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Junior School Bulletin Issue 2 / 17 February 2017

Junior School News Tuning In Last week we saw Year 2 students sweeping the pavements with palm leaves, washing the dishes in buckets, hand washing clothes, making bricks and carrying water. It was a tuning in activity for their unit with the Central Idea ‘Children Around the World Have Different Responsibilities but Similar Human Needs’. The teachers could have quite easily spent a few minutes standing out the front of their class talking to the students about this topic but instead they get to experience some of the jobs that other children do. They were able to get a far greater appreciation for what it might be like for other children around the world. This has sparked many terrific questions which will lead to many great investigations. The learning that will occur in the class will be more meaningful and they will be more likely to retain what they have learned.

Carpark/TSA Once again thank you for your patience in the carpark this year. We are steadily getting into a flow and the congestion will ease slightly throughout the year. A few reminders: 1. If you park your car, please use the crossings provided. This will set a good example for the children, help to keep the traffic flowing and is the safest option. 2. When using the kiss and ride section, parents are asked to stay in the car. The Traffic Safety Attendants will help your children get into the car. 3. The peak times for traffic in the afternoon are 2:453:10pm for Prep to Year 4 students and 3:10-3:25pm for Years 5/6 students. The peak time for traffic in the mornings is 8:15-8:25am. If you time your run into the College to try and avoid those peak times, it will assist with traffic flow and you will spend less time waiting. 4. Teachers are on duty from 7:50am in the morning. Please do not arrive before that time. Finally, if you can spare 30 minutes, once a week to volunteer as a Traffic Safety Attendant, you will be providing a valuable service to our community and will get the added benefit of some free exercise. Please email Jo-Anne Levey: if you can assist.

Parent Teacher Nights It was great to see so many parents at the parent/teacher information night recently. The teachers were able to show classroom routines and parents were able to catch up for a chat (so much so, that I almost locked two dads in the car park who were chatting way after the night had concluded). We hope that the information provided was useful as we work in partnership with you. Class Coordinators The class coordinators met on Monday to begin planning activities for the rest of the year. Please be on the lookout for some of these events. They are a great way to get to know other families who are in your child’s class. Please remember that these events are opportunities for families to socialise together and not a place to raise concerns about the school. If you do have questions about anything relating to the College, please make contact with your child’s teacher or the Junior School Administration.

Arts Rotations This year we have been fortunate to link in with some of the secondary teachers to work on various Arts activities in the Junior School. They have linked in with the Junior School teachers on the Units of Inquiry to teach Dance, Visual Art and Drama. The students who have been involved in the first lessons have really enjoyed their time, but have also been able to explore the Arts more deeply.

Darrin Schumacher Head of Junior School

From the Deputy Head of Junior School & PYP Coordinator

The Super Max the Turtle acts as a nightlight and projects constellations onto the ceiling. It can be a great sense of comfort for children. This nightlight has approval to be taken into sterile hospital environments because of the materials from which it is constructed.

New Banners On behalf of the Junior School, may I extend a huge thank you to our wonderful P&F for funding the visual banners project which enabled images of the IB Learner Profile to be prominently featured along A Block. The children are enjoying the opportunity to refer to the IB Learner Profiles when both playing and engaging in activities outside of the classroom.

Image taken during Bryce’s visit to a hospital. (Used with permission.)

During the month of December, Bryce and his wonderfully supportive family embarked on a journey to travel across Australia to pay a visit to the eight children’s oncology and haematology centres. They made stops in the following cities: 1. Perth – Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital 2. Adelaide – Adelaide Women & Children’s Hospital 3. Melbourne – Royal Children’s Hospital & Monash Children’s Hospital 4. Newcastle – John Hunter Children’s Hospital 5. Sydney – Children’s Hospital at Westmead & Sydney Children’s Hospital 6. Brisbane – Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

And Action… At the end of last year, Bryce U’Ren (currently in Year 5) along with the help of his two friends and their mums, had raised enough money to purchase 60 Super Max the Turtle nightlights for children who are in treatment for cancer across Australia. By the time Bryce finished his fundraising with family and friends, and through donations and support from the company that makes the nightlights (Cloud b), they had an incredible 244 Super Max the Turtles to give to children with cancer. If you are interested in reading the story leading up to this point, please refer to this link:

Bryce was able to personally deliver the turtles to the children undergoing cancer treatment. He hand wrote each child’s name on the gift cards before handing out the turtle nightlights, took the time to talk to and laugh with the children, and told the story of “Super Max the Turtle” and how he got his magical healing powers to many of the children who were too young to read the books themselves. His sister, Mariel (currently in Year 9) was the walking, talking, smiling, and hugging real-life “Super Max the Turtle.” The family created an Instagram account (the account name is SuperMaxAndBryce) so family, friends and our community could follow their journey. Below are some images of Bryce visiting the children and the links to be able to read about his visits.

