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Our promise is to host your journey. We believe in creating destination environments that are far removed from what is expected. This approach awakens a passion in our guests to see what is next. We partner with respected guest artists, healing practitioners, retreat leaders and international organizations committed to empowerment and environmental conservation in order to support our promise to you. At Samasati, new experiences in cuisine, local culture, well-being and sustainability are positively yours.


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Our Beginning – An Earth Experience Samasati began as Costa rica’s first Eco retreat bio reserve and Yoga Center twenty years ago catering to a worldwide clientele. Our backdrop was a dense 400 year old primary rainforest jungle overlooking the South Caribbean Sea. As an eco reserve, Samasati was built using oxen to haul equipment and supplies into the jungle. Water systems come from rainwater collected by hand built structures and are reused throughout the property. One could say, Samasati is truly an eco reserve that was “hand built”, giving strict ecological promises to the land. Today, Samasati retreat and rainforest Sanctuary has evolved into an international destination, which still caters to individual guests, yoga groups, celebrity guest artists, practitioners and respected inspirational leaders. Our sanctuary is the evolution of the diverse paths the Samasati staff have travelled. We’ve introduced ideas and practices that, we're happy to say, have now been widely adopted. Today, we continue to search for new harmonies and develop new programs that inspire and cater to your idea of a true retreat.

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Samasati’s casitas are nestled in lovely tropical gardens within the rainforest

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Laughter is TIMELESS


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Don’t worry, be happy

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YOur MOrNINg Dawn breaks in the midst of an enchanting fresh mountain rainforest. The sound of birds and nature are ever present. You have chosen a path of vitality, to invigorate both mind and body. Your thoughts are clear. You sensitize to the pure reality of a natural wonderland. Energy ows through you as mind and body begin to work in perfect unison. The dynamic rainforest nurtures you and reintroduces tranquility into your life. From the early morning oerings to the last breath of the day, your awareness grows.

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YOur EVENINg The sun sets on the South Caribbean Sea, leaving a trail of light on watercolor skies. gather with friends and connect with other travelers. Nourish your body with locally inspired gourmet cuisine sourced for its freshness and organic qualities. Laughter ďŹ lls the air and insightful conversations are all around.

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ACCOMMODATIONS The architecture of Samasati’s Caribbean Casitas were designed to silently sit within the terrain, climate and natural offerings of this land. We deliver comfort within an earthy simplicity.

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CASITAS: We have ten Caribbean style casitas built with precious native woods that are nestled within lovely tropical gardens and the lush forest.  All casitas have private bathrooms and a spacious veranda overlooking the rainforest and South Caribbean Sea. Some casitas have lofts that accommodate up to three people.  All of our casitas have comfortable new mattresses, which are king, queen, full or two singles.

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GUEST HOUSE BUNGALOWS: Our guest House bungalows are smaller rooms with a choice of a full or two single beds. The bungalows are semi-private with each sharing a bathroom with one other room. Outside, there are large verandas with hammocks overlooking the rainforest.

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Yoga anD FitneSS

optional cultural tourS

Samasati offers a Yoga class every morning at 6:30 a.m. and also in the evening at 5:00 p.m. Classes are given by our resident yoga teacher, Stephanie McKenzie, or a guest Artist who may be providing classes at Samasati during the dates of your arrival.

tortuguero one Day

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We will pick you up from the Samasati base Camp north of Limon city, to the Tortuguero Canals. Once there, we will board a motorboat and begin our safari through the mangroves, looking for local wildlife, which is quite easy to spot along the canals. You’ll see many birds, mammals like sloths and monkeys, reptiles like the emerald basiliskus lizard, and with a bit of luck, you can also see crocodiles or caimans. On the way back, we will visit a banana plantation,

where we will learn about the packaging process and where you will learn all about this delicious tropical plant and discover more the growing process and production.

