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Welcome to worship led by Major Janey Thorney Sunday 13th October 2013

Prayers 5:30

Sunday 20th October 2.30 p.m.

Autumn Fayre 26th October

Needed: cakes to sell- Doreen Nearly new- Margaret Craft items- Pat P Children’s toys & Books - Marian Bottle stall- donations to Dot

No get together on 26 October-focus autumn fayre

Ideas for next years get togethers welcomed,if you want to organise one, pick a date

October 27th adult family ministries Sunday led by Majors Harry and Barbara Wilson followed by Monday 28th home league rally

Join us for coffee after worship

Welcome to make a donation towards the cost of refreshments , either financially, or if you want , contribute biscuits.

Announcements 13th October 2013  
Announcements 13th October 2013