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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Coats for Kids Auction page 1

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2010 Holiday Installation pages 5 and 6 SAMCAR Events pages 7 and 8 RE/Tech 101 fall series page 10

Legislative DEFEATED! Proposed resale permit, inspections in Belmont page 3 Historic Preservation in Burlingame page 4 Vote! November 3, 2009 page 3 Advanced Fees for Loan Modifications Now Prohibited page 4

NAR Health Reform Bill page 5

Pumpkin Auction raises $4000 & Seeking Sponsors & Exhibitors for Housing Expo ‘10! pages 7 and 8

Focus on Extending Tax Credit Intensifies page 6

MLS MLSListings, Inc. Updates page 9

Message from the CEO

monthly newsletter of the

San Mateo County Association of realtors®

Philip B. Tedesco, RCE, CAE SAMCAR Chief Executive Officer tel. (650) 696-8200 fax (650) 342-7509


here has this year gone? It is hard to believe that it is now November, and that we have already begun planning for 2010. I hope that you had the opportunity to participate in the C.A.R. Business Meetings that were held right here in San Jose in October. The meetings were very productive. It was also nice to have them so close to home which allowed for more SAMCAR members to attend.

Board of Directors 2009 President President Elect Region 25 Chair Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Affiliate Director Director Director

Olivia T. Edwards Jennifer Tasto Marianne Zanone Rush Tim Auran Eric Berggren Robert Brisbane John Clifford Nini De La Fuente-Pecson Bobbi Decker Suzan Getchell-Wallace Phillip Houston Anne Oliva Edgar Tulcanaza Susan Vaterlaus David Zigal

On that same note, the NAR Fall Meetings will also be held relatively close this month, down in San Diego. “Navigate Your Way to Success” will be the theme for the event which will be held November 11th – 16th at the San Diego Convention Center. This too will be an excellent opportunity to attend a conference of this magnitude so close to home. If you have not had the opportunity to attend, I encourage you to consider it. Last year this same meeting was held in Orlando, Florida, and next year will be New Orleans, so take advantage of it being so close this year! Thousands of REALTORS® from throughout the Country will flock to California for the event. The Fall Meetings also include a lot of specific sessions in addition to the Expo. NAR is boasting over 400 exhibitors and over 150 sessions this year! If that is not enough to convince you to come, the special guests this year will include Condoleezza Rice as a Keynote Speaker, and Reba McEntire for the Sunday night concert. Both events are included with the cost for the conference. I hope to see you there.

Chief Executive Officer Philip B. Tedesco, RCE, CAE Editorial Team Michon Coleman Director of Government Affairs Dalen Gilbrech Publications Designer

For more information, visit or you may call 1-800-650-6893 to sign up.

Our Vision The Voice for Real Estate Professionals and Property Owners in San Mateo County.

North Board SAMCAR {RE}source is published monthly by the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS®, 850 Woodside Way, San Mateo, CA 94401 and distributed to more than 4,000 recipients. E-mail your questions or comments.

Copyright © 2009


Donations Needed, please call:


Stephan Marshall (650) 455-1528 Nicole Siacotos (650) 465-0450


Location: 33 Arroyo Drive, So. San Francisco Breakfast: Maryann Bologna, The Examiner

KIDS Auction November 24 8:30 a.m. at North Tour

Message from your 2009 President

November 2009

Welcome New Members


The Following Members Joined in October 2009

Olivia Edwards

2009 SAMCAR President

Worst of Times, Best of Times, Housing for a Topsy Turvey Market


Lady Viviana Bolivar, Casa Latino Bay Area Realty Nila Daya, Prudential California


ctober 23, 2009 was San Mateo County’s 8th annual Housing Leadership Day. This informative event was hosted at Oracle Corporation’s amazing Conference Center in Redwood Shores. The event was a veritable “Who’s Who” of local housing industry leaders, concerned with the opportunities and challenges for local affordable and sustainable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. After an introductory panel discussion of the conference theme – Worst of Times, Best of Times – various breakout workshops were held covering such topics as; Sustainability “Greenprint” for Economic Vitality, Adaptive Reuse of Existing Properties for Housing, Homelessness and Supportive Housing, and Responding to Foreclosures, which outlined what’s going on locally in the light of the current national economic situation. During lunch President of San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Mark Church introduced a stellar panel of industry leaders who showed us how to “Grow Smart San Mateo County.” The Housing Leadership Award 2009 was then presented to Seana O’Shaughnessy, Executive Director of “Rebuilding Together” a national organization encourage people to devote one day to help their neighbor in need. Today, Rebuilding Together revitalizes communities from 955 cities and towns throughout 50 states with more than 232 affiliates nationwide. Rebuilding Together and SAMCAR work together to organize our RSVP days when REALTORS® volunteer their time to help local seniors. If you have not participated our RSVP, do so next year. The afternoon sessions encouraged us to get involved in HLC – Housing Local Committees – to make a positive difference for housing in our area. There was also a workshop describing new housing types for the 21st Century, suggesting that the sprawling suburbs we’ve built are outmoded for many people who need to be within walking distance to shopping and mass transit. An interactive workshop encouraged participants to put together a checklist for sustainable development in the county. Finally, a debate ensued around the challenges of homeownership in San Mateo County, even though prices have come down in many cities, financing has tightened up.

