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APRIL 2014

Whimsy Beach PG 24 Chic Swimwear PG 70

Vol 2. April 2014


Volume 2 Issue 4 / April 2014 Editor / Publisher Ottocina Ryan Art Director Rah Riley Photographer Meadow Rose Photography Contributing Writer Sarah Rice Founder Jeffrey Florentine Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine is published by Santa Barbara Life & Style, Inc. PO Box 5072 Santa Barbara, CA 93150 For distribution, advertising, or other inquires Santa Barbara LIfe & Style - Issuu Edition


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6 ART STYLE. Explore the stunning artwork of photography merged with natural California redwood. 18 WILDFLOWER. Connect with Meadow of Meadow Rose Photography and get a behind the scenes look at her studio and life as a fashion photographer. 24 WHIMSY BEACH. Meander along the beach in luxury with this whimsical editorial. 64 LET THEM EAT GELATO. The best gelato and popsicles around! 70 YACHT SAIL. Sail in style with impossibly chic sunnies and sexy swimwear.




from the

Editor We are incredibly lucky to live in Santa Barbara. A city that encourages the luxurious yet carefree lifestyle emulated in this issue.

Starting off with Meadow Rose, the talented fashion photographer who we are lucky to have as part of our team. Take a behind the scenes look at her latest creative endeavor as well as her work as a freelance photographer. Whether you’re headed to Coachella or Butterfly Beach get inspired by the luxe bohemian ensembles in our whimsical editorial (Whimsy Beach). Flower crowns included.

Remember the José Eber Framboisette cocktail from the salon’s grand opening celebration at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore?! It tasted just as good as it looked and we have the recipe for you! Take after (Yacht Life) and spend the afternoon on a sailing yacht in chic bikinis and sunglasses you can’t live without. The day wouldn’t be complete without bubbly and a couple of our favorite frozen treats (Let Them Eat Gelato). We finish off the issue with a recap of the stunning Jessica Barkley gowns from Hautebox IV. I’m excited to be the new Editor-in-Chief of Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine! I appreciate all of our readers and followers!

Ottocina Ryan Editor-in-Chief Santa Barbara Life & Style

Four Seasons The Biltmore

Santa Barbara



Photography, wood making, and art. Photography by Meadow Rose Photography Written by Rah Riley


n the brief moments between freelance photography projects, a recent endeavor has filled the studio of Meadow Rose with not only large rolls of her printed photographs, but tree chunks, varnish, and a blow-torch. You’re immediately drawn into a creative, spacious and uncategorized area of art that is both modern and natural. Vivid photographs of Santa Barbara

beaches, cliffs, sunsets, blue jeans, and models are transferred to hand sanded pieces of Northern California redwood, cyprus, cedar, madrone, maple and more. The results are an array of individual and collection pieces in both blackand-white and color that share a vibrant snapshot and a truly inimitable wood grain framed by a natural distinct shape.

My personal favorite is a surfy black-and-white beach scene on four naturally-worn, horizontal pieces emitting a sea weathered, timeless, and eye-catching feel (turn the page!). Her photo series collections feature simple cut squares and each represent a local California region – a project which she is continually expanding. Complimenting the work she’s already doing, wood art is a more creative option that allows clients to celebrate photos in way that

goes beyond canvas and frames. Her wood art makes for perfect statement pieces over a dining room table, master bed, or entryway; smaller pieces are a fun way to finish off an office or breakfast nook. Requests make the perfect birthday or house-warming gift! Combining perfect Santa Barbara snapshots with hand selected pieces from the silhouettes that line our shores, Meadow Rose takes photo display to a new level.


meadow rose



Written by Rah Riley | Photography by Meadow Rose Photography

She sits across from us, fresh flowers, sliced mango, and laptop screens between us. A sunny little office space full of beachy hair, designer bags, glossy magazines, and an unending conversation over our next issues. Meadow Rose is rocking a dark easy ensemble that is immediately disarming and radiant. She’s someone you want to pop Champagne with after a photo shoot (follow us on Instagram

@sblifeandstyle for all our behind the scenes moments!) One glance at her equipment, portfolio, or easy way she whips up her camera throughout a day to capture subtle beautiful moments distinguishes her as someone you want to trust to capture the biggest moments of your work and life. Her portfolio is a mastery of product styling, advertising campaigns, and fashion shoots.

Visiting her studio, a literal loft complete with patterned couch, succulents, cacti, design magazines, and a drum set, we discover the workbench of not just an artist of clean, detail oriented, and personality celebrating photography, but of a wood maker crafting a new style in the world of photography. Producing her own artistic collection and writing her own calendar is the resulting lifestyle of a passionate leap out of fulltime corporate work (she quit less than a year ago!) into full-time freelance gigs. Recently relocated back to Santa Barbara – a move

she credits entirely to wanting the community - Meadow is currently enjoying lunch on Summerland patios, exploring the Funk Zone and possible photography locations, and sailing along the coast. We are always keeping up to date with Meadow’s work on Instagram @meadowrose and Facebook as we rave over her always flawless, diverse, and energized photos and recruit her for the upcoming features we’re most excited about! Meadow Rose Photography specializes in fashion, product, lifestyle, and advertising and is making Santa Barbara even more impossibly beautiful.


