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Salolammen Sanomat The Concordia Finnish Language Village

October 2013


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Summer 2013 Reflections & Memories

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By Amy “Iida” Tervola Hultberg, Dean

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Villagers and Staff

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Summer at Salolampi is always full of memories, and 2013 was no exception. It is a beautiful site filled with gracious gifts, but perhaps our most valuable resource comes in the form of creative An Easter (Pääsiänen) witch and villagers perform in a excited staff members. This year almost skit that highlights a popular Finnish tradition. thirty staff members welcomed and entranced villagers through a brand-new curriculum, memorable evening programs, and moments of reflection. Our high number of native Finns on staff this summer gave us an opportunity to think deeply about what we value at Salolampi and how we can make the experience even more meaningful for villagers. Villagers who joined us this summer were treated to an amazing Salolampi experience. Our new curriculum is designed as a seven-year cycle leading to our credit program, so villagers will experience a new theme each year as Salolampi seeks to be a “bridge” to Finland.

“Kesämökkipäivä” June 23 Mauno enjoys outfitting the tikkuleipä he just roasted over the campfire during kesämökkipäivä.

We welcomed alumni, former staff members, and friends to Salolampi on Sunday, June 23 for our weekly “Kesämökkipäivä.” This event was meant to honor the 20th year on our new site and introduce new young people to a day of fun at the Village. All the Salolampi favorites were available—warm sauna, cool lake, kioski, macaroni casserole, singing, and a hockey evening program. We believe the best way for new villagers to learn about Salolampi is to experience the site and interaction available. We intend this to be an annual event, so mark your calendar for June 22, 2014.

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Sharing the Love of Salolampi By Tiina Watts, Salolampi Foundation President These past few months as president of the Salolampi Foundation have been interesting and educational. My favorite part of the job is getting to know so many great people that share a love of Salolampi and of Finland. At Adult Week last spring, I was able to see first-hand how college students were taking Tiina greets visitors to the advantage of the new halfSalolampi booth at FinnFest. price scholarship. What an exciting opportunity for them to be able to spend a whole week immersed in the Finnish language and culture for less than $350. This is one way the Salolampi Board has fulfilled its mission to “sustain Finnish language and culture through scholarships and program support at the Salolampi Finnish Language Village.”

At FinnFest in Michigan in June, I helped spread the word about Salolampi through teaching a class on Finnish verbs and at the Salolampi booth in the tori. A few summer staff counselors were also there and did a wonderful job leading miniSalolampis throughout the day and were even featured on the news in Finland. We hope to have an even bigger presence at FinnFest next summer in Minneapolis August 8–10. Watch for us there! One of our best ways to raise money for scholarships so more people can enjoy the Salolampi Language Village is through our annual Phonathon. If you can help out with even just $10, please say “Yes” when you get that phone call or postcard. Every little bit helps someone’s child or grandchild learn about their great Finnish heritage. I hope to see you at Salolampi or FinnFest this year! Email me at tiina.watts@salolampi.org if you have a Salolampi story to share or suggestions on how we can make Salolampi an even better place.

2014 Summer Session SCHEDULE, FEES, and SCHOLARSHIPS Family Week

Family Week



2-Week + Int’l Day

4-Week + Int’l Day

Finnish Day Camp

Ages or Grades

Ages 0–18


Ages 7–11

Ages 8–15

Ages 12–18

Grades 9–12

Ages 6–11

2014 Dates

June 9–14

June 9–14

June 16–21

June 16–28

June 30– July 12

June 16– July 12

June 17–21 June 24–28 July 1–5

Concordia Language Villages ID Code








$515 $495

$640 $620

$895 $870

$1,875 $1,825

$1,925 $1,870

$4,210 $4,210






Concordia Language Villages 2014 BASE FEES Register after December 1, 2013* Register by December 1, 2013*

$235 $235

SCHOLARSHIPS & INCENTIVES Concordia Language Village Scholarship Salolampi Automatic Scholarship






Salolampi Early Registration (by 4/1/14)






Allie Luoma Family Week Scholarship











NET COST (based on early registration)**








* Deposit—$300 for residential sessions, $35 for Adventure Day Camp. Deposit non-refundable after December 2, 2013. ** Check other scholarships on these pages for additional savings or visit Salolampi website (www.salolampi.org).

Check these scholarships… Apply early for scholarships; check the deadline dates. By planning, you can reduce tuition costs.

