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/CONTENT June 2015

10 / SUIT UP FOR SUMMER Pastels and palm prints meet cutouts and crochet in the swimsuits so exclusive we had to get a private beach. Flip the page for a day in a Padaro beach house and banging gold bracelets.

36 / Q&A WITH MIKOH The masterminds of Mikoh swimwear, California sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller, talk inspiration, wellness, and their SoCal roots in this month’s people section.

38 / NUANCE Take a seat at Santa Barbara’s newest hot spot: a downtown urban bistro with a cheeky cocktail lineup and sculptured menu straight out of the wood fired oven.

54 / WEEKEND ESCAPE A Spanish moss forest, 10-lake golf course, and 180 acre Land Rover trail system are all part of the expedition when we escape for a cozy stay at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley.

66 / ALL WHITE EVERYTHING Lighten up in lacey layers topped with crops! With all white ensembles and the makeup to match, June never felt so flirty and fresh.

80 / BARTEND LIKE A BOSS Local legend Ivo Peshev is shaking up the Santa Barbara bar scene with flavor and flair. The cocktails get fiery as we talk flair bartending, mixology, and the beauty of the bar.

94 / RETREAT YOURSELF Rise and shine for the Sky Ranch Fitness Retreat! It’s camp for adults and that means acai bowl breakfast, hiking the bluffs, and a booty-kicking workout at the Bacara.

102 / DISH IT UP Turn your Taco Tuesday into something special with these slow cooker Korean Short Rib Tacos. This easy and delicious recipe will have you begging for more.

104 / GET THE LOOK Find out how a twisted fishtail and big Dutch braids come together for the perfect summer accessory to sunkissed skin.

Santa Barbara Life & Style | June 2015  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine | Volume 3 Issue 6

Santa Barbara Life & Style | June 2015  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine | Volume 3 Issue 6