(crocodiles), leatherback turtles, guecos and the red-eyed leaf frogs. It is located in the most isolated and exotic place on the entire South Caribbean coast.

gandoca - Manzanillo rainforest Hike Leaving from the Terraventuras office in nearby Puerto Viejo, we drive you by microbus to Manzanillo where your guide will be waiting for you to take you on this 4 hour jungle adventure through this  extraordinary  refuge. Apart from the explosion of  lush  tropical vegetation, you can observe animals like the  howler  monkeys and sloths, and over 360  fascinating species  of  exotic tropical  birds, including toucans, the black-cheeked woodpecker and the elusive harpy-eagle to name a few. The beauty of this natural habitat is its  dramatic  forests and  lazy  lagoons where you’ll see caimans

Samasati Biological reserve tour with Scott Mckenzie a primal Journey within the Samasati reserve

There are few rainforests and jungles being preserved on earth today. Why is it so important to preserve these living energy biospheres? Learn from a celebrity jungle specialist who has a deep love and connection to the rainforest and nature within. Experience interactive nature walks – night hiking and animal interaction where there are no fences or boundaries. You will be able to live within the natural environment and experience all that

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happens in Samasati’s beautiful living sanctuary of over 400 bird species along with hundreds of beautiful insects and intelligent life all living in harmony.

age of 50.000 to 450.000 birds per day during the season.

Surfing tour Bird Watching guided tour a rainbow of Flying colors This tour takes place in the Keköldi Indian reserve, an ideal location for bird watching in different habitats. We will make short stops during the trajectory until we get to a tower, which is a migratory bird watching research center. This place is considered the third most important in the world for the sighting of birds of prey. From this viewpoint we watch an aver-

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The Caribbean Coast of Costa rica around Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is the best place to learn to surf and is a paradise for any surfer, with warm water, a mellow surf scene, and wide variety of waves nearby. With many different breaks in the area we can find the best wave for your skill level whether its your first lesson or you’re an old pro. We have waves for all levels. Salsa brava has the heaviest waves in Costa rica, and black beach has the perfect beginner waves and is just a minute walk from

You‘ll get to know their home, cooking, medicinal plants, chocolate production, and many other aspects about their lives. You will taste chocolate with different aromas and flavors and will have the opportunity of grinding your own chocolate and learn secret recipes. Then, we will move toward one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area: The río Catarata Waterfall. After freshening up in the pools, we begin our way back to Samasati. town. The fastest beach break is at Cocles and the classic longboarding waves are in Punta uva.

indian reserve, chocolate process and Waterfall After picking you up from Samasati base Camp, we will go toward the bribri reserve, the largest indigenous community in the country and also Talamanca´s headboard, where we will begin our visit to the indigenous community of Watsi. Our journey starts with a visit to an indigenous family, where 5 generations live together under the same roof.  This tour gives you close contact with the indigenous lifestyle.

White Water rafting at the pacuare river The Pacuare river is world famous for its beauty. A true river gorge, it is flanked by steep, green walls. You will see waterfalls cascade into the river from both sides. Wildllife is abundant: sloths, toucans, parrots, and coatis. An experienced observant expeditioner will spot monkeys, jaguars, peccaries and tapirs. It is not an overly challenging river, but it has many rapids that will make your adventure very interesting and fun. The 18-mile-one-day-run includes a total of 38 rapids. Few rivers in the world can offer you so many rapids in such a short stretch of water.

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Horseback riding along the Beach and coastal rainforest

To start you‘ll be shuttled from Samasati base Camp to Puerto Viejo. From here, you’ll be off on your adventure to meet your experienced guide, raul, a great horse lover. You’ll have a unique opportunity to make a personal connection with your horse. As the group rides towards Punta uva, you’ll enjoy an enchanting stroll along the shores of the South Caribbean Sea. On your return journey, the group rides along the wetlands, which is an ideal time to learn more about the different species of animals and plants along the way.

