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FMR. DDCIA DR. SARAH JEAN MARGOLIS, JD, MD, MBA, PhD ACTING ADCI, GEN. KATHERINE "ROBIN" GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, JR. THE NEGOTIATOR AKA JACK RYAN DKGB KAT VOKATZCHE DIRECTOR OF INTERPOL GEN. KATRIN WILHELM FRIEDRICH HIMMLER NEE ROEMMELS ______________________________________________________________________________ Big Sur, California The Sierras, California Princeton, New Jersey The Borroughs, New York The Fields, Utah NORAD, Colorado Kamchatka, The Federation of Russia Riga, Latvia Fort Lauderdale, Florida Bel Air, California Reichmann, California Chicago, Illinois Boston, Massachusetts Providence, Rhode Island Chattsworth, California The Shinning Mansion, Colarado 'Newport, Rhode Island Kennebunkport, Maine Langley, Mcleans, Virginia Charlotte, North Carolina The Ozarks, Pennsylvania South Miami Beach, Florida Moscow, The Federation of Russia St. Petersburg, The Federation of Russia St. Elizabeth, Jamaica Palm SPrings, California Washington, District of Columbia Amsterdam, Netherlands Prague, Czech Republic Nottinghill, United Kingdom The Hague, Netherlands United Africa, Africa Santa Fe, New Mexico New Haven, Connecicut Boston, Massachusetts Los Cabos, Mexico

Baja Easta, Mexico The Alps, Switzerland Beverly Hills, California Catalina, Calafornia Qata City, Qatar The Sarah Jean, Pacific Ocean Panama Canal, Panama Qatar City, Qatar Santiago, Chile Baghdad, Iraq Saudia Arabia Lebanon United Arab Emirates Libya Iran Kabul, Afghanistan La Mariposa, Nicaragua Nigeria Nairobi, Kenya Botswana The Congo Bonn, Federation of Germany Berlin, Federation of Germany Rotatonga, The Marshall Islands Belize City, Belize Placencia, Belize Negril, Jamaica Kingston, Jamaica Las Vegas, Nevada Areciebo, Puerto Rico The Very Large Array, New Mexico Disney Cyrogenic Life Coffin Burial Site Area 51, New Mexico The National Parks, United States The State Parks, The United States The Bases The Amazon, Brazil The Haven, Paraguay Kuwait City, Kuwait Tokyo, Japan Orlando, Florida Salzburg, Austria Dublin, Ireland Caracas, Venezuela Los Cielos, Cassiopia London, United Kingdom Opio, France Sundance, Idaho

Aspen, Colorado Winter Park, Colorado Geneva, Switzerland Nagasaki, Japan Saigon, Vietnam SOTO School Seoul, Korea The Black Forest, Germany The Veldt, Lesotho Lexington, Massachusetts Guatanamo Bay, Cuba Irvine, California Laguna Beach, California Houston, Texas San Antonio, Texas The Hills, Texas The Ranch, Idaho The Archipelego, Alaska The Bases, United States The Bases, United States Outlying Territories The Bases, WARSAW Lima, Peru Machupecho, Peru Johannesburg, South Africa The King of Prussia The Empress Emperor Current Location and White Collar Crimincal Charges Available Through 1-911 Central Intelligence Agency work phone: + 1 202 370 7750 Central Intelligence Agency media inquiries: + 1 703 482 1100 Central Intellgience Agency Washington media inquiries: + 1 703 482 0623 The Walt Disney Corporation lead work phone: + 1 310 385 1955 Hollywood work phone: + 1 310 954 9000 x238 cell phone: + 1 401 390 6495 lead law firm: + 1 310 553 3000 lead criminal defense lawyer Robert Shapiro: + 1 310 556 7886 Work Land Mail Address: ADCI Sarah Margolis Langley, Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters 930 Dolly Madison Blvd. McLeans, VA 22101 Personal Land Mail Address: c/o Concierge, The Watergate East, 1402 2700 Virginia Ave. Washington, DC 20037

Email main: work: personal: administrative associate: WEB PRESENCE (temporarily disabled) (temporarily down) (temporarily disabled) (temproarily down) google pages SOCIAL MEDIA (main page) Sarah Margolis on ADCI Kat Oppenheimer on (temporarily down) @THEPRESIDENT @THEGODDESSGOD (temporarily down) kateichman @TheConspirator (temporarily down)

