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Creative Direction: Sal Flores-Trimble Cover Photo: Elizabeth Martinez


Contributors/Writers: Hugh H. Harper III, Lisa Khiev, Sayon Syprasoeuth, Nicolassa Galvez Griselda Suarez, Ronnie de Leon, Elizabeth Martinez, Dan O’Brien, Downtown Long Beach Alliance Photography: Elizabet Martinez,, Ronnie de Leon, DLBA, Jose Cordon, Hugh H. Harper III. LB Home + Living Team: Sal Flores-Trimble, Dan O’Brien, Elizabeth Martinez, James Tir, Cassidy Liston, Ramon Garcia, Ronnie de Leon. LBHomeLiving.com | 5

To Our Long Beach Community 2020...What a year! Like everyone, we started 2020 optimistic and looking forward to the new year. We had Big Plans! Who knew what we had in store for this year, who would’ve guessed? A worldwide pandemic with 211,000 American deaths and 7.5 million infected, (249 deaths and 12,000 plus cases in Long Beach) mass business, restaurant and bar closures, layoffs, unemployment, face masks and social distancing. Not being able to hug each other, see our loved ones, or visit those struggling in the hospitals. All of the essential workers from the doctors, nurses, police, firemen, grocery store workers, city workers and many many more that continued to work so that many of us could stay home and stay safe. The art movement that arose on the boarded up buildings. The Black Lives Matter social justice movement fighting for change. Outsiders looking to take advantage of the peaceful protests with looting and vandalism. Continued social media and political divisiveness that tries to pull us all apart. And a completely Presidential election! Ugh!!! But lucky for us, we live in Long Beach! A city that celebrates its people and diversity. We pulled together to help each other out. Helping those that were struggling and the elderly. Celebrating those essential workers each night with cheering and lights at 8pm. Working together to make things better. During the Black Lives Matter movement/protest, our city rose up to protest bigotry and discrimination and pulled together when times got tough. Thousands of our local citizens came together the next day to clean up the mess, remove graffiti, sweep up the broken glass and support our businesses. You didn’t see that happening in other cities! Because of this and much more, as well as our continued hard work and respect for each other, this is what makes Long Beach a special place to live! Long Beach Strong!

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Horse With No Name The Infamous Horsey Horseshoe By Ronnie de Leon Photo by Lucus Gordon Instagram: lucusgordonphotography Most people recognize Horsey Horseshoe from his Instagram (@thizzhorsey) or from seeing the horse headed wearing figure out and about hyping up his favorite local businesses. We caught him in a more laid back setting: meal prepping for the week on a Sunday evening. For being the ‘it’ guy in the local Long Beach foodie and activism scenes, this mysterious figure is actually just a regular guy who has nothing to hide despite wearing a mask. The Horsey Horseshoe character started off as a gag gift from a friend who felt it matched his goofy personality, and he ran with it from there. From jokingly posting with it on his social, a local sock retailer reached out to him on his Instagram to promote their business. It was the beginning of an unintentional persona that has stuck ever since. The initial sock post gained traction and people began contacting him to visit their restaurants. It grew into his 10 | LBHomeLiving.com

entry into the local foodie community and making friendships with restaurants like Casa Chaskis and Ammatoli. He now uses the horse persona to visit restaurants and pop-ups under the guise of a “foodie”- a title he feels was pushed upon him. The term can hold derogatory connotations in some circles for masking marketing with the allure of culture. Still, he doesn’t mind carrying that title if it allows him to use his platform to bring attention to local businesses. It also feels like embracing the title to open up the playing field for food bloggers. As long as you have a passion for eating, promoting, and can write about the specifics of what food means to you, especially culturally. For him, food is about the communal experience of sitting down with family and friends enjoying a meal while talking and laughing. Intentionality is vital to Horsey, whether it be with

Photos courtesy of Horsey Horseshoe’s Instagram

food or his involvement with local politics. The main reason he started this was a joke, but he realized using the disguise allowed him to use his voice to call out issues that affected his neighborhood. He first hand saw his neighborhood change as “greedy” landlords opted to displace and evict generations of families trying to make ends meet and survive to profit off local university students. He speaks out because rent is expensive and the gap disproportionately affects people these spaces were initially intended for. It is a lot of responsibility, but for someone who has a full time, pedestrian job as an EMT and X-ray technician, it is just another way of helping out people- whether through supporting local businesses, his hood, or people in

the back of an ambulance. It’s time-consuming, but it is a part of his nature, with or without the mask. Keep on trotting, Horsey.

THAI DISTRICT Voted #1 Thai Restaurant in Long Beach Unique two level setting in a historic landmark. www.ThaiDistrictRestaurant.com 149 Linden Ave. Ste E, Long Beach, CA 90802 | 562.951.7181

Full-service Wine Tasting bar & lounge in the heart of the East Village.

Wine tasting everyday HAPPY HOUR DAILY 144 Linden Ave . 562-612-0411 .LBHomeLiving.com district wine.com | 11

Long Beach Eats

of their food and the care that goes into creating amazing flavors for a delicious experience!

By Hugh Henry Parker III | @HungryHugh


The Long Beach food scene continues to grow with newcomers who bring new and refreshing flavors to an already delicious selection of long standing restaurants who have been serving the community for years. Long Beach is definitely a foodie destination that is serving some of the most delectable eats in Southern California! Here are several places that should be on your radar:

La Parolaccia Osteria Italiana

@laparolacciausa La Parolaccia Osteria Italiana has been in Long Beach since 2006 and has become the spot for homestyle Italian food. They create beautifully tasting pizzas and calzones with handmade dough and their wood burning oven. Not only do they have a variety of pasta dishes, they also have many traditional Italian dishes just like you would find in Rome. When you visit La Parolaccia Osteria, it’ll be like you’re setting foot in your Italian family’s house with absolutely delicious home cooking waiting for you.

Cluck & Blaze

@cluckandblaze 12 | LBHomeLiving.com

Nashville Style Hot Chicken has landed in Long Beach at Cluck & Blaze. They serve fried hot chicken, hot chicken sandwiches, hot chicken tenders and even a loaded hot chicken breakfast burrito. The have heat levels for every taste from no heat to death and everything in between. Don’t worry! They got you covered with their array of sides like French fries and Mac + Cheese. Be on the lookout for specials like their hot chicken nachos and hot chicken tacos. The heat and flavor that Cluck & Blaze brings will keep your taste buds jumping.

The Eldo

@sideburnslbc Sideburns offers burgers and many other items that will catch the attention of your hunger. During my recent visit, I got the Backyard BBQ Burger, The Works Burger and Chicago Dog. The Backyard BBQ Burger is what summer should taste like: beefy, cheesy, BBQ-y and of course onion-y because of the onion rings! The Works Burger has deep fried Portobello mushrooms, which gave it an extra layer of texture and meatiness to my burger. The Chicago Dog is loaded with mustard, relish, onions, pickles, tomato and peppers. The combination of toppings elevated the hot dog to delicious heights. Sideburns also has vegan options for their burgers and for several other items. Eat up and enjoy!

MeeMa’s @the_eldo The Eldo has some of the most amazing comfort food you can think of like steaks, burgers, pasta and South African curry. What?! South African curry?! Yup, The Eldo brings together American and South African cuisine under one roof. You can enjoy all your favorite comfort food and flavors of South Africa like their South African Sausage Sandwich, Durban Curry and Peri Peri Skewers just to name a few. They take great pride with the quality


MeeMa’s is one of the newest restaurants in Long Beach and it’s already making an impact in the food scene. This breakfast spot has dishes with amazing flavors that will keep you coming back for more. With options like Breakfast Burritos, Avocado Toast, Ricotta Pancakes, Sweet Crepes and Churro French Toast, you will want to try everything. The Chilaquiles is probably one of my favorite things to eat. With the combination of the tortilla chips mixed with the homemade red sauce, cilantro, crema and queso fresco, it is such a flavorful bite every time. The Brisket Taco is a hugely popular item because it has MeeMa’s slow cooked brisket, soy chorizo beans, bacon, salsa and cilantro topped with a sunny side egg! This is such a great way to start your morning!

Casa Chaskis

@casachaskis Peruvian cuisine is proudly and deliciously being served at Casa Chaskis. I got my go-to order whenever I get Peruvian food – Lomo Saltado. This did not disappoint at all. How can you go wrong with rice, French fries and perfectly cooked meat with that savory sauce? I could not stop eating this! I also got the Tallarin Verde with chicken which is essentially Peruvian pesto pasta. This was cooked to perfection and I highly recommend it. You must order the Chicha Morada, which is an Andean drink made with purple corn. When I first heard that it was a “corn drink,” I was thinking that I would pass on it. However, the lovely waitress insisted that I would like it and she was right! I absolutely

loved it! It was refreshing and perfectly sweetened. Make this drink one of the first things you order. You’ll thank me later!

Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House

of downtown. Their breakfast burrito is massive! It is filled with carnitas, French fries, beans, pico de gallo, and guacamole. They also top it with a fried egg. Nothing says good morning like this breakfast burrito! Be sure to try out their other items including their Birria Ramen. The addition of ramen noodles to their birria and consume is a no brainer! It is definitely a unique item you do not want to miss!

Deli News Pizza

@potholdercafe @suralbc Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House has some of my favorite dishes such as Tofu Soup and Ddukbokki, which is a spicy and sweet Korean rice cake. Their selection of Tofu Soup has something for everyone like Seafood, Rib Eye Beef, Vegetable and even Ham and Cheese Tofu Soup. They have popular Korean dishes like Barbecue Sizzling Plates and Bimbimbap as well as Korean fusion dishes such as Handmade Sopes and Bulgogi Fries. I love that they have plenty of vegan options too without sacrificing any of that Korean flavor!

Long Beach Taco

@delinewspizza Deli News Pizza has everything you’d want in a pizza place: pizza, pasta, sandwiches and strombolis! I’m obsessed with their Stromboli and I still think about it all the time because it was that amazing. My Stromboli was filled with pepperoni, sausage and cheese. When I cut into the crispy exterior, the inside was cheesy, gooey, and perfect. Their other items are equally as yummy and you will come back again and again to get more!

Hugh Henry Harper III @longbeachtaco Long Beach Taco has an amazing variety of delicious food in the heart

Follow Hugh on social media for all things food from his travels around the world.

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Nicolassa Galvez Strong. Resilient. Chingona. “My plans to have it ‘all figured out’ by the time I was forty failed miserably” to others. I held onto the caveat that once I got back on my feet that I could always contribute as a donor and volunteer.