very keen to keep pursuing this action again this year. He has already established a USA fundraising campaign for this year as part of the MaxLove Project’s “Month of Love” February campaign. Bryce is also aiming to have a stall at the College Fete in May where interested families can make donations to the project. For every $15 AUD donated, Bryce will be able to purchase another Super Max the Turtle for a child in treatment here in Australia. At the Fete, cards will be made up that people can write notes on and sign from their family that will literally be put on top of a turtle that will be given to a child in treatment. 7.176375.56464817607/10154895387312608/?type=3&theater

It was a journey of strength, hope, happiness, and love. All of this started at St Andrews Lutheran College with one nineyear-old boy’s taking action. We are super proud of Bryce for being so caring and courageous. His actions have made an incredible difference to the lives of many children and their families across Australia. It is my understanding that Bryce is

I look forward to the year ahead as I observe our students asking many audacious questions, inquiring deeply into topics and taking action as a result of the new understandings they develop. Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18 (New Living Translation) Jacqueline Faulkner Deputy Head of Junior School PYP Coordinator

Japanese News

Chaplains Chat

Trust in the Lord Human Excellence! How often do we bump into it? It is such a wonderful encouragement to encounter our fellow brother or sister conducting themselves in a manner that is inspirational and beyond what we normally expect. Stories of great courage and bravery are able to influence us in our everyday existence to rise above who we naturally are and demonstrate human excellence in our own sphere - whether it be at home, work or the wider community.

One way we make connections with our friends in Japan is through Skype. We have started 2017 with two Skype sessions, one with P2 and one with 5A. These Skype sessions were part of a teachers conference in Japan, where teachers from over Japan where invited to observe the session.

An outstanding example of human excellence was Desmond Doss, the subject of Mel Gibson’s film Hacksaw Ridge. This gentleman demonstrated extreme human excellence through his endeavours during the last stages of World War II in the Pacific. His story included being ostracised from the unit he belonged to because he refused to carry a weapon or to be directly involved in killing the enemy. Understandably, his fellow soldiers could not understand his stance and he was labelled a coward. But his conduct on the frontline of battle on the Island of Okinawa left no doubt that he was far from being a coward and he ultimately proved himself to be courageous beyond belief. He singlehandedly saved 70 plus men in one 12 hour period while under enemy gun fire. For this and other acts of heroism he was awarded the US Medal of Honor which is the equivalent of our Victoria Cross. All of Desmond Doss’s actions were inspired by his remarkable trust in Christ. It was his God who convinced him of the need to reject violence at all costs. It was the same God who led him to enlist in the army with the view of saving lives in amongst all the killing that was going on. A verse that Doss held close to his heart through his lengthy ordeal in the armed services was Proverbs 3:5 & 6 - Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge the Lord in all of your ways and he will make your path straight. His life was the epitome of living this out. He placed his life in the Lord’s hands and against all rational understanding lived a life of absolute excellence. He did not live a life of ease - he suffered significant wounds as the war came to an end and he experienced hardship in his later life through the death of his wife and other challenges that are part and parcel of the human existence but his preparedness to love and serve shines like a beacon amongst the darkness that is so often seen in our world. The same God who inspired Desmond Doss is the God who interacts with us here in the St Andrews Community, day in and day out. May He lead us to put our trust in Him and his ways so that more light may be shone in our world.

We look forward to many more Skype sessions this year.

Graeme Schache Chaplain

Sharon Taki Junior School Japanese

Students Teaching Students Zoe Robinson (Year 4), Alli Crawford (Year 5), Kate Allan and Charlie May (Year 6) were guest speakers for Year 3 during our ‘Who We Are’ unit of inquiry. These students shared with Year 3 how they use a growth mindset to excel in areas such as singing, skipping, soccer and areas of schooling. They demonstrated to Year 3 how their thinking and selftalk impacts their accomplishments. As a result, the Year 3s are building a bank of strategies that they can draw on to improve their own mindset when faced with things such as: challenges, things that are new and working on goals. Terese Sheers Year 3 Teacher

Visual Art News Welcome to the STEAM room for 2017! I am very excited to be down in the Junior School working with Year 3 teachers this term in the new STEAM room. Year 3 have started the year very positively looking at the different types of ways that artists make art. Year 3 started by looking at the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky who created images while listening to different types of music. The students played with many different types of media - oil pastels, chalk, watercolour, graphite pencil... and produced a huge variety of images, making a collaborative work that has now been cut up and rearranged with some of Kandinsky’s symbols to make a new artwork...Thanks to some Year 11 students who assisted.