Advance Directive Peter Brown through: + 1 310 455 2019 Ivan Selin through: + 1 337 2337 Cedars-Sinai, Beverly Hills, California University of California, Los Angeles, Hospital, Los Angeles, California Will KGB Headquarters, Moscow, Federation of Russia, WARSAW [ALL INFORMATION ACCURATE TO THE BEST OF MEMORY SINCE JOINING SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIRECTORATE, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, 1968. FMR. PRESIDENT OF THE SOVIET UNION MIKHAIL GORBACHEV HAS PRIOR TO SPECIAL OPERATIONS CURRICULUM VITAE COMPILED BY FMR. PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN'S ADMINISTRATION.] EDUCATION (Most degrees are through secret society Spectre and Key with male pseudonyms) Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut, 1968 Valdeictoria, Constitutional Law and Criminal Defense Home Schooling, The White House, Washington D.C.

Nominated for Spectre and Key by Dr. Henry Kissinger, JD, MBA, MD, PhD Learned elementary hypnotism. Chabad Nursery School, Lexington, Massachusetts Beaten into autism by staff for insulting the Jewish people at the school and telling them I was Catholic. Harvard Kindergarten, Cambridge, Massachusetts Joseph Eastabrook Elementary School, Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington Middle School, Lexington, Massachusetts Joseph Witherspoon Middle School, Princeton, New Jersey Vista Verde Middle School, Irvine, California Participated in KOYANASKAATSI. Learned master hypnotism. University of Chicago Laboratory High School, H.S. Diploma, 1989 Salzburg Hoechschule Finalist Congress-Bundestag Scholarship, 1987, 1988. Exchange student to WARSAW through American International Foreign Service (AIFS) as did not win Congress-Bundestag Scholarship for it was for college students. Studied German, International Relations, Philosophy and Literature. Activities including Science Bowl, Math Team, Sound Maste3r and Deisgn at Theatre. 3.0 G.P.A.v Salzburg Law School, JD, 1989 War Crime Tribunal Defense. War Crime Tribunal Prosecution. History of Government. Studied through Prime Minister of Austria's administration. Wellesley College, Wellesley University, Massachusetts, 1989-90 Studied Anthropology and Political Science and Theory. Mitzie, Tau of Tau Zeta Epsilon. Donated new student center, my adopted mother's antique tea cup collection, including saki set, television station and "Oxford" stone for First Female Univeristy, Wellesley University. Was potential Valedictorian for Class of '93. Also accepted to MIT, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Barnard with scholarship, and first female wait-listed at Harvard and possibly accepted despite terrible, low 600s SAT scores as first language was Swazi and English, that I am now fluent in, twelth). University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 1990 Transferred to attend Brown University. Studied German, History of Religion and Anthropology. Was so impressed waith the school, especially The Great Books sequences and the graduate schools, nominated the university to the Ivy Leagues with first, true non-prodit trusteeship, including new wing to Regenstein Lacques, donation of Jacques Derrida Library, foundations for several secret societies and saving The Seminary Co-op Bookstore with Dr. Henry Kissinger. Experiment in political psychology on mixed-sex group think and how to split and win a jury. Nuclear Proliferation Treaties and the Law at Chicago Law School. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1994 Sat in one law school, medical school and college. Officially only Photography. First female on wait-list supposedly because of joke Judeo-Christian (Judeo underscored twice in red by

