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Enjoy that Santa Barbara sunshine! Happy Hour 3-7 everyday Buy one small plate, get one 1/2 off Exquisite wines & European beers served with free crostini See & be seen beautiful State Street patio! Authentic scratch-made cakes & pastries Breakfast, lunch & dinner Weekend brunches High Tea served daily from 2 p.m. Farm to flute mimosas Contact Charlotte Private events: 805-770-5284

The Andersen’s Danish Bakery & Restaurant 1106 State Street 805-962-5085

THE DESERT IS CALLING 5240 Curtis Road, Pioneertown CA I 760-365-7001 I Wedding & Event contact:




Jewelry by Patty Baldwin Designs

232 Natoma Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Reservations: 805-965-3586 or

Escape to The Eagle Inn

for your romantic getaway! Share Champagne on the veranda, relax in the whirlpool tub and cozy up to the fireplace.

232 Natoma Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Reservations: 805-965-3586 or No blocking fee for bridal parties and wedding guests.

From France with love. Discover Le Petit Bistrot, a contemporary French restaurant that couples traditional French cuisine with a modern palate. Chef Mario Carvalho is happy to offer you French cuisine prepared with ingredients of the highest quality and with the greatest respect for traditions have made bistrot cuisine forever adored. Founder, Salvatore, believes in the farm to table ethos. Using locally sourced produce, he takes pride in working and contributing with State Street’s farmers market. Hand selected produce adds personality to each meal. Our full bar offers delicious cocktails and a relevant wine list. P.S. Italian descent. French appetite.

Open 6 days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Come discover French cuisine at Le Petit Bistrot. 532 State Street, Santa Barbara 93101

California Grown Santa Barbara Crafted

Organic Ingredients California Grown No Artificial Anything

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GMO free





July/August 2016 Volume 4 / Issue 6 Editor & Publisher Ottocina Ryan Lead Photographer Meadow Rose Staff Photographer & Writer Silas Fallstich Art Director Riley Yahr Director of Marketing Frances Rozhko

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PHOTOGRAPHER Chris DeLorenzo MODEL Marina Laswick with Elite Model Management HAIR by Krysta Withrow with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar MAKEUP by Rose Serrano with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar MANICURE by Aqua Skin & Nail Bar SHIRT American Colors from Whiskey & Leather JEANS Hudson from Whiskey & Leather NECKLACE Kai Linz from Allora by Laura

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/CONTENT July/August 2016 dining 14 / VALLE FRESH

Savor Chef Conrad’s organic flavors and artistic flower garnish.

20 / FREE SPIRIT Stunning farm to bar drinks that will leave your tastebuds begging for more.

26 / WHEN IN PARIS Stay local, but dine like the French at this delicious new eatery.

28 / THE PLACE TO FILL YOUR BELLY A tasty spin on American classics that will keep you coming back morning and night.

beauty 34 / MANE TAINED Feel the zen and let a Feng Shui guru take control of your next hairstyle.

36 / HERE COMES THE SUN Lay out with your mind at ease and your skin protected.

fashion 38 / CAST AWAY Wade into the Pacific Ocean, and dip your toes into yachting fashion.

56 / DRIPPING IN GOLD Golden paintings and sparkling accessories to fill your home and enhance your ensemble.

66 / POOLSIDE Swimsuit up with cabana-ready looks.

72 / LOCAL THREADS A young entrepreneur takes on the fashion industry, one tiny t-shirt at a time.

74 / DESERTED Live like an outlaw and let the desert winds sweep you away.

travel 94 / UNTIL NEXT TIME From hot air balloon rides to those on horseback, follow the adventurous days of an Arizona retreat.

98 / GREEN FLASH Motor off with us on a mystic charter to the Channel Islands.

100 / INTRODUCING DAWN Take the wheel and let the roar of this coveted engine whisk you to vineyards and beyond.

health 106 / HEALTHY TRAVEL Learn how to stay energized and balanced while you explore the world.

110 / DISH IT UP A beauty battle between halibut and avocado produce a striking and delicious dish.

112 / GET THE LOOK Delicate braids and bronzed skin come together for a summery look.


WHATwe LIKE Staff Picks for July/August 2016 Robin Berger, Writer


FROM DAY TO NIGHT B-low the Belt Clutch, Allora by Laura

BRING ON THE SUN Thom Browne Sunglasses, Occhiali Fine Eyewear



Ali Grace Crystal Choker, Allora by Laura


SCRUB A DUB DUB Santa Barbara Soaps Sea Salt Butter Scrub, Plum Goods


12 | JULY/AUGUST 2016



Malia B. Soul Perfume Oil

House of Lafayette Fedora, Allora by Laura




from the

Editor As the hotter summer months move in, we decided to move outside and soak it up. In Cast Away, we grew our sea legs and motored off towards the Channel Islands for an ominous photoshoot amongst the mist. Take a look behind the scenes of this hazy shoot in Green Flash. After a full day aboard an exquisite yacht complete with a warm and welcoming crew, we traded the salty seas for pools. In Poolside, we outfit you with white swimsuits and stunning jewels, and fill you in on what you need to look for in sunscreen to protect your skin with Here Comes The Sun.

Introducing Dawn, we opened the door to luxury, and put the pedal to the metal. After tasting our way through the Grassini Family Vineyards, we headed down for some fugitive fun in Pioneertown. Fringe, denim and leather drape the models in the desert heat. Following on our southern route, we ended up in Scottsdale for Until Next Time. See the Arizona landscape from the clouds, and experience it first-hand from ranches, farms, gardens, and cities. With all this touring, we made sure to teach you to stay well adjusted and revitalized in Healthy Travel.

Turning our focus back to Santa Barbara’s finest, we let you experience the very best in dining and drinking. From divine French cuisine at Le Petite Bistrot, to gourmet native classics at Yellow Belly, these pages taste it all. Organic freshness was not overlooked in this issue as we drank the night away at the farm to bar Bobcat Room, and dined amongst the blossoms with Valle Fresh.

In this issue, we also wanted to highlight local talent. In Local Threads we followed the story of a successful female entrepreneur who uses sustainable and recycled fabric to make clothes for children. In Mane Tained, read as one of our own gets a new feng shui’d ‘do at the Bacara.

As here at the office we never stand still, we kept moving and traveling to new locations. In

Hold onto this summer for as long as you can before the leaves fall, but rest assured that when they do, we will be right here to catch them with a new fall issue.


Ottocina Ryan Editor in Chief Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine


SB LIFE & STYLE dining

14 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


Photographed by Silas Fallstich Written by Robin Berger


16 | JULY/AUGUST 2016



’m leaning over a long wood table in the middle of Babi’s Beer Emporium in Los Alamos, surrounded by a plethora of energetic yellow flowers, luminous vegetables and the most colorful and ripe strawberries on the planet, or at least in Southern California. I watch Conrad, owner of catering company Valle Fresh, swirl the last touches of balsamic perfection onto a plate of tuna and steak tartares. I observe with awe, pondering how anyone can make food look that extraordinary. Each flower and garnish in its own unique placement adds an effervescent pop to the dish. I ask Conrad where he learned to plate food to this stature. He explains that he’s always been artistic, but with plating food, it’s just a vision in his head. He incorporates the flowers because he loves the different color combinations they bring to the plates and his tacos. Some chefs are just naturally that talented, and he is one of them. Conrad includes that he picks all his ingredients daily and locally,

18 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

so I know that my tastes of his dishes will be blessed with an authenticity that separates good food from the unquestionably great. I take a seat on a ruby red steel chair next to a vintage pearly white vintage fridge, and with ease, almost like I’m in his own kitchen, Conrad places the first dish before me and my pupils grow with awe. Giving myself a couple minutes, to first appreciate the remarkable presentation and then to swallow the guilt of disarraying an edible van Gogh like work of art, I slowly take a bite. This play on surf n’ turf is a steak tartare with charred jalapeños, smoked oyster mushrooms, capers, and a touch of Dijon. The subtle smoky flavor combined with the jalapeño has my tastebuds yearning for more. I move on to the “surf ” portion—fried wonton tostada painted with black bean ferment, topped with avocado, marinated ahi, and touches of cilantro and toasted sesame. This lively and crisp concoction has me feeling lighter and healthier with each bite.

