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“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” -Coco Chanel

1159 Coast Village Road Montecito, California 93108


est. 1923

Be re-inspired by an all new Ojai. For nearly 100 years, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa has drawn people together for the best of California — world-class valley-to-table cuisine, the spa and wellness lifestyle, active outdoor adventure, and once-in-a-lifetime events. And this season, you will discover an authentic re-imagination of some of the resort’s key amenities. There’s a new ultra-luxury pool with private cabanas and views of the valley, a guest-centered, intimate welcome experience, expanded culinary and cocktail programs, and even a brand new marquee restaurant. What could you do with a moment away? Call 844-252-2733 to reserve your time. © 2015 Ojai Valley Inn & Spa



June 2015 Volume 3 / Issue 6 Editor in Chief Ottocina Ryan Director of Photography Meadow Rose Photographer & Writer Silas Fallstich Art Director Riley Yahr Contributing Writers Rah Riley Kore Busath-Haedt Taylor Toner Tara Toner

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Contributing Photographer Brett Bollier

COVER PHOTOGRAPHED by Meadow Rose MODELS Megan MacKenzie with Next Model Management Brittney Weed with Elite Model Management STYLED by Claire Castro & Kirra Boelsterli MAKEUP by Cynthia Fuentes with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar HAIR by Krysta Withrow with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar LOCATION Padaro Beach House

Stylists Claire Castro Kym Fregoso Tolentino Kirra Boelsterli

On Brittney SWIMSUIT Mikoh SUNGLASSES Miu Miu from Saks Fifth Avenue BRACELETS Stephanie Kantis BANGLES Salty Babe from Bonita EARRINGS Torchlight from Rowan RING Chasen

On Megan BIKINI Stone Fox Swim from The Bikini Factory NECKLACE, BRACELET & RING Stephanie Kantis BANGLES Salty Babe from Bonita

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/CONTENT June 2015

10 / SUIT UP FOR SUMMER Pastels and palm prints meet cutouts and crochet in the swimsuits so exclusive we had to get a private beach. Flip the page for a day in a Padaro beach house and banging gold bracelets.

36 / Q&A WITH MIKOH The masterminds of Mikoh swimwear, California sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller, talk inspiration, wellness, and their SoCal roots in this month’s people section.

38 / NUANCE Take a seat at Santa Barbara’s newest hot spot: a downtown urban bistro with a cheeky cocktail lineup and sculptured menu straight out of the wood fired oven.

54 / WEEKEND ESCAPE A Spanish moss forest, 10-lake golf course, and 180 acre Land Rover trail system are all part of the expedition when we escape for a cozy stay at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley.

66 / ALL WHITE EVERYTHING Lighten up in lacey layers topped with crops! With all white ensembles and the makeup to match, June never felt so flirty and fresh.

80 / BARTEND LIKE A BOSS Local legend Ivo Peshev is shaking up the Santa Barbara bar scene with flavor and flair. The cocktails get fiery as we talk flair bartending, mixology, and the beauty of the bar.

94 / RETREAT YOURSELF Rise and shine for the Sky Ranch Fitness Retreat! It’s camp for adults and that means acai bowl breakfast, hiking the bluffs, and a booty-kicking workout at the Bacara.

102 / DISH IT UP Turn your Taco Tuesday into something special with these slow cooker Korean Short Rib Tacos. This easy and delicious recipe will have you begging for more.

104 / GET THE LOOK Find out how a twisted fishtail and big Dutch braids come together for the perfect summer accessory to sunkissed skin.

8 | JUNE 2015


from the


The best part of putting together this June issue was watching the sunset from a beach house after shooting Suit Up For Summer. After a long day of shooting and a few good hours of clean up, the day ended with perfect timing to enjoy the stunning sunset from the balcony. It left me with time to wind down and look back over the amazing shots from the day, plus think of all the bikinis I suddenly needed to have. Something I love most about the hectic days, is that out of chaos comes order. We start with an idea, or you could even say a vision, then our team creates an entire story piece by piece. All White Everything started with wanting to use giant white paper flowers for an editorial. From there we started shopping for looks, pinning to Pinterest boards, then we were steaming gorgeous white skirts and hanging flowers

half our size to the set, all to end in a topless (semi-topless if you count the flowers we covered ourselves with) team shot. A couple weeks ago I left Santa Barbara for almost a week...something I rarely do. First to attend Colorwyld, a workshop put on by three inspiring, sweet and creative woman entrepreneurs. It was so interesting and fun that everything I talk about shifted from the magazine to what I learned at the workshop. Then we headed up to the Quail Lodge in Carmel for a couple peaceful days. We went to Land Rover Driving school where I got to drive through water and teeter on three wheels in the middle of the woods… it’s even more fun than it sounds! And for everyone suggesting it, I’m sort of in the photo next to my letter this month ;)

Ottocina Ryan Editor in Chief Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine



Acacia Bikini Stephanie Kantis Jewelry Gucci Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue 10 | JUNE 2015


SUMMER Photographed by Meadow Rose Written by Taylor & Tara Toner Models Megan MacKenzie with Next Model Management Brittney Weed with Elite Model Management Styled by Claire Castro & Kirra Boelsterli Makeup by Cynthia Fuentes with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair By Krysta Withrow with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar


Acacia Bikini Stephanie Kantis Jewelry Gucci Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue

12 | JUNE 2015


Acacia Bikini Top PilyQ Pants, Butterflies & Bikinis Stephanie Kantis Jewelry

14 | JUNE 2015

Stone Fox Swim Bikini, The Bikini Factory Stephanie Kantis Bracelet, Ring & Necklace Salty Babe Bangles, Bonita Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 15

Stone Fox Swim Bikini, The Bikini Factory Stephanie Kantis Bracelet, Ring & Necklace Salty Babe Bangles, Bonita