Radcliffe) on Harvard Applicaton but actually because I was interviewed by Radcliffe Dean asking only idiotic questions on purpose. Accepted to Harvard, transfer to class of '93. Brown College, Providence, Rhode Island, A.B. 1991 -- 1996 At the time, the transfer program was the hardest one to be accepted to. Chose Brown over Harvard to study literary theory and requested route as CIA CMO on campus by Prof. Henkel who realized students were laughing at the professors and coded lectures about concentration camps. Studied theory, entertainment production, literature, cognitive science and biology. Finished with internship at The Walt Dinsey Company. Alpha Sigma Chi. The Franklin Group, refounded by Mark Skyles, John Davis, Issa Clubb, Michael Jonath, Steve Wolford, Susan Bernstein, Eric Eisner and myself. Made documentary DISNEY WORLD for Introduction to Video Production and Sound Deisgn about Epcot's propaganda and destruction of guests' creativity, price gouging and abuse of workers' rights. Mocumentary about Butler Hospital curse received until age 42 for supposedly teaching consciousness as charged by The Malcolm Forbes Modern Culture and Media's Prof. Ellen Rooney used for acceptance to RAND as a experimental political psychologist. Led Group B in Project 1 on covert identity in Hollywood a man in drag as an old lady who believes in Jesus, admires Arnold Schwarzenneger and gets in trouble with Brown Masters for joining illegal Skull 'n' Bones with vow to kill my father, Fmr. President George H W Bush, Sr. Resulted Roger Mayer, Liz Garbus, Richard Manning, Jacques Derrida, Roger Mayer, Nancy Ferguson and Robert Scholes. Activities included Sound Master and Designer in theatre and leader of The International Socialist Organization praxis. Revoked trusteeship until have new acceptable President of the university. Comissioning The Coach from USC, football scholarships, cheerleading scholarship and endowments for Harvard, Yale and new rival Princeton. Donating legacy trusteeship for Brown University Buggenheim Museum of Contemporary Art, Maxwell Palevsky Business School, Department of Architecture and Artifacts with library, collection and museum in conjunction with RISD and George H. W. Bush School of Law. Finished degree with internship at DIsney. Accepted to USC Directing, hardest graduate program to get into. Yale Medical School, 1991 -- 1998 Trained as Chief Neurosurgeon. Classes attended through Spectre and Key, a secret society dedicated to learning. Sat in on Harvard Medical School, Brown Medical School, University of California, Los Angles, University of Chicago and University of Southern California. Classes included plastic surgery, heart surgery, general practitioner, neurosurgery and psychiatry. Yale School of Management, 1996 Finsihed management concentration at The Walt Disney Company, Addis-Wechsler and Associates and The Walt Disney Corporation. Spectre and Key degrees include: University of Chicago, Philosophy, PhD, "Hegel and Speciesism: The Undeniable Phenomenon of Will." Yale School of Management, MBA. Harvard Business School, MBA. Harvard Law School, JD, PhD. Harvard Medical School, MD, Psychiatry. Brown Medicatl School, MD, Neurosurgery. University of California, Los Angeles, MD, Plastic Surgery.

University of Chicago, JD, PhD, Nuclear Proliferation Treaties and International Law. RAND, PhD, "Preemptive Economic Sanctions Against The United States vs. Military Strike. Applicant, Sitze Institute for Advanced International Relations, PhD Program, 2014. WORK EXPERIENCE Green Peace, Co-Founder, 1973 Helped found the organization dedicated to saving the enviroment through public and eminently publiczable protests against different governments, especially The United States. Currently fundraising. Sponsor, CARE, Lexington, Massachusetts, 1978 Took care of Guatemalan Juan, now considered a possible politician in his own nation. Also, Malcolm of Africa, now doing genius-level school work and working at getting into University; recently adopted Beth, who was used as child sex slavery. Candy Striper, Belmont Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, 1986 Activity used to look well-rounded for university applications; necessary due to noncompetitive grades in high school as private school was unpredictably harder than public school. Sound Master and Deisgner, Theatre, University of Chicago Laboratory High School, Wellesley College and Brown University, 1995 -- present Created sound scapes for numerous theatrical productions, performance art, documentaries and films. Handled the theme for THE RETURN OF THE KING when the weirs are lit over the mountains and much of the musical decisions for TITANIC. Tutor, Chicago, Illinois, 1987 Assisted small, disadvantaged child with racism he was subjected to. Researcher, Neurobiology Department, University of Chicago, 1987 Studied dendrites, axons and their growth. Laboratory's work led to the development of Neurontin, a medicine that helps the brain form new and repair old brain cell formation used for brain damage and possibly mental retardation, which is manufactured by Novartis Nanotechnologist, Argonne National Laboratory, 1988 Studied the density of nanophase materials. Invented a kind of weapon of mass destruction. Discovered the link between nanotechnology and outer space. Decoded message from outer space and chosen for PROJECT: CONTACT by NASA to test a communication method. Director of the KGB/Stasi, 1988 -- present Job Description: take any and all positions to prevent Global Nuclear War, including head of any company and President of The United States with otherwise unattaibable nanotechnological computer chip hardware that self-destructs with fission technology upon "accidental death" or murder. Successfully received cures for lung cnacer, tar in the lungs, riddled with cancer, leukemia, platelt coagulation poisioning, kidney infection poisioning, AIDS, attempted dissections, several attempts at plastic surgery to make me unrecognizable, hypnosis, lithium comas from forced intravenous drip and walking, talking coma at Edwards' Air Force Base in

