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COMING SOON! Mini Missions

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New and updated Mini Missions especially for younger children aged 3-6. See inside for more details.

More resources to help you deliver assemblies, lessons and talks can be found on our website or by checking out our Resources for Schools flyer.

Handy 2011-2012 wall planner inside!

Posters and display All of our posters are now free to corps, centres, schools and other groups who are fundraising or learning about The Salvation Army. Posters can be sent folded or rolled. What is The Salvation Army? A1 poster This extra-large, colourful poster is great for display and easy to read for younger children.


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Faith Hope Love posters



What is The Salvation Army? leaflet

Faith Hope Love leaflets

Still one of our most popular resources, this leaflet is designed especially for primary schools and is ideal for lessons, talks and school visits to your corps or centre, or for community outreach and events. The A6 leaflet opens out into an A3 poster, with facts and figures and an explantation of each image on the reverse.

Aimed at secondary school pupils and youth, this leaflet opens out into six detachable postcards. One side introduces The Salvation Army’s beliefs, work and history, while the other side helps pupils to reflect on the concepts of faith, hope and love for themselves.

Basic posters showing different aspects of The Salvation Army.


Display boards

‘While women weep, as they do now, I’ll fight; While little children go hungry, as they do now, I’ll fight; While men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I’ll fight; While there is a drunkard left, while


there is a poor lost girl upon the streets, while there remains one dark soul without the light of God, I’ll fight - I’ll fight to the very end!’


£4.50 (+ p&p) £7.50 (+ p&p) £15 (+ p&p) £65 (+ p&p)


hope, love and Army The Salvation





‘Don’t just talk about love. Put your love into action. Then it will truly be love.’





Read the quotes below. Which one do you think is the best and why?

Ultimate Church Visit resources The complete set of resources includes props, activity and picture cards and display materials for all nine zones. Sets of resources are available to loan from the Schools & Colleges Unit (costs below) or from many DHQs. However, if you’re interested in investing in your own complete set, or just some of the zones, please contact us for an up-to-date price list. UCV loan charges £35 3-5 zones £45 6-9 zones

More exciting resources designed especially for young children in nursery, reception and Year 1. The updated materials will include stunning illustrations, a ‘People who help us’ multimedia show, worship objects discovery trail activity, William and Catherine story theatre, and more. Coming soon!










(Tick it)

Dictionary definition

The Bible, Hebrews 11:1

You can’t see it, Faith is like electricity. but you can see the light. Author unknown

Martin Luther King Jr

Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active.

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. Rabindranath Tagore

A person who inspires me is… Something I’ve heard or read which inspires me is…

about how

The Salvation www.salvationa Army shows love: Army is a Christian hopelov church

The Salvation

charity. England

and Wales


no. 214779,

Scotland no.


ROI no. CHY6399

ols sch& o colleges

Postage and delivery

The UCV Resource Pack includes a CD-Rom and DVD to help you plan your visit and samples of pupil materials. All the other resources you need are available to borrow from the Schools & Colleges Unit or from your DHQ. £12 (+ p&p)






Faith: great trust or confidence in something or someone.

Whenever possible we will send out orders on the day we receive them using 1st class Royal Mail or courier, which usually deliver in 1 or 2 days. Let us know exactly when you need your resources so we can choose the best delivery method. Maximum postage on regular orders is currently £5.

Ultimate Church Visit Resource Pack


Faith is being sure of of what we do not see.what we hope for and certain

How to order

Exciting resources to help you host a fun and memorable primary school visit. Great for kids clubs and Sunday schools too. Visit our website to find out more.


Edith Hamilton

• Providing places where feels welcome everyone and can belong. • Caring for older people clubs and through meals, residentia l centres. • Giving practical support in emergenc • Visiting ies. prisoners and supportin their families. g • Reuniting families through Family Tracing its Service.

and registered


Faith is taking see the whole the first step even when staircase. you don’t

The Bible, 1 John 3:18

5 Facts

The Salvation Army shows love by…

Find out more



What is Faith? Members of The Salvation Army are committed to loving God and loving people. They believe that love should be generous, radical and unconditional - lived out by serving others, especially those who are considered least important in society.

