with asymmetric flank angles and chamfered edges. Additionally, concave long grooves produce a broad rib base, providing more rigid stabilisation for maximum lateral force transmission.

A further TWI marker is set at 1,6 mm remaining tread depth, indicating that the tyre must be replaced. Although legal tread depth limit for South Africa is 1,0 mm across the entire width of the tyre, wet grip is severely compromised at this level, as the tyre simply isn’t able to channel water away from the tread surface.

An Advanced Macro Block Design is used on the outer shoulder of the

Accordingly, this results in a far greater risk of aquaplaning, reduced

SportContact 6. It contains large shoulder blocks connected to interlinked

cornering grip and traction, as well as longer braking distances in wet

elements in a second row of tread blocks – which together create a larger


macro block unit. This enables the tread blocks to provide mutual support during fast cornering, contributing to maximum cornering stability at the limit. Aralon 350 Overall tyre stability is further aided through the use of a new synthetic reinforcing material specially designed for the SportContact 6. Aralon 350 uses two strands of high-strength aramid and one strand of flexible nylon, which are tightly wound together, combining the oppositional behaviour of two different materials in one yarn. It is located beneath the tread as a jointless Adaptive High Speed Cap Ply which acts like an additional steel belt, above the regular angled belt and lateral casing ply. This allows the construction as a whole to adapt flexibly to varying stability requirements – in particular the enormous centrifugal forces acting on the tyre at very high speeds – thus resulting in unprecedented high-speed stability and safety.

Outstanding performance Our first-hand driving experience on this new tyre confirms that it does indeed provide significant improvements in handling, stability and wear resistance. Compared to its predecessor, steering precision has improved by 14 percent, along with an 11 percent increase in dry handling. High-speed performance sees a 10 percent improvement, while wear and noise levels have both seen a 7 percent gain. Race track grip, which is the most punishing environment for any road tyre, has been enhanced by 4 percent. And despite the exceptional top-end performance characteristics on the new SportContact 6, it matches the proven capabilities of the previous model in aquaplaning and wet braking, thus achieving a new level of allround capability.


Industry News

Continental Vision Zero – aiming for an accident-free future In other industry news, Continental has adopted an innovative and

The initiative is allegedly driven by the Continental Group’s leading

comprehensive approach to automotive safety under the Vision Zero

status as one of the world’s largest tyre and automotive safety systems

banner, which aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate vehicle accidents,


injuries and fatalities.

“Vision Zero is Continental’s strategy to bring an end to traffic fatalities and injuries,” says Niel Langner, Marketing Manager for Continental Tyre South Africa. “It is a long-term global programme that combines Continental’s various automotive divisions, along with strategic

: Vision Zero road deaths

The long way

traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities.

th Africa tuation in Sou

Time Day

em Dec ates nt r



ide t in Acc ighes h h are mont this

1100 1000 900 800 700 600 Oct Nov Dec Jul Aug Sep 500 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

“Since seatbelts, airbags, electronic





Accident rates are highest on weekends


9% 10%




1, 003 450 292 309 2, 803 305 1, 226 s e h ic le idents 1, 348 V involved in acc OTHER 222


total number of road accidents,


injuries and deaths has declined 75,5%



and make a concerted effort to



26% 24%


Total % of fatalities per age group


Males have a higher accident rate compared n me wo to

address the more than 1,2-million people that are killed on the world’s roads every year.” He adds that the problem is even

, 000 13, 000 & 14


est Creating the saf le and most reliab tyres.

amongst the world’s highest

Infrastructure Driver

Automotive theHolistic state-offrom art expertise . tyre brake pedal to

itude Knowledge, att ss and awarene nal sio fes pro h throug ion, for driver‘s educat example.


number of road fatalities: around

ving Improving dri conditions by h wit consulting communities and infrastructure planners.