early July, 2004, that had me paraplegic for a few hours, kidney stoners, black belt fifth dana karate accident, and bullet wound leaqving brain damade affecting short-, mid-term, situational, anecdotal memory, exterior limbs, spine, personality, face, black arts and special ops retreival. Currently on medication for brain-spinal damage, PTSD and Grey reptilian aggression with anger-induced flashbacks prior to 1995. "Assasinated" in Pan Am 103 containing CongressBundestag Scholarship winners of 1988 -- 1989. Death known to Fmr. President Ronald Reagan's Cabinet as was legacy child of then President-Elect George H. W. Bush, Sr. Passed 1984-esque East German economics journal to Reagan resulting in his famous speech "Mr. Gorbachev tear this wall down!" Instrumental in the fall of Berlin Wall. Was crucial in prevention of war during People's Republic of China uprising on 1989. First femal Director probably in office until 2048. Training Fmr. President George H. W. Bush, Sr., as Assistant Director, KGB. Lead Researcher, National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago, 1989 Compiled list of over 20,000 doctors for national survey on medical fraud. Learned how surveys work and how they can be easily skewed. Mentor/mentee Prof. Howard Margolis. Clerk, Dean of Student's Office, University of Chicago, 1990 Answered phone. Filing. Handled incoming and outgoing mailings. Administrative Assistant/Researcher, University of Chicago Medical Center and School, 1991 Worked on the process of aging and how to deter it. Arranged travel and publications for leading researcher. Laboratory Clerk and Administrative Assistant, Biology Department, Brown University, 1991 Washed test tunes and other glassware. Learned dissection of vertebrates. Inter/Chairman of The Board of Directors, The Walt Disney Corporation, 1991 -- present Unofficially, but with full yes/no power, "the space between" Michael and Ovitz, Michael and Eisner and Bob and Iger. Introduced resorts and cruise ships. Imagineer. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. POCAHONTAS. THE LION KING. MY LITTLE MERMAID. DISNEY ON ICE. Ready to create two new animated films, PRIYANDELLA and The MISFIT AND THE EMPERESS (working title). Legal aid for Disney Broadway musicals. Negotiator for Disney Hong Kong and Disney Japan. Negotiating Disney Chicago and eighteen other Disney Lands/Worlds. Working on hiring investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. Incorporating officially the overarching The Disney Corporation, which includes all assets in The Walt Disney Company, all studios and all resorts, worlds and parks. Invented Disney currency. Negotiating for United States Union of Disney Cast and Crew, raises based on time in the company, retirement plan, life insurance, discounted travel, easier relocation within and among entities, and state-of-the-art health insurance for cast, crew, families and a required number of non-profit health gifts based on salary. Invented Anaheim Ducks hockey team. Working on four new NFL football teams in Juneau, Alaska; Portland, Maine; Los Angeles, California; and San Antonio, Texas using ESPN's coverage of a roller derby ending at Four Corners sponsored by the Big Three to cover franichisement costs. Case Management Officer, Belize, 1993 Covert Action: Belize. Project: Impact. Covered up work with NASA regarding an invading alien civilization as discovered by Fmr. President Ronald Reagan. Used mass hypnosis. Promoted to Assistant Deputy Director of The Central Intelligence Agency.

