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2020 Hyundai Palisade

SUV Brings Exceptional Comfort, Technology and Safety

COLLISION NEWS CIECA Announces 2020 Board Of Trustees Officers

March 2020

Chrysler Pacifica Innovative Hybrid Minivan

FCA Airflow Vision, a sculptural design concept, envisions the next generation of premium transportation

Assured Performance Launches Integrated Repair Documentation System Who Pays?: Insurers often cover seat sensor resets, other calibrations Database Enhancement Gateway Announces New JOC Committee Member

DEALER NEWS Cadillac Enhanced Super Cruise Includes of Automated Lane Change Functionally Mercedes-Benz Glass Panel Recall

The Airflow Vision is a sculptural design concept that envisions the next generation of premium transportation and UX by considering how the driver and passengers could interact with advanced technologies. It is created for customers with an on-the-go lifestyle and a desire for a first-class travel experience while balancing their technology needs within a serene environment. Inside, UX plays a prominent role and is

designed to be a captivating experience using multi-layered, high-contrast graphics and thoughtful details that provide a clean, sophisticated appearance. Built on the principles of depth, hierarchy, consistency and legibility, the user will be able to see and experience the interface in a way that is safe, easy to use and underAirflow Please Turn to Page 4

PERMIT NO. 00335

Kona a Stylish and Agile Subcompact SUV

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Airflow From Cover stand. Using a menu-based format, screens can be personalized, simplified and grouped to individual needs and interests. Offering multiple display screens, the user can access needed information and determine how it’s displayed. Information on the screens can be shared with all passengers by swiping, allowing each passenger to participate in the experience. Customization and personalization are key, whether driving or acting as a co-pilot. A simple, modern and spacious interior, accented by a light, calming color palette, offers passengers a home away from home environment and a first-class travel experience. Using the dimensions and flat-load floor of the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV, the interior creates a spacious environment for all occupants. Premium suede and leather materials are abundant, offering luxurious touchpoints to its occupants. Seating uses a unique slim structure that rests on a pedestal base, enhancing comfort and roominess and allowing for maximum legroom, shoulder space and personal storage for each passenger. Functional

and ambient lighting enables the driver and passengers to create a personalized inner sanctum. Outside, the Airflow Vision captures a new proportion with an elegant and clean design statement, and hints at the future of premium design. It features an athletic profile, long wheelbase, sleek lines and wide stance that creates a dramatic persona and aggressive, yet elegant silhouette. Simplified to its purest artistic expression, the Airflow Vision reimagines a muscular body that flows into and becomes one with the wheels.

Southern Automotive Journal

March 2020


Using a menu-based format, screens can be personalized, simplified and grouped to individual needs and interests. Offering multiple display screens, the user can access needed information and determine how it’s displayed. Information on the screens can be shared with all passengers by swiping, allowing each passenger to participate in the experience. The wheels are inspired by mechanical elements of an electric motor and give the sense of motion similar to the internal mechanisms of a watch. Crystalized textures throughout the vehicle add a sense of precision and intricate transition from exterior to interior. LED crystal lighting flows seamlessly into a cross-car blade that conveys a commanding presence. The Airflow Vision’s dramatic expression is completed by an Arctic White body color that conveys a sense of calm and serenity and is supported with a Celestial Blue underbody.n www.IneedOEMparts.com

‘Who Pays?’: Insurers often cover seat sensor resets, other calibrations Eight of the nation’s largest insurers consistently pay for calibrations, including resets of occupant sensing systems, according to the latest “Who Pays for What?” study. However, despite 79 percent of shops reporting insurers paying for occupant sensor calibrations all or “most of the time” shops bill for it, a fifth of the 600-plus repairers polled in October 2019 never asked to be paid for the operation. One hopes the facilities are still completing the work, for the calibrations are necessary to ensure the vehicle’s airbags function as intended. An airbag can be more harmful than helpful for small children and adults, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Occupant classification sensors use inputs like weight to determine if a party is too small for an airbag and prevent the supplemental restraint system from deploying. An improperly calibrated sensor can lead the car to think a child is an adult or vice versa, potentially jeopardizing either demographic. The study also examined insurers’ willingness to cover charges for direct repair program network and non-DRP shops. It found State Farm posting the widest difference in behavior here with its reduced willingness to reimburse the bill at non-DRP shops than it was at Select Service facilities. About two-thirds of the 326 nonDRP shops polled reported State Farm paid always or most of the time — com-

As Collision Advice CEO Mike Anderson explains in the report: “Seat calibration” is the process of resetting or calibrating a vehicle’s seat sensors, which automakers may refer to as occupant classification sensors (OCS), occupant detection sensors (ODS), weight calibration sensors (WCS), or a “passenger sensing system.” It’s a critical step because in the event of an accident, how the airbag deploys may vary depending on whether I’m the one driving the vehicle – at 180 pounds – versus my sister driving the vehicle at 102 pounds. In some cases, the system tells the vehicle not to deploy some of the airbags if there’s no passenger in the vehicle, or if the passenger is a small child. You must research these OEM repair procedures every time because they vary by automaker and even between models. Some Toyotas, for example, require a seat calibration after any accident, even if the vehicle was parked and unoccupied when it was hit. But on other Toyota models, a calibration is required only if a related diagnostic trouble code (DTC) has been set. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Some of the systems may even reset themselves after a test-drive. So you have to check the procedures to know what the particular requirements are for the specific vehicle you are repairing. I find one of the best ways to start researching seat calibration requirements is by checking the vehicle owner’s manual. It will tell you what the automaker calls the system, and can help you explain the importance to the customer and insurer. (Emphasis added.) pared to nearly 88 percent of the 282 DRP shops polled. 12.4 percent of the non-DRP shops said State Farm “never” covered the charge — compared to just 1.7 percent of DRP facilities. (The margin of error was 3.4 percent on questions receiving answers from all 805 respondents.) The survey results carry lessons for consumers as well as body shops. After all, collision repairers are actually billing customers, not insurers. Those consumers must pay the shops and seek reimbursement from insurers. Help the collision industry by taking the current “Who Pays for What?” survey focusing on refinish operations

before Feb. 1. All answers are kept confidential; data is published only in the aggregate. Another question asked about advanced driver assistance system calibration, describing it as “Labor to recalibrate blind-spot monitors, cameras, parking sensors, etc., after repairs.” 87 percent of shops said insurers were always or mostly covering those bills when requested. Unlike the 20-plus percent of shops who never asked to be paid for seat calibration, the percentage of shops who never charged for the work was in the single Calibrations Please Turn Page 34

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CIECA Announces 2020 Board Of Trustees Officers CIECA’s 2020 Board of Trustees Officers L to R: CIECA’s ViceChairman Jeff Schroder, Car-Part. com; Ed Weidman, Executive Director; Secretary Greg Best, California Casualty Management Company; Chairwoman Kim Devallance-Caron, Enterprise Holdings; and Board Member and Past Chair Phil Martinez, Mitchell International. Not pictured: Treasurer Michael Naoom, Safelite Solutions.

