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The best part of putting together this June issue was watching the sunset from a beach house after shooting Suit Up For Summer. After a long day of shooting and a few good hours of clean up, the day ended with perfect timing to enjoy the stunning sunset from the balcony. It left me with time to wind down and look back over the amazing shots from the day, plus think of all the bikinis I suddenly needed to have. Something I love most about the hectic days, is that out of chaos comes order. We start with an idea, or you could even say a vision, then our team creates an entire story piece by piece. All White Everything started with wanting to use giant white paper flowers for an editorial. From there we started shopping for looks, pinning to Pinterest boards, then we were steaming gorgeous white skirts and hanging flowers

half our size to the set, all to end in a topless (semi-topless if you count the flowers we covered ourselves with) team shot. A couple weeks ago I left Santa Barbara for almost a week...something I rarely do. First to attend Colorwyld, a workshop put on by three inspiring, sweet and creative woman entrepreneurs. It was so interesting and fun that everything I talk about shifted from the magazine to what I learned at the workshop. Then we headed up to the Quail Lodge in Carmel for a couple peaceful days. We went to Land Rover Driving school where I got to drive through water and teeter on three wheels in the middle of the woods… it’s even more fun than it sounds! And for everyone suggesting it, I’m sort of in the photo next to my letter this month ;)

Ottocina Ryan Editor in Chief Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine


Santa Barbara Life & Style | June 2015  
Santa Barbara Life & Style | June 2015  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine | Volume 3 Issue 6