I went through jobs like others go through relationships. After a few months of honeymoon bliss, I painfully realize it’s not the right people involved, not the right time in my career, or not the right place for me. I held on to the hope that by the time I turned forty, I would have it all figured out and finally be in a position where I felt valued, effective, and the best person for the job. Rather than a direct career path of promotions, I jumped around to various jobs: grant writing, nonprofit program development, running a community art center, being a construction site manager, 14 | LBHomeLiving.com

and building websites. I even did random errands in my truck for much needed cash. I learned so much but it always felt like I was starting over… again. I never felt like I knew enough to really be good at anything. I thought leaving nonprofits for ‘corporate America’ would be the answer. I told myself that while it might not bring me the self-value I sought in community-based work, that I could at least begin earning a decent salary, travel, and maybe even start a retirement account. I thought it would be okay to trade ‘social value’ for ‘life stability’ and that I could finally put my future before service

However, the saying ‘the grass is always greener’ never held more true than my 4-plus years helping business owners market their restaurant, accounting firm, dance company, or whatever dream they were fulfilling. In yet another role new to me, I had to learn how to write sales copy, design images, plan customer value funnels, and develop websites. The work didn’t reflect my community values but at least I had a decent income and I really enjoyed the creativity of marketing. I was doing all the adult-like things I thought would bring fulfillment, belonging, and value but I still felt incredibly out of place, behind in my career, in the wrong job for me… and too old to start over again. My plans to have it ‘all

figured out’ by the time I was forty failed miserably. I found myself in another ‘bad’ job, like others find themselves in another bad relationship. I had taken this winding career path for over twenty years and felt that with every step forward, I’d taken two steps back. The various jobs I held over the years did provide the opportunity to learn new skills, make a difference in the community, develop valuable relationships, and build ingenuity in starting over, but I never believed I was ‘good enough’ in any of them to really make an impact. As far as bad relationships go, my career was the only repeat cycle I found myself in because by forty I was finally happy in my personal life. I loved my fiancé, our home, and our life together. I was excited to be back in a community-focused role as a board member for the Arts Council. As far as my career path, I continued to feel hopeless but I

held on to the hope that the relationships I had built over my nearly twenty years living in Long Beach would eventually lead to the right job position. This proved to be true last summer at a Leadership Long Beach celebration. LLB had become a touchpoint in my life since 2011 when I was accepted into their program the same day as one of my worst job ‘break-ups’ ever. This program, their leaders, and my fellow participants got me through one of the most heartbreaking years of my life and on that evening, celebrating a mural I had co-lead in painting, I felt that feeling of belonging and value. I also ran into someone I’d known and admired for over ten years. Julie Meenan, the

Executive Director of the Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation, founded a new concept - Long Beach Gives. It was a citywide, 24-hour, online giving day bringing together the community to raise awareness and funding for nonprofits making a difference in Long Beach. Julie needed social media assistance and I was excited to help. She’d brought together a strong team to host a very successful inaugural giving day that raised over $822,000 for 93 nonprofits. I was proud to be a part of it but never considered the potential for a more permanent role. A few months later, still in my perpetual cycle of feeling unsettled and out of place, any attempts at drafting a resume brought

up feelings of uselessness. A chronological resume just highlighted numerous starts and stops. A skillbased resume highlighted all this experience from jobs that didn’t seem to have anything to do with each other. I felt so lost that I didn’t even know what to type in the search field when seeking job openings. Then Julie invited me for a glass of wine to talk about how Long Beach Gives was returning on September 24th. Little did I know she would be presenting a role that I could have never imagined for myself, as the Campaign Director for Long Beach Gives. It brought together what I had feared were disconnected jobs that I’d wasted my ‘youth’ cycling through into this beautiful cacophony relying on my

nonprofit experience, marketing skills, and diverse community relationships. Finally, at the age of 41, I had discovered a role created uniquely for me. All those years on a career path filled with feelings of unbelonging, several do-overs, and fears of not being good enough were actually developing a career trajectory for this new position that turned out to be a perfect expression of seemingly random jobs. While I still don’t have it all figured out, I learned the hard way, as most of us do, to not despair. As long as we are learning, growing, and seeking more than no job is wasted because your current ‘bad relationship’ could actually be the last step to finding the perfect one for you.

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Photo courtesy of Visit Cambodia Town Long Beach

Cambodia Town: Strength, Beauty & Love By Sayon Syprasoeuth

“Khmer people have trauma from the war and genocide during the terrible rage Khmer Rouge. Still, my people arrived in America with lots of love, resiliency and talents to share.” Hello from Cambodia Town! Did you know we have the largest Cambodian (Khmer) community (outside of Cambodia) in Long Beach and the surrounding cities?? The next largest group is located in Lowell, Massachusetts. The Khmer community arrived here as early as the 60’s. By the end of Vietnam War, in the late 70’s and early 80’s, there was a huge influx of refugees from Southeast Asia, coming from countries like Vietnam, Laos and of course, Cambodia. This was due to instability caused by the Vietnam War and itself largely caused by the air bombings and land invasion by the Nixon administration 16 | LBHomeLiving.com

of the United States at that time. In Cambodia, Pol Pot wanted to turn the country into a farming culture, and he murdered or imprisoned many people who wanted Western education and culture, precisely because of the bombings by the US, which were part of the Kissinger policy of indiscriminate bombings in order to bring the USSR to the bargaining table – a policy which failed miserably. To find their way out of this desperate situation, families and individuals were sponsored to come to the United States through families, churches, and other organizations. One may better understand the Khmer

experience from movies such as Angelina Jolie’s, First They Killed My Father (2017), and Caylee So’s, In The Life of Music (2018), The Killing Fields (1984), and Ellen Kuras and Thavisouk Phrasavath’s The Betrayal (2008). These are just some of the many Khmer Rouge (KR) and survival stories from the perspectives of a child, young adults and a families in their struggle for freedom. Some people say that the movies are not 100% accurate retellings of what happened, but I do think each of the survivors have their own unique experience and their own inspiring stories to tell. Go see the films and judge for yourself. At least this will give you a starting point into the experience of the recent history of Cambodia and its people. One point particularly striking to myself as a local artist: After the KR genocide, barely ten percent of all the artists and performers in the country remained. The first large wave of Cambodian immigrants arrived in Long Beach, California in 1979. My family arrived in March, 1980 in Iowa, and we relocated here to Long Beach in 1985.

As you can imagine, Khmer people have trauma from the war and genocide during the terrible rage Khmer Rouge. Still, my people arrived in America with lots of love, resiliency and talents to share. They arrived with minds for businesses like gift shops, restaurants, artistry through Khmer Art Academy, music and many other contributions to the city of Long Beach. They also have great food, love for others, family unity and love for country most of all, the United States of America as their new home. Some of you that have friends or family that are married to a Khmer person know they love food, and they will include you in. You just become one of the family members. Speaking of Cambodian food, if you have never tried it, there are many restaurants on Anaheim Street in Cambodia Town business corridor. I suggest you go visit Sophie’s on PCH and Redondo, Crystals on 10th St and Orange Ave, or Phnom Penh Noodle Shack on Cherry Ave & 15th Street. Have a nice visit!

Sayon Syprasoeuth is a refugee and KR survivor, an artist, an instructor at Cal State Long Beach and a local high school, a graduate of Leadership Long Beach, and a community volunteer. He lives in Long Beach. LBHomeLiving.com | 17

#WeAreDTLB: Compassion, Creativity, and Community Solidarity in Downtown Long Beach By the Downtown Long Beach Alliance

Long Beach, like the rest of the nation, is in a great state of change and hardship due to the convergence of a once in a lifetime pandemic and a momentous civil rights movement. Although these seismic shifts have sown and revealed great societal challenges, they have also resulted in inspirational messages of hope, progress, and community strength.

18 | LBHomeLiving.com

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 was a watershed moment. In cities all over the world, people reacted by taking to the streets and demanding immediate and comprehensive change to address systemic racism and associated social inequities affecting Black America. As demonstrations grew in number and volume throughout the country and in Los Angeles, many Long Beach businesses took precautions the following weekend, boarding up their doors and windows in anticipation of civil unrest. Nevertheless, the forces accompanying the May 31 protest in Downtown were unexpected, especially on the heels of a global pandemic. However, immediately following the emotion and chaos of that night, a new kind of energy was unleashed: community action and artistic expression, manifesting itself on boarded-up buildings throughout the City. After a day full of peaceful protesting, dozens of businesses were looted and vandalized, and public spaces defaced. But on June 1, Downtown was again overwhelmed with people; this time, the streets were flooded with more than 1,500 volunteers, City staff, and the Downtown Long Beach Alliance team, who gathered in community spirit and solidarity to support DTLB. The show of support was so vast that broken glass, derogatory graffiti, and other damage was cleaned up in just a few hours. As volunteers continued to arrive, DLBA was able to partner with Long Beach Transit to shuttle them to other parts of the city that were also in need. People from every corner of the Long Beach community – including some who had protested the day before, and even caring individuals from neighboring cities – dropped everything to help their neighbors. As the clean-up efforts wrapped up, another grassroots showing of hope for progress began. Across Long Beach – and particularly Downtown – scores of artists put their talent on display in an effort to convey messages of solidarity, hope, and progress. Some artists worked as part of a collective; others worked independently. Some of their murals portrayed powerful political messages and social commentary, and some were gentle reminders to embrace peace and love one another. Many addressed the issue of racial injustice in this country directly and incorporated the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. The DLBA in partnership with the Arts Council for Long Beach, collected as many of these murals as possible to preserve them for a future public exhibition. While it is difficult to know what lies ahead, the events of the past several months have revealed the strength, creativity, and compassion of the Long Beach community. We are, without a doubt, Long Beach Strong.

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Real Estate Agent & Philanthropist Crystal Ortiz Starts Long Beach Locals Group to Connect Community in the Midst of Global Pandemic By Lisa Khiev How Crystal Ortiz’s experience in corporate events led her to being of service in her philanthropic and community endeavors. Working currently as a local Long Beach real estate agent and philanthropist, Crystal Ortiz also co-founded the Twice New Foundation, a one-of-its-kind pick-up and donations organization dedicated to serving the unhoused community. Read about her unique story below. LB H+L: Crystal, we’re so excited to get to know you! Can you tell us a bit about your background? Crystal: I grew up in OC and went to college at Chapman. After college, I moved to LA and definitely realized that the diversity and pace of LA was something that I really needed. My mom still lives in Newport Beach and a few years ago, I decided to move to Long Beach to be a little closer to her. Immediately, it clicked that this is my home; Long Beach has everything I was looking for - the cultural diversity I craved mixed with the laid back beach town vibes I grew up with. I’m currently campaigning to get everyone I know to move to Long Beach (ha!) LB H+L: How would you best describe yourself? Crystal: I think anyone who knows me would describe me as fun and easy going. I take the work that I do very seriously but I don’t take myself seriously at all. 20 | LBHomeLiving.com

LB H+L: Your passion for giving back is so inspiring. What sparked your love for philanthropy and community? Crystal: Before I got back into Real Estate I was working as an Event Producer in LA. I was consistently horrified at how much waste the events created and not just waste like trash, but items that were totally usable like food, clothing and furniture. The nature of events is to get in and get out as quick as possible. If there was a ton of food left over after the event the most common thing to do was to throw it away. There were nights I would drive home after an event through downtown LA and see so many people sleeping on the streets and feel sick to my stomach, knowing that just moments before, I had thrown away perfectly good food. So, I searched for a company that would show up at the end of my events to pick up and donate all these items but no such company really existed.

