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Yep, that’s me dancing! And that’s my bling belt blinging! Why? Because Saddle Up had just won Horse Council BC’s 2010 Business of the he Year Award in Abbotsford and Gregg and I were there and I dragged him up on the dance floor (as I usually do do) d and he had his camera and voila! (Anything to get me off the dance floor.) And d I’m starting to ramble like him, hmmmm. hmmm Such an honour to win n this award and was happy to be there to receive vee it. See more news, winners, and photoss of the Banquet on pages 12-14. I’d like to thank than everyone nee that sent in their “Congratulations” wishes – that meanss so much to me. m The Mane The ane Event was again a great show, and an thanks to o Ruby Edwards for helping me out. See pag page 32 for sto story. t So Decemberr is here, and with Christmas comes great iid ideas for shopping, giftgiving, etc. So you do want to see pages 42-50 that may entice you to shop in-store, on-line, viaa telephone, or mail order. Most tack shops aim to please pleas – and you’re the customer! HAPPY HOLIDAYS OLIDAYS AYS TO YOU ALL! ALL (And remember, I say this every year at this time, th there is NO JANUARY issue. Next deadline is January 15 for the February 2011 220 issue.)

Nancy CONTRIBUTORS: Carol Hansson, Judy Wardrope, Kevan Garecki, Monty Gynne, Yvonne Miller, Ruth Donald, Mark McMillan, Kathy Scott, Andrea Blair Photography, Zoltan Bertalan, Paul Dufresne, Lynette Mills, Greg Roman, Mike Puhallo, Lisa MacBurney, Ozzie Leaf, Barbra Schulte. ON THE COVER: MURRAY CREEK RANCH, MASTHEAD PHOTOS: (regular features) By Rein-Beau Images OFFICIAL VOICE FOR: Back Country Horsemen of BC, BC Quarter Horse Assoc., BC Paint Horse Club, BC Cutting Horse Assoc., BC Interior Arabian Horse Assoc., Pine Tree Riding Club, Endurance Riders Assoc. of BC.

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Dear Editor… Dear Nancy: would like to thank you and the horse community for all your support in my first year of business in and around the North Okanagan with “Auntie Karen’s Horse Kookies.” Not only have I met many wonderful horse people but also have had the opportunity to put these All Natural Treats to the test. It was the end of the day at Vernon & District Riding Club where someone was having difficulty with loading his or her horse, 3 treats and 15 minutes later the horse was trailered. Congrats on your 10 years in business with Saddle Up and I look forward to another 10 years-plus of reading and learning from all the articles you publish. I am a huge fan of Roman Ramblings and you guys make a great team. It was nice to know that when someone dropped off ‘human’ cookies to you at The


Mane Event in Chilliwack, you thought about me and my horse Kookies. Hope you have a well-deserved break and rest in January. See ya in 2011. - Auntie Karen, Vernon, BC

Hi Nancy: ust read John VanDongen Sr’s letter to the editor (Oct 10 issue) in which he gives horse husbandry advice. I have to be honest I was shocked and offended all at the same time. John and his brother QC are well known to the SPCA. Just to let you know how bad it was, neighbours cheered when QC fi nally sold his farm in Abbotsford. Many people drove by his place and regularly saw dead, dying, or starving horses. The truth about horse ownership is that


it is going to cost you money and you will need to feed your horse and you will need to hire vets and farriers. Anyway, pretty shocked to see him giving all this advice in your magazine. - Pat Romanin, Langley, BC

Hello Nancy Roman:


have not been reading Saddle Up for a while and decided to come back today to read your classified ads for horses. WOW was I ever surprised to see less than one page of ads. It is not my place to tell you how to run your business but I want to be honest with you, since Saddle Up has gone to this new online format, I find it awkward and frustrating to navigate through. So that is why I have to tell you that I for ONE would rather you go back continued on page 6

On The Cover

Murray Creek Ranch We are pl We pleas eaased to an announ ounce oun c the newesst addi addi d tio tionn to to our sta tallionn rosster t : “Dream “ m Lea eaague guers rss Tun Tu e” a blac b ck son of Le gueers Shadow Lea w. At 16.33HH, H he h is is a big, flashy hy HUS US RO ROM M eearn arner, arn er, wiith th a pers er ona nalit na lity itiy that is flflawl awless awl ess.. Withh lilnes es th that at go to to Ba Barpasser on th the top op side and The Invester ter onn the bottom om, m, this is som some of AQQH QHAA’s finest breedding ing. We ar are verry e itite exc i d to bree bree reedd him h m to somee of our APHA andd AQH AQHAA mare mar a ess thiis year. Hiis introdu duct du cto toory yeear is by priv ivvate at tr t eaty, y with with s cia spe cial cons o ide iderat r ion to point in eaarni r ngg mar mares. es.

Dream Leaguers Tune

Of cou coursee, we we still stan andd the follow an ow wingg fifine nee stalli staalli llions on : Shi hinnin hi nin N St Stylin Sty li AQHA (Shhini in ng Sp Spark x Shyy Annn So Spa S lano) lan ano) 1998 988 pal alomi omino Pai aiid for o a Chicc AQ A HA (Paid id By Chi Chic x Dolly lly llywood ly d Smokke) 20 2001 01 che chestnut HG Spaark McC McCue ue APH AP A (Flash ash sh Pa Packet a t x Ma Maffion McC Cue)) 19994 94 bla black c and wh ck w ite overoo

It’t’t’ss with GREEAT sadnness ss th that we an announc nn nce the he pa passing of both both th Jel elly l Bean AP ly A HA (Socke kett ke t x Ladyy Bluff)) and Barlink Imtu tt mt ff To mtu Too (B (Barliink n Macho Macho Man M Ma x Quincys yss Annie Oppie) ie).. Both thh wer weree putt dow wn huma umanelyy this summer due u to co com mpli pliccations of oldd agee. We We miss miss them bot othh ter erribl ib y. ibl y As alw As always,, we offer ffe our ur ser ervic vi ess to bot bothh the pro p fes essio es sional tr sio tr er and pr trainer priv iv tee ind iva i ividua uals ls. ls s. If yo youu just just u wa want a safe afe f , dryy pla lace c to keep and ridde oorr trai trai r n your horse, you h thiss is thhee pla lacce for yoou. Less thann teen minu inn tes fr from m dow downntown wn La Langle gley, gle y and nd th th rtyy minnutess fr thirt from om Hastings Racecourse, its loocat c ion is secon onnd to non onee. e. We W off ffer er TW TWO WO indoo indoo ooor aren renas, TW WO roun ou dpeens, n an ouutdo td or, andd a ha halff m mille SAND race tra racck. Th Thee faci a lititityy has ha one hundr dred e seventy rubber matted staalls sta lls wi w th bot b h stallio ion stal t ls andd largee foali aling ali n sta st llss. Ther Ther heree are ninee hott wat wateer was w h rack ackks and our am mplee pa p rkiing lot ensur ures es that the biggest rigs can can come inn and and get g turnedd aroou ound. Pa Parkingg of you yo r trai aiile ler is fr free for bo board arders ers.. ers Botth full, ull, semi em annd sel elfl board are arr offe feered as we w ll as monthl h y riding ngg priivil v ege gees. s. Full boar ard iincl ar clude cl u s four fe ude feedings gs peer day, day, a of the high ig est quality easter tern Was ash s inggton gr gras ass ha hayy and alfalf alfl a, plus graiin, and yo y ur horse getss a a privat vatee padddock vat oc foor tuurn outt. With onee hunndre Wit dredd seve seventy nty stallss w we are pleease a d to of offe ffer you ffer you o a variririety et of servi vices vi ces.. Our ces Ou foalin inng ba barn has sixx lar large gee sta stalls lls wi witth cam am meras eraas in eac achh st s alll. Wantt som Wan meone too fit up your our ho h rse for a sale? We caan do d that for you. ou Wa Want someon eo e too exer e rcis cise your our u horsee andd groo gro room roo m hi him im whi hile lee you’ree aw away ay? We’ll ay ’ll do do tha h t too. to Wa Wannt to hav haavee a clini niic or even v t? t Ask sk abbout our ou special rate fo for or cl c ubss. Goingg on on holi oliday d s?? Leave you da yourr horse h e with us, we’lll take good caare of of him hi for you while you’re gon one. If you ju jus ustt want w to ride, as askk abou about our mon mo thhly hl haul in ra rates te . Some tes ome off thhe top top trainers inn BC B do it. We have a goood od selection off AP APHA HA, AQ HA AQHA and TB horses, s sta st rte ted and no te nnott fo f r ssalee at al a l tiime m s.

Merrry Christmass and a prosperouus New Year to all! John and Luccille, Murr rraay Creeek e Ranch, Lang ngley, BC • www.murraycreekr kran anccchh.c an .co com • 604 0 -514-8700 HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR


1985 - 2010

“Safe journey, my friends.” •

Dear Editor, cont’d to the not-so-complicated site you had before. The one with many pages of horses for sale. I hope you do not take this as an insult as it is not meant to be. But I will shop with my money at a site where the pages do not wobble and slide and either expand or shrink. Take care and I wish you well. I hope you are not angry at me for giving you my honest opinion. - Sincerely yours, a previous lover of Saddle Up magazine, Howard H., Vancouver, BC (P.S. I will try again in the late spring and see if it is me that just finds this new format difficult; because I did previously like your magazine and website.) (Editor’s note: Thank you Howard, no offence taken. I have received a few complaints about our ‘digital’ format and we’re wondering if it’s those on dial-up. Any other readers out there care to comment?)

Dear Nancy: hank you for publishing Donna Cromarty’s letter to the editor re Fort McLeod’s slaughter house. I was horrified to think that human beings could cause such suffering. The horse has been so important to man throughout the centuries. Going to war with him, helping him raise his crops and most of all being a loyal companion. In our “throw away” society, I guess this great animal is as disposable as the garbage. What in the world can we do to halt this? Would writing to the Minister of Agriculture be of any value? Come on horse lovers; let’s bombard the powers-that-be to make changes in this disgusting slaughter. There has to be a better way! -Sincerely, Mrs. Audrey Smith, Lone Butte, BC (P.S. I have been involved with horses for over 40 years and have rescued many. Still the pain carries on.)


Dear Editor: t was with great interest that I read the article by Colleen Kramer (Nov 10 issue) upon the revival of the Trail/Handy Horse/Bonanza Class. To my mind this class deserves its place in the main arena and not


6 • Saddle Up • December 2010

be there as a side show. This class is a good indicator of whether the horse is a finished horse as the movements of the horse are not always natural and depends upon good training and communication between the rider and the horse, i.e. side-passing, backing through a narrow L shape, turning in a small area or other feats that the course designer comes up with. Also it is more interesting to spectators who have little knowledge of the movements of a horse or what the judge is looking for in the flat classes. Also to some, the Showmanship class is nothing more than a fancy dress parade; but it is a very important measure of a horse’s ground manners and a horse that competes near the top is a pleasure and easy to handle. Both of these disciplines show the training and hard work that has been put into making a finished horse. I would like to thank Colleen and her show committee for the Trail Classes they put on and the “you want my horse to do what?” obstacles she has introduced into her classes; they make for an enjoyable exhibition. - George Ritson, Castlegar, BC

Hi Nancy: just wanted to comment on Kevan Garecki’s article (Nov 10 issue). Congratulations on a great piece, Kevan. Nicely phrased. Salvation is what most people are doing when they think they are rescuing a horse. Recently, in Saskatchewan 15 healthy young draft mares, at auction due to Wyeth ending the PMU contracts, were “rescued” from the meat buyers. They turned up at auction 10 months later, undernourished, lame, wormy, lousy, and with the usual assortment of neglect conditions due to people not understanding the specific needs of a draft horse. I’ve just read in The Western Producer how Sinikka Crosland and her Canadian Horse Defense Coalition is gaining momentum. They have had their bill to stop the slaughter in Canada past first reading and they are getting enough supporters to be a very convincing lobby group. Horse slaughter, while not appealing, is a very necessary part of the equine business in dealing with unwanted horses in a climate that has too many horses. I’ve taken horses to the


plant myself, with an appointment, and stood by them while they get the bolt. It’s a very hard decision; but I owe them that for what they have given me. It’s not pretty, but in these times, the $200 or so I come home with is necessary and a better alternative than paying up to $400 to have the vet and rendering truck come. Maybe it’s time all these “animal rights activists” and “horse lovers” lobbied the vets and trucking companies to lower their prices to make humane euthanasia a viable alternative, rather than spending all their time on the “end the slaughter” and “rescue” bandwagons. Let’s not repeat the huge disaster now happening in the United States, until we have an alternative. On the positive side, the horse industry is starting to show signs of life. The 2010 Fall Classic Warmblood Sale in Olds brought averages not seen since 2007. It also seems that most sales averages are up around Western Canada. The difference is that this time the buyers are very discerning. They know what they want and are willing to pay for it. At Olds, several horses went through the auction without a single bid. It is now up to us, the responsible breeders, to carefully examine our programs and produce better horses. Perhaps the reality of conditions will finally discourage ranchers offering yearly mass production sales and backyard breeders from putting a plethora of unwanted horses on the market. - Regards, Donna O’Neil, Marsh Haven Farm, New Sarepta, AB



hank you so much for your continued support and help with the Reining Show. The exposure we get through Saddle Up is truly invaluable. On behalf of the Reinin’ In The Sun Show committee, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your support and involvement in the show. We look forward to working with you in 2011. - Di McCulloch, RITS Committee



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My Horse, My Choice? By Karin Just Just like most of you, I am a happy-go-lucky horse owner, trying to do my best to keep my horses healthy and happy. That involves buying good feed, taking care of their feet, keeping immunizations and dewormers up to date, having their teeth checked and done regularly... This process keeps us all going.


t involves me making choices. I hire professionals to perform certain procedures that I am not capable and qualified to perform. Up to just recently, I had the right to do my own research and pick the person that I thought was most qualified in handling my animals. In September of 2010 the new Veterinarians Act became law. ID/freeside/00_10015_01 This act is written in very broad terms. “The diagnosis and treatment of animals for the prevention, alleviation or correction of disease, injury, pain, defect, disorder, or similar condition.” Does this mean, that a farrier trying to fit the best possible shoes, performs a treatment, prevention, alleviation or correction? If so, does he now have to ask a veterinarian to do it for him? Possibly not, but the way the act is written, an unhappy vet could argue the point and have the law support him/her (at

8 • Saddle Up • December 2010

least on paper). Do not get me wrong, I love most vets I have had dealings with (so far). I do not want to miss their expertise. But this act is just going too far. It creates a monopoly for veterinarians and undermines my right to choose. As far as I know, so far only horse dentist technicians have been targeted and have lost their livelihood. But who knows, who will be on the chopping block next? I do agree that we need some control, but please, keep it reasonable. In my case, I have had the same dentist technician look after my horse’s mouths for nine years. I am not an expert on the matter, but I do notice when I have a happy horse. They did not receive any sedation and they were treated with “good horsemanship technique.” As a result, they all perform very well, are easy keepers, look and behave great. This technician makes it his/her specialty to do horse’s mouths. It is as much a science as an art, so experience and doing it well for many years should account for something. My dentist technician does only horsemanship work and dental work, keeps updated on new equipment and procedures. He/she is a specialist in his/her own field and has earned my trust. My veterinarian does surgical procedures, treats diseases, assesses lameness, does X-rays… how can he be an expert on everything? We have a few veterinarians that have specialized on dentistry, but there is only few and far between. I have a hard enough time to get a vet to the farm when I need one, never mind getting a specialist. I know that I can rely on my horse dental technician. If there is any sedation to be given, I would consult a vet. So far my horses have always co-operated well without the need for medication. (Something they never were given a chance to prove for any veterinarian). So as of September, 2010, I cannot hire the person of my choice any longer, to continue a job well done for so many years. I do feel cheated and so do my horses … There is a small group of people trying to raise some awareness. They can be reached at myhorsemychoice911@gmail. com. Again, this is not a movement against veterinarians, it is just a movement to preserve choices for animal owners/lovers.


Value of Life By Amy Lizee I volunteer at J&M Acres Horse Rescue in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada and on October 18, 2010, we rescued two Thoroughbred foals, whose story is not only sad, but reads the same for many other equines across Canada.


ickey and Minnie were rescued from a local stockyard for $0.09/ lb. They are both a year old, thin and have umbilical hernias. But they are still worth saving! Regardless if it is the life of these foals or your grandmother, life cannot be measured by $0.09/lb. If it can, then what is the point to life? If you want to measure these foals’ lives in cents, you might as well measure mine that way too. In which case, I would be worth $13! Is my life really worth that little too? The answer to this is NO and here is why. As a race, we value human life over all others. Perhaps 10% of the population is an exception to this, but for the other 90%, humans are the only ones who think and feel. In a country where there would be uproar over human babies, two foals can be tossed out and no one cares. I am very happy that we managed to save two lives, but they are only 0.002% of slaughter-bound equines. How many of the other 99,998 being slaughtered in Canada each year are just like Mickey and Minnie? This story will repeat for thousands of horses until the equine industry stops using horse slaughter as a means to rationalize overbreeding and Bill C-544 is passed, which will end horse slaughter in Canada on the basis that horses are not for human consumption. Mickey and Minnie are individuals who deserve life. They, along with the 99,998 other horses each year, should not be thrown in the trash because someone does not “want” them anymore. There are no “unwanted” horses. There are only homeless horses. Until we can treat these animals as more than a commodity or a prize to be won and then thrown out when they have been used up, the term “humanity” no longer applies.

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BUT… don’t forget… Cookies and Eggnog for Santa! “Wishing you health, happy trails and successful shows for 2011”

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Salvation vs. Rescue – To Save or Not to Save By Kevan Garecki

The sheer number of horses on the market are testament to part of the challenge facing the rescued contingent; with so many horses being offered for sale the chances of finding a productive home for an “unwanted” horse seems slim to none.

“Paid in Full!”


ith a distinct deficit in available options for these horses yet another pall is cast over what is already a shadowy issue; to save, or not to save. The spectre of selectivity has haunted many established rescue foundations for years, and most have been severely criticized for their choices. In reality what they have been doing is ensuring they will be in operation for the next horse that steps into the barn. It is crucial to keep in mind that while rehabilitation is important, to be truly

effective the process must be sustainable. If I am only capable of taking in one horse per year, I may still help more horses than someone who takes in a dozen at once only to find they cannot provide adequate care for all of them. As much as I would love to swing wide the gate and let ‘em all in, the reality is that this is neither sound thinking nor even fair to the horses who need us most. We can’t save all of them, so why not focus our efforts where they might do the most good? I believe we can best serve this tenet by taking no less care in our choices for salvation than if we were buying a horse. This may sound elitist but in many cases it takes a year or more to properly rehabilitate a severely neglected or abused horse; indeed in some instances it has taken nearly a lifetime of patience and perseverance, not to mention investing untold resources. Those resources can produce amazing results when invested in the right horses; horses that can assume productive roles in the equine societies we have created for them. This is not to say we should ignore the insistent tugs at our heartstrings in favour of common sense, for when it comes to offering salvation to a needy soul there is far more emotion than practicality. Those familiar with Falon’s story know as well as I that taking in an

Karlie Carrod invested 7 months bringing “Pride” from this ...

… to this.

ancient, toothless pony proves I can be just as impractical as anyone! However the lessons Falon has taught have helped countless others, so even in cases where the horse may not be obviously productive, they can offer us benefits not immediately evident.

KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VETERINARY CLINIC 1465 Cariboo Place, Kamloops, B.C. • 250-374-1486

Wishing you & your horse a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year Dr. Jennifer Jackson, Dr. Jason McGillivray, Dr. Colin Mikkelsen, Dr. Rob Mulligan Dr. Bruce Davisson

10 • Saddle Up • December 2010


Salvation vs. Rescue, cont’d Some horses may have desirable attributes but also pose financial risk or potential drain on other resources. The decision is not easy, and no two situations are alike. The pros and cons must be carefully weighed, and if the chips don’t stack up chances are a rescue may elect not to take the horse in. Even the SPCA must follow similar guidelines; if the prognosis is not good, then euthanasia may be the kindest option for the horse. By “good” I mean the adoptability of the horse subsequent to rehabilitation, or in the case of certain medical challenges whether the horse is likely to live free of pain and discomfort. I find this aspect of rescue overlooked by those who mean well, but simply lack the knowledge or understanding of how to structure a viable plan before choosing a candidate for salvation. Rescuing a horse that might require constant medical attention presents another problem; what are the odds the adopting family will be willing and able to shoulder the ongoing burden of care for the horse? I believe it is the responsibility of whoever chooses to rehab that horse to ensure s/he will not return to a state of abject poverty or neglect. In short, don’t rescue that horse if you’re not willing to take responsibility for the rest of their natural life! That may sound harsh, but I have rescued too many “rescues” to count, after the well-meaning folks ran out of money, ran out of patience or just plain ran out. A by-product of the current climate surrounding horse rescue is the rush to “rescue” everything on feet. If a horse appears to be in neglect, call the SPCA first. If you’re at the auction and see a horse in poor condition, bring it to the attention of the auctioneer or office staff. If you encounter a horse in obvious ill health or one that shows evidence of abuse, offer your observations to the owner. These are simple first steps that should temper our rush to save a horse that may really not require salvation. Some situations can be solved with relative ease, and with considerably reduced stress on the horses, if someone simply takes the time to get all the facts. Under no circumstances should you take matters into your own hands and try to “save” that horse! S/He may be ailing from a disorder or


CATTLE SORTING 12 noon on Sundays HORSE BOARDING Large paddocks, 70x200 Indoor Arena and 2 large Outdoor Arenas HORSE TRAINING with Amanda Self

For more info contact either: Jeanette 250-577-3156 or Amanda 250-804-1723 illness the symptoms of which might easily be mistaken for signs of abuse or neglect. How would you like it if someone removed your ill or aged horse just because s/he looked like it? If after determining the horse is indeed “in distress,” there are options to garner salvation for him/her. My first call is always to the SPCA; they may not always be in a position to take the horse in, but most offices have access to fostering facilities where horses can be taken and cared for outside of the seizure and adoption process. There are also several private and registered non-profit societies that focus on horse rescue and salvation. A caveat here though; shameless scammers know no bounds to their insensitivity and many have set up illicit “rescues” to bilk money from unsuspecting and well-meaning folks. Always investigate any rescue thoroughly! The legitimate ones don’t mind showing you what they’ve done, and they can easily prove it! Kevan Garecki has invested much of his life in communicating with horses on their own terms. His photography is an example of this devotion, as is the care with which he conducts his own transport business. With extensive experience in rescue and rehabilitation, Kevan is active with the SPCA and equine-oriented charities. He was recently chosen to teach the Certified Livestock Transporter program in BC. (See his listing in Business Services under Transport/Hauling)

Blackwater Spruce Ranch Awesome Memories!

Very Merry Holiday Season and Happy Trails wished for all in 2011!

at Mills Veterinaryy Services would like to extend “Best Wishes for the Season” to all our clients, and also express p our sincere appreciation p pp for your business.

Mills Veterinary Services

Armstrong, BC 250-546-8860 A

403-799-3454 satellite phone or 250-991-2408 HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 11

BC’s Best… Celebrating Equine Achievements by Kimberly Robertson, Photos by Andrea Blair, Paper Horse Photography



he 30th Annual Horse Council BC Awards Banquet took place on Saturday, November 20th and had over 150 equine enthusiasts in attendance. Held at the Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre in Abbotsford, BC, it was the social event of the year! Horse Council BC’s annual awards recognize individuals whose outstanding achievements have made a positive impact on BC’s equine community. Congratulations go to the following “2010 Award Recipients” • Lifetime Achievement – Dorothy Kirby of Nanaimo, BC • Athlete of the Year – Gail Jewell of Kelowna, BC • Business of the Year – Saddle Up magazine, Armstrong, BC • Bob James Award – Sharon Pickthorne of Courtney, BC • Coach of the Year – Lynne Larsen of Merritt, BC • Horse Person of the Year - Terre O’Brennan of Delta, BC • Horse of the Year - Oreo owned by the Sepow Family of Summerland, BC • Youth Sportsmanship – Alysha Sauve of Port Coquitlam, BC • Best Competition — Thunderbird Summer Festival CSI2* World Cup Qualifier (Langley, BC)

Horse Council BC would like to extend our sincere ggratitude for yyour valued support throughout 2010.

Merryy Christmas and Wishing you a Prosperous 2011! HCBC President, Board of Directors & Staff

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A HUGE thank-you to our emcee Crystal Darche, JRFM on-air personality, who did an outstanding job keeping the evening full of surprises! Also a round of applause to “The Hitmen,” one of Vancouver’s most unique musical acts, that had our guests dancing well into the evening. Lifetime Achievement – Horse Council BC was Dorothy Kirby (on left), honored to have the following special presented by past president guests in attendance: Sarah Bradley. • Mayor Rick Green • Horse Council BC Lifetime Members Sherman Olson and Bill Archibald • Team members from BC that represented Canada at the World Equestrian Games: Alisa and Colin Schmidt - Vaulting Horse Person of the Year - Terre Stephanie RhodesO’Brennan (middle). Presented by Nancy Bosch - Eventing Edwards-Peters of Greenhawk, Langley, Gail Jewell and Elroy and Sarah Bradley. Karius - Endurance • Dominique Shone from Langley who competed at the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore • Esmee Ingham from West Vancouver who formed part of the 2010 gold medal BC Junior Dressage Team and was the winner of the individual bronze medal Business of the Year – Saddle Up for Freestyle. magazine, Nancy Roman; (middle). Horse Council BC would also like to thank our sponsors Capri Insurance, Prairie Coast Equipment, Greenhawk Langley, Green Scene Agri Tek Inc, Paper Horse Photography, Abby Florist and Venkat Saddlery as well as all the silent auction donors. Without the support of these businesses and individuals this event would not have been possible. Thank you to everyone who attended the “30th Annual Horse Council BC Awards Banquet.” Your support made this event a success! HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

BC’s Best, cont’d Horse of the Year -“Oreo” owned by Joan Sepow (middle).

Youth Sportsmanship – (middle) Alysha Sauve and guest Esmee Ingham. Presented by Ali Buchanan HCBC’s Manager of Competition, and Sarah Bradley.

Athlete of the Year – Gail Jewell (middle) with Elroy Karius (on left).

Bob James Award (formerly Volunteer of the Year) – Sharon Pickthorne (middle).


