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Northern European Cuisine & Bakery 1106 State Street•Santa Barbara, CA 805.962.5085 •

High Tea Parties, Private Event Rooms Dessert Buffets for large or small Events, Wedding Events and more...

One of Santa Barbara’s finest Wine Lists, with many available by the glass. Happy Hour daily from 3pm -7pm.

Amazing Champagne Breakfast Famous Crabcake Benedicts Crepes, Eggs Benedict Smoked Salmon Fresh Bakery Items Cappucinnos, Lattes, and more...

Delectable Lunches Danish and American Sandwiches: Vegetable Melt Roast Beef Chicken Schnitzel Delicious Array of Salads

Romantic Dinners Ling Cod Black Cod Oven Roasted Duck Salmon Wellington Petite Filet Mignon

Facebook: andersen’s danish restaurant and bakery twitter: andersensrestaurant@andersensbakery • instagram:andersensdanishbakerysb

232 Natoma Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Reservations: 805-965-3586 or

Escape to The Eagle Inn

for your romantic getaway! Share Champagne on the veranda, relax in the whirlpool tub and cozy up to the fireplace.

232 Natoma Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Reservations: 805-965-3586 or No blocking fee for bridal parties and wedding guests.



July 2015 Volume 3 / Issue 7 Editor in Chief Ottocina Ryan

Director of Photography Meadow Rose Photographer & Writer Silas Fallstich Art Director Riley Yahr Contributing Writers Rah Riley Brooke Gignac Kore Busath-Haedt Alexandra Sharova Caroline Harrah Contributing Photographer Carly Otness

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COVER PHOTOGRAPHED by Silas Fallstich MODEL Jerica Lamens with Elite Model Management STYLED by Kym Fregoso Tolentino MAKEUP by Rose Serrano with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar HAIR by Ashton Arroyo with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar MANICURE by Karina Cordova with Aqua Nail Bar CAKE Raspberry Chocolate Mousse by Lilac Patisserie

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10 / WOMEN MAKING WAVES Our bi-monthly feature spotlights Katherine Harvey Fellows and Leading From Within, cultivating the next generation of philanthropy in Santa Barbara. 12 / THE SUBURBAN HUNTERGATHERER Few things are as fresh as farm to table dining, and we have the fish, veggies, meat, and cupcakes that will make your mouth water. 24 / SUMMER ELEGANCE Step out onto the terrace of this Oak Creek Canyon estate for breathtaking views of the Channel Islands outside and seven fireplaces (and sophisticated style whether you’re 3 or 30!) inside. 42 / DO NOT DISTURB Alpaca your bags! You’re going to want to stay at this brand new, stylish Scandinavian hotel this weekend. Lots of llamas and even more natural light are bringing The Landsby to life in Solvang. 60 / SWEET SHADES Get a taste of stunning sunnies and confetti worthy cake! You’ve never seen shades so sweet. 76 / LILAC PATISSERIE If it’s been awhile since your last trip to Paris, step inside this sunny, State Street café for a deep inhale of fresh (all gluten-free!) breads and pastries. 78 / CAMP IN STYLE It’s an eclectic and playful afternoon in the airstream, where bold prints meet big jewelry! 92 / BONITA & THE BEACH Luxury vintage leather shares the shelf with cacti, candles and colorful stone accessories. Bonita boutiques in Summerland and Los Olivos are calling all lovers of gypset! 98 / HAPPY CAMPER Just a few minutes north of Santa Barbara, El Capitan Canyon has the wine selection, breakfast menu, cozy fireside cabins, and luxury safari tents that have actually put camping in the woods on our summer wish list. 104 / DISH IT UP Roasted red beet & quinoa veggie burger with lemon tahini Dijon is on the menu this month and should be served with a cold one.

8 | JULY 2015


from the


Some of my favorite things we’ve done have come together in just a few days. Not in a procrastinating sort of way, just because we have a great idea and make it happen even if it’s last minute. We produce an issue every month so of course we plan far out and even though it’s barely July, I know what you’ll be reading in October. But there’s something about doing things last minute that boosts creativity.

For example we decided to shoot this month’s cover and Sweet Shades a few days beforehand. Several emails and texts later we had an amazing team, tons of sunglasses, confetti I’d been saving since September (I knew there’d be a reason), and a month’s worth of cake (it’s our second anniversary issue after all)! Getting to spend the day throwing confetti, eating frosting and creating a fun cover shot and calling it work was nothing to complain about. Then for Camp In Style we spent the day

in a renovated airstream, complete with a chandelier. We set up an entire glamping scene and although I’m accustom to handling luxury clothing and jewelry, the stress of not bruising a cactus is incomparable. Overall some editorials come together more smoothly than others. One element that’s always been a little tough to coordinate is child models. From availability based on their moods, to daily rates higher than what most adults make in a week, to the whole they should look at least a little similar to their “parents” part. But we lucked out with our little girl model in Summer Elegance! I spotted her at a Lucky Llama Coffee Shop and checked “child model for estate shoot” off of my to do list! She started modeling three months before and brought a cute and goofy element the editorial! I hope you have as much fun flipping through this issue as we had putting it together!

