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A Management era at Rand Airport has ended. Six years

his appointment, Rand

DESPITE THE VOLATILE TIMES and the stresses of the Covid pandemic on aviation, Rand Airport has managed a commendably low staff turnover – especially at General Management level. The previous General Manager, Anton Kruger, was in the hot seat for 12 years before he retired.

Following Anton Kruger, Stuart Coetzee was the ideal person to run the airport as, prior to his appointment he had a twentyfive year involvement with the airport and is one of its 19 private owners.

Stuart’s involvement with Rand began when he managed the well-known Vics Flight Centre and it was forced out of the old Baragwanath by the airport’s closure by the Johannesburg City Council who wanted to develop the land for industry.

Vics Flight Centre moved to Rand in 1984 and


so Stuart has been intimately involved with the airport for almost forty years. When Vics closed in 2009 Stuart continued at the airport in a number of capacities, one of which was as a consultant on the all-important fuel supply.

When the airport was sold off by the Johannesburg City council in 2000, a specific condition of the sale was that it had to remain an airport at least until 2020. The ownership structure of the airport is unique in that all the hangars are owned with full freehold title. When the airport was sold in 2000 some of the hangar tenants elected` not to buy their hangars and so these are owned by the Airport Holding company and are let to tenants, providing essential long-term income for the management and up keep of the facilities.

Over the past 13 years the ownership of the airport has been remarkably steady, a testimony to how well the original sale ownership structure

86 May 2023
Airport General
Stuart Coetzee has ‘been retired’. It is notable that he has not resigned for greener pastures but was essentially forced into retirement due to advancing age.
in the hot seat for 12 years

was conceived and assembled. There were originally 23 private shareholders in 2000 and there has been very little change.

Most of the hangar sales have been taken up by existing owners the there has been a small consolidation to the current 19 owners plus the Mayondo BBBEE consortium and Ekurhuleni Town Council.

companies closed shop and many tenants struggled to pay their rent. Sympathetic to their plight, the airport management provided a rent holiday and is helping tenants bring their accounts up to date.

Fortunately, the airport’s finances are healthy due to the development of an industrial park to the south of the threshold of Runway 29. Development is proceeding apace with large warehousing emerging from the ground. All nine industrial stands comprising have been sold.

Still the Grand Rand Airport

Despite the impact of Covid, by the end of 2022 the airport’s operations levels were almost back to pre-Covid levels.

The Covid pandemic impacted general aviation hard – and Rand had its fair share of the economic damage. A number of longestablished businesses such as car rental

Demand for the airport facilities remains strong. There are currently no vacant hangars and all office space is fully let, with a waiting list. This is not only due to the strong recovery of the aviation businesses on the airport but the movement of large operators from other airports around Gauteng to the more friendly and central environment that Rand provides.

87 May 2023
Rand Airport's iconic Art Deco terminal building.

The airport is proud of it’s a safety record with no fatal accidents having happened over the past two years – despite the large number of movements and the number of flying schools.

The airport also hosts the large ‘Grand Rand Air Show’ which plays a vital role in making aviation accessible to the masses, particularly the underprivileged.

The Aerotropolis Proposal

The central location of Rand Airport is recognised by the airport’s local authority, the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. Ekurhuleni continues to promote an ‘Aerotropolis’ that recognises Rand Airport’s proximity to OR Tambo International.

The airport is also very well located near the centre of the Witwatersrand’s network of highways and rail network. The recent highway upgrade makes it convenient, even for those aircraft owners who live in northern suburbs.

88 May 2023
General Manager Stuart Coetzee has now retired after more than 30 years involvement at Rand.
A recent Google Earth image of Rand Airport showing the new development south-east of the threshold of Runway 29.
89 May 2023
Rand Airport maintains a Cat 6 fire department which operates from 06h00 to 21h00, Held on a Sunday, the Rand Airshow is a great outing for the whole family to enjoy.

The ownership consortium has embarked on a revamp campaign, emphasising; “It has the potential to become the complete integrated Airport Park,” which will include hotels, shops and an industrial park.

has been very little change. Over the past 22 years the ownership of the airport has been remarkably stable, a testimony to how well the original ownership structure was conceived and assembled.

the airport is unique j

The airport has proven to be a tremendous investment for its owners with some suggesting the initial R18 million purchase price might today have been transformed into a value of well over R500 million. There were originally 23 private shareholders in 2000 and there

The ownership structure of the airport is unique in that all the hangars are owned with full freehold title. When the airport was sold in 2000, some of the hangar tenants elected not to buy their hangars and so these are owned by the Airport Holding company and are let to tenants, providing essential long-term income for the management and up-keep of the facilities.

