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9. VIEWPOINT Army, church or charity – what are we? 10. – 15. APPOINTMENTS This year’s appointments list 16. BIBLE STUDY The wedding that went wrong 17. FEATURE Bereavement – good grief !



18. & 19. ANNOUNCEMENTS Army people, engagements and tributes 20. – 23. 24.



SCRIPTURE QUOTATIONS Scripture quotations in Salvationist are from the New International Version (2011), unless otherwise stated 2

Salvationist 16 March 2013


REMINDERS OF SPRING SPRING begins on 1 March according to the meteorological calendar. For some of us it starts on 21 March, either way, all around are reminders of the new season. Lighter, warmer days, sunny daffodils and lambs with crinkly coats basking in the sunshine or gambolling in the fields. There’s no doubt about it, the countryside is particularly attractive in spring and some people, tired of town and city life, decide to move there to find a better environment for their family or peaceful surroundings in retirement. The TV programme Escape To The Country helps people to find an ideal country retreat. Their expectations are fairly predictable: a detached property with period features, views of the surrounding countryside and a few acres of land for livestock and crops. Then there are the extra requirements: the property should be within easy reach of a pub, shop or school – at this point I start to wonder why they are planning to escape to the country, when they are more likely to have these amenities just where they are. Researchers identify properties within an agreed price range and arrange visits. Few find a home that ‘ticks all the boxes’ and often they are persuaded to consider some sort of compromise if they are to realise their dream home in the country. A ‘mystery’ house is thrown in to help prospective buyers to explore ideas they might not have considered and sometimes this works. It’s never a bad thing to be prepared to ‘think outside the box’. Some of the people in the appointments list (see pages 10 to 15) may have to do just that.

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Like the participants in Escape To The Country the prospect of moving can raise all sorts of feelings and expectations. There may be a list of requirements, but there may also be a need for compromise – or even a willingness to accept a ‘mystery’ appointment. Flexibility is essential when it comes to fulfilling Christ’s mission. On the subject of mission, Colonel Derek Elvin fills a gap in the recent church or army discussion featured in Salvationist. He points out that before we had either of these names, we were called a mission. Read more about it on page 9. These words of Brindley Boon help to sharpen my focus. Lord, release that latent passion Which in me has dormant lain; Recreate a deep compassion That will care and care again. Needy souls are still my mission, Sinners yet demand my love; This must be my life’s ambition, This alone my heart shall move. (SASB 463) MAJOR JANE KIMBERLEY

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Salvationist 16 March 2013



THIS WEEK’S QUOTES FROM THE PAPERS MEET THE NINJA ANGELS: THE BIBLE ACCORDING TO TV Scholars had frowned on the addition of ‘angels with ninja skills’ to the latest adaptation of the Bible, branding it a transparent ploy to lure an audience. If so, it worked: the Good Book is America’s newest television phenomenon. A biblical miniseries that began… with the story of Adam and Eve has beaten a host of critically fêted dramas, all manner of sitcoms and, yes, even Downton Abbey… The series… is called The Bible. [Producer Mark] Burnett said that he created the series to combat ‘Bible illiteracy’ among the young… It was also, he added, a work of faith: ‘I’ve loved Jesus all my life… Casting began with prayer.’ The Times

GODLY ROCKERS GET THEIR OWN HOLY HIT PARADE They say the Devil gets all the best tunes, but God, it seems, is getting his own Top 10. After a surge in popularity for faithbased recordings, the UK’s first official weekly Christian music chart [has been] unveiled… The Official Charts Company said that 600 new ‘Christian’ albums were released last year… The compilers hope the exposure will help to boost sales of the Christian and gospel sector. The Independent 4

Salvationist 16 March 2013

POOR ARE SCAPEGOATED, SAYS REPORT A report by a coalition of Churches has accused the Government of peddling ‘myths’ and manipulating data to scapegoat the poorest families in Britain. The report, The Lies We Tell Ourselves, challenges ideas about poverty that, it says, are spread by the Government and some sections of the media… The report… says that statistics have been manipulated by politicians and the media to support a comfortable but dangerous story: that the poor deserve the cuts that they are facing… The Prime Minister and other senior ministers have, it says, scapegoated the poorest 120,000 families in Britain… Researchers said that the common factor in the 120,000 families was not criminality or addiction, but the mother’s mentalhealth problems, and that the figures used by the Government were ‘statistically flawed and highly misleading’… In fact, researchers found, ‘in-work poverty is now more common than out-ofwork poverty’… The report is being sent to every MP in the UK and every Member of the Scottish Parliament. Church Times

AND FINALLY… A vicar has begun an ‘iPray’ service for his busy churchgoers. Father Martin Powell sends texts with ‘prayer pointers’ – lines from the Bible. ‘I have promised them no more than three texts a week,’ said Mr Powell, of St Edward King and Confessor Church in New Addington, South London. Metro

NEWS The General installs new leaders for United Kingdom and Ireland UKT SALVATIONISTS of all ages gathered at Regent Hall in central London to witness the installation by General Linda Bond of Commissioners Clive and Marianne Adams as leaders of the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. To the music of ‘Celebration’ by Regent Hall Band, the commissioners marched into the hall behind the Army colours and were greeted by enthusiastic applause. The congregational song ‘Jehovah Is Our Strength’ was followed by moments of reflection and the song ‘Lord, I Come To You’ before Colonel Sylvia Hinton (THQ) offered prayer. Nathanael Watchorn (Regent Hall) represented the youth of the territory. He spoke about seeing young people – including his friends – leave The Salvation Army and expressed his vision of a youth facility where young people could be brought together to develop spirituality. He concluded: ‘Big decisions will make a big difference to youth.’ Corps Sergeant-Major Stuart Bate (Preston), Chairman of the Territorial Advisory Council, welcomed the commissioners on behalf of local officers. He referred to the diversity of the UK both geographically and culturally and the different expressions and opportunities for service. ‘There are many passionate, gifted soldiers,’ he said, ‘who are working to fulfil the mission.’ He concluded by saying: ‘We are all in this together,’ and pledged prayerful and practical support to the new leaders. After a multimedia presentation that included some family snapshots, Commissioner Marianne Adams addressed the congregation. She spoke about

the ways that the heart can describe people. ‘God opened his heart through Jesus,’ she said. ‘May his light shine in our hearts.’ The General commended the commissioners as being fine people, gifted leaders and wonderful Salvationists. In the sacred moments of installation that followed, the General told the new leaders: ‘Your appointments are of the Lord. You’re here because the Lord wants you

to be here.’ The congregation remained standing as the territorial leaders knelt in consecration at the mercy seat. The International Staff Songsters started to sing ‘All That I Am’, with the congregation joining in. The General then held the territorial leaders up to the Lord in fervent prayer. Territorial Commander Commissioner Clive Adams addressed the congregation with passion and conviction, speaking

about God’s ‘grace-communication’ through the Bible and how The Salvation Army is part of his ‘grace-transformed community’ today. ‘We don’t need another William and Catherine Booth,’ he said. ‘What we need is the passion to do what they did.’ He urged people to lift the name of Jesus and concluded with the challenge: ‘Live with expectation – believe that God is going to do something!’ – J. K.

I was a stranger and you welcomed me

lenged those gathered to rethink their prejudices, follow Jesus’ call to meet with and see strangers and, above all, see Jesus in the people around us. Assistant to the TPWM Major Ruth Downey led a time of sending and blessing, encouraging everyone to join

hands and recite the Lord’s Prayer. Afterwards time was taken to greet one another and enjoy light French refreshments. The event raised £140 for the Kinshasa Moringa Tree Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo Territory. – K. R.

Time of remembrance

event allows time for families and friends to remember deceased residents since the opening of the Lifehouse 17 years ago. This year was especially poignant, as six residents had died. The service included Bible readings, a message and musical accompaniment. A Tree of Remembrance stands in the chapel bearing the names of the deceased, which were read aloud during the service. – S. D.

THQ STAFF and officers gathered for the Women’s World Day of Prayer themed I Was A Stranger And You Welcomed Me, which was prepared by Christian women of France. Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries Colonel Sylvia Hinton offered words of welcome and led the event. Prayers were interspersed with congregational singing and a vocal ensemble item ‘He Sought Me’. A band supported throughout. The interactive event allowed for all attendees to respond and participate. Territorial President of Women’s Ministries Commissioner Marianne Adams chal-

GRANBY LIFEHOUSE THE annual Service of Remembrance at the Dublin Lifehouse took place in the presence of the Archbishop of Dublin, the Most Rev Michael Jackson, members of the Advisory Council for Dublin and Spiritual Directors Majors Gillian and Stuart Dicker. The

Salvationist 16 March 2013


NEWS Colourful YP celebration CUMBERNAULD NINETY children from various YP groups gathered for a praise party to start off YP weekend celebrations. Captains Graeme and Wendy Parkhill (DHQ) used the theme Colours Of Salvation to frame the weekend and helped the children choreograph a dance. On Sunday, the congregation joined the young people in dance, and Messy Church explored the theme further. Sunday club members received their prizes, but generously gave up half the value to buy bicycles for children at the Army’s anti-trafficking unit in Malawi. – J. M.

United anniversary celebrations WELLINGBOROUGH THE corps joined in a songs of praise event with Rushden to celebrate their 140th and 130th corps anniversaries, respectively. A united band played ‘Torchbearers’ and united songsters sang ‘Dare To Be Different’. Rushden corps officer Captain Mike Smith brought the Bible message. – F. P.

Southampton Sholing presents the pantomime ‘Cinderella’ in an evening of fun and fellowship with corps folk and community members

Fun and prizes GUISBOROUGH THE Editor of Kids Alive! Justin Reeves conducted YP weekend. Saturday began with a lively social evening for children, packed with fun, games and pizza. On Sunday, Justin led the meetings and (pictured) recognised YP Treasurer/acting YPSM Patricia Simpson for 32 years’ loyal service. – S. S. 6

Salvationist 16 March 2013

STAPLEFORD: Bandmaster Richard Phillips (Kettering Citadel) presented the multimedia music show The Sounds Of Inspiration, helping to raise £470 for the Army’s work in Chikankata, Zambia. – E. S. Exeter Temple corps officer Major Alan Young receives a cheque for £810 from Waitrose branch manager Mark Shepherd, to be shared with neighbouring corps, Ottery St Mary

NEWS Music for pleasure ALTON

YP annual SOUTHSEA SINGING Company Leader Amanda Streather led YP annual meetings themed Friends. Young people of the corps took an active part in leading the meeting. The singing company sang ‘You’re The

STUDENTS from the Hampshire Specialist Music Course held a Music For Pleasure concert, coupled with a songs of praise meeting, entitled Alton’s Favourite Hymns. In the evangelistic event, which attracted more than 35 people who do not regularly attend Sunday worship, the band and songsters accompanied and presented items chosen by people in the community. – T. U. Light’ and the YP band played ‘Bind Us Together’. In her message, Amanda spoke about Jesus being everyone’s best friend. Prizes were presented to Sunday school kids (pictured). In a lively evening meeting, entitled Celebrate God, YPSM Cheryl Morris led worship, which included many individual contributions from the children. – T. M.

