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Information, Advice and Listings for Care Services in Cornwall 2008/09

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Care You Can Trust

Creditation Quality Hallmark from... the

gold standards

framework Eshcol House is situated in one of the loveliest parts of Cornwall standing above the old fishing port of Portscatho on the Roseland Peninsula with outstanding views from well furnished and spacious rooms. Eshcol House achieves the very best standards of nursing care and received the highest accreditation marks nationally for the newly announced Gold Standards Framework. We believe in the philosophy that the client and their needs come first and our dedicated and caring staff team will ensure that everyone receives the very best of care and attention whether they come for a brief period of recuperation or for a longer term.

For further details and a copy of our brochure please contact: Mrs Maggie Stobbart-Rowlands Eshcol House, Portscatho, Nr Truro, Cornwall TR2 5HR Telephone 01872 580291 Email Website

Situated a short distance from the village of Marazion and the famous St Michaels Mount on the South Cornish Coast Courtlands is committed to providing high quality care in a warm and friendly environment. We aim to ensure our residents enjoy every day as if they were in their own home. In new and refurbished accommodation we offer a range of bedrooms and lounges with attractive garden outlooks enabling residents to choose how and where they wish to spend their day and a range of activities are provided to join in if they wish.

For further details and a copy of our brochure please contact: Mrs Gillian Fairhurst Courtlands, Rosudgeon, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 9PN Telephone 01736 710476 Email Website

Welcome to


s a directory of care, it is the aim of RightCareIndex to assist the public in their search for care and to enhance and individualise their lifestyles. Comprehensive listings are included in this publication and our website together with helpful information from appropriate sources.

Editors Notes

Welcome to the second annual edition of RightCareIndex - Care For Cornwall. Our main aims this year are to be even more inclusive, accessible and informative. We have new sections for Carers, Safeguarding Adults and Advocacy and a new easy-to-use key system for finding the right care home. In addition to this we have upgraded the website to include full colour page-turning EBooks of our latest publications. Further more we are delighted to introduce RightCareSolutions - A free service offering individualised search for services, in publication and on our website. Our sister company registered as a nursing and domiciliary care agency gives us true expertise and understanding of the health and social care sector. Following a procurement process undertaken by Cornwall County Council Dept Adult Social Care, RightCareIndex has been awarded sole distribution rights from 1st April 2009 through to and including 2012. We are delighted to have achieved this in our home county and fully intend to always site our head office in Cornwall as we develop our product throughout England and Wales. In order to remain topical and local we welcome any contact and information from both the public and private sector please feel free to contact us with any useful information.

All information and listings contained in this publication are available online at





Christine Rowberry Editor Cornwall County Council’s distribution of this publication does not constitute their support or recommendation of any of the products or services within the publication. Cornwall County Council nor RightCareIndex be held responsible Strip2 15/5/07can11:59 Page 1 for any errors or omissions regarding listings in this publication.

© RightCareIndex 2008. All rights reserved for RightCareIndex titles. Reproduction of any part of this publication in any form is prohibited without prior permission from RightCareIndex. RightCareIndex has made every effort to ensure the information in this directory is accurate. The company cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. RightCareIndex does not endorse or support any institution listed. Published by: RightCareIndex, 29A Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2LS. 0844 8009708. Publisher: Christine Rowberry. Production Managers: Geoff Muskett / Samuel Manley. Assistant Production Manager: Jen Lucas. Editor: Christine Rowberry. Human Resources: Nadine Brace. Advertising Manager: Christine Rowberry. Senior Sales Executive: Derek Phillips. Marketing: Kevin Robins. IT Manager: Robert Rowberry.

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Large format available call 0844 800 9708 Information available online at

• CPIC Cornwall Partners in Care • Cornwall County Council • Direct Payments

Cornwall Partners in Care

aresHome about Care are fees? ! o d e W Editorial from UKHCA


Listings for all homecare providers in Cornwall


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Services in Cornwall listed. OPAAL release Advocacy DVD

can help you:

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be ority, its

Care Homes

Care Fees Advice from NHFA ‘Questions to Ask When Moving into a Care Home’ advice from Age Concern Listings for all Care Homes in Cornwall ordered alphabetically by district.

Picture from NHFA

Learning Disabilities



Care providers and care homes for learning disabilities listed Improvements 08/09 New help to get jobs What is happening with Learning Disabilities in Cornwall?

Mental Health

Home Meals Service

NHFA advice and information is available to all regardless of means and Alzheimers you are never under anySaneline obligation to implement any of our Legal help recommendations.

post SCE12765 WITNEY, OX29 4BR

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Leisure & Recreation


Jubilee Sailing Trust Walking Routes Free Cinema Listings Leisure Centres Attractions in Cornwall



Information from the charity Motability about The Mobility Scheme Listings for car dealerships providing Motability services in Cornwall

Nursing Agencies


What to expect - National Minimum Standards Nursing Agencies listed for Cornwall

Day Care


Day Care and Respite centres listed for elderly, disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health, sensory impairment

Sheltered Housing


Information from Elderly Accommodation Counsel Listings for sheltered housing schemes which offer extra care services.



Information about Disability Cornwall Listings are provided for wheel chair provision Disability and Advice Line

Information and Contacts


Putting People First Third Party Top-Ups Cinnamon Trust PALS Useful Contacts Help the Aged Age Concern One Cornwall

Safeguarding Adults Say NO to abuse



Useful Contacts



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M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

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008 to 2009 will see changes for the care services in Cornwall. Here we report to you up-to-date and relevant information for the coming year from both the public and independent sector.

Representing Voluntary Cornwall County Council and Independent Sectors


Cornwall Partners in Care

CPIC is a Community Interest Company set up to represent all voluntary and independent care providers in Cornwall Formed with assistance from European funding it has been created to act as an umbrella body and voice for businesses delivering care services in the County. Its aims are: • Promoting quality of service • Maintain diversity of provision and choice • Bring affordable and accessible training to those working in care • Increase public and political awareness of the needs of service users in Cornwall • Work in partnership with the Department of Adult Social Care and the Primary Care Trust (PCT) to draw funding into the sector to support services and workforce development There continues to be much concern felt for those in need of care and relatives and friends who support them. Cornwall Partners in Care will address these concerns as it works in partnership with the Local Authority and Health to ensure effective delivery of services and use of resources. As changes in the commissioning of social care unfold, Cornwall Partners in Care is engaging and negotiating with the Department of Adult Social Care and the Primary Care Trust to ensure continuity of services across Cornwall and to provide a voice and support for voluntary and independent care providers and their staff. Gillian Fairhurst, Chair Cornwall Partners in Care Strip2



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The Department of Adult Social Care (DASC) is independent of the organisations listed in this Directory but we are pleased to distribute it widely. We are able to offer a Community Care assessment to anybody, whether or not they pay for their service privately and we can help them access services, information or support. We are also keen to assess the needs of carers whether or not the people for whom they care receive a service from us. Most of the assessments for support are carried out by our Case Co-ordinators. More complex assessments are carried out by our qualified Social Workers and Occupational Therapists (OTs). Our assessments seek to be holistic and outcome focused and are often undertaken jointly with health service colleagues. Rapid Assessment Teams (RATs), consisting of Health and DASC staff, help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and promote independence. To help us determine a person’s eligibility for community care support from us we use a framework called Fair Access to Care Services (FACs). This is a national requirement. Service users’ needs are assessed and banded using the framework to determine whether their needs are critical, substantial, moderate or low. Currently, we are not able to provide services to those people who have been assessed with needs in the low and moderate bands, due to financial pressures. However, we will endeavour to help people to find other ways of meeting their needs by redirecting them to other organisations, by helping them use their own resources or by giving them advice whether they are publicly or privately funded. We aim to offer a service to promote independence to the widest possible group of people in Cornwall whilst ensuring the proper use of the department’s resources. If you have concerns about care or support or need advice, please talk to us. Sheila Smith, Acting Director of Adult Social Care

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Care in Cornwall

adult social care

Here for you and those who care for you

Cornwall’s Community Care Teams exist to provide

Information packs are available to anyone coming to

top quality services and support to adults, helping to

us for help - we know people benefit from accurate

meet a wide range of social care needs.

and up-to-date information.

Support at home, services for older people, respite

If you want to know what the Department of Adult

to help carers take a break, services for people with

Social Care could do for you contact your local office

sensory loss, dementia and learning disabilities,

or give our Information Team a call on 01872 323661.

equipment loans and home adaptations, residential

Ask for an information pack, or for an assessment of

and nursing care, direct payment schemes - these

your needs - we may be able to offer you just the

are just some of the services our community based

help you need!

workers could help you get.




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M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Single Access Service to deal with all Adult Social Care referrals, requests and enquiries What? A single, county-wide generic access service that will deal with all Department of Adult Social Care (DASC) referrals, requests, and enquiries; the vast majority of which are currently received by telephone. There will be a multidisciplinary, multi-professional team to help identify how enquiries can be resolved at the point of referral and this will include an initial stage of information gathering and an assessment of needs and risk using the Fair Access to Care Services eligibility screening (see box). The access service will also give financial information. In situations where referrals do not appear to meet eligibility (currently set at Critical and Substantial) the service will offer to sign-post to other community based services, including the voluntary and independent sectors, and provide any available support.

Fair Access to Care Services (FACS)

4 bands – Critical, Substantial, Moderate, Low 5 criteria • Autonomy and freedom to make choices • Health and safety, including freedom from harm, abuse and neglect • The ability to manage personal and other daily routines • Involvement in family and wider community life • Carer’s circumstances

Where? The service will be office based and will comprise a multiskilled team of staff from DASC, with representation from partner agencies.

Why? Many services both locally and nationally have either changed their access arrangements, or are in the process of doing so. They report that up to 80% of calls and enquiries can successfully be dealt with at first point of contact, with a more consistent and quicker response which provides information about available other forms of support. For DASC, this change to its access service offers huge benefits: opportunity to provide first class services, and creation of greater capacity for our workers to focus on quality assessments and carrying out timely reviews of the services and needs of the people we work with.

When? Strip2



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Changes are already being planned and developed. From

autumn 2008 all referrals and enquiries to DASC will be carried out through this service. Once they have identified that a person requires a full assessment or immediate onward referral to a specialist service or worker, the referral will be allocated to the appropriate fieldwork team working with older people, people with physical disability or people with learning disability. The intention is that DASC will be able to quickly and appropriately resolve more that 40% of the referrals and enquiries it currently receives at the point of first contact.

What else? You can find more information about DASC in their leaflets, particularly their new leaflet “Looking for Social Care in Cornwall”. This is for people who are not eligible for local authority services, or who wish to pay for their own services. Copies or any leaflets can be obtained through your local DASC office or by calling 01872 322 004.

Assessing Your Need Anyone who feels they may require help. the Department of Adult Social Care (DASC) can ask for an assessment. This means that someone from DASC may visit you, usually at home or in hospital, once your referral has been subject to initial receipt by the access service. When DASC does come out to meet with you and any family members or representatives you may wish to have present they will discuss your situation, and work out with you what help would be appropriate to meet your friends. DASC use eligibility criteria laid down by the Government to assess people wishing to receive services. This assessment process is called Fair Access to Care (FACs, see yellow box opposite), and its aim is to focus services on those people in greatest need.

Should I ask for an assessment? Adult Social Care will assess your need for services if you are an adult with:•physical disability, or a long-term illness •sight or hearing loss •learning disability •mental health problem Or if you are: •an older person and frail •a carer You can ask a friend, relative or your GP to contact us on your behalf if you are in hospital, the nursing staff can arrange for Adult Social Care to contact you, either during your stay in hospital, or on your return home. More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘Assessing Your Needs’ leaflet, ref: ASC14

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

With all the services Adult Social Care Provide: • they will assess your needs. You can have a written copy of this assessment if you want. • they will give you as much choice and independence as they can. • they will listen to what you say about the service you want, and do their best to provide it. • they will make sure the services you get are what you need. • they will review the services you receive at least every 6 months to help make sure they are still right for you. • they will keep your details confidential, and only share them with other people who need to work with you. • if you have to wait for a service, they will tell you when you can have it and identify any alternative forms of support

Direct Payments Scheme What are Direct Payments? Direct payments are one way of providing social care services to people who need support to live independently in the community. Following an assessment of needs and an agreement that eligible needs will be met, Cornwall County Council will give people the choice of Direct Payments or having social care services arranged for them. It is also possible to receive a care package which combines a Direct Payment and arranged services. A Direct Payment gives individuals requiring social care support the opportunity to arrange and pay for it themselves in order that they may organise their lives flexibly on a dayto-day basis. It also means that people have greater choice in how to meet their needs. Direct Payments are paid in advance into a separate bank or building society account on a four weekly basis. What can Direct Payments be used for? Most people using Direct Payments employ a personal assistant. Others use it to buy services from an agency or to access activities as identified within their care plan. The money cannot be used to buy permanent residential care or services from the Council. More information such as Who can get Direct Payments?, What responsibilities are involved?, Will I need to pay any money toward the cost of a Direct Payment? Then call Cornwall County Council on 01872 324357 and ask for ‘Direct Payment Scheme’ leaflet, ref; ASC15. Also department of Health publication ’An easy guide to direct payments’ 08701 Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 555 455 or email

Have Your Say with LINk Cornwall Local Involvement Network Do you feel passionately about local health and social care services? Have you got an experience (good or bad) you want to share so that those services can better meet the needs of the people that use them? From April 2008 Local Involvement Networks (LINks) replaced Patient and Public Involvement Forums in order to strengthen and extend the influence local people have on health and social care services. These networks of service users, voluntary organisations, community groups and members of the public are being established and supported by independent ‘host organisations’ commissioned by local social care authorities (on receipt of money from the Secretary of State for Health). Cornwall Rural Community Council are the host organisation funded by the Department of Health through County Council, and supported by Age Concern and Penwith Community Development Trust. The LINk is a network of local people, organisations and groups that want to make health and social care services better. Its membership can include: • Individuals • Youth councils • Neighbourhood renewal networks • Foundation Trust governors • Faith groups • Minority ethnic groups • Service user support groups • Older people’s forum • Local business groups • Patient transport groups • Carer groups/network • Patients’ groups • Self-advocacy groups • Tenants groups

What will the LINk do? The job of a LINk is to: • Give everyone the chance to say what they think about their local health and social care services – what’s working well and what’s not • Give people the chance to check how services are planned and run • Feedback what people have said about services so that things can change for the better Joining the LINk Contact Cornwall Rural Community Council by phone on 01872 273952 or email

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Self-funding your care When moving into, or helping a loved one choose a care home, fully understanding what the State provides and being certain about costs and affordability is essential for all involved. If you are not eligible for full State funding you may find the following Q & A useful, although this should not be a substitute for seeking independent advice. Will the Social Services pay my fees whilst I am selling my former home? If, apart from your property, your other capital is below £22,250 and your income is insufficient to meet the care home’s fees, the local authority can assist with the costs as if you were funded by them for the first twelve weeks of permanent care. Beyond that period any financial help will be charged against the value of your former home and recovered from the eventual sale proceeds. Do I have to sell my property? No, the Social Services can lend you the money to pay for your care charged against your property value. However, they may limit how much they will pay and it could adversely effect your welfare benefit entitlements. Do I have to pay council tax on an empty property? If you move into a care home and your property is left empty then you should receive full exemption from Council Tax until it’s sold. Is there any financial help that is not means tested? If you are self funding, Attendance Allowance is a nonmeans tested, non-taxable allowance paid at the lower rate of £44.85 per week for those needing care by day or night and, at a higher rate of £67.00 per week for those needing care by day and night. Also, whether your stay is temporary or permanent, if you receive nursing care in a nursing home you should be entitled to an NHS Nursing Care Contribution towards the cost of your nursing care. This equates to £101* per week which is paid direct to the nursing home towards the fees. If your needs are primarily health care needs, you may be entitled to full funding from your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) following an assessment under their continuing care eligibility criteria. What happens if I move into a care home independently and run out of money? Once your capital reduces to £22,250 you can seek local authority assistance. If this is likely you should seek an assessment from the local authority well before your capital Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1


falls to this threshold. In these circumstances you may find that the home costs more than the local authority usually pays and, if it won’t reduce its fees to the local authority rate, you may have to find a source of top-up or seek less expensive accommodation. Moving care homes could be detrimental to health and well being and should really be avoided unless it’s absolutely necessary. What can I do to avoid this situation? There are ways of meeting care costs for as long as you need care whilst potentially using up only part of your capital. For example the use of Immediate Need Care Fee Payment Plans can contribute towards capping the cost from the outset thus enabling an inheritance to be left for the family. The important message is to try not to do it alone, seek advice. NHFA Care Fees Advice specialise in this, and through their local advisers will ensure you fully understand your entitlements from the State and the options available to you for meeting your care costs, whilst also preserving your capital and savings as far as possible. NHFA Care Fees Advice 0800 99 88 33 Website The above figures apply to England only. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland use different amounts. NHFA Ltd is a member of the HSBC Group. * This is a provisional figure based on 2007/08 and maybe subject to review.


Pointing you in the Right Direction



Find the care you need with RightCareSolutions RightCareSolutions is a free service. Available online, over the phone, and via email, its a great way to identify suitable services as listed by CSCI*. Be specific about the kind of care services you require, and we’ll deliver appropriate results suiting your needs. Contact us if you are looking for Care Homes, Nursing Agencies, or Domicillary/Home Care... See page 57 to fill out our written request form or...

0844 800 9708 *Results provided from The Commision For Social Care Standard Inspection Listings

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Who cares about your care fees? ! o d e W

Moving into a care home can be a difficult time for all involved. NHFA Care Fees Advice can provide you with the advice and information you may need on long-term care funding. Our local specialist care fee advisers can help you: �

Understand how best to arrange your finances when required to meet your own care costs. Obtain any funding you might be entitled to from the Local Authority, Health Authority or DW P Benefits Agency.