Leader, International Socialist Organization,, 1994 -- present Infiltrated al-Qaeda. Prevented followers from dying in The World Trade Center by pulling fire alarm. Helping the organization reunderstand Capitalism as something not only good, but necessary. Experimental Subject, The Pentagon, The United States Government, 1994 Allowed self to be used to test method of mutating fully adult human with technology that morphed my rib cage, turned the skin on my hands scaly, makes my eyes move independently and has caused the groth of multiple new organs including a large, gelatinous extra tongue like a chameleon from the back of my throat. Still able to have children. Covert Deputy Director of The Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, McLeans, Virginia, 1995 -- 2004 Finished training Project: Blackbird -- Propaganda, MKULTRA and the Entertainment Industry. Immediately promoted to nominee for Director of The Central Intelligence Agency of The United States of America. Self-directedly joined any and all intelligence agencies and secret societies, such as the Ku Kluyx Klan, at positions that did not include rape or humiliation, such as Illuminati and Masons. Played by Tom Cruise in EYES WIDE OPEN. Am the stunt double for scene in CIA Headquarters where Tom Cruise's character steals the disk containing the names of all operatives in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE using my Mi6 identity as the now retired Man of Spiders, Bond, Jean, Bond. Dirty Martini, please. Extra dirt. NRC Comissioner, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, International Atomic Energy Association, United Nations, 1995 -- present Successfully nomiated by Fmr. Undersecretary of Defense Howard Margolis and Fmr. President William Jefferson Clinton as trigger man for all wars involving weapons of mass destruction. Argued with Fmr. President Clinton's help that the War on Drugs was a kind of battle involving weapons of mass destruction having see the effect on the inner-cities. Became the world's most important drug trafficker, attempting as far as possible to involve only quality narcoticss. Introduced B-C clean cocaine available in aspirin section of some gas stations and truck stops. Only a thumbnail full in each nostril necessary. So far, not infiltrated with poor, addictive or softeners. Added non-carcinogenic electronic cigarettes and opium hookahs to the market at many mom and pop stores, box stores, convenience stores and gas stations. Reopening opium bars. Invented Seroquel, light hallucinogen with effect of THC on mood used prolificly in the entertainment industry. Authorizing release of electronic cocaine pipes in non-addictive varietals to ween people off crack and freebase. Trying to have the US Governors to allow electronic smoking in prison system and hospitals. Helped invent Dreamworks' perfects animation abused by al-Qaeda Gen X for 9-11, "Death" of Qaedaffi and bombing of Beijing reported in New York Times as an "environmental disaster" (Front Page story, March, 2013). Preventing MKULTRA on as many lead actors as possible. Management Trainee, Addis-Wechsler and Associates, Los Angeles, California, 1996 Branched off from firm managing Sting, The Rolling Stones, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Goldblum as "Hatred Dog," stealing major clients with "Good Dog," Keith Addis and "Bad Dog," Nick Wechsler's backup. Back up man for Romeo + Juliet. Executive Producer of LINCOLN and numerous other award winning films. Executive Producer/Writer, Los Angeles, California, 1997 Short film PAYBACK, a demo reel for director Sean Patrick. Executive Produced with Rick Yorn.

Stolen, including cinemagraphic style, with full length PAYBACK. Consultant, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, Chicago, Illinois, and London, United Kingdom, Europe, The Mid East and Asia, 1996 -- present Stepping off point of infiltration of ConAgra, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Morgan Stanley, Wal Mart and currently Baker-Botts law firm and Goldman Sachs. Founder, Principal, and Agent, Margolis Literary Agency, Telecommuting, 1997 Still active espionage literature and ghostwritten autobiography agency. Copyedit, efit and ghostwrite signed clients. Huge slush pile from one Internet ad. Clients include Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Lasse Braun, John Wilcock and Louis van der Poll. Ready to ghostwrite Iraq, Afghanistan, America. Several autobiographical journals publishable. The Yellow Group. The Officer Who Came in from The Dark. Production Coordinator/Assistant, Ramsey Photography/TIME Financial, Topanga, California, 1998 -- 2003 Mentor in financial planning Patrick Ramsey. Led photography shoots of up to 25 people. Labelled 20,000 slides. Handled a business location remodeling with relocation saving the company $1 million. Founder/Co-Partner/Chief Marketer, National Access Consultants, Ojai, California, 2000 -present Foremost Americans' with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Americans' with Disabilities Act Ammendment Act (ADAAA) law firm. Clients include John Nash, Exxon-Mobil, The State of California, The United States of America, The Little People Rights Society, myself for false accusations from husband regarding ability to see children after my divorce and The Veteran's Administration's future non-profit organization. Working with Vietnam Vets to release The Phoenix Group so they may receive full benefits as members of The Central Intelligence Agency. Arguing for second half of The Vietnam Memroial. Marketing objectives include The Entertainment Industry's Writers Guild of America, International Creative Management, The United Kingdom, The Central Intelligence Agency and Goldman Sachs. Arguing that unsatisfactorily medicated or medication non-compliant employees, including acadmeic tenured professors, are not protected by United States laws. Trying to expand the firm to Shapiro (Prosecution/Defense/Wills/Estates/Advance Directives) & Shapiro (Entertainment Law), Thompson (International Law, Nuclear Profliferation Tresties), Humphries (Public Defense), Goldsmith (ADA Law), Lowell (Mental Illness Court Defense) and Madrog (Corporate Law/Divorce Law/Constitutional Law). Head Programmer, Mojave Internet, Telecommuting, 2000 -- 2013 Wrote search engine:; Streamed media:; networked computers; Internet security; working on Spanish vocabulary website, improved search engine, social media site with schematic ready. I own my own computers. Anything written on them is copywritten to me. Research Assistant, UCLA/RAND, Topanga, California, 2002 Project on gifted children. Critiques statistical methodology.