W E E K 3 Monday 18 March Matthew 11 – Jesus talks about John the Baptist and the need for repentance O Do you think verses 20 to 24 suggest some unbelievers will find God’s judgment more bearable than others? O Is there a marked contrast between what Jesus says in verses 20 to 24, compared to verses 25 to 30, or are they interlinked? Tuesday 19 March Matthew 12 – Jesus helps interpret what the Sabbath is for and refers to the prophet Jonah as a ‘sign’ of his own death and resurrection O How accurately was this prophecy fulfilled? O Some biblical scholars do not believe the story of Jonah being swallowed by a huge fish. Does today’s reading help clarify this line of thought? Wednesday 20 March Matthew 13 – Jesus tells some parables and explains why he uses them Thursday 21 March Matthew 14 – Jesus feeds 5,000 people and walks on water O Sceptics accuse Jesus of having performed an illusion. What do you think? Friday 22 March Matthew 15 – Jesus explains how faith comes from within, not by rituals O Does the Church have traditions, teaching or doctrine which can become obstacles to a relationship with God?

Flanked by corps officers Majors Pauline and Richard Cook, Edna Wiley celebrates her 100th birthday at Rothwell; Edna continues to walk humbly with the Lord as a true disciple

Music from the heart STOCKTON THE Northern Divisional Youth Chorus visited to present an evening of music and testimony. The varied programme ranged from upbeat to reflective songs and included a flute solo, ‘Still’, by Samantha Caffull. Rachel Taylor gave her testimony and Christina Smith challenged the audience about their responsibility in sharing God’s word. The home band supported with ‘Exalted’ and ‘Cairo Red Shield’. – B. C. Salvationist 16 March 2013



GREAT APP, GREAT JOB! I HAVE downloaded the Salvationist application on Android and have had a great time trying it out on the two free editions. I also get the paper copy. You’ve done a great job on the application. I really like the way it works and that I can access all the copies instead of losing them before they make it home. My one feedback point is that when I leave the application and then return to it (without force close, etc) it reloads from the title screen and I have to navigate back to the edition and page I was reading. I don’t think this should be too hard to fix and it would complete the application. That said, it’s great to see it arrive on my tablet and fantastic to see Android supported from the start. Great job!

AS a visually impaired retired bandmaster approaching the Easter season, I am looking for some band recordings and wonder if any Salvationist readers could help me. The three pieces I’m looking for are ‘Man Of Sorrows’ (Bramwell Coles, Festival Series), ‘The Road To Emmaus’ (Dean Goffin, General Series) and ‘The Hill Of Calvary’ (Bramwell Coles, General Series). If any recordings of these are known to be available, a telephone call to 01394 610294 would help me complement my Easter listening, Thank you. Bram Scott, Woodbridge

Ian Watkins, Eastbourne Digital Publishing Co-ordinator Major Nigel Bovey replies: It is good to hear that the investment via app technology is well received. Readers will be interested to know that ‘The War Cry’ and ‘Kids Alive!’ are being downloaded in great numbers in China, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. Regarding the way in which the app for all three titles behaves in Android (there is no such problem in Apple), our software developers tell me that this is the way the app has been built. We and they are always looking for possible, affordable improvements to further the mission of our papers. 8

Salvationist 16 March 2013

SNAP UP A PLACE AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP I’M pleased to say camera clubs are springing up as outreach projects in many corps. Readers of Salvationist may be interested to know that the digital photography days at Sunbury Court, founded by the territory’s former chief photographer Robin Bryant in 2006, have been renamed SA Digital Photography Workshop. With renovations and change of use taking place at Sunbury Court, the venue for this year’s workshop will be High Leigh Christian Conference Centre in Hertfordshire. This will take place from 19 to 22 August. The instructors will be the same as before and will help beginners with the simplest of cameras right up to the experienced enthusiast. The course will cover using the camera and improving the picture on the computer. I hope to see some new faces. Anyone interested please contact Doreen Stokes by telephone on 0121 550 0213. George Gallagher, Wellingborough

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ARMY, CHURCH OR CHARITY – WHAT ARE WE? Colonel Derek Elvin answers the question by emphasising the real priority – mission THERE has been an interesting discussion in Salvationist recently about the use of the word ‘church’ to describe our Movement. In the discussion I have not noticed the word that William Booth first used for us. We were first called a mission. Booth had spent most of his time as a minister in the business of mission. Asked by various churches to conduct a series of high-profile meetings to which non-churchgoers were invited, Booth preached the gospel and won converts who were unlikely to have attended normal church services. The new converts were referred to the local church for nurture and pastoral care – and Booth moved on to another mission. By the time he arrived in East London in 1865 he had tired of this ‘hit-and-run’ approach. What he sought to establish was ‘a permanent mission to the unconverted’. His converts, unwelcome in the traditional churches, had their own witness to add to his message. They, too, were to become missioners, not mere members but partners in sharing the gospel.



converts in Darlington and impressed W. T. Stead, did not remain as officers for very long. They burnt out in the white heat of the campaign. Of course, this singleness of purpose could not entirely survive the realities of 19th-century life. Money was needed. Properties had to be acquired. Potential leaders needed training and nurturing. The care of officers and soldiers became an important subject. Soon corps developed a strong sense of community, families felt at home with their friends at the Army, interests in secondary matters like music were developed alongside the main focus on mission. Most significantly it became clear that ‘salvation’ had to include physical as well as spiritual redemption. You couldn’t preach to a man who was hungry or send a girl convert back to her brothel. These simple acts of charity had to become formalised into elaborate structures. All this may have weakened the sense of mission at the grassroots level, but Booth and his successors have steadfastly maintained the primacy of the mission concept. To this day officers remain volunteers not paid a salary but given an allowance to enable them to live. Generals and ‘specials’ of all sorts still conduct spiritual campaigns and hope to see results through converts won. At corps level today there is a danger that, in the climate of scepticism prevalent in Western Europe, we lose this sense of mission as our primary function. It is hard to do mission today. We can be overwhelmed by the complexities of running an organisation and caring for those who belong to it. We can fail to change old methods that no longer are effective and adopt new means of reaching those who need to hear of Christ. Mission can become just an optional extra when we have managed everything else. If we settle down to a role of caring for our own community alone, observing all the rules and looking for public support, then whatever name we give to ourselves, we shall be in danger of betraying our heritage. We are nothing without a sense of mission.


The adoption of the military metaphor in 1878 was, in part, a refusal to become involved in all the necessary accreditations that becoming a church would demand. So, centres were abandoned if they did not fulfil the mission priorities; sacraments were felt not to be necessary to the business of mission; committees only slowed down the progress of the work. Everything was to be concentrated on this single object. So confident were they of this strategy that Railton is alleged to have claimed that the whole country would be saved by Christmas! People and centres were sacrificed for the sake of the great goal. The ‘hallelujah lasses’, who in six months won 5,000



APPOINTMENTS LIST 2013 THIS list is published following the General Farewell process, whereby the identifying of appointments for officers accepting new responsibilities is preceded by consultation with individual officers, line managers and corps/centre representatives. This list shows how all active UK officers (including cadets of the Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session to be commissioned in July), and territorial and divisional envoys in corps, social services and headquarters appointments will be deployed on 25 July 2013. New appointments that have not been announced previously are indicated with a circumflex accent (^) and modified ones with an asterisk (*). Where necessary, a fuller description of the appointment is provided. Information is provided by and published courtesy of the Personnel Service, THQ, and is correct (including ranks) at the time of going to press on 11 March 2013. Abbey, C/ Jane/Neil, Folkestone Adams, Cmr/ Clive, Territorial Commander Adams, Cmr/ Marianne, Territorial President of Women’s Ministries Adcock, C/ Julia, Barnet Ager, M/ John, Middlesbrough Citadel Ager, M/ Marta, Grantham Aggett, M/ Alan, Programme Service, THQ Aggett, M/ Linda, Personnel Service, THQ Allan, L/ Kenny/Sarah, Mansfield Allchin, M/ Cliff/Joy, Anglia DHQ Allemand, LC/ Carolyn, AO, Camberwell Allen, C/ Annette, Bristol Knowle West^ Allen, C/ Michael, Chaplain, Logos House LH, Bristol and Associate Divisional Candidates Officer, South-Western DHQ^ Allman, M/ Adrian L/ Clare, Gloucester Alston, C/ Heather, Consett Alton, C/ David/Jane, WBC Anderson, M/ Alison/Jim, Middlesbrough Pallister Park Anderson, L/ Dawn/Mark, Crook Andrade, TE/ Lexie, Irvine New Plant Andrews, M/ Neville, Chaplain, Hadleigh Employment Training Centre Andrews, M/ Yvonne, Southend Southchurch Annan, DE/ Janet, Chaplain, Bradbury CH, Southend-on-Sea Archibald, C/ Edmund/Joan, Limavady ORU Ashman, C/ Paula/Stuart, Fakenham Ashton, C/ Barry, Portsmouth North and AO, Portsmouth Citadel* Askew, M/ Glenys, Lavenham Atter, M/ Agnes, South and Mid Wales DHQ Atter, M/ Gordon, Skewen Babstock, M/ Carole, Milton Keynes^ Back, M/ Carol/Doug, Ipswich Citadel Bailey, M/ Angela/Graham, Hastings Temple and Hastings Citadel Bailey, M/ Carol, East Scotland DHQ Bailey, M/ Joe/Margaret, Rugby Bainbridge, C/ Jackie/Michael, Leighton Buzzard Baker, C/ Carol, Saffron Walden Baker, L/ Christine, Bristol Bedminster Baker, M/ Christopher, WBC Baker, M/ Sharon, Personnel Service, THQ Baker, C/ Joanna/Stephen, East Kilbride Baldwin, C/ Christopher/Liesl, WBC Bale, C/ Andrew L/ Tracey, Rayleigh Banner, M/ Amanda, Tiverton^ Barker, M/ Michael/Nicola, Chester-le-Street Barker, M/ Stuart, Hull Citadel Barr, LC/ Ian, Programme Service, THQ 10

Salvationist 16 March 2013

Barratt, C/ Graham, Newport Bartlett, M/ Jillian/Kenneth, Torquay Bartlett, L/ Lydia, Oldbury Barwise, M/ Jennifer, Cardiff Grangetown Barwise, C/ Michael, AO, Cardiff Grangetown Batt, M/ Noreen/Roger, Croydon Citadel Battle, M/ Sandra/Stephen, Hinckley Baynes, L/ Joyce, Chesterfield Bean, L/ Lillian, Isle of Wight^ Bean, L/ Rodney, Isle of Wight and Chaplain, Fellowship House, Isle of Wight^ Bearcroft, M/ Julie, Royston Bearcroft, M/ Mark/Tracy, Middle East Region Begley, M/ Carelle/Ray, Boscombe Bennett, C/ Deborah/Matthew, Aberdeen Citadel Bennetts, M/ Diana, Chaplain, Furze Hill House CH, North Walsham^ Betteridge, M/ David, Edinburgh Gorgie Betts, C/ Susan, Reading Lower Earley Billard, M/ Gillian/Paul, Staines^ Billard, M/ Linda/Mark, North-Western DHQ Bishop, M/ Alexander, Anglia DHQ Bishop, M/ Janet, North Walsham Bishton, L/ Jane/Jon, Eccles and Manchester Project Blake, M/ Estelle, Italy and Greece Command^ Blakey, DE/ Eunice, Hexham Bland, M/ Doreen, Programme Service, THQ Blowers, M/ David/Kathryn, Dover ORC and Programme Service, THQ Blues, L/ Kay, Nelson and Rural Ministry Partnership^ Bonsell, C/ Geoffrey, Chaplain, Crichton House ORS and Northlands LH, Cardiff Boorman, M/ David, Personnel Service, THQ

