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ImprovingyourQualityofLifesince1995September 2023
photo by Carolyn Nored Miller
2 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine
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We love celebrating Grandparents in our September issue each year. This year we feature Larry and Linda Horwood of Sterling City, Texas

Their beautiful little granddaughters are Sayer (age 3) & Steely (age 1 1/2) Horwood - daughters of Lyle and Bailey Horwood of Henrietta, Texas. Kit Horwood (age 8 months) - daughter of Lane and Jenny Horwood of Sterling City, Texas

They love spending time TOGETHER, be it ranching, working, worshiping God, traveling or gathering for holidays and special events. Their precious granddaughters are the biggest blessings in their lives and we know they thank God for them every day.

Sayer & Steely’s other grandparents are Grat & Mickie Williams of Stephenville. Kit’s other grandparents are Jeff and Peggy Detten of Panhandle. Happy

September 2023 Volume 29 issue 5 What’s Inside . . . . . . . isier 5A Musical Concoction 6Beyond Basic Genealogy 7Do’s and Don’ts for Estate Planning 8What Grieving Children Need 9SNAPSHOTS 11Scouting is the Difference 12Community Calendar 16Be an Awesome Long Distance Grandparent 18Pastel Pencil Workshop 19Around San Angelo 20 Meetings Around San Angelo 21Fall Landscape Symposium
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photo by Carolyn Miller

NTUNE Presents

“A Musical Concoction”

Sunday, September 10 4:00 p.m.

Cactus Hotel


Dr. Pamela Lee


Jared Capps, Carlos Carrillo, Larry Cox, Meagan Hunnicutt, Macye Kirkland, Jesse Rios, Sunday Vaught, & Patti Wetzel


Madrigals by A. Banchieri & Irving Fine

Classical music by Gluck & Haydn

Folksongs by Stephen Foster

“Moonglow,” featured in Picnic (1955)

“So Nice,” ‘64 jazz standard by Marcos Valle Paul Simon’s “Mother & Child Reunion”

Billy Joel’s ballad, “And So It Goes,” & Carly Simon’s hymn to NYC, “Let the River Run”

San Angelo Family Magazine September 2023 5

Saturday, September 16th:

Beyond Basic Genealogy

1-4:00 pm

Are you familiar with basic skills in genealogy? Ready to learn more websites to try to find those relatives? It might be time to take the next step in your learning curve. Lisa Mahler, a board member of the San Angelo Genealogical and Historical Society, will teach this class.

This class is designed for participants that already have basic knowledge of genealogy that may have taken the library's "Getting Started With Genealogy" class. Computer skills are helpful to succeed in the class.

Sign up for Beyond Basic Genealogy. At

FMI: Sarah Calderon Community Relations Coordinator Tom Green County Library 325-657-8002

33 W. Beauregard Ave. San Angelo, TX 76903

6 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine

of estate planning


leave a list showing where your assets are held. This is a huge gift for your family members to use in the event tragedy strikes. A lot of the time and expense spent administering an estate comes from locating a departed person’s assets. If you do nothing else about your estate planning this month, at least do this. (Stein Sperling has a handy Estate Organizer on its website.)


remember to update your beneficiary designations. A Last Will and Testament does not govern what happens to retirement accounts and life insurance policies if you have beneficiary designations. You need to stay on top of them, know what they say, and keep them current. BTW: It’s smart to have both a primary and a contingent (backup) beneficiary.


leave your kids without resources. If you have life insurance and minor children, you really need an estate plan. Minor children who are listed as beneficiaries of your life insurance proceeds won’t receive those funds until they reach the age of majority, at which time they’ll get one lump sum without any restrictions on how the funds can be used. Use an estate plan to specify what funds you want your kids to have access to, when, and for what purposes.


get bogged down by one particular decision. (One common speedbump: “We could never decide on a guardian for our kids, so we just decided to wait on doing an estate plan until they’re over 18.”) Your estate plan can (usually) be changed. Just start, already.


Meals For The Elderly relies on our volunteers to help us deliver meals to over 600 recipients daily.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about the volunteer opportunities available, please visit or contact Kelly Usry, Volunteer Director, at (325) 655-9200 or email her at

They could REALLY use your help right now!!

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As families settle into the back-to-school routine, many children and teens are starting out the new school year grieving the loss of a loved one. This can present extra challenges for children as they experience emotions ranging from the excitement of learning and reconnecting with classmates to the isolation and sadness that often accompany grief and loss. It also presents a challenge for parents and teachers as grief often affects a child’s ability to focus and concentrate, leading to behavior and performance issues in the classroom. Children struggling with loss often have a difficult time sitting still, focusing on tasks and finishing homework or projects. Children are often not equipped to cope with the challenges of grief, and therefore, will act out as a result of their inability to cope and to verbalize what they are feeling inside. The best way to help a grieving child is to be aware of their needs and seek support. Here are a few important things to know about the grieving child in your life:

• Children need information. Children need to be told information about the loss in simple, direct and honest ways. This helps to reduce anxiety and confusion surrounding the loss.