The next dish is underway so I meander back towards the front of Babi’s and catch a glimpse of the blue-skied sunny atmosphere in Los Alamos. The (very) small town feel is comforting and echoes in the eclectic array of antiques and trinkets that adorn almost every inch of the emporium. I watch as Conrad selects pickled fruit from a jar and he offers me a cherry to taste. The tang is ever-present as I roam around the space in a cloud of thought. I scan a deep blue door with an emblem pinned above it, “Today is your lucky day.” I flashback to my reality and the luckiness is accumulating by the second, currently in the form of naan quesadillas that are waiting for me. The homemade naan bread stuffed with a melted mixture of creamy fromage blanc, Chimay, Chihuahua, drunken goat, and smoked gouda is a cheese lover’s paradise. I dip the sophisticated quesadilla in the accompanying romescoe sauce and spicy hummus until there is nothing left. The finale of today’s impressively plated and unbelievably delicious dishes is slow braised pork belly paired with a salad of

just-picked dandelion greens, pickled fruits and vegetables, and smears of goat cheese. The pork is pulled apart and I add a touch of light goat cheese and embellish the bite with a pickled plum. The fruitful flavor compliments the pork, while the butterfly cosmo flowers and greens leave me contemplating my original idea of fresh. When my plates are bare, Conrad offers me a summer IPA, because you can’t enter a beer emporium without a summertime refreshment. Sipping my cold beer, the conversation is honest and invigorating, making me realize Conrad’s undeniable passion for food. He tells me he’s excited to serve small bites every weekend at Babi’s Beer Emporium starting July 1st, in addition to the various pop-up dinners and events he caters around Santa Barbara and the Valley. As our conversation drifts towards experiences, I grasp that his business is a lot more than just making food. Bringing together neighboring farmers and ranchers, healthy eating habits and his signature flowers, he incorporates just the right balance of modesty and perfection. I take in my last sip of beer and recognize that Conrad definitely made it my lucky day.


VALLE FRESH 805-865-2282



free SPIRIT Bobcat Room is a farm to bar experience, with local organic ingredients and drinks named after your favorite Santa Barbara gems.

Photographed by Silas Fallstich Written by Marisa Hutton


s the clock strikes 9 on a bustling evening in downtown Santa Barbara, we pick up our pace, veering left onto Ortega Street. We are headed to the Bobcat Room, located right next to the Wildcat, and I decide to label this stretch of pavement: The Cat Walk, as we strut down it approaching the glowing lights before us. With no large sign screaming its name, I can already tell that the atmosphere at the Bobcat is going to be much different from the connecting Wildcat that Santa Barbara locals know so well. Two red-illuminated “1�s mark the doorway, and we enter into the nightlife equivalent of a secret garden. Once inside it feels like no one on the street knows that you are there. Rich mahogany hugs the room, and soft

yet energetic chatter from the group by the window captures my attention. Eavesdropping on a review of the latest show at the Granada Theatre, I glide along the floor towards the dark marbled bar. With my eyes darting all around noting every intricacy of the meticulously designed room, Bob, the owner, catches my glances and wanders over. His passion and fondness for his new baby is all but subtle, and excitedly he offers us a tour. He begins by opening up a door that camouflages into the wall so well that its existence is only marked by a small window. Once open, it offers a passageway connecting the maturity of the Bobcat with the inner-child of the Wildcat. Through another door out the back, one that is easily closed if the popularity of the Wildcat proves too much, we take a brief stroll around the connecting patio before returning inside.



22 | JULY/AUGUST 2016





BOBCAT ROOM 11 W Ortega Street Santa Barbara, CA 24 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Deep yellow and dark purple lights line the walls in chunks, giving each meter its proper attention. The corridor leading back to the main bar area is geometrically sprinkled with nooks containing stunning artwork. The entirety of the Bobcat’s design is a community affair. Bob’s wife Dawn created these paintings, and the owner of Couch (their next-door neighbor) gifted the patches of wall upholstery. The pillowed section of the wall elevates the alreadycomfortable feeling of the soft black leather chairs and the gentle lighting. Arriving back to the bar, the audience has already increased within minutes. Double-dates lounge on the couches, while friends nibbling on a cheese plate convene on the chairs. The ambiance of the Bobcat is quite unique to Santa Barbara. The swankiness of the East Coast combines with local flairs, giving you a feeling of freshness. Desiring to sit as close to the liquor as possible, Bob seats us at two bar stools. Red light illuminates the bar, highlighting both the alcohol and the ingredients, and we are eager to enlighten our taste buds. Shaun, the bar manager, slips us a menu and explains the concept of this new and exciting bar. The Bobcat is the complete realization of “farm to bar.” Shaun lights up as he tells us about his involvement in the production of the menu. Explaining each drink as though it is his greatest source of pride, our mouths begin to water. With produce picked daily from both farmers markets and friendly neighbors, Shaun and his team bring only the freshest organic ingredients into the bar. Each leaf and piece of fruit is specifically chosen and tested for its individual concoction. Asking for a recommendation proves useless as this menu is comprised of only the best, so we each choose the cocktail that catches our eye first. I order the Jesusita, named after the classic Santa Barbara trail. True to its name, all of the ingredients, except the gin, were picked directly from the trail itself. My drinking companion vies for the Smitten Kitten, the Bobcat’s take on a Moscow mule with homemade ginger beer. Within seconds our perfectly made mixes are placed in front of us, and we have to control the urge to suck it all down in order to snap those obligatory pictures. Mine, the ideal blend of sweet and tart, and hers so tangy and full of flavor, are nursed for maximum enjoyment. The bar is continually filling up with well-dressed young professionals welcoming in the much-anticipated weekend. The bartenders constantly greet regulars and

banter with old friends. We ourselves receive regular visits from both Shaun and Bob just to chat and make sure we are tended to. While quiet seclusion may be a possibility here, the focus is clearly community. From the physical properties in the room to the encouragement from the bartenders, it is beyond apparent. The music is not too loud to make talking forced, just silky enough to fill the room with a groove. Before we know it, we each taste our last drop and immediately Shaun asks if we’d like another. It is 10 p.m. on a Friday and too eagerly, we accept. Instead of opting for a pre-determined menu item, he offers to make us personal mixtures. We simply choose our liquor and give Shaun free rein. As he has been making farm to bar drinks at the Wildcat on Tuesdays, he is very familiar with full control. On Tuesday nights there is no menu over there; a simple request for a type of alcohol or taste, and the bartenders use their freshest ingredients to make it happen. Two more picturesque glasses are placed in front of us awaiting our consumption. My cucumber, agave, sugar snap pea, soda water, and gin drink hits my taste buds, Niki’s strawberry, tarragon and vodka cocktail touches hers, and we both look at each other in mutual awe. Each sip beating the last, we trade with each other and then back again. The minty brilliance dances throughout me and I wish I could sit here all night. Distracted for a brief moment by a new crowd strolling in, the window in the door snatches my attention. Fully entranced by the Bobcat I had completely forgotten about the happenings at the Wildcat next door. Looking through the glass feels like I am gazing through a porthole into a colorful silent film. Flashing lights and a head-bumbling DJ light up the dance floor for those eager for a night out. The dancing is so chaotic, but beautifully uninhibited. Once again, looking down at our dry glasses we exchange glances, this time of pure satisfaction. As I had not experienced farm to bar before, I never knew whether the difference would be something noticeable, but Bobcat has certainly given me clarity. Not only is the taste elevated to a new level, but also knowing that your bartender has individually plucked those ingredients for you brings an unparalleled personalization. Rising slowly from my seat, I say, “I’ll see you soon” to Shaun, and make my way to the door. Fighting the temptation to venture next door to dance until my early morning flight, I bid farewell to this unique and special gem in Santa Barbara.






rench” is synonymous with decadence— from entertainment to food—so since I was in the mood to indulge, I headed for Santa Barbara’s newest addition, Le Petit Bistrot. This two-story gem—decorated in traditional French bistro style, with deep red booths and black & white photography—transports me straight to France; precisely what I was hoping for. Moroccan-influenced accents, echoing in the lamps and cozy fireplace, and a darling second floor balcony create a romantic setting—ideal for our date night. Warm baguette and creamy butter promptly arrive at the table, with food and wine recommendations to pair. Naturally we begin with escargots, because when in Paris, right? Cooked to an exquisite texture and doused in a light garlic-butter sauce (that I just can’t get enough of), the snails do not disappoint. Tip: use the warm bread to savor every last bit of sauce—you know you want to.

26 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Photographed by Silas Fallstich Written by Alexandra Sharova

While waiting for my next course, I flip through the menu once more, and it’s extensive. Filled with authentic French dishes, both expected, like steak frites and crêpe varieties, and less common delicious plates, like pork shank braised in a Munster cheese sauce; it has something from the land and sea, and even veggie lovers have rich flavorful options to choose from. With that thought, my mussels and fries arrive, matched with a deliciously refreshing, non-buttery, Louis Jadot Chardonnay. What the wine lacks in classic buttery notes, the mussels make up for in their own rich sauce—a must-try combo.

LE PETIT BISTROT 532 State Street Santa Barbara, CA

I catch up with owner, Salvatore Italiano, to get the story on Le Petit Bistrot. Apparently it is technically a chain, something I would never guess from the range of flavors and genuine service, yet every location boasts its own unique menu and interior design style, making each one special. Salvatore and Chef Mario Carvalho, are responsible for the variety of dishes and authenticity of Le Petit Bistrot. The two are more than just co-workers; their friendship goes all the way back to France, to their hometown of Strasbourg. The long partnership is evident in the harmony with which the bistro operates—reflecting proper French service, often lacking in the U.S.. Like clockwork (as I mention service) my main course, the tenderloin with port wine sauce, appears. Accompanied by rich truffle potatoes and marinated grilled veggies, the meat manages to keep all my attention. It melts in my mouth, like magic. I’ve always known the French were experts when it came to meats, but this is something else. My dinner at Le Petit Bistrot made me nostalgic for my trips to Paris, due to the classic dishes and warm elegance the restaurant exudes. It’s the ideal destination for fans of French cuisine who want to transport to France, if only for an evening.



