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August 2019

Aimed At The Heart Of The Compact SUV Market

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Next-Generation SUV Concept

Maaco Targets Southeast for Growth, Franchise Resales Penske Truck Leasing Georgia Collision Repair Facilities Earn First-Ever Company Heavyduty Trucks I-Car Gold Class Designation

DEALER NEWS Volvo Cars and Uber Present Production Vehicle Ready for Self-Driving Michelin, GM Take The Air Out Of Tires For Passenger Vehicles Mazda Toyota’s Nod To Huntsville’s History Porsche Financial Services Introduces Porsche Auto Insurance

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) made the global debut of the MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER next-generation crossover SUV concept. Embodying the "Drive your Ambition" corporate tagline, the MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER uses MMC’s established and advanced electrification and all-wheel control technologies to raise SUV appeal to a new level. DENDO DRIVE HOUSE is a new energy ecosystem which allows owners of electric vehicles to generate, store and

share energy automatically between their car and home, further enhancing the value of electric vehicles. DDH is a V2H*2 based system which will be offered to customers at Mitsubishi dealerships when buying a batteryelectric (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Engelberg is a well-known ski resort in the Central region of Engelberg Please to Turn Page 4

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2.7L Turbo Enhances Versatility of the 2019 Silverado

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The DENDO DRIVE HOUSE (DDH) is a packaged system comprised of an EV/PHEV, a bi-directional charger, solar panels, and home battery that is designed for home use.

Switzerland that offers grand panoramic vistas and is known for its challenging off-piste runs that offer freestyle and freeriding fun for skiers and snowboarders. The MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER is a Twin Motor 4WD plugin hybrid EV (PHEV). As befits the ENGELBERG TOURER name, the vehicle offers high levels of running performance that allow the driver to enjoy driving in all weather conditions and on any road surface with confidence. The vehicle’s driving performance, paired with the long cruising range inherent to a PHEV, allows for journeys to places with no charging infrastructure. The innovative interior packaging offers both passenger capacity and ample storage space, which ensures a satisfying drive for passengers on the way to their destination. The ENGELBERG TOURER stirs driver and occupants’ curiosity, and sense of adventure, as they seek to go further and take a step beyond anything they have experienced before. MI T SUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER, as its name suggests, has been designed as an elegant and functional well-rounded crossover SUV. Mitsubishi has crafted a design that offers the unique “Mitsubishiness” the brand is known for. The bold body styling speaks to the vehicle’s power and reliability that allows it to navi-

gate on and off the road with confidence. The spacious interior offers generous cabin space, and high levels of quality and functionality. Fog lamps fitted to an auto-open/close roof box and front/rear bumper under guards ensure the ENGELBERG TOURER is both styled and well-equipped for an active lifestyle. The MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER takes MMC’s Twin Motor PHEV system fostered and developed in the Outlander PHEV and, using next-generation electrification and all-wheel control technologies, evolves it into an even more appealing vehicle propulsion system. The combination of the PHEV system and connected car technologies allow the MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER to be driven in all weather conditions and over all types of roads with greater reassurance. The MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER uses a PHEV system that befits an innovative, next-generation crossover SUV. The large capacity drive battery is fitted beneath the floor in the middle of the vehicle. It uses MMC’s Twin Motor system that locates high output, high efficiency motors at the front and rear, while providing cabin space that still allows for three-row seating. The engine is a 2.4L gasoline unit designed for the PHEV system. In series hybrid mode, the engine acts as a high-output generator and achieves a high regeneration rate, while the large displacement will make for quiet

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August 2019

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operation and excellent fuel mileage. In addition to the high efficiencies in the PHEV system itself, the MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER uses detail lowconsumption technologies such as radiator grille shutters to reduce drag. MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER has an EV cruising range of over 70km (WLTP cycle), and with a fully charged battery and full fuel tank, it has a total cruising range of over 700km (WLTP). MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER uses MMC’s Twin Motor full-time 4WD system with high output, high efficiency motors driving the front and rear axles. Utilizing know-how developed from the Lancer Evolution series, the system uses Active Yaw Control (AYC*3) to tailor torque split between the front wheels. These components are matched with MMC’s Super AllWheel Control (S-AWC) integrated vehicle behavior control system which delivers a dramatic improvement over conventional AWD systems in dynamic performance. Acceleration, cornering, stopping – by integrally controlling the braking force at each wheel (Anti-lock Braking System, ABS) and the front and rear motor output (Active Stability Control, ASC*4) – are all improved, with an eye to providing driver confidence in all situations. The Twin Motor 4WD driveline delivers outstanding front/rear torque split response and is distinguished by the feeling of acceleration inherent to electric-motor drive, which generates maximum torque in an instant. Torque

MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER has an EV cruising range of over 43 miles (WLTP cycle), and with a fully charged battery and full fuel tank, it has a total cruising range of over 400 miles (WLTP). split control between the front wheels improves driving performance to deliver a level of nimble and feel-good handling unimaginable in a vehicle of this size. It also increases stability by reducing wheel slip on unmade and snow-covered roads to ensure that maximum drive torque is transmitted to the road surface. Using steering wheel angle, yaw rate, drive torque, brake pressure, wheel speed and other information to accurately determine driver intent and vehicle behavior, the system con-

trols torque split to, and brake force at, the front wheels so that vehicle behavior faithfully and safely reflects driver intention. Reduces instability in vehicle behavior that results from slippery road surfaces or sudden steering inputs. When the driver enters a destination in the onboard navigation system, the Connected Car System uses weather, temperature, topography, traffic and surface condition information to select the optimum drive mode and tailor torque split through drive

battery energy management and the S-AWC system. This allows safe and comfortable driving, as well as optimal fuel economy. The MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER uses its motor drive to deliver powerful driving and excellent environmental performance. With its point-and-go drivability and all-wheel control that delivers outstanding stability, it enables the driver to accelerate, corner and brake safely and surely as they follow the intended line in any driving scenario.n

