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Faith Hope Love Lesson ideas for 11-16 year-olds Curriculum links

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Religious Education

Faith Hope Love

The Faith Hope Love lesson ideas and accompanying material have been designed to support the Religious Education curriculum and could be used within the following topics:

Faith Hope Love is a resource for secondary schools about The Salvation Army. Lesson Learning about religion ideas, PowerPoint • Christianity and the Christian Church • The work of a Christian charity presentations and printed • A religious community of local significance materials help students • Exploring the impact of religion and beliefs on how people live explore what The Salvation their lives Army is all about - its • Investigating the impact of religious beliefs and teachings on beliefs, work and individuals, communities and societies and the reasons for motivation - and reflect on commitment • Responding to stories from Christianity about hope or conversion the concepts of faith, hope • Evaluating ways in which religion seeks to alleviate injustice in the and love for themselves. world • Exploring ways in which an organisation/person shows love in action

Learning from religion • Evaluate beliefs, commitments and the impact of religion in the contemporary world • Expressing beliefs and ideas, using a variety of forms of expression

These lesson ideas are designed to help you plan a lesson or series of lessons to suit your class, giving you a range of different activities to choose from.

Download more detailed curriculum links for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland from the Faith Hope Love teachers’ pages.

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Faith Hope Love Lesson ideas for 11-16 year-olds Resources

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Download from the Faith Hope Love web pages • Faith Hope Love PowerPoint presentations • Poster question cards • Three-in-a-row starter activity • Faith Hope Love plenary sheet • Love in Action reward cards • Faith Hope Love student pack

Check out the Faith Hope Love web pages for more details about these and other resources. To order any of the resources listed, or for advice or help, contact us by phone, fax or email.

Resources to order Order these resources from the Schools & Colleges Unit • Faith Hope Love poster pack £3.00 (p&p incl.) • 30 x Faith Hope Love fold-out postcards £4.50 (+p&p) • LINK for Schools DVD £7.95 (p&p incl.) • The Front line DVD £7.95 (p&p incl.) • Global issues pack Free • Faith Hope Love badges and stickers See website

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Faith Hope Love Lesson ideas for 11-16 year-olds Starter ideas

Lesson objectives


(PP slide 2)

Use this starter to help pupils focus on some key words for the lesson. Give out a three-in-a-row ‘bingo’ card to each pupil (downloadable resource). Display the key words on the screen (PP slide 3). Ask pupils to choose nine out of the twelve words and write one in each circle, in any random order.

• To be able to explain what The Salvation Army is and some of the work it does • To understand what motivates members of The Salvation Army • To think about the themes of faith, hope and love

As you read out the explanation for each word pupils must identify the correct keyword if it appears on their card and tick it off. When a pupil gets three in a row they shout ‘BINGO!’ Pupils could win a point or a prize each time they get three in a row. Keywords Church - a special place where Christians worship. Charity - an organisation which gives help, care or support. Christian - Someone who believes in and follows Jesus. Faith - trust or belief. Action - something a person does. Hope - an expectation that something will happen. Salvation - being saved from something. Homeless - a state of having no permanent home. Army - an organised body of people, fighting for a cause. Poverty - a state of being poor or lacking life’s basic necessities. Love - an affectionate feeling. Mission - an aim, or a task to be performed. Adapt this activity Choose your own key words which relate to your overall topic or to your last lesson.

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Faith Hope Love Lesson ideas for 11-16 year-olds Starter ideas Faith, Hope and Love (PP slide 4) Working in pairs or small groups, challenge pupils to write or draw as much as they can about the three words ‘faith’, ‘hope’ and ‘love’. Set a time limit to encourage some quick thinking and see which group can come up with the most ideas. Alternatively, play ‘Just a minute’ in groups of threes. Each person has to talk about one of the words for one minute, or as long as possible, without hesitating or repeating themselves. The person who talks for the longest wins.

Thinking about The Salvation Army Three words All the words on the three-in-a-row ‘bingo’ cards say something about The Salvation Army. Ask the students for any more words they can think of which might have something to do with The Salvation Army (PP slide 5). Have they ever seen or heard of The Salvation Army before this lesson? Show PowerPoint slide 6 and ask pupils to look at the different words. All of these have something to do with The Salvation Army. • Are there any which the pupils find surprising or interesting? • Which ones would they like to find out more about? • Why do they think some words might be bigger than others? What could this represent? Explain that this slide shows the results of some research conducted by a company called nfpSynergy which carries out research for charities and not-for-profit organisations. This research was to find out what members of the general public knew about The Salvation Army. They were asked to choose three words which came to mind when they thought about The Salvation Army. The largest words were the ones people said most often, whilst the smallest words were mentioned least often. Whilst it shows what members of the public know about The Salvation Army, it doesn’t necessarily give a true picture of what The Salvation Army is. Explain that in the lesson you are going to find out what The Salvation Army is all about by exploring these three words: faith, hope and love. Page 4 of 7

Faith Hope Love Lesson ideas for 11-16 year-olds Pick and mix activities Discussion - Faith Hope Love posters (PP slide 7) Use the posters (resources to order) with these discussion questions (also available to download and print). Choose the questions you think will work best with your students, or allow them to choose which questions to discuss. Faith, Hope, Love poster q Why do you think this organisation calls itself an ‘army’? q ‘Salvation’ isn’t a word we use very much. What do you think it means? q Is this a good picture to express the words faith, hope and love? Why or why not? q Are there any places in your community that need transforming or restoring? q What do you think it means to ‘plant seeds of hope in people’s lives’? Are seeds a good metaphor for hope? Faith poster q Does everyone have faith in something? q How does what we believe in affect who we are and how we live? q What do you think the picture says about faith and The Salvation Army? q Did you know that The Salvation Army was a Christian church before this lesson? q Why do you think some people don’t know that The Salvation Army is a church? Hope poster q What do you think might have happened to the young man in the picture? q Do you think the poster shows any sense of hope? q What is the opposite of hope? What does it feel like? q What things make people feel hopeless? q What groups of people in our society or our world might feel a lack of hope? Why? Love poster q Can humans survive without love? q Is love something we feel or something we do? An emotion or an action? Can you have one without the other? q Should we only love our friends and family or should we try to love everyone? q What kinds of people do you think The Salvation Army loves? Why do you think they love them? Page 5 of 7

Faith Hope Love Lesson ideas for 11-16 year-olds Pick and mix activities (continued) Information and activities - Faith Hope Love postcards Order a class pack of Faith Hope Love fold-out postcards (resources to order). The information on the front can be a starting point for learning about The Salvation Army - its beliefs, history, motivation and work. On the back of each postcard there are questions and activities to help pupils reflect on the concepts of faith, hope and love. They can also create their own ID card and consider what motivates and inspires them, what issues they care about and how they can make a positive difference through their own actions.

Independent learning - Faith Hope Love student pack The Faith Hope Love online student pack is designed to help pupils and students research The Salvation Army’s worship, beliefs, work and history. Each page covers a different aspect of The Salvation Army and features stories and case studies of The Salvation Army’s work. Pages are easy to print and can double-up as information and activity sheets for lessons.

PowerPoint Use the Faith Hope Love PowerPoint presentation to find out more about The Salvation Army together as a class.

Films • The Front Line DVD is a 17-minute introduction to The Salvation Army, featuring worship, streetwork and work with people with addictions. Visit for information and further downloadable resources. • LINK for Schools includes a range of 10-20-minute films featuring specific Salvation Army centres and projects. Visit to find out more about the topics covered and to order this resource (some films are also available on • Order a free global issues pack (or visit and choose from a range of films and other resources relating to The Salvation Army’s international work, including helping people to work their way out of poverty, supporting victims of HIV/Aids and fighting against human trafficking. Page 6 of 7

Faith Hope Love Lesson ideas for 11-16 year-olds Plenary and reflection ideas

Follow-up ideas

Faith Hope Love plenary sheet (PP slide 9)

Explore more

Use the Faith Hope Love plenary sheet to help pupils show what they have learned about The Salvation Army, and think about their own values, ideas and beliefs.

• Invite someone from The Salvation Army to talk about the work they do in the community. Pupils I’ll fight! (PP slides 10 & 11) could prepare questions before or at the start of Using the postcard or student pack, read the story of how The Salvation Army began and look together at William Booth’s ‘I’ll fight’ the session. speech. (Check out to watch a 2-minute film based on William Booth’s speech showing how The Salvation Army is still fighting today.) Encourage pupils to think about issues they feel strongly about, and/or things they think William Booth would fight against if he were alive today. Pupils can either write their own ‘I’ll fight’ speech, or a modern-day version of William Booth’s speech.

What’s most important? (PP slide 12) Ask pupils if they have ever heard the words faith, hope and love used together before. There’s a well-known chapter in the Christian Bible which is sometimes called ‘the love chapter’. It’s the one people often read at Christian weddings. At the end of the chapter the writer, Paul, says that in this life we’ll never be able to fully understand everything about God and the world, but one day we will see God and will understand everything. He says that for now, in this life, ‘the three most important things to have are faith, hope and love, but the greatest of them is love’ (1 Corinthians 13:13 New International Reader’s Version).

• A Faith Hope Love RE Day/workshop outline is coming soon from the Schools & Colleges Unit and will be available on request. In some areas this can be led by your local Salvation Army church/centre leaders or youth worker. Contact the Schools & Colleges team for more details. • Watch out for extra Faith Hope Love ideas and resources appearing on our website soon.

Do pupils agree with this statement? If not, what do they think are the three most important things to have in this life? Why? If you’re using the postcards, pupils can write or draw their answers on the back of the first postcard which contains the quote from the Bible. Page 7 of 7

Faith hope love lesson ideas  
Faith hope love lesson ideas