The Place to Fill Your Belly Photographed by Silas Fallstich Written by Alexandra Sharova


t’s Thursday evening, and Yellow Belly is bursting with chatter, laughter, and cheers with beers. Rightfully so, it’s the perfect spot for a post-work happy hour with colleagues and friendly reunions, centered around good food and good beer, all in a quaint meets hipster atmosphere.

28 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


30 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

My night begins with a refreshing white, and a rich stout for my guy, on the heated light-adorned front patio. Choosing a beverage for beer connoisseurs can be challenging—in a good way—due to a fine selection of on tap craft beers, which rotate, allowing visitors to try something new each visit. Luckily our waitress, who is a delight, lets us try out a few samples before making a commitment. For apps we opt for spicy chicken wings, a quintessential dish for American cuisine, and the Brussels sprouts, which are surprisingly still en vogue. Both dishes are great for sharing, but my split is less than fair, due

to the original preparation of the sprouts. Delivered in a personal skillet, reflecting a cozy home-style feel, they’re not the generically grilled to a crisp sprouts we are so used to seeing on every trendy menu in town. No, these babies do their own thing, and they do it well. Caramelized shallot sauce adds a juicy kick of tang, while generously sprinkled thick cut bacon converts the veggie dish to something even guys can’t keep their hands off. Balancing the sweet and sour app are hot wings, whose flawless (not one bit soggy) crispy texture lands them a spot on my top wings list—it’s quite the honor.

This is the type of place where fortuitous runins occur; the restaurant’s all about bringing people together for a good time.


While waiting on the main course, I step inside and inevitably run into friends. This is the type of place where fortuitous run-ins occur; the restaurant’s all about bringing people together for a good time. I return just in time to enjoy the black and bleu burger and buttermilk fried chicken sandwich—I suggest splitting two things to get the most of your dinner. Both mains were recommended to us, and it’s easy to see why. The toasted brioche bun cradles a hearty patty, balsamic onions, arugula, garlic aioli, and the ingredient I’ve always avoided, blue cheese. To my surprise, I accept the cheese…and devour my half of the burger along with garlic parmesan fries—our nearly finished, double order of this cheesy flavorful side speaks for the fries’ quality. Although I feel completely full, I move on to the chicken sandwich, and forget my fullness with the first bite. Equipped with pickled onion (a favorite of mine) and cabbage slaw upgraded with piquant jalapeño, it’s an ideal twist to the traditional recipe. Although everything was tasty, and I could not pull myself away from a single dish, the dessert takes the cake (no pun intended). Our waitress expresses that the cast iron cookie is her favorite order, and we reluctantly go along. My goodness am I happy we listened. A classic (and large) chocolate chip arrives in a charming cast iron skillet topped with McConnell’s Brazilian coffee. The combination of a local favorite and everyone’s go to childhood dessert makes for sweet tooth heaven. I am definitely coming back to try the rest of the cookie-ice cream combos—there are three cookie choices and four ice cream flavors to mix and match. My dinner was everything it should be: delicious, entertaining, fun, and concluded with a slightly tipsy food coma, and a very happy belly. As we get ready to leave, I overhear a table raving about the brunch selection…looks like I’ll be back sooner than expected.


32 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

The combination of a local favorite and everyone’s go-to childhood dessert makes for sweet tooth heaven.

YELLOW BELLY 2611 De La Vina Street Santa Barbara, CA 805-770-5694


SB LIFE & STYLE beauty


TAINED Billy Yamaguchi brings beauty to your hair and balance to your life through Feng Shui hairstyling at the Bacara. Photographed by Carly Otness Written by Frances Rozhko


adies, let me paint a picture for you.…It’s a hot summer afternoon and you’re running thirty minutes late to your long overdue hair appointment. You rush into the salon with a half-melted iced latte in hand, plop down on the plush leather chair, and proceed to drop the rest of the forty things you’ve been carrying around in your two hands. You let out a huge sigh of relief and slowly sink into the soft cold cushion while the stresses of the day slowly melt away. You catch your own gaze in the oversized mirror, honing in your sanity one second at a time. Moments pass as you relax and wait patiently

Model Alyssa Smith with Next Model Management Manicure by Aqua Skin & Nail Bar using LVX in Porcelain 34 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

for your trusted, loyal, go-to hair specialist to approach with her infamous question, “What are we doing with you today, darling?” To prepare, you pull your iPhone out and scroll through your 3,000+ photos to find that one of Rosie Huntington Whitley’s current cut that you pinned on your Hair Inspo board weeks ago so you can say “MAKE ME LOOK LIKE THIS.” Moments pass but your hair expert/confidant is nowhere to be found. Instead, a tall slender man with a long silky, shiny black mane gracefully emerges to greet you and asks your name as he extends his hand towards yours. At first you’re unusually confused and a little thrown off, but equally intrigued by this mysterious character.

BILLY YAMAGUCHI INNER CHI SALON & SPA 3383 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 805-658-7909

Thoughts like “Who are you?” and “What have you done with my favorite hairdresser?” race through your mind. The one who has done my hair for all these years, the one who knows my thick blonde curly locks so well, the one who has (mane)tained my hair after I realized the horrors of bleaching it myself ? You turn your head and see that she is nowhere in sight. Because little do you know, you’re not just going in for your regular monthly make over, no, you’re about to get the Feng Shui’d out of your hair and there is absolutely no turning back. Just kidding. Not only do I know I am about to get my hair “Feng Shui’d,” I willingly took the plunge to volunteer my precious mane to this emerging unique beauty trend. I won’t deny the butterflies I had for lunch kick in the moment I sit down at the Bacara Spa to be color treated and cut by infamous celebrity hairstylist and Feng Shui Beauty master, Billy Yamaguchi, but I know I am also about to have an experience unlike any other. Once I settle in, Billy introduces himself and hands me a sheet of paper with four (what would seem to be) simple questions. But with the words Feng Shui in the back of my mind and a bright light shining down the side of my face I can’t help but wonder if I’m going to walk out of this with chin-length fuchsia hair and a snaggletooth bang. Regardless, I am here to experience this fully so it’s time to go in all the way. The questions are as follows: Question 1: What is a word that describes your personality? Creative (a no brainer since being a painter is my main occupation). Question 2: What is a color that describes that word? GOLD, again a no brainer, which I wouldn’t expect you to know unless you’ve seen my recent paintings which are dripping in gold. Question 3: What is a word that describes your lifestyle? Adventurous. I mean, I am sitting here, right?

describe my personality and lifestyle, meaning that I am structured, organized and driven. “Okay, this is starting off well,” I think to myself. He says people who choose two metals usually tend to represent the doctors, CEOs and entrepreneurs of the world. Once again he is hitting the nail on the head, and goes on to explain that my hairstyle needs to be balanced out because of the two metals I have chosen. He points to an element on the opposing side of metal, which happens to be fire. He believes that fire is the element that will balance out my look. Billy tells me what my hair needs instead of the typical client to stylist tradition. This approach is not only informative, but also makes me feel like I am in good hands. He mysteriously disappears again for a second and re-emerges with a photo of Gisele Bundchen and tells me that he wants to make my hair gold and shimmering, resembling the locks of Gisele. I am no Victoria’s Secret supermodel but if I have to look like one I won’t complain. He explains that my olive skin needs brightening and the metallic overtones will compliment the hues of my skin perfectly in time for the summer. It doesn’t take long for me to agree with a supermodel-inspired hair transformation. Almost immediately, mixing bowls come my way and aluminum foils full of bright blue hair dye slowly veil my sight. As I excitedly sit through the process, I look up to the mirror where Billy has left remnants of his Feng Shui formula. I ponder this fascinating new trend and tactic of hairstyling; it begs me to consider the ways in which I can take more risks through simple everyday choices. Yes, change can be scary because it is the unknown, but when we willingly put ourselves in the midst of it and let it have its way, it is an exhilarating opportunity for growth and adaptation. Switching up routines not only mirrors the principles of Feng Shui but allows us to look at things from a new perspective, challenge ourselves, and, most of all, redesign ordinary structures in everyday life.

Question 4: What is a color that describes that word? SILVER. (Again because I am currently obsessed with metallics, and in no way, shape or form was I going to say fuchsia as to not foreshadow my fate.)