HELMI NIEMINEN PALO Scholarships of $375 are offered to two ONE-WEEK 7–11-year-old villagers. If interested, send a copy of your Salolampi application and a paragraph or video describing why Salolampi is important to you and your family. Send materials to Peggy Boyles, 9705 Briarcreek Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73162, 405-722-8461, by April 1, 2014.

Iowa, and Wisconsin, will receive $75 (available until $2,000 is expended).

GO FROM ONE WEEK TO TWO WEEKS A villager who has attended a ONE-WEEK session and enrolls in a TWO-WEEK session will be eligible for a $100 scholarship (available on a first-come basis until $1,000 is expended.)

UPPER PENINSULA Youth from 497, 498, or 499 zip code areas are eligible to apply on a first-come basis for either a $159 ONE-WEEK, $250 TWO-WEEK, or $450 FOUR-WEEK session scholarship (available until $2,000 is expended).



Enrollees in the TWO-WEEK and FOUR-WEEK sessions from the east, west, and south coastal states, plus Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii, receive $125. Enrollees from all other states, excluding Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota,

A $100 scholarship for a villager who has attended a Suomi-koulu (Finnish Saturday School). Download an application from www.salolampi.org, or write to info@salolampi.org or the Salolampi Foundation by April 1, 2014.


ALLIE LUOMA FAMILY WEEK A $50 scholarship will be awarded to each family member who registers for the Family Week, June 9–14, 2014.

NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS Information for all Needs-based Scholarships is available from Concordia Language Villages at 800-222-4750, ext.4; or go to www.concordialanguagevillages.org and connect to the Needs-based page for information and application.

KIPINÄ KERHO (Finn Spark) will provide assistance to Salolampi families primarily based on financial need, also taking into account multiple members of an immediate family (available until $2,000 is expended). Contact Concordia Language Villages at 800-222-4750, ext. 4, or online for information. Application deadline: February 28, 2014.

HELEN SALO MITCHELL needs-based scholarships available to Salolampi villagers; determined by Concordia Language Villages. Call 800-222-4750, ext. 4, or online for information. Application deadline: February 28, 2014.

CONCORDIA LANGUAGE VILLAGES based on financial need, also taking into account multiple members of an immediate family. Contact Concordia Language Villages at 800-2224750, ext. 808, or online for information. Application deadline: February 28, 2014.

REGIONAL DONOR SCHOLARSHIPS FINNISH AMERICAN CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (FACA) Twin Cities, offers scholarships of $100 to ONE-WEEK VILLAGERS and $200 to TWO-WEEK VILLAGERS who are children or continued on page 3

SUCCESS! New Scholarship for College & University Students and Scholarship is Expanded to Family Week By John “Jussi” Hanson Last spring the Salolampi Foundation introduced a scholarship for college and university students to attend an Adult Week or Family Fun Weekend. It worked. Six students attended the May Adult Week. Three students attended from the University of Minnesota and one each from Bethel University, Brigham Young University, and Mesabi Range Community and Technical College because of the scholarship. Interviews with each one revealed that they enjoyed the whole Finnish language and cultural experience and relating to the more senior participants.

Villagers pose for their official cruise photo aboard the Tanssilaiva as they head to Ahvenanmaa.

For 2014, the Salolampi Foundation adds Family Week to the Adult Week and Family Fun Weekend programs covered by this 50 percent reduction in tuition to a College/University student who wishes to attend Salolampi. In order to qualify, a student must have attended or graduated from college or university within the calendar year. A student may receive only one scholarship per year, and scholarships are limited to the first 12 qualifying applicants.

2013 Donor Scholarships Recipients

Salolampi villagers came this summer from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Washington, and Wisconsin.