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Penske Truck Leasing Georgia Collision Repair Facilities Earn First-Ever Company Heavy-duty Trucks I-Car Gold Class Designation Penske Truck Leasing is the firstever company to receive I-CAR’s Gold Class designation for the repair of heavy-duty trucks, at a pair of Georgia Penske truck collision repair facilities, in Norcross and Lithia Springs. I-CAR has been a leader in providing automotive collision repair knowledge and training for 40 years. James Svaasand, Penske vice president of collision center development and operations stated: “We are very pleased to receive this Gold Class designation from I-CAR. This program allows us to further refine and standardize our processes at all our collision repair center locations. Our highly

trained collision repair associates are now learning new industry best practices and applying these methods to the work we do for our customers.” “We applaud Penske Truck Leasing for the company’s foresight, dedication and commitment to implementing this comprehensive collision repair training program for the heavyduty truck market,” said Nick Notte, I-CAR senior vice president of sales. “I-CAR believes there is broad segment demand for this type of training, and we intend to build a training protocol that will support the necessary skills and knowledge for heavy-duty repairs.” Celebrating its 50th year in busi-

ness, Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P., headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, is a partnership of Penske Corporation, Penske Automotive Group and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. A leading global transportation services provider, Penske operates more than 319,000 vehicles and serves customers from more than 1,100 locations in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Product lines include full-service truck leasing, contract maintenance, commercial and consumer truck rentals, used truck sales, transportation and warehousing management and supply chain management solutions. Visit https://www. to learn more.n

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Maaco Targets Southeast for Growth, Franchise Resales By John Huetter Maaco last month a “strategic regional growth initiative” focused on selling franchises to expansionfocused investors in more than 20 Southeast markets. The decisions are all “voluntary” and prompted by franchisees aging and looking to sell their facilities, Maaco resale director Jeff Todd said. The shops include a mix of multiple-location and single-store Maacos that includes what Todd said was a franchisee with a “very large portfolio.” Todd said Maaco presented a similar situation to what he previously encountered at Macco’s Driven Brands sister company Meineke, and lessons from his Meineke resale billet could be applied here. Meineke’s owners had grown older and come to the end of their contracts amid the company’s business model drastically changing to a more transparent, customer-focused strategy, according to Todd. “Not all dealers have kept pace with the change in the industry,” he said. He said some franchisees call corporate and note that they’re getting older, but “‘I don’t know what to do with my business.'” At Meineke, he said some owners would reach the end of their term and just shut down, not realizing they

could sell their franchise. Driven Brands now contacts franchisees two years before the contract expires and will assist with the transition to retirement, Todd said. Maaco also encounters investor groups which own portfolios of shops which have reached the end of that investment’s lifecycle, according to Todd. Retirees and investors looking to cash out have created what Maaco feels is a great opportunity to bring in a “new crop of investors” in the Southeast. “As part of the franchising resale initiative, Maaco is focused on expanding its regional footprint in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee with qualified multi-unit investors who are motivated to pursue aggressive growth goals in their territories and diversify their portfolios in a strong industry like the aftermarket,” Maaco wrote in a news release May 9. “This highly calculated approach includes the opportunity to reopen existing Maaco centers in major markets across the south, including Atlanta.” Asked if the aging store demographic was particularly specific to Maaco’s Southeast portfolio, Todd said, “It’s a nationwide thing.” Maaco focused on the Southeast because of the specific portfolio there and the region’s booming population growth, according to Todd, who noted

there’s “just so much opportunity” for all businesses there. However, similar Maaco resale opportunities are available nationwide, he said. “We are still growing and working the whole country,” Todd said. Maaco’s best facility companywide is a single-store operation, and “we couldn’t be happier,” Todd said. But while “one shop’s fine” for a franchisee, the company in the Southeast expansion would like investors who’d start with a shop but like to have more. “Hopefully you want more than that,” Todd said. Maaco wants to talk to entrepreneurs who wish to “”build an empire,” he said. Maaco thinks it can double in size long-term (the company had more than 500 shops as of its May 9 news release) and plans 175 more units over the next five years, according to Todd. Though the company operates across North America, the focus will be the U.S., he said. Other collision companies are trying to aggressively grow as well, but Maaco doesn’t see them as direct challenges to these plans the way Driven Brands sister CARSTAR would, according to Todd. Maaco is “much higher in the walk-in retail,” and “it’s really light collision.” The majority of its business is walk-in retail, though fleet work conMAACO Please to Turn Page 26

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BMW of North America Introduces Smart Glasses and New Technician Communication Systems BMW of North America has introduced new dealership and workshop communication technologies aimed at reducing repair and maintenance times at BMW Centers and MINI Dealers, increasing workshop efficiency, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction. When fully implemented this month, the allnew Technical Information System TIS 2.0, together with the Technical Support & Research Assistant TSARA and the new TSARAVision Smart Glasses will provide technicians in the field with easier and faster access to technical information and a real-time live link to BMW engineers for additional support. The all-new Technical Information System, TIS 2.0, is an intuitive multimedia platform for technician support. It was developed by BMW NA with feedback from technicians and can be accessed by BMW Center and MINI Dealer personnel on any mobile device, putting all technical data for every BMW and MINI model at every technician’s fingertips. The ease and availability of this information directly on a mobile device improves efficiencies by eliminating the need for technicians to stop work, and log onto a desktop to look for information. BMW’s new online case-reporting system, TSARA, will speed repair and maintenance processes by an average of 70 to 75 percent. Through intuitive and userfriendly interfaces, faster case-entries and multimedia support TSARA helps BMW

Centers and MINI Dealers work even more efficiently. For more challenging issues, where direct support from engineers is needed, BMW of North America implemented the use of all-new TSARAVision Smart Glasses to their dealers and workshops. Donning a pair of TSARAVision Smart Glasses, technicians in service centers can now connect with engineers and other experts at BMW of North America directly via a hands-free video link and collaboratively work thorugh issues to resolve them in a faster and more efficient manner. The expert can project step-bystep technical bulletins and schematic drawings onto the display inside the tech-

nician's glasses, as well as take screen shots and enlarge images for better visibility. The technician can open and view documents via voice instructions while working on the car. This information exchange is far more efficient than sending electronic forms and photos or explaining complex technical issues over the phone. The new technololgy will be in use at all 347 BMW Centers and selected MINI Dealers in the U.S. by June 2019. The system works with industry-leading components: Realwear HMT-1 Smart Glasses and Ubimax Augmented Reality Software. BMW Please Turn to Page 32