Boorman, M/ Lynda, Chaplain, Alver Bank CH and Personnel Service, THQ Booth, L/ Annette, Prescot and North-Western DHQ Booth, M/ Mary, Clowne Borrett, M/ Ann/Richard, Yorkshire DHQ Botting, M/ David, WBC Bovan, C/ Julie/Vaughan, Barnsley and Wombwell Bovey, M/ Margaret, Programme Service, THQ Bovey, M/ Nigel, Communications Service, THQ Bowers, M/ Margaret/Michael, Market Harborough New Plant Boyle, DE/ Joan, East Peckham Bradshaw, C/ Colin/Denise, Darlington Brevitt, M/ Lindsay/Stephen, Poole Brine, M/ Denise, Paignton Brooksbank, L/ Nicola, London South-East DHQ Broom, M/ Fiona, Bolton Citadel Brophy-Parkin, L/ Caroline, Hawick^ Brown, M/ David/Meshiel, Langley Moor and Brandon ORC Brown, M/ Jim C/ Yvonne, Brechin^ Brown, L/ Kevin/Wendy, Waterbeach and Soham* Brown, M/ Lawrie, Gorseinon Brown, C/ Matt/Sheridan, Wandsworth Brown, L/ Matthew, Sutton-in-Ashfield^ Brown, M/ Patricia/Raymond, IHQ Browne, TE/ Doreen, Horden with Easington Colliery Browning, TE/ Ian/Sarah, Pontypool Bruinewoud, L/ Karin, Hatfield Peverel with Colchester Mount Zion^ Bruinewoud, M/ Rudi, Leicester Central Buchanan, C/ Caroline, Buckie Buckle, M/ Graham, Australia Southern Territory Burn, LC/ Margaret, WBC Burns, LC/ Alan, Scotland Secretariat and Chief Secretary’s Office, THQ Burns, LC/ Alison, Scotland Secretariat and Personnel Service, THQ Burns, M/ David/Gillian, West Scotland DHQ Burr, C/ Keith, Nottingham Arnold Burr, C/ Vikki, East Midlands DHQ Burr, L/ Marie, Slough Burton, M/ Joan, Brazil Territory Butler, C/ Matt/Sarah, Glasgow City Centre Button, M/ Anthony/Jean, East Ham Byrne, C/ Nigel, Lewisham

GUIDE TO ABBREVIATIONS AO = associate officer(s); C/ = Captain; Cl/ = Colonel; Cmr/ = Commissioner; DE/ = Divisional Envoy; L/ = Lieutenant; LC/ = Lieut-Colonel; M/ = Major; TE/ = Territorial Envoy; CM = centre manager; DCO = divisional children’s officer; DDCS = divisional director for community services; DDE = divisional director for evangelism; DDP = divisional director for personnel; DDWM = divisional director of women’s ministries; DFO = divisional family officer(s); DYO = divisional youth officer; HM = home manager; LDO = learning and development officer; RM = regional manager; TL = Team Leader(s); CH = Care Home; IHQ = International Headquarters; LH = Lifehouse; OP = Outpost; ORC = Outreach Centre; ORS = Outreach Services; ORU = Outreach Unit; RSC = Red Shield Centre; SISTAD = School for In-Service Training and Development; THQ = Territorial Headquarters; TM = Team Ministry; WBC = William Booth College.

APPOINTMENTS LIST 2013 Collins, M/ Sandra, Dudley^ Collis, L/ Tracy, Bristol Kingswood^ Comely, M/ Christine, Personnel Service, THQ Conley, M/ Paul/Rita, Prison Chaplaincy, North-Western Connelly, M/ Christopher/Lynda, Bellshill^ Cook, C/ Jane-Marie, Strood Cooper, C/ Andrea, Jarrett Community Project Cooper, M/ Denise, Programme Service, THQ Cooper, C/ Paul, Aylsham^ Cordner, C/ Leanne/Martin, Belfast Sydenham Cotterill, C/ Anita/Nicholas, Barton-on-Humber Cotterill, LC/ Anthony/Gillian, WBC Cotterill, C/ Catherine/Gordon, Sutton Cotterill, L/ Mark, Atherton Coupe, M/ Adrian, Warrington and Chaplain, James Lee House LH, Warrington^ Coupe, M/ Donna, Warrington^ Courdelle, C/ Ann, Chaplain, Smallcombe House CH, Bath Cowdery, M/ Colin, Programme Service, THQ Cowdery, M/ Rosemary, Personnel Service, THQ Cowell, M/ Jane, Doncaster Cowgill, DE/ Beryl/Billy, Bradford Idle Cox, C/ Darren, Australia Southern Territory Cozens, TE/ Julia/Mark, Harlesden Crane, C/ Anne/Stuart, Clacton-on-Sea Crowe, M/ Richard, Rushden^ Cunliffe, M/ Linda, Portadown Cunliffe, C/ Scott, Portadown and Ireland DHQ Cunningham, L/ Lisa, Glenrothes Curnow, C/ Marilyn/Stephen, Yeovil Cushing, M/ Richard, Homelessness Services, THQ Cussen, M/ Edwina/James, Andover Dainty, TE/ Roy, Arbroath Daniels, M/ Graham, Sunderland Monkwearmouth Daniels, M/ Judith, Sunderland Monkwearmouth and Northern DHQ Davidson, M/ Christopher/Joy, Southport^ Davidson, DE/ Priscilla, Burntisland OP Davies, M/ Cheryl/Neil, Bridgwater Davies, L/ Guy/Nicola, Plumstead Davies, L/ Samantha, Senghenydd^ Davis, L/ Clare/Robert, Bishop’s Stortford with Braintree Davis, C/ Ian/Louise, Hedge End Davis, C/ Ian/Sandra, Mirfield Davis, C/ Lynne, Wallsend Davison, C/ Karen, Swadlincote Davison, L/ Martin, Barrow-in-Furness^ Dawson, C/ Ashley M/ Nasreen, Worksop Day, TE/ Alison/Russell, Wisbech Dean, M/ Leon/Susan, Homelessness Services, THQ Dean, L/ Susan, Enniskillen Deans, M/ Robert, Saltcoats De Castro e Lemos, L/ Dáfne, Leytonstone Delamare, M/ Kay, Swinton and Central North DHQ^ Denyer, M/ Neil/Rose, Chesterton Diaper-Clausen, M/ Andrew/Ingrid, Norwich Citadel^ Dibsdall, C/ Jenny, Eaton Bray and Waterways Chaplaincy

Dickens, M/ Claire, Chaplain, The Hawthorns CH, Buxton^ Dickens, M/ Gareth, Macclesfield^ Dicker, M/ Gillian/Stuart, Spiritual Directors, Granby LH and Lefroy House, Dublin Dickinson, M/ Christine, Moreton ORC and Chaplain, Ann Fowler House LH Di-Palma, L/ Carl/Elizabeth, Risca Dixon, M/ Alan/Jacqueline, Scotland Secretariat Dodd, L/ Catherine, Wath-upon-Dearne Dolling, C/ Bill/Karen, Liverpool South TM with Liverpool Valley Donaldson, C/ Alan/Carole, Worcester Dooley, C/ Mark/Tanya, Gateshead Dougan, C/ Deanna, Willenhall and Wolverhampton Doust, M/ Lorna/Paul, Kettering Citadel Downer, Col/ Gillian, IHQ Downham, M/ Margaret/Stuart, Edmonton Downie, L/ Andrina/Chris, Inverness Draycott, M/ Aubrey/Irene, Sale Drew, LC/ Marion, Communications Service, THQ Duff, M/ Jim/Sharon, Liverpool Walton Duffy, L/ Sara/Wayne, Batley Dunkinson, M/ Andrew, York Dunkinson, M/ Sheila, York and WBC Dunlop, C/ Allan, Development Officer, Shettleston Dunlop, C/ Linda, Parkhead Duquemin, C/ Elizabeth/Neil, Carmarthen ORC Durman, M/ Charles, Administrator, Cambria House LH, London Durrant, L/ Claire/Deryk, Aberystwyth^ Durrant, M/ Heather/Richard, Bourne Dutfield, C/ Stephen, WBC Dykes, M/ Ruth/Timothy, RS Worthy Down, Winchester Eade, C/ Sheila, Forestdale ORC Eardley, M/ Elaine, LDO (SISTAD), WBC^ Eardley, M/ Fred, Assistant Territorial Financial Secretary, Business Administration Service, THQ^ Eaton, L/ Debbie/Dominic, Ireland DHQ Eden, C/ Michael/Rebecca, Clevedon^ Edgar, M/ Samuel, West Midlands DHQ Edwards, C/ Lynne, Bridlington Elliot, C/ Heather/James, Falkirk Elliott, M/ Robert, WBC Ellison, M/ David, Gawthorpe and Horbury Elsey, L/ Matthew, Nottingham Aspley and East Midlands DHQ Emery, M/ David, Chaplain, Ty^ Gobaith LH, Cardiff Emery, M/ Michele, South and Mid Wales DHQ Emery, C/ Ian, Motherwell Evans, M/ Carol, Dunstable Evans, M/ David/Sarah, Romford Evans, M/ Dawn/Howard, Sherburn Hill and Shotton Colliery Evans, M/ Leonard, Truro^ Evans, M/ Ruth, St Austell^ Everett, C/ Teresa, Tadley Fallows, M/ Peter/Stephanie, Basingstoke Farmer, M/ Colin/Lynn, Spain and Portugal Command CONTINUED ON PAGE 12

