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Preserving a Legacy
Connie McCombs McNab

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Giving back to keep the arts –and a legacy – alive in San Antonio fuels Connie McNab’s commitment to the Majestic Empire Foundation.

18 Feature

Fiesta® is not only a celebration of San Antonio’s community, it is also about the spirit of volunteerism.

22 Role Model

Making a Difference with Empathy: Avani Gunuganti’s inspiring journey and passion for palliative care.

24 Guy to Know

The artistic inspiration of David Teranfrom a career inspired by an animated film to a whimsical turn of events leading to his book, Hasselblad Ballet.

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Growing up in San Antonio, I have such fond memories of going to the Majestic Theatre with my grandmother to see the Broadway shows on tour, usually preceded by a wonderful dinner at Cappy’s on Broadway. Thanks to the efforts of Joci Strauss and Charlene McCombs, the Majestic and Empire Theatres were rescued from years of disrepair and lovingly brought back to the beautiful venues they are today. Our Cover woman, Connie Mc Combs McNab, is carrying on her mother’s legacy in preserving these gems and continuing the Joci Awards Performing Arts Scholarship Competition, the largest scholarship program of its kind in the country. In this issue’s Cover story, Connie shares her love for her mother and life lessons learned along the way.

Spring is here, and that means one thing in San Antonio - Fiesta®! Did you know that every year, thousands of volunteers work together to put on our city’s biggest “party with a purpose?” Thanks to women like Ferne Burney, Lisa Pierce, and JoAnn Ezquerra-Boone, hundreds of participating member organizations (PMOs) receive valuable funds to support their causes. In our feature story, we get to know these selfless women who are giving back to our community.

I had the pleasure of meeting former San Antonio artist Sara Eyestone while visiting Santa Fe recently. I knew immediately why Sara - and her work - were so loved when she lived here. We are grateful to be able to share Sara’s bright and beautiful artwork as this issue’s Final Thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this issue, which is filled with inspiring women, ideas for where to go and what to wear, and so much more.

Happy Spring!



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The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio is now CHRISTUS Children’s. Why? Because we’re the first and only San Antonio hospital built just for kids and expectant moms, but we’re so much more than a hospital. Our care extends far past the city limits and we are part of a world-class healthcare network. Our new name better represents who we are and the purpose we pursue every day. Same hope. Same healing. New name. Welcome to CHRISTUS Children’s.

children. Your family. Our purpose.
Lane, Age 3 Cancer Survivor

Preserving a Legacy

Connie McCombs McNab

Connie McCombs McNabb

It’s hard to imagine downtown San Antonio without the glowing marquees of the Majestic and Empire Theatres. They’re woven into the fabric of San Antonio, and it’s no wonder: the Majestic has 95 candles on its birthday cake, and the Empire is 110 years old.

“To me, the great thing about San Antonio is that our history is still alive today. And the Majestic and Empire Theatres are a part of that. Maintaining them is an honor. And then we all get to share in the benefit of attending events in these beautiful theaters,” explains Connie McCombs McNab, a partner in McCombs Enterprises and vice president of the McCombs Foundation.

McNab also serves on the board of directors of the Majestic Empire Foundation – previously known as the Las Casas Foundation thanks to its role in restoring and renovating San Antonio’s beloved Majestic Theatre and Charline McCombs Empire Theatres, the “houses” referenced in the Las Casas name. Las Casas founder Joci Straus asked friend Charline McCombs to host a fundraising dinner. Charline was so moved by the effort to save the theaters that she and her husband, B.J. “Red” McCombs, donated $1 million, and what is now the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre was reborn.

“My first trip to the Empire with mom was before the restoration, when it was in a shambles. I was so proud of her desire to change that. She and dad were determined to renovate that jewel box of a theater – it’s a treasure.”

After restoring the theaters, the foundation set its sights on the future of performing arts, creating the Joci Awards Performing Arts Scholarship Competition. Awarding more

than $1.5 million in scholarship funds since its inception in 2009, the competition is the largest performing arts scholarship program in the country. The program provides students with educational opportunities, workshops, master classes and audition experiences, culminating in a Broadway-caliber performance known as the Joci Awards.

McNab became involved with the foundation by attending the Joci Awards with her mother. “Mom never missed a show. She loved to go backstage and meet all the kids. Then, as they performed, she would sit in the front row and get teary. Mom was someone who teared up often at beautiful things – and she would get teary at these kids just belting it out and giving it their all. “It is a beautiful thing to see. I love kids and am passionate about education and the arts. Putting it together, seeing the effect of art in any form –and the transformation it can make in a child’s life and the way they think – is exciting. It opens the mind.”

“My mother was always right. It’s unbelievable how she was always right. And if I didn’t do what she suggested, it was a mistake.’

McNab’s passion for the arts started when she was young. “A field trip to the McNay was lifechanging for me. I was in the third or fourth grade and saw paintings that gave me a feeling I had never felt before. And I thought, I want more of this – I want to know more about that. To me, the arts feed the soul, and that’s why I like being a part of it.”

March/April 2024 15

When Charline could no longer attend foundation board meetings, McNab stepped in. “My mom loved the scholarship and educational programs. It’s what excited her – and what excites me. I could never take her place. But I will do my best to carry forward her vision and support these efforts that will continue to keep the arts flourishing in San Antonio.

“We had a record-breaking 333 applicants this year. They will all receive numerous educational opportunities, including workshops, master classes, and a preliminary audition process— designed to get them college-ready.” The applicants then audition before an adjudication team of seasoned performing arts veterans. The top 25 performers are selected, along with two technical theater students and one theater journalist, to showcase their skills at the Joci Awards on May 5 at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre.

“We’ll give away $120,000 in scholarships to help 28 students pursue their college dreams. And they don’t have to use the money for a theater degree – they can use it for any field they want to study. We’ve had people tell us that it’s made the difference in their kids being able to go to their school of choice. That’s what gets me excited.”

McNab credits her parents for multiple life lessons. “Being the daughter of two incredible people – two incredible philanthropic people –but also people who just the way they lived their lives helped shape me. I saw what they did, and they taught by example. I learned how to lead from my dad, and I learned how to be a loving and caring person from my mom and how to give of myself to others from both of them.”

She’s also learned that her instincts are a great guide. “I learned early on to take chances and to


trust my instincts. I learned that that would not steer me wrong. I think a lot of times, we don’t listen to that inner voice, and instead think, ‘I can’t do it. Why would I do that?’ But you need to trust that voice. You’ll never regret it.

“It’s a cliché, but clichés are clichés because they’re true. Don’t spend so much time worrying about all these small things. It’s going to work out. Listen to that voice in your head. There were a lot of times when I didn’t and when I would shut it down and think, ‘Oh, that’s not right.’ And then that’s when I made mistakes.

“And when I didn’t listen to my mother,” she laughs. “My mother was always right. It’s unbelievable how she was always right. And if I didn’t do what she suggested, it was a mistake.’

She has life lessons and advice from both mom and dad to follow. “The best advice I received from my dad was, ‘Don’t complain, don’t explain.’ It’s good advice. Nobody wants to hear this long, drawn-out stuff. Just do it. In other words, just get the job done. Another one of my favorites of his that I find myself saying all the time in many different situations is, ‘You’ve already played that card.’ Why are you going that road again? You’ve already played that card.

“My mom’s advice was that I don’t have to tell everything I know. Sometimes, you just want to keep quiet and not tell everything you know. As I get older, mom’s advice was right. I don’t have to say everything I know. I don’t have to tell everything I know. And it’s really helped me a lot. I learned to listen. Sometimes, it takes time for good advice to take hold and make sense to you. You have to have some experiences where you didn’t heed it, and you think, oh, yes, mom was right.

“My personal philosophy is every day; I want to try to do my best. Then at night, I do a little inventory. What could I have done better? How could I have done that better? Then I start the next day thinking, I’m going to do this better. It’s something I got from my dad. Each day is a gift.

He’d say, ‘Everybody’s got the same 24 hours. What are you going to do with it?”

McNab’s 24 hours include spending time outdoors with her and her husband Sandy’s three dogs. “I start my day, and I end my day outside, and it’s because of the dogs. No matter what the weather is, they’ve got to go outside, and I go with them. It’s a really nice way to say hello to the day, then say goodbye and thank you to that day.”

With four children and six grandchildren, McNab looks to the future of the family’s legacy. “My sisters and I have instilled that the next generation of my parents – eight grandchildren – their support of philanthropic endeavors should be based on involvement. If they say, ‘Let’s support this foundation,’ we ask, ‘What’s your involvement?’ The kids are all involved in various areas of interest for them, and I couldn’t be prouder.

“That’s what I learned from my parents. I love being a part of carrying on our family’s legacy – my parents’ legacy. To me, that’s the greatest honor in the world just to keep that going.”

March/April 2024 17

The Heart of Fiesta® Women Steering San Antonio’s Community Spirit

Fiesta® San Antonio is more than just an event; it’s a testament to the power of community and volunteerism, with several women at its helm making an impact on the city’s cultural and economic landscape. Steeped in history since 1891 with the Battle of Flowers, Fiesta® brings people together to enhance our overall community through inclusivity. The collective spirit of those who come together to volunteer fosters a sense of unity and culture.

The Fiesta® San Antonio Commission, a self-sustaining organization, leads the collaboration of over 100 groups to support causes ranging from education to conservation. This support helps participating member organizations (PMOs) effectively raise funds for their missions. According to a 2017 study by the UTSA Center for Community and Business Research, Fiesta activities generated $340.1 million in sales for the local economy, tax revenues and tourism dollars.

Leading the charge are women like Ferne Burney, Senior Vice President of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission and Chairman of Accreditation and Compliance for the Commission, and JoAnn Boone, a Fiesta Commission Presidential appointee focusing on special projects. They have spent years dedicating their efforts to Fiesta, enhancing its production and contributing to the success of PMOs, including The Conservation Society of San Antonio that hosts “A Night In Old San Antonio®(NIOSA®), one of Fiesta’s largest events.

Lisa Pierce, NIOSA Chairman and Fourth Vice President of the Conservation Society, spearheads this particular volunteer effort on its behalf. In turn, the Commission offers indispensable organizational support and technical assistance, including subsidies for insurance costs to participating non-profits.


Ferne Burney

Senior Vice President of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission and Chairman of Accreditation and Compliance for the Commission

Feature Fiesta

Ferne Burney actively manages the mobilization, activation, and technical support for PMOs in her role. Some duties include advising and aligning these organizations with turnkey support and safety measures.

With her extensive experience as a 30-year executive at Abbott Laboratories, Ferne brings a wealth of knowledge in project management and leadership to the table. She champions “servant leadership,” and leading by example, always enhancing communication and visibility for member organizations, which in turn bolsters their community impact.

The Commission itself launches an opening event, Fiesta®Fiesta, which brings together all 100 PMO’s and all Fiesta revelers for a night of camaraderie and festivities. The event is free and open to the public. The PMOs are responsible for hosting their

own activities thereafter, and others, such as UTSA and The Witte Museum, host Fiesta® events as part of their day-to-day operations.

Volunteerism sparks Ferne to get things done. The old adage, “if it is to be, it’s up to me,” inspires Ferne to “do what I see as the gift I can give and encourage others to do the same.” This drive is what got Ferne involved in Fiesta to begin with, the ability to make a difference.

She muses on the state of volunteerism’s decline since the pandemic and is encouraging of others to be committed to a path of helping others. “I have been given much in my life and I have had a wonderful career. Volunteering fills that gap,” she says. Her pivotal role enables PMOs to optimize their mission fundraising, strengthening the community through their efforts in San Antonio.

March/April 2024 19

JoAnn EzquerraBoone

Fiesta Commission Presidential Appointee

Feature Fiesta

Ferne is joined by many, including JoAnn EzquerraBoone, former CEO of the river barges—a loved San Antonio activity for locals and tourists alike. JoAnn helped to turn around the prominence and profitability of the river barge cruises and, in so doing, made the barges iconic to San Antonio.

Given her role in adding to the San Antonio landscape, she grew to like the idea of contributing to other iconic activities like Fiesta.

