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Dr. Ana “Cha” Guzman

Catering with a Twist

“ Huge variety - great for a large doctor’s office with multiple tastes.” — Mandy “ Great variety and very fresh! Office loved them. Will definitely use again! ” — Gretchen “ The delivery was on time, and the treats were hot and absolutely delicious.” — Mallori Store Locations: North Star Mall • Ingram Park Mall • Shops of La Cantera • San Antonio International Airport

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profile After a life dedicated to education, Dr. “Cha” Guzman is working to ensure everyone in San Antonio has a place to call home.





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women in business

Three savvy businesswomen made lemonade out of lemons to turn their businesses around and redefine what postpandemic “business as usual” looks like.

Making an impact on their clients, employees and local community, these women serve as role models for future generations of San Antonio women entrepreneurs.


home This Deerfield home mixes contemporary pieces with cherished antiques for a complete, New Traditionalist makeover.



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Can’t decide which color? Try all 5! Gradient nails are in this holiday season and are available in any color you can imagine. Trending colors for 2020 include blue, dark green, light grey, and soft orange. Need an outfit to go with your new nails? Head over to our fashion section on page 72 for this issues fashion and beauty inspirations!




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More and more families and friends are opting to stay connected this holiday season with virtual holiday events and meet ups via Zoom, Google Meet, or other social media platforms. Stay connected to your loved ones while avoiding crowded areas this holiday season.


Craving a cocktail but need to stay in? Holiday cocktails are the perfect way to stay cozy and warm at home. Check out our cocktail and other holiday recipes on page 106 for a few delicious options to help you celebrate this holiday season.




Al Al

Rendon Rendon

Christie Christie

Cuthbert Cuthbert

Author of “Mom! I Farted in Church” One Type Al Rendon photographs the restaurants and Al Rendon photographs the restaurants and Author of “Mom! I Farted in Church” One Type A Mama’s Journey Learning to Laugh and Let homes seen in San Antonio Woman magazine. homes seen in San Antonio Woman magazine. A Mama’s Journey Learning to Laugh and Let Go, Christie Cuthbert is a mom of four boys “My photographs use light to bring a home’s “My photographs use light to bring a home’s Go, Christie Cuthbert is a mom of four boys a set of triplets. She also writes forfor personality to life. When I raiseI the and and including personality to life. When raisecamera the camera including a set of triplets. She also writes the Today Show Parenting Team and Scary focus on a room’s view, Iview, am composing to to focus on a room’s I am composing the Today Show Parenting Team and Scary andand hosts a podcast, “Laughing AllAllthe expressexpress its owners’ personality in theinbest its owners’ personality the light.” best light.” Mommy Mommy hosts a podcast, “Laughing the Way.” He hasHe had more dozen majormajor solo solo YouYou cancan find herher has hadthan moreathan a dozen Way.” find exhibits, and hisand work in such at or onon Instagram exhibits, hisis work is in permanent such permanent at or Instagram @christiecuthbert collections as the as National Portrait Gallery of theof the collections the National Portrait Gallery @christiecuthbert Smithsonian Institution and the National Museum Smithsonian Institution and the National Museum of Mexican in Chicago. of Mexican Art in Art Chicago.


Jason Roberts



Jenny Jurica


Jason studied fine art & theatre at Ohio State Jenny Jurica is a freelance writer and columnist Heart relocated to New YorkState City whereJenny Jurica who is lives near Newwriter Braunfels her JasonUniversity. studied fine & theatre at Ohio a freelance and with columnist pursued a career in show and husband, twoNew children, and a with houseful University.he He relocated to New York business City where who lives near Braunfels her of commercial art. During this time he and performed husband, spoiledtwo rotten pets. Inand her a free time, Jenny he pursued a career in show business children, houseful of on Broadway, The Metropolitan Opera, and did enjoys bird-watching, hiking, and escaping to commercial art. During this time he performed spoiled rotten pets. In her free time, Jenny some television work.. Since that time he has the mountains any chance she gets. A born enjoys bird-watching, hiking, and escaping to on Broadway, The Metropolitan Opera, and did worked in the commercial art field as a graphic and bred Texan, Jenny comes from a long line the mountains any chance she gets. A born some television work.. Since that time he has designer and illustrator which eventually led to of strong, Southern women who have instilled and bred Texan, Jenny comes from a long line worked in the commercial art field as a graphic developing his interests as a photographer and in her the importance of a thoughtful thank you Southern women whoishave instilled designer andThe illustrator which led to video. lion’s share of eventually Jason’s current note and a casserole. Jenny a graduate of work isof strong, in herTexas the importance of a thoughtful thankwhere you developing his interests a photographer and A&M University--Corpus Christi, now as in photography. note and casserole. Jenny is a graduate of video. The lion’s share of Jason’s current work is she a studied Psychology and Counseling.

now in photography.



Texas A&M University--Corpus Christi, where she studied Psychology and Counseling.

Meredith Bonny

Kay Osterhage Half Texan on her mother’s side, Meredith was Bonny Osterhage is a local journalist and public born and raised in Southern California, where she relations professional with more than 20 years in graduated from Pepperdine University with a the industry. With a passion for all things health degree in Advertising. She has as called San Antonio and fitness, Bonny moonlights an instructor at home forCycle overand 25 years isfounder raising a JoyRide Fitnessnow andand is the ofson Band a daughter as a single momKSAT with 12's a pack of She and her husband, Mike rescue dogs.have An incurable foodie with an insatiable Osterhage proudly called San Antonio home case of wanderlust, has travelled the world, forshe 25 years. and is passionate about writing, cooking, landscaping and music of all genres. Meredith is usually the loudest person in the room, and she is always up for new adventures and experiences.


David Teran


David - a self-proclaimed people person - is a free-lance thatpeople loves to tell people David - a photographer self-proclaimed person - is a “good morning!” in the afternoon, to to trytell to make free-lance photographer that loves people them smile. He enjoys tacos,toand “good morning!” in thecoffee, afternoon, try writing to make letters on his 1968 German typewriter. When he them smile. He enjoys coffee, tacos, and writing is not writing about himself in the third person, letters on his 1968 German typewriter. When he David can often be found a foreign country, is not writing about himself in the third person, photographing ballerinas with his 40-year-old David can often be found a foreign country, Hasselblad camera. David has been blessed to photographing with his jokes 40-year-old be able to make ballerinas people smile at his on four Hasselblad has an been blessed to continentscamera. - and toDavid work with awesome be able to make people at his jokes on four team ofsmile people.

continents - and to work with an awesome team of people.

Nina Nina Nina Padilla

Dawn Dawn Dawn Robinette

Padilla Padilla

Robinette Robinette

Steve Steve Steve Bennett

Bennett Bennett

A native Texan, Steve Bennett has written An award-winning writer who enjoys sharing Nina is a local multidisciplinary artist, An award-winning writer who enjoys sharing Nina is a local multidisciplinary artist, A native Texan, Steve Bennett has written about art, architecture andhas books for more the stories behind thewho faces and places professional andartist, SA Woman’sAn award-winning writer enjoys sharingthat A native Nina is a localphotographer, multidisciplinary Texan, Steve Bennett written the stories behind the faces and places that professional photographer, and SA Woman’s about art, architecture and books for more than years, working for thefor San Antonio Antonio shine,and Dawn Robinette new production coordinator. Born and raised inthe make storiesSan behind the faces places that has about professional photographer, and SA Woman’s art,30 architecture and books more new production coordinator. Born and raised in make San Antonio shine, Dawn Robinette has than 30 years, working for the San Antonio Express-News Americanmore than 25 years of communications San Antonio, Nina earned dualraised bachelors Antonio shine, Dawn Robinette has new production coordinator. Bornaand in make San thanLight, 30 years, working forand theAustin San Antonio more than 25 years of communications San Antonio, Nina earned a dual bachelors Light, Express-News and Austin Americanexperience is of listed as an expert on the Light,Statesman. degree Nina in nutrition foods and dance Currently a freelance writer and more than 25 and years communications San Antonio, earnedand a dual bachelors Express-News and Austin Americanexperience and is listed as an expert on the degree in nutrition and foods and dance Statesman. Currently a freelance writer and Alamoand Cityisbylisted the San Antonio Walk Statesman. performance and choreography from Texas experience editor, Steve makes a mean platter of green as an expertRiver on the degree in nutrition and foods and dance Currently a freelance writer and Alamo City by the San Antonio River Walk performance and choreography from Texas editor, Steve makes a mean platter of green State University. Her love and enchiladas enjoys cycling, British Association. being River told by her high editor, Steve City by theDespite San Antonio Walk performance and choreography frompassion Texas for Alamo makesand a mean platter of green State University. Her love and passion for enchiladas and enjoys cycling, British Association. Despite being told by her high movement and Her lightlove led and her to a fulfilling detective and shows andcycling, the Dallas Cowboys. school English teacher couldn’t State University. passion for careerAssociation. enjoys British Despite beingthat toldshe by her high write, enchiladas movement and light led her to a fulfilling career school English teacher that she couldn’t write, detective shows and the Dallas Cowboys. asand a dance andher contemporary Dawn has made a career doing just that and is adetective shows and the Dallas Cowboys. movement light led to a fulfillingportrait career school English teacher that she couldn’t write, as a dance and contemporary portrait Dawn has made a career doing just that and is a and her work has regular contributor to Alamo been bothDawn has asphotographer a dance and contemporary portrait made a career doing justCity thatMoms, and is Rio a photographer and her work has been both regular contributor to Alamo City Moms, Rio Magazine and Magazine. locally andand internationally published. Nina is regular photographer her work has contributor toTexas AlamoLifestyle City Moms, Rio been both Magazine and Texas Lifestyle Magazine. locally and internationally published. Nina is to bring her love for thearts, Magazine and Texas Lifestyle Magazine. locallyexcited and internationally published. Ninapublic is excited to bring her love for thearts, public health, and photography to the SA Woman excited to bring her love for thearts, public health, and photography to the SA Woman DreamtoTeam. health, and photography the SA Woman Dream Team. Dream Team.

FinalThoughts: Thoughts: Final Final Thoughts:

Andrea "Vocab" Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson


Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson is a San Antonio Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson is a San Antonio native. SheSanderson serves as aisTeaching Artist for Andrea "Vocab" a San Antonio native. She serves as a Teaching Artist for Ink. She one of four recipients native.Gemini She serves as aisTeaching Artist for Gemini Ink. She is one of four recipients awarded the is Friends Sanrecipients Antonio Public Gemini Ink. She one ofoffour awarded the Friends of San Antonio Public Library, Arts awarded the2020 Friends of and San Letters AntonioAward. Public Her Library, 2020 Arts and Letters Award. Her debut book is and entitled: SheAward. Lives InHer Music, Library, 2020 Arts Letters debut book is entitled: She Lives In Music, Press, February debutFlowerSong book is entitled: She Lives In 2020. Music,Her FlowerSong Press, February 2020. Her music is available on all music FlowerSong Press, February 2020.streaming Her music is available on all music streaming Andrea the first black, Poet musicplatforms. is available on allismusic streaming platforms. Andrea is the first black, Poet Laureate of San Antonio 2020-2023. platforms. Andrea is the first black, Poet Laureate of San Antonio 2020-2023. Laureate of San Antonio 2020-2023.

KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS Experience Saint Mary’s Hall:

Our extensive curriculum encourages intellectual discourse, resulting in students who are independent thinkers, creative problem-solvers, self-motivated, and well-prepared for college. Saint Mary’s Hall does not discriminate in admission or educational programs against qualified students on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or national/ethnic origin. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

smhSAwomanNovDec20.indd 1


10/21/20 6:22 PM

Photography by Nina Padilla



We did it! We made it to the holidays! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for celebrating and joy with my family and friends. This year has been a doozy for all of us, but as I reflect, I’m grateful for so much. I’m grateful for a shift in perspective about priorities and a greater sense of compassion for those around me who face challenges I can’t even imagine. I hug my kids a bit longer and tighter and appreciate the small things in life. Speaking of joy, I wish you all could meet Dr. Ana “Cha” Guzman in person! Our Cover Woman has a laugh that is infectious and energy that is inspiring. Dr. Guzman wasn’t born in Texas…well, you know how it goes. She has spent her career in education and, upon retirement, asked, “What’s next? How can I serve my community?” I know you will enjoy reading our Cover Profile, beginning on page 16. We have so many stories of women who persevere, get creative, and serve others in this issue. The Women in Business Directory includes some of San Antonio’s most successful businesswomen. And our health & wellness features remind us that a little self-care is necessary during this time of year. In this season of thanks, I’m grateful for you, our readers, who welcome San Antonio Woman magazine into your homes and support the amazing women in our community. I’m grateful for the women who graciously share their stories with you in every issue. And I’m grateful for our team at San Antonio Woman, who work so hard to make each issue such a beautiful and inspiring magazine. Wishing you a blessed holiday,

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Cathleen Lane ART DIRECTOR Fran Sherman GRAPHIC DESIGN Bárbara Negrón CREATIVE DIRECTOR Miriam Jesaijes PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Nina Padilla DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL MEDIA Taylor Lane WRITERS Melissa Aguirre, Steve Bennett, Jill Byrd, Christie Cuthbert, Jenny Jurica, Deborah Levi Lane, Bonny Osterhage, Dawn Robinette, Janis Turk, Blithe Wiley PHOTOGRAPHY Nina Padilla, Al Rendon, Jason Roberts, David Teran ADVERTISING SALES Tiffany Ivey, Cindy Jennings ADMINISTRATION & CUSTOMER SERVICE Abaigeal Lane PRINTING Shweiki Media, San Antonio, Texas DIRECTOR OF SALES & PARTNERSHIPS Dale Lane EDITOR EMERITUS Beverly Purcell-Guerra PUBLISHED BY Las Tres Muchachas, LLC.



Cathleen Lane

A Las Tres Muchachas Production Cathleen & Dale Lane 1150 North Loop 1604 West Suite 108-249 San Antonio, Texas 78248

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contemporary furniture & accessories

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WHAT’S NEW Pharm Table Relocates to Southtown Pharm Table, San Antonio’s signature farm-fresh restaurant, is taking the next step in its evolution by relocating to Southtown this fall in a new larger space at 812 South Alamo Street. Founder and chef Elizabeth Johnson is expanding upon an innovative and mindful approach to eating and restaurant dining in this next phase for Pharm Table. All this while being considerate of the new normal that restaurants must operate in during and after a global pandemic. Lunch and dinner services with full beverage menus will be offered. It includes an expanded menu with an apothecary kitchen approach, new bar program, and architecture and design honoring safety, sustainability and the local landscape. The new space will bring all of these elements to life when it opens by the end of November.

Mcnay Art Museum Celebrates Los Tres Grandes in New Exhibition The McNay Art Museum is offering a rare opportunity to see nearly all of the prints in its Permanent Collection by los tres grandes or “the three greats” of Mexican modernism–Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros.​​Los Tres Grandes: Obras de Rivera, Siqueiros y Orozco is on view in the Frost Galleries through January 3, 2021. Mexico has the longest printmaking tradition in all the Americas—dating back to 1539. Spurred by the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the golden age of printmaking began in the 1920s and lasted through the 1940s. The great influence of the revolution reveals itself in the prints on view, ranging from Rivera’s heroic depiction of Emiliano Zapata, to Siqueiros’s exploration of sculpture in his large-scale lithographs, to Orozco’s condemnation of war. Through their monumental mural cycles, these three artists became the first Mexican artists to achieve worldwide fame. A selection of artworks in the exhibition by the next generation of Mexican printmakers—the artists who founded the collaborative print workshop El Taller de Gráfica Popular (TGP) in 1937—illustrate the lasting influence of los tres grandes and include masterful lithographs and linocuts by Jesus Escobedo, Leopoldo Mendez, and Francisco Mora. Like “the three greats,” these artists continued to explore the history and aftermath of the Mexican Revolution.



City of San Antonio - Virtual Learning Hubs

Adelante Owner Brings A Piece of Holiday History to the Pearl

The Parks and Recreation Department is offering students free access to Virtual Learning Hubs through Dec.18, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Virtual Learning Hubs will provide internet access and a free lunch to students (ages 6+) in elementary, middle and high school.“We know that students need reliable and safe spaces to continue their distance learning while caregivers return to work. In response to this need, we’ve transformed eight community centers into Virtual Learning Hubs. Once registered, students can bring their laptops, Chromebooks, or mobile devices to the Virtual Learning Hub and have access to internet for distance learning classes, schoolwork, and enjoy a hot meal,” noted Homer Garcia, III, Director of Parks and Recreation. Students and staff will follow COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Across from the historic Pearl Stables, another historic stable will be brought to life this holiday season, thanks to Marla Ross, third generation owner of Adelante Boutique. In the tradition of department stores of yore, Ross will feature an elaborate nativity, handcrafted by local artists Mrs. Fern Deutsch and her aunt Mrs. Besse McGee in the early 1960s for Ross’s grandfather, Mr. Charles Orsinger. One of just a handful of sets designed by the duo who showcased their work in the windows of Joske’s, and Frost Brothers in downtown San Antonio, it was last on display at Orsinger Buick in 1985. Ross says she is proud to bring it back to the public in the boutique that her grandmother, Pat Mason first opened in 1975. “Bringing it to the boutique pays homage to both sides of my family,” she says. “It’s such a piece of my history as well as the history of San Antonio.”

Virtual Learn Hubs are located at the following community centers: Copernicus – 5003 Lord Rd Garza – 1450 Mira Vista Hamilton – 107000 Nacogdoches Harlandale – 7227 Briar Place Melendrez – 5919 W Commerce Miller’s Pond – 6175 Old Pearsall Rd Palm Heights – 1201 W Malone Southside Lions – 3100 Hiawatha Please visit for details.

From the velvets, leather and jewels that adorn the wise men, to the layers of silk that make up the angel’s wings, and the intricately painted expressions of love on the face of the Holy family, the elaborate set is resplendent in its beauty. This magnificent work of art will be on display through January 7, 2021.

Hopscotch - An Immersive Art Experience San Antonio’s newest art gallery occupying 20,000 square feet is now open in the Travis Park Plaza Building in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The new immersive and interactive two-story space features 14 uniquely curated installations from more than 40 local, national and international artists. Each installation showcases diverse, imaginative, and immersive experiences from renown artists pushing the boundaries of technology and art.