Saddle Up Wins! I’m So Proud! By Greg Roman, Photo by Andrea Blair

A month before Horse Council’s Awards Banquet Linda Noble called and told me Nancy had been nominated for the HCBC Business of the Year Award. Then I get a call from Horse Council requesting what size jacket Nancy wore.


asked why they wanted to know and was told that Nancy had been chosen as the Business of the Year for 2010; and she will be awarded a beautifully designed monogrammed jacket. I was also told to keep this a secret and to get her to the awards banquet in Abbotsford. Ya! Sure! I am supposed to know what size my wife wears! And I have to convince her to drive the Coquihalla in the winter! I know that she wears an eight in a shoe and that’s as far as it goes. I went thru all her coats in the closet and saw some smalls, a few mediums and even a large and an xxl? I was of little help in determining what size would be best. Luckily Kim at HCBC had met Nancy and chose the size. She was right. The award jacket fits perfectly and Nancy wears it with pride. Knowing that Nancy had won the award was a very difficult secret to keep for almost a month. Weather was about the only thing that would keep us from getting to the Awards Banquet in Abbotsford. Driving through mountains in winter is never fun and I am not a good passenger. I tend to get nervous when a semi passes you and causes a white out and the entire road disappears. We made it to the Awards Banquet 14 • Saddle Up • December 2010

on time and we mixed and mingled and enjoyed a wonderful gourmet dinner buffet and were anxiously awaiting for the awards part of the evening. When the emcee was calling out the nominees for the Business of the Year 2010, Nancy was in the loo. We had come a long way in really lousy road conditions and I had kept this secret well hidden for a month and if she had missed the actual announcement; it would have been a quiet ride home. She only just returned to the table as they announced her name and declared Saddle Up as the winner. Up until then I had never seen my wife at a loss for words when handed a microphone. No one knows better than I do, all the hours and nights and weekends that Nancy puts into her magazine. Most other magazines have 6 or 8 or more people involved in the publishing. Saddle Up magazine has Nancy Roman and Carol Creasy (design/production) and Carol Hansson (assisting in editing). Being home-based means being able to walk through the living room after dinner and say, “I am just going to check my e-mails and will be back to watch that movie with you in a bit.” The only bit around here is something that goes on a horse. I am extremely proud of my wife and her Saddle Up magazine and took great pleasure in applauding her when she was on stage accepting her award. She deserves it.

Nancy’s Comments: I truly could not believe that I won. Up against Horse Community Journals (Pacific Horse) and Bates Tack Shop – good company, and tough competition. The speech “that I should have made” would have gone something like this… This 10-year journey in publishing and sales has been a passion of mine, and continues to be; otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. Thank you to Linda Noble and Debi Eppinger for the nomination! Saddle Up has remained “local,” catering to the communities and clubs in and around BC and Alberta and I appreciate all of you that send in your stories, news and photos. Keeping readers entertained with informational, educational and sometimes humourous or controversial articles is what I like to offer and it seems to be working! Thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way and to Carol Creasy for putting up with me; with the long and sometimes late hours. And, of course to my hubby Greg, who allows this passion of mine to take over a bit of our lives.

So glad that HCBC announced you and Saddle Up magazine as Business of the Year. Thanks for all that you have done and do for the equine and equine owners; you have taken a passion of yours and turned it into something that everyone can benefit from. So get ready to sit back and take a breath (after the December issue) and gaze at your award, as you deserve it. - High fives all over, Linda Noble

Congratulations my friend on receiving recognition by BC Horse Council’s Award for Business of the Year. Saddle Up magazine continues to give readers of all ages in all disciplines, in cities and rural communities, a connection. You are a great ambassador for the ‘Horse’. Your hometown of Armstrong must feel very proud. I know you will wear the title well. Your energy is inspiring; I am always honoured to work with you. Look forward to upcoming events together in the New Year. - Cheryle Hickman, Rein-Beau Images HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Tending our Trails: The Future of BC’s Equestrian Trails By Ruth Donald, Recreation Coordinator, HCBC


here’s something happening in January that is designed to give BC‘s recreational riders a bright new future of improved trail riding and horse camping facilities. In conjunction with the first ever Equine Education Conference, Horse Council BC is organizing a day devoted to BC’s equestrian trails and horse camps. On Saturday, January 22st, at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort in Kelowna, there will be two informative presentations on horse camping and trails projects by experts from Back Country Horsemen of BC and Oregon Equestrian Trails, followed by an afternoon roundtable discussion dedicated to improving BC’s recreational riding facilities. The BC Equestrian Trails Roundtable is intended to give equestrian trail users – whether groups that put on organized rides, like endurance or competitive trail rides, or those that ride and camp with friends purely for recreation – a chance to

meet and exchange ideas with those who supervise and administer the lands where the trails are located. A representative from Oregon Equestrian Trails will be on hand to share OET’s experience in helping to create the excellent trail and horse camp system that many riders from BC have marveled at on visits to Oregon. Horse Council BC has invited representatives from various riding groups, including the Back Country Horsemen of BC, the Endurance Riders of BC and the BC Competitive Trail Riders, as well as representatives from BC Parks, Recreation Sites and Trails BC, the parks and recreation departments of several regional districts, First Nations, forest companies, and others to sit down together and discuss various issues surrounding recreational lands and trails. This meeting will give us the opportunity to explore creative solutions to problems related to the building and maintenance of trails and campsites used

Campsite at Whitworth Horse Camp. Photo courtesy Ruth Donald.

New gate at future Manning Park Horse Camp. Photo courtesy Rose Schroeder.

by equestrians, and help BC’s equestrian volunteers work in cooperation with land managers to maintain and improve trails and campsites in BC. Anyone attending the Equine Education Conference is welcome to audit the Roundtable discussion, and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the discussion. This is a chance for recreational riders to become involved in improving BC’s equestrian trails and horse camps in their communities. Also at the Conference: Jennifer Woods on horse hauling, Judy Wardrope on Functional Conformation, and a presentation on designing and developing a website for your club or business. Visit the Horse Council website at for more information, or contact us at


Is There Any Doubt? By Barbra Schulte From time to time, you and I, like riders everywhere, experience emotions ranging from slight intimidation …. to fear bordering on terror! We tend to think that the world-class riders we so admire have a special gift of supreme confidence given to them by God.


ive us two or three rides that are performances only a mother could love and we are left feeling like a shrinking violet. I once believed that when I was born God said, “Barb, I want you to be supertalented at boiling eggs,” and “I want so-and-so to be the superhero of riding!” I was so disappointed. I thought I got left out. I was upset. I was ready to start swearing at my Maker, “@!#(*^&%.” That was not a real swift idea to help me get on any semblance of a path to success. I thought the ability to create a passion-fi lled riding dream was largely a talent or maybe subject to a personal “situation.” But then, in the early 1990s, I learned differently. I gained infinitely valuable training from my friend and mentor, Dr. James E. Loehr. My awakening was that if I couldn’t perform at my peak, any place, any time, and consistently under pressure, it wasn’t because I was doomed to boil eggs instead of doing what I wanted to do with my horse. You and I are in the same boat. There is no doubt we can transform our riding from a lack of confidence or fear to an experience of calmness, clarity, focus, confidence and above all else, FUN! I learned that if I did not feel like I could be my best in any situation … if I felt I couldn’t achieve a dream … it was only because I had not learned how to feel confident. I had not learned how to dream positive dreams, call up powerful emotions, and give myself every opportunity to allow success.

All these things are SKILLS, not talents. That is what my personal performance training at www. is all about …. helping you take your riding to wherever you want it to go by learning proven mental, emotional and physical strategies. I have never stopped finding that immeasurably exciting. It is my pleasure to help you move forward and expand your personal horizons. I look forward to learning from you, too. Together we will keep on, keeping on … growing in our riding and in our life. About the author Barbra Schulte is a personal performance coach for all riders, a cutting horse trainer, author, speaker and clinician. Visit her blog and sign up to receive her FREE monthly email newsletter, “News From Barbra.” You will also receive the high-performance secrets of great riders, inspiration, cutting strategies, news and much more. In addition, you will also receive via e-mail Barbra’s special free report: “Five of the Most Important Skills of Riding.” Go now to

REIMER’S FARM SERVICE Serving the Okanagan since 1988 * Shavings * Sawdust * Bark Mulch

Thank you for your support over the years. Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! - Kevin Reimer and team 250-260-0110 or 250-804-3030 16 • Saddle Up • December 2010


Hatzic Equine Studies Academy


atzic Secondary School in Mission, BC offers a unique learning opportunity for horse enthusiasts. Among the courses available to students is The Equine Academy (Equine Studies 11, and Equine Studies 12). The program is open to students from grades 9 to 12. Prior experience with horses is not a requirement. Given our rural locale, an Equine Academy seems a perfect fit. In the fall of 2007, Erica Copely, a counsellor at the school, and an avid horse enthusiast recognized a growing number of students in the school with equine backgrounds. As a result, the Equine academy was developed, presented, and approved by the School Board, and the Academy was born. The program has since been taken over by Zoltan Bertalan (B.Sc., Animal Science), and is now in its third year. The 4 credit elective courses run during the regular class schedule, and go from September to June. The courses consist of both a classroom, and a riding component. Yes, students get to ride during the day! We are very fortunate to be affi liated with Countyside Stables in Dewdney, where the students receive excellent riding instruction from Dorothea Sigurdson. Riding sessions begin in October, and go as long as possible into December. Riding sessions resume in the Spring, and go until June. For days where students are not riding, they are in the

HI-HOG Farm & Ranch Equipment Ltd



- Building Better Stalls -

Rocky Mountain Eurostall Series

Foothills Box Stall Series

classroom where they learn about a wide range of topics from anatomy, physiology, nutrition, animal behaviour, and other related equine issues. Equine Studies 11 introduces students to the exciting world of horses and horsemanship, while Equine Studies 12 offers an opportunity for students to enhance skills and understanding of horses. This experience enhances self-esteem, self confidence, communication skills, and decision making processes. As we come to know horses, we develop relationships and bonds, which allow us to understand the individual, the species, and ourselves. Participation in the Hatzic Equine Studies Academy is an excellent way to have access to horses and learn about horses, all while earning graduation credits during school hours. The academy provides a less expensive way to learn about horses than horse ownership.

(Editor’s note: The Academy contacted Saddle Up to receive copies each month to be included in their program and we were happy to do so.)

1-800-661-7002 Proudly made in CANADA


Levels of Dressage By Judy Wardrope, Both of these horses are well bred, and both have been asked to do dressage. One of them was able to progress to the grand prix level while the other will not reach that level. So why is one so much better than the other? The differences in abilities can be explained by the differences in functional conformation. (The red paint and glitter on his hooves are from an exhibition performance.)

Not Grand Prix

Grand Prix His lumbosacral gap is bisected by a line from point of hip to point of hip, which allows him to support the forehand during the upper-level movements, particularly those requiring collection. His rear triangle shows an ilium (point of hip to point of buttock) that is the shortest side, and his stifle protrusion is level with the bottom of his sheath. Both of these traits are synonymous with grand prix dressage ability as they allow ‘sitting’ without undue stress on the muscles and joints and without limiting extension. He is relatively light on the forehand, the bottom of his pillar of support emerges into his heel (ideal for soundness), and he has a high point of shoulder (more rise to the humerus from elbow to point of shoulder). Having the base of his neck set above his point of shoulder helps him remain light in the bridle when working in the required frame. It doesn’t take much imagination to envision this horse under saddle, on the bit and doing what is asked of him in a dressage test with a good attitude. It is always easier to be pleasant when the work comes easy. 18 • Saddle Up • December 2010

This gelding’s lumbosacral placement is also excellent, but his rear triangle is not that of a grand prix dressage horse. His ilium and femur are of similar length, and the distance from point of hip to stifle protrusion is the longest. This is in keeping with an eventer that does well in the jumping phases, but a stifle that is just below sheath level would limit his scope. Sitting would be more difficult for him than it would be for the grand prix horse because he would have to coil his loins and close the angle between ilium and femur more in order to step as far underneath himself as the grand prix horse. He is heavier on the forehand than the grand prix horse, because his point of shoulder is lower (which would also give him a lower action to the knees and make him slower with the forehand over a fence) and the base of his neck is set lower (closer to his point of shoulder). The bottom of his pillar emerges behind his heel, which puts him at increased risk for injury due to the strain on the suspensory apparatus - especially when coupled with a heavier forehand. In order to envision him under saddle and on the bit at higher levels, one has to picture him lifting his neck and rolling his scapula partially back in order to lighten the forehand, which would limit his reach with the front legs.

Internationally renowned functional conformation and pedigree research expert Judy Wardrope has spent decades gathering the knowledge that is the foundation for her analysis of the functional aspects of equine conformation. She applied the findings from her research to her own sport horse breeding program, producing champions in dressage and the hunter ring as well as winners in show jumping and eventing. In demand as both an informative and entertaining clinician and speaker, Wardrope is also a respected equine journalist. She has been satisfying a growing demand for informative articles on functional conformation for both sport horses and racehorses. Her work appears in more than twenty equine publications internationally. She is a current member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, a former member of the National Turf Writers Association and was nominated for the 2006 Equine Vision award through American Horse Publications.

(Judy Wardrope will be a guest speaker at Horse Council BC’s Equine Education Conference, January 22-23, 2011 in Kelowna, BC. See for more information.)


Fulfilling our Promise


By Sonia Dantu


t a recent strategic planning session in Banff, Alberta, the leadership of six provincial federations, (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador) announced the creation of a new national association, which represents both grassroots and provincial interests, creates an effective network to deliver services for under-represented and under-served horse owners, and coordinates vital programs across Canada. The founding associations will fulfi ll their promise to develop, strengthen and promote horse-related initiatives, align programs and harness assets to assist the 30,000 provincially-based members. For over a year, the AEF, the Saskatchewan Horse Federation, Fédération équestre du Québec, Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation, the Newfoundland Equestrian Association, and the Island Horse Council, have been working together to explore ways to promote and protect the interests of their members and of horse enthusiasts everywhere. In particular, the alliance will invest in sport, recreation and industry development at the local and grass-roots level to achieve mutually-identified goals. The aim is to protect and promote the horse and horse welfare, whether in sport, agriculture, or as family companion. The alliance invites all horse supporters and organizations to join it and build a national organization that is a clear reflection of the diversity and richness of equine life in Canada. The board of directors, consisting of the six presidents of the founding members, was established at this meeting. Dixie Crowson, Vauxhall, Alberta, serves as its first president. Incorporation is underway. For more information, please contact Claire Milton, Media Representative at 902-523-1937. In Memory of Freda Gunst October 2, 1913 – November 21, 2010 Freda Gunst passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sunday November 21st, 2010. She spent the last few years at Rosewood Pavillion at Langley Memorial Hospital and is survived by a son, two daughters, 3 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Freda will be greatly missed by the many friends she had in the horse community. In 2003 she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Horse Council of B.C. to honor the contribution her life made to the horses and people of this community. She was a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and will be very much missed by many. Freda was a very special horsewoman and both horses and horse people whose lives she touched are lucky for having known her. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

THE “MADE BY NATURE” FORMULA Registration Feeds Act: No 990135 Meal: No 990457 Pellet


LAWRENCE CAMPBELL GRANDE PRAIRIE, ALBERTA TESTIMONIAL: Several years ago I fed Ultra-Kelp to my Thoroughbred mare that was prone to colic. Ultra-Kelp solved the problem. Her temperament went from being a “basket case” to “calm as a kitten.” As an added bonus we have beautiful coats, even in the winter. We continue to use it and tell our friends about it.


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Balanced Hooves: The Bottom View By Yvonne Miller Parts of the hoof


he frog is an important part of the horse’s foot. It is meant to be weight bearing, which means it needs to come in contact with the ground. When the frog is in contact with the ground, this causes the foot to spread at the heels, raising and stabilizing the bone in the horse’s foot. When the frog is not touching the ground, the heels will contract and the coffin bone will drop with each step. This will also create under run or

contracted heels. The bars and the hoof wall keep the coffin bone suspended in the hoof capsule. If one puts some awareness on the bottom of one’s own foot, one can feel that except for some skin and a thin layer of muscle, the bone in our leg goes right to the ground. A horse is not like that! The bone in the horse’s foot does not touch the ground. It is suspended within the hoof capsule. The white line is the structure that holds this all together. This is why it is very important to maintain the integrity of the white line. This means frequent trimming and ensuring that one’s horse is not allowed to founder (a disease that causes separation of the white line, allowing the coffin bone to drop, often causing irreparable lameness). The white line should be the same width all of the way around the horse’s foot, from bar to bar. When it gets wider, usually at the toe or the quarters, this means that there has been a separation, somewhat like when a person bends a fingernail back into the quick, only on a much larger scale. The hoof wall is meant to be weight bearing on the pillars, which are located on either side of the callous at the toe and at the heels. The toe and quarter portions of the hoof wall are not actually meant to be weight bearing.

The South Central Quarter Horse Association would like to

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Balanced Hooves, cont’d

The widest part of the hoof

The hoof as a circle When one is examining a hoof to see if it is balanced, a very simple method is to picture the hoof as a circle. The centre of the circle is determined by finding the widest part of the hoof and drawing a line across the frog. Where this line intersects the frog is the centre of the foot. Take a measurement with your hoof pick or a ruler from this spot on the frog to any spot on the hoof wall. Now rotate


your hoof pick around the hoof wall. It should be the same measurement all the way around the foot. At the heels, at the toe and at the quarters, the distance from the centre of the hoof, should all be the same. Learning to see this balance in a horse’s foot is a very necessary skill for a horse owner. It raises the awareness of how a horse’s foot should be, it opens the door for communication between horse owners, coaches and farriers. In following issues: the side view and the front view. An avid horseman from an early age, Yvonne Miller has pursued excellence in horsemanship her whole life. Raised on a 320-acre ranch in southeast British Columbia, chasing horses with her Dad and her sisters was how she learned to ride. A farrier since 1982, a riding coach especially focused on helping people succeed with their horse, and a teamster, she works with horses every day.

BOARDING FACILITY OFFERING: Indoor Arena 184’ x 80’ Paddocks with shelters Large Outdoor Arena All day turnout Indoor Lunge Ring Your insured Coach is Full Board w/individual welcome feeding program Haul-ins & Arena Rental Catering to flat disciplines

STALLS AVAILABLE **CONSIGNMENT TACK & CLOTHING STORE** Now open, by appointment. Windsum Enterprises Ltd. Norma Siebert, Owner/Manager 604-789-0150 2071 – 216th Street, Langley, BC V2Z 1P6

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If Wishes Were Horses…We would all ride our dream horse wouldn’t we? By Monty Gwynne – the Pony Fairy

With the Christmas season quickly approaching I thought perhaps a wish list and some New Year’s resolutions might be a good choice of topic for this month’s clicker training article.


o assuming that your dream horse was on your wish list what would your wish list look like? What would this dream horse be able to do? What would you like to feel confident doing with your dream horse? Be specific and let your imagination run wild. After all it is your wish list, your dream horse! If you can dream it clicker training can help you make it real. Now think about the horse you have. What would make this horse your dream horse (assuming he isn’t already)? And what would you change about him, to make you feel confident; doing anything you’d dream of doing with him? Most of us would say “I don’t like it when my horse walks off when I go to get on.” When we look at behaviours most of us tend to focus on the things we don’t like. I want you to take all those don’t likes and rephrase then into positive statements for your wish list. “I’d love my horse to stand still when I get on.” Next ask what smaller parts of the behaviour need to be trained. Break the behaviour down and reward each small part. Clicker training is about splitting behaviours down and rewarding the smallest try; making everyone feel successful. Can I lead my horse to the mounting block? Will he 22 • Saddle Up • December 2010

stand next to the mounting block? Will he let me stand up on the mounting block? If you get a “no” answer as you look at each component piece you will know where to start, where the holes are and what needs work before moving to the next step that makes up this behaviour and so on. Right now you only have targeting in your clicker toolbox but be creative and see how many parts of the behaviour can you teach using targeting. Will your horse follow a target to the mounting block? Will he continue to keep his nose on the target while you get on the mounting block? Or can you get him to target his feet to a mat beside the mounting block? (You will need to teach this behaviour away from the mounting block first. Again you need to break the behaviour down into small parts.) Or better yet will he target the saddle to your hands while you are standing on the mounting block. (This one has several preliminary steps but I wanted to show you some out of the boxstall type thinking that goes along with clicker training.) My horse, Icaro, can be turned loose in the arena and when I go and stand on the mounting block he will come over and align himself with the mounting block until my outstretched hands touch the horn and cantle of the saddle. (He targets the saddle to my hands.) Why? Because that is what I want my dream horse to do ( com - search for Icaro and the mounting block). You might want your dream horse to do it differently or not at all and that is just fine. You are the one who needs to like what your horse does. Next take all those “I don’t like to …. because” statements and make them into positive statements. Change the “I don’t like to ride alone because I’m afraid of my horse running back to the barn” to “I like to ride alone because my horse

behaves so well.” Now break each statement down into the behaviours that make up that nice ride alone. Is it leaving and not calling out? Walking quietly? Then look at how to get each of those behaviours by breaking them down into their smaller parts. By training each piece of the behaviour you will become confident that all the pieces are in place to give you that great ride. Can he walk down from the pasture quietly? If not then you will know what behaviour to start with and where. Start at the pasture gate. Will he target to your target long enough for a click and treat? If he can’t even leave the pasture comfortably how would you ever expect to ride him somewhere alone quietly? You might think of this as being an awful lot of work. If you focus on the end goal, if you have expectations to get this done by Friday, yes it will seem like a lot of work and you might not get there in time. So the thing to do is play. Enjoy the process, live in the moment, give up expectations that are either yours or perhaps someone else’s about what you should be doing after all it is your wish list, your dream horse! You will find that things go very quickly and that you are having great success, with no stress to either one of you. Now wouldn’t you like more success and less stress on your wish list? Now let’s look at those New Year’s resolutions. How about some different ones? How about, “I will try to see only the good behaviours. I will notice and reward the smallest try. I will break my training goals into small pieces so we are both more successful. I will stop being so goal oriented and enjoy the journey.” This resolution might just be easier to do than the “I will not eat chocolate this year” resolution! (But remember to ask yourself, HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

If Wishes Were Horses, cont’d

what skills does my horse need to do the things on my wish list and how do I teach them. You can’t ask him to do something that hasn’t been taught.) My wish for you and your horse is that you have positive, fun interactions in

the coming year, and for the rest of your relationship. Try clicker training and see where it takes you. It could be your best year ever. If the past year’s relationship hasn’t been so good what have you got to lose? If I can help you get there, by helping you make your wish list, or figuring out where to start, well that is one of the wishes on my list. Please e-mail me if you would like help. My wish is to help more people enjoy their relationship with their horse and for their horse to enjoy their relationship with their person. My wish is for everyone to smile, laugh and enjoy their horses half as much as I do each and every day. I wish you all the best for a ‘ven’ 2011*.

*Check out the Poisoned Cue DVD with Jesus Rosales-Ruiz of the University of North Texas to learn about ven and punir and the poisoned cues that we all have. This is a very informative lecture for anyone, not just riders. Quite an eye opener! Put it on your wish list, too! Monty Gwynne owns a private training/boarding facility, Flyin G Ranch, in Cochrane, AB, where she assists owners in training their own horses using clicker training. Monty has successfully trained horses of many breeds for many disciplines over the last 30 plus years, including gaited breeds. Monty is the only Canadian-approved instructor for clicker training using Alexandra Kurland’s program (the founder of clicker training for horses). She has been training using the clicker for the past 12 years.


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*Prices are suggested retail prices only and are subject to change without notice at any time. Dealer may sell for less. Taxes, setup, delivery, freight and preparation charges not included. Attachments and implements sold separately. See dealer for details. Manufacturer’s estimate of power (ISO) per 97/68/ED. The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer. to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower will be less.


Farmfair 2010 Report By Randy Kilburn


rom November 5 to 14, 2010, Northlands in Edmonton, AB, was alive with visitors for Farmfair 2010. This year, Farmfair included old favourites the 4-H and the Dodge City Western Trade and Christmas Show. In keeping with the Genuinely Western theme for 2010, one of the additions was Home Grown Alberta, which showcased foods produced from across Alberta.

Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group, 37th Annual Fall Sale Results Nov. 6, 2010, marked the 37th year of the Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group Fall Sale held in conjunction with Farmfair at the Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands. Jerry Kanewischer was on the auction block and Ron Anderson was once again our pedigree commentator. Top five averaged - $4,220.00 Top 10 averaged - $3,570.00 Overall sale average - $2,166.00 Monogrammed sheets, which were donated by Spruce Grove Feeds and Equistar Veterinary Services, were awarded to both the consignor and the purchaser for the high selling horse in each of the following age categories and graciously sponsored by: Weanling - Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders’ Group; Yearling – G.W. Equine Services; Two Year Old – Edey Ranches; Three Year Old - Equistar Veterinary Services;

Aged – Cross Bell Performance Horses (Ed Wedman). A monogrammed winter blanket was High Selling Quarter Horse donated by Brian Hunter of the Remax Real Estate Centre to the purchaser of the Overall High Selling Horse of the 2010 Fall Select Sale. Weanling – averaged $300.00 Lot No. 23 – Glencoes Bar Kitten – (VK Lenas Peppy San x Glencoes Puddy Cat), 2010 Palomino mare; consigned by Snowy River Ventures Inc.; purchased by Melissa Perrott. Yearling – averaged $1,618.75 Lot No. 12 – Boon a Bob (Mr Roan Freckles x Majors Paradise), 2009 Bay Roan mare consigned by Bob Butz; purchased by Esther Schwab. Two Year Old – averaged $2,406.25 Lot No. 18 – Freckles to Spare (Mr Roan Freckles x Miss Dolly Pep), 2008 Red Roan gelding consigned by Darren and Heather Baumgardner; purchased by Jennifer Robson. Overall high seller $5,000.00 Three Year Old – averaged $2,675.00 Lot No. 14 – Gayla TJ (High N Wicked x Gayla Roslyn), 2007 Sorrel gelding consigned by Larry David; purchased by Trevor Marcinek. Aged – averaged $2,422.22 Lot No. 29 – Miss Peppy San Star (Chowchilla Peppy x Miss Holly Hickory), 2004 Palomino mare consigned by Max and Marie Hanson; purchased by Larry Cressman.

The Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group held their annual general meeting on the afternoon of Nov. 5, 2010, and was followed by a Wine and Cheese Reception for the group membership and Fall Select Sale consignors. This event was sponsored by Bioniche Animal Health Canada Inc. The Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group would like to thank all who attended the 37th Annual Fall Sale and a special thank you to the sponsors, consignors and purchasers. For further information

Heritage Ranch Rodeo Final results from Nov. 7 to 9 Ranch name Town, Province Mesabi Ranch Nanton, AB Rocking P Ranch Nanton, AB R Bar Ranch Bluffton, AB Bar U Ranch Longview, AB Stump Lake Ranch Nicola Valley/Longview, AB High Plains Ranch Carnduff, SK Roseburn Ranches High River, AB Top Hand: Blake Schlosser Top Female: Carrie Kraft Top Bronc Rider: Matt Robertson Top Working Cow Horse: Nolan Pharis

24 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Points 46.5 43.5 43 31 30 29 24


Farmfair 2010, cont’d

Er Uvalde

Master’s Holy Spirit

Ranch Horse Competition results from Nov. 11 Competition Placing/owner 1. Edey Ranches 2. Frehlick Quarter Horses 3. Beau Smith 4. Morris Monias 5. Max and Marie Hanson 6. Clayton Hines 7. Max and Marie Hanson 8. Lee and Lorraine Miller 9. Will Mackinaw 10. Donna Galvin 11. Wowk Ranch

Horse Er Uvalde My Midnight League Master’s Holy Spirit Tub O’ Black Oklahoma Dave Av Hickory Dee Bar Skip’s Denny Bar Dell’s Poco Lynx Carlo Betagold Rosella Whirl Colton

Rider Jesse Thomson Rod Thiessen Beau Smith Jody Elliott Max Hanson Clayton Hines Max Hanson Lee Miller Will Mackinaw Ron Echlin MJ Wowk

Score 302 298 296 274 271 270 265 264 260 225 194

My Midnight League

Canada’s Greatest Horseman competition held Nov. 4: Place/Rider 1. John Swales 2. Veronica Swales 3. Brad Pedersen 4. John Swales 5. Geoff Hoar 6. Jesse Thomson 7. Clint Swales 8. Vance Kaglea

Horse Nic O Lena Badger Will James Smokey Smart Sassy Date Maximum Echo Nu Cash Sigh Pickachiclet Pure Latigo Pepinics Fancy

Total points 579.5 575.5 573.5 571 567.5 566.5 562 534.5

More Farmfair info at:

Team Roping Competition results from Nov. 12 Heeling Owner Vaughn Warken High Kelly Ranch Jeff Quam Brian and Patti Gardner Janice and Rocky Dallyn Glen Laweryssen Colin Mikkelsen Doug Wilkinson Howard and Toni Dixon Reg Pomeranz Rick Sidden Stump Lake Ranch Travis Gallais Doug Wilkinson Janice and Rocky Dallyn Glen Flewelling Alton and Leah Wood Willow Springs Ranch Get R Done Ranch Stump Lake Ranch

Town, Province Coronach, SK Logan Lake, BC Madden, AB Olds, AB Nanton, AB Big Valley, AB Kamloops, BC Arrowwood, AB Calgary AB Drayton Valley, AB Longview, AB Okotoks, AB Olds, AB Arrowwood, AB Nanton, AB Lacombe, AB Drayton Valley, AB Strathmore, AB Barrhead, AB Okotoks, AB

Horse Tesoros Pica Pride Buck Question the Reble (Mojo) Swift King Texas Charmed Herman Matrix Cowboy Tee J Nic Tufs Bonanza Chex Steakin’ Six Lynx All Reddy Kiddy Wimpy Pistol Pines Trouper Two Times Heza Tuf Peppy Doc Cash From Filo DD Zooms Classic Travs Taz Striker Royal Revello

Rider Marty Becker Kiel Wilson Jeff Quam Tyrel Flewelling Rocky Dallyn Matt Fawcett Mike Beers Rocky Dallyn Riley Wilson Clint Sandercock Steele DePaoli Marty Becker Marty Becker Stacey Cornet Rocky Dallyn Tyrel Flewelling Justin Potts Matt Gingras Kody Potts Dan Fremlin

Total 733.5 732.5 731 731 726.5 726 724.5 722.5 720.5 716.5 716 716 713 710 583 582 581 574.5 573 419

Heading Owner Doug Wilkinson Art Gallais Terry O’Lineck Get R Done Ranch Stump Lake Ranch Howard and Toni Dixon Chris and Rhonda Sayer Doug Wilkinson Doug Wilkinson High Kelly Ranch Dexter Knoblick John Paarsmarkt

Town, Province Arrowwood, AB Olds, AB Lacombe, AB Barrhead, AB Okotoks, AB Calgary AB Delmas, SK Arrowwood, AB Arrowwood, AB Logan Lake, BC Cardston, AB Red Deer, AB

Horse Tee J Nic Bar U Charro Two Eyed Laser Striker Swing Tule Tufs Bonanza Chex Free King Cash Two Times Budderbob the Banker Tuffys Pik Frenchman’s Black Ice Wicked Little High

Rider Clint Buhler Trey Gallais Tyrel Flewelling Kody Potts Peter Bews Clint Buhler Randy Smith Doug Wilkinson Doug Wilkinson Kiel Wilson Jim Shields Geoff Hoar

Total 732.5 730 728 727 724.5 722 720 588 586 579 571.5 545


Training For Courage By Paul Dufresne Photos by Laurie Munsell


Hope you readers have kept up with the articles on Endotapping. If you have missed parts 1-5, please refer to the Saddle Up website to get caught up. In the first articles I showed how, by tapping the horse’s body on zones 1 and 2, you could dramatically improve a horse’s emotional state.


ater I discussed how the tapping improves the movement by causing the neuron-hormonal release of endorphins and a deeper relaxed state in the horse in-hand from walk to canter. Now we will take this to the next natural progression to applying the technique while riding after I share this little story. I just returned from a teaching a clinic in Saskatchewan where, despite the heavy fog that set in, we still managed to get a very nice group for the demo on Friday night. A trainer with a natural horsemanship/dressage background showed up to see the demo. He could see how the development of the head down

26 • Saddle Up • December 2010

cue would be of real use but had difficulty understanding how the tapping would actually improve the emotional state much further than that. At the end of the demo, I explained to him that I had several horses suffering from serious full blown excite cycles that turned into all out flight or bucking and how tapping dramatically changed them - often quite quickly. After returning to his home, this trainer (who had a just such a horse in for retraining) decided, what the heck, and gave Endotapping a shot. I received a phone call from him the night before I was due to leave. He related to me that he had tapped this horse (with his fingers only) and got the most relaxed and softest ride ever with no inclination to buck. He thanked me for sharing in the discussions and that he would be in the next clinic for sure. The point here is that there are not too many techniques with as much forgiveness in its application that still gives such positive results. Even though actual instruction is beneficial, most people can have success and improve their relationship just by doing the best they can after reading these articles. Pictures will illustrate how to apply this technique to

Endotapping zones (review)

Endotapping at a stand

riding better than any description. Once the horse has a positive bend you can tap the horse on either side and get a positive effect. If your horse has a long mane, you may need to tap on the side without mane. Please refer to the photo on the zones again as now we will be concentrating primarily on the zone 2. You can also simulate a bit of tapping with your feet in zone 1 if the horse gets stuck. I tap the horse before mounting to make sure they are calm. Then I tap them mounted and standing on the spot. Once relaxed with a soft poll I open the rein and send the horse on the circle, keeping one rein shorter and causing just a bit of HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Training For Courage, cont’d bend while tapping until the horse relaxes the poll. It’s just that simple but don’t lose patience if you don’t get it right away. If you just keep asking the horse to move on a circle and keep tapping, most horses relax their poll in short order. When you know what you’re doing it could be in five seconds to five minutes. When you are experimenting, it could take two to three times that long. Change Endotapping in-hand at a trot with So-She riding Endotapping at a walk and also bomb-proofing the rein and apply on the other dragging pool side or tap the same side with a changed bend. Straighten the horse before you change rein, leg Paul Dufresne is a writer, performer, trainer and clinician in Kelowna, BC, who educates in Natural Horsemanship; Classical Arts; Liberty and aid to change the bend the other way, then tap. If the circle is small enough you do this first at a walk and gradually make your Circensic Dressage. He teaches people to understand horses, but more importantly how to tap into their relaxation reflexes in ways seldom circle bigger if the horse stays soft. You then can repeat this with seen in North America. In doing so, he is able to guide people in creative the trot. I always recommend to find the softest jog possible and experiences where the human learns to be an effective, safe leader. make sure the horse can maintain its poll relaxed, on the dangle at 90 degrees, before extending gaits. I would only suggest cantering when you can keep your horse’s poll under control at the walk and trot. The adrenalin surge will kick in and cause an excite/fright cycle unless you have a good cue to relax. If you make sure this is solid in-hand you should find very little difficulty with this riding. When I tap at the canter, I tap on zone 2 in the rhythm of the canter I would like the horse to stay in. If my seat and tapping are together in this, the horse usually relaxes into the effortless canter I want. Before cantering, you should have calm transitions from walk to trot with few physical aids such as touching the horse with a whip, clucking, slapping your leg, etc. You should also be able to regain the walk easily. Ask your horse to transition from a relaxed long and low jog to a more engaged trot while maintaining a relaxed poll. Through all of this the horse must be balanced and have as much weight on the outside shoulder as the inside. If you don’t have correct balance the canter will not be good. If you need to, please refer to some of my past articles for more info on balancing and softening your horse. Have the softest, calmest ride you have ever had and remember - if you don’t allow a horse to get anxious you may never have to deal with the headaches that other people might get into. Get the feel good, ask your horse to try something in small steps and always regain the feel good before continuing. A horse that is offered a secure, positive emotional state is usually a reliable partner. The next installment will show how you can improve performance skills with Endotapping.


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Equine Canada Update By Julie Cull World Equestrian Games Following the close of the recent World Equestrian Games (WEG), we have a summary of our team’s performance and an update on our federation’s major new initiatives off the competition field. In the end, our national team enjoyed its strongest WEG results of all time. This followed not long after our performance in China - which gave us our greatest Olympic and Paralympic medal tally in the entire history of the modern Olympic movement. The full WEG results for each of our Canadian Equestrian Team’s eight disciplines are on-line, along with photos of the events and comments from our athletes and team leadership. Results of the World Equestrian Games - Akaash Maharaj, CEO

own month, captured in action by acclaimed Canadian equestrian photographer, Cealy Tetley. Calendars are $15 each, shipping included. You can order at http://

Yann Candele Named 2010 Canadian Show Jumping Champion

2011 Jump Canada Calendar Now Available The 2011 Jump Canada Calendar, featuring Canadian Show Jumping Team members, is now available for purchase. The 2011 edition of the Jump Canada Calendar includes photos of all Canadian Show Jumping Team members at the World Equestrian Games. Eric Lamaze riding Hickstead, Yann Candele and Pitareusa, Jonathon Millar riding Contino 14, and John Pearce aboard Chianto all have their

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28 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Yann Candele and Pitareusa. Photo Credit: Cealy Tetley.

Yann Candele of Caledon, ON, claimed the 2010 Canadian Show Jumping Championship on Nov. 6 at The Royal Horse Show in Toronto, ON. The Canadian Show Jumping Championship opened on Friday evening with a $25,000 speed phase. After a faultless performance on Friday night with Pitareusa, Candele sat atop the leader board coming into Saturday’s final. There they were the only horse-rider combination to post three clear rounds. Candele won the Canadian Show Jumping Championship title with a perfect score of zero faults.

Alison Moore Named Jump Canada Owner of the Year

(l to r) John Taylor, Chair of Jump Canada, Alison Moore, and Karen Hendry-Ouellette. Photo Credit—Cealy Tetley.

Alison Moore of Kanata, ON, was named the Jump Canada Owner of the Year for 2010. Moore’s horse Chianto, ridden by John Pearce, placed eighth individually from a starting field of 121 horses at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games held in October in Lexington, KY. Moore was presented with her Jump Canada Award during the Jump Canada Hall of Fame held Sunday, Nov. 7.

Canada Finishes Strong Second in Buenos Aires Nations’ Cup The Canadian Show Jumping Team comprised of Samantha Buirs, Lisa Carlsen, Angela Covert-Lawrence and Lauren Hunkin finished second in the Nations’ Cup competition held Friday, Nov. 12, at CSIO4*-W Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buirs, CovertLawrence and Hunkin were all The Canadian Show Jumping Team. making their Canadian Show Photo Credit—Mike Lawrence. Jumping Team debut. From the five countries and six teams represented, Canada finished the two-round competition with a total of 37 faults overall. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Equine Canada, cont’d Covert-Lawrence of St. Lazare, QC, and Utan, a nine-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by The Eastwood Group, produced Canada’s strongest result.

Nicole Walker Wins Jump Canada Medal Final Nicole Walker of Aurora, ON, won the Jump Canada Medal Final held during the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair on Nov. 9. Walker came out on top following skillful rides in both the jumping and flat phases aboard SS San Reno, a nine-year-old Argentinean Nicole Walker was Warmblood gelding owned by Britland presented with a Jump Hughes and Chris Sorensen. Canada cooler after winning Finishing in second position was the 2010 Jump Canada Zoe Beckerman of Toronto, ON, with her Medal. Photo Credit Cealy Tetley. own horse, Barrichello DDH. Toronto’s Kendra Martenfeld earned third place riding The New Yorker, owned by Christine Biederman, while Miranda Coon of South Surrey, BC, and her horse, Candid Z, rounded out the top four.

Holzer and Pop Art Delight Crowd at CDI3* Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Ashley Holzer of Toronto, ON, debuted a new freestyle at the CDI3* Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Nov. 11, to the surprise of the audience, and perhaps a little to her horse, Pop Art. While the music began with the soundtrack of National Treasure, it was quickly interrupted by the sound of a ring and an answering machine. Holzer’s voice Ashley Holzer and asked the caller to leave a message, or send Pop Art. Photo Credit her a text, as she was riding at the Royal. The Ben Radvanyi. caller on the other end was Holzer’s daughter Emma, explaining to her mother that she had changed her freestyle music up a bit, as the Royal was all about having fun. With that, Holzer and Pop Art began their dance to the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling.” And what a night it was! Pop Art did seem a bit nervous at first, but being the consummate professional, Holzer pulled him together to win the class with a combined score of 75.15%. After the Freestyle, Holzer was presented with the Ian Nicoll Memorial Trophy, which is given by The Royal Horse Show to the leading Canadian rider in attendance.

Happy Holidays! Wishingg yyou the best of the season. Selling & listing residential, farms & acreages in the North Okanagan for over 20 years.


DENNIS WANGLER 1-866-933-3119 250-546-3119 HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 29

Annual Warmblood Sale Up From Past Two Years! Submitted by Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association

The 16th annual Fall Classic Breeders’ Sale offered by the Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association wrapped up another great year on October 17th. The barns were buzzing and the seats full with additional viewers looking on via live streaming video.


his European format sale allowed buyers a day and a half of previews and tryouts of the consigned horses, showing the horses under saddle, chute jumping and in-hand. Bob Wilson of Ottawa found and purchased five horses to take back to Ontario, Warmbloods P3R purchased three horses to take to Quebec and long-time U.S. buyer Marion O’Connor took a trailer load back to Idaho. This auction had a first for Canada (and perhaps North America) with the honour of selling the first Contender daughter offered at public auction. High-selling Section A mare Contikki (Contender x Landucci) received the Sparks Innovations cooler for new owner Klondike Victory Farm, and consignor Lindsay Wendt of Grandview Performance Horses received the Tack Corral leather halter. Bidding was also very competitive on the weanling Quaterback colt Quatermane (Quaterback x Redford) consigned by Key Warmbloods, and the lovely yearling gelding Eastwood (Riverman x Judgement) consigned by Woodlawn Farms. The Section B cooler was sponsored by Victory Tack Shop and went to new owner Paula Leweke for four-year-old Canadian Warmblood gelding Royal Ritz (Royal Senna x Rocks), and receiving the Tack Corral halter for high-selling consignor/ breeder was Crystal McFarlane. Also actively pursued were Go For the Gold (Gervantus II x Donner Bube) breeder/consignor M3 Warmbloods, MJ Adelaide (VDL Ulando x Fantast) breeder/ consignor MJ Farms and Solar Power (Simply SM x Bates Motel) breeder/consignor Gillian and Darwin Orr. The high-selling two year old was Debonair (Ikoon x Wild Gold) breeder/consignor Tina and Peter Watkins. The overall sale gross was the highest since 2007 with the average per horse improving to $8,441. The performance horse sale average was up from 2009 to $9,791, and the young prospect average up to $9,833, a significant increase from 2009. The high seller sold for $26,000 with 43 of 69 horses sold. Saturday’s gala evening was a treat. The Precision Driving competition opened the event and Judith OrrBertelsen and her Haflinger gelding Masterpiece took top prize. The vaulting High-selling Section A - Contikki with sponsors demonstration and buyer by high-placed 30 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Canadian at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) Jeanine vander Sluijs of Olds was an audience favourite. Bonny Bonnello then shared her road to the WEG with her Canadian Warmblood High-selling Section B - Royal Ritz with breeder Crystal McFarlane gelding Pikardi in the dressage competition. A very spirited Calcutta benefitting the Young Breeders Fund was held prior to the Calido Star Young Horse 3-Bars competition. The hotly contested 3-bars class jumped for $1,000 in prize money with the result after six rounds a tie between Laura Iversen’s Springtime PR (Goodtimes x Lancaster) and Lindsay Wendt’s Nashville (Baldini II x Pluspunkt) at 5’3”. This longest running auction of Warmbloods in North America will return in 2011. Please check the web site for updates and information. Sale Summary Total gross sales (not including GST): Overall average sales price: Section B average sales price: Section A Average sales price: Brood mare average sales price: Mare and foal package average sales price: Two-year-old average sales price: Performance average sales price: Young prospect average sales price: Highest sales price: Lowest sales price: Highest sales price Section B: Highest sales price Section A: Number of horses consigned and catalogued: Number of horses withdrawn: Number of horses offered at sale: Number of horses where no minimum bid reached: Number of horses not sold: Total number of horses sold: Number of horses sold outside province: Number of horses sold outside country: Number of horses sold – up to $2,999: Number of horses sold – $3,000 to $4,999: Number of horses sold - $5,000 to $9,999: Number of horses sold - $10,000 and over:

$363,000.00 $8,441.86 $7,987.18 $12,875.00 $22,000.00 $5,100.00 $9,791.67 $9,833.33 $26,000.00 $3,000 $26,000.00 $22,000.00 86 17 69 11 17 43 12 4 0 13 17 13


Spruce Meadows Report By Meghan Chevrette-McIvor

Spruce Meadows 1977

Harvest Classic Tournament held October 21 to 24 Thompson Family Cup

Oktoberfest Tournament held October 28 to 31 Beaver Drilling Puissance

The Thompson Family Cup was a hard-fought battle with 17 horse/ rider combinations gunning for first place. Dutch rider, Patrick Snijders, jumped to victory atop his seven yearold Dutch Warmblood mare, Rainland Wilrona.

In the Beaver Drilling Pro-Am, no one was better than Brayden Sobie (CAN), who rode his mount, Cardano, flawlessly for 25 points and with the quickest finishing time. Calgary’s Kelly Koss with Laokoon, Lindsay Wendt with Nashville and Carla Diewert with Vacquero cleared the final height of the Beaver Drilling Puissance at 1.87 metres. It was Koss and Chad who finished the overall competition in first place.

Top 10 1. Patrick Snijders 2. Sutton Finch 3. Andrew More 4. Tracey Epp 5. Bretton Chad 6. Alexander Grayton 7. Taylor Boyd 8. Beda Wachter 9. Jim Ifko 10. Kara Chad


Rainland Wilrona Castlewellan Julio Hemmingway Calle 11 Wilanka Tamara Voilastar Charon De Borvo Z Luke Skywalker S

1.40 m Direct Energy Business Services Grand Prix For 16-year-old Calgarian, Ben Asselin, there was no better way to wrap up the “Harvest Classic” Tournament than with a win in the 1.40 m Direct Energy Business Services Grand Prix. Beating out a top entry that featured 25 horse/rider combinations, Asselin was able to secure the top two placings in the final day’s event. Top 10 1. Ben Asselin 2. Ben Asselin 3. Jim Ifko 4. Lynn Macyk 5. Lindsay Wendt 6. Kelly Koss 7. Tracey Epp 8. Lindsay Wendt 9. Emily George 10. Carla Diewert


Magic Man Lolita Dublin Street Aly Georgia 181 Laokoon Santee Chanel Quidams Ramiro Vaquero


Spruce Meadows 2010

Spruce Meadows 1983

Beaver Drilling Puissance Top 5 1. Lindsay Wend CAN CAN 1. Kelly Koss 1. Carla Diewert CAN GER 4. Albert Kley 5. JJ Atkinson USA

Nashville Laokoon Vaquero Le Primeur SM Callino

Beaver Drilling Pro Am Top 5 CAN 1. Brayden Sobie CAN 2. Rob Chad 3. Heather Friesen CAN 4. Laura Iverson CAN 5. Kate Spencer CAN

Cardano Kona Arianna Big Drama Tiharna

RBC Cup Young against old, rookies versus veterans, was the theme for the 1.40-metre RBC Cup competition. Finding herself at a new level of competition tonight was Okotoks Jasmine Wiggins. Wiggins showed the veterans how it was done in the Spruce Meadows Equi-Plex. Top 10 1. Jasmine Wiggins 2. Ben Asselin 3. Ben Asselin 4. Lindsay Wendt 5. Bretton Chad


6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

John Anderson Alexander Grayton Emily George Tamie Phillips Jim Ifko


Ashtin’s Sevita Wilanka Quidams Ramiro Lerche Dublin Street

Van Wielingen Cup There were 17 horse/rider combinations closing out the 35th Anniversary Season, each hoping to end the year with a win. It was Strathmore’s Tamie Phillips who earned that honour with her seven-year-old Hannoverian gelding, Dressman. Top 10 1. Tamie Phillips CAN 2. Carla Diewert CAN 3. Carly Kist CAN 4. Tamie Phillips CAN 5. Femke Van Den Bosch CAN 6. Bretton Chad CAN 7. Jim Ifko CAN 8. John Anderson CAN 9. Julia Stanley CAN 10. John Anderson CAN

Dressman Vaquero Chavez Santos Senorita Calle 11 Charon de Borvo Z Ashtin’s Sevita London Beat Aspen LS

The 35th Anniversary Season has been one to remember at Spruce Meadows. With the final indoor competition now complete, Spruce Meadows looks forward to what will be a great season in 2011. Competition will begin again indoors at Spruce Meadows in January with the January Classic tournament. For more information visit the Spruce Meadows website at

Little Milton Magic Man Lolita Chanel Dansk Avis Trysk Lasall D • 31

The Mane Event, Chilliwack, 2010! Story and Photos By Mark McMillan

Organizer Ron Barker


ou know you’re at a popular horse event when you see the likes of movie horse industry John Scott in the stands. John has supplied horses, wranglers and stunt co-ordinators for many top movies including “Unforgiven”. He hosted the TV series “World of Horses” and is presently head wrangler and coordinator for the current very popular TV series “Heartland.” The weather in Chilliwack on the weekend of Oct. 22 to 24 wasn’t the best but the approximately 26,000 people that came through the doors didn’t care as it was a good weekend to be inside the buildings at the Heritage Park, watching horse trainers and clinicians, or browsing through the 145 trade show booths that represented thousands of equine products and services. I can’t possibly describe all that happened this weekend but I thought the Trainers Challenge was one of the best yet. Mike Kevil, Josh Lyons and Doug Mills, all competed for the title. The point spread was amazingly close, but it was Mike Kevil that came out on top. Josh Lyons commented that it was refreshing to see a Trainers Challenge that is 100 per cent about learning for all involved. When the Trainers Challenge was on there was hardly a seat to be found … except possibly when Jonathan Field was doing one of his totally amazing demonstrations. Now speaking of Jonathan Field, he was one of the 21 clinicians and/or presenters that took part. There were two full size arenas and a demo area going just about non-stop all weekend. Saturday night for the Equine Experience the bleachers were once again chalker block full. It was another great show as West Coast Thunder performed the grand entry, seven drill teams did their routine (including one with sidesaddles, one dressage, and one with Icelandic Ponies), and Jonathan Field did two performances. There was a demonstration of the Prince Phillip Games, and then in the pitch dark, with horses and riders in luminescent stripes, the Cariboo Cowgirls Drill Team closed the show with “A Shot in The Dark” which the crowd loved, and the organizers said, “It was amazing to say the least.” This was Kathy and my second year, and like I said last year, we will probably never miss a Mane Event in Chilliwack. It is such a fun-fi lled, educational weekend that anyone with any kind of horse interest, and anyone else too, for that matter, would enjoy being there. I wish we could take in the Red Deer event April 29 to May 1, 2011, but my accountant wife has “the” tax deadline. Next year the dates for Chilliwack are Oct. 21 to 23, 2011 - see you there!

Judges and Trainers

Mike Kevil Doug gets a buck

John Scott

Josh Lyons

32 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Kathy McMillan


The Mane Event, cont’d

Nancy and Ruby Edwards

Yellow Mount Ranch

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Thank you and best wishes, have a wonderful holiday and the happiest of New Years. It’s been a pleasure serving you! Dr. David Lemiski Dr. Herbert Mehl Dr. Miles Latwat Dr. Lily Miller and Joan, Valerie, Rita, Annette, Carmen, Calle, Carly, Monica, Sue, Kitty and Stacy.

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Project Cowboy - A Great Family Experience By Lynette Mills ABILITY, SKILL AND TRUE HORSEMANSHIP


n event that turned into an experience of a lifetime that my family and I will never forget. On the weekend of October 8-10th my husband Doug, and two of our four children, Kyle and Kaylee, were set to compete in the first ever Project Cowboy, which took place at the Will Roger’s Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas. This particular event is solely set on searching for “the great American Horseman or Horsewoman.” Not knowing what to initially expect, our expectations were blown out of the water. Not only did this event portray such professionalism, but it was also a great learning experience. The 165 contestants had to go through several obstacles of many varieties from reining, jumping to first human contact with colts, all the way to television screenings and interviews. Both Kaylee and Kyle agreed that the screen testing was one of the hardest things that they ever had to do. But in spite of all this, Kaylee and Kyle both placed extremely well finishing in the top 75. My husband, Doug, who has been training horses his entire life managed to make it into the final round finishing in

34 • Saddle Up • December 2010

the top 10. Doug feels competing with the kids was his biggest highlight. He would like to see an event such as this in Canada. We compared it much like American Idol, but for horse trainers, it’s a lot of fun to watch! All in all, it truly was a wonderful event. We met a lot of great people, traveled through beautiful country we have never seen before; enjoyed sunny weather and a very well-run show. Knowing now what to expect, we look forward to the trip to Texas once again next year for the second annual Project Cowboy in hopes that one of us will bring the title back to British Columbia. For more on this exciting event visit Dressed as Frank Sinatra and riding his American Quarter Horse Black Hope Stik without a bridle doing cow work, flying lead changes and sliding stops, Mike Major of Fowler, Colorado, wowed the crowd and the judges and won the inaugural Project Cowboy along with a cheque for $10,000. Ben Baldus of Electra, Texas, finished second, and Mozaun McKibben of Whitesboro, Texas was third.

Doug, Kaylee and Kyle riding in for the cut for the top 75.

Kyle outside the coliseum.

Doug Mills and his stallion Shinny Playboy (Hugh) going through the obstacle course in the second round to make the cut for the top 25.