During the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce (CIECA) board meeting in Palm Springs, CA, on January 15, the organization’s Board of Trustees elected the following officers for 2020: Chairwoman: Kim DeVallance Caron, Enterprise Holdings Vice Chair: Jeff Schroder, Car-Part.com Treasurer: Michael Naoom, Safelite Solutions Secretary: Greg Best, California Casualty Management Company Detailed bios of the Board of Trustees officers can be found on the CIECA website. These officers will serve on CIECA’s executive committee, which oversees business matters throughout the year and plans the agenda for CIECA’s board meetings.

“For the past 25 years, CIECA has served the collision repair ecosystem by creating electronic communication standards that allow the industry to be more efficient,” said Kim DeVallance Caron, CIECA’s 2020 chairwoman and director of product discovery for Enterprise Holdings. “With cars becoming increasingly complex, the industry is embarking on new ways to handle claims. As a result, data will need to be communicated and CIECA will help meet this need.” She said that it’s important that all segments of the industry continue to work together to adapt to the new technology being introduced and encourages all segments of the industry to join a CIECA committee, learn more about the organization and help shape the future. For more information about CIECA, committee involvement and membership details, visit www.cieca.com or email Ed Weidmann, CIECA’s executive director, at ed@cieca.com. n

CAPA Debuts Mobile App for Faster Reporting to Its Quality Complaint Program The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), an independent non-profit standard setting and certification organization for automotive crash parts, announces a new, free mobile app for the CAPA Quality Complaint Program. The CAPA Certified Parts app, available for both Apple and Android platforms, allows users to quickly and easily file quality complaints with more accuracy. Industry demand for an efficient, expedited method of filing complaints

related to CAPA certified parts led CAPA to develop an app to submit complaint reports for review. Users can scan CAPA seal barcodes, upload photos from their phones, and save their information into a profile in order to reduce time for filing reports and providing feedback. When CAPA receives a complaint, its team will investigate the issue and report any findings to the part manufacturer. “At CAPA, our goal has always been to ensure access to high-quality, fairly priced, alternative parts that provide the

same functionality as an OEM part,” said Clark Plucinski, CAPA Board Chair. “By developing an app that allows the public to report concerns and provide feedback, we are helping to ensure the quality of CAPA-certified parts in a manner that is fast, easy and accessible.” Users can download the app at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store at no cost. For more information, contact Jillian Rahal at 616-6567401 or jillian.rahal@intertek.com. n

www.sajonline.com or www.ineedoemparts.com (i need oem parts)

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Southern Automotive Journal

March 2020



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Cadillac Enhanced Super Cruise Includes Automated Lane Change Functionally

An enhanced version of the Super Cruise1 driver assistance feature will be introduced starting on the 2021 Cadillac CT5 and CT4 and followed by the all-new 2021 Cadillac Escalade. Among the enhancements will be automated lane change functionality, which will allow the hands-free system to change lanes on compatible highways when requested by the driver and certain conditions are met. “This is our most extensive update we’ve made to Super Cruise since its debut,” said Mario Maiorana, Super Cruise chief engineer. “We have made a number of improvements to make Super Cruise more intuitive, better performing and more accessible for our customers. In addition to the automated lane change functionality, we’ve made improvements to the user interface and hands-free driving dynamics.” The enhancements to Super Cruise were made possible by General Motors’ all-new digital vehicle platform, which provides more electrical bandwidth and data processing power. Lane Change On Demand When Super Cruise is engaged, the driver can either tap or fully latch the www.IneedOEMparts.com

turn signal to indicate that they would like to change lanes. This will prompt the system to look for an acceptable opening in the indicated lane, while also taking time to let other cars know that a lane change is imminent. If the system determines that the indicated lane is open, the vehicle will merge into said lane. The driver attention system will continue to require the driver to focus on the surroundings during the lane change. Upon initiation, the gauge cluster will display messages letting the driver know when the automated lane change has begun, or if lane change is unavailable and changing lanes must be manually completed by the driver. The system will display messages, such as “looking for an opening” or “changing lanes” to keep the driver informed on the status of the lane change. “In order to add automated lane change and provide our customers with the same level of confidence that they currently have in Super Cruise, we made improvements to both our software and hardware,” said Maiorana. “This included improving rear-facing sensors and advanced software algorithms so that

the system can confidently track vehicles approaching from the rear. As a result of these improvements, we are able to ensure that Super Cruise will hold in its current lane and only change when a sufficient gap exists.” Super Cruise's advanced technologies, including precision LiDAR map data and real time GPS, help to provide a detailed understanding of the surrounding road to determine allowable automated lane change maneuvers. An array of camera and radar sensors will continuously scan around the vehicle to determine if an acceptable opening exists, allowing the vehicle to complete the lane change. The combination of these technologies and Super Cruise's driver attention system ensures a confident execution of the automated lane change. Other Improvements In addition to automated lane change, other Super Cruise enhancements include updates designed to improve performance and ease-of-use. Updates include: Addition of richer map informa-

March 2020

Southern Automotive Journal

Super Cruise Please Turn to Page 11 9

AirPro Diagnostics Launches 24/7/365 Service gives us additional peace of mind.” AirPro Diagnostics, LLC the leader the natural next step in the company’s AirPro is backed by a team of in remote diagnostics, scanning, procommitment to providing cutting-edge uniquely skilled, experienced OEM and gramming and ADAS calibration solutechnology and service to repair facilities factory trained diagnostic technicians tions, announced today the company’s throughout the US and Canada. who are trained on collision dynamofficial launch of its 24/7/365 service to “As an AirPro user we are thrilled ics and deliver services within the 10 the automotive aftermarket world-wide. they have taken this important step to Minute Response Pledge. The AirPro “Knowing the importance of ensure we have access to their techniscan tool and systimely service to the repair comtem meets rigorous munity, we want to make sure vehicle manufacturer whenever there is a need, we are there,” stated Josh McFarlin, “Knowing the importance of timely service to the repair community, requirements by having OEM licensed AirPro Diagnostics VP of Strategic we want to make sure whenever there is a need, we are there,” software and scanBusiness Operations. “AirPro has tool hardware resiconsistently delivered industry dent or “local” to leading service and industry-first Josh McFarlin the vehicle. ORION, solutions to the repair commu AirPro Diagnostics VP of Strategic Business Operations AirPro’ s cloud-based nity to increase shops’ efficiendiagnostic managecy and lower their costs while ment system, is the reducing cycle time with OE level hub by which all serrepairs.” vices are delivered. Further, all scans In 2016, AirPro launched its cian’s skills and services at all 9 of our and screen sessions are recorded and Evergreen Warranty to ensure shops locations, anytime we need it,” stated Jim stored in the cloud. This unique combiwould always have the latest hardware Huard, Director of Operations FIX Auto nation provides the automotive afteravailable at no additional cost, and that ACAB Automotive Group, headquartered market with reliable, efficient and accuits tool would never become obsolete. in Yorba Linda, CA. “We work hard to rate scanning, diagnostic and calibration In 2017, they announced their coveted meet our customers’ expectations and solutions to deliver vehicle repairs that 10-Minute Response Pledge to provide often that includes putting in some extra meet the highest level of quality and service promptly when shops need it. hours to complete their repairs. Knowing safety standards in the industry.n The launch of the 24/7/365 service is that AirPro is there when we need them