Ngaire Harman Head of Visual Arts

Performing Arts News

Boyz Crew has Begun! This week boys in Years 5 and 6 attended the first rehearsal ever for the new group ‘Boyz Crew’. This group, combining singing and dance with a Hip-Hop vibe, will run for Terms 1 and 2 with a few culminating performances at the Fete, Arts Week and assembly. Watch out for these guys!

Junior School Arts Rotations This term our Year 3 classes are enjoying Visual Art with Mrs Harman, our Year 4s Dance with Miss Guild and Year 5s Drama with Mrs Frost as part of our Junior School Art Rotations on a Thursday afternoon. It is wonderful to already see the engagement and enthusiasm from our younger students as they work with our Senior Arts Specialists. From sensory drawing, Russian dance to improvisation and role play, the development of skills across the Arts strands is so exciting to see.

Cilla Scott Head of Arts


Getting into the Swing of 2017 It has been absolutely delightful to walk around and see so many children participating in Dance Troupes, Choirs and Ensembles. The Cocurricular Arts programs are flourishing and the new facilities have only enhanced the experience for both staff and students.

Animi Dance is offering a casual Ballet and Stretch class for adults this year. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Whether you’ve danced in the past and would love to again, have always wanted to or just want to have fun while getting fit, this class is for you. 4:15pm – 5:00pm each Tuesday in J Block/demountable building on the top oval. Cost is $10 per class, pay as you go. All you need to bring is yourself and your smile! Any queries, please contact Tina Tanguy at:

P & F News The P & F Committee for 2017 are as follows: President: Julieanne Andrews Vice President: Jeffrey Bauman Secretary: Nicole Ainger Treasurer: Julie Dignan We look forward to seeing you at some of the events listed below. The first P & F Meeting is Wednesday 8 March 7.00pm in the J Block Boardroom (J10). We welcome all parents and guardians to attend. Picnic in the Playground is held in first term down on the Junior School oval, this will be on Friday 17 March. This is an exciting evening with entertainment from students at the College as well as a jumping castle and photobooth. It is a great opportunity to meet new parents and families. There is a sausage sizzle with BYO drinks as well a coffee van onsite. The P & F would like to invite all the families of St Andrews to attend making a great community evening.

St Andrews Fete 2017 College Fete - 20 May 2017 SATURDAY 20 MAY 2017 The first Fete meeting is Wednesday 8 March 3.30pm in STSchool ANDREWS the Junior Library.LUTHERAN Meetings willCOLLEGE be held every fortnight from this date. 10AM to 4PM A Guiness World Record will be attempted of 500 people wearing capes *inRAFFLE one areaPRIZES on the Village Green during * RIDES * SHOWBAGS * the College Fete. * CENT AUCTION * LIVE MUSIC * * COFFEE


Donations of chocolates bottles ofOF wine are required * TALENT SHOWand * HOUSE HORROR * for the College Fete as we are running the Chocolate Bed and * CHOCOLATE BED * TATTOOS * & MORE! * Wine Bottle Lucky Dip. Wine must be dropped off to the Collge by an adult. All donations can be taken to the Junior School Administration Office, Junior School Library or Cecile DONATIONS Ryan Centre. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Please contact:


* BOTTLES OF WINE * CHOCOLATE Please bring to Junior Administration or Libraries


Dates to Remember FEBRUARY Sunday 19 Year 3 Family Service, Worship Centre – 9.00am Prep Parents Dinner, The Collective Palm Beach – 6.00pm Monday 20 Hinterland Swimming Carnival Year 1 Mums Coffee Morning, Plantation House – after drop off Tuesday 21 Junior School Chapel, Worship Centre – 1.40pm Wednesday 22 Mufti Day – Rosies (Red) Years 5-8 Parent Night, Worship Centre – 6.30pm Friday 24 Years 4-6 Swimming Carnival, Somerset – 8.30am Prep Mums Coffee Morning, Dunes Café, Palm Beach – after drop off Year 2 Parents Dinner, JFK Woodfire Kitchen & Bar – 7.00pm Monday 27 Year 6 Sydney/Canberra Trip, 27 Feb - 3 Mar MARCH Wednesday 1 Year 4 Camp, 1-3 March Year 6 Parents Dinner, The Collective Palm Beach – 7.00pm Thursday 2 Brisbane South/Gold Coast ALWS Awareness Day (selected students)