Quickly, it became too hard to continue to do my job and feel like I was part of the problem, so I quit and founded Twice New. The idea was pretty simple, our organization would be a solution for all my peers in the events space, we would handle the logistics of picking up these leftover items and making sure they were donated to people that needed them. Since our conception, we’ve donated over 20,000 meals and 50 truck loads of items. Pretty cool, right?! And all of that would have otherwise just been thrown away. LB H+L: How have your years in corporate (events, marketing, and media industries) shaped where you are now in best serving your community in Long Beach / LA? Crystal: A few years into Twice New, it became very apparent that I needed to figure out how to earn an income if I was going to be able to continue on with the philanthropy work I was doing. I was sitting at a bar with some friends (remember when we used

to be able to do that) trying to figure out what I could do that would allow me to continue my work with Twice New and all of a sudden, it became very clear. I dove back into Real Estate. I thought if I could build a moderately successful Real Estate practice, I could use the money I make through these transactions to better serve the unhoused population in my community which is why I donate a minimum of a thousand dollars from every transaction back into services that are serving the unhoused community. I think my years of experience in marketing and brand partnerships really trained me to look for synergy between things that might not be so obvious. I really truly believe that we are all the best versions of ourselves when we’re working together in service of others and I try and keep that belief at the core of everything I do. LB H+L: In just a couple of months since the beginning of COVID-19,

you’ve already garnered an amazing buzz online for your FB Group, LB Locals. What inspired you to create the group? Crystal: Much like everyone when the stay-at-home orders went into place, I was scared and confused. I was also slightly panicked because, overnight, the events industry shut down, immediately changing the way Twice New could operate. I knew we had to pivot but didn’t really understand how. I wanted to figure out how to connect with people in my immediate area and FB seemed like the best way to do that because you can find people based on their location. The initial idea for the page was really just to try and match people who needed resources with people who had resources and provide an opportunity for local small businesses to promote what they were doing in response to the

pandemic. It became very clear that while all those things were important, more than anything people were looking for a place for community and connection in such an uncertain time. I think there is such magic that happens when people feel a sense of belonging and ownership in a larger initiative and as people began to really interact with the page, I knew we were building something special. LB H+L: In just a few years, your non-profit Twice New has made positive waves for the events + philanthropy industries by supporting those in need. What has been the highlight(s) of Twice New for you so far? Crystal: Oh wow, we’ve had so many great moments! I think a highlight was last year, we were asked to pick up leftover food from an Emmy’s party at a high profile restaurant in Downtown

LA. As you can imagine the spread was incredible, large salmon filets, roasted rainbow vegetables, beet & arugula salad, etc. That night, we picked up over 1000lbs of food and drove it less than half a mile to Skid Row where we fed over 900 people. I think the juxtaposition of the lavishness of an Emmy’s party in the backdrop of extreme poverty really helped us to show people why the work we’re doing is so important. LB H+L: What are your favorite things about the Long Beach community? Crystal: No doubt, it’s the people. Through Long Beach Locals, I’ve met the most incredible people. I only hope I can use the small platform I have to continue to foster more connections between people in Long Beach and help support all the amazing endeavors our community is working on. Oh, and

the beach isn’t too bad either. I try and surf every Friday morning (actually, with a little crew that I met through the Long Beach Locals Page), so having the beach so close is pretty incredible. Oh, and the restaurants, man, I could go on and on! Long Beach is really the best. LB H+L: How can we keep up to date with what’s next with you and your work? Crystal: Join the Long Beach Locals page, of course! And this is the first time we’re announcing publicly that we’re launching a Property Management company called Locals, built because we’d like to offer better solutions for renters in LB. You can follow our IG page, @localslongbeach (Of course, the name is inspired by our amazing FB community.)

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Artist: Damian Hurtado | Instagram: @gettagrip_ Location: Black Bar, 1800 E Broadway

Arts & Culture: Vital to Our City’s Identity By Griselda Suårez, Executive Director Arts Coucil for Long Beach Photo by Jose Cordon | Instagram: deadendbridgade We know it is more important than ever to ensure our arts and culture remain a vital component of our city’s identity. In 2015, the Arts Council board and staff committed to a diversity, equity and inclusion policy. It is our goal to integrate it into every level of programming by providing neighborhoods and schools with artists that uplift and educate audiences on Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Khmer arts. Fostering creativity and culture is not only about supporting performing arts centers and museums, but also about advocating for resources and opportunities for artists of all genres and mediums who have been given access. The Arts Council understands the power the arts have on communicating the gravity of systemic racism and we want to use it as a tool to reimagine a more just 22 | LBHomeLiving.com

Long Beach. Five years ago, the Arts Council sought to improve the diversity of micro grantees because an internal audit found that the majority of these grants were awarded in districts 1 and 2 and the programming did not include diversity of thought nor expression. We learned that we needed to change the grant application, process and pool of applicants. In response, the Artist Registry was completely redesigned, including starting from scratch to recruit registrants. We conducted outreach in neighborhoods and businesses to increase diversity, included demographics in the application and expanded genre identification, including performance and collectives. This focus creates

Artist: Sparc & Benedetta Location: The Social List | 2105 E 4th St

Artist: Ken Cassidy | Instagram: @sharkpolansky Location: Ross clothing store, 350 The Promenade N LBHomeLiving.com | 23

more resources in systematically underfunded communities. The new Artists Registry collects data and we can now access the race, gender and district identification of registrants, so we know that Black artists/performers make up 15% of the registry for example. Furthermore, the Arts Council adopted the LB Art Walk last Spring 2019 and our inaugural year we intentionally booked a majority of Black artists and collectives. In 2017, we launched the Cambodia Town Mural Project and the community committee chose muralists who had not been given the opportunity in the past, three of the artists (Latinx and Cambodian) have now gone onto larger projects and grants across southern California. Lastly, between 2016-2020, out of the 32 artists that we have exhibited, 60% are BIPOC artists. All the work we committed to doing because artivists went to city council demanding equity and inclusion in 2014 made it possible for us to respond in 2020. When we canceled the March 14th LB Art Walk due to Covid-19 we knew that we had to create an opportunity for artists to use the talents and skills to illuminate our days, alleviate our stress and recuperate our lives. This is how the #KeepArtsWorking project was formed. Since March 26th the Arts Council has: We have awarded over $25,000 in microgrants to local artists and organizations to provide free virtual arts education and arts experiences. Since June 2020, we have awarded more than $18,000 in COVID 19 Relief grants to artists and performers. Since the Stay at Home order, the Arts Council has paid over $40,000 in small project contracts to artists and performers to create virtual content for the “Keep Arts Working� project. We have distributed over 400 art kits to local children in low-income communities. We connected artists with 15 businesses to paint storefronts or parklets during Covid-19 closures and after May 31st George Floyd civil unrest. We strongly believe that ART in the big sense of the word, in which every genre is represented, will build us into a stronger community. We extend a thank you to every individual who wakes up every day or stays up every night to create something new. It is up to us to reimagine how our public imagination will bring justice. Because WE CREATE US. Photo by Jose Cordon | Instagram: deadendbridgade Artist: Nuria Ortiz | Instagram: @msyellowart Location: Thrift and Gift, 2142 E 4th St. 24 | LBHomeLiving.com

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Mixing it Up with Kevin Sun of MIXX Kitchen in Bixby Knolls Interview by Ronnie de Leon In cuisine, tradition not only passes down recipes but identity. It goes beyond instructions and measurements, it connects the generations to a larger picture. What binds though also has the potential to make innovation difficult if you get weighed down by exception. At MIXX Kitchen (3853 Atlantic Ave) in Bixby Knolls, owners Kevin Sun and his wife Michelle use their cultural backgrounds and upbringing in Restaurants as a stepping point to make food as varied as their experiences. We caught up with Kevin to see how experimentation plays a huge role in his cooking process. For starters, tell us about your background working in restaurants and how it influenced your own restaurant. We are just a small group of family members trying to make good food. Coming from the kitchens of the restaurants my family-owned, I was always in the background as a kid helping my parents and it transitioned into wanting to own my own business. Not just waiting and taking orders but being involved with the whole operation. It got me into cooking and wanting to do everything and see the entire process of making a meal. Our parents owned restaurants in Huntington Beach, La Habra, and Anaheim that were all traditional and didn’t take off brand wise. It is what made Michelle and I want to take our perspective of what ‘good’ and that’s where we came up with MIXX. It was about incorporating different varieties of American, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese, and whatever because we lived in a place that is so 26 | LBHomeLiving.com

fused you can have any type of food at any time. It’s what I remember growing up. I was exposed to so many cultures through their cuisine and I wanted to learn from all of them. You incorporate a lot of cultures in your food. What was that process like? It’s been a journey and a process that hasn’t stopped- we are still figuring it out. We use it as an opportunity to make our dishes better and experiment. We’re constantly taking something old and finding new twists on them. Michelle is Chinese and I am Tai. We know how to make the classics and we’ve done that already. We know how dishes are traditionally prepared but we mix the basics with our influences to create something new. It’s trial and error. Experimentation is like an art in a way. You have to constantly find new angles but there is no right or wrong way, just a

good product. And even then there’s still room for change.

and got linked up. We loved how his style complemented the space.

Speaking of art, can you tell us about how you’ve incorporated art into the space?

His style complements your cultural structure and approach to cooking too- finding moments of transformation within structure

The idea of having art incorporated into the restaurant came about because my brother does art and is a close inspiration. We wanted the space to be dynamic and not just a place to sit and eat but also experience and be a talking point. We came across Steve Martinez on Instagram and instantly gravitated towards his work. We made a call

Definitely. Steve was working here alongside you during construction; what was that like? Working alongside Steve at that time was unexpectedly nice. When the store wasn’t open and in what could have been solitary and stressful, it was nice to have

Experimentation is like an art in a way. You have to constantly find new angles but there is no right or wrong way, just a good product.

someone working equally hard beside me- having beers and hanging out after hours past midnight. It made the whole process laid back and it was exciting watching him create something from scratch. He made hard work look easy. How has it been working alongside your wife, Michelle? Her involvement and input since the beginning has always been a huge part of MIXX, if not more since the beginning. All the details and the easethnics of the space- she designed. Even all of the tea recipes and food. She knows her stuff and has a great sense of taste. We constantly go back and forth to make things better. We both have the same goals of accomplishing the things we both believe in. She’s been a big part of the business day in and day out. After we opened

she was to chill but since COVID and with no new hires she has taken a more hands on role and for sure handles the front and makes sure everything happens.

are always open to feedback because we want to constantly better ourselves. It’s beyond money, we just want to make good food and people happy- that’s the ultimate goal.