16 | JUNE 2015

Mikoh Swimsuit Stephanie Kantis Cuff & Bracelets Salty Babe Bangles, Bonita Chasen Ring Torchlight Earrings, Rowan


Mikoh Swimsuit Stephanie Kantis Bracelets Salty Babe Bangles, Bonita Torchlight Earrings, Rowan Chasen Pearl Ring Miu Miu Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue

18 | JUNE 2015

L*Space Cover Up Mikoh Bikini Stephanie Kantis Necklace & Bracelet Salty Babe Bangles, Bonita


20 | JUNE 2015

Mikoh Bikini Stephanie Kantis Bracelets Free Lance Sandals, Allora By Laura Oliver Peoples Sunglasses


22 | JUNE 2015

Bettinis Bikini, Butterflies & Bikinis Stephanie Kantis Square Ring, Cuff & Bracelet A. Marie Jewelry Pearl Bracelet Chasen Pearl Ring


Vitamin A Bikini, Butterflies & Bikinis Stephanie Kantis Bracelets & Ring Verve Necklace, Rowan

24 | JUNE 2015


On Megan Seafolly Bikini, The Bikini Factory Stephanie Kantis Jewelry Celine Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue On Brittney Lisa Lozano Bikini, The Bikini Factory Stephanie Kantis Jewelry Miu Miu Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue 26 | JUNE 2015


Luli Fama Bikini, Butterflies & Bikinis Stephanie Kantis Bracelets & Triangle Ring Tiffany & Co. T Bracelet Salty Babe Bangle, Bonita Torchlight Ring, Rowan

28 | JUNE 2015


30 | JUNE 2015

Frankie’s Bikinis Swimsuit, The Bikini Factory Woo Towel, Rowan Stephanie Kantis Bracelets & Necklace Salty Babe Bangles, Bonita Torchlight Rings, Rowan


32 | JUNE 2015

Made by Dawn Bikini Top, Rowan Stephanie Kantis Necklace & Cuff A. Marie Jewelry Pearl Bracelet C.L.P Mermaid Bangle, Bonita Salty Babe Bangles, Bonita Tiffany & Co. T Bracelet


Made By Dawn Bikini, Rowan Nightcap Cover Up, Rowan Verve Necklace, Rowan Stephanie Kantis Earrings

34 | JUNE 2015

Summer, although it feels quite like summer year-round in Santa Barbara, is our favorite season, and the beach is what we like to call our second home. Sitting directly above the sand, and looking out over the Pacific Ocean, this bright, beautiful beach home located along Santa Barbara’s exclusive Padaro Lane gives you the feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Padaro Beach is a private beach, accessible to Padaro Lane home owners, therefore providing this property with an extra sense of peacefulness. Being perched on the southern cusp of Padaro allows residents to step from their home onto the sand of the adjacent Santa Claus Lane beach as well. With 0.7 acres, this property includes a spacious deck for sun bathing, barbecuing, entertaining guests, and enjoying the sunset in the beachfront jacuzzi. With high ceilings, and a surplus of French windows and doors that open to the deck, the ocean, mountains, and islands are never out of sight. In the family room, you have the luxury of lounging by the beautiful stone fireplace, to keep warm as the night cools with the ocean breeze. The living quarters in this lovely listing include two bedrooms and two bathrooms with endless opportunity for entertaining, and beachy fun. This house is within walking distance to Santa Claus Lane’s wonderful local eateries and boutiques, including one of our favorite lunch spots, The Garden Market. On the Fourth of July, you, your family, and guests, can simply watch from your deck while the fireworks burst and beam across the glistening ocean. Nothing sings Santa Barbara quite like living in a home on Padaro Beach! * For questions concerning this home contact: Taylor and Tara Toner of Team Toner. 805-451-4801 805-451-4999


Q & A people

36 | JUNE 2015

MIKOH BY OLEEMA AND KALANI MILLER Written by Kore Busath-Haedt Creativity, femininity, strength, and adventure radiate not only from the Mikoh swimwear look, but also from its co-founders.The two sisters behind Mikoh, Oleema and Kalani, call Santa Barbara their home away from home as they have spent many of their days surfing the waves of Little Drake’s and sweeping their barefeet through the sand of Butterfly Beach.The two SoCal beauties were raised on the beaches of San Clemente, CA and with surfer and designer parents, all that makes up Mikoh runs in their blood. We chatted with Oleema and Kalani about their inspirations, aesthetics, and the story behind the conception of Mikoh.

What inspires you? Oleema: “What inspires me most are people and places, and for me, I never know when something will spark a creative thought. Meeting a new person, an interesting conversation, or visiting somewhere new all leave me feeling inspired!” Kalani: “I am most inspired by travel and experiencing new cultures, and constantly learning. I always say that learning new things every day keeps you young.” What inspired you to start Mikoh? Oleema: “Having grown up in an extremely creative household, it was instilled in us from day one to take the path less traveled. Our parents raised us to be free thinkers, and I’ve known since a very young age that I wanted to create something that was my own and served as a creative outlet.” Kalani: “We noticed a hole in the marketplace (which was suits that had a skimpier cut, which are super flattering) and Oleema and I were lucky enough to be motivated and to fill that niche. Working with Oleema, who is my sister and best friend, is my drive to work and inspires me to do this every day.” What is your favorite part of your job? Oleema: “My favorite part of the job is definitely the people that I get to work with, as we’re a very family run company and the people that start out as friends that we work with quickly become family. Being able to design something that makes women feel confident and sexy is very rewarding.” Kalani: “Every single day is different, and I’m always learning something new or a having a new experience. Also, being able to travel while working a keeps it exciting.” As sisters, how do you run Mikoh as a business? Oleema: “Kalani and I have the perfect partnership. I work on the creative side, and handle all of the design — whether that means creating the line, to the photo shoots, and everything in between while Kalani handles the business end.” Kalani: “I handle the business side, while Oleema handles the design and creative. It really is a mesh of both of our sides, and this is why it works so well. We work as a team and we enhance each others strengths and balance each other out.” How did growing up on the beach in Southern California influence what you are doing now? Oleema: “We grew up living the quintessential Southern California lifestyle, and spent almost every day at the beach, in the ocean, surfing — and obviously in bikinis. Our SoCal roots run deep, and the laid back lifestyle that we grew up with definitely translates into the look and feel of the brand.” Kalani: “This influences every part of Mikoh. We never forget where we came from, and all the time we spent at the beach and surfing really created the DNA of Mikoh. We love that we can always call California home.” How have your travels influenced your line? Oleema: “Having traveled since the young age of 13, each