90 May 2023
International plane spotters make pilgrimages to Rand Airport's Historic Society compound. Pic Stauffenberg.


RAND AIRPORT IS LIKE A classy old dowager. In its almost ninety years the airport has seen grand times and great moments.

The SAA Museum Society provides an invaluable description of the incredible early days of the airport: Rand Airport was originally constructed in the 1930s when it consisted of just a grass-covered field and a hangar.

In 1929, when Imperial Airways made it known that they definitely intended to organise a service to South Africa, the energy and vision of the Municipality of Germiston (afterwards backed up by the Johannesburg Civic Authorities) laid the foundation of what would eventually become Rand Airport.

It was a bit of a free for all until the Transport Commission brought some kind of order. On 21 December 1931 the first flight of Imperial Airways arrived from London at Rand Airport and the airport was officially opened by the Governor General, the Earl of Clarendon.

In 1931 the various governments concerned concluded arrangements with Imperial Airways to run a service from London to the Cape. The Germiston Municipality was officially approached by the Union Government to provide an adequate airport capable of handling day and night traffic and of housing aircraft larger than any previously used in South Africa. As a result of the negotiations the Germiston Town Council voted £65,000 for the conversion of the old aerodrome into a properly equipped airport, and work started at once.

One large and one small hangar, as well as an administrative office building and workshop for Imperial Airways, were constructed. A complete floodlighting system was installed and a number of cottages built for the staff of Imperial Airways. Also erected were wireless masts for communication with the Imperial Airways aircraft.

The Governor-General, the Earl of Clarendon, officially opened Rand Airport in December 1931. Over 2,500 people drove, rode or walked to the aerodrome to attend the opening. The following day, 20 December 1931, the first Imperial Airways airmail from London arrived at Rand Airport.

Growth was quick. As a result of increased activity at Rand Airport a decision was made to improve facilities and a new air station was built to provide adequate control of the movements of aircraft from a properly equipped control tower, and to cater for the comfort of passengers by means of waiting rooms, baggage hall, Customs office and restaurant. Until the time of

91 May 2023
The Terminal building in ealry days - before the control tower was added. DRISA archive Rand Airport's original clock.

the erection of the air station, the passengers’ baggage was dumped on the ground and sorted in the open while friends meeting air travellers were obliged to stand about in the open in all weathers for indefinite periods.

In addition, a clubhouse for the Rand Flying Club, a house for a resident Customs official and a meteorological station were erected. Previous to the building of the clubhouse, flying club members were accommodated in a small reed roofed shack which, owing to the rapid increase in membership, soon became too small for them.

For the second time the Governor-General opened the New Rand Airport, on Monday 5 August 1935. At the time it was considered that sufficient development work had been done to last many years.

But inevitably it was not so. The introduction of the Empire airmail, the continually increasing activity of South African Airways and the greater interest in private flying necessitated further development.

Soon after the opening in 1935 seven more hangars were erected, a larger clubhouse built for the Rand Flying Club, the South African Airways administrative building was greatly enlarged and buildings, both temporary and permanent, provided for the fuel supply companies and flying schools operating from the airport.

Even this was not sufficient and in 1939 work began on constructing two further hangars, as well as extensions to existing hangars and

alterations and additions to the air station. A mess for South African Airways staff, a wireless workshop and an engine workshop were also constructed.

The terminal building has remained virtually the same since it was built. The only noticeable change is the addition of a new control tower, which was added on top of the existing structure. A special feature of the 1935 terminal building was the flat roof, which to this day is open to the public and gives a fine view across the airport.

Before World War 2 the airport was owned jointly by the Germiston City Council, the Rand Gold Refinery and Elandsfontein Estates. It became the headquarters of South African Airways when its head office was moved from Durban on 1 July 1935. After World War 2 SAA moved its headquarters to Palmietfontein Airport in 1948 due to runway length constraints. Nevertheless, Rand Airport still grew with vigour after the Second World War due to the pool of ex-airforce pilots.