... .







Accompanying lesson and assembly ideas and multimedia shows help you use the leaflet as part of a lesson or talk for pupils of 11 years and upwards.

ultimate Church visit

UCV stickers A great reminder of the visit. Free when you order UCV journals, passports or bookmarks. Pack of 30/100 £1.50/£4


What migh t Willi were am Booth alive today and lived fight again st if in your comm he unity

Set of 32 display boards (70x50cm each) which slot together to create towers showing the history, work and ministry of The Salvation Army.

. .

William Booth is reported to have


Pack of 30 Pack of 50 Pack of 100 Box of 500

Download accompanying lesson and assembly ideas and three multimedia shows to help you deliver a simple and engaging session to 5-11 year olds.

Three different roller banners to borrow for school visits or other events. (Ultimate Church Visit banner included with UCV resources.)

2-week loan*

ld you Write spoken these words in May 1912, during fight your own his last public speech before he died the issue ‘I’ll fight for? s you feel stron ’ speech gly abou about t.

£3 (+ p&p) £5 (+ p&p) £10 (+ p&p) £45 (+ p&p)

Roller banners

FREE (+ p&p)

Fighting talk!

William (Founder Booth of The Salvation

Payment For corps/DHQs your order will be charged to your corps/DHQ account. For social centres an invoice will be sent out in due course by the THQ Fincance Dept. For individuals and other groups we can send an invoice or you can pay by credit/debit card over the phone.

Contact us Tel: 020 7367 4706 Fax: 020 7367 4728 Email: Post: Schools & Colleges Unit The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters 101 Newington Causeway London SE1 6BN


Set of six posters



Set of four A3 posters for general display or use with the secondary school Faith Hope Love materials.

Resources for Salvation Army corps and centres

Information leaflets

" !


Pack of 30 Pack of 50 Pack of 100 Box of 500

# $ $

Information packs .





2-week loan*


We’re happy to send out free teacher information packs, pupil packs (primary) and student packs (secondary). Request packs by post, email or telephone.

FREE (+ p&p on multiple packs)

*Two-week loan. Contact Schools Unit for prices. Charges include delivery and collection by courier.

Resources for school visits NEW! Red Shield lanyards Good quality lanyards at a great price. Use them for leaders or pupils during school visits, for special events or just for day-to-day wear around your corps or centre.

Pack of 10 Pack of 30

£6 £15

NEW! Mini Missions round stickers Designed for younger children to accompany the new Mini Missions resources. Six designs include William and Catherine Booth and modern-day Salvation Army characters.

SA character round stickers Give out these stickers at the end of school visits or kids events to remind children of their session.

Faith Hope Love round stickers Suitable for older children and youth to accompany the Faith Hope Love resources. Four designs available.

Pack of 30 stickers Pack of 100 stickers

£1.50 £4

25mm badges Choose from the individual Faith, Hope and Love designs or a simple Red Shield. Great for school visits, community events or fundraising. Pack of 10 £1.25 (+ p&p) Pack of 30 £3 (+ p&p)

SA Kids bookmarks Eight different designs, advertising the SA Kids website. Packof 30/100 FREE (+ p&p)

Pray for schools postcards The Salvation Army is a Christian church and a Registered Charity No. 214779, and in Scotland SC009359. Republic of Ireland CHY6399

Red Shield shaped stickers

38mm badges

A handy Red Shield shaped sticker. £2.50 (+ p&p) Pack of 10 £6 (+ p&p) Pack of 30

Faith Hope Love design with a small Red Shield. Pack of 10 £2.50 (+ p&p) Pack of 30 £6 (+ p&p)

Prayer postcards for corps prayer events or for Christian clubs and prayer spaces in schools. Pack of 30/100 FREE (+ p&p)






Back to school!