Ottocina Ryan Editor in Chief Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine



(left) Joanne Rapp (middle) Michelle Pickett (right) Maritza Mejia-Wilson On Joanne: Peter Cohen Silk Blouse & Pants On Michelle: Peter Cohen Silk Blouse & Skirt On Maritza: Allora by Laura Skirt, Twilley Bustier, Sally Lapointe Scarf 10 | JULY 2015

Photographed by Carly Otness

Morton Capital Management




Katherine Harvey Fellows Multigenerational Community Impact Written by Caroline Harrah

Caroline Harrah is a wealth advisor at Morton Capital Management, a mother of two and a passionate volunteer serving on multiple non-profit boards and committees in Santa Barbara. Morton Capital Management is a financial advisory and wealth management firm established in 1983 that works with individuals, families, foundations, and businesses to create personalized, goaldriven strategies to empower their vision of the future. At Morton Capital Management, Your Journey Matters. Caroline can be reached at 805-259-9379 or


1269 Coast Village Road, Montecito 805-563-2425


Hair by Andrea, Makeup by Elizabeth 1250 Coast Village Road, Montecito 805-969-6700

The Journey Matters Maritza Mejia-Wilson was immensely proud to be the first in her family to graduate from college. But she was also struck by the sobering reality that many in her own extended family would never experience the privilege of higher education or the opportunities presented therefrom. In 2010, Maritza co-founded Adsum Education Foundation—an organization that raises money for local undocumented students to pursue higher education. Adsum, Latin for “I am here,” personifies the Santa Barbara spirit of “showing up” for the underserved and marginalized, and reflects the “new face” of philanthropy in which anyone, regardless of age or resources, has the opportunity to make a difference. Maritza’s vision has been propelled forward in part by her participation in the Katherine Harvey Fellows leadership program, which aims to cultivate the next generation of philanthropy in Santa Barbara. Innovation through Cross-Generational, Multidisciplinary Collaboration According to the California Association of Nonprofits, Santa Barbara has one of the highest per capita number of nonprofits in the state. Despite the area’s affluence, the sheer number of charitable organizations—each competing for a share of resources—is daunting. The Katherine Harvey Fellows program—formed in 1999 by the Santa Barbara Foundation and run in partnership with Leading From Within, an organization that develops high quality leadership programs focused on meaningful change in our community—takes motivated young leaders through 18 months of experiential training and mentorship. The program’s goal is to create a dynamic network of community leaders who can collaborate to have a more meaningful and targeted impact on the issues they are passionate about. Michelle Pickett is a Katherine Harvey Fellows alumna whose pro bono legal assistance has helped dozens of local nonprofits. Michelle says, “The Katherine Harvey Fellows program changed my traditional view of philanthropy from one defined by financial gifts and volunteered time to one where I am actually helping to solve targeted problems. We all have a role, and when we work together we can collectively contribute to the greater good.” Wave of the Future The Katherine Harvey Fellows model has helped create an established network of 95 current and alumni fellows representing more than 80 charitable organizations in Santa Barbara County. Fellows serve as catalysts for community impact by engaging diverse individuals, spanning multiple generations and multiple sectors, including nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors. Joanne Rapp, a Katherine Harvey Fellows mentor and decades-long leader in philanthropic and charitable causes in Santa Barbara, says, “I continue to be inspired by the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the Katherine Harvey Fellows. It’s a lot of fun to work with like-minded people of all ages who have a variety of experiences to bring real solutions to our community.” For more information about Katherine Harvey Fellows and Leading From Within, please go to SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 11


The Suburban HunterGatherer Written & Photographed by Silas Fallstich

12 | JULY 2015



hold in my hand a small ripe peach, the fuzzy blond hair on the skin reminds me of my brother’s first attempts at a mustache. Before I’m able to bring the peach to my mouth I think of the time it took for this peach to reach this point; when was the tree planted, how many hours grooming, watering and caring for the tree before it produced this fruit. Then there was a hand that plucked it and delivered it into discerning hands that saw fit to give this peach to me. These thoughts and many more wash over me as my teeth break the skin, the juice waterfalls into my mouth and over my chin. There is a flash of flavor on my taste buds, have I ever tasted something so good? It’s rich and sweet, juice and texture coexist as my senses do summersaults. There’s a depth and variety to the sweetness, this exact flavor only exists within this one fruit and can not be replicated or emulated. Have I ever tasted something so good? I gnaw the peach to its pit and come to the conclusion that my recent food experiences in Santa Barbara have floundered in comparison. My attitude towards meals, at least when time allows, is to constantly strive to discover and be innovative. With all of this in mind and sticky peach juice still plastered to my chin I set out to forage and source the best ingredients the area has to offer. I will gather ingredients, and with the assistance of a few local chefs, produce dishes that will be inspiring and leave me feeling as content as the first bite of perfectly ripe peach. My overly ambitious heart paired with an eccentric and vivid imagination more often than not create implausible experiences. My anticipation is to travel to a local farm and shake hands with a fully grown, and more than willing, cow before it is butchered and prepared for my table. Next I will wade into the Pacific with a local sea water hero and forage a bounty of ripe and delectable sea foods. From there