destination that I’ve visited has inspired the line in a different way. Luckily, the majority of my travels have involved tropical destinations, and the colors, textures, and feelings of these places have influenced the prints, patterns and shapes of each piece in the collection.” What are your favorite surf spots in Santa Barbara? Oleema: “We’re lucky enough to have grown up going to Hollister Ranch as our dad has been a property owner since the 1970’s, and some of my fondest childhood memories are from surfing Little Drake’s and Ranch House.” Kalani: “We spent a lot of time in Santa Barbara since a young age, and I still call SB home part-time. I love taking my dogs down through Hammonds and Butterfly and spending days at the beach.” What would your ideal early summer day in Santa Barbara be comprised of ? Oleema: “My ideal early summer day would start off with a green juice from Juice Ranch, a hike in the hills of Montecito, followed by a breakfast with girlfriends at Jeannine’s. From there, I’d love a drive up the coast to the ranch and a day spent on the sand in the sun.” Kalani: “Summer days in SB make me want to move there full time. There’s nothing better than waking up early and walking to Jeannine’s. I love the scrambles there, and a dirty chai latte with almond milk. I like to top it off with a trip to the beach all day and a stroll around Coast Village Road.” How do you stay bikini ready year round? Oleema: “It doesn’t matter where I am — whether in city, snow or sun - I am constantly outdoors, going for a walk or doing something active. I think it’s always important to keep moving - no excuses!” Kalani: “Nutrition and health are really important to me. I do Pilates on a Reformer as often as I can, and think that walking is an easy way to stay fit and also gives you a chance see your surroundings when traveling internationally. I also take vitamins every day, and feel that the most important facet of living a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy.” If you weren’t a swimwear designer what would you be doing? Oleema: “If I wasn’t designing swimwear, I would still be doing something creative. If I ever did try to enter a different field, I think my surfing and Southern California roots would always bring me back to doing something ocean and beach related.” Kalani: “I would love to be a children’s book writer.” What role does social media play in your business? How important is it? Oleema: “Modern day social media is extremely important, as it never ceases to surprise us how influential Instagram has become. It is such a powerful tool for us to be able to reach a vast audience in so many different ways.” Kalani: “Social media is very current, very now, and very important to us. It’s fun being able to interact so closely through social media. It’s so useful to be able to shape your brand’s image via a curated selection of imagery and messaging.”




N U ANCE Written and Photographed by Silas Fallstich

38 | JUNE 2015



hump! Thump! Thump! Echoes from behind the bar. The bartender is pummeling a burlap sack with a large mallet, he has everyone’s attention. Before long he moves on to frozen nitrogen that’s performing steaming acrobatics behind the bar. My date and I have been sitting at the newly opened Nuance, which has been coined an urban bistro, for around 15 seconds and our senses have already come to life. The sights and sounds of the environment have me intrigued, my eyes wander over each space. Before long my gaze settles just to the right of the bar, where sits a glowing wood fired oven. Of all the elements of any kitchen this is by far my favorite. My eyes find Focaccia (wood oven fired) and a cocktail to match on the menu, by the time the server finishes his introduction I’m throwing orders at him in rapid succession. I can’t wait to get my hungry hands on wood fired bread and nitrogen enriched cocktails. There are times when I eat food, whether it be at my home or out at a restaurant, that I seem to be exploring the entire experience of dining. With two hands and full attention I embark on a journey through flavors, textures, aromas, and of course as a photographer, each component’s aesthetic quality.

40 | JUNE 2015

The space is reminiscent of an art gallery that collided head-on with a bar and restaurant. The outcome is a cleverly designed urban space that is open and clean. Chef Courtney Ladin and local Santa Barbara artist Sean Anderson collaborated on the design. The layout is simple and straightforward, a semiexposed kitchen yields to a dining room that’s lined in large and small pieces of eye candy. My head is on a swivel and I don’t have enough time with each element to fully appreciate the space. I’ve already decided I’ll be back for more and I haven’t had a single bite of food. The first things to reach our table are cocktails, Heirloom Tomatoes and wood fired bread. The Focaccia is seasoned with dried Calabrian chili and fennel seed, which leaves sudden hits of spice that are balanced by salt. The salad is light and fresh. I love the combination of tomato, strawberry and goat cheese. Not to mention the wide assortment of heirlooms in the dish. My drink, The Cunning Stunt, is sweet and spicy, that’s both surprising and refreshing. The presentation is nothing to snare at, each cocktail is a piece of art in itself. Mine arrived with nearly a full bouquet of mint. I can’t resist snapping off a few pieces and eating them whole.