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Lexus Safety System+ Now Standard Equipment Across the 2020 Model Year Lineup According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there were nearly 6.5 million reported crashes in 2017 (the most recent available data) many of which were avoidable. Collisions that result in injury can often be caused by a delay in a driver’s recognition of the situation and his or her ability to react accordingly. In a move to help prevent such accidents before they happen, the Lexus Safety System+ will be a standard feature in all US Lexus vehicles starting with the 2020 model year. “We are working toward preventing crashes before they happen,” said David Christ, group vice president and general manager, Lexus Division.“ That's why we have developed some of the most advanced safety features on the road today, and now those systems will be standard equipment on every model we sell.” Designed to help protect drivers,

markings and determine the vehicle's position within a lane. If an inadvertent lane departure or potential departure due to swaying is detected at speeds above 32 mph, the system attempts to alert the driver with audio and visual warnings and steering wheel vibrations. Intelligent High Beams To help provide added visibility for the Lexus driver as well as other motorists, Intelligent High Beams offer added illumination to help keep the driver focused on the road. When the road ahead is clear, the system defaults to high-beam mode, then temporarily switches to low beams when it detects the headlamps or taillamps of vehicles ahead. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control This system uses radar and camera technology to help maintain a pre-

passengers and pedestrians, the Lexus Safety System+ is an integrated suite of four advanced active safety packages anchored by automated pre-collision warning and braking. They include: Pre-Collison System with Pedestrian Detection This system is engineered to help detect a preceding vehicle or a pedestrian in front of the Lexus under certain conditions. Should the system detect a pedestrian or a potential frontal collision, it’s designed to activate an audible and visual alert while automatically preparing Brake Assist for increased braking response. If the driver does not brake in time, the system is designed to automatically begin braking before impact and, in some cases, can even bring the vehicle to a stop. Lane Departure Alert This system utilizes a high-resolution camera to monitor visible lane

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Michelin, GM Take The Air Out Of Tires For Passenger Vehicles Michelin and General Motors pre“Uptis demonstrates that Michelin’s The Uptis Prototype represents a sented a new generation of airless wheel vision for a future of sustainable mobility is major advancement toward achieving technology for passenger vehicles — the clearly an achievable dream,” said Florent Michelin’s VISION concept, which was preMICHELIN Uptis Prototype Menegaux, chief executive (or “Unique Punctureofficer for Michelin Group. Because Uptis is airless, the breakthrough wheel assembly proof Tire System”) — at “Through work with strateeliminates the dangerous risk of flat tires and blowouts: the Movin’On Summit for gic partners like GM, who • Drivers of passenger vehicles feel safer on the road. sustainable mobility. share our ambitions for Michelin and GM transforming mobility, we • Operators of passenger vehicle fleets minimize downtime and improve also announced a joint can seize the future today.” efficiency resulting from flat tires and near-zero levels of maintenance. research agreement under “General Motors is • Society at large benefits from extraordinary environmental savings which the companies excited about the possibilithrough reduced use of raw intend to validate the Uptis ties that Uptis presents, and Prototype with the goal of we are thrilled to collabointroducing Uptis on passenger models as rate with Michelin on this breakthrough sented at the Movin’On Summit in 2017 early as 2024. as an illustration of Michelin’s strategy for technology,” said Steve Kiefer, senior vice Michelin and GM are testing the research and development in sustainable president, global purchasing and supply Uptis Prototype, beginning with vehicles mobility. The VISION concept introduced chain, General Motors. “Uptis is an ideal fit like the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Later this year, four main pillars of innovation: airless, confor propelling the automotive industry into the companies will initiate real-world testthe future and a great example of how our nected, 3D-printed and 100% sustainable ing of Uptis on a test fleet of Bolt EV (entirely renewable or bio- sourced materiUptis Please Turn To Page 21 vehicles in Michigan. als).

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Customer (also a felon), Upset With Work Done On His Car, Opens Fire Inside Shop, Shop Owner Stops Him With Shotgun A customer opened fire on shop employees and the shop owner, after becoming angry with some work done by the shop on his vehicle. The customer was threatening the shop owner prior to the shooting, police say. He began firing at employees from outside the shop, and then making his way inside to find the owner. The owner of the shop grabbed a shotgun that he keeps in his office and fired at the customer, striking him with multiple pellets from the blast. It was enough to end a could-havebeen mass shooting. Deputies said after the shooting, McQuiller ran into the woods behind the Lexus From page 12 set speed and following distance from the vehicle ahead. If driving at highway speeds and the road ahead clears, the vehicle returns to its preset speed. A Future-Focused History of Commitment to Safety Offering Lexus Safety System+ standard in the entire Lexus lineup all its vehicles represents the latest milestone in the brand’s 30-year history of creating and providing advancements and innovations in safety – designed to help prevent crashes and protect people. “A world without crashes is what we envision,” notes Christ. “It’s an ambitious goal, but one we’re committed to achieve.”

Safari Miles restaurant to get rid of his firearm before running into the restaurant. A young hostess said McQuiller asked if he could use the restroom to clean himself off, but deputies swept in and took him down right in front of her. The same morning of the shooting, the shop owner was in court to obtain a restraining order against the customer, who he says was sending threatening text messages. "He said McQuiller called his mother in Florida to warn her that he was “keeping tabs” on her son and even gave her his correct address as proof. The customer is being charged with multiple felonies, and guess what; he’s

already a felon. "Officials said McQuiller is charged with six counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and one count of shooting into occupied property and possession of a firearm by a felon. Being a felon, he was in illegal possession of the firearm that he used to try and kill multiple people. Luckily, though, the shop owner had his trusty shotgun at work and was able to stop the threat. This is a mass shooting that never made it to the news, because it didn’t happen. Why didn’t it happen? Because a good guy with a gun ended the threat before people were killed.n Reprinted from: Concealed Nation

Total Human Model for Safety The development of many Lexus vehicle safety features benefits from the Total Human Model for Safety, or THuMS, virtual crash dummy software. Un­ like typical dum­ my mod­ els which provide 119 data points, THuMS provides millions of data points and rep­re­ sents ac­tu­al humans in de­tail, in­clud­ing the out­er shape as well as bones, mus­ cles, lig­a­ments, tendons, and in­ter­nal or­gans¾enough to detect even a scrape or bruise. This means crash tests can be conducted to determine the impact on¾and solutions for¾an unprecedented number of potential collisions on a nearly endless variety of humans, from large to small, young to old, and even gender differences. THuMS technol-

ogy represents such a breakthrough in human safety, that it has been shared with a dozen other automakers and research labs around the world. Advanced Driving Simulator Developed to better understand driver behavior, Lexus designed and built one of the world’s most advanced driving simulators. A massive, multidimensional structure covering a space the size of a football field, this futuristic simulator can travel the equivalent of 186 miles per hour, tilt up to 30 degrees, and move in six directions at once. Inside, ordinary drivers—in an actual Lexus vehicle— navigate their way through a 360-degree virtual world. This allows their reactions to be analyzed in real-world situations without real-world consequences.n