Do check out the various topics and organizations:

Holly Easterby, Coastside Associates Real Estate Emma Elfving, Cashin Company Chester Fisher, Chester Fisher, Broker Andy Gan, Prudential California Betty Ge, Century 21 Realty Alliance Becky Geller, Alain Pinel Realtors Jane Jiang, Prudential California Rakesh Kapadia, Intero Real Estate Services Deborah Kockos, Cashin Company Gloria A. Martinez, Arise Realty Joanne Martinez, ZipRealty, Inc. Danny Navarrete, Worldnet Realty Maria Notohusodo, Wealth Aspiration, Inc. Lisa May Wegener, Cashin Company


Dan Emerson, Emerson Financial Michelle Emerson, Emerson Financial Karen Emerson, Emerson Financial


Legislative Updates

November 2009


November 3, 2009 General Election

The Board of Directors has elected to endorse the following candidates

Proposed Resale Permits and Inspections in the City of


BELMONT City Council Warren Lieberman Michael McGuinness BURLINGAME City Council Ann Keighran Rosalie O’Mahony FOSTER CITY City Council Charles Bronitsky Pam Frisella HALF MOON BAY City Council Allan Alifano Rick Kowalczyk George Muteff Naomi Patridge MILLBRAE City Council Nadia Holober Gina Papan REDWOOD CITY City Council Jeff Gee Jeff Ira SAN BRUNO City Council Rico Medina SAN BRUNO Mayor Jim Ruane SAN MATEO City Council Brandt Grotte Frederick Hansson David Lim SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO City Council Mark Addiego Pedro Gonzalez


or the second time in the past three weeks, city staff has proposed implementing resale inspections and permits. After defeating this effort in Daly City, we faced a similar proposal in the City of Belmont.

and remedies for the entire community. This responsibility, if imposed at the point of sale, places a heavy burden on a small segment of residents who engage in a real estate transaction. Point of sale is inefficient, ineffective and inequitable!

Community Development staff requested approval by the City Council to study and explore mandating resale inspections and permits as a way to address the on-going concerns of illegal construction and the dangerous conditions that may exist.

The City Council heard our concerns. In a 5-0 vote, the Council approved Councilmember Feirbach’s motion to simply “drop” the idea of imposing such requirements, recognizing that given the economic climate, now was not the time to place additional burdens and costs upon those who may need to quickly sell their home.

SAMCAR strongly opposed this proposal at the City Council meeting, noting that requiring a homeowner to obtain a permit to sell their home was an infringement upon private property rights. To address health, safety and welfare concerns, the City should mandate code enforcement

Thank you to the SAMCAR members who attended the City Council meeting and voiced our opposition. The REALTOR® voice was heard!

Legislative Updates

Historic Preservation Efforts in the City of


November 2009

Advance Fees for Loan Modifications Now Prohibited On October 11, 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 94 (Calderon), and the legislation took effect immediately upon his signature. Thus, California law now prohibits any person, including real estate licensees and attorneys, from demanding or collecting an advance fee from a consumer for loan modification of mortgage loan forbearance services affecting 1– 4 unit residential dwellings. if you are a real estate broker, or the designated officer of a licensed corporation, who has been issued a “no objection” letter by the department of real estate for loan modification or other mortgage loan forbearance services, you can no longer enter into these agreements effective as of october 11, 2009, nor can you collect any advance fees for such services.