Salvationist 16 March 2013


Caddy, M/ Joy, East Midlands DHQ Cadogan, C/ Alexander M/ Maggie, Preston Caffull, LC/ Michael/Wendy, East Midlands DHQ Cameron, M/ Pamela, Personnel Service, THQ Campbell, C/ Christine/Robert, Lowestoft South Campbell, M/ Colin/Ria, Prison Chaplaincy, Southern Camp-Richards, M/ Sue, Taunton Capsey, LC/ Mary, Kenya East Territory Cardy, C/ Karen, Camberwell Carey, M/ Graham/Hélène, Eastern Europe Territory Carmichael, M/ John/Teresa, Leigh-on-Sea Carpagnano, M/ Emanuele/Kay, Hillingdon and Uxbridge Carpenter, L/ Karl/Rachel, Livingston Carpenter, TE/ Terence, Somercotes Carré, C/ Chris, Secondment to RAF Chaplaincy Carré, C/ Paula, Personnel Service, THQ Carton, M/ Kathryn/Patrick, Gravesend Cavanagh, M/ David/Elaine, Italy and Greece Command Chadwick, M/ Carol/David, proceeding to International Service^ Chadwick, TE/ Christine, Newcastle-under-Lyme Chagas, M/ Philippa/Teofilo, Brazil Territory Chamberlain, L/ Sandra, Knottingley Chambers, C/ Brian, Sick Furlough Chape, M/ Geoffrey/Liz, Portsmouth Citadel^ Charlton, TE/ John, Verwood Charlton, C/ Linda/Ray, Chesham Chatburn, M/ Gary/Rosemary, RSC Bielefeld Chaundy, C/ Gary/Lorraine, Eston Cheetham, TE/ Christine, Stocksbridge Chick, TE/ Pam, Llantwit Fardre ORU Chinye, L/ Ann/Henry, Chelsea Church, M/ Elizabeth/Paul, Wellingborough and Wollaston Clampton, C/ Carolyn, Douglas and WBC Clampton, C/ Simon, Douglas Clark, M/ Karen, Bedlington Clark, M/ Peter, Bedlington and Personnel Service, THQ Clark, DE/ Ken/Wendy, Twickenham Clark, L/ Peter/Suzanne, Salisbury Clement, M/ Christine, IHQ Clements, M/ Denise/Martyn, Tenby Clift, M/ Shelagh, Winchester^ Clifton, L/ John, Ilford Clifton, L/ Naomi, Ilford and WBC Clifton, C/ Lynne, AO, Maidstone Coates, M/ David/Gillian, Homelessness Services, THQ Cochrane, Cmr/ William, IHQ Coke, C/ Kerry, Stepney Coke, C/ Nick, Stepney, WBC and Programme Service, THQ Colclough, M/ Anthony, Programme Service, THQ Colclough, M/ Jill, Personnel Service, THQ Cole, L/ Annemarie/Philip, Londonderry Cole, M/ Esther, Chaplain, Catherine Booth House LH, Portsmouth Coleman, L/ Vanessa/Xander, Banbury Coles, M/ Heather, Caribbean Territory Collins, M/ Lynne/Nigel, Cwmbran




Farrar, DE/ John, Irthlingborough Farrow, M/ Michael, Administrator, Swan Lodge LH, Sunderland Fawcett, M/ Barbara/Ian, Diss Ferguson-Smith, L/ Jeremy/Wendy, Stockport Citadel Fincham, LC/ Melvin, Programme Service, THQ Fincham, LC/ Suzanne, London Central DHQ Fincham, L/ Steven/Susanne, Hammersmith Fisher, TE/ Annette, Ware Fisher, M/ Paul/Sandra, Blackpool Citadel^ Forman, C/ Jennifer, Droitwich Spa Forman, C/ Stephen, Droitwich Spa and West Midlands DHQ Forrest, M/ Julie/Peter, IHQ Forster, LC/ Malcolm/Valerie, Southern Africa Territory Fozzard, M/ Gordon/Margaret, Weston-super-Mare Fraser, M/ William, Whittlesey Frederiksen, M/ Alan C/ Carol, Enfield Friday, L/ Alison/Gavin, East Scotland DHQ Fripp, C/ Marian/Steve, Castleford Frost, M/ Sandra, Chaplain, Glebe Court CH, London Furlong, M/ Sharen, Heckmondwike Gadsden, M/ Carole, Treharris Gardner, M/ Alison/Kenneth, Keighley Gargett, L/ Margaret, Sleaford Garnham, M/ Philip, Raynes Park ORC and WBC Garrad, LC/ Robert, IHQ Gaudion, M/ Allison, Wickford Gaudion, M/ Andrew, Woodford Gaudion, TE/ Craig/Gemma, Liverpool South TM and Liverpool Stoneycroft Gaudion, M/ Richard, AO, Regent Hall and Personnel Service, THQ Giannaros, M/ Haris, Gillingham Giannarou, M/ Anna, Gillingham Gibbs, M/ Lynden, CM, Devonport House LH, Plymouth Gibbs, M/ Lynn/Raelton, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory Gibson, M/ Deirdre, Business Administration Service, THQ and London South-East DHQ Gibson, M/ Joan, Zimbabwe Territory Gibson, M/ Trevor, Personnel Service and Programme Service, THQ Gifford, L/ Annmarie, CM, Faith House, London^ Giles, TE/ Kerry, Norwich Dussindale ORU Goble, C/ Lisa, Chippenham Godfrey, C/ Tracey, Coleraine Godwin, L/ Alison/Mark, Falmouth Godwin, C/ Antony/Heather, Pill Goldsmith, TE/ Philip, Harold Hill Goodman, M/ Wendy, CM, Priory Centre ORU, Ipswich Gosling, L/ David, Perth and Chaplain, Skinnergate LH, Perth Gosling, L/ Jennifer, Perth Gotobed, M/ Kim/Nigel, Northern DHQ Govier, M/ Linda, West Midlands DHQ Govier, M/ Nigel, Cannock 12

Salvationist 16 March 2013

Gray, C/ Karl, Clapton and London Central DHQ Gray, C/ Ruth, Clapton Green, C/ Trevor, Redhill Greer, L/ Alison/Keith, CM, Edward Alsop Court LH, London Greetham, M/ Jonathan/Katrina, RSC Detmold, RSC Sennelager and RSC Paderborn Grinsted, M/ Carole, Chief Secretary’s Office, THQ Grinsted, M/ Stephen, Communications Service, THQ Grinsted, M/ Heather/Stewart, Middle East/ Kuwait Region Groombridge, TE/ Claire/Leslie, Harwich with Manningtree^ Guest, C/ Annette L/ Kenneth, Reading West Haddick, M/ Eleanor, Kenya West Territory Hall, C/ Christopher L/ Sandra, Swindon Gorse Hill and Chaplains, Booth House LH, Swindon Hall, L/ Ian/Wendy, Oldham Roundthorn Hamilton, C/ Jonathan, Bootle and Chaplain, Darbyshire House LH, Liverpool Hamilton, L/ Sam, Bootle Hampton, L/ Darren/Sharon, Ashton-in-Makerfield Hampton, M/ Malcolm, Programme Service, THQ Hancock, C/ Liz, Cradley Heath Hanover, TE/ Colin, Snettisham Hanover, M/ Jacquie, London North-East DHQ Hanover, C/ Lisa/Nicholas, Stratford Harborne, M/ Iris, AO, Thornton Heath Hardy, M/ Margaret/Paul, Programme Service, THQ Hargreaves, C/ Bryn/Lyn, Minster Harries, M/ Carole/Elwyn, Ireland DHQ Harris, M/ Ian, South-Western DHQ Harris, M/ Jean, South-Western DHQ* Harris, M/ Michael, Shipley^ Harris, M/ Teresa, Southampton Shirley^ Harrison, C/ Tracy, Morley Harrod, M/ Colin, AO, Birmingham Erdington and West Midlands DHQ Harrod, M/ Valerie, Birmingham Erdington Hauselman, TE/ John, Bath Temple Havercroft, M/ Allister/Rhian, Peterborough Ortons Hawkins, M/ Ann/Kenneth, Zambia Territory Hawkins, M/ Peter, Gatwick Airport Chaplaincy Hayes, C/ Bramwell L/ Rhonda, Welwyn Garden City Haylett, C/ Ian/Paula, Selby Hayter, C/ Douglas/Michelle, Hove Hayward, L/ Clare, Ellesmere Port Hayward, C/ Elizabeth, Programme Service, THQ Henderson, M/ Diane, London Central DHQ Hepburn, M/ Maureen, East Midlands DHQ Herbert, M/ Christopher/Lin, Leicester South Herbert, M/ Linda/Mark, Programme Service, THQ Heward, C/ Caroline, Bradford Holmewood Heward, M/ Gareth/Susan, London South-East DHQ Highton, M/ Lynn/Michael, Yorkshire DHQ Hilditch, M/ Judith, Hendon Hilditch, M/ Paul, Hendon and WBC Hill, M/ Alan, Beccles^ Hill, M/ Claire/James, L’Islet and St Peter Port Hill, M/ Martin, Communications Service, THQ

Hills, M/ Cedric/Lyn, Finland and Estonia Territory^ Hinton, Cl/ David, Chief Secretary Hinton, Cl/ Sylvia, Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries Hoad, M/ Linda/Paul, Northampton Central Hockley, M/ Alwyn/Keith, Malton Hoitinga, M/ Gilly/Henk, Whitehaven^ Holder, M/ Elaine, Home Manager, Notintone House CH, Nottingham Holdroyd, M/ Terri, Dumfries Holifield, M/ Glenda/Paul, Harlow House, M/ David/Margaret, Colchester Citadel House, M/ Graham/Julie, Derby Central and Derby South Howarth, M/ David/Janet, Worthing Howe, M/ Abigail/Philip, Cambridge Heath Hubbard, C/ Paula, Cardiff Cathays with Cardiff East^ Hubbell, M/ David, AO, Edmonton Huby, M/ Ernest/June, Rotherham Hudson, M/ Alison, Reading Central and Central South DHQ Hudson, M/ Iain, Reading Central and WBC Huggins, C/ Carl M/ Michelle, Northampton East Hull, TE/ Gordon, Sunderland Citadel^ Hunn, M/ Rebecca, Programme Manager, Booth House LH, Swindon Hutchings, L/ Alison/Michael, Kirkwall^ Huyton, M/ Margaret, Maldon Huyton, M/ Stephen, Maldon and County Ecumenical Officer, London North-East Hylton-Jones, M/ Colin, Ireland DHQ Hylton-Jones, M/ Nicola, Ireland DHQ and Personnel Service, THQ Ingram, M/ Pauline, Hartlepool Irving, M/ Ray, Programme Service, THQ Jackson, M/ David, Anglia DHQ Jackson, M/ Gillian, WBC Jackson, TE/ Martin/Susan, Nottingham Meadows ORP Jackson, C/ Tracy, Bargoed James, C/ Caroline/Philip, Mission Partners in Fife – Kirkcaldy, Buckhaven and Lochgelly Jarrold, L/ Andrew/Jackie, Leeds West Hunslet^ Jeffery, M/ Barbara, King’s Lynn Jepson, C/ Julia M/ Robert, Sittingbourne Johnson, M/ Ann-Marie, Carshalton Johnson, M/ Gillian, AO, Bromley Johnson, M/ Julia/Keith, Spiritual Directors, The Booth House LH, Grimsby and William Booth House LH, Hull Johnson, M/ Julie/Paul, Winton Johnson, L/ Katy/Luke, Hastings Citadel and Hastings TM^ Johnson, M/ Mary/Robert, South Shields Johnson, M/ Pamela-Jayne, AO, Barrhead Johnson, M/ Samantha/Timothy, Hemel Hempstead Jones, M/ Derek/Susan, South and Mid Wales DHQ Jones, TE/ Emma, Stroud Jones, DE/ Iris, Murton Jones, DE/ Joon/Nigel, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory Jones, M/ Kath/Mel, Programme Service, THQ Jones, TE/ Samantha, Newtown