I come back to reality and am taken to another plush chair after processing for the final blow out. Billy and his assistant proceed, and if two stylists simultaneously blowing out my hair isn’t the ultimate way to end this experience then I don’t know what is. The blowout is followed by a brisk dry cut while I stand; Billy recommends that us ladies with curly or wavy locks always request a dry cut as the outcome is more accurate and desirable upon drying.

These four questions are what I soon learn will determine the outcome of my new ‘do. Because after all, Feng Shui is a Chinese system of laws that determine arrangement and orientation of things based on energy. So whatever I project now will reflect how I walk out of this salon later.

At last, I look up at myself in the mirror and see a brighter, shinier and, most importantly, happier me. Not only because this experience turned out to be an extremely successful and fun one, but because I challenged myself to something completely new, and loved it!

After Billy sees my answers he grabs a black marker and in clockwise writes on the mirror: fire, earth, metal, water, and wind. As I reflect on the letters that reflect on my face, Billy proceeds to tell me that I have chosen two metals: gold and silver, to

So my challenge to you: Take a risk, switch up the old routine and embrace the outcome. You won’t only feel resilient and have fun in the process, but it may open the door to your next adventurous escapade….or a new hair style!



here comes the


Photographed by Meadow Rose Written by Dee Dee Serpa-Wickman with Skin Prophecy & Elena Tico Model Claudia Cooper with L.A. Models Hair & Makeup by Kristabelle Marks with José Eber


magine it’s the beginning of a perfect summer day in Santa Barbara. A day on Butterfly Beach where staying until sunset does not seem long enough. A crisp sea breeze dries your ocean soaked, salty hair as you listen to the waves crash against the rocks. Your favorite take-out is by your side and a chic straw sunhat shades your face while you read a magazine. Throughout the day, you go in and out of the glistening water and your sunscreen fully protects you from the sun’s rays. With all the contradicting information out there regarding sunscreen and endless options on the market, we thought you might want some helpful information on what ingredients go in to the most important skincare product and how they benefit you. There are two types of sunscreen ingredients— chemical and physical. Chemical ingredients are absorbed in the epidermis while physical ingredients lie on top of the skin’s surface and are not absorbed. Chemical sunscreen ingredients, when used on their own, provide only partial UV protection. Chemical ingredients: • Octyl Methoxycinnamate—Blocks UV rays only, most common chemical sunscreen ingredient, less likely to cause allergic reactions • Octocrylene—Blocks UV rays only

36 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

• Octyl Salicytote—Very weak UV block • Octyl Dimethyl Paba—Less irritating alternative to Paba, blocks UV rays • Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3)—Blocks some UVA rays • Avobenzone (Parsol 1789)—Blocks some UVA rays, can leave allergic and other adverse reactions, typically combined with Benzophenone-3 Physical ingredients Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are physical sunscreen ingredients that form a protective barrier over the skin, stopping UV rays from penetrating the skin’s surface. Titanium dioxide is a common physical block—it protects against UVB radiation fully, but only protects against short UVA radiation. Zinc oxide is the closest thing to a total sunblock. It is safe and gentle, even on compromised or environmentally challenged skins, and has been used topically for centuries as a skin protectant. It blocks ultra violet (UVB/UVA) as it reflects infrared from the sun. The most effective ingredients in sunscreen are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide because they are physical blockers, which provide protection by sitting on the skin and reflecting and refracting light. Chemical blocks are absorbed into the skin and absorb portions of the light spectrum. Physical blockers protect against a broad range of UVA and UVB light, are not harmful to the skin and are more effective than chemical sunscreen filters.


SKIN PROPHECY 1230 Coast Village Circle, Suite B Santa Barbara, CA 805-969-6454 SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 37

SB LIFE & STYLE fashion

CAST AWAY Photographed by Chris DeLorenzo Models Marina Laswick with Elite Model Management and Regina Schnitzer with MC2 Model Management Hair by Krysta Withrow with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Makeup by Rose Serrano with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Manicure & Pedicure by Aqua Skin & Nail Bar Retouching by Chris DeLorenzo & Katia Temkin Shot aboard Green Flash Charters

Frankies Bikinis Bikini Kai Linz Necklace, Allora by Laura

38 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


Acacia Swimwear Bikini Collene Floyd Rings, Rowan

40 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Nili Lotan Top, Allora by Laura Hudson Jeans, Whiskey & Leather Collene Floyd Ring, Rowan


42 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Water Glamour Bikini, The Bikini Factory


Monrow Sweater, Whiskey & Leather Mikoh Bikini

44 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Zero + Maria Cornejo Sweater, Allora by Laura Collene Floyd Rings, Rowan


LoveShackFancy Dress, Whiskey & Leather

46 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


48 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

OYE Swimsuit


Black Sand Swimwear Swimsuit

50 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


52 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Mikoh Wetsuit


So De Mel Bikini Collene Floyd Rings, Rowan

54 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


Heart of Gold 56 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


GOLD Photographed by Stephanie Plomarity Styled by Kym Fregoso Tolentino with Très K Style Paintings by Frances Rothko

Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Labradorite Beaded Bracelet with Blackened Sterling Silver and Diamond Beads Quartz on Crystal Base, Cabana Home Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Shell Druzy Pendant and Diamonds Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Labradorite and Diamond Ring Sheryl Lowe Jewelry White Bracelets with Moonstone, Bone and Blackened Sterling Silver/Diamond Beads

Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Silverite and Moonstone Bracelet with Blackened Sterling Silver/ Diamond Beads Borbonese Handbag, Allora by Laura Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Rainbow Moonstone and Diamond Ring S’well Birchwood Marble Water Bottle, Paper Source Quay Sunglasses, Blanka White Ceramic Bud Vases, Cabana Home Fantasy & Jewels Necklace, Allora by Laura Marble Tray, Cabana Home SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 57

Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Black Druzy and Diamond Pendant Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Black Druzy and Diamond Ring Zipper Pouch, Paper Source Quay Sunglasses, PB & J Boutique Gold Peace Hand Jewelry Holder, Blanka Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Black Diamond Beaded Bracelets Les Copains Insect Brooch, Allora by Laura Heather Gardner Gold Fringe Necklace, Blanka Amethyst with Wood Base, Cabana Home Lisa Statt Olympic Necklace in Onyx, Blanka Gold Hinged Cuff, Stylist’s Own

58 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Copper Abstract

Commission for Kanye West


Twiggy 60 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Live Work Create Journal, American Nomad Red Vases, Cabana Home Priya Beaded Cuff, American Nomad Navy Stella Clutch, American Nomad St. Xavier Gold Cuff, Blanka Rowallan Jewelry Tray, Cabana Home Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Rose Gold, Tanzanite and Diamond Ring Gold Bamboo Bangle, Blanka Gold Paka Necklace, American Nomad Multicolor Beaded Necklace, American Nomad Tiger Stripe Dish, Cabana Home Misc. Goods Co. Playing Cards, Cabana Home


Silver Lining

Rose Gold Abstract

62 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Damico Milano Shoe, Allora by Laura Blue Leather Tassel, Cabana Home Amore Journal, American Nomad Aquamarine & Silver Ring, Bella Rosa Galleries Silver Rivershine Bracelet, American Nomad Assouline Young Hollywood Book, Cabana Home Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Blue Labradorite Necklace with Rose Gold and Diamond Beads Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings Mitchell Black Hand Wall Art, Cabana Home St. Xavier Silver Clutch, Blanka Ice Blue Lacquered Tray, Cabana Home Silver Necklace, American Nomad Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Gray Moonstone Ring with Diamonds Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Labradorite Beaded Bracelet with Blackened Sterling Silver and Diamond Beads


Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne Peony Rose & Vanilla Candle, Paper Source Peony Rose & Vanilla Soap/Dish, Paper Source AGL Shoe, Allora by Laura Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Agate Druzy and Diamond Necklace Persian Tile Satchel, American Nomad Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Lavender Chalcedony Necklace with Agate Druzy and Diamond Pendant Ashwood & Brass Tulip Pencil Box,

64 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Paper Source Sugarfina Champagne Bears, Paper Source Hammered Metal Box with Quartzite Lid, Cabana Home Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Matte Sunstone and Peach Moonstone Necklace with Rose Gold and Diamond Beads Bronze Artisan Dish, Cabana Home Sheryl Lowe Jewelry Yellow Gold and Diamond Rings Heather Hawkins Pearl Necklace, PB & J Boutique


Trouve Top, Nordstrom Robin Piccone Bikini Bottom, Nordstrom Face to Face Sunglasses, Occhiali Fine Eyewear Gauthier Pop Art Ring

66 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

pool SIDE

Sophisticated swimsuits and diamonds shine at the Canary rooftop pool Photographed by Shannon Jayne Styled by Paula Parisotto at Dettamoda Model Katherine Carter with Wrenn Management Styling Assistant Melissa Laine Hair by Ashton Arroyo with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Makeup by Cynthia Fuentes with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Manicure by Aqua Skin & Nail Bar using LVX in Femme


68 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Robin Piccone Bikini, Nordstrom Sanctuary Button-up, Chasen Gauthier Star Sapphire Ring


Robin Piccone Swimsuit, Nordstrom Eric Javits Hat, Nordstrom Gauthier Necklace & Ring

70 | JULY/AUGUST 2016



THREADS Photographed by Stephanie Plomarity Written by Elena Tico Hair & Maekup by Stephanie Recio with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar


t’s 8 a.m. on a chilly Friday morning when Sofia arrives at Handlebar Coffee. Her topknot bun, cozy black coat and warm smile welcome me in line. Sofia’s bubbly and witty personality instantly fills the room. She courageously dropped her corporate career in New York to move back to Santa Barbara and start her kid’s clothing line, Beru Kids in Los Angeles. Her philanthropic purpose, generosity, and compassion for others drives her line into production. It is clear that, as an entrepreneur, Sofia lives to make the world easier for everyone else. She is the epitome of a 27-year-old woman following her dream while helping others along the way. As we sip our almond milk infused coffees, I chat with Sofia about what inspires her, travel and her favorite go-to’s.