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The Benchmark A utom ot i ve Group 10

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March 2020


Mercedes-Benz Glass Panel Recall by Emmariah Holcomb The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a new visibility recall of 79 Mercedes-Benz products affecting 744,852 vehicle owners. Vehicle models from the vehicle manufacturer’s C-, CLK-, CLS- and E-Class lines sold between 2001 and 2011 will be recalled because of the bonding between the glass panel and the sliding roof frame may deteriorate and cause a detachment, according to the NHTSA. “A detached glass panel can separate from the vehicle and become a road hazard increasing the risk of a crash,” a portion of the NHTSA release reads. Mercedes-Benz stated it will notify owner of its latest visibility recall. Auto glass companies working on the recalled models can assure their customers that their sunroof glass panel bonding will be inspected and the sliding roof will be replaced if necessary, at no cost to the customer. Shop owners can advise their impacted Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners to contact the manufacturer’s customer service center if they have more questions at 1-800-3676372. The recall is expected to begin Feb. 14, according to the NHTSA. The administration also issued a recall for an incorrect windshield, which it states impacts 60 Cruise Car Inc. vehicle owners. “The incorrect windshield could affect the driver’s visibility, increasing the risk of a crash,” a portion of the NHTSA release reads. Certain 2019 Moke (Cruise Car) vehicles have been listed in the latest recall. According to the administration, the vehicles may be equipped with a windshield of the incorrect glass quality rating. This means these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 205, “Glazing Materials.” Cruise Car stated it will notify all impacted owners of the recent recall. Those auto glass professionals working on this vehicle can alert their customers that their windshields will be replaced free of charge. The recall began last week. Auto glass shop owners can inform their customers that they may contact Cruise Car customer service at 1-941-929-1630 if they have additional questions or concerns. Reprinted from glassBYTES.com

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Super Cruise From Page 9 tion to enable automated lane change and improved functionality through turns and highway interchanges Improved software for better steering and speed control Enhancements to make it easier and more intuitive for drivers to engage the system These updates are just the latest and most significant in a series of enhancements made to Super Cruise since it launched in 2017. Most recently, Cadillac expanded the availability of Super Cruise to more than 200,000 total miles of compatible highways in the United States and Canada. Enhanced Super Cruise with automated lane change will be an option on the 2021 CT4 and CT5 sedans and the 2021 Escalade when those vehicles become available in the second half of 2020. n www.IneedOEMparts.com

March 2020


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CRASH Network: Insurer ‘Report Card’ Finds Bigger-name Carriers Weaker on Auto Claims For consumers, the lesson is clear: The guys whose wacky ads you see nonstop aren’t necessarily going to be so much fun for you when you get into a wreck, according to body shops. “Many consumers won’t have seen or heard advertisement after advertisement for North Carolina Farm Bureau, Oregon Mutual or Acuity Insurance, but shops graded these companies as among the Top 5 when it comes to taking care of customers after a claim,” Yoswick said in a statement. “You have to look fairly far down the rankings before you find one of the best-known and largest auto insurers, but most consumers will find an insurer or two among the 15 highest-graded who offer auto insurance policies in their state.” North Carolina Farm Bureau received an A+ combined from the 37 shops ranking it and came in first on the Report Card. Call it the valedictorian. “They are fair, easy to deal with, and always look out for their customers,”

CRASH Network conducted the survey in November and December 2019 and received answers from 1,037 shops spread among all 50 states. At least 35 shops had to rate a carrier before it counted in the national rankings (the study also provides state-specific report cards). Responses included 20,856 individual grades spanning 135 regional and national insurers. According to collision repairers, the Top 10 carriers in terms of customer claims treatment and repair quality included none of the Top 10 auto insurers in NAIC 2018 market share rankings. The Top 15 carriers according to auto body shops included just two of the Top 15 by market share. Erie (No. 12 on market share) placed 3rd on the Report Card, receiving an A-, and AAA Southern California (part of Auto Club Enterprises, which ranks 11th) received a B+ to rank 7th on the Report Card.

By John Huetter CRASH Network revealed the results of its 2020 insurance industry “Report Card,” which used polling data from more than 1,000 auto body shops to reveal which carriers treat consumers best during a claim. “As drivers, most of us go years without interacting with our insurance company’s claims department, but collision repairers do that every day,” CRASH Network editor John Yoswick said in a statement. “That gives them perspective on which companies do the best job taking care of policyholders – and which ones have some room for improvement – and that information can be a valuable tool for drivers as they consider which insurer to choose.” The study asked auto body shops nationwide “How well does this company’s claims handling policies, attitude and payment practices ensure quality repairs and customer service for motorists?”