In her role as a Commission Presidential appointee, JoAnn spearheads major initiatives, including transforming the Miss Fiesta® from a pageant into an event that spotlights educational excellence. “I’m proud to say that the five women we selected last year were between the ages of 18 and 22 and were first-generation college attendees,” JoAnn reveals.

She emphasizes the program’s role in creating community ambassadors and role models for future generations and school age children in San Antonio. Women who participate must meet stringent academic requirements, demonstrate need and be willing to dedicate a year of community engagements to inspire others to pursue their education and to get involved with their communities.

Besides her involvement with Miss Fiesta, JoAnn contributes to the Fiesta® Foundation, which, among other things, provides additional subsidies for insurance to PMOs and sponsors scholarships for the five women representing Fiesta as reigning scholars. JoAnn focuses on how these efforts can help organizations progress step by step.


Lisa Pierce

The Commission collaborates closely with its partners, the PMOs, and the Conservation Society is one of the largest. Through the efforts of the group’s volunteers, “A Night In Old San Antonio” (NIOSA) is a leading fundraiser for historic preservation in the nation, funding nearly all of the Society’s efforts, programs, and services.

NIOSA showcases San Antonio’s diverse culture during its event in historic La Villita. Since 2010 alone, this event has generated over $12 million to support historic preservation, education, and advocacy programs of the Society. It also bolsters the local economy by supporting local suppliers and contributing to the La Villita Restoration Fund.

Feature Fiesta

Lisa Pierce, NIOSA’s 2024 Chairman and a dedicated volunteer, highlights the event’s role in preservation and community engagement. “The annual reunion of all NIOSA® volunteers is what I love most; we are one huge family!” she enthuses. The commitment of volunteers, many from families that have participated for generations, is a key to the event’s success.

It takes 10,000 volunteers, or the size of a small army, to put on NIOSA, with only five paid staff members assisting. Lisa leads this effort, overseeing everything from decorations to security, finances, food, entertainers, and much, much more.

Two main motivations keep Lisa volunteering year after year: the legacy of preserving the city’s historic fabric and the spirit of volunteerism. She values the connections made while working alongside others to make a difference and have a great time. Lisa notes, “What makes NIOSA special for our guests is the magic created through 165 booths and entertainment stages, continuous live musical acts, decorations, souvenirs, and the dedication of many volunteers.” This year, the legendary Mariachis Campanas de America will perform nightly.

Volunteerism is deeply ingrained in Lisa’s DNA. Beyond NIOSA and the Society, she is a lifetime member of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, active in the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, a member of the Assistance League of San Antonio, a child advocate for Child Advocates of San Antonio (CASA), and much more.

Through the dedication of volunteers and the leadership of individuals like Ferne Burney, JoAnn Ezquerra-Boone, and Lisa Pierce, Fiesta continues to unite in celebration and purpose, reminding us that when a community comes together, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. Fiesta® San Antonio not only honors the city’s rich history and culture but also paves the way for volunteerism and the community’s spirit to thrive.

To follow in the footsteps of these amazing women, anyone can volunteer with Fiesta® and become a part of the Commission or join the cadre of PMO volunteers collaborating, celebrating and making a difference in the community with old and new traditions. For more information about how you or your organization can get involved, go to

March/April 2024 21
NIOSA’s 2024 Chairman and Fourth Vice President of the Conservation Society

Avani Gunuganti

Making a Difference with Empathy: Avani Gunuganti’s Journey


Avani Gunuganti, a senior at Saint Mary’s Hall High School, represents the future of the next generation, and the future is bright. As the co-founder of the AMMA Foundation, a breast cancer researcher, and an aspiring doctor, she does not shy away from difficult subjects but embraces them with curiosity and compassion.

In addition to her academic and philanthropic endeavors, she plays varsity tennis, serves on the student council, and finds time for creative outlets like knitting. However, her real passion may surprise you - it’s palliative care in hospice.

Avani began her journey in eighth grade, volunteering for an organization called Guiding Light Hospice. Hospice care provides comfort to patients who choose not to pursue curative treatments when the side effects outweigh the benefits. Avani believes hospice care centers on ensuring dignity in death and strives to honor this principle throughout the care process.

Initially, Avani created gifts for patients and wrote notes and letters of bereavement for them and their families. Her involvement grew into shadowing nurses’ visits to see patients, offering comfort and companionship, and fostering unique bonds with them through shared stories and moments. “It’s sort of a two-way connection, learning about their lives, and my goal is that it brings them some sort of happiness in their day,” says Avani.

The AMMA Foundation emerged from a need to address misunderstandings about hospice care, emphasizing the dignity of patients in their final days. Avani and CEO Monica Narvaez, Trust of Guiding Light Hospice, co-founded the AMMA Foundation in May 2023.

Avani advocates that while society often prioritizes finding cures, it overlooks the quality of life. “Hospice care,” she clarifies, “isn’t about surrendering to disease but about enhancing the remaining moments in life.”

In her opinion, society focuses on cures because they perceive that a cure will allow them to live a longer and higher quality of life, not realizing that

treatment sometimes causes more discomfort in their last days versus being spent more peacefully with their families. In her mind, hospice is not about giving up; it is about maximizing the life and moments that a patient has left.

“I think one of the most important things about hospice is that while there is much joy in life, something we so often overlook is joy in the face of death. Finding that joy in our last moments is just as important as finding joy in any other moment of our lives,” she says.

The AMMA Foundation focuses on two critical areas: raising awareness about hospice care and improving access to these services. The foundation launched with the first memorial and awareness walk, where people were invited to walk and remember their loved ones, providing a safe space for people to reflect on the lives of those lost. They also work to raise money to provide for any patient or family needs that may otherwise go unfulfilled due to finances. Future plans include addressing housing for visiting family members.

“For those interested in learning more or wishing to contribute, visit The name ‘AMMA,’ meaning ‘mother,’ reflects the foundation’s commitment to nurturing patients at life’s end, akin to a mother’s love for her children.” Avani takes ownership of her contributions and values education highly. “What I can do here as a student is just educate other people around me; other students who are willing to learn.”

Avani’s reflections reveal the compassion driving her efforts. This genuine empathy for others’ wellbeing is what drives her to continue her work, aspiring to bring comfort and joy in the most vulnerable moments.

In her own words, “I just feel very empowered to keep going every time I see a milestone met, the number of people that we’re able to help, and feeling like we’ve made a difference touches me greatly. I want to do it for even more people, expanding further.”

ROLE MODEL March/April 2024 23

David Teran From Chef to Photographer: David Teran’s Journey

| Photography

David Teran’s transition from aspiring chef to renowned photographer began with ‘Ratatouille’ and a Hasselblad camera. He reminisces, “There was something about Ratatouille pursuing his inspiring passion. I loved that movie and knew I wanted to be a chef.”

Initially, David used the camera to document his cooking. Still, his pastime grew into a profession, and he began taking photos of friends, families, and eventually clients. This pivot in focus led him across 19 countries, capturing the strength and beauty of 280 ballerinas in unique poses and places. His upcoming book, Hasselblad Ballet, illustrates how fulfilling careers can start unexpectedly.

David’s choice of a Hasselblad wasn’t random. “Hasselblad cameras were used for some of the most iconic photographs, including the moon, Marilyn Monroe, and the Beatles, crossing Abbey Road,” he says. His hobby soon evolved into a profession. A key client commented, “David, your work is amazing. Your pictures will be seen around the world. Photography is your gift.” And with that, his trajectory from chef to photographer changed.

A significant breakthrough in his career came with an album cover for Latin Christian music singer Marcus Witt. That album won a Grammy; since then, he has been the photographer for four Grammy covers. “The prophecy that my pictures would be seen worldwide came to pass,” David shares.

His journey took a turn in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2017. He had a photoshoot scheduled there and was browsing for things to do. After discovering a Vogue article featuring ballerina Marisol Lopez Prieto, David whimsically reached out and arranged a photo shoot. I saw she would be in Argentina and thought, “Why not?”. The shoot involved staging the ballerina’s strength with the beauty of the shot. “I fell in love with the whole experience,” he recalls. Marisol also had a positive experience and suggested I reach out to ballerinas in every city I visit, so the rest is history.”

Reflecting on his path, David acknowledges divine guidance. “God orchestrated my past. Meeting

Marcos Witt and going to Argentina wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t followed where God led me.”

David’s meticulous approach to photography stems from the limitations of film photography. “I only have 12 frames, and I want each to be unique. It’s about slowing down, composing the shot, and ensuring the photos count.” He enjoys the entire process, from shooting to developing in the darkroom. “It’s a collaboration of my vision and the ballerinas. Hasselblad Ballet is about combining photography with the art of ballet.”

Working with top ballerinas has been a highlight. “Ballerinas are perfectionists and have great strength. Working with artists who demand a lot from themselves but are willing to relinquish control for a photograph is fulfilling,” he says.

David describes his project as quirky and whimsical, capturing images that feel like they’re from a different time. “My goal is to create a perfect photograph with an imperfect medium. It’s about capturing beauty in unexpected places,” he reflects.

For David, the beauty of the film lies in its unpredictability. “Film has its character. Light leaks or unexpected reflections add to the charm of the photographs. It’s about creating something perfect from imperfection.”

David hopes his work inspires others to find beauty everywhere. “Many places I photographed ballerinas aren’t traditionally beautiful, but there’s beauty everywhere,” he says.

Even David Teran’s story is a powerful reminder that life’s most rewarding paths often unfold unexpectedly. From his early days inspired by a movie to his global journey photographing ballerinas, David’s career shift from chef to photographer shows the beauty of following opportunities. His upcoming book, Hasselblad Ballet, is not just a showcase of his work but a testament to finding beauty in every corner of the world. David’s journey encourages us to embrace change, seek beauty in unlikely places, and trust in the unexpected turns of our paths.

March/April 2024 25

Festive Fashion

• Chartreuse green blazer, $68, Couleur + Blindé

• Chartreuse green palazzo pant, $60, Couleur + Blindé

• Blue knit halter top, $58, Couleur + Blindé

• Headband with beading, PRIA, $49, Adelante

• Handmade earrings, PRIA, $45, Adelante

• Shoes: Model’s own

Let’s spend time at the Pearl, with Miss Fiesta® 2023, JAZZLYN RAMIREZ , for some fun fashion finds to party in at this year’s Fiesta®!

Photographer: Krista Miller

Photographer Asst.: Catherine Johnston

Model: Jazzlyn Ramirez, Miss Fiesta® 2023

Makeup & Hair: Lisa Gleeson,

Stylist: Edie O’Brien,

Stylist Asst.: Brandis Brinkman

Model shown in front of La Gloria San Antonio sign.

• Lace dress, $92, Couleur + Blindé

• Handmade beaded earrings, PRIA, $45, Adelante

• Beaded “Ladies” clutch, PRIA, $123, Adelante

• Headband:

• Shoes: Model’s own

Fashion Fun!

¡Viva Fiesta®! March/April 2024 27


• 100% silk scarf, Beth’s Addiction, $45, Adelante

• Gold & mother of pearl flower earrings, A.C Jewelry, $76, Adelante

• Embroidered top, THML, $88, Adelante

• Dreamer short, Alémais, $295, St. Bernard

• Floral tote bag, handwoven in Mexico, $48, Adelante

• Socks:

• Sneakers: Model’s own


• Tiered tulle ruffle dress, $96, Couleur + Blindé

• Handmade beaded earrings, PRIA, $45, Adelante

• Optimist necklace, Martha Calvo, $150, St. Bernard

• Painted leather clutch, American Darling, $148, Adelante

• Belt:

• Boots: Model’s own






American Hat





Justin Tony


Double H

Rocky Lucchese

Located in the RIM Shopping Center 17603 La Cantera Pkwy #115 San Antonio, TX 78257 (210) 375-3666
Nocona Chippewa
Western Wear Apparel, Boots, Hats, and Accessories! We carry top brands, including Rock and Roll Cowboy and more! Exclusive Come see our quality merchandise at very reasonable prices for men, women, and children.

Tonya Hope Bag? What’s in your

Photography by Suzanne

Ladies, do you struggle when deciding what to pack for a trip? I know that a poor packing job can certainly mess up travel plans. Like so many, I am a victim of overpacking and taking too many shoes that are never worn. Those heavy boots, heels and tennies really mess with the weight restrictions and often create added fees. I also forget essential items from time to time — like my toothbrush and toothpaste. Sound familiar?