Dr. Ana M. “Cha” Guzman: A Life Dedicated to Building Foundations BY DAWN ROBINETTE PHOTOGRAPHY BY JASON ROBERTS




nickname earned while in high school teaching her classmates to “Cha Cha” over lunch either portends your future in education, or your future as someone always on the move. Both definitely fit Dr. Ana Margarita “Cha” Guzman, chair of the San Antonio Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. After immigrating from Cuba to Wisconsin when she was 12, her classmates often stumbled over the Spanish pronunciation of Ana Margarita, so she asked them to call her “Cha Cha” instead. The nickname and her skill as a teacher stuck, though she admits it took some time for her to fall in love with education. “I was not a good student in elementary school, and I was bored throughout high school.” A job as a teacher’s aide in the first year of the Head Start program changed that. “The teacher, a nun, didn’t speak Spanish, and the kids didn’t speak English, so I was the teacher. That’s where I fell in love with teaching children.” She changed her major to education, ultimately shortened “Cha Cha” to “Cha” and never looked back. She holds an Ed.D. in Education from the University of Houston, an M.A. in Sociology from Texas Southern University in Houston, and a B.S. in Education from Stout State University in Wisconsin. Dedicating her life to education, Guzman found her way to San Antonio as President of Palo Alto College, a role she cherished for 12 years. During her tenure, enrollment increased by 61%, retention rates increased from 62% to 84%, and continuing education revenues increased by 400%. Under her leadership, PAC garnered millions of dollars in federal and state grants and was chosen to establish the first recovery high school in the State of Texas by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

by it. I just cannot not do things for other people. It would not be right for me to only take care of my family and myself. I feel a need to take care of others.” That calling drew her to look for an opportunity to further serve San Antonio. “I love this city and I love doing things that nurture progress for our community.” She let Ivalis Gonzalez Meza, Chief of Staff for Mayor Ron Nirenberg, know she was willing and ready to give her time to the city. A week later, Guzman was asked to serve as the chair of the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) Board of Commissioners. SAHA provides housing assistance to more than 57,000 children, adults and seniors, managing 70 public housing communities, 27 mixed-income apartment communities, and more than 14,000 housing choice rental vouchers, commonly known as section 8 vouchers, across San Antonio. “About half of the public housing families we serve are single women with children, but we also provide for the elderly and for those who have disabilities,” she explains. “To have somewhere where you can utilize your energy and share with your family and share with others, that you can call your own, is really important. That’s what we’re trying to do with SAHA. We’re improving our properties, and we are building many more so that our community who needs it will have a place where they feel safe and they feel good having their family and their friends visit.”

She was honored with the Ford Salute to Education in 2005, named to the San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame in 2006 and recognized with a Women’s Leadership Award from the San Antonio Business Journal earlier this year. After 38 years of working in the public education sector, Guzman retired from education, but her call to serve was still strong. “I just don’t feel good if I’m not giving back. I feel guilty and selfish. God has given me lots of energy and lots of ideas and lots of education.” And she’s not one to sit still. “I have to get things done. I can’t be doing nothing. I always set goals and a time period of when to finish those goals. I have had so many opportunities that I have to carry them on. I have to pay it forward. I’m compelled




SAHA works to create housing options across the city. “We’re creating opportunity on the north side, the south side, the east side and also the west side. As we continue to grow affordable housing in San Antonio, we try to strategically select areas where there’s transportation and where there will be jobs available for our tenants,” explains Guzman. “Housing is key for the city to invest in. It’s such a passion of mine. We’re lucky to live in San Antonio with a mayor like Ron Nirenberg who is as dedicated to the community as he is, and with a city council that is so committed. San Antonio is a very special city that attracts people. I can understand why we’re going to get another million people in the next 20 years. We must continue to try to be kind and welcoming to all of those people.”


“If you’re lethargic and don’t do much, then you won’t do much. But if you keep yourself active and you exercise, and you get involved in interesting things, then you will have more energy to give to your family and community.” “You have to build through yourself in an environment of positivity of goodness, and a belief that you can make a difference for other people. And then that you have gifts that are there to share with the world.”

That goal mirrors the advice that Guzman gives to others – and what she tries to do herself. “Try to always listen and be kind. Because there’s a lot of pain, and if we can bring some joy to our fellow man, then life will be sweeter for everyone.”

Guzman also believes in sharing challenges to find solutions. “I’ve learned to step back from the challenges and to look at where they’re coming from and to make a plan on how to solve them. And I always seek help. I seek my husband’s advice all the time – he’s my greatest advisor.” Guzman also treasures a circle of friends who give her guidance, as well as coworkers and members of her team. “At Palo Alto, I would ask for them to give me advice on how to go about solving this challenge so we could come together and find solutions.”

She spends her time with her husband, Gilberto Ocañas, on the move. “We go bike riding. We go for walks. We love to travel and do healthy things.” The former competitive swimmer also spends as much time in the pool as she can.

Guzman’s father gave her advice that she still follows. “It was in Spanish, but I’ll translate it: If you ever have a problem and you have the ability or the money to solve it, solve it and go on.”


“You can’t imagine the impact that has made on me for problem solving, because I would have a problem and I would have the money, and I would tell him. And Gilberto would say, ‘Remember what your dad said to you, just solve it.’

grandchildren, Margarita, named for her, and Matthew Ryan from her son Sean and daughter-in-law Liliana. Matthew’s middle name honors Guzman’s son Ryan, who she lost 21 years ago.

Sometimes I think we get inside our problems and get confused and don’t know where to go from there. Don’t wallow in the problem. Just solve it and go on. And I have, I have worked through that. Always. It has always really helped.”

“His dream was to be a motorcycle racer. And that’s what he was. He was number two in Texas. And his dream was to go to Europe, to race there. I was totally against it, but children have their own paths that you really can’t block. And that was his path.

With the time she gives to SAHA, Guzman does not seem retired, but she fits in time to document her life and career. “I’m trying to write, which is painful,” she laughs. “I’m trying to write the things that we did at Palo Alto College. “I’ve also written the story of my life for my grandchildren so they know who their grandmother was.” Guzman has two

“He said to me, ‘One day, Mama, if something happens to me, know that I was doing what I loved.’” “So there’s the sad part. I’ve always had faith. I truly believe there is a God, and that protects us. And when things go badly, then I have a refuge.”

“You have to build through yourself in an environment of positivity of goodness, and a belief that you can make a difference for other people. And then that you have gifts that are there to share with the world.”



will you help us Enlist in Love’s Army at

how can you help? Provide meals for Thanksgiving & Christmas $50 provides a hot holiday meal for twenty people. Provide Food Boxes for holiday meals $100 provides a holiday food box for four families. Volunteer to ring a bell Visit Volunteer to help with the Angel Tree Program Visit Adopt Angels for Christmas Visit

Please donate today to buy food, toys, and provide shelter for those in the greatest need! DONATE NOW

The Salvation Army 521 W. Elmira St. San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 352-2000 20



Redefining Business as Usual

Three Women Whose Pandemic Pivots Set the Stage for Success BY BONNY OSTERHAGE PHOTOS BY DAVID TERAN

…and then COVID happened. Those four little words make a big statement about the way people now live and work. I had a vacation planned… and then COVID happened. I just accepted a new position….and then COVID happened. My business was thriving…and then COVID happened. This disease has affected people both physically and fiscally. Businesses all across the country have been forced to close their doors for weeks, months, and sadly, in some cases, for good. Fast thinking, teamwork, and creative solutions have become survival strategies during the shutdown and subsequent restrictive reopening of our economy, with companies shifting gears almost as quickly as the virus spreads. The following three San Antonio women are among those who worked tirelessly to make lemonade out of what has arguably been the biggest lemon in recent history. These savvy business owners and managers implemented strategies that not only addressed the immediate struggles, they redefined what “business as usual” would look like for their companies in a post-pandemic world.

Crystal Dady Marketing and Business Administration Jason Dady Restaurants While almost all businesses have been adversely affected by COVID, perhaps

none quite as badly as the hospitality industry. Crystal Dady, wife of Chef Jason Dady, handles the marketing and business administration for the successful Dady restaurants and catering operations. When the news of the pandemic began to break, she watched in disbelief as one by one, conventions and private parties started canceling contracts. She knew then that something horrible was about to happen. “Our downtown Austin and San Antonio restaurants had gone from customers to no customers almost overnight,” she says. “Then, when South by Southwest was canceled, we saw the writing on the wall.” Dady met with the executive team, and collectively they made the tough decision to take a proactive approach

and close all six of their restaurants in the hopes that it would make it easier for their staff to file for unemployment before things got worse. They announced the closures on March 16. “We knew that it was going to be a big challenge for our employees to get unemployment and our main goal was to help them get to the front of the line,” she explains. “We also wanted to make sure we could still pay them what we owed them.” The Dady team understood firsthand how badly the hospitality industry employees were hurting from all the closures and layoffs, and they decided to do something about it. Through a partnership with Culinaria, and companies like Sysco and South Texas Cuisine, they transformed their Alamo BBQ restaurant into the



FEATURE Hospitality House. Over the next 12 weeks, anyone in the hospitality industry from dishwashers to hotel maids could pick up freshly made meals twice a day to take home and enjoy. “We knew that everyone in this industry was falling on hard times and we wanted to help,” explains Dady. “We literally fed thousands of people.” The service was so successful that Dady soon realized it could be the solution to keeping the company afloat while the restaurant doors remained closed. “We realized our clientele still wanted fresh, hot meals, but they didn’t want to cook, and they didn’t want to brave the lines at the grocery store,” she says. “By offering our meal prep to the public, we gave them one less thing to worry about.” She and the team created a meal program where customers could purchase three, 3-course meals every week for $120, and have them delivered, contact-free, right to their doors. Family-friendly options, including pizza and pasta kits were added to the mix as a way to give families something to do together. “People were scared and trapped in their homes with their families,” says the mom of three. “We wanted to offer them a way to have fun and take their mind off of things for a while.” The meal prep service proved to be a game-changer, landing the Dady products on the shelves of H-E-B as part of the grocery giant’s “Texans Helping Texans” initiative. Chefinspired heat and eat meals, including the Brisket Chili from Two Bros BBQ Market and the Nutella x3 from Tre Trattoria, along with comfort foods like Tuscan Bolognaise and King Ranch



Chicken, allowed customers to enjoy restaurant-quality dining in their own homes. “We are honored and privileged to be able to participate in the H-E-B program because it was instrumental in our survival,” says Dady. Today, Alamo BBQ, Two Bros BBQ, Tre Trattoria and Jardin are once again open for business with plans to open Range in the works, but the meal plan service will remain for now. “It’s always been a side business, not the main focus,” explains Dady, who says they will continue to evaluate each week as the market continues to evolve. For Dady, the biggest takeaway from the experience was the realization that her team was strong enough to not only survive, but thrive. And if faced with the same circumstances again, she knows they could handle it. “Going through this pandemic was the lowest of lows and the highest of highs on a daily basis,” she

describes. “You could easily flounder under that pressure, but our core team came together really well with a common focus and goal. We went into it together, and we came out of it together, stronger.”

Kelly Middleton Lead Instructor, JoyRide Cycling and Fitness “Joy cannot be contained.” That is JoyRide Cycling and Fitness Lead Instructor Kelly Middleton’s mantra, and it was put to the test this year when both JoyRide San Antonio studios closed their doors in early March. “We had not been mandated to close yet, but things didn’t feel right to us, so we decided to act. We are first and foremost about our community, and we wanted to keep everyone from our instructors to our riders safe.” Sweating while sheltered became the top priority for Middleton and the Joyride team. Within one week, JoyRide had combined its Texas and Connecticut teams and talents to create a full schedule of off-the-bike

classes via Instagram Live. Strength training, yoga, and HIIT classes became the line-up, with instructors including Middleton donating their time, energy, and, most importantly, their creativity to keep people motivated and moving. “We had to get inventive when it came to weights,” laughs Middleton. “People were using water bottles, wine bottles, and large detergent and kitty litter containers. There was even a ‘broom pilates’ class.” The classes were successful, but according to Middleton, something was missing—well, two things to be exact. “We missed that live interaction that made our studios sparkle, and we REALLY missed the concept we were founded on—CYCLE! So, we did the next best thing and added Zoom classes.” Zoom allowed everyone to get back on the bike in the comfort of their own homes and take classes with their favorite JoyRide instructors and classmates in real time. “Adding Zoom allowed us to engage with our clients and each other on a whole other level,” says Middleton. “Our Texas instructors and riders got to know our Connecticut team and vice versa. It was really cool to see, and it drove home the point that we were all in this together.” Zoom also offered the JoyRide team and community a way to be social, while maintaining social distance. People “hung out” after classes, visiting and catching up, and JoyRide employees from instructors to the CEO engaged in weekly Zoom happy hours. “Recreating the Joy vibe through technology is challenging, but these

social opportunities provided us with the engagement and support we needed,” says Middleton. “It united us across all the studios and made us stronger as a company.” In May, as restrictions began to ease, JoyRide opened both of the San Antonio studios under the strictest of guidelines that went above and beyond local mandates. Bikes are now spaced six-feet apart, cutting the number of riders each studio can accommodate by half. Medical grade HVAC filters have been installed, and fans are no longer a part of class. Gloves were mandatory for both riders and instructors for the first two weeks, and masks are still required by anyone entering or exiting the studio, although they may be removed to ride. Finally, class times are spaced further apart to allow for extra cleaning procedures. “We did what was mandated, and then we did more,” says Middleton. Recently, restrictions eased up to allow for more capacity, but due to space restrictions, JoyRide studios couldn’t add more bikes and stay compliant with the six-foot spacing rule. The solution? Ride outside! Taking a cue from the Connecticut studios, Middleton and crew set up an open-air “pop-up” at the old Cavender Cadillac building on Broadway. The large, covered space easily accommodates all 38 bikes spread six-feet apart, and utilizes headphones with “silent disco” technology to rock the house. “Silent disco technology is something that has been successful in New York and Connecticut,” says Middleton, explaining that the headphones allow the riders to hear the instructor and the music, without anyone else being disturbed by the sound. “We saw this as a way to bring the newest technology to San Antonio, and the response has been great.”

And although the riders are joyfully coming back to the studios, Middleton says that the pandemic made the team realize the importance of offering online classes as another way for people to find their joy. “JoyRide GO!” is a new virtual studio that features online cycling and studio classes for the rider who wants to sweat at home or on the go. There’s also a new JoyRide At-Home Bike available for purchase to make the experience from live to virtual studio seamless. “We have learned that the space we are in is not what defines us,” says Middleton confidently. “It has always been about the people and the energy. It’s combustible joy and as long as we have our community and our instructors, it works anywhere.”

Jennifer Stief Director of HR and Administration Sol Schwartz & Associates CPAs As the expression goes, taxes are one of two of life’s certainties, which means that not even a global pandemic will exempt people from paying them. But it will exempt CPAs from shutting down their offices. “We were automatically exempt from closing because taxes still had to be filed,” says Jennifer Stief, Director of HR and Administration for Sol Schwartz & Associates CPAs. “We functioned at full capacity the entire time, but the way we functioned was much different.” Like many human resources professionals, Stief had to quickly move the business to a mobile model, keeping only a voluntary skeleton crew in the office on a daily basis. Her biggest concern was



FEATURE making sure that the accountants had the equipment they needed to work from home, and that the external server would be viable enough to maintain more than 50 people using it at one time. “We’ve never had all the employees on the outside network at full speed at the same time,” says Stief, who closed the office for two days to test all of the systems. “Our IT group planned ahead and everything worked perfectly.” Having the necessary technology and equipment to work from home was only half the battle. The other, and just as important half for Stief, was maintaining company morale and keeping people engaged. “We had to figure out how to get everyone trained and set up for Microsoft Team and Zoom so that we could hold meetings, which was not something we were used to doing,” she explains. “We also tried to come up with activities that people could do on those platforms from home to stay connected with each other.” The team-building committee came up with things like art contests where employees used items from around their homes to come up with their creations, and scavenger hunts using digital photographs. Restaurant gift cards were sent to employees so that they could enjoy meals with their families.


Stief was also tasked with fielding hundreds of questions from employees as they navigated things like working from home while homeschooling children, figuring out the various technological aspects of online meetings and document sharing, and making sure everyone was up to date on the new tax laws like the Family First Corona Virus Response Act, that were coming out and changing practically every day.

first of the year,” says Stief. “We are not oblivious to the fact that the office will look different because we have learned that working remotely is more doable and successful than we ever imagined.”

“Our accountants were doing extra advising that had nothing to with a normal tax cycle,” she explains. “We had to make sure that everyone was up to date.”

“This has forced many companies, including us, to ramp up our work from home options because we are finding that it just makes more sense for some people in terms of commute and flexible hours, even without a pandemic,” she explains.

“We were used to having meals brought into the office during the busy season and we missed that,” says Stief who coordinated those efforts. “This was a way to let employees know that we were thinking about them and missing our time together.”

As restrictions eased and more people began returning to the office on a voluntary basis, a typical day now finds the office at approximately 2/5 capacity with that number increasing to 1/2 during tax deadline season. Desks and public stations are stocked with individual hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves, and the majority of meetings and interactions are still handled via online platforms. In-person client meetings are held by appointment only.

In addition to keeping things running smoothly from a business standpoint,

“We will reevaluate how many people we will allow in the office after the


And while Stief says this is not something anyone ever really plans for, the situation has changed the way that companies will do business in the future.

This year marks Sol Schwartz & Associates’ 40th year in business, and the company had begun moving into a more modern age with plans to implement many of the technological aspects already in the works. Stief says COVID just caused those plans to get fast-tracked. “We wanted to do something memorable for our 40th anniversary this year,” she laughs. “We never imagined it would be this.”

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The property is an existing single family home and will be used as a primary residence. An escrow (impound) account is required. The rate lock period is 30 days and the assumed FICO score is 680. To be eligible for these products and services, you must live, work, worship, volunteer, attend school or own a business in Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall, Medina and/or Wilson County, Texas. All immediate family members of those listed above are also eligible for membership


Merry and Brighton

Brighton Center Launches Holiday Raffle and Auction

2020 has been an increasingly tough year for all of us, and nonprofit organizations have been hit especially hard. With more businesses and organizations seeking assistance, and many in-person fundraising events being cancelled, nonprofits have had to shift their fundraising efforts and develop innovative ways to sustain their work and services for the community.

disabilities that we serve need the support of our community. With all of our in-person fundraising events cancelled this year, we are hopeful that the “Merry & Brighton Holiday Auction & Raffle” can help us bridge the fundraising gap while also helping the San Antonio community win some great items!” Said Kim Jefferies, Brighton Center’s CEO.