Over the last 15 years NHFA Care Fees Advice has helped thousands of individuals and families gain peace of mind in meeting care costs whilst also preserving as much capital as possible and with that independence and dignity. It's so simple, just call our Care Advice Line now on:

0800 99 88 33 or visit

NHFA advice and information is available to all regardless of means and you are never under any obligation to implement any of our recommendations. NHFA Freepost SCE12765 Eynsham, WITNEY, OX29 4BR




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N H FA C a r e A d v i c e Li n e 0 8 0 0 9 9 8 8 3 3 . w w w . n h f a . c o . u k M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Home Care


omecare agencies (also known as domciliary care) are listed in this section district by district alphabetically, most providers service an area larger than their district. For more information about a company please contact them directly.

Help At Home

If you are having difficulty coping at home, due to old age and/or illness, there are an increasing number of services available to help you continue living safely and independently at home. Alternatively, after a stay in hospital you may require extra help when you go home, especially if you live on your own. The independent agencies listed offer help at home, either with housework, or with personal care such as washing, dressing and using the toilet. Alternatively, Adult Social Care can arrange personal care for you, following an assessment of your circumstances. You may also be entitled to Direct Payments from Adult Social Care, see direct payments section, page 9. Adult Social Care and the NHS in Cornwall also have a range of schemes across the county specifically to help people whose health may have deteriorated, but who nevertheless wish to remain in their own homes. Some of the schemes include extra help from therapists in the community; help from trained workers to enable people to cope safely with daily living tasks; and care for people leaving hospital, who may not feel confident about returning home straightaway. Finally, for short-term help at home, following discharge from hospital, the British Red Cross offer the ‘Home from Hospital’ scheme. They also offer support and practical help to people faced with an unexpected crisis caused for example by accident or illness. Contact 01872 272 878. More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘Services for Older People- to Help you remain independent in your own home’ leaflet, ref: ASC/29



Bickland Business Centre, Tregoniggie Ind Estate, Bickland Water Road, Falmouth, TR11 4RS Tel: 01326 377779 / 07790295440 Fax: 01326 377732

Private Independent Provider of: Homecare & Heathcare Equipment Strip2


Friendly, Sympathetic & Reliable 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1


Homecare - supporting independence Homecare, also known as domiciliary care, enables people who need assistance in their personal care to remain in their own home, rather than move into a care home or care home with nursing. Sometimes homecare is temporary, after a stay in hospital, and sometimes it is needed on a longer-term basis or to supplement the care already provided by a member of the family or friend. Homecare is intended to help people remain as independent as possible and enables them to stay in familiar surroundings, close to their friends, family and the local community. It can be purchased from a homecare agency independently, provided directly by the local authority or purchased by social services from local homecare providers. Homecare workers are specially trained to work in people’s homes and assist with getting up and going to bed, washing and dressing, shopping, meal preparation and assisting with medication. All care workers receive basic training and many study for a vocational qualification in care and have specialist training on caring for people with learning disabilities or dementia. Homecare workers can visit for as little or as long and as often as needed, up to a ‘live-in package’. Working hours are geared to the normal daily routine from early morning to late evening. All UK-based agencies can join United Kingdom Home Care Association, the professional representative association committed to ensuring the highest standards of homecare. UKHCA can supply a free leaflet, ‘Choosing care in your home’ and details of local homecare agencies from a list of nearly 1,700 organisations that have agreed to comply with the Association’s Code of Practice. See www.ukhca. and memberlist.aspx or telephone 020 8288 5291 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Many organisations as listed in the following pages are UKHCA members. For further information from UKHCA, call 020 8288 5291.

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Home Care Agencies in Caradon

Liskeard saltash

Atlantis Domiciliary Care Polperro PL13 2JE 01503 272243

Carewatch (Tamar) Saltash, PL12 6JL 01752 848480

Carol Spinks Homecare Saltash PL12 6JL 01752 844832

Peninsula Care

Saltash PL12 6JY 01752 847474

Restgarth Domiciliary Care Ltd. Polperro PL13 2PW 01503 272016

Rowan House Domiciliary Care Saltash PL12 4BY 01752 843843

Scope Inc Domiciliary Care

Saltash PL12 6LE 01752 840059

Torcare Ltd. Dom. Care Agency Torpoint PL11 2BW 01752 813677

Eldon House Domiciliary Care Liskeard PL14 5AJ 01579 362686

Four Seasons Domiciliary Care Torpoint PL11 2EP 01752 814469

Greenbank Care Liskeard PL14 3DP 01579 347794

Hillsborough Domiciliary Care Callington PL27 7ER 01579 383138

Liskeard Care Ltd. Liskeard PL14 3AG 01579 348777

Liskeard Internal Home Care Liskeard PL14 6BY 01579 342919

Moorecare Home Care Services Liskeard PL14 3UT 01579 324114

Home Care Agencies in Carrick

Perranporth Truro Falmouth

A & D Community Care

Truro TR2 4JR 01726 883763

A Caring Touch

St Agnes TR5 0RD 01872 554422

Alexandra`s Community Care

Falmouth TR11 3PP 01326 314642

Celtic Care - See pg 12

Falmouth TR11 4RS 01326 377779

Cornwall Partnership Dom- Mid Truro TR11 9LD 01326 358720

freedom -- to live your life the way you want to With specially selected and trained carers to assist you whether it be a wish for personal, domestic or social care. You choose exactly what you need. We aim to assist you in living life to the full.

HomeCare services in Falmouth / Penryn/Truro/Camborne/Redruth/St Agnes and surrounding areas. Live-inCare available throughout Cornwall and Devon – a real alternative to residential care. All levels of care supervised by a registered nurse.


TrewCare House,Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 4SN

15/5/07 Page 1 e-mail: 11:59

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

Tel: 01326 375949 0800 99 88 33


Eshcol House Domiciliary Care

Polsloe Community Care

Langholme MHA care group

PRN Premier Domiciliary Care Agency

Falmouth TR11 3JP 01326 314512

Helston TR13 8EB 01326 574606

Newcross Healthcare Ltd DCA.

Proper Care (Cornwall) Ltd

Redruth TR15 2JG 01209 215337

Portscatho TR2 5HR 01872 580434

Helston TR13 8RR 01326 560973

Truro TR1 2LS 01872 222525

Resteasy Homecare Ltd

Night Owl (Cornwall) Ltd

Redruth TR16 5NR 01209 821834

Truro TR3 6DP 01872 245245

Trelawney Dom. Care Agency

Qura Brain Injury Services

Camborne TR14 0PY 01209 711211

Truro TR1 2HD 01872 273613

Home Care Agencies in North Cornwall

Rightnurse Care Services - Pg 15 Truro TR1 2LS 01872 274120

Roseland Dom. Care


Launceston Bodmin

Truro TR2 5PD 01872 530222

Stayathome Limited - Pg 15

At Home Pendennis Care

Truro TR2 5ND 01872 580264

Bodmin PL31 1RD 01208 77577

Sunshine Care

Bodmin Internal Home Care

Truro TR4 8PT 01872 561444

Bodmin PL31 2AD 01208 74491

Taylors Of Grampound Ltd.

Carers Break Service (Bodmin) Bodmin PL31 2DL 01208 73923

Truro TR2 4TB 01726 884402

Carers Break Service (Camborne)

The Rowans Dom. Care

Camborne TR14 8SU 01209 612521

St Agnes TR5 0UY 01872 553295

Cornwall Partnership Dom - East

Trelowenak Domiciliary Care

Camborne PL31 1AQ 01208 79525

Falmouth TR11 2DA 01326 317580

Trewcare Domiciliary Care - Pg 13

Hartley Home Care

Falmouth TR11 4SN 01326 375949

Truro Internal Home Care

Penclease House, Clease Road, Camelford, Cornwall, PL32 9QX, 01840 213040

Truro TR1 2TE 01872 278533

Camborne Redruth

Anthea Hedge Dom. Care

Camborne TR14 8EL 07734 701200

Carers Break Service (Camborne)

On e


al e’ ll w y da

l be cared




y wa

Home Care Agencies in Kerrier

A discrete and affordable service provided at home by professional carers.

Camborne TR14 8SU 01209 612521

Calton House Domiciliary Care

Hartley Home Care - See above

Camborne Internal Home Care

Home Farm Trust Dom. Care

Cornwall Partnership Dom- West

Morwenner Care Agency

My Choice Homecare - West Div. Camborne TR14

My Choice Homecare - North Div.

Pendeen Community Care Ltd

Pendrea Homecare

Penhellis Community Care Ltd

Safe & Sound Dom. Care Agency

Camborne TR14 8AZ 01209 611888 Camborne TR14 8SL 01872 327081 Redruth TR15 2SP 01209 219251 7HJ 01326 313181

Redruth TR15 3RT 01209 313032

Helston TR13 0LW 01326 572626 Strip2




Page 1

Camelford PL32 9QX 01840 213040 Wadebridge PL27 6HB 01208 815614 Bodmin PL30 5LP 01208 832900 Launceston PL15 8JN 01566 779020 Bodmin PL31 2BN 01208 74338 Bodmin PL31 2PW 07831852563

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Pentowan Home Care

St Hilary

Newquay TR7 1HJ 01637 851790

Bude EX23 8DG 01208 79413

Trecarn (Mencap) Dom. Care

St Margaret`s Community Care

Launceston PL15 7LN 01566 772299

Fraddon TR9 6LX 01726 861487

Westcountry Home Care

St Austell Internal Home Care

Launceston PL15 9LR 01566 775960

St Austell PL25 5AB 01726 63582

Home Care Agencies in Penwith


St Ives Hayle Penzance

St Col. Maj. TR9 6ST 01637 889140

Victoria Domiciliary Care Agency St Austell PL25 4QW 01726 74991

Allied Healthcare Group Carewatch Penzance TR18 4BN 01736 364530

Caresta Ltd T/A W. Cornwall Care Penzance TR20 8HL 01736 333177

Courtlands Community Care

Penzance TR20 9PN 01736 711511

Kernow Home Care Ltd

Penzance TR19 7AH 01736 787080

Mencap Support Service

Hayle TR27 4HD 01736 367381

Phoenix Care Cornwall Ltd

Penzance TR20 8UD 01736 360197

Penzance Internal Home Care

Penzance TR18 3QQ 01736 365714

Tamarisk Care Agency

Hayle TR27 4PH 01736 752187

Thyme Care Ltd

Penzance TR18 2TA 01736 369090

Home Care Agencies in Restormel

Newquay St Austell

Bourneside Domiciliary Care St Austell PL25 4ST 01726 65677

Choice Care

St Austell PL26 8LG 01726 862613

Duchy Care Dom. Care Agency Newquay TR7 3JD 01637 878637

Forget Me Not Homecare

St Austell PL25 4DS 01726 77212

My Choice Homecare - Mid Div. St Austell PL25 4LD 01208 79413

North Hill Homecare

St Austell PL25 4BJ 01726 72647

Oasis Community Care

St Austell PL26 8DW 01726 824611

Old Roselyon Manor (Dom. Care) Par PL24 2DW 01726 814189 Strip2 15/5/07 Peace Of Mind 11:59

Page 1

Par PL24 2SQ 01726 75748

LifeLine Lifeline Services gives you the freedom to live your life independently, with the security of knowing that whether you are young or old, you can always get help when you need it. It provides a community alarm service for people who are able to live independently but may at times need to call for assistance in an emergency. Carrick Lifeline 01872 224521 covers Carrick, Restormel, North Cornwall, Kerrier, Penwith and Isles of Scilly. Caradon Lifeline 01579 341000 covers Caradon, Restormel and North Cornwall. Age Concern also operates an Aid Call System 01872 266385.

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33




dvocacy is representation for someone who, for whatever reason, is unable to speak up for themselves. This could be support for questions, decisions, or making a complaint. People who might need advocacy may be elderly, frail, physically disabled or have learning disabilities or mental health needs.

The Advocacy Directory

The advocacy directory is a comprehensive online database compiled by Age Concern Cornwall signposting advocates for a wide variety of issues and situations. Cornwall County Council observed that people of all ages and groups can benefit from the help of advocates. These advocates can give advice, support and information. With this help, some people will be able to sort out issues that are important to them on their own, others will want

sort out their particular needs. People need advocacy at various times of their lives on a range of issues, not only to tackle legal matters. Advocates can help cut the red tape of bureaucracy, can help an individual to gain the attention of organisations or the media, or to find like-minded support or pressure groups. Many of the advocates included in the directory are listed below. To access the directory directly visit

somebody who can take up their battles on their behalf. Since November 2003 Age Concern staff have worked to establish the database for the Directory and website. Using this website people will be able to make contact with organisations that can provide help to them and help

Advocacy in Cornwall

Cornwall Deaf Association

Anchor Project

Falmouth 01326 315822 Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Special Needs

Cornwall Dysphasia Support - The Stroke Association

Bodmin Share

Cornwall Lupus Group

01208 79252 Young people

Breast Cancer Care

Cornwall 01736 731940

Breathe Easy Cornwall - British Lung Foundation

Cornwall Dyslexia Association

Perranporth 01872 274827

Penryn 01326 371330

Helston 01326 565494 / 01326 290747

Cornwall Mental Health Forum

Truro 01872 261037 A voice to people with mental health problems

Falmouth 01326 315822

Cornwall People First

Camborne Live at Home Scheme

Cornwall Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre

Carer’s Break Service - Carer’s Support Worker Project

Cornwall Support Group, National Osteoporosis Society Penryn 01326 375615

Camborne 01209 719062 Befriending, coffee morning, outings, advocacy, activities groups

Camborne 01209 613456 Mental Health Torpoint 01752 812743 Carers of physically, mentally or emotionally disturbed

Carrick care and Repair

Truro 01872 260777 Elderly persons housing repair and adaptations

Citizens Advice Bureau’s

See Page 54

Connexions Cornwall and Devon

Truro 0800 9755111 Information, advice and support to all 13 to 19 year olds

Cornwall Advocacy

Cornwall 01872 242478 Provides a free independent advocacy service

Cornwall Blind Association

Truro 01872 261110

Cornwall Centre For Volunteers Cornwall15/5/07 Childrens11:59 Fund Strip2

01736 261037

Cornwall Women’s Refuge Trust

Carer’s Link


Truro 01326 315822

Liskeard 01579 344818

ST Austell Page 1 01726 874 OOO

Rape, Abuse and Violence

Cornwall Works

01872 262100

Cornwall 01872 225629

01872 355015 Work and Employment

Coverack Christmas Tree Committee Children and Young People

Helston 01872 242478

DIAL Cornwall (Disability Information Advice Line) Penzance 01736 757500 Disability information see page 50

DiVA (Domestic Violence and Abuse) Dreadnought Centre (The) Children and Young people

Eating Disorders Group

Hayle 01736 759687

Pool 01209 218764

Newquay 01637 873122

Enable in Cornwall Ltd.

Bodmin 01208 77711 Aged 16 - 64 with physical disability

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

OPAAL DVD - Voices for Older Peoples Advocacy OPAAL UK has launched a new DVD called Voices for Older Peoples Advocacy. The DVD can be used to: • Introduce advocacy to older people who know nothing about it, including those who are considering whether an advocate could benefit them • Introduce advocacy to people who are considering training as citizen advocates themselves To provide information to groups for example, with a group of social work students, a tenants association, or a neighbourhood planning group where there is a good opportunity to promote independent advocacy OPAAL UK are keen to ensure a wide audience for this work so do not make a charge for the DVD. However as they are hoping to further their Multi-Media work with older people they would welcome donations. Postage and packing costs £1.50 for one DVD. If you require multiple copies please contact the administrator Jo Swinswood at to obtain the correct price to meet your request. 01782 844036.

Freshfield Service

Truro 01872 241952 Drugs and Alcohol

G.A.I.N. (Gain Acceptance In Nurturing)

Rose 01872

The CareAware Advocacy Service provides a ‘one stop’ facility to answer all of your care funding questions. The Advocacy service can provide information, advice and guidance on: • Understanding social services assessment procedures • Sourcing appropriate home care services and support • Finding and selecting a suitable care home • Establishing entitlement to state benefits • Maximising support from the local authority • Paying care fees, protecting assets • Ensuring your wishes are respected and using Enduring/Lasting Power of Attorney or equivalent Contact CareAware on 08705 134 925 or visit them at Penhaligon’s Friends

Redruth 0845 607 1943 Bereaved Children and their carers

Penwith and Kerrier Mind Befriending Scheme 01209 714550 Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Special Needs

Relate Cornwall

St Austell 01726 74128 Individuals and couple counseling

RETHINK Cornwall Services

Wadebridge 01872 242478 Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Special Needs


Truro 01872 242478 Children aged 3-7 who have emotional and/or behavioural difficulties

Self Direction Community Project

Penryn 01326 372444 Adults over 16 with physical, emotional and/or psychiatric disabilities.


571496 Counselling and Support

St Austell / Bodmin / Camborne / Penzance 0800 181 033 Young People’s Advice, Information and Support

Hear Our Voice


Truro 01872 261989 11 - 25 year olds experiencing, or at risk of mental health difficulties

Huntington’s Disease Association

Camelford 01840 213004

Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group 01872 277114


Kerrier District Council Housing Advice Centre Redruth 01209 614240 / 614180

Womens Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre Bodmin 01208 YMCA Cornwall Ltd.

Penzance 01736 365016 Housing and Accommodation aged 16-25 years

01736 787798

Page 1

Redruth 0845 0567999 Serve ‘Disadvantaged’ Adult Learners 77099 / 01208 79992

Truro 01209 861417

OPAAL (Older People’s Advocacy Alliance) 11:59

Cornwall 01726 75544

Victim Support Cornwall

Multiple Sclerosis Society


Housing and Accomodation

Truro 01872 225734 Signposting, Listening ear, Spiritual Support

Cornwall 01872 260500 Provides a free independent advocacy service

Over Eaters Anonymous

Stonham Housing Association The Salvation Army

Helston 01326 241644

Marie Curie Cancer Care


01209 314844 / 214844 Advice and information for anyone who is homeless or has a housing related problem Truro 01872 356 040 Serves Parents with learning disabilities

Saltash 01752 842586 Provides a free independent advocacy service

Work and Employment

Self Direction Community Project

Special Parenting Service

K2 Youth Centre

Lizard Pathways Plus

Penryn 01326 372444 Adults over 16 with physical, emotional and/or psychiatric disabilities.