Reformation Dress Ali Grace Necklaces, Allora by Laura

72 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Tell me a little about your clothing line, Beru Kids. Everything is made entirely out of deadstock materials. Meaning, we find and repurpose surplus fabrics from various other brands to create our mini styles—all of which are soft, yet durable, and a bit looser-fitting for ease of activity. Our styles let kids be little.

sister was my mother’s best friend as a kid. It was one of those moments where I said, “This is a seriously small world.”

Who is your dream dinner party guest? Definitely Oprah. She lives in town. Let’s make that happen! I met her when I was 15 at a friend’s house (only in SB). I joke that my life reached its peak that night. She was incredible. She talked to me and We built our story and brand on ethical production asked me questions. Not many adults really care in LA, as well as providing jobs to those in LA. what an awkward 15-year-old has to say or think. While spending time in Sub-Saharan Africa, I met a She then apologized and said, “I’m sorry for being woman who runs a sewing cooperative for women so intrusive. I guess you probably could understand with HIV/AIDS. I loved that she was providing why I do what I do.” Her show was still on the meaningful work for women who otherwise would air at the time. After dinner the family and Oprah be unemployed due to the stigma of their illness. watched Phantom of the Opera. I remember sitting Inspired by that, our main there not focusing on factory (we use two) is the movie and thinking, owned by a woman who “I’M SITTING IN hires mainly women. As THE SAME ROOM AS GO FOR IT. IT’S a female entrepreneur OPRAH.” NEVER THE I support other female entrepreneurs. What is your favorite ‘RIGHT’ TIME. DO place for dinner in WHAT YOU LOVE What advice would you Santa Barbara? AND THE REST give young entrepreneurs? Sakana in Montecito. I Go for it. It’s never the also can never say no to WILL COME. ‘right’ time. Do what you a meal at Via Vai—I’ve love and the rest will come. been going there for as long as I can remember. How do you define success? For me it’s doing what I love and waking up with a What is currently on your bookshelf ? purpose that is greater than just me! I’m currently reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I’m a one book What is on your bucket list? at a time kind of girl. I want to visit every country in the world. Not just a layover or a train ride through the country…people What is your favorite social media account to count that as ‘visiting.’ It’s not. follow? @Natgeo, their photos are incredible. Describe your favorite travel experience yet. It’s hard to pick one because wherever I go, it’s a How would you define your personal style? vastly different experience. My favorite recent trip I’m all about comfort and neutrals. I find it funny was to Costa Rica. My fiancé and I traveled to the that I design using so much color. I feel like that’s Osa Peninsula (Southwest CR). We stayed at the how I wish I dressed, but I always find myself in a coolest little eco-lodge called the Iguana Lodge in combo of black, white, gray, and tan. a casita. It was special. On the last day, the couple who runs the resort returned from the US and What is your go-to item in your closet? it turned out the owner was my mom’s neighbor My surplus leather jacket from Reformation. growing up in rural Upstate New York. His little





74 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

ON HER KIN/K Hat 12ten Dress Old Gringo Boots Natalie B. Jewelry Bracelets ON HIM Kenneth Cole Suit Bracken Shirt Old Gringo Boots Natalie B. Jewelry Bolo Tie

Photographed by Meadow Rose Detail shots by Riley Yahr Models Elbe VV and Rob Healy with Wrenn Management Styled by Maureen Borsodi Hair & Makeup by Aide Lopez with Salon 119 Location Pioneertown


76 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

ON HER Surf Gypsy Top Natalie B. Jewelry Necklace Old Gringo Bag Grey City Shoes ON HIM Old Navy Shirt & Shorts Old Gringo Shoes


Chaudry Dress Bijouterie Necklace

78 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


80 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

ON HER The Beginning Of... Dress Grey City Shoes Natalie B Jewelry Jewelry ON HIM Bracken Shirt Kenneth Cole Vest Hudson Jeans Old Gringo Boots SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 81

Natalie B. Jewelry Necklace 82 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

The Beginning Of... Dress Natalie B. Jewelry Jewelry


ON HER Beach Babe Swimwear Romper Old Gringo Boots Natalie B. Jewelry Jewelry ON HIM Scotch & Soda Shirt Bracken Pants Bands of LA Belt Old Gringo Boots

84 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


ON HER Bella Dahl Top Gemy Maalouf Skirt Natalie B. Jewelry Necklace Old Gringo Boots ON HIM Bracken Top & Scarf Gap Pants Old Gringo Boots

86 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


Fate Vest Bijouterie Arrow Necklace and Bracelet Natalie B. Jewelry Vintage Necklace

88 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


Old Gringo Boots Natalie B Necklaces

90 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


ON HER CAMP Collection Shirt Ekaterina Kukhareva Bottoms ON HIM Bracken Shirt & Pants

92 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


SB LIFE & STYLE travel


A dreamy desert, filled with Mexican cuisine and a blissful balloon-ride made for the ideal adventure to Scottsdale.

Written by Christina Burch


am a firm believer in the saying, “West Coast, best coast.” Growing up in Southern California, I’ve always been just a stone’s throw from the eclectic energy of Los Angeles and the iconic shores of Malibu. Now with Santa Barbara as my backyard, I take full advantage of the superiority of the Pacific. What can I say? Perfect weather, rich diversity and endless opportunity have set my geographical standards high. It’s a wonder any of us bother to venture out. However, I’ve decided to broaden my horizons and do just that. After a sunny lunch on the patio of the Santa Barbara Airport, I board a 12:35 p.m. flight for Phoenix Sky Harbor to allow a new western city the chance to sweep me off my feet. The wheels touch down after only an hour and a half, and my Scottsdale retreat begins. I catch my first glimpse of raw Arizona beauty, filled with the promise of untouched adventure and desert grandeur. Jagged mountaintops line the horizon with a watercolor purple and towering Saguaro cacti rule the Sonoran uncontested. Only ten minutes have passed, and I’m already head-overheels for this majestic brand of the West.

94 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

THE FAIRMONT SCOTTSDALE PRINCESS Checking in to The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, I can already tell it’s the darling of Scottsdale. Fresh yellow flowers, wood accent tables and bannisters shaped into winding branches seamlessly bring the outdoors in. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sunny breezeways lead me to the open-air Plaza Bar and nearby luxury pool; its dramatic elements of water and fire add an exotic sophistication. The smell of sizzlingly fresh Baja Mexican cuisine from the Fairmont’s own La Hacienda calls out to me as dinner nears. I join new Scottsdale friends for the Spanish-style restaurant, just a stroll from the lobby, and we dine on Tacos de Longosta made with lobster so fresh and succulent that we consider ordering a second round. However, we figure that our homemade chips and guacamole would pair perfectly with one of their 240 tequilas, so resident “Tequila Goddess,” Katie, gives us the rundown. For our Snake Bite Flight, she brings each of us a plate with three shot glasses, a sprinkling of black Himalayan sea salt and an open-mouthed rattlesnake (dead, of course), seemingly frozen mid-strike. I give its rattler a shake for good luck, and it’s bottoms up. My next day’s wandering brings me to the sanctuary of the Fairmont’s Well & Being Spa for a 60-minute Deep Tissue Odyssey Massage. I walk into the sunlit atrium—wooden beams span the glass ceiling to support hanging aerial yoga ribbons. Below, women are chatting quietly and dining on a beautiful arrangement of fresh shrimp and edamame succotash. As I pass native red sandstone walls to the group fitness wing, I notice a studio wall projecting a rush of ocean waves; the Rip Surfer class is wrapping up the last few minutes of intense core work on their surfboards. I continue my self-guided tour and stumble upon the locker room, where a cozy robe awaits me. Feeling even more relaxed—and quite curious—I tiptoe into a stunning corridor, fashioned after a Grecian-bath oasis. Soft ethereal light shines down from its dome ceiling and onto a therapeutic whirlpool; and below, several women have decided to melt all their troubles away. I spend (not enough) time in the surrounding eucalyptus inhalation room, Swedish steam room and Swiss shower. I’m completely relaxed by the time my masseuse calls my name that I’m surprised she finds tension to work out. She of course does, and massages me with natural oils of sandalwood and lavender. She opens a back door to a private patio, and the soothing trickle of a nearby waterfall rounds out this perfect day of pampering. I say goodbye to the chirping birds at the close of my massage and head back to the eucalyptus inhalation room for good measure.



