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“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” -Coco Chanel

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Spa Ojai, as much as anywhere on earth, is a place of rediscovery and renewal. Reset yourself. Slow down and feel. Breathe deep. It’s a world where the senses are transfixed and the present comes back into focus. Call 844-252-2733 to set your private treatment today. Š 2015 Ojai Valley Inn & Spa



August 2015 Volume 3 / Issue 8 Editor in Chief Ottocina Ryan Lead Photographer Meadow Rose

Photographer & Writer Silas Fallstich Art Director Riley Yahr Contributing Writers Rah Riley Brooke Gignac Alexandra Sharova Caitlyn Morton Madison Ludlow Contributing Photographers Riley Yahr Laura Grier

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COVER PHOTOGRAPHED by Meadow Rose MODEL Kari Michelle with Next Models STYLED by Claire Castro MAKEUP by Cynthia Fuentes with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar HAIR by Ashton Arroyo with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar EARRINGS & NECKLACE Cara Miller from Jodi G Designs SWIMSUIT Gypsy 05 from The Bikini Factory

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12 / PARADISE FOUND Bright caftans, bikinis and Tahitian pearls peek through palm fronds—it’s the last little bit of summer. 20 / SCRUB OUT THE STRESS The seasonal lemon basil body scrub treatment at The Spa at Belmond El Encanto will leave your mind clear and your skin feeling like butter. 28 / ZIN & ZEN Grab your mat and take it to the Vineyard! And chase your meditative yoga class with a glass of wine. 40 / LET’S DO BRUNCH Crepes, coffee and mimosas in a whimsical setting. What more could you want from brunch? 56 / IT’S ALL IN THE BAG Take it shopping or take it on a night out, Allora by Laura is introducing Borbonese accessories to the US market. 64 / SLEEP MORE IN SEATTLE Rest up at Hotel 1000 and spend your days in Seattle’s coffee shops, brick alleys and markets. 78 / UNDRESS FOR FALL Keep it on or take it off, fall is just around the corner. 94 / CIELITO Whether it’s their garden to table dishes or their habanero tequila, Ceilito is bound to take your taste buds for the ride they’ve been waiting for. 100 / Q&A WITH THE CREATORS OF COLORWYLD Three female entrepreneurs build a community that encourages innovation and creativity for motivated thinkers to fast-track their businesses. 106 / DISH IT UP A delicious twist on a summer BBQ favorite. 108 / GET THE LOOK We can’t get you our cover model’s blue eyes but we can tell you how to get her flawless curls & makeup.

8 | AUGUST 2015


from the


The first time I went to Sea Crest Nursery was because I needed a palm tree and the next 15 times were because it’s my new favorite place in Santa Barbara. Actually it’s one of my favorite places in the world I’ve to been to so far. I’m not joking. It’s like a tropical jungle, reachable by a 10 minute drive instead of a 10 hour flight. And I have this obsession with anything tropical—from mangos to palm trees to fuchsia bikini cover ups to white sand beaches, and now, to Sea Crest.

Of course whenever I come across a place I’m amazed by I decide we need to shoot an editorial there. Which you can see for yourself in Paradise Found. A day of what felt like exploring a jungle resulted in pages overflowing with jewel toned dresses that make you forget summer is almost over and more black pearls than you can dream

of. All in a setting so tropical you half expect to see a leopard or a parrot next to the models. There are thousands of palm trees of every shape and size with bright flowers mixed in. There’s a road down the middle of the dense jungle, ending in a cliff that overlooks the ocean. Sitting looking at the ocean with a palm tree jungle behind me is my idea of paradise. One of the best parts is there’s basically nobody there. Probably because it’s an unassuming wholesale palm tree nursery in Goleta. Until a few months ago I wouldn’t have been one to look forward to going to a nursery either, and now I wish I could go every day. You can’t live there—believe me I asked—so for now I’m settling for the one palm tree I originally went there for and flipping through Paradise Found.

Ottocina Ryan Editor in Chief Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine




FOUND Photographed by Meadow Rose Styled by Claire Castro Models Asha Leo and Kari Michelle with Next Models Makeup by Cynthia Fuentes with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Ashton Arroyo with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Manicure & Pedicure by Karina Cordova with Aqua Nail Bar Location Sea Crest Nursery 5299 Shoreline Drive, Goleta, CA

10 | AUGUST 2015

Cara Miller Necklace & Earrings, Jodi G Designs


So De Mel Swimwear Bikini Raj Caftan, Jodi G Designs Turia My Pearl Necklaces & Bracelets, Jodi G Designs Sandals, Stylist's Own

12 | AUGUST 2015

So De Mel Swimwear Bikini Turia My Pearl Bracelets & Ring, Jodi G Designs Cara Miller Earrings & Bracelets, Jodi G Designs SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 13

So De Mel Swimwear Bikini Top Calypso St. Barth Skirt Cara Miller Earrings & Bracelets, Jodi G Designs Sandals, Stylist's Own 14 | AUGUST 2015

So De Mel Swimwear Bikini Raj Scarf, Jodi G Designs Turia My Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets & Rings, Jodi G Designs


Raj Caftan, Jodi G Designs So De Mel Swimwear Bikini Turia My Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets & Rings, Jodi G Designs

16 | AUGUST 2015


PilyQ Bikini, The Bikini Factory Raj Scarf, Jodi G Designs Turia My Pearl Bracelets & Ring, Jodi G Designs Cara Miller Turquoise Bracelet, Jodi G Designs 18 | AUGUST 2015



scrub out the stress Belmond El Encanto’s Garden to Spa Written by Rah Riley Photograhed by Riley Yahr

20 | AUGUST 2015


erched in the hills of east Santa Barbara, with grounds overflowing with ancient gardens and unrivaled views of white sails in the harbor, Belmond El Encanto is energized, alive, and equally quiet. Sweet waves of citrus greet you on The Spa terrace along with loungers, lemon trees, and (an actual) lizard-topped fountain. The Spa is a relatively recent addition to this historic, Forbes Five-Star resort; the luxurious oasis was revealed with the resort’s long-anticipated reopening in March 2013 after seven years of thoughtful, environmentally esteemed restorations. If the gardens off The Spa terrace seem breathtaking, they are only a brief

introduction to the seven acres of vibrant earth that cradles 92 missionstyle and California Craftsman bungalows. Evoking a sense of timelessness and harmony with nature, stone paths almost tunnel through gardens in full bloom and weave around wise trees that have watched over Santa Barbara since the construction of the County Courthouse. At the edge of the grounds, guarded by flowering herb towers, a generous organic garden is an extension of the resort’s kitchen and spa. Its fresh herbs complement already locally sourced produce in dishes from the dining room and bestow natural beauty and freshly picked revitalizing powers into the spa’s seasonal scrubs.