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AMG E-Class Wagon: An American Tradition The Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon attracts one of the brand's highest median household incomes, with 23% of its U.S. customers being located between the New York and Boston metropolitan areas, and 22% in California alone. For more than five years, Mercedes-Benz has been without German competition in this size and class. The customer base of the AMG highperformance variant of the E-Class Wagon is even more exclusive As the modern successors to the single S124 AMG Hammer wagon built at AMG's independent U.S. headquarters in Westmont, IL in 1986 near Chicago, every generation of AMG E-Class wagons have always been special-order models in the U.S., never exceeding tripledigit sales Mercedes celebrates this exclusive group of owners. "We're proud of our American tradition of selling both the E-Class Wagon and its AMG high-performance variant," said Bernie Glaser, General Manager of Product Management at Mercedes-Benz USA. "Our ability to offer an AMG E-Class Wagon with standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive since 2014 has greatly enhanced our unique position, both in terms of performance capability and also for winter weather conditions in northern markets." The following is a summary of the 2018 AMG E63 S Wagon, as well as U.S. sales and product information regarding the AMG E-Class Wagons of the past, which follow in the original AMG Hammer Wagon's tire treads. The 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon offers all the connectivity and Intelligent Drive functions of the E-Class sedan and wagon, including the available Intelligent Drive systems. It's a roomy, family-friendly wagon with 35 cu. ft. (SAE) of trunk capacity behind the second row, and a 40:20:40 split rear seatback to maximize versatility. Priced at USD $108,950 (excluding a $995 destination and delivery charge), the E63 S Wagon can carry a second set of tires, plus tools and a jack for track. It is simply the quickest, fastest wagon in the world, with an estimated 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds and a maximum track speed of 180 mph. In fact, a German journalist recently ran a lap time of 7:45.19 on the Nordschleife of Germany's world-famous Nuerburgring track. 16

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An AMG Performance Steering Wheel in black nappa leather is standard, and for maximum occupant grip, AMG Performance Seats with integrated head restraints are available. Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 Biturbo Engine

The heart of this special vehicle is a handcrafted AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine, in this application using twinscroll turbos nested in the hot inside V between the cylinder banks for minimal lag and pressure loss. With an output of 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of peak torque, sustained from 2,500-4,500 rpm, the roar of the AMG V8 sound might not be family-friendly, but at least AMG Cylinder Management does its civic duty to help make an efficient engine even more efficient. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission uses a wet clutch instead of a torque converter, enabling extremely short shift times and fast multiple downshifts. The E63 S Wagon is exclusively available with the innovative AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system. This newly engineered, intelligent system brings together the advantages of August 2019

various drive configurations. Fully-variable torque distribution is available between the front and rear axles, and ensures optimum traction right up to the physical traction limit. The driver is also able to rely on high driving stability and handling safety under all road conditions, whether dry, wet or snow- covered. The transition from rearwheel to all-wheel drive and back again is seamless, because intelligent control is integrated into the vehicle system architecture as a whole. An electromechanically controlled coupling connects the permanently-driven rear axle variably to the front axle. The best possible torque distribution is calculated continuously, according to the driving conditions and driver's input. As a result, the performance wagon can be seamlessly driven from traction-oriented all-wheel drive to purely rear-wheel drive. AMG E63 S Please Turn to Page 30



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Volvo Cars and Uber Present Production Vehicle Ready for Self-Driving

Volvo Cars, a leader in automotive safety, and Uber, the leading ride-hailing firm, today present a jointly developed production car capable of driving by itself, the next step in the strategic collaboration between both companies. Uber and Volvo Cars entered a joint engineering agreement in 2016 and have since developed several prototypes aimed at accelerating the companies’ self-driving car development. The Volvo XC90 SUV presented today is the first production car that in combination with Uber’s self-driving system is capable of fully driving itself. The XC90 base vehicle is equipped with key safety features that allow Uber to easily install its own self-driving system, enabling the possible future deployment of self-driving cars in Uber’s network as an autonomous ridesharing service. The most important features of Volvo Cars’ autonomous drive-ready

The XC90 base vehicle is equipped with key safety features that allow Uber to easily install its own self-driving system, enabling the possible future deployment of self-driving cars in Uber’s network as an autonomous ridesharing service.




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production vehicle include several backup systems for both steering and braking functions as well as battery back-up power. If any of the primary systems should fail for some reason, the back-up systems are designed to immediately act to bring the car to a stop. In addition to Volvo’s built-in backup systems, an array of sensors atop and built into the vehicle are designed for

Uber’s self-driving system to safely operate and maneuver in an urban environment. When paired with Volvo’s vehicle platform, Uber’s self-driving system may one day allow for safe, reliable autonomous ridesharing without the need for a Mission Specialist, the specially trained Uber employees operating and overseeing the car in areas designated and suit-

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able for autonomous drive. The autonomous drive-capable production vehicle revealed today is part of Volvo Cars’ 2016 commercial agreement with Uber for the delivery of tens of thousands of autonomous driveready base cars in coming years. “We believe autonomous drive technology will allow us to further improve safety, the foundation of our company,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars. “By the middle of the next decade we expect one-third of all cars we sell to be fully autonomous. Our agreement with Uber underlines our ambition to be the supplier of choice to the world’s leading ride-hailing companies.” “Working in close cooperation with companies like Volvo is a key ingredient to effectively building a safe, scalable, self-driving fleet,” said Eric Meyhofer, CEO of Uber Advanced Technologies Group. “Volvo has long been known for their commitment to safety, which is the cornerstone of their newest production-ready self-driving base vehicle. When paired with our selfdriving technology, this vehicle will be a key ingredient in Uber’s autonomous product suite.” Volvo Cars plans to use a similar autonomous base vehicle concept for the introduction of its future autonomous drive cars in the early 2020s. These technologies, to be introduced on the next generation of Volvo models based on the SPA2 vehicle architecture, will include features designed to enable unsupervised autonomous drive in clearly designated areas such as highways and ring roads. Volvo Cars believes autonomous drive can generate significant potential road safety benefits for society as a whole when all cars are autonomous. Until that moment, the technology can offer customers a better driving experience by taking away mundane tasks such as stop-start driving in traffic jams.n Southern Automotive Journal