How can we pack and prepare better for our next flight out for work or leisure? I turned to someone for answers who knows her way around an airport. Meet Tonya Hope, the dynamic and seasoned PR Manager for the San Antonio Airport System. Tonya directs and manages public affairs, public information programs and all media relations for the airport. She also keeps us in the know about the cultural programs, gallery exhibits, special events, new retail shops and restaurants that are all part of an authentic and elevated traveling experience.

Did you know that there are 45 nonstop destinations, including eight international destinations? Plus, the first-ever nonstop trans-Atlantic flight on Condor Airlines to Frankfurt, Germany, starts in the Spring. This flight will also connect to dozens of destinations throughout Europe and beyond.

More new nonstop flights to Mexico (such as Queretaro and Torreon) were added along with domestic flights to popular destinations like Los Angeles, Burbank, Tampa and New York. Last year, three additional gates were added to the airport footprints, one in Terminal A and two in Terminal B. The biggest news, however, is that our airport will be expanding. A new terminal with up to 17 gates will be twice the size of the current terminals. It will support additional air service and have a multi-story ground transportation center. The expected completion date is mid-2028.

“We have an Arts & Culture Manager who creates arts experiences like live music and singing during the holiday season and even a Fiesta parade, with floats and royalty, that travels through the terminals. We have our own police and fire departments to make sure our travelers are safe. My job is to promote all the exciting news and happenings that take place at the airport. It’s truly an exhilarating and energizing time to be a woman in the aviation system”, says Tonya.

10.7 million passengers flew in and out of San Antonio last year, with more expected in 2024. That means there are a lot of bags moving around — and, occasionally, some get lost, which is why packing and organizing your carry-on is hugely important. Tonya, any advice?

Q What type of bags are best as carry-ons?

A The best type of carry-on is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and fits in the overhead compartment or under the seat. The trendy hard shell suitcases are nice, but they do not bend so make sure your bag fits into the storage areas or else it will be checked. Be wary of suitcases with wheels, they can get

stuck, become loose or fall off. Make sure your zippers work properly.

Q Tell me about your carry-on bags?

A I have two favorite bags. My spacious camel-colored leather Steve Madden duffel has an adjustable and detachable strap, so I can use it as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or handheld. I always put a purple tag on my luggage so my bags are easily recognizable. My second bag is a Steve Madden matching backpack that holds essentials. It has one zipper, inside pockets, a top hook handle with adjustable straps, and a removable wristlet for my passenger identification, credit cards, and change for parking and tipping.

Q What do you pack in your carry-on?

A The contents are a mix of fun and seriousness, depending on the purpose of my trip.

I roll my clothing to save space (fewer wrinkles too). Light, functional and washable clothes are best and hopefully can be worn more than once. I pack a jacket or sweater, a pair of pants, one skirt and a few blouses. I am a runner, so I always keep my tennis shoes with me.

Pouches and luggage pockets help you stay organized and make the most of your space. I carry a variety of glasses in a pouch because I want my eyewear to complement my outfit. Toiletries and makeup go in another pouch. The same is true with general items like chargers, my iPhone and snacks. One book and three magazines are in my carry-on, too.

Q Any other do’s or don’ts when packing for a trip?

A It is wise to make a checklist of what you are taking on your trip. Take a photo too.

Put your contact information inside your bags, in addition to the outside tag.

Check with the airlines to make sure your carry-on will fit under the seat or in the overhead. One size does not fit for all airplanes. The standard carry-on size is 22 inches tall, 14 inches wide and 9 inches deep, and that includes wheels and handles.

Everything you pack should serve a realistic purpose. If it doesn’t, keep those items in the closet/drawers at home.

Check with TSA for all restrictions. Do not try to enter the airport with a bottle of water, can of soda, bottle of wine, pepper spray, mace, batteries, guns or any kind of novelty item that can turn into a weapon. Liquids, gels and aerosols must be under 3.4 ounces and fit into a 1-quart bag (all liquids must fit into one bag per passenger). Have your medication, ID, and anything you can’t go a day without in your carry-on. Keep your passport and valuable items close too, like a laptop.

WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG March/April 2024 33

Hair Trends of 2024: An Expert’s Guide to Identifying the Ideal Style for You

The world of hair trends is an ever-changing landscape, constantly evolving and adapting to the current zeitgeist. In 2024, the trends are diverse, exciting, and all about self-expression, confidence, and the strategic use of color as a visual tool to enhance your look. Hair trends don’t always have to follow the masses; they can still be fun, classic throwbacks. Trends are cyclical, so if bangs, bobs, and heavy layers are your thing, now is your moment to shine!

First and foremost, the bob haircut is making its triumphant return. This enduring and versatile haircut has weathered the test of time, continuing to be a popular choice for many individuals across the globe. What makes the bob so appealing is its myriad of variations. There’s a bob to suit every face shape and personal preference. Whether you’re a fan of an asymmetrical bob, a long bob, or a layered bob, there’s an option that perfectly accentuates your unique features. The bob is not just a haircut but a statement of elegance, sophistication, and style.

In addition to the bob, bangs are also making a significant comeback. Previously associated with a hasty hair decision, bangs have undergone a transformation. Today, they are seen as a symbol of boldness, individuality, and style. The possibilities are endless - from soft, wispy fringe that gently frames the face to chunky, statement bangs that command attention. Bangs have evolved from a spur-of-the-moment decision to a calculated move designed to enhance your overall look.

An equally important trend is the strategic use of color. Similar to how makeup can brighten your face and give the illusion of rest and refreshment, the right hair color can significantly enhance your look. Hair color in 2024 is not just about dramatic transformations; it’s about enhancing your natural features, adding an extra touch of vibrancy, and injecting a fresh dose of color into your life. With the right color, you can command any room you walk into, drawing all eyes to you and making an unforgettable impression.

There’s no need to worry for those who are enamored with their long locks and are hesitant to part with them. You can still make a bold statement without sacrificing your cherished length. Opt for French layers, a unique technique that adds dimension and movement to long hair. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not consider long curtains bangs? Names like Birkin Bang, a tribute to


the British/French actress Jane Birkin, have become popular in the salon. Other trendy styles, such as Bardot and eyelash bangs, are also in demand. Regardless of the style, a skilled hairdresser can craft the perfect bangs for your face, so it’s always best to trust a professional rather than attempting it yourself.

While trends can be fun and a form of personal expression, executing them well and tailoring them to your style and lifestyle is essential. This is where a professional can assist. They can adapt the trend to your specific needs and ensure it’s a style you can uphold daily. A realistic expectation of upkeep is always something I discuss with my clients.

2024 is a year dedicated to celebrating individuality and confidence in our hair choices. Whether you make a statement with a bob, express your personality with bangs, or enhance your long hair with layers or color, the most important trend is feeling confident and beautiful in your skin. So, embrace the trends of 2024 and let your hair be an extension of your personality, a testament to your individuality, and a celebration of your unique beauty. or 210.343.1273

Call to book your next transformation with Alix or someone on her team.

BEAUTY March/April 2024 35

When Life is Hard, You Are Not Alone

The inspiration for writing to you usually comes to me based on the daily energy I feel from my patients. I am blessed to see patients from all walks of life, with varied income levels, genders, and races, retired, working, young, and old. In my Pain Practice, I take care of people with chronic pain, acute pain, cancer, and debilitating diseases. I also see consults asking to restore, rejuvenate, start over, refresh, and feel better in my Medical Spa practice. We, the human family, are all the same. We are human. We love, hope, hurt, worry, stress, care for our families, struggle to make ends meet financially and emotionally, and often suffer from loneliness even in a crowd.

I have sensed an uptick in sadness in those around me. There are always people with issues going on in their lives that cause mood swings, anxiety, sleep disorders, and the ebb and flow of the up periods and down periods we all have. Others with more serious psychological issues frame how they view their circumstances and how they respond to stress and duress. I am not speaking of what I will call the “average psychological temperature” of the world as I experience it. I am speaking of a sense in almost everyone of an overlay of low mood, frustration, or “sadness.” A sense of loss, but the loss of what?

Various historians, philosophers, and sociologists I have read over the years have attempted to define the American spirit or the definition of the mindset of the average American citizen. All seem to agree on the foundation or drivers in most individuals’ lives in our country. The four main anchors to the lives of the average person since the foundation of this country have been Family, God, Country, and Individualism/Freedom. These have nothing to do with political party, which religion or faith we practice, or who we have as our family. It seems since COVID, all four have been weakened a bit. The change has been nuanced in some cases and blatant in others, but the stability of and trust in these basic foundations has been weakened, in my opinion. This change makes many of us more anxious, frustrated, and less certain about the next week, month, or year.

Social media, the iPhone, satellite communication, 24-hour news, and text messaging are all wonderful additions to our society. Our communication with each other should be better than ever. Unfortunately, no. We are less likely to speak with each other in person or even by phone and more likely to handle critical conversations by text or email.


What can we do to turn this trend around, which is within our power? What can we do to help ourselves personally and to help others, which paradoxically helps us as well? Some of us live alone, and some live in large families. Even in a time of overwhelming incoming data and communication, many of us are lonely, even in a crowded room. Life is hard for everyone, as we all suffer loss at some point. It is more challenging for some than others, and some need more of our help than others. I can say definitively that there is always someone willing to help you. The most important thing we can do is to be willing to ask for help.

Let each of us start working on rebuilding the four foundational anchors we all have in our lives as Americans. Our heritage is Family, Faith, Country, and Freedom. Reach out to your neighbor and introduce yourself. Ask if there is anything you might do to help them or make their life easier. Call a family member from which you are estranged and tell them you love them. If you are a believer, start with a prayer or attend a service at your church, temple, or mosque. If not, meditate and spread love by service. All should consider community service to pick up trash, deliver food, work at the food bank, or help with voter registration this fall. If you have never attended the swearing-in of new American citizens, you must witness the emotion of the event in person. No one loves this country more than those who are our newest citizens.

Say something positive to someone daily as you look them in the eye and smile. We don’t do enough of this anymore. Use exercise and healthy food as your medicine. (I am paraphrasing Hippocrates, who said, “Let your food be your medicine”). Try to sleep at least 7 hours a night. Contact your family doctor or me at the spa for help. You must ask for help if you need it. We can restore what we feel we have each lost, one act, one day, one compliment, one smile at a time. We are strong, caring, generous people. We still love our family, faith, country, and freedom. Reach your hand out, and I am certain another will grab it.

To schedule a consultation, please call (210) 253-3313 or visit

March/April 2024 37

Embracing Modern Elegance

Approaching the residence, one is greeted by a sense of anticipation, walking up to the commanding front door that sets the tone for the refined elegance within. Crossing the threshold reveals a world of modern sophistication and luxury, starting with the grandeur of the living room.


The living room serves as the heart of the home, where large windows bathe the space in natural light, creating an inviting ambiance that beckons visitors to explore further. Plush furnishings and sleek, contemporary design elements come together seamlessly, with metallic gold and black accents adding a touch of glamour. This space is designed for relaxation and socializing, offering a comfortable retreat for residents and guests.

From the living room to the dining area, every corner of this modern home exudes a sense of style and sophistication that is both timeless and inspiring. Its seamless blend of comfort and elegance makes it a space designed for modern living at its finest. Whether relaxing in the sunsoaked living room, savoring a glass of wine in the glass-front Wine Room, or enjoying a meal with loved ones in the dining area, every moment spent in this home is an opportunity to experience the beauty of modern design.

March/April 2024 39

The dining area is adjacent to the living room, where a single glass-front Wine Room adorns the back wall. This transparent enclosure showcases the homeowner’s exquisite collection of fine wines and serves as a striking focal point that draws the eye and sparks conversation. The interplay of light and shadow through the glass panels adds a dynamic dimension to the dining experience, creating an elegant and intimate atmosphere.

As guests gather around the dining table, they are treated to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, thanks to the large windows that frame the space. The seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living blurs the boundaries, allowing for a seamless flow of energy and connectivity with the natural environment. It’s a dining experience unlike any other, where every meal celebrates good food, good company, and the beauty of modern design.