The scrubs have come to our attention, so, seeking repose and rebalance in a rather recent focus on yoga and overall wellness, I am going in. From The Spa terrace the voyage begins past the salon, sunny relaxation lounge and softly-lit rooms with sparkling backsplashes, and into a lush locker room, robe and slippers; then it’s back through the hall with cucumber water in hand. The relaxation lounge offers dried fruit, chandeliers and a growing anticipation for an 80-minute scrub and massage treatment. Plush blue blankets beckoning from lounge chairs soak in the

SKY’S THE LIMIT sugar scrub and massage

22 | AUGUST 2015

afternoon sun filtering through the citrus trees outside. Musing on the body as a concentrated constellation of visible energy, controlled by breath (the theory of matter and energy as one and the same), has me breathing more deeply—the steam shower in the locker room may have had something to do with that too. When Claire collects me from the lounge, my walk to the wet room resembles a metaphorical shift into meditation: a commitment to gracious, selfloving wellbeing.


sugar scrub and massage SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 23

Gratefully, my senses are in full-intake mode: inhaling the rich scents of lemon and geranium; rubbing a few crumbs of exfoliant across my fingers; laying a hand on the white towels of the heated massage table at the center of the room (yes!); hearing the subtle rush of ocean waves; absorbing the soft glow of the large glass shower door foreshadowing the transition from exfoliation to hydration. Welcome to The Spa at Belmond El Encanto. Claire speaks mindfully soft, kindly articulating the phases of the treatment and reaffirming an increasingly centered calm. Inhale. Exhale. The treatment opens with a full-body, fresh seasonal scrub, cleanses with an in-room spa shower, and closes with a full-body massage and hair and scalp oil treatment. This summer, lemon basil is the irresistible indulgence of choice. The scrubs change drastically with our subtle central coast seasons, which means a guaranteed

four spa days on your calendar every year for starters. Today I am being exfoliated with the Lemon Basil Body Scrub, a refreshing, skinbrightening, immune-boosting mix of organic sugar and safflower oil infused with essential oils of lemon and basil. Lotus Wei in Quiet Mind, with calming oils of sandalwood and rose, will polish me off. Another of The Spa’s scrub-massage duos combines espresso and cacao with banana blossom, followed by a massage of mimosa flower and honey oils. Also on the menu are body scrubs topped with a massage and a wrap. Organic cardamom sugar with essence of bamboo and pink lotus are said to relax the nervous system and give strength and determination. For cool clarity, a detoxifying charcoal clay mask is made with bamboo, clay, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint. And then there’s still the full-body massage, with citrus, spices and night-blooming cactus flower.


sugar scrub and massage

24 | AUGUST 2015


Seeking to both exfoliate and hydrate the skin, this body scrub is thorough. Inspiring. Rejuvenating. The lemon basil is warrior one and the steamed towel wraps that come in for a hug after every section of scrub down is your corpse pose. Expecting just a simple, refreshing rinse in the shower phase of this treatment, the super surprise of the day goes to five warm and welcoming modern waterfalls that surround you with a shower experience for wannabe mermaids. It’s all very gracefully choreographed: stepping into the expertly adjusted shower, a few minutes in—after the bed is remade—a warm towel is tucked over the door, and then: you time. A spacious pause is the first chance you truly have to yourself away from a shared space—so expect equal urges to dance in your new skin and to remain statuesque with steady breath. Ooommmm. Take your time here. Sinking back into the heated table with skin reborn, the treatment resumes with the serene energy of pink lotus, kyanite gemstone water, and three deep inhales. Each breath is a soft wave washing up from the ocean of the belly onto the wide shore of the chest, then falling back again. The entire massage is in communion with this

26 | AUGUST 2015

flow: a lengthening shoulder stretch with inhales, pushing out impurities with exhales. An offering of eucalyptus provides immediate sinus relief before diving into an intensive neck, scalp, and facial massage. With every physical sense so hyperaware, the relaxation is deep and for a good while feels potentially permanent. Namaste. Emerging from The Spa up the wide winding staircase into the lobby, dozens of lilac butterfly sculptures shift ever so slightly with each ascending step. Belmond El Encanto is a landmark on their migratory path—and on that of every guest who passes through here, I suppose—so it’s an appropriate send-off, embodying both post-scrub afterglow and a renewed sense of union with our natural world. I note my energy and optimism, likely courtesy of all those mood-lifting citrus scents, and feel balanced by a clear, quiet mind—known benefits of bird-of-paradise and pink lotus. This summer, lemon basil played a part in a practice of wellbeing. Now, the senses await next season’s scrub, straight from the earth of Belmond El Encanto. *

MAKE IT HAPPEN sugar scrub and massage

BELMOND EL ENCANTO 800 Alvarado Place, Santa Barbara, CA 805-845-5800


healthy living

Zin& Zen

Written by Alexandra Sharova Photographed by Silas Fallstich Styled by Claire Castro Model Kirsty Loreen with LA Models Makeup by Rose Serrano with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Krysta Withrow with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Nails by Thu Ly with Aqua Nail Bar Location Roblar Winery 3010 Roblar Avenue, Santa Ynez, CA

28 | AUGUST 2015

Blue Life Fit Sports Bra & Leggings, B-Fly Activewear SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 29


lthough it’s early on Sunday morning, Santa Ynez Valley is lit with beaming golden rays, illuminating the beauty of the local wine country. Thankfully a relaxing breeze accompanies the heat, foreshadowing what’s to come. This morning’s Vineyard Yoga is hosted at Gainey Vineyard, known for its high quality estate bottled and picturesque location. Yes, you read that correctly, yoga and wine! I caught up with Cori Lassahn, the genius behind this perfect pairing, to get a first-hand look at the buzz behind this unique class. The two-part program starts out with a one-hour outdoor yoga session, overlooking majestic mountain ranges and acres on acres of luscious grapevines. The scenery is stunning and truly sets the mood of the “feel good yoga,” as Cori calls it. Yoga mat in hand, I walk with Cori to join the full class on the carpet-like lawn. Due to the variation options for most poses and sequences, the attendees greatly range from first-timers to yogis. The unique setting and post-class treat attracts everyone from recent legals to the elderly. “These classes really are for every age, every body, every human,” Cori explains. We begin with a light stretch to calming