APPOINTMENTS LIST 2013 Loman, M/ Sheila, Birkenhead Lomax, M/ Denis/Olive, North Scotland DHQ Longmore, M/ Graham, Ireland DHQ Longmore, M/ Inga, WBC Loveridge, M/ Carole/Michael, Paisley Citadel Lovie, TE/ Ann/Gordon, Findochty Lowe, M/ Suzanne, Spiritual Programme Director, Eva Burrows Day Centre and 1st Stop Project, Glasgow Loxley, M/ Ian/Jean, Bedford Congress Hall Ludditt, M/ David/Julie, Ilkeston Lumm, C/ Christine/Graham, Mold ORC Madden, TE/ Stewart, Aldershot Maddern, M/ Adrian,WBC Maddern, M/ Beth, Chaplain, Youell Court CH, Coventry Main, M/ Jenine/Paul, Central South DHQ Mann, C/ Alistair/Lucy, Greenock and Chaplains, Greenock Floating Support Service Martin, M/ Geoffrey/Glenda, Gainsborough Martin, M/ Janet/Malcolm, WBC Martin, M/ John, London Central DHQ Mayo, C/ Dani, Penarth Mayo, C/ Steve, Penarth and South and Mid Wales DHQ McBride, M/ Ian/Sally, Belfast Citadel McCaffrey, M/ Alison, Portobello and Chaplain, Davidson House CH, Edinburgh McCaffrey, M/ John, Stenhousemuir McCallum, M/ Connie, Prestonpans^ McCaw-Aldworth, C/ David/Elizabeth, Spain and Portugal Command McClenahan, M/ Muriel/Robert, Programme Service, THQ McClintock, C/ Hilary, High Wycombe McCluskey, M/ James, Project Manager, Community Care Service (Angus) McCombe, M/ Beverley/Drew, North-Western DHQ McCombe, M/ Jennifer, Bristol Easton and WBC McCombe, M/ John, Bristol Easton McCredie, M/ Ian/Pam, Wrexham McDevitte, M/ Jean, Guildford McFerran, M/ Neil, Chaplain, Edward Alsop Court LH, London McFerran, M/ Susan, CM, Riverside House LH, London McGarvey, M/ Dawn, Launceston and Tavistock McGarvey, M/ Denise, London South-East DHQ McIntyre, TE/ Janet, Kinlochleven McKenzie, M/ Marc, Connah’s Quay McKenzie, M/ Shirley, Connah’s Quay and North-Western DHQ McKinstry, TE/ Craig, Dundee Menzieshill and Dundee TM^ McLean, C/ John/Kathryn, Bicester McLean, L/ Laura, St Helens McMurray, DE/ Denise/William, Stirling McNally, M/ Anne/Paul, Hoyland Common McNee, M/ Alex, Germany and Lithuania Territory McPhee, L/ Jenny/Stuart, Penrith Melia, TE/ John/Louise, Shepton Mallet Midwinter, M/ Jean, Chaplain, Edinburgh Prison Visitors Centre and Eagle Lodge CH, Edinburgh

Millar, M/ Christine, Filey^ Milner, C/ Pauline, Harrow Mingay, M/ Caroline/Richard, South-Western DHQ Mizon, M/ Dawn/Graham, Regent Hall Moir, L/ Joanna, Cumbernauld and West Scotland DHQ Moir, L/ Stephen, Cumbernauld Montgomery, C/ Ann, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea and Northern DHQ Montgomery, C/ Donald, DDP, Northern DHQ^ Moore, TE/ Margaret, Eastleigh Moran, LC/ Peter/Sandra, London South-East DHQ Mordan, M/ Manuela, Chaplain, Hope House LH, Glasgow Morgan, M/ David, Prison Chaplain, HMYOI Wetherby, HMP Wakefield and HMP Newhall, Yorkshire Morgan, C/ Valerie, Haverhill Morgans, C/ David, Morriston Morris, M/ Jane, Burton-on-Trent Mountford, M/ Ian/Tracey, Bristol Citadel Moye, TE/ Shawn, Walthamstow Mugford, M/ Antony/Fiona, Newcastle City Temple Muir, L/ Nicola, Wokingham and Chaplain, Willow House LH, Reading Mulryne, C/ Christopher, awaiting appointment Mulryne, C/ Gaynor, awaiting appointment Murray, M/ David/Sarah, Norwich Mile Cross Myers, M/ Anne, Abingdon Myers, M/ Granville, DDE, Southern DHQ^ Myers, C/ Kathleen, DFO, Southern DHQ^ Myhill, M/ Susan, Brightlingsea Mylechreest, C/ Jane/Marcus, Stapleford^ Mylechreest, M/ Valerie, Programme Service, THQ Nädler, M/ Barbara/Rainer, Germany and Lithuania Territory Naylor, M/ Hilary/Stephen, Sunderland Millfield Neill, M/ Ina, Shirebrook Nicoll, C/ Gerald/Jayne, Grimsby and East Midlands DHQ Nield, M/ Deborah/Philip, Histon with Willingham* Nkounkou, M/ Judith, IHQ Noble, L/ Angela C/ Stephen, Woodhouse^ Norton, M/ Alan, Nunhead Nunn, TE/ Angela, Lerwick O’Connell, M/ Sharon, Barrhead O’Driscoll, M/ Pauline, Colchester Mount Zion Offor, C/ Susanna, Canvey Island Oliver, M/ Elizabeth/Ivan, Sheffield Castle Oliver, C/ Lynley/Stephen, Swindon Citadel and Chaplains, Gloucester House, Swindon Oliver, M/ Lynn, Bury St Edmunds Oliver, M/ Richard/Sarah, Brazil Territory O’Neill, M/ Lorraine, Rock Ferry^ Ord, M/ Margaret/Norman, London North-East DHQ Oughton, C/ Deborah, Street Owen, LC/ Graham/Kirsten, Southern DHQ Owen, L/ Vicky, Ghana Territory CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

Salvationist 16 March 2013


Jordan, L/ Emily, Ammanford Justice, M/ Joanna/Timothy, Newark and East Midlands DHQ Kennedy, M/ Christine/Ian, Farnworth Kent, M/ Maria-Rosa L/ Mark, Pentre^ Kidd, TE/ Albert/Patricia, Edinburgh City and Edinburgh Street Project Kidd, C/ Barbara, Ringwood Kidd, M/ Julie, Personnel Service, THQ Kimberley, M/ Jane, Communications Service, THQ Kind, M/ Sarah, Tutor and Pastoral Support Officer, WBC^ King, M/ Sharon, Stanford-le-Hope Kingscott, M/ Christine, Chaplain, Greig House and Riverside House LH, London Kingscott, M/ Paul, Programme Service, THQ Kinnear, C/ Lorraine/Michael, Upper Norwood^ Kinsey, M/ David/Diane, WBC Knight, C/ Paul M/ Paula, Brazil Territory Knightley, M/ Beverley/Malcolm, Ivybridge Knights, C/ Emma, Sudbury and Divisional Candidates Officer, Anglia DHQ^ Knott, C/ Esther, Personnel Service, THQ Knott, C/ Richard, Teddington Knott, M/ Melvyn/Wendy, WBC Knuckey, M/ Pamela, Programme Service, THQ Konti-Galinou, C/ Maria, Italy and Greece Command Lacey, C/ Dawn, Ealing, West London Development Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Central South DHQ and Mission Partner, Territorial Prayer Network, THQ^ Lacey, C/ Gary, Ealing, West London Development Officer and Mission Partner, Territorial Prayer Network, THQ^ Lahouel, C/ Janice, Bolton South ORC Lanceley, M/ David, Business Administration Service, THQ Lanceley, M/ Sharron, West Norwood Lang, C/ Barbara/Bryan, Cirencester Lang, C/ Kelvin, Trowbridge Larsson, M/ Christine, Sweden and Latvia Territory Layton, C/ Karen/Philip, Hythe and London South-East DHQ Layton, C/ Kingsley/Paula, Hull Icehouse Leavey, LC/ Wendy, IHQ Lee, C/ Adrian/Christine, Goldthorpe Lee, M/ Amanda, Bath Citadel^ Lees, M/ David, CM, Booth House LH, London Lees, M/ Jeanette, Associate CM, Booth House LH, London Lennox, M/ David, Chaplain, Bramwell House LH, Blackburn and Crossroads LH, Accrington Lennox, M/ Katerina, Blackburn Lennox, L/ Peter, Catford^ Lennox, L/ Timothy, Bo’ness Leswell, M/ Jacqueline, Parkstone Lewis, M/ Alison C/ Mark, Lye Lewis, C/ Janine, Gosport and Chaplain, AIM Community Project, Dorset Linnett, C/ Scott, Llanelli Ljungholm, M/ Gladys, North-Western DHQ Lloyd, M/ Elizabeth/Michael, Penge Lloyd-Jones, M/ Lisa/Michael, Programme Service, THQ Logan, M/ Alison/Dean, Clydebank^




Pallant, M/ Dean/Eirwen, IHQ Palmer, M/ Loes, Dereham Palmer, M/ Tracey, WBC Palmer-Taylor, C/ Penny, Skegness and Chaplain, Witham Lodge LH, Skegness Pantelidis, C/ Polis, Italy and Greece Command Parker, Cmr/ Joan/Michael, Indonesia Territory Parkhill, C/ Graeme/Wendy, West Scotland DHQ Parrales, C/ Louisa, Tottenham Parrott, M/ John, Dublin Ports Community Chaplain and Newry Parrott, M/ Marjory, York House LH, Dublin Parry, L/ Helen C/ John, Grays Partland, M/ Fiona, North Scotland DHQ Payne, LC/ Diane/Godfrey, Nigeria Territory Payne, M/ Judith, Personnel Service, THQ Pearce, M/ Carol/Eric, North Shields^ Pearce, M/ Rita/Robert, Govan Pearson, L/ Debbie/Will, Woking Pegram, C/ Mark/Susan, Sheffield Citadel^ Pell, M/ David, TL, Harlesden & Kilburn TM and Programme Service, THQ Pell, M/ Julie, Kilburn and London Central DHQ Pereira, M/ Amaro/Susan, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory Perkin, M/ Linda C/ Simon, Southend Citadel Perkins, M/ Christine, Central South DHQ^ Perkins, M/ Stephen, Central South DHQ^ Phillimore, L/ Graham, Balham^ Phillips, TE/ Norma, Ashington Pilkington, LC/ George, Personnel Service, THQ Pilsel, M/ Rudi, Leek^ Pinner, M/ Leiby, Downham Market Pipe, M/ Febe/Russell, Woodbridge Piper, M/ Christine, AO, Sutton and seconded to St Christopher’s Hospice Piper, M/ Norman, Programme Service, THQ Pitt, C/ Kevin, St Albans^ Pitt, C/ Pamela, Luton Pooley, M/ Kevin, Communications Service, THQ Poxon, M/ Heather, Programme Service, THQ Prescott, M/ James, Kilmarnock Prescott, C/ Vivienne, Forest of Dean ORC Price, M/ Mark/Sarah, Boston Price, C/ Rachel/Wayne, Bradford Citadel Pritchard, M/ Elizabeth, Ballymena Prodgers, L/ Ashley, Addlestone Pryor, L/ Diane, Kendal Pugh, C/ Ann/John, Maesteg and Bridgend Purdy, M/ Linda, Launceston and Tavistock Purkiss, M/ Anita, Loughborough Radford, M/ David, Yorkshire DHQ and Brighouse Radford, L/ Sian, Rhyl Raegevik-Slinn, M/ Liv, Bromley Temple Raggett, L/ Jonathan/Lee, Southwark Ralph-Barratt, M/ Pamela, Newport Ramsay, M/ David, Divisional Prayer Co-ordinator, London South-East DHQ^ Ramsay, M/ Karen, Milton Plant with Sheerness* Rand, C/ Catherine M/ Kevin, Norton and Anglia DHQ Read, M/ Alan/Carolyn, Sheringham Read, LC/ Alan/Janet, IHQ 14