• Children learn how to grieve by looking at you. Children need role models for grief. They are watching the adults in their lives to learn how to grieve well. The more opportunities we can give them to talk about the loss and express emotions, the better they will be able to cope.

• Their world feels out of control. One of the most common feelings children experience in grief is anxiety. They often wonder if anyone else they love will die too. Maintaining stability, security, rules and routines are helpful in relieving this anxiety.

• Sometimes they think it’s their fault that their loved one died. More often than people think, children secretly blame themselves for the death of their loved one.

This guilt can come from thinking they were not a good enough kid, did not help enough around the house, or that they are being punished for something they did wrong. Children need a chance to express and talk about these feelings with a trusted adult who can remind them that it was not their fault.

• Talking about the death is hard, but they need to talk. Children often refrain from talking about their loved one with those closest to them. They need to be reminded that it is ok to talk about the loss, and need to be given lots of opportunities to talk with a trusted adult in order to process the loss.

• Sometimes they feel like they are the only one who has lost a loved one. Children often feel isolated in grief. They may be the only child in their classroom or circle of friends who has experienced a loss. Being around other children who have also experienced loss can be very helpful. Peer support groups, like Building Bridges, help children process feelings and make connections with other children who are going through similar circumstances.

We cannot shield children from the experience of losing a loved one, but we can provide them with the support they need as they grieve. Instrumental in healing is a strong support network of family, friends, teachers, counselors, etc. Providing this support gives the child space to grieve the loss in a safe, stable environment. West Texas Rehabilitation Center offers Building Bridges, a peer support group for children, grades K-12, who have experienced the death of a loved one. This program is offered twice each year during the school year and is free to attend.

For more information or to register for our upcoming session (beginning September 19th), contact Libby Probandt (325) 658-6524.

What Grieving Children Need

8 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine


Snapshots is a perfect way to share your best photos. We are looking for cute home snapshots (no professional photos, or school pics). Think of an original caption and email to Please be certain to use the word snapshots in the subject and include the information below on this page.

*Photo publication cannot be guaranteed due to the large volume of photos received.

To Submit a photo, email:


Child’s name, Parent’s name, Contact phone number or email Permission to print child’s photo/name Your favorite caption

One photo per entry, please.

Submitted photos and info will serve as a “photo release,” allowing Ink Publications, LLC the rights to use the photo in any publications.

What if I fall?

Oh, but my darling what if you fly, Deziree

Avery is ready for Fall

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10 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine


On September 28, 2023, Texas Southwest Council - Boy Scouts of America is hosting a Scout Sign Up Night at the Sunset Mall Community Room from 6:00 to 7:30pm. We are inviting all families to come out and enjoy a taste of Cub Scout activities such as racing a Pinewood Derby car and an opportunity to join!

The Scouting experience is divided into five programs according to age and activities – Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting, and Exploring – and now all five are open to both boys and girls! Our unique programs focused on character developmen leadership and outdoor exploration provide a lifetime of benefits! Compared to non-Scouts, Scouts are more likely to: Embrace positive social values, develop kindness, helpfulness, and cheerfulness, and have a greater sense of hope for their future. For more information about our Scouting programs you can go to For more information on how to join go to or call 325-655-7107.


1. SCOUTING SERVES THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Starting with special-interest Exploring posts in 1969, there have been young women in the older youth (ages 14 to 20) programs of the Boy Scouts of America. The exciting thing is that we now have programs that meet the needs of boys and girls alike and for all ages — from kindergarten through age 20. They are proven, exciting programs that have been positively affecting young people for decades, ready-made for today.

2. SCOUTS BSA FOR AGES 11-17 IS NOT COED. While it’s true that we are serving boys and girls, one common misunderstanding with many is that Scouting is “coed.” In the case of our Jr High and High school program (Scouts BSA for ages 11-17) there are separate Scouts BSA Troops for young men and separate Scouts BSA Troops for young women.

3. WE ARE STILL BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA. The Boy Scouts of America organization name continues to be Boy Scouts of America. It has not changed. Beginning in February 2019, the Boy Scout program, ages 11 through 17, changed to “Scouts BSA” and now serves girls as well as boys. This program is the same iconic program it has always been, and now offers Scouting in single-gender troops, through which all Scouts can work to earn the Eagle Scout rank.