Heirloom Tomatoes


Painkiller, Harry’s Ramos Fizz, Chamomillionaire (Crusta), Blackbird Julep 42 | JUNE 2015

Harry’s Ramos Fizz


As the Hamachi arrives I’m beginning to discover subtle yet obvious small details in Chef Ladin’s plating. Little faux fruit, miniature mushrooms, I almost have to ask if this is a microscopic experiment? The shapes of the dishes I eat on rarely garner my attention. But here I feel as if each component of the meal has been carefully chosen, I’m becoming an art critic who gets to savor the flavors of each piece. The small details bring the food to life and draw your attention throughout each element of the dish, this is beginning to be reminiscent of my undergraduate art appreciation classes. No ingredient overpowers any other, they are a cacophony of components working together to please the mouth. So far we’ve had no problem finishing each bite. Come hungry leave happy seems to be a strong theme. As day shifts into night a subtle change in the atmosphere overcomes the space. When we arrived natural light streaming in the entire eastern wall of the building left the place with a light and fresh feeling. As night settles in the vibe is more urban and dramatic. I find solace in each. My only resignation is that the weather didn’t allow for

44 | JUNE 2015

outdoor dining, which I feel I will have to return for as well. We take our time in finding a main dish to share. Any anxiety about staying too late is quickly put at bay as the server aptly informs us that the restaurant is open until 11. Is this place a Santa Barbara anomaly? My date drinks her weight in water and the staff is neither annoyed or reluctant to refill her glass on each pass. The busser begins to joke with her about this and his friendliness and humor ends up being one of the highlights of the meal. Service staff wipe the table after each clearing, and are attentive to empty plates. Nothing lingers on the table longer than it needs to. They’ve been open only a few weeks but the staff is doing so many things right. Before the main course two more cocktails arrive. I dive right into the Painkiller which is a summery hint of the tropics with coconut, mint and an umbrella to boot. My dinner date has the Blackbird Julep which makes my mouth go wooooooo as the combination of mint and chocolate takes flight on my palate. The shaker tin display and bouquet of mint can’t be ignored.

Grilled Salmon Creek Farms Pork Chop, Beef Tartare, Focaccia, Mary’s Organic Roasted Chicken, Hamachi, Heirloom Tomatoes


46 | JUNE 2015

Mary’s Organic Roasted Chicken


Beef Tartare

48 | JUNE 2015


50 | JUNE 2015

I feel as if each component of the meal has been carefully chosen, I’m becoming an art critic who gets to savor the flavors of each piece.

Grilled Salmon Creek Farms Pork Chop SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 51

For dinner we share the Loup de Mer. I really enjoy the plating with one little fish tail popping off the plate. The fish is prepared with attention. The moist and delicious white fish slides right off the skin. Chef Ladin’s strong theme of light and subtle flavors is on display once more. Each bite is taken with more and more enthusiasm. My date and I cross silverware over who gets the final piece of artichoke. As dinner winds to a close Valrhona Coeur de Guanaja Chocolate Ice Cream and Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta arrive. I’ve been transplanted to my own chocolate factory with cocoa nibs in one hand and crushed sea salt in the other and it’s a foray. My date is trying to remain more composed with her Panna Cotta. I reach over and discover a citrus explosion on the front of my palate which is balanced nicely with a smooth creme finish. By the end of the night I realize my senses have been put through an acrobatics workout. At no point was there a lull. From the subtle and upbeat music to the rustlings behind the bar. Each sound, sight and smell was welcome and seemed to be put in place just for me. Not to mention the flavors and textures of Chef Ladin’s food. Each morsel was consumed, we didn’t leave a bite on the table. We came with an appetite and left happy. *


119 State Street, Santa Barbara CA 805-845-0989

52 | JUNE 2015

Strawberry Shortcake & Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta





’m heading up Highway 1, passing familiar stops while on the lookout for new ones. My anticipation for visiting Carmel Valley builds. I’m going to be staying at the Quail Lodge, I know little to nothing about the lodge or any of the surrounding area. For me this experience will be completely authentic to what exists within each moment and nothing less. As I turn down Carmel Valley Road I’m nearing my destination and feelings of the area begin to emerge. There are sparse areas of development; wine tasting rooms and vineyards appear here and there along the road; there is also an agricultural presence. The area isn’t exposed and open as I expected, subtle yet prominent mountains rise on either side of the valley floor. Before long I’ve arrived at my destination. Check-in at the lodge is painless and quick—a punch of a few keys and a quick walk and I find myself to my room.

54 | JUNE 2015

ESCAPE Written and Phot0graphed by Silas Fallstich


My room is simple and cozy. There’s a big fire place, several sofas and a king size bed I can’t wait to get lost in. One flick from a light switch and the aesthetic comes to life as the fire begins to burn. The blended feeling of golf course and cabin really exudes itself here; I half expect to look out the window to snow. Traditionally when I travel I’m charging through activities, hikes, meals, and hot spots. Here I embrace these moments to relax and enjoy the comforts of the room. The character and general feeling on the property is indicative of home. With large family style sofas and individual decks with lounge chairs, this reminds me of everything but a hotel room.

56 | JUNE 2015

Before long it’s dark and I’m becoming too accustomed to the comforts of the room. I ready myself for the cool temperatures and begin an outdoor exploration of the property. The entire grounds are canvased in plant life. Various flowers are blooming, trees umbrella over almost all the walkways. I cross a wooden bridge and get my first view of the golf course, a wide fairway and several bunkers spread out into the dark abyss. In the morning I awake refreshed and rejuvenated. I explore more of the golf course by car. I’m by no means a golfer but I take strong favor to aesthetically pleasing places. This golf course is beautiful. I know little of bunkers, water features or other golf course elements but the rise and fall and general design of the course seems well thought out. In the lobby I’m informed that the course was designed by Robert Muir Graves and is a par-71 walkable course with 10 lakes and the Carmel Valley River as water obstacles.


58 | JUNE 2015

Beyond the golf course and Quail Lodge property I’m led into Carmel Valley. I journey this way and that so I can find myself higher in the mountains. From the grounds of the valley I want nothing more than to find myself up in the mountains looking down. I weave my way into neighborhoods and over bridges. My exploration quickly garners a positive result and in no time I’m on foot traveling upward. My search for elevation is brought to a close when I stumble into a thickly wooded forest that’s covered in Spanish moss. Instantly my attention is transferred to this deeply wooded area, walking through it is slow and methodical. The mystical and somewhat eerie strings of moss hang everywhere from various species of trees. My brief but somewhat magical forest experience is jolted to a stop when several joggers pass and a couple hikers wave hello. I feel like finding more information on this moss. I search for answers at the nearby Garland Ranch Regional Park. A park ranger informs me that the Spanish moss is actually an air plant that gathers nutrients from air and rainfall. It rarely causes harm to the host tree that it hangs from. Further information at the park reveals that there are 10 such parks within a 20 mile radius of the Quail Lodge. From frog sanctuaries to coastal tree groves, these parks vary greatly. I maneuver down the road to explore Point Lobos State Reserve. The reserve is host to a handful of land and aquatic wildlife, groves of unique forests and a jagged coastline. This spot, only three miles south of Carmel, offers hiking, birding, whale watching and various other activities. My quick visit here has become one of the best stops of the trip.