T O Y O TA To l l Fr e e




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March 2020


a North Carolina collision repair facility owner said of the carrier. “They acknowledge that vehicles need to be repaired according to the automakers’ procedures,” another North Carolina owner wrote. Chubb and Erie placed second and third, respectively, with grades from 377 and 300 shops averaging A-. The only other major (Top 25) insurer to crack CRASH Network’s Top 15 was Amica, ranked 6th with a B+. Amica is 22nd nationally in terms of share. Even expanding the Report Card rankings to the Top 50 carriers in claims behavior saw just one of the nation’s Top 10 carriers make the cut: Travelers (No. 9 in market share), which got a C+ and came in 49th. “USAA, Nationwide and State Farm also received a ‘C+’ but the rest of the 10 largest national insurers all received a grade of ‘C’ or lower,”

CRASH Network wrote in the study. “Not a single one scored higher than the national average grade of ‘B-.’ (CRASH Network observed on its website that this average was a “low ‘B-.'”) The entire insurance industry aver-

To Subscribe to CRASH Network go to www.crashnetwork.com/ aged a “low ‘B-,'” according to CRASH Network. “Shops say the best insurance companies don’t pressure them to cut corners or install lower-quality parts just to save the insurers money,” CRASH Network wrote. “The best insurance companies also aren’t adding more administrative steps that slow down the repair and claims process. … “Conversely, shops say the lowergraded insurance companies tend to have

less experienced claims personnel, push shops to install used or lower-quality parts, don’t encourage the use of automaker-recommended repair procedures, or are slow to respond to shops’ requests for approvals and thus increase the time it takes to complete repairs for the customer.” The study also found that even DRP shops didn’t always think their “insurer partners” were all that great. American Family got a C from both its own network and non-DRP shops, while Allstate and GEICO only rated a C+ from their Good Hands and ARX shops, compared to C- from everyone else. Other carriers got B-level grades from their DRP facilities and C-level marks from the rest of the industry. Only USAA got an A-level grade (an A-) from its own DRP shops — compared to a C+ from everyone else. Copyright © 2017. DRIVEN COMMUNICATIONS INC. All Rights Reserved. n

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Kona: A Stylish and Agile Subcompact SUV Kona refined aesthetics with A low and wide stance complements its profile, with a long wheelbase and short overhangs, ensuring sporty, nimble handling, in addition to delivering superior driving stability at highway speeds. Its masculine, protective ‘armor’ combines powerfully with the futuristic LED lighting to create a high-tech look. The unique features of the exterior continue inside with a strong horizontal character line creating a wide and spacious feel. Even with its compact dimensions and low roof line, the Kona delivers outstanding interior roominess, especially in front headroom. The sleek and simple layout interior contrasts with the bold, adventurous exterior design. The audio/navigation display incorporates advanced infotainment features and the standard floating seven-inch touchscreen includes Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ capability. The floating display design adds further to the occupants’ sense of interior openness. Further, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) controls are surrounded by soft, fluid details that contribute to a sensuous experience and enhance the comfort-focused environment. The Kona compact platform has been developed to provide customers with true CUV capabilities, CUV-level ground clearance and an elevated, command seating position to ensure better visibility and comfort on long journeys, as well as easy ingress and egress. Kona offers occupants generous interior space by optimizing the underfloor layout, including the AWD drivetrain and exhaust system, to reduce central tunnel intrusion on interior space. The optional AWD system and drivetrain is intelligently packaged to offer a spacious interior despite its compact exterior dimensions. Kona also benefits from strategic use of structural adhesives at high stress points on the chassis and extensive use of hotstamping methods for greater rigidity. To integrate the optional fourwheel drive system, Hyundai engineers packaged a new intercooler layout and mounting position for the transmission to minimize intrusion into the cabin space. The suspension, fuel, and exhaust components are carefully packaged to maximize rear occupant room. As a result, Kona offers a generous 19.2 cubic feet of

rear cargo volume. The powertrain layout is also designed to create a compact platform capable of incorporating the car’s fourwheel-drive system while maintaining interior space. Suspension component layout is minimized at the rear, allowing for a lower load floor and seating position

Southern Automotive Journal

March 2020


A Heads-Up Display system is available, projecting a virtual image onto the transparent panel mounted behind the instrument panel. Information projected includes speed, navigation instructions, Lane Keeping Assist and audio system information.

to deliver impressive headroom and ease of access for rear occupants. Designers also maximized interior space for luggage storage capabilities, reflecting the requirements of customers with active lifestyles. The split-folding rear seats fold Kona Please Turn to Page 25 www.IneedOEMparts.com

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All-New 2020 Hyundai Palisade Flagship SUV Brings Exceptional Comfort, Technology and Safety in a Bold Midsize SUV

The 2020 Palisade rides on an allnew SUV chassis with exceptional secondand third-row roominess coupled with generous cargo area and reconfiguration flexibility. “The new 2020 Hyundai Palisade clearly evokes design imagery worthy of Hyundai’s flagship SUV, with new levels of all-road, all-weather capability, technology, safety, roominess and efficiency, all packaged in cutting-edge design,” said Mike O’Brien, vice president of Product, Corporate and Digital Planning, Hyundai Motor America. “This new Hyundai SUV is the ultimate family vehicle for practical, comfortable daily use and memory-making road trips whenever the appeal of the open road should beckon.” “Hyundai Palisade’s exterior and interior design clearly reflect its unique flagship identity with a premium, distinctive and bold road presence,” said SangYup Lee, head of Hyundai’s Design Center. “As the lead for Palisade design, it was a pleasure to work with our global design teams throughout its development and ultimately present this phenomenal product before you today.” The interior design combines a sense of relaxation and comfort creating a serene environment with eight-passenger seating standard for family adventures. Leatherequipped models offer a premium, quilted Nappa leather, while on the instrument panel, smooth woodgrain trim in a wraparound interior design create a spacious, comfortable ambience. The One-Touch second row seat allows for one-touch operation of the seat forward and out of the way for easy access into and out of the third-row seat. For more convenience, the third row offers power-folding/unfolding and reclining seats. Palisade also offers a class-exclusive Blind View Monitor that complements the standard Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist, which provides easy-to-see bodyside views whenever the turn signal is activated. The audio and navigation display is a generous 10.25 inch touchscreen in widescreen format, coupled with a 12.3inch fully-digital TFT center instrument cluster offering various view modes and differentiated drive mode illumination. 16

Southern Automotive Journal

Palisade’s styling conveys dignity with style in an understated theme that demonstrates clear differentiation worthy of a flagship SUV.

The audio and navigation display is a generous 10.25 inch touchscreen in widescreen format, coupled with a 12.3-inch fullydigital TFT center instrument cluster offering various view modes and differentiated drive mode illumination. Two Bluetooth® devices can be connected simultaneously, with one for a mobile phone connection and the other for audio streaming. The single instrument panel gauge cluster integrated with navigation offers exceptional legibility and ease of use, coupled with an available head-up March 2020

display feature. Center console innovations such as shift-by-wire controls free up valuable control space for the features drivers use most. The shift-by-wire system also includes automatic park logic Palisade Please Turn to Page 20 www.IneedOEMparts.com