FAMILY WEEK: June 10–15, 2013 8 children, 8 adults


ONE-WEEK SESSION: Youth Exploration 7–11 years old, June 17–22


TWO-WEEK SESSION: Youth Immersion 8–12 years old, June 17–29


TWO-WEEK SESSION: Youth Immersion

Kisarit Finnish American Folk Dancers – Taija Jonas, Minneapolis, MN

12–18 years old, July 1–13

Finnish American Cultural Activities, Twin Cities – Jarmo Bendix, Arden Hills, MN; Jalo, Lilli, & Niina Snellman, Madison WI


Helmi Nieminen Palo Scholarships – Elli Romanucci, Marquette, MI; Emilia Romanucci, Beach Park, IL



Grades 9–12, June 17–July 13



Kipinä Kerho Needs-Based Scholarships – Jarmo Bendix, Arden Hills, MN; Minttu Juntunen, Deer River, MN; Emilia Romanucci, Beach Park, IL; Elli Romanucci, Marquette, MI

Check These Scholarships,


relatives of a FACA member. Request information and application from Kathleen Jackson, 3225 Century Ave. S., Woodbury, MN 55125; 651739-3102. Application deadline: March 1, 2014.

will award one $500 scholarship to a FOUR-WEEK villager. Request information from Kathleen Jackson, 3225 Century Ave. S., Woodbury, MN 55125; 651-739-3102. Application deadline: March 1, 2014.

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Credit villagers present their International Day closing program skit.


SALOLAMPI PROGRAM STAFF 2013 Suzanne Sanna Becker, CA, Youth Leadership Intern; Elizabeth Helvi Brauer, MN/Finland, Program Facilitator; Katherine Marjatta Brauer, MN, Counselor and Webmaster; Samuel Samuli Copelan, OR, Youth Leadership Intern; Anne Karjalainen, Finland, Counselor; Maggie Aamu Knorr, MN, Counselor; Elsa Laskorski, MA, Counselor and Webmaster; Minttu Luomala, Finland, Credit Teacher; Tuula Murto Laskorski, MA, Curriculum Support; Mirka Oinonen, Finland, Credit Teacher; Antton Antti Oja, MN, Youth Leadership Intern; Kaisa Oja, MN, Business Manager; Kylie Säde Pieczonka, MN, Counselor and Waterfront Manager; Elisa Repo, Finland, Counselor; Lisa Aino Romano, MN, Counselor; Olli Ruha, Finland, Credit Teacher; Adam Aarre Tervola Hultberg, MN, Staff Counselor; Panu Tuomikko, Finland, Counselor

SALOLAMPI KITCHEN STAFF 2013 Andrea Annikka Berkeland, MN/Norway, Assistant Cook; Chris Risto Durden, MO, Kitchen Helper; Adam Eickstadt, MN, Baker; Erin Sisson, MN, Head Cook; Hannah Sini Tuomi, MN, Kitchen Helper; Michael Mikko Ulen, MN, Assistant Cook

Marjatta leads a fast-paced vocabulary learning game for an afternoon activity.

2014 Adventure Day Camps

Summer 2013 Reflections & Memories

Salolampi’s Adventure Day Camps have become increasingly popular with local and distant attendees. Families bring their day camper to Salolampi Tuesday through Friday from 9:00–3:30 and Saturday from 9:00–12:00, allowing these villagers to participate in the closing program hosted at Salolampi. During a typical day, the day camper will experience all learning and activities that a residential villager does, including making new friends! Meanwhile Bemidji boasts a wealth of hotels, resorts, and campgrounds ready to fill the family's days with activity and adventure. Parents and grandparents have been eager to introduce their children and grandchildren to Saloalmpi through this unique offering, and frequently these villagers feel more confident to return as one- or two-week villagers in the future. One parent commented, “I am amazed at the entire experience; the staff immediately engaged my child upon arrival, and my child was ready to stay on site for the rest of the week. Clearly, this was a connection only Salolampi could make with my child.” See page 2 for dates and rates.

Summer 2014 and Opportunities in Between

Parents Give Salolampi Five Stars for…

Experiencing Finnish heritage and learning to be more independent in a safe environment…

Broadening their world view…


Getting to meet other villagers…

Providing a method to continue studying Finnish… Developing a love for Finnish culture and language.


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We now look forward to Summer 2014 and preparations for the future. Many families and adults will enjoy Salolampi during the fall, winter, and spring and then it will be time to create the summer magic again. I urge you to introduce someone to Salolampi next summer. Salolampi Day Camp is a very inexpensive way to introduce new villagers. Our sizable growth in this past summer’s Day Camp enables us to offer an additional week with The three-legged race is one an optional Friday overnight for of several fun activities potential residential villagers in during Family Week. summer 2014. Over the winter, we will work to finalize some areas of our new two-week curriculum and think more deeply about our new high school credit continuum of learning.