What Makes MIXX Different? For us, we want to take the expected and make it new and recreate. We are open to exploring and always thinking about how we can modernize the classics. There is not one way to make good food. We respect authenticity but at the same time we are not married to tradition otherwise no new food would ever come about. We like the mixing and the clash. What’s your ultimate goal? We want people to know about us and be a part of our process. Things are tough now but still we LBHomeLiving.com | 27

Arts & Entertainment Museum Long Beach Museum of Art After being purchased in 1950 by the City of Long Beach, the Long Beach Museum of Art became a staple in the city’s art history. With over 3,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and decorative art objects, the museum offers visitors a unique look at art from around the world: Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America. 2300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 439-2119 Lbma.org

Art Gallery Dark Art Emporium For all your abstract obsessions look no further, located in beautiful downtown Long Beach, Ca., The Dark Art Emporium is a diverse art gallery environment dedicated to showcasing the artists and creators that often fly under the radar of most people’s perception of fine art. Here you will find everything from real human skulls, creepy dolls, unorthodox taxidermy, to low brow, and dark fine art. 256 Elm Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 612-1118 darkartemporium.com

Local Bands Knyght Ryder From Beastie Boys to Journey, Knyght Ryder has got your favorite hits on lock! They are a kick-ass 80’s (and 90’s) tribute band rockin all over Long Beach. Be sure to catch them at the Gaslamp or hire them for your next event! (562) 305-0998 www.knyghtryder.com 28 | LBHomeLiving.com

Performance Group Musique Sur La Mer Orchestra Musique Sur La Mer Youth Symphony Orchestra (MSLMYSO) was founded in 2001 by Maestro Sudock. MSLMYSO is for intermediate – advanced musicians ages 12-25. Our orchestra includes: violins, violas, cellos, contrabasses, flutes, oboes, Bb clarinets, bass clarinets, bassoons, saxophones, French horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba, all percussion, piano, and harp. MSLMYSO travels the globe, performing in the world’s most prestigious concert venues, as well as donating concerts to schools and hospitals. MSLMYSO hosts youth orchestras from around the world. In an effort to bridge the musical divide and expand cultural awareness, MSLMYSO expands its repertoire to include non-western music. 423 C Shoreline Village Drive Long Beach, CA, 90802 562-799-1060 www.mslmorchestra.com

Local Attractions Aquarium of the Pacific One of Long Beach’s best known attractions with over 1.5 million visitors every year. The Aquarium of the Pacific has been offering visitors from around the world a look at a collection of over 11,000 animals representing over 500 different species. In October of 2018 the Aquarium celebrated a milestone in the construction of its expansion, Pacific Visions, opening to the public in spring 2019, will house a state-of-the-art immersive theater, expanded

special exhibitions, art galleries, and additional space for live animal exhibits. 100 Aquarium Way. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 590-3100 aquariumofpacific.org

Theatre/Performance Venue Long Beach Playhouse Established in 1929, the Long Beach Playhouse has become a Landmark of the city and a staple for performances for decades. Producing over 12 shows annually, the Long Beach Playhouse cuts across age, gender, ethnic, and cultural boundaries to nurture and cultivate audiences. Their vision; to serve our diverse community with quality theatre, strong educational programs and collaborative efforts, to produce socially significant, classic and contemporary plays. 5021 E Anaheim St. Long Beach, CA 90804 (562) 494-1014

Local Artist Steven Nakamura Professional Fine Artist, Steven Seizo Nakamura has been recognized for using Red Wine as an artistic medium. Steven was recently featured in a Wine documentary, and appeared on the Kelly Picker and Ben Aaron show in Nashville, Tennessee. Steven studied Illustration and Fine Art at CSUN, and has an art studio here in Long Beach California. He teaches both figure painting and plein air painting. Steven volunteers at the Long Beach VA working with Veterans with PTSD, in addition to his Red Wine Painting steven-nakamura.pixels.com

Event/Festival Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc. was established in October 1983 and produced the first annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival & Parade in June of 1984. Over the past several years, the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival & Parade has become the 3rd largest in the nation, now attracting over 80,000 participants over the two-day celebration. More than 200 marching groups and floats comprise the parade entries since 1995, representing various religious, human service, governmental and social organizations. Their mission statement; to engage in and support bridge building activities that educate, encourage and celebrate LGBT inclusion and pride. 1017 Obispo Avenue, Long Beach CA, 90804 (562) 987-9191 www.longbeachpride.com

Live Music The Gaslamp The Gaslamp on PCH has become one of Long Beach’s best hidden gems. With live music and dancing almost 5 nights a week. Whether you’re looking for karaoke, brunch or the best 80’s cover band in Long Beach; Knyght Ryder - the Gaslamp is a guaranteed rocking good time. 6251 E. Pacific Coast Highway Long Beach, CA (562) 596-4718 thegaslamprestaurant.com

Auto Services Body Shop Orozco’s Auto Service What started with one auto repair shop in 1999 has now grown to four locations, two in Long Beach and two in Bellflower. This family owned business offers full service auto repair and maintenance services which include complex diagnoses, engine repair and even simple oil changes. They truly go a step beyond at Orozco’s. Check out their blog for great advice on keeping your car running smoothly! 3033 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90807 (562) 426-6322 orozcosautoservice.com

Car Wash/Detailing Long Beach Auto Detail Long Beach Auto Detail is located on 2nd Street in Long Beach California. They specialize in Auto Detailing, Window Tinting, Paintless Dent Removal, Headlight Restoration, Engine De-Grease, Bumper Repair and more. They provide Full Service auto detailing and 100% hand wash with all the best treatments. To make your car, truck, bike, or van look and feel brand new, call for more information! 5313 E 2nd St Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 438-1572

Auto Repair

Tom’s Automotive Service Center

Established in 1981, Tom’s Automotive Service Center is the trusted name in auto service in Long Beach CA, and surrounding areas. Family-owned and operated, Tom’s offers personalized service for your car,

truck, or SUV. See them for regular maintenance, tire sales, lift and leveling kits, and auto repair. They are a TIA certified tire dealer and carry only the most respected tire brands. 4401 East Anaheim St. Long Beach, CA 90804 (562) 424-0404 Tomstire.com

Tire Shop America’s Tire Head over to America’s Tires in Long Beach for the best and lowest prices on tires and rims. Their on site experts perform wheel and tire installations, rotation, balancing and repair. Stop in for a free air pressure check and inspection. Walk-ins welcome! 7251 Carson Blvd Long Beach, CA 90808 562-429-2227 americastire.com

Car Dealership Cabe Toyota One of the original Toyota dealers in Southern California, Cabe has been family owned and operated since the beginning in 1966. You’ll notice the difference in experience the moment you walk on the lot. Their staff is helpful and attentive while maintaining a level of honesty and integrity that you won’t find anywhere else. Their competitive advantage is a direct, family oriented atmosphere without the usual high pressure sales. 2895 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90806 (562) 595-7411 Cabetoyota.com

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Food & Restaurants Breakfast Breakfast Bar Josh and Pamela Beadel are Long Beach locals who have lived and worked in downtown since 2002. The Breakfast Bar is a creative blend of Josh’s expertise in the bar and beverage industry and Pamela’s expertise in the restaurant business, built to bring friends and family together over food and drink. With food like Grandma would cook accompanied by specialty drinks and craft beer, you have a perfectly well rounded dining experience. Long Beach, CA 90803 70 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 726-1700 ]the-breakfast-bar.com

Brunch Claire’s at the Museum Claire’s at the Museum Restaurant is located on the beautifully landscaped campus of the Long Beach Museum of Art. The oceanfront dining area includes indoor seating in the Historic Anderson House or the outdoor patio that surrounds Claire Falkenstein’s stunning water sculpture, Structure and Flow. The patio also features an unobstructed view of the Queen Mary and Catalina Island. 2300 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 439-2119 www.lbma.org/claires

Fine Dining 555 Steakhouse For all you romantics out there 555 steakhouse is the perfect combination of sexy and cool. The talent30 | LBHomeLiving.com

ed piano player sets the scene while the vast selection of wine elevates the mood. Top it off with an exquisite dish and you’ve got yourself the perfect date night. Thank me later. 555 E Ocean Blvd Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 437-0626 555east.com

Juice Bar Rainbow Juices Rainbow Juices was born out of a natural expansion of love for delicious, living foods and a passion to educate and serve others says the owners Donna and Chrissy. Rainbow Juices takes the time to provide you with the very best juice on the planet: sourcing the freshest local, organic ingredients and cold-pressing it to perfection. The result is always a delicious, raw, living juice that contains the nutrients to keep you happy, healthy and thriving! 246 East 3rd Street Long Beach, CA 90802 562-912-4281 rainbowjuices.com

Mexican Los Compadres Born in 1987, Los Compadres set out to provide their guests with a culinary experience and warmth that can only be found south of the border. They traveled to most states in Mexico, tasting different flavors and compiling different recipes in order to bring the finest food they can offer to our Long Beach community. Bring your family, friends, co-workers, significant others, whatever the occasion may be, you’ll walk out

feeling satisfied.

1144 Pine Ave Long Beach, CA 90813 562.432.0061 loscompadreslbc.com

Mediterranean/Greek George’s Greek Cafe The Loizides family wishes to welcome you to “a little piece of Greece in Southern California!” George’s Greek Cafe has expanded from its humble beginnings as a delicatessen into three full-service, family restaurants in Downtown Long Beach, Belmont Shore and Lakewood. George’s has remained a favorite among the locals for a few reasons, their promise to provide fresh, delicious meals in a fun, relaxed atmosphere being one of them. They continue to follow Mama Rodou’s recipes which were passed down to her from her grandmother. Whether you’re looking to impress a date with an intimate wine tasting, reconnecting with family over Saganaki Flaming Cheese and lamb chops, or planning the perfect wedding reception for 500 of your closest friends, George’s has it all. 135 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 437-1184 georgesgreekcafe.com

Thai Food Thai District This boutique Thai restaurant is like no other. In the heart of the East Village, Thai District is a must stop for locals and visitors alike. Some of their signature dishes include a spicy lemongrass soup and Khao Soi, a house specialty from the owner’s hometown in

Northern Thailand. Your taste buds will never be the same!

