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62% of people searching the web click a link on the first page of their search results 42% of search users click the top-ranking link. As of March 2009, Google accounted for 82% of US searches. 40% of SEO campaigns aware of their return-on-investment achieve returns in


So Ask Yourself:

Does my business have a website?

“Knowledge is power, and exploring the answers to these questions is critical in an environment where consumers are increasingly relying on the internet and smart phones when making purchasing decisions.� - Chris Rinchik Independent Business Owner

Does my website have a strong web presence? Is my site optimized for search engines? Is my site positioned well in search rankings? Do I have a custom video commercial on my website?

Incorporating a video commercial into a website dramatically raises its Google ranking; it also provides an excellent sales aid. Furthermore, it provides your business with a presence on Youtube, Facebook, and up to over 200 other social media and article sites

Where can I invest marketing dollars in my business that can have a



Designing a New Website For You. People don’t drive by and look for businesses anymore. They won’t even open the phone book. They get on the internet at home or search with their phone. How many sales can you afford to lose because you don’t have a good website? An attractive and effective website can let you be open 24 hours a day. A good website can bring you customers that you didn’t even know existed. Your website is your reputation. If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. Would you let your friend’s brother’s cousin run your business? The answer is probably NO. If you have your friend’s brother’s cousin build your website, you won’t be optimized for search engines, you won’t have daily support and you won’t have an attractive and effective website.

“In a market where there are so many people offering the same services that you do, a strong professional web presence can help you stand out from your competitors, convey your message and help build your brand.” -CEO Mike Barker

Check It webdesign can help. We are professional designers that develop your online presence, give you unlimited daily support and target the customers who need what you have. Your website can be a competitive sales tool customized for your business and optimized for search engines. Our easy online solutions and variety of packages are designed to meet your needs within a reasonable price.

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Custom Design Search Engine Optimization Web pages








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Unlimited Annual Support Local Search Submission Analytics Domain Registration/Hosting HD Stock Photomotion (30-60) HD Photomotion (45-90) HD Professional Custom (45-90) Optional 180 second Upgrade Custom Coupons Shopping Cart

10 10 15-30 30-50

Interactive Media Image Gallery (up to) Outbound Links (up to)









15 15-30

Search Engine Marketing (1) Search Engine Marketing (2) Content Management *Content Management: Within our content management program we will consistently update your current site with new content that includes your targeted keywords. Search engines constantly look for new content on your website and will rank websites with fresh content higher in search results.

What If I Already Have a Website? Video, SEO and OVM

If you already have a website, we can help you give it a fresh start. This is accomplished with a variety of techniques, including improving your site’s internal structure to be more user friendly to visitors and search engines, link management and suggesting additional content that will help make your site a destination in your field. We will add your professionally produced HD commercial on the front page of your existing website. We will increase your exposure by adding your commercial and business information to sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc. Adding a video commercial to your site will help improve your site’s ranking. We will further improve your website with keywords and optimize every page. Fact: 98% percent of websites are not found because businesses use the wrong keywords; therefore we can help customers find you. We also periodically review our efforts so that your site will stay competitive. We can provide you with statistical tools to measure your website’s reach and effectiveness.

Great Services LOW PRICES (ask about our payment options) Custom Design - Our custom designs

Search Engine Optimization - We

Web Pages - Our variety of packages

Unlimited Support - We offer unlimited

Local Search Submission - We

Web Analytics - Each site we build

Custom coupons - Coupons are a

Shopping Cart - We will work with you

Interactive Media - Get your clients

Image Gallery - Custom designed image

SEM (1) - Weekly Social Media Link Submission,

SEM (2) - All benefits of SEM level one,

give your website a fresh look that will amaze your visitors.

provide enough web page for large or small business alike.

submit your business to local search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Local.

great way to increase traffic and generate business. Take advantage of custom coupons in select packages involved in your site. Include interactive media on your site for a full multi-media experience.

Single Article written to promote your website and offered as PDF download, Article submitted to Blogs, Article Site and Content sites across the internet, Site Submitted to ten Industry Directories, Submit Commercial to YouTube, Facebook and other video sites.

build all our sites optimized for search engines or your current site and optimize it to be found.

annual support for those clients who need changes and don’t want harsh editing fees.

receives analytics in the site. You can use analytics to monitor your websites success.

to setup a Paypal account and add shopping cart items to your site.

gallery on your website that will show off your products and services.

Blog Installation & Maintenance, Blog Content Submission, Monthly Article written and distributed to promote your website, Site Submitted to fifty Industry Directories, Submit Commercial to YouTube, Facebook and other video sites.

Video Commercials Video Advertisements are the perfect solution for business whose physical location, services, products and employees can say it all. offers several video advertisement product options. Because we live in a visual world, a video commercial offers a highly effective method of raising brand awareness and promoting your products or services. The internet has many different channels through which your business can be promoted. Online video is one of the largest growing channels your business needs to take advantage of.

HD Professional Custom Video

We film you at your business, customize and edit your up to 45-90 second (optional 180 second upgrade) video and add it to your website. You can have an HD TV commercial online without all the expense of hiring a video production crew.’s Custom videos commercials are high definition and professionally produced. Beforehand, our video expert will consult with you to make sure your video will best showcase your business. At your convenience, our video expert will travel to your location and shoot your HD video. The HD video shoot includes an interview with you and your staff plus live action shots of your business. Production often takes only about one or two hours and this footage is edited down to create your 45 to 90 second HD commercial. This video is incorporated into your website where customers can learn more about your business and discover reasons to choose you. A professionally produced, live action HD video of you and your staff is one of the best and most effective ways to bring new customers to you.

HD Photomotion Video

HD Photomotion videos are a time and cost effective way to produce an HD commercial for your business. This kind of high definition video uses visual effects to make still images appear to move by using panning, zooming and animation techniques. Your brochures, pictures and website images can be combined with text, background music and voiceovers to create a 30 or 60 second HD video. HD Photomotion videos are as easy on you as possible. We will ask you about your business and collect your images. From that material, a script will be written and read over by a voiceover professional. The images and information you supplied will then be combined with music, text and narration to produce your unique HD video.

HD Stock Photomotion Video

HD Stock Photomotion videos are a fast and cost effective way for you to reach online customers. We will ask you about your business and then a script will be written and read over by a voiceover professional. This will then be combined with stock video footage, your logo, music and text to produce your HD video. This kind of high definition video uses visual effects to make still images appear to move by using panning, zooming and animation techniques.

webdesign Intelligent Web Design with Video



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