Just in time for the holiday season, Brighton Center is launching the “Merry & Brighton Holiday Auction & Raffle” which begins on November 9, 2020 and runs through December 6, 2020. Proceeds from the event will directly benefit their preschool centers, early childhood intervention therapy services and special education advocacy services.

If you are interested in participating in the auction/raffle, there is still time to place your bid at There are a variety of exciting auction items to bid on including jewelry, designer handbags, and even a trip to Las Vegas!

“Now more than ever, Brighton Center and the children with delays and



Participants can also purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a grand prize choice of either a New 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 or a New 2020 Chevy Impala. Second place will be a

$5,000 Holiday Shopping Spree, and third place will be a $2,500 Holiday Shopping Spree. Raffle tickets prices are as follows: 1 ticket for $25, 3 tickets for $50, or 10 tickets for $100. Brighton Center is a nonprofit organization which provides direct services to children with disabilities and development delays. For over 50 years, they have been considered the cornerstone of early intervention services in San Antonio. Through therapy, specialized skills training, early childhood education, parent workshops and education advocacy, Brighton has the perfect combination of the right services at the right time to give children every opportunity they need to reach their full potential now and in the future. For official auction and raffle rules please visit

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vita Morin has made a career out of helping others. The San Antonio native had just started college in New York and wasn’t sure what she was going to study. Then 9/11 hit. “It influenced my desire to serve.” That drive led her to work for the City of New York Mayor’s Office, seeing first-hand the impact of social services. “What inspires me is the belief that every human is capable of change and can have a better quality of life. I think that there’s value in every human being,” the licensed Master of Social Work explains. “Social services play a huge part in helping our vulnerable communities become resilient.”



Returning to San Antonio, “I wanted to focus on that direct service to the voiceless people without the means or even the self-worth that I saw in them, that I believe they were capable of finding for themselves again,” she explains. “I was that voiceless person at one point. I am a childhood sexual abuse and family violence survivor. From that damage, I had no selfworth and needed to rebuild myself. I hope to bring that possibility of recovery to others.” Morin now leads Rise Recovery as Chief Executive Officer of the nonprofit that helps teens, young adults, and families overcome the effects of drugs and alcohol. “A lot of kids are struggling, not because they have negative influences or were poorly parented. They’re trying to numb out of experiences of bullying. They’re trying to address anxiety that they haven’t had diagnosed. We show them that there’s an alternative path.” Her commitment to helping youth grew from her experiences serving San Antonio’s homeless population at Haven for Hope. “At Haven, when people were trying to come with us, they’re 50 to 60-years-old. By that time, so much damage has been done. And so much of it started with childhood trauma, childhood drug use. Now I’m working with young people who are just beginning that journey. They can change the trajectory of their life.” When it comes to taking those tough steps, Morin notes, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. So often, we doubt ourselves or our ability. We just stop, and we don’t do things. There’s so much potential in just the trial and the attempt.” Morin believes that one of the habits that has influenced her success is focusing on the people around her. “Always trying to build people around

me up to whatever it is that they want to be and surrounding myself with people who are better than me. When you don’t bring ego to the door, when you’re willing to build people up, they want to build you up. And when you surround yourself with people who are better than you, instead of feeling threatened by them, everybody shines.” As she and her family navigate COVID, she’s quick to credit her husband, Jude, for how their family is managing. He stepped away from his business to care for their six-year-old daughter, Eowyn, and three-yearold son, Joel. “I’ve got my share of role models, but I have to put my husband on there because he has essentially taken over all the domestic duties, taking care of our kids and making sure they’re taught. He had a successful business of his own that he put on pause during this time to make sure I could focus on work.” The family schedules a weekend camping trip every month. “Especially during these times, it is something to look forward to. It injects that personal attention and gets us out of our hamster wheel.

“I never measure balance in a weekly pie chart. I think with two kids and a big job, my balance is more about whether I can stay present and joyful in this season of my life and not yearn for old times or for this to be over, or for some future state. Just being present is what creates balance.” Focusing on family and career is something Morin learned from her mother. “My dad left when I was three, and my mom had a three-year-old, a two-year-old, and a one-year-old, and she was trying to raise us on her own. I saw her climb the corporate ladder, one low paying job, one low rung to the next high rung, to the next high rung at a time. Today she’s the vice president of human resources. She’s full of grace, but also has a strong expectation of accountability that she demonstrates in all of her work. All of that shaped me in a big way.” Morin tackles life challenges with faith. “God steers and I row is my philosophy in life. If I’m doing as much as I can, if I’m growing as hard as I can, and in the best way that I can, the fate of that action is not in my hands. That is in God’s hands.”




CAMERON DAVIES Founder & CEO Cruising Kitchens

From food trucks to boxing and music, Cameron Davies brings attention and opportunities to San Antonians

Cameron Davies started mowing lawns to make money from as far back as he can remember. Raised by a single mother who scraped together change to pay for his sports programs, Davies, 40, always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He would go on to work on custom cars in high school, then off to Baylor University for college. But his story isn’t your typical rags-to-riches plot line. It’s taken unforeseen twists and turns, for better and worse, that have made him the man he is today – successful in business and in happiness and love.


You’re the founder and CEO of Cruising Kitchens, the largest and most successful custom food truck fabricating business in the country. How did that little boy with big dreams who was mowing lawns in Georgetown, Texas, wind up in the food truck industry? Well, I went to Baylor University for a few years in the entrepreneurial program, but I liked the nightlife and the entertainment part more than the classes, so I left after a few years. I wound up in San Antonio in 2002 and was doing custom aircraft upholstery work with my Dad’s company. I had started working for a company in New Braunfels and noticed the need for food trucks was going up in demand, but the quality of the trucks wasn’t. I thought to myself, “I



can do this, and take it up to the next level.” We started adding stereo systems, custom upholstery, and more. This business has gotten where it is today from loads of hard work, luck, and determination. Cruising Kitchens was picked up for a Discovery Channel reality television show called “Blue Collar Backers,” and from there, you wound up creating your own print company, production company, entertainment enterprise, and show, “Built for Business,” all right here in San Antonio. What made you want to take over all business and creative aspects of what you were working on?

Blue Collar Backers blew us up and really put us on the map, which was awesome, but it was very time consuming, and I’ll never do scripted reality television again. It’s very anxiety-provoking to sit down on a Friday night and watch yourself on television with the rest of the world having not seen what’s about to air beforehand. We decided to hire our own production people and create our own show right here, and season one was the highest-rated show on Motor Trend. It’s gotten great reviews, and we’re able to control everything and make sure we’re putting out a great product. We’ve also added a $1,000,000 recording studio and a state-of-the-art boxing facility. I’ve always loved music and boxing, and I like having the ability to give opportunities to people here in San Antonio and also make sure we’re putting out a high-quality product. Producing your own work has allowed you to do more than design food trucks for HEB, Whataburger, Snoop Dogg and

Kevin Hart. How have you been giving back to the community? I heard the story of a young man who was born without arms and had all the drive and determination in the world but could never drive a vehicle. We were able to make him a custom vehicle that was beyond what anyone would think of about a “wheelchair van.” It was an incredibly rewarding experience that changed his life forever. In 2018, you almost died when you were poisoned in the Dominican Republic while on vacation with your wife and friends. How did that horrific experience change you? It was about 11 in the morning, and all of a sudden, my body started locking up and my eyes were rolling back in my head. I turned to my wife and said, “Baby, tell the kids I love them.” The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital. I contracted a bacterial infection, which then lead to being horribly ill for over a year. If you can imagine the worst hangover of your life, I felt like that for an entire year every

single day. Being so sick like that and what happened to me gave me a lot of anxiety. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to go in and hug my kids. We tried taking a trip to Belize the following year, but I had to get on a plane and come right home because being back by the beach triggered too much anxiety. After that happened and I survived, I felt as though God had given me another chance on earth, and I was going to take every opportunity that came before me. I’m never going to not do something because I’m afraid of failure or anything like that. I’m going to chase my dreams, and I have. When you’re not busy running your business empire, what do you do to relax? My wife and my children, Kenadee and Cayson, are my world. All of my tattoos tell a story, and one on my arm says, “For without family I am nothing.” They mean everything to me. We enjoy traveling and playing golf together, and we love getting away to the JW Marriott just to unwind for a weekend. It’s like our little getaway.



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San Antonio Zoo’s recent closure has had a drastic impact on our operating budget as we rely 100% on ticket sales, guest spending, grants, and your generous donations to operate. Help us on our long road to recovery by contributing to the zoo’s recovery efforts. Your support is more critical now than it has been in our entire 106-year history and will help keep the zoo thriving during this difficult time. You can help the zoo from the comfort and safety of your own home! Please create a fundraising team or sign up for a fundraising page to support San Antonio Zoo’s Recovery efforts. Your financial support will help us continue to care for our beloved animals as we reopen our gates to guests. Together, we can keep the animals and their care staff thriving during our road to recovery.


Road to Recovery


This holiday season, you can leave your legacy or honor someone special at the zoo by purchasing a paver brick that will be laid along the zoo’s Road to Recovery pathway. Paver bricks are the perfect way for you to honor your loved ones or to leave your special message in the zoo permanently. Paver bricks purchased this year will help San Antonio Zoo as we recover from the financial shortfall brought on by the zoo’s extended closure earlier this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We had little to no income coming in while we were closed as we rely 100% on guest visits, ticket sales, grants, and your generous donations to cover our operating costs.


Help us reach our fundraising goal before the end of this year and join the hundreds of zoo supporters who have already left their legacy at the zoo. This holiday season, with the help of our Road to Recovery partners Tres Grace Family Foundation and Las Aguilas Enterprises, the first $500,000 raised will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Pavers are available at donations of $100 and up and will be laid in 2021, where they will forever symbolize the recovery and resilience made possible by supporters like you.


San Antonio Zoological Society was established in 1929 and is a non-profit organization committed to securing a future for wildlife. The society operates San Antonio Zoo, Will Smith Zoo School, Edutainment, Center for Conservation and Research at San Antonio Zoo, and Kiddie Park.

HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR PAVER BRICKS? Please see our frequently asked questions at:




$100 Donation – Receive a 6”x6” paver brick


$500 Donation – Receive a 6”x9” paver brick

t $1,000 Donation – Receive a 6”x12” paver brick A $5,000 Donation – Receive a 12”x12” paver brick E

$10,000 Donation – Receive a 12”x12” paver brick along with premium placement




Looking for a FUN and engaging way to give back to your employees or get up close to some of our most majestic animals from the comfort of home? Request a virtual tour today! Our virtual tours are the perfect way for you to meet our Rhinos, Okapi, Hippos, and our oldest resident, the Aldabra Tortoise!

Wild Meetingz

Boost your next virtual meeting with a member from our WILD family! An appearance from one of the zoo’s animals can help with team morale, break the ice, or spark creativity. Support the zoo and invite an animal to your next virtual meeting. This includes a select cameo animal appearance for 10 minutes. All proceeds help San Antonio Zoo care for the animals during this unprecedented time! Personalize your animal cameo with a special Q&A session during our Wild Meetingz+. This enhanced version of Wild Meetingz allows an animal to join your virtual meeting and includes a special Q&A session with someone from the zoo crew. Your team can learn more about the animal and our zoo from one of our knowledgeable experts.


Whataburger Zoo Lights

Whataburger Zoo Lights

When the animals tuck in for the evening, San Antonio Zoo transforms into a wild, winter wonderland filled with a jaw-dropping array of twinkling lights. Bigger and brighter than before, Whataburger Zoo Lights is a must-see for families that is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit! Guests can see life-sized animals, including a 15-foot tall illuminated giraffe in Starry Safari while sipping hot cocoa, guests can stroll under a unique display of lights, roast s’mores, decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus, and visit Santa. Then, dance to our Latin-inspired Lakeside Light Show! Featuring pixel technology combined with a custom soundtrack that is composed of Latin Music, this high-energy show will get guests dancing to their favorite Christmas tunes!


Our Animals Need Heroes Like You ADOPT-A-KEEPER

By adopting a keeper, like Animal Care Specialist, Tanner, your gift helps provide resources to our Zoo Crew to continue their world-class animal care.


Some of our animal ambassadors have been making waves in the news and are true fan favorites. Now, you can take one home! Your support will help us continue providing the best care for our animals, contributes to world-class habitats, and enrichment activities. Adopt-an-Animal parents will receive a certificate of adoption, color 5×7 photo with a personalized bio about the animal, and a voucher to redeem plush at the zoo.

Get up close with some of nature’s amazing animals


Interact with and feed one of Africa’s rarest species.

Aldabra Tortoise

Learn more about the zoo’s oldest residents and feed them their favorite food, lettuce!


“When you look a wild animal in the eye, it’s like catching a glimpse into the soul of nature itself.” Paul Oxton

Together, we can make a DIFFERENCE.

Fun Ways to Support in 2021 Zoo La-La! A Taste of San Antonio MAY 13, 2021

It’s the zoo’s “Taste Of” fundraiser for adults. Join us to sip, savor and support the zoo while sampling food from 50 of San Antonio’s premier restaurants.

Kids Zoo Ball SPRING 2021

Treat your future conservationist to a magical evening at San Antonio Zoo. This whimsical evening is just like our traditional Zoo Ball, but for kids!

Zoo Run FALL 2021

Lace up your running shoes and run for a cause!

Zoo Ball

Friday, November 12, 2021 Each year, the Zoobilation Ball is the primary fundraiser for the zoo’s $25 million operating budget.

Jungle Boogie Nights When the sun goes down, the zoo will transform into a roaring good time with live music, drinks, and food.


Become a Passholder Today!

There’s always something new to see at the zoo. Each year is packed with events and exciting additions. Don’t miss out on all the fun of being a Passholder with year-round admission. Plus, being a Passholder gives you all of the following benefits.



HOST AN Event Venues Include: Beastro Restaurant Hippo Viewing Room Savannah Deck Hippo Overlook Banquet Room


For menus and more details: 210-734-7184, Ext 1057

Looking for a unique meeting, wedding venue, or company picnic idea? Then head to San Antonio Zoo! The zoo provides an unforgettable backdrop for corporate events, wedding receptions, and private parties. Say your vows indoors next to our beloved hippos, open birthday gifts next to the towering giraffes, or hold your company’s team building event in our spacious Beastro Restaurant. Talk to us about our social distancing and safety guidelines.

Something BIG is coming to the zoo in 2021






Vision Securing a future for wildlife




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Inspire people to love, engage with, act for, and protect animals and the places they live through sharing our passion for animal care, education, and conservation

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3903 N. St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio, Texas 78212 Follow the fun!


Jeni Spring

BAREFOOT MASSAGE THERAPIST Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage

Photography by Nina Padilla


The Center for Barefoot Massage

210-816-1241 12915 Jones Maltsberger Road, #603, San Antonio, Tx, 78247 What is Barefoot Massage? It’s not a foot massage. I massage using Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, and Stretch Therapy techniques: I just happen to use my feet and bodyweight as the tool, rather than hands and strength. It’s great for many common chronic pain tissue issues of the hips, spine, and larger joints of the body, and the stretching aspects work well for more acute muscle pain. Barefoot Massage is not meant to be light. It’s not meant as a “treat yourself” spa day - my clients report that it speeds up recovery time post-work-out and keeps nagging pain at bay. What are the benefits of Barefoot Massage therapy compared to traditional massage therapy? Barefoot Massage feels like a deep, slow-moving, head-to-toe steamroll with focused work on tissue issues. Your nervous system reacts to this big-footed pressure the same as if it were a weighted blanket. My feet have been doing this for 18 years, so I can get just as detailed as hands. My bodyweight and gravity help maintain consistent pressure at the depth your body “kneads” to kick into a healing mode. Who can attend Barefoot Massage training? To train with me through the Center for Barefoot Massage,

you have to be a Licensed Massage Therapist. The type of LMT I’m looking to train is the career-long learner who wants to grow with the work, someone who wants to continually push their understanding of how/why/when to use the techniques, and someone who geeks out on Barefoot Massage as much as I do. If you AREN’T a massage therapist and you want to learn how to massage your family with your feet - find me at Heeling Sole and attend my upcoming SelfFoot Massage, Couples Barefoot Massage or Kids Backwalking community/online classes! What do you love most about your work? I like teaching my clients quick anatomy lessons, or showing them tricks on how to self-massage and stretch themselves at home. I love teaching massage therapists how to sequence a session for their clients, offering them ways to make their lives and jobs easier. The most fun I have is when I’m choreographing a massage for someone based on what their tissue is telling me in the moment: the sessions become a moving meditation and are as beneficial for me as they are for my client.



Women in Business


According to’s 2019 Best States for Women Entrepreneurs list, Texas is the #1 state for women entrepreneurs. Here in San Antonio, women-owned businesses have long been a vital part of the local economy. According to a 2018 study by St. Mary’s University professors Belinda Romån, Ph.D. and Steve Niven, Ph.D., local women-owned businesses in San Antonio employed 82,181 people, paid wages of nearly $3 billion, and generated total revenues of $9.6 billion in 2017 alone. San Antonio women business owners come from diverse backgrounds and can be found in every industry in the Alamo city. In this article, we feature three local women entrepreneurs, each with a unique set of occupational skills and business models. All three have made a positive impact on their clients, their employees, and the local community. What’s more, each woman is serving as a role model for future generations of San Antonio women entrepreneurs.



Yvonne “Bonnie” Garcia From her humble beginnings on San Antonio’s South Side, Yvonne “Bonnie” Garcia has blazed a remarkable career path for herself, accomplishing many firsts and breaking barriers along the way. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, she became Austin’s first Latina disc jockey. Her corporate marketing career began in the early 1980s when most companies had barely begun acknowledging the importance of emerging consumer segments. After working for Stroh Brewing Company in Detroit for five years, she spent ten years working in marketing for Coca-Cola, including six years as the National Director of Hispanic Marketing.