Agreements entered into and advance fees collected prior to October 11, 2009 are not affected. Advance fees inadvertently collected after October 11, 2009 must be fully refunded.


ecently, in the City of Burlingame, a home sale was brought to a halt due to concerns regarding the property’s potential status as an historic resource. This is to advise that SAMCAR is aware of the issue and in communication with the City. At the upcoming Planning Commission meeting on Monday, November 9th, the Commission will consider whether or how to proceed and will hear public comment. SAMCAR will be present at this meeting and encourages concerned members to attend. As well, SAMCAR will work to ensure that adequate information is provided to the members who may conduct a transaction in Burlingame. We will inform you when an advisory or disclosure is made available. Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact your Government Affairs staff at (650) 696-8200.

All real estate licensees should become familiar with the provision of SB94 as there are substantial administrative and criminal penalties for violations. For full details on Senate Bill 94, GO TO:

Some forms no longer available Per the above notice, we must immediately discontinue the sale of the following forms:

DRE-AFL Advance Fee Agreement for Loan Modification Services DRE-AFI Advance Fee Agreement Instructions DRE-AFVA Verified Accounting for Advance Fees These forms will also cease to be available via WINForms. Additionally as a result of this new law, the LMLA form which was pending, will not be re-released:

LMLA Loan Modification Listing Agreement



NAR Updates

November 2009

Senate Finance Committee Approves

Fifth Health


Reform Bill

n Tuesday, October 13, 2009, the Senate Finance Committee became the fifth and final committee in Congress to approve a health care reform bill. Amended over the course of two weeks, the reform package would cost $829 billion over 10 years, reduce the federal deficit by $81 billion over that same ten year period and allow 29 million people who otherwise would be uninsured to obtain private coverage. It has been estimated that 17 million U.S. citizens or legal residents would still remain uninsured. The self-employed and small employers, such as REALTORSÂŽ and realty firms, would benefit from the significant changes that the amended bill makes to traditional insurance underwriting and rating practices, including requiring all policies to be guaranteed issue and bans on the use of pre-existing conditions or health status as rating factors for setting premiums. Self-employed individuals with no employees

would be given an added advantage in that they could choose to purchase private health insurance as an individual or as a small business through the new health insurance exchanges. Significant differences remain between the Finance bill and the bill passed in July by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. Senate leaders now have to meld the two bills into one before debate can begin in the full Senate. Major decisions have to be made on whether or not to include a government run public option, an explicit employer mandate, and at what level of income individuals would be allowed to access subsidies to buy insurance, or conversely, not subject to an individual coverage requirement. There are also significant omissions in both bills at the present time, including allowing non-profits and trade associations to access affordability credits to provide insurance to employees. These are all

2010 Holiday Installation

The 2010 Holiday Installation will feature SAMCAR’s Realtor, Affiliate, and Community Service of the Year Awards, along with the installation of the

2010 President and Board of Directors.

Sponsorship Opportunities now available! for more information on sponsorship, please download the sponsorship response form at:

Tickets now available!

for more information and to purchase tickets, please download the Guest Registration Form at: More information online at

NAR Updates topics NAR continues to discuss with Senate and House negotiators. Given the need to finalize multiple bills before any formal debate of a final bill can begin, NAR has not taken a position on any of the health reform bills as a whole at this time. However, NAR has continued to weigh in throughout the legislative process with both Senate and House members to make sure that the health insurance challenges facing the REALTOR® community are fully understood. NAR has also been both visible and vocal about its opposition to any proposal that would limit the mortgage interest deduction (MID) as a means of “paying for” health reforms. To date, NAR has succeeded in keeping a reduction in itemized deduction out of all of the bills being considered in both the House and Senate. NAR remains vigilant as the health legislation moves toward full consideration by both Chambers. With hundreds of amendments expected to be filed and the cost estimates constantly shifting, it will be very tempting for someone to use itemized deductions to pay for a modification. Stay tuned to for updates.

November 2009

Focus on Extending Tax Credit Intensifies

While no official legislative action took place on the federal First Time Home Buuyer tax credit in the past week, the buzz generated increased measurably. REALTORS® have generated almost 500,000 letters to congressional offices via the REALTOR® Action Center. NAR’s Call for Action to NAR members has achieved a higher response rate than any other previous Call for Action, underscoring the importance of the credit to REALTORS® and consumers alike. Several House members have introduced bills extending the credit in direct response to the communications from REALTORS®. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to express his desire to move the extension at the first opportunity. As yet, however, there is not a clear procedural path to enactment, nor is there any agreement on how (or whether) the provision will be “paid for.” As yet, no revenue source for extending the credit has been identified. The “cost” is about $1 Billion for each month of extension.

Take Action!

Please contact your Member of Congress. Urge your representative to vote for extending the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. Here’s how you can TAKE ACTION:

DIAL 800-961-3302 ENTER your NRDS ID to be directly connected to the office of your Congressional Representative.