New Owners at Cowboys Choice unique to Cowboys Choice. Looking ahead to 2011, we will be celebrating our 35th anniversary, co-hosted by the Elliotts and the Coopers. Also, keep a lookout for The Cowboys Choice trailer set up at familiar western events such as the IPE, Falkland Stampede and others. We look forward to building long lasting relationships and sharing our love of the western lifestyle with all of you. Tim and Karen Cooper

A Message from the Elliott Family The Cooper Family


ast March our family visited the Cooper family ranch in Colorado, where we reconnected with the western lifestyle. After many days of riding, roping and barrel racing, our family decided it was time to make a lifestyle change. We are proud to be the new owners of The Cowboys Choice in Vernon, BC and look forward to working side by side with Vern and Clay. Karen was born and raised in Vernon, and we both have been residing here since 1996. With Karen’s 15 years of advertising and marketing experience and my coaching, ranch and horse background, The Cowboys Choice opportunity was meant to be. We have four children; Emme and Cody who are currently in college, Tylee and Jaret who are busy in school and hockey, and are excited for their first year in rodeo. Our goal is to keep The Cowboys Choice store and the Custom Hat department working together to continue to create a unique western experience for all of your future visits. Exciting news we’ll be updating our website very soon and we are currently ordering the latest styles of jeans, shirts and home decor. Our focus for the upcoming season is to enhance our boot department with many exciting new styles as well as developing a custom label boot line that is HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Mona and I started our lives in the western retail business in 1976. The life we lead is not simply a living but a unique repairs, custom designs and custom made lifestyle that has provided us with not hats. only an opportunity to raise our sons Ty I would like to express my heartfelt and Clay in a western environment, but thanks to all of you for your friendship, the privilege to develop positive long term patience and support. relationships with you, as friends, business Thanks, Vern Elliott associates and customers. The sale of The Cowboys Choice to Tim and Karen Cooper initially started in April with a casual conversation between Mona and Tim while leaning on an arena fence while watching the kids rope. With the unexpected changes in our lives, the decisions that were made were simply “the right things to do.” Tim and Karen are entering into this situation with the attitude, expertise and energy that will be nothing but positive and healthy for everyone involved. Clay May your trails be filled with sunshine and your spirits bright. and I will be focusing Give this special gift this holiday season... it costs nothing on the Hat department and means so much “A SMILE” at The Cowboys Choice. Amber Fullerton & Family, Arras, BC Our long term goal is 250-843-7186 to provide the most efficient details in hat “A family that rides together stays together”

Season’s Greetings from the gang at

Elfondo Morgans • 35

Horsey Ladies Raise Over $6,000 With a Twist! By Nancy Roman, Photos courtesy of Kathy Scott


he 13th Annual North Okanagan Horsey Ladies Charity Auction took place at Spallumcheen Golf & Country Club in Vernon, BC on November 19. Horsey gals of all ages attended this popular fundraising event, coming from all over the Okanagan and Shuswap, including Merritt and Edgewood, and they enjoyed a fabulous Christmas Buffet Dinner – kudos to all the staff at the golf course. This is the ninth year that they have made it a fundraising event, of which all proceeds are given to a local registered charity that they vote on that evening. The “twist” this year involved a LIVE auction (versus Silent) with Kevin Rothwell, auctioneer and KISS FM radio personality; as well as musical entertainment by Canada’s Country Star Lee Dinwoodie crooning to the hearts of 127 horsey ladies, accompanied by bass player Serle Sherman. Lee also wore a ‘spotters hat’ to assist Kevin with the LIVE portion. Including the popular Chinese auction (tickets in a bucket) there were over 125 items up for grabs – all generously donated. The three gentlemen also donated their time for this charity event which was

greatly appreciated; and of course we invited them for dinner. The 2010 Charity of Choice was a close tie between Angel’s Animal Rescue Society and Mona’s Cowboy Inspiration Fund (in memory of Mona Elliott). Over $6,000 was raised and all proceeds will be split between the two deserving groups. As of this date, the Horsey Ladies have raised over $39,000.00 for local charities, thanks to the generosity of local businesses and individuals with their donations each year. A big thank you also goes to the stores that sell the tickets each year; The Paddock Tack & Togs (Vernon), Country West Supply (Armstrong) and Touch A Texas (Salmon Arm). Thank you from the 2010 Banquet Committee: Nancy Roman, Ruby Edwards, Elspeth Manning, Michele Gould, Ester Gerlof, Amy Vaughan.

THANK YOU TO OUR 2010 SPONSORS Alfa-Tec Armstrong Dollar Store Armstrong/Spallumcheen Chamber of Commerce Armstrong Veterinary Clinic At Ease Natural Scents Auntie Karen’s Horse Kookies AvVaa World Health Care Beachcomber Home Leisure Big Bar Guest Ranch Big M Tack Britewood Industries BCAA Buckerfield’s Salmon Arm Caravan Farm Theatre Cariboo Outback Capri Insurance Chris Irwin CD Plus

Chilcotin Holidays Chocoliro Finest Chocolate Country West Supply Cowboys Choice Crescent Falls Veterinary Crystal Waters Guest Ranch Deep Creek General Store Diamond H Tack Diana’s Monogramming Don’t Shoot Me Horse/Rider Wear Enderby Jewellers EZ Flex Cookies Jonathan Field Horsemanship Fix-It Renovations Four Foot Farm Free Spirit Boutique Friesian Ranch Gates, Sharon

36 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Ester Gerlof Horsemanship Graham Dunden Ranch Greenhawk Kamloops Happy Horseback Saddles Hatten, Linda Hoff man’s Horse Minerals Hour Glass Studio HUB Insurance Jandana Ranch Jimmy D’s Auto J.R. Kelly Kamloops Cowboy Festival King, Barbra-Ann KISS FM Radio Lobo’s Pet Treats Lordco Armstrong Elspeth Manning/Royal Lepage McHugh, Ursula Merial Canada

Doug Mills Training Th ru Trust Morning Star Newspaper Mortenson, Gayle Okanagan Equistore Okanagan Forge Outdoor Discoveries The Paddock Tack & Togs Passion Parties Christiana Pfeifer/Century 21 Phi-Star Equine Therapy Queest Mountain Vacations Quilting For You Rancho Vignola Nuts & Dried Fruits Reilly, Merlayne Riva’s Remedies Roger’s Foods Rodeo Roost BB&B Shadowdancer Helen Russell

Simon & Schuster Canada Spallumcheen Golf Course Spring Lake Guest Ranch Surplus Herbys Tate, Nikki Terrific Creations The Equine Connection Timber Ridge Trails Touch A Texas Town Centre Dry Cleaners TTOUCH Training Ultra-Kelp Valley Fencing Viterra White, Darlene


Fieldstone Open House By Nancy Roman Photos by Andrea Blair, Paper Horse Photography,


ew owners, Jutta and Glen Jealouse, of Fieldstone Equestrian Centre in Barnhartvale, hosted an Open House on November 6, located just outside of Kamloops, BC. Close to 300 people were on hand to see the changes they’ve made and what they have to offer. They also had a contest to rename the facility – and Maureen Thompson of Kamloops received $500 for the ‘winning’ name of “Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre” which includes the Sun Meadows Riding Academy (their new riding school). All were invited to walk the grounds and view the demonstrations in the indoor arena; including Dressage performances by Lori Glijn, Tina Schoenbach, Sonja Campbell; and Show Jumping with Sara Sellmer, Claire Thompson and Courtney Harris. Most everyone was interested in the new footing in the indoor as well as the outdoor. Decorating the halls and viewing lounge was an art exhibit by Tricia Sellmer. No strangers to the area; Jutta is a mining consultant, and in 2008 won the Venture Kamloops Business Woman of the Year award; and Glen had been in the forestry consulting business for many years. They have a great team of coaches and instructors on site and borders are welcome.

Events are already planned over the winter. They are rebuilding a new website – so do check it out.

YOGA – Essential for Horsewomen By Deb Egolf


saw a flyer for YOGA classes last year in Armstrong and after being encouraged by several accomplished equestrians, decided to give it a try. An amazing transition began to take place for me and my mare. The yoga continues to unlock my hip structure and loosen my tight quads. My upper body comes into alignment and my breathing is deeper and smoother. My Brandy mare, who is as strong and tight as me had a personality change so profound even my husband noticed the new behavior. My trainer, Janice at Jandana Ranch also remarked on the improvements she observed. Heather, my yoga instructor, expressed an interest in my quest for being at “one with the horse,” so I took her to the safest place I know HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

to begin her education. That place is Jandana Ranch. She brought her daughter and her yoga mat and had two glorious days of seeing the world from a different perspective, “The Back of a Horse.” There are now five avid horsewomen who regularly train with Heather. We are all focused on freeing our bodies and directing our energies so both of us, horse and rider can experience heightened enjoyment of the ride. If you are interested in improving your posture, balance and flexibility, enhancing your time in the saddle (and out), Heather has seen the world from a saddle and has a huge understanding of our needs as Horsewomen. Presently, Heather has 2 classes in Armstrong, Monday and Wednesday evenings. Her rates are wonderful and flexible as she offers passes or single rates. Give yourself, or someone you care about the gift of YOGA. Heather can be reached at or give her a call at 250-546-8370. I’m probably her biggest fan and I assure you, you will soon be enjoying the benefits of a regular yoga practice. (See Heather’s YOGA ad on page 78) • 37

Cariboo Chatter By Mark McMillan t’s not officially winter yet, and the weather outside reinforces this … we’ve had some great days and have been getting lots of fall projects done - new log fences, wire fencing tightened, fire wood in, cows home, cabins winterized, etc., I’m actually starting to feel like we might even be ready to go on the cruise in January! Well, except for all the preparation for the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Joe Marten award, the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, and the 100 Mile Cowboy Concert in February - man it’s all coming up so quickly!


The 100 Mile and District Outriders Gymkahana Club had a good year with Gymkhana entries ranging from 30 to 60 riders. After all the events were over, and all was said and done, these are the winners:

The Mane Event was once again a super show - congratulations Gail and Ron Barker and family for putting on such a great and memorable weekend. Mike Puhallo came down this year to man the tradeshow booth for the BC Cowboy Heritage Society which allowed Helen and Red, and Kathy and I, to spend pretty much the whole weekend at the round pen watching the Trainers Challenge. Mike Kevil won the event but Josh Lyons and Doug Mills were right close in total score - it was definitely a challenge right down to the final minute of the final show! See The Mane Event article on page 32.

Peewee Belt and Buckle Winner - KarliRae Ross - Sponsored by Interior Gardens Peewee Blanket Winner - Angus Paul – Sponsored by Windy Acres Jr. Saddle - Brianna Billy - Sponsored by Dennis Gunn and Pharmasave Jr. Buckle - Caily Mellott - Sponsored by Jen Felce winner of the Senior Saddle Cariboo Team Penners and Cassidy Mellott winner of the Intermediate Saddle - Cassidy Mellott Sponsored by 100 Mile Truck and Auto and Intermediate Saddle. Sears (see photo) Intermediate Buckle - Raven Gentry Sponsored by Little Country Sr. Saddle - Jen Felce - Sponsored by Tim-Br-Mart and Royal LePage (see photo) Sr. Buckle - Tiffany Vaughan - Sponsored by Regency Chrysler Jack Benny Saddle - Dennis Gunn - Sponsored by 100 Mile Outriders and Painted Rose Ranch Jack Benny Buckle - Dawnna Monks - Sponsored by Total Pet

The dates for next year’s 100 Mile Gymkhanas are May 21st, June 12th, July 17th, and August 21st. Start time is always 10am.

Kathy, John Scott, Billie and Hugh chatting at The Mane Event.

One of the highlights for me at The Mane Event, other than the shows themselves, was running into and chatting with, John Scott (head wrangler and coordinator for the Heartland TV series). I worked for John in the making of the movie “Little Women” in Victoria, in 1994 and lined up all the wagons and buggies that I could, along with a few teamsters, ahead of time. I then played the part of a city worker hauling gravel with Alan Pugh’s dump wagon and one of our Me with Monty and Cruise on a dump wagon in the movie Little Women in Percheron teams. It was a 1994. great experience! 38 • Saddle Up • December 2010

The weekend of October 24-25 saw us head down to Billie and Hugh McLennan’s at Pinantan Lake for a great weekend of riding. I rode our SPCA rescue horse “Pete” and he worked amazingly well all weekend - this was his third and fourth ride ever. We even moved cows and he led the way impressing us all. Kathy had started him in the round pen and had him going great when I first got on his back. After a couple of rides in the round pen I took him out on two very short (10 minute) rides the week before we headed to the McLennan Ranch. Hugh did his darnedest to talk us into leaving him down there with them. Sorry Hugh, but nope! When we get back from the Spirit of the West Mexican Riviera Cruise I’ll be scrambling to finish up the last minute details of the 11th Annual 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert. Don’t miss out on tickets ... in fact get some extras as they make excellent Christmas stocking

Me on Pete - our SPCA rescue horse. Photo by Billie McLennan.


Cariboo Chatter, cont’d Show with over 50 booths, a Rising Star Showcase, the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame inductions, and Workshops and Seminars. How can you beat all that for $65? For info see Tickets are now available at The Horse Barn in Kamloops or by phone 1-888-763-2224. Check out the Kamloops Towne Lodge for weekend packages. If you have any Cariboo Chatter that you would like included please e-mail Mark at and put “Cariboo Chatter” in the subject line. Moving cows on Pete - his fifth ever ride.

Coming Events:

WHAT’S THIS? Readers do you know what this is? Your guess and the correct answer will be printed in the next issue.

What’s your guess? This is a tougher one, but guys you’d use this in the shop when working on that old farm tractor … it’s 7” long x 2” wide x 3.5” high (plus the handle). CLUE: The centre shaft is not part of the object but rather what the object is used to work on … good luck!

January 5-15: The Spirit of the West Mexican Riviera Cruise February 12: The 11th Annual 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert March 10-13: The 15th Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival

The weather was perfect when we gathered our cows in Wendell Monical’s corrals. Photo by Helen Allan.

Last Month’s What‘s This?

stuffers at $15 each! There’s a 2 p.m. Matinee and a 7 p.m. Evening show. Alan Moberg, Ed Peekeekoot, Ed Wahl and Cowboy Poet/MC Bryn Theissen will be this year’s entertainment lineup. Speaking of Christmas stocking stuffers … how about Kamloops Cowboy Festival passes. A weekend pass is just $65 HST included. Close to 50 performers will be entertaining from Thursday evening through to Sunday evening, there’s a juried Western Art Show, a Cowboy Trade

The November issue’s photo is of a metal object and we said we wanted three different uses of this item. This tool goes back to horse and buggy/wagon days when it was used for the pivot pin that went through the centre of the double

E-mail Mark at and put “What’s This?” in the subject line. Send us your full name, city and province please.

tree fastening it to the wagon tongue. It was also used as a wheel wrench and a hammer … sometimes referred to as a “hammer strap.” We had a couple of partial answers and only one correct answer from: John Kozyra, Onoway, AB.


4870 Continental Way, Prince George, BC 250-596-2273

- Tractors & Implements - Horse Safe Fencing - Gates, Panels, Pens - Richie Waterers, Tubs and Heaters “Next to Greenhawk”


12/10 • 39

Cowboy Poetry The h Santa he S ta CCl Claus uss Dun

If I HHadd a Flame If Flam lame me Thrower… TThr hrow hro roow w rr…

Mike kee Pu PPuhallo

Li MacBurney LLisa MacBurne acB ney

I rode ode de tthe D Dun un alon along the river iver ver ttrail, ve ail, and a nd nd lo loped lo some me circ cir circles rc in the sno snow. ow. w He’s He He’s ’ soft and e easy on the e bridle, br bri , b though h he he’s e s still got a ways ays ys tto go. o

If I had If had a fla ame throwe thrower, r,, you you know kkn w w what hat at I would do do? o? I’d use it in the padd paddocks ad dd ckss and nd d burn b rn up u a al all the poo oo oo. o. Iff I had a flame thrower t row o th the job b would ould be a bree breez bre eeze I’d d turn th that sucker suc er up and and dryy up alllll the the pees. pees So if your drivin’ So drivin by m myy place place p ce an and nd nd see s the t flashin’ ash hin n’ light lights ligh igh It’s not ot my C Christmas tm d decoratins’, eccoratins’, oratin oratins ins’, ns’, It’s m me..pickin’ kin poo.. kin’ poo.. at night. nigh ht. ht ht

He seems to have ve e decided, de d t forsake to e his outlaw utlaw aw ways. w ways way He ain’tt hardlyy tried H ried to buck b at all, th last half a dozen the ozen zen days. days da d His owner own wner ner says she loves love h him, and d she’ll carry on the plan. pl So, o, might be, we just saved a another cayu cay cayuse ayuse se from the can! c I’m ’m m glad ad he finally lyy came cam around, around aroun II’ve ve e sure been counting ounting untin on old Dunny. D Dunn Dunny u y. ‘Cause ‘C ‘Ca ‘Cau Cause ause use the fee for settling that bronc bro down, d dow will ilillll be our Christmas shopping mon money money!!

In Memory of… HARVEY RUSSEL NORTHCOTT July 18, 1937 – September 15, 2010 Harvey Russel Northcott of Wyatt Earp Trail, Caroline, AB passed away on September 15, 2010 at the age of 73 years in the Red Deer Regional Hospital surrounded by his family, after a short, but courageous battle of pancreatic cancer. Survived by his wife Eileen, three sons and one daughter, Del (Debbie), Cindy (Tyler Helmig), Ty (Gail) and Ace; and six grandchildren. A social gathering took place on September 22 in Caroline, AB. An icon in the Canadian rodeo business, Northcott ran his outfit of 160 horses and 70 bulls on 650 hectares of land 6 km north of Caroline and supplied stock to about 15 rodeos a year. During a span of 10 years in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, he assembled one of the strongest pens of bucking bulls ever put together. Six of them won Canadian championships – Panda in 1985, Copenhagen Payment in 1988 and 1989, Redip in 1992, Trick or Treat in 1994 and 1995, Kodiak in 1996 and Short Fuse in 1997. Another, Convoy, won the title in 1979, and Funky Chicken 40 • Saddle Up • December 2010

captured the award in 2002. But, the cornerstone of his bucking herd was the stallion Wyatt Earp, the Canadian and National Finals Rodeo champion in 1997 and 1998 and the National Finals Rodeo Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year in 1996 and 1997. His bloodlines are highly prominent through many of today’s bucking horse herds. He was the sire of the Stampede’s six-time world and Canadian champion Grated Coconut, and inducted into Canada’s Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame on October 16, 2010. There was a proposal this summer to add Northcott himself to the list of inductees, but he and the family, aware of his poor health, refused to accept the honor. The superstar of Northcott’s herd now is the bay gelding Get Smart whom Vold describes as “arguably one of the best horses on the planet.” The 8-year-old son of Wyatt Earp was named the top saddle bronc at last year’s CFR and this summer’s Calgary Stampede and is in the running for bronc of the year.


37th Edition of Canadian Finals Rodeo By Sandra Pysklywyc During six action-packed performances, and with bragging rights on the line, 106 of the world’s best rodeo athletes competed against world-class stock and the clock at Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR) for a share of a record $1.32 million.


rom November 10-14, 83,936 fans kicked up their heels at the 37th CFR at Rexall Place. CFR is considered the pinnacle of the rodeo season and is one of Edmonton’s biggest tourism draws in the fall. John Windwick, commissioner, CFR and first vice-chair, Northlands Board of Directors, said: “CFR’s about bringing the best of the best to Edmonton. We’re proud to partner with the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association (CPRA) to host CFR. We salute the athletes, arena personnel, volunteers, partners and sponsors for their efforts in making this year’s CFR a success.” Dale Leschiutta, president and interim general manager of CPRA, said: “Our contestants work all season to get to Edmonton and the crown jewel of rodeo - CFR. The CPRA is proud to partner with the best producer, in a city that is second to none as a host.” One highlight of CFR included Red Friday and a special opening ceremony with 60 members of the Canadian Military taking part. Rodeo fans responded by wearing red as a show of support. Wrangler and Lammle’s Western Wear & Tack teamed up to sell the National Patriot shirt and donated $40,000 to the Edmonton Military Family Resource Centre and the Hero Fund. Rodeo fans also saw non-stop entertainment as some of the best in Canadian Country Music performed at CFR and at The Buckle including Gord Bamford, Deric Ruttan, One More Girl, Hey Romeo, Dean Brody and Shane Chisholm. Cowboy poker, wild pony racing, Niki Cammaert and cowboy-mounted shooting also entertained fans during the five days of CFR. Canadian Finals Rodeo rides back into Edmonton next year from November 9-13, 2011.

Canadian Finals Rodeo Results Bareback Total season earnings 1. Dusty LaValley, $71,295.87; 2. Kyle Bowers, $51,075.60; 3. Logan Hodson, $50,024.86; 4. Michael Solberg, $42,320.57; 5. Reid Rowan, $34,008.95 2010 Canadian Bareback Champion: Dusty LaValley 2010 Canadian Finals Rodeo BB Aggregate Winner: Logan Hodson 493.50/6 Steer Wrestling Total season earnings 1. Curtis Cassidy, $75,284.52; 2. Matt Reeves, $43,585.57; 3. Clayton Moore, $38,919.59; 4. JD Hays, $38,697.59; 5. Jessie Heggie, $35,274.59 2010 Canadian Steer Wrestling Champion: Curtis Cassidy 2010 Canadian Finals Rodeo SW Aggregate Winner: Curtis Cassidy 35.2/6 Novice Saddle Bronc Total season earnings 1. Coleman Watt, $9,577.00; 2. Casey Bertram, $5,807.00; 3. Chad Thomson, $4,416.00 2010 Canadian Novice Saddle Bronc Champion: Coleman Watt


Novice Bareback Total season earnings 1. Colin Adams, $9,347.00; 2. Cole Goodine, $8,313.00; 3. Clint Laye, $6,949.00; 2010 Canadian Novice Bareback Champion: Colin Adams Steer Riding Total season earnings 1. Bryce West, $8,021.01; 2. Austin Nash, $6,792.99; 3. Kole Ashbacher, $6,006.00; 4. Tyrell Ward, $5,108.99; 5. Jorden Moen, $3,750.00 2010 Canadian Steer Riding Champion: Bryce West Team Roping Total season earnings 1. Chase Simpson, $18,596.71 and Rocky Dallyn, $18,596.71; 2. Kenton Fawcett, $17,854.43 and Riley Wilson, $17,746.43; 3. Travis Gallais, $17,254.71 and Tyrel Flewelling, $17,254.71; 4. Steele DePaoli, $16,409.29 and Don DePaoli, $17,460.29; 5. Levi Simpson, $15,894.00 and Klay Whyte, $17,148.00 2010 Canadian Team Roping Champion (Header): Chase Simpson 2010 Canadian Team Roping Champion (Heeler): Rocky Dallyn 2010 Canadian Finals Rodeo TR Aggregate Winners: Chase Simpson and Rocky Dallyn 42.3/5 Saddle Bronc Total season earnings 1. Dustin Flundra, $59,416.56; 2. Kyle Thomson, $50,914.23; 3. Luke Butterfield, $49,694.58; 4. Shaun Stroh, $47,852.57; 5. Issac Diaz, $39,200.59 2010 Canadian Champion Saddle Bronc Rider: Dustin Flundra 2010 Canadian Finals Rodeo SB Aggregate Winner: Kyle Thomson 484.50/6 Tie-down Roping Total season earnings 1. Tuf Cooper, $60,771.53; 2. Alwin Bouchard, $48,381.89; 3. Logan Hofer, $42,673.25; 4. Chad Johnson, $40,013.03; 5. Morgan Grant, $39,460.58 2010 Canadian Champion Tie-Down Roper: Tuf Cooper 2010 Canadian Finals Rodeo TD Aggregate Winners: Tuf Cooper 55.3/6 Ladies Barrel Racing Total season earnings 1. Rana Koopmans, $74,539.50; 2. Lisa Lockhart, $58,896.89; 3. Crystal Shaw, $45,790.57; 4. Britany Fleck, $44,794.59; 5. Sierra Stoney, $38,341.93 2010 Canadian Ladies Barrel Racing Champion: Rana Koopmans 2010 Canadian Finals LBR Aggregate Winner: Rana Koopmans 88.04/6 Bull Riding Total season earnings 1. Jesse Torkelson, $85,418.84; 2. Chad Besplug, $56,698.87; 3. Tyler Thomson, $49,614.56; 4. Ty Pozzobon, $43,505.27; 5. Ty Patten, $40,144.59 2010 Canadian Bull Riding Champion: Jesse Torkelson 2010 Canadian Finals BR Aggregate Winner: Jesse Torkelson 345.0/4 All-Around/High Point Champions 2010 All Around Champion: Steven Turner 2010 High Point Champion: Curtis Cassidy 2010 Top Stock Awards Saddle Bronc Horse of CFR R - Get Smart (Harvey Northcott Rodeo) Bareback Horse of CFR – Eclypce (Vold Rodeo Ltd) R – VJV Slash (Vold Rodeo Ltd) – Truck presented to OLS TubsBull of CFR Bombs Away (Outlawbuckers Rodeo Corp.) Detailed results can be found at • 41

Happy Holidays To All Our Readers! It’s that time of year again. Shop till you drop – I always say! A little late? Don’t know where to begin? Well… read on… the following pages have some amazing deals and unique products for you and your ‘buddies’ – two or four legged.

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42 • Saddle Up • December 2010


Instant warmth and extreme comfort for col co cold feet. Feel the difference between acrylic fleece ece ce an aand genuine sheepskin. In cold weather the soft wool acts act as a natural insulator, r,, keeping ng your feet warm, in hotter weather, the sheepskin heepskin breathes, maintaining your feet at optimal temperatures. mperatures. peratures. The Rebel Bo Boo Boot is manufactured ed d with New Zealand sheepskin she skin with a sheepskin cuff. Reinforced toes oes es and heels, b basket bas weave sole provides traction in most ost terrain. On sale sal through December at Cariboo Outback.

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Pincher Creek Co-op is full of wonderful onderful nderful gifts for everyone on your Christmas tmas list. Great selection of ta tack t and nd d winter blankets for your horse. hors Bernie Brown Gift ware is always ni nice give and to receive. For that cowboy or cowgirl wgirl on your list, we have some ssom m good looking ing ng Chinks at great price prices prices. Made by K Bar J Leather Leath eath Co., they t come in a variety ety ty of style styles and leather types. We can an even custom o or order for you. Put a pair under your tree tre this year.

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• Quality Tack • Classic & Wizard Ropes • Pet Supplies • Supplements • Feed, Salt and Minerals • Twister Shelters • CCIA Tags • Biologicals • Calving Supplies • Card Lock • Crop Protection • Hi-Hog Cattle Handling Equipment

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* PETROLEUM * BULK FUEL DELIVERY * CARD LOCK * OIL & LUBES * 44 • Saddle Up • December 2010


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Need New Tack? Looking for that “One-of-a-Kind?” Do you have used tack collecting dust? We are th he Largest Retail Consignment Tack Storre in Northern Alberta

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A Barefoot Treeless Saddle for or that special “LITTLE “LITTLE” someone... meone... Cute Pony Saddles made from easy-care water repellent material at only $329. 29. 9. A special built-in panel system tem protects your pony pony’s spine ne and d sits securely. Beginner Begi rriders can hold d onto the hee ra raised fron front pommel for extra security. Available urity. Available rity. Available in size X0, suitable suit sui for ages 4-9 yrs. Blk/Blu Blu lu or Pink/Brn. M Pink/Brn. Pink/Brn. Matching saddle saddlepad only $99. Available lee at a Happy Horseback Saddles.

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NEW and USED Merry Christmas To All Our Customers! Be sure to come in and take advantage g of No HST on all new ppurchases from December 9 to 23. HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday 9-5; Closed Sunday and Monday HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

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Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-6:30, Sat 8:30-6, Sun 11-4 Proprietors: Gwen Wiskin and Pam Andrade

High Horse Tackk is full of exciting gifts for everyone on your list. We carry a wide range of warm winter blankets including Bucas; or how about a pair of comfortable fleece lined boots and a Burwash halter and working line. SSG Gloves or a pair of HORSE TECH warm tall winter riding boots would make anyone happy. We also carry Mudrucker neoprene lined barn boots. New brushes, boa lead, and horsey socks are also great gift ideas waiting for you in the store.

HIGH HORSE TACK 5481 Hamsterly Rd., Victoria, BC V8Y 1S4 Phone/fax 250-658-0011

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English & Western Tack Specializing in Light Pleasure Driving Harness and Equipment for Miniature Horses and Donkeys, Ponies and Light Horses. Horse Care Products, English Riding Clothing. Tucker Trail Saddles, Charles Owen Helmets and Safety Vests, Horka Helmets and Breeches, Wintec English Saddles

Drive Away In Style with Ride-N-Drive Used tack, clothing and equipment on Consignment 7.5 km East of Airdrie, AB (on Hwy 567) 1-877-821-9745

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BONNIE HAYES • 250-498-4324 35633 - 99th St., Oliver, BC • HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 47

Riders helping Riders enjoy Horses, Sport & Life

BC’S Favourite Tack Shop Santa shops here… You can too! TOLL FREE: 1-888-833-RIDE * WE SHIP EVERYWHERE *

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Farm Girl Casual Clothes. This long sleeve cotton shirt has 10 reasons why you might be a Farm Girl, including: You’ve spent more time making your show animal look good than yourself. And you feel e sexier in boots than high heels. Available at hi The Dog & Pony Shop. Farm arm Girls… Gir Gi you know who ho yyou are!

