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Photography BRADFORD ROGNE Model MARCO DAPPER Wearing PARKE & RONEN and Accessories BRICK & MORTAR

Photography provided by A Lab On Fire


CONTENTS Paul Smith Seoul Braids Centre De Congres Trusaedi 1911 A Lab On Fire Jil Sander 999 Derby Nightstream Pinel & Pinel Cognac Trunk Bullet Aether Come For breakfast Hard Candy Big This Charming Man Wild Orchid Stockists

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COVER Photography BRADFORD ROGNE Clothing by PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided by BRICK & MORTAR PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided BRICK & MORTAR Model MARCO DAPPER at Next Models

June 2011 | 1 | S



Editor-In-Chief, Creative Director WILLIAM MONTALVO Managing Editor RICHARD FISHER Art Director BOX808 MEDIA Photo Consultant RACER MEDIA INC. Special Correspondent ADDISON DEWITT Copy Editor LONDON SILVER Public Relations FRAME PR Interns DRU DOWNEY, NAOMI WEST Special thank you RABEE YOUNES Submissions We are always looking for new work. We accept submissions. If you would like to be considered as a contributor please send writing samples or images to Advertising & special projects Headquarters 600 S Curson Avenue Suite 423 Los Angeles California 90036 USA June 2011 | 3 | S


S SImages | 22 |provised Augustby2011 Paul Smith



m ith


raditional Englishman Paul Smith has opened the doors of his flagship store in Seoul. The futuristic architecture of the exterior is fitting for the Seoul scene and meshes with the surrounding architecture to a tee. Yet inside, the structure stays true to the Paul Smith brand in every way. Each of the three floors inside the store varies in design based on which Paul Smith collection it encapsulates. A large, centralized staircase with a decorative iron railing spirals upward encircling each floor. Striped walls engulf the stairwell, displaying art from Smith’s personal collection. The third floor houses Smith’s women’s collection. Cut out holes in the sloped roof create a patchwork of natural lighting projecting through the space. June 2011 | 5 | S

Braids S | 6 | June 2011


raids is a band poised. A group of four young friends from Calgary transplanted in Montreal, they make what they call “experimental indie pop.” We don’t know what to call it, but we know that the sound is at once boldly personal and intimately loud, strung along with unique musical construction and sly pop sensibilities. Does that make sense? Anyone who’s caught one of their extraordinarily fluid and involving live sets, including their Pop Montreal show this past fall, knows what the deal is.Experimental, ambient pop. The Montreal group’s beautiful meanderings evoke Explosions in the Sky, while their louder climactic moments are like Broken Social Scene bliss. Nothing is as easily endearing as these lengthy and well-crafted songs. Braids just signed with Kanine Records (Surfer Blood, The Depreciation Guild) and their debut full-length is expected to drop in early 2011. S June 2011 | 7 | S

S | 8 | June 2011

Centre de CONGRES by

Bigoni & Montemard


tephane Bigoni and Antoine Mortemard transformed an old industrial building into a fantastic conference center and exhibition space. The once dilapidated building on the ancient commercial harbor of Rouen, France now houses an auditorium, exhibition halls, and offices. The architectural team’s vision was to incorporate a grand element to the central core of the building. It came in the form of a white lattice of lacquered steel, wrapping around a three-story staircase. In the center of the staircase lies a void, leaving room for a skylight to saturate the room in natural light and cast dramatic shadows throughout the building. In the auditorium, custom-made louvers sit against windows behind the stage. The louvers open up to allow sunlight in, and then close to create a dark wall perfect for watching videos during conferences. Once again a creative team uses their smarts to transform a neglected, vacant structure into a useful space. S

June 2011 | 9 | S

S | 10 | June 2011

Trussardi C

harmant Group has created a limited edition Trussardi 1911 sunwear frame taking a best-selling frame and applying a sophisticated detail thereby simultaneously expressing Trussardi 1911 and high-tech innovation:the lenses feature the typical Trussardi 1911 camouflage pattern. The lenses are handmade by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens and attain the highest quality standards,certified by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. The unique,one of its kind pattern was designed and developed especially for Trussardi centennial sunglasses limited edition, based on the Trussardi camouflage pattern.The lens is truly one of its kind and hence a very fitting symbol of the achievements and the values of Trussardi. S

June 2011 | 11 | S


m y n o n LA S | 12 | June 2011

A 5 7 4 1 OP June 2011 | 13 | S

S | 14 | June 2011


Lab on Fire is a new fragrance house from Shaping Room (who also brought us S-Perfume). Shaping Room founder, Nobi Shioya’s left the company in 2009, and Carlos Kusubayashi took over his work. The first fragrance from A Lab on Fire is a collaboration with perfumer, Olivier Polge. The fragrance is available as 15ml Eau de Toilette spray, and features notes of bergamot, geranium, blonde woods, white amber and suede leather. Kusubayashi said “The name of the perfume doesn’t exist, but I know it’s a problem. So we decided to call it ‘L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A’. The latter part is the reference number at our supplier. ‘OP’ indicates the perfumer.” The fragrance will first be available at Colette in Paris soon followed by an online store at the brands website. S June 2011 | 15 | S


S | 16 14 | August June 2011 2011

JS August June 2011 | 17 15 | S

Jil Sander 999 Derby


he Jil Sander Men’s Memphis 999 Derby Shoe for spring/summer ’11, seen here in black and fluorescent pink.