149 Linden Ave Ste E Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 951-7181 thaidistrictrestaurant.com

Sushi Bar Sushi on Fire Sushi On Fire is all about good food and fun! Serving some of the best fusion and traditional Japanese sushi dishes since 2005. All items are prepared with authentic Japanese ingredients, flavored by their famous recipes, and presented to you in the Sushi On Fire style. As they would say, “Come light the fuse!” 5325 E 2nd St. Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 433-0221 sushionfire.com

Italian Food L’Opera Located in a historic building that opened its doors in 1906 as the First National Bank of Long Beach, the “L’Opera building” is rich in history and culture and now northern Italian dishes! Executive Chef Walter Cota creates unique and exciting Italian food that won him the prestigious award Chef of the Year by the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association. Chef Cotta selects only top produce, premium choice meats and the freshest seafood. You can also host a variety of parties in their 4 event spaces. Book your reservation online. 101 Pine Ave Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 491-0066 lopera.com

Cambodian Food Phnom Penh Noodle Shack Family owned and operated by the Tan Family since 1985. PPNS is authentic cambodian food with generations of family recipes still used to this day. Prepare yourself for a family style meal with all the comforts of home. Their mission; spread awareness of our food and culture to different communities. 1644 Cherry Ave Cambodia Town Long Beach, CA 90813 (562) 433-0032 thenoodleshack.com

Taco Tuesday Hole Mole Hole Mole restaurants are the definition of “Southern California Comfort Food.” They are a family-owned and operated chain servicing Long Beach, Carson, Tustin, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa, but don’t let the word “chain” fool you. For anyone looking for that authentic Ensenada style fish taco, Hole Mole is what you seek. From the crema to the fresh fish, add a little of their tasty salsa and you’ve got yourself a taco Tuesday straight from Baja. 1327 E. 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 437-0878 holemole.com

Burger MVP’s It’s game day and MVP’s really is Long Beach’s MVP. They have it all, meaty American style burgers, huge baskets of seasoned fries and an outdoor patio. You can watch the big game and chow down on

a delicious burger, sounds like a home run to us! 3701 E 4th St Long Beach, CA 90814 (562) 439-0809 www.facebook.com/MVPsGrillandPatio

Pizza The 4th Horseman On the ground floor of the historic Walker Building you will find an apocalyptic themed restaurant complete with doll heads, scary movies and the pizza to end all pizzas. Former owners of Craft Brewery Phantom Carriage, Ryan Hughs and Martin Svab along with Dark Art Emporium owner Jeremy Schott are the creators of this dark and delicious pizza mecca. You will not be disappointed and they’re now open for lunch! 121 W. 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 513-3394 the4thhorsemanlbc.com

Farmers Market Marina’s on Sundays This Sunday tradition is the perfect place to grab a bite from one of the many vendors, sample artisanal foods, pick up farm fresh produce, shop local artists or just enjoy a Sunday stroll. There is truly something for everyone at this beautiful waterfront market. Starts at 9 AM Ends at 1 PM

it’s no surprise Long Beach has one of the best veggie restaurants in Cali! This vegan eatery started as a food truck and has stayed true to their artisan approach throughout the years. Their menu changes with seasonal produce and all of their condiments are made from scratch. Whether your appetite requires a hearty Irish Stew, Kimchi Tacos, or a Warm Cauliflower salad; their variety of offerings is sure to fill you up and treat your taste buds. 975 E 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 317-5545 seabirdskitchen.com

Food truck Manny’s Tacos In a world full of taco trucks what separates Manny’s from the rest is the quality of product and the eagerness to satisfy every single customer. From quesadillas, tortas to the best shrimp tacos around Manny’s is what Mexican food is all about. Ocean Blvd and Magnolia Long Beach, CA (562) 661-0459 mannystacos.us

N Marina Dr. Long Beach, CA 90803 www.goodveg.org

Healthy Food // Vegan/ VegetarianSeabirds With the growing Vegetarian/Vegan movement, LBHomeLiving.com | 31

Retail Women’s Clothing Luckette Boutique Luckette Boutique previously located in the heart of Naples Island, filled with unique, one-of-a-kind, artisan-crafted collections of jewelry, shoes, readyto-wear, accessories, gifts, trinkets and home decor from around the globe. Lucketté Jewelry offers a curated collection of exquisite one-of-a-kind creations & fine gifts. Their vision is transmitted through the natural beauty of the materials they source from all facets of the globe. They are proud to offer handmade engagement rings and a unique collection of antique, estate, custom and contemporary jewelry ONLINE ONLY (562) 320-8443 luckette.com

Men’s Clothing Stay Anchored Founded in 2014, Stay Anchored perfectly embodies the essence of Long Beach. Their mantra; A State Of Mind, To Remain Anchored Amidst The Storm®️ Sold in shops around Downtown Long Beach like MADE by Millworks and most Art Walks/ community events. To top it off, it will be the comfiest tee-shirt you own. Don’t forget to check out their instagram and website. Stayanchoredbrand.com @stayanchoredlongbeach

Gift Store MADE by Millworks Looking for something truly unique and made by local artists? There’s no better place than MADE by Millworks where you’ll find products from over 32 32

| LBHomeLiving.com

150 local makers, artisans and designers. Not your typical boutique; you’ll find opportunities here for art shows, vegan pop-ups and even pasta making classes. The eclectic spirit of Long Beach is truly exemplified in this local treasure in the heart of Downtown on Pine. 240 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 584-6233 madebymillworks.com

Home Decor Recircle Home Looking to expand your inner spiritual being, need some sage? stones? or books on natural magic? Well, Recircle Home on the corner of Broadway and Linden has everything you need. They are a small indie shop that specializes in home decor and magical goods to make any space feel more like a home. Manifest your magic with this local gem. 501 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 882-6026 recirclehome.com

Antiques/Thrift Store Long Beach Vintage Etc. Located in the heart of Downtown Long Beach, this 7,000 sq ft showroom is chock full of delectable eclectic antique finds. Check them out for Artisan Décor, Quality Furniture from all eras, Beautiful Rhinestone Jewelry, affordable True Vintage Clothing galore, Kitchenware, Linens, Vinyl records, Rock n Roll gear, Mad Men style Barware, California Pottery, Traditional antiquities, Fab 50’s nostalgia, Sleek 60’s MCM, Groovy 70’s and some Funky 80’s kitsch

thrown in for good measure! Open 7 days a week. Great prices and friendly knowledgeable employees to help you find your treasure! 737 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90813 (562) 436-9495 Lbvintage.com

Marijuana Dispensary MedMen Long Beach Founded in 2010, MedMen is North America’s premium cannabis retailer. Founders Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin have defined the next generation discovery platform for cannabis and all its benefits. A robust selection of high-quality products, including MedMen-owned brands [statemade], LuxLyte and MedMen Red, coupled with a team of cannabis-educated associates cement the Company’s commitment to providing an unparalleled experience. MedMen’s industry-leading technology enables a fully compliant, owned-and-operated delivery service and MedMen Buds, a nationwide loyalty program. MedMen believes that a world where cannabis is legal and regulated is safer, healthier and happier. 2767 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 485-9303 www.MedMen.com


www.luckette.com TEL: 562. 320. 8443

luckettejewellery luckettejewellery luckettejewels

 Â? Â? Â? Â? Â?Â

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Wellness & Beauty Acupuncture Long Beach Community Acupuncture As the first community acupuncture clinic in the city of Long Beach, California, they offer high-quality, affordable acupuncture every day. Their mission is to make the medicine more accessible so everyone can experience how effective it can be as part of their daily lives. 1703 Termino Ave, Suite 104 90804 Long Beach, CA (562) 477-5045 longbeachcommunityacupuncture.com

Barber Zoe Garcia Zoe Garcia of Dappers & Dames Parlour is your goto hair extraordinaire, from razor shaves to styling, she provides the ultimate experience. Servicing women and men, she exudes versatility and style. Building lasting relationships is her business model and has gotten her where she is today, servicing the East Village in Downtown Long Beach. Book your appointment on Dappers and Dames website today. 507 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 802-4963 www.ddparlour.com

Barber Shop Dappers & Dames Parlour One of a kind barbershop servicing men, women, and children in Downtown Long Beach. Their welcoming and dependable, dual licensed Barbers/Stylists are passionate about executing top quality crafted services, specializing in 34 | LBHomeLiving.com

men & women hair cutting and traditional hot towel razor shaves. It is their mission to build strong, long-term relationships with every client. Whether you have short hair or long hair they can help create a look that perfectly complements you. 507 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 802-4963 www.ddparlour.com

Beauty Salon Dappers & Dames Parlour (see Barber Shop) Stylist Stephany Van Stone Stephany has been a stylist for over 14 years, specializing in Color, using Olaplex, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Schwarzkopf, & Pulp Riot. You can find her working her magic at the London Lights Studio in Long Beach. Book online. 300 A E 4th St., Ste 101 Long Beach, CA 90802

Tattoo/Piercing Location Paper Crane Centrally located in Long Beach, California, Paper Crane Studio offers custom tattoo work that authentically tells your story. Founder Mikey Vigilante and his industry-leading artists provide outstanding service through raw talent, genuine care, and decades of experience. 530 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 999-1454 papercranetattoo.com

Tattoo/Artist Kari Barba Kari Barba started tattooing at age 19 and has built

a 35 year long career, she is now considered one of the most prestigious tattoo artist of her time. She has won over 500 awards, including Best Tattooist 3 times, and a lifetime achievement award. Kari loves to tattoo colorful Asian styles, Portraits, Realism, and Black and Gray. Kari thrives on the diversity of her clientele and the endless options of art styles. She’s constantly growing and learning and it is reflected in her ever changing style. She is now the owner of the oldest tattoo shop in the U.S., Outer Limits Tattoo. If you are interested in a consultation or an appointment with Kari, feel free to contact her directly. 22 S Chestnut Pl. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 437-9121 outerlimitstattoo.com

Day Spa Susan Hammond Skincare Susan has been an esthetician and skin care professional for over 17 years. She customizes facials to each individuals skin type, needs and personal goals using holistic therapy such as facial acupressure and essential oils. Susan is a firm believer in wellness and relaxation on top of good skin care, if you’re seeking expert advice on how to get your skin looking 100%, she is your woman! On top of all that, her space is a hidden oasis of relaxation. Book your appointment online!