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Located in Cloverdale at the corner of #10 Hwy. & 180th Street Since 1966 OPEN Mon-Sat 9:00 am - 5:30 pm CLOSED Sundays & Holidays • 604-574-7427 • 1-800-745-5511 48 • Saddle Up • December 2010

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Great Christmas Gifts for Horse Lovers – why not something educational? Dr. Deb Bennett… Books, CD’s, DVD’s. Order from Canadian Distributor, Yvonne Miller 250-887-3110 or e-mail Check out merchandise at


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FERRIS FENCING TOLL FREE: 1-800-665-3307 Tel: 250-757-9677 • Fax: 250-757-9670 Email:


Ask for our Catalogue • 49

CD’s in time for Christmas! A Prairie Christmas by Ed Peekeekoot For a good Christmas instrumental to play at Christmas time it’s hard to beat this new CD by Ed Peekeekoot. Throw in Ed’s great vocals on two tracks, and this CD makes for wonderful listening. My favourites? ... hmmm … I like the humour in Grandma’s Gingerbread House, but in the last two tracks Ed brings out that ever so awesome Native Flute! You can order this CD for $20 at

Remembering Christmas by Jeremy Neal Willis This new 11 track CD has four originals and is a treat for the Christmas season. Jeremy says he misses the old days when Christmas was about family, friends, and sharing, and his choice of songs reflects this. My favourite could possibly bee the first track, which whic is one of his own, “The Cows Don’t Know It’s Christmas,” Christma as on Christmas Christm dayy I can relate, although Jeremy’s message goes m much mu deeeper. eper. er. You can order this C CD for $14 at

Available at the Animal Barn… From the original TOUGH-1. Polar 1200D D Waterproof Wt f Poly Turnout Blanket, anket, nket, ket, designed without a ba bac back seam to prevent leaking, aking, king, with fleece wither protection. In addition, n, we also carry Gladiator blankets – tough h and warm. We have Otter Coop feeds, groomingg products, pet be bed b beds and supplies for all yourr four llegged d frie friends. frien

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All! 50 • Saddle Up • December 2010

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In-house Gift Registry Huge Selection of Products! Get ‘em while they last! Phone: 877-762-5631 Join our email club at #1 Stop for quality saddles, tack & equipment repairs at affordable prices.


A Few Words from ‘Healing through Horses’ The Vernon Women’s Transition House’s Equine-assisted Therapy Program, By Wendy Elrick

What We Are About

Wendy and Amos

Equine-assisted therapy is an experiential therapeutic form where horses participate as co-counsellors. Client goals are addressed through the impact of exercises done with the horses, not on the horses. People find great support for their individual healing processes through the relationships they develop with the horses.

The Horses This year we had a few new additions to the herd. In March, both Angel and Vienna joined us. Vienna is a Morgan/ Thoroughbred/Percheron mare. She very quietly took over the leadership of the herd, which has been beneficial. Her leadership has led to the herd relaxing more, and each horse feeling there is room for s/he to express her/himself. She is an excellent teacher of assertiveness. Angel is owned by Diane Brown, our barefoot farrier. This 22-year-old Arab mare came to us to provide riding pleasure to a young rider, and is also working in the equine-assisted therapy program. Our third new horse joined us in November of 2009, Athena. Athena has turned out to be a teacher of emotional expression and the importance of accepting our vulnerability.

A New Facilitator This year I began facilitating the groups with Helen Amanda Russell. She has brought a wealth of knowledge about horses to the program. Also, we were able to introduce the Epona approach to ‘Healing through Horses’, as Helen did her training with Linda

Kohanov. It has been a delightful experience for me to facilitate with Helen. We will be continuing our partnership into 2011.

Learning from Horses This year we ran two equine-assisted therapy groups spanning 12 weeks each. Sessions were offered for two hours every week. During the winter we offered a traditional assertiveness training for eight weeks. Some of the feedback from women who have participated in the groups includes: The group has helped me listen to my body more. Vienna reminds me to stay calm in crisis. When I feel alone, I picture Chunky standing by me. I have learned that I am sensitive and need to reenergize regularly, like Angel. I feel like Cheyenne sees the hurt I feel and accepts me.

Donations – and our Greatest Thanks to… The Paddock has continued their monthly donation to the program, which has been supporting us for six years now. Thank you Karin and Darryl for your ongoing support. Dave Collins has always been available for consulting and treating the horses. Your emotional support is greatly valued. Arise Chiropractic donated to the program this year. Thank you Alanna and Elliott. We have also received funds from Nature’s Fare; donating 3% of the total on receipts collected in store. (We continue to collect Nature’s Fare receipts and are grateful to anyone that drops off their receipts for us – call 250-309-0351.) The bulk of this year’s expenses were funded by an individual donator. Thank you from the administration of Transition House, from Helen, myself, and the herd. Best wishes to you all for the coming year!

Open House at The Equine Connection By Wendy Elrick Mother Nature supported us on Friday afternoon, October 22nd, with gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. By the time the open house started at 3 p.m. the weather was perfect. Guests enjoyed home cooked treats and the soothing sounds of Sherrie Erickson and her guitar. Of course, the herd quickly grabbed everyone’s attention by simply being themselves. At 4 p.m. I began by introducing my associates, the horses. To prepare for the experience of Equine-assisted learning, the group took a short meditation walk around the property to connect with self and feel the nourishment nature has to offer. We had a great time with three EquineHCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

assisted learning exercises; and participating guests were able to experience the many benefits. I also had a wonderful new experience myself. My old friend, Landor, jumped. It was the first time I had ever seen him jump. Although he was an international jumper in his younger years, he is now very arthritic. He was very proud of himself and pranced around the arena showing us all how good he felt. He really let us see that the group had a positive affect on him, and he enjoyed our guests immensely.

The open house ended as the sun was going down with a warming bonfire. Thank you to all who attended. For information about the services of The Equine Connection see • 51

TIDBITS There’s a New Coach in Town! Congratulations to Ester Gerlof of Salmon Arm, BC, on her recent certification as an “Instructor” within the Equine Canada “new” coaching format. The EQ instructor program is designed to develop “Instructors” certified to teach students wishing to learn stable management and safety on the trail rather than competing in the arena. Ester is one of only a few “Instructors” in BC to be certified under the new program. A job well done! She can be reached at 250-803-8814. - Dave Hickman, EC Western Coach and Mentor

and services. Vienna, daughter of VP/Secretary Lauri Meyers, and Carter, son of Director Tammy Price, and 2 of their friends, set up a sign-in/donation table. The four of them managed to raise over $100 for the BC Interior Horse Rescue Society. Raffle Tickets were sold for two Gift Baskets containing items donated by the vendors. Erin Burkard and Kim Barr were the lucky winners of the Gift Baskets. At the end of the day we were all tired, but in good spirits. Our 1st annual Christmas Craft Fair was a success. With the Craft Fair behind us, we can now focus on our 2nd Annual Hoofs n’ Hearts Dinner/Dance on February 5, 2011, during the Vernon Winter Carnival. Tickets are available through the Vernon Winter Carnival office, www. or 250-545-2236. - Thank you, Lauri Meyers, Vice President/Secretary

Horses and Heroes Horse Sale South Okanagan Horsewomen’s Dinner The South Okanagan Horsewomen [and any others who want to join in] are hosting their annual fun evening on January 28th, a Friday, 2011 at the Ramada Inn in Penticton. Lammle’s will be putting on a Fashion Show as well. The major door prize will be a night for 2, including breakfast, at the Ramada Inn. Happy Hour at 6 p.m. and a Buffet Dinner at 7 p.m. There will be several display tables with items for sale. Open mic time for anyone who has tidbits of news that they wish to share. If you have an interesting event happening in 2011 and can’t make the dinner to tell us about it, send us an email [short and sweet] and we will read it out. Dana of Nickers Saddlery will be speaking on hoof care. There will be a table of artistic, functional, and just plain fun items for the home and barn made of horse shoes by Barb and Garry Grimm. Janette Damsma, an artist with a passion for horses and photography, will be bringing original oil paintings rendered from some “touching moments” she has captured on camera of wild horses out in the hills in the Penticton area. Her photos and paintings will be for sale. Tickets are $27 and will be available January 1st at the front desk at the Ramada Inn. So, come on out, and bring your friends for an evening of fun. Maryan 250-494-9734 or Audra Moir 250404-0480.

BC Interior Horse Rescue Fundraiser Approximately 30 vendors supported our 1st annual Christmas Craft Fair on November 13, at Winfield Memorial Hall. Being that this was our first Craft Fair, and none of us have participated in one before, we weren’t sure what to expect. With Christmas music playing soft ly in the background, a steady flow of people shopped the vendors offering a wide variety of wares 52 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Plans are already underway for next year’s Horses and Heroes Horse Sale, including moving the sale back to May or June. There will be a ‘parade’ of horses for sale including a two-minute moment of glory in which the horse’s attributes, training, and potential will be announced. An Liz Dighton, Manager of the Williams expanded concession is Lake SPCA, accepts a cheque for $457.90 from Chris Condie of the 108 also in the works, and Resort Stables and Jennifer Raifteiriorganizers look forward Mcardle from The Horses and Heroes to last year’s vendors Horse Sale this past August. Funds are earmarked for horse rescue and care so returning. It is hoped horses like Indian Summer don’t end up to make this venue an at auctions or worse. annual event in which to safely and respectfully sell horses, donkeys and mules, meet new people, and discover all the equine businesses in the 100 Mile House area. Horses and tack are still being sold as a result of this sale – recently I learned that the nice Appaloosa gelding, ‘Doc,’ was purchased by someone who attended the sale, and I have had some calls trying to track down people who had been selling tack. Overall, organizers feel that it was a successful event and look forward to a bigger and better event next year. For more info call Jennifer 250-791-6509.


TIDBITS, cont’d Caravan’s Winter Production Caravan Farm Theatre is gearing up for its winter production, A Sleigh Ride Christmas Carol, Peter Anderson’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. Estelle Estelle Shook and Courtenay Dobbie Shook, Caravan’s Artistic Director for twelve years, is returning to direct Caravan’s winter show, which has become a holiday tradition for local families. “We’re so happy to have Estelle directing this winter because of her extensive experience with choreographing the sleigh ride,” states Courtenay Dobbie, who succeeded Shook as Artistic Director in September. “Many people don’t realize how complicated and sophisticated the horse choreography is,” says Dobbie. “It’s a tribute to our teamsters, who make the sleigh ride so seamless.” Shook adds “People always say how magical the sleigh ride is, and that’s what sets our winter shows apart from others.” The Dickens tale will feature the usual slate of characters: Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. A Sleigh Ride Christmas Carol runs from December 11-31, with shows nightly at 4, 6 & 8 pm. No shows December 17,

24 & 25. Tickets can be reserved by calling Ticket Seller toll-free 1-866311-1011, or online at www.ticketseller. ca. For more information visit www.

Roy wins second PBR Canadian National Championship Aaron Roy of Yellow Grass, SK, made Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Canada history on November 20th in front of a packed house at Aaron Roy the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, when he became the first rider to earn two Canadian National Championship titles. Roy, who earned his first title in 2008, went 3-for-3 over the two-day Finals. This Championship title was particularly memorable for the native Saskatchewan as this was the first Finals held on home soil. “Winning this Canadian National Championship title boosts me,” commented Roy. “I now legitimately feel as though I am a World Champion contender for 2011.” Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Canada kicks off the 2011 PBR Canadian Cup Series in Edmonton, Alberta on January 15. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Rexall Place Box Office and Ticketmaster outlets, online at or by calling 780-451-8000.

West (Wet) Coast Dedication! By Diana Skillen It’s more ree d difficult than avera aave av average vverage erage ge to t get to oP Po Powell River, B.C., which B.C., B.C hich ich is accessible acc accessib acce only nly lyy by by BC C Ferries F Fe ies e or or b by air, and travelling with travelling trav w ith horses h to ev events ents and aan clinics clini s is a costly vent ven venture.. So approximately approximately prox every two months mo months through t h ough ug ugh g the he h fall, all winte wint winter, i and nd spring spring ring ing a group oup of Powell River e riders riderss get ri et together t ge ge her err in i their t ow own own wn town wn n for a week wee weekend en of o fun f and nd learning earn arn ning with ith Jodiee Moore Moo Mo M of o Mooree Per Moore Performance orma ormanc rmance rma aan ance nce nce Horses Hor in n Langley, ang BC C This time me ar around rrou ound nd iit had nd d been been a few months nths hs between betw w en n clinics c ics cs an and an nd d th these t h riders id ders w weer were e ed determined et rm mined need ned ne d to carry on n iin n spi spite spit pite itee of of the t e falling falli fal lli llliiin ll ingg ttemperature perature eratu erat urre re and and all a l the t he th he rain rai and snow that ha was hat w s bein be be ngg delivered delive deliver vered veerreed e to them! em m!! C m Coastal sta taaall cold co c iis really co cold, the dampness ampness ampn am mpness chills you u right gh htt tth through, h h butt wa h, warming ng u up pb between twe ween weeen en n cla clas cclasses ess with wiith wit hh hot ott soup and d coff off ffee there here was w a lot ot of of ‘wet ‘w ‘we wet wee coast’ w coast co oast’ oast oas ast aas st dedi ded de d dedication edi dication dic icatiion goin going ngg on an on and all thee riders rid der ers rrss went went home hom h me me fe feeling ffeel feeliing ngg successful successf ssu succe sful ful and nd d looking loo ooking fforward fo for orwa orward orrw rward ward arrd ard d to to the ne n nextt clini clin clinic. li HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

This Th iss picture ictu ictt (just part artt of the the group group) gro group) was taken n bright bri b brright ht and early ear ea ar y at at 8 a.m. a. on a Sunday Su ay morning! morrning! mo ning! The sn snow keptt ccoming com all dayy long, al lo lo ong, on n ng, g, but b but ev everyone e ery nee had ad a great gr gre grea day and finished d off ff the th t weekend weeken wee k nd d looking llook lo ooking ooking king forward for fforw ward to the t next ex clinic, ext clinic, although allthoug though hough we w are re hoping hopin h hop opiin for or better b weather weather! wea ! We want nt to send end nd d out thanks to JJo Jodiee for fo or her de dedi dedication ded dica dicat ication on to us, s, and an d wis wishes wish shess for a Mer M Merry r yC Christmas to one one an aand all all! ll • 53

It’s ALL About the KIDS! - the next generation .. Ki d s.

ou? e? y e r e a ou r h o r s y wh er !

U i th ng w a bout YO i o d u s re yo n to tel l u a t a r Wh U R tu O Y s It’ Nemiah is 18, I am 13. I’ve had Nemiah for five years. We’ve been to the Armstrong IPE three times. An interesting fact about Nemiah is that she has a roan stocking on one of her hind legs. Nemiah loves to do a slow jog. - Melissa, 13 years, Salmon Arm

Lacey is our family’s 1st horse! She’s too crazy for me to ride, but I love it when she gives me kisses. - Rhenna, 5 years, Revelstoke

I love The Saddle Up magazine because then I’m always up to date on what’s happening. It also helps me to take better care of my horse. I’m only ten years old so it helps to know some of the stuff. Then I know what could happen to my horse and then try to avoid that. I got him about a year ago from a horse rescue. His name is Gabriel and he was 20 when I adopted him. I’m having such a great year with him. He’s my first horse and I am learning so much. - Cassidy, 10 years, Abbotsford

Ju st wo n you r f ir s Ju st bo u g ht yo t rib bon? ur Do you g ive yo fir st hor se? u r h o r se k is ses? This is a picture of me and my Shetland pony, Trixy. We are best friends. My feet almost hang on the ground because I’m getting too big for her. Trouble is the filly beside us is Trixy’s best friend. I love them! - Nadine, 10 years, Cherryville Send in your photo with a caption (no more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on a space availability basis.


Alberta Donkey and Mule Club News By Marlene Quiring & Babou Sallah


his month people around the world will be celebrating Christmas with friends and family. I thought this might be a good time to share the story below of a young man from The Gambia, West Africa. Babou contacted me several months ago by e-mail with questions about mules. After many e-mails back and forth I approached our club executive and asked for help in raising some funds for Babou so that he could purchase better tools and medicines to help the horses, donkeys and the rare mules that often work under extremely poor conditions in his country.

Babou’s Story When I was 10 years old I was given a goat by my grandma that I loved and cared for so much. I named her Cha. I was very happy when my grandma told me that Cha was pregnant. Unfortunately my happiness did not last long because Cha died during parturition

The poor horses are so terribly skinny (and small!), it’s interesting that the mule looks fat compared to them… Marlene.

The bay horse had tryps so I treated it with diminazine aceturate while the gray horse had abscesses on the withers as a result of poor harnessing (there was little padding under the saddle).


(giving birth). However, my father had a mare and a few weeks after Cha’s death the mare gave birth to the most beautiful colt that I have ever seen. I remembered arguing with my brother as to who will be given the foal but my father had already made his decision. Luckily for the decision went in my favour. I named the foal Rambo and soon became very attached to him. One day when I came back from school I was told that Rambo was horn butted by a bull. At first I thought it was a joke so I decided to go and check on him. I could not believe my eyes. I saw a deep puncture wound right through his abdomen. I cried bitterly, imaging the pain he was going through. He was lying down helpless and grinding his teeth which I later learned to be sign of pain. A week later Rambo died as a result of infection of the wound. I got my inspiration from Rambo’s unfortunate incident. Upon completion of my senior secondary in 2003, I applied to the Department of Livestock Services for employment and luckily my application was accepted. I started working as a livestock assistant at the central clinic of the department. After sometime I realized that little attention was given to equines, as cattle, sheep, goats and poultry were of much importance and of a priority because they are food animals. I didn’t like this idea one bit, so I started having problems with my supervisor when I told him how I felt. Fortunately there was a new module or course on Equine Studies at the Gambia College. When I heard of it over the radio I applied for an enrolment. Hundreds of people applied but only 14 were to be accepted and I was lucky to be part of those 14 people. I graduated with distinction. After completion, I took it upon myself going around sensitizing equine owners, treating sick horses, donkeys and seldomly mules as there are few of them in my country. I love my job because I meet with all kinds of people, interact with different animals and travel to different parts of the country. However the truth is it’s very challenging, it requires absolute dedication plus resources (such as drugs, clinical equipment, transport fares, accommodation and communication), energy and travelling. Finally, I am still

looking forward to furthering my education thus becoming the first equine specialist in my dear country. Babou Sallah, The Gambia, West Africa

That’s one of the few mules we have, it weighed at 240 kilograms. The owner complained of loss of appetite and decrease in work rate, so I gave him some dewormers and advised him to rest the mule for some time.

If after reading this story you can offer any help or advice for Babou I would be happy to hear from you. You can contact me through our club website www.albertadonkeyandmule. com or e-mail at marlenequiring@hotmail. com or call me at 403-783-5210. Watch for our booth at the Horse Breeders and Owners Conference in Red Deer in January. Besides all the mule and donkey information, and our calendar of events for 2011, I hope to give you an update on Babou. Meanwhile may you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends and of course with your beloved equines, be they donkeys, mules, horses or all! • 55

Cory’s Quest! Cory Anthony, husband of British Columbia Endurance rider, Brandi, is embarking on an amazing and zany journey! Even though Brandi is heavily involved with horses and receives endless support from Cory, he doesn’t even know which end of a halter is up!


o with this in mind, consider his quest! Cory has set a goal of competing in his first Endurance ride in May 2011, (50 miles!), in the hills of Rock Creek, BC. Between now and May, Cory has to learn to RIDE, and then learn how to ride FAR! There is an added challenge, which will mean that we are going to ‘lose’ some of Cory (but hopefully none of his boundless energy promoting our sport!). Cory has set a second goal of losing 75 pounds before the big ride day in May! Please help urge Cory on! Support his loft y goals by make a pledge: dollars per pound of weight lost. This ERABC Club fundraiser will go to support the many activities and programs of ERABC and its members. If anyone is interested in supporting Cory for his extraordinary quest of losing a whole lot of pounds, the pledge sheet can be found on the website on the Events page he has set up, as described below. No payment of the pledged amount is required until the Rock Creek ride. Things are going to get very interesting leading up to and at that ride!

In Cory’s own words… “Good Morning, My Friends! I am sure many of you have heard by now my big mouth partnered with some liquid encouragement has put me into the proverbial hot seat AGAIN! The promise I made in hopes to create a few extra bucks for the Club at the AGM now has me riding the 50 at (Rock Creek Round Up) on an anniversary gift from my wife named “Sexy Rexy.” Yes, he is a horse not a quad or any other motorized type vehicle - “I wish”! For some 50 miles may be no biggy - weeelllll 50 miles at 278 pounds is a different story and for those that 56 • Saddle Up • December 2010

know me my Atlas type build is nonexistent; however, it has now become a work in progress. In addition to raising the stakes is my lack of horsemanship. Basically I now learned which side of a halter is up and how to do up a saddle or so I thought a very short time ago.

THE DEAL IS THIS: On Monday November 15th the nuts and bolts of a new fundraising campaign started to take shape and so did the journey of my massive weight loss. I am happy to report this: last week many equine groups, organizations and several members have come forward and have shared “we don’t want you to die - how can we help?” (Thanks, Gail!) LOL Some excitement and potential growth factor for the Club has been the voice of Saddle Up, Endurance News, Endurance Canada which have expressed the willingness to publish a monthly ‘progression’ report (talk about pressure!). My biggest surprise thus far and push of encouragement was a call I received from our friends at Nickers Saddlery; Dana and Mark broke the news on Friday evening that Christmas is coming early and they will be constructing a light weight saddle for super heavyweight riders. I am shocked! Thank you so much, Mark and Dana! Anyway my friends - here we grow

again. We now have an ERABC MEDIA CHANNEL for this and future footage of rides, etc. You can also follow progression on the ERABC EVENTS PAGE at www. - including the mechanics and content of our fundraiser which is open to all public. Any help of exposure you guys/gals/pals could offer would be greatly appreciated. It will be safe to say at this point when all said and done “my loss will be your gain.” “I am going to forget Liposuction instead try lip obstruction!” See ya on the trail! - Cory P.S. Can someone please be so kind to have a chocolate cake with smarties in the icing along with banana custard fi lling between two layers ready at the finish line at Rock Creek - I would soooo much appreciate it…” This initial article will be followed by a monthly progress report! Stay tuned! user/endridebc?feature=mhum

Good Luck Cory -we’re all rootin for ya! HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Endurance Riders Association of BC Did you see us and Grand Champion and Top Ten (BC rides only) Placing Rider name Horse Name Points stop by our booth at the 1 Murray Mackenzie Driftwood High Ransom 845 President -June Melhuish Mane Event in October? The Koszaar 520 2 Terre O’Brennan VP - Ruth Moorby 3 Chris Thomson MS Harrison Bey 395 Endurance Riders Association Secretaryy - Lori Bewza 4 Brian Malkoske Indy 360 of British Columbia joined Treasurer - Lynn Wallden 5 Fred Voglmaier My Dance 345 up with British Columbia 6 Julius Bloomfield KC Kismet 295 Directors: 7 Brandi Anthony RK Sterling Venture 280 Louise Abbott Competitive Trail Riders for 8 Bianca MacKenzie Davine 270 Madeline Bateman a distance riding booth, and 9 Kate Coady Avtar 240 Brenna Mayer the two clubs were able to talk 10 Wyatt/Sandy Laing Jet Streem 205 Elaine Bessuille to many people about our High Mileage Senior (BC rides only) - Murray Mackenzie – 250 miles Terre O’Brennan different but similar disciplines (completed every ride including the 100 mile Rainbow Ride) Karen Ellis Cory Anthony – how to begin, where to get Family Award - the Gutsell family - Melanie and Justin Brenda Miskimmin information, travelling tips, Couple Award - Julius and Toni Bloomfield ride schedules and locations Rookie of the Year- Niels Kuhle for 2011. And it was great to Volunteer of the Year - Cory Anthony have the chance to talk to one another! Many of us ride both styles of distance Overall High Mileage by one rider, any number of horses - Shari McFarlane 655 miles riding, but often due to the location of the events, we end up doing more of one than the other, so it was great to ask questions, swap tack talk and relive ride High Point Junior Top 3 experiences with one another. Justin Gutsell/Ford ERABC has just included the 2011 Ride Schedule on our events web page Terri Lynn Moorby/Atomic and it’s going to be a busy year with Danielle Taylor/R Ciara Cynsation eight rides on the calendar! Here they are! Overall High Mileage Junior - Katya Levermann 320 miles 2011 RIDE NAME MILES LOCATION Limited Distance Mileage Award - Niels Kuhle, Warren LeRoy, Kerri-Jo Sunday, May 22 Rock Creek Romp 12/22/50 Rock Creek Stewart, Anastasia Ivanusic, 102 miles each Saturday, June 11 Golden Ears 22/50 Allco Park, Team Award - Hybrid Hotrods: Murray MacKenzie, Warren Leroy, Grant Maple Ridge Balmer, June Melhuish, Katrin Levermann and Brenda Miskimmin Saturday, July 2 Moulton Creek 30/50/75 Pritchard ERABC Best Condition Award - Lil Schmidt Memorial: Murray Mackenzie – Sunday, July 3 Moulton Creek 30/50 Pritchard riding Drift wood High Ransom TBA July 30/31 Wine Country Wrangler 22/50 Peachland True Grit Award - “Only two emotions belong in the saddle - humour and Saturday, Aug. 20 Skimikin Ride 22/50 Chase patience.” For travelling all the way to the WEG in Kentucky, with a horse ready Saturday, Sept. 3 Anarchist Mountain 12/22/50 South Okanagan to go; being unable to start and digging in to help wherever needed for the team Saturday, Sept. 17 Westbank Rocker 12/22/50 Westbank - Terre O’Brennan and Koszaar Watch the web page for updates and more information. It was a great evening, remembering a great year. Check our website www. Our annual general meeting was held Nov. 13 at the Ramada Inn in for contacts, training and conditioning tips, membership and ride Kamloops. The location was fairly central for our far-flung members, and the entry forms – and join us in 2011! See you on the trails! Ramada met our needs perfectly and with friendly smiles. The board of directors for 2011 is not much changed from 2010 – here it is President: June Melhuish VicePresident: Ruth Moorby Secretary: Lori Bewza Treasurer: Lynn Wallden Directors: Louise Abbott Cory Anthony Madeline Bateman Elaine Bessuille Toni Bloomfield AGM awards Grand Champion Karen Ellis Mane Event ERABC/BCCTR Booth Murray Mackenzie with Madeline Bateman Brenna Mayer Brenda Miskimmin Terre O’Brennan AGM awards After the business of the club was (fi nally!) concluded, six of our most Couple of the Year experienced riders sat as a “panel of experts” for the rest of us, answering our Julius and Toni questions and talking about their experiences. Thanks to you all – it was great! Bloomfield Last but not least, and following a fabulous buffet dinner from the Ramada, the presentation of the 2010 annual awards began. And here they are! AGM awards Generously sponsored by BC Gaming Commission, The Horse Barn True Grit Award (Kamloops), The Paddock (Vernon), Elroy Karius/Gail Jewell – Thanks to you Terre O’Brennan all! Officers & Directors 2011


BC Miniature Horse Club News By Margaret Walmsley


ell the year has wrapped up with a wonderful Annual General Meeting and Banquet at Andre’s in Langley. Everyone had a chance to get together and share stories from the year and enjoy each other’s company before settling in for the winter. Awards were distributed and well received by deserving