For more information about our Scouting Programs or how to join, you can visit our Texas Southwest Council website at

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12 san angelo family September 2023 Upcoming Events Oct. 7Shannon Annual Pink Ribbon Run Oct. 14Paintbrush Alley Market Days (see page 10) Oct. 17Children’s Advocacy Center’s Fall Festival (see page 10) Oct. 19-211st Annual Dia de los Muertos Art Exhibition (see page 10) Nov. 11Meals for the Elderly, “Savor San Angelo” (see page 10) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 24 17 18 Septemb 3 Submit your SNAPSHOTS to SA Family Magazine by September 15th (see page 9 for details) 4 5 6 10 Do you need help paying for housing or utilities? Concho Valley Community Action Agency might help. 325-653-2411 12 13 What is your CAUSE? If Literacy is important to you, please consider giving to the Adult Literacy Council Email your calendar eve 19 20 Send your events to: 25 see more details about San Angelo events on AROUND SAN ANGELO pg 19 26 27 11 Ge seaso t Sym see Bu Ge Tom Green County Every Wednesd -Stories Songs and mo -Tail-Waggin’ Tutors -Hora de Cuentos (Sp hour) 4:30pm 3:30 PM – 4:3 Therapaws: come me dogs at West Branc Come read to or just vi our therapy dogs at Th ages, free 3013 Vista del contact Dedee Cline at Tail-waggin’ Tutors 2:30pm on Mon, Wed, Thurs in the Children’s Department Tom Green Co. Library 3:30 pm every Tuesday, Art Cart Tom Green Co. Library Los Angeles Piano Trio, 3 PM at the Elta Joyce Murphey Performance Hall at City Hall Free Admission, Reserve your ticket, see page 3 SAISD is Hiring!! Carpentry Foreman, Master Plumber and Custodial. See page 2. San Angelo Symphony Guild A Musical Concoction 4:00 p.m., Cactus Hotel see page 5 San Angelo Symphony Guild “Keeping Music Alive” 2:30 - 4:30pm, Cactus Hotel Visitors Welcome, see page7 Fort Concho Spea every Wednesda Free Admission - br see page see pages 8 & 16 for fun ideas! September 10th 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, 7:15am SA Stadium see page 19 Emmanuel School of Fine ArtsLego Robotics, Music Lessons, Art Classes and much more! see page 5 for more information Advertise with San Angelo Family Magazine 325-656-7438 by Sept. 15th

Art Thursdays, every Thursday Concho Clay Studio Free Art Activities see page 3

aker Series y at noon ring a friend



San Angelo Broadway Academy, Fall Theatre classes, ages 3-14, see page 17

September 8-24 Angelo Civic Theatre presents Cabaret see page 19

Building Bridges

A free program for grieving children. Register by Sept. 15th, see page 8

Fall Landscape Symposium, see page 21

2nd Saturday Cinema Tom Green County Library: 33 W Bearegard Ave, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, see page 19

San Angelo REVOLUTION Film Festival see page 19

Scout Signup Night Sunset Mall, 6-7:30pm see page 11

Free Family Clay Day, Concho Clay Studio, 10-12:00, see page 3

Tom Green County Library Beyond Basic Genealogy 1-4:00 pm see page 6

LilyFest, see page 19

Hot Drinks Date Night, Concho Clay Studio, see page 3 Hot Drinks Date Night, Concho Clay Studio, see page 3

Walk to End Alzheimer's see page 19

19th Annual “Let It Go” 1K/5K Run see page 22

Oakes 6pm - 10pm see page 19

Pastel Pencil Workshop, see page 18

September 2023 san angelo family 13 y Thursday Friday Saturday Please verify date Visit us on Facebook or go to ber ‘23 Save A Life Donate Blood Now 2 9 14 15 16 ents to and add us on Facebook 21 22 23 Drivers NEEDED!! Meals for the Elderly see page 7 7 8 28 Take Your Kids Bowling!!! et your on tickets o the mphony! page 14 uy one, et one!! Farmer’s Market 609 South Oakes 7 a.m.- 1 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Cactus Market Days 13 W Twohig Ave 10-4pm see page 19 29 Library day: ore 10:30am s 2:30pm anish story m 30 PM et the therapy ch Library! isit with one of herapaws. All e. Arroya 1 30 Angelo West Branch Library Every Friday 10:30 and 11am: Stories and More- a children’s story time Angelo West Branch 6:00 pm YA book club discusses Prince of Song and Sea by Linsey Miller Tom Green County Library Get Crafty! 9am-9pm bring your meal, friends, and crafty projects and spend the day with fellow crafters! It’s a “come-and-go” vibe. Amy Grant Live! Murphey Performance Hall: 72 W College Ave 8:00pm-10pm Cowboy Way Jubilee 630 S Oakes St Concho Valley Food Truck Festival 609 S
to Start a Non-profit Free Lunch and Learn see page
14 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine
San Angelo Family Magazine September 2023 15

Being An Awesome Long Distance Grandparent

Just because you live far away from your grandkids doesn’t mean that you can’t do things with them. We live in a fabulous world of technology where interacting with those Littles that live too far to just drive over can be a breeze! If you want to spend the afternoon with them. . .Do it!

