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Vol 2. January 2014


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8 THE BOURBON ROOM. If you’re looking to get away from the traditional State Street experience, The Bourbon Room should be your next stop. 20 BACARA WELLNESS CENTER. The resort is home to one of the most sought after “wellness centers” in California. 32 40-LOVE. Training with personal tennis instructor, Simon Thibodeau, you can get you an excellent workout in an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding enviroment. 38 THE SPA AT EL ENCANTO. Escape for a relaxing getaway like no other. 60 DRINK THE POUNDS AWAY. With all the hype around vitamins and the increasingly diverse array of diet fads, many people overlook the importance of water.

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Editor Dear Friends -

Welcome to Volume 2 Issue 1 of Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine, Santa Barbara’s black book on the behind scenes of everything stylish. Throw away your 2013 resolutions and toss your bad habits behind you as the New Year has arrived and prepare others of the new you! We’ve gathered the ‘how-tos’ & ‘where-tos’ in preparation of the new you for 2014. From luxurious spas and the most sought after gym clubs, you’ll be set for a fresh year! For those not familiar with Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine, we are an online company featuring Santa

Barbara’s rich and luxurious lifestyle. Santa Barbara, in and of itself, is a brand synonymous with luxury and fine living. Through the pages of our online magazine, Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine captures the rich lifestyle, influential people, homes & gardens, architecture, fashion, interior design, food & wine, events, and a glimpse behind the panache that is Santa Barbara. January brings colder temperatures to the area. Light the fireplace, sip some local wine and cuddle with a loved one. Happy New Year from all of us here at Santa Barbara Life & Style! Enjoy the issue.

Jeffrey Florentine Founder & Editor Santa Barbara Life & Style

Four Seasons The Biltmore

Santa Barbara

accomodations photos & Videos Services & Amenities dining spa destination offers

Deliciously simple cuisine & craft cocktails



f you’re looking to get away from the traditional State Street experience, The Bourbon Room should be your next stop. Since they opened last January they’ve had no need to hang a sign displaying their cozy cabin watering hole. Word of mouth has been the only advertising needed for this quaint establishment.

Anna Louise says that The Bourbon Room strives to provide a space where people feel welcomed and cozy. “If The Bourbon Room were to have a theme, it would be Comfort,” Anne Louise said. “The desire to create a truly comfortable (and comforting) space was at the heart of The Bourbon Room’s creation, from the menu to the decor.”

The Bourbon Room, located at 4444 Hollister Avenue next to the Creekside Inn, was opened by Alvaro Rojas and Anna Louise. Rojas has already proven to be successful in his business endeavors, owning Milk & Honey and Alcazar, and the pair is also responsible for the popup supper club Spare Parts Bistro.

Anna Louise said she is fortunate to have a staff that believes in quality customer service, something she said she didn’t have to teach them how to provide. “The highest compliment we receive from our customers is ‘this feels like home,’” Anna Louise said. “When I hear that, I know we’re on the right track.”

The customer service isn’t the only impressive thing about The Bourbon Room, and as you might guess, its bourbon is great. If you want to have Bourbon that’ll put hair on your chest, Anna recommends the Jefferson 21 Year Private Reserve. The Bourbon selection was carefully thought out by the staff, as Louise explains, “We have carefully curated our Bourbon selection to be approachable while maintaining a certain level of quality,” Anna Louise said. “Our selection is constantly evolving, and we’ve opted to introduce new bourbons slowly, rather than hitting the ground with a massive selection. We wanted to be sure that our staff could speak knowledgeably and

confidently about the bourbons we feature, and we’ve expanded our selection thoughtfully so that this would continue to be the case.” The Bourbon Room’s signature cocktail is The Kitty Coupe Deville, which is a cherry bourbon mojito featuring their house-made cherry bourbon. The Bourbon Room has become a staple in its neighborhood surroundings. What I recommend for all you Santa Barbarans outside of the neighborhood is to grab a cab and go for a visit. I promise that you won’t regret it because you will be treated with incomparable service and a genuinely unique experience. Not to mention all the delicious libations.