CHECK OUT HER WORK meadowrose 707.696.5584 Art Foundry 120 Santa Barbara Street Santa Barbara Currently accepting requests and appointments.

Let Them Eat Gelato Written by Sarah Rice

Panache desserts are a Santa Barbara specialty and nothing goes better with the warm weather than icy treats. Our favorites, Here’s the Scoop gelato and Freezer Monkeys gourmet popsicles, are artisan treats designed for the area using only the freshest ingredients and the most gourmet of flavors encapsulating the essence of Santa Barbara living.


ade on the premises of the Montecito shop, Here’s the Scoop makes gelato and sorbet that follow the seasons with a constantly revolving palette of flavor. Owner Ellie Patterson scours the local farmers market for all of her seasonal gelato. While no one can resist the traditional flavors of hazelnut and pistachio, Scoop promises ingredients and flavors that insist you try them all. Ellie’s favorite, the indian rice pudding, is one of many flavors that pushes the limits of traditional gelato. In April, be sure to catch

the seasonal candied orange with chocolate shreds or the carrot cake, both of which will celebrate the shop’s April 12th, ten year anniversary celebration. What’s our favorite thing about the artisan shop? Scoop caters private events, which means flavors like their lemon lavender sorbet are requested to have a special ingredient. Ellie adds champagne to this flavor and since it’s sorbet, the alcohol isn’t boiled down creating a truly luxurious champagne sorbet combination.

Here’s the Scoop 1187 Coast Village Rd Montecito, CA 93108

(805) 969-7020

Prints from Letter Perfect.


fter eighteen years as a pastry chef, playing with ingredients and unique flavors, Tiffany Buchanan has created a new love of gourmet popsicles in the Santa Barbara area with Freezer Monkeys. Although it might sound strange to call a popsicle gourmet, the whole fruits, organic cane sugar, and global ingredients Freezer Monkeys utilizes has gained serious popularity since 2012 when the product became available at The Natural Cafe and Whole Foods

in Santa Barbara. The healthy ingredients, coupled with no emulsifiers, stabilizers, artificial flavors or colors have created a product Santa Barbara loves. Flavors range from blueberry orange blossom and strawberry buttermilk to Mexican chocolate, horchata, and caramelized pineapple. Tiffany’s favorite, the raspberry Thai chili combines the cold intensity of the berry flavor with a slight heat from the chili--a true pioneer in popsicle flavoring.

Freezer Monkeys


Freezer tiffany@




Marshall Way 480 941 1707

921 State Street 805 335 2424

Kierland Commons 480 443 4030

1 888 335 7900

Yach Life


Photography by: Meadow Rose Photography Models: Celesta Hodge & Kylee Poling with Elite Model Management Swimwear by: Butterflies & Bikinis Sunglasses, Jewlery & Wetsuit: Whistle Club Jewlery & Sandals: Angel Hair & Makeup by: Kara Richard with Cashmir Beauty Lounge California Champagne compliments of: Summerland Winery

JosĂŠ Eb Framb

The newest obsession Life & Style Team is th celebrating the recent grand opening! After a we’ve deemed this drin have! Pour one yourse cocktail for a limited t Enjoy! INGREDIENTS

1.5 oz Lepanto brand 1 oz raspberry juice (fresh raspberries blen 2.5 oz Nicolas Feuilla 1 spray of framboise l

Combine chilled raspb brandy and shake ligh into coupe glass. Top Garnish with gold dus mist of framboise liqu

Photo Credit: Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

ber boisette

of the Santa Barbara his raspberry cocktail JosĂŠ Eber Salon attending the opening nk a weekend mustelf or purchase this time at Ty Lounge.


nded with simple syrup) atte Rose Champagne liqueur mist

berry juice and htly with ice. Strain with champagne. sted raspberry and ueur.

Hautebox IV

EVENT RECAP The Santa Barbara Life and Style Team attended the Hautebox IV Runway show featuring Jessica Barkley gowns and Jewelry by Gauthier. A philanthropic evening dedicated to Save the Mermaids Foundation, Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore ballroom was complete with champagne, silver plattered hors d’oeuvres, gold candles, red roses, a packed press booth, and high fashion. Photography by Meadow Rose Photography.







MARCH 2014





Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine- April 2014  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Volume 2 Issue 4

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine- April 2014  

Santa Barbara Life & Style Volume 2 Issue 4