Salvationist 16 March 2013

Read, M/ Anne, Programme Service, THQ Read, M/ John, Communications Service, THQ Read, L/ Ellie/Mark, St Ives^ Read, C/ Linda, Petersfield Reid, C/ Joanne, WBC Renshaw, C/ Peter, Territorial Commander’s Office, THQ Reynolds, L/ Kathryn/Richard, Longton with Stoke-on-Trent Rho Choi, L/ Hean Suk/Kook Hwan, Deal Richards, M/ Andrew/Lori, Devonport Morice Town Richardson, C/ Tori, Cottenham^ Rieder, M/ Beat, East Scotland DHQ Rieder-Pell, M/ Annette, East Scotland DHQ and Edinburgh Street Project Rimmer, C/ Bronya, Herne Bay and London South-East DHQ^ Ripper, DE/ Pam, Staveley Robb, M/ Karen, WBC Roberts, LC/ Jayne/Jonathan, IHQ Robertson, TE/ David, Maddiston Robilliard, C/ Beverley, Stowmarket^ Robinson, TE/ Andrea/David, Driffield ORC Robinson, M/ Lois, Halifax Robinson, M/ Paul/Susan, Margate^ Robinson, M/ Sharon, Midsomer Norton Robson, M/ Janet, IHQ Rockey-Clewlow, M/ Gary, Scunthorpe Roe, M/ Catherine/Michael, Leicester New Parks and Coalville Rose, M/ Lindy/Mark, WBC Rouffet, M/ Jacques/Yvonne, Brighton Congress Hall Rouffet, L/ Jonathan/Marion, Bognor Regis Routledge, M/ Linda/Malcolm, Weymouth and Portland^ Rowley, M/ Julian/Julie, Oakengates^ Rowney, L/ Simon/Victoria, Failsworth Russell, C/ Ben/Ruth, Eastbourne Old Town Russell, C/ Howard, Northern DHQ Ryder, M/ David, Personnel Service, THQ Sabin, DE/ Barbara, Parkgate Sabiston, C/ James/Morag, Stornoway Salarishvili, C/ Gia, Verwood^ Sampson, M/ Barrie/Maria, Letchworth and London North-East DHQ Sandford, M/ Christopher/Karen, Caterham Sandison, M/ Elizabeth/Kenneth, Erskine Sands, M/ Chris, Ramsgate^ Sands, M/ Mandy, Canterbury Sawyer, M/ Andrea/Mark, Chelmsford Sayer, M/ Fiona, Chaplain, Aberdeenshire The Shield Project and Invercairn Sayer, M/ Martin, Invercairn and North Scotland DHQ Schofield, C/ Helen, Assistant Territorial Candidates Director, WBC^ Schultz, M/ Judith, Community Chaplain, Barking Riverside Development Project Schultz, M/ Nigel, Barking Scott, L/ Colin/Leanne, Dunfermline Scott, M/ Dawn/Paul, Notting Hill Scott, L/ Emma/Mark, AO, Raynes Park ORC Scott, TE/ Evelyn/John, Port Glasgow Scoulding, L/ Mark, Campbeltown^ Scoulding, L/ Melanie/Steven, St Helier

Seabridge, TE/ Corinne, Redditch Sebbage, C/ Keith, Personnel Service, THQ Selfe, L/ Ben, Great Yarmouth^ Selfe, L/ Joshua, Leytonstone Selfe, L/ Lorraine, Fauldhouse^ Sellers, C/ Dawn/Mark, Carlisle Shakespeare, LC/ David, Chief Secretary’s Office, THQ Shakespeare, LC/ Karen, Personnel Service, THQ Shaw, C/ Lynne, AO, Southsea Sheldon, TE/ Heather, Basildon Short, L/ Julian/Valerie, Plymouth Congress Hall^ Simpson, C/ Joanne, Aylesbury Singleton, TE/ David, Lancaster Skene, C/ Carol, Edinburgh Granton^ Skutt, TE/ Lynette, Community Chaplain, North-Western DHQ Slade, M/ Frances, Seaham Harbour Slade, M/ Stephen, West Cornforth^ Slade, M/ Hazel/William, Newton Abbot and Brixham^ Slader, M/ Amanda C/ Graham, London North-East DHQ Slater, TE/ Raymond, Dorchester Slinn, M/ Brian, Bromley Temple Smale, M/ Philippa, Germany and Lithuania Territory Smethurst, L/ Amanda, Middlesbrough West Central Smith, M/ Alison, Deputy CM, Booth House LH, London Smith, M/ Bruce, Airdrie and West Scotland DHQ Smith, M/ Isobel, Airdrie Smith, C/ Catherine/Jonny, Wood Green Smith, L/ Graeme/Zo~e, Dartford Smith, M/ John/Lorna, Tunbridge Wells Smith, C/ Liz, AO, Worthing Smith, C/ Mel/Steven, Cheltenham Citadel and West Midlands DHQ Smith, M/ Michael/Sheila, Southampton Sholing Smith, M/ Pamela, Liskeard Smith, M/ Ronald, East Midlands DHQ Snell, M/ Bryan, Birmingham Airport Chaplaincy Snell, C/ Janice/Jason, Shiremoor Snook, TE/ Barbara/Bernard, Louth Spencer, C/ Emma, New Addington Spencer, C/ Matt, New Addington and WBC Spencer-Arneaud, C/ Jane/Mark, Morecambe Spivey, M/ Andrew/Valerie, Leeds Central Spry, M/ Sally, Hoxton Squirrell, M/ David/Linda, Eastbourne Citadel Stacey, M/ Gill, Chester Stanbury, C/ Kevin, Deptford Community Centre Stanbury, C/ Wendy, Deptford Community Centre and WBC Standing, M/ Christine, Lincoln Standley, L/ Ian/Keely, Chalk Farm Stanford, C/ Cindy/Kelston, Plymouth Exeter Hall Whitleigh Stanford, TE/ Paul/Sandra, Tewkesbury and Evesham Stannett, M/ Michael/Ruth, The Netherlands and Czech Republic Territory Stark, C/ John, Chaplain, Vale Street LH, Stoke-on-Trent and William Booth Centre LH, Birmingham

APPOINTMENTS LIST 2013 Steadman, M/ Diane, Chaplain, Holt House CH, Prestwich Stephenson, M/ David/Joy, Hereford Sterling, M/ David, Programme Service, THQ Stevens, M/ Colin, Wakefield and Yorkshire DHQ Stevens, M/ Deborah, Wakefield Stevenson, L/ Bernard, Penzance Stewart, M/ Ann/Iain, Horsham Stewart, C/ Imogen, Northwich Still, M/ Alec/Andrea, Chatham Stirling, M/ Harry, Burgess Hill Stirling, M/ Kathryn/Thomas, WBC Stock, C/ Heather/John, Tunstall Stone, C/ Alison, Stotfold^ Stone, C/ Andrew, AO, Stotfold and Communications Service, THQ^ Stone, L/ Cheryl/Tim, Ayr Stredwick, M/ Margaret, IHQ Stringer, M/ Adrian/Beverly, West Midlands DHQ Stubbings, C/ Susan/Timothy, Kidsgrove^ Swansbury, Cl/ Charles/Denise, Ghana Territory Swansbury, L/ Christianne/Tim, Ashford Symons, L/ Georgina, Farcet^ Symons, L/ Rob, Farcet and Associate Divisional Candidates Officer, Anglia DHQ^ Tansley, M/ Nigel, Central North DHQ Tansley, M/ Susan, Stretford Taylor, M/ David, WBC Taylor, M/ Kathryn, Programme Service, THQ Taylor, L/ Lindsey, Huddersfield Telfer, LC/ Carol, Chief Secretary’s Office, THQ Telfer, LC/ Ivor, Business Administration Service, THQ Thomas, M/ Charmain, Business Administration Service, THQ Thomas, M/ Darrell/Katrina, Northern DHQ Thomas, M/ Gethin/Pearl, Coventry City^ Thomas, TE/ Karen, Redruth and AO, Camborne Thompson, M/ Alison, Central North DHQ Thompson, M/ Frederic, Heathrow Airport Chaplaincy Thompson, M/ Janet, Personnel Service, THQ Thompson, C/ Joanne/Richard, Feltham Thomson, M/ Dolores, Stranraer Thornton-Stark, C/ Alison, Crewe Thurlow, L/ Katrina, Waltham Abbey^ Tidball, C/ David/Susan, Dundee Central and TL, Dundee TM^ Tikaradze, C/ Eka, Verwood^ Toby, L/ Andy, Camborne Todd, C/ Joanna, AO, Ipswich Priory Centre Todd, C/ Steven, Chaplain, Lyndon House LH, Ipswich Toner, M/ Noel, Shaw Tonks, TE/ Andrew/Gay, Coedpoeth Toy, M/ Lindsey, South-Western DHQ Tribble, M/ David/Gillian, Programme Service, THQ Tubby, L/ John/Liz, Ipswich Bramford Road with Hadleigh (Suffolk) Tucker, C/ Angela, Carnforth Tucker, C/ Ann/Russell, Belfast North Tucker, C/ Carole/Gordon, Bangor Tucker, M/ Cora-Joy, South and Mid Wales DHQ Tucker, M/ Edwin, Cardiff Ely

Turner, M/ Elaine, Fort William^ Turner, M/ Elizabeth/Steven, Berwick^ Umasanthiram, M/ John, Business Administration Service, THQ Urmston, M/ Helen, Staple Hill and SouthWestern DHQ Urmston, M/ Ian, Staple Hill Vale, DE/ John, Bedworth ORC Van der Woude, L/ Angelique/Cor, Sacriston and Sanctuary 21^ Veacock, L/ Maisie, Burnley and Rural Ministry Partnership^ Versfeld, C/ Allister/Kathleen, Peterborough Citadel Vertigan, M/ Andrea, Wetherby Vertigan, M/ Andrew, Wetherby and Programme Service, THQ Vogler, M/ Conny, Nuneaton Wade, M/ David, Chaplain, City Road LH, Newcastle upon Tyne Wadsworth, C/ James, Dublin City Waghorn, C/ Mark, Shoeburyness and London North-East DHQ Wahl, M/ Hanne, DDE, Central North DHQ^ Wainwright, Cmr/ Dorita/John, IHQ Walford, C/ Ian/Margot, Stamford Walker, M/ Maxine C/ Ralph, Harpenden Wall, C/ Vincent, Barnstaple Wallis, M/ Agnes/Keith, Divisional Support Officers, Southern DHQ^ Walters, TE/ Jo, Cwm Walters, M/ Malcolm, Glasgow West Walters, M/ Susan, Kidderminster Ward, C/ Katherine, Parkgate^ Ward, L/ Nicholas/Shelley, Thurso^ Ward, L/ Rebecca, Stockport Heaton Norris Wardley, L/ Beverley/Carl, Zambia Territory^ Waring, TE/ Beverley, AO, Wath-upon-Dearne Warner, M/ Barbara, Newbury Warner, M/ John, Business Administration Service, THQ Warner, C/ Michael, WBC Warriner, L/ Andrew/Lorraine, Merthyr Tydfil Watchorn, M/ Hilarie, Homelessness Services, THQ Watchorn, M/ Julian, Programme Service, THQ Waters, C/ Nicky/Richard, Felixstowe Watkins, M/ Michael/Morag, Rutherglen^ Watkins, TE/ Wendy, AO, Hastings Temple Watson, M/ Diane, Chaplain, Lyndon House CH, Sandridge Watson, M/ Linda, Shildon Watson, M/ Martyn, Personnel Service, THQ Watson, C/ Martyn/Nicola, West Midlands DHQ Watson, M/ Steven, Ottery St Mary and Exmouth Watters, M/ Alan/Linda, Central North DHQ Webb, Cl/ Christine/Neil, Papua New Guinea Territory Welch, M/ Richard/Sandra, IHQ West, C/ Eileen/Peter, Welling West, C/ Michael/Verity, Bury Westlake, M/ Liliane, DDP (Officers), Southern DHQ^ Westlake, M/ Paul, DDCS, Southern DHQ^ Westlake, C/ Sheila, St Mary Cray Weston, L/ Lorna/Richard, Scarborough^ Westwood, M/ Bernadette/Stephen, Swansea^