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Assured Performance Launches Integrated Repair Documentation System and “Certified Repair” Program Assured Performance, announced the official national release of their patent pending “repair documentation” system (RepairDOC) after years of development and several months of multiple pilot field tests. RepairDOC is integrated with key data sources needed to provide a seamless and highly efficient method to electronically document every aspect of how a repair was performed, with what, and by whom. The patent pending system follows blockchain technology principles to ensure that the documented proof is electronically verifiable, linked or chained to the vehicle identification number (VIN), and maintained for the life of the vehicle as evidence. “RepairDOC” interfaces seamlessly with the shops’ repair data and leverages Smart apps for the technician so documentation is as simple as taking a selfie. Also, key data such as scan data reports, parts purchases, repair procedure use, and technician qualification is automati-

cally connected to the VIN-based “Repair Docket” created by the system. As a result of what was learned through real world shop feedback during the pilots, shops are able to follow either a detailed quality control management approach, or use the program in freeform mode. Now, all parties; the repairer, consumer, insurer, and vehicle manufacturer can have visual proof and an official certificate that the vehicle was repaired properly and if they got what they paid for. To do so, the turnkey system provides “evidence” the vehicle was repaired following OEM repair procedures, by a properly trained technician, using proper tools, and the vehicle was fully functional according to a final scan. This holds everyone accountable and mitigates everyone’s liability exposure. As an end result, the system provides an official serialized certificate illustrating the patent pending Certified Repair for that specific vehicle. “RepairDOC helps to shift the

emphasis from the exhaustive time spent estimating how the damaged vehicle might be repaired to how it really was repaired supported by electronic proof,” stated Scott Biggs, CEO and founder of Assured Performance. “Changing our collective mindset will be difficult for the industry, but as the research and testing have shown the reward is a potential savings of 8-14% in reduced friction cost and inefficiencies. Regardless, the new generation vehicles demand this level of quality and accuracy. Assured Performance has teamed up with numerous industry transactional partners to create this new solution. They contend that repairers and insurers combined will save between 8 – 14% of the LAE and settlement costs by reducing the need for costly on-site vehicle inspections, desk reviews and audits, supplement delays, diminished value and negotiating inefficiencies and repair cycle delays.n

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NASTF Finalizes Team Call Schedule Scanning The National Automotive Service Association (NASTF) has finalized the schedules for its five volunteer Teams, Communications, Education, Vehicle Security, Service Technology, and Heavy Duty. Each team is comprised of NASTF members, representing various sectors of the automotive industry. The Communications Team is responsible for reporting on NASTF activities and progress while soliciting feedback regarding service information, tool, training, and collision repair gaps. The Education Team works to ensure the availability and accessibility of technical training resources to independent technicians. The Service Technology Team facilitates an open dialogue between automobile manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket repair technicians and to identify and address any gaps in service information, diagnostic tools, repair equipment, and training available to the independent repair technician. Like the Service Technology Team, the Heavy Duty Team focuses on communication between manufacturers and aftermarket repair technicians specifically targeting heavy duty repair. Lastly, the Vehicle Security Team targets the identification, prioritization and correction of gaps in accessibility to vehicle security system information and tools, while maintaining the secu-

NASTF holds meetings (calls) three times a year with the possibility of adding more for larger projects. The schedule is below: February 5th- Service Technology 12th- Communications 19th- Heavy Duty 26th- Vehicle Security

July 1st- Heavy Duty 8th- Education September 30th- Communications

March 4th- Education

October 7th- Service Technology 14th- Education 21st- Vehicle Security 28th- Heavy Duty

June 3rd- Communications 10th- Service Technology 17th- Vehicle Security

All team calls take place at 8am PST/11am EST. For reference, please visit the NASTF website, www.NASTF.org. If you are interested in joining one of the NASTF Teams, contact Holly Wolfe at hwolfe@nastf.org.

rity and integrity of vehicle anti-theft systems. The National Automotive Service Task Force is a not-for-profit organization established to facilitate the identification and correction of gaps in the

availability and accessibility of automotive service information, service training, diagnostic tools and equipment, and communications for the benefit of independent automotive service professionals. n


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Palisade also offers a sophisticated Driver Talk in-car intercom system with rear seat conversation and sleep modes. This system allows the driver to communicate separately with the second and/or third rows of the vehicle via the Palisade audio system in a conversation mode. Palisade From Page 16 that shifts the vehicle into park when the engine is off and the driver opens the door. Palisade’s center console bridge design also frees up convenient storage space underneath the center console control area with driver and passenger access. The interior features seven available USB outlets, including front-seatback-based USB outlets for the second row occupants and mini-pockets for digital devices of all kinds. A generous 16 cupholders means there’s always a place to stow a beverage at any seating position. Seatbelt connection notification to the driver is active in every seating position. Palisade also features an industryfirst, innovative new roof vent diffuser design that can provide a focused, partially-diffused or fully-diffused stream of air to rear passengers. This new diffuser vent design provides quieter rear air conditioning airflow, draft-free operation, more uniform distribution of air and the capability for a focused stream of air whenever desired. Palisade offers abundant technology, including Hyundai’s latest navigation system with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™. To eliminate the need for a charging cord, there’s an available Qi wireless charging pad for compatible Android devices as well as recent Apple iPhones. When it comes to audio tech-

nology, the available premium sound system is well-suited to the Palisade’s upscale interior. The Infinity® audio system features Clari-Fi™ and QuantumLogic™ Surround Sound technology. Clari–Fi works in real-time to rebuild audio details lost in digitally-compressed music, while QuantumLogic™ extracts signals from the original recording and redistributes them into an authentic, multidimensional soundstage for playback that is clear, refined and full of detail.  The result is a more robust and enjoyable on-road listening experience. Taking inspiration from aircraft technology, Palisade’s available HeadsUp Display (HUD) projects a virtual image onto the windshield, helping the driver to better keep his or her eyes on the road. The feature uses a system of mirrors combined with a full-color TFT LCD display and features adjustable brightness to ensure excellent daytime and nighttime visibility. Driving information such as speed, Smart Cruise Control status, navigation, BlindSpot Collision Avoidance Assist, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, speed limits, Lane Following Assist and audio system data is projected at an ideal virtual distance for maximum legibility. Palisade also offers a sophisticated Driver Talk in-car intercom system with rear seat conversation and sleep modes. This system allows the driver to communicate separately with the second and/or

Southern Automotive Journal

March 2020


third rows of the vehicle via the Palisade audio system in a conversation mode. The system also includes a Rear Sleep Mode that allows the driver’s row to listen to their selected audio without that same audio being transmitted to the second- and third-row audio speakers, so that potentially sleeping passengers will not be disturbed. Palisade design seeks a very high perception of openness and exceptional visibility with a large, fixed-glass rear sunroof opening, wide rear seating rows and a generous, reconfigurable rear cargo area. All rear access areas have been ergonomically designed for ease of family access, with an available power rear-folding, unfolding and reclining third-row seatback. Palisade is larger in every exterior dimension than Santa Fe XL and Toyota Highlander. POWERTRAIN Palisade power comes from an Atkinson-cycle 3.8-liter V6, dual CVVT, direct-injected engine, for excellent power and efficiency. This 3.8-liter powerplant produces an estimated 291 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm and an estimated 262 lb.-ft. of torque @ 5,000 rpm. Palisade offers more standard horsepower than any other SUV in its competitive set and an unsurpassed level of torque. Palisade delivers that power to the wheels via an eight-speed Palisade Please turn to Page 22 www.IneedOEMparts.com