503 E Broadway, Long beach, CA 90802 (562) 472-7197 Susanhammondskincare.com

Nail Salon Gem Nail Gem Nail Bar on 2nd street specializes in eyelash extensions, waxing, hard gel builder, pedicure in massage chair, acrylic nails and gel manicure. For your complete convenience and safety, they run a 100% sanitary salon. Their friendly staff will help make all your nail dreams come true! Call for an appointment! 5353 E 2nd St suite c Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 434-9200 gemnailbar.com

Massage G-Medical Massage Spa G-Spa has served Long Beach for almost 9 years. Providing bodywork, they continue to assist people that are in chronic pain, injured or disabled. What makes them stand apart is that they care about “Your Results”. Most of their therapists have 10+ years of experience and also have additional certifications towards their specialties. Whether you’re looking for some help to ease body pain or just a relaxing afternoon, G Spa has you covered. Los Altos Medical Plaza 1777 N. Bellflower Blvd., Suite 203 Long Beach, CA 90815 (213) 632-8180 g-spamassage.com

Health & Fitness Gym 9Round Long Beach 9Round is a specialized fitness center for people who want a unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. Perfect for people on the go who still want to get their sweat on. There are no class times, you go in, do your 30 minute workout and you’re done! Clarissa and all the trainers are super friendly and helpful, get ready to feel strong and badass! Visit their site to sign up for 1 free class. 5668 E 2nd St. Long Beach, CA 90803 562-247-0899 www.9round.com

Boot Camp Long Beach Boot Camp Long Beach Boot Camp is for all fitness levels, men and women, with no maximum age limit. There’s no “too young” or “too old” or “too fit” or “too un-fit” category. All training is led by certified trainers who can offer modifications to any exercise. Their mission is to make Fitness Fun! They strive to offer safe and effective small group training sessions, to educate on how to incorporate local and fresh foods to fuel your body, and to raise your self-awareness to enjoy a fulfilled life. Book your next session on their website. Varied Locations (562) 343-5230 longbeachbootcamp.com

Yoga Yoga on the Bluff Have you ever driven by Bluff Park and seen a huge group of people laying on the grass? Well my friend, welcome to yoga on the bluff! Yogalution Movement has brought yoga, meditation, workouts and a general sense of community to Long Beach in the best possible way, by offering donation based yoga on a beautiful oceanfront bluff. These classes offer endless possibilities to quiet the mind while strengthening the body and soaking up the sun. Can’t make the bluff times? The studio offers classes throughout the day, be sure to check their website for class times. 3141 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90804 (562) 230-5545 yogalutionmovement.com

Running Group Long Beach Running Club Founded in 2014, the Long Beach Running Club is free for any community runner to join of any age or pace. Weekly meet ups are Sundays and Mondays, drawing on average 100 runners. LBRC strives to provide a safe running environment and offers training programs for most major races. The success of LBRC is driven by the club’s volunteers and loyal runners who aim to meet personal race goals and help others.

Physical Therapy and has worked with a variety of athletes and people, which makes him well equipped to guide you on your fitness journey. Scott founded the I DEFY FITNESS community to make fitness a part of your lifestyle. Scott fuses physiology and nutrition together with what he calls the viking warrior spirit to make training fun with tools and weapons. 3424 Los Coyotes Diagonal Long Beach, CA 90808 (562) 451-5775 idefyfitness.com

Sports Team Dirtbags When it comes to baseball teams Cal State Long Beach State outshines the rest! They have produced more big leaguers than any other school in the country. Head coach, Troy Buckley has laid down a solid foundation that has turned these young athletes into professional baseball players. The Dirtbags established themselves as one of the strongest teams on the West Coast and continue to dominate college baseball. California State University, Long Beach Longbeachstate.com

IG: long_beach_running_ club

Personal Trainer Scott Sonderman Scott Sonderman holds a doctorate degree in LBHomeLiving.com | 35

Nightlife Bar Blind Donkey The Blind Donkey has a cool, casual vibe, and offers some of the most delicious whiskey drinks in town. Their most popular drink? Old Fashioned. Made with Wild Turkey rye, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and orange rind it is absolutely delicious and a must have if you find yourself in here. Definitely a great place to visit for a whiskey fan. 149 Linden Ave. Ste B100 Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 247-1511 theblinddonkey.com

DJ Las Chicas Tristes Catch this amazing DJ duo at Mezcalero or the Stache Bar every Thursday and Saturday night. They bring the heat from every musical era to ensure the party is lit! Founding Members, Leticia Gomez and Brittney Carranza are the coolest ladies spinning all the grooviest tracks. Follow them on social media! @laschicastristes

Brewery Belmont Brewing Company Opened in the summer of 1990, Belmont Brewing Company is the oldest brew pub in Los Angeles County. Their mission is to continue to proudly craft and brew their staple beers; clean blondes, hoppy pales, IPA’s, balanced ambers, big stouts, fruity weizens and spicy belgians. If you’re looking for a cold beer on a beautiful day, their beachfront patio 36 | LBHomeLiving.com

is the place you are looking for. 25 39th Place Long Beach, CA 90803 562-433-3891

Dance Club Hamburger Mary’s Start your meal by taking shots. This is the spot to savor your classic cocktails and brunch with some entertainment. Known for its gay-themed environment, Hamburger Mary’s started in San Francisco and now has 17 locations across the country. You can also take home a souvenir bottle if you order the 20 oz or the 60 oz Mary’s Leg specialty drinks. 330 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA (562) 436-7900 hamburgermarys.com

Happy Hour Panxa Panxa Cocina is a beloved neighborhood eatery recognized for its modern Southwestern cuisine with an emphasis on the cooking, culinary traditions, and rich culture of New Mexico. Founded and owned by venerable Chef Art Gonzalez, Panxa Cocina is located in Belmont Heights and has been a must-visit staple in the Long Beach dining scene since 2016. The menu emphasizes ingredients indigenous to New Mexico such as Hatch Chile as well as hyper-local and seasonal produce sourced from local farmers and purveyors including Farm Lot 59. Stand-out dishes include the Stacked Enchilada, Navajo Taco, Chimayó Pozole, and Hatch Chile Burger which accompany

ever-changing items like the Albondigas con Spatzle or fresh Ceviche Mixto that reflects the season. The well-thought cocktail program at Panxa Cocina is led by Beverage Director Greg Goins whose imaginative cocktails such as the Kokopelli or Peaty Pablo draw from the coveted mezcal collection, tequila, and vast array of premium spirits along with notable wines and local beers. 3937 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA (562) 433-7999 panxacocina.com

Wine Bar District Wine A full service wine shop, tasting room and lounge! District Wine specializes in small production wine and imported beer. This engaging and relaxing environment where wine lovers gather to learn, taste and enjoy wine in the eclectic East Village of Long Beach offers happy hour specials everyday of the week that you don’t want to miss. They offer a tasty selection of small plate appetizers and yummy flatbread pizzas to nibble on while spending quality time with friends. 144 Linden Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 612-0411 districtwine.com

Tiki Bar Bamboo Club Long Beach’s only 7 days a week Tiki bar! Prepare to be transported to an island of enchantment, excotic drinks and groovy tunes. The Bamboo Club, on Anaheim and Loma opened just last year, but has

proven to be a staple in the Long Beach bar scene. With it’s authentic tiki crafted cocktails, island food and cool decor, no doubt you’ll never want to leave this dive bar paradise. 3522 E Anaheim St Long Beach, CA 90804 (562) 343-2534 @ bambooclublb

Karaoke Alex’s Bar Serving up live music Thursday through Sunday nights, Alex’s bar has become one of Long Beach’s best live music venues, “Turning down the suck since 2000”. From the decor to the killer sound system, great cocktails and friendly staff, they have it all. Alex’s bar is a staple for up and coming bands from far and wide. Drop in for some live music, good beer, trivia night or a classic 80’s night. You will not be disappointed. 2913 E Anaheim St Long Beach, California (562) 434-8292 www.alexsbar.com

Cocktails Mezcalero Located on the top floor of Padres you will find the most extensive selection of agave spirits in all of Southern California. Mezcalero is a Mezcal bar boasting distinctive cocktails, craft beer and a rooftop patio. Open 7 days a week, with special happy hours and Dj’s spinning on select nights, get ready to fiesta the night away! 525 E. Broadway Downtown Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 612-4951

Community & Leadership Non-Profit Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras (see performance group) Activist Justin Rudd Volunteer - Justin Rudd Born and raised in a small town in Alabama, Rudd has dedicated his time to providing community help around Long Beach. He founded a non-profit organization known as Community Action Team. Rudd’s organization hosts community programs and events annually from beauty pageants to the monthly 30-minute beach clean up to the famous Howl’oween Dog Parade. Visit Rudd’s website and facebook page for more information on his next event. Justinrudd.com

Public Official Mayor Robert Garcia Long Beach made history when we elected Mayor Robert Garcia in 2014. He is the first openly gay mayor to be elected in the city’s history and he comes with a long list of accolades. Before serving as mayor he was elected to the Long Beach City Council in 2009, then re-elected to a full four- year term in 2010. He also serves on the Senate Rules Committee and works to keep our coastline beautiful as one of the California Coastal Commissioners. Education has been a passion throughout his life and led him to pursue a Doctorate in Education; he’s taught at University of Southern California, Cal State Long Beach and Long Beach

City College.


House of Worship First Congregational Church The First Congregational Church of Long Beach is a community of seekers who care for each other as they explore what it means to be people of faith. They embrace a liberal theology and are committed to social justice – working to bring about God’s realm of peace to the world. They celebrate diversity, welcoming folks from varied life experiences. Services of Celebration Sunday mornings are at 10 a.m.

very active Board Member for Musique Sur La Mer, a fantastic children’s orchestra located in Shoreline Village. Other organizations that have her full active support; California Families in Focus, Long Beach Opera, Long Beach Architecture week, Long Beach Arts Council, and Ronald McDonald House. She loves the diversity of Long Beach and cares about the community.

241 Cedar Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802 Firstchurchlb.org 562-436-2256

Networking Event Bixby Knolls Broker Preview The Bixby Knolls Broker Preview and Tour is a Real Estate related networking meeting and property tour for real estate agents, affiliates, & the local community. This is to network and hear the latest market updates, then tour the listed properties for sale in the Bixby Knolls and surrounding areas. They meet every Friday morning, call Pamela for more information. 4321 Atlantic Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807 (562) 427-2222

Non-Profit Christine Nakamura Intensively active in the arts community and focused on helping nonprofits succeed in their endeavors. Christine is a LBHomeLiving.com | 37

News & MEdia Local Blog Long Beach Home + Living Long Beach Home + Living – is the premier lifestyle multimedia platform in Long Beach and beyond A favorite among Long Beachers for their hyper local content, the “Best Of” awards and the women’s issue. Stay tuned for their 1st Annual Long Beach Architecture Week and Magazine that will showcase all the most loved architecture our city has to offer! www.lbhomeliving.com

Journalist Brian Addison Brian Addison is an award-winning writer and photographer based in Long Beach, where his love of books, whiskey, and perspective are continuously fulfilled. In 2015, he was named the Journalist of the Year by the Los Angeles Press Club, adding to recognitions from the California State Senate, the California Bicycle Coalition, the City of Long Beach, California State University Long Beach, and others. facebook.com/BrianAddisonLB

38 | LBHomeLiving.com

Photographer Mike Hardy Social Media Influencer/ Personality Richard Shimiz If you’re ever out in Long Beach and some older gentleman asks if he can take your picture, just know, you are being photographed by the legend himself, Richard Shimizu! He photographs almost every event in the LBC with his phone, and posts the photos on social media within minutes, literally minutes! It’s incredible, a true community member and one of the nicest souls you’ll ever come across. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram if you want to see your pics! We love you Richard! @shimizurichard

