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The Bentley EXP 100 GT Explores How Grand Touring Could Look in 2035

OEM Repair Procedure Legislation vetoed CAPA Reafffirms Its Ongoing Commitment to the Collision Repair Industry Collision Repair Education Foundation and I-Car Updated Snapshot of the Collision Repair Industry Gerber Parent Company COO: DRPS Likely to Sync With OEM Networks


Honda Responsible for $12 Billion Annual Economic Impact and 45,000 Jobs in Alabama

Designed from the inside out and taking advantage of an all-electric platform, Bentley EXP 100 GT reimagines the Grand Tourer for the world of 2035. This is a world of shared luxury experiences where passenger and driver enjoy equal status in their enjoyment of their extraordinary journeys. The cars’ presence and impressive exterior proportions are reminiscent of many of Bentley’s historic Grand Tourers but take these luxury hallmarks into the future. The result is a future vision commensurate with Bentley’s status

as the world’s most sought after luxury brand. Sustainable innovation is also at the heart of the Bentley EXP 100 GT experience. The car is engineered to create a greater awareness of the world outside, with an intelligently-curated collection of materials including 5,000 year old Copper Infused Riverwood; Compass exterior paint made from recycled rice husks; Bentley EXP Please Turn to Page 4

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“The Bentley EXP 100 GT represents the kind of cars we want to make in the future. Like those iconic Bentleys of the past, this car connects with its passengers’ emotions and helps them experience and safeguard the memories of the really extraordinary journeys they take.”

Stefan Sielaff Director of Design Future battery technology will offer five times the conventional energy density, and charging the Bentley EXP 100 GT to 80 per cent of capacity will take only 15 minutes.

100% organic leather-like textile from wine making; British Farmed Wool carpets and embroidered cotton interior surfaces which all create sustainable future luxury, adding to the enhanced reality of the grand touring car of the future. Luxury Beyond Mobility The Bentley EXP 100 GT’s sleek and muscular exterior explores the brand’s future design direction. It incorporates the company’s unmistakable DNA, remaining instantly recognisable as a Bentley. The famous R-Type Continental haunch at the rear, the round headlights that overlap the grille in a nod to the famous Bentley Blower and a long graceful body hint at famous models of yesteryear. However, this Bentley journeys into

the future. Made from lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre, the Bentley EXP 100 GT measures 5.8 metres long and almost 2.4 metres wide, and makes a statement of true luxury. This is further enhanced by decorative features crafted from copper and aluminium, both natural sustainable materials, which evoke founder W.O Bentley’s choice of materials to create the alloy for his famous BR1 Aero engine piston that played a major role in securing the air theatre in World War 1. The driver and passenger doors are two metres wide and pivot outwards and upwards for effortless access. Fully open, they rise to almost three metres, adding to the sense of occasion on arrival. The new exterior paint color Compass is created using a special Colourstream pigment that reflects a beautiful spectrum of autumnal colors

Southern Automotive Journal

October 2019

Bentley EXP From Front Cover


and is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. The pigment is synthetically made using rice husk ash, a harmful bi-product of the rice industry, remanufactured for the Bentley EXP 100 GT to reduce the amount that ends up in landfill waste. The Bentley EXP 100 GT’s expressive exterior lighting is both dynamic and dramatic. A focal point is the smart, illuminated matrix grille and Flying B mascot which come to life as one approaches the car, light playing across the grille, through the mascot and along the bonnet central spine of the car and into the cabin itself. The car literally comes alive. At the rear, a ‘horseshoe’ section of the boot is a 3D OLED screen on which lighting effects can blend in with the rear lamps. Inside a luxurious cockpit, Bentley

craftspeople have taken handcraftsmanship of materials to an as yet unseen level, setting the new benchmark for luxury interiors. Light is core to life and in the Bentley EXP 100 GT it is harvested from the surrounding environment via an innovative glass roof embedded with prisms that collect light and transfer it into the cabin using fibre optics. The use of harvested natural light and synthesised light offers a new approach to enhancing wellness on board. The Bentley Personal Assistant is a centre piece of the main console and visualised using illuminated crystal from Cumbria, England. Ambient lighting can also be modified to recreate a specific mood or exterior environment, while additional effects are delivered through projection mapping onto trim panels, such as door pads. Intelligent, Adaptable Biometric Seating can be configured in three different ways, depending on whether the owner is driving or using autonomous mode. Biometric sensors monitor temperature, passenger position and environmental conditions to deliver the ultimate in comfort, whatever the conditions. In addition, biometrics are embedded throughout the Bentley EXP 100 GT to track eye and head movements, even blood pressure. It represents the future of customised, in-car comfort far beyond any seating experienced in a modern-day car.

An intelligent future for Grand Touring Enhancing the occupants experience of their extraordinary journey in the Bentley EXP 100 GT is the Bentley Personal Assistant AI. This advanced, intelligent system defines the Grand Tourer of the future as it delivers a highly personalised experience to the passenger based on five distinct modes with individual characteristics: Enhance, Cocoon, Capture, Re-Live and Customise. Interaction with the AI is made through hand gestures made to the front or rear Cumbria Crystal interfaces that intuitively interpret the commands. Enhance harvests inputs from the outside environment, such as light, sound, smell and air quality, offering a holistic grand tour, and a feeling of open top motoring from under the glass canopy. Cocoon creates a protective space, including air purification and glass areas that turn opaque for privacy; while Capture records experiences from both inside and outside the car which become part of your car’s unique history. Re-Live replays highlights of your Grand Tour, while Customise combines elements of all the different modes and are individually selected by the driver or passenger. Sustainable Innovation – The Future of Bentley Bentley believes its approach to

innovation is created through a balance: Preservation of the world and the self should be at the forefront, while purposeful and intuitive innovation remains essentially linked to sustainability. The Bentley EXP 100 GT features air and sound curation that promotes self-care and well-being in the car. These create a physiological, health-enhancing environment for passengers, promoting increased mindfulness in the cabin. For example, Capture mode on Bentley Personal Assistant brings the external environment into the cabin, creating an open-top driving experience without taking the roof down. It also cocoons passengers – blocking and filtering air pollution in cities. The Bentley EXP 100 GT has passive and active air intakes in the front grille, cooling the drivetrain and batteries that drive the car’s powerful electric motors. Unwanted air is channelled out of the car at the rear to aid aerodynamics. The Air Purification System is located in the boot space to purify air before it is supplied into the cabin, with deployable air vents on the rear passenger shelf and static vents on the front passenger panel. The air vents undulate giving the appearance that the car is breathing and alive. Meanwhile, CO2 levels in the cabin are constantly monitored to maintain air quality. Bentley EXPs Please Turn to Page 26