I’m up early the next morning to take to the skies via balloon. We’re scheduled to take off just before 7:30 a.m., the calmest part of the day, which is comforting for those of us who are climbing into the oversized basket with hesitation. Our Captain Todd jokes that everyone should see a sunrise at least once in their life. We muster up a couple laughs as we wipe the sleep from our eyes. Within seconds, our balloon, an astounding 10 stories in height, floats off the ground, and we’ve begun our flight. Adrift at over 5,000 feet, we are graced with a majestic overlook of the city and a stillness only found among the heavens. My basket-mates and I savor this rare moment of complete serenity and are nearly awestruck for the remainder of the flight. As if right on cue, the sun reveals itself from behind the mountain silhouettes and the dark blue sky warms into a golden yellow. Surely, this Scottsdale sunrise will be one to remember.


I sense that this day holds the potential for another outdoor expedition so I enroll in a session at Arizona Cowboy

“ ”

As if right on cue, the sun begins to reveal itself from behind the dark mountain silhouettes and the blue-toyellow gradient of a Scottsdale sunrise greets us. Surely, it will be one to remember.

96 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

College, where I’m sure to walk the walk, talk the talk, and perhaps carry a piece of wheat in the corner of my mouth. My fellow cowgirls and I exit the van onto the front edge of the property when a beautiful black and white speckled horse heads in our direction with elegant steps, casually parading by as if being judged by a panel. “Oh she’s just showing off,” says Lori, one of the owners of the familyowned cattle ranch, who then introduces us to a couple of wobbly baby goats. We meet horses Lashes, Rocco and Gus, among others, and receive a guest appearance from Myron, the resident Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. We’re then taught how to groom, saddle and ride our horses (piece of wheat optional). Feeling completely empowered, my horse Rocco and I confidently prance around the show ring with a trot so steady that I legitimately consider the carefree cowgirl life. Fresh air, wide open spaces and a majestic horse as my trusty companion? I’ll take it. A neighboring donkey shrieks an enthusiastic “hee-haw” our way, and we’re then taught the appropriate wrist twist for a lasso wind-up and release. Armed with just a couple of practice twirls above my head, I release my rope with heightened anticipation and held breath. It’s far from being Gene Autry-approved but it somehow catches onto the horns of the iron cattle, and I’ve symbolically earned my badge here at Cowboy College. Then, along with my trusty sidekick Rocco, I ride off onto the unchartered desert highways of Scottsdale (or at least fully plan to on my next visit).


After a rough and tumble morning, perhaps I’m due for an afternoon of refined architectural genius. I visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed winter home, Taliesin West, and join the next available tour. We explore the home’s courtyards, gardens, private rooms, and common spaces—all painted with wild accents of Cherokee red and other iconic motifs of Wright’s celebrated work. Our tour guide notes the heavy use of horizontal lines and triangles to symbolize the vast Scottsdale desert and its sprinkling of jagged peaks. Wall art crafted from desert rock, weathered shells and reclaimed wood continues to reflect the Scottsdale surroundings. And as if Taliesin West didn’t feel enough like a living and breathing ode to Wright’s legacy, it hosts an onsite School of Architecture. Our guide leads us into a grandiose drafting room overlooking the entire city like an air traffic control tower, and we tiptoe around focused students hovering over sketches and scale models. I leave Wright’s western mecca with a deeper appreciation for the land he so loved.


My new friends and I kick off a quintessential night downtown at the edgy and elegant Living Room bar at W Scottsdale. To start, we order their signature zesty cocktail, the Vitamin W, made with Ketel One Oranje, Chambord, oranges, and muddled raspberries. We meet W Insider, Rachel, and settle into one of the Living Room’s posh leather sectionals as she tells us about the complete revitalization of Downtown’s lively districts, now lined with fresh novel eateries and themed bars all within walking distance (even for us heel wearers). We then convince our social scene guru to join the group as we head over to locals’ favorite, Second Story Liquor Bar. We climb an almost hidden set of stairs in the heart of downtown and walk right into a prohibition-era speakeasy—tufted leather chairs, dark cherry bookshelves (one concealing a secret room), classic red carpets, and a dazzling chandelier overhead. All we seem

to be missing are layered pearl necklaces and long cigarette holders. I decide on the whole grain gnocchi; it’s warm and homey, washed in a delicate chile-thyme beurre blanc and peppered with salsify, beets and tender brisket. The mixologist shakes a steady rhythm of cocktails all night as the atmosphere picks up. We continue dining and pairing our drinks with far too many pieces of savory beer bread and melty house-churned butter. When we finally decide to call it a night, we say our farewells to the who’s who of the joint, as well as this fabulous evening of flapperspeak and spirits.


My final morning in the Scottsdale sunshine brings me to Singh Farms. Greeting guests beneath a whimsical stained glass entrance with his weathered beard and comfortable smile is farmer Ken Singh—his simple handshake somehow exuding unparalleled kindness to each of his visitors. We take our first steps inside the boutique farm and it’s nothing short of magical. I follow a meandering footpath of wildflowers and rows of purple cabbage beneath a wooded canopy of shade trees. Adirondack chairs and tree-trunk benches encircle a huge fire pit like the truest form of Mother Nature’s own living room. Ken insists we return on Saturday when the Farmer’s Market rolls around, cheerfully enticing us with the promise of nutritious food, live music and the warm sense of community that keeps him doing what he does. “Life is your adventure,” he reminds us as we part ways, uplifted and equally challenged—the perfect ending to a sojourner’s stay in Scottsdale. I awake to the gentle reminder from the flight attendant to fasten my seat belt as we begin our descent into Santa Barbara. Was my Sonoran Desert getaway but a dream? The peaceful balloon ride, passionate flavorful combinations of Baja Mexican cuisine or my empowering afternoon as a seasoned cowhand? Fortunately, it was not. The unparalleled beauty and excitement that looms on this western horizon does beckon a speedy return. Until next time, Scottsdale.




Photographed by Chis DeLorenzo Written by Marisa Hutton Model Regina Schnitzer with MC2 Model Management Hair by Krysta Withrow with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Makeup by Rose Serrano with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Shot aboard Green Flash Charters

Faithfull the Brand Shirt & Shorts Collene Floyd Rings, Rowan

98 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


Rugged rock awnings cover enchanted waterways and we glide to our resting point at Cueva Valdez cove.


utting through the glassy water with the salty, crisp air whizzing past, we embark to Santa Cruz Island. The soft 6 a.m. sunrise glow peeks out from the horizon, and I pull my blanket around me a little tighter. With my necessary coffee in hand, I grab a warm scone and nibble and drink my way through the waves. The tranquility of the vast ocean balances out the bustle of the on-board photoshoot preparation. Makeup brushes and cameras line the table, complementing the decadent breakfast spread that Chef Sherri, who is one half of the husbandwife Green Flash Charters team, has prepared for us. The vivid colors of the fruit platter atop of the Mediterranean-style table setting give a festive ambiance to our morning. I make my way to the bow of the catamaran and lie down on the trampoline netting. The cloudless sky overhead smiles down at us and we thank Mother Nature for this beautifully calm morning. Captain Arthur announces that we’ve caught up with a pod of dolphins and we all rush to the edge of the catamaran. Looking down we see glistening, rubbery skin below, bobbing in and out of the water. Arthur tells us that this happens almost every trip and they often see whales as well. The dolphins race us for miles and we can’t help but feel connected to them. Our carefree friends eventually dart off into the distance, but their presence has left us excited and fulfilled. The once-distant islands have grown into large masses and after two hours, we approach Santa Cruz. Rugged rock awnings cover enchanted waterways and we glide to our resting point at Cueva Valdez cove. With the drop of a chain, we are anchored to the sandy depths below. After several outfit alterations, makeup touchups and hair changes, Chris gets his shots and we set

the work aside for an hour. Once again, the colorful table is filled with delicious homemade food and we indulge. Salsa verde carnitas tacos grace our lips and we all fill our plates with seconds. After digesting, we prepare to bid adieu to the Green Flash Yacht and venture to the island. Eyeing the kayak, SUP and snorkel gear aboard, I begin daydreaming about future adventures as I step onto the 12-foot motor dinghy. The mist has settled upon the jagged peaks, and we feel like we are headed into a Pirates of the Caribbean set. Each dark nook leads way to another and I wander through the caves while the shoot continues on the beach where small rocks have taken over the sand. I explore every crevice of this fantastical cove. When we finally head back to the yacht, Sherri welcomes us with a warm shower, fluffy towels and freshly baked cookies. As the sun threatens to fade into oblivion, we set sail back home. The wind has picked up, and with heavy eyelids I sneak down into the cabin. The overstuffed pillows and warm blankets on the master bed surround me and the boat rocks me to sleep. Awoken by a small splash against the porthole to my right, I realize we must be fast-approaching the Santa Barbara Harbor. Following the breeze, I head back out on deck to curl up on the couch and listen to Sherri and Arthur’s stories of sailing around the Caribbean. The looming masts guide our way home, and we smoothly enter Green Flash’s slip. While today may have been a day of work for us, Sherri and Arthur made it feel like a retreat. With marine life, exquisite food, stunning views, and lavish accommodations, I walk along the rickety dock a happy camper. I’m already fantasizing about another voyage aboard Green Flash Charters, possibly a sunset cruise or a weekend trip to the Islands—that snorkel gear is calling my name!