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #1 – Become Penpals

Participate in two-way activities like becoming penpals, sending a continuous story back and forth, journaling, or just a series of questions you answer. They will love to get in on the fun. Maybe you can start sending pictures with a few words on them.

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #2 – Include Them Any Way You Can

Try to include your long-distance Littles in some of the big activities. One way is to Skype or Facetime during any activities. Grandparents and the kids will love this!

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #3 – Watch TV “Together”

You can watch a TV show “together” and then talk about it. That opens the door to share some excitement for upcoming episodes. . .more reasons to talk to each other! (This is a fun one especially as they get older).

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #4 – Play Puzzles & Word Games

Little ones love puzzles and word games. As long distance grandparents, you can play just like we do with the Littles that are close by. Ask for certain types of words and then read the silly story to them. Then we change roles. You could mail e other puzzles and then share in the joy of completing it. You will love to get mail from them as much as they will love to get you!!

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #5 – Read to Each Other

You can read to each other. You can show them picture books if you are on a video chat of some kind. Or you can read chapter books together. That gives you a reason to talk to each other often as you will both probably be excited to read the next chapter. A fun favorite book series – Kingdom Keepers. (If you’re Disney fans, you will LOVE this series. It’s a fictional series set in the Disney parks. Check it out and see for yourself!)

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #6 – Play the Story Game

The Story Game is where you start a story with 3-5 words. Then, your grandchild needs to continue the story with just 3-5 words. Then you continue the story with the next 3-5 words. This game can get hilarious when your grandchildren run it completely off the rails in a direction that you just didn’t anticipate. . .especially with the little ones!

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #7 – Cook & Eat a Meal Together

Agree ahead of time what they are cooking and get all the ingredients needed to make the meal. At the designated day and time, they gather on Skype or Facetime or Zoom. You each fix the meal and talk while you cook. Just because you are long distance grandparents doesn’t mean that you can’t have a meal together! This is a great way for parents or grandparents to hand down family recipes to those who don’t live close.

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #8 – Do Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Did you know you can do jigsaw puzzles together online? You can invite groups of people to join and do the puzzle. This might take

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #9 – Share Your Personal History

Share your personal history with your grandchildren one story at a time. This will be invaluable someday. As a matter of fact, it might be fun to put these stories into a video and put it on a private YouTube channel or burn onto a CD that you can share with your family. Let the kids ask you questions about your life growing up or when you were dating.

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #10 – Plant Something Together

Send your grandkids a small planting set – pot, seeds, soil, maybe some small tools, watering can, gloves, etc. You keep some of the same seeds. When they get the package, plan a time to video chat and plant the seeds while they do the same. Every week compare your plant’s growth and see how they are doing.

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #11 – Send “Open When” Letters

You can send your grandkids “open when” letters. Mark some milestones during the coming weeks or months and write a letter to your grandchild for each of those times. Send them all at once and have a specific open date (and/or time). You can call them after they open each letter and tell them how much you love them.

Long Distance Grandparent Activity #12 - Make time for the older kids too

Older kids are harder because they are so busy, but plan ways to stay in touch - even if its just texting with them. Or be brave and learn a new app or software! Or maybe ask them questions that are more technical - they might love to be able to teach YOU something.

16 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine


San Angelo Family Magazine September 2023 17

The San Angelo Art Club has been organized since 1928. They sponsor several art shows throughout the year. Their home is in the Kendall Art Gallery, 119 W. 1st Street.

Their second workshop this year is a Pastel Pencil Workshop to be held Saturday, September 30 at the Kendall Art Gallery. Megan Timmermann, High School art teacher at Wall High School, will be the instructor. Megan graduated from ASU with a degree in education and has been teaching for 17 years. She has been interested in art since she could pick up a pencil. Her favorite thing about teaching is showing her students how art is something anyone can learn and enjoy and they don’t have to be born with talent. While Megan loves all forms of art she is most proficient in colored and pastel pencils. Her specialty is pet portraits. Her students use the website of a local pet rescue to get the models for their pet portraits.