14 | JULY 2015

I’ll run to the farmers’ market and even the out of season produce will be at its best. The ingredients will all come together and voilà inspiration. Much like daily life, things don’t fall so perfectly into place. The voilà I so vividly imagined is a big dud. The ranch that I hope to source meat from is nearly depleted due to the drought. Raw ingredients are aplenty but every chef I know is busy beyond measure. Before long I’m running to and fro and beginning to feel like a turkey that has lost its head. I’m working hard and getting less than nothing done and my sea water hero is nowhere to be found. To my rescue comes Kristen Desmond, the owner and chef of Flagstone Pantry in the Santa Barbara Public Market. She quickly infuses my fledgling project with some much needed structure and before long we are meeting to photograph raw watermelon, cucumber, lemon and much more from Foragers Pantry, conveniently located in the Market. My inspiration grows each time we pluck a new ingredient from the Pantry. As I photograph I can’t help but sneak a few cubes of juicy watermelon. Chef Desmond kindly ignores the sticky watermelon residue around my mouth. When I hand the ingredients over it’s with great anticipation. With a few flashes of her wrist and a bit of time I watch as watermelon gazpacho comes to life before my eyes. Desmond plates the dish in little shot glass shooters. As we take in our first sip smiles crease our faces. She describes it as “refreshing and fresh as well as healthy—the perfect summer starter. It can even be pureed as a smoothie.” I’m not sure what I’ve been putting in my daily smoothie but it fails in comparison. Her gazpacho is refreshing and flavorful. The ingredients combine to form a balanced and light flavor in my mouth with a subtle hint of spice on the finish.


16 | JULY 2015


After several shooters Desmond introduces me to seafood specialist Alex Tetzlaff at the newly rechristened I’a Fish Market. I may have found my sea water hero. But this hero has far more fresh seafood then can be foraged from Santa Barbara beaches. Oysters from Mexico, sashimi grade salmon from Norway, halibut straight from Alaska, not to mention sable fish straight from our own channel, it seems that he has something from every edge of the globe. To begin he hands me a four-foot Scottish salmon, for a moment I feel like a bass pro, holding a prize catch to be immortalized. This is a fierce looking fish with jaws and teeth clinched as if in a terrible fight. The scales of the fish glisten in the light. The exterior is a gradient

18 | JULY 2015

that slides from black to white all flecked with silver. Before the salmon has even been filleted I have my friend and local private chef Karina Hoegh-Guldberg on the line. She prepares the salmon pan seared with truffle whipped potato, potato nest, sautéed will mushrooms, fresh spring peas with a lemon dill sauce, and beet curl garnish. Karina wanted to prepare an entirely different dish but instead threw together this assemblage just for me. The salmon is flaky and full of rich oily flavor. I’m transplanted back to my days in Alaska eating salmon fresh from a stream. I eat methodically and leave nothing for the compost.


20 | JULY 2015


At last I have come to what I was most excited about, a big cut of beef, slabbed with marble and a jagged bone. The friendly folks at Shalhoob Meat Company offer me a French rib chop that would bring pride to any beef rancher. My first inclination is raw and juicy consumption. My only problem is I’ve suddenly become devoid of chefs. I will take a moment to quickly anecdote. If it isn’t apparent I’m in love with food. I love writing about it, photographing it, consuming it, and so much more. It’s an eternal source of experience, community and joy. Food has taken me from New Mexico to Alaska to Utah, and now on to Santa Barbara. With all my love of food you’d think I could cook, well I can make a dish or two that friends won’t repulse at but my nemesis has always been the grill. With no chef on hand and the perfect opportunity to hone my limitless repertoire of dishes I venture into preparing a massive grilled slab of beef. My experience with such a cut of meat is non-existent but off I go. Before the beef excursion I return to the Public Market to thank Alex and Kristen. On my way out I pass the Enjoy Cupcakes shop. I always stop and marvel at the cute displays. One of them reads “Are you flirting with me?” My answer to that question is always yes and one little cupcake is getting taken to dinner as dessert. I hope this month’s food feature will leave you inspired to forage and source the freshest and most delectable ingredients your over ambitious heart desires. Or if you’re as fortunate as me someone generous will place a perfectly ripe peach in your hands. Either way slow down and enjoy your food one bite at a time. Fall in love with your food like I’m falling in love with the cute, soft chocolate and silky smooth frosting of an Enjoy Cupcake. *

22 | JULY 2015



ON JAY Pink Chicken Dress, K. Frank Bari Lynn Headband, K. Frank Shoes, Stylist’s Own ON KIMBERLY Equipment Shirt, Saks Fifth Avenue Les Copains Sweater, Saks Fifth Avenue Elie Tahari Shorts, Saks Fifth Avenue Valentino Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Jewelry by Gauthier Bracelet Shoes, Stylist’s Own

24 | JULY 2015




Photographed by Carly Otness Written By Kore Busath-Haedt Models Kimberly Cozzens with LA Models & Jay Love Phillips with Paloma Model & Talent Makeup by Leah Washuta with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Ashton Arroyo with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Styled by Kym Fregoso Tolentino

step out onto the wraparound terrace and breathe in the summer air. As far as the eye can see is the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, skimmed by a gentle horizon. This must be paradise. Overlooking Montecito, the ocean and the Channel Islands, the view from this Oak Creek Canyon estate is nothing short of exquisite. I return inside through the glass door, stepping onto intricate stonework that leads me to the formal living room. I envision the space being filled with the ones I love, cocktail glasses in hand, laughing and talking on the couches as the fireplace crackles. The simplicity of the room’s solid whites, grays and blacks is an aesthetically pleasing background to any gathering throughout the year. Next, I dip into the kitchen—the realm of the culinary connoisseur. It is integrated beautifully into the rest of the home, connecting to an intimate dining room that beckons for sunset dinners, and the family room, which opens up to the idyllic terrace.