Rand became the busiest airport in the southern hemisphere. However, during the 1980s, several corporate and charter operators moved to Lanseria Airport. The runway at Lanseria is considerably longer than those at Rand Airport, and the airport elevation is 1000 feet lower (4517’ as opposed to 5482’ at Rand Airport). In response to the exodus from Rand, its main runway, 29/11, was lengthened, but not to any large degree due to the geographical constraints of the site.

92 May 2023 Introduction
Rand Airport taken around 1934 - as the Ju52 on the apron was delivered in 1934.

Contact Details: Rand Airport Road, Terminal Building, Germiston, Gauteng Tel. No. 011 827-8884/5/6

Who to Contact: Kevin van Zyl - Managing Director Tel: +27 76 801 5639 Email: kevin@horizonrisk.co.za

93 May 2023 SAF 2023|05 Image: Frans Dely


KEVIN IS A GRADUATE of the University of South Africa and alumni of the Business School of the University of Cape Town. He is a professional with thirty years’ experience.

He is competent in Six Sigma Leadership from the renowned school of CSI International in the USA. Kevin has graduated as a Black Belt and Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. He is a registered Safety Professional with SAIOSH and an experienced auditor for quality management systems.

In terms of aviation skills, Kevin holds fitness status in aviation safety management and quality assurance with 20 years’ experience in aviation security.

For his role at the airport, Kevin is instrumental in the key strategic delivery of:

• Management programmes which provide a framework for continued improvement and to enhance the professionalism of safety, health, risk, and airport operations,

• The efficiency of operational and capital finance that ultimately results in the mitigation of business constraints of airport operations,

• Emergency and disaster management processes for dealing with adverse conditions,

• Sophisticated business improvement models with a proven track record explicitly supporting business needs,

• Information and advice to boards, audit risk committees, and

• Leading people to success with their career development.

95 May 2023
Kevin van Zyl is the Managing Director of Rand Airports Management Company (PTY) LTD and appointed Airport Manager.
Kevin van Zyl is the new Managing Director of Rand Airport


AVIATION REBUILDERS is a sheet metal and cable assembly facility based in The Showroom, Rand Airport, Germiston. We are a Category B SACAA approved sheet metal and flight control cable assembly facility ready and waiting to serve the needs of the GA industry.

We offer a well-equipped sheet metal facility, the expertise and equipment to repair our beloved GA aircraft to the highest of standards. We offer competitive quotations on your sheet metal repair requirements. We are generally able to offer a one-day turn-around time on standard flight control cable assemblies. We welcome you to visit our facility, we have an absolutely open-door policy and family orientated approach to our staff and customers alike. We look

forward to welcoming you and your beloved aircraft to our family.

This month we bid a fond farewell to Mark Cumming, who has been a part of our team since 1998. We wish him well on his journey as he relocates to foreign shores. With Mark’s departure, we are open to applicants carrying a valid structural B and welding licence to join our team.

Contact Aviation Rebuilders on:

Tel: +27 (0)11 827-2491

Cell: +27 (0)82 872-4117

Email: lyn@aviationrebuilders.com

96 May 2023


AEROSPACE ELECTROPLATING has been based at Rand Airport, Germiston since its launch in 1980 and for the past 43 years has served the aircraft industry with distinction in the supply of high quality surface finished products.

From 2012 the company is now a subsidiary of Mistral Aviation Services and run by Oliver Trollope with a highly experienced and qualified team of electroplaters.

Aerospace Electroplating is fully approved as SACAA AMO 506. Its processes are approved by Denel, Airbus Europe, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and Allison Doil. The company offers a wide range of services for aircraft owners and

general industry, and through their partnership with Mistral Aircraft Services they can also offer engineering and non-destructive testing services.

Aerospace Electroplating’s highly qualified team are available to advise prospective clients on the perfect solution to all electroplating solutions to perfectly re-finish aircraft components to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Aerospace Electroplating can be contacted on Tel: 011 827 7535 or email: petasus@mweb.co.za j

Cadmium Plate in Gold, Silver or Clear Passivation


For  all  your  SACAA  approved  plating  requirements

For all your SACAA approved plating requirements

For  all  your  SACAA  approved  plating  requirements


We  are  situated  at  30B,  Building  98,  Rand  Airport.  Next  to  Fields  Airmotive.