Executive Producer, MIND OF A DEMON, 2003 -- 2007 Reality show aired on CBS/Viacom. Handled problems on and off the set. Two hour daily meetings with director. Managed Fabian Cousteau. Brought in funding from Shell Exploration and Productioon Company. Considering using old footage and restarting production for SURVIVOR II (working title), but we all have the same lawyer Martin Shapiro who has to play golf with himself so we can talk together. Nominee, Director of The Central Intelligence Agency, United States of America, 2004 -- present Working on overt position directly under the Director of The Central Intelligence Agency. Transferred to other countries with the US military and cross-border transaction lawyers. Goals classified, except trying to find new protocols for successfully incorporating females into the intelligence community and making the CIA honored, respected and loved agency for the public. Deputy Director (DDCIA), The Central Intelligence Agency, 2004 -- present First female at this level of government. Based in The Americas, Europe, The Mid East, Asia, Antartica and WARSAW. Still on Hunt for Bin Laden with Fmr. DCI George Tenet with request for new round of Congressional and United Nations Tribunals for War Crimes starting 2015 after gradual release of conspiracy involving the media and entertainment industries. Training for Chairman of The Board of Directors, Royal Shell Dutch, 2004 -- present Making the corporation the environmentally firendly energy company. Located extraordinary potential oil reserve. Currently working for British Petrolem, Duke Energy and Phoenix International. Invented form of energy harvesting using the ocean tides. Founder, Owner and Principal, Emergency Broadcast Company, 2008 -- present Sole owned LLC trying to form a nationwide television station that I am working on with Michael Eisner of Disney, The National Security Agency and CIA. Unofficial Campaign Manager, Democratic National Committee, Barack/Biden '08, '12 Added quiet promise of allowing smoking in public facilities. Laws regarding inter-intelligence agencies cooperation. Allowing the beast to rise so we can cut it down like the wolf on the fold. Barack is played by the younger black man in THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and is aware of the exchange with the KGB coded into the film with me as Alec Baldwin's Jack Ryan, seemingly naiive, boyish, dangerously knowledgable, homosexual man who does anything to prevent an all out, first- and - strike global nuclear war as a secret Mi-6 and sleeper for CIA. Founder and Sole Owner, THE DUKE MAGOG GROUP, 2009 -- present Intercontinental, overarching management group including Duke Energy, Duke Realty, Telepathynet, Victory Studios, Margolis Literary Agency (MLA), Emergency Broadcast Company, The Margolis Family Foundation, The Selin Family Foundation, Phoenix International and BZL Incorporated. Chief Operating Officer Ivan Selin. Chief Legal Officer Ratan Tata, Chief Investment Officer Donald Trump. Chief Finacial Office Fred Palmer. Chief Administrative Officer Minna Ericson. Chief International Relations Officer Dr. Henry Kissinger. Secret Service, United States Government, George H. W. Bush, Sr. Estate, 2010 -- present Currently functions as Head Spook's lead Secret Service agent Ed. Trying to find an enlistment