After nearly two decades in corporate marketing, Garcia was bit by the entrepreneurial bug. She returned to San Antonio and founded MarketVision in 1998. Since then, the company has grown into one of the nation’s leading multicultural marketing agencies in the country, serving clients such as the Centers for Disease Control, Fisher-Price, CocaCola, MillerCoors, and Hershey’s. “I was convinced that the field of marketing was going to shift dramatically from a demographic perspective,” she said. “If you can connect to consumers’ core cultural beliefs, that’s where the magic happens.” A self-described “Serial Entrepreneur,” Garcia started JFAYE Properties, a real-estate development company, in 2005. This past year she also

renovated the building housing MarketVision’s headquarters into her newest business venture – INOV8 – an eclectic creative meeting and event space available to businesses and event planners. One of Garcia’s latest projects is a new motivational book she has written called Dale Ganas. It is filled with a series on “consejos” or words of advice and little stories from Garcia’s life intended to inspire young women. “Young women need mentors in their lives, and with this book, I hope to ‘mass mentor’ through engaging motivational stories,” Garcia said. “My advice to girls and young women is to ‘Be Fearless.’ Overcoming your fears is courageous. That’s how you will succeed and achieve your dreams.”



Brenda Stewart Nineteen years ago, stay-at-home mom Brenda Stewart started her direct mail marketing company, Reaching Neighbors, as a way to go back to work while still being home when her children got off the school bus. After graduating from St. Mary’s University with a business degree, she worked for ADVO, the nation’s largest direct mail marketing company, so she was familiar with that business model. She was inspired to start Reaching Neighbors during a visit to her brother-in-law in Colorado. A successful real estate agent, he relied on direct mail marketing to stay in touch with neighbors and past clients in a professional manner. He was getting great results through the direct mail company he used. Stewart realized that, with her experience in direct mail marketing, she could launch a similar company in San Antonio. Today, about 85 percent of Stewart’s clientele consists of real estate and mortgage professionals across the country. The remaining 15 percent of her business comes from real estaterelated businesses, such as home improvement and repair contractors. She notes that, while many people today think that digital marketing is the only way to go, she definitely disagrees with that school of thought. “Direct mail is the only way to target and reach all homes within a specific geographic area, be it a specific neighborhood or zip code. When done correctly and consistently, it can deliver a lower cost per lead and a higher return on investment than digital marketing,” Stewart said. “Direct mail offers our clients some distinct advantages: First, everyone has a mailbox, so everyone gets the



message. Second, mailing lists can be very targeted from geography, to demography to lifestyle. Third, direct mail is the best way to target

and reach all of your past clients in a very personal way. This helps to establish long-term relationships and encourages referrals.”

Rachel Reuter Attorney Rachel Reuter readily admits she thrives on the varied challenges that the field of family law presents. “I chose to specialize in family law for several reasons. With family law, you are truly touching people’s lives during a very difficult and emotional time for them. My goal as their attorney is not only to help them through this difficult period in their life but also to help them get to a better place.” Working side-by-side with a client to come up with a plan that works best for his or her family is extremely satisfying, she noted. “One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the emotional connection I develop with each client,” she explained. While Reuter has practiced law for more than 20 years, she established her own law practice, the Reuter Law Group, PC, in September of 2020. “I had definite ideas about where I wanted my work to grow and expand, and establishing my own practice made the most sense to achieve that,” she said. Two other attorneys and two paralegals have joined her firm since she opened her doors. “It is my intention for us to work as a team. I want everyone in the firm to work collaboratively to serve our clients from beginning to end. Integrity, creativity, and passion are essential qualities in all of my team members. I always want to hold my head up and say we did the right things for our clients.” What advice does Reuter have for young women who want to pursue a legal career?

“I tell young women that the world has changed significantly since I was their age. The law profession used to be an “old boys club,” but today,

women can pursue any aspect of legal work that interests them. The doors are definitely open for them in the law field today.”





San Antonio




Women in Business Directory

Fran Yanity President/CEO


7550 IH-10 West Suite 150 San Antonio, TX 78229 210-582-0505

Founded in August 2017, Noisy Trumpet is a nationally recognized integrated digital and public relations agency driven by statistical insights and designed to elevate brands across various marketing channels. Noisy Trumpet is led by a staff of digital and communications specialists who craft a brand’s voice, activate the relevant platforms to tell their story, and ultimately generate awareness and sales. With deep expertise in digital, web, social media and public relations, Noisy Trumpet stays abreast of the latest industry trends to identify new opportunities for clients in for profit and nonprofit industries. The understanding of business and the customer’s journey through the buying process has helped Noisy Trumpet give brands a voice to further their mission and deliver results. Most recently, Noisy Trumpet was recognized by the American Marketing Association, PR Daily Nonprofit Awards and PR News Platinum Awards, respectively, for their continued work and contribution to San Antonio Sports’ “Power of Sport” campaign. In 2020 alone, the agency received the Public Relations Society of America – San Antonio’s La Plata of Excellence Award for their work with San Antonio Sports “Power of Sport” campaign as well as La Plata Merit Award for the Devils River Conservancy’s “Don’t Blow It” social media campaign. Noisy Trumpet was also ranked as the 2nd largest public relations firm and top 10 social media marketing firm by the San Antonio Business Journal in the San Antonio and South Texas area. Noisy Trumpet President and CEO Fran Yanity’s leadership in business and the community has led to her being invited into the San Antonio Business Journal Trust, an invitation-only organization for top influential CEO’s and business leaders. In 2018, she chaired the Go Red for Women campaign for the American Heart Association in San Antonio. This year, Fran was selected as a 2020 Bizwomen mentor and invited to chair the Marilyn Potts Endowment Fund for the Public Relations Society of America – San Antonio chapter in 2021.



Women in Business Directory

Avery Holley & Kristin Howard

Directors of Sales & Marketing


210-404-1444 Avery: Kristin:

Avery Holley is a Sales and Marketing Director for Franklin Park Sonterra, one of San Antonio’s most luxurious senior living communities. While Avery has only been in the senior living industry for three years, she has quickly found herself amongst the top sales representatives in the nation. She demonstrates a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and a passionate understanding of her prospects’ needs. Avery is a trusted source that helps seniors find their perfect senior living solution within the Franklin Park community. “Our mission is to impact our resident’s lives with a lifestyle of freedom, family and friends. Franklin Park is about embracing the freedom to make choices that foster independence and self-worth. We support, assist and enable only when, and to the degree, needed.” Kristin Howard is also a Sales and Marketing Director for Franklin Park Sonterra. Kristin said, “The senior living industry is by far the most rewarding career I could have ever asked for, as well as fulfilling. I was born and raised right here in San Antonio, Texas, and I’m halfway through graduate school. I look forward to growing in this field and helping as many families as I can navigate through their senior living journey. My grandparents inspire me to put the utmost compassion into this job, and I hope to positively impact all my residents’ lives. I grew up as an only child and spent many of my younger years with my grandmother “Mimi.” She brings so much joy into my life and taught me the importance of family. It is because of her I put everything into doing my job the best I can.”



Women in Business Directory

Kristen Harder

Partner & Account Executive

Kim Kimbro

Partner & Managing Director

Catherine Bishop

Partner & Client Experience Officer


Photography by Mark Humphries

One Alamo Center 106 S. St. Mary’s Street, Suite 800 San Antonio, TX 78205 210-222-2161

Established in downtown San Antonio in 1933, Catto & Catto is one of Texas’ largest locally-owned private insurance agencies. At almost 100 employees, and growing, our services remain boutique in nature. We are a full-service insurance brokerage firm specializing in commercial insurance, surety and bonding, safety and risk management, employee health benefits and wellness, personal home and auto insurance. Some relevant topics we are currently helping clients with are: Wellness discussions surrounding EAP and Mental Health needs; flu shots and work-from-home tips; safety and claims management; cost containment solutions; efficient administration by utilizing technology; and compliance. Our team views our client’s insurance needs through a lens of empathy. We understand that while executives have countless priorities, obtaining quality coverage protecting their firm and employees is critical. Catto & Catto excels at containing costs, efficiently managing claims, and bringing innovative solutions to the table. A goal at Catto is to give our clients the best service and experience in the marketplace, all while fulfilling our purpose: To empower people to become safer, healthier, and more secure.



Women in Business Directory

Paula Gold-Williams President & CEO


500 McCullough Avenue San Antonio, TX 78215

Paula Gold-Williams is no stranger to being a business leader. As President & CEO of CPS Energy, she guides more than 3,100 team members at the nation’s largest municipally owned electric and natural gas utility. Additionally, she is the nation’s only African American female energy CEO. She leads every day by CPS Energy’s People First philosophy of always doing what is right for our customers, employees, and the community. Gold-Williams, a San Antonio native, was named 2020’s “Woman of the Year” in the Women’s Leadership Awards by the San Antonio Business Journal. She was named a CEO Who “Gets It” by the National Safety Council and was awarded the international “Chief Trailblazer of the Year” by S&P Global Platts in 2019. She sits on several Boards in and around the San Antonio community, including serving as co-chair of the Keystone Policy Center - an organization that empowers leaders to overcome national and local policy conflicts, and as co-chair of the Energy Pillar of Dentons’ Smart Cities/Communities Think Tank—a collaborative effort to formulate solutions for the integration of technology in communities. As a proud alumna of St. Mary’s University, she serves on the board of trustees supporting their STEM, business, and leadership programs. She also serves alongside San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff as a member of CPS Energy’s Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP), a 20-year old organization that assists with customer utility bills. Gold-Williams joined CPS Energy in 2004 after holding various positions in several San Antonio businesses. Paula is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. She earned an Associate of Fine Arts degree from San Antonio College, a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting from St. Mary’s University, and a Master of Business Administration in Finance & Accounting from Regis University. She grew up in San Antonio and proudly graduated from Sam Houston High School.



Women in Business Directory

Leesa Harper Rispoli President


18756 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 102 San Antonio, TX 78258 210-483-7004

Being raised by an icon in the real estate industry, D’Ann Harper, you could say real estate has always been in my blood. I watched her open and grow this company from afar. Then I had the privilege of working alongside her for eight years before she retired. If I need any motivation, I simply remind myself that I am setting important examples for my daughters and granddaughters as leaders in our community! As President of Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® (CBDHR), it is my job to ensure our agents have exactly what’s needed to provide world-class service to their clients. That is why I’m continually seeking out the latest, cutting-edge technology and most effective programs to ensure our buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. Constant innovation in both marketing and technology sets CBDHR apart. Our Powerhouse Marketing Plan has long been a standard of excellence in the San Antonio real estate market. Additionally, Coldwell Banker® syndicates to more websites than any other brokerage (through its partnership with the number one network for listing distribution). Our innovation also extends to include mobile alerts. Our Home ID system quickly puts properties in the hands of potential buyers via their smartphones. I am proud to lead this full-service residential brokerage with over 400 agents in 9 offices providing real estate expertise, global relocation services, Farm / Ranch and property management. CBDHR has won a lot of awards, but nothing is more important to us than the integrity and trust we have been able to establish and maintain with our customers along the way.



Women in Business Directory

Lindsi Dec

Ballet Studio Owner


8126 Broadway San Antonio, TX 78209 210-762-3203 @decruzballet

Together with my husband, Karel Cruz, I am co-director of DeCruz Ballet, a new ballet studio in Alamo Heights, offering pre-professional ballet training, as well as open, fitness, and recreational classes.

My husband is also a former professional Principal ballet dancer with PNB. We have over 40 years of combined dance experience in multiple styles throughout our careers, performing nationally and internationally, working with renowned stagers and choreographers from all over the world. With our extensive and reputable dance background and over 40 years of teaching experience, we have developed a private and versatile pre-professional ballet curriculum based on our experience and connections in the dance field. We love this art form. It has been a part of us from a very young age, and we are so excited to share this with the next generation of students of all backgrounds and cultures aspiring to become professionals. Regardless of what path students choose to follow, ballet offers an incredible amount of discipline, dedication and passion — all wonderful attributes to help in any profession. We offer excellent ballet training, creative movement classes for ages 3-6, intermediate ballet classes, adult beginner/intermediate ballet, pilates, yoga and circuit classes. We hope to establish a premier professional ballet company in the near future and are excited to present works with talented dancers from across the nation and city to the San Antonio audience. We love living in San Antonio and feel like we have found our home here, close to our family, especially for our boys. We are excited for the community to get to know DeCruz Ballet.



Photo by: Lindsay Thomas

I am also a mother of two boys, coowner of Solu, a dancewear clothing line, (, and former Principal Ballerina with Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) in Seattle, WA — one of the top five national ballet companies in the United States.

Women in Business Directory

Debra Janes

Luxury Real Estate Realtor


Alamo Heights North Central San Antonio Boerne New Braunfels 711 S Main St. Boerne, Texas 78006 Direct: 210-573-4040

As a noted top tier Real Estate professional in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country, Debra makes lasting impressions through, not only her ability to close sales and her marketing expertise, but through client relationships. Though Debra is highly decorated with accomplishments and awards, she maintains direct contact with her clients and is always dedicated to their properties no matter how many homes she has listed at the time.  The relationships Debra has built with clients over the years has fueled her referral business because she leaves her clients with a positive and unforgettable impression. Unlike Debra, some agents promise the world in listing appointments and then go to their automated virtual assistant after you sign up and you may never see or hear from the agent personally again.  Not so with Debra.  Debra’s lasting impressions are unsurpassed by her sincerity, excellence in marketing, historic sales of elite Luxury properties, while consistently serving the overall market with the finest in concierge service, no matter the price point.  Professionalism, combined with a vast working knowledge of the needs of both buyers and sellers, Debra has held fast to honesty and integrity as the cornerstone of her success. Since 1993, her career in Boerne, The Dominion, Cordillera Ranch, Comfort and many other areas of Greater San Antonio, continues to flourish. Joining forces with The Phyllis Browning Company further underscores her dedication to the industry, committed work ethic, experience and strong referral network as a continuous path to success. Consistently named by various elite groups as a top agent, Debra is among those named in the well known San Antonio Business Journal’s Top 50 Residential Realtor list, and is listed as one of the Top 100 Realtors nationwide. Debra is known as the “go to” agent in all categories of Real Estate from the Luxury market, to Farm and Ranch sales and general Real Estate.  If you want your property to stand out, make the finest first impression and sell quickly, call Debra Janes.



Women in Business Directory

Brooklynn Chandler Willy CEO & President



Brooklynn decided on a career in financial services after her dad died suddenly without any life insurance, even though, ironically, he was a life insurance salesman. As a result, she experienced firsthand the hardships such a situation can create and dedicated herself at that moment to helping others so that they wouldn’t have to deal with a similar predicament. In 2008, that commitment led Brooklynn to establish Texas Financial Advisory, a boutique advisory firm that provides individuals and families with holistic financial planning advice – that goes beyond the numbers and focuses on the clients. The firm and its investment advisor representatives work closely with clients to define their financial goals and appropriate paths to get there; ways to efficiently manage taxes; how to pay for long term care if needed; and how existing investments may be optimized for their specific needs. Following in the footsteps of her dad, Brooklynn and her firm also offer insurance products, which enhances their ability to help clients achieve their financial goals. Being able to offer a wide array of both investment products and insurance products has contributed to Texas Financial Advisory’s growth in assets and clients. Today, the firm boasts a team of 7 professionals with 50+ years of combined experience. While their services are broad, their focus is narrow – providing holistic financial plans and comprehensive investment solutions to individuals and families with a minimum of $250,000 in assets or an annual household income of over $250,000. Brooklynn and her team look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your financial goals. Investment advisory services are offered by Queen B Advisors, LLC dba Texas Financial Advisory. Insurance products are offered by Texas Financial Advisory.



Women in Business Directory

Tracie S. Hasslocher

Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner


8520 Crownhill Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78209 O: 210-568-9595 C: 210-863-2629 Memberships: San Antonio Board of Realtors, Texas Realtors, National Association of Realtors Designations: Master’s Degree in Residential Real Estate Marketing & Broker Management, Bachelor of Arts - NC State U, Accredited Buyer Representative, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Residential Probate Specialist, Graduate of Realtor Institute, Leadership Training Graduate

Tracie has been selling real estate in San Antonio since 2005 in Bexar, Comal, Atascosa and Medina counties. Her philosophy is to provide exceptional service, placing the needs of her clients first to achieve their desired goals by providing her professional advice based on her knowledge of the current market. Real estate changes on a day to day basis and education is an important component of Tracie’s business. She is also involved at the San Antonio Board of Realtors and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

Jan Tyler

SVP, Director of Business Development


Office: 210-945-7480 Cell: 210-317-6999

I absolutely love my job. My days are full yet flexible. It’s a constant – always on the go – days, evenings, weekends, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, networking events, and community service. I’m in the perfect position at this stage of my career - my children are grown, and my husband understands that my job is my passion, and my personality fuels it. I aspire to be the first banker that pops into your head should you or your business have a banking need. I’m known as the gal that does not have “no” in her vocabulary; I love to look for and to provide customized solutions.



Women in Business Directory

Monique Zinn Broker, CEO



Monique Zinn has been providing clients first-class service in the health and life insurance industry since 1999. With over 20 years of experience building personal relationships with businesses and individuals, she helps clients navigate the difficult and frustrating healthcare and insurance world through her agency, Zinn Insurance. Established in 2004, Zinn Insurance is a growing company led by a strong woman with the drive, willpower, and compassion to ensure that everyone gets the education, coverage, and protection they need.

Caroline Decherd, GRI, SRES, ABR

Broker, Owner Historic Home Specialist, Platinum Top 50 of San Antonio


Instagram: Sheffield.Park.Properties 210-313-2904

Caroline started Sheffield Park Properties as a boutique brokerage specializing in helping buyers, sellers and investors have an intimate, smooth real estate transaction. Understanding that each client has different needs and wants, Sheffield Park Properties was created so that individuals can have one-on-one attention. Caroline’s goal is to ease the stress that naturally comes from buying and selling. With her vast network of contractors, she loves to give buyers the ability to know what they can do to bring a property back to life and let seller’s prep their properties to get the most money at the closing table. “I consider myself a guide in the real estate process. My clients pick the journey, and I am there to help them make it to the finish line!” I love sharing my clients success stories and interesting real estate information on my Instagram Sheffield.Park.Properties.