Cadmium Plate in Gold or Silver Passivation

Call  Des  on  011 827  7535  or  063 or  Peter  on  081 775  2434  or  083

For  all your  Aircraft  and  Allied  Electroplating

on  011

7535  or  063 or  Peter  on  081 775  2434  or  083

Hard Chrome

Hard Silver Plate

Electroless Nickel

Hard Copper Plate

Anodising in Grey, Red or Black

Black Phosphating



SA Flyer

97 May 2023
AMO  5
For  all  your  SACAA  approved
We  are  situated  at  30B,  Building
AMO  506
at  30B,  Building  98,  Rand  Airport.  Next  to  Fields  Airmotive. Call  Des  on  011 827  7535  or  063 150  1533 or  Peter  on  081 775  2434  or  083 208  7244 Cadmium Plate
Clear Passivation
We  are  situated
Hard Silver
Electroless Nickel
Copper Plate Anodising in Grey, Black Phosphating
Call  Des
For  all your  Aircraft  and  Allied  Electroplating  and  queries. Hard
Silver Plate
Copper Plate
in Grey, Red or Black Black Phosphating
We are situated at 30B, Building 98, Rand Airport. Next to Fields Airmotive. Call Oliver on 011 827 7535 or Peter on 081 755 2534 or 083 208 7249 For all your Aircraft and Allied Electroplating requirements.


“Where your Dreams take Flight”

Central Flying Academy has been training future young pilots for the past 16 years and was responsible for the ab initio training for the South African Air Force for three years, so they are extremely well equipped and experienced in fixed-wing training.

Training is available seven days a week, starting with Private Pilot Licence (PPL) through to Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATP).

CFA has developed its own commercial pilot training notes that have an excellent reputation in the aviation industry.

An SACAA approved Flight Training Simulator (FNPT II) is available for initial and recurrent instrument training and instructor renewals. CFA also has state of the art ground school facilities and an SACAA approved online exam test centre.

CFA has a fleet of nine training aircraft which include seven Cessna 172s, one Cessna 172 RG and a Piper Twin Comanche. This ensures excellent availability and backup at all times.

Accommodation is available at our own residence, a short walk from Rand Airport.

CFA is committed to offering you a professional, personal and rewarding experience. Safety and airmanship are the corner stones on which CFA bases its culture and ethos.

Contact CFA on:

Tel: 011 824 4421 / 078 800 9929

Email: info@cfasa.co.za

website: www.cfasa.co.za j

Tel: 011 824 4421

Cell: 078 800 9929, email: info@cfasa.co.za

98 May 2023
Where your dreams take flight Central Flying Academy
only flight training academy at Rand Airport that offers ALL the required facilities for COMPLETE pilot training at our on-site campus “Look at the rest, then come
fly with the BEST!”
Hangar 28 Hurricane Rd Rand Airport
Germiston www.cfasa.co.za


BUILDING ON THE SUCCESS of Dart Aeronautical and M&D Aircraft Electrical, Dart Aircraft Electrical has now established itself as a leading aircraft electrical shop in the Gauteng Area situated at Rand Airport.

Dart Aircraft Electrical (DAE) took over from M&D and has acquired all M&Ds test and bench equipment, thereby maintaining M&Ds capabilities.

DAE has also retained the services of M&Ds Matthew Joubert, and is therefore well equipped to cater to all aircraft electrical requirements. Matthew has over 17 years’ experience and brings a high degree of professionalism to the aircraft electrics trade. He specialises in fuel pumps, magnetos, alternators and starters.

Sharing the premises with Dart Aeronautical, DAE is located on the ground floor of Aeronautical House at Rand Airport.

DAE will be able to sell, overhaul, service and repair the following:

• Starters

• Alternators

• Fuel Pumps

• Magnetos

• Strobe Boxes

• Aircraft electrical wiring installation and repairs

• Electronic components

Contact DAE on:

Tel: +27 827 0371

Cell: +27 82 414 1641

Email: dartaircraftelectrical@gmail.com j

Building on the success of Dart Aeronautical and M&D Aircraft Electrical, Dart Aircraft Electrical opened its doors in January 2015.

Dart Aircraft Electrical (DAE) took over from M&D and has acquired all M&Ds test and bench equipment, thereby maintaining M&Ds capabilities. DAE has also retained the services of M&Ds Matthew Joubert, and is therefore well-equipped to cater to all aircraft electrical requirements. Matthew has over 17 years’ experience and brings a high degree of professionalism to the aircraft electrics trade. He specialises in fuel pumps, magnetos, alternators and starters.

