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The Saltus Curriculum is developed in partnership with student interests as an iterative, collaborative, and creative process with students at the centre. From Foundation Year to SGY2 teaching and learning happens together.

We believe in the power of the students’ mind no matter their age. At Saltus, our programmes engage our students without limits to their innovative approach to learning. Our students are not only creating solutions, they are implementing them.

The world is a more interconnected and interdependent place than ever before. At Saltus, our students benefit from cultural and socio-economic exchanges both in and out of the classrooms.

2019–20 Saltus Fund The Saltus Fund is the lifeblood of Saltus’ fundraising initiatives and benefits each and every student. Tuition covers the essentials, the Saltus Fund takes care of the rest; allowing the School to provide programmes that are diverse, collaborative, and innovative – inspiring our students to continuously develop knowledge and solutions. Your support benefits all aspects of teaching and learning and we encourage every family to contribute to the best of their ability.

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Click here to see the many ways to give. All levels of giving are greatly appreciated and will be recognised in the annual Report on Philanthropy.

We’re asking everyone in our community to get involved and contribute whatever amount they can. You’ll be playing a key role in the lives of our students.

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Help us reach our $550,000 goal and enhance the experience for all Saltus students.

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The Future is...  

The Future is...