01782 844036

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) see page 52


Truro 01872 263 860 - Support for people between 11-21 for sexuality, bullying, racism, & more

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Care Homes


are Homes are listed in this section alphabetically in districts. For more information contact the homes directly. Information in this section includes making a decision, types of home, care home fees, and questions to ask. Listings are also available on

Making a Decision Choosing to go into a home should be your decision. You can only be forced to go into a home against your will in exceptional circumstances. These include detention and provision of aftercare under the Mental Health Act 1983, where you are subject to a guardianship order or removal from your own home in your own interests or to prevent injury to others under the National Assistance Act 1948. These account for a small proportion of older people entering care homes. However, your needs may be such that it is no longer feasible to remain in your own home, even with a package of care and support services. There can also be positive advantages to living in a care home which attract you to this option. The most important factor should be that your decision is an informed one.

I am considering a move to a care home: how can The Department of Adult Social Care (DASC) help? If you do not need help with care home fees If you are confident that you will not need help with care home fees, whether now or for at least the next 3 years, you can arrange your move directly with the care home of your choice, with no involvement from the Department of Adult Social Care (DASC). Nevertheless, if you think you would find it useful to discuss your situation with a specialist worker, please contact your local DASC office (listed in Useful Contacts, page 54), who will arrange for someone to visit you at home to go through all your options with you. If you are in hospital, the nursing staff will make the arrangements for you, with your permission, and you can be visited in hospital, or once you have returned home if that is more appropriate. More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘Assessing your needs’ leaflet, ref: ASC14 If you think you will need help with the fees If you think you will need help to meet the cost of a care home, either now or in the future, you (or someone acting on your behalf ) should contact your local DASC office (listed in Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 Useful Contacts, page 54) If you are in hospital, the nursing


staff will contact DASC for you, with your permission. Once you have contacted us, we will arrange for someone, probably a social worker, to discuss your situation with you, and to help you decide whether a move to a care home is appropriate. During this discussion, you can always have the person who looks after you (your carer), a relative, or a friend to support you, if you wish. More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘Assessing your needs’ leaflet, ref: ASC14 If your assessment by DASC shows that moving into a care home is the most appropriate form of care for you, and that you will need help to pay the fees, it is likely that you will also be required to make a contribution to these fees. To advise you on how much your contribution will be, trained staff carry out an assessment of your financial circumstances, which will take into account your income, capital and property you may own. All information is treated confidentially, and staff will explain the procedure to you, and answer any questions you may have. If you take up a place in a care home with financial assistance from DASC, the suitability of your placement and the quality of care will be reviewed regularly by DASC staff, or someone working on our behalf. If I am funded by The Department of Adult Social Care (DASC) do I have a choice of home? Yes. Every effort will be made to offer you a place in the home of your choice. You can go into your preferred home as long as:• It is suitable for the needs identified in your assessment. • There is a place for you in the home. • The home accepts the standard DASC terms and conditions. • The fees are appropriate to the level of care you need. If you want to go into a home outside Cornwall to be near relatives or friends, you will still need to contact DASC in Cornwall, who would be responsible of sorting out the arrangements for you, including any help with your fees. More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘Moving to a Care Home’ leaflet, ref: ASC33

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Questions to Ask when Choosing a • Care Home - Age Concern Fact Sheet 29, Nov 2007 • Everyone will have different views about what they think is a ‘good’ home, and each person’s needs will differ. Here are some questions • to consider. Some may be more important to you than others: • • • does the home encourage residents to do as much as possible themselves and to make choices about as many aspects of their • daily lives as they can? • • can residents bring personal possessions - pictures, plants, furniture? • can the home meet the resident’s communication needs - for example, through a language other than English, or non-verbal • method such as sign language or large print? • do residents choose what and when to eat? How are special • diets catered for? Can Residents eat privately with guests from time to time? Can residents prepare food and drinks • themselves. • are residents free to see visitors when and where they choose? Can visitors stay overnight, if they have travelled long • distances? • • can residents use a telephone in privacy, for incoming and • outgoing calls? • do residents rise and go to bed when they choose? If not, do you consider the arrangements to be reasonable? • • what provisions does the home make for taking residents out, to the shops, to the theatre, place of worship, or entertainment. • • what physical activities are available for residents? • • is there more than one living room, so that there is a quiet room

as well as one with a television? are there books, newspapers available for residents? Do residents visit the library, or does a mobile library come? do the managers of the home ask about how the resident would like to handle money or medicines? how does the home ensure valuable items are kept secure? do the residents have their own GP’s? how will the home let residents or friends know if a resident is taken ill? is there a residents committee? does the home encourage residents to say how they feel about living there, and provide written information to residents and/or their families about how to discuss a problem or make a complaint? are toilets available in all parts of the home, fully equipped with handrails and other helpful equipment? can wheelchairs go everywhere within the home, and easily in and out? Is there a lift? if the resident needs help bathing, does the home have suitable facilities? Who will help bathing, and can the resident choose how often they have a bath or shower? do you have to pay extra for toiletries? are there any areas for smoking and non-smoking? what happens if residents require more or less care than they currently have? Might they have to leave? What arrangements are made for funerals, and for payment if the resident dies? can residents help in ordinary activities of the home, cleaning, cooking, gardening? are residents allowed to bring pets with them to the home? What arrangements are in place if the resident needs access services such as optician or dentist?


Whatever your legal requirements, you can be sure of expert and friendly advice from Nalders – The Solicitors of Cornwall Accident & Personal Injury

Commercial & Corporate

Residential Conveyancing

Commercial Conveyancing

Employment Advice

Family & Matrimonial

Wills, Probate & Trusts

Legal Aid Help Point

Debt Collection/Management

Dispute Resolution

Contact your local office for an initial FREE consultation TRURO 01872 241414

TRURO 01872 241414

TRURO 01872 241414

CAMBORNE 01209 714278 6 Chapel Street Camborne TR14 8EG

49 Arwenack Street Falmouth TR11 3LB

ST AUSTELL 01726 74414

ST AUSTELL 01726 879333

Farley House Falmouth Road Truro TR1 2HX

38/39 Lemon Street Truro TR1 2NS

3/4 Victoria Square Truro TR1 2RS

NEWQUAY 01637 871414

HELSTON 01326 574001

PENZANCE 01736 364014

11 Beachfield Avenue Newquay TR7 1DP

32a Coinagehall Street Helston TR13 8EQ

104 Market Jew Street Penzance TR18 2LE

9a Fore Street St Austell PL25 5PX

FALMOUTH 01326 313441

5 Church Street St Austell PL25 4AT Email:




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M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Greenview Nursing Home Torpoint 01752 812557

Services Key Nursing Home

Hillcrest House Limited East Looe 01503 263489

Day Care

Hillsborough Callington 01579 383138

Dementia Old Age Mental Disorder Sensory Imparement Terminally Ill

Kilmar House Liskeard 01579 343066

Torpoint 01752 813527 26

The Elms Care Centre Saltash 01752 846335 37

The Old Vicarage

Torpoint 01752 812384


Liskeard Eventide Home Liskeard 01579 342676

Care Homes in Caradon


Torpoint Nursing Centre Torpoint 01752 813677


Manor House Liskeard 01579 343534

Appleby Lodge


Callington 01579 383979


Tregertha Court

East Looe 01503 262014 38

Malvern House Nursing Home Saltash 01752 842463



Marray House


Saltash 01752 844488

Barnfield House

Amberley House Care Home Truro 01872 271921


Liskeard 01579 347617

Pengover House


Beech House Care Centre

Liskeard 01579 343397

Penkelly House


Saltash 01752 840458

Beech Lawn


Cathedral View Nursing Home Truro 01872 222132


Saltash 01752 845206


Cathedral View Res. Home Truro 01872 240974


Liskeard 01579 346460

Restgarth Care Home Ltd


Polperro 01503 272016



East Wheal Rose Farmhouse Newquay 01872 510750


Callington 01579 383104



Polbathick 01503 230256

Coombe House


Eshcol House - Ad on pg 2 Portscatho 01872 580291


Liskeard 01579 346819

Rowan House


Saltash 01752 843843

Eldon House Liskeard 01579 362686


Holywell Bay Care Home Holywell Bay 01637 830801


St Annes, Saltash


Saltash 01752 847001

Fernleigh House Gunnislake 01822 832926



Truro 01872 223399


St Anthonys Care Home


Liskeard 01579 342308

Four Seasons Torpoint 01752 814469


King Charles Court

Falmouth 01326 311155


St Theresas


Callington 01579 383488 11:59

Care Homes in Carrick


Polperro 01503 272243




Physical Disabilty




Number of Places


Saltash 01752 843579


Residential Home 48

Tamar House

Page 1



Falmouth 01326 314512


M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N


0800 99 88 33

Mavis Evans, lifelong storyteller We provide the very highest standards of care for the elderly across ten homes within the South West. Our homes are predominantly character buildings with modern extensions, conservatories or sun lounges and well kept gardens and grounds. With a comprehensive staff training programme, we ensure that all residents receive the very best attention and can offer specialist services for dementia and disabilities. We aim to offer as much choice as we can to ensure our residents keep enjoying their lifelong passions while in our care.

Find out more about South West Care Homes by visiting: calling: 0800 756 6773 or email: Sunningdale s All staff undergoing training with course material and verification provided by the Alzheimer’s Society s New lift to increase room choice (from Summer 2008) s In-room Sky TV available (from Summer 2008) s Premium room options available on request include: Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 telephone connection, flat screen TV/DVD player, DAB radio, broadband connection and PC M O V I NBoscawen G I N T O Road, A C APerranporth, R E H O M E Cornwall – A D V ITR6 C E OEP A N D I N F O R M AT I O N Sunningdale,

0800 99 88 33


Anson Care

Caring homes where every effort is made to respect the privacy, independence & dignity of each resident

The Old Manor House Regent Terrace Penzance TR18 4DW Reg. Manager Kevin Edgar 01736 363742

Tremethick House Meadowside Redruth TR15 3AL Reg. Manager Denise Ball 01209 215713

Harbour House Penberthy Road, Porthreath Redruth TR16 4LW Reg Manager Sarah Eustice 01209 843276

Short & long term quality care Mainly single rooms, many with en-suite Regular outings and at-home events Day Care Hairdressing, dental, chiropody and opticians services available Regular Church Services Delightful gardens Non-smoking homes NEW** Harbour Lodge Situated in the grounds of Harbour House, in the coastal town of Portreath, Harbour Lodge is a supported living bungalow. A wonderful home for four individuals who want independence with security and freedom from worries. There is a 24 hour emergency call facility and house keeping staff call daily. The main meal is provided, and other services are available. Please contact Sarah Eustice at Harbour House (01209 843276) for further details about Harbour Lodge.





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Anson Care Services

Managing Partner (Owner) Mrs Mary Anson Msc RGN M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N 0800 99 88 33

Godolphin House

Helston 01326 572609 Residential


Care Home, St Austell

Harbour House Qualified staff En-suite bedrooms Beautiful gardens Activities

24 Hour care Personal menu Short / Long term Anyday day care

A Non-Profit Making Home

Goonhavern 01872 573378

St Newlyn East 01872 510844 23


The Rowans

Moresk House

St Agnes 01872 552147

Truro 01872 271000



Mount Pleasant House St Agnes 01209716424

The White House

Falmouth 01326 318318 17


Tregolls Manor

Mountford House

Truro 01872 223330

Truro 01872 274097



Perran Bay Care Home

Perranporth 01872 572275


Falmouth 01326 312833



Redannick House

Care Homes in Kerrier

Truro 01872 276889 40

Roscarrack House

Antron Manor Care Home

Budock 01326 312498

Mabe Burnthouse 01326 376570


Tregony 01872 530665

Blackwood House

Roskear 01209 713498


Praze-an-Beeble 01209 831566 20

Camborne 01209 716424 19

Parc Vro

Mawgan-in-Meneage 01326 221275 15


Camborne 01209 714576 10

Pendean Court (16)

Liskeard 01579 340201 8

Penhellis Nursing Home Helston 01326 565840 26

Poldhu - Swallowcourt Group, see advert on page 26 Mullion 01326 240977 63

Polsloe House Ltd

Redruth 01209 215337 13

Polventon House

St Keverne 01837 849029


Rosewyn House

Castle Hill House Limited

Truro 01872 279107

Bodmin 01208 73802



Porthgwara N. Home Coverack 01326 280307 32


Sheldon House


Falmouth 01326 313411

Camborne 01209 714491



St Georges Hotel

Garsewednack Res. Home

Truro 01872 272554

Redruth 01209 215798



Sunningdale House - Pg 21 Perranporth 01872 571151 15/5/07 36

Little Trefewha


Roseland Nursing Home



Mount Pleasant

The Manse

Longview Care Home

See opposite page Portreath 01209 843276


Page 1

Gladys Holman House

Rosewarne 01209 713729 14

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

St Breock

Wadebridge 01208 812246 38

St Clair House Care Home Camborne 01209 713273 18

St Martins House

Camborne 01209 713512 40

0800 99 88 33


The Green

Eventide Residential Home

Redruth 01209 215250

Care Homes in North Cornwall


Trefula House

Athelstan House

St Day 01209 820215

Bodmin 01208 72713



Fairfield Country Rest Home Launcells, Bude 01288 381241 30


Tregenna House

Beaumont Court

Camborne 01209 713040

North Petherwin 01566 785350


Fore Dore

Trebetherick, Wadebr. 01208 863471


Trelawney House

Belmont House

Carleen 01736 763334

Bodmin 01208 75057


Tremethick House - Anson Care , Pg 22 Meadowside 01209 215713



Camelford 01840 212528


Caritate Nursing Home Bodmin 01208 75628



Highpoint Lodge

Wadebridge 01208 814 525


Trengrouse House

Castle Hill House Limited

Helston 01326 573382

Bodmin 01208 73802


Services Key

Launceston 01566 777841

Clann House

Miller House



Down Parks Lodge

Kilkhampton, Bude 01288 321585

Number of Places

Kernow House 98

Residential Home Day Care



Lanivet 01208 831305

Nursing Home


Bude 01288 352602

Launceston 01566 773049

Pen Inney

Lewannick, Launceston 01566 782318



Eirenikon Park

Old Age

Tintagel 01840 770252

Physical Disabilty


Pendrea House

Bodmin 01208 74338


Mental Disorder Sensory Imparement


Launceston 01566 777661


Pendruccombe House

Launceston 01566 776100


Terminally Ill


Digital TV switchover in Cornwall If you currently receive just the traditional five UK channels (BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Five) – or only some of them – on any of your TV sets, you’ll need to think about your options for getting digital TV. Every TV set you want to keep watching in your home will need to be converted or upgraded to digital. The current (July 2008) digital options available include Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, BT Vision, Freesat and Top Up TV. The Redruth transmitter group, serving west Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will switchover between July and September 2009. The Caradon Hill transmitter group, serving east Cornwall and Devon, including Plymouth will switchover between July and September 2009. Care home residents may be eligible for assistance to convert one television to digital through the Digital Switchover Help Scheme because of age or disability. If eligible, they will receive information through the post in the months before switchover. Details of the Help Scheme are available at Strip2




Page 1

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33



Magnificent Views of The Hayle Estuary With A Peaceful Location & Atmosphere


onaer Care Home is a well established, family run, clean, modern and comfortable nursing home located in the picturesque seaside resort of Hayle, Cornwall. The home offers very high standards of care by friendly trained staff. We aim to combine the finest professional care with luxury surroundings and excellent food. For further information please give us a call or come and visit.

We prepare appetising and nourishing meals from fresh local produce. They are happy to cater for individual requirements and special diets.

All rooms are decorated, centrally heated and have wash basins. They are equipped with a staff call bell for safety and security.

