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There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence on vacation! There’s no reason not to completely enjoy your hard-earned break, and not feel bad about it. One great way to treat yourself at happy hour while still cutting calories is by getting creative with your drink order. Here are a few notes to share with the bartender: keep the alcohol clear, add fresh fruit (nothing from concentrate) and throw in any herbs and spices (all great for beauty boosting anti-inflammation). Armed with that info, most bartenders will create a perfect guilt-free cocktail.


It can be a challenge to get a good night sleep in a bed that is not your own. The key is setting yourself up for sleep success before you actually get into bed. A few simple yoga postures will help reduce stress and calm the nervous system. If you are not about to stretch it out before you hit the hay, melatonin and a hot bath or shower are great choices as natural sleep aids. Another fun option is to get playful between the sheets. This releases serotonin and relaxes the entire body.


Whether you are in a hot climate or simply just getting there on a plane, your skin can suffer from the harsh environment. No matter how silly I may look, I always take a deep hydration mask with me to use while I am on the plane. One of my favorites is Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Intensive Serum Masque from Cos Bar. This leaves the skin feeling fresh and deeply moisturized making it easy to make a fabulous entrance!


Fashion is always a fun part of vacation. It is the time to get to try out a new style or rock that gorgeous dress that has been hanging in your closet. Unfortunately, packing can cause creases in the clothes depending on the fabric. In order to get to your destination without having to track down the nearest steamer, try to pack items made out of rayon.


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Santa Barbara Life & Style | July/August 2016  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine | Volume 4 Issue 6

Santa Barbara Life & Style | July/August 2016  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine | Volume 4 Issue 6