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punta uva Sea Kayak and rainforest Hike punta uva - one of the best seven beaches of the world This tour begins with a drive to the southern end of the road into the most remote location in the area; this trip consists of a loop- paddling in and hiking out. After a safety briefing, we will embark on a magical kayaking journey paralleling a coast full of cliffs, caves, and the most amazing rainforest. We will take a nice break at the beach to relax, swim and enjoy some fresh fruit and snacks before hiking to Punta uva point; where you will learn about the eco system of this wildlife refuge.

the Jungle adventure To start the Jungle Adventure, we will explain basic rules for safety. From here, we will head towards a river by crossing a hammock bridge where we start a hike in the river surrounded by spectacular landscapes. Canyoneering equipment will be used in parts of the hike and we will take our time swimming in the natural pools before we end the trip by rappelling 18 meters down a waterfall. At the end of this hike we will do a rappel 18 meters down a waterfall. Next, we will hike through the primary forest as we head to our tree climbing adventure. using a harness, we will climb 16 meters on a tree to get to a platform where we begin the canopy tour and enjoy tropical fruit. This Jungle Adventure will then get the adrenaline pumping as you swing and cable glide through

22 sama sa ti .co m

300 meters of the jungle. guests enjoy a box lunch and refreshments before returning to Puerto Viejo.

Kekoldi indian reserve Our trek begins inside a former abandoned cocoa plantation. Little by little we start ascending into the secondary and primary forests zones rich in natural and ecological treasures to study and share. This community is accessible only on foot. The population of this area consists mostly of indigenous bribri and Cabecar with their own clans and languages. During the tour you will enjoy listening to birds, frogs and other animals while observing varieties of butterflies, including the morphos and the heliconios. You will

also learn how to identify many edible and medicinal plants and their properties.

Hiking in cahuita national park We will pick you up from Samasati base Camp at approximately 8.00 a.m. and depart to the village of Cahuita. Cahuita is a small village located 16 kilometers north of Puerto Viejo

and is famous for its white sandy beaches and its beautiful National Park. There will be a guide waiting for you to start the hike through the Park. This guided hike lasts about 3 hours and you will be able to see a rich and wide variety of animals and plants which can be found in the protected area. Furthermore, the guide will provide you with information about the history of Cahuita. The National Park is a combination of beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and a tropical rainforest where you can easily observe some of the many species of monkeys, sloths, frogs, butteries and more. As soon as we get to Punta Cahuita, we will relax, and enjoy a refreshing snack of local fruit.

BooK Your tourS at: inFo@terraventuraS.coM

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Samasati provides a spa journey back to nature by capturing the healing powers of plants and preserving village remedies. The all-natural super food ingredients from the Caribbean capture the life force of flowers and leaves, bark, roots, seeds and fruits of indigenous and naturally cultivated plants that are grown and gathered by hand from the local Caribbean farmers. Our eclectic spa menu changes with the seasons and with our guest therapists who come from around the world delivering highly sought after spa treatments, therapies and healing. 24 sam a sa ti .co m

Signature treatments The ingredients in our treatments are freshly prepared from local plants and fruits to provide a nutrient-rich living food for your skin. Cucumbers are sliced to create hydrating eye masks, local salt crystals are blended with virgin coconut oil for body scrubs, local cacao is grated, aloe vera is squeezed and juices are pressed for revitalizing body scrubs. Our raw chocolate is warmed for a deeply nourishing body mask. Other treatment offerings are available with each guest Therapist that visits. Please see these special offerings on our website calendar, or on our treatment menu for each season.

MASSAgES rainforest Massage: 60 minutes: $95 90 minutes: $120

Heaven and earth – craniosacral & reflexology 90 minutes: $120

Design your custom massage using multiple modalities designed by you and your therapist to connect and deeply harmonize your body, mind and spirit. Your therapist will talk with you to learn about your needs and wishes to customize your session. A delightfully light and refreshing rainforest massage gel is used.

This deeply profound treatment is for lifting heaven energy to the crown chakra and grounding earth energy to the feet.

thai Yoga Massage: 90 minutes: $130 140 minutes: $195 Thai Yoga Massage is a unique healing system, also called Nuad boran.  Our Thai Yoga therapists have been trained in Thailand and are experts in  guiding you  through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.