15 000 people lose their lives in





South Africa Motorists are al involved in fat to accidents due n, vehicle various huma s and road factor

are Many victims pedestrians, e often under th incluence of s alcohol or drug


more extreme in SA, which has

een ts claim betw

Road acciden

in lives annually

Our contribu

we have to take this process further






significantly,” Langner states. “But




became mandatory in Europe, the

Fri 60+


monitoring systems and ABS brakes

crashes occur between


6, 649

Did you know


Most fatal

Tues 8%


reduce and eventually eliminate road


Our si

partners, to develop solutions that will

to zero



and automated driving “Vehicle




complex interplay between different factors, including human, technological and

VisionatiZveely ro ntinental. powered by Co

ov g driving – inn Accident avoidin

Industry News


environmental aspects,” Langner says. “Continental takes all of these elements into consideration when developing new safety technologies.” He goes on to say that ContiGuard is one of Continental’s key divisions that plays a major role in the realisation of accident-free driving. It integrates all of the car’s active safety systems (such as ABS, ESP, Blind Spot Detection System, and head-up display) and passive safety features (active emergency seatbelt control, airbags) with vehicular and surrounding sensors that provide ongoing and coordinated interaction related to traffic and the movement of other vehicles. “The networking of multiple advanced driver assistance systems will pave the way for the evolutionary path towards automated driving, a core technology that Continental has been developing under the ContiGuard banner,” Langner explains. Automated driving is envisaged as a key future development that will contribute to improved road safety. Continental recently launched, a public and independent website promoting a global conversation on all aspects of automated driving and future mobility. Aside from eventually automating the driving process, networked communications will promote car-to-car interaction to actively inform and assist drivers to avoiding collisions, claims the company, thereby providing insight into a future without collisions and resulting injuries or deaths. In addition, according to Langner, ‘Tyre education and awareness is at the forefront of the company’s campaign in SA, as there is a significant lack of understanding regarding the critical role that tyres play in overall driving safety.’



Industry News

Sava launches new Avant 4Plus and Orjak 4Plus Truck Tyres Sava is launching the new Sava Avant 4Plus steer tyre and Orjak 4Plus drive tyre. These European on-road quality truck tyres feature the latest generation tread designs. The new Sava 4Plus tyres offer costconscious fleet operators further benefits including improved mileage of up to 10% when compared to their predecessors and a wider range of sizes. Seven sizes are available in the Sava Avant 4Plus steer tyre range including one new size. The tread profile of the Avant 4Plus gives an optimal footprint to ensure even wear and high mileage. A further feature of the new tyres is that the widest sizes 385/55R22.5 and 385/65R22.5 now have six ribs giving more flexibility than the previous five-rib design. This too improves wear characteristics. The new Sava Avant 4Plus steer tyres are more robust and offer a mileage increase of Goodyear has been at the forefront of tyre innovation for more than

up to 10%2 compared to their predecessors.

a century striving for new and better ways to enhance its products. The new Orjak 4Plus drive tyre range comprises five sizes and has

Goodyear is offering value back on performance and a line extension

a tread pattern that with increased tread depth improves mileage.

addressing market demand at the right value to its customers.

Enhancements to the shoulder area of the tyres improve handling and stability. Like the Avant 4Plus tyres, the Orjak 4Plus offer up to 10% About Sava

higher mileage3 compared to the predecessor.

Sava is a leading brand in Goodyear’s product portfolio and is one of the best known tyre brands The new Sava truck tyres will be available

in Central and South-East Europe. The brand name

progressively from June 2016 in the

originates from Slovenia, where Goodyear has a

following sizes.

large manufacturing facility, and offers a wide range

Sava Avant 4Plus steer: 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5,

of commercial vehicle and passenger car tyres. Sava


tyres are sold throughout Europe and exported to




315/60R22.5, 295/60R22.5 and 385/65R22.5.

other parts of the world. When buying Sava branded tyres, customers acquire European quality products

Sava Orjak 4Plus drive: 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 315/60R22.5, 315/70R22.5 and 295/60R22.5. The new Sava Avant 4Plus steer tyre and Orjak 4Plus drive tyre complement the 385/65R22.5 and 385/55R22.5 Sava Cargo 4.