Photographed by Mike Shaffer Written by Silas Fallstich


’m glad I’m wearing sunglasses is the first thought that comes to mind. I feel a bit naughty the way I’m staring, and if it weren’t for my glasses I’d probably be easily identified as the simple stupefied puddle of desire I have become. I’m checking every curve, line and detail and this is before the top is off. I will have a neck ache later. My mind wanders and I realize I want one of each of them. One at a time I fantasize, I’ll have each of the newly released Rolls Royce Dawn drop-tops that sit before me, there are four in all. I’ll start with the gold one, no I should start simple, let’s have the silver. I should first state there’s nothing simple about any of the vehicles before me. With 80% unique body panels and 21 inch tires designed specifically for the Dawn,

100 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

the purest form of class is uttered in every millimeter. At the car’s release they labeled it “The sexiest RollsRoyce ever built.” Putting my mis-articulated sense of desire aside, this car truly is sexy. Not in the, “I want to tear your clothes off and jump in the nearest broom closet” kind of sexy. In a refined, elegant and seemingly perfect way, and I’ve yet to scope past the curvy exterior. I’m standing in the porte-cochère at the Belmond El Encanto, it’s mid-morning on a midweek day, the sun is shining brightly and the melody of the birds is serene and easy to follow. Several members of the Rolls Royce team introduce us to the Rolls Royce Dawn and its accompanying team members.


I’ve recently begun self-identifying with vacationing in my own neighborhood. I can’t think of a better way to to disconnect from the day-to-day and reconnect with the place that you live than taking miniature vacations in your own town. Whether it be a simple day trip to the Santa Ynez Valley for vino or any assortment of vacations to the local spots in this little paradise we call Santa Barbara, it truly doesn’t matter as long as you intend on leaving behind your routine. If you’re able to go overnight it’s all the more better. So when Rolls Royce invited me to their Santa Barbara Dawn release drive, my first question wasn’t “Why me?” (maybe it should have been) instead it was “When and where?” I think for most of us there aren’t many things further from our routine than driving a Rolls Royce. Car tech specs and a retinue of intangible information are forgone. My peers and I will be given a Dawn to drive and then asked to formulate our own opinions of the vehicle. For the majority present this isn’t something new, this is what they’re paid to do, but for me it’s as foreign as driving a $400,000 vehicle. We are asked to assign ourselves to a car and a driving partner; a nice, casually dressed member of the group approaches me and nonchalantly asks which of the cars we will be taking. My partner in this excursion is from back east, he owns a car blog. He has been attending functions like this for nearly a decade, every inch of me screams green horn. We couldn’t be better suited. I naturally start in the passenger seat. I’m taken away by the graceful feel of the car. As we wind down APS and through the Mission, the feeling of being fully relaxed and comfortable is present. Our destination is in the Santa Ynez Valley so we embark up the 101. This vehicle is big indeed, weighing over 5,500 pounds, yet it moves. I harken back to watching Shaq in his early 20s. He was a mammoth but he could move, he was athletic and even a little quick when he needed to be. The Dawn offers a V-12 engine with 563 horse power and boasts a zero to 60 time of 4.6 seconds. I have to admit, even though there may be some similarities in size and movement, the Dawn is a lot prettier than Shaq. My traveling companion is bemused with the steering wheel. It’s very slender, it reminds him of something else he has driven. Both of us alternate between conversation, exploring the vehicle’s various amenities and just enjoying being in this incredible automobile. I’m rolling through the various audio stations while glancing increasingly at the speedometer. At 70 mph the ride is light and smooth. The wind is around us but doesn’t take away from our ability to hear one another, it offers an open feeling. This car feels the same at 15 and 50. When you get on the gas and accelerate, it just kicks up the power, it doesn’t force itself. It simply goes faster while maintaining the same feeling.

102 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

We are cruising through Solvang when I notice the first few glances. Some are casual and discreet and others are almost invasive. I’m easily reminded that it isn’t me, it’s the vehicle. It’s the temperature not the glances that force us into raising the top. It glides into position while in motion, in just 20 seconds the top is up. The feeling in the vehicle is instantly changed. Everything outside is left behind and we are allowed to indulge in every element of the car’s interior. The leather seems to hold a bit tighter to me, the space isn’t small but somehow expanded with the roof up. When we arrive at Grassini Family Vineyards the air and feeling of the day takes on an entirely new note. It’s as if we have just been ushered into a castle. Every little detail from the lines of green vines, to the rustic barn style winery all seem elevated. We are taken to the property picnic area which is accented by a canopy of massive oak trees and silhouetted by an aqua pond. The air is still, the pond reveals a stunning reflection of the property. Several of the landscapers are fishing as we arrive. It seems as if cares don’t exist here. Lunch is served and casually members of the group rotate seats, finding time to engage with one another. The energy and excitement all revolving around the Dawn. After lunch it’s my turn to get behind the wheel and start formulating my own opinions. One of the most dangerous roads in Santa Barbara has to be East Camino Cielo. With winding curves, barely the width to support two vehicles, sheer drops offs, and blind corners, no roadway in the county quite compares. As I sit behind the wheel of this drop-top my first thought is, let’s go driving on Camino Cielo. While the logic behind this may seem a bit misguided, and even more misguided when you hear that the $400,000 dollar Rolls is a heaven’s reach out of my budget, yet this thought must be fulfilled. Maybe the reason I feel this “misguided” sense of comfort is because of the Dawn, this day and the moment has put me in a different state of mind. It may be a little illogical, but for today I’m not concerned with price tags, dangerous roadways or can’t-dos. I’m in a can-do state of being and this experience is all the better for it. At first I don’t really feel as if I’m moving. I know the car is in motion but it doesn’t feel like it. I inch along at first, getting my bearings. We exit the Grassini property, cruise through Happy Canyon gingerly, and then all of a sudden my nerves and reluctant feelings are gone. I hit the gas with some enthusiasm and allow all 563 horses to get a taste of Happy Canyon Road. It feels like there’s nothing this car can’t do. As I pull onto Highway 154 I jump on the gas and feel how smoothly the car gets in and out of each of the eight gears. I take the Dawn up East Camino Cielo and the driving really begins.




104 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

Driving the Dawn isn’t about a destination or route. It’s about the experience and feeling of driving. Driving not for a destination but simply for the sake of driving. It may seem a little non-sensical but it’s a really good feeling. The road is smoother, the curves easier to maneuver. Finding myself enthralled with the road and how connected to it the Dawn makes me feel. It’s so simple yet exquisite at the same time. By the time we exit the road I feel like me and the Dawn are old buddies and driving this vehicle is as natural as anything else I’ve ever done. When we return to the El Encanto I’m buzzing on Dawn. We have a few free afternoon hours so I retire to my bungalow. The room is spacious and open, with broad garden views and space abounding on three sides. The room blends eloquent style with a relaxed easy going feeling. My room and the moment epitomizes stillness, not going anywhere and being comfortable with that. No agenda, meetings or deadlines. I’m not busy or task oriented, I’m present and in this moment that’s enough. Initially I thought I would spend this time at the pool, visiting the workout space or having a drink at the bar. All of this seems superficial to the comfort and relaxation I’m getting from being in my room. A light nap and a bit of reading, and before I know it I’m being summoned to dinner. Dinner happens in whirl. I arrive and a glass of wine is placed in my hand. It’s Grassini Family Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc. I find a local acquaintance and the next 45 minutes are spent half in conversation and laughter and half in wine. For dinner we retire to a secluded outdoor patio on the second floor of the El Encanto. Night is just beginning to wain. A few introductions are passed around and then the dining commences. This is my first time dining at the El Encanto, and with Chef Johan Denizot’s cuisine my anticipation for what’s to come is high. I try my best to memorize each bite and detail, Little washes of flavor that momentarily remove me from the moment and allow me to exist only within the food. The dinner is paired with a Grassini Family Vineyards tasting. Winemaker Bradley Long describes and presents us with a wine for each dish. I’m too enthralled with how the wine, food and company come together