All-new 2.7L Turbo Enhances Versatility of the 2019 Silverado The all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 offeres an all-new, technologically advanced 2.7L Turbo that expands the range of available engines and builds upon additional choices . Standard on LT and RST trims, the new engine delivers an SAE-certified 310 horsepower and 348 lb-ft of torque, for 22 percent more torque than the 4.3L V-6 it replaces. Developed specifically for truck applications, the new 2.7L Turbo inline four-cylinder engine delivers peak torque from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm. The next-gen Silverado with the 2.7L Turbo delivers 0-60 mph performance in less than seven seconds and weighs 380 pounds less than the current Silverado with the 4.3L V-6. Compared with competitive full-size trucks, the Silverado 2.7L Turbo is expected to deliver comparable payload capability with greater torque than the 3.3L V-6 in the Ford F-150 XLT and the 3.6L V-6 in the Ram 1500 Big Horn. “The new 2.7L Turbo is a technological marvel, with our most advanced valvetrain,” said Tom Sutter, chief engineer for the 2.7L Turbo. “With a broad, flat torque curve and quick throttle response, it punches above its weight, delivering surprising performance and efficiency.” Designed as a truck engine The new 2.7L Turbo engine represents a clean-sheet design for Chevrolet and was developed from the outset as a truck engine. To help generate the strong lowend torque customers expect in a truck, it was designed with a long piston stroke of 4.01 inches (102mm), which is the distance the piston travels up and down within the cylinder. The long stroke enables improved combustion and thus a higher compression ratio. Typically, a long stroke can increase the load of the pistons against the cylinder walls, generating more friction. That’s alleviated in the 2.7L Turbo with an offset crankshaft. It is slightly off-center of the cylinders, allowing a more upright position for the connecting rods during their movement. Silverado Please turn to Page 22 20

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SAE-certified 310 horsepower and 348 lb-ft of torque, offers 22 percent more torque than the 4.3L V-6 The cornerstone of the 2.7L Turbo is an innovative double overhead cam valvetrain that enables: • Chevrolet’s first use of Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) on a four-cylinder engine. • High- and low-lift valve profiles. • Continuously variable valve timing. • Dual-volute turbocharger housing for improved throttle response and low-speed torque. • Chevrolet’s first application of Active Thermal Management, which uses targeted engine heating and cooling to improve engine performance in hot and cold ambient temperatures. • An integrated exhaust manifold that is part of the cylinder head assembly and recovers exhaust heat for faster engine and transmission warmup, with quicker turbo response. • Stop/start technology that automatically stops the engine in stop-and-go traffic for fuel efficiency. • An electric water pump that eliminates the drag of a conventional, engine-driven pump to enhance efficiency. It also enables continual cabin heating even when the engine is disabled by the stop/start feature. August 2019

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Uptis features ground-breaking improvements in architecture and composite materials, which enable Uptis to bear the car’s weight at road-going speeds.

customers benefit when we collaborate and innovate with our supplier partners.” The Uptis Prototype is re-engineered for today’s passenger vehicles, and it is also well suited to emerging forms of mobility. The vehicles and fleets of tomorrow — whether autonomous, all- electric,

shared service or other applications — will demand near-zero maintenance from the tire to maximize their operating capabilities. “The Uptis Prototype demonstrates Michelin’s capacity for innovation — in both themastery of these high-tech materials, and

also the development approach in close collaboration with GM, which validates our Vision concept as a roadmap for innovation,” said Eric Vinesse, executive vice president, research and development, Group Michelin, who revealed Uptis at the Movin’On Summit. “Uptis represents progress toward Michelin’s vision for tomorrow’s mobility, and also embodies our commitment to a better, sustainable mobility for all.” These innovations combine to eliminate compressed air to support the vehicle’s load, and result in extroardinary environmental savings: approximately 200 million tires worldwide are scrapped prematurely every year as a result of punctures, damage from road hazards or improper air pressure that causes uneven wear. These advancements through the Uptis Prototype demonstrate Michelin’s and GM’s shared commitment to delivering safer, more sustainable mobility solutions.n

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To support the high cylinder pressures that come with turbocharging, the crankshaft and connecting rods are made of forged steel and the pistons are made of a tough aluminum alloy with a cast iron ring groove insert. All elements of the 2.7L Turbo were designed for the demands of turbocharged performance in a truck environment, and the engine was subjected to the same rigorous durability standards as the Silverado’s proven V-8 engines. The 2.7L Turbo features an aluminum block and cylinder head for reduced mass. Unique valvetrain offers more precise control The 2.7L Turbo’s valvetrain is GM’s first to incorporate variable lift, duration and Active Fuel Management to optimize performance and efficiency across the rpm band. It is a key reason the engine’s peak torque is available at only 1,500 rpm. The system’s electro-mechanical variable camshaft effectively allows the engine to operate with three different camshaft profiles, complementing the variable valve timing system to deliver optimized operating modes for different engine speeds and loads: 1. High valve lift for full power. 2. Low valve lift for balance of power and efficiency. 3. Active Fuel Management shuts down two of the cylinders in light load conditions to further conserve fuel. “It’s like having different engines for low- and high-rpm performance,” said Sutter. “The camshaft profile and valve timing is completely different at low and high speeds, for excellent per22