The workshop will be at the Kendall Art Gallery classroom, 119 1st Street, San Angelo, Texas. It will be from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Lunch will be served. The cost of the seminar is $75 and includes lunch and paper for the project.

All levels of experience are invited to this pastel pencil workshop. Whether you are a beginner or advanced painter, you will enjoy learning a new medium with pastel pencils. You’ll learn how the pencils work and how to work with them in shading and highlighting. Megan recommends attendees bring photos of a landscape or still life for their project. Animals can also be a good subject, however, they are a little more of a challenge. She would like everyone to bring an 8”x10” print of their photo.

Attendees will also need to purchase their own pencils: StabiloCarbOthello-Pastel Pencils are the brand Megan recommends for best results. They can be purchased through or She requests everyone purchase at least a 24 piece set or larger. Megan has a few sets of pencils some can borrow for the workshop—first-come-first served. A special type of paper is used and Megan will furnish the paper. It is included with the workshop fee.

The workshop cost is $75 with a $40 deposit required in advance to reserve your seat. Remainder can be paid at the door. Cancellations before September 25 will be refunded. Mail deposit or drop it by: San Angelo Art Club, Kendall Art Gallery, 119 1st Street, San Angelo, TX 76903. Deadline to register is September 15 (To allow time for ordering paper.).

For more information call Susan Stanfield, 325-656-3104 or Irene Meitzen 325-651-4379. Or go to their website:

18 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine

september Around San Angelo

Every Saturday in September

Get Crafty

Tom Green County Library: 33 W Beauregard Ave

9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Join us for a day filled with crafting and as much socializing as you want–it’s time for Get Crafty! We’ll be in the Sugg with plenty of plug sockets and room to spread out, if you’re one of those types. Bring a lunch, bring a friend, most importantly–bring a project. Free, all ages welcome.

September 2

Manny's Birthday Bash

The House of FiFi DuBois: 123 S Chadbourne St

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Benefit for ASU BASEBALL. Music, drinks, and fun!

September 8-24

Angelo Civic Theatre presents Cabaret

1936 Sherwood Way

(325) 949-4400


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Daring, provocative, and exuberantly entertaining, Cabaret explores the dark and heady life of Bohemian Berlin as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich. Catch this must-see musical with a cast and crew directly from YOUR community – only at the historic Angelo Civic Theatre. Go to to learn more or call (325) 949-4400 today!

September 9

2nd Saturday Cinema

Tom Green County Library: 33 W Bearegard Ave

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Movie club! Join AV Librarian Linda and the gang in the Sugg Community Room for a different movie every month. 18+, bring a lunch & friend, free.

Can’t join us in person? Think of a great point after you left? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page, Let’s Watch Something Cool at the Library!

September 9

Concho Clay Studio Fall Sessions

Kiln Basic Workshop

Concho Clay Studio 423 S Oakes St

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

September 10

9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

07:15 am

San Angelo Stadium, 1902 Knickerbocker

September 16

Lily Fest

International Water Lily Collection: 2 S Park St

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

These are just a few of the many monthly activities. More listed throughout the magazine and on our community calendar. Send your events to:

Come enjoy our yearly celebration of the waterlilies from around the world! Event is from 9am to noon. This is a free family friendly event open to all. There will be Kona Ice, free arts and crafts, and a live DJ.

September 16

Cactus Market Days

13 W Twohig Ave

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

A local event held every 3rd Saturday of the month for local arts & craft vendors. Local Craft & Food Vendors Contact Judy Fowler: 949-6200 or 234-5566

September 16

Fiestas Patrias "Pulgaso"

Concho Valley Farmer's Market 609 S Oakes St

5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Pulgaso is back to celebrate fiestas “Pulgaso” Fiestas Patrias!

Tons of entertainment “FREE ENTRY TO PUBLIC”

September 16

2023 San Angelo Colors of Autumn Market

First Financial Pavilion

4400 Grape Creek Rd, San Angelo

San Angelo Colors of Autumn Market will host about 50 vendors selling unique crafts, holiday gifts and seasonal decors. Free hourly raffles. Free admission. Hours: 9am-5pm

September 23

Walk to End Alzheimer's 08:30 am

Kirby Park, 1401 Edmund Blvd, San Angelo

September 24

Symphony Guild Season Kickoff Event

Cactus Hotel: 36 E Twohig Ave

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

The San Angelo Symphony Guild is kicking off their 68th season, themed “Keeping the Music Alive” from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, at the Cactus Hotel. Members and the public are invited to attend.

The event will include a general membership meeting, the introduction of the 2023-24 Symphony Belles, Beaux and Ambassadors, as well as the announcement of the theme and date of our 40th annual gala.

September 24

The Los Angeles Piano Trio

Elta Joyce Murphey Performance Hall at City Hall 72 W. College Ave.