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Database Enhancement Gateway Announces New JOC Committee Member Will Latuff

began later in my teen age years when I met Mike Anderson. His passion and unstoppable logic for not included operations propelled my learning and fueled my desire to never stop growing as an

estimator. The DEG is a great resource and achieves amazing results.  I appreciate that submissions are handled in a timely manner and that the changes rendered benefit all stakeholders.  I believe that givers gain and I am looking forward to serving our great industry!” Will Latuff will join the DEG Joint Operating Committee providing organization decisions as well as providing insights and feedback to the DEG for continuous improvement. Latuff joins a group of well-rounded peers where a plethora of current and historical information which can be passed onto the next generation of collision repairers. When Lattuff isn’t busy tackling OEM Procedures, Diagnostics and ensuring proper repairs are being made, you can find him fishing with his kids or brewing up something delicious from his unique beer recipes. For more information about the DEG or if you have an inquiry regarding estimating data, please visit www. degweb.org.n

automatic transmission with a multi-plate torque converter and offers both twowheel and HTRAC® four-wheel-drive configurations, with a final drive ratio of 3.648 for confident acceleration. Special efforts were made to reduce Palisade NVH, with generous under-hood insulation, special sound-deadening carpets and powertrain tuning that delivers a smooth, linear response. In addition, Palisade offers drivers the ability to start the vehicle via remote key fob or via the Blue Link app. SAFETY TECHNOLOGIES Palisade offers a number of advanced safety technologies standard, including Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot CollisionAvoidance Assist, Lane Following Assist, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, Safe Exit Assist, High Beam Assist, Driver Attention Warning and Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go. Hyundai’s standard Rear CrossTraffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) enhances driver awareness to the rear of the Palisade. Using the Blind Spot Detection system’s radar sensors when

backing up, the system can not only warn the driver if vehicles approach from the rear side, it also applies the brakes automatically. Available safety features include Rear Occupant Alert (ROA). The system monitors the rear seats using an ultrasonic sensor that helps to detect the movements of children and pets. The system first reminds drivers to check the rear seats when exiting the vehicle with a message on the center instrument cluster display. If the system detects movement in the rear seats after the driver leaves the vehicle and locks the doors, it will honk the horn and send a Blue Link alert to the driver’s smartphone via Hyundai’s Blue Link connected car system. The system is designed to prevent children and pets from being forgotten in the car, but it also helps in case children accidentally lock themselves in. The Palisade also features a standard Safe Exit Assist system. To enhance the safety of Hyundai’s passengers, Safe Exit Assist uses radar to detect cars approaching from the rear and cautions passengers looking to exit the vehicle. If a passenger attempts to open the door when a car is

approaching from behind, a visual and acoustic warning on the center cluster will alert the driver. In addition, if the driver attempts to deactivate the Electronic Child Safety Lock feature, Safe Exit Assist will override the driver and ensure the rear doors remain locked until the approaching vehicle has passed. Once the road is clear, the driver can then deactivate the Electronic Child Safety Lock and successfully unlock the rear passenger doors. Palisade has a very rigid structure, with strategic use of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) in key suspension and crash areas to provide increased tensile-strength. Use of Advanced High Strength Steel has several benefits: lighter overall vehicle weight and greater vehicle strength and rigidity without the excessive costs of more exotic lightweight materials. Palisade is expected to achieve TSP+ from the IIHS and a 5-star NHTSA rating. Robust underbody and side structures are designed to increase energy absorption and cabin intrusion in a severe collision, especially in the small overlap test. Further, its underbody uses multiple load paths to better disperse potential crash energy in the event of a collision. n

Southern Automotive Journal

March 2020

The Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) announces Will Lattuff of Latuff Brothers Auto Body INC. as the newest member to the Joint Operating Committee (JOC) for Database Enhancement Gateway, the free online resource developed to address inquiries to information providers (IPs) about collision repair estimating data. With nearly 25 years of collision repair experience in the collision business, Latuff brings a wealth of experience and insight to the DEG joint operating committee. “Latuff is a frequent DEG user as well as an advocate for the DEG.” Says Gredinberg DEG Administrator. Heavily involved in the collision repair industry with the following background: 23 years w/Latuff Brothers Auto Body, Graduate UW-Stout Major: general business administration, Minor: Quality management, President AASP-MN 2018 and Contributing writer for ABRN Magazine. “I am excited to join the DEG JOC and give back to the collision repair industry. My passion for estimating Palisade From Page 20


Will Lattuff of Latuff Brothers Auto Body INC.



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Kona From Page 14 flat via a dual-level loading floor that gives three inches of additional vertical space and allows easy access for a variety of recreational equipment. Hyundai is the only global car manufacturer to produce its own steel for vehicle production for specific benefits to Kona structural integrity and safety. The lightweight unibody structure has been developed with 52 percent Advanced High Strength Steel to deliver leading levels of inherent passive safety characteristics. Proprietary hot-stamping methods produce lightweight, ultra-strong structural elements to maximize the cabin’s central safety cell. The length of structural adhesives used in Kona production exceeds 375 feet, providing additional

torsional rigidity and further reducing overall structure weight for better fuel efficiency, acceleration and handling. The platform also features an innovative multiload path structure – an advanced energy dispersion technology that boosts impact tolerance by dispersing crash energy across multiple structures to protect passengers in the event of an accident. These design features are expected to give Kona a NHTSA 5-star safety rating as well as an IIHS Top Safety Pick overall. Kona offers advanced active safety features, including Forward CollisionAvoidance Assist (FCA), which uses the car’s front-facing camera and radar to detect an imminent collision and avoid impact or minimize damage by braking autonomously. Three additional systems also utilize the front-view camera to boost safety and convenience: Lane Keeping

Assist (LKA), High Beam Assist (HBA), and Driver Attention Warning (DAW). By sensing road markings, Lane Keeping Assist helps to prevent accidental lane departure by automatically steering the car if required. High Beam Assist automatically controls the high beam headlights depending on surroundings, while the Driver Attention Warning system monitors a spectrum of driver-related characteristics to detect driver fatigue or careless driving. Kona radar systems also assist with the Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) to detect approaching vehicles that may be obscured from view during highway driving. The Rear Cross-Traffic Collison Warning (RCCW) detects when another vehicle may have entered the car’s rearward path, such as backing out of a parking spot, and provides a driver alert.n