60 | JUNE 2015


62 | JUNE 2015

After the morning outdoor adventures I return to the lodge for some more domesticated fun. The lodge is home to one of four Land Rover driving schools in all of North America. My four-wheel drive Range Rover exploration leads me into a 180-acre on-property trail system. Heavily wooded California Oak forests yield to open meadows and groves of other plants and shrubs. The $100,000 2015 Range Rover I drive in is more like a spaceship than automobile. Justin, the guide, informs me of every Land Rover detail known to man. He’s friendly, knowledgeable and quick to offer verbal assistance. It’s needed as we maneuver through water features, over boulder fields and through dense forests with hairpin turns. We move along expedition driving style for nearly two hours and never in my life has such a pace been more welcome. I’m confounded with the ease at which this automobile maneuvers. It feels as if it’s never struggling. The vehicle is utilized as a tool to explore and for me this vehicle is the Swiss Army knife of automobiles. I’m really compelled by the electronic information and screens that give live feedback of what the vehicle is doing. The highlight of this adventure was being able to experience the diverse landscape that exists in this area in such a confined amount of space. Not to mention the most graceful four-wheeling of my life.


My time at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley was brief but it was just what I needed. I arrived exhausted and requiring rest and that’s exactly what I got. By the time my visit was complete I felt rejuvenated and motivated for an adventure. Whether you’re visiting for the diverse opportunities throughout the Carmel Valley or want to play a few rounds of golf, the relaxing and comfortable spaces at the Quail Lodge will leave you revitalized and if that doesn’t work try a four-wheel drive excursion into the diverse landscape. *

QUAIL LODGE & GOLF CLUB 8205 Valley Greens Drive, Carmel CA 831-624-2888

64 | JUNE 2015


B F aile To anta y 4 bi sy 4 D e Bl an res oo d s, m Je S Ri we aks ng ls , A Ea Fift llo rrin h A ra g ve by s, nu La Allo e ur ra a by La ur a


66 | JUNE 2015




M P ak Sty o h e l H up ed P del ot0 air b b ap E g by y R y C er liza rap Ta oc lai Flo be he yle io re w th d b r R Val Ca ers Tur y M ad enz stro by ne ea fo ue a Fa r w do rd la nd n it w wi wi K cif h L R th th ym ul A os Ca Ca F De M e rly rly reg sig od le le os ns els Sa Sa o T lo lo ol n n en & & ti St St no yle yl Ba e Ba r r








Bailey 44 Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue Fantasy and Jewels Earrings, Allora by Laura Tobie Bloom Ring, Allora by Laura Amedeo Canfora Sandals, Allora by Laura 68 | JUNE 2015

Joie Skirt, Saks Fifth Avenue


BCBGMAXAZRIA Top, Saks Fifth Avenue Fantasy and Jewels Earrings, Allora by Laura

70 | JUNE 2015

BCBGMAXAZRIA Romper, Saks Fifth Avenue Allora Stingray Cuff, Allora by Laura Torchlight Earrings, Rowan Attilio Giusti Leombruni Shoes, Allora by Laura SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 71

Rebecca Taylor Skirt & Top, Saks Fifth Avenue Alexis Bittar Necklace & Earrings, Saks Fifth Avenue Tobie Bloom Ring, Allora by Laura

72 | JUNE 2015


Sally Lapointe Skirt & Top, Allora by Laura Ippolita Bracelet & Earrings, Saks Fifth Avenue

74 | JUNE 2015


76 | JUNE 2015

Twilley Atelier Dress, Allora by Laura Fantasy and Jewels Bracelet & Earrings, Allora by Laura Amedeo Canfora Sandals, Allora by Laura


78 | JUNE 2015

Nightcap Dress, Rowan Sara Dickenson Necklace, Rowan Tobie Bloom Ring, Allora by Laura



BARTEND LIKE A BOSS Blazing a Path for Flair in Santa Barbara Written by Rah Riley Photographed by Silas Fallstich


ire in his eyes, an exhale over two lit bottles sends a rush of flames into the room. Bottles of Grey Goose bounce from elbow to forearm and back again faster than a vodka-loving heart can handle, scooped up into the shining blur of a tin completing its behind-the-back orbit. Seven shakers, stacked in seconds, tilt over thirsty martini glasses as three colors of liqueur pool from seven plummeting falls. This is exhibition flair. Acrobatic and breathtaking, this high-risk, extravagant style of bartending takes the stage in regional, national, and world bartending competitions spotlighting flips, bumps, stalls, rolls, midair captures, and more. Working flair is a more subtle brand of pageantry. Balancing visual entertainment and well-timed wow moments with speed, cocktail quality, and excellent customer service, the revival of working flair is shaking things up and breathing morale, charm, and energy back into the bar scene. Â Raise a glass to bartending with style.

80 | JUNE 2015


82 | JUNE 2015


84 | JUNE 2015

For me, it’s another way to break the ice, be entertaining, and truly make someone‘s time at the bar enjoyable.