Sharing the premises with Dart Aeronautical, DAE is located on the ground floor of Aeronautical House at Rand Airport.

DAE is able to sell, overhaul, service and repair the following:

• Starters

• Alternators

• Fuel Pumps

• Magnetos

• Strobe Boxes

• Aircraft electrical wiring installation and repairs

• Electronic components

99 May 2023
100 DART AERONAUTICAL GFC 600 GFC 500 Pieter Viljoen +27 83 652 4421 pieterviljoen@mweb.co.za Jaco Kelly +27 84 498 4916 pieterviljoen@dartaero.co.za AERONAUTICAL GFC 500 New Garmin Autopilot Options Pieter Viljoen +27 83 652 4421 Jaco Kelly +27 84 498 4916 ® ® FINANCE OPTIONS AVAILABLEENQUIRE NOW! GI 275 Attitude Indicator (AI/ADI) New Garmin Autopilot Options


DART AERONAUTICAL WAS established in 2006 and is situated at Rand Airport.

We are committed to providing excellent service with the highest technical standard, not only locally, but to surrounding airfields as well. This division is headed up by Jaco Kelly and Pieter Viljoen. The team of 15 specialises in all aircraft types ranging from homebuilt to DC9 aircraft.

We are market leaders in instrument and instrument panel refurbishments, which include the use of aircraft approved paint, router cutting and laser engraving.

Dart Aeronautical is an agent for all major equipment suppliers such as Garmin, Mid Continent, Bendix-King, Sigma Tek, JP

Instruments, Airtex, S-Tec etc. Our ability to purchase directly ensures our completeness and that our customers receive value for money without any reduction in quality and safety.

We carry a wide variety of serviceable units in store that can be used as loaners while working on a customer’s unit or that can be purchased or exchanged.

Contact Pieter Viljoen on:

Tel: +27 11-827-8204

Cell: +27 83-652-4421

Email: pieterviljoen@dartaero.co.za

Website: www.dartaero.co.za j

101 May 2023 AERONAUTICAL GFC 500 New Garmin Autopilot Options
pieterviljoen@mweb.co.za 4916
CONTACT: Chantal Du Plessis +27 61 508 3356

At Dynamic Propellers cc we overhaul and maintain all Hartzell, McCauley, MTPropeller, Hoffmann, Dowty, Sensenich, Whirl Wind and Hamilton standard propellers to include metal and composite blades. We do all maintenance procedures related to aircraft propeller overhauls as called for by the various propeller manufacturers including cadmium plating.

Everything is performed in-house, including cold compression rolling on Hartzell propeller blades, as well as dynamic balancing of propellers in the field. Dynamic Propellers cc is an Authorised Service Centre for MT-Propeller and Whirl Wind.

Dynamic Propellers cc is also appointed as the sole McCauley Authorised Service Centre for the African continent.

We carry a large stock holding of fast moving propellers, hubs, parts, de-icing parts, overhaul kits etc. in our inventory to cater for Hartzell, McCauley, MT – Propeller, Hoffman, Dowty, Sensenich, Whirl Wind and Hamilton standard propellers. We do a huge amount of travelling to local, domestic and neighbouring countries as well as abroad to cater for customer’s propeller requirements.

www.dynamicpropellers.co.za • Tel: +27 11 824 5057 • Fax2mail: 086 548 2651 E-mail: andries@dynamicpropeller.co.za • Andries: 082 445 4496 0 5 25 75 95 100


MARTHINUS POTGIETER started Intelek Training and Consultation in 2007, with almost 20 years of instructor experience from SAA. ITC presented maintenance and type training for individuals, maintenance organisations and major airlines and their customer list is ever growing. Some clients include Global Aerotech, TAAG Airlines, FFA, Air Mauritius, Safair, Air Zimbabwe, only to name a few.

In 2011, ITC Academy was born. Completely independent and without any outside funding. This in itself was a challenge, but no challenge is too big for the passion and drive Mr. Potgieter has for teaching and the aviation industry. ITC started off at a small AMO at Rand Airport, until this once little training school was bursting out its seams. ITC Academy has recently moved to its own building at Rand Airport, Germiston at the beginning of 2017 and now growing even faster. With his son-in-law, Matthys van Tonder, by his side as manager of the Mechanic training school, the company has been bursting out its seems.

