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Making a product bundle for IMVU : KatsBits TUTORIALS

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Making a product bundle for IMVU



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Making an IMVU product bundle is one of those aspects of developing content that if you don't do a lot as a content creator can be confusing, especially as IMVU don't seem to make the tools you need to do this obviously available :o| The following tutorial explains how to make a product bundle using IMVU's bundle system. You will need to be familiar with product creation, using the Previewer and editing product item information.

Contents Making a product bundle Derive IMVU's parent bundle Adding contents to bundles Additional bundle editing

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Making a product bundle - UPDATED IMPORTANT NOTE : Product Bundles are now all handled and created from the same page. Follow the steps below;

IMVU 3D chat client IMVU's Dummy Bundle product 'Make a Bundle' editing page

Click here to be taken to the product bundle page - this will load Product id 15956 Click "Make a New Bundle" which will open a new product page with a new Bundle id attached Fill in the details for the bundle NOTE : You may need to use "ModIcon Bundle" as your"Location" if the bundle isn't avatar related Press "Submit"; this will create a brand new bundle. On the newly created bundle page click "Edit Bundle" to open up the bundle contents page. Edit the contents by adding the PID numbers for each item you want to include Click "Submit" to complete the edit.

Deriving from IMVU's parent bundle ^ Making a bundle is a two part process; Derive from IMVU's parent bundle (basically saving and uploading an 'empty container') Adding/Editing the contents of the bundle (adding products to the container). For reference you can find IMVU's dummy bundle here. All you need to do is derive from that product as you would with any other derivation; the initial bundle set up is no different to creating a new derived product or item.[10/3/2010 2:21:37 PM]

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Making a product bundle for IMVU : KatsBits TUTORIALS

IMVU's derivable dummy bundle product

So either, Click on the "Derive from product" link at the bottom of the page (shown in the image above) to have that item open the previewer automatically. Or, Open the previewer and click "File > Create a derived product" and then type "15951" in the text field that pops up. Doing either of these will open the product into the previewer. At this point, nothing more needs to be done to the product here in terms of 'editing' except to "Save" and "Submit" the file. Saving the default bundle product Save the derived product to the project folder on your computer (give it a name you'll be able to easily reference at a later date if you make more bundles), IMVU recommends everything saved into "Products > Examples". Submitting empty bundle product to the catalogue Click the red "Submit Product To IMVU Catalogue" button at the top of the previewer which opens up a product submission page; Fill in the details - provided some basic product information and a thumbnail for the item. IMPORTANT NOTE : When entering price details makes sure to type a value that is well in excess of the estimate real total of the all separate products you want to include in the bundle. If this is not done a warning will display and the process will be halted until corrected (usually pressing the 'Back' button and reediting the value to a higher number is sufficient). Uncheck "Make product visible" and "Derivable" for now (so that each box has no tick in them). Click "Submit". Make a note of the product id given to that item. That's part one taken care of.

Adding/editing contents of the bundle ^ You now need to add some products into the bundle, the link to doing which is here. When you go to that page you'll see something similar to the images shown below; there are two text fields where you can enter data, "Parent" and "Sub-ids".[10/3/2010 2:21:37 PM]

Making a product bundle for IMVU : KatsBits TUTORIALS

The "Make a Bundle" editing page

"Parent" By default the text field displays "xxxxxx" (or similar), this needs to be edited and changed so just select, delete and type in the product id of the bundle saved in part one above. Enter that number in that field, for example "1098762". "Sub-ids" The bottom field is where you enter the actual items you want included in the bundle, this is done by product id number only. So in that box [b]just type the product id numbers[/b] separated by a ',' (comma) for each item you want to include (12345, 67894, 23561 and so on). Click "Submit" once done. You have now added those items to the bundle. That's part two done which should then result is a completed bundle similar to that shown below.[10/3/2010 2:21:37 PM]

Making a product bundle for IMVU : KatsBits TUTORIALS The final resulting bundle composed of several separate products.

Additional product bundle editing ^ Once done you'll have the option to go back to the Make a Bundle page or go to the products catalogue listing; any additional editing of the products details can be done at this point; any editing of the product items needs to be done back on the "make a Bundle" page. Once editing is done the bundle product can be made live by selecting "Make Product Visible"; be sure to reedit the price to a more appropriate value at this point.

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