Craniosacral therapy adjusts the subtle rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid as it circulates around the brain and the spinal cord. using a very light and sensitive touch, the therapist monitors the flow to determine where restrictions are located and gently releases them. This soothing therapy encourages optimal fluid movement throughout the body, which produces a deeply calming effect. reflexology works with the reflexes and nerve endings in the feet, which correspond to every gland or organ of the body producing relaxation, pain reduction, cellular rejuvenation and improved blood circulation.

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor. For this massage, you dress in comfortable clothing for allowing ease of movement and flexibility. s a mas ati.co m



26 sa m as at i .co m

chocolate - coffee Body treatment 110 minutes: $130 This mood-lifting experience begins with a Caribbean Chocolate Coffee Scrub and light massage to exfoliate the skin. After warm towels remove the scrub, you are lathered and massaged with a decadent body mask of warm, melted chocolate and then wrapped within a light covering as the chocolate and oil refine your skin tone to a subtle softness. Next, you receive a head massage and an eye treatment with cool cucumber. You do not need to take a shower after this treatment, just let the nourishing cocao butter hydrate your skin.

Sunburn therapy 60 minutes: $110 rainforest renewal Body Scrub and Massage 90 minutes: $120 The rainforest renewal starts with a body scrub and light massage with enzymes from local pineapple, papaya and brown sugar. After warm towels take off your scrub, you’ll have a massage with our rainforest gel, which is made of over 120 herbs, plants and minerals. This lightly scented gel is then left on the body providing a wonderful refreshing finish to make the skin soft and healthy. There is no need to take a shower after this treatment, the rainforest gel is full of refreshing nourishment for your skin.

The Caribbean is close to the equator, so the sun is intense even if it does not feel like it. Heal over-exposed skin with a light mask of cucumber, aloe and lavender. This healing treatment is combined with the Heaven and Earth Massage concentrating on the head with craniosacral and feet with reflexology while your skin baths in a healing mask.

s a mas ati.co m


our tHerapiStS on StaFF Silvia Broussard: Silvia has a strong interest for the Holistic Arts. Her massage and energy techniques have been refined through the study of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), the Chakra system and Therapeutic Yoga. being in service to heal others is an important part of her life - the biggest gratification is the ability to help others know themselves and to reach a balanced harmony both emotionally and physically.

lated and opened in a loving and compassionate way. Through Thai Yoga, Stephanie bears the weight of the practice, so you may experience the benefits of yoga asanas effortlessly.

Spa Services concierge: Samasati Spa books out months in advance; therefore, we require advanced reservations in order to ensure treatment time. We’re delighted to help you decide on spa services at the time of booking your trip.

How to pre-Book reservations: Silvia specialized first in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, then studied Craniosacral Massage level I and II, Thai Massage Level I and II as well as aromatherapy and raindrop Massage with essential oils of therapeutic grade. She has worked in several spa and private locations in Costa rica and Italy.

Stephanie McKenzie: Stephanie’s mastery is providing Thai Yoga bodywork. During your Thai Yoga session with Stephanie, you will experience a relaxing session of assisted stretches. This ancient practice is a form of applied yoga. Through palpitations of energy points and a series of passive stretches, energy blockages will be released and the entire body will be stimu-

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Please email:


Massage house

s a masati.com


Open Air Restaurant 30 sa m as at i .co m


s a mas ati .co m


There’s a fun vibe happening in the kitchen at Samasati where laughter, joking and music are part of the process. Our team loves providing an extraordinary culinary experience for our guests where

32 sam as at i.c o m

in-season, local ingredients makes every meal feel like a private tasting event.  The kitchen team prefers taking food tastes back to its roots, reforming classical recipes with modern techniques and enhancing avors without changing it’s purpose.

s a masati.com


gETTINg rEADY reservations - payment and confirmations You can book reservations online through www.samasati.com. You can also book via email through reservations@samasati.com. After your deposit is paid when making your initial reservation, your balance will be due when you arrive at Samasati. You will receive a confirmation letter after your deposit is paid, which we request that you present at checkin. We accept cash and credit cards (except American Express & Discover) as payment for your balance. Please note that if you pay with a credit card, you will be charged in Costa rican currency at the exchange rate of your payment's date. This might imply a slight difference of the balance's amount once it appears on your credit card statement, due to the currency exchange process. If you are planning to pay your balance at Samasati with a credit card, please inform your bank that you will be traveling and using your credit card outside of your country. Often banks will shut down credit card payments if not informed.