Design images and notes provided by CKC Custom Homes. For more information, please visit

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How Garage Doors Impact Resale Value

When it comes to home remodeling projects, there’s one that stands out for its quick installation, instant boost in curb appeal, affordable price, and outstanding return on investment at resale: new garage doors.

A new garage door will recoup 102.7% of its value, according to Remodeling Magazine’s latest 2023 Cost vs. Value Report.

A new garage door is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve a home’s appearance at an affordable cost. It’s an investment that pays off in both value and appeal.

Each year, Remodeling Magazine compares the average costs of popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in various U.S. markets. More information on the report is available at www.costvsvalue. com.

In addition to retaining value, a new garage door can provide an instant makeover to a home’s exterior, especially since garage doors can comprise up to 40% of the front elevation of some homes. An upgrade also improves functionality, as homeowners often use their garage doors as a primary entrance.

Today, garage doors are available in a multitude of colors, materials, and insulation values, with prices for any budget. In addition to recouping value upon selling the home, they can also help homeowners save money on utilities. Insulated doors are increasingly popular in South Texas, keeping garages more comfortable and preventing harsh temperatures from getting into homes.

A new door and opener can make it easier to manage the busy lifestyle of modern families. A smartphone-controlled garage door opener can eliminate the worry of wondering if the garage door is closed and even let delivery drivers open the garage door and place packages safely inside.

Hollywood-Crawford carries doors made with specialty materials, including reclaimed barn wood, Corten steel, composite faux wood materials, and full-view aluminum overhead doors with a variety of insulated and noninsulated glass panels. They’re also available in styles to match any home’s look, including Farmhouse, Tuscany, Ranch, Craftsman, Modern Contemporary and more.

Homeowners can visualize the possibilities of various garage doors using virtual tools online at www. Simply upload a photo of your home or choose a house with similar structure and style, and select from many styles, materials, finishes and accessories to build a door unique to your needs.

Hollywood Crawford Doors was named one of the top ten overhead door companies in the nation in 2023, according to the International Door Association. Founded in San Antonio in 1947, Hollywood-Crawford offers both commercial and residential garage door sales, installation and repair services.

For questions about improving your home’s resale value or enhancing the curb appeal of your home, call us at (210) 494-3434 or visit us online at

Where artistry meets medical expertise to help you reach your goals. Scan to schedule your FREE consultation! Microneedling - Body Contouring - Injectables - Hydrafacial Laser Treatments - IV Infusions - Hair Restoration - All Natural EZ Gel Plasma Pen -Weight Loss - Regenerative Medicine 14800 San Pedro Ave Ste 202 San Antonio, TX 78232 (210) 253-3313


Interior Design/ Architects

Frosted Home

Where do you find inspiration? How do you stay up to date with current trends?

While I enjoy a good novel, curling up with a coffee table book with beautiful interiors might define my perfect Sunday afternoon. I peruse Pinterest and Instagram and enjoy designer showhouses like Kip’s Bay in Dallas. If I’m stuck, I love going to the McNay Art Museum and being surrounded by works of art.

What design trends are you excited about?

I’m reluctant to jump on trends, opting to create a more timeless aesthetic, but new styles keep us evolving. Fashion and interior design often reflect one another, and last fall, runways turned toward a trend called “latte dressing.” Think deep textures, luxurious trims and fabrics, rich browns, and soft creams. For 2024, lamps are favored versus harsher, recessed lighting. For me, lamps are the jewelry of a room; my living room has seven lamps! The trend toward indoor-outdoor living remains strong, and many vendors have added outdoor furniture to their lines. New collections mimic interior styles, so creating a gorgeous living space on a covered patio can extend square footage without a major renovation.

What trends are you happy to see going out of style?

Cookie-cutter decorating lacks personalization, and that’s what many of the big box retailers offer. We can access many vendors that aren’t represented on the floor to create a look that is curated and collected. Minimalism has taken a back seat to maximalism, so that rooms feel comfortable and layered without being cluttered. Fortunately, perfection has gone by the wayside in home décor, so we don’t have to obsess over flawless Pinterest interiors and can mix multiple eras of furnishings and accessories. One of the easiest ways to keep a home feeling fresh is by editing what you have and letting go of pieces that no longer work. Small changes make a difference; swap pillows on your sofas and bring in a new color to your current palette.

Frosted Home

Kelley Frost, President

5800 Broadway, Suite 101, San Antonio, Texas 78209

(210) 826-1993 |


Twin Sisters Interiors

What sets your firm apart from other interior designers?

We truly believe that our clients’ homes should be a reflection of their individual personalities. Taking time to get to know their families and listening to how they will live in their homes helps us design and create a space that is uniquely theirs. Our desire is to build a peaceful sanctuary for the family that will live and seek refuge there.

Why would someone want to hire a designer?

There are so many reasons to hire a designer! We have carefully studied scale, space planning, and color palettes to ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. We help our clients save time and avoid headaches and costly mistakes with our experience and industry connections. Materials that perform well and stand the test of time are carefully curated for each and every project.

Where do you find inspiration?

How do you stay up to date with current trends? One of our biggest sources of inspiration is our environment. We are so inspired by color, organic materials and textures, and the way that they harmoniously exist in nature. Trends come and go; we prefer timeless and classic beauty that never goes out of style.

What design trends are you excited about?

We are excited about the departure from cool grays to make way for warm neutrals! Our favorite style is organic modern design that combines clean lines with natural elements and neutral colors, creating a harmonious, welcoming atmosphere. It’s like creating a warm hug in your home, and we couldn’t love it more!

Twin Sisters Interiors
Green and Theresa Naramore, owners and Principal Interior Designers 1407 S Main St. Boerne, TX 78006 (830) 331-2127 | | IG: twinsisterstx FB: Twin Sisters Interiors DOSSIER

Industrious Interiors

Why would someone want to hire a designer?

It all starts with a dream. Dreams and visions are wonderful; however, they are not plans or have the means of execution. I believe that hiring an interior designer is key to unlocking dreams and ultimately manifesting them because it is with a designer that the client is able to realize the dream they imagined. An interior designer can provide a professional and outside perspective that typically brings forth solutions you may have never considered. When hired, my goal is for your finished space to be even better than you imagined.

Where do you find inspiration? How do you stay up to date with current trends?

I find inspiration in a multitude of places. One of my favorite places is nature. It is a beautiful canvas that allows me to observe potential color combinations that some may not consider. I also find inspiration in movies, magazines, restaurants, and hotels. A particular favorite magazine of mine is called Atomic Ranch – I really enjoy mid-century modernism. Being an avid learner helps me stay up to date with current trends. I also attend industry showcases and conventions where I can see, test, and learn about new products.

What design trends are you excited about?

I am very excited that color is trending. Recently, I attended an industry showcase, and every brand was infusing more color into their respective lineups. This excites me because I believe our homes should be our very own unique slices of heaven. This trend allows us to create spaces that are individualistic to our clients and unlike those of their friends or neighbors. Your home should reflect you and your personality, and having products that offer a range of uniqueness opens the doors to exciting solutions to curate your dreams.

Industrious Interiors

Cerissa LaToi McKinnis

10410 Perrin Bietel Rd, #65003, San Antonio, TX 78265

(210) 446-8009 | |

DESERT DOOR. Scan here to learn more and shop now. 50

Women in Residential Real Estate

Weaving Dreams Into Reality

Hey there, folks! I’m Hillary Moussali, but you can call me Hillary the Loan Lady—trust me, it’s catchier that way! Despite my best efforts, my last name, “Moussali,” tends to slip right out of people’s minds quicker than a silk scarf in a gentle breeze. So, to make sure I stick in your memory like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth, I’ve been suggesting folks save my number as “Hillary Mortgage” in their phones. But one day, I had a stroke of brilliance—or maybe it was just too much caffeine—and I jokingly said to a client, “Why not save me as ‘Hillary the Loan Lady’ instead?” Well, wouldn’t you know it? They chuckled like they were watching a blooper reel in a serious movie, and thus, a moniker was born!

For over three decades, I’ve been immersed in the exciting world of mortgages, weaving dreams of homeownership into reality. I began by studying

FHA guidelines. The list of products I mastered quickly grew to include solutions for self-employed, investors, Veterans, first-time homebuyers, and many more loan solutions. What sets me apart is my technical knowledge and my genuine excitement for the opportunity to understand and craft solutions for each client’s unique financial situation.

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I choose the right lender in this crazy mortgage maze?” Well, fear not—I’ve got the inside scoop!

First things first, trust is key. When you work with me, you can rest easy knowing that your best interests are always at the forefront of everything I do. I’m more trustworthy than your grandma’s apple pie recipe.

Next up, expertise! Navigating the ins and outs of home financing can feel like trying to untangle a knot of Christmas lights, but whether you’re a firsttime buyer or a seasoned pro, I’ll guide you through the process with ease and maybe even a little bit of humor along the way.

And last but certainly not least, solutions! Like a detective solving a mystery, I am an expert at finding creative solutions to even the trickiest financial conundrums. Need a mortgage miracle? Consider me your fairy godmother of finance!

So, if you need a mortgage guide who is equally knowledgeable and dedicated, look no further than yours truly, Hillary the Loan Lady!

Follow my adventures on social media @HillarytheLoanLady and reach out anytime. I’m always available to help sprinkle a little mortgage magic into your life!

Please visit to learn more.


Things to consider when preparing to finance real estate:

1. What is my budget?

2. How much disposable income do I want to allocate towards my home?

3. How does my mortgage fit into my longterm financial goals?

4. Do I know how to access income and asset documentation (Paystubs, tax returns, W2s, 1099s, complete bank and investment statements)?

5. Do I know how to access property information (mortgage statements, HOA, insurance declarations)

6. Is my credit frozen? Do I know how to unlock my credit report?

Be prepared to provide information regarding all assets (including real estate), income, and any other credit-related situations, such as bankruptcies, divorces, shared real estate, trusts, and guardianships related to property, to name a few. If you want a general feel for the mortgage process, we offer a free homebuying seminar on the second Tuesday of every month.

March/April 2024 53
Alanna D’Antonio Garcia Co-owner, Evoke Realty

Building Connections to Deliver Results

With more than 10 years in the real estate industry, Alanna D’Antonio Garcia, co-owner of Evoke Realty, has never sold a house. But she can tell you everything about the buying and selling process – and why the right agent is key.

“I talk about sales so much that everyone thinks I’m an agent, but I’m not. I’m a connector,” she explains.

“I can’t help myself. I love getting to know people, and once they start telling me more about themselves, I work to find solutions or people to connect with and help them.

“And I’m someone who wants everyone to have the best possible experience when they’re buying or selling their home.” It’s what she and her husband, co-owner and broker David Garcia, Jr., had in mind when they founded Evoke. And why they’re so committed to building a formidable team.

“My job is to recruit the right agents – and help them deliver exceptional service to our clients. We want each of our agents to be the most educated agents in the marketplace, to know the trends, and to use their knowledge to help their clients. And we want them to do everything with dignity, respect and integrity,” she notes. “We are 100% committed to our agents because that’s who serve our clients. Without them, we can’t do what we do. Having a strong culture where your broker is accessible – and where leadership doesn’t feel like competition – is rare and important. I honestly believe you can feel it when you meet or work with an Evoke agent.”

D’Antonio Garcia helped lead the brokerage to $65 million in sales in its first year. Evoke is on track to reach $150 million in sales for 2024. With more than 30 agents, Evoke has multiple divisions and is growing across Texas, including Austin, the Gulf Coast and Houston. Evoke also includes property management, commercial real estate, and its fastest-growing division, luxury properties.

“As the Evoke’s Director of Expansion, my mindset is all about slow and steady growth. We’ve had incredible success built on the years of experience – and the mindset – we brought to Evoke. The commitment we have to our culture and ideals is the foundation of what we do.”

“From our agents and clients to the title companies and lenders we work with, we are laser focused on how we treat people. It’s the biggest compliment when another agent or

a lender tells me they had an incredible experience with one of our agents. It’s proof that our team gets it – and they deliver on it. We want everyone to be their best, have their best, do their best. Always leave people better than you found them.”

