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For dinner we share the Loup de Mer. I really enjoy the plating with one little fish tail popping off the plate. The fish is prepared with attention. The moist and delicious white fish slides right off the skin. Chef Ladin’s strong theme of light and subtle flavors is on display once more. Each bite is taken with more and more enthusiasm. My date and I cross silverware over who gets the final piece of artichoke. As dinner winds to a close Valrhona Coeur de Guanaja Chocolate Ice Cream and Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta arrive. I’ve been transplanted to my own chocolate factory with cocoa nibs in one hand and crushed sea salt in the other and it’s a foray. My date is trying to remain more composed with her Panna Cotta. I reach over and discover a citrus explosion on the front of my palate which is balanced nicely with a smooth creme finish. By the end of the night I realize my senses have been put through an acrobatics workout. At no point was there a lull. From the subtle and upbeat music to the rustlings behind the bar. Each sound, sight and smell was welcome and seemed to be put in place just for me. Not to mention the flavors and textures of Chef Ladin’s food. Each morsel was consumed, we didn’t leave a bite on the table. We came with an appetite and left happy. *


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52 | JUNE 2015

Santa Barbara Life & Style | June 2015  
Santa Barbara Life & Style | June 2015  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine | Volume 3 Issue 6