30 | AUGUST 2015

music, while classic small planes glide across the sky. With Cori’s guidance I feel my knots, developed over an intense workout a few days prior, loosening. But, what’s more impressive is where Cori’s encouraging words take my mind. She urges the class to let loose, connect with the surroundings, center ourselves, and find an inner peace. Somewhere between warrior one and tree pose, I find myself there— separated from the stress of my week and the constant need to stay connected to my phone. The mental de-cluttering matched with the perfect level workout, realigns me in more ways than one. As I attempt lord of the dance pose (holding one leg bent behind me with one arm) I realize I have been smiling for the past 20 minutes, filled with internal bliss. My fellow classmates are also sporting the same look—uncontrollable grins, an undeniable sign of the class’ success. Note to self: do not let your gaze wander during one-legged poses, and if you do, blame the tumble on the playful breeze. To wrap up, we go into Shavasana. I lay down on my mat and close my eyes. Normally this is when I fall asleep in yoga (yes I’m that person in the class), yet thanks to the vivacious sun rays I get to enjoy a light show that keeps me relaxed, but awake. After a few minutes, we slowly rise and bow, “namaste.”

Blue Life Fit Sports Bra & Leggings, B-Fly Activewear


Strut This Sports Bra & Leggings, B-Fly Activewear

32 | AUGUST 2015

Although I did not feel strained, I definitely enjoyed a workout, and now it’s time for my reward, wine! Heading inside for the tasting I notice that most visitors came in groups, with friends and family—this is truly a perfect weekend activity. Cori and I join John Falcone, the manager and director of winemaking, for a private tasting. We begin with the Sauvignon Blanc, a top-seller at Gainey, and it’s clear why—crisp and refreshing, it’s a perfect starter for postyoga. Next, we enjoy a buttery Chardonnay, while John tells us about how he got into the business 40 years ago. The guy knows his stuff, and it’s apparent by the impeccable quality and complexity of the wines. Gainey boasts an impressive wine variety, which most local wineries lack, making it a mustvisit for connoisseurs. Out of the whites, Cori and myself fall for the Riesling, which according to John is making a comeback, so stock up! We seamlessly make the transition to reds, beginning with a Pinot Noir. John continues to impart his wisdom, surprising Cori and I with the chemistry behind wine making. Chats about Gainey’s history, wine, the Vineyard Yoga collaboration, and endless laughs bring us to our last wine of the day, a luxurious Merlot. As we head out, John presents both Cori and I with a bottle of Riesling, a true testament to the flawless level of customer care the winery provides. Vineyard Yoga is a perfect escape. I leave refreshed, relaxed, and cheerful (not sure if that was due to the generously poured tasting). Yoga could give cheese a run for its money, as the new ideal pair. *


Blue Life Fit Sports Bra & Leggings, B-Fly Activewear 34 | AUGUST 2015

Electric Yoga Sports Bra, B-Fly Activewear Strut This Pants, B-Fly Activewear


Strut This Sports Bra, B-Fly Activewear Electric Yoga Leggings, B-Fly Activewear

36 | AUGUST 2015

Blue Life Fit Shirt & Leggings, B-Fly Activewear Strut This Sports Bra, B-Fly Activewear


38 | AUGUST 2015

Strut This Sports Bra, B-Fly Activewear Electric Yoga Leggings, B-Fly Activewear



James Jeans Jacket, Rowan For Love and Lemons Bodysuit Lisa Edwards Necklace, Rowan Robyn Rhodes Gold Rings & Bracelet, Rowan Torchlight Crystal Stud Ring, Rowan Cimber White Beaded Bracelets, Rowan 40 | AUGUST 2015

let’s do BRUNCH Photographed by Riley Yahr Written by Caitlyn Morton Styled by Caitlyn Morton & Kirra Boelsterli Model Sydney Graus with Elite Model Management Makeup by Rose Serrano with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Tayler Radford with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Manicure by Karina Cordova with Aqua Nail Bar Location Andersen’s Danish Restaurant & Bakery


42 | AUGUST 2015

Robyn Rhodes Gold Rings & Bracelet, Rowan Torchlight Crystal Stud Ring, Rowan Almond Tart


Chanel Scarf Dita Sunglasses, Rowan 44 | AUGUST 2015


just about melt in my seat after taking a bite of citrusinfused golden waffles topped with fresh seasonal berries and creamery butter. Am I in heaven or is this just another weekend indulgence? Brunch is not only my favorite meal, but it is also my favorite pastime. Of course the food plays a huge role in the occasion, but it is also about the sociable, alluring experience. Weekends are reserved for the elaborate affair of coming together with friends for a delightful menu of sweet and savory with a side of chatter and style served all day long. Something along the lines of the classic scenes of Sex and the City where the girls get together after a long week to reconnect and explore recent happenings in each other’s lives at various New York City eateries.Â

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 45

46 | AUGUST 2015

Robyn Rhodes Gold Rings & Bracelet, Rowan Torchlight Crystal Stud Ring, Rowan Strawberry Mimosa


Am I in heaven or is this just another weekend indulgence?

The benefit of brunch is that my slumber can go until the late hours of the morning because restaurants don’t usually retire the menu until 3pm. After I leisurely get out of bed, I send out the typical “Brunch?!” text to multiple friends in anticipation that at least one responds. This gives me time to restore my bed head to a somewhat approachable hairstyle in correlation with a chic outfit. A sigh of relief falls upon me as I have accumulated a solid group of gals to join me. Our destination of choice is Andersen’s Danish Restaurant and Bakery located downtown, sharing the block with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

48 | AUGUST 2015

Torchlight Crystal Stud Rings, Rowan Robyn Rhodes Gold Rings, Rowan Cimber White Beaded Bracelets, Rowan Tiffany & Co. Gold T bracelet Dita Sunglasses, Rowan Crepes


50 | AUGUST 2015

Blue Life Romper, Rowan Amy DiGregorio Necklace, Rowan Robyn Rhodes Gold Rings and Bracelet, Rowan Torchlight Crystal Stud Ring, Rowan Tiffany & Co. Gold T bracelet J. Crew Pearls Strawberry Fields Forever Cake SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 51

52 | AUGUST 2015


...the bakery is too enticing to not pick up a few treats to take home.