Bec Bermudez our new President. High Points for 2010 Yearling stallion 1. Thousand Oaks Sterling Cinnabar Owner: Cherie Kramer 2. Millennium Gamblins Genuine Risk Owner: Laila Wilson Two-year-old stallion 1. Scott Creek Monarch Acclaim Owner: Shirley Bradbury 2. Sidetrack Acres Chance Of Flurries Owner: Melissa Schryvers Senior stallion 1. Lombards Redi Aim Fire Owner: Tony Spina 2. BHF Dynamic Prizm Owner: Joan Cunningham Junior gelding 1. Vista Valleys Son Of A Bay Owner: Joan McNaughton 2. RMS Spectrum Of Colors Owner: Linsay Olson Senior gelding 1. RMS 12 O Clock High Owner: Deb Olson and Tony Stricker 2. Freedom Hill Farms Lads Hustler Owner: Denise & Ed Watson Weanling mare 1. TJ Belle Of The Ball Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand 2. Sunnyvales Reds Red Rose Owner: Heather & John Ward Yearling mare 1. Sunnyvale Makers Sunshine Owner: Heather and John Ward

exhibitors. A new president, Bec Bermudez, was elected and the rest of the officers stayed on to work another year under her guidance. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. -Margaret 604-856-1419 or

2. RMS Remingtons Crystal Blue Owner: Deb Olson and Tony Stricker Two-year-old mares 1. Enchanted Acres April Breeze Owner: Herman and Teri VandenBroek 2. TJ Miss Independence Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand Senior mare 1. Star Valleys All Dolled Up Owner: Herman and Teri VandenBroek 2. TJ Dandy Miss Daisy SE Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand Solid colour 1. Sunnyvale Makers Sunshine Owner: Heather and John Ward 2. Thousand Oaks Sterlings Cinnabar Owner: Cherie Kramer Multicolour 1. UMS Bit Of Magenta Owner: Vicki Schulz 2. Sidetrack Acres Chance Of Flurries Owner: Melissa Schryvers Driving horse 1. RMS 12 O Clock High Owner: Deb Olson and Tony Stricker 2. TJ Dandy Miss Daisy SE Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand Performance horse 1. Marquis TJ Happy Extrahopper Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand 2. RMS 12 O Clock High Owner: Deb Olson and Tony Stricker Hunter/jumper 1. Marquis TJ Happy Extrahopper Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand 2. TJ Dandy Miss Daisy SE Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand Amateur/horse team 1. RMS 12 O Clock High and Deb Owner: Deb Olson and Tony Stricker 2. Rocky Mountains Resolve and Dianne Owner: Dianne McVey

Amateur driving 1. RMS 12 O Clock High, Deb Owner: Deb Olson and Tony Stricker 2. Hawthorne Hills Dunkeld, Ed Owner: Ed and Denise Watson Amateur performance 1. Saxon Mount Little John, Jason Owner: Margaret and Jason Walmsley 1. Rocky Mountains Resolve, Dianne Owner: Dianne McVey 2. Lil Paint Jiggers Jangle Owner: Cherie Kramer Youth 7 and under 1. Grace Kennedy 2. Colton Bradbury Youth 8 to 12 yrs 1. Sunny Balshaw 2. Georgia McManus Youth 13 to 18 yrs 1. Alyssa Kennedy 2. Kirsten Kernachan Overall High Point Youth 1. Alyssa Kennedy 2. Sunny Balshaw Overall High Point Horse 1. RMS 12 O Clock High Owner: Deb Olson and Tony Stricker 2. TJ Dandy Miss Daisy SE Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand 2010 Foal of the Year 1. TJ Belle Of The Ball Owner: Tina Harrison and Taylor Hildebrand CDE training level 1. Thunderhawks Shadow Owner: Tammy and Richard Aucklund 2. Nelson Owner: Shirley Bradbury

Okanagan Miniature Horse Club By Patricia Goodliffe


s the old year diminishes and the New Year, full of promise rises on the horizon, our thoughts may turn to the months past. Be they triumphs or disappointments, “there is always next year.” Consider how lucky and privileged we are to have these little horses in our lives. Take a bit of extra time and take them for a walk or do nothing but hang out together for a few minutes. Sometimes in the off season we tend to their physical 58 • Saddle Up • December 2010

needs but hurry the together time. Check under their thick coat for body condition and give them an extra hug. Now is the time to repair, replace and clean equipment in preparation for the next year. Maybe, you want a special brow band or a blanket for your little buddy. Save your loonies and toonies. It makes the anticipation of acquiring something new, extra special.

Our Awards night was held November 20th at the White Spot in Vernon. Congratulations to all the winners. It’s a big commitment to participate. The results will be in an upcoming issue. In closing, may I say “May the beauty and magic of the season be with you and your families, friends and acquaintences, old and new.”


Oliver Riding Club Update By Kathy Malmberg


adly, we have to accept the fact that the best riding weather has gone the way of the sun. Standard time has happened which makes it impossible to ride after work, so I guess it’s time to get caught up on cleaning the tack and the tack room! We had our last riding event of the year - our ‘Hallowe’en Spooktakular’. Once again, our amazing events planners and our executive did a great job organizing the day. The costumes were over the top and the decorations (thanks to Dawn at the D Bar K) were really incredible. The games were a lot of fun and we learned why we have asked for qualified first-aiders. One of the participant’s horse took exception to the Pony Express Race and “high-tailed” it outta there after his rider made a rather spectacular dismount. Needless to say, she is fine and back in the saddle.

This wraps up the riding events for the 2010 season. The club exec and planners are so pleased with the participation in all of the clinics and events. Let’s keep it rolling - be sure to come out to the meetings and bring your ideas! More help is always welcomed and encouraged. Our focus is always on FUN and participation for all. Our Fall clean-up went well; many hands... and all that. The trailer is battened down and the jumps and rails are under cover for the winter. We will be having our AGM in November and our Christmas party in early December. I, for one, am looking forward to Ken’s “Spring Tune-up” in April. If anyone out there would like to join us, here are a couple of phone numbers: Debbie (President) 250-498-4326 or Margie (Membership) 250-498-4579

Verla Strawn on ‘Sky’ (the elephant) won first prize adult. On right is Linda Venables on “Pez”

Elsen DenBoer with Penny.

Kelowna Riding Club News By Ashton Wiklund


s previously mentioned in last month’s column, in honour of Carol Schellenberg, the KRC is handing out the first Carol Schellenberg Sportsmanship Award. This award has been created to honour those who have displayed incredible sportsmanship to other members of the KRC in the equestrian sport. This award will be presented to those individuals who exhibit, through their actions and words, the spirit of Sportsmanship. In the name of fostering good will towards others in our industry we will be presenting this award at the AGM and Christmas gathering on November 26th. Although there may some cold weather separating us from the next show season, KRC is looking forward to spring and has already set its date for the KRC Spring Dressage show as April 23rd – 24th and April 27th - May 1st for the Spring Hunter Jumper Show. KRC HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

is also excited to announce that Hilda Gurney, a recognized judge and dressage trainer, will be judging at the Spring Dressage Show. As a 3 time participant in the Olympic Games and as well as a US representative for 9 Pan American Games Hilda is recognized as a “pioneer” of the sport of dressage. In 1984 Hilda was part of the first ever US time to win a medal at the Olympics, and did so on her Thoroughbred “Keen” who was originally purchased for $1,000. KRC wishes everyone a safe and hopefully not too chilly winter, and hopes to see everyone back on the grounds soon!

The Sportsmanship Award ceremony

Hilda Gurney

Carol Schellenberg • 59

BC Sporthorse-Sportpony By Ulli Dargel


C Sporthorse-Sportpony Breeders Group would like to extend a big thank you to all those that attended and supported our 4th Annual BC Sporthorse Fall Classic held at the Cloverdale Agriplex September 24-26. Our judges, Julie Winkel, Reno, NV and Dalene Paine, Vancouver Island were impressed with the quality of horses/ponies presented to them, as well as the attention to detail shown to them by our group. Teresa Longsworth deserves big recognition for putting on another exciting Stallion Showcase promoting our BC Stallions, followed by refreshments in the Stallion Tent - “This was even better than last year.” Thank you Teresa. The evening continued with our four Prestigious Cup Classes. Our Show Committee extends their THANKS to our volunteers, sponsors, competitors who made this event a success and we are always grateful to our sponsors for their support. Planning for our 2011 show season is already underway. Summer Show date and judge have been confirmed. Please check our website for show results, photos and upcoming events. Placings: Grand Champion Dressage Type: Dreammaster (Dimaggio x Daisy Dee Elite x Dream of Glory) Owner: Dreamcatcher Meadows. Grand Champion Hunter-Type: London (Lance T x Carouselle x Electro) Owner: Darlene York Grand Champion Sport Pony: Crossrails Show & Tell, Owner: Crossrail Farm Grand Champion Coloured Sport-Horse: Bravo Z (Braveheart x Lou Lou Bell x Zodiak) Owner: October Farm Grand Champion Thoroughbred: Callie (Feu d’Enfer x Alderizer x Solarizer) Owner: Shelley Coppendale

Bravia - (Braveheart x I Be Dutch) Owner: Josephine de Freitas Grand Champion Sport Pony - Crossrails Show & Tell - Owner Crossrail Farm Farpoint Farms Trophy: Nautical Kat (Snowbound Paisley x Jacksonport Serina x Jacksonport) Owner: Derby Reach Farm B.C. Legacy Trophy: Bravia (Braveheart x I Be Dutch) Owner: Josephine De Freitas Inez Propfé-Credo Trophy: Bravega (Braveheart x Lou Lou Bell x Zodiak) Owner: October Farm Joy Richardson Trophy: London (Lance T x Carouselle x Electro) Owner: Darlene York Dr. John Gilray Memorial Cup: London (Lance T x Carouselle x Electro) Owner: Darlene York Hi-Point Performance winners were: Youth 13 Years and Under: Allissa Tubbs on Lavender Hill; Junior 14 to 18 years: Brianna Frewin on Absolut; Amateur Rider: Melissa Johnson on Forget-Me-Not; Junior Horse: Angel Robson on Bravo Z; Open Horse: Judy Hale on Diamond Lucille; Open Pony: Allissa Tubbs on Crossrails Show & Tell, Canadian Horse: Chantelle Belanger on Halcyon Prospero Sebastian, Coloured Horse: Carol Payne on Benjamin Franklin. Aramis Memorial Trophy: Krista Pfaff on Ace of Diamonds

Otto a 2004 Dutch Friesian Star Stallion (Sibald x Roaske x Tsjerk) receiving a bouquet of carrots following his demonstration at our Stallion Show Case.

Callie (Feu d’Enfer x Alderizer x Solarizer) Owner Shelley Coppendale.

Git ‘Er Done! Gymkhana Club By Bev Hall


n November 30th in Pritchard, we had 30 Qualifiers for the 2010 season!! And what a line up of prizes. Of course the big one was the saddle

Awards group – 2010 qualifiers

60 • Saddle Up • December 2010

which was up for grabs with the qualifiers competing to first place in each of the divisions then their names went into a draw and the lucky winner was Tricia Hall. Tricia has been saving up for a much needed new saddle and with her recent birthday rake in she was nearly there. Well to her and everyone else’s surprise her name was drawn. When asked what she was going to do with her saved up money she stated with a smile, “I’m going to save up for a dirt bike.” Her Mother is thinking of returning the saddle. Most improved horse and rider - Tricia and Cutie Bar (Mac) Most entertainment provided – Joe Wodyga Best buck off - Lauren

Loudest rider during a run and one of the most fun and encouraging – Kelly Mezzatesta Best helper – Ted Dickens Broken Leg award – Jackson Guynn Fastest barrel runs of 2010 1st 18.470 Mary Ann 2nd - 18.697 Danielle Hall 3rd - 18.700 Jeanie Van Den Ham 4th - 19.002 Bev Hall Leadline HP Justin Mitchell RHP Camryn Mitchell Pee Wee HP Tricia Hall RHP - Kaytlynn Harding 3 - Taylor Park 4- Coralee Mitchell Juniors 1D HP – Danielle Hall RHP Cayleigh Cote 3 - Alana Goldney


Kelowna Gymkhana Club Banquet By Kayla Stromsten Photos by Candid Apple Photography & Design,


ow! What a spectacular year! I would first like to thank Amanda Blamire for all her hard work as President this year; we really could not have done it without you! We had seven successful shows this year. The banquet was attended by 88 people that filled up our club house quite fast, thanks for all the good food, and laughs! Congratulations everyone on the amazing year! We could not have done it without our volunteers! Liz Gibbs Heather Bransfeild Jenny Lamberton Gord Wright Dick Lamberton Raija McLean Amy Russo Kayla Stromsten Mike Gosselin Executive: Linda Lamberton Jim Hinchliffe Tarja McLean Brooke Halldorsen Amanda Blamire First Aid: Sue Blacklock Debbie Wright Most Improved: Jade Schleppe Most Sportsmanlike (Rod McMillan Memorial Award): Kelly MacMillan

Senior: 1st HP winner was Amanda Blamire on Lightning 2nd Janine Blacklock on Seven 3rd Jade Schleppe on Roxy 4th Brooke Halldorsen on Pepper 5th Tarja Mclean on JLO Masters: 1st HP winner was Donna Hinchliffe on Tellee 2nd Liz Gibbs on Patch 3rd Linda Lamberton on Ali 4th Sue Blacklock on Bear 5th Debbie Wright on Lily Fastest Times of the year: Flags - Kelly Macmillan on Jo 13.779 Keyhole - Liz Gibbs on Patch 7.043 Barrels - Janine Blacklock on Seven 17.346 Stakes - Jessie Tarr on Chanook 16.380 Pole Bending - Janine Blacklock 22.282

Results: Peewee: 1st HP winner was Bobbie Jo Macmillan on Rusty 2nd Steven Robson on Connie and Shinga 3rd Parker McLean on Chicky 4th Dalyce Russo on Spring 5th Paivi McLean on Mikey Junior: 1st HP winner was Karly Roth on Niska 2nd Raija McLean on Willow 3rd Kathleen Egeland on Suzy 4th Emily Allen on Shiloh 5th Ashley Robson on Shinga Youth: 1st HP winner was Jesse Tarr on Chanook 2nd Amy Russo on Mya 3rd Kayla Stromsten on Skittles 4th Kristen Bransfield on Tiki 5th Emma Klassen on Red

Highpoint winner Amanda Blamire with presenter Linda Lamberton.

Masters Highpoint winner Donna Hinchliffe.

Peewee Highpoint winner Bobbie-Jo MacMillan.

Junior Highpoint winner Karly Roth

Youth Highpoint winner Jesse Tarr. Rod McMillan Memorial Sportsmanship award winner Kelly MacMillan with presenter Debbie Wright and Amanda Blamire.

Git ‘Er Done!, cont’d 4 - Katie Lansdall Junior 2D HP - Morgan Wright RHP Jessica Soppitt 3 - Keanna Towle Adults 1D HP - Jeanie VanDenHam RHP Bev Hall 3 Joe Wodyga 4 Tamara Tuyttens Adults 2D HP Kelly Mezzatesta RHP Krysta Pitman Adults 3D HP Cathy Dickens RHP Cathy Arnouse Adults 4D HP Norma Mitchell RHP Camilla Williams 3 Molly Routledge

30 qualified for year end in total. 2 leadlines, 7 pee wees, 8 juniors, and 13 adults

Thank you to all the volunteers and members. We had a fantastic year and look forward to 2011. See you in January for our annual elections and general planning meeting.


Peewee HP – Tricia Hall

High points – Norma Mitchell, Danielle Hall, Tricia Hall, Cathy Dickens, Kelly Mezzatesta, Morgan Wright

Leadline – Camryn & Justin Mitchell • 61

Delta Riding Club YEAR END AWARDS CELEBRATE A MEMORABLE YEAR AT DRC! Tri-umphant! For the third consecutive year, Devon Smith and SW Roxy Barlink have taken the Delta Riding Club’s top honour and were named the 2010 Aggregate Champions during the club’s annual awards celebration, November 13. Devon wore a path to the podium during the year end presentations, winning more than her share of class awards in addition to overall championships in English, Equitation, Trail, Western and the coveted Buster Bojo Brown versatility award. They amassed a staggering 300 points at four shows this season to retain their aggregate title, a personal best for the 16 year old and her seven-year-old Paint mare. Their overall success also made them a shoe-in for the BC Paint Horse Club-sponsored award as top Paint at DRC this past year. Reserve aggregate honours went to Taylor Dhaliwal and Timber Melody SHS. Taylor was genuinely surprised at her overall success when she was also called to the podium several times. The team proved to be formidable challengers to Devon and Roxy, winning reserve championships in both English and Equitation. Taylor also won the 2’6” hunter division championship. Twelve-year-old Lauren Proudlove and Fall ‘En Rain finished their first season together with a huge win. They handily took the Walk/Trot championship. They will be graduating to walk/trot/canter classes next year and no doubt will continue their winning ways. Megan Kenney had more than a few reasons to celebrate last month. Not only did she successfully complete her HCBC Level 1 coaching exam in early November, her success this year on Hylee’s Liza resulted in a DRC Hunter championship, edging out coach and mentor Alicia Harper on Just Time Travellin’ who took reserve. Megan also won top honours in two hunter divisions. Pam White rode Cavalier to the Dressage championship, edging out Kahlua Cream and Keya Milaire by less than one percent! Keya competes in open competition as well, and took home several class awards, as well as reserve overall Western. Her sister, Skye, rode Date A Skipper to the reserve championship in Trail/Handy Horse, sponsored by K&L Ranch 62 • Saddle Up • December 2010

(Lloyd, Karen and Marianne Warland). You don’t have to compete to be recognized at year end by Delta Riding Club. The club’s Members Choice awards honour volunteers and exhibitors alike for their good deeds throughout the year. To that end, Cathy Glover was voted “Most Enthusiastic,” no doubt a result of her obsession with the clubhouse reno this past year. As a favour to a friend, Diane Moon donned her oilskin and took on whipper in duties at most (if not all) of the shows this year, rain or shine. The club rewarded her with its “Special Appreciation” award. Club president and ring steward Bruce Walker earned the Wayne Schiewe Memorial award, in recognition of the special encouragement Bruce always extends to our youth riders. It was presented by Wayne’s wife, Sheila Forsyth. Their daughter, Megan Schiewe, returned to the show ring this year with her new two year old Pinto gelding, and was honoured with the Horse on Course “Horsemanship” award for always putting her four-legged friend first! First year member Tamara Jameson, who fared well in Showmanship and Halter classes with Super Miss Lucy, won the Members’ Choice award for Sportsmanship. The potluck supper was a last minute sell-out as over 65 members and supporters came out to celebrate a memorable year. Francie Shuttleworth surprised everyone with her table décor – six lucky guests took home Siamese fighting fish! Four Seasons Equestrian Centre (Marilyn and Tara Pay) won our Silent Auction Challenge becoming the first DRC sponsor of the new year, and Troy Nagel of DivineEye Productions entertained everyone with a slide show that garnered more than a few belly laughs! At the club’s annual meeting earlier in the week, the board welcomed two new members, Lynne Carter (of QH fame) and Tamara Jameson. Bruce Walker, Cathy Glover and Cindy Mackay retained their executive positions (Pres, Vice and Treasurer respectively) by acclamation, Julie Crouch is looking forward to her second year as a director and long time board members Francie Shuttleworth and Sheila Forsyth join perennial past-president Marg Brodie to round out the table.

Lauren Proudlove and Bruce Walker.

Devon Smith and Bruce Walker.

Taylor Dhaliwal and Bruce Walker.

For more information on Delta Riding Club, go to


The Back Country Horsemen of BC Story by Gene Peters of Yarrow Chapter, Photos by Kelly Hawes BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE President: Jonathan Driesen, - 604 864-0730 Vice President: Rose Schroeder, - 604-854-1245 Vice President: Jack Breaks, Webmaster, - 604 856 7786 Vice President: John King, - 250-338-6789 Recording Secretary: Susan Shumey, - 604 856-1396 Treasurer: Sharon Pickthorne, - 250-337-1818 Past President: Gord MacKenzie, - 250 679-3999 Work Bee Coordinator: Ian Compton, - 250-337-8720 Joint Trail & Access (Horse Council): Rose Schroeder, - 604 854-1245 Horse Council Director: Isabel Pritchard, - 250 764-4533 Education: Mary Huntington, - 604-988-8442

Whitworth Horse Camp Mother’s Day weekend was to be our first campout of the season so the mother, Kelly, got to choose the location. Last year, before I entered the picture, she went to Whitworth and enjoyed it so much she chose it again. I’d been there years ago and remembered nice trails so I tried to forget the few miles of washboard road and the mosquito welcoming committee. May is before mosquito season anyway and if you’re driving Kelly’s dad’s truck, pulling Kelly’s trailer loaded with Kelly’s horses and going fast enough to smooth the bumps there are no downsides to this excellent camp. The first few kilometres of the Silver Skagit Rd. were very smooth so we were quite pleased to have timed our visit after recent grading. Not quite. The back country end of the road lived up to its reputation and had some washboard and potholes to contend with. I’ve already revealed my coping strategy in the opening paragraphs so the only thing slowing us down was occasionally waiting for Ed and Donna to catch up. At camp, everyone was setting up in their chosen sites and getting dinner over with so the relaxing could begin. We had brought some half-decent firewood with us so our fire drew in the crowds for the first evening. We discussed the excellent facilities, drive-through sites for big rigs, two pipe paddocks and highline poles at each of 11 camp sites. Clean outhouses not too far away and potable water centrally located. Then we pondered which way to ride in the morning and pretty much decided it didn’t matter because we’d ride the other way on Sunday. Saturday morning saw us all up and about, ready to ride at about 10. We had chosen the Centennial Trail heading back toward Hope for our first ride. It is a nice, mostly level, beautiful trail through the forest. If we had come a week later, after the Aldergrove Back Country chapter had their annual work bee, it would be nicely groomed. Instead we had to step over a few logs or go around some inconveniently high ones or, worst case scenario, get out our pocket saws. This trail goes on further than you can get in a day so your ride can be as long as you want to make it. John and Maude turned back


after our lunch break so they could get a nice fire going for the rest of us when we got back. The rest of us went on for another hour or so before heading back to see how the fire was coming along. It was a beauty and kept us all warm on the outside at least. Liquid fire brought some to a boil on the inside as well and stories and lies bubbled freely to the top as a result, as usual. Sunday morning was another perfect day and by 10 a.m. everyone was mounted up and ready to go. John took the lead and after we toured Whitworth meadow we went a short way down an old track heading south out of the meadow. I led the revolt when it got too thick and we all doubled back and started toward our actual ride for the day. The Skyline II trail is a continuation of the Centennial Trail. If you are a hiker you can take it all the way through to Manning Park and beyond. Horses are allowed only to “the height of land” according to the sign. To get to the height of land requires climbing and that is what this trail does. But it’s mostly gradual and winds its way through a beautiful old growth forest. About an hour and a half in we came across a sign informing us we were entering Manning Park. Not long after that there was good-sized creek with a 20-foot-long bridge over it. The bridge was good but on the far side the creek had over flowed at some point and eroded the bank and part of the trail so now there was about a four-foot drop to get off the bridge. We had all left our Olympic jumping horses at home so we decided not to go on. Heading back we got a few views of Ross Lake or at least the mud left behind when the lake is low, as it was. The level is controlled by the Ross Lake Dam for power generating purposes on the American side of the border. All too soon we were back in camp with nothing left to do but pack up and go home. It was a perfect weekend and I thought even the road was smoother on the way out, but maybe I was just going the right speed. • 63

BC Competitive Trail News By Myrna Thompson


he first Competitive Trail Ride in the Okanagan, since 1998, was held in West Kelowna, at the Westbank Cross-country SkiTelemark Site, on Sept. 24 to 25, 2010. Nineteen riders enjoyed a day of riding trails; various speeds and three different levels. Twenty volunteers participated to make this event possible, and were very, much appreciated. It is great to see enthusiasm and desire in everyone helping, with the added benefit for them to learn a great deal about care and handling of long-distance horses. Eager newbie Pulse and Respiration volunteers were educated and mentored by Leo Langlet, long-time Pulse Crew Manager, who directed and taught them thoroughly. BCCTRA is forever looking for volunteers, riders and new members. Our thorough veterinarian, Sarah Greenwood, judged 19 starters, out of 21 entries. What a great job she did! Two weeks of daily rain opened up to a beautiful ride day, warm and sunny. Unfortunately, trail timing was difficult, due to uncertain terrain conditions. Erring on the side of caution, trail loops and timing changed ride morning, logistically, not fun for a newbie ride manager, me! On the positive side, we had no lost riders, and no injuries on the day. The only thing that broke, was a rider’s stirrup at midpoint, fortunately saved by another’s spare saddle. The day ended with awards and a great potluck dinner. It was a great way to the end the BCCTRA ride calendar. If enough volunteers will commit, a ride will be held next year in July, at the McCullough Nordic Site, near Kelowna. Check out www. for 2011 schedule, including, competition, schooling and pleasure rides. Thank you to all the volunteers! What a great bunch. Special thanks to Greenhawk Equine Supply, Super 8, Kelowna City Hall, ERABC, HCBC, and CORD for their generous donations. Sunset (Westbank) CTR Ride Manager: Myrna Thompson Trail Manager: Leisa Hlushkov Veterinarian: Sarah Greenwood Rider Sabrina Dakota Morgan Ann Debbie Doug Karen Kathy Joni Diane Teri Lynn Nicola Joanne Nicole Lori Elisa Phyllis Nellie Laureen

Last Name Horse Trapalandos Crown Fuergutz Prince Hartley Recco Tilstra Spring In Paris Culver Uptown Girl Powell Chimo Carr Blossum Parlee Auzzie McMillan Whiskey Dewitt Daisy of Cambie Prinsen Zinfandel Macho Moorby Rasel Romance Maughn Bart Macaluso Cinco Vaugeois El Nino Bewza Taj Marocchi Scratch Madge Rhythm Bey Roukema Harrison Styles Slow Dancer Dan

Breed 1/2 Arab Arab Appie Arab AQHA Bashkir Curly Grade Grade Arab AQHA Arab Grade Arab grade Arab Grade Arab Arab AQHA

Length Level Wt 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3 23.3

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Jr Jr Jr L h h h h l h Jr L l l l l l h h

Score 297 292 232 DNF 296 293.5 290 288 291.5 295 294 300 293 292.5 291 290 DQ 294 290

* *

* * * * * * *


Nicola Maughn: Bart - best conditioned horse Level 3 Sabrina Fuergutz: Traplandas Crown Prince best conditioned Junior horse Diane Prinsen: Daisy of Cambie best conditioned Level 2 horse

64 • Saddle Up • December 2010


Pine Tree Riding Club Kamloops, B C Newsletter contact: Bert, Club contact: Jodi Daburger 250-675-4588


e had a fantastic turnout for our year-end awards banquet, held at the Barnhartvale Hall on Nov. 6. The hall looked terrific! We brought out some of the “vintage” decorations that had been made by club members in previous years, and hope everyone had a chance to look through some of the old club photo albums and the names on some of the original club trophies. We are aiming to bring back some of those high point trophies next year. This year we managed to bring back two of the original club trophies, Sportsmanship and Most Improved Rider. A huge thank-you to all who helped with the banquet and awards, it was a real group effort! In this issue of SaddleUp we are posting the names of our award recipients, and in the next issue we will have a huge thank-you to all our club sponsors... there were so many this year that made such a difference to our club. Please remember to support those sponsors who so generously support our club. To qualify for year-end awards riders must show in three of the four annual playdays. Small Fry and Leadline Champions: Dalton Fink Eric Crawford Ben Sample Julia Blackford Kelsey Voss Sailor Mayer Taylor Drake Dagen Markel