Anna Louise’s favorite

Kitty Coupe Deville and The Mad Hatter A habanero-infused tequila based drink with muddled cilantro, cucumber, lime and St. Germaine created by the beloved barkeep Kelly Jo Fraizer.

The Bourbon Room


Tuesday thru Thursday 5P-10P Friday thru Saturday 5P-11P

Happy Hour

Tue, Thu, & Fri 5P-7P All night Wednesdays! Available for reservations and special events. Like The Bourbon Room’s Facebook page! @BourbonRoom4444 4444 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara

(805) 265-3788

BACARA Wellness Center



very year many of us make New includes a state-of-the-art fitness center Year’s Resolutions that we always that treats every inch of your body. seem to break. The most popular goals Wellness Center Director Victoria are to lose weight or just take care of Boscarino, gave our team an in-depth our bodies more. It seems like a goal tour and we didn’t want to leave. we would always want, but some find The fitness center features Pilates, it harder to keep on track. The team at spin classes, TRX, and rooftop yoga. Santa Barbara Life If you prefer to “We want the experience & Style decided to workout outside, to be more about find a way for us to you can book a longevity than indulgence.” stick to our goals trainer to lead you Victoria Boscarino and be luxurious too. in ‘yoga on the Wellness Center Director It didn’t take long bluffs’ overlooking to find the perfect solution, the Bacara the ocean or go hiking on the resort’s Resort Wellness Center. 78 acres. If you prefer a more private The Bacara Resort is easily one of workout experience, the trainers can the most luxurious places to vacation give you one-on-one training specific in Santa Barbara and if you are a local, to your body type. It is easy to join the you can still (or you may already have) Bacara Resort and with all the perks, we indulge in this hotspot. The resort is think this is the easiest decision you can home to one of the most sought after make for 2014. “wellness centers” in California. It

Mention “Santa Barbara Life & Style� and get an extra enhancement on your next massage!



25% off food and drink 25% off spa treatments 2 spa treatments 2 night stay at the Bacara Resort A massage and dinner on your birthday Plus so much more!




Initiation Fee: $5,000 Monthly: $200

Initiation Fee: $7,500 Monthly: $300

Initiation Fee: $8,000 Monthly: $350

Connect Bacara Wellness Center @BacaraResortSB 8301 Hollister Ave Goleta, CA 93117

40-LOVE Taking tennis from traditional to top-notch with a personal trainer. Written by: Karli Bryant Photography by: Simon Thibodeau


ith the holidays just in our rear view mirror, getting back into bathing suit shape becomes a top priority for many Santa Barbara residents. Winter, if you could even call it a season, will shortly be leaving us, as socialities and locals will soon begin to shop for the latest collections of resort and swimwear. The problem for many of us is the challenge of getting into shape. No one wants to engage in the same old boring gym routine day in and day out. So why not spice things up a bit? A great way to get excited about working out is to

incorporate other methods of physical activity into your daily workouts. To obtain an effective, physically demanding work out, we highly suggest stepping out onto the tennis courts. Tennis can serve as a great alternative form to a traditional gym workout. Through the services and help of personal tennis trainer Simon Thibodeau, you can receive an excellent workout in an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding environment. As Simon has conveyed to Santa Barbara Life and

Style Magazine, tennis is “one of the most beautiful sports in the world”. Tennis is an extremely graceful yet technical sport that demands exceptional physical movement, acute mental concentration, and a high degree of athleticism that relies on tactical skill, endurance, and stamina.” Aside from the killer workout tennis can provide participants, the flexibility that tennis affords makes playing this game very ideal and realistic. Tennis can be played anywhere in the world with a

diverse array of people. Whether it is for competitive, social, or personal purposes, this sport offers great physical and social activity to participants. Jump into January and get that beach body back into shape! It’s time to tone those legs, strengthen your abdomen, and sculpt those arms. Tennis makes working out fun and competive. Through the help of Simon, you can receive a tremendous workout while you simultaneously improve your tennis skills.