The Sava tyres supplied to the South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa market are produced at the Izmit Plant in Turkey, Wittlich Plant located in Germany and Debica Plant located in Poland. These Plant facilities have state of the art equipment and the latest manufacturing technology.

driven by Goodyear technology.



With Bandag, you don’t have to be a tyre expert. You just have to know one! Bandag specialises in the manufacture of retreads and best-in-class after sales service. That’s what we do! For more information please contact Bandag on 011 439 6000 or visit the website at

With the reliability you get from Bandag, your fleet can take on anything. 8182 Bandag Strip Ad.indd 3 5/15/08 4:39:38 PM

AN ECONOMY CREATED ENTIRELY FROM WASTE REDISA continually creates positive futures for businesses, people and the environment by driving a circular economy that will help redesign, reinvent and reuse the products we consume. Our first-of-its-kind plan and revolutionary systems are making meaningful contributions to our society – creating jobs, opportunities and brighter futures for all. The potential for our future? Endless.


/wasteintoworth |

@wasteintoworth | +27 87 35-REUSE (73873)


2 067



3 219




143 077



Industry News

A new South African horizon for Van den Ban

Having successfully exhibited at Tyrexpo Africa

and an annual sales performance of 6 million

and with the fantastic Novex Super Speed

2016 in Johannesburg in March where the

tyres, VDB are a multi-brand distributor offering

A2 pattern we cover the high end of the PCR

company took their very first venture into

an extremely wide and extensive range of major


the South African tyre market. Netherlands

and quality brands covering the passenger car,

based Van Den Ban Autobanden B.V. (VDB)

high performance, winter, all season, 4x4/SUV,

Finally, in keeping with VDB’s ongoing

are confident of expanding their impressive

light truck, trailer, caravan and truck tyre market

commitment to consistently responding to

company profile throughout South Africa and in

sectors. VDB is also covering a complete range

new market developments around the world

due course the entire African Continent.

of economy and budget brands. In the economy

as a unique ‘Total Tyre Supplier’. The company

range VDB is distributing in a lot of European

will be introducing a new private label brand in

SA Treads spoke exclusively with Cyril Versteeg,

countries brands including Federal, Silverstone

the budget segment at the Reifen Show which

VDB’s Commercial Manager who states that

and Sava whilst in the budget segment VDB has

incorporates summer, winter and all-season

as one of the leading and most successful

a very extensive range, including brands such

tyres in a total of almost 200 size options.

tyre wholesalers in Europe the company has

as Hifly and Gripmax (4x4/SUV) which have

now started to focus on Southern Africa.

created a lot of popularity throughout Europe.

Cyril adds, “Following the show we are now

Cyril Versteeg concludes: “We are proud of the fact that we cover two segments with

in advanced negotiations with various South

Also a private label called Novex (produced by

our private labels; Novex in the premium

African companies and our long term objective

Maxxis) belongs to the assortment of VDB. The

budget segment/mid segment and our new

is to appoint distributors throughout the entire

Novex brand is VDB’s flagship brand and was

private label in the budget segment therefore

African tyre market.”

exhibited at Tyrexpo Africa 2016. It incorporates

underlining our commitment as ‘your Total

a very comprehensive range of over 200 size

Tyre Supplier!”