Stepping off State Street on Victoria, authentic Italian cuisine and signature cocktails call out from Trattoria Vittoria and draw us inside. Passing a couple Vespas and ducking under the stone archways, we take a seat on the nearest bar stools. Wednesday is Girls’ Night in my world (Obama is still getting back to me on making it a national weekly holiday), so my best friend has just snatched up the cocktail menu as the bartender glides to our sunny end of the restaurant. An easy, playful grin and eyes that are as genuine and inquisitive as they are fiery top off a warm welcome, complete with first name introductions and handshakes all around. Ivo Peshev is the reason we are tipping back glasses here tonight, and we are certainly not the only ones. Recognized as one of the best bartenders in the western United States, Ivo Peshev has competed in over 100 bartending competitions locally and internationally, taking plenty of top spots, and was recently featured in Nickelback’s “She Keeps Me Up” music video. Born in Bulgaria, he is now a Santa Barbara resident, bartending happy hours at the Trattoria, training fresh faces at the Flair Project Bar Academy, and expanding private event flairtending services that are about to take the central coast by storm. Not to

mention, the man’s beard game is on-point, and his endearing accented charm is just a mighty fine cherry garnish on top for everyone who takes a seat at the Tratt. Working flair is about energy, style, and engagement. Tell us more about what that means as a flair bartender. Working flair is all about getting the customer engaged and amused. It’s a misconception that flair is just juggling — it could be anything from flipping three bottles and making pours more fun to watch to a joke that can get everyone laughing. For me, it’s another way to break the ice, be entertaining, and truly make someone‘s time at the bar enjoyable. Among your other ambitions, why are you a bartender? Where to start? I love the intensity and dynamics of what I do — every day is different and I can never know what to expect. I have had the pleasure of serving and getting to know so many interesting people, including a Nobel Prize winner — being a people person who loves entertaining, that’s a really neat side of my work. And competitive bartending has given me the opportunity to travel, explore, and learn. I’m not gonna lie, it feels good to be complimented on the things you do.


What are some of the things you’re most proud of accomplishing thus far in your career? People asking for me by name is something I take a great pride in. Coming from a foreign country and working myself up in the ranks, I am very proud to have built my reputation as a great bartender. You’ve got a résumé that could let you work anywhere on the globe — why Santa Barbara’s Trattoria Vittoria? My bosses — the family who owns Trattoria Vittoria — are like family to me. I don’t think I could ever be treated as well as I have at the Trattoria. And I love the customers that a place like Trattoria attracts — well-mannered, pleasant, and altogether happy. It’s a casual yet elegant restaurant with great food and a pulsing vibe — a perfect place for me to work. While I have had plenty of offers from other places, money isn’t everything when it comes down to a career. You have to be happy with what you do. Ivo undeniably loves what he does. We’re casually, not so discreetly, watching him work as the light outside is fading, a Marilyn Monroe film playing silently above us as the liquor begins to glow with the back bar lights. Ivo knows everyone. Or at least it looks like he does. Shaking hands, gesture-filled conversations…did he just catch that shaker behind his back? He’s morphing again into

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The Thinker silhouette as a newly seated patron parleys. Another pour of spiced rum stretches his full wingspan; laughter erupts a few tumblers down the bar; and another cocktail is topped with fresh mint. My girl is sipping down a Pieno de Vita: Absolut Pear Vodka, St. Germain, and coconut rum, with lychee juice and mint. “I’m drinking a garden.” It’s one of Trattoria’s specialties and I swear I’ve never tasted a cocktail so cool. Ivo has also just produced the classiest little rum drink I ever did see and is spritzing an aroma of aperol and countreau mist to add dimension to the sipping experience without muddling the mix. It’s 10 cane rum fused with the unexpected and delectable combination of egg whites, elderflower, and agave, splashed with orange bitters and fresh lemon juice. Watch these ones for that sip-stealing second straw that seems to always sneak its way into the best of them. Despite the complexity of these cocktails, I’m not feeling like a fraud for being quite a far cry from a connoisseur. Instead, we feel pampered. Interested and a bit captivated to be a part of something so close to perfection. “Mixologist” comes to mind, but the trendy term falls short of this kind of bar experience. Ivo has talked about being less than a fan of the recently invented term “mixologist” and simply prefers “excellent bartender.”


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What does a mixology mindset contribute or take away from the bar experience that makes it the wrong direction for the bar scene? For me, bartending is more than just drink knowledge and technical skills — it’s about the art of social conduct. I wouldn’t say that the mindset of being a mixologist is a wrong direction, as long as crafting cocktails doesn’t come at the expense of speed or excellent customer service. I believe a bar should be both the least intimidating and most fun place to relax and blow off steam. When people label themselves as mixologists, to me it feels like they limit themselves and lower their own drive to better themselves. And the customers are the ones who suffer. A good bartender should be well-rounded; he or she should be a mixologist and so much more! Beyond the ability to craft cocktails, they should have plenty of knowledge of the product they work with, they should have the speed, basic bartending skills, and last, but certainly not least, they should have the ability to communicate. Mixologist should be just one attribute of an excellent bartender. His drinks (can confirm: crafted to perfection) speak for themselves. And yet creating cocktail art is not where Ivo Peshev is completely absorbed; it’s in creating connections. With one hand a resting spot for a thoughtful mind and the other twirling about with storytelling powers, the conversation easily becomes a bit riveting. He believes bars and the people who commune within them are fulfilling emotional needs “here or here,” he says, pointing to his head and his heart. “When you’re heartbroken or down, you go to the bar. When you’re celebrating or feeling good, you go to a bar.” Whether with friends or alone with strangers, there’s a comforting embrace that greets patrons walking through bar doors — a bartender there filling up a glass with whatever you need most.