VOLUNTEERS INDUCTION Our next Volunteers Induction will be held at 9am Wednesday 8 March in the Junior School Library. Everyone who volunteers in the College is required to have attended this workshop which covers such issues as Valuing Safe Communities, Child Protection, Privacy and Fire Evacuation. Please register with Karen Deacon either by emailing: or by phone 5568 5901. A reminder to all existing volunteers we request that you sign in and wear your name badge at all times while volunteering in the College. If you do not have a current name badge then once again, please contact Karen Deacon. This course needs to be attended upon commencement and then every three years. We value highly the wonderful support all Volunteers offer the College in their various roles either in the classroom, on excursions, in the Library, Tuckshop, Uniform Shop or as Traffic Safety Attendants. These are just a few of the places where we find you helping out and we thank you for all you do. A welcoming cuppa and morning tea will be provided from 8.45am. Just come straight after drop-off and enjoy some social time.

St Andrews Fete 2017 SATURDAY 20 MAY 2017


10AM to 4PM



Please contact:


* BOTTLES OF WINE * CHOCOLATE Please bring to Junior Administration or Libraries


St Andrews Fete 2017 St Andrews Fete - Saturday 20 May 2017 - 10am-4pm It is time for all students and families to get excited and enthusiastic for this years College Fete!! They only come around every two years and this will prove to be the best yet. The Fete Committee are requiring a lot of community support to make this a success ranging from donations to volunteers. Fete Meeting The first Fete meeting is Wednesday 8 March 3.30pm in the Junior School Library. Meetings will be held every fortnight from this date. Donations Required: » Prizes for the Cent Auction » Bottles of Wine » Blocks Chocolate All donations can be taken to the Junior School Administration Office, Junior School Library or Cecile Ryan Centre. World Record Attempt A Guinness World Record will be attempted... 500 people wearing capes in one area on the Village Green during the College Fete!!


Please contact:

Cake Stall Closer to the time all you bakers out there, we will require cakes or biscuits and slices for the cake stall. Boxes will be sent home with your students the week before the Fete with delivery instructions for you to return the baked goods. Sponsorship of Prizes for Cent Auction Once again we will be holding a Cent Auction at this year’s Fete. Its success is dependent on community support and your generous prize donations. So if you have a business or know anyone who would like to donate an item that can be used as a prize we would be very grateful. Please contact Jessica Russell on 0408 125 310 or Those businesses that donate prizes will be recognised with their business’s details displayed on Fete day and in a list of prize donors in the College Bulletins and Newsletters in the lead up and immediately after the Fete. Volunteers: will be needed to help man stalls as well as assist in coordinating the parking. All volunteers can send through their details to: It is the College community help which makes this day exciting for all students and our local community. To get in touch and be a part of this great day please contact:


* BOTTLES OF WINE * CHOCOLATE Please bring to Junior Administration or Libraries



Picnic in the Playground Friday 17 March Junior School Playground

5:00pm - 7:00pm Please come and join the College community for our Term 1 social event. sausage sizzle & drinks for sale. * * * *

Raffle Live Music BYO Drinks Jumping Castle

* * * *

Sausage Sizzle Undercover Area Playground Photobooth

Please RSVP by Saturday 4 March


Developing independence in primary school By Michael Grose Practical ideas for parents to encourage real independence in children. Your goal as a parent should be for your child to be completely selfmanaging by the end of primary school. That is, he can get himself and others up each morning; make his own breakfast; prepare his own schoolbag; collect his own school uniform; put any notes under your nose to be signed and returned to school; and so it goes on. Now, that doesn’t

mean that kids will do all this all the time, because other factors come into play such as busy schedules and early starts; children will need some assistance at times. However, it’s good to keep in mind that children, when left to their own devices, generally do remarkably well at organising their daily tasks. Sometimes they just need the opportunity.

Here are four practical ways to develop real independence in primary school-aged children:

1. Involve them in mealtimes Mealtimes are the fulcrum around which healthy families operate. A shared meal is more than food. It’s a ritual that binds people together; it’s a vehicle for parents to influence their children; and it’s an expression of love and care. It is also fundamental to children’s wellbeing because there is a strong correlation between good mental health in young people and those who regularly share a family meal. Mealtimes also offer plenty of opportunities for children to help including running errands, preparing the meal, setting the table, clearing the table, packing the dishwasher and other jobs. There’s something for everyone!

2. Use pocket money to develop independence A regular allowance is a fabulous way to promote real independence in children. Start in lower primary school and gradually increase their allowance the older they become. Importantly, you need to increase the areas that their allowance covers. For instance, in lower primary school a child’s pocket money might go towards the purchase of some sweets and one or two other items each week. However, in middle primary school it might increase to cover the cost of one or two lunch orders each week, their bus money and some treats.

now we know.

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