protocol for females to join successfully a very sexist organization that has, so far, a lot of great reasons for being so anti-woman. Trustee, The Selin Family Foundation, 2013 Donating base funding for The Smithsonian Museum of Intelligence and Espionage with international pre-American Revolution to Cold War III archive and exhibits. General Manager, unofficially, Reuters, 2013 The world's leading news source. Trying to cancel 1 800 REUTERS and fire most Americans. Trying to regain REUTERS from Thompson of Canada for creating corporate fascist monopoly out of media, including The internet and The New York Stock Exchange ticker. Founder, Black Corp, 2012 Intending to create a division of The US government, for inner-city youth to fix up areas of The United States in exchange for college scholarships and supplements to SSI, SSDI and Food Stamps for US Veterans to guard parks and playgrounds 24 hours a day in inner cities. Short list for President, Wal-Mart, 2010 -- present Trying to improve quality, variety and price. Encouraging substantially increased salaries and promotions as motivations for excellence to staff. Trying to prove I can handle the position as a telecommunter with numerous other intelligence companies and corporations, aqs I am with all other positions. Campaign Manager, Republican Party, Mitt Romney, Gen. Colin Powell Vice President nominee Sarah Margolis aka Kat Bush, Jr., '16, '20 PUBLICATIONS Birth of a Reader -- replaced carefully with mimeographs some editions of Death of an Author by Roland Barthes, Sarah Margolis Death -- a response to Ellen Rooney's 1992 CLARISSA class which was originally a class about 10 classics about rape instead of solely Richardson's now edited masterpiece about a woman who is raped and dies, the longest book in the English language and actually much too dry for sly, silly women of secret society at Brown known as Penbroke. Questions about CAPITAL by Karl Marx (not KAPITAL as is written in English by obviously nonJewish author) used as study guide by The International Socialist Organization, a legitimate intelligence outfit that CIA recognizes, Sarah Margolis A STORY OF AN I: AUTOBIOGRAPHY -- underground mimeographed classic is only version, Sadie Lou Gram aka Sarah Jean Margolis RAND PAPERS, "sketches" Howard Margolis thinks I should concentrate on, Sarah Margolis PATHOS, THANATOS AND THE MADHOUSE, chapbook [stolen attempts still going with some Silly Hilly scribbling], Sarah Margolis

Political poetry on Sarah Margolis' original facebook, Sarah Margolis PROJECT 1, Group B, 10 mins., acted, edited, directed and executive produced as identity explanation flick, Sarah Margolis DISNEY WORLD, documentary, 30-mins., shot, directed, edited and executive produced with Michael Ovitz for entering The Walt Disney Company now Corporation about workers' abuse and propaganda at EPCOT CENTER, Sarah Margolis MENTAL ILLNESS, produced by RAND, acted, written, edited and executive produced about Sarah Margolis obviously bullshit, forced by Modern Culture and Media Department's "FBI Identity" forced on me as political sabotage, Sarah MargIolis SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, Executive Producers, Roger Cowin and Sarah Margolis, a film misunderstood so far that is hiding that Jodie Foster is the real Buffalo Bill with a copy cat male. Unconsciously this documentary-esque movie show that Agent Starling is guilty. THE PLAYER, Executive Producers, Nick Wechsler and Sarah Margolis THE COMPANY, Executive Producers, Keith Addis and Sarah Margolis BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Executive Producers, Michael Eisner, Michael Ovitz and Sarah Margolis TITANIC, Executive Producers, James Cameron and Sarah Margolis THE IRAQ WAR FILM, Executive Producer, Cathryn Bigelow, Directed by Sarah Margolis THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY directed by Peter Jackson and Sarah Margolis 9-11 THE TV SPECIAL, Executive Producers, Michael Hoover and Sarah Margolis (infiltrated this to prevent imminent global nuclear war) AMBLER WARNING -- written with Robert Ludlum and published under The Robert Ludlum Estate, autobiographical of upper-level CIA/KGB double operative infiltrating the film industry and as a result thrown into mental hospitals to destroy reputation. DEBBIE DOES DALLAS, executive producer with Lasse Braun. THE IRAQ WAR, 1991, Live on CNN. BELIZE IS A LAWLESS COUNTRY, pornography classic with limited live broadcast on CNN. ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS Back Man for numerous Academy Awards in almost all categories. Short-list, The Macarthur for political poetry.