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Nissan Continues Support of Local Communities With $1 Million Donation to Habitat for Nissan North America is renewing its partnership with Habitat for Humanity with a $1 million donation to continue to help families build affordable places to call home. For the past 14 years, Nissan has been a Habitat for Humanity supporter, contributing more than $17.9 million since the partnership began in 2005. "We are fortunate to work with generous partners like Nissan who commit to help families realize their dreams of home ownership each year," said Julie Laird Davis, Habitat’s vice president of Corporate Partnerships and Cause Marketing. "We are extremely grateful for our 14 years of partnership with Nissan and look forward to working with more families and individuals over the next year thanks to their support." Since 2005, Nissan and Habitat have worked directly with more than 135 families to build safe, affordable and sustainable homes. In 2019 and 2020,

Nissan employees will work alongside an additional 12 families in cities close to Nissan’s major manufacturing and operational locations. To date, Nissan employees have logged more than 116,000 volunteer hours building homes with Habitat for Humanity. Nissan also donates vehicles to Habitat each year. In 2019, Nissan is providing four additional vehicles to local Habitats, marking a total of 54 Nissan Frontier trucks and NV Cargo vans donated to Habitat to help with construction activities. Committed to investing in technologies that are friendly to the environment, the homes Nissan fully sponsors will include eco-friendly features, while still keeping housing costs low. These include low-flow toilets, faucets and showerheads; programmable thermostats; compact fluorescent lighting; recycled carpeting; drought-resistant

plants and shrubs; and rain collection barrels. "Nissan is deeply committed to the areas where our customers, employees and dealers live and work, and our partnership with Habitat for Humanity is one way that we invest in these communities," said Travis Parman, vice president, Corporate Communications, Nissan North America, Inc. "Our employees, working alongside our partners at Habitat and the future homeowners, are able to directly improve their cities and the lives of others." Nissan has also supported several Habitat projects and campaigns. In October, the automaker will sponsor Habitat’s Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project for the 12th year and will join volunteers traveling to Nissan’s headquarters city of Nashville for the weeklong event to help build 21 Habitat homes.n

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CAPA Reafffirms Its Ongoing Commitment to the Collision Repair Industry The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), an independent, nonprofit, standard setting and certification organization for automotive crash parts, is reassuring the collision repair industry it will continue its mission to ensure that high-quality, certified aftermarket parts remain an option for insurers, repairers, and consumers. “CAPA’s commitment to the aftermarket industry spans more than 30 years,” said Clark Plucinski, Chairman, CAPA Board of Directors. “We understand that the recent developments in the aftermarket parts certification industry have caused concern amongst stakeholders, but CAPA is fully committed to servicing the industry with the same diligence and passion we have since our founding.” “Over the past several years CAPA has maintained double digit growth year over year, in certified part applications available to the industry. CAPA intends to accelerate this trend over the com-

To date, CAPA has certified over 105 million parts, and currently has nine publicly available certification standards:

CAPA Standard CAPA 101 Metals CAPA 201 Plastics CAPA 202 Nonwoven Fabric CAPA 301 Lighting CAPA 501 Bumper Parts CAPA 601 Radiators CAPA 602 AC Condensers CAPA 701 Exterior Mirrors CAPA 702 Exterior Cameras ing years, through the development of additional standards across a wider variety of replacement parts,” said Plucinski. In addition, the CAPA 801 Standard for Automotive Glass is currently under review by the CAPA Technical Committee. “CAPA will work individually with

Example Part Types Fenders, Hoods Bumper Covers, Grilles Fender Liners, Hood Liners Headlamps, Taillamps Front and Rear Bumpers, Energy Absorbers Radiators Air Conditioning Condensers Passenger and Driver Side Assemblies Rearview Cameras various stakeholders to minimize the impact of recent changes in the automotive parts certification business,” Plucinski stated. “We will reach out to determine areas CAPA can develop solutions or programs to support the industry, and we look forward to industry feedback.”n

Gerber Parent Company COO: Drps Likely to Sync With OEM Networks By John Huetter Direct repair programs will probably more closely align to automaker collision repair networks — though they aren’t right now — the incoming CEO of Gerber Collision’s parent company predicted earlier this month. Asked on an Aug. 14 earnings call if the company’s experience with revenue shifting from lower-margin parts replacement dollars from higher-margin repair dollars was a function of OEM certifications, Boyd Group Chief Operating Officer

Tim O’Day said no. He said he didn’t think OEM certifications were leading towards more part replacements. “I don’t think there’s any connection there,” said O’Day, who will become the Boyd Group’s CEO effective Jan. 2, 2020. The Boyd Group’s second-quarter gross margin fell slightly to 45.9 percent, compared to 46 percent between AprilJune 2018. CEO Brock Bulbuck attributed this to the higher parts sales relative to labor,

“partially offset by improved DRP pricing, as well as improved parts margins.” The same analyst also asked on the Aug. 14 earnings call if OEM certifications would lead to more direct repair programs for the Boyd Group, which also owns Boyd Autobody and Assured Automotive. O’Day said he felt that over time, insurer DRPs would seek to “connect up” and refer customers to shops found in both their DRP network and the OEM’s Gerber Please Turn to Page 32

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Honda Announces New Passenger Front Airbag Design to Reduce Traffic Injuries & Fatalities in Wider Variety of Collisions Honda announced the development of an innovative new passenger front airbag technology designed to better protect occupants in a wide range of frontal collision scenarios, including angled crashes between vehicles or a vehicle and another object. Honda plans to begin applying its advanced airbag design to new products in the United States in 2020. Development and testing of the new airbag was led by engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Ohio in partnership with Autoliv, one of the company's safety systems suppliers. The new design is based on Honda's commitment to developing technologies that better protect vehicle occupants in a wide range of crash scenarios. In 2017, upwards of 37,000 people lost their lives on U.S. roadways as a result of motor vehicle traffic crashes, a slight decrease from the previous two years, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). "This new airbag technology rep-

resents Honda's continuing effort to advance safety performance in a wider variety of crash scenarios and reflects the innovative thinking that our engineers are bringing to the challenge of reducing traffic injuries and fatalities," said Jim Keller, President of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. "Guided by Honda's ‘Safety for Everyone' commitment, our engineers recognize that their work on this type of breakthrough safety technology will have far-reaching effects on peoples' lives for many years to come." New Airbag Design Honda's next-generation airbag is designed to reduce the potential for injuries that can occur in a wider variety of frontal impacts. It is particularly beneficial in angled frontal impacts in which lateral collision forces can cause an occupant's head to rotate severely or slide off the airbag, increasing the chance of serious injury. Unlike conventional airbag systems that rely on a single inflatable compartment, the new system utilizes

four major components: three inflated compartments -- a center chamber and two outward-projecting side chambers that create a wide base across the dash -- along with a "sail panel" that stretches between the two side chambers at their outermost edge. Operating something like a baseball catcher's mitt, the sail panel catches and decelerates the occupant's head while also engaging the side chambers, pulling them inward to cradle and protect the head, mitigating the potential for injury. This next-generation airbag technology is the result of Honda engineers' study of real-world crash events along with research and testing conducted at the company's advanced safety research center in Raymond, Ohio. Honda's Ohio safety center is one the most sophisticated facilities for safety research, development and testing in the world and includes facilities dedicated to advanced crash simulations, pedestrian safety, collision testing and advanced restraint system development and tuning.n




