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2013/10 A Christian church & registered charity No 214779 SC009359 Founder: William Booth

Weekly Activities Sunday 10:30 am Worship 11:15 Sunday School 11:45 Fellowship 12:30 pm Praise Meeting

Special Events October

Mavis Daniels - job

Monday 11:30—1:30 Café


Tuesday 10:00 am Parent and Toddlers 1:45 pm Home League

11-12 Divisional Children’s Sleepover @ Rutherglen Corps (ages 8-15)

Wednesday 10:00 am Parent and Toddlers 6:30 pm Singing Company 6:30 Bible Study 8:00 Songsters

10:30 Morning Worship, Zimmerers 12:30 Praise with Praise Band

13 10:30 Harvest Celebration with Lt. Colonel Carol Bailey - donations to go to Eva Burrows House

Friday 12:45 pm SU Club Woodside Primary 3:30 pm Kid’s Club 4:30 Music/Drama/Arts 5:30 Youth Club

Upcoming Events November 2-3 - Territorial Congress 16 - Christmas Fayre 22 - West Scotland Fellowship Choir and Bone Identity in Concert

Isobel Grant and her sister Margaret Halbert’s sister and brother-in-law and sister-in-law Myra Halbert Bob and Margaret Harkness Ruth Houston Jean Jamieson Colin Jones Helen Lawson Cathie McGeechan

19 & 20 Corps Anniversary 19th 5:30 pm Catered Meal - reser-

Thursday 10:00 am Parent and Toddlers 7:30 pm Band

Prayer Concerns

Jeanette Rae Ms. Scott - friend of M. Carmichael Elizabeth Shaw

vations required 7:30 Concert of Celebration under direction of Derek Kane,

Jennifer and Matt Steele Cathy and Martin Stephen

20th 10:30 and 12:30 Worship with Major James Williams

23-25 Officer Councils in Swanick

Tom Walker’s brother and sister The Housebound Our Corps Family and Friends and oth-

27 10:30 Morning Worship, Zimmerers 12:30 Open Air “And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even one hundred times as much as had been planted.”

Miscellaneous “Stretch your pounds further” by using the weekly/monthly envelopes for your offering. The totals will be gift aided and increase your giving by 25%, which will benefit our corps.

Mark 4:20 Please make sure to read the Fire Safety Posters in each room periodically. Be aware that there will be a sound test of the alarm at some point. The Salvation Army, Burnblea Street, Hamilton; Officers/Pastors: Majors Dieter and Barbara Zimmerer Phone numbers: 01698 282461 or 01698 427408; Mobile (Dieter) 07776150310, (Barbara) 07940849918

Hamilton Newsletter October 2013