Reformation Sweater Robyn Rhodes Gold Rings and Bracelet, Rowan Torchlight Crystal Stud Ring, Rowan Chocolate Croissant


54 | AUGUST 2015

Even before we enter the restaurant we are already drooling over the tempting pastries and cakes displayed in the window. Our hostess leads us to a table inside a room with checkered floors and an interior that has a touch of whimsy to it, reminding me of Marie Antoinette; it sets the perfect scene for a cheery brunch. The only tough part about this whole soiree is choosing from the lengthy menu. A waitress brings by a complimentary platter of scones, apple strudel, custard Danish, and croissants to munch on while we struggle to choose from the various Benedicts, omelets, sweets, and espresso drinks. Once we decide to order an array of dishes and eat family-style, we enjoy each other’s company and get lost in the neighboring table buzz that generally comes with a busy weekend at Andersen’s. My eyes often wander to the bakery cases and nearby tables to catch a peek at what I may be missing out on. After a brief wait, our food arrives filling the table with a delightful spread of croissant French toast, a garden omelet, a smoked Scottish salmon Benedict, and crepes. My fork hovers over each dish as I decide which one I shall start with; the garden omelet it is. The name encourages the perfect flavors of mushrooms, spinach, bell peppers, onions, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Our table has all of a sudden turned silent as we stuff our mouths until our rosy cheeks fill like balloons. I save the best for last—the croissant French toast infused with cinnamon and vanilla, topped with berries, raspberry sauce, maple syrup, and whipped cream. The occasion carries on with satisfied bellies, sipping on cappuccinos and small chitter-chatter. On our way out, the bakery is too enticing to not pick up a few treats to take home. A napoleon, éclair and Danish butter cookies assist me home after a very satisfying brunch. * ANDERSEN’S DANISH RESTAURANT & BAKERY 1106 State Steet, Santa Barbara, CA 805-962-5085 James Jeans Jacket, Rowan For Love and Lemons Bodysuit Lisa Edwards Necklace, Rowan Robyn Rhodes Gold Rings and Bracelets, Rowan Torchlight Crystal Stud Rings, Rowan Cimber White Beaded Bracelets, Rowan



56 | AUGUST 2015

Sally LaPointe Top & Skirt, Allora by Laura Borbonese Cuff & Handbag, Allora by Laura

IT’S ALL IN THE BAG Written by Brooke Gignac Photographed by Meadow Rose Styled by Atoia Jeter Model Astrid Bryan with Next Models Makeup by Leah Washuta with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Daisy Hernandez with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Manicure & Pedicure by Luat Tranh with Aqua Nail Bar


Sally LaPointe Top & Skirt, Allora by Laura Borbonese Cuff, Sandals & Handbag, Allora by Laura

58 | AUGUST 2015


riginal, elegant and confident with a touch of

eccentricity,” says Allora by Laura owner Laura Dinning, of the new line of Borbonese accessories and ready-to-wear. Although there is not an Italian woman who doesn’t have a Borbonese piece in her closet, Allora is the only store in the United States to carry the brand. The concept for Allora is to represent fashion that tells a story of unmistakable style and class. Borbonese which began as a jewelry and fashion accessory brand in 1910, is no exception. Founded in Turin, Italy, the brand once supplied the most prestigious Italian tailors. In the 1960’s Borbonese collaborated with designers like Fendi, Valentino, Galitzine, and Yves Saint Laurent. For over 100 years they have been recognized internationally for artisan quality, elegant products. Laura has followed the brand for about 15 years and says she loves that the pieces exude romance. The designs are chic but not showy. Likewise, Borbonese’s signature Occhio di Pernice or partridge eye print is timeless and understated. “The Borbonese customer is sophisticated, sensual, elegant, and self confident. She loves originality and glamour but not excess,” Laura says. Although Borbonese sells a range of products including furs and home-goods, Laura has selected accessories, sandals and resortwear with a pop of color for her boutique on Coast Village Road. Whether you live in the Italian Rivera or the American Riviera, Borbonese is the quintessential addition to any chic wardrobe. *


Sally LaPointe Top & Skirt, Allora by Laura Borbonese Cuff, Sandals & Handbag, Allora by Laura 60 | AUGUST 2015

Sally LaPointe Top & Skirt, Allora by Laura Borbonese Cuff & Handbag, Allora by Laura


Sally LaPointe Top & Skirt, Allora by Laura Borbonese Sandals & Handbag, Allora by Laura 62 | AUGUST 2015

Sally LaPointe Top, Allora by Laura Borbonese Wallet & Handbag, Allora by Laura



64 | AUGUST 2015

SLEEP MORE IN SEATTLE Written & Photographed by Silas Fallstich


66 | AUGUST 2015


s I finish a several-day trek north to Seattle I start to realize that traffic can quickly put a good day on hold. I’m up to my neck in bumpers and car horns, Siri is whistling inexcusably at me, I’m only 20 minutes away from Hotel 1000 but all the world seems to be holding me back. I phone the hotel, Matthew answers and as I fearfully request an early check-in he asks, “Is this Mr. Fallstich?” It takes me a moment to gather myself. “Excuse me,” I retort. Unsure if he actually said my name. “Mr. Fallstich we have been expecting you, an early check-in will be no problem. I will ensure your room is prepared when you arrive.” “Thank you,” is all I can manage. “Of course, I will be here waiting for you,” he finishes and hangs up. Everything is swinging in my direction. The highway opens from three lanes to five and Mt. Rainier begins to play peek-a-boo with sudden and grand views. It overshadows the landscape, a huge vestige that pummels over the land. All of a sudden I’m going full force and swimming up Interstate 5 towards my destination, propelled by a mixture of enthusiasm and anticipation. I have to circle the block twice to find the hotel. This is a bit embarrassing considering it’s a grand 14-story

high rise. When I pull in, the valet is courteous and efficient. He opens the door and greets me by name, as he writes my ticket we banter over Subaru door locks. The lobby is placated with Japanese decor and mixes dark hard woods with deep hued reds and blacks. It feels like five minutes from the time I enter the hotel until I’m unloaded and giving myself a tour of my room. The room is open and spacious. An elegant and simple black desk, a king size bed, sofa and lounge chair. It has two full walls of windows: I immediately open the curtains. Before me is a stunning view of the harbor and surrounding buildings. In the distance I can see mountains on almost all sides. The bathroom has a deep set polished white bathtub that overlooks First Avenue. In the distance I can just see Rainier, hovering over the skyline. To the left of the bathtub is the shower and toilet, both enclosed with glass doors and partitions. I almost feel as if there are three bathrooms in one. I can’t wait to soak in the tub. The tub is unlike any I’ve ever been in. First off it’s almost deep enough to be a hot tub, and second I can’t find a water spout to save my life. When I cautiously turn the handle it erupts from the ceiling sending a firm cylinder of water in. Before long I’m basking in the comfort of hot water. All the days of driving slip away. I have to keep my senses alert before I fall asleep.


