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Lasting Letters A Lasting Letter  is a letter written to someone you care about, someone who you wish to hear your voice and read your words long into the future. With all the technologies we’ve invented, there is still nothing that outdistances paper. Sometimes referred to as a legacy letter, A Lasting Letter can take many forms: it can be short or long, it can be a memento of a time, a certain connection, a story, a guided instruction, a statement of values, a love letter for all time, and more. People write letters to children, to grandchildren, to spouses, to friends. The heart of the letter are the words that carry one's voice forward in time. The process is fluid and collaborative. We talk, I type. Conversation flows, questions arise. Informal in process, it is a collaboration in which I am the scribe, the coaxer of questions. It can be joyous, poignant, thought-filled and more -- all of which results in a letter that is lasting. I volunteer this work in hopes that it brings comfort to the letter writer and the letter receiver. Let’s talk.

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Lasting Letters: What Is A Lasting Letter?  

Lasting Letters: What Is A Lasting Letter?