Close to shops, train, bus & other amenities. We also provide minibus outings & entertainment as well as our own private library Specialist equipment for residents is available, parker baths, hoists, pressure relieving mattresses and cushions

Bonaer Care Home, Station Hill, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4NG Tel: 01736 752090

The White House


Bodmin 01208 72310

Penzance 01736 364102



Trelana Nursing Home

Priory Manor

Trebursye, Launceston 01566 774752

Poughill, Bude 01288 354613

Tremanse Care Home

Red Gables

Bodmin 01208 74717

Bude 01288 355250

Carrick Lodge

St Ives 01736 794353 38

Chy Byghan

Sennen, Penzance 01736 871459



Trewiston Lodge

Springfield House

Launceston 01566 782361

St Minver, Wadebridge 01208 863488



Newlyn, Penzance 01736 362492



Windmill Court

St Annes (Holsworthy)

Whitstone, Holsworthy 01288 341355

St Minver, Wadebridge 01208 863831



St Ives 01736 796856



St Breock

Whiterock, Wadebridge 01208 812246 38

Care Homes in Penwith & Isle of Scilly Ar-lyn

St Hilary

Lelant, St Ives 01736 753330

Bude 01288 352754


Courtlands - Ad on page 2 Rosudgeon 01736 710476 37

Glencoe Nursing Home

Gwithian, Hayle 01736 752216



Benoni Nursing Home Ltd

St Petrocs Care Home

St Just 01736 788433

Bodmin 01364 644208 30 15/5/07





Bonaer - See Above

Hayle 01736 752090


Page 1


M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N



Penzance 01736 363311 10

0800 99 88 33


excellence in care

The Swallowcourt Group Care Homes The Poldhu, Poldhu Cove, Mullion, Helston, Cornwall TR12 7JB T: 01326 240500 F: 01326 241658 E: FINALIST


Best Development Specialist Care



Carbis Bay, St Ives 01736 795769

Pine Trees

Connor Downs 01736 753249


Lamorna Valley, Penz. 01736 810233

Ponsandane - See above

Chy-an-dour, Penzance 01736 330063


Hayle 01736 752759

Services Key Nursing Home Residential Home


Day Care

Carbis Bay, St Ives 01736 796142





Old Age

Penzance 01736 368585



Old Manor House - Anson, Pg 22 Penzance 01736 363742

Physical Disabilty Mental Disorder

St Teresas Cheshire Home

Long Rock, Penzance 01736 710336


Sensory Imparement


Park House Residential Home St Marys 01720 422699

Terminally Ill

The Beeches

Care Homes in Restormel

Hayle 01736 752725




Tolverth House

Penzance 01736 364102

Long Rock, Penzance 01736 710736


Number of Places Dementia

St Mary`s Haven

Hayle 01209 7843276

Alexandra House

Porth, Newquay 01637 877508


Penmeneth House

Trevaylor Manor - See ad above

Hayle 01736 752359




Millpond View Care Home

15/5/07 14

St Ives 01736 797183


Menwinnion Country House


Trewartha House

Penzance 01736 350856


Page 1



Polgooth, St Austell 01726 66892


M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N


0800 99 88 33

Caprera - Pg 23

Lilena RCH

St Austell 01726 72956

St Columb Minor, Nwq. 01637 877662


St Margarets

Fraddon, St Columb 01726 861497


Chy Koes

Newquay Nursing Home

St Austell 01726 76045

Newquay 01637 873314



The Brake Manor

St Austell 01726 75748


Clinton House Care Home

North Hill House

St Austell 01726 63663

St Austell 01726 72647



The Crescent

Newquay 01637 874493


Clovelly House

Ocean Hill Lodge

Newquay 01637 876668

Newquay 01637 874595



The Grove

St. Austell 01726 76481



Old Roselyon Manor

Lostwithiel 01208 872810

Par 01726 814297



The Hollies

Roche, St Austell 01726 890247


Cowbridge Nursing Home

Penberthy House

Lostwithiel 01208 872227

Newquay 01637 873845




Tywardreath, Par 01726 813588


Crantock Lodge

Penmount Grange

Newquay 01637 872112

Lanivet, Bodmin 01208 831220




Par, St Austel 01726 814834


Elmsleigh Care Home

Penrice House

Par, St Austell 01726 812277

Porthpean, St Austell 01726 73067




St Austell 01726 75066


Fistral House

Pentree Lodge RCH

Newquay 01637 878423

Newquay 01637 878437





Newquay 01637 874148

St Columb Major 01637 880520




Qumran Rest Home

St Austell 01726 843480

Newquay 01637 876699



Kimberley Court

Rosehill House Res. Home

Newquay 01637 850316

St Blazey Gate, Par 01726 812424





St Columb Major 01637 880779 10

Vitalise Churchtown

Lanlivery, Bodmin 01208 872148 20


St Austell 01726 72941 20

Woodland House

St Austell 01726 72903 36

is a non-profit making public information and advisory service specialising in the issues relating to funding care for older people All values are per week Basic State Retirement Pension Single £90.70 Couple £145.05 (or 60% if in receipt of additional pension)

Attendance Allowance Higher Rate Lower Rate Carers Allowance Carer 15/5/07 11:59 Strip2

£67.00 £44.85 Page £50.55 1

Pension Credit £124.05 Standard Amount £189.35 Couple Standard Amount Single Savings Credit Threshold £91.20 £19.71 Single Savings Credit Max Couple Savings Cred Threshold £145.80 £26.13 Couple Savings Credit Max £50.35 Severe Disability Premium Capital allowances £6000 Living at home £10000 Living in a care home

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

DLA Care Component High £67 Middle £45.85 Low £17.75 Mobility Component High £46.75 Low £17.75 Reg. Nursing Care Contribution £101 England(paid by NHS) £139 or for those on High Band Local Authority Support Thresholds £22500 Upper Limit £13500 Lower Limit £21.15 Personal Allowance 0800 99 88 33


Learning Disabilities


ncluded is information about life enhancing opportunities for employment and training in Cornwall. Listings For Fulfilling Lives / Short Breaks in Cornwall, Learning Disability providers Supported Living and Care Homes.

Improvements for 08/09

There is an awful lot to do to improve things for people with learning disabilities in Cornwall but new partnerships are forming in Cornwall that will try to make sure that the future is better for people who receive services and their relatives and carers. New resources are being put into better health support for people with learning disabilities in Cornwall. This will mean more people like psychologists, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists to support people with their health issues. More social workers will be employed to support people to live safe and happy lives in their communities. There will also be a new way to get in touch with The Council for social care services with a new ‘Access Service’ (see page 8). Nick Fripp, Director of Learning Disabilities

Carers Information

Cornwall Partners in Policymaking has taken over the running of the Learning Disability Partnership Board, Carers Panel. This Carers Team intends to reach and engage with carers across Cornwall to gather and disseminate information, in particular; that which is relevant to the Partnership Board. We also intend to run another Sharing Knowledge course which will help build new alliances which will become powerful and make real differences to the future of disabled people. Margaret Upham,

Cornwall Works For Learning Disability

Cornwall Works for Learning Disability is a partnership that works with people with learning disabilities to help them to think about what they are good at and what they would like to do in the future. We offer: • Information and support to find out about money and benefits • Individual support to find out what people like to do and are good at • The chance to try new things, like team building and confidence building • Support to make sure any barriers that people face are sorted out • Support to learn skills that can help people get jobs • The chance to try things like work placements and volunteer work • Support for family carers, so they understand what is happening • Job Coaches that will work with people to see what having a job is like and that people are supported well when they try a job • Work with the employers to make sure that they are supported too If you want to know more, telephone the Cornwall People First Office: O1736 334857. Or have a look at the employment information on the ‘Our Projects’ page on our website:

Person Centered Planning


We are working in partnership with people across the UK to develop Person Cornwall People First have forum meetings all over Centred Planning in Cornwall. We know it is a great way of getting people Cornwall, held by Selena Williamson or Daniel Newman; a better life, something everyone The Bodmin Group Forum in Bodmin deserves. We are working with The Foundation For People The LUST Group Forum in Pensilva with Learning Disabilities to make sure that everyone in The Sunshine Group Forum in Saltash Cornwall gets the chance to have a Plan. The People First The Penzance Group Forum in Penzance office will point you in the right direction, give out useful The Camborne/Redruth Group Forum in Reduth We are hoping that more forums will be set up in the near information and put you in touch with others who are involved in making sure that Person Centred Planning future. contact us on 01736 Strip2 Please 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 334857 or visit us at really works well in Cornwall. Contact Cornwall People First on 01736 261037 M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N 0800 99 88 33

What has been happening with Learning Disabilities in Cornwall? The story so far... Reflections on past events and the movement forward for service users with learning disabilities in Cornwall Throughout 2006 to 2008 there has been a major effort with all agencies, families and people involved. Lots of action and continued development into mainstream with more opportunity for service users and their families.This included:

• • • • •

Safeguarding addressed 2007 New providers chosen by March 2008 Special measures reviewed August – Dec 2007 Special Measures Lifted March 2008 Significant improved outcomes for people

The impact on people • • • • • •

Now much safer Hospitals now closed People have more choice and control More people living in their own homes improving primary and secondary health services Greater and growing advocacy

Good Progress! • • • • • • • •

A created action plan Chief Officers group – chaired monthly by strategic health authority Agreed guiding values & principles Valuing people/Citizenship Rights Independence Choice Inclusion

Outcomes... The creation of counter-measures to prevent poor practice, these have included; • • • • • • • • • •

• Strengthened safeguarding - a priority • Joint planning, funding and assessment processes set up • Working fully with people and families • Planning for people – Individual service designs • Info, choice, provider market, • Housing, • Indicative resource allocation • Community Support • Health commissioning Hospitals, GP’s What we did... Milestones throughout the two years. • Budock Hospital closed Dec 06 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 • Other Hospitals in 2007


Up to date & performance managed Evidence based - governance National/ regional networks Training and development Supervision of staff No isolation Secondments/students/rotation/open door Invite challenge Involve outsiders Look for the above warning signals

Biggest Impact Involving people who use the service, Advocates (Citizen, self, peer advocates) carers and families. Supporting self advocates and carers to grow stronger. Clear leadership provided for this.

Next Steps... Quality is a result of persistent hard work Future is up to you Find new ways to involve people and families more Geoff Baines, Director of Change

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Learning Disability Care Providers

Robert Owen Communities

Boisdale House

Liskeard 01579 348963

Saltash 01752 846822


Higher Keason Farm




Brandon Trust

01726 890184

Liskeard 01579 383137


Kingsleigh House

Calton House

020 7619 7202

0117 9077200

Saltash 01752 848913

Taylors of Grampound

Camborne 01209 611888

Rosemary Cottage

Truro 01726 884402

European Lifestyles

Liskeard 01503 240432

The D.O.V.E Project

St Austell 01726 72668

Stoneybridge Cottage

01209 612494

Hillcrest Care Ltd

Lifeways Community Care 01392 823400

Mencap Housing & Support Bodmin 07939 526944

Wadebridge 01209 822391

Udal Garth




Torpoint 01752 815999

United Response

Truro 01872 224009

Gunnislake 01822 832451

Some Care Homes provide a Day

Nursefinders Ltd

Learning Disability Care Homes in Carrick

Care service, indicated by a

Truro 01872 270999


Bawden Manor Farm

01823 653625 Saltash 07885 998241


St Agnes 01872 552237

Learning Disability Care Homes in Caradon



Liskeard 01579 348774

The H.F.T (Home Farm Trust)

Newquay 01872 278807


Bigwig House


Newquay 01637 831220

Rightnurse Care Services

Advert on pg 34 29a Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2LS 01872 274120

11 Gipsy Lane



Truro 01872 864657

Liskeard 01579 344455

13 Longmeadow Road



Saltash 01752 841680



Truro 01872 263344

excellence in care

The Swallowcourt Group Care Homes The Poldhu, Poldhu Cove, Mullion, Helston, Cornwall TR12 7JB T: 01326 240500 F: 01326 241658 E: FINALIST

2005 Strip2


Best Development Specialist Care




Page 1

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Trevanion House Holiday’s Ltd Trevanion House, over 200 years old, is a delightful hotel specialising in independent holidays for adults with a learning disability. Situated in North Cornwall, it seeks to provide for individuals, a group holiday, where the same opportunities for holiday experiences are available as for all visitors to this lovely county. Guests are encouraged to make their own decisions about activities at group meetings.The choice is great coast, countryside, moorland, together with visitor attractions such as the Eden Project, Flambards Theme Park and so much Self Advocacy more. Our three staffed mini buses enable quite different opportunities each day.


Trevanion House is registered with CSCI. Our professional staff offer support sensitive to individual requirements, whilst encouraging a sense of achievement and seeking to promote self-confidence.

Socialising Choice

Trevanion Road, Wadebridge PL27 7PA

Tel: 01208 814 903 • E-mail: • Kernou

Waterloo House


Truro 01209 890386

Lowena Hostel


Truro 01872 270013

Menna House


Montrose Barn

St Agnes 01872 553059 8

Springfield House

Albany House


Perranporth 01872 572214 6

Truro 01872 241878

The Willows Trelowenak



Learning Disability Care Homes in North Cornwall


Highdowns Res. Home

26 Flexbury Park Road 9

Camborne 01209 832261



Ridgewood Lodge Robben Cottage

Truro 01872 274172


Redruth 01209 843901


Truro 01726 883431 Strip2 15/5/07 11:59


Camborne 01209 714032


Page 1



Redruth 01209 219333

Hayle 01209 710799

Falmouth 01326 210136



Helston 01326 565805



Redruth 01209 218271

Camborne 01209 719527

Truro 01872 865588

Treseder House

The Peacocks




Goonhavern 01872 571030

Camborne 01209 831662



The Gables


Breage House - Pg 30 Fair View


SwallowCourt Group (see pg 30) Redruth 01209 2150290

Redruth 01209 210526


Truro 01872 263355

The Nak Centre

Saeeda - Pg 30


Camborne 01209 610827

Perranporth 01326 371000

Tarrant House

Zion House

3 Pendarves Road

Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9HN 01872 540363

St Erme

Camborne 01209 610210

Learning Disability Care Homes in Kerrier



Cornwall 01326 270570 St Agnes 01872 552650

Truro 01726 883478





Camborne 01209 714238

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N


Bude 01288 356165

Armadale House


Wadebridge 01208 815 665

Bowden Derra Park


Own Hydrotherapy Pool Launceston 01566 86230

Chy Keres


Launceston 01566 779805

Cromarty House


Bodmin 01208 78607

Helebridge House


Bude 01288 361310

0800 99 88 33



Do you or a family member have a learning disability and would like support?


Finding the best support is not always easy but here are ten things to look for in a provider: 1. Look for a specialist w ho is only go ing to s uppor t a small number of indi v id ua ls 2. Who is well-esta blishe d w it h a r e puta tio n for suppor ting indi viduals to tur n c halle nging s it uations into positi ve ones in C or nw a ll 3. You need a pr ovider w it h 1 2 yea r s of ex pe rience and has wor ked with a numbe r of ind i v id ua ls a cr o s s the UK 4. But also have a loca l of fic e tha t is r e giste r ed and inspected locally by the C ommiss io n for Social Car e Inspection 5. Most impor tantly yo u w a n t a s uppor t pa c ka ge that is centr ed ar ound the pe r s on w ho ne e ds s uppor t , in an indi vidual w ay and des ig ne d w it h s uppor t fr o m them and their f amilies

6. Suppor t for eac h indi vidual and their f amilies to be in contr ol of all decisions in their li ves, inc luding r ecr uitment and selection of the people w ho suppor t them 7. Suppor t for indi viduals to find the pr oper ties they w ant, to move in and to maintain the ir homes and tenancies 8. Suppor t for indi viduals to become as inde pendent as and to become par t of their local and wider communities 9. Suppor t staf f that ar e well tr ained, pr ofessional, f lexible and committed to the indi viduals they suppor t 10. A ‘no a genc y’ polic y

Eur o p e a n L if e s t y le s m e e t s a ll o f t he s e a nd m o r e .

We Provide the support that individuals need to live the lives they want. If you a r e i nt e r e s ted in finding out mor e or would like to discuss suppor t we could pr ovide fo r yo u o r s o m e o ne you car e a bout contact; Vic k y Fr eeman or Pauline T homas on 01726 7266 8 . We Strip2 ar e b a s15/5/07 e d a t E ur opeanPage Lifestyles, Holmbush Business Centr e, Wheal Nor they, St A ustell. P L 2 5 3 EF 11:59 1


www.e ur o p e a nw e llcar vices M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Stonham Tu Cornwall Floating Support A free and confidential housing related support service for people of all ages. Stonham will be providing floating support to the existing and new clients in Cornwall. What is housing related support? Housing related support is a service aimed at developing and maintaining your ability to live independently. This could include: helping you to claim relevant benefits; help you to liaise with local councils, housing associations and letting agents; supporting you to maintain your tenancy, or move on and settle into your new home; help with budgeting skills; directing you to local services, agencies and education.

How do I refer/apply? A referral form and risk identification form must be completed for each applicant. This can be completed by the individual or the referral agency. Forms are available from and should be returned to: Post: Stonham Tu Floating Support, 1st Floor 17 High Cross St, St Austell, PL25 4AN Email: Fax: 01726 871143 Tel: 01726 871910 Mobile: 07813 126843


Pointing you in the Right Direction



Find the care you need with RightCareSolutions RightCareSolutions is a free service.

Who can apply to our service? People who are over 16 including older persons who are in need of support as a result of: learning difficulties; physical or sensory difficulties; mental health including anxiety and depression; homeless or threatened with homelessness; escaping domestic violence or abuse issues; HIV or AIDS; drug or alcohol issues; young people issues; young people at risk; history of or at risk of offending.

Its a great way to identify suitable services as listed by CSCI*. Be specific about the kind of care services you require, and we’ll deliver appropriate results suiting your needs. See pg 57 to fill out our written request form or...

0844 800 9708

*Results provided from The Commision For Social Care Standard Inspection Listings

Established in 1995, Lifeways Community Care has become one of the most trusted and respected providers of services for people with complex needs. Our services are operated through a steadily expanding network of Area Offices across the UK. Our individually tailored services have been proven highly successful for people with: learning disabilities, mental health needs, acquired brain injuries, physical/medical disabilities and sensory impairments. Our care staff have also won a reputation for working effectively with people who have challenging behaviours or specialist needs, which may include Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Dual Diagnosis. Our service models create a framework of proven stability and all our services are overseen by Qualified Nurses and Social Workers

In the South-West we are Approved Providers in Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset For further information or an informal discussion on the services we provide, contact Tracey Davis-Jones on 01392 823400 or Visit us at




Page 1

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


New Witheven



Copper Beeches Lodge


Bude 01566 781285

Hayle 01736 740552

St Austell 01726 74024







Launceston 01566 775943

Penzance 01736 871876

St Austell 01726 850823

Rendle House


Chy An Towans

Melbourne House

St Teath 01208 815614

Hayle 01736 754152

St Austell 01726 823853

Roslyn House




Myrtle Cottage

Wadebridge 01208 815489

Penzance 01736 331008

St Blazey 01726 823853

St Bridget`s

Misty Falls


Penrose Farm



Penzance 01736 360042

St Teath Site

Penwith Respite Care Ltd.

Bodmin 01208 851462

The Garden House


Trevanion Hse. Ltd


Launceston 01566 86230



St Teath 01208 815614

1 Coastguard Cres.

St Austell 01726 71088

Station Villa

Tregarne at Kernza

13 - Swallowcourt (pg 30)

Penzance 01736 361369

Tramways Corner


Newquay 01637 872049



St Austell 01726 69735



St Austell 01726 65366




St Austell 01726 67056

Vitalise Churchtown


Newquay 01326 371000

76 Bodmin Road


St Austell 01726 72429

9 - Swallowcourt (pg30)

15 Pentire Crescent 11


Penzance 01736 331005

St Austell 01726 842835

Penzance 01736 365736

22-25 Trevean Gardens



2 Perhaver Park



Richmond House

Learning Disability Care Homes in Restormel

Learning Disability Care Homes in Penwith


Lostwithiel 01208 872602

Penzance 01736 332133



Penzance 01736 330638

The Coach House

Wadebridge 01208 813756

Valley View



Hayle 01736 755251

Wadebridge 01208 814903


Truro 01326 371000

Bodmin 01208 78170 10



Lanlivery, Bodmin 01208 872148

Woodside Farmhouse


St Austell 01726 74629


St Austell 01726 77401

Scope Inclusion Team “Scope’s inclusion team offers muchneeded support to help disabled people achieve inclusion in the wider community.”