Westwood-Payne, TE/ Rob, Hednesford Wheeler, M/ Martin/Michelle, WBC While, TE/ Fiona, Crowland White, M/ Amanda/Stephen, Birmingham Citadel White, M/ Angela, RSC Gütersloh, BFG White, C/ Faith M/ Keith, Maidenhead Whitla, L/ Susan, Larne Whittingham, M/ Christine, Pokesdown Whittingham, M/ Stephen, Chaplain, HMP Dorchester and HMP/YOI Portland Whybrow, M/ Carol/Martin, Cambridge Citadel Wibberley, DE/ Kevin, Ripley Wicker, M/ Timothy, Personnel Service, THQ Wickings, LC/ Margaret, IHQ Wicks, L/ Annette, Wimbledon Willetts, M/ Graham/Sharon, Cardiff Canton Williams, M/ Bramwell/Irene, Peterhead Williams, M/ Grayson/Janice, Maidstone Williams, M/ James, Personnel Service, THQ Williams, M/ Keith/Rosemarie, Stockton Williamson, C/ David, Lurgan^ Wilson, L/ Angela, Lowestoft Citadel Wilson, M/ Carolyn/Paul, Rochdale Wilson, M/ Kim, Abergavenny and South and Mid Wales DHQ Wilson, M/ Stephen, Abergavenny Wilson, M/ Rebecca, Long Eaton Wing, M/ David/Miriam, Kilbirnie and Chaplains, George Steven Centre for Adults with Learning Difficulties, Kilbirnie Wise, TE/ Brenda, Clitheroe Wise, M/ David/Denise, Williamstown Wolfe, M/ Mary, Southsea Wolstenholme, M/ Helen/Mark, Oxford Womersley, C/ Beverley/David, Abertillery Wood, L/ Alex, Wick Wood, DE/ Elizabeth, Stevenage Wood, M/ Graham C/ Keira, Belfast Temple^ Wood, C/ Louise/Paul, Bexleyheath and London South-East DHQ Woodford, L/ Alexandra, Chaplain, Centenary House LH and Calder Fountain, Belfast Woodgate, C/ Ian/Susan, London Central DHQ Woodhouse, M/ Kathryn, Thornton Heath Woodhouse, M/ Michelle, Anglia DHQ Woodman, M/ David, Hadleigh Temple Woollacott, M/ Neil, Alton Wright, M/ Jacqueline/Paul, Chaplains, Sir Samuel Kelly Memorial CH, Holywood and Divisional Support Officers, Ireland DHQ^ Wright, M/ Nina/Simon, Poplar Wright, M/ Noel, WBC Wyles, M/ Catherine/Russell, West Scotland DHQ Wylie, C/ Jonathan, Chatteris Yates, M/ Heather, Personnel Service, THQ and WBC Young, M/ Alan/Carol, Exeter Temple Young, M/ Helen, without appointment Young, M/ Rena, Hucknall Younger, TE/ Susan, Cramlington Zimmerer, M/ Barbara/Dieter, Hamilton Zünd, L/ Rebecca, Sheerness with Milton Plant^

Salvationist 16 March 2013



The wedding that went wrong by Major Pamela Fear STUDY PASSAGE JOHN 2:1–11


AS there ever a wedding when nothing went wrong – some little hitch, maybe, that could have spoilt the day? I recall a wedding many years ago when, with the neighbours, I watched a bride and her father depart for the church. Within a few minutes the father returned in a taxi, hurriedly entered the house, and came out clutching a shoebox. The bride had been about to start walking down the aisle when she realised she was still wearing her old slippers and had forgotten her new wedding shoes! Almost all the weddings I can remember had something go wrong. You may recall a similar occasion, even if it was something minor that few people were aware of at the time. Here, in John 2:1–11, we have the account of a wedding that went wrong. It would seem very likely that it was the wedding of a relative of Mary because Jesus and his disciples were guests. Probably few of the wedding guests were aware of the shortage of wine. Certainly the master of the banquet appears to have been unaware there was a problem. Mary was close enough to have been consulted when things went wrong. What a dilemma! The drink had run out and the festivities were nowhere near over. In asking why this happened, we must remember that in the Middle East at that time it was not the bride’s parents who provided the reception but the groom himself. Not only did the groom provide for the wedding, but he had to build a home as well. But why did the wine run out? Perhaps, as a young man, the groom 16

Salvationist 16 March 2013

had no experience of catering and had underestimated the quantities needed. Perhaps he was ‘feeling the pinch’ and tried to cut corners. Perhaps there were gatecrashers – a common thing in the East – and more people had turned up than he had anticipated. Perhaps the guests had just been too greedy and imbibed too freely. Whatever the reason, the wedding was in danger of being the mother of all jokes: the wedding where there was not enough drink to go round – the wedding that went wrong.




It was Mary who asked Jesus to help, and the answer he gave must have seemed very strange: ‘Fill the jars with water… Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet’ (vv7 and 8). We could long discuss just when the water became wine. Was it while being poured into the jars? Or was it when it was being poured out? My own belief is that it became wine when it was accepted. As a single officer I came to know the Congregationalist minister in the town where I was stationed. He and his wife had three children. When their third child

was expected they prayed very hard that the Lord would grant them a daughter, as they already had two sons. ‘And we had Dorothy,’ he said. He didn’t need to say more. Dorothy had Down’s syndrome. ‘But the Lord answered our prayer.’ It must have seemed a very strange answer. Interestingly, the name they chose for her means ‘gift of God’. When the water at the wedding was accepted, it became the finest wine the master of the banquet had known. Dorothy was accepted, and brought her parents tremendous love and affection. The story of a village wedding that ran out of refreshment would have been talked about for a few weeks and then forgotten. Instead, it became the story that is talked about and remembered two thousand years afterwards. So what does this wedding have to teach us? It teaches us about prayer. We make our requests to God, and often seem to receive a very strange answer – something quite different from what we might have expected. In accepting that answer, we also find we have something far better than we could have ever asked for ourselves. Perhaps, after all, this was the wedding that went right.



BEREAVEMENT – GOOD GRIEF! Major Peter Mylechreest explains how a compassionate visitor can transform suffering THE doctor had explained it and his family had tried to prepare him, but when she died it still came as a big shock to him. He had not been in denial about the fact she was so poorly, nor was he concerned for her eternal destination, but when she was promoted to Glory he felt numbed and confused. People were very kind and made vague offers of assistance, but he did not know what he wanted other than his wife back! Despite the wonderful funeral service, he felt empty and lost. At times he almost forgot that she had gone, but mostly he struggled to come to terms with his uncontrollable feelings. If only he could talk to someone. Was what he was going through normal? He didn’t want to bother his doctor, so who was there? Lots of folk in the corps could have popped in, but they were concerned that they were not trained in grief counselling. The corps officer would willingly have spent time listening, but he already had an overcrowded schedule. The grieving man’s family lived some distance away and visiting would involve changes in routine and added expense. So the widower had to wrestle on through the various stages of grief on his own. He had little knowledge of what to expect or how to deal with the times when everything seemed meaningless and life didn’t make sense. Just getting through a single day was as much as he could cope with. He struggled, wondering how he would go on living and, worse, why he should even try if she was not with him. To complicate things he found himself becoming angry, unreasonably blaming others – friends, family, doctors and even his loved one for leaving him. Painfully he tortured himself thinking, ‘If only I had...’, and asked himself, and God, unpalatable and unanswerable questions, beginning ‘What if...?’ So what might have happened if corps folk and/or the officer and/or his family had made this lonely man a priority? O Just having human company would have been a huge help to him O Being allowed to speak freely about his beloved would have been a great relief O Being affirmed that he still had worth even though he was now on his own, would have been reassuring O Sensing he was part of a caring community would have reignited a sense of belonging and purpose O Encouragement to join in with others, when he felt he could, would have helped him to see beyond his present situation and given hope for the future. But, sadly, for a multitude of reasons, no one called to sit with him. So he continued working through waves of

emptiness and private tears and overwhelming despair, while querying the quality of his corps fellowship. It took a considerable time for him to fully realise that his wife was never coming back. Oh, he knew it in his head, but inwardly coming to terms with the reality was difficult. Making sense of the fact was almost too hard to believe, let alone accept. Reluctantly he had to acknowledge that some things had changed for ever. He needed to make adjustments, reorganise routines and try to live in the present when the past occupied his mind so much, slowly learning that to enjoy things was not a betrayal of his loved one. To have had someone sit alongside him through his journey to live again would have been so helpful. Through his people, God can give courage and hope for the future. It may have assisted in an earlier reinvestment in people, making interpersonal connections more likely and friendships more meaningful. Eventually it would have enabled him to reach




out to other people, become involved in their lives and share the comfort and grace that he himself had received – his suffering transformed by grace into usefulness. The way grief affects each individual is unique, but all can benefit from a compassionate visitor. That person would not necessarily need academic qualifications or specialised training, just a caring heart, a listening ear and the ability not to talk continually about one’s self or one’s own troubles. No platitudes needed – just Christian love.