68 | AUGUST 2015


70 | AUGUST 2015


Next, I venture out onto the street. My first stop is at Storyville coffee house, directly across from 1000. The baristas offer me a quick discussion on roasting as I order a chocolate chip cookie and cold brew. “I gave you the cookie with the biggest chunk of chocolate,” one of them says energetically. It’s soft and delicious paired with the coffee. I’m instantly removed from the bathtub coma I was wading in. I’m taken with the decor and feeling at this coffee stop, I’ll be back for more.

downtown Seattle. From Alaskan Way you can see most of the harbor and downtown in all their grandeur—the afternoon sun bringing them to life with a bright gleam. My personal tour takes me up to Pike Place Market. Which at this hour is a skeleton. I’ve visited here several times previously but never in the evening. It’s a marvel to see the market devoid of merchants and shoppers. There is a calm stillness to it, all of the majesty of an immense marketplace without its marching ants.

My feet carry me a few blocks to the harbor and suddenly everything is teeming with life. Restaurants, coffee shops, various kiosks, and ferry horns all accumulate in a cacophony of sounds. The entire scene seems to have been scripted.

Anytime I visit Seattle I always have to trek down Post Alley. Home to Gum Alley, one of the top 5 germiest attractions in the USA. It’s both fascinating and disgusting at the same time. I cautiously pick a place to sit away from the gum enshrined walls and observe as visitors stream in and out of the alley. It’s such a simple thing, gum on a wall, but it has everyone in a happy uproar.

I walk leisurely down the harbor. Stopping often to take in the panoramic views of the channel and 72 | AUGUST 2015

My mind wanders off and I imagine 200 or 300 years from now that this will be a historical site. Visitors will come from all over the world, hand sanitizer at the ready, to view this somewhat unorthodox ritual that travelers and locals alike undertake. What would this site be without the people. As if cued by the Department of Tourism, a trendy young lady enters the alley. This lady exudes a contemporary elegance. She dons an Amish style black felt hat, black jeans and a colorful blouse. She has an air of comfort as she strolls the alley way. I approach and ask to take her photo, I feel like a tourist from 300 years in the future, come to heckle the locals. She, much like most of the Seattle public, is friendly beyond measure and allows me to photograph her. I say it’s for posterity sake and share my thoughts on the future historical site. She shares my enthusiasm for Post Alley and for posterity sake we extend our happenstance meeting into a rendezvous and stroll through the back alleys and run-down lots of downtown Seattle. She gives me a five minute ramshackle

tour of town. Before long we have to go our own ways and are off in opposite directions. I feel as if I’ve covered a lot of distance, yet I’ve barely traversed a few block radius from the hotel. The location can’t be beat. My return is greeted by a knock on the door. The housekeepers are at the ready to turn down the room with chocolates in hand. I take two and bid them goodnight. From my bed I watch as the day’s light disappears. As the sun falls lower in the sky a cluster of clouds wanders into the scene. Before long the Seattle Great Wheel is illuminated in blue and the high-rises before me begin to awaken with rooms lights. The sunset is breathtaking. Pinks, oranges and reds explode in the sky. All the meanwhile subtle little moments unfold on the water. A small sail boat with a colorful sail trickles across the scene, and next a cumbersome ferry barges out of the harbor and across the channel. I feel immensely gratified and my dinner reservation has yet to be filled. SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 73

I’m surprised by the menu at Boka. It lacks the pretension or over complication of many hotel restaurants. The vibe is loungey and relaxed. But that feeling is contrasted by little neon infused nooks that bring life to the space. I’m thrilled to find two daily happy hours from 2:30 until 6 and 9:30 until close. They also have full service for every meal, you won’t find any buffet style breakfast here. I begin my meal with Breakaway IPA from American Brewing Company, one of several local craft beers offered here. I over hear my neighbors say “Dang that’s good!” and suddenly my appetite is alive. Almost on cue, Ahi Tuna Poke arrives. The plating is arranged delightfully. The flavors are mild and authentic. The light bit of seasoning is enhanced by subtle notes of seaweed. My neighbors are passing around expressions of “wonderful,” “perfect” and “dang” like Oregon just legalized them. This enthusiasm prepares me for the the Boka Burger which is roaring with flavor. The burger is messy and makes me want more with each bite. I get to the truffle fries quickly. I rarely if ever have fries without ketchup but these need no addition. They’re cooked and seasoned to perfection. After the gargantuan meal I can’t even imagine dessert, my appetite has been pacified by Executive Chef Kerri Roach’s contemporary west coast menu.

74 | AUGUST 2015

Retiring to my room takes no energy at all. Before I’m able to fully embrace the stillness and comfort of the room I’m fast asleep.