TELL your Representative to vote for extending the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. 2010 Holiday Installation

Nominations for the REALTOR® of the Year, Affiliate of the Year and Community Service Awards are now being accepted! Make sure you recognize and celebrate those special people that stand out above and beyond the others! Who has made a difference in your life? Helped you with your business? Has taken the time to make things go better for YOU? Who is going the extra mile and giving back to their community? If you know a SAMCAR member that you feel has made a difference, LET US KNOW! Nominations are being taken right now for REALTOR® of the Year, Affiliate of the Year and the Community Service Awards. Nominations are due by 5:00pm on Monday, November 30th. Criteria for the awards and nomination form can be found at all marketing meetings and online at:

Don’t let the opportunity to celebrate these deserving individuals pass by!



November 2009

SAMCAR Foundation Raises $4000 at First

Second Harvest Food Bank and SAMCAR Foundation to Benefit Contributed by Julie Ziemelis

Association Events

SAMCAR and the SAMCAR Foundation responded

to a need in our community, and held a charity pumpkin auction on October 6th at the Combined Tour Meeting. During the course of one hour, 20 decorated pumpkins were auctioned off to REALTOR® and Affiliate members, raising $4000 to benefit the hungry in our community through Second Harvest Food Bank. A portion of the proceeds will be also support the SAMCAR Foundation, benefiting housing initiatives throughout San Mateo County. “With the dire need in San Mateo County this year, we started a new tradition and launched our first Annual Pumpkin Auction. SAMCAR members are helping the San Mateo County Second Harvest Food Bank and experiencing the joy of giving with tremendous amount of gratitude,” stated Olivia Edwards, 2009 SAMCAR President. Many donors provided creative opportunities along with their pumpkins, including a complete dinner for four with pumpkin ingredients in each of the courses to be cooked for the auction recipient. A heartfelt thank you to all who donated a pumpkin basket! The creativity of the baskets and the generosity of the donors were above and beyond our expectations.

Suzan Getchell-Wallace, the SAMCAR Foundation Chair, said, “The REALTOR® and Affiliate members who both donated the pumpkin baskets and bid on them have helped fund hundreds of meals to be served during the upcoming holiday season to people who are in real need this year. We are thrilled to be able to provide these funds to Second Harvest.” “The Second Harvest Food Bank truly appreciates the creative and generous support of the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS®

Pictured left, a sampling of the many festooned pumpkins and baskets put on auction at the SAMCAR Foundation Pumpkin Auction, raising $4000 for Second Harvest Food Bank.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Now Being Sought for . . . For more information

or Call Beckie Patane, Events Coordinator (650) 696-8220

Association Events

November 2009


and the SAMCAR Foundation. During these tough economic times, we are relying more heavily than ever on the contributions of our community members and are inspired by this unique effort to provide food for people in need. We hope others realize how easy it can be to make a difference and use the Pumpkin Auction as a great example,” said Michelle Wall, Second Harvest Food Bank Community Relations and Events Coordinator.

More about the SAMCAR Foundation . . .

The SAMCAR Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations that enhance the quality of life for residents in San Mateo County. Grants are reviewed and distributed on a quarterly basis. Organizations that wish to be considered for a grant should go to: and download an application. Grants are considered on a quarterly basis.

2009 SAMCAR President Olivia Edward, Second Harvest Food Bank Community Relations and Events Coordinator Michelle Wall, SAMCAR Foundation Chair Suzan Getchell-Wallace and SAMCAR CEO Philip Tedesco.

The next grant application deadline is November 15, 2009.

The REALTOR® and Affiliate members who both donated the pumpkin baskets and bid on them have helped fund hundreds of meals to be served during the upcoming holiday season to people who are in real need this year. — Suzan Getchell-Wallace, SAMCAR Foundation Chair

SAMCAR Director Sue Vaterlaus (left) and SAMCAR Affiliate Council Chair Olivia Kearns (right) both happily carry their baskets from the Pumpkin Auction held at the October 6 Combined Meeting at the Elks Lodge in San Mateo.

SAMCAR is holding the 2nd Annual Housing Expo

on February 27th at the San Mateo County Event Center. The Housing Expo is a unique opportunity for community members to receive valuable information about all aspects of the home buying process. The event will feature educational topics such as how to buy a home, real estate technology, green real estate and how to save money by cutting costs as a homeowner.

company name on all the promotional material has been extended until November 5th. Exhibitors securing space before November 15th will receive a 25% discount on an 8’ x 10’ booth, which means instead of paying $275 for the booth, the cost will be just $206. SAMCAR’s Housing Expo provides sponsors and exhibitors a fantastic opportunity to market to first time home buyers and homeowners directly. Take advantage of this event to gather strong leads to go into the spring home buying season!