Page 1

Scope is a Registered Charity MS5260/04.06DH

education support

For more information please contact Scope’s inclusion team on: 01752 840059, by fax on: 01752 846162 or email:

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Mental Health


ne in four people suffer from mental health problems in a year, depression and anxiety are the most common. Help and support is available for all types of mental health problems. Many care homes offer support for people with dementia, see ‘Care Homes’ on page 18.


As with our physical health, mental health can change across our lifetime. Mental illness affects about a quarter of the population in one year, making one of the most common health problems. Most people are able to get over mental health problems with help and/or medication, early diagnosis is important for successful treatment.


SANE is a charity set up in 1986 to initially focus on

schizophrenia but is now concerned with all mental illnesses including depression and manic depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, obsessions, phobias, as well as alcohol and drug addiction, and more. SANE has three main objectives: • To raise awareness and respect for people and their families with mental illness, improve education and training, and secure better services. • To undertake research into the causes of serious mental illness. • To provide information and emotional support to those experiencing mental health problems, their families and carers through SANEline. The confidential SANEline number is 0845 767 8000, lines are open 6pm to 11pm every day, calls are charged at local rate. Help includes practical information, crisis care and emotional support to anybody affected by mental health problems, including family can carers.

Dementia Care

Dementia is a group of related illnesses which are caused by damage to, or disease of, the brain. It is more common with older people. It is a gradual illness that effects short term memory, sense of time and place, communication, understanding and judgment. If you are worried because you, or someone you care for, may be showing these symptoms, you should visit your GP. If the GP suspects dementia you may be reported to a specialist. If dementia is diagnosed you have time to find out as much as15/5/07 you can so11:59 that you can 1be prepared for the changes Strip2 Page

which may happen. In most cases it is best for the person with dementia to live at home with familiar surroundings for as long as possible. Home care assistants can help provide personal care at home, such as dressing, bathing, and at meal times (see homecare agencies section). Meals-on-Wheels is available (see meals section). In house equipment and / or adaptations can be provided by The Department of Adult Social Care. Day care centres offer activities and sometimes meal and hairdressing facilities (see day care section). In some circumstances, a person with dementia cannot be cared for at home. Care homes may offer nursing or personal care, or both (see care homes section). More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘Services for People with Dementia’, ref: ASC/30

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of Dementia, with 55% of dementia sufferers being afffected.

Legal Help

Enduring Powers of Attorney is a document which gives someone you trust the power to handle your finances. You must have mental capacity at the time. Age Concern produce a free factsheet ‘Legal arrangements for managing your finances - Factsheet 22’ call 020 8765 7200. Contact a solicitor or call NHFA on 0800 99 88 33 ask for Infosheet 10.

Admiral Nursing DIRECT

The Admiral Nursing Direct Helpline, part of the charity for dementia, has been set up to provide people with the opportunity to talk through their worries and concerns about themselves, friends or relatives with dementia. Lines are manned by experienced Admiral Nurses and responds to requests for help with diagnosis, medication, support and care at home, professional carer support, and finance. The lines are open on Tuesday 10am - 4pm, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 6pm and 9pm. Callers can leave messages any time and request a call back, or email questions to 0845 257 9406

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33




he role of the carer is a very important one within the local community. 55,000 people recognised themselves as carers in Cornwall in 2001, and there is a wide range of support to people carrying out this valuable role.

Are You a Carer? You are - if you provide regular and substantial unpaid help to someone who cannot manage without your support. You may not live in the same house, and you do not have to be related to the person you look after. The person you care for may be: a frail older person; someone with a physical or learning disability; someone with a mental health problem; someone with dementia; someone who has a long term illness or condition. Most people who look after relations or friends are happy to do so, but sometimes they need help and support to continue providing care. Support for Carers Carers Support Workers in Cornwall provide information, support and advice to carers. Carers Support Service can be contacted on 01872 261 035. Carers Support Manager based at Cornwall Rural Community Council, can provide information and advice to carers on a wide range of issues, and can send you a Carers Information Pack. The Support Manager can also represent your views and act as a link with other services. For more information call 01872 261 035. Carers Support Groups provide the opportunity to share your experience with others, and can be a valuable source of information. Carers Support Service 01872 261 035. Carers Forums provide a focal point for local and national carers issues and service developments, and act as a reference point for carers opinions and consultation. Cornwall Rural Community Council 01872 261 035. Services for Carers • Day centres, & respite care or short breaks, See page 46 • Employment, training and work experience opportunities, for people with learning disabilities see page 28. • Personal care at home see page 12. • Direct payments, see page 9. • Meals at home, see page 38. • Equipment to help with daily living / home adaptations, Occupational Therapists and Case Co-ordinators can advise, contact your local Adult Social Care office, page 54 • Emergency communications scheme, the Lifeline system enables the person you look after to communicate with Strip2 15/5/07a central 11:59 alarm Page 1system 24 hours a day. staff manning


Contact your local council about Lifeline see page 15. • Supported housing, contact your local council, page 54, or see Sheltered Housing on page 48. • Care Homes, see page 18. • Disabled person badge, see page 44. Assessment & Access to Services Adult Social Care can help with access to any of the earlier mentioned services, and in some cases will make a financial contribution. In order to determine this you are entitled to an assessment (see page 8). Self assessment forms are also available contact you local Adult Social Care office.

Carers Support Services in Cornwall If you care for someone who is older, has a disability or a learning disability please ring the Carer Support Worker service on 01872 261 035 to speak to a carer support worker and obtain information and advice. If you are looking after someone with dementia, the carers support worker service is based in the Penzance and North Cornwall Adult Social Care offices (page 55). Please see the numbers listed and ask to speak to a Dementia Carer Support Worker. If you care for someone who has a mental health problem please ring the Carer Support Worker service on 01209 613 456 to speak to a carer support worker and obtain information and advice. Leaflet line: 01726 823515 If you are an older carer who looks after an adult with a learning disability, please phone ORIGO on 01872 264057 You will be able to obtain advice and guidance regarding planning for the future, support and advice. If you are the parent of a child with additional needs / disabilities, contact the Parent Carer Council for Cornwall on 01209 821485. If you are a young person in a caring role, please contact the Young Carers Project on 01209 614955 for free and confidential help. The project can provide information, support and runs regular activities (a group recently went to Disneyland). Carers News Issue 1 Spring 2008

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

All About Ellie

Ellie, who was born on 25th January 2005, is the child of Julie and Nigel Libby. Julie and Nigel had a little boy called Thomas who sadly passed away when he was only fourteen months old. Thomas died of a terminal illness for which there is currently no name but it was a terminal illness believed to be linked with the genetics of both Julie and Nigel. The geneticist believed that if they had a baby girl it was more likely that she would not be similarly affected. Four years after Thomas’ death, Ellie was born. It quickly transpired that she too, had a similar terminal condition. Ellie requires around-the-clock care and suffers from: • Global developmental delay • Laryngomalacia – Ellie has a tube/opening in her throat • Feeding difficulties – Ellie is fed solely by tube • Seizures • Vision impairment Ellie was given a very short life expectancy and was not expected to live beyond her first birthday…..she is still with us. We, the trustees, want to make Ellie’s life have meaning and wish to provide Cornwall and Devon in particular, with something to be proud of and something that will stand as a permanent memorial to Ellie.

Our Objectives

We appreciate that what we are taking on is a mammoth task but we have the drive and determination that we will succeed. We have already had land donated to us but now we have to build Ellie’s haven with all that entails regarding design specifications, planning and so on. The building itself may well cost in excess one-anda-half million pounds and, once constructed, will cost approximately three-hundred-thousand pounds per year to run. Apart from any funding that we may be able to secure through Governmental Grant Schemes or National Lottery funding,15/5/07 we will be entirely dependent upon funding from Strip2 11:59 Page 1 charitable donations. Towards this end we need to raise the

“We’re aiming to to build a nonmedical holiday haven for the children of Devon and Cornwall and their families which we will call “Ellie’s Haven”. profile of this project to a national level in the hope that we can attract contributions from as wide a source as possible. From here on in, fund raising will need to be our raison d’etre. We had our official launch of Ellies-Haven in November 2007, at a very successful winter ball, at the Hannnafore Point Hotel in Looe.

Our Mission

Ellie’s Haven is being built on the outskirts of Looe in Cornwall to make the most of short and precious lives. We will offer holidays and short breaks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Ellie’s Haven will be a home from home experience for children and young people with life limiting/life threatening conditions and those with long term illnesses, and for their parents/guardians and siblings and their carer(s) if needed.

“A special place for special children”

“We can all help to make a difference to the lives of these very special children” Jason Donovan


It takes a huge amount of money to setup and then run a non-medical holiday haven, so if you can make a donation, however small, every penny will help us. To make a donation please send cheques (Payable to Ellie’s Haven Cornwall Ltd) to: 40 Woodlands View, West Looe, Cornwall, PL13 2AW If you would like to Gift Aid your donation you can download a printable Gift Aid Declaration form our website:, Tel: 01503 265044

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Meal Provision


eal providers in Cornwall in this section are listed alphabetically. For provision in your area contact the provider directly. Many companies listed here provide a Meals-on-Wheels service beyond their local vicinity, please contact them directly for further details.

Meals At Home

Appetising, healthy and nutritious meals are important, and if you are unable to prepare them yourself lunch clubs and day centres may provide meals (see Day Care). Another option is to have meals delivered to your door. Meals-onWheels providers are listed below, please contact them directly for availability in your area. When organising a meals-on-wheels or meal provision service you should check that: • Meals are of a high standard.

Meals should be balanced and nutritious, as well as appetising and attractively presented. Protein, vitamins and minerals should be emphasised in the diets of older people. Special dietary requirements related to health, culture and personal preference should be taken into account. This may involve providing, or buying in, specialised meals. Most needs can usually be catered for with careful planning and preparation. Identifying individuals’ needs before they start to receive meals is essential. Consultation is also important

with the local community, for example, to find out if there is a need for provision for ethnic minority groups. A meals on wheels service usually delivers food but does not serve it. Frozen meals can be delivered once a week for the week then heated daily by the older person or their carer. For hot meals, deliveries will have to be phased daily, bearing in mind how long the food needs to be kept heated, and by what time the meals need to arrive. There may be a need for both types of meal – hot meals for people who cannot heat up frozen meals, and less expensive frozen meals for those who can. Age Concern Resource Pack “Meals on Wheels” 1999

They will be enough for you as a main meal each day, and have a pudding as well as a main course. • You can ask for a special type of food because you are vegetarian, or have a special diet because of your health, or because of your religion, beliefs or culture. It may be possible to have hot and frozen meals delivered. Frozen meals can then be heated when necessary. The Department of Adult Social Care does not deliver meals, has no control over the quality, and has no accredited provider list. Meal producers premises are monitored by Environmental Health.

Meals-on-Wheels and provision in Cornwall

Home Farm Foods

Age Concern St Just & Pendeen

Miller House

Penzance 01736 788265

Atlantis Care Home

Polperro 01503 272243


Polgooth, St Austell 07126 66892

Castle Hill House

Bodmin 01208 73802

Launceston 01566 773049

Penberthy House

Newquay 01637 873845

Pendrea Homecare Bodmin 01208 74338

Pen Inney

Launceston 01566 782318

Supreme Cuisine

Liskeard 01579 347346

Tamara Residential Home Torpoint 01752 815725

Torcare Ltd.

Torpoint 01752 813677

Trewiston Lodge

St Minver, Wadebridge 01208 862438

Wentworth Domiciliary Care St Austell 01726 72941

Eats Cafe

Penhellis Community Care Ltd

Four Seasons

Restgarth Care Home

0800 773 773

Hartley Home Care

St Hilary

Womens Royal Voluntary Service (W.R.V.S)

Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 Hillsborough Domiciliary Care

St Margarets Nursing Home

Launceston 01566 773363 Torpoint 01752 814469 Camelford 01840 213040 Callington 01579 383138


Pitts Cleave, Tavistock 0800 074 6075

Helston 01326 572626

Polperro 01503 272016 Bude 01288 352754

Wiltshire Farm Foods - Advert on page opposite.

Liskeard 01579 342013

Fraddon 01726 861487

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Wiltshire Farm Foods where people care about food – and you Over 175 delicious dishes & desserts t From as little as £2.15 t Low fat, moderate salt, gluten free and vegetarian options t Every meal can be cooked in minutes t Eat what you fancy when you want t Balanced, nutritious and tasty t Frozen from fresh to capture the goodness t Delivered free to your door

Seafood Salmon

Our dishes are as delicious as they are nutritious

Phil Rimmer Head Chef

Strawberry Tarte

Call us for your free 50 page menu

Rain or shine, we deliver to your door for free

0800 773 773

or visit

Roger Brooks Delivery Driver


Meals Prepared & Delivered with Care Enjoying a delicious hot meal every day can be hard work. There’s shopping to be bought, ingredients to be prepared – not to mention the time and cost it all takes. But there is another way to enjoy delicious, nutritious food, as many people throughout Cornwall have discovered with the Wiltshire Farm Foods home delivery service. Based in Falmouth, the Cornish outlet of Wiltshire Farm Foods was established over 14 years ago by Diane and

basis, but there is no long-term obligation; just buy the meals and desserts you want, when you want. Their friendly drivers are always willing to put the food in the freezer. All you have to do is heat it up to enjoy a nutritiously balanced, delicious hot meal whenever you wish. There is no delivery charge; all they ask for is a minimum order value of £10. For first time customers there is an Introductory Pack available for just £19.45, which includes six

Stephen Dyckhoff. Stephen said,“For whatever reason, many of our customers don’t want to cook every day. With us they can be sure of a nutritionally balanced, delicious meal. We are proud of our service, knowing that it means a lot to our customers.” Many of their frozen meals and desserts are ideal for special diets, including diabetic, gluten-free, and vegetarian. Your selection can be delivered to your door on a weekly

main meals with hot and cold desserts (standard or diabetic). The office (tel. 01326 378444) is open to receive orders Mondays to Fridays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m and orders can be placed up to 12 noon on the working day before delivery is required. You can call 0800 773773 for a full colour brochure and there is a facility to order and pay online at www.wiltshirefarmfoods. com.



All information and listings contained in this publication is available online at Together with listings for homecare and care homes throughout the country. 11:59 Page 1

contact us by email: RightCare Advice line 0844 800 9708. Lines are open 9am5pm Monday to Friday, if you call outside of these hours please leave a message - we will return your call.

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Leisure & Recreation


eisure facilities and attractions are there to be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of impairment or age. In addition there are holidays and leisure attractions, in Cornwall and further afield, specifically for people with disabilities.

Easily Accessible Routes The Jubilee Sailing Trust is a registered charity founded in 1978 that is dedicated to promoting the integration of people of all physical abilities from the age of 16. We do this through the challenge and adventure of sailing on board our two magnificent, fully accessible, tall ships; Lord Nelson and Tenacious, where disabled and non-disabled people work side-by-side sailing as equals. Our philosophy is the driving force behind everything we do: it is about focusing on people’s strengths, not weaknesses and enabling everyone to achieve more, no matter how large or small that achievement might be. The JST was established with a donation from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Appeal Fund in 1978. The founder of the charity was a school teacher who had been involved in dinghy sailing with physically disabled people. He hated leaving behind his disabled friends when he went offshore sailing. It was with this in mind that in 1977 the concept of JST was born. So join us in 2008 as we set a course for new challenges and adventures. Who knows what stories are waiting to be taken home, just over the horizon? For more information visit or contact The Jubilee Sailing Trust, Cornwall Branch, Penwinnick Road, St Agnes, Cornwall, TR5 0PA 01872 552808.

Watersports at Stithians Lake Accessible sailing, windsurfing and Kayaking for people with disabilities. Wheelchair accessible centre with hoist facilities for accessing boats. Sessions for ages 8 years and above. Call 01209 860301 for information and to book. Stithians Lake Watersports Centre, Menherion, Nr Redruth, TR16 6NW Strip2




Walking routes for people with walking difficulties, wheelchairs and pushchairs • Bude Canal and River Neet Valley Walk Easy, level, tarmac, riverside path. O/S Explorer Map 111 • Cornish Way Enjoy just a few hours on a trail, or explore all 180 miles. Includes landscapes, historic towns and villages, sandy beaches, local festivals, art galleries, museums and more. The Cornish Way Route Map 01872 222000 • Daymer Bay to Polzeath Moderate/difficult. Hills & bumpy sections. OS Map 106 • King George V Memorial Walk, Hayle Level with light gravel sections. OS Map 102 • Lerryn Riverside Walk Mainly level. Partly loose stone surface. OS Map 107 • St Clement to Tresillian Riverside Walk Mainly level. Partly loose stone surface. OS Map 107 • Tehidy Country Park Walk Mainly level path. Partly loose stone surface. OS Map 104 • Golitha Falls Moderate. All off road. OS Map 109 • Par Duckpond Easy. Predominantly off-road. OS Map 107 • Trenance Gardens and Boating Lake Easy. OS Explorer Map 104

Free Cinema for Carers

Carers who look after a disabled person may be entitled to go to the cinema for free. The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association card (CEA) is a national scheme, however not all cinemas subscribe. To qualify for the card the person must be getting DLA and AA or Registered blind, or the holder of a disabled persons rail card. Application forms are available from participating cinemas or can be downloaded from, or by ringing 0845 123 1292. There is an initial charge of £5.50 for processing the claim.