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The One and Only Hybrid Minivan’s Innovative, Advanced and Class-exclusive Powertrain Builds on Pacifica’s Reinvention of the Minivan Segment

New for 2020:

The Chrysler Pacifica reinvents the minivan segment with unparalleled levels of functionality, versatility, technology and bold styling – and the Pacifica Hybrid takes this revolutionary vehicle a step further with its class-exclusive, innovative hybrid powertrain. As the original creator of the minivan more than 30 years ago, FCA US LLC has transformed the segment with firsts – notching 78 innovations through the first five minivan generations. With the introduction of the all-new Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid, FCA US adds 37 minivan firsts to its portfolio for an unprecedented total of 115 innovations in the segment, including the industry’s first minivan available as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, the industry’s first electrified minivan, will deliver an estimated range of 33 miles solely on zero-emissions electric power from a 16-kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. In electric-only mode, it achieved an efficiency rating of 84 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. When the battery’s energy is depleted to a certain threshold, the Pacifica Hybrid becomes a part-time electric vehicle, like a conventional hybrid. Power to the wheels is supplied by the electric drive system or supplemented by a specially adapted new version of the award-winning FCA US Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 engine. The battery pack – neatly packaged under the second-row floor in a unique battery case – may be fully recharged in as little as two hours using a 240-volt plug-in system. The pivotal technology behind the all-new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is its innovative eFlite electrically variable transmission (EVT). Designed by FCA US, the device features two electric motors – both of which are capable of driving the vehicle’s wheels. Conventional electrification schemes dedicate one motor to serve as a generator and a second motor – usually much larger – to deliver torque to the wheels. But the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid uses a one-way clutch that allows the

motor typically used only as a generator to deliver torque to the wheels, depending on driving conditions. The result is increased efficiency, refinement and improved component packaging. Taking advantage whenever the driver slows, the Pacifica Hybrid’s regenerative braking system converts kinetic energy to electricity, helping to provide additional range by charging the lithiumion battery. As the Pacifica Hybrid decelerates from a higher speed, the highvoltage motor becomes a generator and charges the battery to extend the electric range. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid was re-

Southern Automotive Journal

March 2020


The Pacifica Hybrid is America’s first and only hybrid minivan. It is the fourth bestselling plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) from the 30 PHEVs available in the market, and the #1 seller among the 20 vehicles that offer PHEV as an option. Pacifica Hybrid achieves more than 80 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) in electric-only mode, has an all-electric range of more than 30 miles and a total range of more than 500 miles.

A striking, class-exclusive interior with Rodèo Red Nappa leather seats with Light Diesel Grey stitching and piping, Silver Metal Brush hydro bezels on instrument panel and door trim engineered from the ground up on an allnew platform, delivering class-leading ride and handling and reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Its body structure is the lightest and stiffest in its class, making it more responsive with lower levels of body roll and enhanced agility to absorb and distribute road inputs. Class-leading aerodynamics contribute to the Pacifica Hybrid’s efficiency rating of 84 MPGe in electric-only mode. The all-new Pacifica is engineered and executed to deliver a “vault-like” interior environment with low levels of wind Pacifica Please Turn to Page 32 www.IneedOEMparts.com

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Safety Concerns with Self-Driving Vehicles Addressed During U.S. Senate Committee Hearing Pointing to a fatal Uber crash last year, a U.S. Senate committee on Wednesday focused on how to best address safety challenges involving autonomous vehicles (AVs). A self-driving Uber car in Tempe, Ariz., struck and killed a woman in 2018. The U.S. Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee held a hearing titled “Highly Automated Vehicles: Federal Perspectives on the Deployment of Safety Technology.” During his opening statement, Sen. Roger Wicker, (R-MS), committee chairman, said “… safety is and will continue to be paramount.” At the hearing, Sen. Maria Cantwell, (D-WA), questioned Dr. James Owens, acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about why there aren’t already safety standards for Level 1 or Level 2 AVs. Owens said safety standards will be developed when the technology is proven to be safe. He explained that these technologies are still in the emerg-

Direct 678-924-4249

ing stages. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 36,000 people were killed on America’s roadways last year, and 94 percent of those fatalities can be attributed to human error. Senators echoed similar sentiments that AVs have the opportunity to not only be a lifesaving technology, but expand and improve mobility options for elderly or those with a disability. In addition, Owens said his agency is in constant communication with stakeholders and auto manufacturers discussing technical issues. They have not yet created safety standards to avoid limiting innovation or competition. While the NHTSA does have a selfsafety assessment program, it is voluntary. Out of 80 manufacturers and developers, only 16 of those have submitted self-safety assessments to NHTSA regarding their advanced driving systems. “This technology needs some standards, it doesn’t mean they will

never change,” Cantwell said, “but we are hearing from the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB), that if you want to have a safe-testing environment, you need to put some condition[s] on that.” Bob Redding, ASA’s Washington, D.C. representative, said Congress should also consider how to ensure that these vehicles continue to operate safely from a mechanical perspective as part of any AV legislation. “This is an opportunity to get it right and require that these vehicles be inspected by state-approved programs each year,” Redding said. “In addition, failure to address vehicle data access for independent repairers in what might possibly be the only related legislation to be considered in the 116th Congress should concern consumers and automotive repairers.” The hearing also addressed other issues with the AVs such as usage of the 5G spectrum, future of the automotive labor workforce, cybersecurity and privacy concerns and education for vehicle owners on AV features.n

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March 2020



AirPro Diagnostics Launches Mobile FieldPro Device to Insurance and Repair Communities

AirPro Diagnostics (“APD”), the industry leader in true OEM diagnostic scanning, programming, safety system and ADAS calibrations announced the launch of its new “FieldPro” mobile scanning solution. FieldPro is another evolution in APD’s portfolio of tools and remote service solutions developed to create economic advantages for APD customers. The FieldPro is a pocket size scan tool that serves as a wireless link between a damaged vehicle and the insurance field appraiser. After connecting to the vehicle, the FieldPro quickly downloads a list of modules along with any and all corresponding DTC codes. It then uploads the results through a cell phone app to APD where a report is promptly prepared by our uniquely skilled, ASE certified technicians.