34 sa m as at i .c om

cancellation policy for Samasati retreat and transportation transfers Deposits and payments for reservations at Samasati are non-refundable, including in case of early departure. If cancellation of your reservation is made prior to 2 weeks before your arrival, you will receive a Samasati Credit Voucher that can be used for the six months following your original reservation’s date. Deposits are non-refundable due to the cost of preparing your accomodation and to the loss of offering this accommodation to another guest. booked transportation transfers will be fully charged unless the transfer reservation is cancelled 72 hours before arrival time.

airport and Hotel information in San Jose If you have scheduled a pick up with your Samasati reservation, exiting the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO), on your right you will find the driver holding a sign with your name. If you cannot find your driver at the airport please call 2537-3418 or 8332-1116. Our drivers are very reliable and are always at the airport when expected. before assuming a driver is not there waiting for you and making alternative arrangements, please call the above numbers.

Please know that any transfer previously arranged for you will be fully charged to your bill if you make alternative arrangements without contacting the telephones above. For any last minute changes such as delayed flights, please contact Samasati toll free number: 800-563-9643. On Saturday or Sunday and after 6:00 p.m. CST please also contact Samasati’s emergency number in Costa rica: 011 (506) 8332-1116 and 011 (506) 2537-3418. If you call these numbers from any location in Costa rica, omit 011- 506.

Spending the night in San Jose

lancaster transportation private transportation Another option is a private transport, which we book with Lancaster and is $180.00 total one way. Our reservation department can book this shuttle for you.

nature air Nature Air is also offering local flights both in the morning and afternoon from Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) to Limon airport. This short flight is convenient and cost effective at an average of about $83 one-way. See more info at: www.natureair.com. gecko Trails picks up our guests at Limon for your transport to Samasati.

If you choose to spend the first night in San Jose, we recommend our partner hotel, Adventure Inn close to the airport. They offer a nice discount to Samasati guests and also a free shuttle service from the airport. You can book through this link: http://www.adventure-inn.com/promo/samasati

travel to SaMaSati FroM San JoSe Here are several choices for traveling to Samasati from San Jose:

interbus: There is a shuttle every morning from any hotel in San Jose area with Interbus. The cost is $50.00 per person. The shuttle will leave between 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. Our reservation department can book this shuttle for you.

Departure FroM SaMaSati BacK to San JoSe interbus For your trip back to San Jose, we can book Interbus to pick you up at Samasati base Camp at 6:35 a.m. You will arrive back to San Jose airport around 11:30 a.m.

s a mas ati.co m


lancaster transportation private transport We can book Lancaster going back to San Jose for you. Always take into consideration your flight time. Private transport can take between 3-5 hours.

nature air Nature Air leaves at approximately 6:30 a.m. from Limon. It is approximately a 40 minute drive to the airport from Samasati and you will need to arrive to Limon an hour early of your flight time. Nature Air also has an afternoon flight. Please book directly with Nature Air for either flight. gecko Trails will pick you up at Samasati base Camp for your transport to Limon. Samasati reservations can book gecko Trails transport to the airport.

check in time

recommended packing pre-arrival check list With changing airline policies, please be sure to check with your airline to find out their baggage allowances. * * * * * * * * *

Check In time is from 2:00 p.m. until 8.00p.m. (No check-In will be accepted after 8.00 p.m.)

* * *

check out time is 12:00 p.m.


Late Check Out charges: After 1:00 p.m. $35.00. After 2:00 p.m. $70.00. After 4:00 p.m. $95.00 (Dinner and breakfast not included).

emergency contact for Family and Friends Emergency contact numbers for your family while you are at Samasati: 1-800-563-9643 or 011-506 8332-1116 or 011-506 2537-3418.