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The interior design was also strongly influenced by customer feedback. Because truck owners use their vehicles for both hauling cargo and transporting people, customers’ top priorities were more comfortable formance across the board.” The camshaft design alters the lift of the intake and exhaust valves. The cab has As the engine load changes, been stretched, elec tromagnetic with crew-cab actuators allow a movable shaft models now containing differoffering 3 inches ent cam lobes to of additional shift imperceptibly between high-lift rear-seat legand low-lift proroom for an files. Lift is the impressive 44.5 distance the valve inches of front travels from its seat when opened, legroom and and duration is the 43.8 inches of amount of time rear legroom. the valve remains open. Higher lift and longer duration allow more air to flow into the combustion chamber, so the system’s high-lift lobe profile enhances performance at higher rpm, while the low-lift profile optimizes efficiency at low- and mid-range speeds. Dual-volute turbocharger builds torque The 2.7L Turbo engine employs an advanced dual-volute turbocharger that elevates the performance and efficiency advantages of a conventional turbo, with quicker response and enhanced low-rpm torque production. Rather than a single spiral chamber (volute) feeding exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold to drive the turbine on the turbocharger, the dual volute design has a pair of separate August 2019

chambers with two exhaust gas inlets and two nozzles to drive the turbine. The design allows the exhaust pulses of the engine to be leveraged for faster spool-up and subsequent boost production, particularly at low rpm, where the effect significantly enhances torque output and drivability. It works in unison with the engine’s integrated exhaust manifold/ turbocharger housing, which splits the exhaust channels from the cylinder head so the exhaust flows through two separate channels in the turbo housing, based on the engine’s exhaust pulses. When complemented by the precision of the engine’s valvetrain, that separation leverages exhaust scavenging

techniques to optimize gas flow, which decreases exhaust gas temperatures, improves turbine efficiency and reduces turbo lag. With the charge-air cooler, the pressurized, heated air generated by the turbocharger is pumped through a heat exchanger before it enters the engine. That lowers the air charge temperature by about 130 degrees F (74 C), packing the combustion chambers with cooler, denser air that enhances power production. The system achieves more than 80 percent cooling efficiency with less than 2 psi (12 kPa) flow restriction at peak power, contributing to the engine’s available torque production at low rpm.n


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World’s Leading Expert on Advanced Driver Assistance and Safety Systems Finds No Substantial Difference Between Active and Passive Solutions

Walter Hagleinter, an adviser on transportation to governments around the globe and an the world’s leading expert on advanced driver assistance and safety (ADAS) systems, claims in a market report he prepared for Safe Drive Systems that there are no substantial differences between active and passive vehicular safety systems and that it is far from certain that the market is ready for the former. "At this point in time, many countries are just not yet ready for active safety systems on the roads,” Hagleinter says. “In another five years or so it will be obligatory to install active systems in vehicles in Europe, but the required parameters have not yet been addressed by manufacturers, so there's no reason to rush and push ahead before the market is absolutely ready for it." Active systems automatically apply the brakes when a danger is identified. Passive systems, in contrast, only warn drivers when they sense an impending danger. This early warning affords drivers time to react and avoid a collision on their own.

Therefore, they assist and educate drivers how to drive correctly and cautiously on the roads. The latest generation of active systems, which are installed in vehicles by car manufacturers, automatically apply the brakes when an accident occurs. But their reaction time is shorter, since they are activated the moment before the collision. In comparison, passive systems provide a longer reaction time, which allows drivers to prepare themselves accordingly. Moreover, in the event of a “false positive,” an active system will still apply the brakes, raising the risk of an accident. A passive system will not do that. “For all these reasons, passive systems provide a significant added value,” Hagleitner argues. "Replacing an existing passive system for one an active one will not necessarily yield an additional decrease in the percentage of accidents." Hagleinter, who founded ADAS Management Consulting, has more than 40 years’ experience in the transportation sector. He states that since ADAS and naviga-

tion control systems were first introduced about 20 years ago, the data has shown that they have successfully proven their effectiveness, they clearly have made roads safer, more functional and more comfortable, and have significantly reduced the number of accidents. Hagleinter notes that while Mobileye is one of the market's performance pioneers in existing passive systems, its solution is based solely on cameras. In contrast, Safe Drive Systems (SDS) is the only company that offers a system combining radar technology with cameras, which maximizes effective performance even at night and under adverse weather conditions. All these systems can be installed both in brand new vehicles and "aftermarket" automobiles. “Considering all the parameters of system layout and influences over driver behavior leads to the conclusion that passive systems are even more beneficial than active ones,” Hagleitner concludes. “And they also lead to better drivers and driving.”n

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Porsche Financial Services Introduces Porsche Auto Insurance 70 years," said Ross Dupper, President The innovative solution meets the non-invasive data collection, Porsche and CEO of Porsche Financial Services, unique needs of Porsche drivers by limGenuine Parts, claims concierge, and the dedicated provider of leasing and iting costs to actual miles driven, plus agreed value coverage are just a few financing products for a low base rate. In Porsche in the United addition to tailored Porsche Auto Insurance is available to all Porsche owners with States. "The launch of rates, customers can vehicles 1981 and newer that are garaged in Illinois and Oregon, Porsche Auto Insurance expect an added marks another innovalayer of privacy: simand will be expanding to additional states in the future. tion adding to the sucply take a photo of cess of the next 70 years." your odometer to "Porsche customers deserve an submit your mileage instead of using benefits you've always wanted and can now obtain. insurance product that fits their lifeinvasive tracking devices or always-on Porsche Auto Insurance is offered style and their Porsche. Mile Auto is smartphone apps. in partnership between Porsche excited to partner with PFS in deliverPorsche Auto Insurance customFinancial Services, Inc. (PFS) and Mile ing a product worthy of the Porsche ers will also receive exceptional service Auto, Inc. (Mile Auto). Crest," said Fred Blumer, CEO of Mile and have access to an exclusive collection of benefits that complement their "Innovation has been at the core Auto, the pay-per-mile insurance proPorsche vehicle. Pay-per-mile rates, of Porsche's success story for the last vider of Porsche Auto Insurance.n

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companies doing retail paint work, nor was there a “massive market” for such services because of its cost to the consumer. Maaco also already had a customer base and well-recognized brand name, Competitors also can’t get the kind of high margins on paint like Maaco, which can pool its buying power with CARSTAR to command a better deal on coatings. The company’s business model centers on high-margin, low-dollar paint sales, he said. We asked if this posed a problem in an age of increasingly complex vehicle paint jobs (three-stage, pearlescents, etc.). Todd said no. He said inexpensive paint jobs were loss leaders to bring in a customer and an opportunity to upsell to those more complex options, paint work he said Maaco was also supplied to do. If the customer didn’t want to spend the money to get that kind of appearance, that was their call, he said. We also asked if Maaco was

MAACO From Page 9 stitutes a great deal of business too, according to Todd. The company is starting to pursue more insurancefunded work, but it’s a “newer kind of thing” and not being rolled out rapidly. In terms of growth, Maaco is thinking of a mix of greenfield expansion and bringing independents into its brand, Todd said. The latter could mean an independent shop looking to become a franchise or buying an independent and branding it, he said; Maaco was interested in starting to acquire market share, according to Todd. We asked why the traditional collision repair industry was full of investment money seeking to consolidate MSOs, while Maaco seemed to have the retail paint space to itself — despite what Todd suggested was clear room to grow. Todd said there’s just not many