The grounds are just as gorgeous as what lies inside the estate. Crystal clear water fills the chic, infinity pool that garnishes the patio. I envision summer afternoons out here, accompanied by watermelon and the delicious smell of barbecue filling the air from the outdoor grill. I look north to see the Santa Ynez Mountains standing as a backdrop to the property. Adventures on McMenemy Trail are directly accessible from the yard, and a hot bath in the marble master bathroom will await your return to soothe your muscles and clear your mind. The Oak Creek Canyon estate is truly a piece of Montecito paradise. With five bedrooms in the main house, and one in the pool house, it has space for all family and friends. The house is made a home by the cozy mood set by the seven fireplaces. I imagine the sophisticated villa, tucked away on 53 lush acres, as the perfect home for a Montecito family that has an appreciation for the Southern California coastline and a lifestyle that encompases both nature and luxury. *

1398 Oak Creek Canyon, Montecito, CA 93108 Offered at $13,650,000 Listing Agent: Riskin Partners


26 | JULY 2015

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28 | JULY 2015

BCBGMAXAZRIA Crop Top, Saks Fifth Avenue Les Copains Jacket, Saks Fifth Avenue Bikini Bottoms, Turban & Sunglasses, Stylist’s Own Jewelry by Gauthier Earrings, Ring & Bracelet


Alice + Olivia Romper, Saks Fifth Avenue Valentino Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Jewelry by Gauthier Ring 30 | JULY 2015


32 | JULY 2015

ON KIMBERLY Theory Shirt, Saks Fifth Avenue Elie Tahari Skirt, Saks Fifth Avenue Valentino Shoes Jewelry by Gauthier Ring ON JAY Eliane et Lina Shirt, K. Frank Pampolina Skirt, K. Frank SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 33

34 | JULY 2015

Tadashi Shoji Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes, Stylist’s Own Jewelry by Gauthier Earrings


ON KIMBERLY Jonquil Robe, Saks Fifth Avenue Jewelry by Gauthier Ring ON JAY Smyrna Bathrobe, K. Frank 36 | JULY 2015

Aidan Mattox Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue Jewelry by Gauthier Earrings, Ring & Bracelet


Aidan Mattox Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue Jewelry by Gauthier Earrings, Ring & Bracelet

38 | JULY 2015


Theory Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes, Stylist’s Own Jewelry by Gauthier Necklace, Rings & Bracelet

40 | JULY 2015



42 | JULY 2015


DO NOT Written & Photographed by Silas Fallstitch



f I were a bed I’d be really firm and extravagantly portable, I’d rarely if ever spend two nights in the same place, and a canopy of stars would be the only ceiling I’d ever want. If that doesn’t say a lot about me I don’t know what does. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though. I’m laying in the most comfortable bed I’ve ever been in at the newly opened Landsby Hotel in Solvang. It’s neither firm nor portable. It even has a classical Scandinavian design like much of the boutique hotel with whom it shares its walls. The room’s decor is soft beach wood, brushed bronze accents and a large canvas depicting a whimsical llama. There is a subtle touch of rain on the roof, I want to get up and look over downtown Solvang covered in mist but this bed has immobilized me. Not even respite from a four year drought can pull me from the comfort I’m enshrined in. Lets back up for a moment and let the beginning really begin. As I head up to Solvang I stop at Valley Grind in downtown Santa Ynez. I’ve only visited this small town a few times but I’m always taken with the slow and easy going pace. There is no shuffle for parking spots or infinite queue in the coffee line. Things are simple. I order an iced tea and ask the barista for directions to The Landsby. “The big white building?” she exclaims. She ponders for a few moments as she pours my tea. The patron behind me nicely explains that it is across from the Rabobank. My excursion already feels relaxed and communal, my regular routine has found its hiccup. The commute from Santa Ynez to The Landsby is quick. As I pull into Solvang an unprecedented change comes over me. The architecture and general feeling is something out of a European burg and right in the middle of it all is a big white building with a steeply pitched red tile roof.

44 | JULY 2015


Julie promptly checks me in. As she sorts out my accommodations I take in the various details of the open and inviting lobby, which feels more like a living room than anything else. The bright white walls and broad expanse of windows are complimented by dark wood shelves and a beach blond wood floor. The shelves are arranged as dutifully as a post modern still life, I can’t help but thumb through one of the picture books and make a quick attempt to best myself on the white marble tictac-toe board. The key to my room is big and brass with a leather lanyard that reads “Not all those who wander are lost.” One of many Tolkien quotes my wandering heart regularly finds solace in. As I march to my room I begin to analyze every detail this modern retreat has conjured. I’m impressed mostly by the small elements. For me it’s easy to appreciate large scale and grand spaces that are nicely designed. At The Landsby I’m in a microcosm unlike any I’ve ever enjoyed while visiting a hotel. Every detail garners my attention. 46 | JULY 2015


My room is spacious beyond measure. But what immediately catches my eye is the grand king bed. If it wasn’t for the brightly lit quarters and a desire to further explore the grounds I’d retire to the daybed for a full afternoon of reading. The atmosphere invites guests to spend time outside of their rooms but the comfort invites people to never leave. As I look further into my space I’m happy to find little local touches. A leather magazine rack and local artwork round out a balanced and delightful room. With the day bed beckoning I resist the temptation and return to the lobby for a local craft brew, evening light from the big windows and a comfy sofa keep me company. Taking in the space from this vantage point makes me marvel at the stylistic approach to this property. Julie asks if my room is suitable and explains that there are 41 boutique room choices with over 10 unique designs. If I’m dissatisfied at all she is at the ready to uproot my disapproval. She gives me a quick tour of the restaurant and garden before returning to her duties at the front desk.