We are currently seeking sponsors and exhibitors to disseminate information about the various aspects of real estate including mortgage and first time homebuyer information, tips on finding and selling a home, becoming a real estate investor, credit repair, home buying basics, green real estate and much more.

The deadline to become a sponsor and have your logo or

or Call Beckie Patane, Events Coordinator (650) 696-8220

For more information


November 2009

CROSS Linking with MRMLS MLSListings has partnered with Southern California’s MRMLS (Multi-Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc.) to provide access to both systems and to provide subscribers with the ability to search Southern California listings through the MRMLS system located inside Matrix. Under this reciprocal agreement, MRMLS and MLSListings subscribers can search listings within each others Matrix MLS systems. MRMLS covers four large counties in Southern California – Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino. To access the MRMLS system, simply click on the MRMLS tab at the top of the Matrix page (next to the Realist tab) and you will be redirected to their system.

MLSListings Readdressing the Usage of Teams in

Accordance with New License Law

Based on a law established July 1, 2009 that states licensees must disclose their individual DRE numbers publicly when soliciting business, MLSListings is developing a solution to accommodate teams to comply with this ruling. As part of the final solutions, MLSListings surveyed and interviewed brokers, managers and team participants for an understanding of the needs of teams in the MLS and to continue to accommodate them appropriately while ensuring alignment with this new license law. The following solution is planned for the 3.16 release: • Keep Team accounts and expose valid DRE# (mask team ID) from public reports • Review and communicate impact to date customers and partners • Retain $50 setup fee for teams, but no recurring charges • Allow up to 3 team member names on listings

MLSListings Inc. Updates

Short Sales Status Change

in Version 3.16

To better communicate “short sale” listings with an accepted offer, MLSListings has change the use and display of its Pending with Release Clause status (status 2). That status will now serve both for Pending with Release Clause and may be use for short sales that are Pending – Requires Lender Approval. Short sale listings that require lender approval for their accepted offer may be moved into any of the MLSListings Pending statuses depending on the status of the sale. Non-short sale listings that have an “escape”, “kick-out” or other release clause language in the purchase agreement are not affected since all short sales must be disclosed and can be excluded from searches. A key change to is a cosmetic change to the status icon for Pending with Release Clause. This icon will now be shown as half green/half yellow. Changes to the listing management application include the ability to select “pending, short sale offer submitted for lender approval” to use when reporting an offer has been accepted. As with any listing, the agent is responsible for accurate and timely status changes. Once the lender has approved the sale and if no other offers are being accepted, considered or reviewed, the status should be changed to “No-Show” status.

Time to “fall” back . . . Remember to set your clocks back one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 1, 2009

MLS Going Green Currently MLSListings is evaluating the many different ways in which properties are evaluated nationwide for their green characteristics. NAR has developed a council which certifies agents in Green Designation. MLSListing intends to survey within the region to assist in developing the best options. Those options will be recommended to the MLSAG team for feedback. Ultimately, MLSListings hopes to provide Green fields within the MLS for use by subscribers posting green ratings for their individual property listings.

Upcoming Classes

SAMCAR to Offer Real Estate


Training Classes for the


Contributed by Julie Ziemelis

In an effort to help our members learn about tools to help them succeed in their businesses, SAMCAR has developed the RE/TECH 101 Fall Series. Members will learn about social media, how to use housing sales trend data in their listing presentations, and how to create videos to market real estate listings and themselves. All the presenters will be on hand for Q & A from the audience. Most of these presentations are free! Classes are held at SAMCAR. To learn more about each class, contact Julie Ziemelis at or (650) 696-8214. Space is limited, so registration is a must. Call (650) 696-8200 to sign up today!

SAMCAR RE/TECH 101 fall series

Technology training classes offered at least twice a month on Thursdays at SAMCAR Registration: 10:30 a.m. / Seminars: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

November 5

Tools for Effective Listing Presentations and Social Media Scott Sambucci, Altos Research Altos Research gives you the tools to answer the question, “How is the market?” Come find out how to easily place market trends and data on your blog, in your Facebook profile or simply print them out to have at your open homes, for your listing presentations and other face-to-face marketing opportunities.