What’s something you wish every one of your patrons knew before they walked through the doors of a bar? I want them to know I don’t just show up to work in order to make some money. Making cocktails and entertaining and pleasing people are all very much passions of mine. I am just one of the lucky ones whose passion happens to be his profession. You talk about bars as outlets for fulfilling emotional needs. What are some things you need in your life to feel balanced and fulfilled? Life couldn’t get more balanced than professional success with my business, Flair Project, combined with a healthy and happy family and being surrounded by friends. Personal fulfillment would be to really expand my business and open a second location of my school. Tell me about your company, Flair Project and the Flair Project Bar Academy. Flair Project is a bartending agency specializing in bringing energizing full bar service to private events, from weddings and corporate banquets to birthday parties and small gatherings with friends and everything in between. Fun people with good taste will enjoy our craft. We offer the most exquisite, lively, and captivating service and entertainment creating great drinks and unforgettable memories for our hosts and their guests. We don’t just want to bring the bar, we want to bring your bar to life! With the same mission in mind, we also offer training at our Santa Barbara bartending school and consulting services for bar owners and managers who want to develop, improve, or restore the reputation of their bar as a place with great customer service. All of our rich experience in the field combined with our flair skills also gives us the ability to represent brands with our artistry in print and video product promotions.


We order a couple appetizers off the happy hour menu: Bruschetta ai Funghi e Prosciutto, flaunting melted gorgonzola and sautéed mushrooms, and the deep-fried fresh mozzarella of Mozzarella in Carrozza (you can’t take the Wisconsin out of this new California girl). Our second round gets fiery with a tiny torch caramelizing snappy ginger cocktails. Hendrix gin, homemade rose water, fresh basil, and lemon juice are donned with caramelized ginger crystals. We like crystals. You’ve been behind bars all over the world. Do you notice differences, similarities, or trends in drinks or drinking across regions? Drinking is definitely a social act everywhere (or at least it’s supposed to be!). In the US, where the market for exceptional brands of liqueurs and alcohol is much richer, the craft cocktail movement is a whole new area of bartending that’s currently in its peak. Bartenders are taking the knowledge of inventing cocktails to a whole new level with really crafty and unique cocktails. In Europe, meanwhile, cocktails are simpler and more straight forward. When you’re not serving drinks in style, where would we find you? Well the one place that you will never find me is the beach! But I play in a local soccer league every Sunday, and I would never say no to a good sushi with my wife or a midnight single malt scotch and a cigar with friends. You were born in Bulgaria and now live in California. What do you miss now and what would you miss if you moved back? I definitely miss all my Bulgarian friends and the food, which is

so different than here. I’m also a bit of a soccer fanatic, so I’m missing being able to watch live soccer games. If I ever leave, I’ll of course miss the weather and all the good friends I have made here. What’s the best thing you’ve done in the last year? Getting people to enjoy bartending the way I do through teaching at Flair Project’s bartending school. I am always looking for talents who can work with us. Do you have any signature moves? I do have a few signature moves that I try to mix up; they all involve either a little magic trick at the end or a funny sketch that can get everyone at the bar laughing. You have to see it live! And I am always working on something novel, but you won’t see it behind the bar until I perfect it in the practice room. What’s the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to taking on this year? I’m excited about shedding light on and expanding the popularity of a different style of bartending in Santa Barbara. I love flair, both as a service and a competitive sport, and I want to spread the word on its greatness. We’re excited too. More than just jaw-dropping feats with bar basics, bartending flair is an extra shot of expertise, passion, and service to the classic cocktail. Happy hour just keeps getting happier.

FLAIR PROJECT 805-280-8507

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retreat yourself Written by Alexandra Sharova Photographed by Brett Bollier

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t’s far too early on Saturday morning—the sun is barely peeking out from its kaleidoscopic reflection, allowing a ray of sunlight to sneak into my room. I force myself to leave the comfort of my cloudlike bed at the Bacara Resort & Spa, to get a glimpse into Bacara’s Sky Ranch Fitness Retreat program. The resort is the epitome of luxury. Positioned on the shores of Haskell’s Beach with majestic mountains keeping it protected from the madness of the day-today life, it’s the ideal hideaway for turning a new healthy leaf. Daily schedules include an array of classes and activities keeping visitors on their toes, leading co-founder Stuart Gildred to dub the program “camp for adults,” a slogan guests approve of. The diverse program includes daily hikes through the surrounding natural beauty of Santa Ynez, Gaviota, and Santa Barbara, followed by fitness courses that range from yoga, TRX, and even kickboxing. The itinerary of hard work meets fun and luxury attracts everyone from the high-strung New Yorker to the yogi. Myself and the four participants in the program follow our leaders, Celine and Stuart, for a relaxing hike through the bluffs after an energizing acai bowl breakfast. During the breezy walk along the shore I chat with Stuart about the philosophy and aim of the program. “The goal is to teach sustainability,” he explains, because if guests cannot continue with the practices of the

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program at home, the whole retreat is irrelevant. This component, which is key to transforming one’s lifestyle, is oddly missing from many similar programs, essentially diminishing the effects of the lessons taught. Sky Ranch Fitness puts a great emphasis on the sustainability factor of the program, starting with the mental element. Participants meet with on-site psychologists with whom they discuss their current life and what they hope to get out of the program, since mental health is a huge part of the evolution to a healthy lifestyle. This process allows each individual to tailor the program to their specific needs and goals, resulting in Sky Ranch Fitness’ rave reviews. We walk in pairs listening to the waves crashing, the participants reflecting on the positive experiences they shared throughout their stay at Bacara. Everyone seems relaxed and blissful. One visitor describes his experience as “educational” adding that the whole thing has been “100%” – you can’t really beat that kind of review. Since the main element of the program is rooted in educating guests the last day (today) of the program includes an exit consultation where a specific diet plan is comprised, including everything from how to properly grocery shop to what restaurants in each guests’ hometown offer healthy options. The Sky Ranch Fitness team goes even further, offering post-program support, “they can call nutritionists and fitness trainers after they leave, to guarantee continued success,” Stuart explains. Now that is commitment to upholding guaranteed results.