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts presents the Los Angeles Piano Trio featuring San Angelo native Margaret Batjer, violin, with Fabio Bidini, piano, and Andrew Shulman, cello.

Join violinist Margaret Batjer for a public masterclass the following day at the Eldon Black Recital Hall at

Angelo State University from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on September 25th, 2023.

Admission and parking are free

September 29 - October 1

Cowboy Way Jubiliee 2023

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark: 630 S Oakes St

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

$99 for the whole weekend! Come and go as you like. Intimate gathering with lots of 1 on 1 time. (Pay when you get here, cash or credit card)

September 29

Amy Grant Live!

Murphey Performance Hall: 72 W College Ave

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

September 29

San Angelo REVOLUTION Film Festival

The San Angelo Revolution Film Festival is an annual event that has become a highlight in our city’s cultural scene. Bringing together visionary filmmakers and film enthusiasts from across the United States, this festival celebrates the art of storytelling through the medium of film.

Hosted in the heart of San Angelo, the San Angelo REVOLUTION Film Festival provides a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to showcase their craft and share their unique perspectives with a diverse audience. The festival’s lineup is a carefully curated selection of cutting-edge films that challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and inspire viewers to see the world in a new light.

September 30

Martial Pint Oktoberfest!!

The Martial Pint: 19 E Concho Ave

5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Join us for this years Annual Oktoberfest at The Martial Pint! FREE LIVE music starting at 5 pm!! Food and fun for the whole family!! Always pet and family friendly!! And now even more for the littles with eats, treats AND Glitches Arcade!!

September 30

Concho Valley Food Truck Festival

609 S Oakes

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

For all of those foodies out there, the Concho Valley Food Truck Festival is on the calendar! Not only will we have food trucks and food vendors, but think small business bakers, makers, creators and well everything food! Saturday, September 30th from 6p-10p at the Farmer’s Market Pavilion on Oaks St. Entry is FREE to the public! Invite a fellow foodie!

Send your events to SAFM:

San Angelo Family Magazine September 2023 19


Email meeting information to Please include contact information. SAFM reserves the right to determine if the meeting will be included. PLEASE verify any meeting dates and times as changes could be made after our print date.

Adult Diabetes Support Group -2nd Thurs. 6:30pm. Trinity Lutheran Fellowship hall. Leslie Hines 323-657-8249

Aglow International, San Angelo Lighthouse - every 1st Thurs, 6:30pm, Ministerial Alliance, 1100 Martin Luther King Dr., pot luck supper, all are welcome. FMI 325-653-9975

Alcoholics Anonymous, 3711 Chadbourne, San Angelo, TX 76901. A phone number for all AA groups in San Angelo is (325) 939-8939. New website-Meetings listing:

Al-Anon - 1917 W. Avenue N, help for those whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. FMI 800-259-1972 or or

Alzheimer’s Assoc. Support Groups - 438 E. Houston Harte Expy or for full list & FMI 1-800-272-3900

American Legion Post 32 - 2nd Mon, 7p, 165 E 43rd Street. FMI Post Adjutant 325-653-1958..

American Legion Post 572 - 3rd Saturday, 9 am breakfast, 10 am meeting, Elks Lodge, 2121 S. Chadbourne, FMI 325-655-7648 (Carl Frentz) or

Assn of Asian-American Women- 2nd of the month in person or via zoom. For more information call Mimi Clark at 563.650.1029 or visit:

Breastfeeding Community Gathering, Every Thurs.(excluding holiday), 11:00am, FREE, Shannon Women’s & Children’s Hospital Family Room, FMI: Amanda John 325-481-6326

Brush & Brag Decorative Painter's, 3rd Sat., 9am, St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 2506 Johnson Street (Fellowship Hall) FMI Kathleen Daniel 227-6833,

Canyon Creek Cloggers - Mon. & Thurs., 5:30-7:00, 320 W. Ave N (Sam Houston Elem. cafeteria).FMI Karen-949-4204/374-6289.

Civil Air Patrol – every Thur, Emergency Operation Center (EOC) at San Angelo Airport, 6:30p-9p, age 12 & up with interest in aerospace education, cadet programs and emergency services. Contact: or

Compassionate Friends Support Group - Thursdays, 6:30 pm, Harmony room at First United Methodist Church (corner of Twohig and Chadbourne). Park on the second floor of parking garage of Cactus Hotel. Come through double glass doors. Contact Peggy Mathias

Concho Valley Archeological Society, Non Profit Organization, Meetings 4th Thursday each month except July & December, 7:00 pm, Classroom at the Fort Concho Living History Stables, 236 Henry O. Flipper St. San Angelo, FMI Larry Riemenschneider 325-653-8216

Concho Valley CARES Coalition - 1st Wed., 12:00-1:00pm, SAISD Admin Building, 1621 University Ave, FMI Jennifer Flores, (325)224-3481 or Sarah Adame, (325)224-3481

Concho Valley Quilters Guild - Wed., 28 N Chadbourne, parking in the back, 9:30-2:30 pm. We hand-quilt for the public & members. Visitors/New members welcome! FMI 325-227-8713.