My days have been off since I went away camping around Father’s Day. Since then I haven’t been able to get a sense for what day it is. Monday feels like Wednesday, Wednesday feels like yesterday. I can’t get any form of a basic schedule. When I wake up after my first night at Hotel 1000, Friday finally feels like Friday. Everything feels right, kind of like the celebratory anticipation you get, that only Friday can offer. I have two days off, I have so much to come, I have joy, excitement and I have freedom. I attribute this to the comfort of my room, I guess it took a night at Hotel 1000 to set me right. I enjoy a full fledged breakfast at Storyville Coffee. Crunchy granola with Greek yogurt, a mixed fruit bowl and a cappuccino. I hesitate and appreciate the latte art before diving in. The fruit is ripe and delicious, it tastes as if it was just plucked. The warm and subtle balance of creme and espresso come together to add some caffeine to the meal. I people watch out the grand glass facade. The valets across the street are busy bees actively sending and receiving guests. Soon it will be my turn. The further I travel the more I feel a need to learn something. Many times the learning is hidden and unexposed. Other times it’s blatant and obvious and hits me straight in the face. When it comes to Hotel 1000, I could go on and on about the restaurant or amenities or that the location can’t be beat. All of these things are important. But for me there simply is one thing that matters most and made my experience that much better, and it is the friendly and familiar style service at the hotel. From the front desk attendants, to the bartender all the way through the staff to the housekeepers. Every single person is dedicated to not only enhancing visitors’ stays but also being purveyors of comfort. As I pull away the valet signs off with a salute to my name one last time. I jump on Interstate 5, I’m pointing southeast towards Mt. Rainier to see if the wilderness can play host as well as Hotel 1000. *

HOTEL 1000 1000 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104 206-957-1000

76 | AUGUST 2015



On Her Sally LaPointe Coat, Allora by Laura La Perla Bra, Antoinette Frame Denim Jeans, K. Frank Chanel Bracelet On Him Rag and Bone Shirt, K. Frank Bruno Piattelli Tie, Bacara Gift Shop Paul Smith Shorts, K. Frank


forFALL Photographed by Meadow Rose Styled by Atoia Jeter & Kirra Boelsterli Models Astrid Bryan and George Johnson with Next Models Makeup by Leah Washuta with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Hair by Daisy Hernandez with Carlyle Salon & Style Bar Manicure & Pedicure by Luat Tranh with Aqua Nail Bar

78 | AUGUST 2015


Rag and Bone Shirt, K. Frank Bruno Piattelli Tie, Bacara Gift Shop Paul Smith Shorts, K. Frank 80 | AUGUST 2015

Sally LaPointe Coat, Allora by Laura La Perla Bra, Antoinette Frame Denim Jeans, K. Frank Chanel Bracelet Dr. Scholl’s Sandals, Allora by Laura


GMS-75 Jacket, K. Frank Frank & Eileen Shirt, K. Frank Tailor Vintage Shorts, K. Frank Bruno Piattelli Tie, Bacara Gift Shop To Boot Shoes, K. Frank

82 | AUGUST 2015

Rory Beca Jumpsuit, K. Frank La Perla Bra, Antoinette Henry Beguelin Shoes, Allora by Laura Heath London Necklace, Antoinette Rosemary Peck Ring & Bracelet, Allora by Laura SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 83

On Him Relwen Vest, K. Frank Rag & Bone Shirt, K. Frank ATM T-shirt, K. Frank Tailor Vintage Shorts, K. Frank To Boot Flip-Flops, K. Frank On Her Illia Leather Shirt, K. Frank Strom Jeans, Allora by Laura Fantasy and Jewels Earrings, Allora by Laura Godkissed Necklace, Allora by Laura Dr. Scholl’s Shoes, Allora by Laura

84 | AUGUST 2015

Relwen Vest, K. Frank Rag & Bone Shirt, K. Frank ATM T-Shirt, K. Frank Tailor Vintage Shorts, K. Frank Pullin Boxer Shorts, K. Frank


Rag & Bone Sweater, K. Frank Hartford Shirt, K. Frank AG Jeans, K. Frank Marcoliani Socks, K. Frank To Boot Shoes, K. Frank Hat, Model’s Own 86 | AUGUST 2015

So De Mel Swimwear Swimsuit Splendid Pants, K. Frank Botkier Handbag, K. Frank Dr. Scholl’s Shoes, Allora by Laura Marcia Moran Necklace, K. Frank Giles & Brother Bracelets, K. Frank Chain Bracelet, Stylist’s Own


Hache Blouse, Allora by Laura So De Mel Swimwear Bikini Bottoms Nauti2 Necklace, Kimberly Vyn Designs Heath London Earrings, Antoinette

88 | AUGUST 2015

Elizabeth and James Jacket, K. Frank Hache Pants, Allora by Laura So De Mel Swimwear Bikini Top Nauti2 Necklace and Bracelet, Kimberly Vyn Designs Earrings, Stylist’s Own


GMS-75 Jacket, K. Frank AG Jeans, K. Frank 90 | AUGUST 2015

On Him GMS-75 Jacket, K. Frank AG Jeans, K. Frank On Her So De Mel Swimwear Swimsuit Twilley Atelier Jacket, Allora by Laura Nauit2 Necklace and Earrings, Kimberly Vyn Designs Giles & Brother Bracelets, K. Frank


Theonne Sweater, K.Frank La Perla Bra and Panties, Antoinette Dr. Scholl’s Shoes, Allora by Laura Rosemary Peck Necklace, Allora by Laura Nauti2 Pearl Ring, Kimberly Vyn Designs Fantasy and Jewels Diamond Ring & Earrings, Allora by Laura

92 | AUGUST 2015

Rag and Bone Shirt, K. Frank Pullin Boxer Shorts, K. Frank



94 | AUGUST 2015

CIELITO Written by Rah Riley Photographed by Silas Fallstich



atin vibes are in the air, rolling about alongside the world flags of La Arcada Plaza, while rock and roll has a jam session with rumba flamenca. DeRoy, whose talents are top notch, is picking out a new genre of sound waves on a Godin 6-string and washing them over a talkative patio of flickering candles in aged copper lanterns, tables pushed together with newfound friends, sculptural plates of fritters, vibrant bowls of rapidly disappearing tapas, and exquisitely crafted cocktails topped with impossibly pink orchids. A few oh-so-chill turtles, soaking in early evening sunshine atop Turtle Fountain, have plenty of sun-loving company: inside and out, Cielito Restaurant’s Mexican roots are serving big tables that beckon friends of friends of friends to take a seat and beg to have the chips and salsa make another lap. Decadent dishes are making their entrance while feisty, handcrafted

96 | AUGUST 2015

tequila cocktails, packed to the brim with fantastic flavor, are truly testing even the strongest resistance to social media at the dinner table. This is #foodporn. Cielito’s new summer dinner menu has just debuted, touting a bright and fresh new fish dish with cured chorizo, roasted raja peppers, mussels, clams, and fennel with some saucy heirloom tomatoes. Another one of Executive Chef Kurt Steeber’s summer specials—compressed watermelon salad with pickled rind and three types of seaweed— reimagines the watermelon realm. I order (literally) the best filet mignon of my life and still have to make room to steal a few bites of beet and white bean salad dressed in maple walnut vinaigrette from the plate across the table. Of course, it’s the tequila that’s truly the confetti cannon of this flavor fiesta. With some 40 flavors of tequila and mezcal (a cool agave cousin) on the menu, brace and pace yourself— and for the sake of all things sweet, sour, spicy, and salty with a side of lime, pick the right plates to pair.