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S.C. Auto Body Repair Trade Group SCACAR Affiliates With SCRS The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announces the South Carolina Association of Collision & Autobody Repair as the newest state association to join as an Affiliate Association. The South Carolina Association of Collision & Auto Body (SCACAR) was established to continually improve the professionalism and business practices of those engaged in the collision repair industry. SCACAR’s main focus is making sure our industry is repairing vehicles back to OEM specifications. "The technology, equipment, and procedures continue to change at record pace in our industry, making it hard for collision shops and insurance companies to stay up to date," shared SCACAR President Sarah MyersDaniels. "We are striving to use the association as a way to help our members keep up with all these changes in our industry. We’ve already found the relationship with SCRS provides access to more information

and resources, and we believe the Affiliation helps strengthen that connection in a meaningful way that can be shared with our members." In May, representatives of SCRS joined SCACAR and their sister association, the North Carolina Association of Collision & Autobody Repair, at the kickoff dinner for the Carolina’s Educational Collision Conference in Charlotte, NC. The dinner served as a way for tenured association leaders to share lessons learned in association development and the development and utilization of a strong volunteer base. "It's great to see members from all over the country who fight the same issues, and how they overcome them," added Josh Kent, Executive Director of both SCACAR and NCACAR. "From the content we receive from the association on a weekly basis, to the interactions both here locally and at the national meetings that we’ve attended, being able to

pass on this type of information is extremely valuable, as is the sense of connection we get from the Affiliation." "It’s such an honor for us to be able to work with organizations like SCACAR and to be able to collaborate with them as an Affiliate in bringing change to their local market," added SCRS Chairman, Brett Bailey. "New groups like this one bring such enthusiasm, and energy, and it’s exactly what the industry needs more of. The Affiliate program was really designed to help newer associations gain from interactions and lessons-learned with some of our more tenured state associations, while building a more unified industry that connects others within the industry working on many of the same issues and toward the same goals. We couldn’t be more pleased to have our colleagues in the Carolinas as a part of SCRS, and anticipate great things coming from the group.”n

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Ed Weidmann Named CIECA's Interim Executive Director CIECA announce the appointment of Ed Weidmann as CIECA’s interim executive director, effective August 1, 2019. Weidmann has worked in the insurance and collision repair industry for more than 42 years. He held multiple management positions during his 39-year career with State Farm insurance company and participated on many industry boards and advisory councils. After retiring from State Farm, Weidmann opened WEIDMANN CONSULTING and has been providing services to both domestic and international companies. “When CIECA’s Nominating Committee identified a need for an interim executive director, Ed Weidmann’s name surfaced as a logical candidate due to his vast knowledge of the collision repair industry and his recent collaboration with CIECA while working at

State Farm,” said Steve Betley, CIECA’s chairman of the board. “His experience in project creation, contract negotiation and vehicle repair workflows will fit nicely into CIECA’s innovative plans for the future.” Weidmann is not new to CIECA. He joined the organization more than 10 years ago as a trustee, representing State Farm. Since then, he has held the positions of treasurer, vice-chair, and chairman of the board in 2008 and 2014, and has served on CIECA’s Board of Trustees. “I always tell people that CIECA standards streamline the transmission of data among companies, eliminating duplicate programming and minimizing the need for translators when a company works with multiple companies providing similar services,” said Weidmann. “This increases competition and allows

companies to use the best product for their needs with minimal programming.” As the interim executive director, Weidmann said his goal is to help CIECA expand its product offerings, increase the industry’s understanding of its purpose and streamline CIECA’s internal workflows to more efficiently serve its members. In addition to Weidmann’s many industry contributions, he is involved in his community. Currently, he is a member of the board of directors for Twin Cities School of Dance in Bloomington, Illinois. The search for a permanent executive director continues and is spearheaded by CIECA’s Nominating Committee, which is led by Roy Schnepper, owner of Butler’s Collision and a member of CIECA’s Board of Trustees.n

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Auto Repair Industry Faces Shake Up as Unprecedented Number of Shop Owners Plan on Retiring in Next Decade More than half of independent auto repair shop owners expect to retire in the next nine years, and the majority plan to sell their businesses, potentially leading to a wave of consolidation in the industry and leaving drivers in search of a reliable neighborhood shop. That's according to a new survey of shop owners conducted by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, a leading supplier of technology solutions to auto repair shops, and PTEN a major industry trade publication. The survey, which was administered by Paramount Research in June 2019, asked 36,000 repair shops nationwide about business concerns, technician training, use of and investment in technology and other related topics. The survey found that 30% of shop owners plan to retire within five years, and 22% plan retirement in six to nine years. Of those retiring, 52% said they plan to sell the business. One in four (26%) plan to pass the business on to a family member, and one in six (17%) indicated they planned to close the business entirely. If shop owners' retirement plans bear out, there could be a profound impact on how the industry services and repairs cars at a time when car owners are holding onto their vehicles for longer Shake Up Turn to Page 24

Among the survey's other findings: • Nearly half of the auto shop owners (49%) were 60 years of age or older. Another one in three (34%) were between 50 and 59 years old. • Three out of four respondents (75%) have been in the auto repair business for 30 years or more. • Another one in six (15%) indicated they ha between 20 and 29 years of experience. • Forty percent of respondents have owned their repair shop for 30 years or more. Another 26% have owned their shop between 20 and 29 years. • Nearly half of the respondents (46%) said they are using incentives to recruit or retain technicians. These included cash bonuses, weekends off, commissions and profit sharing. • Most shops require formal training of their technicians, with 55% requiring recurrent training every 1-3 years. Ongoing certification is required every 1-3 years among 47% of shop owners. • More than seven in 10 respondents plan to invest in diagnostic tools and equipment (78%) and/or training (71%) in the next 12 months. • Approximately half of the respondents (49%) predict that 2019 sales will increase relative to 2018. Four in 10 (39%) said they expect sales to remain unchanged from 2018. Only 11% expected a decrease in sales.