ITC is renowned for their eminent Aircraft Mechanic Training for tomorrow’s aviation maintenance elite, providing not only the

theoretical foundations, but also reputable practical experience to their students.

ITC has recently broken into the EASA market for maintenance training and are approved for EASA basic training as well. ITC Academy is the only privately owned EASA approved mechanic training organization in Africa

One can’t help but wonder what ITC will do next.

ITC offers:

• Aircraft mechanic training (intakes February and September of each year)

• Aircraft maintenance training

• First aid training

• Fire fighting training

• EASA basic training

• EASA type training through our sister organization AGT france

• Trade test centre j

Maintenance Training

For qualified persons who wish to expand their licenses and capabilities

Basic Training

For persons who aspire to be Aircraft maintenance Engineers

EASA Training

Basic Training A Level B1.1 & B2

103 May 2023
Tel: 010 312 5156 Email: itc.jackie@yahoo.com www.intelektrainingandconsultation.com
ITC Academy offers a full 30 month Aircraft Mechanic training program, consisting of theory and practical training. We also provide Trade Revision and assistance with your Trade Test.

We specialise in general helicopter maintenance, upgrades, modifications, repairs, interior and exterior refurbishment.

• SA341

• AS350/ 355 series

• EC120/130/135 series

• BO105 series

• BK 117

• McDonald Douglas

• Robinson R22/R44

• Hangarage service available

First and second line maintenance on Safran (Turbomecca), Allison and Lycoming engines. CAA approvals : SACAA # 830, Republic of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho

We now support the BK 117 B2 model “Helicopter for Medi Vac Operations”

104 May 2023
BUSINESS. SA Flyer 2022|09 Hangar 56, 10 Viking Way, Rand Airport Tel: 011 827 8632  Tino: 083 458 2172  Office: 083 446 0066 Email: technical@heli-afrique.co.za and info@heli-afrique.co.za


HELI AFRIQUE SPECIALIZES in general helicopter maintenance, upgrades, repairs, interior and exterior refurbishment and modifications, specialising in the Airbus Helicopter SA341, H125 (AS350/355 series), H120 (EC 120), H130 (EC 130), H135 (EC 135 series), BO105 and BK117 helicopters. We provide first and second line maintenance of TURBOMECA, Allison and Lycoming Engines and hold a service centre for Robinson R22 & R44 helicopters.

Heli Afrique assist with inspections, C of Registration, Airworthiness formalities and have assistance from SACAA Inspectors to issue Certificates of Airworthiness and Certificates of Registration from abroad in foreign countries.

Heli-Afrique facilitates the sale of used helicopters, carry out export/import, customs and

shipping formalities. We provide pre-purchase inspections of helicopters worldwide.

Based at Rand Airport Hangar 56, Heli-Afrique holds a large range of spares inventory for the above mentioned helicopters and engines.

Heli-Afrique holds the following CAA approvals: SACAA # 830, Republic of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Lesotho.

We are the proven alternate ‘AMO’ to Airbus Helicopters and Safran (TURBOMECA) in Southern Africa.


Tel: 011 827 8632/33

Email: tino.conceicao@heli-afrique.co.za www.heli-afrique.co.za j

105 May 2023



As one of a global network of Pilatus authorised independent sales and service centres, Pilatus PC-12 Centre Southern Africa (PCSA) is official distributor for Pilatus aircraft in the region and the only such centre in Africa. Officially opened in 2007, PCSA has celebrated a decade of providing unmatched servicing and sales support to the Pilatus brand from its base at hangars 41 and 42 at Rand Airport. With a team of dedicated, highly qualified and competent staff members whose focus is to provide an all-round holistic sales and maintenance support experience for its customers. Nobody knows Pilatus aircraft like PCSA and at the same time the company strives to know its customers just as well.

Maintenance support

from the Pilatus factory. It is this philosophy, which has seen operators, in an independent survey, conducted by Professional Pilot magazine, vote Pilatus number one in turboprop customer service for the past 19 consecutive years. PCSA continues to uphold its commitment to Pilatus and its customers. The Pilatus PC-12 NGX and PC-24 are supported by the industry leading CrystalCare programme, which provides owners/operators with maintenance piece of mind and predictable operating costs.