Page 1

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Attractions, Leisure Centres and Cinemas Leisure Centres in Cornwall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Penzance Leisure Centre 01736 874744 Swim, Sports Hall Cinemas Participating in CEA St Ives L C 01736 797006 Swim, Gym (see Free Cinema for Carers) Carn Brea L C 01209 714766 Swim, Track, Sports Hall Helston Sports Centre 01326 563320 Swim, Gym, Aerobics Stithians Watersports 01209 614076 Swim, Surfing, Kayaking, Tennis, Dance WTW Cinemas Truro 01872 272894 1 Truro L C 01872 261628 Swim, Gym, Sports Hall WTW Cinemas Wadebridge 01208 812791 2 Ships & Castles 01326 212129 Fun Pool, Gym UCI/Odeon Plymouth 0871 22 44 007 3 Water World 01637 853828 Swim, Fun Pool, Gym, Aerobics VUE Plymouth 8710 240 240 4 Newquay Sports Centre 01637 875533 Gym, Sports Hall, Pitches Plymouth Arts Centre 01752 206 114 5 Heron Tennis Centre 01637 877555 Tennis Courts Polkyth L C 01726 223344 Swim, Squash, Sports Hall, Tennis Dragon L C 01208 75715 Swim, Tennis, Squash, Health Suite, Gym Par Sports and Recreation Ground 01726 223691 Athletics, Track Fowey Comm. L C 01726 833931 Swim*, Sports Hall, Squash, Sun Beds, Gym Courtroom Experience Wadebridge L C 01208 814980 Swim, Sports Hall, Squash, Gym 01208 76616 Camelford L C 01840 213188 Swim, Sports Hall, Gym, Tennis Lux Park L C 01579 342544 Pitch, Gym, Sports Hall, Squash, Tennis, Swim Tintagel Castle 01840 779084 Saltash L C 01752 840940 Swim, Gym Bodmin & Wenford Railway 0845 125 9 678 Phoenix L C 01566 772551 Swim, Squash, Gym, Pitch Budehaven L C 01288 353714 Sports Halls, Squash, Outdoor Pitch, Tennis Splash Leisure Pool 01288 356191 Swim, Sauna Bude Jamaica Inn 21 Crealy Great Adventure Park 01566 86250 20 0870 116 3333 L C = Leisure Centre, * = Outdoor Dairyland Farm World Newquay Zoo

Dobwalls Family Adventure Park


01872 510246

01208 841369

01579 320325

01637 873342


Lappa Valley Steam Railway



Blue Reef

01872 510317

01637 878134

Holywell Bay Fun Park

01579 351346




0870 116 3333




01208 265950

The Cornish Cyder Farm


01872 573356

01637 875404

Paradise Park & Jungle Barn

8 9 Newquay 10





China Clay Park 01726 842457 18


01736 753365


Tate St Ives

St Austell

01326 574274

01736 796226


01736 788662

St Ives Hayle


01726 811911


Mount Edgcumbe 01752 822236

St Austell Brewery Charlestown Shipwreck Centre

Camborne Falmouth 5

01726 69897

World of Model Railways 01726 842457


4 Helston




Eden Project 01726 842457







1 6

Geevor Tin Mine


01872 862090

01736 363148

The Hall for Cornwall 01872 262466

Lands End

0870 458 0044

01326 573 404

The Minack Theatre 01736 810181

St Michaels Mount 01736 710507

01872 272205


01326 250448

National Maritime Museum

National Seal Sanctuary

020 8312 6565

01326 221361

Porthcurno Telegraph Museum 01736 810966


Royal Cornwall Museum




Page 1

Poldark Mine 01970 890 620

Future World @ Goonhilly

0800 679 593

Glendurgan 01872 862090

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

Pendennis Castle 01326 316594

0800 99 88 33




y the mid 1970s most households in the country owned a car. But disabled people were missing out. As a result, many people were housebound for long periods and often dependent on others for their mobility.

Before the introduction of the Mobility Allowance in 1976, only disabled people who could drive themselves got any government help with personal transport. It was usually in the form of a small car provided to disabled couples, to people responsible for the sole care of a disabled child and to a category called “war disabled”. An allowance was paid to disabled people who actually owned a car. But most people were supplied with a small, blue, single-seat, three wheeled, motorised “invalid trike”, which was incapable of carrying passengers. Today, The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to use their government funded mobility allowances to obtain a new car, powered wheelchair or scooter. Some 450,000 people currently use the Scheme and in 2006 Motability celebrated providing two million vehicles since it was set up by the government in 1977.

The Scheme is available to anyone who receives either of the following benefits, and has at least 12 months’ award length remaining when they apply: • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance. • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement. Around two thirds of our customers drive, but nondrivers can get a car as a passenger. Similarly, parents and carers can apply on behalf of a child aged three or older. Some customers need extra financial help to meet their mobility needs, for example, to help towards the cost of the advance payment for a suitable car, adaptations, driving lessons or perhaps a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Ever year Motability awards around £10 million in grants from both its own Charitable Fund and the Specialised Vehicle Fund which is administered on behalf of the government.

Motability ‘A Guide to the Motability Scheme’ 2007 Call 0845 456 4566 for information about the Motability Car Scheme or 0845 60 762 60 for information about the Motability Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme

Customer Profile : Phil Jepson Phil, from Essex, has a scooter on the Motability Scheme and uses it daily to get out and about; going to the local shops, the doctors, visiting friends and going out on social occasions, such as visiting the pub. He is an amputee and lost the use of his left arm following a stroke eleven years ago.

Customer Profile : Debbie Carter Debbie, from Cambridgeshire, currently drives a Chrysler Grand Voyager, her ninth car on the Motability Scheme. Motability also provided a grant to help pay for the vehicle to be adapted to enable her to drive from her wheelchair and manoeuvre using a joystick. Strip2




Page 1

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Shopmobility is a scheme which provides electrically powered wheelchairs, scooters and manual wheelchairs to help people who have limited mobility to shop and use the facilities/amenities of the area or shopping centre. Each ‘Shopmobility Centre’ is an independent organisation, although each centre may have more than one outlet within their own area. Shopmobility is open to anyone who has limited mobility and feel that getting about would be difficult for them. This limited mobility could be through disablement, illness, accident or age and could be temporary or permanent.

Go Truro, Moorfields Car Park Office, Calenick Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2QD 01872 265 300 Falmouth Shopmobility, c/o Marks and Spencer, 44 Market Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, England, TR11 3AJ 01326 313553 Penzance Shopmobility, The Light and Life Centre, Wharfside Centre, Market Jew Street, Penzance, TR18 2GB 01736 351792

Motability Dealers in Cornwall BMW

Ocean Falmouth Ltd: 01326 375960


Claude Holman Cars Ltd, Blackwater: 01872 560 561


Carrs of Truro: 01872 520789


Hawkins Motors, Blackwater: 01872 560 987 P C Tonkin and Son, Bugle: 01726 850241 Trelawny Garage, Penzance: 01736 362717


Vospers, Pool, St Austell: 01209 611 670 St Erth Services, Hayle: 01726 752028


Flora Motors Ltd, Helston, 01326 563416 Tregoning Ford, Helston: 01208 812026 Vospers Truro, Falmouth, Pool, St Austell, Helston, Penzance, Liskeard; 01752636363


Rowes Garage Ltd, Trispen: 01872 279631


Carrs of Truro: 01872 520790

Land Rover

Riders Land Rover, Threemilestone: 01872 263377 RogerYoung Landrover, Saltash: 01752 849999


Mercedes-Benz of Truro: 01872 520900


Ocean Falmouth Ltd: 01326 375960


Tolcarne Motors, Penzance: 01736 361998


Town and Country, Maranvose : 01872 540585 West End Motors (Bodmin) Ltd: 01208 75656


Hawkins, Penryn, St Stephen, Hayle; 01326 377206 Truscotts Helston, Launceston: 01326 573001


Dales Central, Chapeltown, Scorrier: 01209 821133 Millers Garages Ltd, Falmouth: 01326 373825


Dales Central Motors Ltd, Scorrier: 01209 821144 Tolcarne Motors, Penzance: 01736 361998


Riders Saab, Falmouth: 01326 213399


West End Motors, Bodmin: 01208 77966


Falmouth Garages Ltd: 01326 377246


Parklands Toyota, Mitchell, 01872 510455


Ward of Helston , Truro: 01872 226500 Maynes Garage Ltd, Redruth: 01209 215502 Evans Halshaw Vauxhall Saltash: 01752 848411


Carr’s Van Centre, Indian Queens: 01726 862 350

DVD: The Secret’s Out In this short DVD, Julie Fernandez, a prominent disability rights campaigner and actress best known for her role in ‘The Office’, explains how Motability can help people with their mobility needs. It covers all you need to know, from who can use the Motability Scheme, how it works and what is available to financial help and actually getting on the road. During the DVD, Julie meets Tracy, Phil and Ellie to find out the difference Motability has made to them. Available free of charge calling Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 byPage 1 the Brochure Hotline on 01279 632067 or from the website M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33



Transport Access Patients

Brings together the voluntary transport providers under one telephone number. A service specifically designed for people who need help with any nonurgent health related journey. If you need help for a hospital or doctors appointment call T.A.P. on 01872 223388. A small charge per mile is payable. T.A.P can help you with the following transport needs: Accessible Mini-buses; Private Ambulances; Minibuses For All (Penwith & Kerrier); Volunteer Car Schemes You may wish to travel alone or with friends. You may use a walking frame or be a wheelchair user. T.A.P can help with all your transport needs.

Care Share Cornwall is a website designed to assist you in contacting potential lift-sharing partners and gives you the ability to limit your search according to your own requirements. Searching for a car-share partner may help you get around if using public transport is a problem. What is car sharing? Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together. It allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst alleviating the associated problems of congestion and pollution. When can I share a car? You can share a car for any journey - getting to work, doing the weekly shop, taking the children to school, going to the match at the weekend, travelling to a festival, event or show, getting to or from university, visiting friends or getting to the airport. What are the benefits of sharing a car? • Saves you money - travelling with others enables you to reduce your transport costs by up to £1000 a year. • Reduces the number of cars on the roads - resulting in less congestion, less pollution and fewer parking problems • Provides a real solution to the transport problems of rural areas • Gives employees and employers more transport options • Strip2 Reduces15/5/07 the need for a private car 11:59 Page 1 More Information: visit


Blue Badge Scheme The blue badge scheme provides a national range of parking concessions for disabled people with severe mobility problems who have difficulty using public transport. You are automatically eligible to apply for a badge if you are over two years old and either: • receive the Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance • are registered blind • receive a War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement You may also be eligible for a badge if you are over two years old and either: • have a permanent and sustainable disability which means you cannot walk, or which makes walking very difficult • drive a motor vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms, and are unable to operate all or some types of parking meter If you are a parent of a child who is less than two years old, you may apply for a badge for your child must be accompanied by bulky medical equipment or needs to be kept near a vehicle at all times. For more information: contact your local adult social care office, see page 55

Making life easier on public transport A group of our members from North and East Cornwall worked with their local transport group to create a Transport Access Pass. It is a small credit card size wallet with a range of inserts that can be changed. We can put our own personal information in it. The Access Pass is recognised by local bus drivers. The bus drivers know that the Access Pass describes the support that we need to travel safely on public transport. We think that the Transport Access Pass could be used for lots of different things not just transport. In December 2007 Cornwall People First was presented with an award by Valuing People South West for making good accessible communication. Anyone can ring or e-mail the office to ask for their FREE Access Pass. Please call 01736 334857 if you would like to find more about the Access Pass or how to use it.

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Nursing Agencies


ursing Agencies in Cornwall are listed alphabetically in this section. For more information about services in your area or about a particular agency please contact them directly.


Nursing Agencies Nurses agencies send nurses to visit people at home when they need specialist or medical care, usually after leaving hospital. The frequency of the visits can vary from several times a day to once a week. There are two types of nurses agency: • The first type simply acts as an employment or introductory agency which places self-employed nurses into employment with people who need nursing help at home. • The other type of agency employs, trains and supervises its own staff. CSCI website 05/07:

Nursing Agencies Guardian Care Services

1 Regal House, Fore Street, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6JY 01752 313021

Newcross Healthcare Solutions Ltd

Ground Floor, 14-15 Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2LS 01872 222525

Pointing you in the Right Direction

Rightnurse Care Services - Ad on pg 15 29a Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2LS 01872 274120

Scope Inc Nurses Agency

Unit 2, Bridge Court, Kingsmill Road, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6LE 01752 840059

Trewcare Nursing and Home Care Services - Ad pg 13 Trewcare House, Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, Bickland Water Road, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 4SN, 01326 375949

NurseFinders The Professional Choice A local company with friendly staff and professional service We provide experienced trained Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers throughout Cornwall Call today 01872 270999 24 hours 72 Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2PN email: Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 web:


Find the care you need with RightCareSolutions RightCareSolutions is a free service. Available online, over the phone, and via email, its a great way to identify suitable services as listed by CSCI*. Be specific about the kind of care services you require, and we’ll deliver appropriate results suiting your needs. Contact us if you are looking for Care Homes, Nursing Agencies, or Domicillary/Home Care... See page 57 to fill out our written request form or...

0844 800 9708

Nursefinders - Advert below

Nursefinders House, 72 Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2PN 01872 270999


*Results provided from The Commision For Social Care Standard Inspection Listings

NMS National Minimum Standards The National Minimum Standards are a set of guidelines to help providers, inspectors and service users understand the expected minimum level of service. These guidelines are not enforceable by law, but providers should abide by them. They also give service users the ability to judge care providers to ensure the correct service is employed. The NMS publication can be ordered from the Department of Health by calling 0870 155 54 55 You could expect a nursing agency to provide a wide range of services for example; • Ad Hoc • Emergency Cover • Joint planning to manage seasonal shortages • Bank Management • Permanent Recruitment

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Day & Respite Care


istings below include Day Care and Respite Centres throughout Cornwall. Some home care agencies (page 12) and care homes (page 18) also provide these services.

Day Services

Respite Care

illness. Day services aim to give them the skills they need to live as independently as possible. Most are run by the Adult Services department and are for people who have been assessed as needing this kind of help.

services that can provide trained people to look after the person you care for just such purposes, during the day or night.

Day Services offer help and support to older people and to people with disabilities. They offer social contact and stimulating activities for people who are finding difficulty living at home. Day care also enables carers to have a break from their caring. Centres are run by local authorities, the NHS, voluntary organisations and commercial businesses such as care homes (see page 18). Day services offer care for adults with physical and/or learning disabilities and people recovering from mental

Services Key Learning Disability Outdoor Activity

Caring for someone at home may sometimes feel like having a full time job and you might feel that you need to take a break from time to time. Respite Care for the person you look after may give you the opportunity to do just that. It may be possible to admit them to a residential or nursing home for a short period of time, giving you time at home or perhaps enabling you to take a holiday away. You may also like regular short breaks for a few hours to pursue a hobby or take time for yourself, or perhaps you would just like a good night’s sleep. There are a range of

Four Seasons

Atlantis Care Home

Torpoint PL11 2EP 01752 811469

Polperro PL13 2JE 01503 272243

Morley Tamblyn Lodge

Carrick Day Treatment and Therapy Centre

Liskeard 01579 345 858




Liskeard PL12 3UT 01579 324114

Old Age

Rowan House

Physical Disabilty

Saltash PL12 4BY 01752 843843

Mental Disorder

Tamara Residential Home

Sensory Imparement

Torpoint PL11 2RSA 01752 813677

Torcare Ltd

Torpoint PL11 2BW 01752 813677

Day & Respite Care in Caradon

Torpoint Nursing Home

Torpoint PL11 2BW 01752 816323

Caradon Day Centre

Liskeard PL14 4EJ 01579 347651

Carol Spinks Homecare

Saltash PL12 6JL 01752 844832


Callington PL17 7EF 01579 383104

Echo Centre

Liskeard PL14 6AY 01579 347 836

Eldon House

Liskeard PL11 5AJ 01579 362686





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Day & Respite Care in Carrick Age Concern Dayclub

Day care facilities, rehabilitation, food, entertainment. Falmouth TR11 3PX 01326 316880

Age Concern Dayclub Truro 01872 279279

Truro TR1 3JG 01872 241783

Eshcol House

Portscatho TR2 5HR 01872 580291

Gables Day Care Activity Centre Truro TR7 9QD 01872 571030

Lowena Hostel

Truro TR1 1JX 01872 270 013


Truro TR1 3TB 01872 274097


Truro TR1 2JP 01872 276889


Falmouth TR11 4SN 01326 375949

Tremorvah Industries

Emloying people with a disability in a supported environment. Threemilestone 01872 324 340


Falmouth TR11 4DD 01326 312833

Anchor Day Centre

Mental health resource centre. Falmouth TR11 3PT 01326 315822

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Age Concern - Tregadillet

Day & Respite Care in Kerrier

Launceston PL15 7EV 01566 880066

Armadale Day Cen. (RETHINK)

Anthea Hedge Domiciliary Care Management

Wadebridge PL27 7HA 01208 815676


Bodmin PL31 2AE 01208 72713


Launceston Day Centre

Camborne TR14 8BA 01209 713498

Launceston PL15 8EX 01566 776422

Boundervean Day Centre


Camborne TR14 7QE 01209 613006

Launceston PL15 9JG 01566 773049

Carleen Community Church Care Centre

Pendrea Homecare

Bodmin PL31 2BN 01208 74338

Priory Centre

Penwith Respite Care Ltd Penzance 01736 330638

Penzance TR18 2DH 01736 331982


St Ives TR26 2TQ 01736 797183

Day & Repite Care in Restormel

Newquay St Austell

Age Concern Dayclub

Bodmin 01208 13623

Fowey 01872 266388

St. Breock

Wadebridge PL27 7NN 01208 812246

Drym Valley centre

Penzance TR18 4DA 01736 350337

St Mary’s Haven Day Care Centre

Camborne TR14 8EL 07734701200

Day centre for those seeking companionship and break from isolation. Helston TR13 9NP 01736 763604