Strongly supported by a state-of-the-art,

options including 101 summer in 5 patterns,

technologically advanced tyre distribution

57 winter and 54 all-season patterns in both

For further information on the complete VDB

centre in Hellevoetsluis, near Rotterdam and with

passenger and light truck sectors. Cyril confirms

product portfolio and services visit www.

a continuous stock of around 1.5 million tyres

that our dealer network in Europe is growing

OTR RADIALS es ll OTR Machin a r fo le b a it u lS 25” to 35” in e g n ra e iz s l Full e Radials ‘E’ and ‘L’ typ ial el Belted Rad te S t s u b o R l construction sistant tread l Abrasion re compound ed tread area rc fo in re lt e l Steelb ad patterns l Modern tre lity standard l Global qua rer Warranty l Manufactu Hour


= Low Cost P


FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION Contact: Ken Martin or Marlin Pillay Tel: 031 764 6451 | Ken: 083 387 8403 | Marlin: 071 880 9247 | Fax: 086 558 8382 Email: or OnLy AvAILABLE fROm

Transafrica Tyre & Wheel Exclusive

Distributor for RSA, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana

We’re right behind you wherever you are. 24 /7. TrenTyre is the largest commercial tyre fitment

network in the country. Our outlets stand ready and waiting to help. So you can take confidence in the fact that whenever you need us, wherever you are, we’re right behind you.

At your service


Ta l k i n g Ty r e s


Going a step further…

Everyone is feeling the pressure of doing more with less money in the current economic climate. So how can the industry up-sell tyres when the focus is entirely on cutting costs?

By Colin Mileman

Motorists, and consumers in general, are being hit exceptionally hard

Disposable income is being stretched to the absolute limit, and more

financially due to a multitude of factors, starting out with deplorable situation

people are not only struggling, but failing, to make ends meet while jobs are

regarding exchange rates. Political turmoil is just one of the factors driving

being shed at an alarming rate – as the 26.7% unemployment level for the

our currency down, while soaring inflation is rubbing salt into the wound.

first quarter of 2016 shows.

As the South African economy teeters ever-closer towards zero growth

While this paints a depressing picture of our current predicament, it

for 2016 (now expected to be just 0.5% for the year), government insists

is encouraging to see business leaders engaging with government –

on playing Russian roulette with dubious political appointments, ill-judged

or, more accurately, those in power are finally taking cognisance of

economic decisions, pervasive in-fighting and a culture of corruption.

the views, opinions and advice from the leaders of hugely successful

Inevitably, this means the country’s consumers and taxpayers are ultimately

multinational corporations. But we still have a long and tumultuous road

paying the price.

to travel …


Ta l k i n g Ty r e s

In the meantime, people are counting their rands and cents a lot more

standing in the road at the predicted point. Do the same exercise with a cheap

carefully, and purchasing decisions are being considered and reconsidered

tyre in place of a premium tyre, and the scenario becomes even more tragic.

several times over before any money is spent on essential items, never mind luxuries.

Budget tyres are built to price. They benefit from far less research, development and testing than a premium tyre, and forego all the fancy materials that give the

The impact on the motoring industry is clear, with new vehicle sales for

more expensive the tyres huge advantage in cornering grip, emergency braking

2016 expected to fall by 12% compared to last year. The upside is that the

and outright traction – in one word: safety!

buying pattern has shifted towards used vehicles, with the likes of WesBank indicating a 10% increase in used vehicle finance applications.

In most cases, the premium tyre will last longer too, as it employs the latest technologies and tread compounds that improve tyre wear and durability.

For the tyre industry, the times are equally challenging. Manufacturers,

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, and I know of a particular set of

importers and dealers across the country will no doubt vouch for the fact the

4x4 tyres that managed more than 160 000 km, and still had much more to

buy-down trend towards smaller, cheaper vehicles is effectively mirrored in

offer – but the rock-hard compound made them truly scary to drive on, in both

the tyre segment too.

wet and dry conditions.

For many motorists, replacing premium tyres with cheaper alternatives is a

Ultimately, buying cheap is likely cost more in the long run, whether it’s in terms

matter of necessity (real or perceived) due to their wallets being bled dry as

of the replacement cycle of the rubber, or an expensive, possibly even life-

the cost of living continues rising. This trend isn’t limited to the budget market

threatening, collision that could have been prevented.

either, as any car park inspection reveals. Even affluent motorists driving expensive cars are feeling the pinch, and are opting for second or third-tier

In these heavily constrained times, there needs to be an informed shift in

products in place of more expensive original equipment rubber.

mindset – and that has to come with a multi-faceted awareness campaign for the industry and motorists in general in order to change perceptions and habits.