48 | JULY 2015


50 | JULY 2015


52 | JULY 2015


54 | JULY 2015


56 | JULY 2015

I have a few more pre-dinner drinks at the Mad & Vin bar. Two older gentlemen from Los Alamos strike up a conversation with me, one is a chef and the other a fellow photographer. The friendly bartender, Michael, is telling us about his pit bull breeding and Las Vegas roots. I’m surprised by the diversity in our small group and enthused to have company. Our discussion borders on local fare and migrates in and out of each person’s career. I venture off property for dinner. A choice I grudgingly regret. I will have to return for Mad & Vin’s fare. In retrospect, I may have subconsciously done this on purpose so a return trip would be inevitable. I have stayed in a lot of hotels this year. Some out of necessity, others simply for amusement. I’m starting to become accustomed to the modern transition out of uniformity and conformity in hotels. The Landsby and its friendly staff are eagerly taking a progressive and active approach towards a hotel stay. The accommodations feel much more like home than anything I’ve experienced outside of a traditional home. Yet the stylistic approach and refinements exude an elegance that few homes achieve. As I drift to sleep in my pillow top mattress I hear a distant roll of thunder. Only at The Landsby could a Scandinavian thunderstorm be summoned in the midst of a four year drought. * SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 57

58 | JULY 2015

THE LANDSBY 1576 Mission Drive Solvang, CA 93463 805-688-3121



Sweet SHADES Photographed by Silas Fallstich Model Jerica Lamens with Elite Model Management Makeup by Rose Serrano with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Ashton Arroyo with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Manicure by Karina Cordova with Aqua Nail Bar Styled By Kym Fregoso Tolentino Cakes by Lilac Patisserie

Gucci Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Vanilla Cupcake 60 | JULY 2015


62 | JULY 2015

Miu Miu Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue The Berry Patch Cake


Gucci Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Saks Fifth Avenue 64 | JULY 2015

Celine Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Daniel Wellington Watch, Whistle Club Stephanie Kantis Earrings, Saks Fifth Avenue SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 65

Illesteva Sunglasses, Whistle Club Michele Watch, Saks Fifth Avenue Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

66 | JULY 2015


68 | JULY 2015

Fendi Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Saks Fifth Avenue Coconut Cream Cake


Michele Watch, Saks Fifth Avenue The Berry Patch Cake

70 | JULY 2015


Fendi Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Shinola Double Wrap Watch, Whistle Club Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Saks Fifth Avenue

72 | JULY 2015


Celine Sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue Daniel Wellington Watch, Whistle Club Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

74 | JULY 2015





Patisserie Written by Brooke Gignac Photographed by Silas Fallstich

am sure I’ve been teleported to a cafe in France. Lilac colored walls meet black and white checkered floors, soft music plays in the background, and the scent of fresh breads and pastries floats through the air. Standing in Lilac Patisserie on a warm summer afternoon, I feel as if I have taken an impromptu vacation. The space is simple and airy, a stark contrast to the bustling sidewalk just outside the front door. Sunlight streaks in the glass-paned facade of the bakery bouncing off counters packed with every baked good imaginable, and the best part: all gluten-free. I am toying with the idea of ordering a cappuccino when I’m drawn to the long glass display of cakes. Cakes of every size and color, some topped with decadent chocolate ganache, others with delicate buttercream flowers, are staring back at me. I want to try them all. I am trying to calculate exactly how many slices of cake I am physically capable of consuming when I decide that I better start with lunch. I am torn between the soup of the day, a butternut squash puree topped with sage, and the turkey club sandwich. As if sensing my dilemma the server asks me if I’d like to try the lunch combination: a half sandwich accompanied by either soup or salad. I sacrifice my cappuccino in hopes of leaving more space for cake after lunch and grab a glass of lemon water instead. As I glance around the cafe I see a group of women come in to order cakes. One proclaims “Everything is gluten-free?” I’ve almost forgotten. Chef Murales, who was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of 16, says she and her husband decided to offer exclusively gluten-free options to make those on a glutenfree diet feel safe. “We get a lot of people coming in here and saying ‘thank you it’s so nice to be able to pick anything,’” Murales says.

76 | JULY 2015

My meal arrives quickly and I am pleasantly surprised by the assortment of color on my plate. The soft orange soup is striking against the crisp red tomato peeking out of my sandwich. It looks almost to pretty to eat. I try the soup first, the sage garnish crumbles on my spoon, a perfect pairing with the rich butternut squash puree. Like the soup, the first bite of my sandwich is a symphony of flavors: creamy avocado, savory smoked bacon, fresh tomato, and a hearty serving of thickly sliced turkey breast. The bread, brushed with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard, melts in my mouth. I decide that this may very well be the best bread I’ve ever tasted. How on earth did they make it gluten-free?! I rest for a moment, wishing I could eat my meal over again but then I remember the cake. My eyes pour over the menu. I count seventeen different flavors, including two vegan options: carrot and red velvet. My mouth begins to water as I read over the elaborate descriptions. As I study the menu I feel like a kid in a candy store. After several minutes I still can’t eliminate a single flavor. Chef Murales suggests the chocolate sea salt caramel and brings me a slice that looks large enough to share. My first bite is filled with rich chocolate ganache and a sea salt caramel drizzle. Like the bread on my sandwich, the cake is light and moist. It is hard to believe it has been out of the oven for more than a few minutes, let alone long enough to frost. I take each bite slowly to savor the flavor, but still find myself scraping the plate for every last crumb. Gluten-free never tasted so good. As I thank Chef Murales, and head back onto the bustling sidewalk I am comforted by one thought. In just a few weeks Lilac Patisserie will begin serving breakfast…even though it’s never too early to eat cake! *