Remember Finnish Family Fun Weekend! February 14–17, 2014 $275 adults; $150 children (4–17 years) Salolampi is the place to be Presidents Day weekend, Friday, February 14, to Monday, February 17, 2014. Families and single folks are welcome to attend. • Experience a roll in the snow after an invigorating sauna. • Hike, ski, or snowshoe the beautiful forest trails. • Eat, sing, relax, and learn something new about Finnish language and culture. Salolampi’s Finnish Family Fun Weekend attracts families from Minnesota, California, New York—and everywhere in between. Join us for an unforgettable winter adventure!


Adult Week Highlights Salolampi’s May 2013 Adult Week session welcomed 24 participants from nine states and two Canadian provinces. Half of the week’s participants were new to Salolampi, and several of the participants took advantage of Salolampi’s newest generous scholarship for current college students. The week’s language and instructors included Pentti, Susanna, Kaisa, and Tiina. Tiina’s advanced level class had the largest age range, from several women in their 20s to two long-time Salolampi participants in their 90s. All levels of Finnish speakers are represented at Adult Week—from complete beginners to native speakers. Special cultural presentations for the week included an introduction to current Finnish short films and their Finnish-style humor, traditional and modern Finnish wedding traditions, folk dancing taught by Eero and Viivi, plus much more. Treat yourself to a week’s vacation that is educational and fun! Attend the next Salolampi Adult Week session on May 11–17, 2014. Tervetuloa!


A small group of professional Finnish-Americans use Finnish in their daily translation work. They are certified by the national American Translators Association to translate business, legal, medical, and other documents from English into Finnish— some also from Finnish into English. As language professionals, the translators recognize the value of Salolampi’s role in keeping Finnish alive in this country and promoting interest in our beautiful, unusual language. In order to not just “talk the talk” but “walk the walk,” they made a joint donation to the Salolampi endowment. Through this act, the translators also hoped FinnishAmericans in other professions might want to do the same—to get together informally and help Salolampi as a group. Note: The Salolampi Foundation wishes to acknowledge the following Finnish-American Translators for their generous support of the scholarship fund and for genuine encouragement of the program: Tuomas Kostiainen, Kirsti Langbein, Anita Metsärinne-Garvey, Anja Miller, Kaj Rekola, and Tapani Ronni.

Work Weekends at Salolampi By Paavo Taipale, Salolampi Work Weekend Coordinator On May 10–12, 2013 the Salolampi Foundation held its first of two Work Weekends at the Salolampi Finnish Language Village. Thirty individuals volunteered their time in the upkeep of the village, and over 400 hours were logged on a variety of tasks around the site.

adult villager (the Finder) is eligible to refer one first-time villager (the Findee) for a $50 reduction in tuition and also to receive the $50 reduction. Scholarships are awarded upon receipt of Finder and Findee applications by the Village office.

ADULT TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS – An adult villager traveling more than 500 miles to a Salolampi Adult Week is eligible for a $50 travel scholarship.

WORK WEEKEND COUPONS – A first-time villager who volunteers during a spring or fall work weekend is awarded a $100 coupon, which will be credited toward tuition for Adult Week. For Adult Week scholarship application forms, visit the Salolampi website: www.salolampi.org or call 800-450-2214 to request forms or information from Sara Williams.

It’s fun to learn Finnish as an adult at Salolampi!

The major task for this Work Weekend was the deconstruction of the deck between Jyringin Talo (the main building) and the west wing. Painting and repairing the planks of the 20-year-old deck no longer sustained its safety, and replacement was long overdue. Volunteer carpenter Ken Tervola led a crew that dismantled the old deck in preparation for a new rubber roof and deck. It is important to note that some tasks may not get recorded, because volunteers complete them in passing and on their own accord. More than thirty such project assignments were accomplished during this weekend, and they covered a wide variety of skill sets—from cleaning to chopping wood and just about everything in between. Work Weekend volunteers have a significant impact on the appearance, upkeep, and maintenance of the Salolampi Village. The value of the work completed by these volunteers is in the thousands of dollars. Kiitos to all our generous volunteers!


The mini Salolampi experience at FinnFest 2013 drew an attentive audience.