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Wide Body and Double Kidney Grille Define the New BMW X2 M35i Sportiness coupled with a polarising appearance – based on this formula, the new BMW X2 has inspired above all a young and modern target group .With its extroverted design, the BMW X2 interprets the character of a premium SAC (Sports Activity Coupes) in an entirely new way within the compact segment. The new top model of the X2 series. The wide BMW double kidney grille of new BMW X2 M35i features a surround in Cerium Grey for visual differentiation at first glance. Likewise, the surrounds of the air cooling inlets and the exterior mirror caps are finished in Cerium Grey. The rear of the X2 M35i is characterised by the standard M rear spoiler and two specially designed exhaust tailpipes, which also come in Cerium Grey. BMW’s most powerful 2-litre TwinPower Turbo engine. The new BMW X2 M35i featuring a 225 kW (306 hp) 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine definitely sets new benchmarks above the previous versions. As the letter M in the type designation clearly signalises, the new X2 M35i possesses the impressive dynamic handling qualities of an M Performance automobile. Behind this is yet again the BMW M GmbH, whose racing know-how flows into the development of all components. The 2-litre TwinPower Turbo engine concealed under an M Performance cover is the very first M Performance four-cylinder engine and at the same time BMW’s most powerful version. It delivers a fascinating maximum power output of 225 kW (306 hp). Maximum torque is an extremely powerful 450 Newton metres. To ensure that this sheer power is securely transferred to the tarmac, the X2 M35i comes as standard with intelligent four-wheel drive technology xDrive in conjunction with the 8-speed Steptronic transmission including Launch Control. The automatic transmission features specific M Performance tuning. Equipped in this way, the BMW X2 M35i is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds*. The necessary thermal stability of the engine is now ensured by a redesigned cooling system. Outstanding driving dynamics thanks to M-specific tuning. Being a typical M Performance automobile, the BMW X2 M35i features, in

addition to a powerful engine, also a M Sport suspension system that has been specifically tuned and adapted to match the car’s sporty character. A adaptive suspension offering two different manually adjustable modes and combining maximised sportiness and driving comfort is also optionally available. A particularly special technical highlight – and also a premiere for an M Performance automobile – is the M Sport Differential installed in the front axle gear. During highly dynamic driving manoeuvres, this locking differential most effectively reduces possible traction losses on the front wheels. In addition, the braking system has been upgraded for use on the X2 M35i. The M Sport braking system with fixed callipers in Dark Blue metallic and 18-inch steel discs at the front (17inch at the rear) guarantees consistently short braking distances even under the highest loads. With that, however, the M know-how is still far from being

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For the first time Exclusive M sports seats ensure perfect seating comfort and lateral support. exhausted. Steering and suspension have also both been adapted to match the performance of the drive system. For instance, thanks to a special setup, the M sports steering conveys to the driver an impressively direct and precise steering feel. Furthermore, the X2 M35i comes as standard with the M Sport suspension with a stiffer spring and damper setting as well as vehicle lowering. The rear axle construction has been redesigned. A suspension with an adaptive spring and damper combination offering two different manually adjustable modes is also optionally available. Upgraded exterior design thanks to M Performance typical elements in Cerium Crey. The sporty aspiration of the X2 M35i, which is the result of its inner qualities, is reflected in an exciting exterior design with numerous typical M BMW X2 Please Turn to Page 22



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Honda Responsible for $12 Billion Annual Economic Impact and 45,000 Jobs in Alabama Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, provided the skilled workforce and posia positive impact to the people – and to LLC (HMA) contributed more than $12 biltive business climate that a world-class the economy – of the State of Alabama. " lion in 2018 to the state's economy and, company like Honda needs to be successThe CBER study was led by Samuel along with its suppliers, was responsible ful in a highly competitive global busiAddy, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Senior for more than 45,647 jobs in Alabama, ness." Research Economist, using actual data according to an economic impact In 2018, Honda's Lincoln manufaccollected from Honda, its Alabama Tierstudy released today by the Economic turing facility accounted for a total of 1 suppliers and EDPA, and Federal and Development Partnership of Alabama. 19,223 direct and indirect jobs. The suppliState sources. "Honda's actual impacts The study, on Alabama conducted are greater for EDPA by than reportthe Center ed here if the • Accounted for more than $3.45 billion in no payroll expenditures in Alabama for Business co m p a ny 's and Economic full network Research at The of suppliers • The company had a total payroll of $590.5 million, or an average of $79,202 per University of is taken into employee, which is 75% more than the average earnings for an Alabama worker. Alabama, meaconsidersures the impact ation," Addy of Honda and its said. • Paid $202.9 million in taxes, with $113.4 million in state and $89.6 million in local taxes Tier-1 automoHonda tive suppliers that are located in Alabama. ers to HMA were conservatively estimated Manufacturing of Alabama began proThe $12 billion annual impact repto have employed 7,322 workers and were duction in 2001 and now builds the resents 5.4% of Alabama's $221.1 billion responsible for 26,451 direct and indirect Odyssey minivan, the Pilot sport utility gross domestic product (GDP). In addijobs. vehicle, the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck tion, Honda Tier-1 suppliers in 2018 had a "Our achievements have been and the all-new Honda Passport SUV. $3.5 billion impact on the state's economade possible through the commitment HMA also builds the V-6 engines that my, accounted for $865.9 million in earnand dedication of our associates to build power each vehicle at its $2.6 billion faciliings and generated $82.2 million in state only the best for our Honda customers," ty in Lincoln. Using domestic and globally and local taxes. said Honda Manufacturing of Alabama sourced parts, cumulative production in "This study demonstrates the magSenior Vice President Mike Oatridge. "We Alabama now totals more than 5 million nitude of Honda's Alabama operation are grateful for the support that Honda vehicles and engines. The company has and how important it is to the state's has experienced with our communities, more than 4,500 associates in both proeconomy," said EDPA Executive Vice our local and state leaders and our supcess and professional positions and has President Steve Sewell. "At the same time, plier partners. We are pleased that the the capacity to build more than 340,000 it underscores the fact that Alabama has success of our operations has had such vehicles and V-6 engines each year.n

The study also points out that in 2018 Honda Manufacturing of Alabama:


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Collision Repair Education Foundation and I-Car Announce Updated Snapshot of the Collision Repair Industry Executive Summary Available The Collision Repair Education Foundation and I-CAR have collaborated to provide an updated executive summary of the Snapshot of the Collision Repair Industry survey, which is now available for download. The survey provides data on both the business

environment and the technician workforce. Over 675 collision repair businesses responded to the survey, representing over 4,500 technicians. The survey provides unique insights on industry trends such as average age, incomes, entry-level worker task expectations,