LILAC PATISSERIE 1017 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-845-7400



ON HER Matta Dress, Bands of LA Belt, Birkenstock Sandals, Rich Hippie Turquoise Necklace, Bonita Beach. Nauti2 by Kimberly Vyn Designs Wrap Pearl Bracelet, Rowan. ON HIM AG Denim Shirt, Alternative T-Shirt, Sol Angeles Shorts, Birkenstock Sandals, Chan Luu Necklace, The Hill-Side Hat, Bonita Beach Pillows & Rugs, Upstairs at Pierre Lafond. Chair, Ottoman, Bench, Cacti & Floor Cushion, Porch. Striped Blanket, The Blue Door.

camp in S T Y LE

Photographed by Meadow Rose Models Scarlett Burke & Igor Corbe with Next Model Management Makeup by Daisy Hernandez with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Kalib Varela with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Styled by Jennie Reiter Airstream Remodel by HofArc Airstream Interior Design by Sharon Bradford


Goddiss Sweater Dress, Bonita Beach Rich Hippie Antler Beads, Bonita Beach Pillows & Rug, Upstairs at Pierre Lafond Bench & Cacti, Porch Striped Blanket, The Blue Door

80 | JULY 2015


82 | JULY 2015

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OH HER Sundry Shirt, Bonita Beach Burning Torch Kimono, Bonita Beach Henry and Belle Coated Denim Shorts, Bonita Beach Birkenstock Sandals, Bonita Beach Dita Sunglasses, Rowan Peace Treaty Turquoise Necklace, Bonita Beach Beach Ball, Bonita Beach ON HIM Frank & Eileen Shirt, Toro Persol Sunglasses Chan Luu Necklaces, Toro

84 | JULY 2015


86 | JULY 2015

OH HER Matta Blouse, Bonita Beach Henry and Belle Jeans, Bonita Beach Birkenstock Sandals, Bonita Beach Vintage African Beads Mar Y Sol Bag, Bonita Beach ON HIM Frank & Eileen Shirt, Toro AG Khaki Pants, Toro Blue Suede Shoes, Stylist's Own Teaonic Tea Glasses, Pillows & Table, Upstairs at Pierre Lafond Rug, Chairs, Floor Cushion & Cacti, Porch


ON HER Star Mela Dress, Bonita Beach Birkenstock Sandals, Bonita Beach Mana Fire Opal Thunderbird Necklace, Bonita ON HIM Frank & Eileen Shirt, Toro AG Shorts, Toro Birkenstock Sandals, Toro Chan Luu Bracelets, Toro Chair & Floor Cushion, Porch Rug (On Chair), Upstairs Pierre Lafond Striped Blanket, The Blue Door Vintage Thermoses, Bonita

88 | JULY 2015

Goddiss Coverup, Bonita Beach Mi Refugio Projects Leather Bracelets, Rowan CLP Necklace, Bonita Beach Ipanema Turquoise Bikini, Bonita Beach


90 | JULY 2015

à le by Alessandra Bikini, Bonita Beach Twine & Twig Necklace, Bonita Beach Anna Sui for O’Neill Kimono, Bonita Beach



#sblifeandstyle to show off your camping weekend & latest copy @sblifeandstyle SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 91


Bonita AND THE BEACH Written by Alexandra Sharova Photographed by Silas Fallstich

92 | JULY 2015


94 | JULY 2015


ollowing a temporary closing post-fire, Bonita rose like a phoenix from the ashes— more vibrant and fabulous than before. The Summerland boutique returned with a redecorated interior and new brands—adding more flavor to an already impressive collection of accessories, clothes, beauty products, and unique trinkets.

Owner Rita Villa is a local who grew up with quintessential Santa Barbara elements in her life: flamenco dancing, the beach, fiesta, and family—all of which are mirrored in her three stores, Bonita, Bonita Beach and Toro. Everything from the strategically placed, detailed décor, to the beach and Spanish inspired styles, is a reflection of her upbringing, and naturally of SB. The stores themselves are welcoming, with an ambiance that reels one into what seems like a magazine home. They are more like concept stores, rather than basic places to purchase jeans and a t-shirt. Vintage postcards and posters adorn the calm cream walls of Bonita and Bonita Beach, intricate awe-inspiring jewelry is sprinkled throughout the spaces, authentic Spanish

knick-knacks infuse the stores with exotic red, magenta and golden hues, and a tropical smell ties it all together (thanks to heavenly Australian candles and incense). Within Bonita Beach is Toro, an offspring of the Los Olivos location, dedicated to the classic California guy. With a range of finecrafted leather accessories, shorts, flannels, and unbelievably soft tees, it has all the essentials. Perfect for the easy-going guy who values quality and comfort. Rita does double-duty as both the owner and the buyer for her three locations. She fills her stores with brands from Australia, New York, Paris, and Los Angeles, and finds herself scouring Instagram for new designers and vendors. When asked to describe the style of Bonita and Bonita Beach, Rita put it simply as, “bohemian elegance.” With flowy fabrics, crochet bikinis, leather goods, and endless bangles, the description is on point. The boutiques are filled with incredible finds and brands that are not only unique, but many of the pieces are handcrafted or handembroidered, meaning your item is one-of-a-kind—a fashionista’s dream. In SB we pay close attention to vibes; these stores and Rita herself exude positivity, grace, and effortless style. Returning customers come to feel like family—a true testament to the high-quality of service the boutiques offer. With an ever-evolving stock of incredible finds, treasures from Bonita and Bonita Beach are a vital part of any Californian’s summer wardrobe. *