Or could it be attributed to the all-pervasive ‘grudge purchase’ that has afflicted the tyre industry for as long as we can remember? Maybe it’s the

Crucially, however, it will be the primary point of interaction between customers

simple lack of understanding of the critical role that tyres play in overall

and retailers that will have the greatest impact.

driving safety, and the perception that all tyres are relatively equal. Successful tyre retailers and fitment centre staff will be those that proactively In reality, it’s a combination of all three. Firstly, disposable incomes are tighter

advise customers not to purchase on price alone, but rather convince them to

than ever, making it an easy choice between an expensive tyre and a more

make safety a primary consideration, followed by durability and the total cost

affordable option. Secondly, and inextricably linked to this, very few people

over the entire life of the tyre.

plan and budget for replacement tyres, which means when the hit comes, it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Most tyre manufacturers have access to independent tyre tests from around the world, and these offer detailed insight into the performance virtues of

Lastly, people genuinely do not comprehend how important tyres are.

competitor tyres across various vehicle segments. Recently cheap tyres have

Through years of advanced driver training, it’s always amazed me how little

added to the tests too, and the results are simply shocking. Armed with this

drivers of all ages and levels of experience know about tyres. Most people

information, the job of selling a quality product versus something cheap, nasty

remember that the legal tread depth limit is 1 mm, but few really know

and potentially deadly, becomes a whole lot easier.

why this is the case, or what impact it has on handling, braking and grip – particularly in the wet.

Additionally, manufacturers and retailers that offer some sort of embedded tyre insurance (preferably standard or at a nominal fee) will earn even greater

Ask drivers to guess stopping distances from speeds such as 60 and 120

support and loyalty by adding further value for money and peace of mind to

km/h, and 99% of the time they would all have been wiped out if they were

the ownership experience.

Colin Mileman is a freelance motoring journalist, photographer and advanced driving specialist with over 17 years of experience in this field. As a former editor of Topcar and Topbike magazines, he’s as enthusiastic about cars and bikes as they come, and has extensive knowledge of all motoring-related matters, including the topic of tyres, having run the annual and highly regarded Topcar tyre tests for several years.



Distribution News


New Stores For Tiger Wheel & Tyre



    Â Â Â





Tiger Wheel & Tyre has added a new store in Table View to its growing network, located on the corner of Raats Drive and Briza Road.

    Â Â?Â? Â?  Â? 

The new store, which opened on 9 May under the expert supervision of store manager, David Harding, boasts a high-tech showroom, comfortable hospitality area that provides customers with something to take their minds


off business while they wait, as well as skilled technicians to attend to their vehicle. Meanwhile, another high-tech store opened on 21 April, in Eastlea, Harare to cater for the Msasa industry and surrounding residential suburbs. And like the Group’s other stores, the Eastlea store stocks a complete range of tyres, among them, Continental, Yokohama, Hankook, Michelin BFGoodrich, Pirelli, GT Radial, Sumitomo and Tiger Wheel’s own value








 ���� ­��

brand, Velocity.


Distribution News


More Growth Planned As Supa Quick Turns 30 Supa Quick’s 30 birthday year sees

management. “A franchisee’ is focused

the retail tyre chain having grown

on making sure the business runs

from a single pilot store in 1986

effectively and customers are happy.

to the biggest tyre franchise chain

Our support network frees them

in the country, with 257 outlets

from a lot of business development






Rensburg. “With Bridgestone’s global More growth is planned, with the

footprint as the world’s largest tyre

chain aiming to reach in excess of 300

maker, franchisees can tap into new

outlets by 2020. This is according to

developments in equipment and

Supa Quick head, Christo Jansen van

fitment almost as they happen. This

Rensburg, who says that the key to growth is to identify communities which

provides an essential line of support for the safety-critical work we do on

are under-serviced in terms of quality fitment centers. “When we investigate

customers’ vehicles.”