Dragon’s Breath: habanero tequila, blood orange and guava purees, fresh lime Lady Boss: Del Maguey crema agave infused mezcal, muddled mint, plum bitters, sparkling water La Sancha: Gran Centenario Rosangel tequila, Chareau aloe vera liqueur, prickly pear puree, lemon juice, orange bitters SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 97

Quinoa Fritters: quinoa-kale fritters, mango-habanero glaze, avacado aioli

Carrot Tacos: heirloom carrots, pickled carrots, ancho mole, queso fresco 98 | AUGUST 2015

Braised Lamb Neck Tacos: lime greek yogurt, feta, roasted baby turnips, creole pumpkin seed mole

The heat of habanero tequila in the aptly named Dragon’s Breath will have you inhaling sweet carrot tacos, packed with braised heirloom and pickled carrots, ancho mole, and queso fresco. If Del Maguey crema agave nectar-infused mezcal sounds more your style, there’s a very bold and beautiful Lady Boss hailing you at the bar. Infused with mezcal, muddled with mint, and poured with plum bitters and sparkling water, your wingwoman for this one is the braised lamb neck tacos, rich with creamy feta cheese, lime Greek yogurt and creole pumpkin seed mole. Boasting prickly pear puree, lemon juice, and orange bitters, La Sancha packs a punch with Rosangel tequila and aloe vera liqueur. Balance the blow with mango habanero glaze and avocado aioli;

the quinoa-kale fritters are a table staple that can balance out much of the cocktail menu. The moon is out now. Walls are cloaked in vines and tiny lights flicker between breezy leaves, making the glow of outdoor dining increasingly charming. The food here is good. Really good. And for those who crave a quick midday kick of Mexican and Latin American cuisine (with a side of tequila), the margaritas here are also served when the sun is much higher in the sky. Cielito Taqueria, Cielito’s new walk-up lunch-only counter, dishes out its own signature tacos, salsa bar, and yes, many margaritas, every afternoon. Who said happy had to stay in its hour? Fiesta is upon us. *

CIELITO 1114 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 805-965-4770 SBLIFEANDSTYLE.COM | 99


Written by Brooke Gignac Photographed by Laura Grier Though the business world may seem to be governed by a “dog eat dog” mentality, three woman at the top of their respective fields are proving that mantra wrong. Bess Wyrick, Annabel Acton and Liz Cherkasova teamed up to foster a community of support and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs. Colorwyld, a series of workshops soon to be held at Carpinteria’s Rose Story Farm, is “a bootcamp for creative entrepreneurs ready to fast-track their business ideas.” The day long workshop marries strategy and innovation through hands-on activities designed to encourage collaboration and cultivate imagination. The advice offered by these women gives insight and guidance which you can apply to your own business, no matter your creative field. 100 | AUGUST 2015

WITH THE CREATORS OF COLORWYLD Bess Wyrick, Celedon & Celery Liz Cherkasova, Late Afternoon Blog Annabel Acton, Never Liked It Anyway


Colorwyld What inspired you to be part of the Colorwyld retreats? Bess: We were in Santa Barbara talking with the woman who owns Rose Story Farm. It was a conversation with someone I admire who is much older, and she was asking us for advice which was completely fascinating to me. That conversation made me realize that really no matter what stage your business is in you need a community to call on at all times. Annabel: There is so much hype in the tech scene but there is nothing really there to help creative entrepreneurs and for that reason they are getting marginalized, even though there is so much potential. So I feel like someone needs to stick up for creative entrepreneurs and help them find a way to success. Liz: I want to help other creative female entrepreneurs find a voice and create the life they want for themselves. What goals do you have for Colorwyld? Bess: I would like to see a lot more events happening in different cities and hosting campaigns that we can 102 | AUGUST 2015

do online and see a real sense of entrepreneurs not competing with one another but supporting one another. Annabel: We would really like to see it become a hub for creative entrepreneurs so they know that they can come to each other for any kind of support and know that it is a space of comfort that is not going to be “elbows out.” What is the most rewarding part of the retreats for you? Bess: Giving back. Being able to tell people specifically where to go if they need help, and telling them my stories about how I got to where I am and the mistakes that I made, to try to help them to not make the same mistakes. Annabel: I love coaching and helping people. I think anytime that you can help unlock a blockage for someone, and crack whatever it is that is getting in their way, you can see their whole energy and demeanor change. If you can help be a part of that, it’s the greatest feeling on earth; it’s a gift. Liz: The most rewarding part is seeing how happy and confident our attendees are at the end of the retreat.


Never Liked It Anyway Annabel Acton

Never Liked It Anyway is an e-bay for breakups where you sell all the stuff that is left at the end of a relationship. What is one thing you wish you knew when you were first starting out? Make things work for you. The most important thing is to bring your product to life in a way that makes sense to you. Who inspires you? There are a lot of women who are doing great things. I think the ones that really inspire me are the women who are staying true to who they are and are unapologetic. What traits set apart successful entrepreneurs? Being relaxed and trusting that you’re moving forward in the right direction every day. You have to be resilient and know there are going to be ebbs and flows. There are times I don’t want to

Late Afternoon Liz Cherkasova

Late Afternoon is a lifestyle blog that focuses on living life beautifully each day. What role has social media played in your business? Social media is a huge part of any business but especially mine. People want to connect with you and get to know you on a more intimate level. This builds trust which is important in any business. How did you transform a hobby into a business? I've always known that I wanted to work for myself. I never thought that blogging would allow me that opportunity but as one of the first bloggers on the scene I was able to begin monetizing the blog fairly quickly. What advice would you give to others 104 | AUGUST 2015

who are interested in blogging? I would say “Just go for it.” There's no reason not to try it. What traits set apart successful entrepreneurs? Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid of taking risks and failing. What is a typical day for you? My days are never the same. One day I'm traveling somewhere beautiful and the next day I'm running from meeting to meeting answering e-mails on my phone. What do you like to do in your free time? I love hiking with my dogs, taking road trips, vintage hunting, and drinking wine with my girlfriends. What is your favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara? I love staying at The Goodland for a fun weekend filled with great atmosphere and food.

look at anything to do with my business and it’s hard, and then there are times when I feel like I’m going to take over the world. What is a typical day for you? I start the day doing something creatively inspiring, whether that’s reading a fiction book, going for a walk or writing. Even if I only do something creative for 20 minutes I find it a really nice way to start the day. Then, I plow into e-mails. I normally try to decide the night before what my most important task for that day is and do it in the morning. Then, in the afternoon I’ll schedule meetings. What is your favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara? When I visited, I went to the farmers market and they had all this beautiful picnic food so I went down to the beach and had the most gorgeous picnic. It was absolutely heaven. If I could do that every day I would.