It’s something D’Antonio Garcia has an unwavering commitment to. “For most of us, buying a home is the largest financial purchase/investment you will make in your life. If you are undergoing a major surgery, you aren’t just going to trust any doctor. You want the best, someone with experience and tenure under his belt. You want to feel like the only patient. Why isn’t working with a realtor the same thought process? This is someone who is going to match you to the best house for your family with the terms that work for you. A house that you are going to raise a family in or become empty nesters in – or a home where you need to sell for the highest price, etc. You want someone who’s experienced and knowledgeable about the market. You need to work with a realtor you trust – and someone who keeps your needs top-of-mind.”

The San Antonio native and proud graduate of UT San Antonio feels lucky to be a part of helping people make the city their home. “San Antonio is a melting pot of cultures, influences, and major industries -- military bases, a fastgrowing medical sector, a law school, major universities, and impressive advancements in tech, cybersecurity, and so much more – there is something for everyone. And many of Evoke’s relocation clients end up planting their roots here.

“As a San Antonio native, it makes me beam – even if that means more traffic,” she laughs. And if you want to shorten your commute by finding a new home, she’s happy to connect you to someone who can help.

Evoke Realty


3611 Paesanos Pkwy Ste 201, San Antonio TX 78231

March/April 2024 55
True Texas banking. Providing solutions. Opening doors. Our tenured team of mortgage professionals is focused on helping individuals throughout the city achieve their dream of home ownership. We’ve assisted thousands of buyers with our wide range of mortgage products, providing solutions tailored to their budgets. With local experts involved at every stage, from processing to underwriting and closing, we’re a trusted partner for buyers and their real estate agents. (210) 736-7700 FIND TRUE PARTNERSHIP AT All loans are subject to approval.

Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®

18756 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 102

San Antonio, TX 78258

(210) 483-7004

In the fast-paced, modern world of real estate, Leesa Harper Rispoli, the President Broker and CEO of Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® (CBDHR), stands out as an exemplary leader. Her journey is marked by continuous growth, strategic expansion, and an unwavering commitment to effective leadership.

What makes Leesa truly remarkable is her leadership style. She is known for her focus on individual growth and development within her team. Leesa ensures that each member of her organization feels heard, valued, and understood. Her approach is not merely about managing employees; it is about nurturing and empowering team members. One noteworthy fact about her leadership is that 93% of her team members are women. Leesa’s dedication to empowering women in leadership roles is not just a statistic but a reflection of her commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

Since taking the helm as CEO in 2016, Leesa has continuously steered CBDHR towards remarkable growth. Under her visionary leadership, the company has expanded its reach, spreading its influence across Central and South Texas. A testament to her leadership is the recent addition of a brand-new office in Victoria, Texas. Her strategic insights and unwavering dedication to the real estate industry have made her a trailblazer in her own right. CBDHR has flourished under her guidance, and it continues to set industry standards. Recognized nationally and locally, Leesa has helped CBDHR garner many awards and accolades for the company, teammates, and agents.

Leesa Harper Rispoli is not just a leader; she is a visionary shaping the landscape of real estate. Her impact extends beyond her company, as she actively advocates for women in leadership roles and contributes to a culture of collaboration and empowerment. Her story is a source of inspiration for the real estate industry and beyond.

Leesa Harper Rispoli President Broker Owner

Natalee Newell Realtor®

Phyllis Browning Co.

(210) 215-1212

Natalee Newell, a proud San Antonio native, has been connecting exceptional individuals with exceptional properties since 1999. Her remarkable journey in the real estate world began with a bang when she earned the title of Rookie of the Year in 2000, and she has maintained that level of excellence ever since. Natalee leverages her wealth of experience and expertise to deliver outstanding results for her clients. Confidentiality and negotiation are her specialties.

Renowned as a Luxury Home Specialist, Natalee is a frequent finalist and winner of the prestigious Platinum Top 50 REAL TOR’ award. Her name has graced the elite ranks of the top 1% of Luxury Real Estate Agents in San Antonio, as recognized by the San Antonio Business Journal.

Debbie Margozewitz

Realtor/Home Stager

Phyllis Browning Company

6061 Broadway

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C. (210) 365-1387

Staged for Success! Design and aesthetics are more important than ever to sell your home. God gave me the eye for design, and I use it to “Stage for Success,” the sale of your home, or turn the home you buy into your vision. What makes me different from the 15,000 realtors in San Antonio? As a licensed realtor, I also have over 40 years of experience in Interior Design, Home Staging, and Remodeling. Instead of juggling multiple professionals to get your home ready to list or buy, I have all the reliable resources you need.

My formula for listing has kept me going during crazy market times. I’m not afraid of a challenge and work through any obstacles.


Kathy Ripps REALTOR®


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San Antonio Realtor Kathy Ripps has dedicated much of her life to giving compassionate care to her clients. With a background as a professional counselor and years of experience in real estate investing, Kathy made a natural transition to a real estate agent and luxury home specialist. She is recognized as a PT50 Centurion winner not only for her professional accomplishments, but for her dedication to the enrichment of her community and her ongoing leadership in the real estate industry.

Kathy spent 31 years in the education system first as a special education teacher and then as a counselor. This extensive background has given her a strong ability to understand and relate to the needs of others, allowing her to truly recognize the significant impact buying or selling a home has on a person’s life. Kathy looks forward to serving you with integrity, honesty, and transparency!


Partners with Compass to Continue Founder’s Legacy

CORIE Properties Group stands at the crossroads of elegance and innovation. By merging the bespoke care of a boutique luxury experience with Compass’ advanced real estate technology, we are able to deliver unparalleled service and an outstanding client experience. Our foundation rests on the legacy of our founder, Corie, whose vision continues to guide us.

We are recognized as the #1 Compass Team in San Antonio and rank among the Top 10 Compass Teams across San Antonio and Austin combined. In 2023, we closed the highest recorded sale to date in San Antonioa true testament to the team’s outstanding abilities.

Our innovative website stands as a beacon for buyers and sellers alike, offering access to cutting-edge technology and personalized attention. Whether looking to buy, sell, or invest, we are with you every step of the way.


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Properties Group is a team of real estate agents affiliated with Compass. Compass is a licensed real estate broker and abides by federal, state and local Equal Housing Opportunity laws.
O Corie

At Pioneer Realty Partners, our emphasis is on people and the communities they live in. Our personalized approach is structured to empower our clients, and to have a positive impact on their real estate experiences.

As a native San Antonian and graduate with a BBA in Business Administration focused on Real Estate Finance and Development, Robin blends her passion for her community and real estate. While business-minded and results- driven, she places emphasis on serving her clients.

“It’s about more than a transaction to me. My clients are at the heart of what I do and why I do it.”

When Robin is not advocating for her clients and building lasting relationships in the community, you can find her and her husband watching their three boys playing sports.

Robin works with both residential and commercial clients. Contact her anytime with your real estate needs!

B roker-Realtor and Co-Owner Pioneer Realty Partners
Robin Grove
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The Strategic Exit: How Preparing to Leave Can Improve Your Stay

In the realm of business, where the stakes are high and the outcomes deeply personal, a single truth emerges: most business owners have a significant portion, up to 80% of their net worth, intimately tied to their company. This reality presents a stark contrast to many employees who may enjoy diversified investment portfolios, and as such, it underscores a risk-heavy investment strategy for entrepreneurs. This understanding demands a shift in perspective, a new way to view business vitality and investment appeal. Most owners are at risk of failing to fully realize the value of their life’s work. This value can be shared with the dedicated employees who have contributed to the company’s success. Yet, not realizing the value doesn’t have to be the case.

As a seasoned business coach and certified exit planner, my mission is to guide entrepreneurs and their teams through the intricate process of scaling their businesses. By harnessing the power of established methodologies like EOS and Scaling Up, along with the Predictive Index and strategies for value building and exiting, I work collaboratively with leaders to unlock the potential within their companies. This journey is not just about aligning your team with the company’s vision or optimizing customer relationships for profit; it’s about constructing a solid foundation for scalable growth and nurturing a dynamic company culture. In doing so, we safeguard what you possess and mitigate risks, setting the stage for your future endeavors.

This expedition begins with identification—a cleareyed assessment of where you stand today. It’s an exploration that delves into three distinct yet interconnected gaps:

- The Wealth Gap: The difference between your net worth and the amount you need to retire comfortably while maintaining your desired lifestyle.

- The Value Gap: The range of trading multiples for your industry, where higher is better.

- The Profit Gap: The spectrum of profit margins within your industry, from average to top performers.

Grasping these gaps for you and your business is pivotal; it’s not merely about the figures but a profound comprehension of your business’s intrinsic market worth. Echoing Chris Snider’s insights from his book Walking to Destiny, this baseline sets the stage for every subsequent step. “First, we need to identify value and where your business benchmarks are in the range of value, which sets the baseline for everything going forward. This is important for several reasons. First, as you know, it is likely that 80% of your net worth is locked in your business. Second, you need a system built to continuously focus your team on maximizing value. Third, the ability to unlock that value at some point in the future will make a significant difference to your lifestyle and, at exit, will fund your next act. Last, you need to know this valuation number for business planning, personal planning, and estate and tax planning purposes.”

Understanding where your business stands in terms of value is not just an exercise; it’s a critical step in strategic business planning. Knowing your business’s value and the range of multiples investors might offer provides a clear starting point.

Why Is This Important?

1. Net Worth Insight: Recognizing that a significant portion of your net worth is tied up in your business is eye-opening. It shifts perspectives and priorities, emphasizing the importance of maximizing value for the owner and the entire team. Understanding your current net worth and what you need for your next act, also known as your “Wealth Gap,” is imperative when making personal and business decisions. My work today is fueled by my passion for helping business owners and their teams reach their goals. My personal experience with selling my company without fully understanding its potential taught me the importance of being aware of the Profit and Value gaps, and it’s a lesson I bring passionately to my clients and their teams. Managing your “Wealth Gap” is critical for informed decision-making in both personal and business spheres.


2. Strategic Focus: A valuation sets a clear target for the entire team. It’s about aligning every department and function towards a common goal—increasing the business’s value. Once your Value and Profit Gaps are known, you can leverage the drivers that increase the return on your investment exponentially.

3. Future Lifestyle and Exit Planning: Many business owners’ ultimate goal isn’t just to grow their business but to ensure it contributes to their desired lifestyle and retirement plans. Moreover, they seek to honor their employees’ loyalty by sharing their success. Knowledge of your business’s worth is essential for shaping your future and that of your employees

4. Essential for Planning: Understanding your company’s valuation is foundational for planning, whether for business growth, personal financial planning, or preparing for future transitions.

As we delve into business valuation and growth, we must recognize that 80% of a company’s value lies beyond its tangible assets or financial performance. We at the Exit Planning Institute refer to this as the 4 Cs (capital): Customer, Human, Structural, and Social Capital. These intangible assets form the bedrock of a company’s potential and sustainability. They are the keystones that hold the power to unlock a business’s latent value, driving its current performance and future growth and scalability.

1. Human Capital: This encompasses the caliber and strength of your team’s competencies, execution ability, decision-making and prioritization skills, innovative capabilities, enthusiasm, integrity, resilience, intellect, and the capacity to operate effectively even in the owner’s absence.

2. Customer Capital: This refers to the depth and quality of your connections with your customers and business partners.

3. Structural Capital: This is about the robustness of your organizational framework, encompassing your business strategies, operational systems, internal processes, resource allocation, and the financial architecture that supports and enhances your Customer and Human Capital.

4. Social Capital: This represents the strength of your company’s culture, including the shared val-

ues, beliefs, and practices that foster a cohesive and productive workplace environment.

Even if the sale of your business is the furthest thing from your mind, recognize that the right exit strategy is an optimized one, as it ensures that every aspect of your business is tuned for peak performance. A well-constructed strategy places your operational efficiency, market standing, and financial vitality at the forefront of your measurable growth plans.

In the upcoming series of articles, we will explore the remaining stages of the Value Maturity Index—Protect, Build, Manage, and Harvest—and investigate their synergy with the foundational elements of Customer, Human, Structural, and Social capital. These stages are instrumental in advancing your company toward heightened efficiency, efficacy, profitability, and a dynamic organizational culture. Yet, the transformation journey begins with the ‘Identify’ stage, where we establish a precise baseline to anchor and guide our strategic progression.