Concho Valley Photography Club- 2nd Saturday ea. month, 9:30 am, online Zoom meetings, open to all levels of photographers.

Concho Valley Republican Women 4th Thursday luncheon (January-October), 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Riverview Restaurant, 880 W Ave D, San Angelo, TX 76903. Open to the public. For FMI and RSVP go to

Concho Valley Retired Teachers and Associates (CVRTA) Second Tuesday of the month (Sep-May), 9:30 am, at First Christian Church, 29 S Chadbourne, San Angelo.

Concho Valley Telephone Pioneer Club - 3rd Friday, Rio Concho Manor Rec. Rm 12 noon, lunch 11:30. Different speaker each month. FMI Rhonda Nichols @ (325) 656-5301

Concho Valley Turning Point: (Faith-Based 12 Step) Tues 7pm, (Anger Mgmt.) Thurs 7pm, (Bible Study) Mon & Fri 7pm, (Transitional Housing for Men), meet @528 E. Highland Blvd. FMI: 325-658-1389,, Hope, Believe & Achieve Here!

Disability Connections Center - monthly peer support groups, computer classes, cooking classes and arts & crafts classes, FMI call 325-227-6624 or 325-227-6625,

Disabled American Veterans' Auxiliary - 1st Thurs, 5:30 p.m., 1909 Pulliam, FMI: Maria Torres, 653-9059

Down Syndrome Support Group - 2nd Thur, even numbered months, 6:00pm, Region 15, Open to individuals with Down Syndrome/families/friends. Child Care and light meal provided. FMI Karyn at 227-3716 or Kathy at 325-651-9593

Embroidery Guild of America 3rd Tues 7PM, St.Paul Presbyterian Church, 11 Park St., FMI Leslie Wisdom

Fleet Reserve Assn (FRA) Branch 295 - 3rd Sat, 11a, Elks Lodge, 2121 S. Chadbourne, FMI 325-942-8036 (Terry Cook, Branch Secretary)

Greater San Angelo Crafts Guild 3rd Sun, 2:30p, St. Paul Presbyterian, 11 N Park, Visitors welcome. FMI 949.8206 Group Connections - free family gatherings and educational activities for parents and children. Monthly. FMI call (325)653-HOPE or visit

Hanging By A Thread Quilt Club - 2nd Mon, 7p, Suez Shrine Temple, FMI Louise Lathram, 325-703-4664.

Le Coterie Society Club of San Angelo - 2nd Saturday each month, St Mark Presbyterian Church, 11am-12pm, FMI: Helen 325-262-8563 or Ronetta 325-653-7574

Lone Star Cloggers every Mon. & Wed. 5:30-8pm V.F.W. Hall/125 S. Browning Street. We welcome former cloggers and anyone interested in learning. FMI: Beverly Grenda 653-6448

Myasthenia Gravis Support Group, Sat. Feb. 29, 10 - 11 am, Downtown Branch of Tom Green County Library, 2nd floor, FMI or call 806-252-2158

NAACP - 1st Sat, 2-3:30p, Ministerial Alliance Campus, 1100 MLK Blvd., FMI

Overeaters Anonymous (HOW) - call hotline for locations and times. 325-482-8899

Parents Helping Parents - 3rd Tues. WTRC Admin. bldg, 12-1:00pm. Light meal provided, RSVP. FMI Barby Nobles, 223-6473.Open to all children, families, friends with special needs.

Parkinson’s Support Group, 4th Monday, 5:30, Glen Meadows Baptist Church Rm 104, 6002 Knickerbocker RD., FMI 325 949-0970

San Angelo Amateur Radio Club (SAARC) - 2nd Thurs,, 7:00pm, the clubhouse, 5513 Stewart Lane, Mathis Field Airport. Open to any Amateur Radio operators FMI

San Angelo Art Club-1st Mon, 7p, Kendall Gallery, 119 W 1st St,,, or

San Angelo Astronomy Assoc - 1st Mon, 7p, ASU Planetarium. FMI 325-277-6139 or

San Angelo Chess Club Mondays except holidays, 6-8 pm, downtown library, 33 W. Beauregard, Suggs Community Room (3rd floor) or occasionally in library lobby. Sets provided. Casual and USCF-rated games. 325-853-2324. Free.

