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Media Mix Analysis Company: A Date with Iris

Sara Babb | Morgan Dickenson Lauren Snodgrass | William White

Table of Contents A Date with Iris Overview…………………………….3 Target Analysis………………………………………..4 Primary Target User Profile…………………………....5 Secondary Target User Profile…………………………6 Target Justification…………………………………….7 Media Budget………………………………………….8 Media Mix and Justification…………………………..9 Traditional Media…………………………………………9 Nontraditional Media…………………………………….11 Non-Utilized Media……………………………………...12

Media Schedule and Justification……………………13 Media Plan…………………………………………...14 Traditional Media Schedule………………………...15 Non-Traditional Media Schedule…………………….16 Appendix……………………………………………..17


Overview: A Date with Iris is a broad-based studio specializing in unique floral arrangements with a concentration on intriguing gifts and trinkets. Owner Kristin Balaban obtained an extensive background in floral design by acquiring an art degree while working different floral jobs. This combination of creative mediums is what has influenced her love for botanicals.

A Date with Iris was established in 2006 with a sole focus on floral arrangements, in 2007, the studio merged the floral aspect with eclectic products when assistant Stephanie Homes joined Balaban. The store also hosts a "Flower Happy Hour" on Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 PM in which they offer special pricing for a specific type of flower.

A Date with Iris is located on 201 N. Western Ave. in Oklahoma City and is open Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Saturdays 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and are closed Sundays.


Target Analysis Primary Target: Relationship Rachel’s: Females, 18-34, most are in a relationship with their significant other, and have close ties to family and friends, with no children, starting in a professional workplace as a full time worker, supplementing their relationship status to go on dates and enjoy time with their partner with a steady income of ($50K and below). With no children these women have time and money to spend on exciting dates with their first priority, which is their partner. These women base their purchases off of what would help their relationship grow and what would influence the romance to continue.

Secondary Target: Relationship Ryan’s: Males, 18- 34, most are in a relationship with no children. They live in lower-scale urban areas with an income of $55K and below. They are likely to rent an apartment or a house and spend extra money on their hobbies or fun activities that they can do with their partner. Most have college education and work in a semi professional workplace. They enjoy spending time with their partner and spending their money on items and activities that will influence the relationship to continue to grow. They are more aware with the amount of money they are spending on an everyday basis and purchase products based off of what will make them or their partner happy.


CURRENT USER PROFILE: PRIMARY TARGET Geographics: Rachel White rents a 2 bed, 2 bath home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Demographics: Rachel is a 24-year-old Caucasian. She is in a 3 year committed relationship to her boyfriend Richard. They met at Oklahoma City University and live just a few blocks away from each other. Rachel received her Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma City University. Rachel works at an art gallery in the plaza district as the Museum Specialist. She has an income of $50K a year.

Psychographics: Rachel’s work schedule allows her to see her boyfriend in the morning before she goes to work and after she gets off of work allowing their relationship to grow every day. Her hobbies include any new adventures with her boyfriend including trying new restaurants, parasailing, and skiing. Rachel loves her Lincoln MKZ for its reliability and its fuel efficiency because she drives back and forth from her house to her boyfriend's house. Rachel loves going to new places and having new experiences with her boyfriend, which means that she needs a reliable source of transportation. Because Rachel loves to try new things she tries to work as much as she can at her art gallery to make the money she needs to have these new experiences and when she goes on her adventurous most of her purchases are based off of planning. With Rachel’s busy life, the only way that she is able to try new experiences is by planning for her excursions.

Media Patterns: Rachel subscribes to several magazines one including the 405 Magazine and reads them in her free time at home and her down time at the gallery. Most of her media is consumed on her iPhone during any down time at the gallery. She has the CNN News app, but tries to diversify her media by also having the Fox News app that she looks at occasionally. She is a huge fan of social media and subscribes to the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram apps for new ideas of experiences she can partake in. She listens to 104.9 and 98.9 while going to and from work and going to visit her boyfriend. Since she is usually in the car alone she is very aware of the road and looks around at the new building, posters, and people on the streets. She enjoys watching shows including Say Yes to the Dress, Scandal, and The Voice. She does most of her shopping online to compare prices but does take the occasional trip to small boutique stores in the surrounding areas.

Buying and Use Patterns: Rachel bases most of her purchases off of planning for her trips and spur of the moment purchases while on those trips. She doesn’t like to purchase anything that she doesn't need on an everyday basis but does like to save up for big experiences in her life. She enjoys splurging on her new experiences and enjoys making sure that every new thing she does is very memorable.