96 | JULY 2015

BONITA BEACH 2325 Lillie Ave Summerland, CA 93067 BONITA SUMMERLAND 2330 Lillie Ave Summerland, CA 93067 TORO 2360 Alamo Pintado Ave Los Olivos, CA 93441 805-565-3848




camper Written by Rah Riley Photos courtesy of El Capitan Canyon


ushing a golden marshmallow onto a cold chunk of Hershey’s, an incoming graham cracker presses into the salty, smoky, and sweet stack of goodness. The fire snaps, exhaling sparks and smoke swirls up into the dark. Within the flickering halo, a plaid afghan rests in the lap of a lawn chair, currently cradling chocolate, a Kindle, and don’t worry, the wine glass is just a few inches away, dark and dancing with the flames. Looking up from glowing fiction, a flash like fire skips over the rocks not 10 feet from our campsite. I’ve just crossed paths with a tiny wild fox. How fun is this? It seems days ago that I was running around Santa Barbara, pushing myself to get in and out of parking ramps in under 75 minutes and navigating early LA traffic. Even the short drive up the 101 (and I mean super short, as in 20 minutes flat from Nordstrom to the man in the welcome kiosk) could not have been just a few hours ago. But indeed, I have found myself in the cool, relaxing midst of yet another luxury of the American Riviera: El Capitan Canyon.

98 | JULY 2015


It’s a busy time of year and a one-night getaway for a little meditation seemed like a good idea. So four hours ago my boo and I took the El Capitan State Beach exit, parked next to a beautiful staging of a safari tent and log cabin that made me want to stay in both, and ducked between big pines into the Lodge. The air is laid back and no fuss, so the only pomp and circumstance involved with checkin is that we are to be escorted by a charming young man in a van to our cabin in the woods. Despite receiving a hefty stack of maps and materials, I’m thankful for a guide. The roads are small and winding as we roll over bridges and under outstretched branches, weaving through sunny villages of cabins, safari tents, and adventure yurts, around steep hills, and past Jurassic trees, woodpeckered trunks, impossibly big boulders, and a seasonal stream. I spot a heated pool, a sign for a llama farm (definitely something I will be looking into), and my ESP is picking up on a spa cabin nearby. After unpacking and parking, 100 | JULY 2015

becoming one with the woods is number one on my to-do list. And I like to think I’m a woman who gets things done. Now it’s dark, late, and the air is chilly, filled with the smell of earth. The warm glow of cabin windows and safari tents light up like late night blanket forts. A few cabins down, bonfires burn with the murmur of hotdogs and s’mores. S’mores, campfire sandwich of champions since 1927; thanks, Girl Scouts. Our own spirited fire is a mix of firewood from the Canyon Market and kindling we’ve been gathering from the riverbed. A native of middle-ofnowhere, I’m basically a professional kindling collector. But by 10:30 the fires are burning to embers, the woods have become quiet, and the wine is no more. A deep inhale of cold air keeps me gratefully present in nights like these and powers up my neurons enough to make a move. Scattering the remaining embers across the bottom of their barrel, I make my way to my own glowing log cabin.

Opening the French doors, I step into another kind of heaven, and the gas fireplace flickers with justified pride. It’s an incredibly cozy retreat from even the greatest outdoors: wood floors, fleece comforters, Mexican tapestries on the wall, and a kitchenette with Santa Barbara Roasting Company coffee anticipating sunrise. The big bathroom is glossy white and has done well to make a deep, oversized soaking tub the priority; providing luxury without sacrificing simplicity. Once you realize this in-cabin spa treatment has been waiting for you, there’s really no turning back.

bones are brand spanking new. Instead of cracking my lids at a series of five to ten encouraging but stern alarms, my lashes flutter open at the late morning light spilling through high windows and the soft chatter of birds all around me. And after that fox last night, I feel like Snow White. It’s a sleep experience I highly recommend. The forest is calling and I feel awesome, so grabbing a throw and my Kindle, I step out into the world. The big covered porch and bench are perfect for rotating between sips of hot coffee, a morning read, and gazing out at the bustling ravine. The trees are thick and towering as they hug every cabin in sight. This place has the comforts of Untucking the sheets, the bed instantly feels five-star and a classic resort with the added perks of wild fresh air and I sink into it by the glow of the fireplace, snug as a bug in notably more pine cones. And while El Capitan makes a rug. The collaborative effort of a flickering fire inside, sure there are wi-fi hotspots throught the resort, the cell cold night air outside, and a hot bath that lost track of reception is a kind reminder that the trees don’t care time, all ignite eight hours of completely motionless sleep about your text messages and you shouldn’t either—if (not exaggerating) and awaking feeling as though my very the wonder of retreat didn’t already take care of that. SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 101

Late morning has me thinking about the ample breakfast menu down at the marketplace, so I wake up the boy and shrug on shorts and sweaters to trot down to base camp. From our spot back deep into the valley of the resort, it’s a beautiful 15-minute walk. My first surprise is the number of kids: playing football on the lawn, biking over bumpy trails, strategizing a Nerf attack plan, running free with their hair in the wind. This is family friendly at its absolute finest. And yet, despite being full of activity, my second surprise was how quiet it is everywhere we walk. On top of the woodlands kindly absorbing sound better than glass and porcelain tile, I’m going to thank the Canyon’s policies of no pets, no cars except when leaving, and no amplified music, for this invaluable conservation of quietude. My third (and favorite) surprise, is meeting Scarface, an oversized and incredibly heavy black cat. Rumor has it he fought a coyote, and I have no reason to doubt that. After quickly