Referencing OEM service information, a cost estimate and description of any needed or required diagnostics, calibrations or safety system programming services are highlighted in a report immediately sent to the field appraiser for a more accurate and reliable appraisal. A permanent copy of the data and report is accessible and retained by APD in its cloud-based ORION management system for future access. “After thorough investigation and development, we are proud to introduce this valuable mobile solution to the insurance and repair community,” stated Lonnie Margol, President & CEO of AirPro Diagnostics. “Significant savings in time and money will result from delivery of a scan report complete with estimated scan and calibration costs in the field to an adjuster. Downstream appraisal sup-

plements were identified as a significant cost that reimbursing insurers want to identify earlier. Collision shops will take comfort in receiving a pre-approved, OEM required, pre-repair scan report, complete with necessary calibration and post-repair scan procedures, at the time of receipt of the estimate. Insurers and repairers will benefit from huge efficiencies and hopefully end the debate on what might be needed on a repair. FieldPro helps meet our mission to remove waste and increase efficiency in the scan, programming and safety system calibrations arena.” Margol concluded. Interested parties are invited to request a sample promotional package and, if interested, arrangements can be made to send a demo FieldPro for private field testing.n

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Pacifica From Page 26 noise, road noise and related vibration/ harshness characteristics. Standard Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) further heightens the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid’s refinement factor during a comfortable daily commute or an extended road trip with family and friends. Featuring the face of the Chrysler brand, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has a sculpted exterior with athletic proportions. A fast silhouette and sophisticated, fluid-like surfacing deliver a level of style not found in the minivan segment. The Pacifica’s sliding door track lines are hidden under the rear-quarter side glass, making them virtually indistinguishable. With its long wheelbase, wide track and low ground clearance, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid appears planted, with a capable stance. The thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted interior mixes hightech elements with a sculpted, muscular feel. With horizontally drawn features, the interior’s spaciousness is amplified and the linear elements keep the eye moving throughout the cabin. The available tri-pane panoramic sunroof, with a dualpane panoramic sunroof over the first two rows and a fixed glass pane over the third row, adds to the feeling of spaciousness. Other standard features include Blind-spot Monitoring, ParkSense rear

Pacifica Hybrid has an all-electric range of more than 30 miles and a total range of more than 500 miles, making it the fourth best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) from the 30 PHEVs available in the market. park assist with stop, ParkView rear backup camera, electronic stability control and electric park brake. As part of the FCA US ongoing efforts to proliferate advanced safety and technology, the Pacifica’s all-new body structure is made up of 72 percent high-strength steel. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid offers a variety of exclusive features to make it easy for customers to take full advantage of the vehicle’s innovative hybrid pow-

ertrain system, including: Hybrid Electric Pages – provide customers with helpful information and access to charging schedules via the Uconnect 8.4 system’s 8.4-inch touchscreen Uconnect Access smartphone app – provides customers with remote access to information like the vehicle’s state of charge and charge status updates, the ability to schedule charging, and locations of charging stations.n

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March 2020


Mitchell RepairCenter Now Offers Integration with QuickBooks Online

Mitchell now connects with Intuit QuickBooks Online within the Mitchell RepairCenter™ solution. This collaboration adds Intuit’s market-leading, cloud-based accounting to repair facilities’ complete facility management capabilities within the RepairCenter solution. Mitchell’s integration with QuickBooks Online showcases its commitment to cloud technology and offers

many advantages to its repair customers: The easy integration and seamless transfer of data lets a repairer benefit from a seamless data flow—from estimating to repair management to accounting - allowing all systems to work in-sync. “Mitchell’s integration with QuickBooks Online is an embodiment of our foundational vision to partner well, and delivers great value for our repair

customers,” said Jack Rozint, SVP Repair Sales & Service, Auto Physical Damage, Mitchell. “Furthering Mitchell’s collaboration with one of the most robust accounting solutions demonstrates our desire to continuously invest in both our core repair product suite and cloud technology to drive innovation in collision repair. We look forward to the positive impact this will have on our customers’ businesses.”n

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Calibrations From Page 5 digits. “Calibration processes vary widely from vehicle to vehicle and from system to system,” Anderson wrote. “Some blind-spot monitoring systems, for example, require a test-drive to selfcalibrate. Others require the use of a scan tool and a target. Other systems that can require calibration include adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, and back-up or other cameras. How many times do we remove a mirror from a door for paint purposes? Those often include cameras that require calibrations.” State Farm also posted the widest difference here in willingness to pay DRP shops compared to non-DRP shops. CCC data CCC director and lead analyst Susanna Gotsch wrote in a study of data between the first quarter of 2017 and 2Q 2019 that calibration operations typically see an addition of 0.2-0.6 hours of labor. “When a part such as a distance

sensor is replaced, additional database labor time of 0.2 to 0.6 hours is commonly added as an entry such as ‘FRONT BUMPER Add for distance sensor’,” Gotsch wrote in a September 2019 piece. “In addition to this, some repairs include separate manual entries for calibration, depending on the components damaged or the vehicle repair requirements. The specific parts requiring calibration are not always identified clearly or at all but, not surprisingly, the majority identify a specific ADAS feature such as blind-spot monitoring sensor, distance sensor, camera, parking sensor, lane departure, adaptive cruise control, as well as mechanical parts such as occupant sensors, steering angle sensors and tire pressure monitoring sensors, and finally parts such as headlamps.” The 2 percent of vehicles with entries for terms like “‘calibration’, ‘reprogram’, ‘flash’, etc.” was up from 0.9 percent in the first quarter of 2018, according to Gotsch. The cost of a calibration was all over the place in the second quarter

Southern Automotive Journal

March 2020


of 2019. Gotsch reported that some line items involved “not just the cost of calibration, or a fee to ‘Drive to and from calibration’, but the cost of additional components that may have been found to need replacement during the calibration.” The average second-quarter calibration fee was $219 — up from $172 in the second quarter of 2017. The standard deviation two years prior was $214, compared to $236 today. The maximum fee between April and June of this year was $5,316 for “Dealer Distance Sensor Reprogram,” compared to a peak of $6,250 for “Reprogram Headlamps at dealer” in the second quarter of 2017. Also of note in the CCC report: Vehicles 7 years of age or older even saw calibration operations, so repairers and insurers shouldn’t jump to any conclusions based on vehicle age. The percentage of repairable 7+ vehicles with recorded calibration operations rose from 0.4 percent in the first quarter of 2017 to 0.6 percent in the second quarter of 2019.n www.IneedOEMparts.com


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Southern Automotive Journal March 2020 Issue  

IECA Announces 2020 Board Of Trustees Officers Assured Performance Launches Integrated Repair Documentation System Who Pays?: Insurers often...

Southern Automotive Journal March 2020 Issue  

IECA Announces 2020 Board Of Trustees Officers Assured Performance Launches Integrated Repair Documentation System Who Pays?: Insurers often...