Tel: 011 383 0800

E-mail: aircraftsales@pilatuscentre.co.za

Website: www.pilatus-aircraft.com j


PCSA supports an ever-growing fleet of more than 85 Pilatus PC-6, PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft in the southern African region. The company strives to maintain Pilatus’ intense focus on post-sale maintenance support, where customers are served locally through strong personal relationships and backed by knowledge and technical support

Big things should be expected from such a big door. The PC-12 NGX is the only single-engine turboprop to provide a pallet-sized cargo door as standard. So, when packing for your next trip in the PC-12 NGX, you won’t have to choose between which pair of shoes to bring. Bring them all. You may even decide to bring your favourite surfboard, motorbike, or mountain bike. Yes, we’ve carried them all, and so can you in the PC-12 NGX.


106 May 2023 p
Contact Pilatus PC-12 Centre Southern Africa, your nearest Authorised Pilatus PC-12 NGX Sales Centre for further information on Tel: +27 11 383 0800, Cell +27 82 511 7312 or Email: aircraftsales@pilatuscentre.co.za


PILOTS ‘N PLANES is an aviation related retail outlet specialising in Pilot and Aircraft Owner requirements.

Pilots ‘n Planes is one of the larger retail outlets of its kind in South Africa and has its main branch at Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria, and a second branch at Rand Airport in Germiston.

Merchandise on offer includes:

• Pilot uniforms and apparel

• Aviation headsets (BOSE, DAVID CLARK, AVCOMM)


• Study material and equipment

• A wide range of Aviation related gifts and collectables

Both our Wonderboom and Rand stores trade Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm.

On Saturdays, Wonderboom trades from 8am-2pm and Rand is open every first and last Saturday of every month from 8am-2pm.

Contact Melanie at Wonderboom Airport on: Tel: 012 567-6775

Email: pilotshop@pilotsnplanes.co.za Or Lee / Francois at Rand Airport on: Tel: 011 824-3339

Email: rand@pilotsnplanes.co.za j

107 May 2023
PLACE YOUR ORDERS ONLINE NOW AT www.pilotsnplanes.co.za OR EMAIL ORDERS TO orders@pilotsnplanes.co.za SA Flyer 2023 | 04
Contact: +27 12 567 6775, E-Mail: pilotshop@pilotsnplanes.co.za Contact: +27 11 824 3339, E-Mail: rand@pilotsnplanes.co.za Quiet the noice. Amplify the Experience BOSE A30 HEADSET
Pilots Planes nPlanes n
108 May 2023


MENOMINEE, MI – Enstrom Helicopter

Corporation is pleased to announce the sale of two turbine powered 480B helicopters to the Zambian Air Force (ZAF). The contract, which was signed on February 23 by the Ministry of Defense, includes both the helicopters and training for ZAF pilots and personnel. The helicopters will be based in Lusaka, and used for training and utility missions.

“We are very excited to be supporting the ZAF missions,” said Enstrom’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Dennis Martin. “The 480B will be a lot more efficient than some of the other light helicopters they were using, but with its performance and quick reconfiguration options, the 480B will provide the capability and flexibility they need.”

The helicopters will be equipped with cargo hooks and hard points for cameras, as well as the latest in Garmin avionics and glass panels.

One helicopter will be supplied with a full glass cockpit, the second glass cockpit and analogues combined to allow pilot students to have experience on the various ZAF platforms.

Safomar Aviation Group South Africa coordinated and assisted Enstrom in the sale to the ZAF, including logistics, specifications, and configuration of the Helicopters. Safomar operates a large regional MRO as well as a flight school, and both maintains and operates Enstrom helicopters throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

According to Shai Shalem, Managing Director of Safomar, “We are excited to have Enstrom back and under new management with exciting and excellent helicopter upgrades. It is an honor to have sold two of the first helicopters off the line under the new ownership. These 480B’s are just the right fit for military and Law Enforcement missions.”

About Enstrom Helicopter Corporation

From Rudy Enstrom’s early designs in 1943 to initial testing in a Michigan Quarry in 1957 to aircraft operating on six continents, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has maintained a reputation for safety, value and performance. Based in Menominee, Michigan and proudly made in the United States, Enstrom has a rich history for design innovation. The goal is to provide helicopters to the customer’s exact specification and deliver support and maintenance worldwide.

109 May 2023
May 2023
Safomar Aviation Maintenance is a SACAA certified Maintenance organisation holding licenses to maintain the Enstrom 280FX and 480B, Robinson R22 and R44 Series, Airbus As350, Bell 206, EC130 and MBB -BK117 Series Helicopters.