Rhodes Scholarship (declined as had to keep low-level life style). Fulbright (declined, see directly above). Phi Beta Kappa. First female short-list Nobel Prize, Economics, for work on cooperative competition, macroeconomics, theories of oil vs. nuclear based economies and importance of and legal precedent for the demand that corporations respect environmental rights. Pulitzer short-list for best contributor, small press, The Topanga Messenger, for calm, yet poignant reporting regarding 9-11 (declined, see above). The Cross of The Dritte Reich (accepted for IBM). Pulitzer, short-list, mid-size press, The Providence Journal, best contributor (declined, see above). Pulitzer, best non-fiction book, A BEAUTIFUL MIND, Ghost written with Sylvia Nash. The Paragon, cult novel at Yale University, ghost-written and life rights. First female officer to finish covert operations as originally with full-body polygraph Top Secret First female nominee Director of The Central Intelligence Agency clearance review already in process. First female President of The United States of America known as "Reagan," during impeachments as "Bill Clinton," "George W. Bush" and "Barack Obama." First female nominee for Democratic National Committee's John Kerry for Vice President, 2004. First female Deputy Director of The Central Intelligence Agency, 2004 -- present. First female overt Assitant Director of The Central Intelligence Agency, October 26, 2013 -present. First National Libertarian Party Presidential nominee, 2012, hoping to be surpassed by Fmr. President George H.W. Bush and Speaker of The House Johnathon Boener, 2016 election cycle. Key financial donator and policy manifesto writer of The National Libertarian Party with the Steer expected to kick away the Donkey. First female Chairman, The Walt Disney Company. First female Chairman of The Board of Directors, The Walt Disney Corporation. First female Director of Interpol, 2013 -- future. Survived two blood-gas exchanges in 1994 morphing me into a Cassiopian Alpha Reptile with male characteristic latent in genetics, changing DNA, rib structure, skin texture, brain functioning and causing growth of long, deadly tongue in the back of throat starting to express itself and forbidding autopsy. Requesting permission for full neuro-skeletal CAT, MRI, f-MRI by NSA. Unrecognizable except by palm prints, retina scan, mother and self. Egg and embryo donator for hundreds of descendents making me the fittest homo sapiens reptilian sapiens over George H. W. Bush, Sr. Best tail runner-up, "Nixon," Youth Category, Skunk Conventions of The United States, 2002, would have won first prize, but I thought he should run a second time to win and voted him a 7 instead of 9 or more as a judge. PERSONAL Anti-abortion after brain-mind connection forms at about ten weeks. Heterosexual, but respect gay, lesbian and transsexual private and public rights. Intentionally misdiagnosed with mental illness as a political attack from The National Organization of Women for supposedly raising rebellious consciousness.

RELIGION Catholic, Islamic, Fundamentalist Right, Satanist, Hindu of Brahmin Caste, and worshipper of Osiris, Soto Zen student of Bob Moores, Viet Kong, The Dlai Lama, Trich Nich Hahn and Sogyal Rinpoche. INTERESTS Internation intelligence, espionage and sabotage; book collecting; philosophy; black magic, voodoo; warlock craft; hiking; city wandering; learning and using languages; politics; newspapers; media; entertainment; propaganda; history; WARSAW literature; food; exotic pets; music; piano; drum kit; opera; voice; dancing; composition; movement meditation; karate, tai chi, black arts; weapons; weapons of mass destruction; cinema; coffee shops; autobiographical writing; political economy; graduate school, my thesis; finance; stock market; law; narcotics; drug experiential experimentation; men; friendship; family; philanthropy; social media; alma mater trusteeships; all things Disney; cooking; food; eating out; living well without excessive waste; divorce; couriering; wild animals; geology; oil, gas, hydroelectric power including my new invention involving ocean tides; spelunking; antiquing; travel; work for Langley; royalty; clothes; celebrities that hate attention like me; acting; theatre; learning; The Undergound; Tim Leary; space exploration; founding, consolidating and improving companies as part of a team. SECRET SOCIETIES The Masons The Illuminati Semper Fei Skull 'n' Bones Tau Zeta Epsilon The Phoenix Spectre and Key The Franklin Group The Founders Alpha Sigma Chi Phi Beta Kappa The Chancellors The Warlocks The Crips The Kings Sigma The Dark Knights of The Table

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Sarah Margolis Katrin Wilhelm Friedrich Himmler Kat Eichmann Katrin Roemmels General Margolis Belize August, 1993 pornography executive prod...

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