Video Long Beach Local News When news breaks around the greater metropolitan Long Beach area, Long Beach Local News is on the scene! Tune in nightly at 6 pm on Channel 32 and 41 for the latest breaking news in the community, politics, entertainment, business and more! (562) 653-6397 longbeachlocalnews.com

Newspaper/Local News Long Beach Post The Long Beach Post is a daily, digital publication covering news, life, business, placemaking, food, sports, LGBT issues and more in the city of Long Beach, California. The Long Beach Post was founded February 13, 2007. www.lbpost.com

Medical & Local Services Chiropractor Bob the Chiropractor Dr. Bob Benaderet, most known as Bob the Chiropractor, mixes chiropractic care with physiotherapeutic methods and nutritional care to help you achieve your goals in life. Before he was Bob the Chiropractor, he was also a patient himself and couldn’t function without experiencing pain for six months. Dr. Benaderet is focused on bringing his patients back to their original, healthy lifestyle. (562) 472-5585 416 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802 bobthechiropractor.com

Dentist Dr. Hosena DDS As a person who comes from a history of bad dental experiences, Dr. Hosena is a life saver! The best dentist, staff, office and quality of care. I had to have a wisdom tooth removed and was very nervous, Dr. Hosena was gentle and caring and the procedure took less than a few minutes. If you’re looking for someone who cares about your oral hygiene and will give your smile that boost you’re looking for, Dr. Hosena is the one for you. I refuse to go anywhere else! 2743 E 4th St, Long Beach CA 90802 (562) 987-0434

Doctor/Clinic Chiromed Healing Center ChiroMed Healing Center in Long Beach, California, is owned and operated by Dr. Candace M. Davis. With more than 25 years of experience in chiropractic services, they provide you

with the necessary services you need to get back on your feet, such as physical therapy, adjustments, acupressure, acupuncture, essential oils, reflexology, therapeutic massage, laser therapy, and nutritional support. Contact them to begin your healing journey. 1777 N Bellflower Blvd, #107 Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 494-6690 longbeachchiromed.com

Cleaning Services Rug’it Cleaning Rug’it Cleaning, your local and trusted carpet cleaning and stone care experts! They have years of experience providing quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and natural stone cleaning and polishing. Looking to give your home some love? Maybe a carpet cleaning is exactly what you need to start the new year fresh. 2321 East 28th Street #408 Signal Hill, CA 90755 (562) 606-2560 rugitcleaning.com

Dry Cleaning Betty Bright For over 35 years, Betty Brite has been serving the Long Beach Area as its premiere dry cleaners. At Betty Brite, they have an environmentally friendly process to clean your clothes without the harsh chemicals such as Perc while maintaining a high standard in their cleaning. They not only offer dry cleaning, but also wet cleaning for certain garments that require this

alternative method. Using only nontoxic, hypoallergenic and plant based ingredients. Find them on Broadway and in Naples. 3901 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 434 2383 bettybritecleaners.com

Hotel Hotel Maya The newly renovated Hotel Maya - a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel offers spacious guest rooms with a private balcony and is minutes from the Long Beach Convention Center. The lush tropical gardens, colorful decor and stunning views of Long Beach Oceanfront make Hotel Maya an excellent corporate or wedding venue. Book your next getaway or staycation with the beautiful Hotel Maya, don’t forget to check out their Mariachi Sunday Brunches at “Fuego”. 700 Queensway Drive Long Beach, CA 90802 562-435-7676

Boutique Hotel Hotel Royal Hotel Royal was built in 1923 and retains its Art Deco roots, with upgraded rooms for every traveler and modern comforts. Their European style accommodations are each decorated differently, so that each stay is like no other. Hotel Royal is right in the heart of Downtown Long Beach, in the East Village Arts District that is pulsing with art galleries, coffee shops, and unique retailers. 431 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA, 90802 562-283-8755 hotelroyallb.com

LBHomeLiving.com | 39

Professional Services Insurance Agent Keir Jones - State Farm You might have a lot of questions and concerns about insurance and it is driving you nuts. Keir will answer any questions you have about homeowners, car, and life insurances. Keir is dedicated in providing quality service to his customers while also supporting the community of Long Beach. (562) 433-5573 keirjones.com

Real Estate Halley Wrigh With a real estate attorney for a father and a mortgage officer for a husband, Halley has been surrounded by the housing industry her entire life. After attending the University of Idaho, she had a lifelong goal of moving as close to the beach as possible and quickly made her way from the snow-capped mountains to sunny Southern California. A seasoned leader within her professional and personal lifeHalley is accustomed to providing personal service and exceeding client expectations. With an eye for style and detail, she loves to help her clients turn a nice house into their dream home. (208) 983-6189 kwcoastalproperties.com

Lawyer/ Law Firm Daniel Bir-Polsinel Daniel Bir first focuses on immersing himself into the client’s business and the products they produce. From initial pleadings through arbitration or trial, Daniel assists clients through all stages of litiga40 | LBHomeLiving.com

tion on a variety of issues and in a variety of industries.Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Products Liability, Toxic and Mass Tort, General liability actions, Catastrophic injury claims, Electrical and mechanical instruments. Daniel also has extensive experience in the fields of commercial, business, and consumer protection litigation. He also represents clients in a variety of intellectual property matters, including: Trademark, Trade dress, Trade secrets, Copyright infringement Misrepresentation of likeness Unfair competition and Breach of contract actions. www.polsinelli.com

Taxes/Accounting Laine Proctor For all the small business owners out there, tired of quickbooks? If yes is your answer, we’ve got the perfect person for you. With over 13 years of experience, Laine Proctor works to empower business owners to focus on the things they love while her team keeps the accounting systems efficient and responsive helping small businesses reach their creative and financial goal. 5150 E Pacifc Coast Highway, Suite 350 Long Beach, CA 90803 (818) 395-096

Mortgage Broker/Lender Bixby Knolls Mortgage If you have any questions about buying a new home, don’t worry because Bixby Knolls Mortgage has you covered. They will translate jargon so you have a

better understanding of your loans and give you advice on managing your accounts such as raising your credit score to get the best loan for your new home. Bixby Knolls Mortgage was established in 1989 and has been named as pilot company to start programs for California State Teachers Retirement System Loan Programs. (562) 427-2222 bixbyknollsmortgage.com

Title Services SKG Title Group, First American Title First American Title provides comprehensive title insurance protection and professional settlement, escrow, and closing services for homebuyers and sellers, real estate agents and brokers, mortgage lenders, commercial property professionals, home builders and developers, title agencies, and legal professionals to facilitate real estate purchases, construction, refinances, or equity loan in the Long Beach area. @SKGTitleGro

Architecture Firm Studio 1:11 Studio One Eleven is the premier architecture firm in Long Beach. They are passionate about using design to create better outcomes for the communities they serve. They believe that architects and planners play a crucial role in the making of cities and that they have a responsibility to craft the built environment in ways that support the current and future collective well-being. Specializing in Architecture, ur-

ban and landscape design, environmental planning, community outreach and sustainability, Studio 1:11 is molding the future of Long Beach. 245 E. Third St. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 901-1500 studio-111.com

Escrow Services Cardinal Escrow Cardinal Escrow was established in May of 1988 in Long Beach and has proven to be one of the top companies in the area. Our staff includes highly regarded professionals including escrow officers, support staff, and an education and marketing department. Cardinal Escrow is an independent, licensed, bonded and insured escrow company. The Cardinal Team is expert in all aspects of conveyance including: Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales, Exchanges, Loans & Refinances, Leisure World, Short Sales and Bank REO’s, Trustee Sales, Probate Sales, and Manufactured/Mobile Homes. ww.cardinalescrow.com

Pet Services Pet Store Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies has 18 stores located throughout Southern California specializing in holistic, raw, and natural pet foods, as well as a large variety of treats, supplements, toys and supplies. They have outstanding customer service and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and passionate! They offer lowcost vaccination clinics, fun in-store events, and self wash services. 4700 Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90804 (562) 494-1660

Pet Sitting/Daycare Bark! Bark! Your dog will be lonely no more at this loving, fun and safe doggy daycare created by dog lovers for dog lovers. Bark Bark! makes sure that its employees get their Dog First Aid Certification within 90 days. At this cage-free doggie daycare, you can make sure that your dog will have lots of fun and playtime while you are away. Bark Bark! is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dogs are supervised 24/7 and are separated in groups based on size, style of playing, and age. 325 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 437-3655 barkbarkdaycare.com

Pet Grooming Pawsitively Long Beach Abigail Gibson, owner and groomer of Pawsitively Pet Grooming is a lifelong animal lover. She has been grooming professionally

for over 10 years. Her love and passion for animals started by training dogs for 4-H at the tender age of 8 and was soon found bringing home every stray in the neighborhood on a mission to reunite the pets with their owners. Abigail discovered animal grooming at the age of 19 and the rest is history. She loves that she gets to work with dogs and cats everyday and has a soft spot for the aggressive or fearful pets. 254 Elm Ave at 3rd Street, Long Beach CA 90802 (562) 612-1215 pawsitivelylb.com


Long Beach Animal Hospital

Open from morning until Midnight, Long Beach Animal Hospital is always there for you and your fur babies (also scaled babies, feathered babies, pot bellied babies, etc.)! They’re always there for you no matter if your pet is sick or just needs boarding and bathing; they offer a full range of services which even includes prescription diets to keep your companion healthy and house calls for those times when you just can’t transport your pet. They run a wildlife rescue that offers free medical care to injured wildlife critters and has successfully re-released 50% of the wild animals to their native habitat. If you spot an injured wildlife animal, you know who to call! 3816 East Anaheim Street Long Beach, CA 90804 (562)434-9966 www.lbah.com

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Desserts & Coffee Coffee Portfolio Coffeehouse On the cutting edge of creative expression for over 20 years, Portfolio Coffeehouse serves up culture, cooking and caffeine. They made history in 1990 as the first coffeehouse to present poetry readings and the tradition continues with live entertainment select Friday and Saturday nights. Just like the rest of Retro Row, you’ll feel right at home among the vintage furnishings, fine art and outdoor patio. (562) 434-2486 portfoliocoffeehouse.com

Ice Cream Long Beach Creamery You’ll scream for Long Beach Creamery! Their frosty, handcrafted desserts are made using local, organic ingredients which tell a story unique to Long Beach. With so many delicious flavors, it’s best to choose a whole flight so you can get a taste of all they have to offer. It’s easy to see why their customers are devoted fans with options for the traditional ice cream lovers, vegans and sorbet lovers. You’ll find a frozen treat you can’t live without! A fan favorite is the Key Lime Pie ice cream with actual Key Lime Pie mixed in! 4141 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach CA 90807 (562) 513-3493 longbeachcreamery.com