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and more going back more than two decades. “The research clearly shows the collision repair industry’s urgent need to build its skilled workforce development efforts,” said Jeanne Silver, from CARSTAR Mundelein who serves as chair of the Collision Repair Education Foundation Board of Trustees. “The Snapshot Survey of the Collision Industry results provides a detailed view of the challenges facing the collision industry’s workforce and clearly identifies the path, opportunities and solid financial rewards available to people seeking to train for a career in the industry. We urge the industry to help the Foundation deliver these solutions.” “We are pleased to again work with the Collision Repair Education Foundation in conducting this important industry survey,” said John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO & President. “The survey verifies the critical need for welltrained collision repair technicians – both today and in the future – and it also confirms the outstanding professional and financial opportunities that are available in the industry. Today’s rapidly changing vehicle technologies and materials require technicians who have the training and ability to utilize information, knowledge and skills to repair damaged vehicles correctly. There has never been a better time to consider a rewarding career in the collision repair industry.” The updated Snapshot of the Collision Repair Industry survey is available for download from the Collision Repair Education Foundation’s web site or via I-CAR’s web site. This report of the survey results will be distributed to high school and college collision school programs across the country this fall, including an effort to distribute the information to school guidance counselors. Industry members with questions about the survey, or interest in supporting the Collision Repair Education Foundation, should contact Director of Development, Brandon Eckenrode at (312) 231-0258n Southern Automotive Journal


Ford's Midsize Pickup Ranger Return in 2019 Ford Ranger return – a midsize pickup engineered Built Ford Tough, ready for adventure and packed with driver-assist technologies to enable easier driving both on and off-road. Anchored by a high-strength steel frame and powered by a 2.3-liter EcoBoost® paired to an efficient 10-speed automatic, the all-new Ranger is available in either SuperCab or SuperCrew configuration. It can be optioned with 4x2 or 4x4, and comes in three trim levels – XL, XLT and Lariat. Chrome and Sport Appearance Packages are available. Ranger’s muscular body features a high beltline, while a raked grille and windshield lend an athletic appearance and aid in aerodynamics and reduced wind noise. Short overhangs mean better approach and departure angles offroad. Available FX4 Off-Road Package features off-road-tuned suspension, all-terrain tires, framemounted heavygauge steel front bash plate and skid plates, rear locking differential, innovative Terrain Management System™ with four distinct drive modes and Trail Control™. Ranger makes for a great piece of off-road gear, but it also gets work done on the pavement. Its rugged steel bumper with available integrated trailer hitch receiver means towing campers, ATVs or watercraft is a breeze. Technology comes built-in, starting with an 8-inch touch screen for available SYNC® 3, while a single or dual LCD productivity screen is available for real-time vehicle, navigation and audio information. Ranger has standard Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. A LaneKeeping System that includes lanekeeping assist, lane-departure warning, reverse sensing and class-exclusive Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage is standard on XLT and Lariat. Adaptive Cruise Control is standard on Lariat. The new Ranger FX2 Package as another choice for customers who want off-road styling and capability in a two-wheel-drive offering. “FX2 expands Ranger’s options for customers who want tough, offroad style with the functionality of

a locking differential but don’t need four-wheel drive,” said Brian Bell, Ford Ranger marketing manager. “This is another way our customers can personalize Ranger to match their lifestyle while getting a great value.” Aimed at more urban markets, the FX2 Package rides on 17- or available 18-inch off-road tires to add even tougher styling to two-wheel-drive

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The Ranger FX2 has nearly everything that Ford includes on the FX4 model, right down to its raised ride height, off-road suspension bits, 17- or 18-inch offroad tires, front skidplate, and pared-back front bumper. The point, of course, is value. With the Ranger FX2, Ford hopes to appeal to truck buyers who are looking for the FX4's style at a more affordable price point. At $595, the FX2 package is indeed far cheaper than the FX4 gear, which runs $1295. (The FX4 also requires four-wheel drive, which runs $4160 on the base Ranger XL and $4000 on every other trim.) Ranger. A front underbody guard and air dam-delete provide even more distinction, while shielding the underbody and improving approach angles. Adding to Ranger’s two-wheeldrive capability, the FX2 Package includes an electronic-locking rear differential and off-road-tuned suspension for increased traction and performance off-road. Ford’s off-road cluster

Ranger offers a wide variety of packages and options, including the new Black Appearance Package with black accents and high-gloss black wheels, the Sport Appearance Package with Magnetic Gray-painted accents and unique wheels and the Chrome Appearance Package with chrome body accents and bright chrome wheels. FX2 is the latest addition to Ranger’s capability offerings, which include the Trailer Tow Package with a 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness and Class IV trailer hitch receiver and the FX4 OffRoad Package featuring an electronic locking rear differential and Terrain Management System with Trail Control. Ford Ranger answers the call of truck customers looking for an afford-

screen adds to the FX2 experience inside, where drivers can see pitch, roll and yaw in real time. Demand for Ranger personalization options continues to increase, with two in every three buyers opting for a Sport Appearance Package, Chrome Appearance Package or STX Appearance Package, while one in every three selects the FX4 Off-Road Package. Over half of Ranger buyers are choosing the Trailer Tow Package. “We’re seeing sales trends that tell us to grow Ranger’s capability and appearance options even further,” said Chad Callander, Ford Ranger consumer marketing manager. “The FX2 Package is a result of us listening to our customers and what they’re demanding from their trucks.”

able, rugged and maneuverable midsize pickup that’s Built Ford Tough. Torture-tested alongside Ford F-150 trucks, Ranger quality starts with a high-strength steel frame backbone, proven Ford-built 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine and class-exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission. Great features like a standard 4G LTE modem with Wi-Fi for up to 10 devices and an array of available dealer-installed accessories make Ranger a perfect partner for every adventure. “What’s most important for our customers is that any personalization offering starts with Built Ford Tough DNA,” said Callander. “You know Ranger is going to live up to Ford’s proven truck standards, however you customize it.”n

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BMW X2 From Page 16 Performance Automobile elements finished in Cerium Grey and based on the X2 M Sport Package. This begins at the front with full HD technology for the main headlights and fog lights and continues with the double kidney grille in Cerium Grey and the newly designed side air intakes of the same colour at the front for best possible cooling of brakes and engine. The exterior mirrors have been upgraded by special caps, likewise in Cerium Grey. At the rear, the X2 M35i boasts a distinctive M rear spoiler and demonstrates its fascinating sovereignty with an M Sport exhaust system with two tailpipes (each 100 mm in diameter). Thanks to the adapted silencer system, the exhaust system produces a particularly sporty sound spectrum. 19-inch M Sport light alloy wheels in 715M styling (optional: 20-inch M Sport light alloy wheels in 721M styling and in Cerium Grey bicolour) impressively round off the exterior design features. For the first time Exclusive M sports seats ensure perfect seating comfort and lateral support. An exceptionally sporty look also dominates the interior. As with the exterior design, the basis is again the M Sport Package. Moreover, the X2 M35i features as standard an M Sport leather steering

wheel with shift paddles and door entry trims at the front bearing the lettering “M35i”. The optional M sports seats at the front are a novelty. They offer not only perfect lateral support for both driver and front passenger in sharp bends, but also the highest level of comfort and safety through integrated headrests. The M sports seats are available in the following three different designs: FabricTrigon/ Alcantara combination in black with blue accents, Leather Dakota Magmared, perforated with black accents and Leather Dakota black perforated. Matching seatbelts in an M design are also on offer. Trend-setting digital competence for state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to the uncompromis-

ingly sporty orientation of both drive system and design, the BMW X2 M35i also demonstrates BMW’s trend-setting digital competence in the areas of operation and networking. For instance, the fullcolour BMW Head-Up Display is among the optionally available features. It offers a display range that is unprecedented in this vehicle segment. If desired, the latest generation of BMW ConnectedDrive and the new BMW Connected App can be fitted. Optional functions such as the wireless use of Apple CarPlay set further highlights. Driver assistant systems include, for example, camera-based technologies such as the traffic jam assistant for less tiring driving in dense stop-and-go traffic or the optional parking assistant.n