To l l Fr e e



encountering any difficulty with the complexity of vehicles, such as OEM mil thickness limits to preserve a sensor’s function. “I haven’t heard it,” Todd said, though he noted he was still getting his “sea legs” in the Maaco business following his switch from Meineke. However, he said he recently did a tour with a multiple-location owner and was grilling the franchisee to learn more about the business. “That never came up,” Todd said. It wasn’t mentioned as “a struggle.” If you’re interested in buying a Maaco, visit or email The company says a typical franchisee must put up $140,000 cash and have at least $300,000 in net worth and a 700+ credit score. Certified franchisees average $1.29 million in annual sales and net $192,240. Todd said Maaco’s annual cut as the franchisor is 8 percent. eprinted Contented: Copyright © 2019. DRIVEN COMMUNICATIONS INC. All Rights Reserved.n





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2019 Volkswagen Tiguan: Aimed At The Heart Of The Compact SUV Market

The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan combines Volkswagen’s hallmark funto- drive character with a sophisticated and spacious interior, flexible seating, and high-tech infotainment and available driver-assistance features. The 2019 Tiguan is offered in six trims—S, SE, SEL, SEL R-Line®, SEL Premium, and SEL Premium R-Line. Front-wheel drive is standard on S, SE, SEL, and SEL R-Line, with 4Motion® with Active Control available. SEL Premium and SEL Premium R-Line models are equipped with standard 4Motion. The S trim is distinguished by halogen headlights, LED daytime running lights and taillights, heated exterior mirrors with integrated turn-signal indicators, and 17-inch wheels. The SE trim also wears 17-inch wheels. The Tiguan SEL includes 18-inch wheels, fog lights with cornering function, a power liftgate, and silver roof rails. The top-of-the-line SEL Premium trim is shod with 19-inch wheels, LED

headlights with the Adaptive Frontlighting System (AFS), rain-sensing wipers, and power-folding exterior mirrors with puddle lights. The SEL Premium also features a hands-free Easy Open power liftgate, which is foot-activated on opening to make Tiguan’s cargo space more accessible when customers’ hands are full. The liftgate also includes an Easy Close feature. Two buttons give owners the option to close the liftgate with the touch of a button—one to close it immediately and one to automatically close once you step away from the vehicle. The versatility of Tiguan’s seating is what sets it apart from the competition. In front-wheel-drive Tiguan models, three rows of seating are standard, including a second-row bench that can recline, slide seven inches fore and aft, fold down, and be split 40/20/40. The 50/50 split third-row provides seating for two, and also folds down. To let the outside into the Tiguan cabin, there’s an available panoramic

Southern Automotive Journal

August 2019


glass tilt-and-slide sunroof. This aerodynamically and acoustically optimized panoramic roof is comprised of an opening glass panel at the front and a fixed glass panel at the rear. It features pinch protection and an electrically-operated one-touch sunshade that covers the inside of the entire glass area. The expansive sunroof is available for the SE trim and is standard on the SEL and SEL Premium. The interior features modern, high-quality design with a sporty, driver-focused layout, using gloss-grey and chrome details. Standard features now include a multi-function steering wheel and cloth seats with a rhombus pattern that offers a premium look. MIB II Infotainment. All 2019 Tiguan models feature Volkswagen’s innovative MIB II touchscreen infotainment system. The display utilizes a capacitive-touch sensor (as in smartphone and tablet technology) rathTiguan Please Turn to Page 34

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AMG E63 S From Page 16 In addition to traction and lateral dynamics, the all-wheel drive system also improves longitudinal dynamics for even more powerful acceleration. It is still possible to drift thanks to fully variable torque distribution. In a suitable, controlled environment, this is where Drift mode comes into its own as part of the standard specification for the E63 S Wagon. Drift mode can be activated in the "Race" drive program using the shift paddles, provided that ESP is deactivated and the transmission is in manual mode. When drift mode is activated, the E63 S Wagon becomes a purely rear-wheel drive vehicle. Drift mode remains engaged until the driver deactivates it, or if the ignition is recycled. All-new AMG multi-chamber air suspension with continuously variable damping ensures exceptionally high levels of camber stability, driving dynamics and steering precision. The air spring stiffness can be adjusted over a wide range to enhance comfort and handling, and the spring rate stiffens automatically to reduce roll and pitching in response to sudden load changes, fast cornering, hard acceleration or heavy braking. The adaptive damping offers three selectable modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport+. Dynamic engine mounts quickly adjust from softer for comfort to stiffer to enhance agility, depending driving conditions and handling requirements. The electronically controlled limited-slip rear differential reduces slip on the inside wheel when cornering without using braking system intervention, enabling more powerful acceleration out of curves. Sensitive and proactive control, and integration with the three-stage ESP┏ and all-wheel drive system allow higher performance thresholds. The driver can also select from five AMG DYNAMIC SELECT programs: Comfort, Sport, Sport +, RACE and Individual to affect key parameters, including response of the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, ESP and all-wheel-drive. Independent of the drive programs, the driver can select the "M" button to switch directly to manual shifting mode, in which gearshifts are performed exclusively using the shift paddles. Individual suspension and steering settings can be selected as well. The "RACE" drive program sets all parameters for maximum performance on closed race circuits. The E63 S Wagon stops with internally ventilated and perforated 15.4-in. compound front brake discs with sixpiston fixed calipers. Rear brakes use 14.2-in. discs and singlepiston floating calipers. The AMG Carbon Ceramic Composite Braking System is optional. The full AMG cabin treatment includes an exclusive version of the E-Class's dual-12.3-in. screen digital instrument cluster offering selectable "Classic," "Sport" and "Progressive" display designs. Gauges in a carbon-fiber look and distinctive typography lend the displays an especially sporty touch. An AMG Performance Steering Wheel in black nappa leather is standard, and for maximum occupant grip, AMG Performance Seats with integrated head restraints are available. Additional exclusive touches include nappa leather trim for the dashboard and door beltlines. n 30