Bakery Pie Bar Before they were the pie experts in town, they were just a little pop-up shop. But really, it all started with 42 | LBHomeLiving.com

a little girl’s dreams of baking and a passion for the perfect pie. The Pie Bar on Pine Ave is one of the premier dessert destinations in Long Beach. Famous for their Key Lime Pie, and pie shots, you will not leave disappointed. Stop in for a slice or preorder a whole pie online. 450 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 444-8743 thepiebarlongbeach.com

Desserts Romeo Chocolates Chef Romeo started taking chocolate making classes to blow off some steam on his time off from work. This little hobby soon became a passion and he decided to leave his job to become a chocolatier full time. Chef Romeo thoughtfully sources cocoa from around the world in order to create chocolates that are unique and delicious. He has a passion for social justice that guides his principles, he uses fair trade chocolate and creates real relationships with farmers. Stop by his shop and taste his chocolatey creations yourself or better yet, book them for your next event and give your guests a chocolate experience they’ll remember forever! 460 Pine Ave, Long Beach CA 90802 562-432-7999 romeochocolates.com

LGBTQ Gay Bar/Nightclub Sweetwater Saloon Situated in a historic building, the SweetWater Saloon is truly a neighborhood bar during the day time, and a party bar at night. Well known for having the coldest beers on the Broadway Corridor, home of the ONLY bar on the strip to offer seasonal beers on tap. 1201 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 432-7044

Drag Queen Jewels When it comes to Drag Queens and Long Beach, Jewels is the first entertainer that comes to mind. For over 15 years, she has been spreading her talents hosting events all over Southern California, and we couldn’t be happier that she calls Long Beach her home. Her personal mission is to make sure all who come to our fine city feel welcomed, loved and entertained; she also has a long established dedication to charitable causes which have earned her numerous honors throughout her career. She is truly a local legend and LGBT icon like no other. @JewelsLong-Beach

Drag King Phantom It’s easy to see why King Phantom (Elena ‘Rita’ Olivera) is Long Beach’s favorite drag king, she is elevating the art of drag with her spooky aesthetic. She’s serving up looks like Jack Skellington, Stephen King’s “It”, Hellraiser, Edward Scissorhands, The Mad Hatter, and Marilyn

Manson. She can also serve some looks on the lighter side, like Pinocchio and Where’s Waldo. Off the stage, she is an advocate for autism awareness. And a proud mother of two amazing kids on the autism spectrum. She’s also an ally and supporter of her trans sisters and brothers. If you have not seen her perform yet, you’re missing out! Drop what you’re doing and make plans to see this illusion artist now! Check out her youtube Channel as well. Fundraiser Easter Walk When it comes to home town traditions, there is just nothing like Long Beach’s Easter Walk. Each year a diverse group of people, Drag Queens, Kings, Sisters, Fairies, Leather Folks, City Officials, Bunnies, and just plain fun-loving people, gather to raise much needed funds for the C.A.R.E. Program at St. Marys Hospital, in Long Beach, California. 100% of the funds raised are given directly to the cause, with local businesses and supporting sponsors providing the funds necessary for printing and publicity. The walk was founded by Rick White (drag name: Sheeya Mann) and when Rick moved away the walk found a new leader in Long Beach Drag Legend, Jewels. The walk is a huge undertaking and takes hundreds of volunteer hours to execute with fundraising events leading up to the big day. Make your Easter special this year and attend the walk to see for yourself how much fun it can be to

give back to our community! www.easterwalk.com

Activist/Volunteer Jewels (see Drag Queen) DJ DJ Smurks Steve Johnson, better known to Long Beachers as DJ SMURKS grew up in Northern California. His musical passion started in the 4th grade when he learned to play guitar. He never considered a career in music until his sophomore year of high school when a car accident changed his life. Something oddly magical happened to him as a result of the car accident, he gained the ability to play almost any musical instrument and hear full songs with vocals in his head. After being a member of several bands and getting sober, he began learning to record, produce, and mix on his own. Smurks began writing/recording in Jan of 2017. He made it a point to produce music that could be played on the radio or at clubs. Smurks released “Persona”, an 11 track debut album, featuring some of Sierra Vista’s (his original hometown in AZ) most promising artists, in Jan 2018. For booking info: smurksofficial@gmail.com

LGBTQ Event/Festival Long Beach Gay Pride For so many people today, it would be hard to imagine a time when Long Beach Pride did not exist. Started in 1984 to foster

cooperation and mutual respect between the LGBT and greater Long Beach community, the Pride celebration quickly grew to become the 2nd largest revenue earning event for the city, attracting over 80,000 guests to their twoday festival. The organization maintains an office year round to continuously inject a sense of greater self-worth within the community. Over the past 31 years, Long Beach Pride has become a large philanthropic foundation which has funnelled over $1 Million back into the community in the form of grants and scholarships. (562) 987-9191 longbeachpride.com

some of the greatest drag shows around! Their Drag Brunch is a favorite among locals, not to mention some of the greatest drag performers in the business who stop by several nights a week to perform jaw dropping routines. They also have a number of theme nights and one of the greatest dance floors around. If you’re hungry, thirsty or just down to boogie then let Hamburger Mary’s host and entertain you any day of the week! 330 Pine Ave. Long Beach, California 90802 (562) 436-7900 hamburgermarys.com/longbeach/

Bartender Melissa Almeraz Long Beach’s favorite bartender serves up frosty beverages at The Sweetwater Saloon! Melissa will make you feel at home in her bar and is an experienced mixologist like no other in the city. She mixes a little bit of love into every cocktail and we can guarantee you’ll taste the difference. You’ll come in for the drink, but you’ll stay for her lovely personality that enchants guests and has won her a top spot as Long Beach’s favorite bartender! Karaoke Hamburger Mary’s Hamburger Mary’s Long Beach is a full service restaurant and bar in the heart of Down Town Long Beach, California on Pine Ave! They’re a favorite around town for delicious food, the best drinks and LBHomeLiving.com | 43

Tetro How did you get into the illusionist industry? As a kid, I happened to see world-renowned magician Jeff McBride perform on TV and was immediately captivated. The way he made card after card appear at his fingertips without sleeves looked like real magic to me - and I had to learn how to do it. Years later, I had the opportunity to meet him and tell him he was the reason I started practicing magic. I soon found out that he runs the top school for magicians in Las Vegas, and he invited me to study with him. Today, I feel grateful to be able to call him my close friend and mentor. 44 | LBHomeLiving.com

Do you perform often and where can we see you? I perform almost every day. Being based in southern California allows for many opportunities to regularly share my magic in places like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. However, I’ve performed all over the US, and internationally in places such as The Bahamas, Singapore, and Japan. Most of my performances are at events like highend corporate parties and luxury private events. I also perform for charity events and cause-based fundraisers whenever possible. As a performing member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, I often entertain there and also now teach and perform at McBride’s Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas and for the International Brotherhood of Magicians. What’s your favorite type of magic? are there different types? There are many types of magic from close up sleight of hand to grand illusions on stage with large props and multiple assistants. Magic can be categorized by where and how it’s performed such as close up table magic, walk around magic at events, outdoor street magic you may have seen on TV, parlor magic performed standing in a mid-sized venue, or

stage shows for hundreds to thousands of people. In terms of performance style there is also a range, from comedy magic to mentalism - think mind reading and predictions. Mentalism can be accomplished without any props at all which I think is pretty cool, however, my personal favorite type of magic is pure sleight of hand. It is considered by many to be the most difficult form of magic, but I find it extremely beautiful and worth the challenge because of how visual it is. Who taught you, how did you learn? I was self-taught for most of my life until 5 years ago when I started attending magic school in Las Vegas. I began with books I borrowed from the library, moved onto DVDs, and then finally got hands-on coaching from experts. I found out it’s best to learn from every format though nothing beats learning from another experienced magician. And, of course, practice. LOTS of practice. What would you recommend for someone wanting to pursue magic? I’d recommend trying many different styles and working with different props to see what you like. Some tricks you’ll find you like but they may not like you back. Meaning that you may love a trick when you see some-

one else perform it but it doesn’t fit your character or work well with your unique skill set. Over time you’ll find what works well for you and you can expand on that. I also recommend finding a local magic club or group. Magic is all about engagement so it’s great to connect with people. You’ll make friends and find what works for you faster this way. Be careful learning on YouTube. While there are some great tutorials on there, there is a lot of content that’s just designed to get you to watch it. You can pick up bad habits or learn magic that isn’t very practical for the real world. This is why it’s best to learn from classic books, well-reviewed videos made by professionals, and from other people who take it seriously as an art form, hobby, or career. Also, be patient with yourself! I think magic is an art form - and art takes time! f you’re truly passionate about it, make it a habit and don’t give up. What’s your favorite part of performing?

Magician Tetro has devoted over 10 years to the art of magic and illusion. He was mentored by international award-winning magic teacher, Jeff McBride and is an alumnus of the prestigious Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. Specializing in highly visual sleight of hand magic, Tetro creates engaging and memorable performances. Tetro is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts and is often seen performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is a member of the Society of American Magicians and a member and educator in the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He tours locally and internationally as a solo artist and with performance groups. Recent performances for NFL, Mattel, Cartoon Network, Apple, Netflix, AT&T, America’s Got Talent, Facebook Corporate, Pluto TV, and Universal Studios. His magic has been featured on the hit TV show Masters of Illusion on the CW Network

The joy it brings to the people I perform for! When I see the looks on their faces, hear the laughter or the gasps from surprise and astonishment, I know that at least in those moments I made them feel better. For me, it’s very fulfilling to create lasting memories of wonder. Also any copy you would like us to mention would be helpful. Thanks!

LBHomeLiving.com | 45

Daniel Bir

CONTACT: TEL: 310.203.5306 E-mail: dbir@polsinelli.com

“Daniel Bir first focuses on immersing himself into the client’s business and the products they produce. From initial pleadings through arbitration or trial, Daniel assists clients through all stages of litigation on a variety of issues and in a variety of industries.”

Voted “Long Beach’s Best Attorney" Real People. Real Perspective. Daniel also has extensive experience in the fields of commercial, business, and consumer protection litigation. He also represents clients in a variety of intellectual property matters, including: Trademark Trade dress Trade secrets Copyright infringement Misrepresentation of likeness Unfair competition Breach of contract actions

• Litigation and Dispute Resolution • Products Liability • Toxic and Mass Tort • General liability actions • Catastrophic injury claims • Electrical and mechanical instruments Daniel litigates matters throughout the United States and has taken hundreds of depositions of both lay and expert witnesses. He has successfully argued discovery and dispositive motions, and has resolved several cases through mediations and settlement conferences. His efforts in this area have resulted in decisions that assist clients in future cases and in developing long term litigation and business strategies.

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