a site for a new Supa Quick, we do in-depth research of the surrounding area to see what options consumers have,” he commented. “There is a risk

Another growth driver is the appeal of the outlet itself, and modern Supa

in trying to serve too many areas with a single outlet – you end up being too

Quick outlets would be unrecognizable to someone used to a typical

far from everyone, so we look for locations embedded within a community

tyre outlet from the 1970s or early 1980s. “We have worked very hard

or a retail node which is convenient for consumers to visit.”

on ensuring the customer is received in a comfortable and appealing environment,” said Jansen van Rensburg. “The experience must be of a

Jansen van Rensburg said this enabled consumers to choose a fitment centre

high standard no matter which outlet a customer visits. After all, a customer

on quality and service, not just convenience. “Of course, we hope they’ll

loyal to a particular Supa Quick outlet could be put off the brand altogether

choose us!” He explained that the fitment market evolved constantly, and that

if they visit another one which doesn’t provide the service they are used

Supa Quick did not just rely on its original proposition of ‘super quick service’.

to,” he explained.

“Back before Supa Quick started, it could take in excess of two hours for a

He also noted that part of development planning for new Supa Quick outlets

fitment centre to fit and balance four tyres. We cut that to less than an hour,

is considering businesses in the area. Selected outlets in the Supa Quick

and this kind of service has become the benchmark for the industry, so it is

group are nowadays able to provide commercial tyre services alongside

less of a differentiator than it used to be,” he commented.

their consumer offerings, and Jansen van Rensburg said this was a key focus for expansion. “Private individuals have come to demand high quality and

A new Supa Quick outlet must be quickly accepted by the community it

good service in a convenient environment, and we are increasingly siting

serves in order to get on a solid footing, and the chain has turned its attention

startup branches in locations likely to also draw commercial customers who

to new ways of staying at the head of the market. One of the key benefits has

want the same service,” he added. “Expanding our network has required

been the support of Bridgestone SA’s specialists who provide franchisees

new thinking about the way fitment centers should service customers, and

with support in a host of areas including training, marketing and financial

we’re confident we’ve got the right recipe,” he concluded.

E N G I N E E R E D TO G O T H E D I S TA N C E Truck and Bus | Dump Trucks | Scrapers | Loaders | Compactors | Graders Official Distributors in South Africa:


Johannesburg tel: +27 11 974 7732 | email: Cape Town tel: +27 82 337 8699 | email:

World News


Record breaking farewell from the Reifen Essen show

This years Reifen Show

The very last Reifen Show in its current format took place last week

tyre fitting machine complete with diagnostic functions.

in Essen, Germany before relocating further south in the country in

Messe Essen, organisers of the biennial Reifen Show have also stated that

Frankfurt in 2018 in a ‘groundbreaking’ move that sees this longstanding

around 90 per cent of visitors to this year’s event have indicated they will

European event link up with the Automechanika Show in September.

attend the 2018 Reifen/Automechanika show in Frankfurt although John

This historic show was attended by SA Treads European correspondent – John Stone who confirms that a new highest total of 675 exhibitors participated at the event representing 43 countries over 12 halls and a record breaking 60,000 sq metres. Also rather predictably Germany was the most represented country followed by China, The Netherlands, Taiwan, UK and America and it is anticipated that a total of around

also reports that the future of the new event is far from certain with many exhibitors questioning the relocation and partnership of the show in two years’ time and in particular the fact that it will be staged in September as opposed to the traditional month of May. Additional reports will be published in the coming days of specific exhibitors at the show and their new products.