Simon Thibodeau Tennis Trainer

With years of personal experience playing and instructing this game, Simon holds extensive knowledge and expertise about tennis. Having completed four different levels of national coaching certifications and equipped with degrees in Kinesiology, Sports, and Exercises Science, Simon’s vast education and knowledge allows him to deliver the best services and experiences to his clientele. In addition to offering personal tennis levels to individuals and groups, he currently holds the position as the tennis coach at the prestigious University of California

at Santa Barbara. With his background and skills in a variety of tennis related arenas, this highly skilled personal tennis instructor possess a true and genuine passion and appreciation for the game. Simon provides tennis lessons all year long to clientele of all ages and skill levels. Pricing for his services varies depending on the client’s needs and skill level, ranging from $50-$100, with Simon gauging the appropriate cost. In addition to personal tennis lessons, he offers group clinics and weekend tennis camps. Simon is also

extremely flexible in regards to location. Lessons may be conducted at private homes, tennis clubs, public parks, the university campus or elsewhere in order to cater to his clients to make them feel most comfortable. ​ Aside from the killer workout tennis can provide participants, the flexibility that tennis affords makes playing this game very ideal and realistic. Whether it is for competitive, social, or personal purposes, this sport offers great physical and social activity to participants.

Schedule Your Private Session: Whether you are a beginner, tennis aficionado, or avid tennis player, we suggest hiring Simon! Highly skilled and extremely personable, this talented instructor can help you achieve a

great workout while also helping you improve your tennis skills. With this new year under way, let’s get things started on with the right foot on the tennis court.

(805) 450 - 6876


El Encanto

Hotel and Spa Release. Relax. Rejuvenate. Photographed by: Meadow Rose Photography Written by: Ottocina Ryan


to The Spa at the El Encanto Hotel for a relaxing getaway like no other. From the extensive and unique treatment menu to the scent of lemon and basil that welcomes you, this tranquil spa is sure to make you relaxed. The spa has

calming blue and earth brown color tones deisgned to make you feel surrounded by natures elements. Each spacious treatment room is named after a different shade of blue that embodies the spa.

Not only is the spa flawless, but they can make you look flawless as well! From their signature massage to the seasonal special, the Refreshing Peppermint Body Treatment, you can’t go wrong! This full body treatment uses peppermint from the chef ’s garden along with apricot, grape seed, and avocado oils. It will leave your skin and hair deeply moisturized and soft. I also highly recommend the

Oxygen Facial—The Spa at the El Encanto is the only place in Santa Barbara that offers this rejuvenating treatment. It is a natural, noninvasive face-lift that lasts a few weeks. The pressurized oxygen delivered to your skin results in a firmer, lifted, and hydrated appearance. You can check that New Years resolution to look younger off your list!

After your treatment

you have access to not only the pool, but also the steam room and relaxation lounge. So put on a bathrobe and sip on citrus, sage, and lavender tea and wind down from all the holiday stress.


(805) 845-5800



the Pounds Away Written by Karli Bryant


Did you know that over 65% of your body is composed of it? With all the hype of vitamin intake and the diverse array of diet fads, many people often overlook the importance of water consumption. Health experts recommend drinking about seven to eight glasses of water each day; more if you very physically active or in a warm climate. Water is so vital to our bodily functions that one can not survive more than three days without it. Thus, meeting this requirement and obtaining enough water in our diet is critical. There are numerous ways to replenish your body with water other than just simply drinking it. For example, making an effort to consume more foods that have high concentrations of water, such as fruits, vegetables, soups, and even certain types of meat, may help you to achieve your necessary amount of daily water intake. Instead of eating crackers

for a snack, it would be wise to replace those crackers with slices of watermelons or apples, which are heavily dense with water. Drinking glasses of plain water is not always desirable or appealing to many people. An additional way to incorporate water in your diet may be through replacing sugary beverages with simple home made flavored beverages. By taking a piece of fruit and squeezing it into a glass of water you can easily create a more healthy, flavored drink. For those who are watching their weight, water offer other benefits as it helps curb your appetite as water can make you feel fuller. By staying hydrated, you may consume less calories, which can help you stay on track with your diet plan. We also advise keeping a bottle of water in close proximity. The mere presence of placing a water bottle on your desk or near you can also serve as a subconscious reminder and mental note to stay hydrated.













Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine - January 2014  
Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine - January 2014  

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