Kathryn Comfort


Stretch Zone at Lincoln Heights 210-267-5487


Managing Partner


719 S. Flores Street San Antonio, TX 78204 210-853-5882

Stretch Zone at Stone Oak 210-369-9888

Caroline is the Managing Partner of Davis & Santos, P.C., an elite boutique litigation firm in San Antonio. Before joining Davis & Santos, Caroline clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, and was an Honors Program Trial Attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Before returning to her hometown of San Antonio, Caroline served as an adjunct professor at the George Washington School of Law. Caroline focuses on commercial litigation, tax controversies and litigation, bankruptcy, family law, and appeals.

I have always had a passion for helping people. After years of dealing with sciatic pain, my husband introduced me to Stretch Zone, the only nationally accredited and certified stretch company in the United States. I experienced the true benefit of receiving Practitioner Assisted stretching and now live pain-free! I thought, “if this worked for me, how many other people can be helped?” I have opened two Stretch Zones in the Alamo City in the last year, and love that we have helped over 600 people improve their daily activities. Call to schedule your complimentary stretch today.

Women in Business Directory

Caroline Newman Small

Rebekah Kelso Fernandez Realtor


1102 E. Sonterra Blvd, Suite 106 San Antonio, TX 78258 512-517-8659

Rebekah Kelso Fernandez is a mother, artist, and REALTOR® with Keller Williams Legacy. She and her husband, Art, run The Mosaic Group, a successful real estate team whose focus on client-centric service is leveraged by decades of experience and a true heart for their hometown. Rebekah firmly believes that to be a local expert you need not only a mastery of negotiation and marketing skills, but also a love and understanding of your community and the people who live there. She serves on the music team at her church and supports various causes, including The Boys & Girls Club and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.



Women in Business Directory

Shirley Crandall

Raphaela Bailey

Lauren Culp




VP, Employee Benefits


13777 Judson Rd, Ste. 101 San Antonio, TX 78233 Facebook: Bailey’s Child Development Center Instagram: @baileyscdc 210-637-3385

5406 Prue Road San Antonio, TX 78240 210-696-8333

Since 1987, our family has invested time, service, and care into the business community of San Antonio. We want to help businesses and business leaders create a legacy. Crandall & Associates is a family-owned and led business. We create legacy every day by helping companies build an affordable strategy for maximizing the value of their commercial insurance and employee benefits programs, all while providing a level of customer service that is second to none. Your business means the world to your family, your employees, and their families. You can put your trust in our family and team to help you protect those people and your legacy.

Bailey’s Child Development Center is a veteran-owned provider of childcare services. Founded in 2013 as an in-home center offering care for infants - 12yrs old, Bailey’s moved to a commercial location in 2016. As one of San Antonio’s premier childcare service providers, we partner with various prominent agencies, including Parent Child Incorporated, Pre-K for SA, Texas School Ready, and CCS to expand and offer more resources to our families. My team and I look forward to being your premier childcare provider.

Overcoming Challenges Though the global pandemic has presented some challenges for our business owners, it has allowed us an opportunity to witness incredible strength and determination. We have seen some of our members embrace the opportunity to completely transform themselves and their businesses during this time. As an organization, we are committed to keeping our members connected and helping them to discover new and innovative ways to maintain their businesses. No matter the path, as NAWBO women business owners we have linked arms and we are moving forward together! For more on the value NAWBO can bring to you, call us at 210-260-6246 or visit us

National Chapter of the




LouAnn Wagner President NAWBO 2020-21

Kristi Velasquez Senior Vice President - Investments What is the most important advice you are giving your clients about navigating the current COVID-19 financial crisis? Adhering to a long-term plan is important during extreme times like the current pandemic. While we could have never predicted a situation this extreme, the American economy has historically been resilient. I believe we will come back stronger, but we are likely to see volatility. In the meantime, I would encourage investors to stay the course but be ready to take advantage of potential opportunities as they may arise. What types of services do you provide for your clients? I provide a holistic, comprehensive approach to investing, which is tailored to each individual person and their families. While I provide comprehensive advice for my clients, the first thing I do is get to know my clients on a personal level. This allows me to build an investment portfolio unique to their individual needs, which may include income, growth, and/or preservation of assets for their future, assistance in managing their liabilities, helping them plan for a legacy for their heirs or estate services in their time of need. What is your investment philosophy? It is essential for me to know an individual’s or family’s aspirations in order to educate and guide them through their financial journey. I then establish a foundation of appropriate strategies designed to help them build and preserve wealth. It is important to me to develop a personal relationship with my clients that will endure a lifetime. What do you love about your job? Many of my clients have become dear friends. The most rewarding part of my job is helping people through the various stages and phases of their lives. I am honored to have helped several generations of families with their goals. I am also excited to meet new people and see how I can help them and their families. How do you spend your free time away from the office? As natives of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, my husband, Rick, and I have been married over 30 years and have been privileged to live in Bulverde, where we have raised our two sons Josh and Jacob. My passion is spending time with our family, traveling, and listening to live music. We enjoy any activity where there is healthy competition, and together, we are trying to visit every professional sports park across the U.S.

Veltri & Velasquez Financial Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors 9311 San Pedro Suite 1200 San Antonio, TX 78216 210-366-8903 velasquez

Investment and Insurance Products: NOT FDIC-Insured/NO Bank Guarantee/MAY Lose Value Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. This is a paid advertisement.




Dr. Akudo Anyanwu

Texas Biomed welcomed Akudo Anyanwu, M.D., M.P.H. as Vice President of Development. She’s a global health expert and social entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in global health and international development, spanning program Dr. Akudo Anyanwu implementation, resource mobilization, advocacy and policy. Dr. Anyanwu will Texas Biomed welcomed Akudo Anyanwu, M.D., M.P.H. as Vice President of oversee the development team as it aims to steward and strengthen local, Development. She’s a global health expert and social entrepreneur with 17 years national and international support for the Institute. of experience in global health and international development, spanning program implementation, resource mobilization, advocacy and policy. Dr. Anyanwu will oversee the development team as it aims to steward and strengthen local, national and international support for the Institute.

Olinka Tristan, LPC

Olinka Tristan, Licensed Professional Counselor, serves as the Director of the Emotional Overeating Program at Esperanza Eating Disorders Center. She is Tristan, experienced in treating all eating disorders andOlinka has special expertise inLPC the Olinka Tristan, Licensed Professional Counselor, serves as the Director of the treatment of Emotional Overeating. Olinka is bilingual and is passionate about Emotional Overeating Program at Esperanza Eating Disorders Center. She is normalizing mental health therapy to enhance lives and wellness.

experienced in treating all eating disorders and has special expertise in the treatment of Emotional Overeating. Olinka is bilingual and is passionate about normalizing mental health therapy to enhance lives and wellness.

Sarah Snavely

Sarah Snavely, Registered Dietitian, is the Family and Adolescent Dietitian at Sarah Esperanza EatingSnavely Disorders Center. She believes that for recovery to have Sarah Snavely, Dietitian, is the Family and Adolescent Dietitian at lasting impact, a highRegistered level of family involvement is important. Sarah’s Esperanza Eating Disorders Center. She believes that for recovery to have approach is scientific, non-judgmental, and focused on each patient’s unique lasting impact, a high level of family involvement is important. Sarah’s situation. Her goal is to provide knowledgeable, compassionate, individualized approach is scientific, non-judgmental, and focused on each patient’s unique care. situation. Her goal is to provide knowledgeable, compassionate, individualized care.

Tara Lowe

Tara Lowe With a passion for analyzing data, Tara Lowe brings 20 years of diverse With a passion for analyzing data, Tara Lowe brings 20 years of diverse accounting experience to provide clients with creative, data-driven solutions. As accounting experience to provide clients with creative, data-driven solutions. As Controllership Manager at the KFORD Group, she has worked both domestically Controllership Manager at the KFORD Group, she has worked both domestically and internationally, and builds relationships with clients so she can “alleviate any and internationally, and builds relationships with clients so she can “alleviate any financialfinancial obstacles or stress while obtaining goals together.” obstacles or stress while obtaining goals together.”

Dorian Reeves Dorian Reeves

Reeves, Award-winning highly regarded educator,announces announces the Dorian Dorian Reeves, Award-winning andand highly regarded educator, the launch of Ms. Dorian’s Scholars, an engaged learning studio for K-3rd graders launch of Ms. Dorian’s Scholars, an engaged learning studio for K-3rd graders with learning differences. Reeves brings 20 years of experience teaching at with learning differences. Reeves brings 20 years of experience teaching at renowned institutions to offer a new approach to traditional classroom learning. renowned institutions to offer a new approach to traditional classroom learning. Individualized reading, writing and math instruction incorporates both Individualized reading, writing and math instruction incorporates both mainstream and LD/ADHD methodologies into multisensory, research-based mainstream and LD/ADHD methodologies into multisensory, research-based curricula. curricula. Congratulations to these amazing women making moves in their industries!

Congratulations to these amazing women making moves in their industries! 70



November 19 NAWBO-SA

Monthly Zoom Meeting: Dr. Whitney Mitchell 11:30 am - 1:00 pm November 24 San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Discover the Possibilities 15703 Walnut Trail 12:00 pm December 8 Tri County Chamber of Commerce November Monthly Luncheon Hilton Garden Inn Live Oak 11:30 am

December 10 South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Southside Networking Breakfast Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant 7:30 am December 22 San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Discover the Possibilities 15703 Walnut Trail 12:00 pm Please check with the event host to confirm event details. The San Antonio Woman Business Calendar lists upcoming events for women’s local business groups that are open to the public. If you would like to have your group’s meeting or events listed, please send them to info@sawoman. com and include “SAW Business Calendar” in the subject line.

Why United Texas?  Local decision making  Low rates  Loans for equipment, business vehicles and real estate, including investment real estate  Lines of credit and term loans  SBA Guaranteed Loans - we’re an SBA P Preferred Lender  Home Loans with a personal touch

Sharon Miller

Member Business Lending Officer 5500 UTSA Boulevard 210.561.4582  NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020




hether you’re staying in or going out this season, there are so many ways you can dress to impress! We’ve put together some looks and style tips to help you avoid the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” dilemma, and embrace your inner fashion icon. Let’s talk about outerwear! Adding a trench coat or slick blazer to your look can keep you warm while still looking put together. It’s notoriously warm in San Antonio, so finding one or two staple outerwear pieces that match your aesthetic is a great way to dress for the weather while complimenting your look. Green Coat, Oscar de la Renta $2290 Ruffle Dress, Zimmerman $750 Black Blazer, Emporio Armani $795 Long Sleeve Mock-Neck, St. John $295 Lace Pants, Grayse $995 Julian Gold, San Antonio



Photography: Nina Padilla, Vignette Portrait Photography (@Vignetteportraits) Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Eiland, Pineapple House Platforms (@pineapplehouse_beauty) Styling: Miriam Jesaijes, Julia Wesman Models: Taylor Lane, Nina Padilla, Colleen Quirk Clothes and accessories available at Julian Gold, San Antonio

Let’s party!

This season, tried and true classic looks with a twist are definitely ontrend. A familiar dress silhouette to flatter your shape with a fun pattern is a fabulous staple to dress up with heels and accessories, or dress down with sneakers and a denim jacket. Elevate a pantsuit by swapping out a garment or two for something refreshed. A unique blazer, a statement top, or some fun pants like these laced beauties from Julian Gold can take your suit from the office to a night out.




A pair of long statement pants is the perfect piece to dress up or down. With the drama of an evening gown and the comfortability of your favorite pants to wear around the house, wide leg pants are so versatile and on trend. Keep it simple with a basic top and sneakers, or elevate your look with some heels, a cute clutch, accessories, and something warm like this metallic patterned blazer, or a cozy shawl.

Stay in

or Go Out!

Play with silhouettes- Finding clothes that fit you in the right places is key to a flawless look. Create a balanced look by mixing loose and fitted clothes, play with new necklines and sleeve details, and switch up your go-to bottoms for updated looks that make you feel as good as you look! Picking clothes with a fresh twist can take your t-shirt and jeans to a fashion-forward look. Substitute your t-shirt for a mock neck top like this one, or add some shoulder pads (yes, they’re back!), and pair with pants like these gorgeous orange ones. Try jeans with a different cut: bell bottoms, wide leg or a slit hem. You will go from day to night with ease by adding some heels or booties and accessories!

Shell Clutch, Rafe New York, $785 White top, LaFayette148 $298 Orange Pants, Brandon Maxwell $1495 Julian Gold, San Antonio



Give your LBD a makeover! This wrap-style dress in a deep emerald green is a fresh alternative to a simple black dress. Playing with textures and colors can add another level of dimension to your look. The velvet fabric shows off the movement in the dress, and hugs in all the right places. Layering different textures in your looks can help create a well developed and cohesive outfit. Add a knit sweater or scarf over a fitted dress or skirt, pair with a denim jacket, or add a belt for some extra styling ideas. Cut and fit are EVERYTHING! Wrap dresses, belts, and high waisted pants are some ways to flatter your figure. Try something totally new, or try your go-to styles with a twist. We hope you have a safe and fun holiday season. Let’s dress for our best selves and a new chapter as we say goodbye to 2020, and CHEERS to new beginnings!

Emerald Dress, Chiara Boni’ $695 Julian Gold, San Antonio




A touch of



She’s bright like GLITTER and bubbly like Champagne! Whimsical meets fierce was the inspiration behind this look. Light and airy tones were used to accentuate the features with a fun pop of glitter to say HERE I AM! Model: Kat Day Makeup: Melissa Anger, A Flawless Image Hair and Makeup @aflawlessimage_hairandmakeup Photography by Nina Padilla


This flawless natural look turns majestic with a pop of glitter! Giving dimensions and festivity to any makeup application. Making this look a perfect day or night wear. Model: Julia Wesman Makeup: Veronica Ramirez, BB Beauty @vj_bb_beauty_




She adds a little sparkle everywhere she goes: Glitter changes a look from fabulous to a mood. You walk into any room and sparkle, inside and out. Glitter lets everyone know you shine, without having to do or say anything. Model: Taylor Lane Makeup: Elizabeth Giguere, Madame Makeup on Location @madamemakeupandhair


Sparkle like you mean it! Glitter has a magical way of transforming any makeup look from ordinary glam, to va-va Voom! Bold and bright was the inspiration for this look. Just as a gorgeous smile is contagious so is feeling confident and euphoric. So sparkle like you mean it, sister! Model: Vanessa Grant Makeup: Stephanie Eiland, Pineapple House Platforms @pineappleHouse_ Beauty


This metallic glitter look is a perfect nighttime look for a night on the town! Blended into a smokey eye gives a steamy, bold look anyone would love. Model: Mia Isabella Makeup: Veronica Ramirez, BB Beauty @vj_bb_beauty_



On January 28,2021, the SA Women’s Chamber of Commerce (SAWCC) will begin its 8th year of enhancing the leadership skills of women and men in our community through the six-part Transformational Leadership Development Series (TLD). The purpose of TLD is to help leaders, and future leaders, in our community to identify and develop executive level leadership skills. Some of the features of this series include dissecting the results of two leadership skills assessments in order to identify personal leadership styles and recognize those same attributes in others to the benefit their team. We will continue to hear from expert leaders representing corporations and businesses within our community. This year we are proud to announce that we have invited Lee Cusenbary, Dr. Keely Petty, Amb. Cecilia Herrera, Sandy Slough, Dr. Tom Cleary, Betty Burks, Marisol Weymouth, Yorka Velaso-Caballero and the First Lady of SA, Erika Prosper Nirenberg to address the class of 2021.




A New House at the Old Address Home gets traditional makeover — with a touch of zen BY STEVE BENNETT PHOTOGRAPHY BY AL RENDON




The living room, repainted floor to ceiling in a neutral tone, features custom Wesley Hall sofa and chairs, antique trunk and rocking horse, both German, circa the 1800s, and Thibaut drapes. At right is newly constructed, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.


ecky Schmitt was feeling a little restless in her own home, a four-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot, two-story in north San Antonio. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew the harvest gold and cherry-themed wallpaper in the kitchen had to go. Also, there was a lot of red, her favorite color, and a predominance of antiques. It was formal, not fun. She and her husband Steve, one of the city’s top prosthodontists, had lived there for 27 years, and they loved the green, treeshaded Deerfield neighborhood, where they had raised their three children. “I wanted a new house in my old home,” Schmitt said.

Having just retired from a teaching career, she spent a lot more time in the house, for one thing, and then there were “the girls.” It was her turn to host an upcoming recurrent gathering of five cousins, all women, all … not exactly critical, but discerning. “I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want,” Schmitt said. “I didn’t want cold, or too modern, or staged. I wanted uplifting and comfortable and cozy and warm.” After consulting with local designers Jenny Maples of JM Design Group and Gina Roth of Abode Interior Design, the Schmitts got “a new home at their old address,” as Becky likes to say.

The changeover is, almost literally, night and day, and the New Traditional design — a blend of antique and contemporary — extends over the entire house, encompassing the living room, kitchen, foyer, and three upstairs bedrooms, reconfiguring one into an office/playroom for grandkids. The only holdovers are the master bedroom, which remains a comfortable sanctuary, with new windows overlooking a large backyard, and the dining room, with its striped red wallpaper, glass-front china cabinet, and formal dining table. And there’s talk of a do-over for that room as well. “Overall, I guess the house was very Tuscan, very dark,” said Roth, who

Previous page: For the front entry and Christmas tree, designer Gina Roth used Becky Schmitt’s traditional ornaments and added the black-and-white checked ribbon and red silk for a “Southern Living” look. The front porch decor got a fun update with the iron lanterns.



handles the “soft” side — drapes, furniture, bedding. “And we wanted it to be fresh and airy and clean,” said Maples, who works the “hard” side — cabinetry, stonework (she is also head of Stone Masters of Texas), construction. In the end, the Schmitt house was transformed in a total makeover, from tile and carpet to furniture and window treatments. The designers even knocked out a wall, load-bearing, to open up the kitchen and living areas, and installed a header in the attic for roof support. “I am now a believer in knocking down walls,” Schmitt said, “but it was hard for me.”