The Assessment: Your First Step

Initiating this journey with a professional and independent valuation might seem daunting, but it’s a critical investment in your business’s future. This assessment provides a baseline and sets the stage for continuous improvement. When I work with my clients, we revisit and reassess to ensure our strategies increase their business’s value and validate their investment in this process.

I invite you to take this crucial first step with me to get the ball rolling and set the foundation for your business’s growth journey. Let’s conduct this assessment, identify your business’s current value, and chart a course toward maximizing that value.

Ready to unlock your business’s true value? Contact me at to schedule your business valuation assessment and start your journey towards increased business value and personal wealth. Mention San Antonio Woman, and I will provide the preliminary assessment at no cost.

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Discover the BASIS Effect! Fun, Fact-Filled Conversations Leadership Teamwork Individuality & Self-Expression Self-Confidence More Initiative Join the #1 School District in Texas! Unlock your child’s potential APPLY NOW! Now accepting applications for the 2024 –25 school year Grades K–12

Blazing Trails for More Than a Century!

1912 - Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts in her own backyard in Savannah, Georgia, she ignited a movement where girls were encouraged to explore the world around them—and to do it together.

At a time when women in the United States couldn’t yet vote and were expected to stick to strict social norms, these first Girl Scouts were trailblazers, redefining what was possible for themselves and for girls everywhere. They played basketball, hiked, swam, and camped. They learned to tell time by the stars. And most importantly, they shared a sense of adventure and a belief that they could do anything. The movement quickly spread.


1924 - With four Girl Scout troops already formed in San Antonio, Texas, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas (then known as Bexar County Council of Girl Scouts) was founded on March 11, 1924, with Sallie Ward Beretta as the council commissioner.


1931- Girl Scouts have participated in almost every Battle of Flowers® Parade during Fiesta® since our founding.

• • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • •
66 We are proud to support the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas in achieving their environmental awareness patch through Smart Energy Education curricula. At CPS Energy, we believe in being responsible stewards of natural resources.


1943 - An advisory committee of Black school principals and other citizens was formed to begin the process of bringing Girl Scouting to Black girls.

1947-48 - The first regional meeting of Black Girl Scout leaders was held in 1947 at San Antonio’s Wheatley High School, and in 1948, Zudora McCoy became the first Black council staff member. Martha and John Camp gifted property in Uvalde County to the council for a new camp, Camp La Jita, which opened in the summer of 1947 and remains the council’s resident camp.


1951 - Council staff member Zudora McCoy helped open Camp Mira Sol in May 1951 as the first resident camp for Black Girl Scouts in Texas.

1952 - Girl Scouts across the country continued to push for inclusiveness and equality, with Ebony magazine reporting in 1952 that even in the South, “… Scouts were making slow and steady progress toward surmounting the racial barriers of the region.”

1956 - both Camp La Jita and Camp Mira Sol had integrated. McCoy served in leadership positions at the council for 34 years and was loved by all.


Nationally, Girl Scouts held Speak Out conferences around the country to lend their voices to the fight for racial equality; launched the “ACTION 70” project to help overcome prejudice and build better relationships between people; and viewed the Apollo 12 moon landing at Cape Kennedy, Florida, as guests of NASA.


1975 - Dr. Gloria D. Scott was the first Black woman to be elected president of Girl Scouts of the USA at its National Council Session.

1978 - The council opened its first service center on the West Side of San Antonio, Casa Varde, GSSWT has had a center and a presence on the West Side ever since.

Girl Scouts pose with Lila Cockrell, the first woman mayor of San Antonio and a champion of the organization.


1982-1988- KIDS (Kids with Individual Differences) Camp ran at Camp Mira Sol for the summers of 1982 through 1988.

GSSWT put its headquarters up for sale in 1981 and eventually sold the historic home to Charles C. Butt, chairman and CEO of H-E-B. We opened new headquarters at 10443 Gulfdale in April 1984, with First Lady of San Antonio Mary Alice Cisneros, wife of Mayor Henry Cisneros and mother of two Girl Scouts, on hand to cut the ribbon at the official dedication that October.

In 1988 - Cyndi Taylor Krier was honored as the first Trefoil Award recipient by the council. The annual fundraiser honors a woman of distinction who has made a difference in her community.

• • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • •

1989 - the council’s board worked with United Way to transition KIDS Camp to Camp CAMP (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential), an organization designed to work with children with disabilities


Girl Scouts, family, and friends participate in the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., March in San Antonio in 1990.

1992 - The Order of the Silver Trefoil group for those who have been members of Girl Scouts for at least 25 years was chartered.

The Avenida Guadalupe Girl Scout Center at 1410 Guadalupe St. in the San Antonio Independent School District opened in 1992, strengthening the council’s presence and work on the West Side of San Antonio.


Patricia Diaz Dennis, of San Antonio, became the first Latina elected as chair of the National Board in 2005.

In 2009, Anna Maria Chávez became the first Latina to serve as CEO for the council. In 2011, she was appointed CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, the first Latina to serve in that role as well.


The first African American Advisory Committee MotherDaughter Tea was held on February 26, 2011, to honor African American women for their contributions to the Girl Scout movement and continual strides to encourage young women.

Girl Scouts turned 100, celebrating its centennial on March 12, 2011.

Inspired by the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl Child, GSSWT launched Day of the Girl S.A. in partnership with the city and other girl-serving organizations to unite for a common goal: create awareness in the community and start developing a culture of philanthropy around our girls.


GSSWT was one of the first councils to offer virtual Girl Scout programming at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing girls with stability and fun learning experiences in a time of great uncertainty.

Part of Camp La Jita’s site was designated a State Antiquities Landmark in 2021, and the council celebrated La Jita’s 75th anniversary in 2022.

In 2023, The GSSWT Lotería para Líderes fundraiser became an official Fiesta® San Antonio event. The fundraiser supports the West Side Girl Scout Leadership Center and its programming.

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas will celebrate their council centennial on March 11, 2024!

Learn more at

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NEW! STRAWBERRY STUFFED FRENCH TOAST SLAM On New Brioche Bread © 2024 DFO, LLC. Printed in the U.S.A. At participating restaurants for a limited time only. Selection and prices may vary. While supplies last. Say Bonjour to Our NEW Breakfast Creations ® Congratulations to Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas on 100 years of developing girls of courage, confidence and character. We can’t wait to see what you do in the next 100 years! Law Offices of DAVIDSON TROILO REAM & GARZA A Professional Corporation with offices in San Antonio and Austin Certified as woman owned since 2007 by South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency Lea A. Ream • Cheree T. Kinzie • R. Jo Reser Betsy J. Johnson • Molly Groesbeck Solis Nikki Chargois-Allen • Hayat F. Nassour Chelsea N. Amen • Lauren M. Trevino Mallorie P. Falcon

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas (GSSWT) leadership, their development partners, and City of San Antonio officials gathered on March 11, 2024, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts shaping communities and growing the future leaders across 21 counties in Southwest Texas. Through City Proclamation, Mayor Nirenberg declared the date ‘Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas 100th Anniversary Day’ in San Antonio, Texas.” The event also kickstarted their Backyard for All Girls fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 dollars in 100 hours.

“Today, we celebrate a century of empowering young girls, inspiring generations of leaders, and fostering a future where every girl in Southwest Texas has the opportunity to discover their world, learn new skills, and build life-long relationships,” said Major General Angie Salinas, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), CEO of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas. “To kick off our next 100 years, I’m excited to announce our newest initiative, A Backyard for All Girls.”

Funds raised during the campaign will support The Backyard, a new multi-use outdoor space at the Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center, designed for Girl Scouts and others to help girls develop courage, confidence, and character.

In addition to celebrating the GSSWT’s 100th anniversary, Major General Salinas will serve as the honorary grand marshal in this year’s Fiesta Flambeau Parade on April 27.

Learn more at

Experience premium, modern banking customized for you. Broadway’s Private Banking team provides premium modern banking and financial services curated specifically for your personal and business needs. For more than 83 years, Broadway Bank has been an integral part of Texas, evolving into one of the largest independently owned banks in the state with more than $5 billion in assets and $3 billion in Wealth Management assets. Speak with a Private Banker today. • (210) 805-8484 Private Banking at Broadway Bank is subject to eligibility qualifications. Eligibility criteria may include financial, professional, and/or account verification and evaluation. Subject to change without notice. Member FDIC. Rev. 02/24 / 1302663016

To Your Health connects you with experts and resources in medical care, mental health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness, providing insight into all aspects of a woman’s health.

Empowering you to advocate for yourself - mind, body and soul.



Creating Our Lives by Design

In the grand tapestry of life, it is easy to get caught up in the momentum of our past experiences and patterns. We often find ourselves on autopilot, unconsciously following the ingrained pathways that have been etched into our minds over time. These thinking, behaving, and feeling patterns can serve as a protective mechanism, shielding us from potential harm. However, they can also limit our ability to truly create the life we desire.

Our brains work tirelessly to keep us safe and secure. Through a process known as neuroplasticity, the brain forms neural connections that facilitate habitual ways of looking at the world and responding to it. This programming is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind, influencing our daily choices and actions. While these patterns may have served us in the past, allowing us to navigate life’s challenges with relative ease, they can also keep us trapped in a cycle of mediocrity.

We must become conscious creators of our lives to break free from this cycle. It is not enough to respond to the programming of our past; we must actively design the life we desire. This requires a willingness to challenge our existing beliefs, question our assumptions, and explore new possibilities. It demands that we take responsibility for our thoughts, choices, and actions, no longer allowing us to be passive observers of our lives.

Designing our lives begins with a clear vision of what we want to create. Knowing the “why” helps us to discover the “what” and the “how”. We must envision a future that excites and inspires us. This vision acts as our compass, guiding us toward our desired destination. We will discuss how to use our brain’s hidden energy to pull us into action. By defining our commitments, not just our goals and objectives, we can start to make real choices about what life puts in front of us. When we choose choices and thoughts aligned with our commitment, this is life by design.

However, commitment alone is not enough. To turn our visions into reality, we must cultivate the right

mindset. This entails rewiring our brains, challenging the negative beliefs that have held us back, and replacing them with thoughts that align with the life we want to create. No thoughts are wrong; they are either aligned with the life we want or not. On this journey, we will learn how to understand your true potential.

In this journey of intentional creation, we will learn how to take action and stay in action even when we do not feel like it. This work is not about simply dreaming big or thinking positively. There are what I call “brain hacks” that can be learned to empower you to step outside of your comfort zone, face your fears head-on, and persist in the face of obstacles. Putting in the effort, time, and energy required to bring our vision to fruition does not need to be complicated. Your brain can be trained to stay focused until you are living the life you desire.

Creating a life by design, rather than a response to past programming, requires courage, perseverance, and commitment. It is a continuous process of self-discovery, growth, and evolution. Through conscious awareness and intentional action, we can transcend the limitations imposed by our past and step into a realm of infinite possibility. We can redefine our reality and become the architects of our own lives.

The choice is ours to make – continue on the path of passive response to past programming or embark on a journey of intentional creation. Let us dare to dream, challenge our limitations, and take decisive action toward designing our desired life. Doing so unlocks our hidden potential and a world of endless possibilities. Are you ready to become the creator of your destiny? The choice is yours.

Learn more at

TO YOUR HEALTH March/April 2024 75

Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer™

Yep, you read that right. There’s a new song in town, and while its ending may surprise you, it is one on which we should all be educated.

The incidence of oral cancer has increased each of the last 21 years. Since 2011, the number of people diagnosed with oral cancer has more than doubled, and in 2024 alone, it is estimated that a total of 58,450 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer.¹ Traditionally, oral cancer has been associated with the use of legal drugs such as tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption. While using these two drugs in combination does increase one’s chances of developing oral cancer¹, an increasing number of oral cancers occur in patients without either of these traditional risk factors. Unfortunately, there is another vast demographic that is not being talked about that we’re seeing get oral cancer a lot more now. Currently, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), transmitted primarily through sexual contact, is the cause of the fastest-growing oral cancer population under the age of 50², drastically changing the epidemiology of this disease.