Celadon & Celery Bess Wyrick

Celadon & Celery is an event company that specializes in set designs floral props and custom fabrication. What is the most rewarding aspect of running your own business? It’s the ability to pick and choose the projects that I want to work with, really getting to hone in on the projects that are challenging and fascinating. What is the most challenging aspect of running Celadon & Celery? Managing human beings. Managing personalities and different skill sets and challenging my team to be better designers, better workers and better employees. Also balancing that with innovation and creativity.

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs? They should not go into business unless they have some sort of financial backer or livable income. I see a lot of businesses fail because there is no financial strategy ahead of time. What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur? I would say the largest is financial, whether it’s paying myself last or having to wear many different hats. I might be the owner of the business and the designer but sometimes I’m also the janitor and the chef. Multitasking is not always glamorous. Who inspires you? The other entrepreneurs, the other startups and the other badasses making it work. Just seeing that women in general are taking the risks to own their own businesses

encourages me every single day to keep doing what I’m doing. What is a typical day for you? I still try to keep New York hours so I wake up super early and bang out three hours of e-mails, budgets and proposals. Then, I go into the studio and generally I’m building something or making something. Then, I’m in the back of a big truck delivering the flowers or the product that we have to set up for an event. What do you like to do in your free time? I love to go out to eat and I love hiking and camping. Anything that keeps me outdoors is where you will find me when I’m not working. What are your favorite things to do in Santa Barbara? Paddle boarding right off the coast and visiting Rose Story Farm.




DISH IT UP A simple monthly recipe, to try at home, from our team to you.

Red Wine Marinated Sirloin Beef, Red Onion & Zucchini Skewers with Pomegranate Chimichurri Photographed by Silas Fallstich

Ingredients Yield: 4 servings Sirloin Skewers: 1 1/2 pounds grass fed beef sirloin, fat trimmed and cubed 1/2 cup dry red wine 2 tbsp red wine vinegar 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes 2 tbsp coconut aminos 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 2 tbsp garlic, minced 1 tbsp fresh parsley, roughly chopped 1 tbsp fresh cilantro, roughly chopped 1 tbsp fresh basil, roughly chopped 4 zucchinis, cut into rounds 1 medium purple onion, peeled, cut in half then into quarters Pomegranate Chimichurri: 1/2 cup packed fresh Italian parsley leaves 1/2 cup fresh cilantro 1/2 cup fresh basil 4 medium garlic cloves, peeled and smashed 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil 3 tbsp of fresh pomegranate seeds Recipe by Breanna O’Toole with Bree’s Pretty Pantry 106 | AUGUST 2015

Directions For the sirloin: Place the meat in a large ziplock bag. Add the red wine, vinegar, coconut aminos, garlic, worcestershire, basil, and cilantro. Then toss to coat. Seal the bag tightly and place in a baking dish. Marinate in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.

Remove from grill and top or serve with Pomegranate Chimichurri.

Preheat the grill. Remove the meat from refrigerator.

For the chimichurri: Place parsley, basil, cilantro, garlic, vinegar, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper (to taste) in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a blade attachment. Process until finely chopped, stopping and scraping down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula as needed, about 1 minute.

Thread 1 meat cube onto a skewer, followed by the remaining ingredients until the skewer is full. Continue with the remaining skewers. Drizzle on some oil and grill until cooked medium-rare, about 6 minutes, turning once.

With the motor running, add oil in a steady stream. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and pulse a few times to combine. Transfer to a bowl and add in the fresh pomegranate seeds.








by Cynthis

I prepped Kari’s skin with MAC Natural Radiance Base in Radiant Yellow, followed by MAC Matchmaster Foundation, giving a natural matte finish. I used MAC Mineralized Skinfinish to give her skin a sun kissed glow. For just the right amount of color on her cheeks I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Medium, MAC Blush in Melba and my favorite highlighter by MAC in Global Glow. After priming her eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion, I used the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection and MAC shadows— Brown Script all over the lid, Brown Down for the outer corner, Soft Brown for transition, Swiss Chocolate on the middle of the lid for more depth, and Espresso on the bottom lash line. For a nice bold liner I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Dipdown, and finished off with Ardell Demi Wispies lashes stacked. I completed the look with GLO Minerals Snapdragon lipstick, MAC Magenta lipliner and NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait.


by Ashton

To achieve Kari’s bohemian curls for that beachready look, I first primed her hair with Davines Texture Dust. Next, I curled the hair in one-inch sections with a wrap curling iron and set the curls with Davines Medium Hair Spray. Then, I shook out the curls while spraying Davines Sea Salt Spray to give it a natural textured look. I smoothed any last fly always with Davines Invisible Serum.


THE LOOK Photographed by Meadow Rose

108 | AUGUST 2015

For appointments call Carlyle Salon & Style Bar 805-963-8787 350 Chapala St #101 Santa Barbara, CA

For a monthly mix of Santa Barbara style, dining,


wine, wellness, culture, and travel



SAVE 3O% OFF NEWSSTAND PRICES! #sblifeandstyle to show off your latest copy @sblifeandstyle

California Grown Santa Barbara Crafted

110 | AUGUST 2015

Organic Ingredients California Grown No Artificial Anything

Gluten free GMO free




232 Natoma Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Reservations: 805-965-3586 or

Escape to The Eagle Inn

for your romantic getaway! Share Champagne on the veranda, relax in the whirlpool tub and cozy up to the fireplace.

232 Natoma Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Reservations: 805-965-3586 or No blocking fee for bridal parties and wedding guests.

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