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Why do you think this organisation calls itself an ‘army’?

Does everyone have faith in something?

FAITH ‘Salvation’ isn’t a word we use very much. What do you think it means?

Is this a good picture to express the words faith, hope and love? Why or why not?

Are there any places in your community that need transforming or restoring?

How does what we believe in affect who we are and how we live?

Can humans survive without love?

HOPE Do you think the Is love poster shows any something we sense of hope? feel or do? An emotion or an action? Can you have one without the other?



What do you think the picture says about faith and The Salvation Army?

What is the opposite of hope? What does it feel like?



Did you know that The Salvation Army was a Christian church before this lesson?

FAITH What do you think it means to ‘plant seeds of hope in people’s lives’? Are seeds a good metaphor for hope?

What do you think might have happened to the young man in the picture?

Why do you think some people don’t know that The Salvation Army is a church?

FAITH Faith Hope Love and The Salvation Army lesson resource

Should we only love our friends and family or should we try to love everyone?

What things make people feel hopeless?

What kinds of people do you think The Salvation Army loves? Why do you think they love them?

HOPE What groups of people in our society or our world might feel a lack of hope? Why?



Faith Hope Love poster question cards  
Faith Hope Love poster question cards