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cooks + chefs Charlene Bugeja

Chantelle Cauchi

Hanna Briffa

Charlene Bugeja is a 33-years old, stay at home mother of two young girls. Although her dishes look and taste incredibly professional, she is totally self-taught. Her passion for cooking and baking came at an early age, and her ethos is to eat according to the seasons and use local ingredients as much as possible. She literally devours cookbooks and doesn’t miss a cooking show when she can find the time.

Chantelle is a self-taught food blogger, photographer & stylist fascinated by the world of food since she could reach the kitchen countertop. She’s at her happiest creating simple, vibrant dishes to share on her blog, Island Eats, feeding her loved ones, and cosying up with a culinary novel. In this issue she conjures up exotic breakfasts from around the world. Follow her fabulous food on @islandeats

Food plays a huge part in Hanna’s family’s day-to-day life, a growing interest that she shares with her husband and two young kids. Her motto is freshness with simplicity and balance; both in terms of flavours and visual appearance, in every dish she concocts. Follow Hanna’s beautifully curated Instagram feed instagram. com/hannabriffa or her blog reddish. me

Stefy Cassar Reynaud Among friends Stefy is legendary for the lunches, dinners and parties she has thrown and catered for. For this issue she produced an entire vegan Christmas meal. A self-taught cook for whom cooking and sharing food is central to her life, it made perfect sense for Stefy to start a blog and share her love for delicious food. Have a look at her site, www.

Maria Gatt

Alex Mattei

A professionally trained chef with over 7 years’ experience under her apron, Maria's obsession with food evolved, after stints in the fine dining and gastro pub scene in London exposed her to a vibrant and multi-cultural food arena. Her culinary passion has evolved from experimenting with new ingredients, flavours and comfort food. She has recently opened her own eatery called Marelli.

Alex is interested in all things food, from cooking for family and friends, to sourcing unique ingredients, both local and exotic. Exposed to food and cooking from a young age, Alex is interested in the classics and their modern twist inspires him to create new dishes and experiment with new ingredients. His Instagram @foodmalta documents his culinary journeys.

Stefan Hogan –

Chef Corinthia Palace, Attard

Stefan Hogan is inspired by ingredients that shout local and in season; and is motivated by delighted customers. He has been cooking professionally since the age of 16 but really in his heart he was already a chef at 9 - so a lifetime really. The daily challenges of cooking to the best of his ability drive his desire to deliver food which helps create memorable experiences and bring people together around a table.

Stephen Galea – Photographer This issue Stephen Galea stepped in, creating some gorgeous images this issue. Stephen is an award winning professional photographer based in Malta with an extensive portfolio focusing on commercial, product, lifestyle as well as food and beverage photography. Hi t serv ed . c o m. mt a n d fi n d hund re d s m o re d e l i c i o us re c i p e s t o s i nk y o ur t e e t h i nt o.


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