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the projected demand of 75,900 needed each year to replace those retiring or leaving the industry. And only one in five periods of time. Industry data reveals students are interested in skilled trades the average age of vehicles on the road today, compared to one in four in 1990. today is 11-plus years and growing. Nonetheless, more than half of "The upswing in retirement across shop owners (51%) said they plan to hire the industry means there's going to be a one or more employees over the next glut of independent shops for sale in the year. Seventy percent of those hiring said next few years," noted Sara Scullin, editor new technicians were their of PTEN. "So, it's going to be top priority. a buyer's market, and ownThe key to gaining repeat customers, noted Sara Scullin , is trust, "The culture has ers who plan to sell have to put processes in place now and according to the survey that was the top issue shops confront changed in recent decades, and at the same time, drivto improve business revenue when engaging with customers. en by technology, vehicles and build loyal customers are getting ever more who keep coming back." sophisticated," said Risich. "Shop owners The key to gaining repeat customof attracting and retaining skilled technineed to understand that to attract the ers, she noted, is trust, and according to cians. millennial generation, who were reared the survey that was the top issue shops The number of new technicians on technology, it is critical they adopt the confront when engaging with customentering the auto repair business is at a latest technology solutions to run their ers. The survey found that seven out of historic low. According to a recent study business. The results of our survey clearly 10 respondents (68%) have encountered by the TechForce Foundation, the 38,829 demonstrate, the old ways of doing businegative opinions or mistrust of repair postsecondary completions of auto tech ness are past; those who maintain the shops. programs in 2016 was the lowest the status quo, who aren't using technology "Trust remains a significant impediindustry has seen since its peak enrollto optimize operations and maximize ment to building long-term relationment in 2010. The U.S. Bureau of Labor profits will be left in the dust."n ship and by extension, repeat busiStatistics revealed that there were barely ness and ultimately profits," said Mike enough new technicians that year to fill Risich, founder and CEO of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY. "Better communication with customers is one of the top training concerns among shop owners, and half of them said they'd welcome training and technology solutions that addressed this issue." The single biggest concern keeping shop owners up at night? The challenge

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OEM Repair Procedure Legislation Vetoed New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has vetoed OEM Repair Procedure legislation. ASA, which supports legislation requiring the use of OEM repair procedures, had asked the state’s repairers to contact Sununu in support of New Hampshire’s House Bill 664. HB 664 had called for insurers to reimburse repairers for “all repairs” if a repairer followed OEM-recommended “collision repair procedures, recommendations, or service bulletins, while repairing a vehicle.” In a letter to the committee in support of the bill, ASA Washington, D.C. representative, Bob Redding said OEM repair procedures are “the logical

repair processes to be followed.” “The veto of this bill is a disappointment to the automotive repair industry and the motoring public,” Redding said after the governor’s action. “Collision repairers support the use of OEM repair procedure and this issue is not likely to go away any time soon.” A number of states considered OEM repair procedure legislation in 2019. During the NACE Automechanika show in Atlanta last summer, ASA and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers announced an effort to have OEM repair procedure policy addressed in state legislatures.

For 2019, New Hampshire was one of the first states to initiate OEM repair procedure legislation. ASA has emphasized the importance of pre- and post-scans in the collision repair process. This ensures that after a collision, vehicles are returned to the owner with optimal functionality. ASA advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation and member services. To take advantage of the many benefits of membership in ASA, please visit or call (817) 5142901. Access our new mobile app by downloading on iPhone and Android devices.n

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Bentley EXP From Page 5 Performance & Technology Reimagining The Grand Tour The Bentley EXP 100 GT is an extraordinary step on the road towards a carbon-free future. Sustainable and intelligent, a battery electric powertrain, with intelligent power and charge management, will ensure that the Bentley EXP 100 GT is as powerful and exciting as its conventional predecessors. Next Generation Traction Drive will enable maximum control via torque vectoring, applying 50 per cent increased power and 35 per cent less mass for more effective cornering. The battery system will power four motors that offer a 0-100 km (0-60 mph) time of less than 2.5 seconds, a top speed of 300 kph (186 mph) and maximum torque of 1,500 Nm. Future battery technology will offer five times the conventional energy density, and charging the Bentley EXP 100 GT to 80 per cent of capacity will take only 15 minutes. Charging is automatically taken

To l l Fr e e

care of by the Bentley Personal Assistant. Weight will remain at a remarkably trim 1,900 kg and a range of 435 miles will be possible. To celebrate the drive, the Bentley EXP 100 GT is optionally autonomous. It manages the driving experience based on the external environment and passenger well-being. This might include maximising an exhilarating self-drive across mountain roads, or disengaging from a stressful, inner-city commute. Bentley Personal Assistant can curate personal driving experiences, offering points of information along a route, journey suggestions, or available luxury experiences nearby. Key to this are a range of features based on passenger well-being and comfort. These include Active Aero Wheels that dynamically adjust to deliver efficiency or maximum performance feel; Intelligent Pirelli Tyres that adapt their contact patches based on weather conditions or driver demand; Adaptable Biometric Seating that adapts to the driver mode, or swivels rearward with



the steering wheel retracted away in autonomous mode. The use of artificial intelligence with the Bentley Personal Assistant, combined with expert engineering in the Bentley EXP 100 GT, has redefined the future of Grand Touring. AI manifests itself in the cabin as a ‘feeling’ light and is controlled through gestures and touch. AI is controlled via an illuminated Cumbria Crystal centre piece and control centre, set in three layers. Cumbria Crystal, the last producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut crystal in England. A cartridge system in the centre of the Bentley EXP 100 GT delivers luxury items and services. The main features are a Purified Water Decanter and Crystal Glasses; a Cartridge Delivery System that can deliver items from an under the bonnet storage area into the cabin itself; and World Class Services, that could receive items requested by the car’s AI and delivered from luxury service partners.n