Beginner Rider: English 1. Ashtynn Rebinsky 2. Braden Daburger Western 1. Cally Sample 2. Ashtyn Rebinsky 3. Haylie Sample 4. Braden Daburger Showmanship 1. Cally Sample 2. (tie) Braden Daburger/Haylie Sample Trail 1. Cally Sample 2. Haylie Sample 3. (tie) Braden Daburger /Ashtynn Rebinsky Junior D English 1. (tie) Ally Crawford/Brodie Daburger 2. Alicia Blackford 3. Bryson Daburger Western 1. Ally Crawford 2. Brodie Daburger 3. Alana Higgins 4. Bryson Daburger Showmanship 1. Ally Crawford 2. (tie) Bryson Daburger/Brodie Daburger/Alana Higgins Trail 1. Ally Crawford 2. Brodie Daburger 3. Bryson Daburger 4. Alana Higgins Junior C English 1. Amanda Daly 2. Megan Daly 3. Katie Miller 4. Cayliegh Cote Western 1. Amanda Daly 2. Megan Daly 3. MacKenna Fink 4. Cayliegh Cote Showmanship 1. Amanda Daly 2. Mackenna Fink 3. Megan Daly Trail 1. Amanda Daly 2. (tie) Megan Daly/Mackenna Fink 3. Cayliegh Cote Junior B English 1. Lexi Kozak 2. Kalli Gatien 3. Judy Wyers 4. Lauren Miller 5. Emily Balfour *Kalli/Judy/Lauren/Emily one point apart! 6. Beth Reed 7. Deseree Jennings Western 1. Emily Balfour 2. No qualifiers Showmanship 1. Emily Balfour 2. Lauren Miller Trail 1. Emily Balfour 2. Deseree Jennings Senior Advanced English 1. Linda Loshuk Western No qualifiers Showmanship No qualifiers


Trail 1. Linda Loshuk Senior Novice English 1. Tracy Reynolds The Higgins and the Rawlings Most Improved Rider Award – Katie Miller Rising Star Award – Playdays - Alicia Blackford Rising Star Award – Gymkhana – Aubree Higgins Members Choice Sportsmanship Award – Lauren Miller Ernie Bourgeouis Memorial Showmanship Award – Amanda Daly Ernie B Runner Up – Emily Balfour Gymkhana Year End Results: Junior D Barrels: 1. Bryson Daburger 2. Braden Daburger 3. Emalee Higgins 4. Cally Sample 5. Elsie Rawlings 6. Aubree Higgins Poles: 1. Bryson Daburger 2. Braden Daburger 3. Cally Sample and Emalee Higgins 4. Elsie Rawlings and Aubree Higgins Stakes: 1. Bryson Daburger 2. Emalee Higgins 3. Cally Sample 4. Elsie Rawlings 5. Braden Daburger 6. Aubree Higgins Junior C: Barrels: 1. Brodie Daburger 2. Alanna Higgins Poles: 1. Brodie Daburger 2. Alanna Higgins Stakes 1. Brodie Daburger 2. Alanna Higgins Junior B: Barrels: 1. Mackenna Fink and Cayleigh Cote 2. Sydney Zwack Stakes: 1. Mackenna Fink 2. Sydney Zwack and Cayleigh Cote Poles: 1. Cayleigh Cote 2. Mackenna Fink Junior A: Barrels: 1. Kalli Gatien 2. Beth Reed Stakes: 1. Beth Reed 2. Kalli Gatien Poles: 1. Beth Reed 2. Kalli Gatien Leadline all-around Gymkhana trophy: Ben Sample Brinly Atherton Helena Sculer Jackson Schuler Gage Rawlings Julia Blackford Sophia Gayle Maria Herman

Deseree Jennings

Mackenna Fink and Cayleigh Cote • 65

BC Quarter Horse Association BCQHA, Bag 9000, Suite 129, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1S3 * President: Gordie McEachen, 250-337-5958, Vice President: Carlina Schumann 250-567-4807 AQHA Director: Gayle Pawley-Wilson 604-323-4418, Membership Secretary /Media Liaison: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 Fax 604-806-9052,

Calendar of Events January 18, 2011 - LMQHA AGM @7pm, Fort Langley Lions Hall, 23022 88th Ave, Fort Langley, BC February 6, 2011 – SCQHA AGM February 26, 2011 – BCQHA AGM @11am, Capri Hotel, 1171 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna, BC, Reservations: 1-800-716-6199

MEMBERSHIP It’s time to RENEW your memberships! Forms can be downloaded at Questions? Contact Lynne at palomino2@hotmail. com

Spotlight On – Yelaina May, Roberts Creek, BC Yelaina started to ride as many young girls do when she got her first pony “Annie” for her 6th birthday. She enjoyed learning to ride on both the trails and at local shows. By the time she was 10 she had her first American Quarter Horse “Tippy Toeing” and began showing throughout BC on the Quarter Horse circuit. In 2007 she found what turned out to be that special horse for her, Hez Talk Of The Town (aka Rocky). Rocky had only been shown in Hunter under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation and Showmanship but over the last few years Yelaina spent a lot of time working on multiple classes with him and he has now become a solid All Around horse competing very successfully in 9 classes. Yelaina along with her 2 younger sisters (Devon and Tessa) attend as many AQHA shows as they can throughout the year in both Canada and the US. Although Yelaina has mainly kept her horses at home on the family farm, Northwest Quarters in Roberts Creek BC, she has had the privilege to work with some very knowledgeable Quarter Horse trainers along the way and has had a very successful youth career. In her last year of youth Yelaina started to show in some open classes in preparation for her next step, showing as an Amateur. Some of the highlights of her final years showing youth were as follows - Member of the 2008 Canadian AQHA Youth World Cup Team

66 • Saddle Up • December 2010

- 2009 Canadian National All Around 14-18 Youth Champion and Multiple National Champion buckle winner - 2009 Regional Champion buckle winner in 6 events - Qualified for both Youth and Open AQHA world shows - 21 All Around Championships and 19 Reserve All Around Championships - BCQHA 2009 All Around Gelding In her final show as a youth Yelaina and Rocky received their AQHA Youth Championship award. Yelaina is currently attending UBCO University in Kelowna and had a very successful start to her Amateur Career this past summer winning 3 Amateur Regional Championship buckles. She is grateful for what horses and horse showing have taught her along the way and hopes to stay involved in the industry for years to come.

AQHA Director – Gayle Pawley-Wilson The 2011 AQHA Annual Convention will be held on March 4-7 in Grapevine, Texas. The Gaylord Texan will be the host hotel. Sunday, March 6, Texas farm tour: Six Texas ranches will be visited, including Green Valley, Valor Farm, JEH Stallion Station and JEH Equine Reproduction Specialists, Carol Rose Quarter Horses and Main River Quarter Horses. The all-day tour will allow visitors to see these worldrenowned reining, cutting, racing and breeding facilities. Tickets are $50 and must be purchased in advance.

RULE CHANGE PROPOSALS FOR AQHA CONVENTION AQHA members have until December 31, 2010 to submit items for the Convention. The AQHA Standing Committees will review these in March 2011. Please download and complete the rule change proposal form. There are two versions of the form for your convenience: Word version | PDF version Once you’ve completed the form, please return it via email to or mail to: AQHA ATTN: (Committee Name) P.O. Box 200 Amarillo, Texas 79168 The CQHA Annual General Meeting will take place Jan 31, 2011 along with the Equine Canada Annual Convention in Ottawa, Ontario. Host Hotel will be the Lord Elgin. For more information please visit and A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


BC Paint Horse Club - Colour Your World - Own A Paint Pres Colleen Schellenberg 604 534-8287 VP vacant Sec Mary Ratz 604-639-0212 Treas Dianne Rouse 604 530-3366 Past Pres. Louise Bruce 604-530-8310 APHADirector (BC & Alaska) Jodie Moore 604-532-9305 Alt Andrea Aitken 250 498-2240 APHA 817 834-2742


Jen King, Kirsten Chamberland, Alina Bosa, Emma Schellenberg, Jan Myren

s 2010 comes to a close, I would like to sincerely thank every one of the 2010 membership for your continued support and interest in the success of the BC Paint Horse Club. We have many long-time members who keep our club very much alive and committed; you are in every corner of the province. This year the club was able to honour APHA exhibitors who rode at show events in Summerland, Dawson Creek, Smithers, Mission, Ladner/Delta and Monroe Washington (combined BCPHC show-open classes). There are several members who compete in many diverse disciplines and the board of directors would very much like to hear from you in order to share your news with our readers. Members Kelly Allen and Ron Stolp were featured in Paint Horse Journal, November issue, for their accomplishments in the hunter-jumper ring this year. And stay posted for December’s issue of Paint Horse Journal; you should once again see another BCPHC member featured. I won’t spoil the surprise! As we wind up the year with our AGM and new committee being elected Nov. 27, we will turn our focus toward planning the year-end banquet to honour this year’s high point winners. Our high point list can be found on the website now and details for the location and date, either mid-January or early February, soon to follow. As in the past donations for the silent auction and the infamous “Balloon Surprise Pop” finally will be appreciated. This year four of our youth members participated in the Horsemanship Clinic coached by Robin Gollehon of Kentucky at the Mane Event. Devon Smith and Emma Schellenberg proudly showed their horses in the “Natural Mechanics of the Horse” session while Kirsten and Emilee Chamberland took their horses through the paces in the “Fine Tuning the Western Pleasure Horse” session. BCPHC would like to thank our APHA rep Jodie Moore for suggesting this fabulous opportunity to show our coloured horses to all the exhibitors that pass through this trade show. As well, a big thank-you to BCPHC for the financial support to promote awareness for the breed at this well attended equine event in Chilliwack. NWCC high point standings: follow the link from www.bcphc. com to see the year-end standings for Zone 1. Here you will find six youth members who have been rewarded for their hard work and dedication in the top five placings in several categories; both 13 and under and 14-18. The NWCC and Zone 1 meetings take place Dec. 4 and 5 in Hood River, OR. As soon as minutes and reports are posted from these meetings they will be published. The NWCC banquet is planned for Jan. 29, 2011, location to be announced. Lastly, all of us here in B.C. take great pleasure in announcing the results of our amateur member, Dianne Rouse, on her recent HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

successes at the APHA World Show held in Fort Worth, TX, Nov. 4 to 13, 2010. With her horse, Chansation, sired by the Big Sensation and out of Artful Girl, she was the Reserve World Champion in Masters Amateur Junior Western Pleasure. We are all so proud and send our congratulations your way Dianne! Chansation also placed fi ft h, ridden by trainer Kip Larson, in three-year-old WP. With rider Karen Qualls of California, Chansation placed in the top five in both HUS and HUS Challenge. Great accomplishments for such a young horse! Ima Special Delivery was also third in Senior Trail at the World Show with Sara Beth Simons!

Emma Schellenberg, Roger Saur

Jan Myren

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone! Stay safe and warm and keep your four-legged friends cozy! Looking forward to another successful year for all of you in 2011! -Submitted by Colleen Schellenberg, BCPHC president

Alina Bose and Emma Schellenberg • 67

BC Interior Arabian Horse Association BC Interior Arabian Horse Association President / Encampment Chair: Wally Goertz Ph/Fax: 250-546-6004 Vice-President: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145 Secretary / Webpage Editor: Sean Newton 250-546-8088 Treasurer / Membership: Dani Goldenthal Ph/Fax :250-832-4111 Flying Carpet: Alysha Bartlett 778-754-0066 Youth: Breen Johnson 250-832-9122 and/or Cheryl Johnson Recreational Riding Program: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145


ope everyone is done their Christmas shopping for their two- and four-legged families! The Debbie Storey clinic held Oct. 30/31 at Asmara Arabians was very well received and the clinic organizers are looking at booking her again for April, 2011. These are all breed clinics that are focused on the partnership between amateur riders of all skill levels and their horses. Please contact Karel Nordstrom if you have any questions about participating in a clinic. Karel: ktnord@ or 250-546-0098. BCIAHA would like to thank all those who came to our annual general meeting. Special thanks go to Wally and Sheila Goertz of Asmara Arabians for hosting. We have scheduled a One Day Open Show on May 29, 2011, at the IPE Fair Grounds. Judge TBA. The prize list will be posted on our website www.bciaha. com when it is available. Thank you to all who were able to come to our annual Christmas banquet and year-end awards on Nov. 20. It was so nice to catch up with our fellow Arabian lovers over a wonderful meal. Results for the Year-end High Point: Purebred Champion: Cori Wilson and Shy Gayfeen++++// Purebred Reserve Champion: Faye Fox and Zorro Amir Partbred Champion: Sheila and Wally Goertz and Bright City Lights Partbred Reserve Champion: Sara Embury and RB Sweet Revenge Partbred Top 5: Cori Wilson and Camera Shy Partbred Top 5: Cori Wilson and Chattanooga Shoe Shyne Boy Partbred Top 5: Robert and Yvette Mawson and Josapheen Youth Champion: Cassie Bosworth Youth Reserve Champion: Alyssa Johnson Youth Top 5: Flynn Johnson Youth Top 5: Stephanie Goldenthal Youth Top 5: Adam Fox

68 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Recreational riding program: Top honours go to: Joni Goldenthal, Alyssa Johnson and Flynn Johnson Volunteer of the Year award: Yvette Mawson

If I missed anyone please send me your wins. BCIAHA would like to remind everyone with the New Year coming up it is a perfect time to renew your BCIAHA memberships. BCIAHA is not bias to just Arabians so if you are a horse lover looking to connect with other horse lovers in the area please don’t hesitate to contact us. Here is a bit more information about our club and what in entails: The BC Interior Arabian Horse Association represents Arabian horse owners from the North Okanagan/ Shuswap, South Okanagan, Kootenays, Thompson and Nicola Valleys; however AHA or AHYA affi liate memberships are welcomed no matter where you are located. We are also one of the first AHA clubs to host the new Arabian Community Shows within our area… fun, entrylevel shows that are family oriented and affordable. Disciplines from endurance, breed showing, dressage, recreational riding and more are represented by the broad cross-section of our members and BCIAHA strives to offer programs that appeal to each of our members no matter what their interest. Contact: Dani Goldenthal BCIAHA membership includes a subscription to Saddle Up magazine for our Flying Carpet newsletter published monthly, participation in the recreational riding program (if you are in the club’s geographical area, refer to revised RRP rules), reduced rates for clinics, organized rides, the awards banquet and any other special functions put on by the club. Adult: $30/year Youth: $20/year

Volunteer of the Year Yvette Mawson and club president Wally Goertz

With winter now here BCIAHA would like to remind horse owners that with horses having to expend more energy to keep warm you may find you need to up their food intake over these colder months. If your horse is a hard keeper blanketing may be worthwhile. Also remember that your horses will need a constant supply of fresh water and access to shelter from the snow and wind. If you are finding that your horses are constantly walking on “snowballs” try smearing the bottom of their hooves with petroleum jelly. BCIAHA wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year!


BC Cutting Horse Association 2010 Board of Directors President: Kevin Tienkamp 250-546-9156 Vice Pres: Ken Hartley 250-573-2328 Secretary: Lynn Graham 250-374-8882 Directors: Les Timmons Robin Hay Bob Zirnhelt Wendell Stoltzfus Area 20

The BC Cutting Horse Association wishes to express our thanks to the following sponsors of 2010. Saddle Up Magazine BCCHA sign sponsors

GOLD SPONSORS Rod and Marilyn Macdonald Dale and Marilyn Henry Bob and Mary Lynn Zirnhelt Douglas Lake Equipment Quality Structures Ltd. High Kelly Ranch R Magrath Cutting Images RSC Equipment Rentals

SILVER SPONSORS Paton and Martin Vet Clinic Ray Miller Craig and Sandy Cook

BRONZE SPONSORS Walt and Barb Dettweiler Rick Hook/Betty Manuel Wendell and Leanne Stoltzfus Mike and Dee Dee Stradling Ken and June Hartley

ZIRNHELT SPRING CUTTING Bob and Mary Lynn Zirnhelt J. Barrie Cline –

COAST CUTTING Tienkamp Training Stables Traveland RV Super Centers Fix Auto Western Canada

Dickson, Stojak and Brown Chartered Accountants Otter Co-Op Aldergrove Country West Supply R and E Saddle and Tack Abbotsford Chrysler Wilson Performance Horses Sherman Quarter Horses


STUMP LAKE RANCH CUTTING Stump Lake Ranch Dan Fremlin

NCHA DAYS National Cutting Horse Association Cowboy’s Choice - Vernon Dragonfly Designs Big D Products - Vernon Bob and Mary Lynn Zirnhelt Rawhide Contracting - Merritt The Horse Barn Cruel Girl / Cinch Jeans Tioga Territory Ltd. Smartpak Dennis Moreland / DM Tack Pro Equine Products Saddle Up magazine Norgaard Ready Mix Ltd. - Merritt Nafco Manufacturing - Port Coquitlam H. Silvey Distributing Ltd. - Merritt Coyote Collision Ltd. - Merritt Quality Structures Ltd. - Merritt Jim Gardner Cattle Co. - Merritt Murray GM - Merritt Tom’s and Merritt Towing Merritt Golf and Country Club Nicola Motor Sports - Merritt


Great West Equipment KY Ranch BC Livestock Producers Co-op Association Daley and Company LLP Rob Teit – Remax Douglas Lake Equipment Prairie Coast Equipment Doug Haughton Kamloops Large Animal Veterinary Clinic Lazy FD Ranches & Hay Sales Mair Jensen Blair LLP – Lawyers Merial Ranchland Transport Ltd. RBC Dominion Securities High Kelly Ranches Robo Transport BC Ltd. R Magrath Cutting Images Simmons, Black & Emslund Insurance Services Valley Auction Len Bosch CIP ROJ Truck & Trailer Repair Dr. David V Ciriani KD Ranch Gardner Cattle Company Roger Smeeton Nassat Holdings J. Barrie Cline – Ranches A Superior Car Wash Purity Feeds Co. S & E Bucking Bulls A & J Stock Cartage Ltd. Steve Stent

WILLIAMS LAKE CUTTING BC Livestock Co-Op Wishing everyone a very merry holiday season and all the best in 2011!

Brandt Tractor The Horse Barn Stump Lake Ranch

Interior Cutting Horse Association By Bonnie Meints


ops, Saddle Up goofed! In the November issue, page 57, the Year In Review was to include these results along with their article. Slip of the old ‘cut and paste’ fi nger! Very sorry. Below is what should have been printed. 2010 Class Results: Open Horse sponsored by Kamloops Large Animal Clinic; first DFL San Gold Holly, second Haidin a Chic, and third Little Pistol Pete. $10000 Horse OPEN sponsored by C&J Erectors, Campbell Garrard; first Sonita’s Colonel Pep, second Haidin a Chic, and third DFL Freckles D’or.


$10000 Horse NON-PRO sponsored by The Horse Barn; first Lenas Are Better, second Sonita’s Colonel Pep, and third Scat Cat Kitty. GREEN HORSE OPEN sponsored by Double H Cutting Horses & Zirnhelt Cutting Horses; first I’m A Genuine Player, second Torrys Girl and third Lenas Easter Bunny. 750 PROGRESSIVE HORSE sponsored by Dr. Denton Moffat Equine Services; first Torrys Girl, second Sonitas Mist and third Noble T Miss Emaline. RANCH HORSE sponsored by Dr. David and Rebecca Ciriani; first Isle Be Playin, second Lenas Easter Bunny, and third Hustlers Major Opus. NON PRO sponsored by Bryan Schultz Construction; first Mary Lynn Zirnhelt, second Jon Sagmoen, and third Bonnie Meints.

750 PROGRESSIVE RIDER sponsored by Upper Valley Horseshoeing, Sid Fothergill; first Jim Rhodes, second Carol Schepp and third Grant Beyer. 350 PROGRESSIVE RIDER sponsored by Dr. Dale and Marilyn Henry; first Brian Meints, second Carol Schepp and third Laura Bouchard. NERVOUS NOVICE RIDER sponsored by Southlands Ranch, Doug and Laurie Haughton; first Homer Alexis, second Dennis Alexis, and third Lyn Borden. YOUTH RIDER sponsored by Acres Construction, Guy Mercier; first Katie Bennett. 2010 TOP HORSE, Torrys Girl 2010 TOP RIDER, Brian Meints 2010 TOP HAND, Sid Fothergill • 69

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2011 EVENTS?

Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE: Jan 1-3

OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,

december 4-5


BEYOND NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Helen Amanda Russell,, Armstrong, Gabriela 250-550-6266 CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE/TACK SALE, Burnaby Equestrian Center, Burnaby, Ulli 604-421-6681 CARAVAN FARM THEATRE Winter Production, A Sleigh Ride Christmas Carol, Armstrong, Ticket Seller 1-866-311-1011,

jjanuary 2011 22-23 28

april p 23-24

27-May 1

may 14-15

OKANAGAN BREEDERS GROUP Showcase & Trade Show, Armstrong Fairgrounds,

september p 23-24


JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP, Advanced Course 1 Agriplex, Prince George, Kyla or Carl 250-996-8026, JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP, Course 2 Agriplex, Prince George, Kyla or Carl 250-996-8026,

HCBC EQUINE EDUCATION CONFERENCE, Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, Kelowna, 1-800-345-8055, SOUTH OK HORSEWOMEN’S DINNER, Ramada Inn, Penticton, 250-494-9734 or 250-404-0480 KRC SPRING DRESSAGE SHOW, Judge Hilda Gurney, Kelowna, KRC SPRING HUNTER/JUMPER SHOW, Kelowna,

On To Greener Pastures

Goodbye to my Pearl. It is with great sadness that I would like to announce the untimely passing of a very special, once in a lifetime horse. Pearl touched many with her beauty, grace, and generosity. She taught me to really ride and what unity means. Her sensitivity and willingness to partner with me are unmatched. Never one to refuse, always with a positive attitude, Pearl excelled at everything she did. Pearl was loved and will be missed by many. I will remember you, Pearl, in all of your glory. Until next time... M.W., Salt Spring Isalnd, BC In Saddle Up’s November issue, page 7, we had a notice of a Stolen Horse. Turns out Pearl was not stolen but turned up dead. Thank you to all that jumped on the bandwagon to help locate her. 70 • Saddle Up • December 2010


Clubs & Associations “Experience the Real West YOUR WAY”

British Columbia Team Cattle Penning Association

Choose From: Working Ranch - Guest Ranch - Country - Back Country

Team Cattle Penning is a fast and exciting sport! The BCTCPA supports and promotes good horsemanship and sportsmanship and is an affiliate of the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association. This sport is open to almost any level and age of rider. For more info, visit us at or contact Bill Klop (Pres) 604-796-9127 3/11


THE ALBERTA DONKEY AND MULE CLUB Clinics, Shows, Trail Rides/Drives and lots of Fun. 780-696-3892 8/11 ARMSTRONG/ENDERBY RIDING CLUB Tammy Thielman 250-832-3409, Fun Days, Shows, Clinics, Battle Royal. 11/11

The Back Country Horsemen of B. C. BCHBC provides a social, safe learning atmosphere for all equestrians interested in trail riding and the back country. We strive to preserve and enhance the use of public lands for all equestrians. Pres. Jonathan, 604-556-6884 or 12/11

BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOC. (Grand Forks) Pres: Tanya Margerison 250-4420209,, Visit for Events 4/11 BC COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDERS ASSOC. Shannon 250-751-4685 12/10 BC CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Kevin Tienkamp 250-546-9156, or web Area 20 3/11 BC DRAFT UNDER SADDLE CLUB. Open to all Draft and Draft X. Pres: Dawn Germscheid 604-617-7354, 10/11 BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. 250-546-6004 Arabian Encampment, Youth Club, Racing, Endurance 12/11 BC INTERIOR HORSE RESCUE SOCIETY. Our mission is to rescue, protect, help and prevent the abuse of horses. Memberships/volunteers. 250-260-5344 8/11 BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Karen Wilkie 250-546-8973 Meeting, Trail Rides/Socials, Fellowship, Newsletter, 12/10 BC MINIATURE HORSE CLUB Pres: Melissa Schryvers 604-202-3024. Show June 12-13 Cloverdale 6/11 BC PAINT HORSE CLUB President: Colleen Schellenberg 604-534-8287 Shows, Horses for sale, Membership 4/11 BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION Membership: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 or visit 9/11 BC RANCH CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. (Fraser Valley) Pres. David Parker 604-462-0304,, 3/11 BC SPORTHORSE-SPORTPONY BREEDERS GROUP Our aim is to promote, showcase and market our breeding and show stock by organizing shows with futurities, line and under saddle classes for horses and ponies. Equine Canada Bronze, BC Heritage Circuit and PAC Qualifier Shows. Contact: Ulli Dargel 4/11 604-421-6681, Membership: Shelley Fraser 604-534-8782 or

CANADIAN DISASTER ANIMAL RESPONSE TEAM (CDART) Deborah Silk 250-493-9752 or 250-809-7152, 0 CANADIAN HORSE HERITAGE & PRESERVATION SOCIETY Preserving for our children the horse of our forefathers. 604-530-5772 3/11


The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate

of the AQHA. Annual membership is free to current members b off AQHA. To enroll on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose “Membership” section. Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: Marnie Somers, President 204-834-2479 or 6/11

ENDURANCE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF BC Secretary: Lori Bewza, 250-679-8247 12/11 GIT ‘ER DONE! GYMKHANA CLUB, Family oriented fun. 250-577-3154, 7/11 HORSE COUNCIL BC 1-800-345-8055 Representing the interests of BC’s equine industryy.11/11 INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION 10/11 Grant Beyer, President 250-319-0201 or Sue Rath, Secretary 250-376-9443 KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB Amanda Blamire 250-764-1397, 12/11 NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Spring & Fall Riding Sessions for the disabled 0 OKANAGAN MINIATURE HORSE CLUB Pres: Scott Rempel 250-542-3433 AMHA, AMHR Sanctioned Shows, Fun Days & Clinics 6/11 OLIVER RIDING CLUB Pres: Debbie House 250-498-4326, E-mail:, 6/11 PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB Blair Bates 250-452-6941 Fun & Family oriented! See for activities 2/11 PERUVIAN HORSE CLUB OF BC Annual Show, Parades/Demos, Stallions, Breeders, 12/11 PINE TREE RIDING CLUB (Kamloops) Debi 250-851-9256 Monthly Playdays, Annual Show, Activities 6/11 SOUTH OKANAGAN HORSE ASSOC. Shows, Clinics, Fun Days, Spirit of Life Ride, 10/11 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. 11/11 Linda 604-856-9574,,

Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada Official Canadian Registry for the Appaloosa Breed

~ Integrity ~ Quality. The Best Ingredients in the Recipe for Success ApHCC Box 940, Claresholm AB T0L 0T0

403-625-3326 Fax: 403-625-2274 a HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 71

Business Services WHY ISN’T YOUR BUSINESS LISTED HERE? Starting at only $175. per year… Call us now 1-866-546-9922 ACCOMMODATIONS


ARMSTRONG INN, (Armstrong) 1-866-546-3056, Full Facility, Restaurant, Pub, Liquor Store, minutes to Fairgrounds 12/10 BEST WESTERN BAKERVIEW INN (Abbotsford) 1-877-336-6156, janice@, Indoor pool/hottub, trailer pkg, rest. 15 min. to Heritage Park 12/11 PENTICTON RAMADA INN & SUITES. 1-800 665 4966. Resort Style Hotel with Poolside Service & Full Convention Services. 2/11 SANDMAN HOTEL LANGLEY, Minutes to Thunderbird Show Park 1-877-888-7260,, 4/11

RICOCHET ALPINE ENTERPRISES. Dog & Horse Grooming and Veterinary Hauls. Large 3 horse angle. Reasonable rates. 250-938-1217 (Enderby). 2/11 FARM SUPPLIES

Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150 • Chilliwack, BC 8/11

Nice Rooms. Great People. Minutes to Chilliwack’s Heritage Park

1-800-566-2511 604-792-4240 Chilliwack, BC

PRINCETON FARM CENTRE 309 Culbertson Way, Princeton, BC Princeton’s largest Farm and Garden Centre Otter Co-op Lifeline Horse Feed, Vet Supplies, Farm Feed, Garden Supplies and Fencing 250-295-0255, E-mail: 8/11


BED, BALES & BREAKFAST DREAMSCAPE GUEST RANCH (Kamloops) 250-372-2928 Great Trails, Boarding, Rehab, Horses For Sale. 6/11 KAL PARK FARMS (Vernon) 250-308-8138. Log cabin (sleeps 6) on 8 acres adjoining Kal Lake Prov. Park. Quiet location. 10 min. from downtown Vernon. 4/11 Minutes from Westerner Park, Red Deer, AB Accommodation for you, your family, your horse(s) 3 Bedrooms in B&B or complete privacy in The Homestead guest cabin. 1-877-607-3840 4/11

BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS DAVID BEERSTRA TRUCKING, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 6/11 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch REIMERS FARM SERVICE, (N. OK/Shuswap) 250-260-0110 or 250-804-3030 Shavings, Sawdust, Bark Mulch 2/11 ROBERTSON FARMS LTD., (N. Okanagan) 250-833-2581 Shavings, Sawdust, Shavings, Bark Mulch 2/11 BOARDING TRIPLE R STOCK FARM (Kamloops area) 250-577-3293. Exc. ref. Big paddocks/ shelters/roundpen/arena. Retirement-Rehab. Visa/MC. 11/11 CONSTRUCTION FIXIT RENOVATIONS, Hans van der Stel (North Ok./Shuswap) 250-804-6662 (Vibrating) post pounding, excavating, shelters, reno’s and upgrades. 3/11 DEAD STOCK REMOVAL GREENWAVE FARMS (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-838-2250 Providing prompt dead stock removal service. 2/11 72 • Saddle Up • December 2010

FARRIERS TRAILS END FARRIER SERVICE (North OK/Shuswap) 250-379-2578 or 250-540-4221 Laird Gordon, Certified Journeyman Farrier 7/11

Your #1 supplier off horseshoes, ffarrier tools & hooff care products.