So, what is HPV, and what do we need to know about it? HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States.³ The greater the number of sexual partners one has, the greater their chances of being infected with HPV, along with those who have weakened immune systems.² There are over 200 strains of HPV that affect different parts of the body, most of which are cleared by the body’s immune system and never cause a problem.⁴ HPV-16 is the strain identified as being associated with the rising incidence of oral cancer, particularly in the oropharynx or the back part of the throat, which includes the base of the tongue, soft palate, and tonsils.² Right now, 70% of oropharyngeal cancers are caused by HPV³, and it is affecting males 4 to 1 over females.²

Early detection of oral cancer is one of the most influential factors in the prognosis of one’s diagnosis. When caught early (stage I-II), the 5-year survival rate increases from 39%- 69% (survival rate when found in late stages, III-IV) to 87%.¹ For many years, incorporating advanced technology has allowed clinicians to provide a higher quality of care for their patients. Pap smears, colonoscopies, PSA tests, and mammograms have all provided clinicians with the

opportunity to discover cancer at its earliest stages to save more lives. Oral cancer is no different; oral cancer screening in the dental office can save lives. Seeing a dental professional regularly and asking for an oral cancer screening with advanced technology like that used by OralID® allows clinicians to visualize oral tissue abnormalities in its earliest stages, providing the greatest possible outcome for the patient.

Increasing public awareness of this new risk factor is another crucial step in changing the trends in oral cancer. We need to be educating our youth on safe sex practices, parents need to be educated on the available options for HPV vaccination, and dental professionals need to be screening early, often, and with the latest technologies.

Shining light on this dark topic is something we can all play a part in. Together, we can make a difference in the battle against oral cancer.

Ellen Myers, RDH, BS

Ellen Myers, a graduate of Texas A&M University College of Dentistry with a B.S. in Dental Hygiene, is a Registered Dental Hygienist with over a decade of clinical experience. With a passion for preventive care and both patient and clinician education, Ellen joined the Forward Science team to make a global impact. Ellen is currently the Director of Training & Education at Forward Science, where she provides ongoing clinical training and support to current and potential partners, as well as the Forward Science sales team. Ellen spearheads the development of clinical education programs and provides continuing education on the early discovery of oral cancer and other oral health concerns.


1. Cancer facts & figures 2024. American Cancer Society. research/cancer-facts-statistics/all-cancer-facts-figures/2024-cancer-facts-figures.html

2. Oral cancer facts - oral cancer foundation: Information and resources about oral head and neck cancer. Oral Cancer Foundation | Information and Resources about Oral Head and Neck Cancer. (2022, December 16).

3. HPV and oropharyngeal cancer. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2023, September 12). htm#:~:text=This%20is%20called%20oropharyngeal%20cancer,HPV%20for%20cancer%20 to%20develop.

4. HPV and cancer. National Cancer Institute. causes-prevention/risk/infectious-agents/hpv-and-cancer


The Importance of Hearing

Hearing is our most important sense. You can close your eyes, but you can’t close your ears. Hearing influences our fight-or-flight instincts, our interactions as predator vs. prey, and has shaped human history. In the present day, hearing is what connects us to our lives and to our loved ones. Hearing is the fundamental building block of communication.

Anatomical evidence supports my claim that hearing is our most vital sense. The cochlea, or inner ear, is deeply embedded within the skull, specifically within the temporal bone. The temporal bone is the hardest bone in our body and provides the highest level of protection. Coincidence? I think not.

The human body is designed with intention. Our ears and hearing are intentionally connected to our brain. Keeping the brain active through better hearing will provide you a better chance to live your best life

by staying connected, living without bothersome tinnitus, and continuing to make memories.

Here are some statistics that might surprise you:

1) Hearing loss has been listed by the Department of Health and Human Services as the third most common chronic health condition affecting seniors.

2) Hearing loss affects about 60.7 million Americans aged 12 and older. About 15.5% (44.1 million) of American adults aged 20 and older have some level of hearing loss.

3) It’s estimated that 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids.

4) Hearing loss is on the rise in the United States and is expected to almost double by the year 2060.

If you think you have hearing loss, contact an audiologist you trust. Protect your most important sense.

Dr. Anne Esquivel

CEO of Mind Works


Founded in 2009 by CEO Dr. Anne Esquivel, Mind Works is a Children’s Counseling Practice offering families and their children a comprehensive slate of mental health services and treatments, including assessments, child, teen, and family therapy, parenting support, and medication-assisted treatment.

Dr. Esquivel began her counseling career as a solo practitioner in Centreville, Va., and in San Antonio. In San Antonio, she saw a pressing need for a behavioral healthcare facility that provided comprehensive assessment, counseling, and medication for children, teens, and their families. This need served as the catalyst for creating Mind Works. Today, Mind Works has expanded to four locations in San Antonio, Schertz, and New Braunfels, with a dedicated team of over 50 staff members and providers.

Mind Works provides assessment and treatment to children and teens struggling with mental health and behavioral issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, aggression, social and emotional difficulties, trauma, and grief. Dr. Esquivel and the Mind Works team also provide parent support services to help parents learn how to manage their child’s behavior at home and in other settings, such as on the sports field. Ideally, a treatment plan follows an approximate monthly schedule of three to four (preferably weekly) sessions with the child, followed by a session with the parents.

“My mantra is that children don’t raise themselves,” Dr. Esquivel explained. “We are very focused on involving the parents in their child’s treatment plan. We teach them how to support their child’s treatment.”

For children ages three to 12, Mind Works utilizes play therapy as the preferred evidence-based treatment. Mind Works holds a unique position throughout the San Antonio – New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in that its Chief Clinical Officer, Angela Medellin, is one of only 19 Registered Play Therapist – Supervisors (RPT-S) in the MSA. In play therapy, a trained play therapist utilizes toys and games to encourage a child to express their feelings and emotions such as frustration, anger, or anxiety. “Because play is a child’s first language, we want to speak to them through play,” Dr. Esquivel said. “Through the observations made during the play session, the therapist can develop a customized treatment plan for each individual child.”

Dr. Esquivel is quick to point out that there are a number of misconceptions and uncertainties that parents sometimes have about behavioral healthcare treatment for their children. “Often, parents struggle with determining whether a child’s behavior is a normal developmental stage or if it is not on target,” she said. “We work with them to determine this.”

Another misconception that parents can have is that they think their child is too young to benefit from behavioral healthcare treatment. “But in reality, children as young as age three can and do benefit from assessment and therapy,” Dr. Esquivel said.

Finally, a common misconception is that therapy is a quick fix. “I like to say, ‘There is no microwave therapy.’ Families need to be consistent and regular in their sessions,” Dr. Esquivel said.

Dr. Esquivel noted that attitudes toward mental health treatment are starting to change. “If there is a silver lining to the pandemic and to social media, it’s that these brought the importance of mental health to the forefront,” she said. “Today’s young families are more aware of the importance of mental health and are more comfortable in addressing this in their families.”

Mind Works continues to develop a trailblazing mental healthcare path in the San Antonio and New Braunfels areas. The practice will soon mark a major milestone of having served 100,000 area children, teens, and their families with their mental and behavioral assessment and treatment programs. The demand for children’s behavioral healthcare in the San Antonio to New Braunfels MSA is significant, with a growing demand for services. Currently, there are over 640,000 children residing in the MSA between the ages of 3 and 17.

This milestone translates to a significant impact on so many in these communities. “When a child gets help for mental health struggles, it has a spiderweb effect,” Dr. Esquivel noted. “This mental health support impacts their siblings, their parents and grandparents. There is a ripple effect of positive change that affects the entire family and even their future children.”

Mind Works’ mission is centered on Compassion, Integrity, and Accountability, and the practice is dedicated to providing exceptional behavioral healthcare that effectively meets the needs of this region’s children, adolescents, and their families.

Mind Works

8207 Callaghan Rd., Ste. 425, San Antonio, TX 78230

5700 Schertz Pkwy Ste. 150, Schertz, TX 78154

9730 Westover Hills Blvd, Ste. 108, San Antonio, TX 78251

2115 Stephens Pl, Ste 730, New Braunfels, TX 78130

(210) 366-3700


of Abundant Hospice and Abundant Staffing

Denise Jaworski CEO

For Denise Jaworski, her 20-year career in the medical industry, particularly in assisted living communities, led her to found Abundant Staffing in 2018 and Abundant Hospice in 2020. Today, Abundant Staffing provides CNAs, LVNs and RNs to a wide range of clients in the healthcare industry across 30 states. The company maintains a talent pool of more than 850 medical professionals and provides 24/7 support to clients.

Abundant Hospice provides in-home hospice services. The company provides a holistic and personalized approach to hospice care. “Abundant Hospice is proud to be powered by a dedicated team of 30 extraordinary employees, each of whom plays an integral role in shaping the compassionate and high-quality care we are known for.

Jaworski’s career path was deeply influenced by her father, who was a pastor, and her mother, who was a nurse working in skilled nursing facilities. “Many of my childhood days were spent alongside my parents, visiting the ill and elderly, and trying to bring joy and comfort to their lives during weekends,” she said. This early exposure instilled in her an enduring passion for caring for others, particularly the elderly.

“My professional career path eventually led me to work in assisted living communities, where I had the privilege of supporting families as they navigated the complexities of seeking additional care for their senior loved ones,” Jaworski said.

For Jaworski, her passion for the hospice care profession is a deeply personal one. “My stepfather, whom I affectionately called ‘Pops,’ fell seriously ill at the relatively young age of 54,” she explained. “Having facilitated many families through the hospice process professionally, I found myself in uncharted territory when the conversation about hospice care needed to happen within my own family. The experience we had with hospice was deeply impactful, providing tremendous support for my mother and our family while ensuring that Pops passed away peacefully.”

According to Jaworski, Abundant Hospice stands distinct in the compassionate care landscape for several key reasons. “At the core of our ethos is a deeply personalized approach to care, recognizing and honoring the unique needs and wishes of each patient and their families. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to creating an environment where our employees feel valued and part of a meaningful mission, which directly translates to the quality of service our patients receive.”

Jaworski is quick to point out that there exist a number of common misconceptions regarding hospice care, particularly that it signals giving up hope or that it’s only

appropriate in the very final days of life. “In reality, hospice is about enhancing the quality of life and providing dignity and peace to patients with life-limiting illnesses, often much earlier in their journey than many realize.

“Another common misunderstanding is that hospice care is solely focused on the physical aspects of end-of-life care,” Jaworski explained. “While managing pain and other symptoms is a crucial part of what we do, hospice care also encompasses emotional, spiritual and psychological support for both patients and their families.”

Jaworski noted that the leadership ranks in both the medical staffing and hospice care sectors have been traditionally male-dominated positions. “As a woman CEO, one of the foremost challenges is overcoming the preconceived notions and biases about female leadership capabilities. It’s about consistently proving that leadership effectiveness is not gender-dependent but is instead based on skills, insights and the ability to inspire and drive positive change,” she said.

“Additionally, there’s the ongoing task of advocating for gender equality and diversity within the industry. This involves championing policies and practices that support work-life balance, equal opportunities, and a respectful and supportive workplace for everyone,” Jaworski continued.

Jaworski emphasized that her faith and family are the bedrock of her career. “I firmly believe that I would not have been able to fulfill my calling without the guidance and strength I draw from God,” she said. “In addition, equally foundational to my purpose are my husband, Frank Jaworski, and our children, Lexus and Luke. Their support and belief in me and what I do are invaluable, providing me with the strength to persevere through the toughest days,” she said.

“I am also profoundly grateful for our incredible teams at Abundant Hospice and Abundant Staffing. Their unwavering support not only fuels our collective purpose but also creates a strong, compassionate community committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.”

if you would like more information, Abundant can be reached at: Abundant Staffing (210) 760-0892 and Abundant Hospice (210) 608-0081


Eating Healthy and Making Better Habits

It is National Nutrition Month, which can mean many different things for people. Originally started about 50 years ago by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, it is an opportunity for people to learn about nutrition and reflect on how it looks in their lives.

Nutrition plays a vital role in the various stages of life for women. Pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause bring different needs to your bodies. For example, folate is needed during pregnancy, while more calories are required postpartum while breastfeeding. In menopause, women need more calcium, as bones naturally lose it.

In addition, heart disease is the deadliest disease among women. Instead of reacting when you have it, now is the time to start caring for your body and heart. Nutrition is about understanding what you put into your body, how much you take in, and how it can affect you.