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HyundAI IoniQ Offers Three Powertain Choices The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid and other models offer a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette with an industry-leading 0.24 Cd derived from carefully designed surfaces. The Ioniq employs efficiency and technology in its design to create both a unique and forward-looking appearance. Throughout the entire development phase, engineers and designers worked closely to ensure that form and function evolved simultaneously in a complementary fashion. Its fluid exterior shape and smooth air flow channels emphasize aerodynamic body lines and design forms. Developed for high energy efficiency without compromising driving performance, every Ioniq powertrain represents a unique and uncompromising solution towards a cleaner means of mobility. The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid provides an all-electric range of more than 29 miles, 119 MPGe in EV mode and 52 MPG in hybrid mode based on EPA estimates, powered by a potent 8.9 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid features a new Kappa 1.6L direct-injected Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine with an unsurpassed thermal efficiency of 40 percent and delivering an estimated 104 horsepower and an estimated 109 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine has been specifically tailored to the hybrid application and is combined with a quick-shifting six-speed double-clutch transmission – differentiating Ioniq from its key competitors with a more dynamic and engaging driving experience. The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid’s estimated 45kW (60 horsepower) electric motor is coupled with a 1.6-liter directinjected Atkinson four-cylinder Kappa engine. The high-efficiency electric motor can operate at speeds up to 75 MPH and delivers instantaneous torque at low speeds, with available power-assist at higher vehicle speeds. The Ioniq Hybrid’s electric motor delivers an estimated 32 kW (43 horsepower) with an estimated maximum torque of 125 lb.-ft., powered by a lithiumion polymer battery with 1.56 kWh capacity. The battery is efficiently positioned under the rear passenger seats. In combination with the 1.6-liter direct-injected engine, Ioniq Hybrid offers a total system output of 139 horsepower while providing low emissions, outstanding efficiency and

range. The Ioniq Hybrid Blue model has an EPA-estimated 58 MPG combined rating, the highest rating of any non-plug-in vehicle sold in the U.S. market. The Ioniq Electric offers pure electric mobility with a 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery for an estimated driving range of 124 miles. The electric motor has a maximum output of 88 kW (118 horsepower) and 218 lb.-ft. of torque mated to a single-speed reduction-gear transmission.

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The interior of Ioniq captures the model’s futuristic qualities, with a ‘Purified High-tech’ design concept. A smooth, elegant and clutter-free theme and efficient use of interior space complements a logical, structured approach applied to the layout of controls for intuitive operation. Materials for the interior were chosen with an ecologically-sensitive focus The Ioniq Electric has an EPA-estimated 136 MPGe rating, the highest efficiency rating of any electric vehicle sold in the U.S. market. Further, the powertrain components were designed to be compact and highly efficient. The combined extra weight of the Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid technolIoniq Please Turn to Page 34

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National and State Associations Endorse OEM Procedures as Standard of Repair Tool will improve vehicle appraisals, leading to better customer service and faster collision repair The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announced at their July 2019 board of directors meeting a collaborative effort with the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers, the Automotive Service Association and a consortium of state and regional associations representing the collision repair industry to establish industrywide recognition of the documented OEM repair procedure as the standard of repair. The statement and the full list of signing organizations can be found on the SCRS website at It is the position of all undersigned organizations that if a vehicle manufacturer documents a repair procedure as

required, recommended or otherwise necessary as a result of damage or repair, that those published procedures would be the standard of repair. Disregarding a documented procedure that is made available to the industry creates undue and avoidable exposure to the consumer’s safety and liability to the repair facility performing the repair. As such, we support efforts that aim to ensure consumers are properly indemnified for repair operations and procedures in accordance with documented technical procedures to repair the vehicle as issued by the original vehicle manufacturer. For additional associations that wish

to be added as an endorsing organization, email For more information about SCRS, or to join as a member, please visit www.scrs. com, call 1-877-841-0660 or email info@ About SCRS: Through its direct members and 38 affiliate associations, SCRS is comprised of 6,000 collision repair businesses and 58,500 specialized professionals who work with consumers and insurance companies to repair collisiondamaged vehicles. Additional information about SCRS including other news releases is available at the SCRS Web site: www.scrs. com. You can e-mail SCRS at the following address:

Youth Automotive Training Center Graduates Its 750th Student The Youth Automotive Training Center (YATC), a unique nine-month automotive training program which provides intensive instruction and hands-on training in automotive theory and practical skills, recently graduated its 750th student as part of the Class of 2019. Established by automotive legend and JM Family Enterprises founder Jim Moran in 1984, YATC’s mission is to train and educate at-risk youth in basic automotive repair skills, academic remediation, job readiness and life management skills. The goal of this program is to prepare at-risk young adults to become self-sufficient, productive, law-abiding citizens. “YATC taught me that family is more than just blood,” said 22-yearold Martin Baena, a 2019 graduate who was recognized during the ceremony. “If Mr. Moran were still here today, which he is in all of our hearts, I would thank him for the second chance that nobody else would have given me.” Equally valuable to automotive training, the school provides emotional support from the caring staff — three of whom are YATC graduates — and imparts educational and practical life skills. Guided by educators and volunteer tutors from the community, eight of this year’s graduates

earned their high school diplomas and five are pursuing their diplomas following graduation. During the commencement ceremony, 12 graduates were awarded scholarships for continuing education, six of whom received special recognition for notable achievements. Baena received the Bruce Rossmeyer Memorial Kick Start Scholarship Award. Established in 2009 by Jan Moran in memory of Bruce Rossmeyer, this recognition includes a full-tuition scholarship to attend a technical/vocational school. Rossmeyer, founder of Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson and Daytona Toyota, was a devoted friend and generous supporter of YATC. Other standout award recipients include: • Michael Somers, 20, was presented with the Jump Start Award for excellence in automotive knowledge and repairs. • Damian Varona, 20, was honored with the Turnabout Award for making significant changes in all areas of his life. • Eduardo Bretz Jr., 19; Jarkevius Nemec, 19; and Michael Whitaker, 20, all received Outstanding Attendance Awards for demonstrating exceptional commitment. YATC also awarded Joe O’Brien, founder of the O'Brien Automotive

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Team, with the annual Jim Moran Award. This recognition, which was presented by Larry McGinnes, president, YATC Board of Directors; and Terry Routley, executive director, YATC, acknowledges a person or group who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to the school and its students. "Joe has been a loyal and dedicated friend of YATC for many years. He's a true 'car guy' at heart. He recognized the value of the automotive skills graduates gain at YATC and has supported the program ever since. We are so grateful to have Joe on our team," said Routley. Students are referred to YATC in a variety of ways, including through the departments of Juvenile Justice and Children and Families, as well as by past YATC graduates, local clergy and word of mouth. Many of these young people have experienced poverty, crime, abuse and addiction even before reaching their teen years. There is no cost to attend as the program is sustained solely by generous donors and the school’s annual fundraiser. This year’s event, Art of Success, is scheduled for Saturday, November 9. This inaugural appreciation and fundraising effort will be an all-day event at the school followed by an evening reception at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.n