SALOLAMPI SUMMER STAFF AT FINNFEST By Kaisa Oja FinnFest 2013 was a new adventure for four of the Salolampi summer staff. It was a great opportunity to show future villagers and their families a glimpse into what an experience at Salolampi is like. Each session was organized to highlight some of the activities that we do on a daily basis and how we teach a foreign language. Each mini Salolampi session had a game, craft project, or skit. All of these activities were taught in Finnish. This truly provided these young learners with a “mini Salolampi” experience. Every session included a song time and was a great way for them to begin learning a language. Songs had movements and actions that helped to explain the meaning without the need to use English. The time slots were short, and we had a good number of children (12–30) during each session. There was time to talk with parents, grandparents, and family friends before and after each session, and to invite them to the Salolampi Foundation booth.

Cabin Coats of Arms Beautiful Gifts from Artist Jill Halberg By John “Jussi” Hanson At the Salolampi opening weekend, Upper Michigan artist, Jill Halberg presented five beautiful coats of arms that will identify the cabins. Each coat of arms represents an historical region in Finland: Häme, Savo, Lappi, Pohjanmaa, and Karjala. The symbolic pieces are now permanently on display on the respective five lodging cabins (mökkiä).


Volunteers Staff Salolampi Booth at FinnFest 2013 in Michigan Seventeen volunteers from three states staffed the Salolampi Foundation information booth at FinnFest 2013 in Hancock-Houghton, Michigan. MICHIGAN: Roseann Wulff Angeli and Oscar Forsman; MINNESOTA: Marlene Banttari, Joanne Bergman, Linda Davis, Evelyn and Glenys Eskeli, Mary Ann Gomsi, John Hanson, Gil Kinnunen, Beverly Kmett, Steve Leppälä, Vergene Routhe, Ruthann Swanson, Adam Tervola Hultberg, and Ed and Tiina Watts; WISCONSIN: Marvin Nevala.

Staff at the Finnish Language Village in Bemidji baked cookies and delivered them to Michigan, where they were offered to people who visited the Salolampi booth. The donated cookies raised money for a village fund.

Jill and her husband Mark visited Salolampi for the first time and admired the authentic details of the village, from the traditional architecture to the Finnish sauna and its locale on the lakeshore. Halberg said, “It felt just like one was in Finland.… The presentation and placement of the signs on the cabin entrances evoked a feeling of pride in my heritage that was overwhelming.” All friends of Salolalampi will be equally pleased with Villagers create their own Halberg’s gracious and beauti- coats of arms during one of the ful gifts to Salolampi. summer sessions.

Scholarship Donors February 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013 The following contributors added to their past scholarship gifts or gave first time scholarship gifts to the Salolampi Foundation during the past 7 months. If you have lost count of your total gifts, please contact info@salolampi.org with your question.

PLATINA ($2,000+) Cumulative Total $10,000+










February 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013 NAMES REMOVED WITH RESPECT FOR PRIVACY

If It’s Fall, It’s Time for Phonathon By Ruthann Swanson, Phonathon Co-Chair Once again, this is Salolampi Phonathon season. The Phonathon is our annual appeal for funds to assist with tuition costs. Conducted by volunteers from the Foundation’s Board and the Finnish-American community nationwide, it has been a successful fund raiser for a number of years. Within the Concordia Language Villages program, Salolampi is unique in the way it raises additional funds. Tuition rates increase each year; and the Salolampi Foundation, with help from the Phonathon, has increased the amount of scholarship help to meet that obligation. But today fewer people are using land-based telephones and the ability to reach people on a regular phone number has changed. Therefore, your help in responding to our calls has been especially important. If you have been called and you pledged to contribute to Salolampi scholarships, kiitos paljon. If you receive a letter because you could not be reached by phone, please consider donating to the Phonathon scholarship fund. Send your contribution either by mail to Salolampi Foundation, PO Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480 or on our secure server at Salolampi.org. Your support and interest is vital to sustaining Salolampi today and into the future.

Villagers participate in a nature-themed variation of Twister after mastering the version with colors.

Connect to Salolampi.org & to our FaceBook page!