No, Schmitt did not go along willingly with everything the designers pitched at her. “We definitely pushed Becky out of her comfort zone,” Roth said. Take the kitchen backsplash. It’s natural limestone and glass in muted browns and creams, in a feathered pattern. “Initially, I just saw a small sample size, and I didn’t want feathers all over my kitchen,” Schmitt said with a laugh. “But I love it now. It’s very subtle, just classic.” The designers worked closely with Schmitt in selecting key antique pieces to keep, including a 1900s wooden dental cabinet with lots of small drawers for dental tools and chemistry, and

Becky’s father’s desk, repainted black, with a leather writing surface. The living room furniture, including a tweed sofa, two swivel chairs and a buttery soft leather chair, is all new, strategically placed around a rustic antique German trunk that serves as a coffee table, while a newly constructed wall of shelves contains heirlooms such as an old brass microscope and a set of scales — a birthday present from Becky to Steve. “It sort of tells our life story,” Schmitt said of the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Walls throughout were painted a neutral taupe, set off by flashes of color here and there: a grandmother’s watercolors, cobalt-blue lacquered bedside tables, bright (red!) throw pillows.

The iron headboard and lamps are from Ballard Designs, while the bedside cabinets are old pieces given new life with cobalt-blue lacquer and added feet to raise them up. The bedding, from Pine Cone Hill, is meant to evoke European luxury.




The New Traditionalist design features contemporary pieces with selected antiques, including the desk where Becky Schmitt’s father, an oil and gas man, worked. It was repainted in black but retains all the original hardware.

“Becky had some very quality pieces, and where we could, we reused them, reupholstering chairs, or repurposing tables,” Maples said. The heart of the house is, of course, the kitchen, which now makes the homeowner swoon. “I like to entertain and to bake — I make gingerbread cookies year-round — and with all this counter space on the big island, I can really spread out,” Schmitt said. “Steve loves to come down every morning and drink his coffee and read the newspaper sitting right there at the island. He says it’s so zen.”



“I’m a real Santa person,” says Becky Schmitt. “I love Santa, Santa, Santa.” Becky’s traditional ornaments were freshened up with new ribbon and garland this year.

The formal dining room was left as it was, with red striped wallpaper and a glass-front china cabinet with Schmitt’s collection of Wedgewood. Schmitt wants to make changes to this room as well, but the design must make room for her plates depicting Russian fairy tales on the back wall.




The kitchen is the heart of the house, with Taj Mahal Quartzite for the countertops from Stone Masters of Texas and handmade glass and limestone backsplash tile from Palmer Todd. Michael Edwards Cabinetry built the custom cabinets, while the lighting is by Hinkley.




The Importance of Holiday Traditions in Untraditional Times


hen it comes to the holidays, I’m all about tradition. You can keep your perfect, themed Christmas tree that looks like something straight out of a department store, and also your inverted tree that hangs from the ceiling. Call me boring, but in my home, our Christmas tree looks the same every year, with each ornament having an origin story that we retell as we decorate the tree together. We have ornaments from different places, purchased on family vacations; ornaments that represent each year of my children’s lives, and ornaments for each of our pets. We even have a priceless, beaten and battered aluminum Santa Claus ornament, with a frayed bread tie used in place of a hook that hung on the tree at my husband’s grandparent’s humble farmhouse in Corpus Christi.




Now that my kids are older, they can tell most of the origin stories about our ornaments, and it makes me swell with pride and hopefulness to know that maybe our stories and traditions will live on in them. Nostalgia, Comfort and Stability Holiday traditions offer not only nostalgia and comfort, but also stability. I don’t know about you, but the first few notes of “Christmas Time is Here,” from A Charlie Brown Christmas, make the hair on the back of my neck stand up, a small lump form in my throat, and I’m instantly catapulted back to my childhood, somewhere in the late 1970’s. We know that we’ll hear the same songs, see the same family members, and eat the same foods every holiday season. It’s these small things that remind us that even though the world might feel unpredictable, some things never change.

Creating New Traditions But, what do holiday traditions look like amid a global pandemic, when we are urged to stay home and not to gather, during the most congregational time of the year? Obviously, some holiday traditions are out the window this year (Ahem, like canoodling with a stranger under the mistletoe!), but with a little creativity and care, we will find ways to uphold our treasured holiday traditions and maybe even start some new ones. Natalie Tate, a local small business owner (, and mom of two, is thankful to live in Texas during the winter holidays, as her family is trying to plan as many outdoor holiday activities as possible to keep her family safe. “Only in Texas could we think about putting up a badminton net in December,” remarked Tate.

With family members in fragile health, many are grappling with new, creative ways to connect to those who have been isolated during this time.

for them by spending time together and scheduling our work obligations in a way that makes the most of their holiday time off,” said Tate.

holidays can be for divorced parents who share custody of children. She finds solace in creating handmade gifts for her children.

“We’re all proactively thinking about how we can protect each other,” said Tate, whose mother recently completed treatment for cancer.

Unity for the Holidays Holiday traditions help to unite us. Feeling united as a family or a community feels extra important this year as we come out of a contentious political season, compounded by the hardships that the COVID crisis has created in our lives. During the holidays, we are reminded that we are still family and neighbors (first and foremost), regardless of our political leanings and other life choices.

“With sharing custody of my kids during the holidays, it’s been a grounding tradition and we all look forward to [the handmade gifts] each year,” said Amy.

“As we watch COVID numbers, we may decide that the exposure isn’t worth the risk. Our plan then is to host our annual Christmas BINGO game over video call, with each family contributing our usual fun and silly items,” she added. Tate feels that fostering such relationships between her children and family members is as important--if not more so--than the other traditions that often go along with the holidays. “Our children are young and are most excited about spending time with each other and about getting a few toys. We can make it magical

A sense of unity is also important for families who might be separated during the holidays due to divorce. Amy Lynn, a mother of four and founder of the blog, Maker Mama (, as well as Dog Friendly San Antonio (www., knows first-hand how challenging the

At the end of the iconic children’s book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch has an epiphany when he realizes that he didn’t ruin the Whos’ holiday by taking away their gifts and decorations. In fact, he only strengthened their resolve and brought them closer to one another. Maybe we’ll look back someday and realize that COVID did the same for us, in requiring us to think outside of the box, pair-down our expectations, and take care of one another. “What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more...”




This is Home The Choice to Enjoy Retirement BY JILL BYRD


uss and Millie Woda moved into Franklin Park Independent Living Community at Sonterra in 2016. They never imagined that four years later they would be living safely with their neighbors in the middle of a global health pandemic. But here they are and thriving. The Wodas, now 89 and 87 years of age, respectively, chose to move into a senior retirement community because they wanted a home with amenities and conveniences without the hassles of home ownership. They also wanted to remain close to their children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren, all who live within 15 miles, but they wanted independent lives for themselves and their family. “We didn’t need a big house anymore. We loved our home, but



from the moment we moved in here, we have enjoyed being here. This is home,” Russ said. “We were well enough, and knew we wanted to make the transition so we could enjoy ourselves. Sometimes people wait too long, and the next thing they know, they are in assisted living. They don’t have time to enjoy their retirement.” According to American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA), maintaining independence is important for people as they age. ASHA also states that losing their independence is one of the biggest fears that seniors have. An overwhelming majority want to remain in their houses – and understandably so. But the reality is that 1 in 5 U.S. adults age 85 and older say they either need or currently receive help with daily living activities.

Franklin Park senior living communities are designed to respect and honor the dignity of all residents by offering independent living, assisted living, and memory care options based on their needs. It is important for families to evaluate the specific needs of seniors looking to make this transition and understand the nuances of the senior living options available. Independent living communities maximize the self-sufficiency and selfdetermination of seniors to live in their own home, and interact and engage in a community that make their residents’ day-to-day lives a bit easier, thus enabling them to live on their own for as long as possible. These amenities help minimize residents’ daily responsibilities and often include landscaping, laundry, housekeeping, and transportation services, as well

as on-site dining facilities, security surveillance, and activities or events. “We have other people here. Neighborhoods do not communicate the way they did years ago,” Millie said. “You never really see your neighbors these days unless you are out doing yardwork or going to the mailbox. But here, you see your friends and neighbors, and can easily have them over or meet with them in the game room or at cocktail hour, and even have dinner together.” Despite the restrictions put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and the Bexar County Health Department to protect the residents at the senior living and retirement community from COVID19, the Wodas are concerned about the pandemic in general, but feel safe in their home. “Because Franklin Park communicated and shut things down immediately, we knew we were safe,” Millie said. “But

things are relaxing. And we know they will continue to do what is needed if it gets worse again.” “I don’t want to say don’t worry about the pandemic, but as far as living here, for us, it’s great,” added Russ. “We are free to leave our apartment, as well as the community, and when we do, we put on our masks.” Some senior living communities offer independent living, assisted living and other higher levels of senior care all on the same campus to allow residents to easily transition between settings as their needs change, and Franklin Park is no different. Assisted living communities provide personalized, higher-level care needed for daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and taking medications in a residential setting that encourages a healthy lifestyle and social engagement. While assisted living communities do not provide intensive hands-on care or skilled nursing care, staff members, including

a certified nurse practitioner, are onsite 24 hours a day. Trying to find the best living option for yourself or an aging family member can be challenging and seem overwhelming at times, but with the right information, it does not have to be. For those making their first move into a senior living community, independent living or assisted living are generally the first options to explore. Fortunately, senior living communities, such as Franklin Park, are an excellent solution for both aging adults and family caregivers looking to find a healthy and tranquil balance. For more information on Franklin Park properties in San Antonio, please visit





“Happy Holidays!” is a familiar greeting this time of year. The holidays are normally considered a time of happiness and fun, a time to be together with family, a time of gift-giving and sharing. However, for some people, the holidays can be a time of sadness and loneliness, a time of grief, a time of depression, and anxiety. This sad feeling during this time of year is commonly referred to as the “Holiday Blues.” This year, with the added influence of Covid-19 on our mental health, I think we will experience “Holiday Blues on Steroids.”



Holiday Blues is not an official medical diagnosis. The major difference from clinical depression is that the symptoms of holiday blues are considered temporary. That does not mean that we should not take it seriously. It does affect our mood, our emotions, and our ability to function normally. And it can lead to more serious long-term mental conditions. People with existing mental health problems are even more at risk. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 64% of people with an existing mental illness reported

that the holidays make their condition worse. Holiday Blues can become even more serious when combined with Covid-19’s impact on our mental condition. We are already experiencing the lack of human connection, loneliness, and fear of the unknown. Stress has been overwhelming this year with adjustments and uncertainty. In addition to financial hardships and unemployment, people have been dealing with difficult choices pertaining to the physical safety of

themselves and their families. We are working from home, while often juggling zoom conferences and children’s virtual learning. Some of us are also dealing with devastating grief and the loss of a loved one due to the pandemic. Not being able to go home for the holidays and missing your family makes things even worse this year.

because we are waiting for things to change as opposed to loving or accepting what is.” On another note, perhaps this year, we may need to be more proactive and help create these positive feelings of happiness, togetherness, and connection with others. Our creativity and support for each other are most vital this holiday season.

What are the signs to look for? First, we need to be able to recognize the symptoms of holiday blues. In 2015 the NAMI published tips on dealing with holiday blues, including some of the signs to look for. These symptoms include the following: • Sadness • Feelings of loneliness • Tension or irritability • Sense of loss • Fatigue • Lack of pleasure or interest in normal activities • Withdrawing from friends and family

It is also important to look at lifestyle changes as prevention of mental health problems during the holiday season. Here are a few changes that are often recommended by healthcare professionals:

So, what do we do about it? There are a number of things that we can do to help ourselves or our friends and family members. Let’s start with our expectations for this holiday season. Be sensible. It will not be the same as in previous years. Accept that and understand that the holidays do not have to be “perfect” to be special. You can still make your experiences significant and memorable. Slowing down and accepting the situation in front of you does not equal defeat. It is just the opposite. Karen Dobkins, Ph.D., a professor of Psychology at the University of California states, “We suffer a lot

Don’t Isolate – a difficult challenge for some, given the social restrictions caused by Covid-19. Now (more than usual), use the phone, Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom to stay in touch with family and friends. Exercise – it has been shown that regular physical exercise can help prevent or reduce the symptoms of depression. Avoid Excessive Drinking – Alcohol is a depressant. It can exacerbate negative feelings. What about professional help? Even though holiday blues are generally short-term in duration, it does not mean that you (or your loved one) should not seek professional help. If your mental health is being negatively affected, or the symptoms are lasting longer than they should, you might want to consider a psychotherapist for evaluation and clinical therapy. Your therapist will help you identify the causes of your negative

thoughts. Your therapist can also help you use your strengths to find strategies, coping skills, and stress management techniques to improve your mental health during this challenging time. Holidays change from year to year, just as people and situations do. In times like these, we should focus on creating new traditions and enjoying what we have today. Focus on enjoying your “new” experience with family and friends and the time you get to spend with them. Significant and meaningful experiences can be our new goal for this season. Happy Holidays!

Deborah Levi Lane, LCSW is a clinical therapist in private practice. She provides individual and group psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults. She also consults with medical groups, hospitals, and schools about the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. For more information, please contact Deborah at 210-326-4294, email her at DeborahLaneLCSW@gmail. com or visit her website at www.




What is Mindfulness, and how does it apply in Yoga? The simplest definition I have heard on Mindfulness is by Jon Kabat Zinn. He says Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose. Mindfulness is our ability to attend the present moment, experience the pauses, notice discomfort, and witness our mental narratives. We all have access to this tool but it takes practice to change. Yoga is a container to practice these tools. We use the postures as an instrument to explore pause, to witness thoughts, and develop sensory awareness, which leads to self-regulation. This is why Yoga blends breath, mental hygiene, and movement into one experience. However, there are so many different styles out there that it can be confusing where to begin. Not all Yoga, especially the performance and fitness-based Yoga, accesses these experiences. If you tried Yoga and did not enjoy it or felt it was difficult, I would encourage you to try a different class and/or teacher. Yoga is kind of like ice cream; you have to find what flavor feels best. What are some benefits of mindful practices for people facing depression or mental health issues? Mindfulness invites us to explore our mental narratives and develop reframed thoughts, self-sovereignty, and continued inquiry. From a physical stance, mindfulness-based practices teach conscious control of relaxation-inducing GABA, parasympathetic activation, and reduces inflammatory activity in our cells. Practices like Yoga, tai chi, and others activate cooling responses in the body, increase circulation, and aid the body into optimal functioning that



has been shown to decrease inflammation related to depression. Yoga guides participants to befriend the body, work through subconscious patterning (our default reactivity patterns), and revitalize the body as a whole. Often, mental health and physical health mirror one another. Research in Mindbody medicine has shown the impact that physical health can have on the mind and the impact mental health can have on the physical body. If a patient struggles with ‘getting out of their head,’ using physical mindfulnessbased practices, they can help develop new neural pathways that disrupt negative feedback loops. Healthy sensory input such as self-massage, smelling essential oils or a yummy stretch can begin healing those deficit neural pathways that keep patients in fight or flight states. Mindfulness turns executive functioning on in the brain and has also shown to thicken the prefrontal cortex (our ability to see the bigger picture). What type of mindfulness practices are helpful for people with depression or other mental health issues? Yoga has been shown to have a profound healing impact on patients with depression. I would encourage people to begin with gentle Yoga, yoga nidra, and journaling. It may be a 20 minute practice or small things here and there, but little by little, you will begin to see the impact in mental clarity, energy, and less reactivity. In Yoga, we believe depression is simply a problem with prana (energy), so doing things that gently energize will shift the body and mind. For some, that may be a power practice with lots of inhales. For others, it might be restorative Yoga. Give yourself permission to meet yourself wherever you are because depression looks so different from person to person.

If this information interests you, I suggest reading Yoga for Depression by Amy Weintraub, or Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza for those who like science. Depression can be debilitating. That is why grace, compassion, and meeting yourself where you are is so important. It looks different for everyone - some people would benefit most by beginning with someone specialized in mindfulness modalities for mental health (do your research on the yoga teacher, coach, or provider). If this is not accessible, try exploring practices online. There are many free resources to get started, and even using an app like Insight Timer or reading a book listed above are beneficial. To begin at home tips: Stretch your arms above your head or stretch where you literally expose your armpits is energizing for the body. Big inhales in, sighing out. Inhales are energizing. Exhales are relaxing. Use the breath to begin awakening healthy frequencies into the body. Most Americans breathe shallow, which can keep the cycle of depression and inflammation heightened. Journaling/ Stream of Conscious writing/ listing Pen to paper can be magic. Even reading poetry or quotes

and write how you feel (important for reframing, inquiry, and vagal tone). Yoga Nidra can be found online, or an experienced yoga teacher can guide you. Mindfulness Based Professional Counselors and Therapists can guide you in getting started. Sit outside and feel the sunlight. Drink water (this is imperative for your cells to operate optimally.) If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health ailments contact Melissa Aguirre to either get connected to a therapist specialized in mindfulness modalities to provide services that integrate both. Melissa can also guide you to resources, practices and mind body services that can begin your journey of reclaiming your mental wellbeing and aligning to your highest self-sovereignty. Melissa Aguirre offers coaching, trainings, workshops and other mindfulness based self care services to awaken the most vibrant you.Connect with her for more information on her work and how she can support you. 704.962.0771 @melmarieyoga




Country WOMAN

When You’re Here, You’re Family



f you head north on 281, you’ll pass through several small, friendly Hill Country communities—first, Spring Branch, and then onto Blanco. Both communities are known for their stunning scenery and warm smiles. These three ladies make their homes and their businesses in this area, where neighbors become friends and customers become family.



Jan Brieger

Owner Brieger Pottery and Redbud Cafe Blanco, Texas


lanco has always felt a bit like home to San Marcos native, Jan Brieger, and her husband, Jon. When the couple would return home from road trips and approach the scenic town, they’d often say, “we’re almost home.” In 1986, however, Blanco became the Brieger’s actual home when they purchased land outside of town and built their home and pottery studio. When the hardware store in downtown Blanco offered them a small section of the store to rent in 1992, the Briegers jumped at the chance to give up their nomadic craft show lifestyle and put down retail roots in downtown Blanco. Eventually, the Briegers purchased the hardware store building and opened the Redbud Cafe in the space, with Brieger Pottery housed in the adjacent storefront. Now, 11 years later, the cafe is pulling through the COVID crisis as a hub for many in Blanco. “Redbud Cafe feels like home to a lot of people,” said Brieger.

Photography by Jason Roberts

“People always know they’ll get a warm welcome and (before COVID) a hug. The Redbud is a good anchor in Blanco and provides a loving, nurturing place for a lot of people,” she added. Jan is the current president of the Old Blanco Courthouse Society, as well as one of the founders of the Texas Clay Festival, which is (typically) held in Gruene. The festival celebrated its 28th successful year in October but had to convert to a completely virtual platform. “The Hill Country is a really special, magical place. There’s a lot of good energy in the Hill Country, and the people of Blanco are so warm and welcoming,” added Brieger.