Ph: 403-252-1661 • email: #3, 343 Forge Rd. SE, Calgary, AB


FEED DEALERS ASHCROFT IRLY BLDG CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Coop and Energy Feed Dealer and Pet Foods

100% B.C. Owned and Operated!



34633 Vye Rd 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Road 1-1277 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave. SW

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424


LAKE COUNTRY FARM & PET SUPPLY LTD. Livestock, Pet Feeds and Supplies 250-766-4646 • Dealer for #19-10051 Hwy 97N, Winfield, BC V4V 1P6


OTTER CO-OP AT PITT MEADOWS, (Pitt Meadows) 604-465-5651 10/11 Suppliers of Quality Feed and Hay. TOWN & COUNTRY FEED STORE, (Invermere) 250-342-9433 12/10 Fencing Supplies, Pet Supplies & Fertilizers. Serving you 29 years. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Business Services FENCING



Custom built and installed to your needs

RETIREMENT HOME FOR HORSES 600 acres of lush open pasture and woodland shelter in a herd dynamic. Ideal horse haven is situated 1/2 hour from Kamloops. Regular boarding also available.

Suniva Bronson, 250-573-4581 Pinantan Lake, BC 2/11

GRK Fasteners Dealer for your Construction needs • Customized Bale Spikes for your Farm Equipment • Custom Welding & Horse Trailer Repairs

Equine Retirement Centre 2080 Mile 108 Road, Horsefly, BC

Alan & Dorothy, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 •

Stevie Pearson, 1-866-447-6355



GUEST RANCHES RIBBONS & ROSETTES BLACKWATER SPRUCE RANCH 250-991-2408 Horseback Holidays on the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage trail. 6/11 WWW.GRAHAMDUNDENRANCH.COM, Green Lake, BC, 250-395-0756 Recreation in the Saddle (your horse or ours). Miles of trails.



DIKOR RIBBON TECHNOLOGIES, 1-866-503-2510 ph/fax 1st Place for Award Ribbons, 3/11 OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 12/10 Custom Printer of Award Ribbons SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS

J&E HAY SALES (Serving BC) 604-819-6317 5/11 Alfalfa, Timothy, Straw, Grass, Mixes. By Bale or Load.


We know what’s riding on it.

HORSE SENSE HERBS, (Alberta) 1-800-434-3727 Original Chinese Herbal Formulas for Horses, 12/10


CARIBOO SADDLERY, (Williams Lake) 250-392-3735 Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs 12/10 CK CLASSIC LEATHERWORK (BC) 250-573-4355 English Saddle Fitting & Repairs, 7/11

INSURANCE Official Insuurance Broker for the Horse Council of BC • “FarmCare” Insurance • “EquiCare” Horse Mortality • Special Programs for Members

Leatherwork Custom Orders Leather Goods Repairs Al Cossentine, 250-498-0280

• CALL TODAY 1-800-670-1877 • 12/11 •


Product Promotions & Advertising Where your advertising dollars support horses at risk and equine educational programs.


MASSAGE THERAPY OHMS HORSE & HOUND MASSAGE,, 250-828-2279. Serving BC Interior/Fraser Valley. Massage, structural balance, herbal supplements. 5/11 WILD HORSE POWER EQUINE MEDICINE & MASSAGE 250-446-2235 8/11 Stacy Elliot; serving BC Interior & Lower Mainland,


COWBOY CLASSIC EQUIPMENT (Merritt) 250-378-9263 12/10 Don Loewen, Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs

Kamloops Saddlery Custom Saddlemaker, Bob Goudreault Custom Horse Gear & Repairs 1-877-493-8881 • 250-573-5496 • 617 Durango Drive, Kamloops, BC (near BC Livestock Co-op) 3/11

Custom Made Saddles & Tack

Usingg onlyy the veryy best quality materials 11/11

Reg Marek M • 250-569-7244 • McBride, BC • mareksadd

PHOTOGRAPHERS REIN-BEAU IMAGES, (Bridge Lake/Interlakes, Cariboo) 250-593-4139 12/10 Animal Photography,


KNIGHT’S SADDLERY Y (Merritt) 250-378-5733 Master Saddle and Tree Maker, 3/11 • 73

Business Services SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS KR’S CUSTOM SADDLES (Invermere, BC) 1-888-826-3132 Custom Saddles, Custom Leather Design & Repairs, 9/11 R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 8/11 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work, WWW.SKOOKUMHORSE.COM (Clinton, BC) 250-459-7772 Horse tack, hunting gear, custom leather products, repairs. 3/11


Dana Hokana Quarter Horses Specializing in Western Pleasure Training - Lessons - Clinics DVD Instructional Videos - Performance Horses for Sale 9/11 • 951.302-9463 •


TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS ALL ‘ROUND OUTFITTERS for Horse & Hunter, (Oliver) 250-498-4324 Stop & See us in the Sears Appliance Store, Downtown Oliver! 11/11 BIG M SADDLES & TACK, (5765 Falkland Rd, Falkland) 250-379-2078 10/11 or 604-850-4238 Buy, Sell or Trade, Wholesale. BOUCHIE LAKE FARM & FEED (Quesnel) 778-465-3333 4/11 New & Used Tack, Giftware, Otter Co-op, Nature’s Mix, Pet Food CARRIAGE HOUSE MINIATURE HORSE TACK & HARNESS (Vernon) 250-541-7773. Everything you need for your VSE. 12/10 COUNTRY ROADS GENERAL STORE (Fruitvale) 250-367-9229 Otter Co-op Feed Dealer, Feed, Tack, Farm Supplies & Giftware 7/11 HIGH HORSE TACK, (Victoria) 250-658-0011 7/11 English & Western, New & Used LAMMLE’S WESTERN WEAR & TACK (ALBERTA & BC) 1.877.LAMMLES For Everything Western go to to find a location near you. 12/11 LAZY B (100 Mile House) 250-395-5175 Handmade Leather Goods, Team Ropers & Ranch Ropes, New & Used Tack 7/11 NICKERS SADDLERY LTD. (Penticton) Toll Free 1-888-492-8225 10/11 Home of the SenSation Ride™,, RUSTY SPUR TACK (Lumby) 250-547-9506 Feed, Tack, Consignments, Giftware, Supplements & Minerals 7/11 VENKAT SADDLERY Y (20110 Stewart Cres., Maple Ridge) 1-866-465-8883 English & Western Tack & Saddles. 3/11 TRAILER REPAIRS PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 8/11 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC., (Vernon) 250-308-8980, 8/11 RV’s to Horse Trailers, Parts, Trailer Brake Specialist

Michael Rabe Training and Boarding Preparation for sales, starting young horses 250-838-7051 or Cell 250-308-6024 • Enderby, BC 25 • 10/11

GARY HUNT HORSEMANSHIP, 2/11 940-255-3641 (Alberta) * Problem Solving * Clinics * Colt Starting CINDY KIRSCHMAN, (Okanagan) 250-547-9277 Cert. Chris Irwin Coach/Trainer, CHA Instructor, Clinics/Lessons/Boarding, 7/11 SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford) 604-850-1243 Former Parelli Professional, Clinics/Lessons, 7/11 NATHALIE MERRILL (Vernon) 250-308-8138. High Level Dressage & Western rider. Starting young horses for all disciplines. Lessons available. References available. 4/11

Doug Mills Training Thru Trust Proven Foundation for all disciplines and ages * Training * Clinics * Lessons * Camps 250-573-5442 6/11 MISTATIM RANCH (Delta) 604-816-5292 Training/Boarding/Sales. Colt starting to show ring finishing. All disciplines welcome. 3/11 LEE PONCELET PERFORMANCE HORSES, (Vernon) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training of all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 9/11 RANDY OPHUS PERFORMANCE HORSES (Vanderhoof) 250-567-4269 Start to Finish, Reining/Cowhorses, Clinics/Lessons, Sale Horses. 5/11 RIVERSIDE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE (Prince George) 250-612-4770 2/11 Developing Horses & Riders to their potential. BIRGIT STUTZ, Chris Irwin Gold Cert. Trainer/Coach, Training/Lessons/Clinics/Camps, Falling Star Ranch, Dunster, BC, 250-968-6801 11/11

TRAINERS/COACHES GUS EVAGELOPOULOS, AQHA Prof. Horsemen (Armstrong) 250-307-3990 Specialize in Reining. Start-Finish Horses. Lessons. Prospects/finished horses for sale. 2/11 4/11 An EQUESTRIAN CENTRE LIKE NO OTHER R in the world Barefoot Program •Connected Riding® • Classical Dressage Natural Horsemanship • Holistic Equine Management Equine Bodywork • Equine Rehabilitation and Re-Training 3/11

ESTER GERLOF, (Enderby) 250-803-8814, EC Cert. Western Instructor, Lessons/ Training/Boarding; outdoor arena, access to crown land/trails; 12/11

TELLINGTON TTOUCH TRAINING, (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 11/11 • TRANQUILLE FARMS (Lake Country) Lorraine Pilon. EC Cert. Western Coach, Monty Roberts Cert. Holder. 250-766-7180 9/11 MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton) 250-295-4329 Clinics & Horse training. Eng/West. Level 4 CHA Master Instructor. 6/11 CARL WOODS PERFORMANCE HORSES, (Peachland) 250-808-1486 Pleasure, Reining, Roping & cowhorse ~ Colts Started ~ Farrier Service 4/11 TRANSPORT/HAULING

Why isn’t YOUR business here? Call 1-866-546-9922 NOW! 74 • Saddle Up • December 2010

HOOVES ‘N’ HOUNDS TRANSPORT 1-888-436-0662. Serving most Canadian provinces, Fully licensed/Insured. 6/11


Business Services VETERINARIANS


CROFTON HORSE TRANSPORT Canada / USA / International

A trusted name in ‘safe’ animal transport. 877-246-4355


Local and Long Distance Horse Transport Charter and Shared Hauls - Emergency Service Oversized, Comfortable Trailer Commercially Insured and Licensed Based Near Kamloops, B.C.


Tanya Balmes 250.573.2555

Quality Horse Transport Kevan Garecki


“It’s’ All About “I Ab The T Horse”


DEEP CREEK VET. SERVICES, (North Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-833-8585 Drs. Bruce Baker & Susi Cienciala, 24 hr. emergency service 4/11 KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VETERINARY, 250-374-1486 6/11 Drs. Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Rob Mulligan OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM & Grant Scott DVM, Dipl., ACVS, Board Cert. Equine Surgeon. 2/11 PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 10/11 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales SALMON VALLEY VET SERVICES (Shuswap/North OK) 10/11 250-833-4217 Dr. Brytann Youngberg Mobile Equine Service THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 9/11 VERNON VETERINARY CLINIC, (Vernon) 250-542-9707 4/11 D. Lemiski, H. Mehl, M. Latwat, L. Miller

Serving Western Canada Over 30 Years’ Experience

Wishing You All a Merry Chris tmas! Roman Ramblings Greg’s column


k! Horse husbands get out your pens and write this down. December 25th is coming! Christmas is only a few quickly fleeting weeks away - so what is on your list? Do you even have a list? You should have a list because your partner has told you a few things during the course of the year that they would like for Christmas. But hey! Did we write them down at the time? Raise your hand if you did and give yourself a pat on the back. The rest of us can raise one hand to the side of our head, just above the ear and scratch, while we try and remember. Then we can say, “I should have written it down because I don’t have the foggiest idea of what it was.” And we all know that if we ask, even in a round about way that we will get the “I already told you a few months ago routine.” Duct taping your partner to a chair until they give you a hint or tell you exactly what they want is frowned upon and it doesn’t really work. But, if you are lucky, it could lead into doing something really different on a Saturday afternoon. Just make sure the kids are out. Your partner may let you suffer until about the 20th and then finally tell you, which will hopefully give you enough time to get into town and buy it. If they wait until then I hope it isn’t something that has to be engraved. Some of the places where HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

❅❅❅❅❅❅❅❅❅❅ you pick up Saddle Up have a Wish List Book that customers/ partners can write down some of the things they would like. I checked and sure enough there was a note for me that read “I told you in October.” I know for a fact that we don’t need to add to our collection of 16 saddle pads or replace any tack as we are well-outfitted in that area, so it looks like jewelry (with bling) and some massage gift certificates will be under the tree this year. A good winter blanket for Gem, my ole Arab and a giant bottle of Baby Oil for Bobbi the burr magnet and a large play toy for Guy to toss around. Add to that some special treats for our horses on Christmas Day and I should be covered for this year. I now have a piece of note paper taped to the inside of a cupboard in the kitchen so whenever I hear of something that my partner would like, I can immediately write it down and I won’t have to go through this rigmarole next year around this time. I hope your holiday season is happy and you got everything your partner wanted and if you didn’t… I will probably see you at the Boxing Day sales. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. • 75

Stallions and Breeders WWW.APPALOOSACENTRE.COM “Appaloosas for today and the future.” 250-963-9779 Ranch. 2/11

SALMON VALLEY RANCH (Salmon Arm) 250-833-4217 10/11 SS: SVR Royal Checkmate, AQHA Perlino; Okies Last Chance, APHA Black Tobiano

DOUBLE DIAMOND CANADIANS (Jasper/Brule, AB) 780-865-4021 6/11

SALTYOLEJACK QUARTER HORSES (Lumby) 250-547-6811 SS: Salty Ole Jack ’96 AQHA, 4/11

FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines,

STARMYRIAPPALOOSAS.CA (Edson, AB) 780-723-7899 8/11 Stallion Service, Indian Shufflers, Stock for Sale, CHA Instructor


GREEN GABLES MORGAN FARM (Armstrong) 250-546-8058 7/11 SS: WF Royal Mist’s Kurik, Black/Brown, 15.1HH, Horses for Sale • Stud Service • Riding Lessons • Clinics • Training • Events • Tack Store E-mail: or call Erhard (evenings) 250-838-0234 6/11 • More Gaits - More Fun, just Tolt Away

ICELANDIC HORSE FARM (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 11/11 • IRISH CREEK RANCH (Vernon) 250-542-7228 3/11 SS: Little Peppe Leo, APHA B/W Homoz. Tobiano,

WARREN CREEK RANCH (Falkland) 250-275-2717 or 250-379-2128 4/11 SS: Parr for Jack, AQHA. Prospects for sale. Training/Lessons avail.

MURRAY CREEK RANCH (Langley, BC) 604-807-5519 5/11 SS: APHA & AQHA,

YELLOW MOUNT RANCH (Brooks, AB) 403-752-0063 SS: 6 AQHA/APHA Stallions, 3/11

OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 Offspring available by: Goldun Poco Mr Matt, AQHA/NFQH 97%, LBJ Sierras Blue Te, AQHA Blue Roan 7/11

Hortons Triple Skip 1997 AQHA/APHA 16 HH Palomino Red Dun Gene

PEEBLES MINI DONKEY RANCH (Falkland) 250-379-2373 10/11 Reg’d & Pet Quality babies for sale. or WWW.RADICALFRENCHGOLD.COM 2004 AQHA Perlino Stallion, APHA listed WFQHA. $850 stud fee, Money Earner, LTD book. LCFG. 604-823-4666 2/11

#1 Running Bloodlines. Beautiful movement for Dressage. Extremely athletic with a to-die-for temperament.

BREEDERS - YOUR AD SHOULD BE HERE Have it all for only $500 AQHA/APHA or $350 for all other breeds. LFG.

2 line listing $175. per year Boxed listing $350. per year 1/9 page display ad $70 b/w or $140. colour

Standing for 2011 at: Pegasus Riding, Westbank, BC. Owned by Whoa & Go Quarter Horses Contact Danielle, 250-768-9658 or April, 250-551-4739 For more info visit: or 5/11

BOOK NOW - RATES GOING UP IN 2011 2004 AQHA A Perlino Stallion



1996 AQHA Stallion (APHA approved) 15HH Chestnut

15.3HH APHA Stallion 2010 Fee: $500

If you are looking for Colour, Temperament and Athletic Ability.. come meet our main man. We’d love to introduce you. Money Earner 2010 FEE: $850


Salty Ole Jack

Little Peppe p Leo


76 • Saddle Up • December 2010

• Sire of Winners • Bloodlines of APHA Supreme Champions • Homozygous for the Tobiano gene • Guaranteed coloured foal from solid or paint Conformation, Temperament and Awesome Presence, all wrapped up in a Beautiful Black and White package.

Zan Parr Bar on top. The Ole Man (SI 100) on bottom Performance bloodlines including roping, cutting and racing Stud Fee $550 includes - 10 day mare care - 5 day LFG

Irish Creek Ranch, Vernon, BC 250-542-7228


Visit us at

Glen Black

For 2010 bookings call: 250-547-6811 or 250-307-2502 3/11

Box 136, Lumby, BC V0E 2G0 •




On The Market

MUST SELL ASAP! 7-YEAR-OLD BUCKSKIN QH MARE, 14.2HH. Halter broke, friendly, good with feet, easy to load. Good bloodlines, well built.

ALSO: 10-YEAR-OLD PAINT GELDING, 15.2HH. SOLID horse. Good with feet, friendly. Good bloodlines. Trained but has buck. $1,500 each obo. 250-344-6439 (Golden)

REG’D QUARTER HORSE MARE 5 years, 15.1HH. Shown locally. Excellent in Trail Class, mainly ridden Western. Calm, not herd bound. No vices. Owner trained since birth. Photo by Troy Nagle. $3,800. 604-462-7596 (Maple Ridge)

5 IRRIGATED ACRES HOBBY FARM A three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, Country Home set-up for horses with fantastic valley view of Coldstream and on a no-thru road. Barn, heated auto waterer, storage, underground landscaped irrigation. $639,000. 250-503-1255 (Coldstream/Vernon)




10 years old, 15.3HH, Bay. He trail rides, pulls a cart and sleigh.

$60. Colour (plus tax) includes


A quiet and friendly guy with good ground manners. Wash him with a garden hose or vacuum his dust. Call him in from pasture, he comes. Too many horses. Winter price: Only $2,800. Call Gerhard 250-542-4146 (Vernon)


HOBBY FARM FOR SALE Perfectly set-up, partially treed 8.5 acre horse property for sale in Armstrong/Spallumcheen. 3,400 sq. ft. post-and-beam farmhouse with 5 bedrooms, den and 2.5 baths. Large 100’ x 200’ sand ring, 3 paddocks with shelters, 5 turn-out fields, excellent fencing, 2 stall heritage barn. $649,000. See photos at E-mail: 250-546-0531 (Armstrong)

Old Baldy Ranch

Sired By:

Jaz Poco Silverado

Offspring for Sale

AQHA/NFQH 100%, Poco Bueno 27% Silver Grullo, Herda N/N Son of Little Steel Dust, AQHA Rom Reining

Goldun Poco Mr Matt AQHA/NFQH 97%, Poco Bueno 34% Dun, Herda N/N Grandson of Little Steel Dust, 3rd Open Reining Archa 2003 Grandson of Little Steeldust


Aw Poco Durango AQHA/NFQH 96% Red Dun, Herda N/N Son Of Jaz Poco Silverado, Grandson of Little Steel Dust and Goldun Poco Mr Matt

LBJ Sierras Blue TE AQHA Blue Roan - Te N’Te, Blue Boy Quincy, Crimson War Bloodlines.

Aaron & Colleen Wangler Dawson Creek, BC

Ph/fax: 250-843-7337 7/11


Athletic, personable, and fun loving, “Odey” is destined to be someone’s ultimate riding companion. Fearless on the trails, he loves adventure and travels with an eager willingness that would make him ideal for Competitive Trail Riding. Equally happy riding out with other horses or by himself. UTD on farrier/ vet. Odey is also trained to drive!! Many more photos at: $4,500 plus GST. 780-583-2128 or E-mail (Galahad, AB)

COULEE BEND NORTHERN STAR 2008 Registered Morgan Filly. “Star” is a beautiful, athletic bay filly with a large star who should mature to 15HH or better. Has had basic training, ready to start saddle work. UTD on farrier/vet. This well-bred filly will make an amazing broodmare after her performance career. Many more photos at: $2,500 plus GST 780-583-2128 or E-mail (Galahad, AB) • 77

Shop & Swap! FOR SALE INNISFAIL AUCTION MARKET. Weekly Cattle Sales. Twice a month Horse Sales. 1-800-710-3166 or (Innisfail, AB) 11/11 TITAN 16’ G/N STOCK TRAILER, 7’ high x 6’8” wide with mats. Premium condition. $6,000. 250-558-5430 (Armstrong)

Affordable Barns We don’t give estimates we give you the price! Comes complete with:

Standard Size 36’ x 24’

4 - 12’ x 12’ Wood Lined Box Stalls 12’ Wide Center Alley 6’ Easy Glide Exterior Door Coloured Metal Siding Sliding Stall Doors

ROCKING H TACK, 2593 Burrard Ave. in the Burrard Market Square, Vanderhoof, BC. Consignment and new, home decor, purses and more! 250 567-7867

$17,995. plus delivery Larger Sizes Available


EZFlex Cookies and EZTreats ™

1-866-500-2276 •

Also Offering Barns Suitable for Mini Horses



SERVICES NATURAL HOOF CARE SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-5456948 Bruce Goode, Certified Natural Hoof Care Professional.

Glucosamine MSN Chondroitin



Gentle Hatha Yoga

Certified Instructor RYS

Monday - Gentle Yoga 6:45 - 8 p.m. Wednesday - Hatha Flow 6:45 - 8 p.m.


Quality Interior 75-80 lb Tight Square Bales No Rain, No Mold, No Waste, No Disappointment $8.50 - 9.00 per bale Grapple available to load

HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs at Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-5460104 (Armstrong) 2/11

To register please call Heather 250-803-2295 or 250-546-8370 or feel free to drop in at

Kyokushin Karate Studio 2720 720 Rosedale Avenue, Armstrong, BC (see our article on page _)

Clapperton Ranch 7620 Hwy 8 Off Hwy 1 near Spences Bridge, BC 12/10


FOR RENT CABIN TO RENT (one room). Also large horse paddock. Sharing yard and chores. 250-499-5667 (Keremeos)

FREE FREE HORSE MANURE and lots of it. Great for fields and gardens. You load. North Armstrong. 250-546-9922 FREE TO APPROVED HOME - 13 yr old Belgian/QH cross Gelding. 15.3HH. Up to date with farrier and deworming. Experienced handler required. Very easy keeper! Vet references required. 250-215-0144 (North Okanagan)

78 • Saddle Up • December 2010

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday! Next Deadline:

January 15 for the February issue.

Season’s Greetings HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Shop & Swap! BOARDING


Full Board (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon

250-260-5299 Coldstream, BC


L & L Quarter Horses Horse Boarding in Vernon

QUARTERSPOT RANCH Lumby, BC 250-547-9277

• Offering Full Board • 25 x 250 Paddocks with Shelters • 100 x 200 Outdoor Sand Arena • Round Pen • Access to Trails • Heated Automatic Waterers

Boarding - Training - Lessons * Covered Arena 80x160 * Outdoor Arena 80x140 * Round Pen * Paddocks with Shelters Certified CHA Coach & Trainer

Located on East Vernon Road in the BX 5 minutes to Vernon, BC

250-545-9014 or 250-558-8289

Cindy Kirschman (Chris Irwin Certified)




Horse Boarding, North Okanagan – Reputable horse hauling service available – Walk-out stalls – Paddocks with/without run-in shelter – 100x130 outdoor riding arena – Two to three feedings daily – Daily turnout into our 8 acre hay field during winter months – Access to area Crown land – Certified Trainer on-site – Training available for young horses

Armstrong, BC

Indoor Arena 100 x 200 outdoor ring Spacious paddocks and shelters Easy access to trails Warm, hospitable atmosphere for horse and rider 30 Years experience raising, breeding & handling horses

Call 250-545-1082 after 5:30 pm for more info Coldstream, BC 2/11


For more information 250-546-6004 2/11


L h &S Leather Stitches i h Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs Top Quality Australian Saddles

WANTED USED TACK Shelters for cattle, calves, horses etc. or for storage Single or double shelters (or more panels to add on) Pick-up panels or delivered on site Different designs and finishes available

BUY SELL & TRADE Deep Creek General Store 0

The Leather Lady


Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 6/11 3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong

Call Chris for free quote or view shelters in stock

Rails to Rafters Startting at $1,1995.00 (excl GST)

Pole Buildings * Barns * Shelters * Indoor & Outdoor Arenas * Restoration & Repair * Bobcat 25 years experience ~ free estimates Serving the North Okanagan from the ground up. 12/10 10/11


SCOTT ROSS 250-547-2447

Specializing in timber frame Barns, Hay Sheds, Pole Barns, covered and enclosed riding arenas


1650 Shuswap Ave., Lumby, BC 250-547-6616 • 79

! $ & & % & ! n Fo ! ! $ & " # & & ! & & ! & % !

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