Salolampi Foundation Officers Tiina Watts President Coon Rapids, MN Susan Harstad President Elect Mankato, MN Joanne Bergman Past President College Station, TX Arlene Putikka Tucker Treasurer Hermantown, MN Dana Halberg Secretary Roseville, MN Mauno Silpälä Assistant Treasurer Siren, WI

Donna Kovala Osage, MN Jim Kurtti Houghton, MI Steve Leppälä Hermantown, MN Ove Lilja Stillwater, MN Kaisa Oja Bemidji, MN Ruthann Swanson Minneapolis, MN Paavo Taipale Lauderdale, MN Ed Watts Coon Rapids, MN

Emeritus Members

Advisory Committee

ExOfficio/Concordia Language Villages

Elaine Anuta White Bear Township, MN Miriam Hendrickson Muskego, WI Ken Lahti Eveleth, MN Claire Seppi Virginia, MN Mark Wirtanen Hibbing, MN

Non-Profit Org

Salolampi Foundation PO Box 14480 Minneapolis MN 55414-0480

U.S. Postage



Permit No. 2805

Dean Amy Tervola Hultberg New York Mills, MN

Mary Ann Gomsi Christine Schulze Hibbing, MN Vice President for Eric Maki Concordia Language Michael Anuta Hayward, WI Villages White Bear Township, Ivy Nevala Moorhead, MN MN Cedar Grove, WI Patricia Thornton Marlene Banttari Marvin Nevala Director for Summer St. Paul, MN Amery, WI Programs Sara Ahlgren Bogie Rosann Wulff-Angeli St. Paul, MN St. Paul, MN Ironwood, MI Martin Graefe Erikki Daniels Dan Karvonen Director of YearMinneapolis, MN Crystal, MN Round Programs Ken Daniels Bemidji, MN Blaine, MN Regional Heather Vick Linda Warpula Davis Representatives Assistant Director for Maple Grove, MN Jean Chapman Program Management Evelyn Eskeli Escanaba, MI Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis, MN Dennis Harrington Sara Williams John Hanson III Deland, FL Registration New Brighton, MN David Meyers Specialist, Gil Kinnunen Holiday, FL Adult Weeks West St. Paul, MN Karen Käkelä Bemidji, MN Beverly Kallio Kmett Michael Cook, MN Sun Lakes, AZ


Salolammen Sanomat is a publication of the Salolampi Foundation, PO Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480, written and assembled by volunteers. EDITORS: Marlene Banttari & Wendy Johnson, with Joanne Bergman, Evelyn Eskeli, John Hanson III, and Gil Kinnunen. PHOTOGRAPHY: Katherine Marjatta Brauer, Dana Halberg, John Hanson III, Gil Kinnunen, and Elsa Laskorski. GRAPHIC ART: Design and layout by Wendy J. Johnson, Points Of View, Inc. Orono, MN. Points Of View generously discounts its prices for the Salolampi Foundation. SALOLAMPI VILLAGE is located at 10915 Ojutkangastie NE, Bemidji, MN 56601, northeast of Bemidji, Minnesota, on Turtle River Lake, County Hwy 20.

All villages joined together to dance the official International Day 2013 dance on the Marktplatz of Waldsee.

Mission Statement The Salolampi Foundation is committed to sustaining the Finnish language and culture through scholarships and program support at the Salolampi Finnish Language Village.

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PLAN NOW Family Fun Weekend

February 14–17, 2014

Spring Adult Week

May 11–17, 2014

Family Week Adults Children Ages 0–18

Four-Week Credit Session Grades 9–12

June 16–July 12, 2014

Adventure Day Camp Ages 6–11

June 17–21, 2014 July 1–4, 2014

June 9–14, 2014

One-Week Session Ages 7–11

June 16–21, 2014

Two-Week Sessions Ages 8–15

June 16–28, 2014 Ages 12–18

June 30–July 12, 2014

but first… Study scholarship opportunities on page 2 & 3

TO RECEIVE SANOMAT NEWS ONLINE, visit www.salolampi.org TO REMOVE A NAME FROM THE MAILING LIST, email: info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation.* 2014 REGISTRATION YOUTH SUMMER SESSIONS – FAMILY WEEK – DAY CAMP www.salolampi.org or www.concordialanguagevillages.org, find Finnish 800-222-4750 ADULT SPRING & FALL WEEKS – FAMILY FUN WEEKEND email: swilliam@cord.edu or call 800-450-2214 SALOLAMPI SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS email: info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation* or visit www.salolampi.org SALOLAMPI ENDOWMENT FUND SALOLAMPI HERITAGE SOCIETY email: info@salolampi.org or write Salolampi Foundation*

Students: Download applications at *SALOLAMPI FOUNDATION www.salolampi.org or www.concordialanguagevillages.org PO Box 14480, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0480 www.salolampi.org email: info@salolampi.org

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Salolampi Foundation Sanomat Fall 2013  

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