22,000 visitors attended the four day show. John also attended the prestigious 2016 Innovation Awards ceremony with both Michelin and Bridgestone being named as the dual winners of the ‘Technology and Products category’, Michelin for its X Line Energy Tripla A range of commercial tyres and Bridgestone for their recently introduced Driveguard range. Whilst in the Service Concepts and Process Optimisation category, 4JET Technologies from Germany were recognised for their Scannect product which is the first solution in the world designed to equip tyres with an individual, permanent QR code which can be read by a Smartphone camera. Winners in the Motor Vehicle Service category were ASE Corghi from Italy for the development of Uniformity, their first

The Innovation Awards Winners

Pirelli introduces its new Triathlon TBR range at Reifen 2016 Milan based Pirelli used their appearance at this year’s Reifen Show to launch its new tyre range for commercial vehicles – the R:01 Triathlon which has been designed as a third generation of tyre which replace the current R:01 11 pattern but also overlap the winter W:01 and long haul H:01 ranges. The new R:01 range has been specifically produced to recognise the variable needs of Pirelli customers and the ongoing development of Europe goods transportation.


World News

New high speed OTR tyre from Michelin

Marangoni Retread turns 40

From their headquarters in France,


Michelin has announced their latest

Marangoni introduced the first Ringtread (the splice-less retread)

OTR tyre which has been specifically

on April 27, 1976, in Ferentino, Italy. The product combined the

designed to cater for underground

no splice, double contour round shape, and precision control

mining operations where higher

of dimensions of mold cure technology with precure tread

speed capabilities are required from


Marangoni Tread North America is celebrating 40 years of the

The American-made Ringtread was manufactured for the first time

loader tyres. The all-new 18.00 R25 Michelin XSM D2+ Long Cycle L5S tyre is capable of six kilometres an hour which is a significant improvement on the existing

XSM pattern for this application.

at the Madison Tennessee facility on April 27, 2004. Marangoni Tread North America has since produced and sold millions of Ringtreads. “Today we celebrate 40 years of excellence and although the Ring of 40 years ago was a quality leap in retread technology, the Ring

Bridgestone wins Infringement Lawsuit

of today is even better,” Marangoni Tread North America CEO and President Bill Sweatman said to the Marangoni team. “Our new Extreme Performance line is setting new records for reliability,

A ruling in favor of Bridgestone

durability, mileage, traction, fuel economy, appearance and ride.

Corp. was upheld in a recent

I would also like to celebrate and recognize all of you for your

appeals case, the tiremaker

continued commitment to manufacturing excellence”

shared. In October 2013, Bridgestone filed a lawsuit against Chinese tire manufacturer Triangle Tyre Co. Bridgestone said Triangle had been manufacturing and selling tires using a tread pattern for studless tires that’s exclusive design rights held by Bridgestone. In July 2015, a Chinese court found that Triangle infringed on Bridgestone’s design rights. The court ordered Triangle to cease producing the tires in question and pay damages to Bridgestone. Triangle appealed the court’s decision, but the High People’s Court in Jilin Province upheld the original in Bridgestone’s favor. “Bridgestone is committed to protecting its intellectual property and will continue to deal with any unauthorized

A glittering ‘show-stopper’ from Zenises Dubai based tyre manufacturer Zenises added a new glamorous edge at

use or infringement of its patents, trademarks, or any other

the Reifen Show last week by showcasing the world’s most expensive

intellectual property in a strict manner. With this level of

tyre which costs a stunning US$ 600,000 for a set of four tyres.

vigilance, Bridgestone is prioritizing the safety and quality

The Z branded 295/35 ZR21 107Y XL tyre was specially manufactured

associated with its products, and maintaining and enhancing

at the Sentry Tire factory in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China and

its hard-earned brand value,” the tiremaker said.

incorporates a 24 carat gold and expertly selected diamond stones as its

centrepiece and has already been officially recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. | | +55 51 3205 3051

SA Treads June 2016  
SA Treads June 2016  

SA Treads quarterly magazine for the tyre industry in South Africa