Pengarth Day Centre

Age Concern Dayclub

Camborne TR14 0NU 01736 850707

St Hilary

Duchy College - West Cornwall Centre

Bude EX23 8DG 01288 352754

Bathing, chiropody, aromatherapy, outings, games and hairdressing. Newquay TR7 1JR 01637 876150

Trelil Court Day Resource Centre

Age Concern Dayclub

Harbour House

Ex-psychiatric patients and those in community who need support. Bodmin PL31 2JW 01208 76899

Holifield Farm Project

Wadebridge Concern for the Aged

Camborne TR14 0AB 01209 722100 Portreath TR16 4LW 01209 843276 Gweek, TR12 6UL, 01326 221017

Kehelland Horticultural Centre Camborne TR14 0DD 01209 718 975 Redruth 01209 718 975

Polsloe House

Redruth TR13 0LW 01209 215337

PRN Domiciliary Care Agency Helston TR13 8EB 01326 574606

Westgate Centre

Chy Koes

Launceston PL15 7AE 01566 777344 St Ives Hayle Penzance

Age Concern - St. Ives

St. Ives TR26 2DY 01736 798182

Age Concern - St. Just and Pendeen

Helston TR13 8AG 01326 560973

Meals, senior social club, bingo. Penzance TR19 7LJ 01736 788265

St Martin’s

Bellair Day Centre

The Green

Redruth TR15 1LU 01209 215250

Tremethick House

Redruth TR15 3AL 01209 215713

Day & Respite Care in North Cornwall

Launceston Bodmin

Age Concern - Bodmin

Strip2 11:59 Bodmin15/5/07 01726 822646

Page 1

St Austell PL25 4SZ 0172676299

Old Roselyon Manor

St. Blazey PL25 2DW 01726 814189


Newquay TR7 2BT 01637 873845

Roswyth Mental Health Centre


St Margarets Nursing Home

Penzance TR20 9PN 01736 710476

Fraddon TR9 6LX 01726 861487

Frank Johns Centre

Tregarne Hostel

St Ives TR26 2NT 01736 795769 Bude

Fountain House Mental Health Day Resource Centre

Penzance TR18 4TA 01736 72583


Helston TR13 8BA 01326 573382

St Austell 01726 76045

Group activities and social support for people with mental health problems. Newquay TR7 1BA 01637 873122

Hayle 01736 754 545


Blantyre Centre

St Austell 01726 7258

Proper Care (Cornwall) Ltd

Camborne TR14 7HJ 01209 713512


St Austell PL26 7BP 01726 66892

Wadebridge PL27 7BX 01208 812392

Day & Respite care in Penwith & Scilly Isles

Murdoch and Trevithick

St Austell 01872 266388

John Daniel Centre

Penzance 01736 368 531

Old Manor House

Penzance TR18 4DW 01736 363742


Bude 01288 356 235 M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

Residential short breaks for adults with a learning disability. St Austell 01726 724 29


St Austell PL25 4LD 01726 75066


St Austell PL25 5BN 01726 72941


St Austell PL25 4RA 01726 7290 0800 99 88 33


Sheltered Housing & Extra Care


heltered Housing (otherwise known as Retirement Housing) schemes in Cornwall are listed in this section, and Extra Care is stated in the listings, if available. It is likely that there will be a waiting list for rents and purchasing, so it is advisable to contact your preferred scheme early.

Sheltered Housing Sheltered housing is often called retirement housing or warden-assisted housing. There are many different types of sheltered or retirement housing schemes, both to rent and to buy. Schemes usually consist of between 15 and 40 dwellings which may be bedsitting rooms, self contained flats, bungalows or luxury apartments. Usually they are designed with older people in mind and to mobility standards, for wheelchair access for example. Some schemes are simply housing designed to meet the needs of older people and linked to a community alarm. But the majority of schemes have a Scheme Manager (or ‘Warden’) as well as a community alarm service. There are often communal facilities such as a lounge, laundry, guest flat and garden. Meals are not normally provided but a very few schemes include a restaurant, and quite a number arrange one hot meal a day. There is usually a minimum age, often 55 or 60, but occasionally 50. Sheltered or retirement housing appeals to people who like living independently but want the reassurance of knowing that assistance is on hand if there is an emergency, or who expect to be away from home for long periods and need to know their home is safe. The duties of the Scheme Manager can vary considerably between schemes. Some schemes have a resident Manager and a 24 hour service, others have visiting or part time Managers. Scheme Manager (Warden) Over the last few years there have been many changes to the Scheme Manager’s duties. Most Scheme Managers are now expected to: • Manage the scheme • Summon help in an emergency. • Build up a relationship with older people living in their schemes; giving residents information on availability and access to services and encouraging them to ask for additional support from statutory and voluntary Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 organisations when appropriate.


Community alarms • Offer reassurance that help is at hand if needed: • By pressing a button on a pendant or pulling a cord, a message is relayed to a monitoring centre, staffed 24 hours a day • If help is needed the centre will alert relatives or friends, or contact your doctor or the emergency services. • Other facilities Schemes will usually offer all or some of the following: • Residents’ lounge. • • •

Guest room(s) or flat: extra accommodation for residents’ visitors. Laundry room. Restaurant.

Extra Care

Extra Care Housing is housing designed with the needs of frailer older people in mind and with varying levels of care/support available on site. People who live in Extra Care Housing have their own self contained homes, their own front doors and a legal right to occupy the property. It is therefore very different from a care home where residents only have a licence to occupy a room. Extra Care Housing is also known as very sheltered housing, part two and a half, close care, assisted living and retirement villages. It is a popular choice among older people because it can sometimes provide an alternative to a care home. Extra Care Housing can help older people remain independent for as long as possible by providing additional care and support. It can also be used as intermediate accommodation to help older people build up their daily living skills and confidence after a stay in hospital and before returning to their own homes. Extra Care Housing can be rented, owned, part owned/ part rented or multi-tenure. The majority of properties are rented and are in schemes managed by Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) or local authorities. The information in this section is taken from the Elderly Accommodation Council’s publication the ‘Cornwall Report’, this contains a broad spectrum of information and advice regarding Sheltered Housing and Extra Care.

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Renting Most housing for rent is provided by local councils or nonprofit making housing associations (often called Registered Social Landlords or RSL’s). Local councils and RSL’s generally aim to offer their housing to people in the greatest housing need, at rents which are affordable - perhaps with the help of housing benefits. The Criteria that applicants are generally expected to show include: • some degree of housing need because of the physical condition of their present home; or • medical and/or social reasons for wanting to move, e.g. poor health, disabilities, loneliness, fear or isolation from friends & family; and • that they are not easily able, for whatever reason, to buy rather than rent; and • that (if they are not local already) they have good reason for wanting to move to the area they apply for. In most parts of the country councils and RSL’s recieve applications from more people than they can assist. The cost of renting will be made up of a rent plus service a charge to cover the services provided. Service Charges in the majority of ordinary sheltered or retirement schemes the charge is in the range of £20 to £40 a week. People wanting to rent sheltered housing and who have a low income should contact local authority to check their eligibility for housing benefit.

Companies Offering Sheltered Housing for Rent in Cornwall The Abbeyfield Society

Sheltered Housing in Caradon, Carrick, Kerrier, North Cornwall, Restormel Abbeyfield House, 53 Victoria Street, St Albans, Herts, AL1 3UW 01727 857536

Guiness Trust

Sheltered Housing in Caradon 3rd Floor, Balliol House, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1NP 01392 822900

Caradon District Council

Luxstowe House, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3DZ 01579 341000

Carrick District Council

Carrick House, Pydar Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 1EB 01872 224 400

Devon & Cornwall Housing Association

Sheltered Housing in Carrick, Kerrier, Penwith, Restormel 5 Heathlands Business Park, Heathlands Road, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4DH 01579 347 785

Hanover Housing Association

Sheltered Housing in Carrick, Kerrier, North Cornwall Gateway House, Cornbrash Park, Bumpers Way, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6RA 01249 707000

STONHAM TU A free and confidential housing related support service for people of all ages. Stonham will be providing floating support to the existing and new clients in the following districts; North Cornwall, Caradon, Carrick, Restormel. As well as established services in West Cornwall. For more information see page 33.

Buying Prices and types of property vary enormously. A small second-hand flat may be found for under £70,000 in parts of the country. Brand new properties cost more. Luxurious homes on sites with every amenity - swimming pools, golf courses and restaurants - can cost well into six figures. Service charges are likely to apply as will ground rent which could vary from £50 per year to £300. Optional home care and meal services will normally be charged for separately if they are privately provided. EAC ‘Cornwall Guide to Sheltered Housing’ March 2007 For More Information on Sheltered Housing and Extra Care the Elderly Accommodation Council (EAC) provides independent and comprehensive advice. This Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Pagecan 1 be accessed via the website or by calling 020 78201343.

Anchor Trust

Sheltered Housing in Kerrier, Penwith Milestone Place, 100 Bolton Road, Bradford, BD1 4DH 08457 75 85 95

Coastline Housing

Sheltered Housing in Kerrier 11 Basset Road, Camborne, Cornwall, TR14 8SE 08452 700720

North Cornwall District Council

Housing & Environmental Service Dept, Trevanion Road, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7NU 01208 815073

Penwith Housing Association

67 Morrab Road, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 3QT 01736 331799

Ocean Housing

Sheltered Housing in Restormel Dowrglann, Stennack Road, Holmbush, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 3SW 01726 874 450

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33




his section includes information about Disability Cornwall and listings are provided for wheel chair provision. For care homes for people with physical disabilities please see ‘Care Homes’ page 18.

Disability Cornwall

Disability Cornwall aims to be the voice of disabled people in Cornwall and will challenge discrimination and inequalities and at the same time promote examples of good practice. This is achieved through managing a portfolio of projects & services and the development of partnerships to deliver services around access audits & advice and training in both DDA & Disability Equality, as well as Cornwall’s Diversity Toolkit . This innovative document aims to help eliminate discrimination in the workplace along all seven of the equality strands (race, disability, age, faith, gender, transgender & sexual orientation). In addition, Disability Cornwall provides consultancy services in connection with policy review and the provision of consumer audits or ‘mystery shoppers’. We also facilitate Consulation Panels for service providers to gather views direct from our members who will then benefit from increased and better access to services. We produce Discover, Cornwall’s only disability aware lifestyle magazine in full colour and covering human interest stories, news, sport, services available and much more. We aim to hold a high profile annual conference, as well as organising workshops and presentations according to need.

Wheel Chair Provision in Cornwall British Red Cross

Upto 6 weeks loan Red Cross House, Lighterage Hill, Truro, TR1 2XR 01872 272471

Cornwall Friends’ Mobility Centre

Upto 3 months loan Tehidy House, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, TR1 3LJ 01872 254920

Cornwall Healthcare Trust

Our DIAL service (Disability Information Advice Line) is available on 01736 759500 providing information, support and advocacy via our trained Welfare Rights Advisers, who can answer any disability related enquiry or signpost to the relevant service. Membership of Disability Cornwall is available both on an individual and associate basis and as a user led organisation we welcome the involvement of our members in furthering the inclusion of disabled people in society. Vaughan Temby, Disability Cornwall

Call our fully qualified Welfare Rights Advisers for friendly, independent, confidential and impartial advice

10am - 3pm Monday to Friday

Fax: 01736 759212 E: Minicom: 01736 759500

For individuals, their families, carers & professionals

Are you receiving all the benefits you are entitled to? Concerned about service cuts in health & social care? Are you getting the support you need? DIAL is part of Disability Cornwall. Registered Charity No. 1064350

Millbrook Healthcare

62540377.INDD 1

Wheelchair purchase available Unit 2 Ocean Quay, Richmond Walk, Plymouth, PL1 4LL 01752 605953

Upto 3 months loan St Lawrence’s Hospital, Westheath Avenue, Bodmin, PL31 2QT 01208 251489

St John Ambulance Cornwall

Disablement Services Centre

Tremorvah Industrias

Long and short term loan 1Strip2 Brest Way, Derriford, Plymouth, 15/5/07 11:59 Page PL6 1 5XW 01752 79777


Wheelchair loan Princess Chula House, City Road, Truro, TR1 2JL 01872 277867 Wheelchair Loan, Lease and Purchase Unit 8 Threemilestone Industrial Estate, Truro, TR4 9LD 01872 324340

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Denise 62540377 Disability Corn CG WB CM 22 10 x 3 CD

Terr CD10 Source 0276 Rep Lorna Coo

Reps Cors Denise 20/3 11



his section includes information and advice regarding care including financial issues. Further information and advice can and should be obtained. The glossary shows leaflets that are available from Cornwall County Council, Age Concern, Help the Aged, and NHFA.

Care Services in video available Online... Video clips about the services Department of Adult Social Care can offer you are available online now at, videos available include...

If you wish to complain about a service arranged by Adult Social Care but provided by another agency, for example residential care, personal care or meals at home, you should initially speak to the agency directly. However, if you do not receive a satisfactory response, Adult Social Care will look into the complaint on your behalf. More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘How to make a comment, compliment or complaint’ leaflet, ref: ASC19 Contact the Complaints Manager by phone on 01872 322655, or write to the Complaints Manager at Department of Adult Social Care, FREEPOST, Truro, TR1 3ZZ or email at asc.complaints@

Rapid Assessment Teams • • • • • • •

Assessments and FACS Comments Compliments and Complaints Data Protection on Video Direct Payments Out of hours Safeguarding Adults Visit for more information.

Compliments, Comments and Complaints Care Providers need to know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. You should feel able to express your views and if necessary voice complaints about the services you have or are receiving. There is a legal requirement for providers to comply with the National Minimum Standards which means a simple and accessible complaints procedure. Ask your care provider for more details. To compliment, comment or complain about care provided by the Adult Social Care you can email asc.complaints@, or call 01872 322 316 and ask for the complaints manager. Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1

The Rapid Assessment Team, known as RATs, have been formed out of a joint Health and DASC initiative. There are 6 RAT teams, whose function is to: • Help prevent avoidable hospital admissions; • Assist early complex discharges or transfers; • Provide intensive rehabilitation at home; • Access specialised equipment swiftly for use in the home. To do this, the RAT teams may do some or all of the following: • Arrange short term care intensive packages including night sitting; • Provide Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy programmes at the patient’s own home, with the therapist assisted by the Rehabilitation Care Assistants; • Provide intensive nursing support within the patient’s own home, complementing and enhancing the existing District Nurse teams; • Swiftly deliver specialised equipment to the patients home A Rapid Assessment Team will usually work with someone for a maximum of seven working days, work received during this period is free. Anyone can make a referral, including carers and health care professionals by calling 01872 224 400. More information: Call Cornwall County Council on 01872 322532 and ask for ‘Rapid Assessment’ leaflet, ref: SSP/165

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Patient Advice and Liaison Service

Patient Advice and Liaison Service or PALs provide:• Confidential advice and support to patients, families and their carers • Information on the NHS and health related matters • Confidential assistance in resolving problems and concerns quickly • Information on and explanations of NHS complaints procedures and how to get in touch with someone who can help • Information on how you can get more involved in your own healthcare and the NHS locally • A focal point for feedback from patients to inform service developments • An early warning system for NHS Trusts, Primary Care Trusts and Patient and Public Involvement Forums by monitoring trends and gaps in services and reporting these to the trust management for action 05/07.Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust 01726 291109, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust 01726 627967 / 01209 886595 / 01208 252515, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust 01872 252793

Third Party Top-Ups

Choice is a fundamental principle of social care (although not for fully funded NHS care), and the starting point should be that a potential care-home resident should live in the accommodation of his or her choice. However, with the current funding limitations, that choice is severely constrained, and particularly for those who are dependent upon the state for their funding. If the cost is greater than the authority would usually expect to pay, having regard for an individual’s assessed needs, then a third party may need to be found who is willing and able to pay the difference (the top-up). In most situations the top-up can only be made by a third party; the resident is by law prevented from funding his or her own top-up, except during the initial twelve weeks of permanent residency when the value of their home is disregarded (unless they also have more than £22,500 in capital), and in cases of deferred payment. Top-ups are sometimes necessary because there is a funding gap between the cost of the home and the authority’s fee level. The fee level may be below the operating costs of the care home. The Choice Directives and guidance are quite clear. If there is no place available that will meet the individual’s needs at the fee level at the time the need is assessed, then the local authority should fund more expensive care. The local authority must offer an available bed in a care Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 home able to meet the individual’s needs when that need is


identified. The individual and his family then have the choice of whether to accept the offer or to choose a more expensive home (or room) that the individual/family prefer. The contract between the council and the care home must be for the full cost of meeting the individual’s assessed needs. The responsibility for negotiating the fee rests with the authority; it is part and parcel of arranging the care. The care home may make independent charging arrangements with a third party only for services that are genuinely additional to the assessed needs of the individual, for example a larger room with access to the garden, in circumstances where such direct access is not an assessed need. That is not a ‘top-up’ but an arrangement made between the home and the family for additional services over and above those lawfully required to be provided under the contract with the local authority to meet all their assessed needs. The dividing line is difficult to draw in individual cases. Further information is available from national charities for older people such as Age Concern and Help the Aged (for contact details please see ‘Useful Contacts’ on page 53). Mary Anson MSc; RGN, Managing Partner, Anson Care Services

Putting People First

A shared vision and commitment to the transformation of Adult Social Care Putting People First is a government initiative with the ambition to reform adult social care by enabling people to live their own lives as they wish, confident that services are of high quality, are safe and promote their own individual needs for independence, well-being and dignity. Some of the key points are listed here: • Local authorities to work in partnership with local NHS, providers and carers to create a new, high quality care system which is fair, accessible and responsive to the individual service user needs. • Agreed and shared outcomes which should ensure people, irrespective of illness or disability, are supported to: Live independently; Stay healthy and recover quickly from illness; Exercise maximum control over their own life; Sustain a family unit; Participate as active and equal citizens; Have the best possible quality of life; Retain maximum dignity and respect; • Early intervention and enablement become the norm. Supporting people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. The alleviation of loneliness and isolation to be a major priority. Citizens live independently but are not independent. • A universal information, advice and advocacy service • A common assessment process Putting People First publication, DH Publications Orderline 0300 123 1002. 01736 334857