Remembrance Day (11th)

To mark the new school year why not hold a Back to School

Harvest is a popular time for school assemblies,

Check out the assembly section of our website for ideas.

with God Sunday? Your church could commit to pray for a

so check out

local school or college throughout the year. It’s also a great

for a variety of ideas to help you plan yours.

Homelessness resources

opportunity to celebrate and pray for pupils, teachers and

As winter sets in schools often want to explore the issue of

school staff in your congregation and community.

Check out: Back to school with God Sunday ( Pray for Schools resources yforschools) (

World Food Day (16th)

homelessness. New resources using the Hole in My Life

Visit for a range

illustrations, including a talk outline and multimedia

of primary and secondary lesson and assembly ideas about

presentation, are available from

food, the environment, wealth and poverty

and The Salvation Army’s international development work.

28th Buy Nothing Day - assembly inspiration?



FEBRUARY mmm...pancake day!


Christmas Present Appeal

New Year!

Education Sunday (5th)

International Women’s Day (8th)

Choose from our range of Christmas

Check out for lots of helpful schools This year Education Sunday focuses on Jesus’ example of

Celebrate the day by telling the story of Catherine Booth.

assemblies linked to the Present

ministry ideas for New Year and beyond. This great website

servanthood, and how we can each play our part in

Or why not look at how The Salvation Army is empowering

Appeal and get pupils involved in

helps you to:

educating children and young people in our communities.

women in developing countries to lift themselves out of

making a difference in their


connect with others who are involved in schools ministry

Resources for worship, prayer and school assemblies are

poverty through microcredit projects? For resources, go to



download guides to getting started in schools ministry

free to download from


find ideas for lessons and assemblies


order innovative resources for engaging young people

There’s also a great short film at –

Fairtrade Fortnight

challenging and inspiring!

World Aids Day (1st)

Keep sharing the fair trade story – check out

Assembly and lesson ideas, with thought-provoking music for details and resources. Other fair

and films available on our website, or on a free DVD-Rom.

trade resources can be downloaded from our website.

Easter is coming –– check out for assembly ideas.





Easter (2nd Palm Sunday)

Pray for Schools Fortnight (6th-20th)

World Environment Day (5th)

Resources for summer events

There are many ways to explore Easter with pupils but this

Visit for ideas

Why not use the EARTH school resources

year why not use art? The Picturing Easter pack from

and resources to help you take part

for an assembly, lesson or after-school club,



Put this into your Put this into computer to down load the your DVD resources. player to watch the film. EARTHDVD01

or send copies to your local schools? school:

For prayer ideas Registered Charity

visit www.salvatio

No. 214779, and

in Scotland SC009359.

Republic of Ireland



by committing to pray for them each day.

and other resources for your open day, community event or children’s and youth summer activities. We also have display boards and roller banners you can borrow – ask us for

Unit, THQ

schools in your community by organising a special prayer event, or

William Booth – new resources

My name: My school: My prayer for my

Schools & Colleges

ideas – great for upper primary and secondary classes.

in Pray for Schools Fortnight. Support

Produced by the includes eight images with teaching

Don’t forget to order posters, leaflets, stickers, bookmarks

London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics


schools & colleges unit

More Than Gold resources and specific resources for schools

Glory. We’re marking the year with some brand new

International Day of Families (15th)

young people in your local schools in the run up to the

resources about William and Catherine Booth and the

Check out our website for an inclusive primary school

Olympics and Paralympics. Check our website for details and




and Army

ion The Salvat

history of The Salvation Army – watch out for more details!

assembly about the importance of family.


020 7367 4706

and youth to help you inspire and engage with children and

2012 sees the anniversary of William Booth’s promotion to


sch& coolleoglses

Resources for schools ministry flyer  
Resources for schools ministry flyer  

A catalogue showing The Salvation Army's resources for school visits, for use by The Salvation Army.