Bringing a classic shoe kicking-and-screaming into the present, this shoe epitomises Jil Sander’s blend of refined shapes with vivid pop colours. The Derby shoe is an archetypal formal shape with thin laces, a rounded toe and a slight heel. The real stand-out feature of the shoe, however, is the dazzling fluorescent pink sole, which is covered in shiny patent leather except at the heel. The rear section of the heel is black rubber and features recessed Jil Sander branding. S June 2011 | 19 | S

Night S | 20 | June 2011

STREAM June 2011 | 21 | S

S | 24 | June 2011

Vandeyk V

andeyk Contemporary Cycles is a team of creative professionals dedicated to a simple mission: designing and building the most ravishingly beautiful bicycles – and not compromising along the way. Ever. The result: perfectly handcrafted and strictly limited objects of art — 25 bicycles per collection worldwide — and not a single one more. A handpicked brigade of renowned experts in fields as diverse as design, handmade bicycle frame building, photography and writing – the VANDEYK team is indeed a very special crew of likeminded bel-esprits. And good at going where the mainstream will never dare to venture. Combine radical simplicity, craftmanship and persistency. Add to that the best components from the most renownded manufacturers like Chris King, T.A. Specialités, Paul Components or Phil Wood. And then deduct from all that the will to follow the next technology-hype, the need for more comfort than absolutely necessary and the acceptance of anything below state-ofthe-art. It’s as simple as that. At least, when compromises are not part of your daily routine. S June 2011 | 25 | S

Pine & Pine For Mart

eL eL tell


artell and Pinel & Pinel have opened the “lid� of sorts on their custom Cognac trunk which comes filled with all the Matrell essentials including: cognacs and XO. They also ad in 28 special blends that are delivered inside custom flasks. Add in a few glasses, candles, and a humidor, and you have the ultimate man room roll-away. S S | 26 | June 2011


D iary 2 0 1 1 - 0 4 - 2 PHOTOGRAPHY

S | 28 | June 2011


7 to 2 0 1 1 - 0 5 - 0 4


June 2011 | 31 | S

June 2011 | 33 | S

A ether

S | 36 | June 2011

A ether

A ether

A ether

S | 42 | June 2011

Come COME r o FOR F B

reak BREAKf a t s FAST PhotographerGiorgio Codazzi StylistEmil Rebek

S | 56 | August 2011

August 2011 | 57 | S

S | 52 | June 2011

Hard Candy


Jeorge Galicia

Makeup Kristina Cardwell Assistant Rachel Moss Model Nora Schaefer at Wunder Management All makeup M•A•C June 2011 | 53 | S



Big Photographer Rabee Michel Younes

Makeup Daniel Vaitovic for TRESemme Hair Care (Ford Artists) Model Lexa at Ford Models Toronto

TRESemme Hair Care “Volume� 24 hour body root boosting spray, 24 hour body finishing spray

June 2011 | 59 | S

On Lexa TRESemme Hair Care “Volume” 24 hour body root boosting spray, 24 hour body finishing spray

On Lexa TRESemme Hair Care “SMOOTH” smooth no frizz Sshine | 62 | August spray,2011 frizz shield finishing spray

August 2011 | 63 | S

On Lexa TRESemme Hair Care “Volume” 24 hour body root boosting spray, 24 hour body finishing spray

Lexa’s makeup LAURA MERCIER (warm ivory) oil free foundation, burgundy(eye color duo), full blown volume mascara black, translucent (loose setting powder), SHU UEMUA liquid eye liner applicator/black, M•A•C “Desert Rose”soft reddish-burgundy blush, “Shy Girl” creamy neutral coral beige lipstick

C S | 66 | June 2011


Charming MAN Photography & Styling BRADFORD ROGNE

Clothing by PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided by BRICK & MORTAR PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided BRICK & MORTAR Model MARCO DAPPER at Next Models June 2011 | 67 | S

Marco wears Clothing by PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided by BRICK & MORTAR

Marco wears Clothing by PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided by BRICK & MORTAR

Marco wears Clothing by PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided by  BRICK & MORTAR

Marco wears Clothing by PARKE & RONEN Accessories provided by BRICK & MORTAR

Wild Orchid Photography KAM KHAN

Hair & Make-up Artist HEATHER WILSON Model MARCIA at FentonMoon Media Orchid Arrangements CORTNEY NATHANSON

June 2011 | 75 | S


SS || 80 2011 80 || August June 2011

Photography Hedi Slimane Nudie Jeans Photograp Jonas Linell



Photography Rabee Michel Younes

w w w . S a t e l l i t e - M a g . c o m

Satellite June 2011 Boisterous Issue No. XIII  

Transpitting fashion, design & culture

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