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Information & Advice Age Concern provide an abundance of information in many areas. The information can be given in leaflet form, which you can order from your local Age Concern office (listed below). Here’s some leaflets that you may find useful... Buying Retirement Housing - FS2 Finding Help at Home - FS6 Noise and Neighbour Nuisance; What you can do - FS9 Local Authority Charging Procedures for Care Homes - FS10 Older Home Owners: Help With Repairs and Adaptations - FS13 Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit - FS17 The State Pension - FS19 The Council Tax - FS21 Arranging for others to make decisions about your finance - FS22 Direct Payments from Social Services - FS24 Finding care home accomodation - FS29 There are many more leaflets available, please contact your nearest office, listed below; Age Concern Bude & District Neetside BUDE EX23 8LB Tel: 01288 355007 (Office) 01288 355008 (Information) Email: Age Concern in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly Boscawen House Chapel Hill TRURO TR1 3BN Tel: 01872 266388 01872 264370 (Information & Advice) 01872 266880 (Insurance) Fax: 01872 266386 Email: Age Concern Saltash & District 28 Maybrook Drive SALTASH Cornwall PL12 4PX Tel: 01752 843000 Age Concern St Ives & District Enterprise Centre Westcott’s Quay ST. IVES Cornwall TR26 2DY Tel: 01736 798182 11:59 Page 1 Strip2 15/5/07 Email:

01209 716150 Courses, programmes and workshops specifically for the health and social care sector

Help the aged offer advice and support, available through leaflets which you can request by contacting them (details below). Leaflets are available in the following areas... Leisure and Technology Computers and Internet Digital Switchover Gardening Holidays Leisure Ideas Housing and Home Safety Advice Care at Home Care Homes Coming Out of Hospital And many more.... Financial Advice Attendance Allowance Bereavement Benefits Can you claim it? And many more... Health Advice Beating the Blues Better Sight/Hearing Going into hospital And many more... Contact Age Concern Here; 207-221 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9UZ Tel; 0207 278 1114 Fax; 0207 827 1116 Email;

Advice Line; 0808 800 6565

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Adult Social Care Offices

Cornwall Blind Association Sight Centre, Newham Rd, Truro, TR1 2DP 01872 261110

Bude Holsworthy & District Neetside, Bude, Cornwall EX23 8LB Tel: 01288 354531

Adult Social Care Headquarters County Hall, Treyew Road, Truro TR1 3AY Tel: 01872 322004 Fax: 01872 323817

Cornwall Mobility Centre Tehidy House, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, TR1 3LJ 01872 254920

Hayle Hayle Community Centre, Queenway, Hayle, TR27 4ND Tel: 01736 365438 Fax: 01736 351476 Home Visisting and Outreach Service Restormel Citizens Advice Bureau, Home Visiting and Outreach Project, The Library, Marcus Hill, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1BD Tel: 01637 851861;

Caradon Adult Social Care Liskeard Office, Westbourne House, West Street, Liskeard PL14 6BY Tel: 01579 342919 Fax: 01579 344424 Carrick Adult Social Care Truro Office, Cathedral Close, Wilkes Walk, Truro TR1 2TE Tel: 01872 278533 Fax: 01872 23299 Kerrier Adult Social Care Camborne Office, The White House, 24 Basset Road, Camborne TR14 8SL Tel: 01209 714721 Fax: 01209 612910 North Cornwall Adult Social Care Bodmin Office, Priory House, Priory Road, Bodmin PL31 2AD Tel: 01208 74491 Fax: 01208 78020 North Cornwall Adult Social Care Launceston Office, Hendra House, Dunheved Road, Launceston PL15 9JW Tel: 01566 773750 Fax: 01566 777239 Penwith Adult Social Care Penzance Office, Roscadghill Parc, Heamoor, Penzance TR18 3QX Tel: 01736 365714 Fax: 01736 351578

Professional pet and home care, ad hoc, holiday, or permanent solutions to individual needs. We can provide your ideal situation, just a phone call away...

Call 0845 800 9708 All employees are criminal records checked

Alzheimers Society, The The UK’s leading care and research charity for people with dementia, their families and carers Tel: 020 7306 0606 Fax: 020 7306 0808 Web: Email: Arthritis Care Working with and for all people with arthritis to put them in control of their arthritis, and their lives. 0808 8004050


Penryn Town Hall, Penryn, TR10 8HU Drop in advice times: Wed: 10.00 – 13.00 Specialist Welfare Benefits and Money Advice 24a High Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2AB Tel: 01326 219446 Camborne (Kerrier) The Community Centre, South Terrace, Camborne, TR14 8SU Tel: 01209 210121

Leonard Cheshire SW Region Leonard Cheshire exists to change attitudes to disability and to serve disabled people around the world. 4 Heron Gate Office Park, Hankridge Way, Taunton, Somerset TA1 2LR Tel: 01823 443674 Fax: 01823 444701 Covers Cornwall Area

Helston Trengrouse Way Community Centre, Trengrouse Way, Helston, TR13 8AF Tel: 01209 210121

Nightlink Free phone out-of-hours listening service for emotional distress and mental health. Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 8pm-1pm Fri-Mon 0808 8000 306

Penwith The Guildhall, St Johns Road, Penzance, TR18 2QR Tel: 01736 365438 Fax: 01736 330240 or 330684

Kerrier 3 & 4 Station Hill, Redruth, TR15 2PP Tel: 01209 210121 Web: www.kerriercab.

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N






Carrick (Truro) The Library, Union Place, Truro, Cornwall TR1 1EP Tel: 01872 278960 Fax: 01872 263481

Cornwall Community Volunteer Services Helps carers receive all the help and support needed.Carers Break Projects, Community Centre, South Terrace, Camborne, TR14 8SU

Useful Contacts - National

Citizens Advice Bureau’s

Restormel Adult Social Care St Austell Office, Sedgemoor Centre, Priory Road, St Austell PL25 5AB Tel: 01726 63582 Fax: 01726 61858

Addaction CADA Confidential counselling service Truro 01872 263001 Liskeard 01579 340616 Penzance 01736 365467


Right Pet & Home Services

Callington Town Hall, New Road, Callington, Cornwall PL17 7BE Drop in advice times: 10.00 – 12.30 Appointment only


Useful Contacts - Regional

“peace of mind and practical help for people - love care and safety for pets”

The Cinnamon Trust The only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals. A network of 8,000 volunteers “hold hands” with owners to provide vital loving care for their pets. When staying at home is no longer an option, Pet Friendly Care Homes Register lists residential/ nursing homes happy to accept residents with pets. And when a pet is bereaved we take on full time, life time care. The Cinnamon Trust 10 Market Square, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4HE 01736 757900 0800 99 88 33

Counsel and Care Nnational charity getting the best care and support for older people, their families and carers. Twyman House, 16 Bonny Street, London NW1 9PG Advise line: 0845 300 7585 Mon - Fri, 10am-12 noon and 2-4pm, except Wed afternoons. Web: www.counselandcare. Email: advice@counselandcare. Elderly Accommodation Council (EAC) Help’s older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs. It is now more commonly known as EAC. EAC, 3rd Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP Tel: 020 7820 1343 Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Buckinghamshie, 01844 348100 North Yorkshire, 01757 638666 Mencap The Learning Disability Helpline is a free, confidential service. Information on anything from money and benefits to services and support groups. 0808 808 1111,

Mind (National Association for Mental Health) Mind is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. We work to create a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress. Tel 020 8519 2122, Fax 020 8522 1725 Web: Email: contact@ Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) UK’s leading charity offering information, support and advice to over two million people with sight problems. 105 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NE Tel: 020 7388 1266 Fax: 020 7388 2034 Web: Email: helpline@ United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) (UKHCA) is the professional association of home care providers from the independent, voluntary, not-for-profit and statutory sectors. Group House, 2nd Floor, 52 Sutton Court Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4SL Tel: 020 8288 5291, Fax: 020 8288 5290, Email: Web: www.

Carers UK is the voice of carers. Carers provide unpaid care by looking after an ill, frail or disabled family member, friend or partner. 0808 808 7777

Marie Curie Nurses provide free nursing care to cancer patients and those with other terminal illnesses in their own homes. For more information for patients and carers or to get a Marie Curie Nurse visit carers (pg 36) or call FREEPHONE 0800 716 146.


A unified council for Cornwall A unified council for Cornwall will be a new council that covers the whole of Cornwall. It will take the very best elements from the six existing District and Borough Councils (Carrick, Kerrier, Restormel, Caradon, Penwith, and NorthCornwall) and Cornwall County Council to create a streamlined and more efficient Council. Why are things changing? This is a real opportunity to improve the quality of services and how they are delivered locally. Along with other councils across the country, Cornwall has committed to streamlining existing procedures to ensure better value for money, improved services, greater flexibility for local communities and ultimately, a stronger voice for Cornwall. When will this happen? The new unified council will begin in April 2009. Elections are expected in May 2009. How will it affect me? It is of vital importance that council services are not disrupted, and from April 2009 most people will continue to receive the same or higher standard of services - they will simply be provided by a different authority. Where can I find out more? email: phone: 01872 322 000 Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 web: M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Adult Social Care Publications

Directory of Death, Bereavement & Trauma Support Services in Cornwall 2007

Call 01872 322532

Adults: Physical Disability Adaptations to your home


Rehabilitation services for older people and people with disabilities


Say No to Abuse


Services for people with a physical disability


Services for people with a sight or hearing loss


Adults: Learning Disability Help for people with a learning disability


Opportunities for people with a learning disability


Say No to Abuse


Older People Adaptations to your home


Extra Help at home when you leave hospital


Home from Hospital and Care & Response Services


Rehabilitation services for older people and people with disabilities


Miscellaneous Information Access to personal records


Assessing your needs


Charter for People with Care Needs in Cornwall; Better Care Higher Standards Directory of Death, Bereavement & Trauma Support Services in Cornwall 2007

Services for people with dementia


Carers Consultation Survey 2006

Review visitor scheme


PSS User Satisfaction Homecare survey 2006

Information for Carers CRCC ASC/23


Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner


Planning for later life: transgender people


paying for supported accommodation



Transfer of assets and paying for care in a care home



Treatment of the former home as capital for people in care homes




Omlo/ CCS Omlo/HS

Integrated Mental Health Services in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Care home closures


Care home funding and attendance allowance


Carer’s allowance



Page 1

Infosheet 3 - The Legal Framework

Infosheet 5 - Deprivation of Assets



Infosheet 2 - Treatment of Property


Basic guide to attendance allowance and disability living allowance


Infosheet 1 - Choice and Interim Finance

Infosheet 4 - Local Authority Charging

Age Concern Resource Packs Call 0800 00 99 66

Mental or Emotional Problems, and Addictions SSP/106

Call 0800 998833

Care Fees Advice Application Form



NHFA Infosheets Long Term Care Guide

Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance

Information for young carers


Paying for care and support at home



Finding care home accommodation


Welcome to Cornwall - Information for Migrant Workers



Local authority charging procedures for care homes


Services for older people

Disability equipment and how to get it


Services for people living with HIV and AIDS



Local authority assessment for community care services


Services for carers

Direct payments from social services


Help outside normal working hours

Staying Safe in Cornwall - what to do in an emergency and in everyday life


Help with health costs



Review visitor scheme (for people who have moved to a residential care home)

Continuing NHS health care, NHS funded registered nursing care and intermediate care


Extra Help at home when you leave hospital

How to make a comment, compliment or complaint


Finding help at home



Services for Carers


Direct Payments Scheme

Moving to a care home

Carers Information Pack


Say No to Abuse

Say No to Abuse


Services for people with a drug or alcohol problem


Choice of accommodation - Care homes

Infosheet 6 - Top Ten Tips Infosheet 7 - Treatment of Couples Infosheet 8 - NHS Nursing Care Infosheet 9 - Inheritance Tax Infosheet 10 - Enduring Power of Attorney

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


Pointing you in the Right Direction




Find the care you need with RightCareSolutions RightCareSolutions is a free service. Available online, over the phone, and via email, its a great way to identify suitable services as listed by CSCI*. Be specific about the kind of care services you require, and we’ll deliver appropriate results suiting your needs. Fill out the form below if you are looking for Care Homes, Nursing Agencies, or Domicillary/Home Care.

Enquirers Details (if applicable)

Care Required


Care Home with Nursing


Care Home without Nursing


Home Care


Domicilary Care


Learning Disabilities Supported Living

Post Code

Adult Placement Services

Telephone Number

Nursing Agency

Where did you hear about us?

Further Requirements Details of person requiring care

Long Stay


Day Care





Relationship to enquirer

Respite Nursing Care

County of Residence



Preferred Areas


Further information

Please photocopy and send this form to; RightCareindex, 29a Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2LS. Or contact us below... Strip2



I authorise RightCareIndex to conduct the search on my behalf I authorise RightCareIndex to pass my details to relevant providers

Page 1

0844 800 9708

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N 0800 99 88 33

*Results provided from The Commision For Social Care Standard Inspection Listings


Safeguarding Adults


veryone has the right to live their life free from violence, fear and abuse. Everyone has a right to be respected by other people. Everyone has a right to make choices about their life and things that affect them. You have these rights whoever you are.

Say No to Abuse What is abuse?

hungry a lot, only having dirty clothes to wear, or not having your

• Abuse is when someone does something to you which makes you upset or scared.

equipment when you need it (like hearing aids, walking frames, wheelchairs).

• Abuse is when someone tries to take away your rights

Discrimination. This is when people are treating you unfairly

You may be afraid to say something to them to try and stop

because you are different. This could be because of the colour of


your skin, your religion, your sex, your age, your disability, your

• Abuse can happen by accident, where someone doesn’t realise that they are scaring you. Some people abuse others on purpose. ANY ABUSE IS WRONG.

language, or because you are lesbian or gay. Who could abuse you? Anyone. Most people will not abuse you.

Who might be at risk of abuse?

Where could someone abuse you?

For people aged 18 or over there could be different reasons for

Abuse could happen anywhere. In your home, at a day centre or

this, they have physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sight or

college, at work, in a hospital, in a care home, at a club, outside.

hearing loss, mental health problems, they are very ill, they have

Most places will be safe.

dementia and might be confused or forgetful, they are elderly or

Who can I tell if someone is abusing me?

frail, they are not able to stop someone else from hurting them or

Tell someone you trust as soon as you can. This can be your family,

taking advantage or them, they depend on someone else to look

a friend, a nurse or doctor, a social worker, a carer, someone from a

after them.

charity, a lecturer or someone at your college, a care inspector, or

Different Types of abuse?

the police.

Physical abuse. This is when someone physically hurts you. This can be, hitting, kicking, pulling hair, pinching, scratching, shaking, giving someone too much or not enough medicine. Sexual abuse. This is when someone is making you do sexual

What happens next? The person you tell will listen to you carefully. They will make sure an official person knows, who will take action to help you. What will the official person do?

things that might make you sad, angry or frightened. This can

They will listen to you carefully, help you stay safe, find out

be being touched where you do not want to be touched, in your

more, give you help and support, they will help to stop the abuse

private parts being made to touch other people in their private

happening, they will make sure no-one will treat you badly because

parts, undressing or having sex when you don’t want to.

you said you were being abused.

Emotional abuse. This is when someone says things to you that hurt your feelings or scare you. This can be calling you names, threatening you, laughing at you, treating you like a child, not letting you spend time with other people, or go out, Ignoring you. Financial abuse. This is when someone takes your money or things. This can be stealing your money or things, making you buy something you don’t want to buy, using your money to pay for their things, when you don’t have a choice in how your money is spent or when someone tells you that you have to give them your money or your home. Neglect. This is not giving you the things you need. This can be not having your prescribed medicine when you need it, not being Strip2



Page 1

taken to the doctor if you are ill, being cold a lot of the time or


Some numbers you might need to use: Adult Social Care 01872 322 004 Out-of-hours 01208 251 300 Commission for Social Care Inspection 01364 651 800 Police emergencies 999 enquiries 08452 777444 NHS Direct 0845 46 47 Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust 01872 252 793 Cornwall Partnership Trust 01208 251 300

Action on Elder Abuse 0808 808 8141 Mencap 0808 808 1111 Mind 0845 766 0163 Age Concern 01872 264 370 DIAL (Disability Information Advice Line) 01736 759 500

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

Not all abuse happens to children

Would you know what to do?

08452 777 444 NO TO ABUSE

Adult Protection Cornwall

01872 322004

onen hag oll 0845 1551007

one and all


Every day vulnerable adults are physically, psychologically, financially or sexually abused, discriminated against or neglected by others. And every day people witness this and say nothing!

01752 668000

See page 58 for contact numbers 01803 219700 Strip2 15/5/07 11:59 Page 1 Thanks to for use of their campaign material.

The characters depicted are fictional, however, abuse is real

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33


“ ...Mum couldn’t have been in a better place, a home from home”

Creditation Quality Hallmark from... the

gold standards













“ ...when I came to look around the home I knew it was what I wanted for Mum - the best. The staff at The Beeches showed such loving care, catering for her every need with dignity, warmth and love...”

St. George’s Road, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4AH Telephone: (01736) 752725 Fax: (01736) 754324 Email: N











This elegant home has been refurbished to the highest standard with easy access to secluded gardens and sea views towards Lelant and St. Ives. The Beeches prides itself in the delivery of quality nursing care, and has now been recognised and accredited as a centre of excellence in end of life care within the Gold Standards Framework.

Website: • 24 hour care by fully trained staff • Single rooms all with en-suite facilities and colour TV • Passenger lift • Private patios • Special Diets • Convalescent and Respite Care available • Regular visits by physiotherapist, chiropodist, hairdresser etc. • Assistance with fees may be available

For further details and a brochure please contact Peter Pool or Marian Rich, Matron/Manager on 01736 752725





Page 1

M O V I N G I N T O A C A R E H O M E – A D V I C E A N D I N F O R M AT I O N

0800 99 88 33

RightCareIndex Cornwall 0809  

RightCareIndex Care Directory for Cornwall

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