CURRENT USER PROFILE: SECONDARY TARGET Geographics: Ryan Carter rents a small 2 bed, 1 bath house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Demographics: Ryan is a 22-year-old Caucasian. He is in a relatively new relationship with his significant other for the past 6 months. They met at the University of Central Oklahoma and try to spend as much time together as possible. Ryan is working on getting his degree as a Strategic Communications major with a minor in journalism. Ryan currently works as an online advertising manager, which he is able to do when he is not in class. He makes about $45K a year with plenty of room to make more.

Psychographics: Ryan’s work allows him to be very flexible about his hours because he does the work on his own time. This allows him to take his partner on many dates making the relationship grow every time they see each other. His hobbies include exploring new locations and trying different restaurants around the area. He is very in tune with the city that he lives in and wants to help keep shopping local. Ryan drives a Ford Expedition EL 4WD because of its decent gas mileage and because of its 4 wheel drive allowing him to go off road when necessary to explore new areas. Ryan loves to take his partner with him when exploring new locations and they have a lot of dates by doing this. Ryan loves to discover new places in his local area and this makes him conscious of the money that he spends. He wants to buy from local companies but make sure to plan to have money for exciting dates with his partner.

Media Patterns: Ryan subscribes to several magazines in the Oklahoma City area one being Key Magazine and reads them when he is home alone looking for new places to go on dates. Most of his media is consumed on his Android phone in-between his classes at school and when he is home trying to look for more exciting locations to go and check out. He looks mostly at his CNN News app to get his news and avoids looking at Fox as much as he can. He loves social media because it is a way to see what places and locations are getting great reviews and so he can see photos from others who have been to those locations already. He takes part in Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat apps. When Ryan is driving he enjoys listening to 100.5 the KATT while he goes to school and to new adventures. He has a lot of friends that enjoy exploring with him so he usually is not alone in the car making him less likely to pay close attention to billboards. He likes to watch shows on the Discovery channel and likes to watch shows like Bizarre Foods.

Buying and Use Patterns: Ryan buys most of purchases making sure that his money goes to local companies and when he plans his new adventures he ensures that he has the money to make sure he and his partner have a great time on their date. He does not like to spend extra money when he doesn’t have to making him money conscious only because he wants to have money for his dates because he enjoys making others smile.


Target Justification Primary Target Justification: This target was selected because our organization believes that with a younger target the company can build a relationship with that customer and as they get older they will become a loyal customer to A Date with Iris. According to Mintel “Reasons for Purchasing Fresh Flowers for Others” women of younger age and lower income are more likely to buy flowers for others. This does include all holidays and shows when people of the age group 18-35 are most likely to buy flowers. This article indicates that the majority of people who buy flowers for others income is below $50K a year. The 18-35 year olds only make up 29% percent of those tallied but we believe as an organization that if we were to market towards them we would can their loyalty. This would mean that as they get older and want to purchase more flowers they already know A Date with Iris and are more likely to return.

Secondary Target Justification: This target was also selected for the same reasons as target 1. The income of those who buy flowers for other people is below $55K a year. In an article on Mintel titled “Retailers Shopped for Fresh Flowers/Plants” it states that “Men are more likely than women to buy flowers for themselves/their homes at specialty local flower shops. These stores offer a greater selection, more specialized service and assistance compared to larger, national chains.” This being a main reason why we chose to go to a male demographic as our second main target. Men want to feel appreciated in their buying habits according to this quote and when they feel appreciated they become very loyal customers. In another Mintel article titled, “Attitudes Toward Fresh Flowers and Plants” it states that, “Interest and enjoyment of having fresh flowers and plants in the home correlates with household income. As levels of household income rises, so does interest in having fresh floral items in the home.” With this being a fact we as an organization believe it is very important to target to the young adult demographic because people stick with what they know and if the company can reel them in before they find another flower shop they will more than likely become loyal customers.


Media Budget


Media Mix and Justification Traditional Media: ●

Magazine: o


405 Magazine is a great choice for both our primary target and secondary target. It is an affordable price for the client and helps inform the public of their options staying local. We believe that buying a ¼ page spread at 9x is a great option since it will keep A Date with Iris in the reader’s subconscious. Having these placements during 4 months out of the year can help greatly with sales and exposure to the Oklahoma City area. We plan on spending during the months of November and December as well as February and March. We chose this option because the holidays that encourage spending on floral arrangements and gifts are during these months. Key Magazine is another great option for A Date with Iris because it is a magazine that prompts traveling throughout Oklahoma and finding the state's unique attractions. A ½ page spread at 1x for 4 months is ideal for the store to reach a bigger clientele since this magazine reaches those who are already willing to travel to discover what Oklahoma has to offer. The 4 months planned for Key Magazine are May through August, these are the months when travel is favorable. If the readers are checking out the local area, they might plan a trip to A Date with Iris with the exposure Key Magazine supplies.