38 sa m a sa ti .c o m

* * * * * * *

Valid u.S. passport Your own personal medications and vitamins Cash - $10’s and $20’s are best Emergency contact and personal health in formation Insurance card Travel insurance information/confirmation (if purchased) Camera (with ample storage space) Extra batteries for electronic devices Cords to charge cameras, phones, etc (outlets are uS standard) Tennis shoes/sneakers Sturdy sandals Light jacket or sweatshirt, as it does get chilly at night Insect repellent – or we stock natural repellant at our Outfitters Store. Sunscreen – or we stock natural sunscreen at our Outfitters Store. Hat and/or Sunglasses Water bottle Flashlight – mandatory to use at night Antibacterial hand sanitizer Small backpack is always handy beach towel

Helpful Hints bring a photocopy of your passport with you in case your passport is lost or stolen. Keep this copy separate from your passport. We recommend purchasing travel insurance. Travelex is an option for insurance. Their number is: 1-800-228-9792. Money: both u.S. Dollars - Visa and Master credit cards are readily accepted in Costa rica.

your flashlight when you go to the evening Yoga class and when you come to the restaurant for dinner. For fire control, candles are not permitted in the rooms. Please do not keep food in your room. The smallest amount will attract ants, insects and also bigger animals.

Hiking How to make your stay enjoyable (staying within a rainforest) The rainforest is a new environment for most people. Here are a few helpful hints to enjoy this time. There is a multitude of plant and animal life, which we want to treat with respect. Please watch your step when you walk and be aware of where you place your hands. ALWAYS use a flashlight at night. Please carry

When taking a walk on the Samasati reserve, please follow the roads and trails. A map of the hiking trails is available at the reception desk. It’s possible to get lost in the jungle if you do not follow the trail. Please always let the receptionist know if you intend to explore one of Samasati’s trails. Don’t miss the waterfall with the natural pool; it’s a great place for a cool dip! s a mas ati.com


40 sam as at i.c o m

Security We have a security guard on duty at night from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. For Emergencies during the night, you will find a black metal bell at the reception area. Please ring this bell loudly three times! The guard will arrive shortly thereafter to take care of your needs.

Shuttle Services to puerto viejo – 10 minutes away If you would like to spend the day in Puerto Viejo and the charming beach towns of Cocles, Punta uva and Manzanillo, our shuttle leaves each day at 10:00 a.m. These charming beach villages are fun and up-and-coming where you you can shop, go to the beach, rent bikes, enjoy some local cuisine and get to know the culture. Puerto Viejo is also the location where you meet Terraventuras Tours for the start of many of the tours you may have booked. Our shuttle meets you again at 3:00 p.m. to take you back to Samasati.

Our spa house consists of two cozy rooms sitting high up on a hill. A cool breeze gently brings in just the right amount of fresh air during your treatment. This is a sweet space where our guests feel comfortable and nurtured.

gueSt ServiceS Safe Deposit Box Every room is equipped with a safe deposit box where your valuables can be placed. A key will be given to you together with your room key.

laundry our Facilities Samasati rests on 240 acres of rainforest reserve. Within the retreat, we have an open-air restaurant, juice bar with sitting areas, spa house, two beautiful and serene yoga/meditation centers, outdoor Jacuzzi and many varied views and jungle trails to walk and enjoy. Within the yoga/meditation centers we have a full music system, props, mats and blankets.

Laundry service is available. It usually takes one to two days for the laundry to be completed.

WiFi – internet At Samasati we encourage unplugging from your day-to-day routines so that you are fully present to experience all that we offer. For those who would like to keep in touch, WiFi is available upon request subject to availability.

s a masati.com


www.samasati.com For reservations email: reservations@samasati.com or call toll free: 800-563-9643 or in costa rica: (506) 8833-2302 Skype: samasati.retreat

Profile for Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary

Samasati Travel Guide 2015  

Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary sits on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Join us for special yoga and adventure retre...

Samasati Travel Guide 2015  

Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary sits on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Join us for special yoga and adventure retre...