Mary Perlitz

Owner/Founder, Park 31 Spring Branch, Texas


native of southeast Texas, Mary Perlitz developed a love for the Hill Country as a child. Perlitz, who has years of decorating and event planning on her resume, always dreamed of having her own venue for weddings, parties, and retreats someday, so when 31 acres of Hill Country land became available near Spring Branch, Perlitz knew that her dream was about to become a reality. Today, Park 31 is a breathtaking venue with the most impressive views in the Texas Hill Country. But, according to Perlitz, it once required many of her first clients to use their imagination. In the early days, Perlitz met with couples at what was just a slab and dirt floors. “They had to trust the vision and plans we showed them, that they would become a reality,” remembers Perlitz.

“This is a family. We’re going to take care of you like family,” said Perlitz. Perlitz has plans for hosting different events, such as a marketplace with boutique vendors, and recently hosted a “COVID Couples” party, where her clients whose wedding plans were altered gathered to let off some steam. Perlitz said to her clients, “Just the fact that you’re persevered, says a lot. [Like marriage] It’s not all easy; you’ve got to work together.”



Photography by Amanda Mercer, Walk the line Photography

Perlitz put the names of those first 31, faith-filled couples on heart-shaped rocks that adorn the venue’s concrete sidewalk. Now, every couple who gets married at Park 31 gets their name put on a heart rock. To date, the venue has hosted 167 weddings and has (at least) ten “Park 31” babies.

Heidi Savory

Owner, Cranberry’s Antiques Blanco, Texas


eidi Savory moved to Blanco in 2005 and was hired by her neighbors to work at their store, called Cranberry’s Antiques. Savory quickly settled into a role managing the store for the ailing owners, and after their passing, the couple’s daughter offered the business to Savory. But life wasn’t always easy for Savory. “I came from a difficult childhood, working really hard, with three jobs and raising my daughter by myself,” said Savory. “But, now, being a proud woman business owner is the American Dream, and I’m so honored to have that,” said Savory. Savory must be in the right business because her family swears that she has a knack for finding antiques. Once, when this avid gardener was digging in a flower bed in San Antonio, she found a very heavy, 1700s-era cannonball that she keeps in the store. “When kids come into the store, I take them over to look at it. History is something that we all learn from. It should be learned, and we should know where we come from,” said Savory.

Photography by Jason Roberts

After 15 years in Blanco, Savory is a fixture in the community. The local churches sell their goods (rent-free) in her store, and Savory helps price the items, assuring that the churches make a profit, and the community is benefited. Savory loves Christmas in the Hill Country, as well as the wildflowers in the Spring, but the people, she says, are the best part of the Hill Country. “What drives Blanco is that it has a unique set of people who are as friendly as can be,” said Savory.




Hill Country Industrial Elegance meets Old World Charm

JOHNSON CITY November 20 BRITTANY SHANE Live Country Music Pecan Street Brewing 106 E Pecan Dr November 21 MOPAC JAM Live Bluegrass Music Pecan Street Brewing 106 E Pecan Dr November 27 - January 3 JOHNSON CITY ANNUAL LIGHTS SPECTACULAR Johnson City, TX

SPRING BRANCH Saturdays SATURDAY NIGHT RODEO AT TEJAS RODEO COMPANY Tejas Rodeo Company 401 Obst Rd November 22 MARKETPLACE AT PARK 31 Park 31 Event Venue 1200 Park Rd. 31

BOERNE Saturdays FARMERS MARKET AT THE CIBOLO Historic Herff Farm 33 Herff Road November 25 THREE AMIGOS PRE THANKSGIVING BASH The Roundup Music Venue and Social Spot 531 FM 3351 November 26 - December 25 OLD WEST CHRISTMAS LIGHT FEST Enchanted Springs Ranch 242 TX-46 W November 28 CHRISTMAS AT THE KUHLMANN-KING MUSEUM Kuhlmann-King Museum 402 E. Blanco Road 210.526.0310 @Park31Venue @ParkThirtyOne @Park31Venue 1200 Park Road 31 Spring Branch, TX 78070

December 8-9 A WALK IN BETHLEHEM St. Helena’s Episcopal Church 410 N Main St December 19 COWBOY CHRISTMAS MARKET DAYS Main Plaza 100 N. Main Street


NEW BRAUNFELS: Wednesday’s WASSAIL WEDNESDAY New Braunfels Candle Company 555 S Castell Ave Wednesday’s & Thursday’s MUSIC AT THE ‘MILL DINNER & TUNES UNDER THE TEXAS SKY Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar 1287 Gruene Rd Saturday’s NEW BRAUNFELS FARMERS MARKET New Braunfels Farmers Market 186 S Castell Ave November 20 - November 22 HILL COUNTRY CHRISTMAS MARKET New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center 375 S Castell Ave November 22 CULINARIA MUSIC FESTIVAL Freiheit Country Store 2157 FM 1101 November 27 AARON WATSON AT GRUENE HALL Gruene Hall 1281 Gruene Rd December 2 DAS IST LUSTIG Krause’s Cafe, LLC 148 S Castell Ave December 4 SOUL SESSIONS FRIDAY NIGHT AT POUR HAUS Pour Haus 343 W San Antonio St December 5 A CHRISTMAS STROLL Village Venue 2032 Central Plaza December 16 DAS IST LUSTIG Krause’s Cafe, LLC 148 S Castell Ave December 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21-23 CHRISTMAS AT THE CAVERNS Natural Bridge Caverns 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd Please note: All events, dates, and times are subject to change due to COVID-19. For the most up-to-date information, check with the event venue or host. We encourage everyone to practice social distancing, wear protective face coverings, wash and sanitize your hands regularly, and follow recommended guidelines.



HILL COUNTRY EATS Hill Country Lavender blanco, texas

boutique lavender farm Offering a full line of handcrafted local lavender products

Farm store open seasonally check website for days & time 830.833.2294

B r i e ge r P o t t e ry Fine Crafts & Local Artists

Offering a full line of Hill Country Lavender products.

located on the north side of the blanco square. sunday - Thursday 11am - 4 pm Friday - Saturday 11am- 8 pm


Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Local Beer & Wine

Sun. - Thur. 11 am - 3 pm Fri. - Sat. 11 am - 9 pm Weekly Specials including gourmet burgers. Featuring Blanco’s Real Ale beer on tap F

Our food is made fresh using premium products, local and organic whenever possible. 830-833-0202 /

Please note, due to COVID-19, the locations listed may have a change in operating hours, dine-in, and carry-out availability. Check with each location for the most up-todate information!

UPTOWN BLANCO RESTAURANT Enjoy fresh Americana cuisine in the beautifully restored historic building facing the old Blanco courthouse on Main Street. Serving elevated breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will not be disappointed! 317 Main St, Blanco, TX THE DEUTSCH APPLE BAKERY Family bakery in the Texas Hill Country using original Deutsch Apple recipes! Apple pie, cherry pie, apple-pecan cake, muffins, scones, danishes, kolaches, cookies, and more baked fresh daily! Perfect place to order from for the holiday season. 602 Chandler St, Blanco, TX HATCH 5 IN BULVERDE

Bulverde’s secret breakfast, lunch, and pastry spot! A welcoming and hospitable environment offers homecooked meals with the best ingredients possible, and family recipes passed down for generations. 2360 Bulverde Rd Bulverde, TX

THE BRANCH NEIGHBORHOOD GRILL IN SPRING BRANCH This American eatery open for Lunch and Dinner serves all your favorite classic bites from burgers and fried pickles to seafood, soups, and salads. Definitely a place everyone in the family will find something they love. Psst... Don’t forget an “adult beverage” for mom and dad! 17130 TX-46 Spring Branch, TX REDBUD CAFE IN BLANCO This local eatery serves American favorites and Blanco’s own Real Ale Brewing Company beers on tap! Stop by on the weekends when they feature a special burger, sandwich, or salad, and enjoy their collection of local art and live music! 410 4th St Blanco, TX




REAL ALE BREWING COMPANY Skip the lines at the grocery store, and get a taste of local brews with curbside beer-to-go pickup at Real Ale Brewing Company! Order your favorite beer, or try something seasonal, and bring it home to enjoy at your favorite spot. 231 San Saba Ct Blanco, TX PECAN STREET BREWING IN JOHNSON CITY This pet-friendly beer garden serves pizza, salads, burgers, craft cocktails, and beer! Enjoy the Hill Country ambiance, with live music regularly. 106 E Pecan Dr Johnson City, TX THE LOFT COFFEE HOUSE

This cozy breakfast and lunch spot has a fabulous selection of coffee and teas, breakfast pastries baked daily, and lunch options! Oh, we can’t leave out the Saturday waffle bar (to-go)! YUM! Pick up a cup of coffee and a breakfast bite on your way to work, and start your day off right. 6260 US-281 Spring Branch, TX RICHTER’S ANTLER CAFE This casual eatery with lodge-style decor & patio dining specializes in traditional, hearty Texan dishes. Bring the kids to play outside while you relax and enjoy your meal! 1 Sun Valley Dr Spring Branch, TX

BARE BULL BBQ A quick drive towards Canyon Lake and you are met with delicious Texas BBQ! Mesquite smoked meats and delicious sides made fresh each day paired with a family-friendly atmosphere make for the perfect weekend destination. 8545 FM 2673 Canyon Lake, TX




Stop and Smell the Gingerbread Take a holiday road trip to see a Texas-sized gingerbread village this season BY JANIS TURK

Run as fast as you can, and this year you just might catch the gingerbread man!

pounds of icing, 1,300 pounds of gumdrops, and 15,700 candy canes since 1997 (when he first started counting).

He’s coming to Texas this month, after all.

This year, Lovitch will once again be building more than 1,251 gingerbread houses in his New York kitchen in order to make the Guinness World Records yet again. Then he will load up a sleigh full of gingerbread houses and head to Texas.

Yes, the ultimate gingerbread man, chef Jon Lovitch, Guinness World Records title holder for the largest entirely edible gingerbread village, is bringing his enormous gingerbread display to Santa’s Wonderland in College Station where folks can see it from Nov. 13 through Dec. 30. There the kids can stare in slack-jawed wonder at all the marvelous Christmas surprises in store. With hay rides, horse and carriage rides, Santa’s Station cottage, a petting zoo, pony rides, holiday light displays, a toboggan chute, the West Pole Express train ride, an ice-skating rink, nightly snow flurries, and a cowboy-hat wearing Santa and Mrs. Claus, it’s a pretty spectacular holiday spot. At the heart of all the holiday fun, take time to stop and smell the gingerbread at Lovitch’s Texas-sized Gingerbread Lane display. To create the world’s biggest gingerbread village, it takes a whole lot of sugar. In fact, Lovitch has used more than 6,000 pounds of dough, 4,500 pounds of hard candies, 8,265



Making the world’s largest edible gingerbread village is a challenging 365-day-a-year job, but with his baby girl “Splash” and his dear wife Judy, a couple of cute feline family members by his side, and a house that smells like gingerbread year-round, Lovitch has to admit, it’s a pretty sweet life. IF YOU GO: Santa’s Wonderland 18898 Hwy 6, College Station, TX 77845 979/690-7212 VISIT GINGERBREAD LANE:

WHATABURGER ZOO LIGHTS November 20 - December 31 Price: $15 – $24

Merry & Bright and a wild night! When the animals tuck in for the evening, San Antonio Zoo decks the halls with jaw-dropping light displays and fills the park with Christmastime activities and cheer. Plus, kids can visit Santa.

BALLET SAN ANTONIO’S THE NUTCRACKER V. 2020 November 27 - December 13 Price: $40 – $114

Ballet San Antonio, in partnership with the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, proudly presents The Nutcracker v. 2020, with socially distanced seating for the holidays! An original commission by Ballet San Antonio for Ballet San Antonio, The Nutcracker v. 2020 is co-choreographed by Easton Smith and Haley Henderson Smith. Ballet San Antonio’s The Nutcracker v. 2020 runs November 27th through December 13th in the H-E-B Performance Hall at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. “I’m very excited for the return of the dancers to the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts and being able to present a socially distanced version of The Nutcracker for this very special year.” — Sofiane Sylve, Artistic Advisor “We have developed a unique approach to this year’s production which keeps alive the traditions of The Nutcracker and incorporates the safety protocols required.  We are excited to offer this experience and appreciate the dedication of our dancers and the talent of our choreographers.” said Sofiane. Tickets for Ballet San Antonio’s The Nutcracker v. 2020 are on sale now.  Purchase online at, via phone (210) 223-8624 and in-person at the Tobin Center’s Box Office (100 Auditorium Circle, 78205). Tobin Box Office hours are MondayFriday 10 am – 6 pm. Tickets are $40, $65, $85, and $114. For more information about the safety protocols for these performances, please visit

HOLIDAY ART MARKET THE TOBIN CENTER’S WILL NAYLOR SMITH RIVER WALK PLAZA December 5 Event 10:00am - 6:00pm. Join us for our 4th Annual Holiday Art Market brought to you by the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. This FREE event is an outdoor market focusing on fine arts and high-end artisan products, with fun for all ages!  Stop and shop for unique items for the entire family, including beautiful artwork, home decor, gourmet food, accessories, gifts and much more--just in time for the holidays! Bring the family to enjoy live holiday music, meet Santa Claus, sample hot drinks and gourmet treats, and so much more!  Other fun activities include pop-up performances, kids crafting corner, and photos with Santa.  This event is pet friendly and water stations will be available.  Parking for the Holiday Art Market is available in The Tobin Center Parking Garage.  Social distancing will be enforced, masks will be required, and all Covid safety measures will be in place.  

HOLIDAY ARTISAN SHOW PRESENTED BY HILTONS OF SAN ANTONIO December 11 @ 11:00 am - December 13 @ 11:00 pm Price: Free

Experience the beauty of the San Antonio River Walk at the Holiday Artisan Show by shopping at over 40 handmade artisan booths including pottery, textiles, jewelry, woodwork, paintings, beadwork, and more. Stay closer to the action with Hilton by booking any of their 50+ branded hotels in the San Antonio area at travel.




Southerleigh Haute South This casual new hotspot trending at The RIM offers Insta-worthy Southern comfort food, batch cocktails, & local brews—all with a Southerleigh exposure. BY JANIS TURK

Southerleigh Haute South may be the newest member in a fast-growing family of restaurants, but make no mistake: this bright new hub at The RIM is not Southerleigh’s identical twin. Like two handsome brothers with almost zero in common, both restaurants get their good looks/great taste from their parents, Southerleigh Hospitality Group partners Alison and Jeff Balfour, Philippe Placé, Laurent Rea, JC Rodriguez, and Jerome Serot. Still, each has its distinct style.

Still, shorts and baseball caps define the dress code, so lunch always feels a little like happy hour.

Haute South is casual. Unpretentious. A laid-back social chicken-cocktails-oystersand-beer scene with fresh catch Gulf seafood and chill cocktails.

Even the restaurant’s name is playful. If “Haute,” (French for “high, lofty,”) sounds pretentious, at least it leans against the more laid-back “South,” where we’re all “ya’ll” and “yes, ma’am,” and sends a flirty wink back at its French owners.

If Southerleigh gave San Antonio fried snapper throats (who knew we’d all wake up one day craving that?) Haute South brings to the table phenomenal fried chicken.

“Texans tend to pronounce haute as ‘hot,’” says general manager Andy Bridges, “and that’s fine by us.” ‘Hot’ adds a dash of cayenne to their concept.

Both places offer superior seafood and Southerleigh’s local brews, but Haute South also has a full bar with premium spirits, and a menu serving up a Galveston Bay shrimp boil, rotisserie chicken po-boys, and a mean mac-and-cheese. The secret ingredient? Executive chef, Monica De La O., a San Antonio native, cooking for the past 18+ years beside Jeff Balfour and other celebrated chefs.

Sports bar? Bistro? Both? The place shucks easy labels but slides down smoothly into a classic oyster bar aesthetic. With televisions above the bar, a white-washed brick wall with a giant red rooster, Montauk-blue banquettes with cowboyleather upholstery, and old-school octagon tile floors by the counter, I think I’m going to like it here.

Linking low-country coastal fare and an approachable atmosphere to Southerleigh’s signature high standards, it’s


the juxtaposition of highs and lows that sings for Haute South’s supper. Think quick counter-service and a modest Southern menu set against the gleam of crystal glasses, embossed ice cubes, and upmarket whiskeys. Pricy Veuve Clicquot champagne bottles stand behind chicken-wire pie safes. Such simultaneously chic yet down-home details are the “tells” of good taste.


The eats? Think Southern fried chicken, soft-shell blue crab, giant gulf shrimp, ice-cold oysters, chilled crab claws, gluten-free chicken sandwiches, simple collard greens, and

hub-cap-sized salads. But don’t go looking for grandma’s cream gravy; Chef De La O elevates old favorites. And just as at Southerleigh, seafood steals the show.

#eatlocal As diners posted Insta-worthy pictures of their plates, these trending hashtags seemed to say it best:

With curbside and carry-out, outdoor tables and a lawn where kids can cartwheel, don’t come expecting something fancy or hipster: Just come hungry, and expect good eats. #ifyouknowyouknow Sure to put you in a #Foodcoma, this is the new now spot. It’s southern-fried social and big on good #eeeeeats. Janis Turk is an award-winning travel and food writer whose food photography appears in the James Beard-nominated cookbook “Come in: We’re Closed,” and “Queens: A Culinary Passport.” Turk also has appeared as a travel host on the CNN Airport Network.

#yum Piled high, the hot chicken sandwich, with coleslaw and pickles, is secretly Chef Balfour’s favorite.

#clink Nothin’ says the South like a Mint Julep or a New Orleans Hurricane, and their take on these old standards doesn’t disappoint. A nod to a classic Old Fashioned, sip the smooth Rooster & Biscuit 14.

#delish I’m so into the soft-shell blue crab. It’s light. It’s buttery. It’s the bomb. Balfour hails from Galveston, and Chef De La O has cooked with him for 15 years, so the two really know Gulf seafood.

#gogreen This may be the most accurately named salad ever: the “Whole Salad Bar.” You’re gonna wanna share.