San Angelo Dream Center, Mons., 6-8pm, 1928 MLK Blvd. Christ Powered Recovery, 12 Step Faith based recovery group. Probation/Parole approved. FMI Jeff Matheny 325-234-9958.

San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society (SAGHS) 1st Tue, Sept -May, 7p, Trinity Lutheran, Fellowship Hall, 3536 Lutheran Way. Free & open to the public. Refreshments provided. FMI (325) 268-0973,, or

San Angelo Republican Women - 1st Mon, San Angelo VFW, 125 S. Browning, 6:00 p.m. Free/open to the public. "Boots on the Ground!" FMI:

San Angelo TEA Party 2nd Tues., 507 N. Chadbourne St. annex building next to Transit/Bus Station, 6 to 7:30 p.m. contact 325-227-8982

San Angelo Toastmasters Thursdays, Zoom Meetings at 5:30-6:30, FMI Hilda Guffey, 325-450-7044,

San Angelo Writers' Club 2nd Tues, 6:30pm, TGC Stephens downtown library lobby, FMI

Space To Be Me (Youth Support Group, ages 12-18), Wednesdays, 6:00pm, Open Arms office (113 N. Harrison), FMI or contact Jon Zachariah - 325-655-2000 (LGBT+ Support Group)

SMART Recovery - free group support for people experiencing addictions. Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 pm at 133 W Concho Ave #110, San Angelo, TX 76903. FMI call (325)-944-2561. Texas Veterans for Veterans - Tuesdays, 7:15am-9:30am, 1905 Pulliam, designed to help local needy veterans and their families. FMI 325-656-9562

The Survivor Sisters 1st Thurs., 5:30pm, Cancer Empowerment & Resource Center/Shannon Clinic, 102 N. Magdalen St. Female cancer survivors & friends/caregivers welcome. FMI Katie Hill, at 325-481-2065.

TOPS TX 0136 (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) - Weight Loss Group, Thurs, 7-8pm, Calvary Baptist Fellowship Center, 2401 Armstrong, San Angelo. FMI – 325-653-1045 or 325-656-8167. Veteran SMART Recovery - free support for people experiencing addictions. Weds, 6-7pm, Cactus Hotel (36 E Twohig Ave. #110, San Angelo). FMI Steven Keihl 325-944-2561. VFW POST 1815 - 10:00am, 3rd Sat., 125 S. Browning. FMI John Muckleroy, 655-6550

Vietnam Veterans of America -1st Thurs, 6:30p, 119 N. Chadbourne, FMI 949-3059

Women Veterans Society, every 3rd Thursday at 5:30 pm. 125 S. Browning St. For more information, email us at

Young Professionals of San Angelo, 3rd Thurs, Visitor Center's Riverview Room, 12-1pm. FMI: or

20 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine

Fall Landscape Symposium

The Concho Valley Master Gardeners in San Angelo, Texas are presenting their annual Fall Landscaping Symposium. This year they have invited specialists in their fields locally and out of town to help everyone from beginners to experienced gardeners get a good start on their gardens. The Annual Fall Landscape Symposium will be held Saturday, September 9 at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, 7887 N. US Highway 87, San Angelo. Cost is $30 per person. No refunds for cancellations. Due to limited seating, pre-registration is required. Deadline to register is Wednesday, September 6, but don’t wait too late as seats fill up fast.

These excellent speakers who are tops in their fields will be presenting throughout the day at this year’s Symposium.

Steve Chaney—Horticulture Extension Agent, retired. Steve will be talking about landscape design and how to make it simple , easy and fun. He will also talk about hobby greenhouses and help attendees decide what size is best.

Joseph Marcus—NPONA Program Coordinator at Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. Joseph will discuss the why’s of using native plants and how the natives plants of north America can be a useful resource for your landscape.

Diane Raschke—Farmer’s Daughter Landscaping. Diane will be talking about Designing with succulents and tropical plants.

Gregory Wilson—Extension IPM Specialist. Gregory will talk about Integrated Pest Management, what it is and how beneficial this program is for your landscape and garden.

Registration includes refreshments throughout the day and lunch. On the day of the seminar, sign-in starts at 8 a.m. The speake start at 8:30 a.m. and continue until 3:30 p.m.

To pay by check or cash, go to and download the registration form Mail it in or bring it to the Extension Office, 113 W. Beauregard, San Angelo, Texas 76901. You’ll also find parking and hotel information on the website. To pay online with a credit card, go to and click on the shop now tab.

For questions or more information call 325-659-6522. No childcare will be provided.

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22 September 2023 San Angelo Family Magazine
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