to remember details. Every moment of dinner is reminiscent of an orchestra. From the fluid flowing of the wine, to the conversation. Then there is the food. It’s masterful. Not only is each dish a perfect pair to its accompanying wine, each dish is selected and presented at just the right moment. This is a dinner I won’t soon forget. When you finish drinking for the night do you remember the exact name of your last drink? For me there are two scenarios in which you won’t. The first I call gentleman drunk, not because of my chivalry but due to the gentle level of my memory, the second reason, and the one pertinent to my tasting experience with Grassini Wines, was a lack of memory because my company and experience outweighed any need to remember what was in my glass. I will be tirelessly honest, there was plenty of wine to be shared for everyone present. The varieties had a wide range and everything I tasted I truly enjoyed. Of the generous “tastes” I received not a single sip was discarded. My take away from dinner was a reverberation of my Dawn driving experience and it’s with that thought that I have concluded the following. What’s your perceived value of yourself ? I’m not talking about your self worth, or how high the bills in your bank stack. I mean if you walk through a room full of strangers are you confident. Is the room yours. Does everyone present want, no need, something from you? I’m more of a fly on the wall type, yet being in the Dawn you instantly become desired. Don’t let this go to your head, it isn’t you, it’s the car. But it does make you feel really good. Not in an ego-boosting way but in an organically enriched way. The glances aren’t the kind your average on-looker would distribute, but instead are a calculated measurement and allowance of attention. Not a gawking stare but a confidence brimming observation. The difference between being desired for yourself and being desired for yourself while in the Dawn is respect. Whether the on-looker knows it or not their behavior is respectful. Because the presence of the Dawn elevates things and makes them better. Rolls Royce’s mantra for the Dawn may be the sexiest Rolls yet, I say it’s the most coveted, respected and finest yet. Sexiest doesn’t do the Dawn justice and I never would have known this if I wouldn’t have stepped inside.




TRAVEL Photographed by Stephanie Plomarity Written and Modeled by Nora Tobin Hair & Makeup by Madilyn Hays with JosĂŠ Eber Location Belmond El Encanto

Poprageous Sports Bra & Leggings, Blanka

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hether you are jetting off to Italy to sip wine in the open air cafes or heading up the California coast for serene moments in the sequoias, your best summer ever awaits! This is the perfect time of year to take a break from your normal routine and head off to a new adventure. While eating out and long travel days can make it difficult to stay healthy while traveling, there are sure-fire ways to help maintain a fit physique, keep your skin hydrated, catch the necessary z’s, and avoid stress. Follow these five tips to look your best and feel absolutely amazing all summer long!

1. YOUTHFUL YOGA Who wants to clock hours at the gym while on vacay? Not me! I find the best way to stay fit, keep my energy up and my mind at ease while traveling is a simple yoga routine. Yoga reduces inflammation and oxidative stress (which helps minimize signs of aging), boosts “feel-good” chemicals in the brain, supports immunity, strengthens muscles, and increases energy levels.

Warrior II Benefit: Increases flexibility in the hips and shoulders, as well as increases strength in the legs, back and ankles. How to do it: Step your left foot to the back of your mat and press down through your feet, bringing your torso up, aligning your shoulders above your hips. From this high lunge, spin your back heel so your foot is planted on the ground, turn your right toes to face your front and your left toes slightly in so your hips and shoulders are facing your torso, right arm in front of you, and left arm behind you, palms down. Look over your front hand. Stay here for five long, deep breaths. Repeat on the other side. Reverse Warrior Benefit: This pose stretches the groin, chest, and shoulders while increasing stamina and strength in the legs.

These yoga postures will help rejuvenate your mind and body, especially after long hours on a plane or in a car traveling to your destination. Hold each pose for at least five deep breaths and repeat the entire series three times. No yoga mat needed!

How to do it: Begin in warrior II with your right leg in front, right knee bent. Lower your left hand to your left leg and slide it down toward your ankle. Turn your right palm toward the ceiling and arc your right arm up overhead, reaching back behind you, without moving your legs. Turn your gaze up. Hold for five deep breaths. Lower your right arm and lift your left arm until both are shoulder height, palms facing down, returning to warrior II. Switch sides and repeat.


Warrior III

Benefit: Strengthens the muscles in your thighs, ankles, and around your spine, as well as increases flexibility in your hips and shoulders.

Benefit: This pose strengthens the hamstrings, calves, glutes, and shoulders and energizes the body.

How to do it: Shift your weight onto your left leg. Draw your right knee into your chest, grab your ankle, and press the bottom of your right foot onto your left thigh. If you feel wobbly keep your hand on your ankle while it’s pressed into your thigh. If you’re finding your balance easily, press your palms together in front of your chest. Drop your shoulders down and back and pick one point to keep your eyes on the entire time. Stay in this pose for five slow, deep breaths. Repeat on the other leg.

How to do it: Hug your left shin into your chest, then extend it straight back behind you so it’s parallel to the ground. Flex your left foot and point the toes down. Bring your fingertips to the ground to stabilize yourself. Reach your arms out in front of you so your body is in a straight line from your fingertips all the way down your back and out through your left heel. Keep a slight bend in your standing knee and keep your core and legs engaged the entire time. Stay here for five long breaths. Hinge at the hips to come up to standing and switch sides.


Joah Brown Tank, Rowan Maison Du Soir Pajama Shorts, Rowan

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There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence on vacation! There’s no reason not to completely enjoy your hard-earned break, and not feel bad about it. One great way to treat yourself at happy hour while still cutting calories is by getting creative with your drink order. Here are a few notes to share with the bartender: keep the alcohol clear, add fresh fruit (nothing from concentrate) and throw in any herbs and spices (all great for beauty boosting anti-inflammation). Armed with that info, most bartenders will create a perfect guilt-free cocktail.


It can be a challenge to get a good night sleep in a bed that is not your own. The key is setting yourself up for sleep success before you actually get into bed. A few simple yoga postures will help reduce stress and calm the nervous system. If you are not about to stretch it out before you hit the hay, melatonin and a hot bath or shower are great choices as natural sleep aids. Another fun option is to get playful between the sheets. This releases serotonin and relaxes the entire body.


Whether you are in a hot climate or simply just getting there on a plane, your skin can suffer from the harsh environment. No matter how silly I may look, I always take a deep hydration mask with me to use while I am on the plane. One of my favorites is Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Intensive Serum Masque from Cos Bar. This leaves the skin feeling fresh and deeply moisturized making it easy to make a fabulous entrance!


Fashion is always a fun part of vacation. It is the time to get to try out a new style or rock that gorgeous dress that has been hanging in your closet. Unfortunately, packing can cause creases in the clothes depending on the fabric. In order to get to your destination without having to track down the nearest steamer, try to pack items made out of rayon.


For additional tips, workouts and recipes check out Nora’s blog www. and follow her on Instagram @NoraTobin.


SB LIFE & STYLE recipe

DISH IT UP A simple monthly recipe, to try at home, from our team to you.

Garlic Pecan-Crusted Halibut & Vegetable Ribbon Salad Ingredients: Yield: 2 servings

For the halibut: 2 halibut fillets 1/3 cup pecans, finely chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp fresh chives, finely chopped 1 tsp fresh thyme, finely chopped

For the salad: 4 large carrots 1/2 zucchini 1/2 cucumber 1 handful of green beans 1/2 red onion 3 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp lemon juice 4 tbsp blood orange juice 1 tsp blood orange zest salt and pepper to taste 1 avocado


Bake for about 15 minutes.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

While the fillets are baking, begin making the salad. Using a peeler, ribbon the carrots, cucumber and zucchini. Thinly slice the red onion and green beans. Add vegetables to a large bowl and dress with olive oil, lemon juice, blood orange juice, salt, and pepper. Top with avocado.

Coat the fillets in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place them on a baking sheet lined with foil. Combine the pecans, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, chives, and thyme. Layer pecan mixture on top of each fillet.

Recipe & Photography by Riley Yahr

For more recipes by Riley, visit 110 | JULY/AUGUST 2016


SB LIFE & STYLE beauty




MAKEUP by Rose To get Marina’s look I first prepped with Glo Minerals Luxe Liquid Foundation in Naturelle. Next, I used Glo Minerals blush in Sweet, and highlighted with Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics. I then contoured with an Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit for a subtle bronze. For her eyes, I used Opal and Twig eyeshadows by Glo Minerals and applied Ardell Pro Demi Wispies Lashes. I finished by coating Marina’s lips with a suede matte lip crayon in Monogram by Glo Minerals.

HAIR by Krysta For Marina’s hairstyle, I started with Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer Spray, which provided texture and hold while still allowing me to create a heavy part. I then fishtailed the hair behind her bangs to the center back, and added a small Dutch braid to one side. When pinning the braids back, I pinned into the braid to hide the bobby pins. After I finished, I added additional Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer Spray and a few pumps of Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine.

American Colors Shirt, Whiskey & Leather Hudson Jeans, Whiskey & Leather Kai Linz Necklace, Allora by Laura


THE LOOK Photographed by Chris DeLorenzo

112 | JULY/AUGUST 2016

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