#nomnomnom Here, “fried” is your friend. It took the chefs months to perfect their lemon-juice-laced, specially brined, savoryseasoned, pressure-fried, delicately dredged Southern fried chicken.

Southerleigh Haute South • 5822 Worth Parkway Suite 112, SA • 210/236-8556 Monday - Thursday: 11:00am - 9:00pm • Friday - Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm • Sunday: 11:00am - 9:00pm




6. Turn off the heat and toss once more in the Chili Pepper sauce when ready to serve.


High Wheel Saison

Ingredients 1 Bunch Brussel Sprouts 1-2 Poblano Peppers ¼ Cup Of Honey 1 tsp Of Chili Flakes 1 tsp Of Rice Wine Vinegar 1 tsp Granulated Sugar 1 tsp Of Sriracha Sauce 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Pepper 1 tsp Olive Oil 1 tsp Butter Preparation 1. Cut off the butts of Brussels, and then cut each in half.  2. With a Skillet or Cast Iron turn your burner to medium-high heat. Roast Poblano peppers until the skin is blistered, charred and black. Turn off the heat and cover with a towel until softened. Remove peppers from the skillet, dice your cooked Poblanos and set aside. 4. In a medium size mixing bowl, combine honey, chili flakes, rice wine vinegar, granulated sugar, sriracha, salt and pepper to taste and splash of olive oil. Mix well and let marinate until ready to use. 5. With the Same Skillet pan on medium-high heat, add olive oil and butter and your chopped brussel sprouts. Pan sear them for a few minutes until they are golden brown and charred, add your chili sauce and cook until reduced and the sauce thickens to syrup consistency. 



The type of yeast saison used gives a nice little funk and crispness, with the mild heat it would be refreshing and the certain taste Brussels gives in general. Great Match.

Hefeweizen Live Oak

Traditional yeast strains natural flavors of vanilla, clove, banana, helps smooth the sweet/ spice of the brussels to cool down the taste of Hefe. Nice and casual. Pairing by: Ruben Barrera Bar Manager for Gold Feathers 8 34 NW Loop 410, Unit 106 


1 tsp Paprika 4 Tbs Marsala Spice 2 tsp Butter 2 Carrots Diced 1 Red Onion Sliced 4 Roma Tomatoes 4 Cloves Of Garlic Minced 1 Cup White Wine 8 Oz Water 8 Oz Coconut Milk 1 Idaho Potato Diced 2 Bundle Fresh Basil (5-6 Oz) 1 Bundle Of Mint (3-4 Oz) 1 Bundle Of Cilantro (3-4 Oz) 1 Lime Cut In Quarter Preparation 1. Marinate turkey overnight with olive oil, salt, pepper, curry powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika and marsala spice. 2. In a Dutch Oven or large pot, heat over medium-high heat and pan sear the marinated turkey until brown on all sides. Remove turkey from the pot. 3. In the same pot, add butter and diced carrots, onions, tomatoes and garlic. Saute with cayenne, paprika, salt, black pepper, cumin, and marsala spice. 4. Add white wine to deglaze the pan. Add water, coconut milk, potatoes, and chopped herbs.  5. Add your Turkey back to the pot and let boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, cover, and let sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour until the turkey is tender. Garnish with Lime wedge and herbs. 

COCKTAIL PAIRINGS Cassie’s Lassi (non-alcoholic)

Ingredients 2-4 Quartered Turkey Legs 2 tsp Olive Oil 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Black Pepper 2 tsp Curry Powder 1 tsp Cumin 2 tsp Cayenne Pepper

Heaping bar spoon-full Greek Yogurt .5 oz lime  1 oz peanut rose water syrup  6 drops of salt water   Topped with Club Soda/ Topo Chico  Combine ingredients (not Soda). Shake, Strain into stemless flute, top with soda. Garnish with Rose Petals and Black Salt. 

Inspired by her Father’s Lassi Cassie. A great Mocktail for the non alcoholic beverage during the season and also pairs well with curry spice and flavors. By: Cassie McCloud General Manager for The Hayden 4025 Broadway St,

The Nipa

1.5 oz Cognac 1.5 oz Black Currant Tea .5 oz Lime .25 oz Simple Syrup .25 oz Sherry Shake all ingredients, strain into Collins glass over ice, Garnish with dried (Turkish) Apricots. A cocktail that was inspired by her favorite Thai Restaurant, and a story to remember by having Cognac in an ice tea delight. A great seasonal cocktail pairs well with curry spices. By: Haleigh Gullory Bar Manager for The Hayden 4025 Broadway St,

1 tsp Cinnamon powder ½ tsp nutmeg ½ tsp salt 4 Tbs dark chocolate Coffee Blend: 2 Tbs of instant coffee 1 Tbs granulated sugar ½ tsp ginger 6 Tbs shaved chocolate 4 Tbs Crushed Graham crackers 2 Tbs pumpkin seeds Preparation Spiced Whipped Cream: In a medium bowl, combine heavy cream and sugar. Whip until peaks form. Fold in a splash of spiced rum and vanilla extract.

By: Eric Adam Guillermo General Manager for Francis Bogside 803 S St. Mary St

Coffee blend: Combine Instant coffee, sugar and ginger. In a small cup, start assembling, from the bottom up: Graham crackers, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin filling, shaved dark chocolate, spiced whipped cream, coffee blend. Repeat until full

Pumpkin Chocolate Irish Coffee

Top with chocolate shavings and coffee blend.

Place all the ingredients (minus the cold brew) in a shaker glass, add ice, shake, and pour into a highball glass over crushed ice. Top off with coffee and a cinnamon stick for garnish.

Spiced Rum Cider

Ingredients Spiced Whipped Cream: 1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream 2 Tbs granulated Sugar 2 Tbs of spiced rum 4 Tbs vanilla extract Pumpkin Filling: 1 cup canned pumpkin

Inspired Cider delight - something heartwarming for the soul. With every bite of the parfait and a sip of your hot cider, you will definitely need a nap!

Pumpkin Filling: In a medium sized pot, add pumpkin and fold in cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and dark chocolate. And add a 4 Tbs dollop of whipped cream. Mix until smooth and turn off heat. Let cool in the fridge.



whip until you have a high peek and set it aside for your topping. In a small pot heat up water 50/50 with apple cider. In an Irish coffee glass combine spiced rum, scotch, allspice dram and brown butter. Pour in cider mixture and stir until the butter is mixed. Top with cayenne whipped cream.

1 ½ oz Spiced Rum 1 oz Scotch ½ oz Allspice Dram 1 Cup Apple Cider 1 tbsp Brown Butter 1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream ½ oz Cinnamon Simple 1 ½ oz Sugar ¼ oz Cayenne Pepper ¼ oz Ground Ginger Create cayenne cream with ginger, sugar, cayenne, and heavy cream,

2 oz pumpkin vanilla Jameson ½ oz cinnamon simple syrup 2 ½ oz cold brew coffee  3 dashes Aztec Chocolate Bitters

Inspired Irish coffee with the seasonal pumpkin taste, you won’t find anything like this in the City. With a chocolate milkshake like taste, a nice and light delight to pair with the parfait. Menu by: Chef Teddy Liang Chef Consultant, Partner, Dishwasher Projects with- The Hayden, Gold Feathers, Davila’s BBQ, Sari Sari, Sichuan House




COLORADO CONNECTION If you have to work from home, home can be ANYWHERE.

Commercial & Residential Properties throughout Colorado.

Steve Crozier

Search mountain retreat properties:


Happy Healthy Holidays How To Stay Fit While Being Festive BY BONNY OSTERHAGE

It’s the most wonderful time of the year filled with family, festivities, and food—lots and lots of food. From sweet holiday treats to decadent feasts and glasses filled with holiday cheer, everywhere you look, there is something tempting enough to make you stray from your healthy habits faster than reindeer can fly. This year the challenge may be even greater as many of us have already been derailed by pandemic gym closures that disrupted our exercise routines. Couple that with the increased stress eating (and drinking) as we navigate job security, homeschooling, lack of socialization and more, and some of us are already fighting an uphill battle.

SMART and plan ahead for any potential pitfalls. For example, when you set a goal to hit that favorite cycle or pilates class 3-4 times a week, you can easily get thrown off course when a holiday party or late work night prevents you from attending. Before you know it, you’ve gone a month with no workouts. A SMARTER solution would be to commit to simply moving your body 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times per week. This goal meets the SMART criteria and gives you a sense of control and accomplishment, as well as a little wiggle room for those unexpected deterrents. If you make it to class, great! If not, you can do 30 minutes of walking, running, strength training, or anything that gets you moving, and still be successful.

While I’m the first to admit it’s been a heck of a year and a little holiday joy is definitely in order, that’s not an excuse to overindulge. No, you don’t have to be the Scrooge at your family gathering or virtual happy hour. In fact, it is possible to be both fit and festive; you just have to think “small and SMART.”

Once you’ve set your SMART goals, Hernandez recommends sharing them with others. Not only does this hold you accountable, but it also allows others to support you and share in your success.

“When it comes to staying on track with your health, set small, short-term goals each day or week that will help you reach your long-term goals,” advises Shannon Hernandez, certified Health and Wellness Coach. “After all, a long-term goal is really just a series of short-terms.”

“We’ve all been in those situations where a friend or loved one says, ‘it’s the holidays, eat as much pie as you want,’” she laughs. “While it’s usually well-intended, this is the kind of statement that can throw you off.”

When setting those goals, Hernandez says the best way to achieve success is to make them SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” to that second helping, or offer of dessert. Or you can take a proactive approach and bring your own healthy dish to the holiday table. When others know your goals and plans and see you sticking to them, not only are they more likely to encourage you, they might be inspired to make their own SMART plans for a healthy holiday too!

“If your goal is to keep working out and eat as healthy as possible throughout the holidays, that’s great, but it’s vague,” she explains. “You haven’t thought through your solution or plan of action. If your goals are abstract, you may lose focus and fall short of what you want to accomplish.”

Finally, expect the unexpected. Even the SMARTEST plans can fall through. If you find yourself in a sugar coma from too many holiday sweets, or feeling a little under the weather from raising a few too many holiday spirits, don’t be too hard on yourself. One slip-up is not a reason to give up.

As a fitness instructor, I often see people ruin months of hard work and discipline during the holidays because they fail to be

“We are all human, and things happen,” says Hernandez. “Tomorrow is another opportunity to try again.”



SA EATS Explore the taste of San Antonio with these eateries custom picked for you! From coffee stands, to traditional Filipino dining, there’s a little something for everyone’s palate. Have a recommendation? Let us know! Send your picks to

explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus they learned as military members serving this great country and are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase you make, Black Rifle gives back.


180 W. Bitters Rd.

WINE TIME LITTLE DEATH Little Death Wine Bar is a place to discover cool and interesting wines you won’t find at the grocery store. A quaint, pictureworthy facade with outdoor seating and light bites. 2327 N. St Mary’s St.

SUMMER MOON COFFEE Inspired by Hill Country living, this coffee house uses a special wood fire coffee roasting process where every batch is roasted in handmade brick roasters over seasoned Texas oak for a smooth cup of coffee for every patron. ALAMO RANCH 11831 Culebra Rd. #106

COMMONWEALTH COFFEEHOUSE & BAKERY With French inspired pastries, fresh baked breads, and sustainably sources Texas coffee, Commonwealth Coffeehouse & Bakery is an uncommon experience you are sure to enjoy. Visit their flagship location in Alamo Heights or visit one of their smaller locations around town in various business centers (Stone Oak, Mission Trail Baptist, Concord Business Center, and Weston Centre). 118 Davis Ct.

BLACK RIFLE COFFEE COMPANY Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love America. They develop their



COPA WINE BAR & TASTING ROOM Their Wine Bar and Tasting Room is the perfect spot to call home after work, or for your night out, bachelorette party, or wedding shower. Taste test European, domestic, and sparkling wines that are sure to impress! 19141 Stone Oak Pkwy, Ste. 704

HIGH STREET WINE CO. A wine bar and shop in San Antonio’s historic Pearl neighborhood. In an environment focused on comfort and hospitality, guests can enjoy a highly-curated selection of wines from beverage director, Scott Ota and his team of sommeliers. 302 Pearl Pkwy, UNIT 104


with milk teas, pork belly, and all of your favorites. 3505 Wurzbach Rd #102

LA GLORIA La Gloria celebrates the rich and delicious street foods found across the diverse regions of interior Mexico. From tacos al pastor in Mexico City, tlayudas in Oaxaca, to coctéles de mariscos from Veracruz, Mexico’s street foods are as unique and colorful as its traditions, people and culture.

PINCH BOIL HOUSE Serving the community Southeast Asian-inspired seafood, snacks & beer! Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar is about serving the awesome people of San Antonio a fun, delicious Southeast Asian dining experience, and telling a story based on the Pinch Boil House’s culture and our history. 124 N. Main Ave.

Nov 1 6 - dec 24

21819 IH-10

in-store ; online

100 E. Grayson St. restaurants/la-gloria

MI ROTI Chef Nicola Blaques latest establishment, and a new addition to the Pearl’s Bottling Department. Mi Roti serves Caribbean flair that you can enjoy on the Pearl lawn. You can select from their chef Roti selections, or build your own! Bottling Department Food Hall 312 Pearl Pkwy Building 6

BLISS Bliss serves upscale, contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal and fresh local ingredients. They serve fine selection of charcuterie, artisanal cheeses and breads with an eclectic selection of beers and a thoughtful wine list designed to suit a variety of preferences, of both taste and budget. 926 S Presa St.

GOOD EATS SICHUAN HOUSE Sichuan House is offering delivery and curbside pickup. Satisfy your Chinese cravings

THE HAYDEN San Antonio’s newest must-try spot! A friendly space mingling a deep love and respect for the classic Jewish delicatessen with the charming vibe of a South Texas diner. An all-purpose neighborhood spot where the food and cocktails will always be creative and thoughtful, never over thought or fussy.



4025 Broadway

SARI-SARI RESTAURANT MARKET AND BAKERY Currently offering take-out and delivery, Sari Sari is the original spot for Filipino food in San Antonio. Serving the true flavors of traditional style filipino dining to those who delight in sharing food and exploring new flavors. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a freshly prepared meal transporting you back ‘home’ to the Philippines or someplace new and exotic. 5700 Wurzbach Rd.

We encourage you to order online or download our mobile app for quick and easy delivery or in-store pick up. *Holiday Wine Sale runs 11/16/20-12/24/20. Discount applies to wines 750ml or larger, includes Sparkling Wine. No further discount on Sale items, Final Few or Closeouts. Some exclusions apply. Please drink responsibly.

Not NotJust JustaaPhotograph! Photograph!My MyGoal Goalisisto toMake MakeEvery Every Image Image aa Frameable Frameable Piece Piece of of Photographic Photographic Art. Art. (Featured photo: Business portrait – Danyelle Daniel, Realtor)

...Creating beautiful images that capture a priceless memory that will be a personal or family treasure for years to come. In addition to photography, some of our clients also capture their special moments and tell their story with video. Contact me for a no-obligation initial consultation to begin the process of recording and preserving your special once-in-a-lifetime moments.





Kathleen Bibb & Ryan Schilhab

Alyssa Miller & Albert Espinoza

Armida Montanez & Randy Rodriguez

Brianna Arredondo & Ian Davis

August 15, 2020 The Springs Event Venue Deanna Mazzei Photography

September 11, 2020 Hotel Valencia Riverwalk Joshua Michael Photography

August 16, 2020 The Veranda Melissa & Arturo Photography

October 4, 2020 The Allen Farmhaus Ashley Medrano Photography




Miles of Magic My heart swirls with cerulean sentiments that wash over me in waves. I’m filled with gratitude from the gift that keeps on giving. Greeted by a breeze of new beginnings You baptize me with a breath of fresh air. Love has settled upon me in the form of abundance. My dance is a waltz. No longer clumsy, my affection has perfected the cadence. You embrace me in mid-swing. All of a sudden winter doesn’t chill me. I simmer in the solstice satisfied by your giggles stretching on for miles. My hope is magnified with blue magic spinning around on the windmill of my mind. Oh, how you thrill me! The fascination is endless.

Poem by Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson Painting by Sarah Maldonado “Miles from You” Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20



Dina Goytia-Leos, MD Board Certified Internal Medicine

Melissa Medley, MD Board Certified Internal Medicine

Jill Vilaythong, MD Board Certified Internal Medicine

Manuel Vogt, DO Board Certified Family Medicine


San Antonio Medical Associates has recently welcomed two board certified Internal Medicine physicians to our family of providers.

Melissa Medley, MD and Jill Vilaythong, MD are accepting new patients. San Antonio Medical Associates provides excellence in primary care with a passion for prevention, wellness and complementary/alternative treatments. Our services include: • • • • • • • •

Well child visits (18 and older) Men’s and women’s health School and camp physicals Routine adult immunizations Physicals and blood work Medicare annual wellness visits Acute care, including same-day sick visits Chronic disease management

• • • • • • • • •

Geriatric care Diabetes care Hypertension care High cholesterol management Dermatology procedures Joint injections Minor office procedures Osteopathic manipulations Skin biopsies

San Antonio Medical Associates Alamo Quarry Center 250 East Basse Road, Suite 107 San Antonio, TX 78209 210.224.4811

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 210.224.4811 or visit


Feel secure with your financial future. Whether you’re planning for your retirement or building your financial legacy, it should always be done with a partner who’s only focus is your needs. At Broadway Bank Wealth Management, our advisors are held accountable to the highest standard because we believe it’s the right thing to do. In times of uncertainty, our clients can be confident that their best interests will always come first—it’s our obligation under the Fiduciary Standard. You can trust our commitment to excellence and the collaborative teamwork of our world-class employees to deliver the best wealth management and financial planning experience. Let us help you secure your financial future. In person, over the phone or online. W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T

B R O A D W A Y. B A N K / W E A LT H

(210) 283-4014


Profile for sanantoniowoman

San Antonio Woman November / December 2020  

San Antonio Woman's 18 year anniversary issue! On the cover, Dr. “Cha” Guzman is working to ensure everyone in San Antonio has a place to ca...

San Antonio Woman November / December 2020  

San Antonio Woman's 18 year anniversary issue! On the cover, Dr. “Cha” Guzman is working to ensure everyone in San Antonio has a place to ca...

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