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Gerber From Page 9 program. “We really haven’t seen that yet,” O’Day said. “But I would anticipate that that will occur over time.” The company also made some other interesting DRP-related comments during the earnings call, and the perspective from the nation’s No. 2 collision chain might help both DRP and non-DRP shops plan their own individual business strategies. Caliber: Asked if the Caliber-ABRA merger had impacted the company’s relationships with insurers or if Boyd had seen resistance to large mergers, Bulbuck said “no, not at all.” He said Boyd really hadn’t seen “any huge impact” from the combination of the two large rivals into a more than 1,000-shop chain. The new Caliber is still a competitor, primarily for labor and acquisitions, Bulbuck said. However, his company hadn’t “necessarily bumped up against” Caliber during Boyd’s pursuit of acquisition targets except in some instances, according to Bulbuck. “Nothing structural” regarding custom-

ers or insurance had occurred, he said. An analyst later asked if Boyd had gotten a “free rider” on renegotiated procurement deals tied to consolidation — likely a reference at least in part to increased Caliber clout. Bulbuck said Boyd hadn’t seen any structural changes there either. A similar perspective was shared by LKQ in its first-quarter 2019 earnings call. “They already get our largest discounts, if you will,” CEO Nick Zarcone said of Caliber and ABRA, whom he at the time called among the company’s top 3-4 customers. “We don’t anticipate any major changes there,” he said. DRPs and large MSOs: Asked if anything had changed structurally for Boyd, given that its results defied collision trends of lower frequency, Bulbuck said the only structural factor was the trend of consolidation affecting the entire industry. “We continue to see additional insurance clients look to establish tiers of direct repair programs that’re available only to large MSOs,” he said. “And we continue to see opportunity in that regard.”

Chief Financial Officer Narendra “Pat” Pathipati said the increase of technology on vehicles would yield an expectation “from clients to meet those requirements.” This is a positive for a company like Boyd, which can afford the capital for scanning, calibration, OEM certifications and specialty repair gear, he said. Consent decree: An analyst asked if the Department of Justice’s plan to end the 1963 Consent Decree restricting certain auto insurance practices would affect Boyd’s traffic or pricing, Bulbuck said that as he understood it, direct repair program opponents “were hanging their argument on” the 1963 document. He said his take was that a rollback or termination of the consent decree “really takes away another argument of the opponents of direct repair program.” O’Day said his understanding was that the DOJ had considered ending the decree because “it really wasn’t necessary anymore.” This shouldn’t impact Boyd, he said.n Copyright © 2019. DRIVEN COMMUNICATIONS INC. All Rights

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The Ioniq offers a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette with an industry-leading 0.24 Cd derived from carefully designed surfaces.

ogy therefore adds minimal weight to the Ioniq, but significantly increases its efficiency. Electric power for the Hybrid and the Plug-in Hybrid, as well as for the Electric, is generated by a permanent magnet synchronous motor whose parts were optimized by reducing the thickness of core components by up to 10 percent and adopting rectangular-section copper wire to decrease core and copper loss. Hyundai uses a lithium-ion polymer battery pack for all Ioniq models which is 20 percent lighter than non-polymer lithiumion batteries and can be shaped more optimally to the interior than standard cell format batteries. This also provides lower memory sensitivity, excellent charge and discharge efficiency, and outstanding maximum output. Both efficient packaging and a low center of gravity were taken into consideration as the battery system is located underneath the rear seats so that the passenger cabin and cargo area is uncompromised in the Ioniq Hybrid, offering a total interior volume of an estimated 122.7 cubic feet (more than Toyota Prius). Even the Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid and the Ioniq Electric, despite having larger battery systems, both offer a generous total interior volume of an estimated 119.2 cubic feet. All Ioniq Electric models are equipped with standard Level-3 DC fastcharging capability. Charging the Ioniq Electric’s lithium-ion polymer battery up to 80 percent only takes about 23 minutes using a SAE Combo Level-3 DC, 100 kW fast-charger. An integrated In-Cable Control Box (ICCB) also allows drivers to charge their Ioniq Electric and Plug-in Hybrid using a standard household electric socket when necessary. The Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-in both feature a six-speed EcoShift® dual-clutch transmission (DCT), which boasts best-inclass transfer efficiency through the use of low-friction bearings and low-viscosity transmission oil, and is able to achieve a unique mix of driving performance and fuel efficiency. In crafting the exterior appearance of Ioniq, Hyundai designers concentrated on its future-focused character, fundamental to its appeal. A fluid exterior shape and natural air flow channels emphasize aerodynamic body lines and surface vol-

umes. A sporty, hatchback-like profile is inspired by aerodynamic efficiency, complementing the soft lines and surfaces that trace the car’s outline. These attributes combine to boost aerodynamics further, which, when combined with various other smart efficiency solutions, produce an industry-leading 0.24 coefficient of drag. In addition to Ioniq aerodynamics, further design details distinguish the Hybrid, Plugin Hybrid and Electric models from one another, creating unique identities. In keeping with its exterior, the interior of Ioniq captures the model’s futuristic qualities, with a ‘Purified High-tech’ design concept. A smooth, elegant and clutterfree theme and efficient use of interior space complements a logical, structured approach applied to the layout of controls for intuitive operation. Materials for the interior were chosen with an ecologicallysensitive focus and are used to create a simple and clean look throughout the car, giving the interior a sleek, light and purified feel. The driver and passenger of the Electric model will also notice that there is more room between the front seats. This

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is achieved via a shift-by-wire push-button drive selector free of mechanical linkage. The Ioniq also features an electronic parking brake (EPB), conserving space in the center console. A key characteristic of the Ioniq is its innovative use of recycled or ecologicallysensitive materials. The interior door covers are made of plastic combined with powdered wood and volcanic stone while providing the same quality appearance of typical plastic-based materials. Raw materials extracted from sugar cane are partly applied on the headliner and carpet. Paint with renewable ingredients extracted from soybean oil is used to achieve lustrous metallic colors on key components. Hyundai is also working with ChargePoint® to further enhance the Ioniq Electric and Plug-in Hybrid ownership experience. ChargePoint has the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network with more than 32,000 locations at which to charge, including more than 400 Express DC fast-charging sites. ChargePoint locations are rapidly expanding, with customer ease of use as a primary goal at every location.n

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2019 Southern Automotive Journal October Issue  

GCIA 23rd Annual Golf Tournament OEM Repair Procedure Legislation vetoed CAPA Reafffirms Its Ongoing Commitment to the Collision Repair I...

2019 Southern Automotive Journal October Issue  

GCIA 23rd Annual Golf Tournament OEM Repair Procedure Legislation vetoed CAPA Reafffirms Its Ongoing Commitment to the Collision Repair I...