Radio: o


Wild 104.9 is a mainstream radio station with targets similar to A Date with Iris, this connection will help attract the customers who will be better involved emotionally and financially with the store. Another benefit of choosing this outlet is that Wild reaches a greater OKC metro area, this will help draw new customers in that would not hear about A.D.W.I without the help of social media. Our Agency chose to do 30 seconds spots at 20 runs a month for two separate months. Our agency finds that the months of February and April would increase sales due to the fact that Valentine’s Day is the holiday most celebrated by gifting flowers and April because people would buy for the celebration of Spring arriving. KATT 100.5 was a radio station chose by the agency because of its high appeal to our secondary target, the men. Men are always getting into to trouble with their significant other and tend to listen to rock music to drown out their problems. The KATT is there to help them and can run A Date with Iris’ commercial to remind their listeners where to go to right their wrongs. Since the KATT has a higher price range, we decided to do a 15 second spot in the mornings for 40 runs throughout the year. In the mornings, it’s easy to think “What’d I do wrong?” and “How do I make it right?” This option also gives the listeners time to swing by the store before close, or possibly during their lunch hour. Since there’s not a logical pattern of guys messing up, we believe that February, April, and May are the months to target them. Since Valentine's Day is in February, April beginning of Spring and leading into May which hosts Mother’s Day. Our secondary target can


be unpredictable, however, these months would be an ideal time to make sure they know who we are and what we can do for them. ●

OOH: o


OKC Transit is a great OOH option since it has a high reach across the metro. It’s beneficial for the bus rider and the people commuting behind the bus, if either decide to go to A Date with Iris, it is very possible for both travelers. Our agency chose to do a tail light ad sticker (50”x70”) at $275 per month for 4 months. The months we chose for this media outlet are parallel to our 405 Magazine (November, December, February, and March) for the same reasons of the holidays and uplifting weather. Lamar Advertising offers a wide range of bulletins and posters, we believe the best option for the floral studio is to have junior posters placed on the city streets within miles of A Date with Iris. Locations near the Paseo Arts District and the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, can help influence sales in gifts and floral arrangements. The two locations will host one junior poster each for two months out of the year, The Paseo location will be in February and The OKC memorial will be during April.

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Non-Traditional Media: â—? Facebook and Instagram Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a great option for A Date with Iris, both our primary and secondary targets use them and favor them over other options. These options cost little to nothing to get exposure for the client.

11 | P a g e

Non-Utilized Media Our agency believes that media outlets such as TV and Newspaper would not be as beneficial to the company. We believe that TV is too expensive for what little reach a frequency it offers the client and that Newspaper does not appeal to our primary targets and little to none of our secondary targets. Paid Advertising with Google Ad clicks would not be the best option for the budget since a Google search for A Date with Iris currently pushes their Facebook page above their website. We also believe that the flower studio is very active on Facebook, this helps customers both present and future obtain their persona easier than on the official website. Paid advertising with Facebook, seems like a good idea, although according to Buffer Social, the return on investment wouldn’t be beneficial for A Date with Iris. We believe that the store is doing everything efficiently when it comes to reaching their customers. They post at the ideal times for promotions and stay consistent on all of their social media platforms. Their activity on these platforms convey their business persona and spending money in another area besides this one would be ideal.

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Media Schedule and Justification As a company we decided to use a waving/pulsing approach to advertise for A Date with Iris. We decided to use this type of approach because A Date with Iris is a small business that needs to have constant coverage in our eyes. We will have months such as February, April, and May that have a higher amount of advertisements because of holidays that usually call for flowers. These holidays include Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Even though there are higher amounts of advertisements in circulation in these months advertising will never been gone with the use of social media. Our target focuses on social media and because of that a lot of our posts to gain more followers on Facebook and Instagram is free and keeps the business in the know with our target because they can share what we post and show their friends the beautiful arrangements that A Date with Iris has to offer.

Non-Utilized Schedules: We did not choose to have a flighting media schedule because it is easy to use social media to always have some amount of publicity. We also did not choose to do a blitz media schedule because A Date with Iris is a small business and we believe that advertising in such a short amount of time would make them forgettable later in the year after the holidays that involve flowers are over. Lastly we did not choose to do a continuous media schedule because there is a limited budget and as a company we believe that there is not enough money to go through the whole year at the same spending rate. There would not be enough money for a continuous schedule because it would be such a small amount per month that A Date with Iris wouldn't get enough coverage.

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Media Plan:

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Traditional Media Schedule:

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Non-Traditional Media Schedule:

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A Date with Iris Analysis  

Project by Sara Babb and classmates

A Date with Iris Analysis  

Project by Sara Babb and classmates