102 | JULY 2015

becoming best friends, I was happy to lug him around while exploring the Canyon Market & Deli. The Market has everything from a rather substantial wine selection to tees and hats to s’mores kits complete with roasting sticks and a variety of signature BBQ kits (tri-tip and salmon are on the list) that can be bought at the market or delivered to your cabin. And across the footbridge, the new West Canyon Market retails luxury apparel, accessories and home wares. But it’s the Deli menu that has all my attention now. Specialty pizzas, soup of the day combos, a huge variety of sandwiches and serious burgers, salads, Mexican dishes, and ah, breakfast. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m considering cruising back up to El Capitan Canyon for the sleeping and breakfast alone. I order the bacon breakfast sandwich and French toast with strawberries and my beau gets the breakfast burrito. Lounging by another welcomed fireplace

with Scarface, I’m alarmed by a skunk meandering across the outdoor patio. But Maurice, as they call him, is quickly shooed away by staff and hustles his butt back into the woods. No pets allowed. In an effort of fairness, I’ve convinced Scarface he should do his own thing for a while and we get the outside patio, overlooking a leafy ravine, to ourselves. Our plates arrive in front of us shortly. The presentation is zero fuss, like everything here, and the quality is beyond expectations, setting another food rave in motion. From the crunch of thick bacon, to the freshness of the strawberries, to the pure mass of burrito topped with kickin’ salsa, everything was absolute perfection. Topped off with staff that must be morning people and a contagious carefree vibe, well, you might be convinced that all you need is sunshine, fresh air, and good breakfast to be happy forever. I’m feeling a hike to a llama farm coming on.

Just beyond the outdoor patios of the market we begin a steep climb up Llama Trail. Past the organic garden and the grounds that seem to be where firewood comes from, we come upon the expansive slope down toward the coast, dotted with sheep, goats, and, you guessed it, llamas. Sweaters had long ago dropped into knots around our waists. The dusty path had climbed out above of the deep green of forest onto windy grassy hills spotted with cacti, sparrow speckled fences, and camera clicks that come with panoramic views like these. We live in a truly breathtaking few miles of the world. Behind us, peaks and valleys of the Santa Ynez Mountains, before us the Channel Islands and endless Pacific, above us sunshine and unmarked blue skies, and below us, the cool woods and cozy cabins of El Capitan Canyon. * EL CAPITAN CANYON 11560 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 805-685-3887 SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 103


DISH IT UP A simple monthly recipe, to try at home, from our team to you.

Roasted Red Beet & Quinoa Veggie Burger with Lemon Tahini Dijon Ingredients Yield: 4 servings

Veggie Burger: 3/4 cup red quinoa, cooked 1 cup red beets, peeled and cut into fours 1 tbsp olive oil 2 eggs 2 shallots, minced 3 cloves of garlic, minced 1/3 cup whole wheat bread crumbs 1 tbsp flax seeds 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp sea salt

Lemon Tahini Dijon: 1 tbsp tahini 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 tbsp shallots, minced ½ tbsp lemon juice 1 dash sugar sea salt freshly ground pepper

Recipe by Breanna O’Toole with Bree’s Pretty Pantry Photographed by Silas Fallstich

104 | JULY 2015

If you would like to have one of your personal recipes featured in Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine email recipe and cooking instructions to for consideration.

Directions Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Place the cut up beets on a lined baking sheet, spray with olive oil cooking spray and roast for 30-40 minutes. Once the beets are cooked, remove from oven and place them in a food processor and pulse for 1 minute. Transfer the beets into a large bowl, add all the other ingredients and stir to combine. Shape the burgers and place them on a lined baking sheet. Note: burgers’ consistency may seem soupy; this is normal. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes on one side, then flip over and bake for 15 more minutes. While the burgers are baking, prepare the tahini. Place all ingredients in the food processor and process to obtain a creamy sauce. Assemble the burgers immediately after removing from the oven.








THE LOOK Photographed by Silas Fallstich

106 | JULY 2015

MAKEUP by Rose

For a natural eye look I used Bobbi Brown Bone Cream eyeshadow. I layered Glo Minerals Waterproof Mascara on Jerica’s top and bottom lashes and added Ardell Professional Wispies lashes. Next, I applied Glo Minerals Liquid Foundation in Naturelle and Glo Minerals Pressed Base Powder Honey Medium over the foundation. To enhance her cheek bones I used Anastasia Contour Palette followed by Glo Minerals Sunlight bronzer. For a pop of color I filled in her lips with Glo Minerals Matte Lip Crayon in Sorbet.

HAIR by Ashton

To make the perfect textured top knot I started by taking Jerica’s hair and smoothing it with a boar bristle brush while gliding Davines Invisible Serum over fly away hairs with my hand to create a secure ponytail. Next, I created volume by adding Davines Textured Dust and teasing the base of the ponytail. Then, I pinned sections of hair to form the desired top knot. After, I curled the face framing hairs with a curling iron for a soft, whimsical look. I finished and set the look with Davines Medium Hairspray (which smells amazing and is great for your everyday look or a flawless evening style)! For appointments call Carlyle Salon & Style Bar 805-963-8787 350 Chapala St #101 Santa Barbara, CA

California Grown Santa Barbara Crafted

Organic Ingredients California Grown No Artificial Anything

Gluten free


GMO free






“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” -Coco Chanel

1159 Coast Village Road Montecito, California 93108


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