ANNOUNCEMENTS ARMY PEOPLE The following appointments and promotions, decided upon by the General, have been announced by the Chief of the Staff: Effective 1 June: OCommissioner Eva Marseille (currently Mission Resources Secretary, International Headquarters) to an additional appointment as Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries, South Pacific and East Asia Effective 1 July: OMajors Allan and Fiona Hofer (currently serving in USA Southern) to IHQ, Major Allan Hofer to be Principal, International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development. Majors Allan and Fiona Hofer are each appointed Secretary for Spiritual Life Development. They take up their new appointments with the rank of lieut-colonel OMajors Ian and Wendy Swan (currently serving in Canada and Bermuda) to be Officer Commanding, and Command President of Women’s Ministries, Hong Kong and Macau, with the rank of lieut-colonel. They succeed Lieut-Colonels Samuel and Donni Pho, who will be proceeding to appointments in their home territory of Australia Southern OMajors Edgar and Sara Chagas (currently serving in Brazil) to be Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Mexico, with the rank of lieut-colonel APPOINTED Effective 1 March: Major David Hubbell, Associate Officer, Edmonton LOCAL OFFICERS APPOINTED Gordon Lewis, Brighton Bevendean OCSM Major Yvonne Jones, Poole OCSM

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES Diamond: OBandsman Frank and Olive Roberts, Blackpool Citadel (14 March) ORay and Freda Fensom, Hendon (28 March) OB/Reservist Eric and Rtd CT Audrey Parrott, Guildford (28 March) OBM Harry and Irene Price, Camborne (28 March) 18

Salvationist 16 March 2013

Golden: OBandsman

Ken and Marlene Longbottom, Clowne OBandsman Graham and Songster Joyce Best, Winton (23 March) OJohn and CSM Beryl Scarborough, Cheltenham (23 March) OMajors Mervyn and June Marshall (30 March) OAsst CT Leslie and Betty Elliott, Liverpool Walton (30 March) DEDICATED TO GOD and Ruby, daughters of Ian and Claire Davies, at Yeovil by Captain Marilyn Curnow OTia Nicole, daughter of Gemma Harris, at Newark by Major Jo Justice OBilly Richard and Charlie Abigail, children of Wayne and Caly Cross, at Merthyr Tydfil by Lieutenant Lorraine Warriner OJeziree Grace Liwag, daughter of Rizaldy and Jenny Vallespin, at Regent Hall by Major Graham Mizon OMaya Sarah Jean, daughter of Justin and Gemma McAniskey, at Woodford by Lieutenant Rob Davis ONatasha Ropafadza, daughter of Nyarai Nhari and Ashley Dhliwayo, at Manchester Central by Major Ray Ward OHolly May and Declan John, children of Darren and Madelaine Bunter, at Poole by Major Stephen Brevitt OMatthew Paul, son of YPBL/ Songster Ben and Songster Felicity Diaper, at Dudley by Major Andrew Diaper-Clausen OJessica

BEREAVED OMajor Pearl Thomas, Southport, of her mother Jane Sheppard


Burgess, Clowne, of his mother Irene OJean Stokes of her husband Keith, Bandsman/Songster Kevin Stokes of his father, both Burton-onTrent OBeryl Cherry of her husband Ken, Catherine Winn of her father, both Castleford ONigel Day, Chatham, of his mother Hilda OPam Tween, Chelmsford, and Peter Gladman, Maldon, of their mother Ursula Gladman OHLS Joan Willis, Bedford Congress Hall, of her husband Ken, Beverley Willis, Bedford Congress Hall, and Rebecca Ayling, Eastbourne Citadel, of their father RETIRED OFFICERS Birthday congratulations: OMajor Rodney Birch (85 on 21 March) OMajor Percival Renouf (85 on 22 March) OMajor Eerde Pauwels (85 on 22 March) OMrs Brigadier Jean Tulloch (85 on 23 March) PROMOTED TO GLORY Lucy Cowell from Southport on 28 February OMarjory Harlow, Upper Norwood OMajor

OFFICIAL GAZETTE UK Territory LONG SERVICE 30 years – OMajor Paul Westlake, Sheffield Citadel

ENGAGEMENTS GENERAL LINDA BOND: OSwitzerland, Th 21 Mar - Sun 24 OUK, Sale, Th 28 - Sun 31 OPortugal (European Zonal Conference), Wed 3 Apr - Sun 7 THE CHIEF OF THE STAFF (COMMISSIONER ANDRÉ COX) AND COMMISSIONER SILVIA COX: OICO, Th 11 Apr THE TERRITORIAL COMMANDER (COMMISSIONER CLIVE ADAMS) AND COMMISSIONER MARIANNE ADAMS: O Anglia, Sat Sun 17 Mar OWilliam Booth College (spiritual day), Wed 20 ONorth Scotland, Th 28 - Sun 31 THE CHIEF SECRETARY (COLONEL DAVID HINTON) AND COLONEL SYLVIA HINTON: O Fraserburgh, Sun 17 Mar OPakistan (Commissioning), Tu 19 - Mon 25 OMaidstone, Fri 29 - Sun 31 O Portugal (Europe Zonal Conference), Th 4 Apr - Sun 7 COMMISSIONER WILLIAM COCHRANE: OUSA Southern, Wed 27 Mar - Tu 2 Apr COMMISSIONERS TORBEN AND DEISE ELIASEN: OUK, South and Mid Wales (divisional celebration), Sat Sun 17 Mar OUK, Greenock, Th 28 - Sun 31 INTERNATIONAL STAFF SONGSTERS: OGreenock, Sat Sun 17 Mar INTERNATIONAL STAFF BAND: OStockton, Sat Sun 24 Mar

RETIREMENTS FROM ACTIVE SERVICE Effective 1 March: OMajor Brian Findlay with Major Yvonne Findlay (née Strachan) out of Fraserburgh in 1984 and last appointment Brechin OCommissioner Robert Street with Commissioner Janet Street (née Adams) out of Stotfold in 1968 and last appointments International Secretary for Europe, IHQ, and Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Europe, IHQ OMajor Norman Waddington out of Grimsby Citadel in 1980 and last appointment Fraserburgh CLIVE ADAMS, Commissioner, Territorial Commander

TRIBUTES BRIGADIER ROBERT SLOAN ROBERT grew up on the family farm in Northern Ireland. He met The Salvation Army during a selfdenial appeal when Lieutenant John Mowat knocked on the farmhouse door. A year later, Robert joined the 1938 Dauntless Evangelists Session at the training college. His first appointment was to Lerwick. His entire service was spent in Scotland. With his wife Ruby, he ministered in Partick, Whiteinch, Leith, Port Glasgow, Rutherglen, Hamilton and Edinburgh Gorgie. After retirement in 1984 they returned to Gorgie as soldiers. Mrs Brigadier Sloan was promoted to Glory in 2007. An avid reader, the brigadier would only read books that would help satisfy his insatiable appetite for learning. He was a prolific letter-writer, which extended to some 40 young people who answered the call to officership during his ministry. Through these letters he offered encouragement and challenge. Most kept in touch through the years right up to his promotion to Glory at the age of 94. He believed in pub-booming as a means of contacting people, and managed to maintain this ministry well into his eighties. Many in the area where he witnessed remember him with respect and affection. The brigadier was a family man, proud of his children and grandchildren, and

always showed great interest in what they were doing. Whatever he did was with the best interest of people at heart. He was a gracious and humble man who lived life to the full and served God faithfully. Latterly he upheld his strong Christian principles and continued witnessing in a care home, telling staff and visitors of God’s love. – L. C.

MRS JEAN BARSON, STAPLEFORD JEAN was born to Salvationist parents in Sandiacre in 1933 and regularly attended the Army with her family. During her working life she was employed as housekeeper for a doctor and, finally, as a lollipop lady. Jean married Bob in 1954, and was the mother of Julie and Gary. She lived with multiple sclerosis for more than 50 years but coped well with her illness and was always cheerful. Over the years her health deteriorated until, finally, she became housebound. A monthly meeting was held in her home, allowing her to enjoy Bible study and fellowship. Jean was a devout Christian and is sadly missed by all who were privileged to know her. – E. S.

GEORGE BURNS, WHITEHAVEN GEORGE was one of six children. After leaving school he worked as a grocer and during National Service with the Pay Corps he attended the corps at Preston. When he returned home, and until the age of 72, he was a window cleaner with his brother and drove taxis. For 40 years he was also a retained fireman, reaching sub-officer rank. ‘Uncle George’ was best known for his dedicated service to the Army. He was a bandsman for 60 years and held a local officer commission until the age of 86. His dedication took him to other churches as a preacher. George was also the Salvationist representative on numerous committees. – B. H.

VICTOR PENHALL, BRISTOL BEDMINSTER VICTOR, who was promoted to Glory two months after his wife Pearl, first came to

Bedminster in the 1950s and served as a bandsman. The couple left the Army for a time and attended their village church near Bristol. After returning to the corps, Victor became the welcome sergeant and was also a hospital visitor for a number of years. He is especially missed in the corps for his shouts of ‘Hallelujah!’ during the meetings. – R. C.

WILLIAM MINGAY, LOWESTOFT SOUTH A HUMBLE and willing soul who loved the Lord, William was born at Lowestoft in 1934 and taken to the Army as a child. A tireless worker and keen collector respected by everyone, he faithfully took The War Cry into pubs in Lowestoft and Southwold until poor health forced his retirement. William became a familiar and friendly face, and many felt comfortable sharing with him their need for prayer. Although unable to read or write, he always carried pen and paper for them to write their prayer requests, which he faithfully took back to the corps. With a smile and a kind word, William worked willingly, conscientiously and cheerfully for the Lord and the corps. – I. H./C. C.

RETIRED BANDMASTER RAY CLARK, CHIPPENHAM A LIFELONG, committed Salvationist, Ray was born in 1932. He began 43 years’ service as bandmaster in 1961. He also led the corps scouts for a number of years and assisted at Army scout camps. He met his wife Eva at Chatham Torchbearers during National Service. Ray loved music and encouraged and supported people of all ages to serve God through it. He was a member of the National Association of Brass Band Conductors for more than 40 years and secretary from 1985 to 2003. Parkinson’s disease caused retirement from further activities. An accountant by profession, in retirement Ray was auditor for the Southern Division. His influence and presence are greatly missed – not least by his wife, two sons and grandchildren. – P. C. Salvationist 16 March 2013



Salvationist 16 March 2013


Through the week with ‘Salvationist’ – a devotional thought for each day Saturday This is how God showed his love among us: he sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. (1 John 4:9)

Sunday O Christ, who dared to stand on trial alone Before the angry mob and Roman might, We seek thy courage; make it now our own That we may stand unflinching for thy right. (SASB 181)

Monday I have been crucified with Christ and

I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20)

Tuesday But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions – it is by grace you have been saved. (Ephesians 2:4 and 5)

Wednesday What though the treacherous road may wind, Faith in my heart assures my mind; E’en when his face I do not see, The hand of Jesus reaches me. (SASB 176)

Thursday Giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. (Colossians 1:12)

Friday You called me, Lord, my old ways to forsake, To turn my back on ways the world applauds. You called me too with hands and heart to take The blessings Calvary’s sacrifice affords And, in this world where darkness wars with light, You look to me to lift Christ’s banner high To fight for him in resurrection might And his great love for people magnify. Amen.

Praying around the world… India Central Major Frederick Tucker (later Commissioner Booth-Tucker) commenced Army operations in India – the Army’s oldest mission field – in September 1882 after reading a copy of The War Cry and becoming a Salvationist. The India National Secretariat serves the country’s six territories. With his friend Mahanada, Staff-Captain Abdul Aziz, a person of Muslim background, started Army work in India Central Territory at Vijayawada in 1895. Captain Abdul Aziz was spiritually renewed while attending the revival meeting of Captain Henry Bullard in 1884 at Bangalore and dedicated his life as a Salvation Army officer. The territory, led by Commissioners M. Y. Emmanuel and T. Regina Chandra Bai, comprises 540 officers, 520 employees, 281 corps, 204 outposts, 167 societies, 77,015 soldiers, 8,936 adherent members and 9,411 junior soldiers. Every Sunday two officers in Chennai visit children in prison to distribute Bibles, offer counselling and lead spiritual and recreational programmes. Pray that this ministry – which is greatly appreciated by the 85 boys and 182 girls in prison – will continue.

Loch Lomond, Scotland. Picture: PAUL DRURY

Salvationist 16 mar 2013  
Salvationist 16 mar 2013