November 19

How to Use Video to Market Yourself and Your Listings

Mike Mueller, R We Connected? Mike Mueller is a Social Media Consultant, Facebook Expert, Video Fanatic and is sought after for his real estate marketing expertise. If you are ready to learn about how to use video to market homes, neighborhoods, and you, sign up today! (Cost for this seminar is $20).

December 2

TBA Google Wave Training? Texting Basics for REALTORS®? Help us choose what to present! Contact Julie Ziemelis at if you have an idea!

find more classes online

November 2009


noveMBeR 2009 Weekly Education, Events & Tour Calendar


Su 25 01

Mo 26 02

Tu 27 03

We 28 04

Th 29 05

Fr 30 06

Sa 31 07

Classes & Events November 3 4 – 7 p.m.

ReaLtoRs appreciate affiliates Potluck

November 4 9 – 10:30 a.m.

Free e-Pro Workshop at saMCaR

November 5 & 6 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (both days)

Please take some time to honor our Affiliates and bring a potluck dish to this event. Location: Foster City Rec. Ctr., Lagoon Rm.

Don’t miss this free e-PRO® Workshop, compliments of NAR and InternetCrusade. Attending this workshop will teach you technology tips that will immediately help differentiate you from your competition! Register: or 866-ePRONAR

sRes “seniors Real estate specialist” naR designation course

This is the only designation created to serve the 55+ community that is recognized and award by the National Association of Realtors. Cost: $299 Location: SAMCAR | Register:

November 5 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

tools for effective Listings Presentations and social Media

November 5 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Professional exchange & Learning Workshop at saMCaR

Session 4 of the RE/Tech fall series

November 11 All day

Cost: Free for SAMCAR members; $20 non-members Location: SAMCAR | Registration: (650) 696-8200

Share your challenges and learn from one another in a supportive and uplifting environment with your peers.

The SAMCAR office will be closed for Veterans’ Day all day on Wednesday, November 11. Normal business hours will resume on Thursday, November 12.

GRi 107: technology application in Real estate

November 13 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

LunCh & LeaRn: Microsoft WoRd Mail Merge

Location: SAMCAR | Cost: $149 Registration: or 888-785-4800 Mail merge creating a customized address list; print onto personalized letters, labels and envelopes. | Cost: FREE; available to SAMCAR members only Location: SAMCAR | Instructor: Lynn Pesonen | Register: (650) 696-8200

November 17 8:30 a.m.

“a time to Be thankful” 6th Annual Realtor Holiday Gathering

November 24 8:30 a.m.

north Board Coats FoR Kids auction *Donations Needed*

Donations: Stephan Marshall (650) 455-1528; Nicole Siacotos (650) 465-0450 Location: 33 Arroyo Drive, SSF Breakfast: Maryann Bologna, The Examiner

saMCaR Board of directors Meeting

Members welcome to attend these monthly meetings. | Location: SAMCAR

Legislative Committee Meetings November 12 10 a.m. November 18 9:30 – 11 a.m.


SAMCAR Directors & Government Affairs Staff CAR Update Breakfast:

Mortgage Services 9 a.m. Half Moon Bay Tour Community Center 535 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay 9:30 a.m. Pacifica Tour Community Center 540 Crespi Drive, Pacifica

Silent auction, mystery boxes, raffle only. All proceeds benefit Coastside Hope. Breakfast provided. Location: Cameron’s Pub, 1410 Cabrillo Hwy S., Half Moon Bay Questions & Donations: Rose Serdy, (650) 479-1104 or

SAMCAR Board of Directors Meetings November 18 8:30 a.m.

8:30 a.m. November Combined Tour Elks Lodge 229 West 20th Avenue San Mateo

saMCaR office closed for veterans’ day

November 12 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

in lieu of the Half Moon Bay tour meeting

Marketing Meetings Tuesday, November 3

Coastside Legislative Committee Meeting

Location: Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Bureau - 235 Main Street, Half Moon Bay

PeninsuLa Legislative Committee Meeting

Members welcome to attend these monthly meetings. | Location: SAMCAR

MLS Tour Sheet Deadline Reminder Broker/Property tours Tuesdays 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. deadline to add tours in MLs Mondays, 11 a.m. Deadlines subject to change for holidays. deadline for Monday holidays prior Friday at 11 a.m. view tour sheet by Monday afternoon

{RE}source | November 2009  

November 2009 edition of the {RE}source, monthly newsletter of the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS

{RE}source | November 2009  

November 2009 edition of the {RE}source, monthly newsletter of the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS