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Dates 2014 Jan rd

3 12th 13th 17th

Messy Church Commitment Sunday Corps Council Movie Night

Feb 2nd 7th 21st 23rd 24th

Self Denial begins Messy Church Movie Night Corps Social PCC

Mar 2nd 7th 9th 21st 24th 30th

Self Denial Altar Service Messy Church Divisional Celebration Movie Night Corps Council Mothers’ Day

27th 28th

Corps Social PCC (with DC)

May 2nd 4th 10th 16th

Messy Church Candidates Sunday Waitrose Collecting Movie Night

Jun 1st 6th 7th 8th 9th 14th 15th 20th 29th

Gift Day Messy Church Family Fun Day Pentecost Corps Council Morrisons Collecting Fathers’ Day Movie Night Corps Social

Jul Apr 4th 12th 13th 18th 18th 20th 26th

Messy Church Spring Clean Palm Sunday Good Friday Walk Movie Night Easter Town Collecting

10 May 2014 (AC)

4th 6th 6th 14th 18th 19th 27th

Messy Church Crem Service of Remembrance Cream Tea (TBC) PCC Movie Night Lakeview Fun Day Children’s Camp

Nov (Cont)

Aug st

1 2nd 15th 31st

Messy Church Sainsburys Collecting Movie Night Corps Social

Sep 1st 5th 6-20th 7th 13th 19th 21st

Corps Council Messy Church The Big Collection Harvest BBQ @ Will & Debbie’s Movie Night Battle of Britain Service (TBC)

29th 30th

Carolling Visit of DC

Dec 5th 7th 19th

Messy Church All Stars Ann’sary Movie Night

Oct 3rd 13th 17th 18th 19th 26th

Messy Church PCC Movie Night Asda Collecting Corps Anniversary Corps Social

Woking Salvation Army Community Church

Nov 7th 9th 10th 21st 22nd

Messy Church Remembrance Day Corps Council Movie Night Christmas Fair

Corps Diary 2014

Dates 2014  
Dates 2014