98 | JUNE 2015


After the hike begins the real test of strength and determination — the fitness portion of the day. Keeping an active lifestyle made the idea of a “tough workout” seem like a stretch, yet I am in for a rude awakening. As I step into the class I realize that I have never used half of the equipment, which slightly shakes my confidence. The room is separated into four sections: exercise balls, Bosu balls, steppers and weights, and TRX bands. Intimidating to say the least. The combination of the trainers’ enthusiasm and upbeat music got the room pumped during our warm up, after which I was already breaking a sweat. Not a good sign. Next came the rotation from hell. A minute per station, intended to target every muscle group during the 45-minute cycle. As it turns out, my own workout regimen is a joke, because I could hardly keep up. Proving that Sky Ranch Fitness is not all about luxury and relaxation, the program does in fact push participants to their limits in order to achieve the goals they arrive with. Although hard, there is nothing more rewarding than walking out of a situation where you gave it your all. The room full of smiling sweat drenched faces reaffirms that there is a process to the madness, and it works. The day is wrapping up, and with it the program. Participants exchange genuine hugs and phone numbers, reminding me of the reacquiring comment I heard during my chat with them as we strolled the bluffs. Everyone noted that what truly made the experience incredible is the people—not only the trainers and staff—but the participants themselves. Something about Sky Ranch Fitness brings together individuals who have a positive attitude about embarking on their fitness journey, and a certain openness that allows for bonding and formation of real interpersonal connections while growing and learning as a team. Maybe it’s the allure of Santa Barbara’s beauty, the values Stuart promotes in the program, maybe it’s fate, or simply serendipity. *

SKY RANCH FITNESS 8301 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 805-252-1498

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A simple monthly recipe, to try at home, from our team to you.

Korean Short Rib Tacos with Pickled Slaw

Ingredients Yield: 6-8 servings

Short Ribs: 6 pounds short ribs 1 1/2 cups soy sauce 3/4 cup rice vinegar 1/4 cup mirin 1 cup brown sugar 8 cloves garlic, minced 4 tablespoons fresh ginger, minced 4 tablespoons sesame oil 2 teaspoons red pepper flakes 1 teaspoon chili garlic sauce

Pickled Slaw: 2 teaspoons rice vinegar 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes 5 large carrots, peeled into strips 1 red onion, thinly sliced 1 handful cilantro 2 teaspoons lime juice 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds

102 | JUNE 2015

Photographed by Riley Yahr

Directions For the Ribs: Combine the soy sauce, rice vinegar, mirin, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, red pepper flakes, and chili garlic sauce. Place the ribs in a slow cooker and pour in the sauce. Turn slow cooker on low heat, cover, and cook for 6 hours. Once the ribs are fork tender, remove them, and discard the bones. Skim the fat off the top of the sauce. Shred the meat with two forks and return to the sauce.

For the Slaw: Mix together the vinegar, sugar, ginger and red pepper flakes. Add the carrots and onions to the mixture and let sit while the ribs are cooking. Just before serving, add the cilantro, lime juice, seasame oil, and sesame seeds. Enjoy!







THE LOOK 104 | JUNE 2015

Photographed by Meadow Rose




MAKEUP by Cynthia SKIN: I began by prepping Brittney’s skin with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè, followed by MAC Studio Fix Fluid which gives a matte finish. Next I used MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Medium to set all over the face as well as give the skin a nice sun-kissed glow, followed by Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in the shade Java. I applied MAC blush in Peaches and Blush Baby for just the right amount of color. Then I finished the cheeks off with my favorite highlighter by MAC in Soft and Gentle. EYES: For a soft smokey eye I began by priming her eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. I then used a few MAC shadows, starting with Blanc Type all over the lid. For the outer corner I used Cork, Soft Brown for transition, Swiss Chocolate on the middle of the lid for more depth, and Naked Lunch on the inner corner for pop of shimmer. Lastly, on the bottom lashline I used Espresso. I wanted a nice bold liner so I used MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy and finished with Ardell #110 lashes stacked. LIPS: For a bold lip to tie in the whole look I used MAC Taupe lipstick and Stripdown lipliner topped off with NYX Butter Gloss in Crème Brulee.

HAIR by Krysta

This look is a little more challenging then the average braided hairstyle. I started out by prepping Brittney’s hair with some loose beachy curls and spraying it with Davines Sea Salt Spray. Then from each side of the part I started a fishtail braid, connecting them in the back with a rubber band. I continued braiding the hair, in the rubber band this time, using a twisted fishtail technique. About every three inches I rubber banded the hair and started the braid again, braiding all the way to the end of her hair. To hide each rubber band I took a small piece of hair and wrapped it around the band, securing with a bobby pin. After that braid was done I sprinkled Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumising Powder throughout her hair. Then on each side I did loose Dutch braids all the way to the ends. I secured the two Dutch braids together in the back with a rubber band, again hiding it with a piece of hair. After all the braids were secure I sprayed Davines Sea Salt Spray. over all of it and gently pulled the braids apart to make them appear thicker. In the middle where the braids separate I used hair pins to connect them together — making it look like one solid braid. I then laid the twisted fishtail over the top of the connected Dutch braids and lightly pulled those pieces apart as well. I used a few hair pins to secure it all together! To finish it off I pulled a few pieces out in front and sprayed everything with Davines strong hold hair spray and some Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine! A sea salt spray and a volumising powder are a must to get these beachy braided looks! For appointments call Carlyle Salon & Style Bar


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for your romantic getaway! Share Champagne on the veranda, relax in the whirlpool tub and cozy up to the fireplace.

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Four blocks from the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, the Cheshire Cat Inn offers travelers an opportunity to enjoy beautifully appointed accommodations in the two Victorian Queen Ann houses and Craftsman cottages. Enjoy the wonderful homemade breakfast and our renowned afternoon wine hour with local wine and hors d’oeuvres in our beautiful and lush English gardens.

(805) 569-1610 36 W. Valerio Street Santa Barbara, CA This Santa Barbara bed and Breakfast Inn has been owned and operated by the Dunstan family for over 30 years, and no expense has been spared to ensure the best experience hospitality can provide.

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