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Anti-Human Trafficking Victim Care Coodination and Contracting Service (AHT) Update on clients – May 2014

Total number of clients who have entered the service since 01/07/11 Number referred who did not enter service Do not meet service criteria (Reasons include clients who have been wrongly identified as victims of trafficking eg. homeless)

Total 1746

Female 1072

Male 672

Transgender 2

597 303




775 170 140

567 40 63

1 0 0

Declined help (Eg. Choosing to receive help from another organisation) No further contact (Eg. No contact details given by referrer)


Number exited Number of clients receiving outreach Number of clients accommodated

1343 210 213


These figures are a correct snapshot taken at the end of May 2014. These figures can vary on a daily basis so can not be indicative of the exact number of individuals being supported by The Salvation Army and partner organisations other than at the point in time when this snapshot was taken. Figures released by The Salvation Army are likely to vary from the overall National Referral Mechanism statistics from the UK Human Trafficking Centre, which are available on the SOCA website. The figures from the UKHTC are for the total number of individuals entered in the National Referral Mechanism. The Salvation Army does not support every person who enters the NRM, for example lone children are supported by Barnados and there are other organisations providing support to victims of trafficking in the UK. In addition some adult individuals will choose to return to their home country once identified or will be supported and accommodated by friends or family while they are in the NRM.

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