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Mazda Toyota’s Nod To Huntsville’s History As a tribute to Huntsville’s leadership role with the U.S. space program, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc. (MTM) will name its two assembly lines Apollo and Discovery, respectively. “Thanks to our team members’ creativity and innovative thinking, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing is proud to name our two future assembly lines Apollo and Discovery in a nod to our city’s heritage as the birthplace of our nation’s space program,” said Mark Brazeal, vice president for administration at MTM. “The scores of brilliant men and women who worked BMW From Page 10 “TIS 2.0, TSARA and the TSARAVision Smart Glasses are great examples of how we are applying new technologies to help BMW technicians work more efficiently and further our commitment to offer the best possible service experience for BMW customers,” said Claus Eberhart, Vice President, Aftersales, BMW of North

tirelessly to further mankind’s progress and exploration into the unknown gives our team motivation to add to the Rocket City’s history as a producer of world-class vehicles.” Apollo was the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) program that resulted in 12 American astronauts walking on the moon. The Space Shuttle Discovery completed 39 successful missions, surpassing the number of flights made by any other orbiters in NASA’s fleet. Discovery also launched the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit and was the first

American Spacecraft piloted by a woman, Eileen Collins. Construction of the MTM plant remains on schedule, with the start of production expected to begin in 2021. Up to 4,000 new jobs will be created and hiring is underway. In August 2017, Toyota and Mazda announced a collaboration to establish MTM, a $1.6 billion joint venture that will assemble up to 300,000 vehicles annually. Individuals interested in working for MTM can search and apply for jobs online at

America. "By solving issues faster, BMW dealers can get customers back into their cars sooner." “Vehicle technology is becoming more complex, which only highlights the need for excellent technicians,” said Neal Guthrie, department head for technical service, BMW of North America. “Hiring top technicians and providing them with the best possible systems and tools with

which to work, will be critical to our success.” The introduction of these new innovations at BMW centers, coupled with the company’s ongoing investment in its training facilities and technician training programs not only reinforces BMW’s reputation as a technology leader, but is another example of the company’s customer-first approach. n

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Mitsubishi Motors North America To Relocate U.S. Headquarters To Franklin, Tennessee izing cost savings through the businessfriendly work environment and proximity to sister company, Nissan. While MMNA has seen an ongoing strengthening of the business for multiple years – six straight years of annual sales gains, the last two years now over 100,000 sales, and retaining its "fastestgrowing Asian brand" title for the second year – it is the past 12 months that have seen the greatest changes across MMNA. Some include: 80 percent of the leadership team is new to the company or newly promoted to the role, bringing new experiences, backgrounds and a diversity of thought to the team 34 new dealer partners have been appointed across the country, MMNA's regional network has been expanded from two offices to four (Cypress, Calif.; Irving, Texas; Swedesboro, NY; Lake Mary, Fla.) "Mitsubishi Motors is changing the way we go to market in the United States, and it is leading to a rebirth of the company," said Fred Diaz, MMNA's

president and chief executive officer. "This is an exciting time for us, with a refreshed leadership team, new-look dealerships and redesigned and all-new vehicles. As we drive toward the future, this is the perfect time for us to move to a new home. While we say farewell to the Golden State with a heavy heart, we're excited to say hello to Music City." There are nearly 200 people working in MMNA's Cypress office. All corporate departments will be relocating, including sales, marketing, IT, human resources, communications, parts and service, product planning, dealer operations, finance and legal. "The reputation of Tennessee's business climate and skilled workforce has attracted countless world-class businesses to our state. Over the years, Tennessee has become the epicenter of the Southeast's thriving automotive sector, and I'm proud Mitsubishi Motors will call Franklin its U.S. home and bring 200 high-quality jobs to Middle Tennessee," said Bill Lee, governor of the State of Tennessee.n

er than the more common resistive touchscreens that require pressure, enabling gesture controls like swiping and even pinch-zooming. The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is powered by an advanced version of Volkswagen’s EA888 four-cylinder engine. It incorporates the so-called Budack cycle for improved combustion efficiency. The upshot is 184 horsepower that kicks in at 4,400 rpm and is maintained until 6,000 rpm. Maximum torque of 221 lb-ft is achieved at 1,600 to 4,300 rpm. All Tiguans are equipped with a standard eight-speed automatic transmission. A standard feature on the 2019 Tiguan is Volkswagen’s Automatic Post-Collision Braking System. This builds on the premise that a collision is rarely a single, instantaneous action, but rather a series of events that follow the initial impact—the most significant of which can cause additional collisions. The Automatic

Post-Collision Braking System helps address this, in certain crash scenarios, by applying the brakes when a primary collision is detected by the airbag sensors, thus potentially reducing residual kinetic energy and, in turn, the chance of additional damage. The Tiguan also includes Volkswagen’s Intelligent Crash Response System that shuts off the fuel pump, unlocks the doors, and switches on the hazard lights if the car is involved in certain types of collisions. To meet the demands of American drivers, the 2019 Tiguan offers a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance technology. Available features include: Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring (Front Assist); Blind Spot Monitor; Rear Traffic Alert; Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC); Lane Keeping System (Lane Assist); Park Distance Control; High Beam Control (Light Assist); and Overhead View Camera (Area View).

Maneuver Braking, a part of the Park Distance Control system, is intended to mitigate or help prevent collisions with static obstacles to the front and rear while the vehicle is maneuvered. The system is active when reverse gear is selected. If the system detects a stationary object while the vehicle is in reverse and moving between 1-6 mph, it can apply the brakes automatically to help prevent or mitigate a collision. The system can be deactivated at any time using the touch display or permanently in the setup menu. Two final driver assistance features, both standard on SEL Premium models, help provide drivers with better visibility. High Beam Control (Light Assist) automatically raises the headlamp high beams above 40 mph on dark or poorly lit roads, if there is no oncoming traffic detected. The Overhead View Camera (Area View) uses the car’s four cameras to help give you a better view of what is around your vehicle. n

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Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA), will relocate its headquarters from Cypress, California, to Franklin, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. The move is part of an ongoing plan to reinvent every aspect of Mitsubishi Motors in the U.S., from corporate leadership to dealer partners to every touchpoint in a customer's relationship with their vehicle, and will sharpen the company's focus on future growth and innovation. Since 1988, MMNA has been rooted in California — now Cypress, and Fountain Valley prior to that. This move will begin in August, and be completed by the end of 2019. MMNA's move highlights efforts taken across the entire global landscape of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to bring the companies closer together in key areas including procurement, development and cost efficiencies. The company chose Franklin as its new home because it allows MMNA to focus its efforts on company-wide reinvention and take advantage of the area's vibrant technology skillset, all while realTiguan From Page 28


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