Often, women do not prioritize themselves, and their health is affected. We are the caretakers of our children and partners, but women typically choose what our families eat. So, this is a great place to start.

The simplest change to your diet is to ensure protein and vegetables are on your plate. Introducing yourself and your family to new vegetables and new cooking methods can make the meal more pleasurable.

When possible, sit down with your family to eat during mealtimes. We typically enjoy meals and eat until our bodies say we are full, which is when we take the time to slow down and digest our food.

Also, try writing your meals down. This will give you an overview of what you are putting into your body. This is also a great way to hold yourself accountable for your intake.

You might be surprised at how much coffee you drink daily or how your snacks stack up throughout the day. Do not be afraid to seek out a nutritionist for personalized ad-

vice. We will sit with you to assess your goals and current health and determine the best approach for you.

Some equate nutritionists with food police. That is not what we do or who we are. Our role is not to tell you what you can and cannot eat. It is to be realistic with you, help you with your food choices, and be your cheerleader along the way.

Altering your intake can be difficult, and your nutritionist is along for the ride to help you navigate your path.

You may only vibe with some nutritionists, so finding the right person for you is essential.

Lastly, my most important advice to women is to give yourself grace. You may not eat a perfectly balanced meal each time, but that is okay.

Our bodies break food into molecules, taking what they need and dealing with the excess. Our bodies work with us more than they work against us. So, if a meal is not balanced, work to improve the next one.

It’s that simple. You always have another opportunity to make better choices with your food.

To learn more about nutrition with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System, visit our website,

Emily Samson, Registered Dietician Nutritionist with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Westover Hills


W.D. Deli

April 1990 W.D. Deli opened on McCullough Avenue in the Olmos Park area of San Antonio, Texas. Since that first day, the goal was to provide customers with delicious, fresh food in healthy portions at reasonable prices. Great pride was taken to build a business with scores of regular customers who have been enjoying lunch at the deli consistently since the doors have been opened.

3123 Broadway St. | (210) 828-2322 |

Chicago Bagel & Deli

We make our bagels from scratch every day and boil them in water to give them that distinct tough, shiny, textured, chewy inside. Every Thursday, our gourmet bread is made in-house from scratch. We start making the challahs on Thursday, allowing for the process to take place that will enable us to bake them Friday morning, as the process begins every day to have the bagels baked for the next morning. Starting at 3:00 am, we bake our bagels daily; they are always fresh. We mix and shape them, giving them that distinct tough, shiny texture and delicious, chewy inside. We use high gluten flour, sugar, salt, and yeast. Our bagels have no dairy products except for our egg bagels. Our challah bread is fresh and ready every Friday.

10918 Wurzbach #132 | (210) 691-2245|

Coopers Meat Market

A marketer of the finest raw cuts of meats to connoisseurs who demand the best, at Cooper’s quality is more important than just a word, it’s our passion and our promise that follows throughout our company from top to bottom. That’s why since 1997, we’ve become one of the leading suppliers of Certified Angus Beef Prime and Choice Aged Grain Fed beef. Along with our catering services, we also carry a wide variety of appetizers, sides, casseroles, spices, rubs, wine and beer.

6002 Broadway | (210) 820-3838 |



Larder At Emma

A splendid little gustatory temple tucked away in the old brewing department, LARDER at Hotel Emma is for guests and locals alike. We carry local groceries, global provisions, fine wine, beer worthy of our location, just-out-of-the-oven baked goods, fresh flowers, house-butchered meats and freshly-prepared foods to eat in or take out.

136 E. Grayson | (210) 448-8355 |

Jk’s Chicago Dogs

Our food menu is a selected choice of the most demanded Hot dogs styles in San Antonio, such as the Chicago style, Texas Style, Connie Island style, New York Style and others. You, your family and friends watching your favorite Sport team playing a game. Well, there is something that shouldn’t be missing in your game, right? Yes, your Hot dogs! Make that day’s event to be real, bring the magic at home!

15711 San Pedro Avenue | (210) 201-4030 |

Youz Guys Cheese Steaks

“Our goal is to empower women to have the knowledge and peace of mind necessary to make solid financial decisions.”
LIZ CRAWFORD Sendero Partner & Chief Executive Officer Founder SENDEROWomen

Jimmy and Kathy DeLaurentis came here in 2008 to fulfil their cousin Bobby Catalano’s dream of opening a real South Philly cheesesteak restaurant in the San Antonio area. They hit the nail on the head and brought real Philly food to South Texas when they opened Youz Guyz Cheesesteaks in Universal City, Texas! In fact, just to let ya in on a little family secret, Youz Guyz godfather is Joey Vento of world famous Geno’s Steaks in South Philly.

316 Pat Booker Rd | (210) 659-8930 |

The Honey Baked Ham HoneyBaked® has everything you need to create an unforgettable spread for your special or everyday gathering. Pickup at your local store or ship to your doorstep!

9963 I-H 10 West | (210) 697-8844 |

Liz is a vocal advocate for women and is passionate about helping them find their financial voice by founding Sendero Women where women could freely talk about and understand their personal financial situations. This pioneering program provides tools and education designed to guide women and provide clarity in their financial future.

learn more about this program visit
SAN ANTONIO (210) 805-0171 BOERNE (210) 739-1818 AUSTIN (512) 549-2246 EMPOWERING WOMEN 554255_SATXWomensMag_3pt375x9pt875.indd 2 2/29/24 4:45 PM March/April 2024 85

Peggy’s On The Green

Boerne is better than you remember and closer than you think.

One of San Antonio’s favorite local restaurants isn’t even in the city limits.

Peggy’s on the Green, named for chef and owner Mark Bohanan’s late mother, is a fine-dining American restaurant in Boerne, the once quaint Hill Country town now practically knocking at San Antonio’s side door. Growth along I-10 outside Loop 1604 now links town and country, making our old northwestern neighbor the city’s newest, closest friend.

It also makes going to Boerne for a weekend lunch, Sunday brunch, or special evening dinner a doable treat — you can be back home in bed by 10 p.m. That is unless you want to make a mini vacation of it and spend a night at The Kendall, the handsome boutique hotel home to Peggy’s on the Green. Just 31 miles from downtown, Boerne is more than a booming bedroom community today: It’s a dynamic destination all its own. Boerne has exploded in popularity along its historic Main Street, which features German-style limestone buildings from the mid-1800s filled with shops, restaurants, art galleries, and a cute little bakery or two.

So has Peggy’s on the Green.

Quietly hidden toward the back of the town’s Main Plaza with its white postcard-pretty gazebo in the center of the green, Peggy’s is the cornerstone restaurant of The Kendall. With modern accommodations set in an 1859 stagecoach stop along Cibolo Creek, the former Ye Kendall Inn is now a desirable destination hotel following a millionplus-dollar renovation.

Peggy’s on the Green, a Hill Country-casual American restaurant and steakhouse, offers a menu Bohanan calls “contemporary interpretations of Southern heritage foods and classic American dishes highlighting Hill Country ingredients.” Featuring Southern favorites like shrimp and grits, cornmealdusted soft-shell crab, fried green tomatoes with lump crabmeat, and chicken-fried quail with johnnycakes drizzled in cayenne maple syrup, the dinner menu also offers all the classics. Enjoy Bohanan’s signature French onion soup, plump crab cakes, the day’s fresh catch, and USDA Prime aged center-cut Allen Brother’s steaks. Leave room for Texas beer-battered onion rings, lobster mac-


and-cheese, Mexican street corn, bourbon brussels sprouts, unique salads, and divine desserts.

Growing up in Jourdanton, Bohanan learned a lot about food while watching his mother and grandmother cook from scratch and his grandfather grill meat. Today, in another small Texas town, he honors their legacy.

“Peggy’s menu is based on what my mother served: the freshest, local ingredients available,” says Chef Bohanan. When he can’t be in Peggy’s kitchen, his right-hand San Antonio woman, chef de cuisine Heather Nuñez, ensures that guests enjoy the same fine dining experience expected at any Bohananowned restaurant.

On a Friday afternoon, my husband and I checked into The Kendall, a building we hadn’t been to in decades. Back then, the Limestone Grill occupied about half of the ground floor, and the inn’s rooms seemed as small and musty as a grandma’s closet. Today, The Kendall stands fully renovated and restored with 34 clean, well-appointed rooms and suites, including a few log cabins in the back and a little white chapel, creating a charming cottage suite. The back courtyard, with glowing strings of white lights, is an enchanting place to sit by an outdoor fire. In front, a sunny porch runs the length of the building upstairs and down. The Kendall was a surprise, old-fashioned on the outside but fresh, luxurious, and new inside. Hardwood floors, leather

chairs, soft textiles, and chic décor were more than we expected. We were delighted to stay upstairs in the spacious Victoria Suite with its separate sitting room featuring back-to-back fireplaces.

We took the outdoor staircase to the ground floor to peek into the bar with its bright, happening vibe in a dark, attractive space. In the restaurant, a spacious dining room stands surrounded by windows. It has the feel of an inviting country inn with wooden floors and tables; chairs backed with leather straps, and a row of banquettes with an unfussy wallpaper

pattern behind them. There was something solidly Texan about the restaurant without any tired Hill Country clichés. Peggy’s is classic, tasteful, and straightforward. But when Chef Nuñez came out to say hello and suggested everything tastes better loaded with crabmeat, we suddenly felt like we were back in the big city at Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood.

If Boerne seems too far to drive for fine dining, it’s not. Peggy’s on the Green is closer than you imagined, and Boerne is better than you remember. These modern Hill Country landmarks are well worth the little jaunt up I-10.

Janis Turk is a longtime contributor and former managing editor of San Antonio Woman magazine. She’s also a widely published travel writer and guidebook author, with titles like Frommer’s San Antonio and Austin Day by Day and Frommer’s TEXAS to her name.

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The Kendall Inn

Courtesy of The Kendall Inn

The history of The Kendall begins April 23, 1859 when John James sold the land to Erastus and Sarah Reed for $200. During this time The Reeds built the center section of the Inn as their home, bringing the Southern Colonial style of architecture to the Texas Hill Country.

Back in the early days, there weren’t regular hotels for travelers. However, the few homeowners of the town shared their spare rooms. This is where the Reed’s hotel tradition began. Renting out their spare rooms in the Old Reed House to horsemen and stagecoach travelers. The grounds around the house served as a wagon yard for ranchers, who penned their cattle in what is now the City Park, awaiting other cattle for a big drive up the trail.

The Kendall is both a Texas and National Landmark and has given shelter to many famous people including President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Kendall is inimitably placed along the Cibolo Creek in the heart of Boerne’s downtown historic district. The designs of an 1859 Greek Revival structure allow for an exceptional use of space and environment, creating the most comfortable experience year-round. Located just outside the front doors of the hotel, you will find the trailhead for Cibolo Trail, a beautifully appointed walkway that follows Cibolo Creek and connects to the other end of the Historical District.

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The Cibolo Trail follows Boerne’s signature waterway, the Cibolo Creek, 1.75 miles from the Waterworks Terrace trailhead behind Main Plaza to the City Park trailhead by the Municipal Pool. The trail continues south past City Park, another 1.4 miles toward Herff Falls. In all, the Cibolo Trail offers a little over 3 miles of scenic walking, biking, and running.

The trail has numerous access points, including several that allow users to move in and out of the historic downtown and famed Hill Country Mile. Past downtown, the trail runs along the entirety of River Road Park. Further still, at the confluence of Cibolo and Currey Creeks, a 150-foot pedestrian bridge nestled amongst the trees offers a birds-eye view of a refreshing waterfall and crystal clear flowing stream just before City Park.

405 3rd St Blanco, TX 78606 830-833-5596 Come find your new treasure!
The Cibolo Trail Courtesy of Boerne Parks & Recreation
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Sara Eyestone Prince Charming

American Artist Sara Eyestone spent thirteen years painting here in San Antonio in her Westside Studio, as well as on her Riverwalk balcony. Today she is back home in Santa Fe painting for private collectors on commission. At 80 years old, she is also working with her publishers, preparing for a final tour that will include new Caspari notecards and one more art poster.

48 x 24 Oil
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